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The Edenograph 1904-10-05

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 .   ^rOU
Volume 1.   Number 21
Price. $2 a Year
The Armsirong Fair, lasl Wednesday, was the mosl successful lhat has
every been held by the Association.
Tha display ol fruit and vegetables sur-
passed lhal ol previous yean, and tn
the divisions what* tha ladles exhibited
their handiwork Ihe shoving could nol
have been better anywhere.
The attendance was large, though
Ihere were but lew exhibitors Irom
points outside ol Armttrong District
The winners ol the special pritea In
the various divisions were at follows:
In cattle, horses, twine and sheep, the
Stepney Ranch; in poultry, lh* honors
were divided between Croiier Brat,
and S, Reed: In vegetable., W. Norman: In field produce. D. Mtthston;
in fruit. J. W. Thompson waa en*
belter than & Cray, in fancy work and
seated frails. Mrs. Wollenden, The
exhibitor carrying ofl lh* greatest
number ol Drue* waa Mr*, Wolfenden.
She entered 52 exhibit, and wu
awarded 33 price*.
In butter. Miss Hill. Sim McKee.
Mrt. Lynn and Mrs, Wilton, earned
th* pritat.
In bread-Okanigan Mitlt special.
Mrt. R. Daniel.. H. Fraatr, L Farr.
Columbia Flouring Mlltt special. Mrt,
Frater, Mra, Hannel. Mrt Lynn Mr*
R, Daniels wen lh* Armttrong prii*.
Durham bull. I-year old. W P Henley. A MeOuarrt*: Htghlyeammtnitd.
T N Hough. Caw. F H llaatard.
j Cut: h«if*r. F Hatsart, better calf.
JCua,J Hunttr, Jeraty caw. F H
llaturd HoUlein bull. I -ytar old. D
Graham, D Graham,
Roadtitr iiallion, T C Butt: mar*
with foal. C Pattteo, Hawkins Brat,
Mat* or gelding uod*r i yeti*. W
Gardner. W Gaidnif, pair of cartfig*
hortet. B F Young, Hitjl* driving
hart*. T Laduck. B F Young: saddle
hor»e. Steamy Ranch, D Mtih*;**,.
Heavy draught tuition. O'Neal ft
Anhatk. mar* with foal. J Cat*, gelding or liHy. Stepney Ranch, Slept*?
Ranch, leal ol I9M. F Pooh. J Cat*.
Matched team In hanwu. Stepoty
Ranch. E T Smith General pttrpot*
mar* with loal. C Joyce: tabling or
man. 2-yaar-old. D Knight. J Cbtuum
Yearling coll or filly. Stepnty ranch.
A W Rumball. matched team in harness. F Hfgglnt.) G Croiitr.
Spatial by O'Neal ft Anhatf. best
colt Irom "NtwhMi Duke/ ] Cats
Bcrkihir* boar. A McQuattf*. A
McOutrri*; Sow, in tarrew. A Mc-
Ouitrie Poland China boar. I-year
old. Hawkint Brat. D Maihttan Best
pen ot four pigs. Hawkmt Brat,
Yorkshire boar. I-year old. F H
fl.Mtrd. Sleaney ranch. Bttl pen el
t pigs. 1904. Stepney ranch
Tamworth. Bttl pen ol 4 pigs I •04.
Hawkins Brot, C Palten
Open din. Ram l-year aid. Sttp
nty ranch. F N Hay**: 2 Evet, Step
ney ranch. D Grahtm. Ram lamb.
Stepney ranch. F N Hayes best pen of
5 Iambi. F N Hires. Stepney ranch
Best pair turkeys, br-<ue it Hack.
Croiier Bros. T N Hayat! Whit*. T N
Hayes. Best pair cl gees*. Touloute.
Croiier Bros. Emblen. W 3wen. G
Inch; Ducks. ?ekin. A Re:d Bai'-l
Plymouth Rock. W Murray. W Main-
hard. Brown Leghorn. S Rod, W
Mainhard. Bull Orpington. D Math--
S5n  Pen ol psultry, W Murray
Potatoes- Early Rose. J W Christ-
Ian. A Ripptngton. Beauty of Hebton.
S Swift Barr/, any variety. W Mar
shall. W Norman. Lite Rot*. R BsweSI,
T Cardlnell: Dakota Red.W Norman;
Satisfaction. J Christian. W Marshall;
Lale. any variety, G Rush. R Ripping-
Ion; Best collection. J Christian. Best
new variety, W Marshall: Table tur-
nips, white. Sam Frlms: Table turnips,
yellow. G Parkinson, A M Seed, Carrots, short red, M McDonald. A M Seed.
Carrots, long red, D Matheson. M McDonald, Summer cabbages. J B Bird,
A M Seed: Winter cabbage. L Farr.
J Ripptngton: Red cabbage. A M Seed;
Savoy. W Norman: Kale. W S Burnett:  Parsnips. L Farr, W Norman:
Beets, long, W Norman; Beets, round.
D Matheson, J V Dockslaadtr: Onions.
Yellow Danvers. J Thompson. J P
Thompson:  While. Mrt Calvert. J
Thompson; Rid. W Monk. J Thompson. Pickling onlont.W Monk.W Owen.
Shalota. W Owen. Sets. M McDonald.
Mra Patched: Garden peat. W Norman, Crosier Bros; Sweet corn. J H
Docktleader. W Norman, Celery .while
or yellow. E R Burnett. Red, E R Ben-'
mil: Tomato*!, W Norman, J H Dock
Header, Plum tomatoes, red or yellow.
J H Dockateader. M McDonald: Table <
squash, W Norman. Hubbard squish.
J P Thompson. W Norman; Yellow;
pumpkins. G Parkinson. W Norman:,
Cucumber.. J Bird, J Glinier. Pinky. J P Thompson. Herbt. W Norman.
Mrs Wollenden. Citrons. J Christian.
J B Bird: CoNacllon. W. Norman.
mild moMCt.  ,
Spring wheat. A F.iJ. D Mathe.cn.
Autumn wheat, T N Hayet. T Leduet.
Barley • Chevalierl. D Matheson. T N ■
Hayet: Oau. J R Ellison. D Matheson.;
Baled hay. D Grihs it. H Cumminga;
Peat. W Norman. W Ow«n. Beam.
Turnip.. Swede*. S Ford. J H Dock
•leader: WurutLgbbt. Hiwkint Bret.
H Stum. Long J H Dodttteadtr. D
Mathaton: Sugar b**ti.H A Prater, J
Christian. Field eatrou. J W Christian. T Cardinal. Field pumpkiiu. J
Christian. J P "Hiornpton.
Pal ■ Uttj (eat**, 5 Cra,-. .1
Thompson, (all dessert. D Graham, G
Laval-, winter cooking, G Lawes. J
Thampton: winter dtuerl. J Thstnp-
aon. S Gray; Al*xand*t. S Gray. A
Ford: Blenheim Oting*. Mrt Calvert,1
J Th:itipj;n Cohrtrt. S Gray. D
Mathtton: DuchataotOldtnburg.Mrt
Calvert. S Gray: Griventttin. Mr.
Ciletrt. Langfield. S day. J S
PHftfJe; Mllden't Bhtth. G Burreil.
SGray. Sna*. A Ford. W G Pringl*:
Twenty Ounce Pippin. W BumMi. J
Cats V/etlihy. J Ttitmaton. S Gray:
WoU River. J Thompton. J PThomp-
ton: any other variety, J Thompton.
AHayhurit. Baldwin. WS Bunt.il.
J Thompson. Ben Divu. D Matheson.
C Lave*: Canadian Red. D Graham.
S Gra/; Gotten Rutselt. J Dock-
steader. W G Pringl.. Grime. Golden.
C ButteU. S Gray. Hubbirdtton Nonsuch. J Thompson. J P Thompton.
King ot Tompkins, S Gtay. J Thompton: Mann. S Gray. Northern Spy. D
Mathuon. Wilson Brot; Online. J
Th:masan. J P Thompson: P«wauk*e.
J Thompson. Mr Burreil. R I Greening. Mr Burreil. G Laves: Rlbtlon
Pippin. Mr Burreil. Crotler Brat; Ron-
burg Russet. W Monk, J Thompton:
Spiuenburg. D Mathtton. Stark. S
Cray. Mr Burreil. Sutton Beauty. J
■ ■ lar; Wagner. J P
Thsmpstn, 0 Patten: Walbridge. W
Burnett. D Mathessn Yellow Belllbwer.
Mrs Petty. J Ths-mpson: York Imperial.
J Thompson: any other winter tartaty,
J Oranttr, J Than Mayes. D
Ma!hes;n. Winter seellmg. WG Prin-
gf». J Th-.mp.jn.
Crab Apples General Grant. Mrs Ctl-
•atli   Hytlop, Mrs Calvert .
Marth, M Burnttl  5 bst an.Gnhlttt.
SGray. Transcendent, J Thompson,
Hayes, Any oilier variety. W Marshall.
Pears Barllell. Burreil, Burnett;
Beurre d'Anjou, Mrs Petty: Clalrge«u.
Mr Burrell.WBurnell: Flemish Beauty.
J Thompson. W Burnett; Howell, Mr
McDonald: Idaho, Mr Petty; Sacket,
Cotler Bros: Winter Nells, J Thomp-'
son, Cotler Bros; Collection of pear;,,
Mrs Petty,
Plums Bradshaw, SGray. Crotler'
Bros; Coe's Golden Drop. Graham,
Marshall; Columbia, S Gray: Damson,'
Heges: Grand Duke, E R Burnett,
S Gray: Lombard, W Monk. D Math-
•ton; Pond's Seedling, S Grap, Crotler'
Bros; Yellow Egg. F Poole, Ford; Any
other variety, F Poole. S Gray; Collection of plums, S Gray. Crotler Bros.
Prunes German. H. Cummlngs:
Italian. W Owen. Docksleader; Any
other variety, Miss Petty. J Thompson.
Peaches   Any variety. Ford.
Grapes   Blue or purple, Mr Burnett.,
Best packed box ol apples, H Bay
lord. J P Thompson.
Twelve varieties ol sealed Iruli, Mrs
Wollenden. Mrs Sharp*.
iCenllitued on par. 2.1
W< M.,.. Plead Guilty.
The following teller Is sell explana-i
Post Ollice Inspector's Olflce, Vancouver. B C. lat Oct. 190-1.
Dear Sir: Again referring to your
letter ol the 26th ultimo, and the en-
doted clipping from the Issue of Thi
EMNOSKAnt of lh* 14th September,
concerning th* alleged blocking the
business streets, I beg lo aay that the
matter was referred to the General Superintendent ol the Canadian Pacific
Railway for Investigation, and I am now
informed thai the result showt thai there
It nothing to lustily the statement that
th* road crossing It blocked by cars.
nor that the public at* prevented from
obtaining tVIr mail without watting
thirty or forty minutes or climbing ov«r
freight can.      Yaun truly.
John R.Gminfiiid. P.O. Inspector.
Trie EotNcenAFK. Enderby. B.C.
Inspector Greenfield is a faithful
and efficient atfletr. It It remarkable
what he can do by laying tha word, j
HI* letter, hovevar. will be taken with
a tmile by lh* aniens of Endarby. We
•r« prepared ta acknowledge lhat since.
Friday, Sept. 23rd. there hat been
nothing to Justify th* statement that
lhe poitoffioe crossing ft blocked. It
would not have been blocked aa It his
been (or ihe put years it ih* pottoffic*
department had taken the matter up
and acted tt promptly at Inspector
Greenfield hai acted.
The Public Pulse.
I Under this head we will publish any
commuinc.tion sent lo us on questions ol
Interest tc the public. Our only conditions
.re these: First, the writer', n.me must accompany the pen name, vituperation 13 nol
argument .nd will not be accepted, make
your point quickly and then quit.--Ed]
Want, io know.
F.d L'uenocraph;
Dear Sir: We can (eel certain lhal
the C. P. R. will reduce the service1
over Ihe S. St 0. road lo every other
day as soon as the frull season Is over.
Wo who have experienced lite Inconveniences ol such a winter service
know what thai means. I want to
know II the people ol Ihis Valley are
not entitled to a dally mall service
during the winter months ? II we are
then let us assert our rights and gel It.
Leta petition be circulated, say through
the Vernon Board ol Trade, demanding
ol the Postolllce Department Immediate consideration. It will do no good
to talk to th* railroad company. Let
us go to a higher power, Ihe mall department ol the Dominion Government.
Yours truly, Enderby Kicker.
Another Hotel.
— •
Andy Falkner and Frank Long have
purchased Irom the Kamloops Lumber
Co. the large bunk and boarding house
erected a short lime ago and recently
opened by the comoany. and it is now
being run Independent of the mill.
Messrs. Falkner and Long are well and
favorably known here. They hav*
opened the boarding house to the public,
and are now feeding from 40 to SO men,'
They contemplate starting work in three
weeks on a 34x37 addition to th* building, and hop* to hav* the annex up'
before snow files, and the while opened
aa an hotel, modernly equipped with;
elect,Ic lights, and all tha conveniences!
ot a modem hostelry.
Chief, in Drat Butin.M.
D. Nairn arrived front Van::uver
Monday morning lo look into the possibilities ol Enderby as a business can '
tra. He I', wall pleated wllh lhe outlook Mi Nairn Is a chemist and
druggist of 13 years' experience, a
graduate of the Ontario College at
Pharmacy of Toronto, After looking
over ihe Held he has taken over the
business ol W. T. Broderlck. (the
Magnate Pharmacy) and will carry en
an up-to-date drug and ttaticnery business, mcving to the new 3*11 block
when It is completed
Th. Weatatr.
Waller E. Truttdale, government
observer al Enderby. furnishes lhe fsl
lowing record of the temperature, and
general itat* ot (he weather for the
month of September:
'■ 1
i 1
42bri'l sun
2s bti't suit
• i
32  clmdy
-un      310
chuiy    2-10
V ipp. I by Iro.'hl from:
Endtrby.   - 7.928 ton.
A in,'It.ins     6.180 ton,
Vernon.       4.497 ton.
Kelowna.   - 3.891 ton*
Other point-.   JeS ton.
Total,   '22.761 ton,
The EeatnORtm, sne year. $2
it erland ll ihe mme  It IM*
far   ng country on Okanigan like, of
wh h not everybody has heard    As
•land Is shipping 10 Nl
■f Ihe prsvince apples
| a pound-ind i-quirtei
l* it likely to gr ■    	
' m tribune.
.,... imm : >•       -■   rt
-, .   ■ igBr.ihr.ti
L.O.L. No. 4-46
•■—. Ist.niJtd FrH>>   • -a Ih
a-     ,J p. m
Waning brtthm .,   ■■•
/   "    A  E.f)"'
Harold Nelson to-night.
The sawmill was lighted by electricity
lor lhe first time Monday night,
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Jalland ol San-
don are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bell.
Ira Jones will build a residence lor
himself as soon as Ihe lumber lion the
Geo. Hale led on Saturday on an
eastern trp, expecting to be absent
six weeks,
Wonder how Job felt when he had
to wait at an over-crowded hotel (or
his dinner >
Wm. Hutchison tore out his tire
setting lurnace at his blacksmith shop.
Friday morning.
Ira Jones and wile returned to Enderby Irom a three month's trip In Ihe
East, Friday morning,
A. Todd lias added another chair to
his tonsorlal parlor to accommodate
his last Increasing trade.
F. H. Hale led on Saturday evening
lor the east. His trip is said to have
some political significance,
Long Louie and Short Ling are
moving their store building oil the
lumber plantation across the street
The C, P. R, put a gang ol men to
work building a crossing and sidewalk
at the pott ollice comer on Friday
R. P. Bradley hu th* foundation
laid (or an addition to hit hardware
block, his business having cutgrown
his present qulrters
Wm. Elton tell lor th* Provincial
Fair on Saturdiy, taking* large variety
of apples to place on exhibition (rom
his Eden House orchard
Mrs Purdy relumed to h«r Regtna
home by Thursday'! train after spending
severil weeks with her daughters.
Mrs, A. E. Ribertiand Mtu Purdy.
This week ihe mill company wtll wire
the Enderby Hotel, and in a short tint*
ihli old-Urn* house will step front th*
coal ell stag* to lhat of electric light.
Married. Girdim-Prlce. on Sept
33th. it Chmt Church. Victoria, by
Archdeacon ScrWtn, Marjort*. youngest daughter of J W Oardom,Victoria,
to Albeit Rigers
Dr. McDonald arrived at Enderby
thu mcming. and hai re-op«n*d hu
dental booth in J. C. Engluh'a lurmiure
store. He wtll retrain a few day. lo
make molar repair*,
The iirst number ot the Okanagan
Herald wal issued at Vemor,
it   l' -to be the mouth piece of the
Liberals cf ihe Valley, is lead ihem
into the Promised Land  flere'alott!
ring M'.'tt Co It
erecting a mammoth flour room id
touting the null near the railway trick
The b- :'r. engine rsom newly built vat
roofed thu w»*k by W. j. Amulrong.
Sir W;ii an. V<- n Harcourt, "lh*
flnett p All  ll ,•
died suddenly en Jctober lit. it Nunc-
ham park, near Oxford, th- ecuntry seat
Which he recently ml ■ •
J. M. Tcwntend and Mr Mirshall
have bought ISOtcrei tf the Kerf oaf
pr petty. I   • tth of Endtrby.
and are putting up building! on the
prwerty Th*y will g. Into fruit, veg
•table anf  -re>l r,     .-
Wm. Hutchison Is pushing . ••
;he ne.-rf.;liurant bi.:k. and e«prrct;
lo have it ready lor    "cupancy by the
III  IN ••    It «!lll>» I*
wuh rooti    ib .-     rh* i
room will be 28i4o and »     be filled
Atmual Autumn Dutce of the
Hoi Spring, . .
be held on Friday. October 21st. A
cordial Invitation Is extented to all
patrons. Hotel accommodation tram
Friday lo Monday. Including biths.
dance and supper, $S each person.
"Hearl and Sword" ai the town hall
Billy Howarlh.lypo and puck teaser.
was taken to Vernon by tne C.P.R
this morning, where he will remain for
the winter if a good hockey learn Is
gathered together. If not he will have
to move elsewhere, (or "Willie the
Rusher" cannot live where the puck la
not a staple winter diet. He hull from
Sandon, the place where pucks grow.
A beloved correspondent concludes
a letter thus; "Lilll* Dot wanta to send
you something," Then follows somethings thit look likeold crou roads, with
thla foot-note: "You tr* lo interpret
thai* wllh your fairaat subscriber."
If our direst can give us any light
on lhe sublecl. we will hang a low*l
over the owl cagt and turn the gat real
Advertising pays, especially wh«n il
It accompanied by rattling E A
Chappell it a good tdvertlter and a
rattler In a truil>lr*e telling contest
in which every agent in Canada lor th*
Stone It Wellington company entered.
Mr, Chappell wit lifth on th* liat cl
prite winners, gelling a valuable gold
Waltham watch, H* aotd In al.w
weak*, lo orchardiau In and about En
derby. SI, I SO worth ol trees, for FaB
Al ihe Nelson Fair last week R*v
Jas. Clhrttt ol New D«nv*r was
awarded liral prite lor hla photo ca-
hibit. and vat given a aitver medal by
special provtalnn of Ih* Fair AalOCU-
HM Mr Clveit'iphotoshiv.sprelJ
ihel.m. of Sloan take far and wld*
Having the artistic eye hit pictures
hav* ditlincneit and animation that
placet them in t clata by thrmwhres.
(ar ahead ol tha ordinary photograph*,.
even in th* pt sl.tsional clai*
Mr. and Mr*. R. S*il*rt tell lar tn
extended vuit to lh* East
Messrs Owen, and McCtlk.it! want
lo Westminster tn charge of th* local
Th* loal Orangemen will celebrate
on th* 4th. "ii.l Sth ■ si November with
t supper and entertainment
Amongst Ih* visitors thu vtek v*t*
Meun. L. Norm and W, Gardner
Harry Pratt from Vemon u visiting
hu parent* her* thu weak
A  li - -J-i-a.  I'.-t.
Lttt Wednesday evening a   .
number of Irienli gath—
odlst paronag* lo give Mr and Mrs
Wm. Hancock a farewell party prior lo
lh*it departure let lh* coat!, vtwr*
Ihey vill spend the wirier and pethtpt
■   -
ot th* hipptetl that cwld be given of
tha kind, many of Endtrby t ptonnti
being ptei«nt to participate in tht let-
Alter lh* usual run cf gimei, Mr
Gnyil Introdiietd the objem ot the
glittering, siitaking feeling!,
laithful servces rendered th* church
and cotnmunily by Mr and Mrs Hancock. Thi »- tad by abort talks
cl a hippy. |«?.i!ar nature by M' B-ll
■(Ml Ha-tvell Mr Marshall and o!het». and U
concluded h,,"'*
ITm thtatfMai  I I I s.as.n
First Year
Publiahtnlflach Wtdt -    • ierby.B.C.
lhe Edsn of Canada
Subscription, $2 a year   f  Ili 'ioniha. 50c
three inei.ih
AJvertiaiitg rue:    < per monih
■■, ll rales on ipplic«v >n.   Ltgii
,..-.■■ iii,; ran       11      IHni
Dear Friend'   You can ikVe Thi Emu
pty)ni J-       r    4nd believf
iven '   ,: the editor U)   HI . ju wain t -
bull, j        not       >     ■      'i!"
trough Ha columns  you will not
,--■    it of it th* ■ '   ■" i. hot will
.   11   iighl     iht ad Wni!  r
■   i jrtt        j       •   ■
|W(JM RA H   lltd   '    " I
,       if ami   *j
.  . h      ■ . i ta
I •        ,.:■-••     [till  Hi >   U
i    i     imandah*anaj     I you have
.. hi     ■ ■    ■-;    Den'i watt lor a
"he edenockaph
Eiitiwh)   B  -'
Lile ll ■».■ W good * Til better.
too, trie mortr we live ut it «nK
our fcllim ll lor ittcn wc arc hctpctj
by beiitt! hclplul
No community can mak* headway
where there is a lack if public spirit.
If men cannit take an uniell
uf public questions, and think and act
in their business relations on Ihe bread
principle af con i t igaitut
the spirit of saltish gain, there it not
much hope lor permanent prosperity.
Selfishness is the great sin ll alflicli
all man, S.tno overcome It. others
do not. Unsellishness breeds acriltce.
selllshntss breeds opprettion The
unsellish soul is ever ready to put under immediate perianal gain ifh* finds
that the community's weltitedemands
hit atrvlcu or such pulling under,
The sellish man u not to. He prefer*
tc sacrifice others thu h* might win.
The community u his field. He looks
I through glass*! tinted green,
' ihcught u of himself, not at
• iiled with other, in th* whol*.
but tt on* separate Irom the whole lo
.11 must sacrifice.
. ndividual must do hit part for
tl a    'build up
lhe beal lhat is in us. as trail
lown. county, province and country.
Every man want, to get bey ni a shopkeeper, a laborer, t mtchtmc    These
are good, and honorable, a-ri well
ensugh. bui if a man  I
ii ■ 'eiourcet ani ietlrti thin a
talent for money-gelling he it poor
indeed    Francis H   Peavey ttHiui
that poverty of mind u tht greatest el
ducive IO good moral, and better intelligence Co lo any -.1 our public
libraries an? «v*n'.ng 'it the winter and
you will find tl   -
■ and pung. quiet ir.
 et better mtn
7 j better
equip one's self far hit daily 1
jhsuld improve every opportunity for
It trains and rests the mini
These remirki are preliminary. Th*y
lead up to ihe queatton asked laii **tk:
"Whai -■ vithour
lion of Mr. Retoman I1.-1 week pre-
:»rby can
mrt unl'l
I   •
Irom If- •
'   -
the • table to
El Itrb)       ■   •
raotm can be   ■   •■!.'.
it ; ind
. -. .
lion lo Ihe book   a'*aiy -it'
.-. Id*   fat
larch lor h:
One day he   %wc
V    .:
! 1 ■ ' IS were sc
ht was h
lorced him to come out •    II • florau. fi
tht R and the Prat iov.     Besl "Hecii
• uld spend some   : lhal! Htyta, Mlu HI
$12,000 reward mon«y lor a barrel or Burnett. Mr   I
Jersey article and lurn IhamjWolfti ki
■-woods they might ; oat the original ar a ,
-   tn  In finding lh* tram ibbers, W«H-
.•ho have been surrounded In '■  11 place* Mra-
Prizes   Awarded       ian,im-   Child's dress,  Mrs. Sharps.
at once let three weeks
■ , wink  i sleep.
[Continued fr «  Flrtl Page.|
akts. ETC
wild llowers.  Ml.
Howe plains. Mr
Cul dowers. Mr.
rite.   Oil painting,
., Houll, Mrs. Cat
OH  palnling. fruit or flower;
Wolfenden.   Mrs.   Houll.    01
haven't palnling. figure*, Miss McDonald, Mrs
Wollenden     Water color,  Miss Cal
vert    Pel   II drawing.  Mrs.  Wolfen
den, Miss Killens.
Batltnbarg lace. Miss Smith, Mlu
McDonald. Honitanlace. Miss Smith
Mrs, Burnett Crochet work. In col
t9ii. Miss Wilson. Miss Calvert, in
wool, Mlu Russell. Mrs. Ceo Sharpe
li   silk.   Miss  Smith. Mrs. Sharpe
ed rail-
The day; A corporal
roads, tel-graphs. express a : trie
phones are numbered. It Is not going
tobeauch a great while until lhat*
vines are taken in hand by the
Mill to be run as iht mall service Is run, for the benefit of lh* pao- ,
pie   Today tht pottollic. la lh. beat L«» •""»«* '" <="""'■ **> Woll.n
example ol applied government owner
ahlp.     Nobody draws dividend! on
pottollic* slock    Some day lhe people ar* going to be wit* tnough to atop
the dividends on railroad, and telegraph, and ulephone, and etpreat Six
Parent. PreCrred. by liking them «»J*"   Sh»"»' ""' ^*nd*B
ov.r and tunning th.m.    Th*t* great *"*•*•' m tt^' Mra. Wollei.de
mmm km noihing .0 gtJM ^^Jf* ** U
innsporlilion, and no on* ihould be
allowed 10 charge more lor this than it
coslt 10 operate    Suppose we had lo
depend upon a private corporation lor |
the operation ol our mall service. It
we do lor the tnnsportati a ol our
hurry-up letter*.
den. Mrs. Calvert. Knitted child';
tacket. Mrs. Wollenden, Miss Smith
Handkerchief sachet.Mrs. Sharpe. Mi v.
Smith. Outline work. Mrs, Pound
Mrs. Wollenden. Bedroom slipper.
Mrs Wollenden, Mrs, Sharpe    Net
Table cloth. Miss Smith. Mrs Wollenden, Toilet set, Miss Russell, Mrs.
Wollenden. Fancy Wool Knitllng.
Mrs, Matheson. Mrs, Calverl, Knitted
socks. Mrs. Wollenden, Mrs. Burnett;
irtltll, Mrs. Wolfenden, Mrs. Pound;
glove . Mrs Wollenden. Mrs. Bird.
Hand-made set lady's underwear. Mrs
Wollenden. Mrs. Sharpe. Embroidery
on flannel. Mrs. Wolfenden. Mrs Burnett. Flannel night gown, hand-made,
Mrs. T. Matheson, Mrs. Calvert.
Ven's flannel shin, hand-made. Mrs.
Fletcher, Mrs, Bird. Cotton niglii gown.
Mrs. Wollenden, Mrs. Calverl. Patchwork. Mra. Burnett, Mrs. Wilson, Rag
mat, Mrs. Inch. Mr;. Cumming!
Darned socks. Mrs. Wollenden. Mrs
Law* Point lace, Miss Smith. Mrs
Burnett. Wool and bead work. Mrs
Burnett. Mrs, Wolfenden Raised
Wuol work, and Hat wool work. Mrs.
Wollenden. Mrs. Burnett. Fancy
mirror frame. Miss Caswell.
Won't Shrinks
That's what those who know say of the "WOLSEY"
UNDERWEAR. You can't make them shrink. It
has been tried. Listen: "Dear Sir. The "Wolsey
Underclothing I got from you some time ago has been
thoroughly tested In my laundry. The Instructions
given to my flannel washer were lo shrink the goods
If possible, and I felt quite sure that the process to
which they were subjected would shrink them, but
after repeated trials I found them as large as ever, and
perfectly soft. I can vouch for the fact that the
"Wolsey" brand of Underwear Is positively unskrlnk-
able Yours very truly. MM. Pyke. proprietor Pyke's
Steam Laundry. Ottawa." You can get these goods
ol us now.      For ladles and gentlemen.     All wool.
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
Fletcher, Miss Smith; on linen, M
Smith. Mra. Fhtchar. Whisk hold"
Mra, Wolfenden, Mrs, Fletchr
Trimmed work basket. Mr.. Sharp-
| Pin cushion. Mrs. Fletcher. Mi 1
Smith Decorative painting, on alt,.
„ Mrt,  Wollandan. Miss Caswell; 01
flesh and blood,   Whttwould th,cast chtmoU. Mr.. Woll.nd.t, MitsC*.
ia per l»ll«r> ""      ' Wolfondeii; Ml«
Tha world pragratset,   Th.Mek.ee McDonald: on glass, Mrs Wollenden
Mt.s Caswell.   Tea coty. Mrs Re:
cher. Mlu Smith.    Tea cloth. M. 1
Centre pi*c
Mrt, Wollenden, Mlu Smith.   Drain
j work. Mra, Wollenden. Mm Oliver:
Pillow shims. Mr.   Wolfenden. Mr
Sharpe,   Sofa pillow, patch or craty
work. Miat Calvert. Mrs Sh.>
braidered, Mrt. Farr. Mr,. Khtchr.
The package
pott was only a theory with Karl Marx
Tht postal telegraph wis an idea. Ta.
day England hTbolh.   You can tend «     * ■«■. a»«h
a telegram anjrwhere in the Kingdom
for twelve eenia   Canada u pragma
ing.    Evtry meant ot transportation
will ba owned by the government in
due court*   Thti fits httg been the
aim ol Socitlitti th* world over,,
Gradually ihtptool. ar* ^^ ,3 •«» other Wtri   Mr. Cutmmng   Ml
r-altte the wladom olit    Perhapuh.^'1^   S*t doileRl.tr,, Cummmg
wilt not com* through th. po- *» "«"•    *»■* ■"»    '
Unci Socialttlic party, yet th* thlnj'Sm.ih. Mr.. Wolf^den.    Ph
for which ithulong bean lighting w.M h^"' Mw *"*• J** "**"
w.n. and ether man wilt gam lh. glory, F*"^; M» Cfw* «* Of"'
Speaking at a meeting held inOrillli, '»'".*   L^jta*. Mrt Wolteniett,
tail mm. R. L Borden. t*ad«r ol lh*l M» "«*«'•'««)' »•■ M» w*
Coniarvative pany. and it th* Cower
vaiivet wer* returned to p>*w he wu
going » mak* lh* exper.menl of gav.
eminent cwntnhip of raitwayi    Jutt
how fir th* party is prepared 10 go 11
would be until* for Mr. Borden or any,
tne «li« to lay. but lhat 1 step in the
right direction 11 lo b*
amoops Lum
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and FlnlsheJ
Geo. R. Sharpe
1 vi)i Min
is your health
Insured ?
An accident policy covering sickness as well, will
provide for you.   Get It ol
For Sale!
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
(eet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application       Address
E„J«k. D. C.
With The Owl
Choice Residential (& Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon the market.   The choicest building sites In the
Farming Land in lata t3 suit pur- ,own of Enderby.      Ten minutes'  walk from the Postolflce.
chawr.  Sniiable for fruit growing ind Enderby has advanced in a wonderful measure during the post
jurying.  Apply to year   pr0perty has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled In
'' value.   The town will continue to progress; It has only fairly
started    Property will continue to Increase in value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today   Your besl
opportunity Is NOW    Price of Lots,
*.-,.  M«l.*»- t, t«t Ok.a . ,3
CImii 'Bat,
Ut m* relate to ' ContlincT thr
tin* aitry ol an* John, who had been
c.-wrling 1 Mtifc-   ' -
iW coming 10 ih* point
At I, 1    -.- leap year. Maggie.
. • that t strong h':-'
b* given. So an* moonlight night dur-
,' "    •    -■      ".-,       - -    !      ' •"
d> you knw whal all lhe pe-je+s are
..   .- at. ■■■ ,     '
.-     •     - .     .-       •
John, in his noti-c-.-nmiiial Lincuhn-
...     ild '-•-..
sty that y:u and I tr* going lo get
■ -
, pause
.   .'    .       ml Cheat
>:    .	
How's Your
!     ■
and kill-       bretitei
F. Pyman
Jeweler no.
Expert VV.tt.ch Repairer
E CLIMBED the hill by the
cow trails, talking ankle-deep
through Auumn leaves that
catpeted the ground and made
a bed (or us to lie 1 pen. Cnly
a ahort time ego these leaves,
ntw so dry and without life,
.teie fresh and green and tilled
with the life giving sap of the
tree. New the sap has gene
beck Into the trunk, leaving the
Icavci—the lurgs-ol the tree
with no sustenance, and they
dtccp and cle and fall to the
ground—dead, useless. But.
jv-.y' Are they useless ? Are
6ny of cur deeds use less ? The
i ..ves are dead. 'Us tiue. they
i Icrger give life to the tree
b/ taimg Irom the a its Ife-glvlng qualities, and
giving back the sweet, exularati ig breath ol the
tree But they are 'ill useful. There Isn't any
thing in this world jura : it is entirely useless,
except the foibles tl, it man has made (or men to
play avith. Everything that Nature makes. In
whatever state you :;:id It, Is Mllng some office in
the divine plan d! cr itlon an j }| life. The leave3
fall to earth and lorm , covering about the trunk and
■ >f the tree to protect It from Winter's biting
fnsis Then in the Spring the leaves decay, glv
ing back to the tree she enriching properties that
the tree gave to them, Thus the tree lives on,
each year giving m ire life and receiving in return
11 re life and strength.
II we h^d no other school than that of Nature
*e might learn in il hat life In the Real Is made
up of Service. Tha'. which Is not Service Is no'.
Lj'e Everything in Nature is given to serve, not
mmand service Our vords and deeds, our
ind |oys, our smiles and our works, are
like lhe leaves ol a tree.    We stuff them as we
do thf ach motnr-nt one drops to earth.   By
them • • gel Life thr jugh giving it; by them >.e are
l>r IS • m the bitter shafts of jealousy and
Ignoran:•«. ind through their fertilizing Influence
j.c are mt le to grow in strength and usefulness
HtMiry W. Harvey, Agent. ******
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
to order them early.
15* British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.
B. O. make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which is the best for fruit. They will print youi name
and address on your boxes without extra charge.
Henry Eckert. Manager.
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land, IS minutes
walk from the Post Office at Enderby. Will be sold in one
block, or cut up Into smaller blocks to suit purchaser Good
House on the property; outbuildings and fruit orchard.
Apply to-        g. ALERS-HANKEY
Receipt Books
Letter Heads Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes, Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—lulckly done at this office. Estimates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
t '•-,■ . b
TKe Edenograpk, Dl
rawer 5. Enderby
H*rcoclt.Uockt Cliff St
A YEAR tfi
First Year
2? Methodist Church
Divino Sorvico every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sumlay-Scluol ami Bible Clftu. 2:30 p.m.
Pnyoi Meeting,   -   -   -   lueadiiy, 8 p.m.
A hearty waloorrti tor ail,
A. B, KObERTS. Pastor.
Residence: Cliff St.. next the Church.
Aunt Mar>   "Sow, e and Idly, Mar*
|fl.\   iluit't   foil  think  yuu  lutvc fit It'll
tnoujrh puddingT" Margie (igod four)
- "W.'l!, I ma) ihlnk an, Aunt .Mary,
but I don't feel ao."
"Mauiitm." innl Unit* Johnny at tha
brMktt.it libit Iho other inomlog,
"thu la awful old butttr, Uu't it'*"
"Why di» you think it la old, dtirf
•■lit'il in' milliter. "*duit," repHrd
Johnny. "I ;■■■ »t found a irray hair In It,"
"Minima." »ahl thrtt*ytlM>ld KJn-
•l*\ "I gutai you dnn'i know muoh
afoul rilalur;ohi:drtn.doyour "Why
lu you think that?" liked ht-r moth*
er. "Itfcauir,*' rtplttd iht little mlu,
■'you llwiyi aemt me In >•*■**■ when I'm
mil ilttpj nml make me i/ft up WhlO
I am ilttpj "
A little Ri'hiKi||>lrl waa lohl hy her
lliohtr to write the woni "ferment"
un htr ilitt, together with thedeflnl*
(ton ami a itnttntt In wtileh lhe mird
Kaa m he iimmI. The fnl.tiHliitf la the
mull i "Ker ine-iii; i ttrb, ilgnlfy*
knu in work. I Imv lu >lu aJI kindi of
fanc> ferment."
"Mamma." nahl tmir-ypnrMiliI lloh-
by, "what ll thai white alult on my
lterrlfft? I'hai  la    whal   we   rail
*hi|i|ietl cream." anaw*red hit. ninth*
rr. A few ttaya later llnlih) dlntd al
a neighbor*! ami, I trim* offered Mime
Ordlnirj cream. In- a*>ketl: "Haven't
)t*u f.tlk* tfnt an) ahntiktil ertmitT*
"Mamma." »aM itnill Marry after
if'it..- i .- ttver hl> Sumla) *,-i -■.- •■■»
»o|i "I iluti'i believe Hotomon wan half
M ti.'h || the) »a) tc «.t»" "Why nol,
ttiy dear?" «>»prle*l hi* mother, "He-
Muit," replied thr youthful itodtrH,
'tt ut* here; *.\ml tie »W\%\ wllh hll
father*' If he hid bttn ttrj rich I
gttMl he wmmM ha\r had a bed uf hie
own."—Chicago l>■   > News.
An ad In this piper vill pay you,
Let us prove It to you.
Tub Edbnookaph. one year, 52
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talking machine on the
nia.ket. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
M ",C-     US.OO endup.
FI.ETCHM UO.V.        Ctta  n«
VICTORIA. ■ C. an ipplimijn.
General Blacksmith
»<t«n Bm.4,1 .nd Rtpunr
"A bolt In time will grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down Anything
that Is made of Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired Farm
Implements, buggies k wagons a
specialty, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand
The Leading Tonsorlal
Artist ol the Valley.
Is located at Enderby
He can handle the
razor with the best of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices
Hair Cut. 25c: shave.
15c: singe. 10c: shampoo. 25c: hair tonlclOc
Patrons will kindly note that this ihop
will nol open on Sunday.
A. Todd, Manioc. HI., tntefty
[Conilnuod -Urn Inalailmtnt Sopi
Mv  m|..lri'.s ilr,"v hui.y  i,-, tn Inin.
anit'atnni Iniriit htr(ulle.theight luuliwl
lIllVVII ,111 Mill,
"lluu tliiri- you!" --lii' lulil,
"I w. iilililiir,'iii).vl!ilnk'fi.ry,ni. AHi'i'.
I Ion you win, nil my lu'iiri. Vim un-
too lino u wiiin.ui i' ivasto yi urwlf < n n
,'ivutur,. Illi,' Ilmt huituiml uf your*,
lh- il". imi lnvi-you—I 'I", Una',' him
ami ia un' lu met"
"ilu!" Milil m: ml tr,'.!., aim ly.
Then u lorrllilii tlilnir ham. mil. lie
illiln't wi'tn t ■ we It Imi I illil Tear,
.-.tm,- Into my mtntrens' eye. i.inl felluu
hiTilii-i-li: tin-1 slu" iruvi' ti tort ut .ob.
sin- wu-.irylnr,
M.v blood Ihv-iiii to bolL I wu. Iiedito
m.VM'lf with fury. Thin uui.ty Huh'
man with tlie wlii.lti'n. licit mad* Iht
Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Medical Water* of Halcyon are thi
mOM BinttVI t UN Wfid, A MritOt,
nitlfll i*:n*tiy fc-t all Nervous anal Vus:u
lar Diseases. Liver. Kidney and Stomach
1)3   Baths  never  'a;,  I
Rheumatism. An absolute guarantee tjiven.
- •'■'■m and patliculars apply to-
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake, ft  C.
ilyw tit: HAS'win,\ n». ka" m  M*Ti:ii lltut
cry! Sirtv I km*w why I hint lutta! him,
\W waa It-A t rittf- uni. knowing that
ln< oould not multv ln*r cry nft - lt>
iin»rnm tt>* hud i**»m.* Jo*.t titiiv .why « •
»*iij«ty her itMrvvv Mymnittor \\.i»tn
tOtVUtintl I imthe wi>ttn» i*hW ol Ibr
brooktU ivniittlmiwAU.horrilile, t imU**
nml liqppd nl my atoto)* ami pwn hit nt
my rope* Imt It wooliinot ylohl.
Km I b I h"l him raeh in prll looai
. ,iii. Into in* (im 1 MiVw h<> nit*ntit
lo kill h.-r. U*r\w M'|.v.t ber Ujthiiy In
hit arms nml - ;«M- -i imt:
"tin?   Xcwr whli*«il y«m'."
I wu mi frliihtciti'il tluii In* uittilil
taki* her nwoy n*hoiv my tuii-t t tmtihl
ii,<vi*r ilmt ht'VatMln -h.it I imthnl frnn*
Ui'nllynt llwRMW.
M\" ml*vU\M «nt pviiti'ittty ifrnlil.
too* >lif tfavi- n urvat «'r>'. fi>*»t| !wh |
wlf* nml Klirtfti lo rtiti \w-> U« ifintcrt.
Hi* *.» r*bO » «» -if r i.l tit* him. .Hfi "ii**
thf otiwnnl lif was ItfaWti lo nm iftir
hi*r. ThU mi imtn* Ihan I iniiiM ttattil.
Ihum afralil «f hh hurtlitj birthlt
I imw a trruWDtaOlU tdttiml. atnt lumy
Jny tin' r**\»< iinikvaml I WflifrN
Itt a Hfoml I WM UTW th" litMitk ami
ili.i-iiiL* htttt. II-"- ho ratt wltt'ti hi*
WW DM ntVr him. Imt 1 ran fa*U*rthan
tn-. ami tit a IW tit-m- ut * I hwl ■ t«v)i ■
Iwiltoo nnitr> (■• wait t«t *i. mv
new huru* "li him     I Jn*t   turn,- I -n
l,ii ihotdtterii Ibitew him tlown, ami
nilhil itv.T ami nwr down tlif luhk
Into* tho tihHik with htm. tt hm I'd iMt
him Utere I tvlhutwh, mpnf my h-»niv
ami I horned him nml irnmphil ufm
him until I hml «:iti mil my oitfrer, Uten
MahiHiv-vii him 1 |i»ikiHlMim<lfi<rmy
(kwr iiii'tn**
She wu at th»* imnlon ititt*. oUipeO
In my mnMfr»r-nn».
v. in..* her an »..!i I f. *i that 1 • •> 1
eonnenee nir.»in on A Grille, t»r in the
ni'iim tit 11 aiiM'tl lie hatl ttii-il hi rrnwl
mil (mm UAweon my fivt. Tlwn llh*re
wuigrntttbooUntf,   My muter ami
I'filri.lt tiitil-*iii'-mt'ii ran iit DM with
ath'ks ami Wan l-itim,* mi' jti«t h«r
dnlmf mviliiiv IwumUy wgty at
thrlrfoolUlMU.nI lt*Ti«lwl \'*UuU
down, kkketl tin* ••irantri' mil)- ami ran
u bird u I ©onM to my mteirrM, ami
(mttitiL' my noM in ln*r haml. a*ki'.l tier
If I hail mil 'lorn* well.
Shi* nmk'nttiattl met f»r»h-"»m"!hfrv*t
l laugh in my Deek, t- ■■■ ■< tm- ind
wht-n the men nanU*i,J tmlraif tm* n«ny
touk moin<<hlo IW i{ar,laii, put mi* in
Provides a home for both male
and female students. G'ves a
complete and first-class Commercial Course. Offers a full
course In Vocal and Instrumental Music. Prepares for
Matriculation ln Arts. Law.
Medicine. Engineering, etc.,
and lakes the student through
the full arts course to the B A
degree, in affiliation wllh
Toronto University.
-    ■ . •
II - • r- tot
.-.■■■ t   ii    Bti.ii.eai     li  ,--,:*-
■'■■.-■■.■     i ,  ■ ■•   ■
calitidar and writ--
I iV. J. S1PPRBLL, B.A.. B.D,
Prii. pll
of REV. J l». BO'iVEl.:.
C. i
to my fcltill with Iht own liainls unil
(pivv im* ii iflVfil reeil.
As wo turni'il uwiy I hoinl my iqu*
tt«r say tn A » ritii"
•'Ytrn'ru loo wvrt > kick, you Httlo ouri
ph'k yourinH np nml be off. ami if ever
1 tiii-i you rmiml my premlieiivntn I'll
ul tin- doyann yon."
My iniistiT anon I ilnetl ua In the barn,
Mill tin iv t mtllii' t't'Mili' un- In my
atoll bo Uihl my mlsirwu whni » "Hly
follow be Iwlltfen uml uketl her (nr
Hlvt'iii^s, uml thi'ii thi-y kltWMl t'Ui'h
otbur ami aatil a lot uf aweut UitniPi ta
ottuli other, at whbib tluiuei Miorted
tunl I |*o1 ntiifry nml toM him to Imhl
hit, toujnto, iiml mv tiiMrt's* lorgot that
hlu> hml fnl mo mi" - >vt- mi' a tut more
riHiti*, ainl .imiif* ot Notno too, nnd
thin Uwy U-M'ii eneb other ntmln nml
wi' were nil mi happy, mily wlicn my
mUtrcMi lob' mv m u»r nil nboul Un
lltib* mnn v .h the whtaberi iho cried,
nml 1 t-ituhl tmt umliTituuil why *hi*
ktmuhlihiMi aftrr 1 li.ul riil Iht nf A
frith'. May Ih- ibl WU iTylni/ Uvhum*
Hint foollab rati1.1, bail iiUi-rlYivtl loo
mhiii between us
I think that 1 ilhl n very (food ,U\\
wurk whin I punttbiil A Crttlo, lor m
havnall iH-i'ti hnppiiT hlow. WoniMt
umliTthi' wtllowijuil a* w»* u«*i| to,
noil whit with the extra '"-' 1 ftU nn>\
tho extra pottlntf, wy horni uh- jimw*
lot* nt hiii'lt a ratt* that *!nnthl the lltlh*
man with tin* « hl*U»'n» otor OUturb u»
.t,'.un fii Ik« ible tn NtUe tin- wbob)
Im-lin*."Wftin* l*atrick will h«v<* tlmi'
to lul.T.or*.
MttW lUfh a I •■!■ ■   l< *1 tin! thir.t NHtt  1**1*1
Ih «.i. •'  i.»H in,
INir tin* la*s| twi'tity-twn yt*«rs tjiya
tin* Sao I'raorlMii > ^i.-m. i.\ tttvui
lint nit ba<> malittatmM n mauulltornl
. -.(p- nf aWtUnen • ■'""' thf mynl naval
rwenre* f>irtttini* n t»t»>ly ol non nte
nblbfBllona lo wrre nn hw eitiilibiiNrtiw
wnr*ililps ItlWrnl appnipriatiim* bau*
been nu*oe (■• drllliovr ''»•*-• nn*n In
i,'ooin*ry. Mualt>arm* t. -tli*» ami iht*
nenenl dutkw "f n wnr-*btp. nmlt<Hlay.
wen tht* M<a-ji*lo>; Hritt»h tmnflaiU
.•alli*tl mil fur ,i-■'■- Mti r4ntuou Oluf
than »n her own i*oo<tt.t*ie nav.il tv-
•**rvv numla*r» "ttit'.l *i**m men to nun
tbo n*un-htiulr., Mitiill turret ibtpj nml
nllliT lyjM's nf  VOUOalthut  IfO uIukmmI
under the hoidpl Moout*doieit*widi|nji,M
Intiri'iit llrltuln tho oout jrminl, dolns
duty »-*lif»'-Mivlinrpiitrolm»'ii nnd wateh*
Iiik for i*muirfflorii un» till ox*nuui*of*
wnr wHora, roady nt n noinont'ii UoUet
to  MrVfl nil Ikiitnl hblp.   Thow coul
(rnurdinion are In rooolpt "f «jvarly
Mi[H'iul mill peniton. Many ttrltbui
nerehnnl vouola- itoia ami -ail ily
wlitit la known w tbo him1 enibrn. In
lUfetlnetlon from tin' usual ml lliy thut
Is familiar all oror Uto world. Thi- Hog
im a iddpdonntoi thit hor muter li u
lloutonunt In tbo rcaerve, ami at lout
ono*thlrd of hlaollloon amU'tvw bJm
lu'lnoy tu that lerrleo*
Every lummer thi- ruoree*or il lout
as many as art' tn U< fnutnl at hotrn*
ptirtl, art- placed on Imanliif a oavy
ship ami ueeompony tin* th-ct nf war
vissfis during their erutie. reeetvtng
pay nnd ratloni from the Uovernment*
'IV oblbjattonfl nf a reMrvominnra
that he -shall bo drilled either on board
of i iTUislnj* ship, nr OM in birbor
I'vpffiiiiiy dwgnod fnr the urrtee, f»»r
at lout ou month erery yeir, unleuiln
tht-last-t.f ofUoen theyotngleoproof
of their effloloaoy, In Umbol wtrthe
naval reaerve rooelro pay admllartotbo
rr 'tilarly onllated im*n nf the navy. It
nill thus )h* Men that tin1 Itrltl-sh unvy
pottjHKttea a larn*' rMOree tn man Us
hblpi, IttMtdei ihU boiW(tlie tlorera*
tiH'tit, ao\lnus In !.■■'■> Its m'-irttH'. bn*t
it futon > s. u|h,rts M'Vfral ini- •■•( ''.it ,
tl<-ships fur the tralolOaftif yountfrnen .
u ofAtcera In the morehint aservltv, Tin*
tmiUUI*i-UU'llt  nf  lli, m   Vt'SM'U is Vnstitl
to vnrmus Ui lies t<nn>lstln»r mainly uf
ahlpHiwnen and OHTHhants, uml iht'
n'ti*Ml work t'ttWtrtl hy thi**** ahlp* U
pforad by thi' iiuioInt nf toasti*r» uf
vvsst'ls wlHini'knuHhiltfi* tht'ir tralultitf
no the Ooowny •"* Itt'lvtdi'rv.
r'nr many yeiri tin- want nf a n*si*r«i*
foroo uf (mm has tavn n .iinyct htr
ttmutfbt amnntl thust* lnl«'r\**titl In our
Haw and in. i. int.!. omrlm*. v ■ »■
Uriuoftbenivy in tbjeb^reriartiniro
urt^l upuii tuuirrcss ih,« pniprMyuf
,-t .i.'.-Mni* | »s-u uf h«*am><n tbnl
.-.•ulit Ih* utilut'l With atnnattttlllary
tu Un* navy nml fur th*fi*mlim* tin*
v.it i-,u« eout |Huis at « hi- h il««S mt.*ht
rortklc In artitnlantv with \tm*rU*an
! tostitu-:..»•> th** furvt* malntatm l hy Ihe
1 navy Uwnall. ind any su.lt.t. ,t>m*n,l
-its-o It* rv*.«urv<-s utiuhl W on■! hy thr
inrttjoo nf a naval militia
In >t»w York tm* m«*ntln«r« of the
Seihwannki Yarhl * ■"'■    •,'j|'.i- i  ■
Yidunt«*t*r naval iv>4ir*if*i  tin* tt.it.-.1
' Stat>*« «lmtp 8t, Mary'* mak*** annual
j summer -ruts.-* with m*r ■ <» *« uf ytuini*
, I ot* h* -I tn the ttlntcr, whllf lnliarh»r.
tin* beyi  nut  «nly   tverl*1** a tfwal
*»'S.ila».i.* rs>ttr*t* hut are al*-» taarfht
s-'.im4tt*4ilp   Ma*.*at*hMsrtt* ami Stw
Ji rst'v atv n.tw divply int*'n»t-sl In lhe
*.*tn*m*- «»f hr»ii hllnir lln* BUU) with ■
naval tniltlla. ami <|Ulte rnvtiily »»or
' hani'-r nt t'tmin't%vt.*»k th**InltU-
ti*,-  ittp fur simlUr laervie** in thi*
A Quick Breakfa^
The "Lug Winter evenings" have their z\.j\ winter murnlngs.
How rushed you sometimes are (or breakfast! Then Is the
time you want something you can cook qui kly.   We have It in
Ground at the Enderby Mills, Try It. A'.'.he stores, r can be
had at the mill office. We also make Whole Wheat and Graham brands of Breakfast Foods,      Extra fine.     None better.
Ufa Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business in Its hls'ory. It Is the result ol
Us popularity. The seivlcs and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now being bull',
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright. Prop.
'   Under TKe Olive Tree   I
II you would have real friends, be one.
Plant flowers and men will call you blessed.
The man who enjoys Hie most thinks least
about it.
Laziness works hand In hand with Dr Sktnem's
Pink Pills (or Pale People,
Some men spend so much time doing nothing that
they are tired out when work comes.
Lei me repeat: We can never (utly grasp a
thought until we give expression to It
It you would make sure of just treatment (rom
others do not be too anxious about it
A clique Is most harmful to the men and women
engaged m It—all become of one mind
If you are in love, don't waste time trying \i
get out of It.   Just make the best ol It.
I'll chide no man in the world but myself, 'gainst
whom I know most (aults.—As You Like tt
It doesn't matter much what your religion is if
you do not let ii gel Into your (eel and hands
The man who surrenders his Individuality is a
foal: the man who asks another to do so is a knave
HutbirJ gives good advice in these words: "Ft!
yourself (or the besl society—and then keep out
of It."
A religion thai makss you eel a chasm bet ween
yoursell and your neighbor Is more damnable than
sin Itself
What a paradise Enderb- would b; If every
home was surrounded by bids ol ft were and
climbing vines ?
Mary had a little lamb; he <vaa her steady beau.
And everywhere thai Mary atnt, the lamb put up
the dough —Philistine.
Seme very nice Christian people that I km»
hate the bad so hard that ll iy haven t any room
to love the goad in th:ir nei. bors
Hell is a condition ol mir Heaven would be
hell to the man whose moia' nature never touched
anything but ihe devil in mai
We are told tha! men r
want ol love.   They ought '.
loving to others without dra
Catch hold ot hands ani it's pill together, bu!
don't clutch so lightly as " hinder the work >r
stop the game.   Let each have breathing space
Perhaps It should nol b» entioned. bat really.
sweetheart, can't we lay ihe    ..
enough to spade up the       li about the church
i)A >
;.   -nan can be
infaj love his way
We do not want to draw your attention away (rom our Iruli
window, (or It Is now very attractive with delicious grapes,
but we want to tell you thai we have in stock a big assortment ol
Rubbers. Umbrellas, Ram Coats, etc We will shot, them
ln our new quarters, but il you want anything In this line In
the meantime we will give it to you Irom the cases.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imttat ,r .1 native and (oreign woods.   w***^aMc. CUM
TD IT IT C For Fall
1 lUU&O Delivery
1 am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone 8t Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
1. A. CHAPPE1X, Etvdtrby	
Enderoy Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quan'ity   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick k stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
That touches the a-
and keeps house (or Economy, vill be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply   You do not have
-nd your printing   .
(Own,   Anything lhal can
be dsne in Toronto -in
ordinary commercial print
ingicanbe done right here
First Year
Ende r by Trading C o.
.v- ,■•   fferingspe :l i
|j im mt
week 1:1
j' C. :iimg  Dspartn.
v : kn
ur  Rea
ly Made Clothing is up. it
passed f -
'- and cu'
and fit    Prices an
than eve-
• us fit you
A winter suit is the thing.
Enderby Trading  Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
In the Pulpits Si*1
Local Pj-i.m
Building Paper
Just received, a large shipment of tar paper for
'.alls    Put It Into that new building; it will
make It warmer and in every way more service
able.   Nails. Hinges. Door Locks. Latches, etc.
K. I\ Biaillfv. Fnclcrbv Hardware Merchant
We recently took charge of the Fashion Livery Stables. Enderby
and are now doing an up-to-date livery and feed business.
i. me fowl portion ot
Itnimttr mark*! w*r* A-1 tail
: bslh txiytr* and veniita w*nt
. ih lh* volum* tf
trade iht) had tam "inuctii  AH tk-
a< tile JUOUtlOnS.
rrt »<n\> '.• •  J?;
T)i* farsilart tits war* verrinuch.m
ThtprtOU • •    •
toUptrdoten.   Of ducks'   -
a fair number et offcrmp. bu'
motl :f th* birds h»*
»*ry gswl. and nearly alt wit*
,    •    '•' :• :•■ '.••■-  •  " "
to17 Bat
Th* vefcuatt tat*'
etntr* ol attraction, ind tnc--
Im ■--. :: ihtfl tttvaf proud    Ftvot
able prieu feigned Icr all th? table
aruelai, and th- vokHi
- •.    Th* aid tiandbjr,.,
Ml   t        '    -
able 13 ra.
priest fcr butler were 25c. to 30c. per
lb. according la tht quality and th*
special arrangements *sih customers.
The iruilt did Ihv: share
•   •     Friday, at l«ast the a:;
• ■ -.
ted lo ihsie %'. bemr grade, and the
nan-cos*. ,: irltl The rnctt were
fromSGc to «0e. p«r box. Pears were
represented fairly well, but the demand,
st might have been -«r-:;-:    Th-
C.naja • Pulp Industry
|Ur*t iiiued C,. ■
Statistician in regard to the;.
••        ,.:.-..   --.-■    ■„•    .- -.,
hi the Canadian Manufacturer and tho*
The topic ol ihe sermon delivered t>y
Rt-v, Mr, Cam] bell Sunday morning v:..-.
"tha health A ihe sout." taking lor ill
text John's words lo Galus; "Belov ,:,
I wish above all things thai thou may :
prosper and be In health, even as I ,v
soul prosper-in." This is lhe wish ol
every man lor his friend. To wish a
man prosperity In outward things wil i
out ana.'c.mpanying prosperity f I
. , ild be Ihe worst wish we c
axpi for alien outward prospeny
cuiruns the prosperity cf lhe i ul, I
means the moral and i; ■ I I
• Ihe nan.
■ • . rul'sprosperity    pug  : :..-•:■
things lhat give ph)   atl ■ talth
ihe body: atmosphere lor environment'.
'-;d and tl i
be;.I a! ; ■■•■ .•.■.:.
ly I    ■ I splrltut    vt may
leave alone the evil and take heartily i
the good things that feed the soul, but
without ihe exercise cf the graces lhat
III   is made of ihere cannot be iht
! ilth that Is necessary to Ihe
ptrltj  Our environments vill
influence us in spite ol ourselves, bui It
is nit necessary that we should lend   -
efforts to make ihem lata health)
they are.  We are surrounded
things lhat are unhealthy food! I •
soul, but every man can leave ih n
ind choose to take only the go 1
What exercise Is to the health of   ur
physical bodies, so Is it to the healtl  f
cur souls.    Without it .ur physical
.trengih diminishes, and ao - lh
strength ol soul.
Taking for his text the firs: .
'he Bible Rev. Mr. ./enables spoke n
i arnlng ol ihe wondrous works
cl God and his nearness to man. After
referring lo the wonders of nature ll it
ta are in touch with every m:mr t,
wonders of the starry kingdc n.
Mr. Venables expressed thi.
truth, "Lat us not study God's woks
a: irt - m Gtd. as ft to often donr"
all things are made, Ihey are adding
pro, I lo proof of lhe wonderlul wisdom
Man Is Ihe greatest work ol God's
lan     ■ hi    made In the very im-
I God.   He is marked cul Irom
ihe whole creation bee.. Iiatal
il || the un
nortallly   I man, thai tali  him so
.;:. ibovi   lod'i ether works    That
irhyGod mindful ol us. and
villi his blessings each day
-■     ■      !  :  It present  everywhere
and lakes as much notice oi the least
'  .tic:-, as the greatest.
Re. Mr. Marshall occupied the pulpit in ihe Methodist Church Sunday
evening He took the 9th verse ot ihe
Uth chapter ol John as a text upon
* i eh i build a calm, thoughtful sermon on "Christian Perfection."
Everything in lhe plan of nature is
pa rlect: all work harmoniously together.
And so it also is with (he stars, each
runs Its course, year after year, in the
si ace alloted to It by the Divine Hand.
Man Is the only created thing thai failed
to lulfill the requirements of God.
God's plan of salvation is perfect as
hist'lan of nature. Christ's coming,
his llle and his death, ill worked out
lhe will ol God. There is no mi;
taking the way. the plan u perlect "I
am the door: by me II any man enter
in. he shall be saved, and shall go In
and out, and (Ind pasture," There can
be nothing more simple than these
words ol Christ. See how clear the
plan Is: "I am the door," enter in and
ye shall be saved. Ye shall go In and
out and find pastures greta
The fulfillment ol these promises is
consequent upon the action of etch
individual. Man mutl do hit part
The way it plain, There li not a
variety of wayt, to numtrous thit man
it lost in ihem If w« are lo experience
the perfect fulfillment cf Christ's promises, we mutt c:mply perlecilywtihthe
Railway Company have no intention in
I lhe world vi .\,iv.menciii|! .mi Iruolion
at Ihe Pacific end of the line, unless a
substantial subsidy Is grained by the
Province to lhal end.
Unless Mr. Hays will say unqualifiedly over his signature thai he intends
carrying oul the promise made by Mr.
Prefonlslne without any reference lo
assistance from this Province, the electors may lake It lor granted that a gross I
elforl Is being made to deceive them I
lortl Colonist.
Read M. J. Henry's ad In another
column As his nurseries have never
been infected with San Jose scale nor
borers, he is one of the very few who
are nol obliged lo fumigate their ttock,
with consequent damage, before sending It out to customers. Buy direct
and save agents commission. New.
catalogue will be out early In Sepiem-1
ber. It will pay you to write lor it be-
lor* placing your order.
Afler thi.-; dale llle charge lor Birth
notices in this paper will be 25c: for
Marriage notices 50c. lor Death
nonces nothing,
Enderby. Oct. 5. 1904.
A cross here Indicate lhal your
subscription has expired, and there s
ih-: ■ -   ■.. ■ ■ . iniihei ran ittnee
For Sale.
A pure bred i registered i bull
—beef type.   Apply tc—
J H. Coles.
Any person found shooting on my
property will be prosecuted to the fullest
•item of ihe law.
Pain Barnes.
Enderby. Sept. 2nd. 1904.
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endemsy.b c
A|«nt far—   Tne denial lnvtstm.ni .ltd Len Ca.,
Th. British tattle* Amji.h.-, Cs, ol Taronle.
Th. Pho.nl> itsiuniw Co.. of London, Ens..
Th. LivtrpMl. Lendsn ar.d Glefe* ln.ur.nc. Cs,. of Unto Bl I
Th. Ph.nl. Awur.u't Co., of Brooklyn. N. Y„
Th. Guardian Aauranc. Co.
Th. Confederation Ul. Aasur.no. Co.. ef Toronto.
Th. Ontario Aeeid.nl Insurance Co.. ef Toronto
SPECIAL   A SNAP-4 lots. 60x120. in the centre oftown
lor only $440
C. J. Bi
*\ e Cure Constipation *\ g
J   ^\   '-■ "     '.' ' V -• ' V '■ ' i.''.-JVC BAV J   ^\
cents cents
Rn     QitMite Masonic Building •
. IV.   DUrnS, Bums- Toilet Limine.
retail B* •-■--' • 10
wra acid ai 35c a** • nt, til
This shows an increase of 34.630 tons
in 1903, The increase In sulphite war
8.073. and In mechanical 32.661 tons,
soda showing a decrease ol 6.104 tons
The tsu; value of the output of 1903
wuS5.219.892. Nine of the thirl/,
nine nulls manufacture mechanical pulp,
five make both chemical and mechanical. Taking lh* r«lurnt ol thirty-nine
mills, th* average urn* lh* mills ran
during the year wat nearly nine m mtha,
The value of the production wat 55,-
219.892 the uriu.t exported 53.013,
.    * :,".■■ i  lot h-jne uss
SlitetSI.890.448,1 ; thai
S248.I07.    With -       - •
and abundance cf ra»
.  Canada should uke the lead
p-makingind. li
(itanj Trunl Pacihc Deal
Parenthetical Remarks
. -
- -
.■ •
As has r trait :      alt
... ...
- m
• ■••;
-.:;- <:■<:. ■*.;-. •.;.;-,•-:;. ■:.',:•". ■ •■:.  .;:;• /..;/
.-ominenctmcnt in thu province. To
avoid the coruaquencet of such deliberate neglect, when Hon. Mr. Prefontame
came io the Province he gave his tol-
emn promu* that the road would be
begun on the Pacific and be continued
eastward simultaneously with e
Hon Irom Winnipeg, Hit wcrd Icr iht
lime being was accepted at tht ward ol
a Minuter el the Crown, which wu
worthy of beliel When Mr. Hayt
cam* to.th* Province a lew dayt after-
wirdt he refused lo confirm any tuch
arrangement u lhat having been made.
V/e have the very besl reason fcr be-
■    .: "a'   •-■-      :-.    ■       •■■'■,:
100,000 Bulbs to arrive
aoon from Holland. France
and Japan. Thousand! of
Fruit and Ornamental
Trees. Rhododendt:ns.
Rotes. GretahouM and
Hardy Plsnu For Fall
Plaming   Hem*   Crown
■ • :     .  ■    . -a-: :
and Flovtr Seeds     Always in stock in season
Eastern price*
Whit* Labsr.   Pert
Hiv-i and Sufpiles.
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
Fraa     V. J HENRY.
1010 Wrttmtn.lH' Road     V.KOuvtT
^OTICE is h«r-t. given ii-,t 30
...    lar :-.■.' I -tend to apply lo
•l    — Commissioner if Lands and
-   nl license to cut and
art)   • r»r Iram lh- foll:wing
land-, situated in Otoyoot
■• •    mm«nelng
lai   S irv«y P:*\
'•' '•' '• .■   .• ; '4 miles
- ■  ■      "•' •■ East 30
■   ■    :hains. thence
.■.      ■ met N rth 160
■.. ■      hall   ■ ,    ■
la 2 Empire Cream Separator
Several Ch-i,-» '•' ■
Four D ,
This Is the finest material in the world for coaking utensils: It
makes them so light, so serviceable and always so bright and
clean First cost is some greater than agate ware, but there is
no comparison in lhe service rendered Pretty Table Pieces:
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything lo cook in   Call andsee them
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Would U ?
Like a lite insurance policy providing (or the payment of (rom
SI.000 to $100,000 to your wile If you die *ithtn 20 years, and
tha: it you live 20 years guarantees more to you in cash than
you have paid on it? Your answer Is very likely to be. "Yes.
but it can't be done." On receipt ol your name. age. and
address, we vill pnve to you that It can. The Assets ol
IS* Mutual Life of Cantata ol $7,000,000 will convince you
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Seems to have taken
hold ol Enderby by
the heels, and ts
pushing things along
al a lively pace fj keep ahead ol the demand, wa have just
placed In stock a carload ol household goods Parlor Pieces.
Hall Racks. Tables. Desks. Book Cases. Fancy Dining Room
Pieces—all of excellent quality.   We are selling them, too
Als: *ish you ij remember that we have the agency (or
Mas rt Rtsch Pian;s    Terms and prices on application.
Jas. C. English. '^c£Z*+»
Get Ready
Now is the time to put your Harness in shape for Winter service Don't wait till it gj:s to pieces. Bring It in ht small
repairs and make the big snss unnecessary.
Are you thinking 3f travelling*   We can furnish the Trunk
- Valise
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
Isn' '.here something you <vould like to have in the printing
lino ''   We can give satisfaction at Ihis jfflee.


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