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The Edenograph 1904-09-28

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Volume I.   Number 20.
GIBERSON   On Tuesday. Sept. 21,
to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Giberson, a
PEEL -On Saturday. Sept. 24. to Mr.
and Mrs, Robert Peel, a daughter.
SIMPSON   On Sunday. Sept. 25. lo
Mr. and Mrs. N. Simpson.
More rain!
Eggs 35 cents per down, and none
lobe had!
J.C. Metcalle has added a J ISO
computing scale to his grocery counter.
Enderby is moving rapidly. Three
births In one week Is nol loo bad al all,
at all.
Mr. Stewart, ttock buy«r lor P
Burns & Co.. wa.  in
M  :. !,.
Hutchison 13. C. A. Hancock 10,
Todd 6, A. Paul 2.
The Missionary ReadlngClrcle meets1, ^^ °" Tu<Bd,>',0' 5hoo,lnK » Chi'
Slevarl poulo al Armstrong (air, six
of them weighing 10 3-4 pounds.
The lire which was threatening to do
so much damage some miles up Ihe
Mabel Uke valley was in berth 238,
onllmlls owned by Mr. Cooper of Owen
Sound. Fire Inspector Ritld has had
charge of the lire lighting, and reports
that ihe blaze is now confined to a small
area, and Is doing little damage.
E. Bradley, on trial before Judge
with Mrs. Dunwoodle on Thursdday. at
3 o'clock p.m.
The people of Kelowna think ihey
have In the Lake View hotel the best-
%  »'i r,
entrance feet cWtpJneMAeAnffijJ
railway bell, which wilitio'lflusiw ol
interest lo many In this vicinity. Mention Is made in Ihe article of Ihe Sell-'
• ■ ::ali:ni, a branch ol which, we (
believe, Is sleeping somewhere aboui,
Enderby. Perhaps the article will be
ol sufficient Interest to cause the mem-'
bers of the association to take it up.
Here Is an Irishman. He wains lo
say something. Listen lo him. He
wants you lo understand that he Is
right, be dad! Be dad. he Is! When
he's wrong he's right! If you don't believe It, prove ll! There mustn't be
any "perhaps" about It! He's right!
He know, he's right, be dad !   II you
ThePublic Pulse
naman while intoxicated a fortnight ago,
was released on suspended sentence.
He had been guilty of gross negligence,
but his offence was scarcely criminal.
,   ,>,,"",» The ludge. though he could not make
71 i l .   ». an order to that elfect. suatesled that have any doubts about it
ol the house speak in the same strain. ,*"
since Jas. Bowes became host.
The stable and shed occupying the' •* lou °' "»••• dM,orl «"• »*■
lot of Ceo. R Sharp* are being torn Ve'nw Nm'
down today, to mak* way lor th* brick    w»H«r Truesdaht's Futy Is dead,
btock lo be erected thereon, lh* foun- F"*/ *»s a dog  a mother dog.   She
datlon for which will be laid in teat had" »U '•» 'wHicH of one of her kind,
than a week. *® couldn't talk nor chew tobacco.
Graham Rotoman. many ynrsac- OlherwUe ah* wat altogether human,
countant to IheColumbla Flouring Mills '••• ««feelings were human.    And it
Co,. End«rby. hu resigned hu position '»M » quMllon If feelings don't have
Enderby on with that linn, and ft now leaking employment for pari of hit time. Address:
have them
Radley should reimburse lh* Chinaman | »rr*a*d for Indecent exposure! There
are fifty billion stars In the sky and as
many wheelt In one head! II you don't
believe It, he will challenge you through
the columns ol the Podunk Lampblack
to count them! Be dad. he's right!
Be dad. he Is!   He feels better now.
On Tuesday. Sepl. 20th. a son was Enderby. B. C
bom lo Mr. and Mrs, W, J. Armttrong,
of Armstrong
Rev. R. J. Mclntyre and btlde returned to Victoria last Wednesday, after
spending Kin* daya In the Valley.
The Columbia Flouring Mill, slatted
Wear* In receipt of th* eS-pag* torry and don't care who knowt.
Autumn catalogue of nuraery alock from <"*» Sunday morning.
Mrs. R. Hawson of Revelstoke ts
more to do with one's humanity than visiting friends In the Valley,
shape of body and mode of speech.     Mr. Rumble is wearing a broad smile
Anyhow, Futy is dead, and we all are over the arrival of a young son.
A new boot and shoe and mei.'s
clothing atore Is being opened here.
British Columbia'a popular nurseryfirm    There it no abatement in the build-     Mr 080 Sco„ „, Vancouvet, spem
In addition to
of M, J, Henry. Vancouver, showing Ing boom in Fjtderby.    in aumtion ,o a ,,„ a^, hjM ,h, „rJ| 0, lh, WMk
great varieties of fruit, and ornamental fourteen cottages and dwellings that are     Ev,rybody „ f^,^ |ar,«. Kam -
treat, shrubbery, ate. being bulk by the Kamloops Lumber |oop| ,nJ New Weilmlnj|w ,,hlbmon,
A pelillottwat tent lo Hon, Pric. Ca. Wm,  H. Hutchiton It getting    t^a.™,^ baseball team came
ln^ E"dWby'0B ,U",bWOnrtW tPmi l" "«*"*« over her. Saturday and defeated the
Z   T   \\T^^^W^"*****'***'"* WU,n« *n,n« *• •«««««. ho.neleam.o.f.nish. Scor.35.ol3.
TkmfimtmJ^J^^tM^taM^ Mr.Enl- and Ceo. R Sharp* will star, work in Qors. Bros, hav, purchMrtth. Wm.
that the Vemon racatawew lir*i^|lon^(M,ta,h9W1,,prMJ,h,m,,lw .,„,„„ „, , brick u^ an hu awpwPiW,l0^j.v/ MeCa,luin
and were wltneated by a Itrg* crowd.  iupon ,ht Cwramm*ni as tlrenuoutlyaa propwy back of th. Bell block.   He ^^ „ mak, „I(1Mlve ,„        '
No egga. and no Okanaganmide lies in hupowtr. and irutta that h« may will lit it up at a n.odsm butcher sh;p. menu
bullet on lhe mtritel!   Whalulh* be successful in hiving lh* petition wllh ic* haus*. and coMalong* rooms.     Mui m. McCallum. who has been
hennert*! and butter P*™"1
;   Mtaan, Mark Hill. Geo, Peiknuun
and S, O'Netl w«r*  Reeled Direc-
matter with eur
dray in commission In a short urn*, lo
(Under Ihu haad'-we wtll publish any 5pent In making additions to the stOC
communication sent lo ut on questions ol   * , . „„,,,.ut.
inurost to ih. public. Our only condition!, ihese additions Including some valuable
sr. these First, tha writer's mm. must «c- works ol relerence. It was lelt lhat
SSSW JaeSp* «S 'he foundation had been laid lor a pub-
your point quickly and then .,uti.   En
Th. Ruling Room.
Ed. Edenocrach:
Sir: May 1 beg Ihe favor of a Utile
space In your columns in which to call
attention to a valuable public Institution
of our town which his (or some time
past been In a languishing condition,
and which, unless Immediate steps are
lie library, which, In the luture when
ihe town had developed, might be taken
over by the municipal authorities, and
prove of Incalculable benefit to the community as a centre of wholesome amusement, education and culture.
Alter a brief period of prosperity.
ll a'-v-r.   thr ■   ll j-     v.-!-  ol uJi-0
some who had been active supporters
lelt Ihe neighborhood, and others ap-
tak.n.0 save ll. Is certainly doomed to .^^ ^ mm   rtho|^ Mr>
speedy extinction ?
Public Library.
I  refer lo the
Appleton. up to the time of his removal
„   from Enderby. never ceased lo work for
With pur permission. I will briefly ^        o( ||w Ma hmMmtni
__■■•_»   >!•.*.   La «U_      • «._. Altn.lt "•
wat greatly disappointed at the Indif-
lerence displayed by th* public towards
it.   On leaving here he asked me to
narrate lhe facts of the case. About
four years ago. Sir Arthur Stepney,
after a visit to Enderby, wrote lo Mr,
Heggie expressing the interest which ^ m , ^       |(me ^
he felt in the  town   and enquiring ^ ^ „„,„,,„, m ixhu
whether, if he presented a collection ol ^ ^ ^ m (q ^ B j(
books to form the nucleus of a public M „„„ , ^ tnWwi 10 ,„.
library. 1. would be possible lo arrange duce 0{i[m w ^ m M m(m
for their housing and care. Mr. Heggie vllhoul luccett.
consulted Mr. Appleton. lit. manager Q (o ^ fm ,„„ ^ ^ ^
of th. Columbian Fourlng Mills, who m ^ ^ ,o M boo|u ^ f,.
undertook to attend to the matter. S^r Wni_ ubii,lbtn haV(1 ^ obliged
Arthur Stepney, on M«M>im«Ol togo,„dh«lp.h..,U.lvet. andallhough
most of thtmi have honorably observed
tl'.- ,i.       .   : .    ,-a   : ft..-:     ,■
registration, etc. I regret to tiy thit
II repcru are ta be depended upon, vu'.ung h«r parenu here, returned to
Enderby will have loo many ntlng Spokane where she was married on the, was held, at
house.   Alex Dale contemplates start- mhirui
"" ing one in th* M«lolle building as Certainly, qualified phirmicisti
this, at nice sent out from England
$75 worth of choice standard works,
representative of every branch of liter
.jure. Mr. Appleton obtained from the to^"hav;^don, ^ ^^
Provincial Gov.rnm,nt th. use of the ^titmXiktn ,„y atrf nat b,^,
court room; shelves were provided by tack    T|w ,        ^
some ol the clitiens: a public meeting
which a committee of
accommodate lh* rapidly wewll^,o^mw^^Jp^H,«7 Th* "on»,Mr m**v* ">«•» 'n«»hl> an importtnt petition In a ntw and
freight buain, jt(l||io<fcMklftt.mimxmti """^J^"" m.*"?' growlngdUtrlct.whereth.requirement.
building erected for them, and .mi an- of the retldnu ar* ao numerous, Call
other think* ol ettabllthlng one In the m and *e* your local druggist, W. E.
old Bell block when lh* Endtrby Trad- Pratt, V.S.
Ing Co. moiM out Th«te tt room In k wry aad accident occurred here
Butter ubttng shipped into lh* Oka- utoat Ihu weak lor J24 a ion. They Enderby lo on* good restaurant; Ihere Thursday eve. when two small boys
rogin from lh* Northwem! And it u «w lh* Swwart variety, and ireexcep it not room let Ihre*. nor two. nor on* playing wllh a 22 rill* thot V/ilham
poor Hull, at ih&ae ot Enderby who uonally large and of good quality. Th* *• **V other ki'4 Jordan In lh* atomach. He was taken
An impowtg monumni et while my alWaaafy< a dw(l|wrf „, 5 ^
nuible was placed In position on Man- «„, fc^ d^urej   AnmtMtf Ad
say over the gravtol Mr., Dr. McSor- vtnuer.
Icy. In th* Lansdown cemeltry. Wm. Tamkuuott told 25 lent of po
lion book diaappnrcd. and a second
one whsch I had in reserve, and put in
management was elected   rule, were |h, „„       0 u|w ,„ ^    hu ^
J.auu,   .m,   aaxJ    n.lul.J     ••>.<     ilia     initltli
drawn up and printed, and ih, instltu
lion wat inaugurited as a Lending Ll
tbo been removed
I think the time ha.-, .•otn- whtnsom*
tar. and Public Reading Room Many ,,,„, ^ „, mit „ ^ mmt
additional bookt and per.odieaU were ,„,„,„„,,.,„. mm ^
presented by friends Illustrated papers hlWl- ^ xgm ^ du,rie|haM9
,utx.crlbedfor.andth.roomwa,opened , , ^^ ,.„, ,„ ^ ^
three nights a w,,k to the puNn:. free ,ound h.H-,.do«n pnpl. ot to lo form
of charge. hw« largely attended, and tcl)mmXtt afld „ „, lhe ^
appnr^tob,.nuchappr*ciit,d.Thot, ^^ ^ l|fMd ^ ^
dealrlng lo borrow books hr home-ad- ^ djtlt , ,„
hav* tiled a oock or two can letltty.    pr,e* •» cath on delivery. f,o.b. al the    In another ootumn w« print an ar  to the Revelstoke hospital to hive the ing were asked to subscribe the small fni dj^Heu (j^jar. miny who would
Mrs Fted Falkner and diughler. ttie^ na* ,'w Cetdom place.   Mr. liclefrotn tht Ne»- Westminster Co- bullet removed. The latest reports are,sum of SI per annum, and as the sub-
Mutet Annie and Nellie amved last Tcmkmicn u dupfaytng aimptat ol th* himbttn relative   lo Ihe matter cf favorable lor hit recovery,
week Irom England, and hav* taken up
their tetidenc* h*t* wllh Mr. Fatkmr
and ton.
Member elect Burtill iddtetted a
.mall audlenc* in the T«wn Han. Saturday night on th* pcliticil uauea of
the day. at viewed from a Conservative
Dr. Vankteat. W. Wotlendtn and H
Blurton will Inv* Mara thu week lor
the caribou grounds, in lh* mounlllm
'jck ol Mara, to t» gon* aom* day*
looking for btg game
The Enderby Trading Co hat In-'
stalled th* wagon acalt* en a iMMi
IcundallMt m lh* street by ihe new1
brick block Thlt sue*! will be lined'
in levtl with ClHI ttiecl
ft Mown hat sold two 20 sere
blocks in his IO0-acr« property near
Enderby He will erect another dwell
ing on Ihe ptceetty. havitw; 20.0CO feet
of lumber already M Ihe ground
F. Pynian it placing in ttock a large
shipment of gold and .liver novellies
lor the Chtlslmas trade. Th* interior
cl his (ewelery slot* It being painted
an enamel while, by J.C.Orchard this
At list Ihe C.P.R. tt begutning lo
rccognlte Enderby's rights Since last
Friday morning it hat spill lh* (rain
and pulled the freights clear of the
street crossing, making a passageway
to the Post Olfice.
Eleven riflemen attended the ; »a
lice al the butts last Thursday K!
lowing is Ihe score: S. Waby 34. J.
W Evans JO. J C English 2?, W. R
Hancock 26. Geo. Bell 22, A Mc-
Lellan IH. W E/Tjuesdal* 17, W H.
How We Do Grow!
The Okanagan Valley has a population of more than 3500; Its resources are unlimited, and its
climate unsurpassed I*. Is the California ol Canada. Last year upwards ol 25.000 tons of produce,
valued at say $300,000. was shipped out of the Valley. Of this Enderby shipped 8.000 tons. Armstrong
6.200. Vemon 4.500. Kelowna 3.900. other points 300 The past year has seen a great influx of pecple
and money into the Valley, hundreds have bought land and are building homes, and thousands
that have heretofore yielded nothing are being put Into fruit, vegetables and cereals    Endeiby Is the
Sleway to the Valley. It is the first town on lhe S. & 0. railway alter leaving the mainline at Sicamous.
miles distant. Its resident population is upwards of 500, and is rapidly Increasing. In the past six
months many new business Institutions have been open J and ne*. industries established The Kam
loops Lumber Co., Lid has made Enderby Its headquarters. Its mills are at Kamloops, Annls and
Enderby. and Its payroll will amount to $10,000 a month to mill men. loggers and for supplies Th-.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co.. Ltd. Is also located al Enderby, Its capacity is 350 barrels a day
ploying 25 to 30 men. The Rothesay Lumber Co. Ltd. of Mara, also transacts Its business al Enderby
It employs 25 men All branches of business are represented al Enderby. and the business of a large
farming community centres here
Realizing Enderby's advantageous position, her citizens and business men are reaiy t: spen:
their time and money building up its institutions and adding thereto. With this end in view, they inaugurated the movement to incorporate. Attorney Billings, in whose hands the preliminaries are placed, expected to have the petition ready to be circulated last week, but he intcrms us thai there is another
delay in the matter. "Mr Burnyeat was unexpectedly called out ol town.'' he says, "and could not
complete the map   I am assured ol It this week and *iil then get the petition ready."
The most important acquisition (o our business institutions Is a branch ol the Bank si Mont
to be established at once.   Last week a statement was prepared by the citizens setting forth the (acts
above, and showing the neel :'. a bank here, and the rt
derby Friday afternoon and stated definitely that his bar-
now endeavoring to get a suitable building.
The intlux ; , Knderby increases r/eel
h 'el. an! about 100 are fei at every meal Besi le: tl
buildings can be secured. The demand lor cottages i:
build fourteen of them, work having already been start" I
tit was that
would open
They are si" ;
transients, lamllli
o great that lhe mill:
be glid to lYiillhemtelveiot dwread-
scriptions accun.. on*y wa. m nm „ ^ ^^ ^ ^
them. The fundi in hand amount to
about 520. which would be ample lo
give It a good atari
V/e are all justly proud cf Ihe d*v«|.
cpment which it going on arcund us.
but no community can be deemed really
progressive in which mental advance
men! does not keep pace with material
improvement li is lamentable lo think
ol the young people who are growing up
among ut tn utter sbiiviausnesi of Ihe
gi .- . -id of thought, their mental
horlton bounded by the narrow limits .t
their immediate surroundings and petty
I An! ho.ks are practically the
only means by which they can b*
•mancipatcd. mi raised to tha' i
th* aaalfl beat th ughl of
cur tic*   I a
parent*and d        fat   ted in the w*l-
(are J the .    g-to com*
titd assist in re organising, maintaining
roving OW i-Slie li
brary.   My own litiie It m inu'h taken
3 up lhat it ts impossible for me to Uke
j] any active part in promoting Ihe cause,
but t am doing what I can in bringing
thesubje:! ■   •    and I
Ituil thai line, having mot* Insure
motion to t»« ih* ttuttn, v? .ithaui
Yours truly. •   •    -man.
•>,'. BC. Sept 2t,ih
- led   A gaod won
: h»lp    Appl,   "
•  IM  il Armtti   . B .
'.     A g'rl  |a   .Ml!| ;,, hoUM-
lerby.   Apply   V, thu
Manager Henderson came lo En
a branch in a few «eks    ii   I
in the hallways at the
mlng In as fas', as
mpany   i   I
First Yeak
II M \\ M.KF.R ";
irby.B.C I in ntaklnoiu v,.
itlon,  I
Se a line
.    .
\\ I.KI.  Tlll-Y?   ARI    WEi
idvanc    ll  ■
.•hai expert  lh«y h iv -ti.t
ClVllllll   : -   •
Mr    I id
lingu ! Ja;..
the ble
.- ire kill
: '    . |bl i
. ol when   ll    i   . wing ill tne
llstrlcl  2172 Mal-
HM; ;
rla :.
Enderby Town Hall
WEDNESDAY,/^  .    ff.l
•if. C. P. Walker presenia the amlntnl
CinadleMi Aotoi
it    ij  \i i
..van .Man; 2414      HarOld      INeiSOIl
. - H, E.
rn     2481  F.  H.
rby; 2542 Ju
!np»iiy in tin i.tiiaikably sue
a   lu R.»i: , : ulna
'Heart anJ Sword
PrisN, $1 (Hi / 7.V-
■■.4 Saa'   .■ '■'..; .: •   ai
End lu lu>. a hank.
■   us.  You
In it, ci mint »•. Iok  a  live a.l   but
ifet ., place wh.r. \>.- .an hiilc out 30 '
. ■ vaak, ■•
Campbell ib|ect lh»
. ■.     parlance to i
-.: it ai l    .
you Oc
•r rank
■    lal      f A    i
lli)Mi:STi:.M)  IKES
iters ?
■    veningt are ;•
■   •   k
.ally and
ively.   Ca- .    ." rj lobe
il a
Naihlnt: ■
•   ■
1     : IV*
,• .      ■ .
I 'efuaed t« make
■• .It   hac
many Cases under prassur
nllce in obtaining th
lo meet Ihe govern™
All requeits since it-. I
hive been met wll
ire iiuupeubl-  '
csurse this objection
•   • •. .
J Matt thinks I il
■ rt* app<
to btr tpptrtut. lor I Wen' a
ciitlons to rattew i
■i      »;—i	
and Japan   THoun
Fruit    ani   Oma
■   rge
Ihey at
and Flower S««ds,    Al-
Ea   ■
Wh-     .
Floral Designs
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
tOlO Wratmlntlrr boat    V.nceua«
Is your health
iInsured ?
An accident policy cover-
in,; slckiu': :■ .. :; Mil
provide for yon    Get It of
will be particularly interested In the special lines we are showing in Fall and Winter goods, ln addition to showing a complete line of CARSS MACKINAW Goods, we have laid In a
line of—
They take the place ol Rubbers, and are much better In every
way Never sold In this section before Cheaper than Rubbers, and much easier on the feet. Our patrons lately arrived
from the East wtll appreciate them
Henry W. Harvey
General Mi-.k^ha
Enderby, B C
amoops Lumber £°
Manufacturers of all kinds ol Rough and Finished
Geo. R. Sharpe
■ -   • -
I'LOI'I.I Ml SI OWN HUM •     •
'■" ■ lice fee of $10.
Halcyon Hot Springs
,    . » I .a.   h   C
WOTICE !■;.• given thit 30
after date I intend to apply lo
t Commissioner of Lands and
tl I -ens* to cut and
carry away umber from the following
mated in 0   .
I itstrict, cemm«nctng
XXIX. VI. about I I-4 unlet
Mabel Like, ihence East JO
th I <t0 chum, thence
1  I    chains, thence Njrih 160
aateeftw* it Em io chiint. to paint
Eiletby. B. C  Aug 22nd. I - -
W,    |        ^—— ^. ..      ^sj opportunity uiiuw     rose oi «-«»,
ith    InC   Uwl      1   Henry W. Harvtry. Agent. *****
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application       Address—
 EaJwfcy. B. C	
Choice Residential <8b Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon the markel. The choicest building sites in the
town of Enderby. Ten minutes' walk from the Postoiflce.
Enderby has advanced in a wonderful measure during lhe past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled in
value. The town will continue to progress; ll has only fairly
started. Property will continue lo Increase in value; building
lots will never be less valuable than ihey are today. Your best
pportunity Is NOW   Price of Lots, tt jA^ C7ft
How '$ Your
/-a        .«.      '. ...«*>•
KEN a man ccn'eises that he
is a thief, the mere fact of be-
i . .        hould not exclude
ratio   fenesother
traits.   When the
;• :u are a minister, or a
cr a counter-jumper, for instance, li may admit tl
nay also be a violinist, or a
painter it a pcet. and v.ill ere-
. accordingly.    And so,
s*eeth< ndemns you
;r bet-. uld at
, mire you for
II   : es not
.    iqual-
•ight t>
.- bad
ndemn the **h>le man
In a miment jfweak-
■   i-
r our    ncep-
ml .
fight ai«:
i-min. an:
I of pa:
another >   Wh- ga a Dus
buloursel.    )
All men a* • j! a sham    Dr.
men.  Itl    - perfectly
ii . entertain]!.
;n an: pa nl in letl
iamnc:   ver her humble cot-
tve to      to be
vhal     -m in
^ight    we
,nabl°    A  ll
F. Pyman
Jeweler fiOj
Expert Witch Ri'p,tiri'r
-     '
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
io order ihem early.
Th* British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.
B C. make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which Is the best for fruit. They will print your name
and address m your boxes without extra charge.
Henry Eckert, Manager.
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk Irom the P:s; Office at Enderby. Will be sold In one
block, or cut up Into smaller blocks to suit purchaser Good
House on the property; outbuildings and fruit orchard
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
En.-ebpes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations— anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office Estimates cheerfully furnished on every class ol Book and Job
;   Tl. , FJ ••.Arft.ae.l.    Diawar5. Eaatrby dilOO
j) ine caenograpn,      H.nt<K. ttiock.ainst 5>* » $
FiRsr Ye\
DivUia Sarvlcs every Sunday at 7;30p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible CIpjs. 2.10 p.m.
Prt      Meeting    -   -   -   Tuesday, a p.m.
A hearty welcorro (or all.
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor.
Ri CIM St.. next the Ciurch.
The ureal eeorH of miihm'm it. l.vlnif
It) ,( 11.-' ntu itnil .n'diiii! In vntiP if11lo
iton*, in'tM i|it*niHnD u< t«* limn you
iiml.t   .mil in-■ iii* -tru't'.t rttiiioiHlcnl.
IV., )iil.i. || in, >mtn,   iisoUnnHe,
I knun juiiuu mm In Sim York ,.lio
would nol .'Hiv ;t trunk ,i!<""K Fifth
I ini-1mm- tor »'] Iht* frolllajfr itVv coil.d
IM**.. u.'i'iHi-f tint wou.il hi' afraid
ih.it the} might in-ft tome tflr, ihej
VumiIkt principle I haw ronitantly
..:.i,,i is "bueluepi before plfiiure**1
Hi. ,'> i • i ire i- l>- "it to*di* it lhe)
,t,,. ihrj H.- even better Hut I tl)
i   ' it the life of onewhobai
...    . m   i. ti, ihi   eaut   '■> i riii-.-    It
il !//,•%, || i»« tier*   Ihe  «tnit'K:-iui;
youth,   I' ii <> Initplre him fori Unit,
Imt ilu' Impti it!• i' mm ii \it-ar* • (T
Vpprrt  . ■ oftOMliy.Thnt'i
tn*. whin i<> \ i iik'ii.   It hi* been
ii v tt,. through lift- I nut nfarjnn the
tvnnir> M »'•» no* not t.i limit fur-
« .(.' t..r t|   fin ut, |g« blank. To*daj
II tlif it • -,„,. | have
neter Rone av j i lhe tide nor worried
tubiit* n>* » wee were n .luring, A
firmer »»»» > BeW »f vthrat To
»..(tt „..r ti „       i. > i, j laphUfti'
i -• reujulrt - bli attain'
It. ntj •- Fe I hirtoottced
-,<   lit* pott  00
urn, a tn! not not minute later int nl
b ■»,. un t|i«> mliittir titiii nol one tee
I    ||r tit" a ti» itm-tv' tiatt Iff Im*
• ' .w., imt do lhal «-•     Itl"-
there •• the matt **ia«» «irr«a*-« ■
lime and work* late if need Ih- Ik
ia... an Iniereet In hU «*>tk nml \*
intlout loot adtane d, Iha*«al«*a>a
lived within tut meana and alwaya
kititml fur idtrtBeemeai
\\hrtil»a*alni\ tinmy father'efarnt
itt Conneetkal I worked hard, tiitl.*-
» ttt-tmrht, fur therr wa* pirn-
ti io do.   Hut If I had any »pare lime
t did rhitrrti for thr ttHghlMtriv  I n*-irr
wanted fttr anythtna: I nerded!   I al>
way* t?ot M    It,.i  many hot ihititf*
•.  ajfd    IVbM I wrni U
New Vutk in I***, t hadi|oiti>a«umuf
mituey, ih« molt uf my •atttn:* )udi-
'■  and little u*,<JH.fj«
otwut ihr nrt*jht*tirh<*oil.
Ttie *uHan of Turkey hai taken to
Ihr aut.Mtaddte. and It ao plraml with
ii thai hf l*w deeorotfd the itnrtiit.r
tot the mak** hr mm
thr t.Mmtf duke «f kUoebaoter ha-
di*ti*im*r*l ail) thr hi* totipr*) of the l-mf
lt«i. ooMllty who i*****-**. auionndol-*
l*% apt*eiNnif in a fattavleoi turtiatfr
|«atnte«l a titM t.H,m enhtr
Thi EMitMHAfH. one v u
Provides a h me ft r bath male
and female students. G'ves.
complete and ;t3t class Com
merclal Coarse. Oilers a full
course in Vocal sni Insiru
mental Music. Prepares foi
Matriculation in Atts. La*.
l.l»Ji-ine. Englnee.ing. etc.
and takes the student through
the full arts course to the B. A
degree, in a!;ilu'.i>n rill
Toronto University.
Kt* * Ha   8 0
■••.'. of lhe Valley.
■ a'.ed al Enderby.
He can hmJIe the '
ra:or *i'.h lhe best af
them, ani he's an artist ikith the scissor*.
Schedule ot prices:
Hair Cut. 2Sc. shave,
15c. sings. lOc: shampoo, 25c; hair tanic.lOc
Pttt««t will Mad* - I* thai this sti-t
trill n:! tsttl M Suniaf.
A. TOfM, Kateadl Rll.taacray
'■    I F"tr'*» '-'•• ■    S"?,a,t •
(ilUHGl; R LAWKS. E«J.,l.v
Ymi am wasting your llf>' "it
who l» unworthy of you, who lovi
no loniior, null win, Ik deeolvlntc
Ynu or,- not wnntoil lion', ynur life
only in- mil' long m\*m If you i"
lu ataylna  in"1  MMtrlnolnif your
Why iit n foolish sonio ofilnly it
you in yi'iif I"'-' Ititorwtui you I
Imt tn in. inin- inn- wort! lo soimrii ]
own firtiini i«-,,,-- unil Itapplnoa*
lirltii' blti a Into Hu' lift' of iiiH'i'ii'i''
CoWVFtltht,   ' *•
[Contlnueti- first Installment Set. 7]'
"I only cut thi'. yeatonlny. >lm-t,, ur I
ihould bawstUl nil Uiiatoj'oii lonffago,
but I know that unit's-, l could provo nil
I stiil tn ymi It would tic just io mutili
Uiuc tvaitodts" I wultoti Sho huauoun
crony to 00 on tin- &tak*o »nd hnabcoh
I'itv'iii^ you to do wlint you could fur
Iht. unil ymi iutvt< boon tahtng hor day
»fti*r ,! iv fii.m iii.ni.ii.'iT to imtnnuvr,
haven't you? She eried 0QQ iluy while 1
\\a>> thfiv with you \micuum- rIiq bud HO
money tind no nm* would rii.'.i;:i' ber. I
wtw<|uilfl tOttollftd tmd Mirry for ber at
Utettine. hot UMeit to tJttit
- to \n  Ma   Kmi*Aim:   Maw thanVi* fur
yittir«if' r *«t »* i»jrt in roar mad oonpaajrot
-Tm- llrhta.' I miul.i nuob lUu 10 u> uiul«-r
)t»ur tiuiiai '■ ■ ■ .• ' iit Iiiuii't i-iii' in ItttaUtl
fin |utt it w. «tiii it w. tt .i in- qta.i - Inpcaslb ■■
mr ii,--1" liv" ui ti ftdlurv of I wanly rjw .iiillur*.
miiiiii ),>u offn   it rotjbaro nuv tht»it in tit*.
Cllyt i.ifl.rl villi Ik* 81ml U 0OU)a>r II
"■Vi'ur-iruly. Lot) Miwim. '"
Thi' ifi'iitli'iuttll elttMHl the h'ttiT .un
i-"i.' tt .it my maMer.
"If thafa tho right kind of n lottoi
'i"in a WOJBtB who ia aoov|illiitr bet
a, •'
I I At llHMt Til I. I mtl.M.1* 011 H
1t.i*iid ft<on an extlatuv, you can rail
UK* tt .J'Mt "
Tl,i«.-tMH'b me a* an funny that I
lait.'lHti itll I r»ilh**l nti*roa lie* tfea*.*-
hut im uia*ti'i dblu t t'v-u unllo
•'V\||| ymi Ktn* tiif that note?'' Ih»
••tviiaii f.*rr
"foOtttea Mr* M«t»-t^M
'a.it    Uiilyou tt'.iy breab with
Mi matter jiar* a f-omr llltle banl
11,,» ttme 1,1am >rmu Un Mattnlntf
out iM1. .tiMi'k tnf**r) tltt' IM nf ber
Thankllo «t tit«>^*ntleman."aml
BOW, la«'h Ibnt y«oir••>*•* ai**<>|«*hnl l»»
i.oii tiwn fully, let tin* w mi JPOO «»f an-
<*ti«-r lUiuter that t* thivaifUintr t-«t
Vuotu* liwraktaii poor urifo'a bvtiit-
ImiI llwt ill I tin* tt>-t*l of It W liit.
i.»i Itate Uvii ftt,i.i*li. <*tlWr<» bare Uvn
I<m1 |.«i ttha* i.otr little wife ttrrdn'1
it«i IWal'
* beoron,   man. nhal do jnmi
a lliaty*w had ttftter b»i'a <*tit f.*t
\mii«aWf W ben a t'tvtty «<*man t« tin
T .. ti^if isn.M, r any iti.k of nkw
feltiiw*! r**a«lv In eln°e*° her up "
ttilbtiMi ivy Wtutiod ■way ami I
TIm m'\i moflitnf, to my aftvai *tir
f****-. mv m**ler ami mlMn**A • aim «*ot
!•• tm* m r> Hit He bail Im It .
ami *lonin«r 1***1**. W< a** that titv*»»m«
IMtvb ha*l trtVfnl ttH* tm the Wrong
*«.»*• of tin* to>wdi. Ih* wioild md enim lo
talk li* me. tml jo*>t l»*»krd ami ealUil
t< mr I mow, taVWtftrfb that tm-y
b«*tied hafmy jo-I I t-altl hr** all tbey
MAH«r t*Hlay I wim't j»« lo town
again all MUaMf,' m(*I my maMer,
'amlmea that *e bare m*l a rtiti*' 10
fear ntor fa**r mii*t wear nvtliiiirf l>ut
MOilr* for the fotiifr "
tVnm*»«vnt«»ft*k*wnther*ad. ami
I laHgh***! t." m«i. f iafoa*M I wa* in
tlv auitl ami kticw jo»t tihy he w*m1d
m*t girt in tnttn any m**r*" I <alli*il t<*
mi miMr*'***. ami a«k*°*l aWrtoOuojH ami
unite toe. and t*r**mi«nl t*> tVt hrr lnt<i
th*1 ***t**\ If *he w,ntM t*at *Im* wa* **»
!»i*i kntkihg ihinn the h*ad aft«<r my
ma*ter ami hiding her haml bs him a*
hr lomed the nitm>r that «he *InI m>*
hf-ut tw IVthat** a« it turned oot it
« a* hrtter *he di*l md hear me.
I ale a M «*f trra** that nv*rnlnir
o»t** than t had darvd t*» aince I hrtfa*
l« *tateh f<*t a effttl | beanl M
■t*4f*JM *in»?itiif in lhe jMrden. *>h»* »< ^*
*ti-i>hlly frvJift,/ happy, and I lOO WU
happy in kmiwimt that *An< had mdhin<|
n*-*r»» t*» fear f^*m * eriliv -f.tr th*«
•trtdO of Wal* hinrfft* him wa* l*t»ifin-
h.hatlnlell**n in*1 I ha*l linr-n «*• l»i*v
fanning e«*ry nne nh*« NMl up **r
ilm n lb** rtvad. and lUtenint? lo War if
mi mi*ttv-*rt rrifl a* they tarnt ht, thai
t had ttot ha*l tiroe lo eat ami I wa*
getting thin and |**n\ ami lapgtnning lo
tie afraid <"ri*fi**hl wimbl tymtr aftfl
:"• <»f itk- -a di*gti*,ling ttta^li*^
that I tlM tfirt want t*» tOUtMatMl
t gam'*»1'd Wtla. jtV tl t tb<mt*ht
that Ihl* WO»M 1* tho la*l few lutnr* "f
taa>Wltcll    t-.-H   '' m mv aaaaaMff WUlM
m«1 tf*» away attt OJOfO,   A .ritir wa*
tajrj my m,*ir*---
Uaff to Off M*ufl     I  WOMlef what had
not read the ear
ii"? IflM  y
it *vili interest you to look uj
tha ptpe     V
lottlcd u critic, and luppowd lit) wm
dead nml inudo Into veal or ocof or
wbatovor Uuty mako out of « oritlo.   I
was u little surry that We JVort) rlil of il
—Ikh'hum' I ihould if iv ut ly iiuvo liked ti»
huvc btoloiii't-liaiiiv at It m.VM'If imt
M» long ui it wai ifonQ 1 luppoaoi lhal I
oiiirht to be ooQtontod,
lly nml by my mUtroaa Qftmo a*ay**f
out of the gnrtlon with hor work and a
IhhiI, mill nil the duga ut ber lieuU, and
mil down under the willow,
She bad been thore aomu little time
when thr little man with tin* wbtakera
I'liiiii'. Thi' ni'tiiii'iit I miw him | hutt'd
It■ iti iifrish, ami Iniwd tn 1h> near my
mlhtruttH tn nrotcot her, 1 lufftfod al my
btakOi mid It mini.' im> m> uuid Hint I
COtlUtn'l more It, mid that I was mi tin-
wronic ildo of thi* brook, Hint 1 urlod
tihuiil, mill inluod Ihf U'lfiutilii/ nf tin*
"Vwi, I am iilnin*." waa Lhe tlr-t
wnnls i hoard* "but mj boauand uyi his
biislm-ss iviil 1h< HuMittl today and ho
Won't go to town ii-'i'u this Mini hut."
The llttlt< iiihii with lhe tvbUken
mve aiinthiT of thoao burrid lautfhaol
"I ilon't MipiNiM* In* will. I i inn i. be
U goliiif to bring hli btaavlnoai down
"What .l.i ynu m •any
"thi S,iiurl iv hi* wu*. nl ihi* HhssIm
Uniisf nti Uto bill urraiiftng iboul botnl
fur u Imly."
My ml«lre*« gntv n **lmri fry. and
tbi-n looked him at|uuiv In iho fmv.
"It I* ti"i true,' sh   mi I.I. prtuidly
*i ihlnk you'll any li l«* wh.-n I loll
you the name of the laily hehaaholi
en '.i •■ 'i IS'* nintu for la Mr*, l.-m .Mao
nln r."
MymUreaa itood looktnf nl him fot
a moment ndthoni sp.-,iMir. imt tin
i*\ph>ss| >u of her tow wtmhl havettdt
any one oul that IhvtU IUUo man will
IV whU'. ts that It** bud hurt laor v««r>
mueb. Al I it ahu tMve a funny Itttb
ory, ami tben beffao talking tn In-rvd
under Iter limtth,
■W ,i ..,.111.1,.' Ulut-shall I dnV I
heard ti.'r*ay.
The little man Mth the whbtken
came up rtooo to I      • «a**-
unbnppt ilmt *h*tB      * n '     bim
"Alttv"' b* *»ait.     Itst-n   t>*   m*»
Ideal Home
Fumisliecl by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively lhe best talk
Ing machine on the
market. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
as ||.ePrlc,s,*« CO,$11.00
$11.00 .n*u..
VICTORIA, I.C. tri ...,
General Blacksmith
W.goit Buililir .nil Rtrastrtr
"A bolt In time will grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that Is made ol Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
Implements, buggies & wagons £
specialty, and all repairs guar
amced to stand.
M..ts tv.t)- sent .nt faiinh Thandty in
«,.-hm«iith    Vtiiiinj Butht.ti
ssrawlljr iit,n.4,
A.W.Sum.C.R. H. H.Wa*mgtn*», Sk
LO.L N). 446
M. <u tti. In ani M Fnaay af auh manth
at 7:30 p. ra.
Vtsinii bnthrtn wtlesm*.
W.« A.E.RSM.TS.   Sat  H :
Merriment is tonic for niliid, solace for trouble,
and eii.Mimenl of health."
To be happy you must be healthy
And you cannot be healthy  if your breakfast ioods and flours
are Impure oi lack the nutriment they ought lo have
Yi u will find you can gel better satisfaction from the breakfast
foods and flours milled at Enderby than from the much-
advertised Imported articles.   Ask your grocer for
Enderby-milled Flours and Meals
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
1 Enderby
•   *   *   •
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result ol
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being built
lo accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
This is lhe place to find fresh
The demand has been so great that ll is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand    We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
fresh every day
We will ihortly move into our new quarter*, then!-!!-!tt
Under The Olive Tree
J. C. Metcalfe
Once upon a lime there was a man. His name
was Ketchem N. Sklnem.   He lived In a Castle
His little children played marbles with diamonds.
The man was an Editor.
He editored the Yanetook Lobster.
A Lobster is like a Big Spider bui isn't He is
green, but when he gels into Hoi Water he avtll
Look Red and Feel Blue,
Eugene Field says the Lobster carries his teeth
on his Ann. Next time you see a Lcbiter Pat
him tn the Teeth Maybe the Teeth mil kind ti
Take to You.
Mister Ketchem N. Sklnem'» Ltater's Teeth
would Take To You
II you were Real Easy they would also Take
What You Had
One day this Editor of the Yanetook Lobster
Looked Red and Fell Blue Hanging his Teeth
upon his Arm Mister Ketchem N Sklnem hied
himself io the Valley of the Naganako for to Gel
He tcok along His Call Siting and Scheme
Mtny Wise People petted him en the Teeth
and the Teeth kind oflook tc Them
He ras a Kind and Good Man. this Editor of
the Yanetook Lobster, and s he ..anted to Take
the People In to his Castle He gave them an
interest In His Web. He look compassun an them
like a Spider to a Fly. and *ave them a Nice
Corner in his Castle in *.hi ;> Hang *hlle he
wound silk about them an: Pulled their Legs
Then the Yanetook Lsbst?- g3t Into Cold Water
and turned Green again T* Wise People otthe
Naganakj Valley tried to mak • him Look R«i and
Feel Blue but he still cartie J la Teeth on his Arm
for the Unshorn to Pat
Mister Ketchem N Sklnem went back i
Castle.   He took with him   >me Diam n
given to htm for the Children by the Ll
e if the Naganak i Valli.    He told the Wis?,
ole ol the Naganak d V*   / thai he
leave them Comlortless
And he iidn't.
The Liberal People :' -ikanako Valley hai
many Comforten as syrup.' Ulc as Job's
And they *alted many m   us lor the .
Coming :! ;h= 21:>r dI the Yaneloc* Lobster
With an Axe
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
imitator ii native and foreign wod».  JJf^Jf'ntaT cuss.
TD IT If Q For Fail
1 IVUVasVO Delivery
I am not,' taking orders (or Fruit Tree irom the big
Nurseries of Slone & Wellington. Toronto The
quality oi lhe trees senl oul by these nurseries is
as near perfecti ,n as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Etvtkrby
Enaerby Brick Yard
Ernie rhy
'•;.'-'   -,,'"• -   '   ,' .    ;., |f |IJ       *\.,' *■ fli |
;,-,    .     !',.'.?' :•.- r.a- -.      -•
A. M. Ba.VJ
Tha" 'aches the artistic
and keeps hause : ■
my Mil be done at this
i     quickly, neatly at I
i - >■  ,
lo send your priming cut •'
lown    Anything thai can
. commercial print
•,:    ti    done I ,;hthere
■The Edenognpli
FlRSi Year
.." .. ■  I,...
thing for i     ll     tots l
gly fine    We
have never carried a complete
Babies' and Chlldre
Undr '.his year.
• have everything for the   ^< t^T
it as well as for the biggest.   When xe get into our
new store rooms we will be able tc show everything off to
so much better advantage, but even now we can interest
you in the many fancy lines of
Children 8  Underwear
These chilly nights will make you feel the need of warmer
Bedding, and Curtains. Rugs, and such thing as will make
the home comfortable, cheerful and a nice place to stay.
Inspect our slock in these lines. New and exceptionally
good In quality, weight, texture and pattern
• .titii.him
■    ' ughrwrt. dut*
Uk h,l>l »rat
I ,i the
ll      a;.hrrM|j,|   .teal it      It  alvi
lurch ahil l,«n lurnitur* .nil
all  art ■   I* «X|NttlN whew a
atioag. gin, titin'i ft winttd,
In the Pulpits
What the Local Pastors
Talked About
So inlay
Just  S puse So.
laKlllg Ih
lh. 8th vers
lor I   •   ■
:.   Ihl    III!
:•■ : >• :■
character It nol a good witness li
-•ause. Tc be faithful io one's con-
ll Iho essential part,    An un-
ll   ■'
tended :o *e
The responsibilities lhal
Christians  everywhere
sphere ol llle. are .;•• il
• ■   '   rtlU t wit ; •
upon each
i   be at ■  • .".il and |ust  n
: lile.
Christ gave to his disciples when i a
told  them  tc ,: .'orld i.
greater power than. given',
every man.   Th*) senl .;.
5upp:.'-. my dear, thai y^u 'a'ere I.
And by yair aide your tveQthaarl lit
suppose you noticed by and by
The distance 'twlxt you were too
ced Christian life Is not lhe life I Now tell me. dear, whal would you do?
ould point to as the true wittiest ol     I know   and so do you.
en Iso comlortably placed1
:'.'.::    •   v .    ::!v ,t-. :,..,'•
That lhat dear, dainty little waist
Mv McKechnie occupied Ihe pulpit     Ol hers looked very lonely Ihere.
tl- Methodist church Sunday even- Pray tell me sooth   what would ycu do>
;  n the  absence of Rev. A. E,     I know   and so do you.
ibettt, who is absent on a trip with WnJ„ h,vjng don, what | |us( d((j
iv. Mr. Whll* in the S With not a Ircwn io check or chill.
Mr^McKechnletook h^text sUpp0se her red lips seemed lo bid
Defiance tc your lordly will:
Oh. tell mc, sweet, what would you do>
I know   and so do you.
■ lhat the world is Christ:   but a  strong, true, broad and  ,   ,   ,
. 'drawing nearer tc Christ a ii sympathetic llle, such as Christ (limits ultimate redemption mi      ill  ived.
give one hair's breadth Irom the poalt
lhal           r later a          vill b,
■   Ihrltl. and tl    propheafi    sht
rom the 119th Psalm, verses 59-60.
.■-■red a rousing old-time repent ye sermon. Repentance Is net
.lien preached (rom the pulpit today.
he said, but as the first step In a Chris-
nan's life, it Is as necessary today as It
ever was. Unless there is a turning
aoout. as In the case of the prodigal
s n. there cannot be any forgiveness.
a c without forgiveness there cam ltd  WALTER
■eld's Songs and Verse
Thi, Broke Our Blockade
Hundl fill     ll lhal in all
railroad a first and last cur:
are always the ones that are injured."
O'Rourke: "Shure, an' I wond I
they don't leave ihim two cars olf the
thrain Ini  rt •
A    •       li-r-   indicate:   lhal   . ut
subscriplicn has expired, and there ::
■. ■ ■ . lurthei n nlltanee
For Sale.
A pure bred i registered i bull
—beef type    Apply to—
J H.Colbs,
Any person found shooting on my
. - , ". .ill be prosecuted to the fullest
th* law.
Fked Barnes.
Enderby Sept 2nd. 1904.
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
E.   TRUESDALE. kndemy. a. c.
great work with no power greater ti:,", aiming,* real Christian expert*
lhat ol personal character, backed by And there must be more than a mere
the Spirit of God.   No power can be turning about, there must be progress
' ii an that of a strong chara
I Rustic* that goes out from si.
more potential thai thai
erted by a legion ol men of wi
Th* great ft ubte     lhat
Christian characters are weakened >y
their Inconsistency. N I I tt he w.  i
venture lo point out th - thi
lives.   No :i in   in a       •   : ti •
But wh«n the under!;, ng pi
one's life Is so tnc:titistatita. ■   lie    I
It the opposite direction, there must
: I rt practical, sincere, h.nestand
consecrated living. God is real. Christ
Is real, one's Christian experience and
■- . I be real. There must be the
living out of our better selves, the close
touch, the contact with our fellows
"To work "should be the Christian's
motto, ever trying to win others to see
the blessedness ol a Christlike life.
-a orld cculd but realize the ab-
I a life of folly it would turn
God. To convince others
that a life of folly is an absurdity.
Christian people must prove by more
consecrated, more honest, more patient
) one can influence others living that there is another III*
self unbalanced.   A wav •• real and infinitely mere happy.
' -—   Th. Colonial lnv.stm.tit .nd Loan Co.,
- America Auuranc. Co.. .1 Toronto.
Th. Pho.nl, Assurance Co.. cf London Bn|..
Th. Uvtipool. London .nd Cl.li* lntura.no Co.. of Loi I
Th. Ph.ii.a Assurance Co.. of Brooklyn. N Y
Th. Cuirdi.n Aatural c. Co..
Th. ConltJeuv, ii Lit, Auurme. Co.. ot Toronto.
Tht Ont.no AcciJtiu Insurinc. Co,, of Toronto
- cnlv 5440
A SNAP—4 lots. 60x120. In the centre oftown.
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
1*1 .'  ,   ,"' Jc.   e
All men should take a
. liiaidlcv, I'.tidfiliv Hatdaa.ui' Merchant
Mar. ll,t , Ha- A slater fr
I gol
An answer to  The Angelic Husband "
If ptrchane* you -reatur* rare.
Could you find, think you. a woman gr.l enough hit lol It
i     Igi     - ■• . 'et fitting n..-
l find a perfect t ..cutearchthe.      - •   •
r* art lots of charming wives, good and awest and
And they make their husband nappy -at mortals here can be
•■ this one little point, yos may just make up your n   :
'hat's quite perfection, you'll never, never'   :
•  ire w.ves so neat and tidy, and they keep their I
What a pity that their tempers hive a dash too much A ipr.t
There are others ao swest tempered   they nev«r, neve•
Bit they are so very carele.j. everything is upside down.
end th- money, in a way that's o,u,t» I
' ihe bills make hubby mad'
•   i». are shocking fl rts. gadding evarj -   •
levoted: then     it : asbsnd! they s: rt
     ,;..•'• ,
11       Ilka .        '     .■      .'tam lectures. -   ,-
•   •      - li setter, if a' I itener its
,- tfti r hut .nd thin buttons gon-
there are some—but I'll conclude, lor I might keep on all day.
tl . ou li (ind a perfect ante, I would not dare to say
an that't hap;    I       :  - 'h a wife that's fairly ,:   :
He it-.i. thank I
      t pet
R. R. Burns.
Masonic Building; Armstrong
■ Burns' Toilet Luxuries
The Perfect Wife     AflT^Ong TmTpLbing
a.    II    aa, k *^     \\ OlliS
ncrs i
• ■
1 thai
■    it    tha aa    i pot i
II •
■ ■  .                    ■             irktl
It* full grot
il Iron          i.'
broilers she*        g    :
1    ■  •
; |
r tatlslaetorj             litloi
rings of broll«rt «     .■■• ;
di n *t ■
mgar fry - ■   iron
• ;    )f lu • ihere
were • itall sales
nus quantity    The prlC* per
5IS.   Onicns were find  |  .
small trade al SI.50 p*l   I
lhe IruiU attracted OCR, cerable at-
w Fr :-,.      i apples
■asgood, art Ihl     .:.  MWtri
; ii irate
For Sale!
Silverware.    Craniie*are.    Cruet
Stands.   Ccpperware.   Fine Table
f.,.-   A 1   Z~~A«    Cuttlery.  Tinware.   Fine Cccking
101  AI   gOOOS.   Utensils. Woodenware.   Pipe and
Pipe Fittings ;■:' all kinds.  Butter Crocks.   Daisy Churns.
Creaming Cans ani Dajrv Goods    McClarv  M f g Cos
■ Famous Stoves and
Steel Ranges.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Would U ?
i Like a life In :mg for the payment of from
$1,000 to $100.0001 ii re if you die within 20 years, and
that If you live 20 year's guarantees more to you In cash than
you have pad in it? Your ans-ver is very likely to be. "Yes.
bo' It can', be. me" On receipt of your name. age. and
i -,a. « > ill prove to- you that It can. The Assets of
IF* Mutual Life of Canada of S7.000.000 will convince you
A: :**ss—
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Seems to have taken
)ld of Enderby by
e heels, and is
pushing things along
Keep ahead of the demand, we have just
placed In stock a carbad of household goods Parlor Pieces.
Hall Racks, Tables. Desks. Book Cases. Fancy Dining Room
Pieces—all of excellent quality    We are selling them, too
Also wish you '.3 remember that we hav? the agency (or
Mason-Rtsch P'larr.s   Terms and prices on application
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St.. Enderky
Jas. C. English,
iter wi intlful, ani the
•'••■'■ .: :■■ van:, how-
.::'.     Th?
i. per lb.,     •-•„.„,„, ijmj m lou I
J 19 tl •   :    'ate ol   -, -     Sn taf1" '•••.'.:•-   .: ,   :
..    •   • .arket  d,ir/m^     Apply t
.: m the J   W   MeCALI    M,  Saltr-cn   Arm.
Get Ready
Hi*. Is the time M put your Harness In shape for Winter service     Don't wait till It goes I  ;i»:?5     Brl ■, -small
repairs and make the big snes unnecessary
Are yau thinking of travelling''   We can furnish tha Trunk
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
line?  W
Ml «uld like :
faction at this
. have in the printing


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