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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-04-05

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 The  Enderby Proems
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number -16.
ENDERBY. B. C, APRIL 5, 1907.
Price. $1 50* Yiaw
Spring Clothing for
Boys and Youths
We have a wide range ol the above in stock,
and belore buying your boys their Spring Suits,
you should come and Inspect the styles and
qualities that we are showing.
For Men
We can show all the latest styles In Spring and
Summer Suits.
For Ladies
We are continually adding new lines and novelties In our Ladles' Department upstairs, and
when in our store a visit should always be paid
to lhls department.
Sunttay School Convention      " Black Diamonds."
The provincul prist of tins week
contains a story ul a man irom Cum.
barland, who found a rough diamond,
worth S 15,000, in a plowed Held al
ihe southern end ol the Okanagan
Valley. Enderby is nol yit made
*.-..:>• by the discovery ol Ihi "gum
biauttlul,' but her housewives' anllct-
patlotu ol having"black diamonds"
UU Louis
Mis W H. McCormlck will be at
home lo her Iriends Thursday afternoon
and evtning. April 9. al the home ol
her mother. Mis II W Wright
Aller tomorrow. Satuiday. Ihe water
rate for the month will be $1 65
Mr. and Mra A E Johnson return
ed on Wednesday (rom a trip down Ihe
Hardly a day passes but whit horse*
lordomestlcuseaiimtobtinifitrway -,, lnll,,j ,„ ,h, witttwoiks trtnchei
ol realisation. On Frldty lasl, visitors j Luckily, nom lo dato have been injured
to Harvey k D:bso.ri ollice could j    A „llcy _,__, „„■, ^ Mi ,,,,ht
have seen a bright, glowing lire midt
ol coal brought from tht property ol
the Enderby Coil Mlnet, Ltd. II
Is said to closely rtstmblt the
best Comes coil, and burns without
old Prisbyttritn Church on April 16.
under the lusplce* of S George\
Thi EistirOaystrvlcisai S. Gear
ge'a Church were well mended, inipltt
ol Iho bad state ol tht rotdi and wet
ther. The church was decorated in Ihe
usual manner, the altar being especial
ly beautiful, owing to tht addition oi
—vea—!■ I   I     !"^^t~*-fl. .1 ■■■     I   I     J
Visitors to the northern pari ol the okanagan Vallty. whtthtt
UM hurting or lor pleasure and tporl. ca t do no batter than
make Ihu home ihnt hudquarttra. Table and amine un
•icelled Bit te,-:eie trtth llntti wire, spirits, liqueur*, cigin
W.nrn. Ar   <Jm  it*   *<** ***** ********    W* ***9* *
W llieS OC Opl IIS  Uigt twcrlmenl of ill lhe wet
known brir.it to shot,* fiom
' and buy your Harness before
iome %$ Rai,c.
The third annual convenllon of the
Okanagan Sunday School Association
opened In St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church on Thursday March 26. There
ware thirty-three delegates In attendance from points outaide ol Enderdy.
The address ol welcome was given
by Mr A. L. Fortune, who. in his usual
pleasant manner, greeted the assembled
delegates, which was replied to by Rev.
J. Duncan, ol Salmon Arm.
The leading subject ol the evening
wis "I he Church and llie Child," given
by Rev. J S.Woodaworth (Revetstoki).
Tht paper was very .-artlully prepared.
the subject being well thought out. Alter
Ihe discussion which followed, music
was rendered by the choir. 'forming clinkers or caking. Ihe ml-
On Friday morning a station was due being a lint white ash. It Is tht
held In thc Methodist church, when the intention ol the Company, as soon
reports of the schools represented by. is conditions pennil. to bring down! twohtndiomabrau vesperltgrii*. coalite delegates were presented, md also about hall a ton ol coal and nukt Mining thtet lights apttct. which wtr*
the report* of Ihestcretarles tf depart- a test on tht locomotives of the S. &
menu   The reports were all ol an an-; 0. lo tsctrliln lis steaming qualities
couraglng nature.   The report ol tht \    Prospecting operations hivt  bttn
secretary ol the temperance department' actively pursued lor thi list Iwo yean,
called loith much dictation, and may.small quantities of   lhe fuel  bung
result In lie.-st.-ieiity (Mrs.S. Tetet) brought down   from tlmt lo time
visiting Ihe schools In tht interest: of as samples     These  wtrt  obtiined
thu branch ol the work d -t ihe tnd ol a tunnel which the
The election ot clficertt for the entu-(Company are boring about 7 miles
ing year occupied the remainder of this from town. Aa the workmen pierce
aetslon, .further Into the seam tht quality ol Ihe
The last session, held on Fttday al- coal greatly improve*, and at tht same
temoon. was particularly Interesting. ]time apptara to widen out Drilling
The paper on Bible Class Work, read-was rttortid to last summit on lh*
by Mr. J W. Glover, wu tilled with' mountain tide aboul Iwo and * hall
suggestion; and helpful thought) lor' miles from lown. and although tht op-
Bible class teachers. Mr. Glover is a unions wen nol crowntd with com-
auccesalul teacher, ind hid embodied pine success, indications oi lhe near
hit eiperlence; in J observmons in in' nets cf coil were encouraging enough
excellent paper i to make tht resumption of lhat mode
"How to Secure Betttr Spirituil of proving ihe property a fttturt of tht
Result* from SS. Teaching" wat Company * wttk it no distant date
brought before the invention In t paptr Drilling waa undertaken partly to prove
prepared tnd read by Rtv. J. H.'the menial the 'ield and partly be-
Wright t Vemon) Tht earnest mm. cause of the more favorable location
ntr in which thia subject was mated to eacavale tht coal. Tht seam In-
by Mr Wright, and also the remarks cltnes gently downwards a* it ap-
by Rev. A N. Miller, who opened ihe proachea Enderby. which would natur
discussion, made a milked imptesston attly allow the tunnel lo drain itself ot
upon lhe convention, and many helpful water, instead of eapenslve pumptrtj
Ulki followed lr<..i. teacher* and Sunday op,-,,,,™ hl¥lng tabt „»„,«*,.,
Iii iht meantime, tl ta understood,
paptr ol l • |n||lhe m,rmi3n. 0| the Company ire
— I to plice the coal on tht mirkit lor
Civic Busineu dom-.tic use. if lh* cost of hiuling by
waggon is not too great, and Okanagan
ichool elllcer*.
Thia waa lh*
Repiine| a Spatially
ow in
International Stock Food
In SOcl and 2Sct Mckiges. in 251b pails. 1.1 ?5. in
bulk. I5cti lb
Poultry Food
SO and 25 et package.
Hen Vermin Exterminator
25 Ct packiget
at* Enfcrky Drag 4V Stationary Co., LM.
Clill Street- PO Box 77
dedicated al the 11 o'clock aervice
General Baoih. the iged Salvallon-
lai, preached In a erowdtd church on
th* ilitrnc >n and evening ol Mar 30
al Vancouver.
Tha Dougtat Likt Cattle) Co.ol
Nicoli, hivi told out '.heir ruich lo
in English compiny lor ont million
dollar*. Th* land comprint -HMO
ictts of frithald and 10.000 acres ol
leaiehold land.
Eighty ptrsont were killed on the
Southern Pacific Railway, by lht
wrecking of a passenger train near
CottonXal Th* train running into an
optn twitch whilt travelling at great
spud, wai tht a it ol thi citu
No lillle itnutton wu caused in
Kelowni by I terloui imull being
commitltd upon a well-known reiidtnl
ol thil place by two brothers, whi.
II would see ii. came from I Kootenay
lorn lor tht ttpreaa purpoae of admin
tatering iht hiding Being interrupted
in the tmdii ol ihe assault. Ihe per*
petraton lelt by road lor Vernon,
whtrt thty wtrt arrested on the advice
ol Cotuubli Rose, ol Kelowna The
can wai settled oul ol coutt by ihe
withdnwil ol lhe proaecutlon
Tht ntw ileamtr which hat been
building al thi Landing during the
winttt months lor the C. P. R. li now
practically finished and will be launch
ed on April I ith. uy* th* Vtmon
Ntart V/htn lht ntw stei.net ts
placed on the Okanagan Lake run. tht
trip from tht Landing to Ptnlicton and
back will bt mtdt in one day, thus
giving lake lovm a dally unlet in
place cf lhe present in weekly one.
The City Council held then usual housewives can now look lorward to
weekl) metliiig on Wednesday evening a time when ihey will no longet be
in the new city office.   There were compelled to place reliance in Siwiah
present  Aldermen   English,    Evans, eu| t|6y( VM|j
Kenny and Woithington.   In ihe lb     «_,-__ .. is,. ~i». „ »„ „
sence ol Ihe Miyor   Bell.   Aldttnun S*'<°*9* *** ***" 1,ln' ** on m ****
Wotlhinglon wat elected Acting Miyor uw rai>iy lin- and the-.-:'.-.« Ian
Al  thit meeting, beiidts reunite *"•'•     '   ' '•           tap Ibt      a,
business, Alditman Ktnny, chairman dire                       ■■,-.■•
Jl,hl*ae"UC^!aT'.L"P<"^ '.h!I! •"' al "" *******(*********■ '"•"••IThli"will to a ntueh neededl.aiily
ther hid irratigtd for tht purchue ol (h ^.p^,, „, ,n, 5t4r,h,ldtrs of the .... __,,.,„.,. ih.i iht wit h. -h,i>
Iht Oddfellows'  lot. illtiated at Ihe -   '   „TL_, _,,.h,
cotnet cl an and George ilreela for Com,Mn' m0!l ********
SS2S00. indlUo lhat thty hidfbtun *hat the divelopinent tnd Com
ed an option Irom Mr. R. P. Bradley merci*l working „f * enl mm* in th*
onproptrlyid|oinlng*lSIO.OOptrtoot nur vicinity of Endtrby will mean III
Homage „ h.,4 „ ur __, „ lh, ,,,„,„ „,! by iht C ft ft ol tht opening of the
On  thU lot will be erected a lent F„nt. _         criterion. Ihtn wt uy j S^ncM  "^P'Nie*   Brmch  lor
porary shed  Icr tht housing of lire .. w    . _.  .          „                    regular  traffic  nut   Mondty     The
fighting ipptntei    u will as cotpcra- *"                         ] schedule as drawn up provides lor J
lion looUina inipleminti. watttworkt  jttiiniwt.kl,tichwi..le,,i„gSpencei
titling-iingim-t. etc Htm jf^^                ^ ,.,,_,„ Mend*^WtA
■-. ' nesdiys tnd Ktldiyi ind arriving at
A scheme for old age pensions has! Nicola al I i a m     Tht titum trips
lined ' Okanogan'    nothing could bi
tuggested il mere tpproprittt
Tht ollicul Mmounctmtnt u mtdt
aguft" «n «Tm\4.£ SmUM bm introduced into the Nov, Sco.i.n
leet ol ejiicMnt Hang ihi io.it it ihi patltimtnl
Stepney truer tyttitn
SpeKllietUOM care be Met. al Ml. Ilatviy t
otllee.   CEOHESOIE. M(r. 4*1
Lieut Govern)! Dunsmuir has pur
chased   Iht T   MdMu'Itn ran.
Short'l t'olnl. Okanagan Lake
Pigt for Sal*
•.numbet cl MtfcM ptga ml tttdtri ccnsideralicn Ml JJ5.000
iat aal« at rtlllllbll pticei.
tt,- Apply Slrrtey Pan le
HU. M.0OI. tHMMY, •. C
SMdJBarlty forSak.
We leavl .in hatel I qetnttlt of gevee-l
clem hatlty. {ea«n troin artel afetcially
will bt mtdi Iht ume diyi. Itivlng
Nicola ai 2 p m and teaching Spences
Btldge at 5 p tie    Wilh the ptesent
schedule on the main line the bta:  h
h  al Pne ..he -ieile will entail waits at Spences
Tha y'!8" g.ng both direclnns
' Prtvtntics" will promptly check i
-   I   >ili- Ortppl when taken early or
ai the stieeie slage "   Preventla cure
-tiled colds is well    Ptevmllcs ire
.1 Ur   htile candy cold cure UMeU. and Dr
it a Sheep. Racine. Wit will gladly mail
ftt catarrh. M tree sen!
I-, ptOVI met' a Trial sue
Sh> p'l Catarrh   Rarnen
v a while, ureatny healing ant'-.-plic yej samples ind I book on Colds frei
nnpsiifrJiicm steilu.'l. lhit teat'iry ii a balm Ihli glvei instantrellel loCalarrh * >-i mil write him The samoles
•era , . - • -a >■• tg ..ta* ae.i « ot the pmi and Ihroit Make ihe free r.teive Iheir merll Check early Colds
I"' ualJ!_.<nS^J___rlKk!!1"' **** *** Mi"s* D' Shooo with I'revenllcs and slop Pneumonia
faSr^ ,-,""""","""ck,,rob R,clne.W.S Large j.r, 50 cms Sold 'Said in te tad 25c bons b, Endtrby
l« 4t      Apr.> stepr.ay Ranch. BniHtby  by Enderby Drug tnd Stationery Co    ' Drug and Stationery Co Tilt ENDERBY PROGRESS * NuRTHERN 0K4NA0AN HERALD.
«   '.    I  ' KASEK
• It   SUIS   PRET."
Plllllthad .1 11 I   III        I
Ilea I la-    '    •■ .At
Church Service
S. George's Cm.'RCh
|l» , I  lle'll,ie simile- nliulll.l  HUI
•! , ..    ..eelllel  le(> eile-l.t   ||
"■>***    s   '       •   *"*> Holy C hmunioh    ut  and 4th,
" ***** ****** ' ... :n lht month, 11 a.m.; 3rd.
"   pruaiat      ind Sih Sundiyi In the mouth, 8 i.m.,
il   an Stlnta' i lya ai ii a in
.'.'•  ■      E rery Sunday, ■ •   .  tl •
'•''• '"'"    2nd ill lie! nieiith, II a in
hai   i-e;       ; .,-„(,     i,j.'and5lh. Sundays In
i    • •■ >        frul    |||| -    .. |.,.
Fresh From The Gardens
•    • uf  latta   JI   a
■    l . -■ .. -I,
. ■     -<      • »>       **
a     . lift •-.,.,■■
e      IttlUI Ut
lhe pj   ileal
'.' N -lAL
Dr.C.W. Cross
BNDBRBY    -    B C
CiiU a.  ■   -:  ■
. ||0l    -I    ..I    I-   el    |||
in. -      i■ .--I.  '>.:iijay,7 30p.m.
It Kridaya at 7 ]   .
Sunday Sciioou:   Every   3 mday,
10 a ill
HOLV Btniat,   b» augment DEL|C|OUS-PURE    HEATHFUL
Mission of S. John the Evan-      ...,.,. .   .„-
GEUST. Salmon Akm. Uid Ptektu Paly   Ai All Cru.-c..
2nd.   Sunday  in   the
■on Vknaiiubii
-1- p ni
Sunday School and Bib'"
iver meeting. Tuesday, at 8 p.m.
A. N. Mill**. Pastor
Sr. Andrew's Ci. k h
-  •* ■ ■  -••
... : ilor
i atuwth    ei
< |e..n derelup le
A. [•'. fit A- M.
1. 0. 0. F.
*t  ll '
1 -a-',*.-.    NO     SO
'   '
•1     ,
.i'l St.
a Mar.cll.Hi. ind Irhimpkaal Ke<erd
ul Vklory Ottr l'i>rut.
S-e II,. Il.ll.t l.atrlareffeartnt M   lllll.
iBtuaiM .1 woodtrfol aadaltntttmu
 ta.i'. ■'.-.t libal.ai.t,.
.. rr. ,.|,| i,| vtriorlea ottr di^ttie
"tithe tlii.iat, ,-l,e-«i, loata tnd ai..miel.
Vt.ii, ,|.,i..~ •,!<•  |.r.ieauti.rl rtw
..-!,,,. V lie.IU   [<,tlM|t|e|etle«    tllll  0|i|P
e «-aa». I'.,iinht h»|i. in iiii
,-..r,im |»,,.,j,,,„„ |,,,m ||,,
ierj .--.-. - itt.-cra.r    I",.-,*,!,., r»,|.|.
I .e hilt*   Vil.Ka.al-
I  - ittwnla, tn>l otlirr Ilk.
all ol whlrh tie le.nenit.ntr* >.l
'    • ' ■  I .    <.!}iu ihr una
i   •   > ■ I Wyehitit.
" • ' *   I 'H<«iii*hi*«anN|.
tleatm ll • le  I..all t "talMlernt
The Superiority of
KLOUK ia recognlied from coaeet lo coasl. lis the Slandaid of En-
cellence in measuring Hour quality "As good a* 'BEST being the
Elllern miller's ambition Model's BEST Is selillng lhe argument m
lav at cl eastern milled Hour every diy.
Wc Guarantee Every Sack
IHa Columbia Flouring MHU Co.,  Ltd., Enuerhy
Lank of Montreal
Capital,  all patA up. tll.400.OXM
teal.. 110,00,0000
line* rmilt. and Lou tocount, IvJ.'.llA II
nt \ti orrtct, NONTUAL
P M '.*.'. Iltt lata V U'amrtiared L C. M C.
Vice I'tandtnt- E. S. Cltvticre
A Ceneral Banking   twineta troMkM
...-.-• It la tl.1  L'etlli   Statu  aeuitpian| Cu.Ua.
Savings Bank 'K^1-.'■ v :-
***** * ",*a_)>"    awtaaaaa  „ , lataretl lUtwtd »•. mat t urn
c« xaaoxti .tr.-rucaaA.ci
.|i.n|.|.-iii .1 In n..i a nine trull ihe
SVItMi await on tamwt wtlkoM
deity.   Kti.*lean ml C-.vtti) P-a.
-  * . , a tr,* tehaol D.itti.t i:cae.i,ea ttattvel
.     .  - .     (.at. te ihl hin4llt( el Mtititetpil it.4
I  .  rltaaaaaoa, Maaagir, Virata
-tr AKMsraoNe; kelowna
1     ft; r.HtCKaltek.Sab-Agl    P DuMtalta.Sab A|t
111    -le.lt
' ., - *
-fc.e.. M»-    ».-..,  . .«   .,  |
md *wt
PSVOIIINK t.i-i -|,wi,..,-,,.
WVnilM   lleeieeelMllll,
Then » I,- ,etl.vi tnr.li. iiif "JoM ar
Al aa ttatna te..   .1 ie ,v, „, ^n,
ll M      a. ta
N t I Uintt l leStt   'It l«| tl  t, IHtllf.
• Trees  »V Shrubs
Apply to F.R E oeHART
v.na        -   ,    B.C
llr. Knot'. I eoi- , I'm. arc j .„,,
tnJ nerittantn. ,u.^ lui Hhriiniiia.ui
■ri{ltl'« lll.ra.r. I'ein la the lt.li anj
ell lofim tl KMnet Trouble. Mc pc.
bna. Hill Jral...
To.mi Properly
Seeds    Trees
Bili-an? SIkhiIiI Iv
on all Farmsleads
-. •
Kmlt to A ! DERICK. I
NO Seedleu Plums. NO Hitleaa
Applet. NO Cobleu Com. - |ust old
reliable vaiielies al leaaonable prices
Fertiliser*, Btt Supplies. Spray fMmpa
Spraying Material. Cut Flotm. tic
Oldeit e.iabliihed nuttety on the
mainland ot B. C.   Catalogue itee
Crtvtihoutet ant Seed Houtei
PS    If yeur local merchants ia
not handle my seeds, send direct.   We
prepay titty picket*, asserted Varieties
ol garden aeeda in Sc paper* I tested
--     _       itock*. lo ycttr r-arest Pat Ollice lot
S*^m&a*t*t2Zm3tVm    Si <». l*-nty ncktU for SO . tritl
"• • .!"-• '***■".""   collection.
I    A Kl)   lll.'-T   lliii-SE
1-. i;i KEDlCDfE
• -eC ataaetta «1
>a..- -. 'aa.^     ' »|» ■•.« t *> t.iaa.
Scientific Hinwicai.
tif.'!   -*••*   -Hf_*»d) •*♦»'!      letfM'f-.
.i        - *. i »*.*vtf* !'••*•»,   lei*! Mi
      -       • #i   »'nuiM*t'j«"
lOUtl et aats.i.
Hie.II (ilADt.
J. W. Bacon'
|   -lie    le-I.I
e   l«imt    t-e-ie
Biscuit and
Cookie Pan
paa utoM I                •      wniH th*
_..„-.; ie - a :          ktd, and lh* II       '   '
■r .          ■ . lh llie bottom of lht  .-■     t he article?
- ? |     !. Ihl he-.il df tie-
eel la to pi • pan wiih rtn   ■                whereby
will ml be burned in rt    .   a; tl - . in Lotn Ihe oven
... king miny kinds
rysd. and ats> to r-     .- . •        - • ■-. when laking
,IS ADVA). ■      .   e-n by ceetvl
Civ Rights for Sale by J. W.BACON,
by buying Ihtt
rellal.li.l -■•!.
high grade. Kw.
Ing macliioe.
Pl.AM" fit'ARDS   I have
The Mi
liiiie device let protecting il   National Scwlnf Mtchlm Co.,
illtefel   i
.=. cut wotms. eld    Anv nuint-t
Weekly  Budget of Interesting   News   and  Doings   of  that
Thriving Dlstrlci, from our Regular Correspondent.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jas Rvan were In Revelstoke this week on a business and
pleasure trip combined.
John Fraser, ol Revelstoke. was In
lown cn Tuesday looking over his properly.
J. C. Judge has commenced Ihe
erection ol his "ready-made" house,
which arrived recently Irom the coast.
Miller k McCallum are doing the carpenter work.
The Farmers' Institute meets on
Saturday. April 6, at 7.30 p.m
Exchange question will be brought un
lor discussion and finally settled at ihia
meeling. The slock la being taken up
■ .11 I. i e I-. and Ihe farmers of Salmon Aim are to be congratulated upon
their success In the mailer.
Frull growers should net Iall lo
attend the meeting ti be held on
M*itda; altemoon, Apiil 6. Demonstrations In pruning will be given by
practical men.
Mr. and Mrs. Hisowaon ol Revelstoke, who are visiting with Mrt
Hasowson'a ratonls. spent Eaator
Monday In town, the guests cl Mr. and
Mn. J. W. McCallum.
Wt an io-ty to leatn ol the lerlet a
illness cf the lather or Mrs, Wm.
Droane. Mrs. Droane, who was visiting In Vlrdtn. Man., has been called to
her old home because of her (niter's
Rev. Mr. Pye preached a thoroughly
evangelical sermon In the Orange Hall
last Sunday evening. Somt members
ol tht congregation were of
the opinion lhal i little light at tht door
ot lhe hall would hive enhanced the
beauty ol Ihe evening
An enterprising clllitn ol tht Arm
hu lent hli lulitance to the Pith-
muter by digging I ditch acrou the
road, II tht Pathmaiter would now
get a Ilul* lumber and put in a culvert
al this point, n would become a per-
minenl benefit, ind coat no mon thin
will bt expended etch yeat In raid
mending. There ire one or two olher
places when the ume work would, be
in idvtntigt.
Miny people in the district in hard
Home Circle Department
Simple Ttteeeighia as ihey Fill Irom lhe
i in '....■ Pan.   ft ta j-.i t-.e-e.ii.,- K.
vensa ei li.--- ■ •ny Rflielinr,.
Are You Ready for Spring?
Courtony< iik«* chirm* nlmuiit In-
Kill lit boniO     (If COUIM OM Aui<* lliil
export1 t" fli.'. iln- ume dofroa ol
cornipou) prutlcod Uitfre tvi tho for*
niftlltlM ut intra n«'i|iinimanii*'lil|i
ovtt'-i, inn ihtn <t<i-iHitiiv ttitmihi not
in- lea reepeei mnl dtftrtnot i'»i«l lo
iiif iimi >■ .aim ire nearer nml den or lo
uii iiimi ti> outtldere. The man win
li it Rentleman In hi** home nm'
niniitiR ilinw* Win) romp Im* IiU lm-
mediate hounholdi <uu i* irtiAtcil to
iln nothing uwbi nmlni lo « gentle
mnn wnen beyond tha nrectneu ol
hnirn* ; Imt the mnn who le coo
luelf wlH'ti abroad In oft*** tltoM ii-
rerl*eit «»►" within iho 1
i«i awn itw'UiiK place. Bucli » : n.t
m»» luSrtv lilnitelf on betni« senile*
men ; Imi he li dcflclotU In the i'l"
miminry lnnitiit'ie* ut the ink' typa,
nml le connequentlj wt ■ ha! ■>'■■
in a nmnt'Tli'M ilmt hai nli^alm-it
more ****" Ion circulation among the
it initiated, btv u oevortboleei a
•, low coin, the worthloentei uf
wMeh will tii> dlworered • •■
At lhe Shoe Counter
Our own Special Boots —Handmade — Waterproof—You'll Need
In Tfw Furniture Rooms
In iiii. inllghKMd iwenilelh
iltry wl'i-it rarnivn' wlvrat hat* i
.turti.e. «wlt. . Iintnlir.-iiiielil, »i hei
" ..man Mtmilrea ntt.l .erit'i i.-.ii-i
ally. Until* Ihe wi..-h nl nix f,n lht
rail*, nf M.e« ati|i|«.tleU. «"> ti.nul.l
u i-i- ntuthort t.. train tl.n i
1-ar.efull) lo bt tlil< nnU eoatlderaii
nf ihe burden ilee-. biep >n> -it wo
mren. mbtr ihaa n-KIm tl	
na) !•  e   ■■ iii'.i l.HH.ee ..-in- i-i tbi
■   aid     . e ■ .- iiei.te ate tn bl ihr
iln-l. anil I --a., mntti-ii.. nnil Ibe bah
lu ..i i I] yean win dl ■ c -.
ihraiiitili III.-    Tliearn ;,-
tn.l    I"eee »    .l.,|"l
liaela nl work Ileal ra-.'■
I I -I lt*,l til":.- an 1*. tl .1 l.-ee 10
the  eltl'-l   ell.ee.   tl,   lea,   l,|e|<-||   nl e,|\
let the le- , le. eriuire I in «lnv the
Ii • io lirtub their clothlng.lo hant
up Heir ham nn.t rt-ai.. in pin Ihel-
.fcoet end rubbtn in Ihtir prop*
.et..—.. lea otitt.lv an,i iltt«.- 'hrlt teal,
twin, an-l limit tutm when done ua-
Inc Ihem, lo limit lotrtlt and *a.|-
*«S» on the- ta li, ln.lra.1 nf lh*o*lip
ihem mi ite" Im-U >.r »n ifn Itnor, anU
Matresses. Spring, Beds, Chairs.
Tables. See our Bedroom Suites
—just In.
!n Csni.'S FutTafchingS.    Ncbby Christies. Fedoras or Roundabouts
Latest Styles and Patterns In Shirts, Ties and Collars   Get one tor Easter.
*•"'     Throughout the Store We are Ready for the Rush.
Gat Your Spray Pumps Here.   Good, reliable pumps that
don't wa&e the mixture.   Easy lo work and not expensive.
RUBBER GLOVtiS it use when spraying.   Will protect your hands.   We have them
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
A MagistrateTeslilies
to /..uu Buk
•Iran elnle li,.|a. .«n>|i ap the llll.-.
at tratkipraying thtlr fruit tree*. Thia „|r. „,„.,, ,„ „.„„„,,„ „,„.,„..,„
ii thi right thing it the right lime, ind „„■) ail ibe InveeUoei la <rii-h the)
thould be dont thoroughly, to that the
lame ol Salmon Arm Irult may jprtad
and er-.tr marktti ealind
Msnltith k Thompson, lumber
tninulictureri, il lht Aim, irt nulling thtlr log busineu. end havt ovtr
100.000 Ieel ol log* hauled. Theye*.
peel to havt a very bwy and aueeeaitul.eently held, reprtttnimvei Irom the
it. ... icii!. ..,? ,|i.at,e,ii mt rami
British Columbia Fairs.
At thi conchiilon of the meeting
ol the Central Farmera' Initllute re-
The Neva-No Pure Drug Cough
Cure Lava would be needtd. II all
Cough Cunt were like Dr. Shoop't
Cough ju Is and hu been for .0
yeat*. The National Law no* renuli-,
that ll my pouona tnitr Into i cough
mlature tl mutt be printed on ihe libel
cr package. For thu niton molhtrt
ind oihira. ihould milt on hiving Dr.
varltiUi diilriclt wheie agricultural
tnoeilllMi ire in eili!«n<:e met ind
dlacuswd the circular letter recently
lent out regarding Ihi detetabitlly tf
trranglng thi llll (lira in I regular
circuit, in otdtr lhal the famishing ol
judge! might be facilitated, and to
lllow in opportunity to officer! ol the
department and other* who may with
virloul ehowi to do to.
Shoopi' Cough Cure, Nopalitnmarki.        ,
on   Dr. Shoop't bbtb   ind none in, ,*,    .
ihemedtcinrelteii muilby law be!T[M ****** <* ****** ************* *>**
on the label    And ll'l not only ut*. a* follr.ws far the upper mainland:
but ll I* uld lo be by thue lhal know     Ntbon   I8lh. 19th. 2Cth Sepirm
it   best i iniety temitkihre cough ^
remedy.   Tike no chine*, partlculirly
wilh yonr children    Insist cn having
Dr. Shoop't Cough Curt. Compare
carefally lha Dr Shoop package elik
oiherj and tee.  No pslaon    marhi, September.
Ihere I  You can always be on ihe aife>    Armstrong
tide by deminding Dr. Shoop'* Cough;     .
Curt,    Simply reluse lo accept tny
othtr.    Sold by Endeiby   Drug tnd!
Stationery Co. *"***''
1 Salnecn Arm   3'jlh f',iettiber and
Kelowna   19th and i ih Septem
Kamlorpt   I9th. 20th   and   21*1
2Jrd and 2nhe Sep
Vtmon   26lh. 27th tnd 26lh S'p
It CurH  Hl« of a Skin Rttk v.huh
Hid Itr I e.l Dodott for Plve
IOn« Y.ae .
Read i lileoiT   nr
Marl-t III    I', i '•■»    ...ei
)..»   «ll|   fill.t   I e (
et|>,eeton.r aha* .up luit.- qualllltd 10
decide, .Ian. ii,. nan ,i fiitli
all .ha   I- ".'■■ I
|l |t| | e    .|      -.1
.\ttrr a  rer>   Inlr I.Ill    I
protrtd   ,',*.>!. lii.'J   .'i.tlti.nii.   mii*
ft    ■. l.e  M        e .    il   >n.nd (. **<l'»
taah .ei nte- ,..,.• Mandlag whleh no
•i.. I., I.e.) bet ti niil.-- in iln «... g>*«,|
for,      I  h„ii|.| eerlalnl}  aatrttti.ate
nn. I-  -.... la I It     in ih"lt
h..n.r,  ii ituly th
'   .1 . llllll tl-l   n       I'...
wotilei not aow tee ttitl.i it li in the
bin, t,.,  e   in.   I    |ll.
ie  ...It  I-   I'KllltV.
.      I   .....   T   a  .    I. e
.        ■ || !e..t^.,
i em   _m»a,   •
w.n.n.1. rhrraah anrea,el     lilt aha
nil t nn.l ealargt I
\» an « Ihtti aiie-.n It rnti-.
it* n, atiA •• ■ ■•« ■ '■'.« nn th*rlt*M
rt-.    Ill ...
,   .... Itai -      i
Hllle,      lee:      I--1   - -
Jackson & Parker
Capital paid up: S2.500.000 00 Retiree Fund: S2.SO0.O0O 00
Total Autla     1)
Hon Wm Gibson. President
Me-ad Offer    HamUica t   1     v„n, Ceneral Manaptr
ICO Cilicta Threjughiut Caieada
- • al batking b>t*.lneti trantacted        Kanchtia' Note* Dltcounied
Collections made.     Dralta stfi partible ai all polnta in Cinidi
ind the United Sutei.
SAVINGS BANK  DHPARTMBNT    -i ...u -i   n* Doinr
and uptratdt net -•- • -anpotaadtd evety 3 menllu
Salmon Arm Branch:   " W SMI™
u iiiiiii
t* uejimin »   - * '1
For Sale
Itt October.
c^SASS. Team TO Foncy Store
"mites," cm bt used tingle or double.
ont very good driver    l3oth ger.lle Cell and Ut tb* leu Sloe*. Ike finest,
ind quiet.   Apply. ***** be Ch-iptlt Store it Town
BuiMert fc
». C
nd utlmUM Fr
Ti n Enderby Drug _ Stat'y Co.
Hoi Sptlnge SafHttrlutn
N a Midit iht minigimtnt ol
G. R. Merton,
Salmon Arm. B. C.
Job Printing!
Advetllsi in Ihe Progress
bring results
II will
Of  l.veea
I a..eil,I at tea P>n|i»« Ollka tn.
A' il)-. on Ihr ShOrtrtl. nolka. Pile.,
arrtnedteaitr and *.ialilv and wn.l
neanthip good     A» tor QuotatlOna
h.e». MclmoMi. M**f~iin Houll
.".ta Wataft at Ma I ,r* aia laa
-...- ti.a..ft -a tta ma- A A patlaaa
ra- ,a .a-a.lT 'a. a . .tl.vaal arl Mette
* Nam i i«et Ktdaty arel Sir Tat*
A rrent,     lu   fltltai raarce  'ail ta Mtr
«e-.e.'a-       -      .1-       -f    •,.-,-ptfa
'•nt\-i e.   |  ft   tl-    *!»•       tl. laltl.te
-•-• -, a.i.    •
Halcyon Hot Spring*.
Arrow Lilt. t. C.
.     > ,      •    -e
L' . _<:
Canadian Hnmrtt.aat *a|ulaUnaa
/. ' -    ■■     • ,      :   .     e .
V. ..   !. •     *.,.<        • a     aj
U rxmemaded try tny pttie* •*»» Hit
' . -a      .    ■ a t     • •   .»   t
trait el agt.lt Ihttannl al otet taltttr
....       .„
•   - .     , .   . •   ■ ,   ,   ■-,
•to  r»1 ta rttlttm
 et.   vtedt.
* •    ,      '
Iti Allea"   , tine.eta apat
let. el Iht Und it, rich yaat let
laihtt ler rmibei H ira'artai
a! IM hstneatrailer leuda
a in the vicinity rl Hi Und
...    ..  .... ... ■„„
.....        . •• .   c
,..-..., . ..and
u       , ,   •       .      -    ,
I ka I   -n«.eid. Hit t*e)atrt.
a ,-     tl by
tt tht Mid land.
>       r •       ' !■
-en -ntl c! Demllttre
,  ,    .     ...      ... , ...
I<  .     « :   -  '..». a'  \;l nt*
■ tm
* ally ai
• - ■     ■ -ta
.   a -  •* i ,- IT-t r*» cvltail.
I ■'. M     -.-   ■ -■•     •   •
,->■,., .,
al elecli
going i;    ■   •
lour. I
p   rinclal and
tramfert are
rag    i year In
I have many buy:rs   I th .   tl and other-
vise   ti       in sell pi | irty In any pari   i( ihe
pallumcheen Valleys al right prl.'es
||        •
A         -
1 elllileeteJ
e   II
further pa
i kk.
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
Have von seen our New Slock of
•     c
IT  of
J. Johnston lelt on Wednesday.
morning's train Icr lite lowt-r country, |
where lie will spend a couple ol months
The Presbyterian Lidles' Aid will,
meet on Wednesday nexl, April 10, al:
2.30 p.m , al lhe home ol Mra. Dun-
woodle.   Tea will be served Irom 3.3ol
lo S o'clock.
Good Friday was generally obstrvtel
in town is i holiday. The stores and
nulls and other places ul business were
elt I: ihe majority cl tin townspeople i
genetally roiling (rom their labors
Mayor Geo Bell lelt on Monday lor
his old home In North Dakota, on pri ,
vale business, and expects be to absent
I r three weeks Mr. Bell was joined!
ai Mata by his brother, James.
Miss Glllls. ol Revelstoke. who was!
a efejlegate liom Knox Church .1 ihai
cily. to ihe Sunday S.'liowl convention,.
returned home on Monday. While in
Knderby Miss Glllls was the guest oil
Mrs. F. H. Hale.
James Mowat sold on Monday another live acrea oi the ft. Mowai properly.   Tht purchaser la A  Pre. late
cl Laccmbe, Alia   Mr. I've intenda to
take up his residence permanently In
this district, going down lo Mara on
Tuesday to take t position ln lhe saw-
Mr, J. H. (-levelling came ln on
Saturday Irom Lacstnbe. Alberta, to
take pasieuion ol the McCormlck pto-
perlv, which he had recently purchased,
bunging with him horses and other stock
■ acarloadel houaeh Id elf ecu
and iatni implement    Mrs.  Flewell
M   It)
•-as busy moving in on
j Alderman Engli. it ran up against ihe
, Pkac-nna man on Tuesday, and made
a lew rt cuing thai vary
We beg to announce that Mr. J. C. Metcalfe has
sold his interest In Ihis business to Mr. J. W. Evans,
which will hereafter be known under lhe firm name of
Wheeler & Evans.
All accounts due the former partnership are to be
paid on or before April 15. All that remain unpaid afler lhat dale will be placed In lhe hands of a solicitor
for collection.
Spring Seeds froni Steele Briggs
Co., of Toronto.
Prints, Flannelettes, Boots and
Shoes, for Spring
Wheeler & Evans
Wu have just added to our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
01 latest design.   It Is an elegant and comlorlablr riding rig.
and |utt the thing In which lo drive a (riend around the district
- •    -   .     irge
,•>•'-      a • • '
left tar
..at real
..-      •       •   • .
.    .-   , -
. .
by in* Btnk ol Mon-
-   •    t their manager
■   VI
'        ' eelCk It-
•  itln Irom
their hcni • .     •
. •■ -
.-   -
optrttion lor appendicitis in the Revel-
itcke hotpital. and that hi ts progress-
.    • •   •
Molw ctnte up fram Vitnon on
Siturdiy to spend Eaaier Sunday al
■ her*, return ,
|        i year. I
i, tOcts
-    gr-ttt.',  net   .
■ -
.ere brought up r
■a trte
. -.     t held it the
■ ■
, t .
■ ■
-     ■
-*h to put la hltn. chlel tf
atlon here.
■   •
-.   ■
■ -
mtkt an
-   —
■     •
. ... in erershl-e ol
, rftt may be
'' "   '
we have m space lor ill that Alderman English uld. but the essence ol ll
.% that it waa impassible to have dug
trenchr   - --. the eater, any
jc.net cn accoun! ol the imcunt cl
,   .id nuking digging vety
Cltr . •
: Mondty mcving his ollic iutniturt and
I book*, etc.. from the Provincial Police
Evani Keek.   The cny
• i this roam lum Mn. J, W
Evans, and hat ll Sewed. Icr I than
period, pendiieg the oounctl'i deciaton
ll iitjwriaat praMiitu lhal ire
beleie them. Thit course hid become
imperative swing ihi fill UKretung
volume tf civic tusineu dttmndlng
gtetier iccommt Jitlan. tnd ilia by
teaicn ol the increin In Provincial
rk, *i!i*ing li neceutry
.ve th* whale ol
i lot -Far city put
-    ■. City Clerk*! office u
much titfiie conveniently located, being
it   once   more  central, and  lir
■nd should be con
I mu     • •iptittss In the
-       ■ Met indlicens-
We understand that a deal tt on l.r
the iilt cl ihe W Elton praatrty, just
nlta.  Thu ti i
• beatiM        .    gont ol thi
.     that it to be found in
•    ■ aid hit l.i Ibt
. *.        •     -
. .gin. tot thtrt:
.     ••- .  dtmantlriltdj
ate will produce
.    -     -. •■••. etc. \a\
. ,        Irai -*>i*i and other!
tatlty and lliv.r
rwheri     hi Province
.    .     .     .    .    •
will be Mtt/ tl hit deratlure. but tlB
With him the lu   M       Ml A. a hard
, tell
•ten -in hive t free
-h»utnellC Remedy* I.e. alum by simple
• Ihi    this
bosk wli    ■               .     *   Shoop's
■    a-   html      ,   ■   -'-ily drives
:,y   Itiiimlo'
Ml    • entitelyd W
paljons. and Ihen RheumtlUm muit
die t ua;   I     -       ..- Id by Endttb/
Seeds that
Famous English Seeds
R. tt. Burns, Druggie, Armsirong, is Agent
Send lo the Above (or Price Lists and Order Form Blanks
Real Estate
.& GenetalCommtttton A|»twy
Fitin Prseetty lor Sale sh
Lut the tame with me.
II MANTON begs to innounce thtl
hi ti pupated lo undertake ill minnir
ol Sc*v«i*egtr Work, and it license J by
tht City Council to do to Ordera may
le .--,11: e*t lm II iht thlt Ollice ot
H, MANTON. il ihi Union Reiitut
A WORK HORSE, in eschange
me, mire preferred
P eils for Sal-
■i tali, Ut tale tl Ste
cut and split.    H,
MANTON. Endtrby
City   Barber   Shop
H N ilanditekton, Bu. B   *
A Land Bargain
NORTH F.NDKRBY    I5S I rt    '
i -   ,
- .
A ttrong contuiutlon
meant a healthy mind
and good work—and
.good work mttnt id
vancemant To have
a strong contuiutlon
one mutt have the bet!
mean, and tht: t whal
you will llnd tt tha new
brick block Alwayi
'nth  .ii a- tnd lander
Geo. K. Sharpe
«. e   a   •   ■-. -, a
,.-       :-.  •
. , ..
-     - ,        '.'a-'-a-e V Eva-a
.... rttra »•.•->
i    ■ .-
Tht Ir.tlins living on Ihi loal ti-
,. ., . repotted It Ibout to h IJ an
tltclion el a ntw ehltt. It Is a I thtl
t la*ei itellon tf the Indiins irt arty
• I with the minntr in which
Edwirdi 'the present chilli hit con
duel*! the affair* ol this rtiervillon
Registered Farriers
McNeill & McEwen
Rtretrs ol All Kmdi Promptly Attended r Hone Shoeing i Spe
Iclilly    Impiimentind Cycle Agentt
Fruit Trees
Homt Crown NeTttry Trtue
Applet. PI.inn and Prunet
lor tale (or tprtng planting
- -arietiet and prlctt apply
to Manager.
< oltatrttft lataia Cat., I it
Wm. A. Matheson
WENT I   -
,And is prepired lo Uke ordtl
Ibt | d Dill well known clelhiltg
j h»n*    Full range ol sample* an hand
Address Enderby. B.C


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