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The Edenograph 1905-04-19

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) /' ■'
Volume I.   Number 49.
ENDERBY. B. C. APRIL 19, 1905.
S2 a Year
In The Week, tliat aspiring society
weekly ol Victoria, there appeared last
week a very Interesting write up of Enderby, "the Baby City." accompanied
by a good halftone of the latest photo
ol the town. It Is Iho wark of Percy
Godenrath. writer, ru.'.ler and a man
without guile.   He says:
"Ch:.r a twad ihi weal
tank. In i bet I ll • Spa i" :h ten
river, 23 miles south ol ihe Junction,
are bS!>
Ing the corporation limits ol Endeiby.
the latest claimant to municipal h.-nora
and the      • ; rellx "city," as
guttled by royal charter.
"When llle lil»'.:ry A the ; ■ ■
was in it     ■•   g, In tl
of the early '60'j. many ol the pioneers,
tiring in a !• lltl;    .earch alter the
yellow metal, lurr.eJ to a mo.-epicsalc,
though Its'- speculative exist,
settled In this vlclnl'y. which In recent
months,  since the advm ef  Bro.
Walker and  Tin Ebjnoskaiii, hu
been advertised tu the world as a b:un
leous "Garden cl Eden."
"Bel-ire the 'Iron horse' came whistling down the Valley to quicken its
commercial llle, the aetlleiiieiit waa
called Belvedere, and its positional
the head of navigation on the chain of
lakes stretching Irom Savcnas to the
Okanagan. made il lhe rendezvous ot
the early Milled and the headquarters
ol the whole district as tegaidi trading
and transportation,
"With the completion ol the railway
in 1892. Enderby lost Its supremacy In
ihu respect, as the other towns and
communities were placed In direct
connection with the outside world.
"Backed by an extensive mixed
fanning, fruit railing and dairying
country, the city iisell the nucleus of a
payroll Irom several important industries, which give promise ol great expansion, Enderby is assured olan ever-
increasing population, a permanent
Mibiiantial growth. The principle industrial concern! are the Kamloops
Lumber Co.. which has one ol the
moil modem sawmills in lhe interior,
wnh a capacity ol 20,000.000 feel per
annum; the Columbia Flouring Mills
Co.. wllh lis 300-barrel grill null, the
Enderby Brick k Tile Co's extensive
brick yards, and the recently brined
Enderby Coal Mines, Ltd.. whose
property, consisting ol 10.000 acres, la
eight miles Irom. and at an altitude ol
1.130 Ieel above the lown.
"Up to within a lew yeara lhe farmers of the vicinity devoted most ol their
attention t: Ihe production ol wheat,
let the grewth ot which Ihe land is eminently suited. It was nol long, however, belore they found It almost impossible lo compete wllh the gram
growers ol the Northwest, and, ai elsewhere in Ihe Valley, ihey turned their
attention lo dairying, Iran raising and
it The iucc«tl tliat attended
Ihe planting cf Ihe first orchards, principally apples, plums, prunes and cherries, as well as small fruits, and Ihe
superiority ol the quality and flavor ol
Ihe fruit, attributed to Ihe fact cf the
toll containing sufficient moisture to
mature Ihe Iruit even in tne dti-r-st
seasons, thus obviating Ihe MC*_ltyof
artificial irrigation, toon resulted in
calling attention to the possibilities ol
this taction ts a innt country
■ In lhe West.
"One cl lhe besl known ranches of
Ihe Northern Okanagan Is the Stepniy
ranch, situated three miles Irom town,
and owned by Sir Arthur Slr-pri".'
In many ways it is a model ot perfec
lion, showing evidences of carelul cultivation and rellcclliiR great credit on
lhe manager, Mr. Geo. Heggie. The
estate comprises 1.300 acres, Willi 700
acres under cultivation, principally In
grain, barley, oils, peas and hay. Besides a herd ol pure-broJ Sliorpshlre
sheep, cattle and hogs, always Inter-
eating to visitors. The experiment ol [
brooding Angora goals for ti. halt
something entirely new in the province.
Is now being carried on ai the ranch,
bespeaks an enterprise lhat Is unique
In more than one respect, lor the goats
are decidedly useful as "brush exterminators."
The discovery oi coal cropping! last i
(all in the Immediate vicinity ot En-1
derby by Geo. Weir, whose Interests I
were afterwards acquired by a local,
company, also means much to the'
town ii ihe 'black diamond' be lound In
su:h quantities and such quality at to
allow ol It lo become a commercial
product. Preliminary exploration by a
M-foot tunnel disclosed a lull (ace, and'
ihi seam Is believed to be a big one.
Since there are no coal mines bung
operated in thlt province between the
Crow's Nest Bass and Vancouver
Island, the sanguine hopes ol the shareholders cannot begalnsayed il the mine I ]
turns out as Is expected."
The Public Pulse
- -10 ui on quotttona of' •
inlaml I ? the public.    Our ctity e:million. ,
-   ■ .
company il-.t pen name, vituperation ti not ] j
trcumtia and will nol be Kcepied miiivaj (
your point quickly an J then quit. -E& )      j I
ep.em,™,=       ;
Sin   Will you allow me lhe privilege, j
Ihrough your columna to make a lew j
statements to the people of Enderby j
and district respecting the hotel which j
I propose lo erect in your lown. ;
ll appears lhat there has arisen a j
considerable opposition to my applies-' j
lion lor a license, which, I believe, Is; j
due  largely   to  a  misunderstanding j
among ihe people, and partly through ;
lealousy on ihe part ol those who may j
be affected by the erection ol another [
hotel Ihere.   Kindly allow me to say j
lhal n is my intention to give the town i
ot Enderby a strictly first-class hotel,' j
which I guarantee lo operate as a quiet f
and orderly place, to that II may be-; j
come a credit to the town. j
At the present time ihere is a lack i
of sufficient accommodation in this j
line in your town, which Is causing j
considerable loss in Ihe way of pros- j
pecilve settlers passing Enderby Instead | j
ol stopping olf there,    I can personally. {
site a number ol instances ol men who ;
have passed on to Armstrong and olher j
towns down lhe line because ol their i
inability to secure accommodation at f
Enderby.   Mind, ycu, I do nol desire j
lo cast  reflections  on  the Enderby j
Hotel, which is a very good hotel, but j
the accommodation is nol sufficient for j
the needs of the lown.    This part ol ;
Ihe c .unity is now attracting a gieat j
deal of attention among outside people, j
and if Enderby Is lo receive her share j
of consideration Ihere must be means j
lor providing entertainment lor Ihe men j
who desire lo investigate thc advantages j
ol Ihis district,    It Is all very well lor j
those ol good home.-, lo argu-.- thai Ihere ;
It no need lor any more hotel accom- j
modallon. bui those who arc c mpelled '
lo slop lor several days In a hotel ale
the people who Ieel Ihe need .1 accom-
.-'. ;i
Some Will say Ihe same   ,
datlon could be.provldedwiih ut    .'ur
ing a license lor anollier bar.   Willi
these I beg to differ In opinion.   As tor j
the amount o( liquor thai won:.:
: I claim Ihenumbei I bat
very little figure   wilh   Ilic an I
drunkenness In a place.     Th   iwh
want li'iur-r can I e Xlf'   dl '!' •'.' -'.'"   •
pi isonlsand with len ba
nol be any more Intoxicants sold than
wiih one.
In conclusion. I will say that to anyone who will guarantee io provide 111?
same hotel accommodation I propose
to provide, and do It without a licensed
place, II ihey will pay me lor the trouble
and expense I have already been pul lo
I will gladly give up my project In their
Iavor, and consider that I am dung a
Iavor to the town ol Enderby by so
Thanking you, Mr, Editor, I r the
space occupied,  and wllh all good
wishes lor your i nn, I remain,
Yours sincerely,       T. G. BlLL.
Armstrong. April 18. 1905.
panted by a number oi C P.F    [llcla
came in to sec Ihe Enderby coal mine
It  that  the Enderby
ins one ol the
besl coal seams hi has met with, and,
wlille nol wishing to publish his views,;
Mr.   Brown  expressed  hut, -
Ireely on the great promise ol the mine
The coal company's expert was expected to arrive last Saturday, but filled
to connect, and will probably be here i
this week.
The Partners Institute meeting advertised for Mara, April 27th. has been
One good milch cow lor sale. Apply to S. Teece, Enderby.
The Meaningless-ess of Easter
Yes; I have said II! The meanlnglessness! For to the majority of people It is meaningless. Good Friday Is a welcome
public holiday, occuring in the Spring time, giving an opportunity
to do a lew chores, or to go lor a pleasant outing.
But to a small minority Good Friday Is a time of solemn
memories, a time of sell-examination, penitence, abasement
and grief, and to ihem Easter Sunday comes as the glad, thc
wonderful, the Day of Days, when with chastened joy and holy
exultation, they rise In spirit to meet their Risen Lord.
Reader: arc you with the majority or the minority ?
Victoria Day Celebra
The Citizen's meeting held last Friday evening
in the Orange hall, to consider the matter ol recreation grounds and the celebration ol Victoria Day.
was well attended, and much Interest manifested
In the proceedings
H. W. Harvey was called to lhe chair, and
briefly outlined the purposes of the gathering,
H. W, Wright submitted a proposition regarding
recreation grounds. In view of the old sport
grounds being no longer available for that purpose,
he was willing io put a sufficient parcel ot his property situated north ol and adjoining the town limits.
In shape for the sports this year, and he ccnk.ni
plated next year lo fence twenty acres and lay oul
a half-mile race track, provided he could gel the
assurance ol the citizens that the grounds would
be acceptable, and would receive the moral support ol the town lor a period ol live years.
Alter a lull discussion ol lhe question, it unmoved by D. Nairn and F. Pyman, and finally
carried unanimously that Mr. Wright's proposition
be accepted, and lhat a committee ?! live be appointed io hold office for a period of five years, to
be known as lhe Recreation Grounds commutes
said committee to be empowered lo enter into an
agreement with Mr. Wright covering the period of
iive years, whereby the citizens would support Mr..
Wright in his undertaking and oppose any other'
recreation grounds scheme: provided lhat Mr.
Wright shall give the committee an option lo purchase the ground any time within the life of the
agreement (should Mr Wright desire tosclliatthe
prevailing market price, n ,l to exceed $200 an acre
The principals to the agreement were empowered
to llll any vacancy lhat might occur on the com
mlltee Committee named. Messrs. Bell, Harvey.
Nairn. Hancock and Evai
Thc matter of Victoria Day celebration was in
troduced and the following olllceri and committees
named: President. II W li irea irer,
H. M. Walker; finance committee, J. Bailey, J.
C. Metcalfe, Ci k; racing committee,
Aner Matthews, Geo Sharpe and Win I
sports committee. A E  Taylor, Gee licit. A J
Young. F. Pyman. P. Greyell. D Nairn. Wm
Hancock. J. Evans. J C Mc
Thc officers and commir.ccs *ili meet I .;- n
evening in lhe Bell block lo perfect plans.
Jusi a him about whal Is tc be   Hi
sum ol $200 has been raised lo cover thc expense
- annual eelebratloi
$1000 will be raise!    Already lhe finance
mlltee have abjui $700 on the paper.   This is a
At tl'.-  .    ' ..'      I
last Wednesday evening, lhe mayor
and all Ihe aldermen were present. The
procedure by-laws came up lor their
.     :.:   l-aj.:.,;    .....   r:.     :      . •■ I .
law was read the first time
The procedure by-laws are ol little
public Interest, but that Hung the
licenses will cause considerable discussion.   From ihe passage ol the
by-law. the licenses will be: For every
saloon selling intoxicating liquor, $500
every six months: tor any olher place
of business selling intoxicating liquor
in quamilles leu ihan a pint bottle, i
$250 every six month-: every wholesaler ol intoxicating liquor, $75 every
six months,   every r-staU'., I
beer, porter or wine ts served with
meals, $250 every six monti
hotel ol not less than 30 room   -
intoxicating liquor it sold. $125 every
tit months, every building where a
billiard table is kept lor hire or profit.
$5  every ait months; every person
selling opium, except a chetnlal and
:•;,,: ■ ..-...! nr,"   -.,■•.
,   ■.... . . •
$50. every retail merchant -
$5 lor every six months, every hawker
cr pedlar, $25 every sit months, every
agent or solicitor, SIS: every laundry,
nun, SS; every pawnbroker, $25.
every drayman or omnibus owner.
$2 50 lor each vehicle; every livery
stable, $S, every pack train, dray, etc,
employed in transiting gtfseds Within
a distance oi ten miles ol Endetby,
$2.50, every private banker. $103 a
year, every auctioneer not a government tlficer, SS every six months,
every transient trader. $100; every
■ . • .... ■ : . ■ . ' e
billon, every manager ol a theatre- or
concert hall tuning lest Ihan »7S per.
tom, S10; every person following any
trade, occupation or calling net mentioned detent, or who enters into any
contract or agreement lo perform any
■mult any material, S&, every
inumutce corporation other than a lire
insurance connotation, expte— company, gat company, telephone com
pany. electric light csnjjsny. street
railway cr tramway eompam
ment and loan Society, fttr dealer er
and loan I  • .vitig paid the
h biting wa   -   •     • ni riding, rope-
lancing, tumbling, or other
acrobatic  or g)ftti:je.,t,C p«l .finance.
•    la        .        •    1  ;.     ,'    ■■■•■       ..■■    ,
-   tilted elsewhere Ihan
it a Ihtatte or  other building duly
.   '    '        ;■'!        ■ ;-a ..
■   '
Mall.t nl  Cn.lalell
■      .' ■ '
cl look up it.
It  -
-. ■ .
■.     ■■
■    I youi
municallon ol the first Inst., wllh ret-
'erence lo  the   Provincial Constable
^stationed at End
a ,'. present advised, I have na
! idea that the removal ol the constable
; will be recommended in consequence
ol Ihe incorporation of Enderby. Of
. In a matter ol this kind I should
. . led very much by the opinion of
the Superintendent of Police: he has
not yel communicated wllh me on the
subject, but i'h-: l  hall be
carefully ccn,.: -
• ■ -•
rangements are made with small or
new municipalities, b, -
stable ts paid partly by the Gi.
and partly by the municipality: but it
Is not now necessary to cor.
phase ol the question (ar the reasons
already stated"
I'     . i U|> anj Deiilnl Down
Walter Tru- -dale has m I
ollice t ■ ■    Mel
r-     ' ■     .
jewelery store look like I-
Wsrk Is progressing ot thc r. .
block, the inundation being nearly laid
The Enderby  Bakery  opened this
week, and is meeting with great favor.
Jas, Dale and wife tetinn
It Tuesday, where they spent
the past month.
The Ml g.ejwill melt-
Ollie V -
stable, '1     ■ | naerated tip i
al the hospital on Friday
J C. English can give you the beat
Japanese and at prices
thai are below the a.
, -Jay Schools of Enderby will
-   '   .
II W   Harvey's It unusually pretty,
and it attracting much interest
The Enderby Trading Co.  has a
' a   I       •.',;.' • tru.
that Uke Ihe eye of the ladles.
Strayed.   From Endetby. a red cow.
white alar on torches:
bell on,   Please in!.tin. IS,a IM. En-
• on the
■    ■ lrm near
Charlie Johnston caught a salmon
trout oft Ihe CIHI street bridge on Sat-
•   .
lor the frying pan.
. it Mn Gay-
A rll 26th    All
r left
• •   :
at the
.    ..
have be
May 24t_i, The day we Celebrate! THE EDENOGRAPH, KNDERBY. B.C. APRIL 19, 1905
First Yeak
II  M WAI kill
-.   In =
use will nev i '"■•<'     Enderby   Is  certainly  very
mpany bei  mate In securing such rec-
md If Hi '       i'.i.n c     mds as the 20-acre
pai  il 11 W   Wright proposes
birch grove ad
the townslte
proposition si
■ '
,   : .-     : '    '
large.   Mr Re
the secret soct
imt in
J mini
I.-.I.. .
fis.. i*
1    ■
ill  WC
Cain     III
A   Nil IP   I . >MMI  NITY
:.        •,',■.
the pr . ■ .      r.munitv
■ •; -ises o!
:l a suitable
.;. the lod,'
occupy the upper story and the
auditorium lhe lower iloor, ln
■ nnectl n with the auditorium
he would also have a
reading rovn   u
A board ol trustees selected
from or by the socictk-.
!:arge of Ihe hall,
the attractions brought I   the
uld of necessity be of
the best character,
The suggestion is one that
should commend Itself I
citizen, having an  eye I
up-bulldlng ol  Enderby    Let
our motto   be:   ENDERBY
FIRST.    Not selfishly, but on
the broad basis ol better
the town by bettering all who
: by Mr   Wtight to the
ens'   meeting   on   Friday
':,'•,.■'       )' .: ciii|i-iit aril n
. .' '.   ..:   :i b th, an:
... be lived up to as
 •   n lhe agreement
re In try way legally bind
ing. The option to purchase
).'hich Mr Wright has given to
the city is a liberal one, and
insures the town against being
tripped up five years hence
when suitable recreation ground
sites may not be so plentiful as
Mr. Wright is not exactly a
philanthropist, and Is not posing
as such. When he has enclosed
tho 20 acres with a hlK':
fence, nnd laid out his half-mile
track, I ibletogetsucl
sport attractions a
large ■.:
eclpts. etc., will pay him a much
larger profit than the .
can possibly bring hlma
stands.   Therefore It i.
business propositi n  I
all he needs to make sui
that the town will not acquire
other grounds and Institute a
counter attraction. This assurance he now has, and with it he
can proceed to make his
grounds as attractive as he
chooses—the m re attractive
lhe belter it will pay him
I l.er  Weather.
Waller E   '■'■'■■ tale, >■ vernment
bserver at Endei     lun   hea Ihe I I
v    .. .       ■ ■      pel ileirev .'lltei
,■ !.,!••   i   ilie   .. ..•.!.■ i  lor  the
s __ s_
Q     £     £
a i
en _
V   *
Big Show
It will interest you. Ladles, I >■ over our line of the newest
and latest shades and patterns : Dress Silks—Waist lengths
that are exceedingly pretty and stylish. Also a very large assortment of the finest quality uf Ladles' and Gents' Light Under
wear, and Hosiery—Extra quality—for Spring mid Summer
Ladies' You *'" ""^ * sl'lend|d selection of Spring Goods—
skirts, blouses, shirt waists, fancy collars, belts, etc,
Henry W. Harvey
With The Owl
10 5-1
12 -10
13 52
1<I 56
15 52
16 57
17 53
Id 63
iv 53
20 51
21 51
23 59
2-1 51
29 "
28 sunny
29 "
35 "
31 "
25 "
26 "
28 cloudy
29 "
30 sunny
30 cloudy
30 "
32 "
•10 "
3-1 tinny
35 "
35 rainy
27 sunny
35 rainy
36 cloudy
A I sunny
The stock In the sevi
Enderby, B.C
partments is large, varied and new
market   T -te half,
no. ne?
able l,i'
.    r the n   •
- in all sections and
.ri abnormal scc-
•",. and as selfishness
and therefore
growl     lor  without ha
Ihei   m be no growth, ii is
lam that every sel
; (ind up in
res, as Individual or as a
:.*n. should b-c
Perhaps the I <
i ■
.   .
in our
the mer
YCU are secretive, if you are
tr>lng  to  accomplish
'ig by stealth and under-
handedness, if yen i
pade aspr.de, and blush
•   nan      hen a      rd  Is
that conveys to yeur
i senses a meamr.
cover up your
: '.houghts with a cloak ol
•ess,—do not read
,: but your Sunday nevs
nd the gossip columns
in your society weekly.   Never
read yr.ur Bible but by proxy.
• I never think anything differ-
■     m what good society has
ed upon.   If you want to
ume be taken by the
itl side-step a bit when
: he'll leave you as he
- will never be bothered by
les. but can pass your days—and
-like the Russian Heel slipped by Slnga-
its doom.
What I'n ■ this:  Secretlvene3s does
e dead loss; prudery ls for
ll Is cowardice.     Get   i
, -n    Be Irank.
Never ,ji in the open
• i stanl alone Don't have any secrets
il; live every moment as ll
i. I    "   ..
■  ri
vili be forgiven you by the
n't (org     irenol
■nay oflen prick P m
 i,"   '
Bank of Montreal
28 45 25 cloudy
29 53 29 tunny
3Ci 52 32 cloudy
31' S3 33 tlormy
A itilv..-ri;ition today is •
.'.et a monev
and Boots ol all kind. in.. I
Located in old butch
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
■ ,<■•■,   ','■ taV.r  p.;..riy i    .
as The Eden House,  adjoining the
• :nig MO acres.
18 acres under cultivation, wnh bear
ing orchard.   Has produced Ihe pine
winning  trull  ol   British  Columbia
Tsro-stcry  house,  with lar,:
walled  basement,  good  well.   bam.
stable,   etc,     This  is an excellent
chance to gel an Improved place. 15
mlnules' walli Irom Ihe postollice; on
road      For terms apply on
la. or address
M  ELSON. Enderby. B C
For Sale!
■ ■ ■ r     Suitable lor fiuit growing and
ng    Apply to
J  W. MoCALLUM. Salmon  Arm.
Kamloops Lumber w°
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills al Kamloops, Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
Baderby. D C
Our Doctor fa
' a|.eial   all laid ee>. tl4.000.000
I'el-      •    PtoM. a.ed  I.OV
nt,mi ornate
aicoier,!.. »irt.9BH
■   i
A Camera] Banking business transacted
Savings Bank
WltMrtWflll  on d-i'manii' without
Hot Springs Sanitarium
■  Hal yole ate the
A r-rrt. •
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Later   It   .
■ .,.■   lah.l Mlai        i
H.C. Froser, Salmon Arm,"
tin i
Can tell you what Is the matter
with you. if your doctor Is out of
town   I! you have that spring
.   *e can givey, u lhe cure
R. R. Burns,
Masonic building Armsirong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
and   Copper Work
I have moved my Plumbing and Tin
smithing establishment into the old Bell
block, and am now betier prepared than
ever to handle any work In my line Am
an experienced copper, tin. and sheet
Iron worker Special attention to fur
' irk. piping and rooting Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed
A.    FULTON.  Plumlwr ml Fitter, Ei.Jir.Sy. B C
his hotel Is delight
ully situated, on the
>l Okanagan lake
and. wllh "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as hosl. it
™ill make your stay in
Kt     na mosi enjoy-
_...-.   „     . a,)lc   The accommo-
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor. i at the Lakeview
are complete without being lavish—that Is Jim's characteristic.
quick.    Write
TT TH have just ad-
™      ded several lonls
of wood type, and are now
prepared lo turn out poster
work with lhe bus; b|ihem.
Color work   a specially.
II you wanl to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you   There Is money
in il--for all.    Dales and
Dodgers. Posters and all
Big Bill printing promptly
Give ll a trial     The returns are
Tuts Bun   -mu, Enderby. 1
First Year
?_ Methodist Church
Divine Sorvlces every Sunday al 7:30 p. m.
Sunday-School and Bible Class. 2:30 p. in.
Pircyot Meelliii,',   -       -   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A hearty welceen o for all.
A. P.. ROBERTS. Pastor
Residence; Cliff St.. next the Church,
It Was Worth
That Counted
•   I....... ca.' e ,■..., -e ,, I „,., e
'in: ri.itcci.ee ii in of the proudeitol
tin. proud Did fan-Ill...if tilt Mceilli
If} llinl)
.- lie t.ii..; mi t, nml
vT.li knowi i'i.. Ktntuchlin of quality
htiowa ln.a. proud he I. of blnieir, lil«
.'nie- ai..: bit tutuli) i.fttno.
nl ml iln- ii,.ml, r» of tlila prouil old  w«'
famll) ('..I Joe Clifton wu probably Ibi   '"
liiiiiirhiii-i eit.ci ii,-i   neluilti   Thr
nm. rn ii irblcb bi ind encircled lilm-
ielf, i(|ia
i log tit', in. n.h md unci*
fttfw frmi
ihi< ti.ti ti on ntt * l 1 mi ai It}.
watt ut)
Btrrow, tod ihtn mra (• *
W\\\\ tt. h
t.iiif toptl ii tit > • i ii Neither
w.ilih ii
r worth win lUfBcIcnt to|i*n
for nn m-iitrni t untna ilu')'
WAN Iiii*'
ill li> tt iii an fjtn.iu pedtsrte
Col   If-
l.fnl iilil) ullt't I.I.i     rt t.nml.'
ter   ll. i
i tuitv wu   Bmll)   Bhi   ».
youojt, ii
tut if til iit.i  IllfliUd. mi!,(in
ther, thu
ttitti tl:.' ipptt (tl Ihl tl ll I'I -
t>i.   it.*
... ..In uittt rt In t t! it un*
iltnoti it
n..tr   .it., Af ihl ir>tt up
tt    tt.U    tt
. '■■     . . 1 bt tit r -m om
tlt.tt ll, 1
.Lllll  i<   i.trttnM to Ihr
tint whi
. ihi wt old iMvehlm.
"It wot
i tot In      ' i'   ti. 1'iiCfiih'
■erved, "1
!...'.'      UBIB lidlfwii)
wnrtli) t.
l.r    lint itai U InrpMtflbll
Hun ait.i
DI thi i* il ind bishttl urn-
111", eel i.i,: Ki'ietitc ) ther. l.i.-I a man
who la worth] of a IBlll" Irccm ber llpa."
In tint there, dqi bt gan li i itabonl
for a limn lo whom h*.otil.t«nim.t bli
dauai.ii r »nle a. nntrh •• a moderui
■Lllr..- ot tatiifartl.cn He ni. tb. whole
gniiiui of bli ae,|ciali tireei, aid Itl all),
•tier ». itteitit aarb one rare lull) md
wall, tedded <>n out who. whin- be fell
lar itiort of the •  . rrgulnui.fall.
etlll eatn.. i.ara-r Iban ai.» ,-t Iheolberi
to Mima ihem
Tbl. mm ww Mil llue-k. m Hi) ...
tt.tr »lnn ol a rare oT arliiormi He
wai laa.r, but too pneud lo■ <..,. bim*
a. If ao far m. to Improve hi. rot ..mom
b) wort II. waa .c-.tril ..ir. older
than Ml.. Kmlla. md .!.... were ■•■"■■
Othet ■;,..., c,. c c teelw.en ''.n,
Ion he tiaeii tod (mill) record, md that
enawtrtd f.»r the teat
\Vh< n he ilci.e-i-tii tie,- proper 'liur hid
irrtic el Icei ihr ti... ■' CI..1 Kmlli i.em>-el.
r.el OUItn .rtii I' i f.crmer in Invito*
Hon to rlall him   i'......... ..«■. «•
•e Ideal, feel lee lelm I fe-W Warl»'... I t>W
month.' (rood, free living wan a mailer
al ..'in. moment Hli«■,• i-ai.• wu
;- |.n,mpl la ac,,. i ■ route! ha.r l.lrd.
I.ut it »a urr little n.e.repmnpi ihan
bli own ipp.in.tcrr ai lhe ITllton hone.
In the meantime, \t ■ r.. ■ •.•
!-•« .i tr. I,, fiml'e r»m»e I'd- h.r ti
ller die), lend tunnel the ac-i|iiHiiiiaiice. ot
\ iec.HK fellow C'.niiic.l Ilea, .in '1, Tile
Dntlthi, In the iiii an ca. of om ol fed
(Tlfiun'a old neurotic "wia del Teceui de
pomt Itl' c-eiierleHt oil all de DO-eOUDl
while tranh " And aa h.r fitnlly honor
nml quality, it,,., never alopiiecl loeog,
-elder ailt-li ihlnina.
lint In iplti of hi. rnnuec'iton It. t, waa
i most woriley yoiinu man He wai
hoiii8t.linliii.trloiia, mlierniec! atuliiiioiti
In hi. way he, wa. proud, loo not of
hla fninlli or hi. uceaton, hut uf IiIk
own ehrir'i 1 r and good nmne
T'he   acqualntinctlblp   whleh   hid i
.prune   up  tietw.en  Ktull)  and  lien
Smith Imil 1001 Hpe I'.cl ll lee lrlcl,c!.h||c.
and, u little u Col Otlttog iitinwirtl II
It hid fair tec ripen u to n inueii deeper
md itrongrr atlaehmral The colonel
tnliehl ha.e hid a luipjeloa of thli If l<>
in. mi at i he eouM ta.. e onerltred how
It coll!,! Ic pc.llelc lllll a ITIftccn rcclild
turn naiiuc nt c nie renin a thouiihiof fill.
Inn In love with a mill whoeie family eon-
net-llona wit- ... IceW Uld eacmtlioii I.
ilnueof lien Smith
It waanl '■•■< t after Mi] liiirk'i ir.
-Ivil when he '■.,.,!. to "mike eyei"ai
Hml!) The laelor.el noilrrd thla md he
trr.aily |ctca..d Knuly notlMd It
imi if .bee wa. pirated .to. diet not
.hew It. si., wi. col .milln. on him
my. mil ill ihe time the wu nitetlni
ilen Rmllh.
Finally the malnr toht Iherolorel thlt
lie venule! lltee tec pay eirtirl to Mil I ac la
Willi i \l,w of witin|t,| h.r for Id. wife
The colonel replied lhal In-venial «.
md. fitrihcrii.eerie, ittnl. rtook lo convey
.. Kmlly Hi, major'! wl.b.a Tbliwai
in .e, -1- cc .» wllh m old .-li.l.llll of lh.
I'r-i fnnrllltl" at ,1 Wl. tec .eo.lld >|.t|.e
tropin i , ..r  f..riliemij.r,
Sen Smith w.. iiiii hound '■, ru.lom,
tl.: u ,'.. ae.,-' a.* li.etherolccliallo.aut-
rej hi. wi.i .. lo Mlaa Ktnlt). he eon-
ie)e.l Ihelll hllll.alf
The H»t ec|e|acri.tnlt) lh» eol«liel hid
,f >|" l' III' With hll    a.,.'-., la I el. a..
he aald lo her:
"Kmlly. I hare a hll »t newt for »ou
hu I tain .lire, will be boih i   -•.. i abd
He pautnl. and aftir aibort will the
"Yea pipi?"
"Mat |i... .......... r.». ■•-.-.-••-
  ..     tor i>.ni..|on to par court
lOllOe »l''   K|l1 '.   «,Ceelle.'e .   '.. ,11,
wife," ihe colonel wrni on    "ll I. not
•urt.rl.te II e,,„.lile in t yidlr leauij Ite)
...«',ne..   Ic.ll. f.rtrtlhrl.M, II ll .rr*
"To ....'".heaihed.
r.ilaiil)    And alM. to jou. I hope "
•Then I f«ir 1 mu.i tliappolnt (on,
«|«   I do a,a rare tor Ihe major*! tunny it all."
"Well.Idctil lo.ehlm"
"Hut .ecucan ;.aini..:..,ehliii Thlnh
! af hi. family!  Then • no i»i..i ttock
ni    i, elude) that iti Borln '
j   "| ,'„t.'i rih- if ih. Hurl. w.re H. r.
1' would ft many lh. tr.«M   I woo'i
: I .rr.  all) mm I c ecti'l |..,.    .1,4   |'||
iri.r lo.r Mil llurb"
' Hoi do lecei U cew ),„, WOOtt"
Kmlt. hcinird . me I'.tt rl-n wnh
jhe-r he-ad best low .trMurmured:
"llanu'e I aliiad) lo.» mother "
!   "Anotherl" lhe   rolna.l   el.lilmed
"You're j'.iaite   Tou'.r trttr met any
' olher ert.ilrmm. w too bate bad no
, .blle.e tn fall In lo.*"
"Ynu are mieiahep..  ;«   I ha.e met
itn.ih.r irm.man. and I h»« bim"
"Who l» ll ihenr
toll) illl..'. hrr h-a.1 blcth and laohed
her laihrr .irataht in the •■).«   In a
ItMri), htm  accr .he .aid
'The t" .,!:• mate I lo.r I. ll'l. Hmllb ■
"Hen Hmllb!" he tt..it>4 "lii.at
llnd, ran ll I- i.H.iidr | l,..c.i niMhl"
Cul belleteihaiamamtwroriheptvaid
(•mil) id llllle.n. lea. to (al l"la..l I,. I
eelf aa lo tall in lotc wllh our ..tihoe*
■ .einiic.eie Smith iraab In. ito.i'l.' Ml
"What't wr,.t« al- 'cl IleO ttmUhf
rhr uhnl.   "I.h'l he honret. ...Ir I aid
laajnttltoul   Ha.M hr  »eeiie-i and
lMt>|».|al.dniIlia«rdrUI) Wt. IccClin
tdttt lUOh...i, ....li.tt.a.i.vi... - And
tl»>I. I l.a ■•...! Lie ttc'.l a a ar.el.eeta dotal
to town to study law with J. .- I'"»-
"V.°h*i't wmna with ll>n ttmlih"" be
imertfd "lin'lheatlmiih.wiihnomote
ftmii) name than a tube? Inl it al
' So    I lo.r ll-n I.. wtcal hr la aid
I dim'l e »lr «l,,.l.ll« ala.cel  hi* t.O.i.)
I wceejld |on bim |u.l the MHcr ll he
ne.rr had an aaoMor, lr» Ihr man,
whu be tt hlm.rif. thai I an t>'
Thr r.,i„.,,i ,e,,rm.,l Hr ttif.ae.rad
.., ihoot Urn Smith on elrht. md de-
cured he would herl Kmlly up In aroom
If he e.er Icl.aw ot h, r .pall tr I '•• to n
Smith acam He further d« at..I rial
•ahr ahnuld mttry the mtj-ci It, »pn< -d
Thit ,. r) nlaht Kmlly md Hen Smith
met. m.l the told him of lhe -..■••
wl.het md ecf thr >.,.<..«•!,. wllh h.r
fither    ic •■....-.<,..•. i..
tc.ll tell tip! Ml rl»M totetle.r
"Ii ii iii right ' hr »tld itntiiy   "I
' .>.• ic f«ll |||  t-c.eld. ltd I doU'l kUOW
at.it'cll.e abOUt re c tie.•'.».. tnd I
e .rr 1,41; lel,|   ||, |p|(( „f ||| „f lhat  I «m
a betttf mm than Mt| Docb.and - rr.
«, l win prate it t.e ).cui t»ih.r if
He mimed lo Hike tier In hll irun, hut
luiiilruly elieilei.l hlnuelf.
"Ihi not tempt nie." he .aid. "I wl.h
io he honorable) abd bonut, and worth)
cf your love, hut It la nol nlwa)t . «-i
Tec iuei>,r you my wlf.e now would lee like
itepplni Into Heaven if i only tia.t the
Mahi nix i Dual tot ihlnk of mieh t
iieinir  There i« too widen iftc rence be.
lueell 11. 1 Will lll.l llllll )OU llOWB lu
ley   llVll,  hill   I  Will lire w  UP tec Jc.circe
Bontl da) 1 will leu worth) lo claim you,
and ili.n I will claim you. hut I mu.t
proee ni).elf Aral."
"I will wilt for you."
"I know you will, but ynu will not
wilt with lite Impatience I ahall,"
Time pamed ami then hy ami hy there
lentil   lee  COma   llttll ICripi ot  IceW.  to
the colonel'! ear. ul.i.ut Ihlugathat Den
smith wu .loins down at town   t'ir.t
he hid I... i. admitted IO the Ur. then he
..,„' won a . e-e of Importance after t
dci.i ihu e»c mamloua tor keen man*
orcmctii Then Ihere were rumors Ibil
hr wu developing into a anal i rator,
md wia fora'lnu hi- wh) lo tin- lop in
political mitten inn til tin. midl little Imptenlon ecu u doitl,uidhewii
.till bltirrly opt I to the ilea of t
family alilinre with the Snitthi.
Mil Buck, Uthouph he had ilmui
ihudonrd all hop< of wlrnlna Mln
Kmlt).w'i, tot iiti ma t iie'tt.er-
eui mil ic.'it...   vi.it> ai Ih   '   r   .,
botnr   Hi enjoyed thi •> iiorlet]
very mitrh.and heenjoyrd th	
illiiiur. even nmh' Tli. ro'onrl «ne
bim a warm welcomi ilwa). fecr lie nt ill
bad : • i ■ - of tin Ins hliu u I member
af ihe rtrnll)
Ilul »n.. twblte the mt)..r retted to
mike tut .l.li. to H.-colonel mdebort-
ly altar thai It tntliplndlhat the colonel
wit Icidi) Involved Aninrtill]   VYhrn
Iht Whole trtllh e CO a c.UI I' Wit foil!a|
Ihtt lllrclon.: I re.  t .et, ,-, le . ...-cult)
or He
md il
'ly bt
1 U
, 1
r lor .
Illel.'i r
111 11 I
• ccclccn,
tori;, tl
■ an h)
1 tie pny
■ < I money e
Ing hll fam-
iMVlng hla
Hill n
If li. i
, 1   Went
d htu
bad ii.
liint every-
liken mat-
tin l
i li
hy r,.c
nine: to cch
ire-   II
lucid Mn) llue-k to
pay )>
, debt!
1   in ,•
.tied   Ihe
nt the inini-
1   r
.  .,, ,
- hurt
.'.tn il
l. iiarc' lien
.11  '..'  re llle-
He  |.
e 1.
'.. t ■
Kmlt) i
.-•! (r
eiitiirr) lilm
ID  the cecn-
.  . |„,
I'.e that thli
1 .
nl.l) le
Bl r or lute r.
.ml i
..     glvi hilt wn, ih.)
led Ileal lee
'•„.k. .1
.. i cc mc itr..
lown on Hen
AH el e
cat ir
..ry ti
n. h ml
riot tn bim-
// "Made in Canada" is a gooa motto for Canada, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and White; made In Enderby
(rom strictly HARD wheat.
IE* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Aft- r ee„. narn.ccre thing! drifted
along in the even lenorotlhclrwiydlen
nml ihe colonel wring bui llttll c teach
.ther. md ilic Igllt r i ii e i.mi.i ing
the former', name    All the lime bow- '
IVCI li. i. wn. bird ti work bulldlngupl
t liw praciiee ind mikingIrlendi; aid
I,.- and Kltii.i waree|iil|e ' ippy In their !
trrc-at Ion   Th.) round the) could get
tintg very well without the colonera
I.:. uli,- alihieiiirti ihAy would hteelccH-n
alld to hive hnd It
Knur ecr It.r year. pii.Hcd  then one!
It. ihe i..»« came that II.t. had hern
......   .i,-r..» Right then and thrn
.tec colonel ni.- ii. nnd ac'rowlrdgrd
thai hi. Idea had been nM wrorg md
thai, (null) or nofninll.. tin Bmllh waa
t iire.il itivic and worth) ... ggaortatl
wiih even thr Ollftou tn in'' t.e be-
•me proud of It. i I.ut hi would never
rrcoi'ici*. Ilen'i fnnily W'b.t. he ipokl
at him be alwt)t referred to him a.
"all -..n in Uw.Ml-i.alill,ii)»iiilicSniHli.
•th. a dlrrri detrei..',. nt of I'tpi John
Smith, ut old Virginia, Mb "
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will find al thc new
brick block. Always
Iresh, juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Shar|)e
New Crop now in Slock
ol Home Crown and
Imported Carden, Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thousands ol  Fniii .nd Ornamental
Trees  Rhododendrons. Roses. Green ' h""1 "*•   w'«b your km t" <h«»f tr*
home and Hardy Plants now growing   ■*'"_ •_•«_• _»rt'__»»h '''""
' -     . .  ■   .,,,,,  r_h___*l__   taattm   .nt   g_ilh _«
ing in our Nurier
Under lhe Olive Tree
% Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result ol
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table    Rales: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
For Spring Planting
t / 'Eastern pricre; • r les:
ers and Kloral Designs
Bee Supplies
dialogue Free. M J.
1010 Wt.tti.in.trr Road
Cul Flow-
ind »W»|i olctltrlt. ffeeiin ni)  l*'h
fa-i as t n,..iih,n, Ar.d.icn.a "ct»h»t
ai.laclj tt|l. I tm tufr.^ fecr hut to
a:; timt"
"Tn toiheetdotetaniurlilayom,"
.h. frgll.4
■*l.el foneca d«) " |i» «,M „r     1 ll a I
tin Ihf lltht lo altir,, yog fc* my «Iff "
"Yc, haw lhal right r.-.w: -h. tr .f
mirt.'i   "i woold marry you to-i i
.  * ii "
If we canlt be great, lei's be kind.
Do not ostracise the sawbuck and expect a good
Might as well be doing something, and thus
save the time that Is wasted In waiting.
The best way out ol trouble Is (o)ump Into more
ol It—thus you forget what is and what has been.
Every flower seed that Is planted ln an Enderby
garaen will be worth Its weight In gold this summer.
Simplicity is so simple and real that people wh)
like to see sham and lo "pul on" do nol appreciate
Its worth.
Talk is the cheapest thing on earth. Think
ol the wear and tear on your vocal organs lhat
might be saved by reflection!
It is just as well lo remember that more men
have become famous through (he nagging ol ran
corous enemies than by the plaudits of loving friends
Men wait and pray (or the Holy Spirit to come
down Irom heaven, lust as il Christ had not been
true lo his word and sent It two thousand years
As we lilt ourselves nearer our Ideal we lift
those about us. It is impossible to drive men to
do what Is right—or what we think ihey ought to
do. which amounts to the same thing.
The pessimist can never see any more in the
world ihan he gets oul ol it. and. since his closest
companion has ever been (allure, is it any wonder
that he cannot look beyond the clouds?
II we would be successful, I don't know ol a
better way ihan to adopt the ways ol successful
men. Here Ihey are: Don't boone; don't hesitate:
don't falter; don't waver, don't wall Move straight
If Carrie Nation had spent her days in acts of
love and kindness, perhaps her name would nol be
so notorious, but it Is just as likely as not that she
would have accomplished more Ihan she did wilh
her lomahawk.
Such terms as "pretender," "upstart." "falsifier"
were so freely used against Sir Isaac Newton before he became "Sir Isaac," that Newton (or a
time was almost in despair It takes u long i
the Pompous Ignorant tt learn that their holy
pomposity is only a wind nipple with a string to it!
When Jesus Christ was on earth he sought lhe
fellowship of those lo* in station an I In sin He
lost no lime dreaming abaut his lcIlo/.shlp with
Isaac and Jacob, and because he was so simple
and unassuming lhe Jews—sticklers lor "custom"
and pomp and show and sham—nailed Him to the
The trouble with some people Is that they \w.
gone to seed. It is always dangerous to allow
onesell lo go to seed—we may never bl m aev;»ui
The way not to go to seed is—not io go to seed
Change yoursell—your thought, your perspe: i
your methods—and let each change be one step
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
If you have not tried purchasing of us, you will find that our
system has many advantages, and our goods are the best on the
market. We buy direct, sell direct, and our delivery is prompt
Your attention Is called to our Grocery Department: Big slock
of modern Breakfast Foods Canned Goods fresh and of the
best quality   The best Flours. Teas & Coffees on the markel.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing for Fall delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nursenes of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent oul by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
D  *1      I BRICKS
bricks "*"
The besl clay In (he Valley    Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices.   Large or small quantities.
Tht Enderby Brick 9* Tile Co.        Enderhy, B C
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house for 1-. n
omy, will be done al this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out ol
! Ml, Anything that can
be done In Toronto 'In
ordinary commercial print
ingi can be done right here
The Eclenogiaph
cla.1.,   II   t nil-. EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 19, IW
First Year
: _r_s___»>rMWwrii_g_'_e., <_-.• __■
jT 1 TV     1      ' Whit tha Local Pi	
S ln the Pulpits _±iAU'
' he i in
,. ifflclenc;
. . . ■  .
•aklni • ■
Mr Ch   ' ii ■       wa II
: ub in lh   ■' thodlsl chui I
Godidaj ■   Mr. Robert  l   ;
n .-   ■ r hi lext I uke 3:16
.' Ihe lorpruniit'r if Jesus
, . 'A' iter and
il   i infringement It*      msei    rhei
laws   [righteousness.   God slalns water cannot remove, but
■ be voi Is all powerful.    John's
llsm signified   repente
its    results,
nol    ,     rough Jesu
. :   Christ's baptism    i  as
• •   John's a:
The baptism of fire im
m us an active enlhus-
love for sinners, and gives
is lhe aggressive principle of
Mirny in lnart and life.
he need oi the individual
The fire w'll bun
i and dross and give us
New Stationery
Join our Circulating Library
•     . .   i (or 25c
'.      ■      .   I for 10c
N.*' II
Lightning   •
Ma)        Nori
tiberl ll     :   I
D. NAIRN y CO.. :" s,!Uloners
 SUNDAY   HOWS;   iio4gm.	
Everything Good for The
ic before God-
R,.,...l,.\l,"tU    »").•         «r UNION RESTAURANT
: h enables us to l\Pglll.ll IVieaiS, _ JC.       a!fl Sl  m ,lUl , ,,, ,
h is Ihe need of .	
irch todaj
Weneedapers nal passion
ild. Christ I lain ihe '
bapi ...■■.
.    II     ■        :
;.llence.  The	
•.'iled In extern  _„
hrctighout I
. . ■- -
'in        ,   :
K. P. Btucllry, Eiuln... Hardware Merchant
f asliionatleTurn-outs
I ivoraUl ta Canada
irse ol a i
II    ».   lliia     Ad..
Ute   pre
"the in
and one of lhe m
. men who ever sai in the
.nx presidential chair.    He is a
lie has openly de-
iared lhat one ol the great ob-
,md aesires is io connect
the Untied Stati       • closely
i'h our Domini,n of Canada
I do nol know   Twenty Years a Visible
ft'itt-   ■'■   ": ■ ■    1 i'
Mhml, WorlbV
S t.   Louis,   1904
ss he may have with
Hi n I
Harvotin WameJ
Manitoba will require  Ihe
O.OOO ne
Tllli HAMMOND   rcmmin
TOfOMO. H YOAlF  M...I A.aal"
Mont...I. i I Hnitv fAlrrt,
\\.n,„t..%Mlt. Kkka>gK>n«. tliah«|.
VamoyVtf. t.m*l t   C   Rklut4.    ',",'
and    Confectionery   Store
till ..II orders on short n I
Bread. Cakes and Pastry. We
.i-< ;.;; ■ : i'l; ., \Atfr bn< k
oven, and can handle any order
Our stock oi Canaies. Fruits.
Nuts, etc. is fresh and the very
best    Call on us   Try a loaf
•>:       Chit Street
»n you are In need J line silver pieces for lhe table, for
ding, birthday or ether anniversary presentations, you will
A.J.Yotinn . tn4.-.i>v
Ira C. Jones
Contractor to UuilcVr
IIOlAi    lOg   Sit
Do you need
Sfx i tacles ,J
1 M M
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter ,v f;
I      ;. .   ,   ,.,,,,.      ,\l«  .
■       ■
CO. F. No 1058
• ■*. 'r»m find the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
cm Canada and the East-
'%X JS.'Si W- J" *""*»"* Manager. Armstrong, B. C.
• ■». M   NO    I'HH 1*1
S     ,.li.l<( e-l a UulUfei
paper publishes a nc*s
.-timing bird
, laird in
Receipt Books
Peter    Burnet
Dominion (ti, Provincial
Land Surveyor
Hill     III OIK
I..O.L No. 446
Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
pes. Business Visiting Cards. Invltai
thing thai can be printed—quickly done a; this
males cheerfully i.ed on every eta kandJol
Tll.a     V.\      „ I !).»»«.V    I.C.Ic.ie, ')(_   IHI
1 he Ldin.   raph,    wta thick aiocvaifts,  1$ 7


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