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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-06-14

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fl'^ov. hMoji^
The Enderby Progress
NuMtjtB  4
Price. SI 50 a Yrak
Sad Fatality Feared
City Council
Visit of Dr. Fagan
Nets reached town lite Thuitday Al ,h« "tf*** "'"My meeting ol, Pr. Fagan. Medical Health Olllcer,
alternoon thai William Stuart, a mem- 'he Cllv Council alter reading ol iiiiii- and head ol Iht Provincial Boaid ol
ber ol a survey party which lell town Was md other loullue business, the Ilealih. came mon Tuesday »nd spent
Wednesday lor Matwl Like, was mil- Mayor and aldermen present settled * le* houts In Ihe clly.
sing Thepatly which was under the I down to work oil a lull agenda paper. 1 'litis visit ol the Health.Olllcer waa
charge oi Guy Williams, had been sent!   P. Burnel presented teport'n iegat.1 tu  response to  the request ol  the
On and after Monday the I Oth
June, Our Store will close tight
et 6.30 p.lT*. every night except
SATURDAY. Please do your
buying EARLY and GIVE THE
by Major Burnet to mar. »*'  r— l.t..t: *•> >•>« delliilng ol the Clly School
aroundlhelake, going In via the itail|t"s,'lcl;
irom here.   The pany camped on lhe     AU. Worlhlngtcn moved the third
bank ol Klngllsher Creek lhe sat,,,! leading ol Ihe Building and Fire Pro-
evening, leivlng lor the lake early on ''">c»on By-law,
Thursday morning.   The missing nun,
"-Q__S —^
who was cooking lor lhe oulllt, was the
list to leivi camp, that being lhe last
plice where he wai sten. Some time
later, when three elter members
cl the party returned lor some stull
thai had been loll behind, il was lound
that Stuart was missing, and a hasty
search tailed to reveal any traces ol
him. C. William* Immediately rode
back to town tnd gave lhe alarm.
Provincial Conslablt Girdom, ac
comptnled by a search parly, lell lor
the Kent early this morning.
It Is teired that Ihe etnlcriutiate man
has lillen into the creek and drowned.
On account ol the bridge al thli point
I hiving been wished tut it is necessary
to cross the creek by a large cotionwood
leg; and ll Is MiraiiMd tint Sttait, in
crossing with a heivy pack, missed hli
looting, ind 1*11 Into the swollen cr«tk
•nd wu cirrl*d out Imo th* main rlv«r
which li only twenty yards Irom this
bridge. The ipot It about 28 mites
Irom Enderby. Lir miles ibov*
Hupel's plict, and tb.ut on* mill
(torn th* Ukt.
Mr. Stuart is a nephew ol Mrs*
Guttn and pirtn-t in the llrm o>
Gumming k Stunt and had only
lecenlly tiken up his residence here.
City Council which was made to Ut
Kigan some iwo weeks igo, lo come
ind idvlse Ihem regarding ihe sanllaiy
condition ol the town.
Alter spending some consldnable
time looking over the clly, Dr. Fagan
requested that Ihe city council be called
tcgether in the ollice, and is miny
citizens u possible. All members ol
the council, with the eiceptlon ol
Alderman English, wtie present, w
well as thote vitally cincetned
Alter i lew words by Miyor Bill,
Dr. Flgili told his heater* some blunt
Vinton to lha northern part ol lh* Okinigin Viltiy.* whethtr
Und hunting, or tar pieuute and iport. can do no better than
mak* ihu hoist thtlr hudquirttri, Tabic ind cuutnt un.
nettled. Bar teplel* with ltn*»t wtiwi, spirit*, liqueurs, ctgan
Wines & Spirits lv ,.
kntmi brtnds lo f heie trc-m.
Drowned iii Slu&wap River. .. Ih, mX ,nd lh_, ,ha Co_£,, a,^
nereis* somt control over construction
which (olluwed Aid. Johnson look ea
caption to the method ol procedure to
be followed In submitting plans ind
ipeclllcatlona ol  pioposed buildings
to the Board oi Wotks    He thought
making dupllcites ol plins to be te-
tilnrd by th* Board likely to prove
cosily and delay construction.   Aid.
Woithlngion mid* light ol drawing
ind tracing plans ol tny building likely Ituthn. The meaning ol which wu alio-
to go up In town md mentioned that jgether too plain 10 admit ol iny qulb-
he hid mid* i tracing ol the plan ot a bllng. The substince ol his ttmirks
300 battel Hour mill In a lew hours ne thit Endeiby must it once put her
Aid, Johnson: Oh well, ol course, house in otdtr, or lice the consee*jen-
you're smaller thin inybody else.      j cei thai will auiely come.
The Clerk then teid cliv.se 3. In the course ol his remnki Dr.
Aid. Johnson graciously allowed lhat Figin uld that the public inlet wis.
thai* wis nothing wrong wnh that demanded thlt the present unlliry
clause «cept-~ system ol the King  Edwird Hotel
Aid. Evani moved in amendment should be done iway wnh. ind tht Sty
but ll wis mislaid indtlnilly withdraw, 'system substituted.
Aid. Kenny moved in amendment    Ui. Fagan alio uid tint ll wu the
thtl clause 5 rtad sjuth stde ol Kui- duly ol the Lcil authotltiei lo see thtl
sell at. instead ol north, thus taking Willi ptemUei in the lown wete lm tm
ihe while ol Russell at,  Caitied.       lonibly clean anduntttty coneieiun
Aid, Johnson strongly objected lo
cltuse 6. prohibiting th* catryltig on ol
certilnb'jiinuseawithtnthe In* limiti
The Mayor thought lh* Council
should noi go too lir, ind on motion ol
Aid. Johnson It wai muck oul
AM Wcrlhlngton "btckilld" to
clime I.   Ht thought thit people hid
l-'t ;■• |nl .     . ..   ■   -.i."    ' ,     I I     .
On Frldiy morning liai a Ifgget
nimed Ronill Kithbcn m the eu-ploy
ot tht A, R, Rogirt Lumb*r Co. wu
diowned in th* Shuswap met, it i
point about tour miles below Clrtwrlgh'l
Ht wu walking on tht dtive, ind
in some war dipped oil a leg and wu
carried under a boom ml logs In order
to tteover th* body ll wainecessiry lo
baeik up th* boom,
The drewned mm cimc hue ibout
Thu could only be iccomplished situ-
lictorily by ihe engiging ol * city
scivengei. levying * special rat* lor
th* piymini ol ume.
With ttgiid lo the slaughter hous*.
Dr. Ftgin uid thu n did not b*gin lo
comply with lh* legulitloni tf lht Pro-
vincui Beaiid of ileilih. ind ttcom-
intndtd its ramoval lo wm* disunc*
beymd the city hmiti.
Alter the objecu ol hit villi hid
been linilly diipoted ol. Dr. Fagan
asked petmiisitn to uy * l*w wotd*
legarditeg the Antl- lubetculosis move-
jome «7A«Rai.c
ana buy your rurness
ol ume tn regard to then untnhiblt-
a' are
lh- ittayoi thought lht supreme
court in the land Ctuld not dictate in,ment.   Tht** unltltla ite now io be
such millers. established.   One will be lor tnaip'.eni
A ltd* ducuitlcn wu occupying the ctsei, .nt tor tdvinced cues <'*n
attention ot Aids. Johnson tnd WotuY Unit piobably cunblii, and th-1
ington until catted to order by lh* iththcpeleu one*   All niun.cipilit ts
tr.iyot. who thought lhal Endeiby was it* now being ukedto mikt in iimuil
mt t.g tnough snd hid not bun* grant el $ JO pet theeutindotpopuUlioit
,X,.aZ?b7a"Z'lr^'(St*7' \£*\\"'l ****6I* ** *** **** ****   *<* ***** *9** °'   ** ***** ** «*"»!"« <** ***** **<**•
•aSaT^^^^Tfll* " ,h' "
yeirsttige Ills
to Endtiby. ind mipped. "-,g«w, wh.i. they Uvt been
g Hong thus* line* tor ten yam.
r*IMi l   WILSON             uld lhal 2 cul cl the 3 1 Bradley and the death   late
The mittllge r! Mr. W. G Pringl* I Balneal hid absolutely retuseJ lo have ha: been reduced bv Hlty ', -■
and Miss Jennie Wlhon wis solemn- anything mote to do with the nutlet while in Gtiminy 62 1-2 pei tt the ra
li«dat<t {un. on Wedntsdiy. Jur<t 12     Ali  Ket.nv  "Din't blame th«m cotd aimned.   On the other hind .n
Th* ceremony look pl*e« It the home either" • abate no ilhtt has been made
ol th* bride'* brother. Mr. C WlUon,     In Ihe" Cltch ii catch Can" which I, dial nth the ICoUrg*. the death tale
of Knob Hill, beingpulormcdby ihe!MUwcd various were the name. .                  . -1 by IS
Rtv. A. N. MlHer   There were eternal gesitd ol thos* to be appointed as lence- per ctnl.
a number ol lllends and telilives ci the veewets imotig   them   being Lines, it everybody In the coun'.iy »
:'   „ _,-._!_' itui Mid ll wu up to Enderby lo lead, treiimenl ihil ai* now adopted lo com-
)ZIhuitaoSa  the by-Uwiinally pasted 3rd reidlng    bit Cemiuii ptiwi u sbsahitely provrt.
The mayor ih-n mad* ivettalr*- In Engaw, wheic they Uvt Mm
contracting parties,  tnd the he_rly Greyell. Matwoul. Girdom. Wheeler lltair but. tb* dtwSM coul
I-      i S—T~ ««*giataUtlflns clteied Ihem as well and a lew more.   The cwncillhought ed «ul In ten year*.   Even with
Kffaung i Saaxe.li, M a (|tg( tntl ^ ptpupn leMilird lo ihey hid a Mlutiean ol the ttoublebr emeiest now at^used n th
f'Ktrxt-t-ait*/ Ihen pcpullilly A"»r ihe ceremctiv jpeointtng the(atllei tnlere red Aid stamped out tn between li'
ENDERBY "lieshmenlswet's-tvedmlaphiuni Kenny.howev«r.took i m >• ittteM t»»niyye*ri.  Noli a
  I ni m t»       ' Ml  a' *. leired Ihillht tncoraoliblei uon aim* but whit
  11- house wai tisteluHy dtc*<-' •■ tg ihe Cuy into i liwsuil.      prevlo-ji cue.   Th--t
with wild ttses etc. I icted like ■ douse ol cold wattr able to lak* a person.
Now Open
We wish to annwnce that "Ut Soda Fountain ls no*
Open, and that at it are being served the most delight
tul. delicious and appml;itig dtinVs lhat you have ever
We want you *U to ra'- • emiiam dullteg Ihe warm a.ei
lei wealhtr.   You will lind it a delightlul place to rest ind be te
fteshed -ill lh* pepultt drmki   miny lincy dunks
TSt EneWby Drug k Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Street— — PO Box 77
Beth bridt tnd groom
high tiitttn thttmghoui
Mr Print-
ind irult grower
The Eivderby Coal
Mines, Ud.
« . e..<jOii„«     ELM   I I
Au'botite* Cipllol  •  s:iO,oooo»
tn rt-*-- ■   ..     " ■ „ . . .
1 tunny ol icn-Jiring ate inleiett in th'.j |he \tl   t'-\
■ ■
smillMock   lO.OOOonly   ol
Shjt...    Thtl
* Hook ot thli Cempiny Ui ht-    -
M mirkn    The ptice will Xk^i
be SO emtti t»*
emu on tppiieatlott. and 25 cenu in 6
I A ipplicillon. md -
-nalion. canbeobiiired It
the und*wgti*d
I uticil earn* tack lo tatihly dtseue develop*, to
Miner*, Ulttmattly.Cardom una. and the chi'
. .1 were ly»olnted to the leltcei, tor saving him.
j and adm-.nit.hed by the Miyor not lo     . , .
'   **  ***   te.1
il  ntly and
is sub|- • ■ thing l
thi n in lh* |
i, »■ I
,.    H*
-' * ♦» \
- • ',
i. BC
'* i
.. in, ■-.
w ...   ■    ■ \
id it .     . -
:    -
I     a  :■      -. ■       a...I    -.    I
bui   ,   lyed   idlcl  isly in
ils, marshes, swamps and
-•  si ig ■ eii! water was
n ling
There Is       pai       ll : '.
il is responsible
.   ith ■
.-r lhe bridge,
rhe I      Ing ol '.his land by the
i. ing could be eas
Lovers of Good Tea
e bank at this p Inl
•.im   In any <
thing lhal si:  ild be
[ilnftion u! the mostj..
ng any olher mean
, ■  ilalm a ptib.i
. ke the un ■ ■
Because oi Us Delicious Flavor
I iwn one oi citizenship obllga
A   I-'  & A. M      Co-operation Is all ilia: Is
I. 0.0. F
t.ode.e.  Nr>   SO   •
The editor ol thi  paper I
a warm place in his hearl
"   the Mends who bring oi
him   news Hems     It i
desire of this paper to gi i
lend us their assist.*'
thai end have our unboun
"" gratlludc
When ordering Flour say
to your Gfocef Distinctly
Moffet's "Best
Leave iiDlliltati i I he unllorinily and suprib quality ol this
-■■•'   ■  nil ':.at has made u so popular hia ejaused competitors
I   i   '      iUmIi     .' is "Best."   There li only one "BEST" lloui on
lay. ind that Is Mollet'i "BEST."
Avoid dluppointm*ei)i in bread making by seeing that your sack
nek bears tha words. MQFFET'S "BEST,"
IFe Coltittibii Flouring Mills Co.,  Ltd., Enuerby
Notes and Comments
It Is to be hoped thi'
the  Government roai:
commenced in this district, the
lin le.'b-,-- Mabel lake road will be
made Its full width at leas! as
far as Mr, Alain's place. Quite
.ni of the necess.try
dealing and brushing has already been done by th-
waterworks contractors when
laying the main pipe along tins
road,  only  leaving In some
places In the centre a narrow
•trip of bush or piled decayed
stumps and rubbish.
To leave these two miles as
they are will be contln i
additional har lihij now being
already put upon th.;: who use
It; while to repair the old trail
would be throwing good tn - -
after bad.
The only course no.,
make a good job of this ,
of the road. maki..
In dra>
the   m
A Confirmation see.
thi Right Reverend John Da-'
JD.C.L., L.L.D., Lord Bish.i
Westminster  »ttd   K   I* •     ll
Gtorgt'a Church, on Mond*.,
The preliminary pom. ;e    Ibe    -.   i
which was full,.        I   - -      nducied
by the Vicar, Rev. ft. Vernon Vena-
Wes. the Luaotii being teid by Ihe
in,     The   candidite-
Miss Susannt!-  t. " si Miry
E, Polk.--   M
Miu Lydii R D Llckfold -
Sadie A Wilson
Ills Lord-hip, sealed in Ihe Chantitd.
gave an tnipreulv* tddreis, literwtrds
lelering la lhe Sanctuary, to the rail
ol which came the white, veiled caltd-
i Jails, ind here, as ihey knell b-latt
hitn. the Bi.lup performed lh
ilul, indent ind Apastolic
ol ihe liying on of lunds.
The altar, wllh its rich (rente! of
whit* ind gold, supirfronut ol red and
. eiewtri and many lights, wtsl
-  .1 Inspiring beiuty. and lhe
Bank of Montreal
Capatil. ell t.e.   up, IM.<!00,0M>. Rett., SI0.0O.OtM0
laei.--. ■ i .-..I. and Los* account., v'J.'.alit 11
11. in ornce. mom real
. itlnj  ■
ereby given ilu
e applicalion a
mn Wm. A. Matheson
na lot
ua LardStll'teeat'laiel M  ir' ftaya 0       M   '■
*». A. Dtuntmaed I  TKu
.   t I undent- E. S, Climate
A Gi-ti.*'.-! Banking   lutncts tiorr.-ch-r!
*   *    ■■   a    »
•   I Statu   i ■'    4 •**»!    *■••!■.
Savings Bank 5__1« S3
STJ»a OTWESKS-,SSam_t__M   »aihd.at.lh o   laaeaat <.Hko.ii
d.liy.   Haii-leaii aal;' IW   Bat.
taaa i total ant •••       . -     -i.j»i Dittrtet a -s -.. n ..Meed
iiMiaenglvn ta tin hmdhag el Mantctpil **d
C. A  HitiMMO.., Kitigit. Vetnan
1   b   "a Igl    K.S.V. MoCllliledl Snl A<1    P. DyHoealln. Sab ht
 ,v     ,,,
Open t! 2 CkaW from ^V&3*
..   pt fcf— ,
Whnii \ .,it fool a trl flu
a-llillj.  ll «   ll-.t   Ili*a*ae-..irj-  laa ^
(jal  alaaWII  ae-ilrl-  to  turn iall   till.' tlfilfl* tif
1i";Q:'"Vr' -'-5     _»-4"
Simply pull i p llieiliiin faa'tti Ilic Itaaar alsne, as
ihown, ind ■ sirong di.ilt Ihrough ihe a»h**jiil door
I. i-j'ell.-al.
Iho . -.iii I- irn* up
briikh    chill) fi      .:
- dliappaara.
\\     i mil -i .   nigh,
lowci t     .
let ea g| eee, ! e   , .ti
l.e|l-|.|ieallllal ,  I   e)   llie
"MAt.v .
limit le'i   l      I. Imt
Will n!a,. I-   na..   il
s.,1,1 b)
A. Fulton
:al aoent
Real Estate
fib. General Cotnmiation Agency
.iii     TOWfl    ')|J
•     ■-. ill should
Church Services
S. Geopge's Church.
Holy Communion: Ist. and 4th
Sundays In Ihe month, 11 a.m.; 3rd.
md Slh Sundays In the monlh, 8 a.m.,
ilso on Saints' Days at H a.m.
MATINS! Every Sunday, excepl lhe
2nd In Ihe month, 11 a.m.
Litany: iii. ind 5th. Sundays in
the month, II a, ns.
EvtiNsoNo: Every Sundiy. 7. JO p.m
Also on Fridays it 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School: Every Sunday.
10 a.m.
Holy Butim: by arrangement
I Mission of S. John the Evangelist, Salmon Arm.
Sittvic*zs:    2nd.   Sunday   In   tha
monlh. 11 a.m.
Riv. Francis Vmnon Venablis.
Methodist Church
Divine  services every Sunday al
7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at
.ie p in
Prayer meeting. Tuesday, it 8 p.m.
A, N. Miubr, Pistor.
Sr. Andrew's Church
Service! it ll a.m.   Sundiy ichool
■ IS   Hav. 0. Campbell. Pailor.
Synaptls af
Canadian Harnett,*!* Regulations.
t\\  available    Dominion   Lamia
..linn  Un- Itiailwnjr  Hei.  au h .ie.it
r-l'lllllli aiua> la' ||,iiiiie.,.,a |,,| ly
.'«> |l r-eell Willi |l till* '..I.' l.c ill ta|
a l.aa.ail), .ar ua lii.ll. nlei IH
) .11- nl lt||., In Ihi- Filial eel ,iiii>
■ I eel     I    .lnu   i.i    IU I  Ill-IP.,   lump
i et i a i.in.t iir nt,„i • nBraonalljr at
Itl.-     laae'tal     lltnl     .title-.'     I'.l      Il.e-      .| .
trii-t   ii whleh iln    i .. ... ui.
The. homMtaader |. ri-*|.nna| io
perform    ih>- roatUtloni    ronoKlrd
'la a "I'll no'r ...in a,f ||i.. I.e'luva.
in*    i-l in- :
I    tt  leaal  alt   itie-nth.   re.itla.iiie
•If -tt     e.l    "ttti.  ll   ..ll    iat    the*    111, lell
e ii >. .r fur Ibi*. ,,-at..
•i II tli fattier, «r ttiiiilie-. II lb*
falh i ■ .lap,.a.l, ..I tlie htniapatPiad
at. ra-l'lp. aiipan n tnrm In Hip ti.
plnUy nl th- litiaal rntaeraal t.ar, ilae
r eteiir in. n*> »» In rwldeae* anrajr I*
•iall tl at I.) aaeh |a-r«an l».|a|||ag
aee lltl   the-   InlleP*   ur   ntitlhpr
.1 ll iii miiIpi hit. hi. i*rnt»n-
,ti. rnMaaat. ii|mn fnri.nn« Und
aaaan el la) taliia III ihr trlrtttltjr nf hll
I,...,., .i.-i.l,  tl,p tp.|«iiiptitpnt« a. in
r-.lale-« P  may   he «ltl.f|pa|   t.e/   t—i'l
• nt* ni».n Ihr awM Iimi
si.     maeii.h.*    ntatlpp    In  trrltaatg
•haauld la- Blarlt   lat the f*.tneie|l..t>t-t-f
aal   iNaaaailt eat,     t.aaa.1.   eal   llltetw.t   if
Itt-aaal. ti   taa  lt|eply   fat.   i .    i.e
t'i.n.   Iienil.  taair   tie  l"ir''hia»ied     .1
nn |. r mtt r..r ~.n - -ii mt m
for nnthrei'itp \..t mnrr Hmu .i.tl
lernt e-,„ w at**|.tlrp«l b, nop it..!.,
•Hlei.ai or a-aimiMny  ttnjrnliy nt the
rittr ..I ten avail. |apr Inn ait i.aaal
|e»a-tla-|. .h-all t^ P.al|.p|p.| 0* that
|f,.t*.    i,-|t|H||
* W   W   l-iallY.
ll llllly   Mine.1.1   iat   the   la.e-a na
*• II.    I De ith   lit d      IU   ta •   ill
till, litlt. rli.ainrlil Mill naat lm |vaiil
Seeds    Trees
NO Seedless Phimi, NO Puiess
Apples. NO Cobleu Com. just old
reliable varieties il reasonable prices
Fertilisers. Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material. Cut Flowers, etc
Oldest established nursery on lh*
mainland oi B. C.   Catalogue Iree
Greenhouses and Seed House*
'.'AN .ft I' B    C
i o 11 your local merchants do
n I handle my setds. stnd direct. We
prepay filly picheli. a-t*rted varieties
of garden seeds In 5c papers Itesled
■ stock i, to your nearest Poet Office lor
51.00. lerenty pickets lor SOc.. trial
r collection.
Hoi Springs Santlartum
No* under thi managiment ol
I lliitnr   McI-aiosM.   Hoifmin  Home
j    Tht :>• leia Walars al Ha -, -a are lit
| -naat aejtatlea tr* lha aaatld.    A ««.laat.
IIMI '."I fat ail r.'.-r. . and y .teaa-
.- Diteeuei. Liver. Kidney and Stameab
j Atliteenlt. lea Balha na.lt llll la a...
i fttie.irenam.       . .    ret- i-i,<„|i,«i
Terms.112 lo t:9 ret »...     rv • „ta-
tertteulert atan: ta -
Halryon Hot Sprinn
Artaw Uke. I. C.
! // Aa
Weekly Budget of Interesting   News   and Doings of
Thriving District, from our Regular Correspondent.
Miss Marie Shiw returned to her
home In Shuswap on Monday.
J. F. l-'uuie. ol Vlrden, Man., wu
* vlallor it thi home ol W. J. Wilcox
list week. Mr. Frime eapressed him-
sail as being well pleased with our
Miss Gertrude Palmer returned home
on Sunday nighl.   Miss Palmer wii
Home Circle Department
Don't be whining about hav
Ing a fair chance. Throw a
sensible man out of the window
and he'll fall on his feet and
ask the nearest way to his
work. The more you have to
begin with the less you will
have In the end.   Money you
•pending this summtr wllh thtlr reli-
nves here
Miss Grant, ol Revelstoke, Is visiting
her mothar. Mrs. Pratt, Ion short
time.    Mr. Gnnt wis hir* over Sun
Mr*. Andy Currl* l*rminat*d her
holiday sojourn In .Sainton Arm on Saturday list, whan sh* returned to her
horn* In Kamloops.
Mn. Drone's minv Iriends ire
please J lo see her at home again, ind
looking is well ind hippy is ever
Mrs. Droit* enjoyed a very pleasant
holiday vliltlng imong hir relillvu
ind frlsndi In Ih* tut
Mtssn.   Mltthesvson  ind  Clarke,
iccompinlid by Miss Edna and Mlssjearn yourself Is much brighter
Mabel Shaw, oi Toronto, who Intend!than any yen get out of dead
men's bags. A scant break
fast in the morning of life whets
the appetite for a feast later In
the day. He who has tasted a
sour apple will have the more
relish for a sweet one. Your
present want will make a future prosperity all the sweeter.
Eighteen pence has set up
many a pedler In business, and
he has kept his carriage. As
for the place you are cast In,
don't find fault with that: you
need not be a horse because
you were born in a stable.
If a bull tossed a man of
mettle sky high, he would drop
down Into a good place. A
Irom MinnMoi*. w.rain townlaii weekj hard working man with his wits
looking up lirm lands. Thiy Intend -b°"> ******* *'" "!»•« money
letiting in our valley. | while others   will do nothing
but lose It.
As to the little troubles, who
expects to find cherries without
stones or roses without (homes?
Who would win must learn to
bear. Idleness lies In a bed
sick of the mulligrubs, while
Industry finds health wealth
The dog In Ihe kennel barks at
lleas, and the hunting dog does
not even know that they are
there. Laziness waits till the
river Is dry. and never gets tc
market. "Try" swims It. and
makes all the trades "Can't
do It" would not eat the bread
cut for him. but "Try" made
meat out of mush rooms.
Ju. Wigglni, of Arrow Rivir. Man
vai a butintss eimiert In lown but wi«k.
Quit* a number ol littler* ar* coming
Into Silver Cr**k. Th* llllll tcquit-
Itlon li thi Ellgood family, living on
Ihi lirm lormirly ovnad hy H John.
Ju. Witlirslon wu al th* Caul
lor a l*w diyi llll w**k
R. K. Sales wu a buitnau visitor
in Riveliloke on Monday,
Som* vtry inttrtitlng ind Insliuc-
liv* demonstrations on the an ol nidging horses ind citlli wtr* given by Dr,
Tolmi* In Evm'i itodt yards list week
under Ihe luiptcei ol Ihe Kirmers' In-
ititute. Quit* * Urgi crowd was in
Mi*, and Mlu Hilljnrd ik itsylng
lor a law dayt with Mrs. Pye, Thty
tp«nt ih* winKr In Victoria, and art
now on ihtir way homt to Montreal.
Ju Cirtfool his uld his ranch to
Mr. Wittcrt. ol Amur River. Mm.
who will lake pollution in lht till
Th* infant diughlti ol Mr. and Mm
Seasonable.. *
Cow Boy Hats in black and fawn
Stella Grades in Grecos, Columbias, Dakotas
Soft Felt Hats in navy and Pearl
Knock-About Felts—pocket editions
Linen Panamas
Ice-Cream Hats
Fancy Straws
Imitation Panamas
Fedoras in all styles. Pandoras and
Hard Hats-All Kinds of Common Straws, etc
We have TEo Hat you are looking for-
Drop in and Get it Now
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
How Biteint Saved a Finnan.
Miny • man •■-.-■ .-■*.-■! pent* nf
tire and mem I.. tall I ptry lai 4l«
r*ae.    Illlran. aated t*1trtiilti J   II
'" n eitaie aal llallM !!■ a.! Ki'ec * "e
flnm Ihl. leal'      lie t*)t     "I .uDa-ied
ttrrlbll Irian mdlieeiieen ud ann.il-
; m*|.i Alter fool I I ad ar.ll.. |a*ln
• .eit.aii.en aal wtahl al ihe .taeniae h
and l*|e leltec li.tln*. i ha a wotn-oilt
anniiil !•• ieee My hottel. mantel
not  ttutk  healthily,  bad  heaala.be>
Wm. Monttlth died cn Frlttoy night. •»•» •'■mnn.n. and I tell int.. a tarai.
Jim 7.   Th* lumril look place on]**'***'**[ '}***    *■*"*>•>* *""M *""
Sunday. Jun* 9. the R*v. Py« oftict
I liappened lit nt» hm  lm  Hilt-ati. I
'don't know '   On* has iat thia t-t.
Th.re w.r* * Urge number ot ,.,,,„ trmriX. „,_,„,. ,,„,,,_,_, mr
fritndsol the sorrowing parentl present. = _,4 , f,w uetw eur-d nt-    I h...
10 whom greal sympithy It eilcnded in] now mined wrl*hl and am quit* n
the ktst ol Iheir btby. aimed     till**** alto car* pth
mile   tllmenie.   amentia,   drlillii.
hlmtd |m|.Utllla»   telmeelee. ...||.ll'.n
and ill titer and lidnei tronbla  Ml
alriiKl.i. and alma, at nil. rtltl e-
- it. ..I Imlti Illlran t*.>. Tneiiti!"   la.e
in lie
It r et.J Her Boy o! Painful Sore*.
• ■ el.i-.. |. .... -. itti|itra«*ltl l.a Ibe
ry* and mot" ..alalia! laa tb. .atlteie,-
n «.. hull, and (lean, 11 tbla per-
l.-l «l lhe ..at  man-  atltilis tulfer
.    <|l.l<    r   "'le   He'.    I   -Ull<ll  ..llHeH...
llfaeh lM.ll.. ileal ae, ...ur on
■Mlaleela II t« |,|l|till l.i -ee Hat lillle
at,r,  Ml*
Mae K llolBM*. l>l '.ee lllll . Hi
lion llle.i, I. mala lui In- « hot /am
Uuk a)M f.ir l.-i lllll* *...• Wl I
Ibi* iellit.il  ptlil.1     She nay I
eai.h lonntaa nr gnulmdt t... th.
■aenrhi mj .hud raratetd t.i*m rtmt
laaieaear- /.atit-ltuti laalni He .iiei>i«-a1
■' —na Ipllai p'lefil'li.- and Ihen InAI.
brnktoatoahl aeck    l iri.d i.le..^
jea-il inn  r*IB*dl*l     al... nail ..ia-
*i,.t,la nl all klml* a.„. ,,...1,1,,,
•A M "p. lalm a>,   .!.        | good     !'■
A place of safety and security for the accumulations
of all who work and save.
Deposits of any amount accepted and
interest paid 4 times a year at highest
current rate.	
Salmon Arm Branch: H "J™™
Ftt* Simples ol "Pieveniici" and
*»<X)kl(lonColdi will be gladly mailed
you. on request, bv Dr. Sheep. Rieine.
Wis simply lo prove merit. Prtven-
lies are lllll* Candy Cold Cut* UMels, r
No Quinine, no Utailv*. nothlr*;
hirmful whilever Prevenlics prevtnt
colds is thi nimt intphu wh*n|
laktn tatly ot it the "Snetti Stagt". i
For a tuttd cold cr la Grippe, break'
It uplllely ind iue:kly with PteventlCl
Sold by Enderby Drug k SlittoneryCo
to S. H. Lawrence
Fishing Tackle. Picture Posl
Cards.   Lacrosse Slicks.
Baseball Goodt, etc
When you come to town dry,
call and try an Ice cream
m Fancy Store
•  IB 1'W'h
ll at I uni'tt tint
a*  «nfti> ..*  Ibt
•tilil  tint  tiirft'hl
\     .,<   (hll   |1bm
at a^^ aA*amaAm _ ffc__tf__ __* _—■-U.
m JW9 ^mlmm m * •"Wkal Wt ■Wlrl
tie Mttmtt .wta., a.1
Pf-^— a. ;.a„ tlte,'
t,ta.it., n. rt-;,
Alfc fnm* tmmt, M*nt*t«**>
mt *fN*MlM| ft*»m(« tttt'
fttMt tit |h*> *TI tl*'.
tl   }"»   r«f>ri"t   nlllln,   •»»
•hip   rilt*«1,   tnpr»+«   ft*-
tW»lpt, nil •!■-
•%**MtA 4 •**•!• Ift •tutnpa !<■» t It* I'M'
I1l-*t*•(*.!» nMlnn.lnrln.llttfi *)*-«-
l*t«fif Inl*-*! ft-itllllni-t*. In MP tin*
feint lift* p.aln'inn»'„m|ia,[ »-,-,-
MHlttn. thi pr..,**- »*r> r*.f ft fir»*rm
M*\. ft*-, tint ftttttar tier- fr* |-•},-..
I.Mhr>a|*>itpnMl tlvnttr tiitl..| a,*,,
mh*rm 1r,t alt rrnnlttn ■'■i*w|n*»a.
J. 1TIVIH1   Atttf*  A    lINItlr.
r. n. it., i vm
tmUt,   Km.      t.
•mil" *t.l won
nui* atttA un*
■ uA Hm |o
1 *«iil» atnl 'il'
Mil)   •**   -im
*   'R'll|l|r   <HI\   taj   BtWaHot    «
i'l bin ««i«i wi
*i.i|.«.  >ih hla a \i\tu atr.ii   m i
boaffcl  n   *" **nt   l—\      TI*
WM "nil*- atiinfltif     llM   It 0 "  «-
Htm   |ho boll    llOd 'r >n 10 'I'    u\-
%*ut ll I Tl
*p*> »r ihtm **• ht*i'A
T,n*u link  It  *t  • \ <• run *'*• Ut
r-Aftttt .I      a. |lp    ...   « |Q| •*..   I
'.ii"' *«-«tiifi«. rbraole Bitot*, <lm|»i*
*4 h*n<i*. *«■•   fold ran*, tto ***
tn***m*\Wt   Htfc*    f>tt*a>||i.O<.   ttui   l"l-
Itll'lk   Aum   Itl   Mi«kI    i-« i   >i.    «le        ||
■■ -line nil mm plloi  n«i
■«. ,   ■ nn *>»1«*«ii»>hi
ti- *   .-I      i' •     ' ■ •• '
•cut »bo«M bow II   bet of ti
Hull      Ml -t-'iKSi*!* utt.i Mom *• II
^titi  «   t»nt    nt   tNtiin   Zrittt Hull   »"«i
efBfOI 10   fur ptlir   * Ih»* * Uu  |2 '.«
**+nA U  *<Mm|i U*t I'lrtl Itnt
Diuolulion of Partnership
wt m. Mn v»   »       h drrH *>•■
||       -   A--    |.C    « •- ■»!»     •      I
"»   '• *■•       f '    '     •        •     f»   ***';
-*•     *■ -    • ."*    f  *****        :•• ■' »       •
C? M»r»*-   *> '  '«-
*V*UA. !»"'•* '  ; **•    ■  " •    I'l    »
*,- ■    i*v .,-   it***, mttool
-v. | ,,,.,.   , .   -.
"*  ■       'g wScttt i*Idt!-« »■* *-t.a   *
M     V,    r.y
S. M
Jackson & Parker
Builders k
a i
§■1*1 **>     1-1 .        a
Dr. Shoop's
Rheumatic Remed\
The Enderby Drug & St,"'y Co.
-• l   i .«    ■•
l«t dat* we Hiieitd I    .
•   -
ralitT el Sllrt -1 Ante fM * I*
*■'-     •    ■
iAn   HC
id i' Bain •  /• ■  Mi    lit
•o vaana*
Tmm Mant*
Ceata+Mta 4*
ttmo^aat mm •*-#! t, aom + omt **_m*jmi #jmb
t»"«tf matf.e,*, „.t ,t* -m trm *%Mtam tm
X'tm    .<•«•■   Iiaaet  f— •» -aaaam >>*(**-*«
*>M- *ma-  it-aft* ■*?» OtV tmtmta
OWpl wL*m\ OtTBOl OMWOi <m tit
Sdtiiinc ilntrkan.
• mtmmtat ••••■•   ttttmt ■ i
*tmi»lO»| fatmm..    If-* a Ma
***m.%L *J>*»»*W fOOMH *-•
t*Coisie^.. dew Toil'
>■••*> mtPt, **,t*Tm*     tt t
1 he Now ^ ear
s  he a, and /Ith It th    Pi rlni lal  in I
•:! other-
, part nl
ii ii
. i I. r KiiJtrrby'
The June rai: g us of Iheir
' Abundant'* this   imttltr.
Blali len visiting Iter
brollicr, Ar H. Bia.t, tins week,
• •       • '  ::. HA, lal" e.l
Suminetland, 3 -iii Van
couver, spent Sundi t with !•:-     .
Mrs. A. N. Mill •    u .nage.
Rev, F. V. '.' is i pi  in
gerto Vernon on Tuesday, i   allend
which convened there on Thursday and [
Friday oi lhls week    A nu     •   I
I A. Fulton
•   9
[e NO. 50.     e,r:
uiagin , ..'soon,
.1 tlir     .
We shall close
at 6.30 p.m.
We beg to Inform our numerous patrons that, starling
on Monday Next, June 17, we shall close
at 6.30 every evening except Saturday evening and
before a public holiday.
Men's and Boys' Suits. Hats, Boots
and Shoes, Shirts, etc.
Wheeler &  Evans
e»5KK5S a^ •,--•; _llrts«BU_t'W* a.
.,   :   v.:-.-
For all kin-is of hot weather
—#..i- .. -.-.mzmxxu-Te.-ii-Timi
We have everything necessary for a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Beil Horses and
the Finest Rigs in the Valley.
.ji. to be use
! !',;      .1 a I-J I i
Tertni reuoruMe.
. Sattei
See;'s that
Famous English Seeds
R. R. Burns, Di uu'.'isl, Armstrong, is Agent
II     Ua ..      .
'ice on Satur-
lay    Mr. Naylor, who came inlo thia
liiiri.-i in 1839. l-.-gina lo Ieel toba
tt e! Ihe okl-llttteri tf the country,
neat ind lm.. nun? tfniti-.ceiieei of thuie
early **ltl«m*ni   liyi     Mr. Naylor
far. hit been
.ind thit hid •  i-er a bet
le itatoni liave
11 gout hir-
veil    1907 h r| li lit ih tvery prsmii*
' --eiiia,* th* ume. lar agricultural pro-
Dissolution of Partnership
- > timby jivrn that the t
slilr litetilalore «»ttimr. t>*l*Mn J. I
ana J. McEwen. under tin ityli of McNttll
Ct u.-E»>«n. blutumlihi, of Endetby. hia
tattn JiaaeilvrJ by mutual otauM. and ihl
iiuunitt will tn rattteJ ct. ly J, McNeill
I, MeNeiil
" tan
English Lady's Saddle
la lllll cilia »rJer patt
tl run am! ill iltichiMiHi tvmriete hut.
KS.33. C*tibea*enitl>ROUKBSSOItiee
Pour girl* or vomen lo put up break-
.minly locking ^'J,,^ ;J&t,(lug^ ^
■.!•-• ■.-■-.
bt ■
Send to llie Above for Price Lists and Order Form BUiksioverln
'-        '
The nun with the pimt and bruth
•tuny friends hu (gen abroad lately In lown. Several ]   A aum of money in S10 billt. torn*-
btainew home ind rrivalt rtiidencei 9***t** ** **** ****** *******   p******
***** $****'* ******* bear ie»ttm*ny to tha tact, ind Iheir
■ppcarenc* greatly intpioved iheieb/
ratumlng urn* to Phocnjss OHle*
will be liberally rewarded 81c
The Follow in-.
Legal Forms
hi :
tShOTl "
up Irom Mm cn     m  _M   Hwl|f    ^ Wjnwptgi NOTICE I. hereby given that 30
nt  Sunday at hu M__iM-ta>. to mike* tnotl^ **<* ***** l****** ***********
Honorable, the Chief Commuiloner of
Villi to r*l«liv*ie h«r- Undj llrf Wo||u f0f t tvt.[t. ||ee(|lt
Co •    Armair ng. Vimch tnd Penlicton *<• '** ind mtt, «»vay limber from the
' ■ *** are mil .     tm to eelebrit* ^lwl* ^M* J* ****** ** '*
■'■       ***** D.tnln.oi. D,7X» I. °"1WM D"Ul0n" Y* DU"",:
lU to
.      A We undenttnd lhal lh* band It- It
laftg, and Confining menu luve been ihlpeed, and ire en- tin* allimit o»ie*i by Matvna. aiofc* mat'a
tl llr band rati 40 chains then;* nerlh IU) ttitlnt,
iHetire t»!ti 40 oSiins le peitei ef earn-
,,   c-~- rnein* »■.,;-■ marked  a u
■t cine in «<•<«•»' Timber Until,* et. Uammion Line
Commencing il lh* put ate D
UiiJ Survey lU-ui4 llriiirap Trinity
Creek, liawitt; irtls Shtttwip Ritrtr ai artai
Job Printing
Minion ai
•er &n Frii
Ml W*4n-erelay !.. make t short v;»lt lo Survey eml ttit tf Hiddin Uke, Hum*
.       .    Haiti 1(0 -hunt Ihlite** **tl 43 chaini
i. Widdell it  Hitelmere  Rinelt. xp,ntt . ...
ar* cousin! ol * -■* e'amtt.at.etrnei.i.
itt moikeel "A. R.
•■ an Damintan
e*        ' '
i **it SO chaint- theneaRMth
Nairn hai b»m appointed diitilsi r ernsodwiatiicatuij
■       .    •   , then Mtti diy it Miy,
'■'ckihaitii lo Scelimd. where  lh
y s
til.1 I I
mm ing
IMHRHV DC     PO !...«17
City   Barbrr
A Nl
requiring it ini
Sluip **i"**** * healthy mind
* and f<
i    . woilr   mt>-
rt -      To hav*
l   il     I
-   B Itt mini !mv» tho t>*i.
  meat*, and thai i «ht'
• HI 111' i* lh* li iv
■   ■
manager for the Sovereign Life Aiitir-
of Canida. lm field ef opera-
Liggin lo Slciinoiu.
th* Oka  •. - and fttfstm lo
kt Mail Herald
Meyer. Pelllb n* »ni II?.
allfgeJ murdtr
.nenburg ol Idiho, it  na*
■ret   H E    - .'lly
.- r w >mi
he back
anj MiitK
.: '
bttt Ml
V I. Brlrm ; .i.br iri|»t ; ih-local
btan.ii ol Ihe Bank ol Montreal li
spending hla vacalit.it wilh friends in
: Edward H,isi.    -.   ■
e*Ati by
i     Ihiiyiti
; *».-, Ihl   Ifeji   ■       i |l     -   •■   r  ol  the
(. ti o. R Sharpe
. - •
I ittiil rinihe


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