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The Edenograph 1905-04-12

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' I
V '     > : \ ■  v
Volume I.   Numhek 51
ENDERBY. B. C.   APRIL 12, 1905.
Pki:e, $2 a Year
Over the Bar
Now, Mr. Editor, I am nol a bar    Th, qu„Uon o( |u„jp keilRg w J|nc9 |h, reMM |a_4 ,„„„, o| 5e|||m C, C. Poynlz has lln. I
man nor a bar maid, but I think Mr. br_ugln up, and Mr Wiancko said II comparatively well-populated dUtrlcl, on It It property close to town.
Campbell has shown by his own argu- wgJ no, ^^ |0 (eed  |um|(B tni ,ndll(jlng lvo \nilin te3ervallons anj A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
ment lhat his position Is neither liberal nave ,h, |m|k ,,M ,„m the (.,vor lh„ls,v,ri| |umD8l. „„,,„, and that it waa Im C, Jones on Sunday. April 9lh,
nor lair, and I Ieel lhal II this question^ alw8ysMdu,a,,e,uL     |n his longjlmporunl  that   Constable   Gardom Warned   Chambermaid lor  In
Is to be considered at all n should be Mp,r|,nc. .„ ,he creamery business should bo permanently located here Apply.C. A C. S. Petitlcion. B. C.
on a lasls ol alaolule itqulty to all. ba' he had |ound ,ha| |he on)vsat!j(ac„ryi   Slnc9,ha, leiterwas written. Supt, jaj. Evans Is pulling up  a two-
"way la handle turnip, ltd milk was .VHussey. ol Ihe Provincial police, lias ^ory residence on Knight street, east
keep II separate, and turn the butler written Chiel Constable Simmons ask c| i|,c railway.
oil as a second-class article. tng him to terminate Ihe appointment
-.    ,.      ., vl lot Constable Gardom, unless it were
City Council Meet,* ^^ ^^ (o  ^ ^
A. the meeting .1 the Ct.y Council    Thii ",lon ■" lnduc*d ,h» Cou"c"
lo press Ihe claim lor Constable Gar-
d.m's permanent appointment.   The
„ result ol their ellorls in ihis direction
The by-laws relative to  he duties |njy mlbe ^^ („ |oMt ^ ^ „
and powers ol the civic oflicers were, „ „ ^ hopfd tha,  Mr, Cardomwill Irom New Westminster to act as Junior!
brought up lot the first reading, and t!.i be removed, lor he Is a lactlul. ,„ ihe Bank ol Montreal.
the licence by-law was submitted lor courageous and ccuiteout officer, and
preliminary discuttion,   It will come >■» tervlces are greatly needed.
up lor us drat reading tonight. ,   One good milch cow lor sale,
The attention ol the Council Is be. pi.' to S. Teece. Enderby.
Yours In Fairnus.
A large number attended the lectures
held In the Town hall list Saturday al-
I Under this head we will publish my
communication sent lo ua on questions of
Interest to the public. Our only conditions
are these: First. Ihe wriler'a name must ic-
cotnpiiiy the pen name vituperation Is not
Argument and will not be accepted: make
your point quickly and then quit.- Eta |
Editor The Eubnosraph:
Sir;   Will you allow me ^suggestion regarding the question lhat Is before Ihe people ol Enderby at this lime.
I believe lhat it is possible, and gloriously possible, to make this a prohibition town, as far as the liquor trade Is ternoon, given under the auspices ol
concerned.   This Is the end we should the Farmer's  Institute,
lave belor<< us ani Icr which we should Sheppard, who addressed the meeting
work.   At lhe rr.sent time we are in on fruit growing, gave much valuable
need ol more hotel accommodation. Information aboul lhe planting, pruning
and It seems as II Individuals who have and care ol trees; the relative merits oi
the money are not willing to run the different soils, and Ihe value ol one-
risk ol a temperance house paying.   It year-old trees compared with three-
Is my firm conviction that a hotel run -year-old* lor planllng.    Major Strep-
without a bar but with every other ac-.pard advocates Ihe planting ol one-
commodation, would pay, and pay well, year-aid*,   He it morea demonstrator
Why should not men of temperance than a lecturer, and hltdeiiian.lrailo.it
principle* gel together and farm a com- In Ihe morning at the larm olA, L,
pany to erect a llrsl-class building fur Fortune were very instructive
the business ?   I know el a couple who    T, A. F, Wiancko. an eapert »slry.
could be secured to run a hotel, minus man. spoke at length on the economi-
the bar, to the complete satisfaction ol cat production ol butter and milk   He
the public.   Indeed, they would attract said that thit Valley offered greater
business to their house even il no advantages lo the dairyman than any.
drinks were sold on the place. If I had olher part cl Canada,   The natural
money. I would be perfectly willing to condition* are all thai cauld be dttirei
risk il tn this venture.   There ihould It rightly conducted ll If a most htm-1
be enough men ot temperance prut- live branch ot (inning,   The question;
clples In Ihe lown and surrounding is net how to pr duce cheap milk, but
country who haw money they would be rather how lo produce gmt ind
willing lo invest in a schema ol thi* cheaply.   Thete art al* factor* ia be,
kind,   I believe there would be a dlvt- cottiidend, Iht caw, tht ttaUt. tht
dend ihe very lint year.    We would lood. iht water, iht care, and iht milk- j
thus prepare the way (or lhe greater ituj,   Tht Capacity ot iht cow U tht
and better move lor prohibition.    We ttrti catutdtnllan,    Tht dairy covj
ahall only secure our end* by some uttluti her toad lar the production of
tactifice and earnest effort. j milk instead ol meat, and while then
I commend the I'ttwet to men ol art certain breed* lhal are primarily
conviction. dairy caw*, set tht main nuance in
Your* lor Ihe besl town In B. C.      teleeting a esw „ not type cr breed
Annum E. ttowwu     but will bt bund in Iht ptrton el the
MDNUI TO ALL •    ShtthouM bt ttltcitdlorhtr
= great death and length ol body. long.
Editor Tm* EouiMKArit: lint neck, prominent back'bant, udder
Sir. I noiict in Rev. DuncanCamp- and Mtt wtU placed, tlfty hair   Tht
bell'* communication in your taut tail yield Irom a cow ihould not be tan
week, a statement which I think take* ihan 300 pound* a year, and ihould tun
all iht soundness eul ol hit own argu- a.higha»600pound*     When a cow
ment    He says with all aineerlly: Unaldsingwtll.lt tt tht bull «l iht
"li It taid a haute cannot be  run teed or cart mart than tht cow.
without a bar.   I believe a bar naj   Acow.houM bt tasked upon at a
more necessary lar a hotel lion lar machine lar iramlarmtng cheap ma->
any ethtr buitneit.   Gtvt a license to lertal into a highly pralitaMt product, j \
a grocery man or any olhtr biulneu Many art keeping cow*, which, like a
and ht can *ellhii good* cheaper.   In boiler with lillta fuel latdtr tl. do nol
tomeel the lUits hotel* are natal- product any attain
lowed to htvt a licence   The oar    Tht cow can'l do her but vtlhoul
must be by itself." iht bw liable.   She mutt bt kept at
In one tentetice Mr. Campbell tayt 102 degreei«! heat, and la kttptnt
a bar unot neceuary to a hotel. Per- warm 60 per cent at her ratioml*
hip. li ti not.   But it u a convenience required   Ts make miBt cheaper the
lhat those who ptironite It art willing mutlbt kept in a warm (Act, tnd to
lo pay lor   The men whose live* are makt sure ot tht milk being ununited
spent in a hotel are the men lot wham by laU tin Iht tUMt mutt bt wtU
the bar ts provided    It la not Ihere to ftntltaltd
accommodate men and women who do    The imponanct ol feeding cannot bt
not drink    In another lenience. Mr  lootliangly tmphatlttd, etpeci*B»«t
Campbell tayt. "Give a license io a coKtMratedaitdwccUkntlaii.  Tht I
groceryman and he can sell hu getds question ol amplt water tta/y ti atoo I
cheaper."   No doubt   And il we give ol the greelett importance    Tht cow
a license la one groceryman and not la should hir-  Itet actes* la ruwiirw
another, we simply enable the llctmed water al all lime*     She  fhsaii b*
man li undersell Ihe unlicensed mm. undtstisrlwd by loud -tkmjtad
and lores him la go oul el buiinot ing. 1st these thing*, at *d at a
a the same th<ng apply to lhe strange milker, disquiet her and are
importance ol cleanliness In milking wai
pointed out. When the air ol the
stable I* lout, it Is during ihis operation lli n ihe milk Is exposed lo ihe
mllll r. J bacteria. Bel-rre milking
Ihe Hanks should be bru.hcd clean and
the udder wiped with a damp cloth, the
inilk-r hould be healthy, and at no
lime should ihe milk be brought in
contact with any contagious, disease.
The question ol turnip feeding was
brought up, and Mr. Wiancko said it
; lhe ollice ol constable.
Al iher Iir.i meeting Clerk Rosoman
was Instructed to write the attorney-
general anticipating CunslableGardom's
withdrawal as constable here, and sug-
. lhal he be  retained, the city
..:■■ •.:,;.    . a.   i ,r!   u! 111., ::,!:ii.      !:
was pointed cut In the letter lhal Iht
area ol Enderby is only 6SS a it
it Is surrounded by an extensive and
since the recent large influx of settlers
comparatively well-populated district
,    {last Wednesday evening, the mayor
Major Jas.     .   „  .
and all the aldermen were present.
ness of J. A, Taylor. Mr. Breon wil
continue business ln Ihe present quarters while Mr. Taylor enters ihe brick
tusking business.
Four lirsls and eight seconds were
given ai the meeting of Endeiby Lodge
No, 35. K.ol P., at Monday night's
meeting. Pythlanlsm is one ol those
good things that a community cannot
lake too much of.
F. Pyman Is preparing to Increase
his jewelery business. His large sale
has arrived snd will be opened when
he has lhe room ready for It. Mr.
Pyman will tear out the partition and
utilize all of the room for his Jewelery
Mr. Coullhard arrived this morning display.
J, F. Smith, of Ihe Ne»s. wis up
"   n Vernon on Friday  on business
,    Buy a ticket lor 'Navajo" and see' c, mKXii wl|h the speela, Dsmlnl(m
. the little girl's tambourine dance Easier Ka,r vimtv    Mr  Smith ,._,„ ,h„
i Monday, at the Town Hall \ work m lho blg edlllon „ advanclng
I   Ensign Shanley. ol the Salvation' favorably, and lhat the project la being
Army, held an Interesting meeting in'Well supported.
h t-l
Rev, Mr. While was In the Valley
this week on business connected with
his church work.
You will miss a great treat If you
fall to see "Lady Loo." at the Town
Hall. Easter Monday.
Ready to Play Ball
Enderby will soon have things in shape to play
ball. This means more ihan base ball or loot ball
or any other kind of ball or lawn tennis, It means
that Enderby will soon be earnestly at work preparing lor the annual celeb'ailon—May 24th
Last Friday evening a meeting was held by the
base ball enthusiasts for the purpose ol reorgani
ring \hi Enderby Base Pa' Club The meeilng
was largely attended and reorganization was quickly
aliected, The following olftcers were chosen:
President, H. W. Wright; vice-president. F Py-
man; secretary, Roy wheeler; treasurer. F. R,
Lawes; manager, Ceo. Bell; captain. A. E. Taylor.
Treasurer Lawes reported a balance on hand from
last season ot $1250 The membership fee was
placed at SI. Upwards of 20 names were put
down as members and the funds at once jumped
up to summer heat.
The selection of Mr. Bell as manager, and Mr.
Taylor as captain ol the team, ensures first-class
sport for the season. Some new material is handy
to strengthen the weak spots of last season's team,
and when the boys get down to work there wen't
be many lo beat them. They do net Intend to let
the cup go oul of Enderby if they can hold it.
The matter ot recreation grounds Is still unsettled. There is still rscm for a good field on lhe
old grounds, and H may have to be used this year.
There is, hotever. a preposition to be submitted
by H. W Wright relating :o his grounds north of
lown. Just what prcpssitisn Mr. Wright Is prepared to make will n&t be known until Friday's
meeting, but It Is understood he will pul a large
parcel ol his excellent birch-grove property in
shape lor a recreation gnund and place it at the
disposal ol the town for the season's sports.
At Friday evening's meeung, the matter of cele
bratlon wtll also be br >jght up     1 h» members of
the base ball club, through Mayor Bell, are calling
the meeting, and ihey are particularly anxlou
everybody in town to attend the meeting   Mr
Wrights prcptaitlsn Mil demand earnest consider
atlon, and the matter of celebration will alt
mand attention. It is the desire of all W make this
the best celebration that Enrkrby has ever given
Being the lirsl since metrporatlon. it is lelt that
• special effort should be made to sustain the good
name that the town already has.
The meeting will be held in the Orange hail.
Bell black, at 8 p tn The date is Friday, April
14th.   Theinviu'.i.nislsYOU   Csitr
Orange hall latt Wednesday evening
Dr. McDonald, ihi papular dentist,
la spending the week in F.nderby, He
will be lound in the lurniturt stort
The Provincial government has
pasted a law that will enable timber
licenses lo be converted into 16-year
Strayed. A small sorrel horse, 8-
ye_r-old. mane reached, and shod all-
arMind. Return to McLead'a camp,
The Japanese dance In character
J. C. English has a number of the
Blssel carpet sweepers, II you have a
home and have not ti
comfort of having a Blssel in It a |oy-
tul experience awaits you. They are
noiseless, dustless and bustless, ani
keep the carpet like new
Miss Corbell. who has so successfully conducted several concerts at Vernon during the winter, is preparing t
concert for Etdtrby. tor bt
given Easier Monday in the Town
Hall, which promises t • be the best ol
this kin. I in the lovn.   A
and the military song will be worth the «»nce »'« be given at the eon
price ol admission, ai the Town Hall »•lhe program.
Easter Monday. j   Coronation Lodge I. 0. 0. F. N> 41
Mr (Jordan, representing Sir Cl,a        '"     ' ^ *'« celebrate the 86th
Stepney, li visiting Enderby. and look- anniversary ol the founding of tl
ing over that valuable property, the by attending service in the Methodist
church, Armstrong, on Sunday. April
Irom our ^   Enderby brethren are request-.!
to be in attendance     Service al 2 JO
, "TtttStariit"^'"bto*h_ _"■   B,4,h"n "'" »*«m"\-*•
been artistically trimmed up in green. W* rosm Pm>** «****"*
Enderby hu two brick yards.
$ Stepney ranch,
The landscape ai seen
office window has taken on a greenish
Endeiby Brick and Tile Co has a well-
The Sunday dinners al Ihe Union
restaurant art still being talked about,
and those oyster slews lhat are served "W I*" ,nd ,uml «" ,n MCel
^ j...,.^ »,.i i.i. m i,mh «~ti.»ii, lent quality of brick,    And thit week
rtjemand put llle in limb and Joy in ^^ ^^ ^ mM^ m
mama lint kiln.   It  ratdl    a' outside the
Engineer Dave Little, running ;u! of northeast limits   - - Chat
heveUtoke. was killed in an accident Hint*, an taptrl brickimker. is man-
•*-«- "■» • ctirffa^2&
gine ran into a rock slide near Gltmsigle ^ |ns a,-^   Th?, #jl| „. ,„ ,h,
and was thrown down an embankment, market  with building brick.
The Kambops  Lti hat brick and all aiylesalltnishtinbrtck
up ill new mill al Kambop: l:
u aboul the same site and capacity as
the Enderby mill. 6S.O0O leet per day.
and will employ 60 to 70 men.
The dining room m tl
his been newly papered, patnle!
stained and presents a vtry aura •■ ■
appearance.    The painfr, are now     Mr James Murray.
busy on the esteii i cl tht haute
'.' ■
Ir cerids at Ihe dlllerent appiinunentt
Waltei 1. Truesdale in moving his
• block lo
ihe Metcalfe Mack, "ill have
much ni-.te ollice room, and will be
Se-I  i
•  .'..Kepm
■ r. Sec.
better prepared ts handle h . teal esuie »**•"»'(']
sure to reduce her product    Then tht
J I Bt
•   ■
May 24tli, The day we Celebrate!
Live the natural life, eat *!w' >:u like, think wha' Uld *alk on the sunny sideo! the street     Be a' pel an 1 thank
ol all things goad that you ar* - •       .    . ale the Day of Days'    Tou will ' ll It's a whole month
and one dozen days yel, but those *!11 soon pass   Don't tt stiff necked and unregenerate^they are a la Ida THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 12. 1905
First Year
II  M  V..M Kl It
n R man C i
fl R    And
■ ..
'.       -„!l|
\\ lien the   purpoacr   il iiceccd, per-
ItltcaCI  and a «\, crct temper will win.
The time i.
... • •   ■ customs   At
.•.:.ve ic
the cui i,m
of shi; ment l
In the case ol mill ma
frequently a
At one
time ci' ii
and ag
case the shi;     nt Is I
several days—s m
n n R man Cath II    ;
the trustees shall. II requested
by a petltl n       parents or,
. . ,■ Han    '    • ■   '■ in il i
Ith r sucl    ilassi     provide',
SI ;.,:.,'        .,      ::. ':   latl 'n   fori
i acl       . h classes an
ploy  :     res|
:■ n an   2 itl        in I   n n
F man 3atl Ilc teachei
When Hoi   Robert Rcgei
ind H n.C lln Can .
the holy see's request tl
no! see it lhat way, and hurried
home.   When ihey were safely
oul of Mgr. Sbarettl's reach,
they gave it all may. and now
it looks as if  Mgr.  Sbaretit
to      ailed home, notloi
the bluff, but because il didn't stick.
Apropos of the little disturbance al Ottawa, the following
story showing the seriousness
.'.ith which the  French Cana
dlan women take their politics,
Is   ' interest.   Louise Leblanc
, engaged to marry Joe Belli . but they quarrelled about
; titles    He was a Bleu, she
a Rough, devoted to Laurler
■h>r tried to Induce her
ry him.   But no. Louise
a mimed she was sick with love
for Joe. hut  she could not
her politics,  and she
I would nol marry him unless he
;  promise   to   vote  tor
i   lei    As told by a mutual
: Louise and Joe: "Joe
: these conservateurs
,  dat you nev' can wash
him off.  The cure tried to gel
■hlrn to   promise   as Louise
'wished.   But Joe he's tell de
cure, 'M'sleu le cure, dass no
use for promise. I can't change
my politique. My politique dass
my principe, an' my prlndpe
j dass my honneut.   Surely, you
'don't hask me for loss aol.'
that lhe mother of Louise
she's come for see the cure,
and nex' week de cure Is go for
see Louise.   He spik long tahm
wtsL get her (or
was married. But whal wa it
M'sleu le cure tol L ulse whal
ntek her consent, after her
modercouldn'tmek her? Well,
eh, ah'lltol'you. It wa lak
dis, M'sleu le cure he
Louise, mon enfant, tak my ad
,i •• an' marry .
Y i know he's love you good
an' strong You knows you's
.love him jus' de same lak dat
You marry him an' I will ask
le bon Dleu for bless your mar
rlage. I will pray God to give
you big family. Also I will pray
dat all your children be boys.
Den you can bring de whole lot
hup to vote lor Laurler. So she
married Joe Belalre. An', be
gosh. dere. was twins two tahm
runnln' already, an' dcy's hall
The Wealhir
Walter E, Truesdale. government
uhserver al Enderby. lurntshes the lot
ie.wing lecord ol the temperature, and
general state of the weather for the
th A March:
ll will inlerest you, Ladies, to look over our line ol the newest
and latest shades an.: ('.uterus ' Dress Silks-Waist lengths
that are exceedingly pretly and stylish. Also a very large assortment ol the finest quality of Ladies' and Gents' Light Underwear, and Hosiery—Extra quality—for Spring and Summer.
I aflipcl You will llnd a splendid selection of Spring Goods-
*-a-'ca' skins, blouses, shirt waists, fancy collars, belts, etc.
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant.   Endekhy, B.C.
The slock in the several departments Is large, varied and new
Kamloops Lumber-id0
Manufacturers of all kinds ol Rough and Finished
With The Owl
-   ■
Sbaretll Is his name—papal
ablegate to Canada.   Th
see is an Italian, and was ap-
• : by Cardinal R
request ol Sir
Laurler.     Mgr. Sbareti
e3 been a
lor eight years  I
u    '.' • ci Phil—
■ '
• ■
chamberlain to Leo V
, f the
Apostolic Legation at Washington.  In  1900    was  made
:  of Havana, a;
came lo Cana la        present
pe himself. But all these
exalted positions
Mgr.  Sban"i making
breaks    Om
been sorry
I: all hap}-- .* .rally
,   has a
H ■
■ .
ng    the
In't ki fthln;
- , ■
■• ■
G. M
■. itvl these i
. .   it)
than .
1 : par
al   .
:.   .    mm n en • I   accuse
another of Inconsistency when
he does not conform to our
iy of thinking.    Every
•:, his own way of looking
gs—his own view-point,
ur attitude toward any
accepted form of worship, or
ngcnce of any passion,
depends upon our perspective:
and this is entirely a matter cf
.Ith.   To the man
.igestlve organs are out
cl gear, the conduct of another
.!   nsl lent; to
ihem- i whose love
is a problem In mathematics
ul a problem in
yslcs, no man can ap
lose thought and life is nol confined lo the narrow channel In which they stew,
But to the man whose love Is universal, and
- heart, and soul, and digestive organs are
ed to the God in nature. In man. In lite, In
death. In things present, in things to come, to him
all is consistency.   Sad, Indeed, Is the condition
can sec only Inconsistency in a
differ : i n.
The man who does things has no time to think
cr his neighbor.   The
trouble complain ol another's
Inconsistency is lhat they have never experienced
a healthy, full-lunged inhalation of the spirit of
Christ. Like the Jews of old. they brand a man a
blaspl r because they do nol
him.   Nothing is totally bad that G :
has made and all i.e.    But they do not
it I '.heir dim eyes seems a
ill to the tree as unholy.
lency what do you
lency I
• ■ . :       phei
has simply
man may a    ell concern him
■ .;     n lhe wall
IS   rainy
it doudy
34 sunny
30     "
34      "
25 cloudy
29 sunny
32 I I a!.'
' '
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feet ol Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
I ...I. th-.     H   C.
Has it got you?
Don't suffer.    La Grippe can be broken up In a le
hours li you go alter It right. All the recognized grippe
preparations In stock.   Remember, friends. I conduct
the only all-drug business in the Valley: the best ot
everything, and plenty ol It.   Watch this space.
Masonic building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R.R. Burns,
Bank of Montreal
C|»|U1, all ...ed ec|e. H4.000.000 Rett, SIO.OOO.OOO
Balance   t'.niet   ai.d I <- - .ctoejtiL, $)?3.906
Ht .Ml   OmCt,   MONTREAL
e       "
I'll -
A General Banking business transacted
e.a-ated in old butcher ahop.
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
. .
I ad|.i!iing the
E nderby, embracing 140 acret.
under culiivatn.ii. vith bearing orchard. Hai produce*! the prite
•inning (nut ol Brltuh Columbia
Two-nory house, with large. Hone
walled basement, good well, bam.
itabte. etc. Thu li an enceiient
chance la gel an unproved |
minute* walk (rom the p_i H
. ri road     Fsr lentu apply on
lhe premites. or addicts
WM ELSON. Enderby. B C
(SO an am.
For Sale!
Firming Land in loll 10
• . - • '.nit growing and
dairying    A;.
.1. W M.-CALLUM. Salmon  Arm.
_# Tinsmithing
anCl   Copper Work
I have moved my Plumbing and Tin
smithing establishment into the old Bell
block, and am now better prepared than
ever to handle any work In my line. Am
an experienced copper, un. and sheet-
Iron worker. Special atiention lo furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship;   satisfaction guaranteed
A.   FULTON. PlumUr totl Filter. BnJirby. B.C.
Savings Bank JES
■■■■■■■■—I■■__■_■   Wilhd.awciK on di-ltianrt wilhoul
'■'        , ■  ■
'     , ■
Hot Springs Sanitarium
«■  •.    ■ - a    '• •- '■'
K Im
.-    I i ■■-■
Rheumatism. Ar,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow L-hv. R  C
. ■
railway lal       lltd 4
irt        l
H.C. Fraser, Salmon Arm, ••    |ck
This hotel Is delight
fully situated, on the
ishore of Okanagan lake
and, wllh "Jim" Bowes
lo greet you as host, It
'•ill make your stay In
Kebwna most enjoy
able The accommo-
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor. dallons at the Lakeview
are complete with ut being lavish—lhal is Jim's characteristic.
"T ~T TE have just ad
" ded several fonts
of wood type, and are now
prepared to turn out poster
work Alth the best of them
Color work a specialty.
II you want lo sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you There Is money
In it—for all. Dates and
I Posters  and all
and attra tlv
Big Bill printing promptly
uted.    Give It  a trial    The returns are
•ices—        Thb Eohh    .'eii!, Enderby. .
First Year
-Si Methodist Church
Diviutj Services ovary Sunday it 7.JO p. in.
Sunday School and Bible] Claw. 2 .to p. in. [
Prayer Meeting. -   Tuesday. 6 p. m.
A hearty welcome (or all,
A. E. ROBERTS. Puioi
Residence   Cliff Si., lie.I llle Glim, Ic
,. ..(,,l.C, 1.,.   , 1*..,-,,, I ....  |
JUDITH lint .->. front thi Real t«
NCW  V.erk  llllll lUllllllectll ..c.  ...
nit.liltliiiia mt.l cruel.. ttl.-4c of morality
C'celliniiell  Ice  rililc',  yilllllK  at.el  llll.eiplll,-
n.-aie'cl ecccifiirlt-a    She I.K-AI.-.I In a
IIIIHll   ttelWIIIUWII   Kllllllll Allll   teeveelltlllK
aiielclctily attlicit.) with a homealdl
i.-ic. a.- that ilructt..del tec the marrow of her .Mill ecclll|l|l||e-.e| lee tcilcT'
IICc-   With   WllellllCic    eT   l,a|.|.«-t«  -1   let  l»
avallilile Thl> waa la.ui>.. Mir Inin,
ber it. tret neighbor, win, ,o,-.i|,irej a
itiiello ,111 th,- Miiiitit tiecr above,
CllnalitK to her eia'riy «tt" Itiiil.'er-
i.etii|, in it   a .'inly ..I her life
Tl ill |.aittr.el Utile water color
alci-ich,. nf .teitteahit ini|MH.Kiltle lieacU
With   ell    llll)    e)c,   tc.C   . le.c   I,,e;.l Ild
and r d h»i» BomeUnH nice •old
.ic.-.- mn.. lei.iii... leu ortenir li ap.
[wired that .tec .t,.i n.« >c„ i,|.t
tictiiee.. tit a liirht way In her attntht; .id
a. u it,, r-il.e m .ctc-h e-aiwe., .it,|eM her
trti'iiel. ie„s, her mil lu I.in. li or dinner, .he Ureal mi air
She wa- nm without a eertnln chirm
Veil ...c .mu, wiih a hoanely mini,
eal voire In whleh Ihere lull «l .am.lil-
eralde tve-inatl<>n unlcM brat,] i.m.
eaeniinii-.ii.ty. fnrwnitelff   lor  Judith
fl.ee WA. tt 111 (ipon Ih 110, c: T« rat' >
ec|-'tc   -ear 'lie  lh,   *< .-.etc  c'.rl  off ttl
a twirl)' way   if the Inhibllania of.
a   I.CIllellllC..   ..f   eelit,   .   Mel   >l'|c||e«   riH
Ice rjlle.1 Kklety actvcuiitur.".tely a«
l>,«il,le I.) imr.Hluelnir her u her
llolne ihe ......... wiit. hrr ahe lai
.-r all ■! ■■-!■■...■! her tn Itlltieri. aa-
..iter arii.i icf male i«erw,ti*,»n,
tt« fir »« anmranrta w.nt he wa«
rather a ejeitwrltw arilx Ilia utielhi
wa. fiirnl.tied In a t.lhlon l.-.r.!erm«
upon el-nn.v.   In   blaeli   ...'     the
„..n> and druieerle.   it.   Hi	
ic. I. ih. rutaa with whirb the walla
I   -    , e.err^
Are a m. e r nt (an. |ii.lu.lni . vill
ly. J.i.IKh ww aliwnt M to t-liere
lhal he eii.'e moiey Kliher ih.i or'
he hid deretoped a it.HI Imralertna
upon ihr ...ar..!,«.. In lhe way u( t«>r
raiwinc II
ISciple wn» aater »> enierialnlne tn
her •> onon the ««-».ie«i ,,r lalllM
ateeii ih» mmi   lniei».tin»   pMrJHe
ihlua n. ihrmwlvra. leu l.,f.,r, the
had b"i  wnh him len nl*4iM ihe
hid lo «r.-n(,wle.te^ thit 111 leer. ..,er>
itlet |i    He »aa •» drepl.   ... utim-
I'hinilv and pr.4o.indt. inirraeted in
hlmnelf the ........ nf li wu -.. her
lhal he f.xtnet lime I., p.int
A iuhicription today It worth iw
nett week.    Get a money order.
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will llnd al Ihe new
brick block. Always
Iresh, juicy and lender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
New Crop now in Stock
ol Home Grown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thousands ol Fnilt and Ornamental
Trees Khododendroiis. Rcs=s, Green
house and Hardy Plants r,jw growiig
ing in our NurMl
For Spring Planting
: 3 'Eastern (itlces or less. Cul fkv-
en and Floral Designs Eertlllters.
Bee Supplies.
CaUloifiie Free      M -J  HENRY.
1010 WeHMkater Ho*    Vancouver
And it greater wonder thai hi could
ii a. ■ iiii. hearl to wanio a moment of
dint |iri-ionic lime, cm icrlier | ,.].-.
Ami yel ii Memti] iliiit lie tnnnd lev*
ernl tttomontl to iiaaii" upon lainlac
Once,twIoe,thrlce r\m he pauud in hli
H.ltllllllel   lllollictlillie   relatlVI   Ice   Ilia  CA*
r.c-' irllllie ic ci. pre ne in nml lo e-ccnie.
.'Illleri. Ilitr >e.|n(-eee.e"ie.l.l!llll    unci    lerllef
lllilllnni to vitrlncih anil dcinilry art
e.i-icer. fecr whom lie hi'! wor'...|. fur
whom he wa. .-ni!,red Iii working,, nnd
tor Whom In* aipeeled nt aoroo fmure
dale, ice word, io point out the mirlta
ot hla cewn .ne c-rin...-, and nlniw her'
how it wa, dona,
Wtic II fltt'illy thiey ton thelltHt'lvel
awav   llr tend nol lilif Itt.lalie-cl hi. |i|.
•erraictiy. imt Judith determined it
aliceiltl wnl'   and landed tafely In the
llllll, bullae e-tlHIircl ecr.tntlc- ItlllnU 10-
ueeilier and niarci her eyre, celllnxward
"Isn't he lovely!" lhe orled     'Una- I
"Uevely enough."   atarniud   Judith.'
"Inn there li one aerluwi objeeilim Ui
him "
"Whu r ahirplr
"He I. I,., cin-e 111.I,     He la wrippeel
up In ihe ..,.- i,t,. world u. lb* nirlii-
•ic. .ef hlmielf."
"What "main
Unbar pity i -■•.. ■• did not alwayi un. |
"It la mv ■ null lima," •iplilmcl Ju-
elith    "Will y.ei niine out with me*"
"No." '■'... .1  I ..in-,-   with her i». j
lllrlv elutlr .mile    "I will have my
lun. li in my audio."
J'letllh    «e||l|en«ee|    «    ,•, ..„.     .1     . (e .-
thmiirht of Iboee i.itirbra of hen A
water and I a:.e - ecf wale r A c-rarhrr
ind a nip irf lea Wnm' One da)
lhe b,d found her luuchiiiK on burnt
A WeeV truer ahe drilled llllec Jilclllb'l
•luc'lci nol hllirlou.!)' ai wia ..mum-
era wllh her. bin In a depreiaoel way,
I* If ercHhe .1 by N.methtnit
Jiiillih be..-, ,| up Itaciii her driwlai
anil b,rk amln,
"Whv urrn'i you l.'iirlniici'" aha
••'■■•I ber,   iii.iiii.iiIv -a, l-iuabril.
Jndlib wa. h..itir.l,-lc .-iimit-li Some-
.tilt., .lie wt. honie.lrle Hioiik'tl to die
Cheerful c.cnipai) in •.. mu.b »■ f en
ii,end hrr wa. itcerc,, i-teiel.:
Ilul -he bad c.ccitl,.. lt|.' t.ec-re were
...■'... ■• -j.n, in the Krtety ot laml.o
wlci-tc .h. wceibl   ruber  ha.e   .(crnt
lawt.r wit '.."• and awepi ber hinej
aoroM icr....
I t.^ nicer,, nice rrylni," uld ,he
"II" i> marrM."
"lie?   Whor
Judllh put down her work
"How .11.1 yuu Ind It -.i' Inlerro-
galti .tee
"I a»l ad him »■> l.lenlally. neter tor
a Nranl thlnhlne he anild be. and hi
lnl.1 me be wai"
"|i'« a mutely pari tblni." mml-
nai»<l Jndlih. "that you aerldenially
■« ..| bim."
"Why*" qulekly.
Judllh tiirac.1 cipcen her.
"You wuuldn't tw xnlnn a' «n with
a ttiirrtr.1 man. wuuld yttuV ahe de-
m.el.-l in l-neew
Wiih.nii an.werlne dlreelly. Lnulw
fell to .trramimt alnud.
"He li hi rbirmina,'* ahe murmured
"We are ao roaeenlat."
"I'nmarrled penple an. alwayi coo-
teieiii    pul in Judith
"We bate ■•. ic. c., ll r,«imcen. both
wei.r >>•:... ettia «'"
"If ),... wrie icei'M'-l ynu wejutd ha
je.ie.M. .ef ,me an.-elot"
"I .hoctld n.nr lee Jreiami nf him."
tneluehinily "He li «. tar above tne
And how „..ild he be Jealceii nf nie
eo lar leeuitth!"
Man.cue aecmi In rhanie the eur
rem nf !■•••,■••• -■--. '...-.<* Judllh
"and pnipte."
Umln ..,.- a .■»!, ■> deep aa lo Hll
the atuelln.
"I .l.ui'1 • • — whal I lhall dn with,
nut him." ahe lamenie.1 "I don't It.
le ft. helpful Ih I ynu aee thli nccn
ir.e h.« be .how.d me about the nd
ier»? How t» lay ihem nn What ll
■t.. That le a mmi untimiit thine lie
an artIM M.eei ..I ih>m wmil.tn'1 all.
,.-.. a bin, if ac,., .lid f..r It, teeit be'
I .tccw'i know what in the wide world
I u.. to do witie.eii him "
Here ahe burled hrr U.e tn Ihe pit
-..«« and Judith looklai on ««
•h.e-ked to Mw that bet atiewldrr,
Hbe left her work, link • •• >' le
ihe r>en- r ehatr. and -a- then. t...
•-me lime illenity »nl....cittc- lo the
t-.i .4 her ability, i- . .■ „ ■• t<<r •im
pi.hy thnei«h lhe medium wt mm.a
•• ,.'!,. an, . ahe fni.d bi tin.
Dye and tire UnIH, lirtlne tierea.it
we.riedly up. took .»« hte etdenunl..
...tnl-d bark bar hair, (nil itirm I.
Main ant !-.ev in talk
"lit roiiree." heetiatlnety, "I mu».
dn wliloe.it htm," ihi Mid
"r,cti.)d.iine the untiippltieae yee
mlcl» ewtl hll wl be derided. "I
ihoeiid think y.».i mint"
1.-. .   til up end walked lh. Hoot
tor A Melre. pec,   c-.c   far Ihli   •**   eel
Ital  '. r lima wam't mom
•Why will ihMe men mirrr'" ito
"llel.cr.. they hire men u«." rlnlibec'
Judith "It I, Jei.l u well It W war.
.heir wi... ih.i eceiid *..en And mm<
.cfier little anlna anecrd in itudlcei
thai  Ihet  weee-l,| |IC. loiter "
The .c,lc)cvl  |,ad  «r>,wt, In !ni»re.r
i'l'l"! t.c a..,. II he. unll.ld"
II,m wociict frjq m,e tn be bit
• * ' i.ie aided and come -la, tot.
d„ati and Itnd yoanelf In hi, .
Lecuisej »tcei ed walking ami aiand
"Find myeicelf In hli atudlo!" ilu
quiillonul limply.
"I mean Und 'i™0 Other girl," Ju
llllll lllnlc nrcl Ice explain.
"I ihouluVl Illne ll." ibe itMlared.
Then paaalonatelyi
"It would I.III nie!"
"It perliapa affeeti lili wife In ex.
ariiy nn- same way." remarked Judith
calmly, "lain' wouldn't he n woman n
li didn't.  Ho iiii. though, If 'on mull
Then hi ilin' morning ihe'll dlitovei
you, She'll And you In lil« itudlo am
him gailng »i yn'i with tiu.an dreamy
ihlftlng arllit eyei of hli and ilncr
.lead In her irn.i a And It will Iii
you," finally, "ilmt will lie aflhor hav
In' Hint death t" tui'wer fur. •« I'hllli
wotilii iay."
I'lilllp wu lhe Irish Jnnlinr.
All the liuiihier had Kona nut nl
lalllUe Hrr ey.'« were Mil Hlcewl)
nhe walle.1 to the dour nnd opened I'
"I'll give him up." «lte promlied
nciciini- remlnlirenily nnd with neat
lin: Irrele, lore "thi lovrly little .lit.
IIITH  lie   Lee'.   HU'  ec'll   lie!"
jinliiii ccie-crieci her iii lurprlil, unit
hllf reclllliri'lirllilll ir
"Iliit." ilu- added qulekly, "I'll nl"
bim up I pronlie ynu." aiiel the dooi
abut un the word.
Ai Judith icHi'ccl ..tu the window n
the hcirienlng view .cf blackened ehim-
neya, ihe ihoughti
"An honnrable, iiralgbtforward girl
thai    I llle her"
What wa. her imwmenl then n
let. the ulrl un the followlrg ".' llllll
dreee.ecl In 1'cf Ice.t   tree rnr el   can l-i  'lie
elevntccr with 111.ten, .>. '« clout
blithely and out to .'Inner wllh li ra a
.ecttlcc ra'r    l"r »tie licll.' H"' -av |Q
Sh.. amllrd iron, ■' l 'I ih mxlnui
ly. proptllulnglyi Inn - ■■ rraniuti I)
turned her i.ir . refuilrg to ipea_
H w«« late ihni nr lu
Judith bad come h imt from her ml
u»ry dinner at » little cafi hruil	
Iter hair, made tier prcparatloni foi
ilnep, robbing thi couch uf lit. vim.
gated day covering and mmum it nn,
11 Wllltely reelinleri'illicil iici. uml wu
lying un II. half doling In the dir'
When nlie heard n liirlet fecctHiep In Hi
linll unci cctiriH lirnati Igllnil Iter door
Tlirrcc rain., u hoartl vulcee whlipor
lllll ulllsiele    ll wild III. vclc-c ecf |/eiilec..
"A eiiuiicr I. it dinner," It whlipered
nnd wajleil,
Judith lay quite mill Nut gittlng ur
und ai1 Ine her In tic .it on lhe Hide ce.
her led m <l talk awhlli, ne, atie would
formerly have done   Ju.i lying there
"Under ihe ctrcumatancea," .ild -i."
nfter i\ iiino, "i think i would rathet
Then hack rime the vcele-ca from the-
dark of the ball to tho dark ecf her
rccuin lu n cry rcvriclint; depiha In II
life uf ihe ulrl which happily Judllh
hnd Ilul e-iellllcled.
"Hut you have never been hungry
yet," It lllil, repeat lut!. "Inn yuu have
never lu-eii hungry yei!"
JiiclUh ear up nn<l gired Int.. th.
dark, which icecine-ei nil at once to lie*
frightened eyei lo he filled with I'-ele
ton Itt.L'.T* rencly to rtnlrh ber. will
the relenlteu ftiiirori, of povirty, Ineny
merellMi und grim.
"(Hi. nee." ihe whl.porect hick, her
OWn VOlCe huaraee ll. thai ecf |.eelll.e Ir.
her frluht. "t have never been hutiKry
Ficcet Uae of Tor|Wdoel.
TorpedoN for the deitructlon of vee-
■til were tlr-i uaeel Iii thea|.run;ill 1801
lee lln- renteelc rate. Ill III*' Jnille . ni. r
Iii 18(18 ih- Herniary of the tm.) r
pceried ilmt mnn' »hlp« I. .1 been let tu
torpedoing tlmn frecm alt other caueri
(ten Ralna, chief..(t he coDfederate tor
pe.lce itrvte* put lhe number at f,w. ..
greati r nnmbt r thin im been deatroyed
In all the war. alnel.
If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canada, then "Made in
Enderby'' should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats them all    Strong, uniform and White; made in Enderby
Irom strictly HARD wheat.
"IE* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
H Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Under The Olive Tree
*1IM  tl.lCK lenCLAW
"Serve all and leve Cr.e"—the other (ellow.
Mnn Is like an old carpet—made brighter by
We do not live for today; we live moment by
moment, lor eternity.
Some people are so alarmed that they will not
"be consistent" that they lose their reason.
The besl one can say ot the Okanagan Is not too
good—the Valley will turn out "true to name."
Sickness Is largely a matter ol habit. II ycu
would be well, why—well—II you would be well-
be well.
Boys, we need all the brains we have, II you
sell your head to King Booze, you are not wise
and cannot long be decent
Until we recognize that each man Is as a wheel
In lhe great system that God has made, we do not
reach our highest and best.
Cram the day so lull ol work that you won't have
any time to complain, and when night comes you
'Mill be too happy to complain.
Think ol It! One thought concisely expressed
may change a llle! And the possibilities ol a llle!
Who would pretend to count them!
The individual who thinks well ot you, who keeps
his mind on your good qualities, and does not look
tor flaws. Is your Inend.—Fra Elb;rius.
III was running a bar In Enderby I would gladly
pay SI0 a day to the man or woman who would
kindly circulate a petition to keep out another hotel.
It Is said thai when women arc not in love they
are as cool-headed as any old lawyer. And they
do say lhat when they are In love the chill goes to
the leet.
Three hours spent on our knees in prayer will
nol accomplish so much as cauld be accomplished
in three mlnules on our Ieel working lor Cod and
our fellows.
Isn't It a strange thing: Seme people are so
busy trying to fasten thc responsibility ol the bar
upon themselves that they never have time to say
anything personal to "thc poor sinner" about his
To keep lhe knowledge we have ne must make
use of It. Wc have seen men, college-bred. nh->
because they would not use their learning, became
as bigoted and useless—and far more troublesome
—than Ihe most Ignorant clodhopper that ever
boorcd a village
The Wig must go. Thc courts of the province
Will no longer be made the laughing stock ol
modern times by adhering lo this relic of barbaric
days. It was held that thc gown and wig mc
necessary to maintain thc dignity ol lhe court and
lend solemnity to thc proceedings, bui this idea has
long since been exploded A dignity thai has lo
be maintained by a horse hair wig Isn't worth any
thing Thc dignity that counts Ir, that which docs
not require any artificial means to maintain It
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing thc greatest
rush of business In its history. It Is the result of
Us popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and S2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
If you have not tried purchasing of us.
system has many advantages, and our go
markel. We buy direct, sell direct, and
Your attention Is called to our Grocery I
of modern Breakfast Poods Canned C
best quality.   The best Flours. Teas & i
J. C. Metcalfe
it Ail! find that our
a fresh ani ot the
lees on the market
My Spring-delivery orders are all In When you are
preparing (or Fall-delivery Irees. write mc I represent lhe
Nurseries ol Stone & Wellington. Toronto,- The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
bri ;k
The best clay in (he Valley   Weil burn! bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities
TE» Enderby Brick * Tile Co.        Enmki*. B C
That touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not ha.-
to send your priming out of
town Anything that can
be done in Toronto tin
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done tight here
The Edcnograph
First Year
l.„i .j:__i_r_i
_U_r. IK MMUt _*».<»_."
In the Pulpits
Whit tli.' Loeil Piito
Talltid Aleout
j i ....
Cliff St.
i - a     •»• .-»*.•.--.: .'.■
I rading Co.,
Enden    j
■ _MB''*~r Hil*a ■■
Reading for his text Hcb. 12 and the British Empire, shall
22 24, Rev Mr Cain;.!',', lis webepr ud I   be citizens of
.  i I the : ubjei I  I Chrl tlan '  The answer to tl I
■.. !d|i in tli--   i'r sh,;. ii.in ;;. ".i n : ;   : :   .;   nilifinan
h Sunday morning. Turn ner In which we use ourcltl-
gbackt the ih'hvcr:    f the     nshlp   Our purpose and aim
i| ■ ■ ;.    ,i itl  Cl rl     I ' '•   ,; I ':
Ian I        all It "   me unto towi . h Columbia, besl
,   . ml lhat might be: . ;.ed ksaltei lh  Inl i
I that burned with lire, nor est! ind       being   fltsclll-
.:.■   blackness and darkne •     iy. physical,
rt| si     Therelsafol Intellectual, moral and spiritual,
wherein Christ Is not W.       ild \ le honestly, wllh
.,'•:.    md       rein the best Interests of the town In
■ t betak n. butun view, untouched by gre< I
.   Chrl lian  is  net graft, sinking personal desires
A Christian Is called and even aspirations. Tlv ■;.■■
■   i    ml SI n. and ol election to public office Is
■ :-.'  ",  • important.   With the righl m
the hea\ rusalem an live and a dc.;r
Innumerable company of public wealamanmaybccalled
w- of Cod as well as of tl
New Stationery
Blank H
|!'':.ll',' I   .|..-l-i
.11 C I rr,
Join our Circulating Library
And gel all Ihi
:■   111   '
D. NAIRN y CO.. '.""v1"■" and s,a,loners
SUNDAY   HOURS:   J lo 4 p. m.
Old Housed
..:.'!! "-.   .Itlel   y.ccl'U  e'cllur (Clrttv
:..-.. houw," i> inoW laying tint', proven lino
lit.- ulel huttwa ina.le new with
The Sherwin-Williams Paint.
S. W P
cllitrfl ami
for all.   Ourresp •
e that the laws .ire rig!
indjust; to provide means n      ,     ..   ,    oc
creatl n.th gym  Kegular Meals, _X.
bath rooms, and public	
; r.ivlde for lhe i
Everything Good for The
■      :.   I • r YOU 111   llll     : IUI
e_Tl.ll St. om block from elation
^&:'&&&&l$l$&& '-yM.:
e,oio av at—Han-
i .,.1:,     ; i: rby I lardware
Fashionable lurn-outs
■.!,< heart
was the subject
Methodist church Sunday
"is, In
plain i.:.    .
glected; that the liquor ||
is curtailed: there Is no &
bars, but there Is ||
iking this a **
n    The duties
of citizenship are to subi
every ordinance, even though |
•lefeai .;•   .*$•*
I order, i    nerclse |»k
franchise, to show a
teresi In the well-being
: *n.   supporting   evir
that tends l
Our m tie should be: "Tin
ia« begin is *ith oursel'
Repoaitoi y
END£RftY Wl, dWI. IT TO MOIIII.R be the rest.
—————.-.—— and i il
I x.'i .nm'. i k IBBITS nsult her and ask her «
  ,;'   *'r mleres'8 or amuses advice In regard i
*...,,....».„.,. ,,a .     n6[, . i>*ou are   aboul to do. even1'
Co in pre
• ; *"nkled'4hes,,ll.4haly.3ur course should be.     \
;"'"'"-• The girl who endeavors to S
To make her frequent. slm-!payback wn9, sne omi ,0 her *
: e presents and ta besure Urn,^.,,. „, b: mos, I
they are appropriate and taste  sought after by the people who
' 'u'_ ... fc worth while, and be apt to
Tc-remember that she is still mak„;hp m3l 3UCCess(u! |,fe.
••safaras -0. S, Warden. In Success,
are concerned. | ————————
.  ir besl tokeei
to some big doln's on lhe Jay
we low the sleepy,
amy. gliding Spallumcheen.
morning with a sallow taste In
the mouth, and a head like a
summer squash, wear a smile
until 10 o'clock, and the rest of
the day Mil take care cf Itself.
■ -■..
A.J.Young Itacwk Ilia »  let*)
Ira C. Jones
Contractor 'Si, Builder
IIOI M   toll Sell
Do Vol! need
I M Ml-- •
J-     ?r»r   <V ♦
uj.  Jul 1 Ut.
Cat pen ter & builder
.>■ I
,   give her , ir full
(».<-,I ...
-  .
- ,      .
- -
Awari so
Twenty Yc.rs a Visible
, ' Toinmo. 12 Yore*. M.,,1  a,   .1.
Montreal, I) ileury Street
.     a-
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for the table, lor
.veddlng. birthday or other anniversary presentations, you .vill
find the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Receipt Books
•a-, m .« ike <-,...»«..-.•.
F,|,e>... •   <-1   Ac,, lee.ee.«•      . .   - , , • «  -i
to tale on a S.t, . .
.O. F. Nu l').,8 ■  •    ■ •••
i <".- •, . i..
Peter   Burnet
Dominion ®. Provincial    Printing
Land Surveyor
L.O.L No. 446
Letter Heads Biii !!-•,:    Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes, Busln .. VisitingCardr. Invitations—any-
hing lhal can l .   juickly done at this office    Esti
,  ^n every class of Book and Job
,. M   tl
TU„    Pal ... L       Dra«e. S,   l.ce.lecK >4 IH)
inc cacnograph.   asu.a*,Mn,k.amst £v i"v


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