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The Edenograph 1904-09-14

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1 i 1904     £ 7
VdLUMl-   I.      NuMBEK   18.
Pk;ce, $2 a Yeak
Local Skimmerings
F. Pyinan launched his pleasure boat
this week and says she's a whale.
The plasterers are busy llnishlng ihe
Interior of the Enderby hotel annex.
Dick Blackburn has quit the blacksmith business and will lake a trip ic
the Coast to see the lairs.
Fruit shipment from Summerlattd
are very large this year, a marked Increase over previous yeara.
A court of revision for this district
will be held at Vernon on the 7ih of
November, to go over the voters' list.
Jack Frost can make more files
sick In one nlghl ihan all Ihe tinglefoot
and poison pads do In a whole season.
Wanted Good woman as ganeral
household help. Apply: Mrs. McClln-
sock, Bank of Mouireal.Armslrong. B.C.
If you want to see what a carload of
mixed furniture looks like knocked
down, step Into J. C. English's store
The Halcyon Hot Springs Is the
latest patron of our advertising columns.
Read the "ad" and learn how to cure
disease without drugs.
Frank Franklin returned from the
Hot springs on Arrow Lake list Frldsy,
completely cured of rheumatism, and
feeling In th* prime ol health.
With the seat behind the rowlocks,
and th* heavy end ol lh* keel on the
boat's bow, we wonder what amount ol
bottled fish bait a Hat .bottom will carry
without capsizing >
F. Waby brought a shipment cl tomatoes to Enderby fram his Mount Ida
lirm this w«*k. He states he has a
petunia In hla flower garden on which
••- ehatarad 1V> flowers
The Interior of the Bell Mock Is now
being finished. The store rooms ar*
to b* whll* enamelled and artistically
trimmed, with abundant shelving and
ihaw case and window space,
Mrs, P. W. Holland cam* In from
Victoria Tuesday morning to Join Mr.
H Hind, who recently took charge of
th* Enderby post office. She wu accompanied by Mrs. Price.who will spend
torn* week* aa a guest of Mrs. H. W.
The tint local-grown tomatoes to be
placed on sal* at th* stores were handled thu week by H. W. Harvey, fram
the garden of F. W. Collin of the Brook
larm. They are larger, mare perfect
In ihap* and uniform in site thin those
en hand from Kelowni.
W. C. Pound his a splendid collection ol Huffed birds and animals ai his
taildermtsl establishment at Vernon.
Last week he shipped a collection of
evil lo the eld country, By-and-bye
there won't be any owls lelt, but Ihe
one caged at this office.
Always striving to please Iheir pair jro
and ta secure for Enderby such facilities and innovations as will assist in th*
pragratt of the town, the Enderby Trading company has secured a first class
dressmaker, and wtll fit upstylish dressmaking rooms over the store In the
new Bell Mock.
S. A. Scott, a travelling tailor, representing Smith tt Co. of Montreal, is
spending a day or two In and about
Enderby. Mr. Scoll Is looking for a
slle for a good tailor, and Is Impressed
wiih lhe likelihood of Enderby.
Rev. R, J. Mclntyre and bride, ne*i
Miss A. Pound, of Sandcii. passed up
Ihe Valley Tuesday morning, lo visit!
friends and relatives at Armsirong and
Vernon. They will return to West Victoria In a lew days. Mr. Mclnlyre's.
present appointment.
Jno. Magulre of Salmon, passed up
the line to Kelowna this morning, to
judge the Iruli at the exhibition there.
He reports great activity at the Arm
in Ihe Iruli line. Already he has shipped
300 boxes of plums (rom his orchard.;
and expects to sent out 200 more. Ofj
apples he will ship more Ihan 1000
A private car of railway officials
passed up the Valley Monday. The
party consisted ol Robt. Kerr. P.T.M..
F. W. Pet«rs. F. T. M.. and E. J.
Coyle. A. X. P. M. They were In the
Valley lo Inspect the business of the
road and Incidentally hear the kind expressions of appreciation thai are flying
up and down the raid,
The new store of J. C. Metcalf will
be ready for the shelves thi.. week. It
has the handsomest front of any frame
business block in town, and J. C. Orchard has displayed great list* In hand-
ling (he paint brush. This building will
give Mr. Meicalt ample room to cater
to the wanu of hla fast Increasing trad*.
H* has engaged the services of Roy[
Wheeler to assist him when he opens
1;    r,-. !•' ■':
Complaint ts heard on all aides about
i I sat manner in which the puHiC:
school is taken car* of, lu floors art,
wors* than dirty: th* hooks for the
children lo hang their wnpi upon ire
nol there: ind many little things about,
the school that ought to be provided (or
are indifferently looked after. Prof.
Wallace and hla assistant are placed it
i greit disadvantage in not hiving th*
Incidentals ibout lh* aehcot looked'
after mar* promptly by lh* school board..
Th* Enderby baseball team returned!
last Thursday from Htadley. where they!
went to giv- the Nickl* Plat: boys a
glut*, The game resulied in a accr*.
cl 20 tie in favor ot Heidley. Rogers.'
the pitcher for th* mlmra. is a' - I
of the upp*r end of Curve I'.ley.   He
The W«*tn«r.
Waller E. Trueadale, gjvemmsnt
observer at Enderby. furnishes lh* fol
lowing record cf the wmperatur-. and
general slate ot th* weather for the
month of September:
Blocking the Business Streets
Who gives to the C. P. R. '.he right to block the street at
the Post Ofllce crossing dally (or 30 to 40 minutes, stopping traffic and obstructing the roadway and sidewalks > The
Post Office Department should see that a clear roadway and
footway is kept at all times—and especially at mail time—to
and (rom the Post Office. This thing ol having to climb over or
under freight cars, or walk around three to six of them, to get
to the Post Office Is decidedly a dangerous and inconvenient
necessity. Either the roadway should be kept clear or the
Post Office should be moved this side ot the railway crossing where ll will be unobstructed.
Quite an Arouser
I  ■   i    Day  AIL,,..
A fairly :■■'     :
I   .I wal   held
threw knee-teasers, chin-fanners, cannon balls and those slow wabbly bulbs
so slow lhal you could almost read the
trademark. The boys were trailed
royally, and hive naught but words of
praise for the Headley people.
A. W, Sharp, who ao long has held
theagancyat the Enderby siatlon.leavos
tomorrow for Okanagan Landing. He
will be replaced by J. Graham.
Mr. Sharp hu earned for himself the
goodwill of lh* travelling public, and
especially the local business people,
whose Interest* hi has so carefully it-
tended to und«r the most trying conditions.
J. F. Pringie. for eight yean con.
nectedwlth the Enderby flouring mills,
his received another promotion, He
hai accepted tha position of vhait
buyer and elevator manager for the
Columbia Flouring Mills Co,, wllh head-
quartan it Uthbridge, and will leave
thia week to take up th* duties of hit
office Jack is ao wall known ind popular at Enderby that fill presence will
be greatly mined H« ind hu *s-
teemed wif* carry with ihem th* best
wishes of th* community.
The Anniversary Services io b* held
in the Methods! Church next Sunday
Will be oi i very interesting character.
Some excellent music hu b**n prepared by the choir, and in effort will
be mad* io hiv* th* hymns ta rimlhir
that all may «n|oy the musical part ol
worship, Dr. While. Ihe preacher lor
tit* cccuten, Is well and fivorably
known throughout the country, and
needs no Introduction to an Enderby
audience, Th* program for Monday
night will be well worth hearing. Dr.
J. B. Gerry, one of Kamloops favorite
lingers wtll be present and assist the
local talent.
Fire destroyed the sawmill and con.
inferable lumber of lh* Kamloops Saw
mill company at Kuntoopa but Saturday morning. The Ian will amount to
SsO.COO, The mill ind machinery was
injured (or 120,000. and th* lumber
320,000, Th* company It nol pre-
pared io ny whither the mill will be
Chief Engineer Ewing of lh* i,i.
Tirtan. plying between Vancouver ind
th* Chinas* coast, wis vuiting ha friend
R. Mown of Endtrby a f*w days
thu week Fourteen years ago Mr.
Mowit and Mr. Swing were titling to-
t*«w -et lh* cjui of Ai-
For Sat* -At the rejUens* >* J. F,
>-,;    .1 <•. ■ .        .-   ,; • .- >--•
room tuli*. cupels, irtlei,
g*!h«f with (our cords ol cul and split
birch atovewood   At
J E Bagn*U.wh9 spent aom* months
In Endtrby last spring vtsitmg his ion.
- It wiih typhoid liter at his
ho't-,* in P E Island.
To the Editor ol Tm Edihoor*ph,
Dear Sir:  Allow me the space tt'
answer Ihe letter ol Mr. Timothy Wide-!
.      . ., In Ihe Presbylerian Church, Armsirong,
awake.   I oughi lo say lhat I am not      ...
,   on Monday evening last ir. un- interests
a general store nun or clerk, and only   ,..,.,_    . „, ,.,
,  , ,„ of tho Lord s Day Alliance.   The gen-
an onlooker, who at least likes to see! „,„„,.
,      . „ t-ral secretary. Rev. J. G. bhearerwas
' ,'" ,,      ,i   ,„ ,      l   present, and delivered an address lull ol
First, let me Infvrm Mr Wideawa, _.   ,    ..
...   „ , , information and inspiration, The Lords
that It costs Irom 40 to 47 1-2 per cenl _     .„, . ,    ,.
,   „ „   . Day Alliance ■mi lurm-sd lor the pur-
more to do business In B. C. than In , , ,,   _.
-, ., ,„      -pose of the preservation of the Day u
Onurlo,   Also tha wages are u ly 50 .       .     „       ,  ,  -.   .
a day of rest to all people in Canada.
per cen higher  nan that he like yg.t       ' ...
r„ „  .'•    There was no attempt to coerce the in-
.750 a dayt wheeling dirtat!Muskoka,, aj ^^
Here h. can get S2 or $2.50. further. o( ^       o*    w (o
1.1 me expliin .hit the man who pays w ru(
cash doea get a discount of 10 per cent ^ ,o ^ ^      ,of
ft At Ik  nattttlu aauaacu  .Ihm    sis    ilia*    V/ttilaau
from nearly every store in lhe Valley,
I feel sure lhal il Mr. Wideawake and
his other eastern friends will work for
an (astern wage, and gel the C.P.R.
to reduce met. and clerks io work lor
$61 week thit he would have lhe satisfaction of leeling that he wu where he
should hive staid.   But when a man
in-, : • mankind, ind the gl ry I
Cod. Th* methods pursued were:
Education, by means cf the pulpit, press
and platlortn: gaming unity of public
opinion: the crystallising ol public opinion in necessary and reasonibl* legislation : and endevorlng to indue* thos*
whose duty It is lo sea that the law Is
eats ao cont.mp.ible as Wideawak* 1,^/ Mr ^^ ^ ^^
there ts little hope tor him. He uys
he was toW that one of the young employees tn Enderby wu a thief, Now
any mm that hints it I thing ind does
not specify who he means Is a dirty
an address on the battle for the Sabbath
in Cinads, He first spoke of the chief
Issues intake    These were: national
well-being, the well-being of the Indus-
trul diss tn particular, and the vlulny
coward. A* ther, are only two «J *ut ^ ^
iunlor clerks ... Enderby. they ihould „„, dttU wilh. and iroong ,„„„ mw.
...ik«himnim.whoh,m**.u.ashu1|ai(4d vm    mt]        |mmfl|lH
slur reflect, on any young mm working ^^    ,n ^^
MM the counter. I tht  a*try hid «Mf ^^ m o( ^ (|)      ^
io depend en cattle like W.deaval,. It ^ ^ .^^^ „      ,   ^
would remain loreit for yean lo come; „e|| u        Mn |lnel   Th,
Tmiling I hive not intruded on l^'Ma^WMCh,ra.,,tlleabyclelrlogie
H«ce. I am yours truly. _ Ohloow*.     . ^.^^ mai.nlian
II 1!
rSi  1-3
P   o
SlitppiJ \\\ (itisilit tr*im.
l:nJ*r!-v. 7,928 tons
ArmMii't'. b.180 Ion*
\ tnoBi 4.497 ton*
Kelowna. - -VH'.M t.<->■
Otlwr point". %S tOH
Total.    at'iTbt tuns
42brl't sun
38     "
57     "
59     "
25 br: t sun
m, -v Will Enderby be
g[t f Incorporated ?
Attorney Fred Bilu.i^ intarms us that he e*
pecu to have everything in readiness so that the
petition asking for incorporatiin (or Enderby may
be signed within the next *eek 0«\ing to the
discrepancies between ihe ovners as registered
and as assessed, delay has been caused Mr
Billings Ull probably be in Enderby next
with the petition in order to give it a start
It is no* up to the property owners In the limits
oi the proposed incorporatton l« say *ha' tt shall
be.   If the majority, per valuation, a
Inc rj rati n *vtll (olio     ,- ihev ... -   inc ;:- *
amnaiil be killed.
To say that killing the ■ . amen;
will stop the town's gn«h. *m\i be absurJ But
to say that such action *r,; impair the town'*-
growth is reasjnubls Incorporation would mean
cutting loose Irom;: intanglaments that
handicap every uni; titling
directly ai the obstruettar,
By Incorporation we can secure in one ye.
advantages to business, and better town in
ments and public utilities, fin can ever be had
under present conditions
Incorporation will mear tdva A step
lor ward Is always better
rporatioi   lll| v,i;C; :hnt Ln.^rby
going to hold H    ncoi
provide thews    ' swifter, surer ani
nurepermanen'pr   . mparting
toothers in curt la. i.  ind       If     -hs  an: Itl
citizens.   Incorporation Mil not meanir. -
laxa'i in    There is little 10 be d ;ne in the way j!
streetgra , lime, in: .mag?
Water works ani a lighting system -will :
their own revenue lor operating mi slnfci-.
Z 9 Latrcy.rfVtmin.wu In town
.   .   .
Chsrst Brat, are here from Revet-
atoke looking 1st a farm
Crtenwiys bm and tttte   -
be ng ttsel ll lis full Capacity in tilling
A very targ? icrcag* it b-:.ig cleared
this year t, b; sis ri io orchard n*st
Harry HilH. his larm
up th* Ssl't- making
grni tmerovemenis
M*ur-- . - '.  ■ I •
ind level-headed moderation.
At the clis* a branch of lh* Lord's
Day Alliance wu formed, with Rev
D Campbell u president, and Mr. Geo.
Paletot, la secretary At. -il.'i: «..!!
be mid* in th* near future io organlie
i branch in Enderby.
Si« and S.v.
Ji» Taylor, of Revelatoke, wu
brought up betcr* Judge Form it Nel-
i.n but week on a charge ol uttering
bis* coin The prisoner wu leader in
on* af th* church chotn and lasutd
base c.ins to Ml lh* ilot ma
Sunday miming he led lhe choir at the
church urvice. and. In Ihe afternoon
. ^ .itiehtnes with coins of hu
nenoiUMConmtlanH        ■ . _ ,    .
. -n mik*.   Ht mad* them for Ih*
K Seal    .
". nd
J. A. t>»mh, >f ft
- Sliver DstUr
- ■ - .. .:
-h" Hsini property.
-... i bavt•      - ■• ' -.-•-•   -•• -i
,i|ecl of belting a machine which hid
b»»i htm. Judge Form, in passing
vMitene*. thought that there wu Ittll*
diffttence betwten the slot machine
an! the making of shags lo beal it. except that .r.' aliens* wu In ll
and lh* other was net. This waa, I i
" ever, a malarial difference, and the
had and vuei ,: imagine |u.v ., ,„ ,a ih«e ;
■  ■ '■'■ _
«ut s.m- rly g        rtt* ii.
Mrs Plat lilionollh;.
I .
•nu - ihe I   r*   J C English 3d. S
'i k •• • Hayt    :
-r |U Wm
* V 7. W
!»,l^,.n rim tJ.^m.ll   B...n<J
■ -
. -
raited ft
now M
. ,„
'.'     •
■      mi the Sal-
.     ■
»s» b-y I fast
.     «* in th! right i
• -lune.
.  airly next
-    -   - ,
id high*. •■
neat M
) and the reg
First Yea
^ EDENOGRAPH ;■;       ,"r,
II \l WAI si l< '     ''' " !  "'
■■    -   . liti       ■-:.    a.   the law:   i
,he ^ :•- -,.,      |
:. , . ■■. nd th* pi
lab i   . not working to I
■■ me    t    . not cat anything aboul )
■\.     ' , they suck ih-  III
,. ill western c
. ,      ' .      .       tl I our easi
",     "" '" '    '   "*»•«>»"
i ft*      ■  lhal are saved
,■   It i., il,-   .
:     N     i:..
• ■   the commun
.        :        , living wh,   :■  •
ihai community
Manitoba has been   btalned Irom th-
1 ■:„•:!'!      f,l-     I ll-,.     ' - :       I'll- An
erican railway ci ni| ml    have encoui
age I Ihelr frull an wars lo capltiro lh>
markel il M mil ba by giving them
■   ght i lie ll , ■"   ' I   c :i
ly lhal
:   In.
and a i ,|.: . ervfce mu.
lhal vlin.a reach ol We
in    ! irgely I i Ihi ■■ i
lore, Brill I        imbla fruit  !:.    n '
■ mmandi I ihe Manitoba market u ii
. l; u I   ,:. i alih iugh ill - fi.' ,'• far
lhal  . ■ c ul I r«Jol     In having
;  • ,'.ive control of Ihl       irl   I
hu ■ ! to be-
lleve Ilia! ih- prospeot for -   '
belief,  the uuinb-
Ihe liiitir.-1    -
W'li.-o    v,.   .....   alter   a   llunu.
follow il i i".t> .- . pool
i-   .1    lull  ..I   untinisn** bu-.n,.--
a whole setting ol dogs jusl like him,
He is such a good dog lo sell. He
ln-l ;igs li the returner breed. Sell
him today and he will be back tomorrow,
n idy i be sold again. Ht lias only
mt dli lurblng oltmtnl In hli make u|
his voice lie hasn't any fro,; in
his throat,
"MOTICE la hirtby glvtn lhal 30
,i:,.: after dat- I intend tc apply to
lh i th ■ '■ Commit li tin ol Landi an.l
...  rs.tr.-,..;      .   '   - ;-..•■ I, all an.!
arty away timber fi      fhi  following
:-    -.;::,:       :...:-:   in  .-  v
- Y..i      '■ -t commencing
at Dominion Boundary Surv- .   I'   I
-. XI.'-. i   .■
.'-.'   :   ■   Man-  ;,..••• :• . : .
ii iln   ihenctSouih 160chains,thence
■   10 chains, thence North  160
:   n   thenct East 10 chains, to point
I of commencement.
Enderby, B. C, Aug. 22nd, I90I
Kamloops Lumber Co.. Ltd
Dress Length,
Blouse Lengths. Tweed Skirt Lengths, and
Ready to-Weurs. Finest quality of Goods
ever brought Into Enderby. No two pieces
alike. Latest patterns oi Fall Goods; beautiful combinations. If you have nol seen
these goods you should look Ihem over. W.t
doubt if you can get anything better any
where at better prices
.-of anothei '   "'•" '■'''
.  lown in ihe Valley,   ll Is  ihe
ly lo lhe greatest fruit-
. .nd general farming section In
Columbia.   Is It to be held in
heck for the want of proper banking
ilines. and public utilities > Let our
•    in that buslneu people answer
If the C P R. Is losing
.      . ■.-.!..-
I the S.&O. branch. Isn'i
■ it   ■
■   I     The tide ol
- ■
and careful thought are agreed that
Manitoba Iruli markel is for lhe Brit
bit Columbia grow ir. And although
Ihe i ited . miilseof Ihe C P. R
:n the coast to
.: would be given lor frun a
soon as there was sufficient quantity
i ■ t ■'■ pped to justify it, has not yet
been lullilled as ii sh a
lhal in.,:..■.     rporal
Pelcr ll..- Dun.
ll hi* name   Peter ll
1 necessity, but ot
He would not have a hamr
- to bum,   Ltk-
minya good mm gone wrong, he know.
I want I     Ht ipend
ilsdiys running tb- fli n ■; h
iilng the it the to*
and forest, and his ni,:l
ir office and
itinan hu would
ICE li i-a.-1, , ret    ttu* ..
late. I luivtid lo apply lo Ihe
nmtsstonir >t '-.      ind .'. rt
, Ueai - ■        •
Ihl i ■ -j U'l'la.
Iha   ■   , in ol Yale
a ih. I-. ■
nc ai a peat, marked W, tram.
V'uih ol Tsultii Creek, thwice Smith
|I.B1I.«   !      •
Nonh 80 chains. Ihjne. W«si i1
I  . -   •   -aminBiirtmot.i. e.tua n
-  i :-■ W. IRWIN
itBnatrby B.C..Augusttth. 1404.
Is your health
Insured ?
An accident policy covering sickness as well, will
provide for you.   Get it oi
For Sale!
Itg Lind in loll u suit pur
- . . ■ ......
dairying.   Apply ti>
.    -.    .icCALLUM. Silmin   A-
,',,,.   . -     : ■ti   11-,-
nroperty will be prosecuted Is Ihe fullest
talent cl the law
Fate Bajtsu.
Henry W. Harvey
1.KI.V. BC
Lumber S°
Manufacturers oi all kinds of Rough and Finished
.-, eshibition '
It Intel .
... '•
.   ■ ■     - ■ :iclm«-d
.       . attention oi I
•'      '
nt ii aa urn
- - -
•   ■   -
■   •   •
*^-av jti&CL        S'*.~
vjt0!  '
%*   *•*    ..    •:
F. Pyman
Jeweler 08.
Expert Watch Rop-iirer
'   With The Owl
OW prone ir.en arc—and dm a
wemen—to do things as a mat-
Hter ol custcm Society sa>s
it ii fa?hi nsble to squeeze the
waist in: a wasp-like slende ■
ness. and en gees the corset
Custcm says It is the proper
■i to guzzle booze
and suck the amber and up Hies
the whiskey and tcbacco bill.
•j freedom of si
and rction—I was going to say
Idn't squeeze, but
it ts hazzardous to say aha'
ild do   She might
Ing her
the beneit of the doubt. It is nc.
ild go to the
ishlon demands
Mend,: ;'h stint,tlants and
ll   They do
es stuff I   • i *,  rback
• ll    They
his mate are
ill do
And ill
into ihems
I would lurr
nlv creatr
■ that they ki
There isn't a tnrtn
• kn     ||
• tilers and ai
th/. ;
11 ll a-
ll   Ih* EaJl
-. ■ •
Ci'-o. K. Sharpc
itl ■
•• ,ins. ,-billon ana
h the virility of superb n
When men and    n en I   ,;<preciate the
unlimited possibllltl      then - when
• illze fully il     tl ter HU
-villi/, tin
•■mi leam to make each
ur weakness *heti *.»
• i '  ll t we   mnit rise above the
ind our times    An/
ittie where all the
but it takes sir -
'Irtui ,       ngv, manhood to mak
e Nighiin,:,-     Anything that
us -n the p        ireeti vtihout
: can bee. me addicted to the
e and red curtain atLachments
Mills at Kamloops. Annis and Enderby Capacity 25.000.000
(eet ol Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application      Adiress—
 Enderhv, 11 C	
Choice Residential (8b Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon the market The choicest building sites In the
town jf Enderby, Ten minutes' walk (rom the Postotllce.
Enderby has aavt.,wed In a wonderful measure during the past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled in
value. The town will continue u progress: it has only fairly
started. Property will continue to increase In value, building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today Your best
opportunity Is NOW Price of Lou, C 1 A *. C f A
Henry W. Horv«y. Agent. ***** * ' V       ^ _ V
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
ta order them early.
TSe British Columbia Mfg. Co.. Ltd., o! New Westminster,
B C. make all standard puckag?*, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which i* the b- They will print your name
and address  n your boxes   ithaut extra charge.
Humy EcKattt. Manager.
One hur
walk fr m Ihi
block, or cut
House on tht
Apply to—
ui' L«ifi j, io niinuics
Oftka at Enjerby. Will be sold in one
smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
ny. outbuildings and fruit orchard
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing that can bj printed— <ui:kiy done al this office    Estimates cheerfully lumlshei on every class of Book and Job
Trie EJcnotfrapli. ^fcilJttewii $2
no .„■/
Fi>.-■: Year
7&MctKod»st Church
Divine Sera -. iviry Sunday il '■'^ p.m.
Sunday-School and Blblt Class   2J p.m,
l'u:... Me ling.       -      1 ■ la)    ■ n
A hearty wilooiTi t i ..
A. E K  I'M        : . • ■
Raildai HI Cllli Si., ncal ilic C   il
It,. thoughi aa i, mr*, ttn.tiiit. h.
ii-lt i.a n man,   lleattle
Thnuffh niilhurlls bo   n   .itililtnrn
bear, it i» often led hy il..-....... wilt.
Ifulll     Sl„,k.„|..uiv
Yoiiiiji men think .>I<1 ni*m f.H.l.,
hut ni.i men 1.11,.,. .,,..-.a- ut..). ar*
fool,   (tnirire i linpinan,
"* 'II,.- .'i.,-,.-.-. „r ii„- mind an- in,.re
tl,-,..-.,, i,.,, i,„,l I., irrciit.'r munla i
il .1 of il..- ii...!...  t'lcero,
III tli,- iiiiii.inV "I nil II,, ll. it... air,
,.i»llt .ui tin- gi i. nr .,.In. In itn*
lea, ilu-1 i foull.li i in    llaiili-au
Mv living in Yorkahlr* »** an far
pul ..I ilu* ,.i.v ilii.i ii Mna ai.-i.... lly
I'.' Itlil.-R from a lelinin. Hyilllry
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
P ively lhe best talk-
n, machine on the
market, it sings, plays
and talks just as natural
.,.; j,v Prittt.f.3*. C0.S11.00
SSS.OO and up.
General Blacksmith
Wa|sn Builder and Rtpairei
"A bolt in time vill grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that is ma le o; Iron and can be
be repaired. Farm
Implements, buggies Si wagons a
specially, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand.
100.000 Bulbs to arrive
aoon front Holland I
and Japan. TK.-jsiti* al
Fruit and Omsm^mal
Tieea. Rhododendrons.
Rosea. Greenhouse and
Hardy Plants. For Fall
Printing Heme Crown
and Imported Garden. Field
and Rower Seeds. Always in stock In Maun.
Eastern prices or let*.
White Latter, Ftrtllltera,
Bee Hivea ind Supplits.
Fltral Designs,
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
3010 Wntmlmter Ur. *    Vancouver
The Leading Tonsortal
Artist of the Valley.
Is located at Enderby
He can handle the
razor with the best of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cul. 25c. shave.
15c: singe. 10c; sham-
p   ,.?5c; hair tonic. I Oc
.ill kindly n;l    ll ll ll
will not cpen on Sunday.
A. Todd, Hancock Kit,, tndtrky
'.       ■:-....
C. OF. No. 1058
W$>j*l *>* *%£>s\£2&*\t\ H0i2M«ffsR'M[NfflO
I'll... i.. t.i *^-   "  - "*"^»**   I
.Coniinutt)   litcil iitiia'/m ml Sopi 7]
"X»hm'iim< jnu ,(l,- Qonrer—much
in.", t tin- feet tliot yuu are of §u(*
Ut-lfiu Important)*, to bo iboiod in ml*
renwuugl.1 to tall you Uut, ami then
haatitmiul draroit*. ifii-ui«. thai yon are
kitll a voir younii nun.  Kuppow tiutt
yi.ll liit.l It I (Villi,.  Hi. .i.■ i..Ih -.!   I.ill.      imi
|oUo( mi'iioy,yoututylitbo li.**H»t**lU»
i'l.. mill ct>j<i,v lift1: owl. inM«*«»l, ItMM
-livlit- wlikll ar- Imi*. lu Ihw l«TO
protod wry Wm'iMul to »•*: Luraiil
Ihoy ipurrotl you on ••> »l» »M» l»*t
iv*trU, wltlfli I |mi|tlii'\v will turn Hit*
tablet Mr oh; tint oTon If wo linvo »n»-
nt.ir** M-t-t.ftt'k, what dooa l« maUorti
Ymi iini't. >• ttll tin* iititf. ttoil t linvo
Mifh mi ambtUon for you* *w\\ a ttVii-r*
ii I..' t thm ,vmii uiall ffalnthoTrn
i.. it. ■■ olnnaolo «if fauw, tlmi I rtmn
t'i»r»- how litittr tlo\v ki*t*|Miutfifliitf ,v»m *»
liHiir n* li »pur» you mi i" grater on*
■ I ii.ti Miiiitil* wry tint*." »..>.t my
maMcr. llstilng) "but lu lie iii'Miitiiin*.
bow do wo UtoT1
"Now, dmi't talk **-•••■ aWMwgr anil
htvml anil builir; th"*** ... pwrtinonU
U-l.'tiji i»* mo, \\V fun nooor bo pout
a** l*mj: a»»\vo haw »*a»'h othOt^aWO.
mm even If »« ■■ <■• !>■ wiw up otti
(■■.".. huim* aiul *'■- to -.tnt:!.-r ami
noorar «|Oart(>n> WO v*111 In* bappy. In
aooct 1 tblitk I «'-*«t-'i makr tb**m m
imit'h nlivr tbaii our pivurnt OBOI •***•!
Iliry wttubl lli-pih- >*«l m'»r*' Uiail thow
bfivf rwr >t*m«*. Ntithliur ott hmi Of
wiillt* ymi l«w mt» ati«l I luw y*oi. All
you haw .•• «!•• U t>i b»w m.*."
May tw I mitfht !•• Iiai" •■. tlk«**l »««>
al tltK hut t waMi i »,*■"»»- '■* i"*t uhott
thtno xwiv tfclttiiii llttoiTmnxi io I
rtflMs.MUi.-m. ami tttni. * \\w i4um*0*i
nf ii*.' hlt/wtltuw m« my isjuAor fin*
ttratv mv nltfioat*
"1 wlli l<<w ymi alwayv" 11 "»i*l him
My. "a» l-'iirf a» there h a critlo li*fl ti?
ahu*** mt*>"
MDooXnihoeriod. "dool mata ovi
lototho iwlw «f not amhithtn. V«w
ntuMit't llml a fliti*' whuvv.mhl Wsstit 1*
tt»»rk u» Mit'ii harm "
*rhonllit*y wont away, ani I •t***-!
aTotkoVriiu nit.) wbmbu tha* I know
what 4 otitic wm liko. tliat I mtt-11 '-tl
Hi»iniinr U'T alHttit ilx wookiV my mtt>
tfott ••mili'il loM mitt M-fiin'il to bo JoM
clioorful wbi'ii hV luttl bim iho likfil to
llUIV I,,111 )ftl,
Quito a wot tpotl OaUM after thli I
hitw itittbtiiiv wi all o! my mUtrota, hut
I ttM'ii t<> ioo my mit»ior tlrlvliitf tiway
with JamOl ituil I'atrioU n« IttUttl*    It
worrioit mo to know whal waa tho mat*
tor. Jumo- otiutit toil toll mo any thiujr.
ami mmo uf the doga oaioo !«• Hit* burn.
mi I abaolutoly know uutblni*. 1 oontd
nut Ma im I It. ami nl tn »nrk to oul) tuy
mUtrou with all my mlcbt Iho tlr-t
mnnilmr that It wu Iwojwtigh forhor
tORQt Utlt
Niiitt- boon pa*>M><| I iifpi mi ..;:,!.-
hm oohotly oame ai ..«■■. iv.i■■.. put
hi* boail ovor tbo ftiuv,
" I'b.ti * .ih l..-.ii- all!" wa* all ho *alil,
ami ih*ap|ioart>tl,
A fow luiiiitoiili. lnl«'r nut OUU my
mUtrt'*.*. H>*r ayoa weft rod) «*ho bail
efedently heeo *ryiinr n)io aajneupto
ntoaml I wu* *** aorryto m*** Iter *atl
that I ii i bor Immt ami trtttl '■■ oon*
furl bor At tbl* iho t■-■ ■ ..• ttuwn eon*
plott*|y, ami Inylntf hor hvatlun my uovk
•tih. Rthel, Bthoir iho *al«l. "bo
jwoani loreoa any norel H«' Un't
Imppy with ii* any nonl UoUroaV
lo*.* anil ivrflobotl until ho oan i*vt
away fntiti oa, Nuw tliat ho ha* nolh*
Intf hut i» ■■» ■ fnauovon tnnlyaml Uwro
iMi't a orltW loft hi nhu»o htm ho ha* tm
u*o fair ii*. \vtten I lonfftd lor a eritk
in Hml»mi bl*. worth 1 lltUo ts ...-m I
wa»l..u Hi/ fur tbo .'-!-.i.i,- nl my
own hap i■• mV
Mif mvim"«I mi unhappy that I i-.■ »n
to or>*. tin*. '■ f *ytn|Mthy.
"MlMft-**." I *abl. "Ju*t ihow mo
what <i oritto U llko aml.vtm *hon't have
to t*ry any BeOTOl I will tako t<aro of
Ilpforo*iioeotak1 ronly l*alrlok rami*
Ihroutfli tho 'iial"1*
»U oil, he ilo haw IV h>* *ald.   "I pM
IM hottot ^MittfO hi*fo-i)."
"U anv thlnff tho mattor with btrt"
a*ko>lm^ m**t«•*«.. Martlntt up
"I ilmmo," fatrtok npli**li "ho\
hivti linwllnc that way till nmrtilo*.
Talnl f<ir tho want of footli he*a fat
enough MobW ho** lono*oeao a
man'* now »l«n** f**illn* w ith a calf
that'* i«vti tv.mil hv wimmin "
•<l*oor little thlnifi roay ha iho mUsei
her raaitori" laid my mlitreu.
| "Huranlii" oiiitl I'atrlok. "Ilo'a»lad,
ho Ul if bo koepa up that biiwllnji III
i/ivo him lomo condition powder and
have done with bim."
My mUtroaa turnetl away, not heed'
injf my Indignant proteitt ami I was loft
to my fate.
After iho had pioneln I waa trory much
troubled I bated Mi looiny doar. (rood,
Uiiul mUtreM unhappy, and I wanted
' to help her. but how could I when all
her two, - •■ eome from » oritlo* and I
didn't -•< nknow whal a erltlo waa llko.
1 aaked the ohlokena.
Tht > Idnt n-ll mo.
I aiked tin* nelyhhoVa oowi kIio bad
Dover heard of auohaUtlng<
I aiked Jamoa. Ho aald ho luppoaed
it mail bo a dealer in poor oatii for
that waa tho only Lhlur he oouhl iltinlt
nf wbhihooutd poaalhtj make a poraon
I Baked tho doe>.
Ttio punploa gij^od. toil my mi*.n".*'
pot dog, hport* i eery arrognnt Cooker
N|i,itii.:. who think- ttiiiw-lf olt.vor,
pauaed a moniont to throw an anawor
at do over hi* ihoulderi bo wu too
raperior to wittn muoh tbnoon mo, and
tin** i* what ho Milit
"A oritlo I* the only pomon who oan
mako my inlslrenKory."
"Hut   " I atiktMl, "wbat la ho llko?"
Bporl gave an angry Imrk.
••I hove told you all you need lo
know," bo said; "if ymi are m*t amort
ommtrlttii tbiuk tho roal out for your«
x'lf, I .un Mirry 1 wubtod my breath
trport walkad Into tho house, ami I r*«*
i'iiium.1 m od on luyoml. wbili I Uiought*
At mil it waaul aa clear ai daylight
t,.ii..', A i-ritlv' wai tbo only |*T*«.n
who oniild mako my mMiv*.* cry. aolf
EoTeriaw anyono mako my mUtroaa
ory I mitfht lie *uiv It WeUaeriUe, niut
all I had to do wa* to hum bim, and
tr.iutplo Inin to ptoooa, and tboti my doar
would notrorory ninitn.
I ,t i apod ami tii'tfun to pracUoo with
mv non borni on tbo witiuu troo to mo
if thoy woubltlenl It: tboy didn't mviii
!•• burl ii muoh. hut I n<*«itvitl to uao
themorory day*ntbnt 1 tvnuldlN'i|uIto
r*o.nly for a oritlo when it aanw.
Thm' ju -.-.i on, I novor *aw my
iua*ti'i.attil Uwrowu no*>itiiuir tmdor
tne hr*»ik. no tender emhratv* under
ibo-ii.i.i.iw «f tbo Uvea. My mUtreaa
oaiii." fiorynow and thon, but *bo hml
grown    •'»' and *ad and lunlly ovor
|»t'Uod mo,
ihto afiormton tho irnlo ■i**notl. I
;■-.*!,■ i oobontngtoaoo botii tuy fri.-tt.is
hut It waa only my iiu-io---. and a little
•Irtrk umi with whbtkoi*. They eauo
OTor In'miIo me and *«i down under the
"It l*o *hame." bo waa aaylngi "for
you to be loft here alunc da)' after dav
We would mention:
IF* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result o(
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull;
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rales: $1 and $2 per day
..    Webb Wright, Prop.
Fresh Fruit
The d>mani has bjen so great thai It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand    We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
fresh every day.
Have you looked Through our Cent's Furnishings?
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Thi a^atiOSKarii. one y:ar.
Under lhe Olive Tree
>|\ win. hmi« ntu* /?——
V. v^
nit*  ttif.v «,M  a«.v   .Ml I «|.«.|i
«>.M»" !U\>»
ii i .« ...I It in..' ■ eu -i, ir mlttieM
•n-l a.k .1 .. -I lot  atal If It  |. f.,.l.-.l
*ft,<r lhal UmI I i.,'i,M <l -, -
ratir»uM .1-. tunn.1. HttHaR I
For wwral .l«j. afirf tt.|. mt niaMrf
an,| ...i»ln-.» aavtn«l *PI^  ttft.-s.J at.,!
mtkav-tbc* *maM be »l««j. Maareh-
ml lt)t |,»t" I*. I,.,....lie II ,'n..Ul.llal..f
1Ik> «IUo« lu read, ah.1 lianl.j «■•..• .M
iltw mornlnir I'alrirk ma '|'.il' latr
it. tai-iiii.tf ... in I" bn ihltot, oiwl
Iteaa.lljf t,a-t n-l l«ra-l. Bltlatad «nt ,..-
*ief* I..II, N.-.,,n.nrfl.. tat liwm lin.,tt
M llrf- li-ni*. Ilial ee dtalo't a|*tf<".. -f
Ihf if a*-.,**, wttf It 'Hit ratlH* n-
ah'l loi.lrr.a lad ataed lo
th' i.i«d. li, a ten Bnaxal* Ihrt.- .va.
H I'fa-.t rl"u,l ,<f ,1'l.t  nh.1 H|* -ai.,..
JaoK*laal*th<rwtUi Patrick • Irkt*
t...ii,aTtinca|^a*.l tMih-iv •! I
M* n..,|. t M -Tf>\ Ha... a.rll.fltri..l'.*rf
to itw will. .; tiM-n bfaen to "t"-o
U   ■„ ... ■       j      1 .. m     "...mill
II  .„    Hi ■i^„*rr
ibirl    -ii' i.|,i,»,, Imth eat*
et]P «..'! I'll lata '■aah atbM -
"At ta.r M luir Hi* nii>'..
"ii..» hail
t<       > •  "bat I .»,«.•
,l„, hne mil- li"' ..■ MMT**a I. dor |.»
lli. I....I, f...   I
II, tn..l-iol. fi«»." liiifN.I m.
1,,3-lra a*. 1     - . v.nw-.
Mr ma>l-; attl It* rlH hla
niutacbe, in.1 In     i -     inp*Uial I
,. ...ir.! to kh'iw .. hai li all nanal. .Ml
•■ ID 1 op t.. them In
llatrieat naat aent. em.
■M*Off I" l-r-akfa.l.   I ..... ,.-rt RMlt,
fbf I haled Dot |.|.n.i<*«lial it «a«all
GEORGE R LAWES. Ei.J„ly "'v"'
I Bnil.tei.
-   H   H  .'.'=-..•
L.O.L. No. 446
•,- '. >■ i Fi la
It 7 J
.   ■  . brill "
Atli-f thai 1,
Itltte   M. .a
„.,, m-tr.'     11
\\ftv mrt. an
earif iii..n>ii!
- ,•
• Un willow
him ih .a,
■ •roaldeota* >,..i
Mall, a hlajtl I1.1' , I •;.,...,.. anil |.al
in.' in al—nl nun l.al ttat. .ml aaj In
my Oii.tr.—.
■Ymi il'.nl tiiir.il in, (.-.ini? l-it'i*h
t.ailar. da '-ii 'i.r;,' 1. S that
tliina^a IW i- .Miiiim? t,. |..„. ■
f.O n- I • ■     in,I  all,.,lift l|,r
t.ir.a litlli-."
My tnl*ln*M nwl I., .mil.-
.iiiiiii.iiiriii t„t-,. bat 1.1 •      1   it
aftoi ii.- hail temtheieewUilittf e**fy
We ge'. 'wisdom only as we use It
"Not failure, but low aim Is crime." said Lowell.
II you would nol find trouble, old girl, don't look
lor It.
tt Is cowardly to strike a man from behind a
pen name.
There Isn't any merit In Goodness that knows
how but wont do It.
We take into our lives only thai love and sunshine that we give out.
Ev^ry man owes the world something—are you
paying your honest debts?
Are you lazy? Look for a soft spot to go to
sleep and forget to wake up
Tltt wheel that wabbles thrsws the most dust
By remember, sweetheart, It's dust.
Concentration and hard work are the hand maids
if Success, in whatever calling or country.
It doesn't cos", she rose anything to bestow Its
fragrance on the pa3ser-by—but. :h. what a blessing It Is!
what is greatness? Isn't It this: Washing ihe
dishes as well as Piganl.il played the violin. Or
belter If you can.
ll is not that the Russians are figh'lng so badly,
but the little jiu-jitsu men are doing It so much
better than ever It was done before.
While our sister towns are shipping tons of farm
produce, Enderby sends out carloads of flo ir
lumber—two subsun'.isl products, by th"
Never make excuses. Exc :ses are it r.hlng less
shun confessions )'>.eaknr -nces
of your inability. It before*
The man who pushes the wheelborrow Is as
great as the man who can draw his check f
million—if he is trying as hare as '.he man behind
'.he million lo do his best.
We develop character       ti -   jev   p
'.noughts.   We gm- only a- irldi
And we cultivate them in I
work them into expression
When we have started to  io a thing, ani II Is
worthy, let js never turn bad      Men ani
muni',    that acc   ipllshl       never do.    See it
throuj       Don't squea he pinch c
bjf has expriJSe ; 11      "el  of in: r;   -,
lion, of a bank, of a Farmers    (change,   fdi
.    water vorks and a lightliv system—and si p
"ere    Perhaps I! we Just .ait and hang up a
ter's Santa Claua will drop th
■   . tin whistle   ll   1 are good
Painler and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign woods.
TD If C-C For FaB
1 K.fi/00 Delivery
I'am now taking irders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto, The
1 illty of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E, A, CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken (or any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & sione masonry ■■ ••    :", '
A. M. Bairtl Enderby
That touches the artl ll
and kee|      ise forEcon-
-.     ,.'       I ne at this
1 :e—quickly, neatly and
cheaply.   You donotl
to send your printing oul
• ..n    Anything that can
be   done
ordinary c
ing 1 can bi
Mo 1 In
i print
■ :   I
The Edenograph
l.a.l.ll.1. II   (
Isn'l ihere s imethlng ■  i
line ?   We can give satl I,
in the printing THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., SEPTEMBER 14, 1904
First Year
ajatMaeaaji naainuyaian
■ aV.Tr. JPI*.
Trading Co.
sxzzataiis, irrau. tax::
Dress Making
Inally succeeded in bringing to
i first-class Dress Maker,   and
.   ; r.rons can r      i    n  Itl il n
ii   have their
made up and perfectly fitted,    Next week
.7 quarters until the
ne « brick block is finished; then Enderby
j. ill have Dress Making Parlors that cannot
be surpassed.   In the meantime, call at the
Dress Goods
In tne Pulpits
What tho Lucal Paltorl
Talked About
.-M mill .
"What think
:    '!n
.:: • voi •     •     Flral
.' profit '  leal    ■            1    ■    .   Mr   !.'. ,-
,. 11..'      ■ •>■ mi, I-a i K   :•■    .   .!       -,'.;    ! ihopu
lh*r lhat I pit In lh* Meihodist Church, Sunday
honor la tl             % lien la aa) rtlnent 1
1 .1 by lhe Divine Ono,
ih- ci lun  vital ■ It li a , :■ 11 n lhal comes
profitabli  ife    ■'■ ■     innol tary man and won in and
:     :     :>••■,,■■      ■ :     .      imwei     I    .
.■ you will want to see what we have ne* in
And we are quite as anxious to show you,    S
delay asking.   Make your choice at once.
mote profltll point cf
.  11 to be I . . .■
■ ' 10 a man',
But ii:- - rofll ■! i'-ness i
if wo have k;i growth tn thr
■    •
iramgrouton of Cod 1 law It
•  rumple lh.
iriinj!   thr
. . at another in
And th* Sabbath breal
libtraiely traiispr.snu ihe la»
and for what >  A f«v grous«'
placing .1 the pa "
Cold Weather
Makes necessary H jt Stoves—more,
you want stoves that will STAY HOT
-heaters    We have them    Prices
Wl 11
■ ■-,')   If (■-.'
For Fruit l^ancls, larm Lands and lown
Property      1
WALTER   E.   TRUESD ALE. ist.iRBv * r
■ I Wind.   Chn.'
,■   ■  thi world :    uffei 1 1 tin- tin
't-ssed to man lhat unlimited
Until ■■'   •   •<• Him as
laste his sorrow and leel
' compassion, we can
•  thr Saviour of the wot
.hat his death
int I  u.. and for us.
What thinks the w rldol * li..!
i!   k   Knderby of Chi I
.mam at th-
1       -       ,:lii leant    What think*
dual of Christ >   When we
■ . ■■ • ■
• .     .
villi me another, acts of
■nd obeli
1 relax in. and everyone seems lo uriini
lhal he does how much more does a
growing boy! Is It nol dreadful 10 think
1., live boy In an elaborately (mulshed
in i all lh* titer members nag-
,;: ig h 1111  keep still i
II mother, w aid give anything like
ihe amount  fatudyand patn  to their
i' ;.'. and llle .■ :..!;! li .-ill liring
ilw besi resulls, lhal those do who iue-
ih        plants, wi might hav.
growing boys instead oi what »
clien see   boys hard and Indlllei
•'.'"IV   II"
A lli.rn - Cordial
A young man of Armsirong was deep-
.   .'.ii  1 carta    young lady
■  ... 1 havi  c urage enough 1
•  hi r until ii'- left lown, then
'     ,:: '   g '.   I   '   rrplv lllr simple
■  . .. .    But hi    '■■' I ng
,   ■       ,■  in,
She knew, that 1 kin-*
lhat papa war, dead, and she knew that
I knew the life he had lead, and she
knew lhal I know whal the meant when
she said, "(.in to Papa,"
Awful Blow to Mother,
We at" very sorry lo hurl the fa il
ings of Tin- Edenoukaph by publishing
lhe Okanagan farm produce shipments
bui can'l help It.don'l you know.   Ann-
strung Advert it
Remember the
Conceit to be
given in the
Town Hall,   Monday
Eve., Sept. 19
. -\.v; s
C J. B's
Cure Constipation
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby. j
I*** ra**w*m3»tBB*BT%ee*»*UaeTt-« .".: u:*.»i«.«rj norxam Mat
if you malign men and enieri -
place) ur UlUtMaa wr
1 a link rather
that* vha •
■ tttl   '    ■    illicit*, thnse »ha c .
■ •
accpt'i ..«lints*
,-• • ■
Pui«n tor YsIIum-JiA.-i.
R. R. Burns,
& 0
Masonic Building A ■. •: ik
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R. P. Bradley, Enderbv Hardware Mei'elianl
• * cnanwvjl to
.hurt h? Uttt   bait 1
■ •
tip; makki.t.
stacked Irani
a run. and in litany pant of British
1 where the climate la driest
they wjuld heal over ao ai 10 0* sale-
able, to say the leui, if it were net for)
ihevaapi They it one* lett* upon
the vsuttd in th* fruit ind eat 11. and
prevent 1 . 'eeiuslly
potitn ihem, take five poinds af common whu* arsenic and dissolve 11 In
telling water tn an old all can. or tome
vestal which cantioi be ui*d for cull-
•My purpnet afterwards Ut* enough;
' dissolve th-
your list Take piece! of baling wtr*,
and null* hooka on tl;
•"ily. %sA
• 1 a uti.i 1
'.% the psiioned itver
• thi
after it 11 If iheyenvtel Kipling's "live]
meal meal fed men." canytitg 11 away'
10 pti; HI thdr sf (spring   BealwiU nsl
touch it    Satewti & Cswtlry,
Dt*aJt»|a,.     ■  It
I lardware
I in i\ Plumbing
Prices rid.l
.      " ■■<■„;-.;, 'I'
'  ailteen li dire to «
it man .ithaul ditttitfcinf, etrttyihing
'    TlxprtCMt- t.fbady,uyi a *»im in'Gwd
"epmg."   Bui whoever thmki,
•   . - •       ■        .-;*»!.*■.
.  ■ ■ ■  -
.   ■
■■■     .-> H a man need* a den i
• •
^fwre »
.'lass C>m
Oilers a (ull
.nd Insiru
11 ■        km.   La*,
jurse to the B.A
W      M       II., O,
a*l  .
1 .
■      '
. Silverware.    Cranlteware,    Cruet
IS ilglll Suinds.   Copper*are.   Fine Table
(«*• A 1 rmsvsJra Cutllery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
101 /-\ I gOCHJS. utensils. Woodenware. Pipe an I
Pipe Fillings of all kinds, Butter Creeks. Daisy Churns,
Creaming Cans ani Daj|-V Goods    WcCI:,r/   M'f'g  C
■ i im us Stoves and
Steel Ranges.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
Like a life Insurance policy providing for the payment of from
SI.000 to $100,000 to your wife li you die within 20 years, and
that If you live 20 years guarantees more to you In cash Ihan
you have paid on 11?      Your answer is very likely to be. "Yes.
 -"    On receipt of your name, ag-
address, we will prove to you that r, can The Assets oi
Th* Mutual Life of Canada of S7.000.000 Mil convince you
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Home Comfort
This is the seassn when *e seek it more than
any o'her   We have a carload of new mixed
Furniture just unpacked.   Exceptionally good,
and just \ht thing to make '.he hume a place }'.
rest and quiet pleasu-e
t.%*    #"*    aTnrrlc U      Furniture Dealer
JdS. Vs. fiJIgftel. Cliff St., Enderby
Stitch in Time
Is an .id time, an,      t good   ne, but what *c wanl l
11 In ".hs harnjss—jr a njmbjr 3fihs.11,
M lhe rtgh; time the/ *ill save buying a ne* harness.
,1 'all the harm:    .       '   pieces before having r. re
Spier '   1 of Trunks and Va",ise3 laiely re: i
Als: u .ipment of Double and Sing!-Harn:-.
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
Halcyon Hot Springs
>« I.a!..   I   t
ihe r"a-;
.■•"■•. Stables. Ei
I feed business


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