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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-05-11

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 The Enderb
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 2.   Number 52
NDERBY, B.C.. MAY 11  1906.
Price, $2 a Yeap
Isn't it, to run about much >
Still, the hot weather should not deter you (rom seeing
our magnlilcent stock ol
We have the best brands on Ihe market. LIME
The Best of Canned Meats
We have Installed a
Come and Try an Ice Cream Soda.
D.   NAIRN   &   CO.
A Paul wa* a Visitor to Armstrong
cn Tutiday, on butlnt In connection
wllh the new Preabytetian church now
under construction here.
Mr. Howtrlli, accompanied by
Mrs. Howarth, came in on Saturday
Ircm Calgary, and have taken up Iheti
residence on Knight street, aaal ol liter
railway tracks. Mr. Mowarili has
charge ol the Enderby branch ol the
Armstrong Farmers' Exchange, re
cently established in Enderby.
Do not wait till haying time beloic
you aee about a new Mower or Rake
Come now to Harvey k Dobson's and
see iheir stock ol implements.
To carry a by-law such as those
belore the citliena today, requires t
Ihree-lilihs majority ol all the voles
Messrs. D. Nairn and W. P. Gooch
tourneyed down to Armstrong on Wed
ii.   :J, .:,:..•: '..-.   ,. • :■■
wnh Messrs, C. Moberly and P. Cornwall In lhe doubles. Enderby was
beaten, and Mr. Gooch lost to M:berly
in lhe single*, while D. Nairn belt P.
C niwtll
The system lor lire protection in
stilled litl fill wu given its first trial
on Thursday evening. The chimney
of the resuutnt caught lir-. and till
the water wis got on to II, lhe
blaze looked rather ugly Witer was
had in sit mlnules,
A heavy letm of horaes belonging to
Mttlhews & Evans, which had been in
quarantine on iccount of supposed
infection   with (Hinders, pissed the
-       | t--t a'lt'i-li*
Midline Albani will sing in Kam
loops on Saturday. May 19th. tnd win
bt accompanied by live other inula,
This it a chance cl a lifetime to hear
Ihlt great singer Write to W. J.
Kerr. Secret*;.* K M St A A. Kam
leap*. 3 C. *ni tecut* your seat*.
; .. ,■•".    ■ :.       • !•"        V   '   ...
April la- :.'5C   K*.u*.d
art and a third on theC ft ft
Rev. D. Campbell Honored.
Visitor* to Iht northern pan ol the Okanigan Valley, whether
Und hunting, or forptttturt tnd spoil, can do m better thin
mtk* thlt houit Ihtir headquarters TaMe and MttlM un
etcelled Bar replete with limit wines, ipiritt, liaueurs. e.gart
at11 •*. Mi-taiiY
*, lata ..(<-..
\1/;«~, X.  Qmrnh  *<* "***** ******   **(* i**"* *
WineS (X OpilllS  i,,g, astotlmetii of tilth* well
to letm thit ihtlr minister has been
war.tir.cwly elected moderator ol th*
Presbyterian Synod ol Brttlah Colum -
bit tnd Altera Thu dectlon to
wch high olfic* ti t unking U .' -
Mr. Campbell a sterling worth tnd leal
in Iht pursuance of hi* duties Rev
Mt. Campbell waa b.t-i in th* County
ol Hui at. Out.. *nd received hr* call ig*
training In lhe Unlvenitiea of Toronto
and Manitoba, He wa* graduated
from Iht Thealggical Hid in Winnipeg
in IBM   Soon after >   •
,',:<   .-      •  * »lc-    '•- '   •   :    ■
graduate work.    On hit   '■
d*ar»t-i ihre* yetrt lo It
•oik in the (it off Ciiibce'i field.   He
was minister in Greenwood. B. C. for
;tlert lime, tnd three yeara tgoauum-
ed the paitont* of the SplllumdMrtti
congregation, whew   he hit hid i
cmtrpcmaAy ate ,«k(uI career   11
election la the high office of moderator
of the Syned is a tribute io his worth
tnd la h   teal-us interest in hame
Near Kamloops
At 11.30 o'clock on Tuesday nlghl
Ihe C.P.K. westbound transcontinental
express was held up by three masked
and heavily armed men. and Ihe mail
car robbed.
The holdup occurred al a point about
live miles west ol Ducks station and
thirteen miles east oi Kamloops.
The engine and mall car were detached
from the train and run west about half
a mile, where the robbers rilled some
ol the registered mall Their work
concluded, the robbers took the locomotive, manned by Engineer Callm and
his fireman, and ran about half a mile
farther west, where ihey slopped Ihe
engine and jumping oil. disappeared In
lhe darkness lo tha south of the track,
ll is supposed lhat the robbers jumped
' on the back ol the tender al Shuswap,
which was lhe last stop of the train
east of  the scene  of the holdup
Wilh them they had a box
containing a large amount ol dyiumlte
On lhe run wesl Irom Shuswap they
crawled over the coal on the tender and
made their presence known to Engineer
Cillin by shoving a revolver in his face
ind ordering lum to stop the tram.
They ilso covered ihe lireman. Por
iheir pains, the robbers secured only
seven registered letters. All these
were addressed to Victoria The
wer registered mail wis un-
touched thinks to the cosines* of Kill
Cletka Willis and McOtiaine. who
stood the robbers oil. tnd tlitilly can-
.'"■in lhal they had shown ill
ihe registered mill on ihe trim, In
the letter-case It tht forward end of
ihe mill coach there wis regutered
mill conttimrg probably between
53J.OSO tnd $40,000 in money which
the robber* luted lo nnsick. ilthough
they Inquired concerning it. but were
sitljlie-l when told Ilul it wis merely
nrdhtary mail,     Several   posies of
pursuit of the men t b
• i-r- they dropped ci' I
been located, and report* indicate thai
the men hid hws at t
For i *.' in the
I tht I . been aroused.
■        '-. '.'.-' . '*.       '
ed at any lime.
Police and detective* are tbo bent,
tent north from th* boundary line, tnd
the secret ttrvic* men ire scattering
til ihrough the country to the north
tnd accutn of the C.KR tracks in the
hope of running the men down il it
ttseited by same, that the gatg is
Bill Miner's, whi-h held up i tram two
yean ago near Mutton Junction,
*    -teaming, siyiht camp
i tli- train robbers had been discover■
• ! live milt-tr.itt Iht mouth ot Ctm-
bell creek, where It empties into the
Saalh Thompson revtr. by Indian track
Krerythtng absut thli
pointed lo its hiving been In
several weeks.   It was in a secluded
spot almost secure Irom cb
a- I    i   .   '        l.c ,'..;■
going up Ihe creek have stumbled
A light etat'is* am* through on
Thundiy lo iriotm Ih* C I* R
on the S k 0, branch, and Provincial
.   —
with a pane of men
and will be nttd rtapMtMt I r   thi;
The City council held their usual
weekly meeting on Wednesday evening.
Those present *ere: Aldermen
Bradley, Barnes, Evans and Worthing
ton. In ihe absence ol Mayor Bell.
Aid. Bradley was voled I. llie chair.
The business consisted chiefly of a
discussion of lhe waterworks question,
brought about by the Mayor submitting
the following report:
From His Worship Ihe Mayor,
daled May 9lh, slating thai having
been commissioned by lhe council
lo make enquiries re water, he and
Aid, Bradley. In company wllh Messrs.
Heggie and Hassard had made an examination ol Smith's Creek, thai he
had not been able lo see Mr F. Hassard Sr. bui had seen Mr Smith, who
Is prepared to give the city a Iree rlghl
ol way in consideration of Iheir allowing
him a free three quarter inch tap, lo
be used only in case his present supply
gives oul. Mr. F. H. Hassr-d is also
prepared lo glva a Iree rlghl ri way in
return lor ten free one had Inch taps,
lo be used only In lhe event ol his
land being divided. Mr. Hassard will
also surrender his water record in Iavor
ol Ih* cily, and will (ill In Ihe ditch
which inverses his properly, Mr
Heggie silted, on behill ol Mr. Wylie.
thai he would give a free right of way
through his land in return lor one Iree
three quarter Inch lap. This disposed
of ihe whole quesllon ol rlghl of way
except in regard to lhat portion which
» ild i .a i ea tin igh ihi Indian
Rtseive. in regard lo which, enquiries
wmld have io be made at the Coatt
in relerence lo Ihe acquisition of a
rlghl tf way thr.ugtt Indian lands.
Hu V.' .tutted a letter
which he had received Irom Mr
ol the Canadian Pipe Co.
'. oiler ing ta come to Ender
by and tike measurements and levels,
ao at to be In a petition to mike a
very dote estimate of the cast of let
sulliitg a . iem in Ender
The Cierk wis instructed to write
to Ihe Mayor, asking him, while ai Ihe
Coasl. to call upon Mr. Atkinson and
arrange lot i to Enderby,
Mayor Bell iba repute! thlt Mr
Sweeny, ol the Bink of Montreal, had
assured him ihit hit institution would
be able to slice any waterworks de
benture* lhal the city might desire lo
offer it S per cent, interest, it fir
The ibove wis received with much
tilitlictitm by the members el tht
Council, ind shews iht faith thai the
Bank ol M initial hia in tht Okinigin
Valley and our high financial standing
The Clerk was instructed to writ* lo
the Eduction Department, liking
ihem to tt once define iht City School
District, is promised by them tome
contttllng of P. Murphy. 0.
Hysleip. J Murphy. A   Matthews. W
Kvans, C. Hancock, I. Jones.
tnd ft   Wheeler, journeyed to Arm-
sirs tig on Wednesday tllemoew tnd
...        I baseball with Ihe
leant just orgatilled Ihere    The game
was t very even tnd good one ill
through.   At the eliding A ihe tilth
rt stood tt I    e     in
Ith I and Iht
gtmt ended it the ninth inning tn i
No Netd lo und away now for your
Ice Cream!
'IJt hav- BOW  :'! «0«k BLOCKS lltd
CABLE and  thit ntCtssiHts.
j. h. McVeigh
tcjw,  and   Ufi.i,    Wl eel
 earn! n
Delicious (han a dish of Ice
Cream ihese hot days. To be
had at Mrs TINGSTROMS.
 Cliff Street
In calling Ihe
• -
'■     .-
-   .
The list hr iht son  ,- »t_a i
vdl b* pubhthtd  ■•■ .-
Kt" ■ -" ng t
J Mu':*     brothta
■       ,       .a'd llalel. , .   ,
meelli |
.   "
. '
.'   ■
e carefully it
in Ihe lar
1st N
a a- I   /• •
- -
meat  way V.
Enderby  Trading Company
THE PROGRESS InProltilds' 'ie-(le,sh formlns
materials i it is nearly 2 points
W   Je  H  l-KASEK
• JE   SUIS   PRET."
•      •■ -   -. ,   it Endtrby, I    C
Itit oiCtntda.
higher than the nexi in
which was a product   I lhe
Ogilvie Milling Co.   The ivei
age amount of proteld matter
In   the twenty-nine   samples
examined was 13.47.   By ihis.
it is shown lhe bran  supplied PETER
by -.ho local mill
e mailed as a milt.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
B. C.
have been i
t'Ft.l.  lel. ~
Notes and Comments
strong Advertiser, to loist its
h iap smartness .in '.he reaoing
Ji public    1! thi     ill  the s-b
A. F. & A. M.
Pleasing thingsforsunnydays
The hoi weaiher Is upon us, and with It comes the
need ol lighter and cooler wearing apparel
\Ve huy The Best for You
Our stock embodies every excellence, anu you can
make no mistake in dealing with us. Take advantage
ol our big inducements for cash.
The property owners ol En- ^   „ , ^ andwe are|     .    "
.    ■ ailed upon to vote ccn!em ,0 h, lhem ;|1I the|J	
lue       ■• i us columns" with per-
.   - . Itles as tasteless as ihey
ire rl :i-ulous.    When, how-
ie ever. It comes to wasting three-
* ( urtha o! a column In a wand-
.t. ring  attack   on   a  friendly
mp rarv, it is evident tha'
I.n to the
O.A  Ic
CO. F.N. 1058
f J. c.
Metcalfe     Enderby
" ■
cat jit
' :> :
■i r.h a
..; a •
a 1
the editor ol the  Armstrong
viiiis co. io Afjverl|ser   (eh the (tela too
ts small for his smartness In the
local columns and must needs
.  .' k H. Fm
I. 0.0. F.
Clean Stabl<
Euraelct Lodt'. No  SO Mt.*! tvtry ..._._..-.,.,_   „    -..,.»,■.
Itt   Mrdlllly   _______—_—
We beg to Inform the
(.inn    ,"1T„niP   Public that all cur horses
Cd.Il   MWU16   haV(.  bee_  (e5,ed   (or
Glanders   Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out ana
disinfected, and Is as clean as the day it was built.
!,.' i.ormKr; mt m -r'|cle' |n *h,<:h a
tlwt the ma:evolent   turn ol mm:   I
;° nt Plainly evident.
: °>' '■'*'    Our esteemed ccntemp •
!Cl- is skating
hen  It  mi
as appii". '   ■ s
.'•h- papers ' We hav? ':.. •   lun
,''a'Q* its pages is dUeViver thre-     -
• !aP*»« advertisements for the"
st anecessi- which are very palpable "flllers"
• • - times the _,, j ,.ha, u .,. rse sm< adver.
hase It. (|S|ng mae.er_ iait_n at, t
Ws hope lo see this by-lai- (ar Mo)i ,ha, a! ,
"■'■'■ ' ' : be profitable, to ths dettiment
It seems a very small matter. ,, ,hi h,me merchantt and she
lha of grantmgthe managrment publj-hlng business tn genera
naur mill. permissi,n 11 We mK „,hat can be manifestly
cross city streets with a tram mtjre un(a|r ,han ,0 charge ,he
me    Many clues are < ering i,uslr,esj men jn u$ ow, ■
•iducements to injustries. h|gher rM by ,hlr,y per cen;
-.he least we ca: . ;rtising than is cl   .
Ine u!mos" ■ firms handling i
industries a .
lure -   J: the reading n-
• •    n as "toller
notice three full
' ' "   ■' ns. which, n
inninat*: I at a        ■;.*,:■ - ■
te tutttj.
'; .'.
R, E. Wtll
Knights of Pythias
Bank of Montreal
. eie.c.i til pttt u». su.ooo.ooo. ant.. 110.000.00
tlttaea.r Front tie'.  I Ot. a..cue,I . 11,"' MM
L 0. L. No. 446
: - ■
..     .
Get a New Fence
litebtitleltct It tht
i»4« t-h.ilr .1 httvv ntl
Hit til ajntittgr
• ihttn ui
Strawberry Plant*
. .
..    "       * (rtl 0C M.O.
M 0.
A Ceneral Banking
paints in
fciltincffe transacted
»>«««* iii
in tht Umitj Stitti E.tjrat ttil Cittielt.
-    i a»i.ctl Cny,
Sovings Bank tTTM.:.vv-S
■ l  ■l-ejill   t llll      III—    WhMrtwtlt OH el , Mltkotil
ttlty.   L>     ■    a ICttwuy Bail.
... ■     :     - '> ■ ■    ' l-.t J  I
, |      - ..,- ,       • ■ e t "* .     .     '
S A Ht«MJa<ew Muil|ti, Vtrnaii
-*.. a.i »-*••    e-  *- - KELOWNA
* «  '«». *•;     CS-V.MtC:      •        '■       P.ticWejiiic (     »<
As is well-known, ''
Harvey k ',       ■
their pnvate pr.petty. .
of the •
traversed by the tramline, a-
■ve hi
they estab i
■ ■
....     ;
i  '"
K can be •
r,g Advertiser
im's Progres
"Stepping   H' ■
so g
•  ,,",   ■ ,■ •
for  Sale
Real Esutt, Insurance,
Min.n_; and General Land Agents
.';-''-    -..
V   c
■ -
: SI
|> a tt
'lit.-    Hmulillld   iiiiiii-   in.I
"•tititij     aac,j. ,ir>-  .\l.eei,ttii.c,.
lh. mid, ilrvnr) trlntci .!,.>..nn
Iw rnei.l.- ■ Iwory mi'l wnrm *iili rt p ■•
||>-I||! llf.il  Ill-Ill   ll  J.ell lllUi- It       >e|||.|li||.-      llllll,..a
1. raitlei tt, operate,  rlnuicr,  »•< • *mt f.it*l   nil
' -l.n.e -    in ititili} ntlit't »c.a- ..i.i nitillnon furiice.
I..    -l,e,_c-i. nm ttw.1 t.t «link.-11*.- lii-jiia,.tri,-itit*.il,ir-
I"-.!  urnti*'.    Tin.  |u*tl  nil. lln* tt..rk >.f •Imkiitit-
il'-a. e  in iinlf. Intitln. In
tl..-. .Itl ..in-tlmkil lljrli
||       e    ll I    >e||   III.-   Illtllle.     llllll
Mil  I.)  .'lit. l|.li.niij llttol*
t-i. ei,n«|,.r,..
Ittaihl.'!   It-.*.
' ■ ■
Vvc   make   It
Our  B
o supp a the best of everything in our line, at a price that an
- profit will allow.   Our line includes Stoves and Kitchen
Utensils. Carpenters' Tools and Builders' Hardware. Garden
ools. Hose, etc. Paints. Oils and Varnishes, and everything
• ardware store should keep
We are making ice cream   Pay
a rtslt to our parlor these hoi
here ! (or
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
• ~i
. Biards and Dimensun Timb-
'   .   Ap
i Ceiiing. Siding.
lar Any olher information will be furnished on inquiry a'
| our ofn_«   Wt respectfully solicit a share ol your patronage.
which will have our careiul attention.
S8 to S'.O per M
$12 per M
Irom $15 per M up
I..J.,t, B C
Mining in TO Okanagan.
An (excellent article Irom the pen cl
A Wheeler, entitled Mining In Vernon
District, appears in Ihe current Issue
cl ihe B. C. Mining Exchange The
article contains an Interesting write-up
ol the Monashee Mines, which are
situated between Cherry Creek and
Kettle River, and whlrh were the
scenes ol the first lode mining In British Columbia. An excellent description
is also given ol The British Empire
Mine, near Vemon, which Ihe writer
says thai he fully believes It Is capable
ol paying good returns, providing the
present ore body maintains its value as
depth Is obtained. The writer in a
lew notes, re the discovery lasl year on
Seymour Arm. says: "The district Is
apparently well worthy cl the prospect-
, on' notice md I heir lhat it tinny
points on Shuswip tnd Mara Likes
ictlve boatbuilding Is going on with a
view io thoroughly prospecting ill lhat
country Ihis summer, ind lhal there Is
every likelyhood ol t large camp being
established there as soon is tht snow
goes Irom the mountilns. Private
parlies whom I mel at Enderby tlso
inlcrmed mt lhat they owned claims
on iht lead which they would develop
ihli summer. There li immense
witer power available and being only
ten tulles Irom navigable water mikes
the diicovery ill lhe moie itnpsiitnt,
A ten shipment cl 300 pounds made
to Trail, gave lhe following results: 30
ounces silver. 71 percent, lead, while
avenge simples give 20 per cent,
tine tnd S per cent, minginese, Tht
bonding syndicate hive tgretd to begin
development work cn or belore June
lit next, to spend 520,000 it t me ol
not leu thin $1001 diy in such work
and pay elf tht bond beginning on Oct-
cber lit. $60,000: April lit. 1907.
$60,000. October Ist, 1907. $60,000.
■nd April lit. 1908. $60.000,' After
reading tht foregoing, one It mtdt to
think thit the Okinigin Valley will not
only be Itmcus lor m Iruli tnd igit-
cultunl weilth ind sunshine, but hu
tht pruned* ol becoming t mineral
producer it well. Truly, t hippy
eomblnitlon! For whit mora could
we with thin lor tht earth to bt giving
ut pi her fulnett In mines tnd igricul-
Newt From For and Near.
There will bt no strike I'song tht
Anthneite Coil miners alter ill. On
tdvlce, tn tgretment to remtln In
force for thrtt ytart, hu been signed.
A nilwiy wreck occurred near
Sloan Junction tail Wednesday, the
Mln becoming derailed on icccunt of
a wtihcui
North Vancouver City hid a narrow
escape from dettructicn by fire on
Sunday. For netrly 24 nun ill citizens fought t brush lire, it the west
end ot thit place.
Senile exptrienced t targe dock
lire en Mondiy morning.
A Brit ih ctlumn (.periling in Zulu-
land hub-en attacked by Zulus, tnd
!hret Klc.art wtrt wounded.   Silly
l iht er.tiny were killed.
Forest fires hive begun their work
ol destruction near Ferme.
Engtand it agtln it tetjgerhetdi with
the Sultan of Turkey.
It u confidently anticipated thai the
King ind Queen ol England will ht
invited lo pty t visit lo Catttdi this
Tht lint Legislilive Assembly ol
the Province of Alberti hu stlected
Edmonton u the ctpitil cf the province.
A by-taw providing lor ihe borrowing
ol $$,000 on debentures lor street
improvements is to be introduced by
lhe Kelowni Council.
On ihli year's letm ol Ctnadun
riflemen to compete it Bisley, Ihere
will bt two British Ctlumbian.ee out cl
twenty representatives ol the Dominion.
Cipt. W. H. F •• •
second on the lm, ind Strgl Ma
Caven. of Victoria. Is sixteenth.
The Brl!l?h Governmenl have de
cided to oofltlnut for IWO year? lhe
subsidy lo Ihe C ! R En : rat liners
M the Pacific. Shaughnes-.v accepts
ihe ann:ur,cemenl on thc principle that
halt I leal is belter than 110 bread
The appointment oi J. Dunsinuir ol
lorlai    . 1 ■  I • Henri Joly
dt   Lolbinlere his been a-
The new Lleuleninl Governor will like
ollice shcrlly
4 ft,
A Bylaw aiitleeerciiie;  lilt  tcquililion
ley tlte Corporation of the City
of Enderby of Land lo lee u-t-el
ta t Recrctlion Ground within
the -aid City-
WHEREAS the Corporation el Iht Clly
ol Endetby htvt received a petition, alined
by rettain itxptyeta. la-juttiing thrm to
putchtst Itnd to bt used at t public metet
lion ground: tnd
WHEKEAS tht acquisition ot land lor
auch purpose it deemed conducive le tht
wtlltit ol auch City  and
WHEREAS II la ntceuiry lor the taid
purpose thtl a aum ol motity not exceeding
SI.2CO.00 I One Ttwutttid Two Hui.dted
Doiltrt] ahould bt borrowed on the credit
ol Iht stld Cily ol Enderby: and
WHEREAS it it titeewiiy thtl Ihere
shtll bt raited In ttch md every year t
aum nol eicetdlitf $72.00 (Seventy-two
Dollars) lor Iht payment ot liutreai duilnr.
tht currency ol tht debtnlurea hereby Intended lo be cretttd, tnd ttao tht turn ol
$2(0.03 |Two Hundrtd Dollanl Icr Iht
ptyment ot the dtbl. mtknie alii lethei a
turn nol ticttdliif 1272.00 (Two Hutidrd
and Stvtnly-two De Html lo It itlitd in
ttch and tvtry yttr lor tht purpese ol raying Iht uid dtll and Inieital: tnd
WHEREAS ll it imicipated thai a certain
amoutn el rtvtnut will bt derived by iht
Cily Ircm audi recreation (round, which
can be applied to iht reduction ol auch tuition ta it htiein provided lor: and
WHEREAS tttt value ot lha whole el iht
rateable land tnd improvtmenu In tht uld
Clly. aeeerdlne, to iht lut revised astett-
tr.introll It SI72.SI6.yO
Cotpctation ol iht City ol Endetly in
council auembltd. it lollewi:
1. Thli It thill be lawlul Icr tht Corporation el tht uid City ol Endtily Ic borrow or
ctutt 10 fat bsrrowtd Ircm any ptraon or
fttaetii. body er botllea eorpcnle, who
miy be willing to advance Ihe umt upcti
Iht teeuiilyol iht dtbenluret htitintltet
mtniloned. a turn cl money nt t etcttdinr*
$1,200.00 |Ont Thousand Two Hurdled
Deltas, j and cause the umt to fat pud lino
lhe hunt ol the Treutirer ot the uld Ccr-
ponticn. it bt by him applied. iub|tcl ic
audi Ittmt, condilieiet tnd ittirlctlotii it
llw taid Ctrpiraiion may nukt. to the
purchtM ol a part-ti cl Itnltr!» uttdu
a public tt-teaiicn ground. In ai.d Icr ihe
latdCIt)  lEndtrl
2. Thit tl thill le tawtul tor Ilu
Corporttioie to ciiue tny nunfaet  <
lultt to be mtdt 1st aucli aum; 11   I    tj
u miy be required under thia B;
ttcttding however   iht total   turn ol
$1,200.00 lOnt Th-uutid Twc   I
' Dclltn.t such dttttciuita not le bt ter I
letter turn than $2,4.00 (Two Hundred
Dallam tick, md thit uld i -
shall bt titled wnh iht sell ct iht uld
Corporation, tinted by tht Mayer tnd
crutetei ugntd by tht Clerk,
3. Thli tht uid debentures thall In mtle
paytblt wtihin a pent, tt tltytirt tram
tht din hertlntlier mentioned it the dale
on which lha By-law tt-.a.l ami inlo luce,
tl iht ollice el iht Clerk cl tht Cctt-.tatlctt
cl tht City otEitdeib)'. tad uid delemuiet
thill hive itiichtd to Ihem coupri- Icr
lhe payment cl inttrttt.
4. Thtl uid debtntutct shell teat inter-
ul ll tht mt ot tit ter centum r*r annum
tremtktdttts ihtieol. payable ytarly.cn
ihe Ittal day cl June in etch and catty
5. That tor iht purpett el tatting iht
taid turret rl S72XO ISeveniy-t-
utdJaOO.00 (Twc Hundred Dcllttr
•eeerdlng tc lhe mount ol revenue derived
Irer Iht taid recrtaiirnri  n ll te ir.i  >
me iruli ll neteoiry be levied ae
ed, in  iddman   to ail   tthtr   ittej in
ttch and evtry vetr u| fn all ritulle pis-
perty el lhe uid City during Ihe e utttieey
ol the uid debentuies or uty cl Ihl
6. Thli n ahall It lawlul lor iht uid
Ceipemien to purchase tne '
ditentutet on iht first diy ol June In etch
md every year: and til dtbtntuf
timed thill be lerihwtth cittctlltd md
detitoyed. and no rt-utut tl dettniuret
thill be mtdt In respect cl time:
7. Thtl thu By-law, btlore lhe liteil
plating ihtital. shall fat submitted Is Iht
electttt et ihe Clly el Enderby in iht man-
net prescribed by the provititiei el tht
Muti'.nril Cliuiet Acl 16%. and in tht
tvenl ot receiving the latent tl lhe taid
etcetera, shall come Into tuctcti tbe letm
..."    a     ■•!, -.     ';   - te
died md Sit.
S. TIlllB)  '».   - a,  e, e  , .
pctet u Uan By a   N
Taker, i t thai the       -    i true
cl the pit r   •   n. '
Ctutt Houtt. Endetby   tt      •
lillKnih day al Miy im    belt
heura cf (I i,m..md 4 p.m.
Cleth to the Muniapel C una
Dlled. Mt> 411
Notice is hereby givei
: -.     ,■ between D. Nt'n, *
Bl   '    te in the business ot Dr.,.
■,--•- -.      ...
en uteitet the term ntme ol t
■ >      ". Cny   I Bi :■■•
•i IR the littt day
a. D. IW  bymuius       ml   Aim
90S, as above trieiill • - :
- ild ptrtnenhlpire I
Br i"  - a- • ■■-( •    I I ■  ■
ll  t.     ;.   ! a': Blatmt ae'all Mini plrtl '
„'■"   1 !iae »" ■  '• presented te lh
lh, CORPORATION        XTfUmt Wa   S*t\
4 %.        Why be ^
BY-LAW No, 28.
A Bylaw lo permit the Colnmliil
Flouring Mill- Co.. Limiteii. tu
conrlruct and operate a tramway
in the City oi Enocrhy.
WHEREAS an applu-aii.n has been
made by the Columbia Flouting Mills Don't* Send
When a Reliable Clock Is so cheap
WE HAVE THAT KIND.   All styles
and prices.   Call and inspect
F. Pyman ^Jj^
Atem Itr Ncrdhelmer and New Scale
Williams Pianos.
Company, Limned, lor permission to
lay a tramway between ihe Kamloops
Lumber Company's premises and lhe
premises ol the Columbia Flouring
Mills Co.. crossing Clill street at West
end ol Spallumcheen ^Iver bridge.
Ihence along lhe Linsdowne road parallel tiih Ihe river, and acrcss Mill si.,
Out of Town
NOTICE is hereby given lhat 30
days alter dale we intend to apply ia the
at the present main 'entrance oi the Chlel Commissioner ol Lands ind
Cclumbii Flouring Mills Company's Works (or special licenses lo cut and
premises: and . «rry *v*7 llmb«r *'*'* *<*9 following
WHEREAS Ills conducive to the described lends:
Interests cl the Clly el Enderby lo do     )t Commencing 111 post milked
everything lhal Is reasonable and possi- "p h." on Ihe wesl bank ol Ihe Spall-
lile  10 encourage ind licllliile lhe umcheen river close 10 W.Carlwrlghl's
Industries ol ihe said City: ncl|h pre-emption line running east and
BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED WMl; ,cu,h,easl corner pest: Ihence
by the Corporation ol the City ol north 160 chilns; wesl 40 chilns; south
Enderby, In council assembled, « iw) chilns; eist 40 chiini to point ol
iolloweth: commencement.
I. Thai It -hall bt lawful lor the     2 cmm(!nclng ,, a „,_, m.rk,d
said Corporition to enter uiio inagree- ... K ..  tanled ^ fcuf ehi|nl „„,
ment with the Columbli Fou""8 MU*»; 0, spillumchten river and ibout two
Co.. Limited, to the following ellecl:   l^^^ 0, W. Cirtwrlght. pit-
11) Thit permission be, ind is here- ompt|Sn, souih-etst corner post: run-
by. granted to the slidCompiiiyj..,.^I|,^,h» •_,„■< 0|,h0 r,»er 160
to construct 1 traniwiy is ilore-jhrnunonh; west 40 ehilni: south
slid tnd to maintain and operate m e|_.lt_. eut 40 chains to point ol
stmt lort period of 5 'five' commencement,
yetrslrom th, due cn which lhls|    3 0.mmlalpgtX , pt», m,rked
By-liw ahall comt Into force.    ; ..-„..     ^ „£, ^ o| |h, g^,.
.21 Thtl the^ privilege hereby eon       ^ ^       eomer7«t.
lerred.ihill. liter thei expiration   b    ,        m ncMh c( w> gtX
ol Ihe slid period ot live years,
Wright's pre-empllcn;   Ihence  north
Chief Commisloner of Lands ind
Works for 1 speciil license lo cut tnd
c-irry iwiy timber from tht loilcwlng
described Itndi:-
I. Commencing it 1 post mtrked
"J. A Johnston," cn tht west bank ol
Tum-Tuin uver. ibout one-hiM milt
(rom iu mouth hence 60 chtint wtsl;
80 chiitanorth :tOchiinsti;i Ihu
60 chitni tcuth to point ol commencement
bedetermimble by lhe glvittg.     *    h"       r|60chilns: west 40
.1 any .imt. of one year • notice!^. ^^ |M eh,|n|, M„ 40
,3,lL,,ht^l'o.:$1.00 «On,!ch»»»»^"«^«««-~"<*
Dcltarl per tnnum shall be 1 a a Kahloom Luaittt Co,. Ltd.
by the Company to the Corper-1 Dated tt Enderby. B. C. April 2Slh
alien during the whole period in! |906.
whi.-h ihis tgreeir.enlislnluce....-.Tipc
suchreniilto be due tnd pty.|N0TCE, " hereby given that 30
able on the fifteenth day cl July! **yialitt data I inland to apply to the
" " r*ki>l       PjunmiilMnai       *J       1  aiUt     mwm
in etch tnd every yetr:
.4' Thil slid intiiwty shall b» cr.-i-
itiucicd In iccertiatxe with the
requirements of the Municipal
Climes Act, 1806. and under
tie- luptrvlilon I. tnd 10 tht
titblti-uut cl. the Beard ol
Works, ind shall I-
such t manner thit it will not
Interfere with the ordlmry Iridic
ol the streets in any way:
*■ »• «*,*» ,h« CT7: ™ Tu^rrwr Sat i'ZZ
2. Thit this By-ltw. bet-re iht lintl Um lls mculhi lnd lnd lb()u, 6 ,„,.„,
passing thtreol. shtll be submitted to „. xht cretk 40 chl||tt ^nh.weit;
the elector! of the Cny of Enderby. in ,„,„-,. 160 cha!„ ncr1n,wesi; ihence
lheminnerD.escribe1bylh3prt,vi5i'ns 40 chtm rtcnh-etsl; Ihence ItO
ol ih- Municipal Clauses Act. 18*6-'china to point of eemmencement.
■ltd in Ihe event cl receiving ihe I'i-nt
of ihe said Electors, shall come una „ * Commencing it t pott tiurked
lorce cn the .i-ve.,!.eiiih diy ol Miy. J- * Jehnstcn. on I crttk running
Anno Domini Ons Thcistnd Nine ""0 th« *««tin side ol Turn-Turn
Hundred tnd Sis ****** ******' "**'u 'rcm ", **M*
3. This By-liw may be cited lor all ""I J ******* "f <** <'**>* I •» chtint
purposts it The Columbli • ,, •**>***■ "» <*»••» wilhwesl.
Mills Agreement By-law. '40 ehalne north east:   ihence   160
chains lo point ol commencement
Tike notice thit the ibcve Is 1 true 4, Commencing it 1 pott mirked
copy ot lhe proposed By Itw ur*n "J, a. Johnston," cn t cre*k running
which the vote cl the Municipality will mio the west side ol Turn-Turn river,
be taken at the Court House. Enderby. about 7 miles (rom lis mouth and 6
on Tuesday, the fifteenth diy cl Miy. rmiej up the creek. ihence 40 ehaiw
1906. between the hounolBi.m ind south-west: 160 chains  north-west:
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Nov under lhe management ol
Hakry   McIntosh,   Hollman House
Tht Medical Wttiii ol Hilcycit ttt iht
moil cutttivt In Iht wotid. A petlett.
ntlurtl temed)' lot til Netvout and M.uacu-
Itr Diaetatt. Liver, Kidney tnd Stcmtch
Alemtnta. Ita Bttha never till to cutt
Rhtutnttlitn. An tlacluie cutitntee rtven.
Teimt.! . 10 tie per week. For luiihtt
ftiiireiiira tpply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arret* Lake, I. C.
Crr.iet1a.11r1 tnd Seed Ho.net
Hesdquirlers lor~ACIFIC COAST
CROWN girdtn. llower ind Held
seeds. New crop now In. and on lest
in cur greenhouses. Ask your merchant Icr them In sealed packages. II
he does nol htndle ihem we will mill
SO tssorled Sc pickigts of vegetiblt
tnd llower seeds (our own stleclion.
suitable lor B. C. gardens! lor $1.00.
Special prices on your bulk seeds
B. C. Crown Fruit and
Ornamental Trm
now ready lor Spring shipment, Eitra
met stock ot 2 tnd 3 yetr apple treei
it S20 per hundred, $160 per 1000.
Miyrurd Plum. $1 ttch. Itilitn
Prune. 2 yr.. line. $25 per 100. Sugtr
Prune, 2 yr..lir,e. $30 per 100.
No tiptici*. Ion tr deity ol lamtnuoi
or inspection,   Leltntpiiceycur Itatbtlote
plieinr yeur ttfplitt   Citenheuie I' Ji.it.
■Ifral work, tee luppliet. Iiuil petkign,
"   etc.   Citllofue lite.
1010 Wntmire.ttr Pat    Vtateaver
4 p. m.
Clerk lo ihe Munlcipil Council.
lltd, Miy4th.l90ft.
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work--and
good work means ad
v.mccment. To have
a strong constitution
c ne must have lhe best
meats, and that's *hat
you ■> ill find at the new
brick bl cfc Always
fresh, juicy and lender
Geo. R. Sharpe
Seed Potatoes for Sale.
El''. '      ■'. ' ■■ ^ '' '
40 chaint nctlh-easl.   thence   160
chains to point ol commencement
nmencing it 1 put mirked
"J. A. Johnston." tituttei
weit bank ol the Turn-Turn river, a
bout 6 miles south ol Mica Uke
thence 80 chains north; 8'
weal. 60  ehaim south: thence 60
chains to point ol commence
6 Commencing at 1 post mirked
"J. A Johnston." 11 the mouth ol t
••••  e,nning mb Turn Tun   •  I
abcut 15l ".  Uke .
Ihence 80 cl--1
Columbian College
Net.   \\ e.tmtn.trr  Is 1
te      *    '-if. >-..      !   I-    ..
8 A tt D   l>     it I   ■»
Rnidemul School lor Ladits tnd
gentlemen. Regular count includes
Preparatory, High School. CoDegute.
•nd University work.
In the regular count Instruction u
given in the tdvtnced public school,
high ached. Collegitte tnd untvenity
Iht ipecul courses include
the vi-ecal. uutiumenul tnd techniqut
in music. In Art: Sketching. Oil
Ptlntlngtnd Pyttgttphy. Abo Phy-
steal Culture tnd Etracuiion
Spring teim begin on Janury 8th.
Nine itsldenl u.j tto nun residtnt
mslnictcrs Saftrate beuiidlngi Itr
lidtei' college, beys' dormitory, and
>>jung men's residence.
V/rlte for ptrilcubn Send fer
Cllei ;,*
For Sale!
Firming Und in 1 *   I
chaser,   Sumble Icr Iruit git wing and
dairying    AtiJy lo
J, W McCALLUM. Salmon Aim.
ao titH'
.' '
(•    ).
M-' '•*   <■  'tW |fa.ilf.]|Mtl«| !•'•--•
ftU   '• ■•»'     IM     *S   Mat till'    ta e •«
tM-t-f* >«•<•. •   *   „i ,e*#» li. I»«
Scientific Hmerkan.
I *_*"*•>•-»•? IllMtfa'M •Ml'* t*-,*** - •
'■llt'-i f •*» ♦'***• to J »■«•* 1- e I i
..,.     *      .-        -Mil    |V"ilfMriir«  »■•
»t*et_ i.«e» •■ f P. Wta*tt4.      Ill
Get the Credit
making C    i Butler and have
D. N.
Printed Butter Paper
Prices andQ. la  ll ihis C'ice
Special Ci/:- ani Inkr THE PROGRESS. ENDERBY, B.C., MAY
Combine Pleasure (& Profit
By Obtaining  TOOLS lor Garden ur Farm
•    Rike    .'iejdes. Shovels. Digging forks, Trowels. Pruning Shears.
Rubber Hose. Wheel Barret Matt   I    a nn Mowers. Seeder
M   .V • 11 Plumbing, Furnace Heating and Rocflng    Yuu run
Are you intending to sell
this Year
Your    Town
and Farm
11 PI IT
twisted retrains ol tht michinery ul
the Kelowni sawmill eras Hitched t«
Friday's nortttbutind tram. The cam-
pany will, it it silted, instal i portable
mill, and endeavor to supply "
It. a !
The pennon pitying ihu the Dim-
iniott  Coverniiitml   estibjuh i mb-
igeney of the Customs in -
wu tern tny an P'
Slow, tin
a'.iriay, ht hiviry   .
Lasi week's old country null bri«^t>'
news it thi ntarriagt   I A
..„,,,        ..-.*'.,    ^ ; a -
.       -    ■
la    ■ .       ' .
reitiM Gttuttds Csmniillee
ted u,,   End''
lound ut the valley
Mm C
. ■ ■
■ t public, ts be it -
"tin   He I
.   ■ ■    •
the lad
' •
ling Of
Campbell will I    •
L Ran        F*n -   -
•   ii
Mr; Fowler.,' lKr S
Spence, of Noilh Vancouver, ire ink -
It ta their sister. Mrs
J, H McVeigh
F  N. DusieU and A  Shi
Armstrong, pitted inreugh M
nesdty on ihtir way it Seymour Ann
Tht object of ihtlr villi it ta set how i
soon woik can be commenced on the
daino which tart staked on the galena
discovery mid« thett list summer.!
Mr Dinirlt styt tlst. lUt when he ,
esmn ba*k he wilt hive with him
•    unplea ol  Ire-v nulling gold;
quirt* lhal will ut mAt ail
Jell tell on Wwltf
la   attend ll
this cny. arrived by
-   ■,  /.    j-.t   .  '. .   .......   .  ■■ ;
atrderaiand. tike 141 her perl-
■ .,■   ,    ...
I rg College it   LouJW.
ittby situ haWi an stttaittnn   Whit
esuM be nicer thin the weather we
Notes and Comments
house In order before attempting
to read las he thinks 1 a lesson
to a contemporary. "Do unlo
athers as ye would that ihey
should do unto you."
We apologize to our readers
lor the wasting ol so much ol
our "precious columns" over
that Armstrong Editor, but we
do nol see why he should constitute himself a surt of censor
ver "Okanagan papers"
In the House ot Commons
on Friday lasl, Mr Roche drew
attention to the protests from
British Columbia farmers that
the mallcn test was unreliable.
One farmer wrote that a certain
government veterinary Inspector, after shooting a large number of horses, threw up his job,
rushed over to Washington
territory and bought three carloads of horses to sell to the
farmers whose animals had
been killed o,'f, Mr Fisher
claimed that the malein test
was regarded by the profession
as absolutely Infallible. This
subject was again ventilated al
the meeting of the agricultural
committee, at which. Mr. Ruth-
eriort. chlel veterinary, said
lhal quarantine arrangements
fo* animals along the western
iMiutr were Ineffective ana
must be remedied. He said It
was proposed to establish an
up-to-date quarantine station at
tat rut »l iht Craw Trunk
Picilie Railway wis did on Wednts-
day at Portage u Pra -
The largest etdir tree ever discov- j
'hu Icectitty   t huge lores.!,
manirdi ihil iiiust bt over three hun-
"-old,tccDtdingtom tr-mnli
tm into tragttttnu with;
t chtige of dynitnttt a couple of days
ago, lays the Vancmivti Pi
-   -tl   the
Cipilinj ViSey. ihMit   Ml:
.   • .'-rwarkt
F  W
Strain -.
Friday's inin Mr Ptdmote had
tly leturned tmn a vi.it to
tht Old Ccwt'r. and hid been to
Vetnan to ct.iea deal whereby ht
oMitnt p.j.tiiijn of the Kilantatka
A metling • Ihe British J lui'bu
Methodin C'.nttttnce was held in Vienna on Tu-. lar md WeJne
.■   ■
union between Melhol •
aad Cavf-i*»' wlttl tnd it
The Union Restaurant
m*m-' IFF   STREET,    ENDERBY^^i
WEEKLY  riCKETS, $5.00,      BY THE MONTH. $20.
In connection wnh iht Restaurant a (Inl class Uakety is es-
labliiihed Irom which can alwayi be obtained the choicest Irom
the oven.    Alwayi Iresh.
A nice line si Conlectlonery l> carried in stock, Fresh
Iruli In season.   Don't bake bread when busy, TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
J. McQUEEN. Proprietor, Enderby
■ a-e.1~11.11   iinwia———
Harness-maker and Repairer, Trunks.
Valises,  Etc.
Aylmer S38S Force Pump
Witlpjinp tlaubUiht am.iiu of »irtr *■ lh   wSill tl -,   mi
•.n«r.  Itt capioity ta: No. 2,100 I
J») fitt p«i hour.
It yoj want iHt tatSfth^tmuiy ^p to data pump in tha
.  1 will final u lit the AYIMER.   Civ< it a Iilil. it ntvti
pUtM; it will ioftViti« y.u of itt auptttottty if you wtll
lltaotu tit want to uy lutth«t  U you oi4*r
' thoM p.m^ yti'i ;iu lt*t it Intuit paying (ot it.    If not
.    ry *♦ *i   i.t,wv« it at our own e«f*iut.   W« havt
. -1    .      uw ttaJ a pump com*
J. Johnson "TJS:B c
Just Received
These Oats we imp irtei by us on account of their very
Superior Yielding Qualities
Farmers requiring Seed should take advantage ot this opportunity to gel a really ch'l-e article
IS* Columbia Flouring Milla Co., Ltd. Enderby.
tht bttl day m ihe Valley   Well burnt bricks at renewable
Large or Small Quantities
Th* Enderby Brick (tb Tile Co. HC
. ■..
they *ent Ihe tne* end    V-
■ 1 ;;«n A Mr  Detoen. 1-1
*-ahrbr. but commied
t tnd Mrs A. E
■ •   .
.   ■
• • ■
Ir Metes
■...-.   ,  ■■- v •I - ..:' • .
'  ■■-...-   ,-
C li   .
up hu f
r iht drag
the Endefbj Brick .  :     •
.-..-■: rt that
. , M < brisk
... .... • ad
.- ihe    •-ifcrieiiin
btjtwat d    •   .
•    ■
For Sale
Haiti.  StiUt and Two LM lar
ap   Siluited in best pin tf
tny. KfAiy. tht tfitct tf tht Pnooaiaa
.     I   :-■•..    ■
House for Sale
I and It     '     lulled on Mini
hytfy ts A. Richard-
City   Barocr   Simp
Hill Cutting
Hilt Cul and Shtvi SOc
•SIX WAVtS loe
< II N. Hendrlcksm.
"   ;l,' Brill '  1 itee ft
Will mi kindle/ alls*
the medium of raut ceAittine. loatkl
havtna in their ptnsesiiM bsoki
belling lo the PubiiC Libtalf ti re
turn sat- M      ,.  next, when I
• .    ' ' •,•:.•-•'
10( till  i.ibtatjr once mare
Ctiy Clerk
"  . 13th 1905.
City of Enderby.
Villi** un tht PreifwieJ By-law
Public none- •- ..-11 to Ihr
-leciors al the Municipality ol Ihe Clly
A Enieib>- lhat I rexjuire the presence
ol ihe slid Electors it the Court House.
Endetby. an Tuesday, lhe ISth. day ol
Miy 1906, beiveen the hounof Dl.m
ind A p 111. tier the purpose of record
.ie*; iheir volet, eiltier to confirm or l.-
tieptjae etltaln ptoposed By-ltvs. ta
I. A By-la* luthoriririg theColuiit-
bii fnouring Mills Co., Limited.
to construct snd opertte a tram
-! the Clly of Enderby: ind
i A By law rjihcriiirig ihe acquis!
*>» the Cotpcrttisn of Ihe
Cny it Endtrby, of land tabi
I tor tl   put   tela rtcrea
lit 01 Ittr lit beluga
'-'•-.        ■-! awtter
ol land    r tta\ properly within lh-
illly U   nt H»d 10 1 vote in
each ward in which he ar she may be
Givn unl't my hand Ihij 4lh At,
Ml)    ii Iht .-at 1905.
Reluming Officer
Tht Supreme  ;>ur! :p?m at Ver-
n n Ml May I Ith


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