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The Edenograph 1905-01-11

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 vh    ■
N'JMBER   35.
$2 a Yuan
derby Doing
Quadrille club will hold their lumb_r boyt past many a quiet hour,
.eekly danca Friday evening. S°i>>8 and coming to  and from lhe Friday night.
Bell It lobbing oil the balance "'"P3 a,ou"d M«w lak«'
Eugene Rhlan, publisher ol the Herald, Ponoka, Alia., It spending a lew
days In the Valley.
Buy B. C. grown nursery slock If you
do not want the delay, expense, and
damage of Inspection and fumigation.
Henry's catalogue tells you all aboul It.
See his ad In another column.
ol his Ashcroll slock, In the old store
Messrs. Durston and Glenn, of Bols-
sevalne, Man., arrived al Enderby on
M  : li)
A large crowd attended the slere-
optlcon thaw ai the Orange Hall on
Saturday evening,
Miss Calvert, of Salmon Arm, spent
Saturday and Sunday, visiting
Mohr, ol Enderby,
J. R Brown, ot the Summ.rl.nd '"« b«" *ni "*,u"* U* Harvey way to the lower take points. These
Fruit Co., returned from a trip lo his "III make lurther Improvements In his piemen are looking lor a home „
old home in ft. Territories Ihl week. ««• block Improvements that will the Okanagan Mr. Wyll. recemly
add room for Ihe display ot goods and «W an extensive and well-cultivated
facilitate the handling of his Increased wheat '»"'>lfllhe Northwest. He has
business. experienced enough severe winters and
When ihe C. P. R. wants to. It can ln,ends l0 *«* ""•b»h"<» ol ******
move things very rapidly.   Last month on a sn"" ,ru" ',rn'ln ,hla m**'
Ihl Ugh Knderby   on Monday, uiihis| Relic, irom Snuili Africa
way home Irani Ashcroll,  where he!
spent some lime looking over Ihe com-! Al Ful,on M°M *"m "' ,h« " ;
panv's properly. While al Ashcroll a' Vi"> viniav ol R' p' ****** lasl
contract waa lei for a 50-1. t tunnel *Mk' and s""Md Mo" *• lublu'
II this pi ve     illafactory, extensive P"0' Eni°'b* a numb" ** '
developments will be undertaken nextj0' hl5 vl!" ,0 Sou,h A,ttca »,he ,il»«
I ol the Boer war.    He showed views cl
a hugh hippopotamus shot by him on
Endeiby L. 0.  L.  No,  446, held the great Zambesi, ol the Orange river
their annual Installation cf officers last bridge destroyed by the Boers, of a
The officers elect are specimen of the hyderbeast, similar lo
as follows: W. M„ A. E. Roberts: D. the antllope.   He also has a shambok,
M„ Jas. F. Dale; Chap.. 0. Rosoman; a short, still whip made of the hide ol
Rec. Sec, Ernest Benneii: Fin, Sec. the   hippopotamus,   a   lion's tooth
A. E. Hale; Treas., J. R, Bunce; D. knocked out ol the head ol a beast just
ol C„ E.  Bennett; lecturer, A. Dale, killed, and mmature aslgarls, spades.
This lodge has shown a healthy growth spoons, knives, cut out ol Ivory by the
during lhe past year, the membership natives.   The most Interesting curio tonight's meeting,
having more Ihan doubled In that time. |s a photo taken of two Yowa women. I Instrumental a
ol a tribe living naar lake Nlaaa. These R**dlng.
women wear earrings like their moie; Song,
Our Tribulations
Mr. Wylle of Tregarva, near Reglna,
Carpenters are busy on the lnter|or N. W. T„ and Mr, Hllliard ol R*8«™»- ci7i'|i_ijVsiut««."»i»d" tn"»ddlHe^.'Vhiy|RWlWllan,
ol the new postofflce block,    ll wl^ere among the passengers  ">>haWM, „,„,,„„ ,„ ,„,,, ,(„     „      (Son*
soon be in readiness for the transfer of crowded coach mi   Monday, on their |h|| ^ om|meMj ,„„„_„    . „„„,„,,
,L. L..u .^ n.,._.. ta-     La    uinv tn ll«* Inure   labn   nnlnt.       TIin.m e
site with the age or beauty, or iiteli- &onS'
nation, or talking proclivities of the' Essay.
Ai the Lcierarv | no evidence ol it    While ll   .
= ment Is passing wcl ganl neat-
The  attendance  al  the   Literary Ures relating to cleanllnest In the barn
meeting last Wednesday evening was y,,d, ushould nol lorget the achool
not large, but those present spent a house.    Attention was called to this
very pleasant evening.    A short pro-; mailer six months ago, but the school
gram was given.   The progr- „j has Ignored  the request, and
mittee have prepared the following for; with 60 tu 100 children homed In the
rooms the place has weekly grown
Mrs J. E. Crane; more filthy.   The man who is moit
-   Mr. Boyer hitler in the fight against lown Incor-
Mits McLeod poratlon lives In the aame house with
The ice on the log slough is in excellent condition, and many have enjoyed the skating the past day or two.
A number ol Enderbyites attended
fteamclveraary concert given by the ilb     h,aearo( ,urnmJ„ ,„,„,„„
Presbyterian church at Armstrong hut| ^ |n 0nUr|o ,o End„bym|ujt
Miss Woods the man who opposes cleanliness In
Mr. Sutclille ihe public school.   It is time the public
Mr. Johnston i wrested the power out of the hands of
Mra. Geo. Bell such people   lhe power to keep Ihe
Mi. Hyslop ,iown and its institutions in the groove
wearer, They are of a tin-lead com- "Resolved, that the twwd to mightier 0( long ago Give us a clean achool
position, and are kept brightly polished than *« P*n" Allirinative. Jat John- home, clean sidewalks, clean door-
It locks u if ihe handle had been\m- A. Sutelill*. Neil Simpson. neg- V1,_, , clean town things looking
broken off of a ladle and the spoon alive. Gm Bell, Chat. Hancock. Mer- spick and span   and we will have
The Enderby Trading Co,
twelve days.   It waa for J. C. English ,
hooked lengthwise into the upper lip
These ornaments are warn tn aeaaon
It Isn't often in a town cf the site of j™1 m °'****cn- W,™nlly cauting
the wearer* no Inconvenience.   It may
lln I un*    : -
barometer in remembrance of the holl
day aeaaon.
8" Agent Robltallle got track ol the ear
by wire and, with the
cower ollice. pulled It through without
>.,.„.....,. anj I .iii.
Enderby that one finds a stcre (Itteu I _• " "nm*\   Either the Department ol Education
up so well as thai of the Enderby Trad- *>• noted ln P»»ln« *« ,h* «rt «• » woefully than of fundi, or it woefully
kit log hai n i been ami pad then
something inviting to men ofvealth
and lamily.
Geo Smith, of Revelsli
teniiiur Its cutlomert with available ^       7a" •" "",",,      Ing Co.   Latt week a complete set of ■"""* ™" ™" """ "™a»70 """"• ignorant ef the conditions, or our local     ~",ZZ," 11.Z.7"   c u
___*.!__7_!__J_-IZlaZ °"he Van- bmss-loppedcounter-stools was added,fe^^" "^ boanlol achool trust.,, areweefull, *£*",m PUrehmd """S M'
any long delays at divisional points,   ll
■ ,.";' •
circlet are unheard ol.
mgtigenl In their duty.   The condition
Mrt Pttlipiee* ol Revtbtoke. was
with  nlckle-plaled   window 1
tl.......... ,i . r^-.k,,r  settings, patent   ribbon  show-cases.     f0h S»u; A buck lur eon. neariv «• **"»oraof the Endeiby achscl it
Thestonetfor the Endeiby Curling sometimes ukes half that time to get       *        «... ..„„. nl_^il   h,„ .._   <imtL _jh7iV«b    a»jT I k.™j .ii «_»_•«_ «t h_i_.».. vtollltaj Mrs, MeCalhim latt week, ani
Club arrived Irom Winnipeg thit week a piece of freight from Okanagan Un- J" «•»• ** »ntre-Pleces. hoae new   WdktaoM eta*    Aoply aT beyond all eonceptmt ol cle»l.nett       ^
ding to Endeiby. a distance ol 26 hangers, and counter pieces.   These M™ EoutooMHt ollice, li u tatd by lhate who know lhat the ™" '" "mn mm*tnH """*
miles. attractive tetiingt give ihe ttere a very;   \i/»ktid; A gentle driving horte (lo8B ,wl* b**n *enii**i kul *"**     B™li*n * Jshnaon have their new
M. K   Rodger:, manager ot the nobby appearance, and add a metro- Apply lo H. C, Frater, Salmon Arm, atncelhe ichool wit built.   Of thu »aw mill ready lo atari and expect lo
Nlckle Plate mine. Hedley City, passed polltan atmosphere to lhe aurroundingt, B. C, theie unl any certainty.    They show ** 'mi*** m luin8W *• «»»dayt
The latt few days' frost hu made
and the boya are gelling the Ice In
thapa lor lhe lint "go."
There mutt be aomethlng warm
about Endeiby. Sleighing la good in
any direction to the town limits, while
in town the mow barely covert th«
Jat. Jarrett, carpenter and finisher,
whose handiwork waa shown in the
Intuiting of the Bell block, hat opened;
a lobbing shop In ft* rear ol the Han-
cock Hack.
The ikating rink will be thrown open
to the public tomorrow night The ice
it In good condition. Seaton ticket!
will be told, or you may pay the ad-
mission fee il the door.
J. C. English hat uttelully curtained
hitahow windows and otherwite arranged hit ttock ol lumlture to at to
give the interior ol hu etlablithmenl a
veiy attractive appearance.
Tht cocotnui girl attracts the alien
lion cl the boya who tpend their money
al Chat. Metcalle't, She wears a
bonnet thai fit* like Irlllt around a
ginger imp. and hat a moat prepotteti-'
.: ■;;  .'-■ ■•-
The Kamtoopt Lumber Co. thlpped
four can of lumber thu week, Irom!
Endetby lo Iht Northwest. Five cart
are alto being shipped from Kamloapi.
The lumber market conllnuea quite
dull, but lhe outlook for tpring butlnett
it bright.
The mobttta limited wat loaded on!
Monday by wealthy Manitobant. going to.
lhe south end of the Valley lopurchate
land. Som* ol the enlcrprtte ol J. M
Koblnton, of Summetland. It needed
to indue* thet* land teekert to ttop
ell at Endeiby
W. Jonet will open hit feed ani
Hour tlor* in Ihe Bradley block in a
lew dayt. Th* report thai he has
bought an interest in the hardware
butlnett of R. P. Bradley is Incorrect.
nor tt Mr. Bradley atioctoted with Mr.
Jonet in lhe teed businett.
The Bank ol Montreal hat nol taken
any ttep to carry oul its promise to
establish a branch al Enderby, though
raporl .-, current that negotiation!
are under way looking lo the purchase
ol Ihe lively stable erect and Ihe election ol a bank building thereon.
The Huppel Brothers have added
a line sleel tattge to their kitchen, and
their chef d'cuisine is all smiles tonight.
They have a wayside h-use.
25 unlet Irom Enderby, where Ihe
Prosperity, and What We Are Doing to Meet It
Speaking ol the Okanagan as "the garden spot
ol the rich interior." the Columbian's special edition says: "The opening oi the Okanagan Valley
to the Incoming settler has but begun, This year
has been marked by a very great advance because
many large tracts hitherto held In single holdings,
and devoted to grazing, have been broken up and
resurveyed In small holdings, which have been
placed on the markel and sold to prospective settlers whose object Is to plant orchards, and make
homes where they can live in the enjoyment ol an
almost perfect climate, and yet. on comparative
limited area, produce by their own exertions, as
good a living as if on a larger (arm in some of the
ether parts of Canada.
"While it cannot be said that there has been
anything ol the nature ol a boom on In the lands of
the Okanagan district, It is certainly true that there
has been a remarkable rush ol people to the Valley. Not at only one point has lhe influx been
noted, but from Enderby and Armstrong, on the
line oi the Shush*ap& Okanagan railway, lo Ver
non. Kelowna, Peachland. Summerland and
Penucton. at the lower extremity of Okanagan lake
has the movement been felt. At all these points
the summer has seen many new arrivals, and
nearly all of these have purchased lands In greater
or less extent, with the Intention of settling down
"Many ot these newcomers have already made
considerable beginnings. At some points, where
clearing was necessary there has been a vast
change In the face of the country. Timber has
been cleared away, new homes have been built,
and many small orchards have been planted out.
The advantages of small holdings for settlement
are very apparent -.hen one sees a dozen homes
where a year bcLre ihere was but a single farm,
perhaps a single field, ll the up building of all the
public utilities, schools, roads, etc.. in a district the
benefits arising (rom numbers will enable Ihe settlements to quickly secure excellent advantages,
which could not be obtained (or many years In
more scattered settlements."
Every progressive man kno-vs the (ull truth o!
what the Columbian says In view of what the
influx of men and capital into Enderby will mean,
and to meet the demands that will be made on the
I >-n. in the way of public utilities, the matter of
Incorporation was taken up some months ago. But
a few of the disgruntled property owners can net
II that way.
The most unfortunate thing lhal could befall
Enderby at this lime would be the success of Ihe
disgruntled few to block town Incorporation. The
past season saw the commencement of the best
era in the history of Ihe town. The promises for
this spring are still brighter All that Is necessary is for the lown lo get In shape lo act as a
corporate body In matters ol public need. Incorporation was considered the best way to do it.
This all recognized—all but a lew who so badly
frightened themselves by pessimistic dreams of
Increased taxes that they could not see any good
to come oul of It. And. mspiie ol the fact that the
committee. Messrs, Harvey, Bradley ana Bell,
succeeded In getting nearly seven eights ol the
property owners on the petition before going ahead
with the business, these disgruntled few have per
slstenlly fought the forward step. Every string
lhat could be pulled they have secretly tightened,
until, it Is learned from Victotia. there is much
uncertainty about the Enderby petition being
Attorney Billings has sent the fallowing communication in ihe mailer "I am In receipt oia
letter (rom Messrs  B)dwell k Lawsonas:  n
corporation   It is as follows: 'We saw the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works this morning
and discussed the question ol Incorporation of
Enderby with him   He informs us that the matter
has not yet come before the Executive, as he un
demands that some of the petitioners are desirous
of having their names removed from the petition,
for what reason we cannot learn    He informed
us. however, that the matter will not be
belore the return ol the attorney general. *ht h
«iil be about the 10th insi"
The action ol those opposing Enderby's advance
will strangle the life out ol any community II.
slsted in   Only one other instance of a like char
acter can be recalled in B C   When Port Moody
applied (or incorporation the same tactics were
applied   A disgruntled S *ede. otrncr of consider
able property, vent around like a thief in the night
and undermined the good work of the pi .
When the mailer came before the Government a
as tiled    The Executive, seeing
a chance to deny the petition, did so.   Port Moody
has been dead ever since    Enderby's    ,
an exact parallel    Enderby will not quit; but It Is
such work as this that retards and mak"   progl
Urtgl)        ind doubtful.
good tkattttg along th* lake front, and
j th* young folk ar* having good tport.
The annual meeting of th* Farmers'
Institute was held Saturday Th* of •
Itctia reported ft* Iruntut* In a Hour'
'    ,•        !.'.
Ft, Davit, of lh* Big Eddy Lumber
Co., R«v*letsk«, hat been apending a
few dayt her* looking up hu old Inendi.
H* hat alto purchased a 120 acre
farm on Salmon rtwr
Th* matter ol municipal tncorpon-
.. • ■• ■: . r- V .■ - '
ih* Itnal louchtt have been gtven We
,-.y etjst-ct to m Salmon Arm doing
buttnett on lu own account early in
"-   '■■	
The Wea.lv,
Waller E rruetdale, government
sbwrvtr al Endtrby. lumuhet lhe Id
lowing record ol ft* tttntperalure, and
general ttal* ol th* ••after lor ft*
:   . ■•
Udy   7 100
24 dtmdy
23 "
24 tun
31     "
30  cloudy
20    b.-l
■ •
25    bsun
3 12
First Yfap
. .'
.   lares
II  \1 \\ \l W It
by B.C.
knows It is not.
knows It is not.
'   P. R
The ,'
menl il Vict ria kn
The p   • fllce
Qua-    kn
.   thi   ral
permitted to ov<
iract?   If ihe
The travel
; ..   '         . ;
a ■ ■..-ly subsidy of  thli
' ". ';    .   .
the power that every g /em
ment under the British Hag ha
got, to compel the C P R I
faithfully carry out the letter
tn I plrlt of the contract. II
the company will not, the g v
eminent has no tight to pay
the subsidy, and is as guilty as
the railway company of.
. Ing a public trust.
It is up to Premier McBrld
and his colleagues to do some
the lists, without permission of
transfer, six months before an
electl n is held, is an Injustice j
and an absurdity.
Ilie Itr.i .-•-.itiial i,i having a r-iu-
i.,\, n i. to nave ac, .,,,-.li,-I,
.• of any part
.-  (hat;
■ r
". this subsidy alone
in ints to several thousand
; Hat  more than the
peratlng the road.
II the governmenl ;
Meg the road, Is it unreas
to expect the .
see that we are given
an up-to-date service ? And, If
the government knows the railway is Imposing a jer-
service en this Valley—.
governmenl at Victoria does
know It—then that governmsnt
is unfaithful to the trust placed
in It, be It Conservative or
Liberal, if it fails to exercise
in be bought
:S0 an acr-
in other sections land th.'
any better. If so good, is sold
lor 3103 an acre and upwards,
is. the move
ment in land sales h a been
Enaerby it bigc.it   nl)
last year.  The sales h -
been enough to push the price
?! land up to an,
much property can be I
very low figure
Discussing this phasr
n the Columbian
,nster. says: "There is
urge area of unimi
lands available  lor li
- . and thir. land
• ..
.-    '.' ii h
. .
1; a very   great ad-
There has. perhaps, been less
1 the sale
indicate that there are any disadvantages   On tl
there is som- -it land
ol the Okanaj
With The Owl
COMMUNITY, the world, does
•    i—dees not want—the
.ing. superior, man or
■   Such persons do exist,
'tis true, and occasionally we
see them thrust into positions
thev should not occupy, but they
t needt d—the community
: Ithout them,   I have
■ u dear eld lady, surpris
irgly clever, kind, motherly and
so censlderate.   And she was
the plainest, simplest person
r smooth the troubled
.if   Simple!
•*hy, bless you, sweetheart, she
was simple as mother—so simple she was  misunderstood.
There came before lhat grand
• .mve thing with patron-
ho knew so little she did not have to
think.   At a little social event, the young woman
brushed rudely by the old lady with her proud head
•i back and lips set In disdainful mockery.   As
she drew near a second time, leaning on the arm
of an Ith an air of superiority betokening
ice. the dear lady leaned forward and smllea.
That's all she did. But there was such simple kindness—such mother love—such nobility of character behind that smile .hat the proud vixen was
. 'it very low and for the moment became a
child again
simplicity this old world needs.   We want
men can rise above jealousy.
mail Im, envy and fear—whose lives
; ire as the atmosphere of the snow capped
hills ant others to live, their lives
I best.   We want men and
say the word of encouragement lo
the heart sick : ill turn evt i.
brig! I side
ment. every difficulty, thoughtfully, without fear and
unabashed   We want men and women who will
.' the man plow is as
sits at the desk of the ruler
1 the man behind thr .
,' .-al. as
• man at the head   ft
Henry W. Harvey
Cenitkai Merchant,   F.nderhy, B.C.
nnl «...
'The stock in the several departments Is large, varied and new
Crocerle.  .nd Provi.lom
Clothing ana Cent.' Furniihlng.
popular Tea rn lhe marlc
md l . -.
Staple and Fancy Dry Good.
■   li
','■ ,
r by intent, or through
i   irelessness.many voters
[of Enderby were robbed of their
recenl election of a
representative to the Dominion
If Ihere is to be a pi
election soon and the
same practices are allowed, the
■ suits  .'.ill follow: men
will be cheated out of theli.
I; the lists used In the lateelec
ire to be used In th
;■    mlng on. supplementary
! lists should be provided at every
polling  place,    showing   the
I names of voters transferred be-
j tween the date of closing the
, list and election day.   To close
I    .   •   ■
•ndCli.   II
Mining Supplies
Tenia. Camp S
Home Fui'iii.tilng.
i r uaiiieilea
Farm and v...,... n Rt-q.iic.ilch
Spoiling Cood.
Thirty yea:                 in Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Inl  the camps and the Interior	
1 m Leon .i ii  i.   'i foal
Twc relic
• l'«..|re Irclr.
Lumber u°
Km,.   |
A..-.cr.'llic  10  II
,        .•  '. i
■    . , ,   aa aa
tm I
\ > i iing man mn) 'ii« imi an <■!•! mail
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops, Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
• Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly     Terms on
application.      Address—
EatUrsy. B C
I :       .■ r.     I   '  '     ■
II . •.. .--.-.I i to    n
*„M I...   .   •■
For Sala—Row beat, in goad oon-
C. J. B:
*\ £ Cure Constipation *% c
Watch 'FixinY & J HnHHI^
11 your Tune K ■     •
tunc, we can very sscit mak.
R. R. Burns.
Mftf-onic Buildir.c,
Burns' Toilet Luxurim
F. Pyman
Jeweler 00.
Expert Watch Repairer
Can'l find anything better
That is the opinion ol men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land. It is right in the town: t, few
minutes' walk from the Postofflce. Land Is continually raising
in value We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
lew choice building sites left. You won't find lots ol betier
value. The town will continue to progress: It has only fairly
started. Property will continue to Increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than Ihey are today Yeur best
opportunity is NOW. rice of Lots, |I||A *Xi7C\
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, **"* * *
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land, IS minutes
walk Irom the Pest Office at Enderby Will be sold In one
block, or cut up Into smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
House on the property, outbuildings and fruit orchard.
, line 320 acre prcpertv three and a half unlet tculh tl Etxieil.
mam lead    Weil nttrad    Can be divided Into two fauna sf 1(0 acre* ta;h
! 10 an acre.    Thit k Iht Cheap**! property in
sf the
This ."iight-
illy situated,  on the
-inagan lake
,. in  T
Apply to—
H   .V HAKVEY, Endeibr. 13 C
Geo. R.
JAS. OiViS       roprietor.
iS your
able Insured ?
• Lakeview
ha' is Jim's characteristic.
lid I th
For Fruit Lands, larm Lands and [own
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, untMY, b c.
An accident poll .
Ing sickness as well, will
' ' " °J Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Ta.
WAl.TI.K   I     TKtl.SDAl.l. _     . _ ... „      _,
Enderby Envelopes. Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitatbns—anything that can be printed—-juickly done at this offlie    Estl-
I mates cheerfully furnished on every class ind Jab
' Printing
For Sal
■ , ■ •    Sullal
.•      A;
Tlic h.Lnoijraprt.   SSuTii
»'..  Wcl,. ll.fl
*, $2 «
YlrtK First Yf.ap
?£l Methodist CKurcK
Divine Service every Sunday a! 7:30 p.m,
Sunday-School and Bible Clfas, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8 p.in.
A hearty '.velcorrtj for all.
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor,
Residence: Cliff St.. next the Church.
.     1 *v    1 hav. j'.i i (Hted
llCU •     up an up-to-date
Hct Springs Sanitarium
The M-dlca! Waters of HilC) I .it""-
most curative In the world. A perfect,
natural remedy for all Nervous and MuKU
lar DisoasB4. Ltver, Kidney and Stomach
Aliments, lis Baths never fall lo cure
tl '.v.. An absolute guann I i| .
ind particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Uk.<. B. C.
Have Your Cutter
palm rhop over
Wm. Hutchison's Blacksmith Shop,
and am prepared to do the best carriage palming that can be done. Bring
your cutter In and let us make li look
like new. J. R. LINTON.
Palmer h Decorator, Enderby
Ira Jones
Contractor <S-« Builder
House to rent.
A.:"i:: ' r \\v>
Preston Metallic Cool Preston, On'..
All work under portonal aupeivia.an. ir.i
promptly au.nd.J lo.
8 shaves $ 1
The Leading Tonsorlal
Artist ol the Valley.
Is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the best cf
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule ol prices:
Hair Cut. 25c: shave.
15c: singe. 10c: shampoo, 25c: hair tonic, 10c
Patrona will kindly note that thlt thcp
will nol open on Sunday.
A. Todd, Hancock Blk, Endetby
Are your
horses feet tender?
We have the newest
thing out—a cushion (or
the feet.   It Is called the
Air Cushion Pad
and It Is exactly what Its
name Implies—a horseshoe of rubber to cushion the tender hoots. If
you will step Into the
shop next time you're In
town, we will show how
It works.
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
Buy Direct
& save agent's Commission
For Spring Planting
All acclimated ttock. Dug and
thlpped direct ta the planter
without being transported Ihout-
andt of miktt and then lutttl-
gated land conteqtienlly damaged) before delivery. Home-
Grown and Imported Garden,
Field It Flower Seeds, alwaya
in ttock in seaton: and letted
Eaitent priCM
or leu. While Lit
lllltara. Bee Him and tuppllea.
Floral Designs.
Catalogue Free.     M. J. HENRY.
to Hi Wettmtmtrr Ketd    Vancouver
C.O.F.No 1058
MttU '.-■-.
•idi: ".   • ■ r ftrtthtth
cordial')- invited.
A.WAtAaV.C.R. H.H.WotfWM
L.O.L No. 446
I and 3rd Fritay ai>.
1 p.m.
Visiting ttelhten wilt
W.M..A t  - SM   H
No. 2 Empire Cream Sepatalrr
i,'..,,rlfhtc i*.. >'i' "i, "i -1 laii- l-'
Ianui.kv liucl ii cigar atore on l.i-
, niai iinai li had taken l.ln> twn
yean to rain' tha builneti i" « point
where li oould support n-'U tad ItDi-
ley. When ii arrived at lhal point in>
Men- miilililnii una in nn... ii onouotcb
hlgheri lhat It. io where It could tupporl
Itaell mu'. Langley, uml hi thtiamitlmt
pay "it cncii month pari of n>» <t. bl
which iimi deicended upon ihem during
the ptrlod of noniupport.
i-'cir a time ii i 'iiii'i a« " Langley
would raeceed, ai li- «». un .nterprl..
Ing, inergellc young fellow, ahrawd be-
viiihI hl.)cai> Then one ill) Mr A )'
Rockway ihe local reprtientatlvi d
ilu- cigar iru.i. blew Into hit »iuru
lln imi! beard thai Langley wi. nuih*
Ing a local brand nf i-iitar. (uihuctviri-
ment nf thi iruel gooda
"Look here. Laoglfy." »»ul thalrnat'i
man, "thlt Im. gol in steep I like yuu
well enough ptraonallyi but limine, u
Langley tried tn explain that the In-
creaalng demand fur tin. i.h-i.1 rimr.
wn. imi due iii any .'Ifeirl uf hi. flu*.
Roekway kn v. icii-r
"You've cul In cut Turner  A  To,'.
gOOdl cclll." lie .Kill, "or We'll eut yam "
Nnv Langley wat nm a man icbedlc
lalxl ia. ami he tired up rich! away.
"It you think ynu >",n du It, irnah.a.1,"
he retorted, "I've .„i Ihl i nl) rlmr
alnr" III lh. leleee-k And cai r . rt > •
>«... ran'i rent a .inn. In th). block
They're- nil laaatd except Ultt Child'.
llle millinery ihop next doorj and lhe
even, thai So* if >icu ihlnlc )ccu ran
run ni" nut try It"
"Well try It an.) we'll it., ll." .napp. •!
th" iru.i man. a. he llunc liin.» ;l cut ul
Two d>). later Motley wa. errailr
■urpri.ed and a cecal <<eti rle-ctrrlned tt
te. inc a Lit: trtn.fer watt.cn low ed »llb
glata ahowcaaai ball 'n from ■ I
reaeai r.
ra»a had bam in.iilM and till.,:
...re one nl then acute iru.i rlmr»
Hlii Child! row tin Iccicr a mlllner,
n.Mei behind ihe cvunt.t dl.pentlig
emai. and .mil.. In a way that made
Until-)' feel tick n heart
Itiiru i i tley*! trade
fell «lf i .'r, tell, -    ,\r, ,„ wonder,
■ ■■
cent i   n   three tne- len md t<n-eenl
alccul lha ,t< a' w.r. .cuntula.-
1.1,1) wiih caeh |..irrl.iM
c '      lite   tat :,<•»    met the rut   In
price.: but tha haif-hcarti glial  ...
rai n-ci n-att) lovalnaUi —it
th.y tea li"t neat  ,"»r    lie r.alutal
coueqnei rea wet .-r..'.
ttropied .It ninie at..! ttiina- .irk day;
and ihe bottom .>«« fell I-.-- lo *
Mini wh.t. InatMd nf •'.t-te.rtinc
llrtlf ind U»«> > i' ->i|(,i'... itritb.i
It wa. joi Iccur weriil after Una-
I-)', d-lj t« ihe iru.i thai It.-rkwi)
Hill t.r.w Itti'.the «tni*
ii I l«ntt*y" he
-• . innrtrini tha.. -ci mc,
lAhlle) .lid nm tctdeemd m reply,
go the trait man wii
Heard |  i * it out   I'd
. .an.Jf.t km rant, )«i
Hiccw \v, t. made a mniiart with in-
>.«it,« tidy n> tt dour m mpply (■• r with
dgan ei the market pike t-.t let
.can. Il)-'h»»») a pr..'. ikrewd
hutlMM womitt ihe la, lea. Mate tu
f..r're » i
that's mil Hehv I t •>•   gkl • doing a
dead] •,.-■■  ekai.beIt ot.
,. ■     -   ■
■ !• I lt-l    • !"*r In
i«h. and i
Luglej -i'n' a l-.d meM   That)
Were two tK.t.l. tlllltie d4e ftell naccftl),;
and be bad hMN from good eetbMii)
that lhe) had Net. I- Ighl b) Iboheay
1- •. Um   • I .An ll»K
I a,-,     - ng   . ,,a.H,l*
N. .r ;,   - Bllg| I -       -
..ti)     A-
Ihe nn- t.n,-> KlUinit) il,.|- t,«l-lK.r-
< UMIuallkewiM   Telhifce.
he ,•« a ,«,... || Raah"t
ta,. btndlrg ..... e lierk   while t«u
while .:iit,|,;„i bihdis.K Btkiagt I
Ofeia  jel ««»,. eff.,t.« In WI > te)
for t moment Lai . >>iy «t-
• i   ' -,     Hi .ad tha'
hi. l.'icl.lect Uld  li.al ... II lluabla
lint thi. ami nnl) tc • n-.m.n   At
I     > me ttiaatem     ll> Ice* Ike hey
flaHB hrt tiati^.   ar„r itl.t   a   I
• reneh thlew np.li He
"Thanh tm a.,, met.  Mt  l^'c
ley " .mil..:!!,«).e<t,« w.*»t, •
....« ream red btrbfeMk, ben
ta.. ihe blunt. Mill lingered    i ■:,>» t
i .
Will ymi nci mm. ift* It i ivu call) tut
I ...
Laagle) tiammend aaentnforwH
nvlUUOtl Hat tttaage
aid II
N„... erinde bad left Langley li
w», ».- a iht pttte Of „a   ■
|ml I-, .r «r tha  dalmy  little  •• |
Bftryibllg wu .;,,* ani'ian   Tt,.r»
ware n<c«<r. bhrnmlbg ,,t, th.
ltd ta   •        • ;   ■    iai
II the .
levied tl. n «■!► itandlhi an -1
waii. w. r* wai dotitd t.-i. at
• .   .  .■ •
Mow that h. bad -..ti li we.
nsfflhgef ■
tratt owe bad fntaiit.n him   t  it
Hie truth, Langley did not limine them,
"Won't ynu .it down, Mr. Langley!"
liked the young woman, after enjoying
hi. evident eatonlihutint for a ihort
Ungley .nt down, ft certainly wa. a
comfortable ohalr, And ilia elgar Umt
.lie nav, him iiccMi! nut knoll ilia' Ihl
tin.i made lunh good elgiri. Lingley
look thru it four long drawi; then in
tlghid 't'ii< trti.i until win, right ll''
Mi» hu Onlib
am. r ihu ciuy Langley formed a new
liutiit which was tn come down earl)
,\ i\ ui' rnli ■■   And it i ii itrai • ■ kne
ly itio i■    ■ ' bat<  .
now imi. pul on btfore nlghl Hut fni
nun., umceountahte reaaoo the uld leck
After inlt eking thi door Langliy
would often ill down tn one ol the com-
(Ortable •' air-   .      ■ .i ded b)
rubber planti ind fi rni at d in of • n
•r-i-i -Ian which Ihl cnunir wninan had
lit 1.1 in WI lloho*itt< I ed the) would
u.i.   i ■■ di   help in.in i lllnghei
„,||i»'!  - *   ,1  .,'!.- ■! , ■  im W|a.,'
■ympaihetlc    And   Langley    ilway..
aluliid heavily when the lime eame to
leave the comfortable .-hair Icr hla nwn
unattractive .hup
(in.- day. however, Un«l.y niyed a i
ful hour later than waihlieuttom, And
beforgottoilghwh nhald   l'.fid,he c
hummed mi rrn m I ,n... :r at! the time
he wu awa-a-pina ind du.tinu nut hll
Tnde wiaeien duller itinn u.uil that I
day. licit Landey dldal Mem t.i mind
ccne hu  He tvan bowed ant
■   . r he ill i
Ihem mil        "    I i
nm d.etr—a ihlnu UneKy had nivet
gone betort t". he ind unwn rohek
an ill who traded ihire i. hi., n. ml«
Atettn three n'rlnrk thli itt.rtic.cn
■ben then wun'ia.nul In the.tore t><
,-< i. hlmtelf, Langliy taw Hca_way,ll.i|
Irutt'i iiai'iii. L'ciiiiiiu uown too ,'icct
Hu mn|i|iQcl fur ti moment, mu: aritlt-
find imlle nn hll race, befom th. .hop
neat door. Then hi cunn. on to l.aiiir-
"Hello," he cried, a« lu- Hepped In
noting ni tin- iimi time that ihere wu
nut « tingle r-iiet.itn.r in lh. Hore
"Dnilm i pritty good!"
"Well, ii uiii'lii li., wurse." Langliy
aniwired wlthaimlle "Howintboy
cluliis ii.m door!"
"llli Hi,. 'I'lmt ll'tle wiuiinr;', ,mi |h|
bui builcen heid nn her thou 'i.r- I
ivir  ii    ,nd ihe'i might) pretty, too
"V.ry     replied Langley    And hla
-i.       '    -c • r.,,1
' I li. gild ».• n.t hit tn tn Into that
lei :•• 'i all a' 'l- lel th. truth,
Hint wic.'ir ::c-r !   |„    a,     . bivihld
la 1'ilt I"i '' i'     \i . -ic   l.i:,:., " tli„
iru.t mm. wanton t heard rouwerego*
log Into a new builnna IVhai i« it thli
"llilrlmony," replied Lnnnley. jerk-
ng l.i. head toward thi ihop neat door
"No itn-jeir contract  either.   Thi.
,|i. . ( I ! fe "
Wi loll • wiy'i credit lel It be Mid
oek defeat with a mmd trace and
lanced at Ungley'i wedding with a.
Unlit t nep at ih„ bridegroom himtelf.
I Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands o( Flour: Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alplna,
Strong Baker's or XX, Wheal Shea!, Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST Is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS. the Ideal breakfast food, Is also our
manufacture. Try I'.. All kinds of FEED in wholesale or retail quantities.
THe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Motujulto li.-.- Remedlee.
Nol only in America, bill in Buropi
»«   Wc ||    '  .   .    li .       . I,., ,   |,,.n   „x,„|,.
iiccnaiii ibundai       i yt ii   kmnanla,
It"'   IctlC-.l)       •■•Chi,     Bl)    '.-.I      III      l,,|,
countr)   i-   •:. •   :.. i i... a Uirmin
|! i I,   Wl„,   .,).   It    I.e.-,    uccl   |„r.
vent thi 'I-- I • i i bin 'i,-tu t>in,.i,
inn »t t .1 •■' > H" recommend, bold-
Im.' tli' plac* l   ten for a let |
and i i >'■' in imt ..».•«, winch,
it ll) relieve! tin- Itching
and pain Anotl • Iperlnt I,
immonU ■ alum dluoltred m alcohol
and nibbed ,n llioroual) ft) kee|
moeqallou aoa, ,i night, rub n,,
I. • nock aid ha      ill, :•  |ulri
Under TR Olive Tree
. , , , .-■ .
... rj*
Little Bob writes us like this: "Dere daddy
Hank. I wisht you was hear **!( us Weve got a
skin game going here, a skin game Is a game
«hat skins you. When I writ you a long lime ago
and said 'wouldn't that skin you.' that's what 1
meant. The doctor says its the scarlet lever, but
It's jest only a skin game, kause It skins you. It
akts worst on boys an' girls. Old (oiks and lobsters
also get It when they get Into hat water. It makes
them what get It look like lobsters and them what
dont get it akt like lobsters. First when you get
il il makes you read all over and your throat soar.
Then, ll you gel It real good. It gives you the shivers
an' makes you feel lazy: you get wrestless and
dont have no appetite to eat. and you leal sick in
your stommick. an' maybe you'll vomit. That's a
bad sign. Anything what makes you vomit is a
bad sign. It's a sign that you put something there
that you shouldn't. Cranma says, Then you gel
awful read, and they put you in a room by yourself
an' make y' stay there. Sometimes you die and
everybody cries.  Then people are scared
"Ma says she wishes yeu was home. Pa. Cess
she wants you to gel skinned or quarantined. That's
a big word for me to youst, aim li? It means whal
the doctor does to them «hai lives with them what
get it and don't gel it. I tell you, dad. it pays lo
get it. You'll be skinned anyway, and lis better
to be skinned by lhe lever than by the doctors and
them what makes you wear stinky close and wash
in poisoned waier. When you're quarantined you
can'l do nothln' nor go no place, and nobody can
c;me an' see you. Editors ought to be quarantined
all the time, shouldn't they. pa. Then ihere
wouldn't be no scarlet fever nsr nothln' and everybody would be skinned. When the doctor quar-
antii. .3. he makes part of you slay in
and part stay out Everybody can": be skinned al
ence nor In the ume way, You can skin part of
the pesplc all of the lime, all ol the people part of
the ume. but you can't skin all of the people all ol
the time. Not unless you have a molasses (rain
run by 'contract'
"tt seams to me, dad. that the pecple haven't
n»en much above the practice* of scapulimancy
When scarlet fever, and tech things are around
everyone gets scared and buys things *hat smell
bad from the drug store    Then they sprinkle II
aboul the house or over their clothing until they
smell like a hause afire anJ think Ihey won't ketch
iiOthln'.   And when a man has to do Ihis mMf
be in Ihe game at ail. the people who smell him n
the street, hold their breath and back up like a
lobster.   It seams to be part of the gar
dad.   Instead of a man being known by the
pany he keeps, he"s known by the smell h:
—while Ihe quarantine is n
Dere Daddy. I will no
will eskape being skinned, and that you will never
look or have to akt like a ibster. I am your son In
the process of skinning —Bobby "
"N. B —This letter has been through the stink,
an. will have \z r ' * "   S b
the time it reaches you lhe bad rta
starved to death and ysu won't ketch It-:
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result o!
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\   H. W. Wright, Prop.
At Cost
V/e have juai Unshed stock-taking, and find we have loo large a :tock cl
Lumbermen't Supplies to carry over. We are therefore oflering AT COST
Lumbermen'! Rubbers, German Socks. Mackuuvt, Etc. This Is your opportunity to lay In a supply cf those warm things for the hills, tor lets money thin
you ever paid for the aame quality ol goods. Also winter underwear and heavy
tockt. and miny other seasonable articles     Th.s is your chm-V    Taken
J. C. Metcalfe
J. E. Orchard
Enderby. B. C
Ipiltators ol native and foreign woods. J^^or^S"^'
TD Xt W7 C For Spring
I KJMleO Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Endeby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity    Plastering, chimney
building, and bnck & slone masonry work contracted
Baird y Gidds Enderby
l the artistic
andkc; -Econ
cmy. will be dtjne at this
juicfcly. neatly and
cheaply   Y
to send your prtnti;.
I wn   Anything that can
• e in Ter ■
ordinary commercial print
lngican be done right here
The Erdenograph
isn't there ssmethln,- . like to have in the printing
line >   .'-     .  -       ■ H 'his office THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JANUAHY
First Year
. <U WHU r   ., .
Winter Weather Warm
. .     '.•        indChlldi      Men and Boj
. ' .      ison cl tl    •  .     ■ ■ ■ '
:       u     .     '     tweai
itest style    I    I m il     in   i    m
In the Pulpits
Lndcrbv   Iradinu  Co.,
Cliff Si.
Stove Supplies
Lid Lifters to Stove
■   .   Utensils, Stove M
. . int     it .'.ill be : rl
R. P. Bradley, Enderby I Iardwaiv Merchant
TINSMITH and PLUMBER.     .     .
■ .bllshment
ned a Tinsmith an i Plumbing
enced copper, tin, or si
furnace woi
; R. P.  Bradley.  I have
A. Fulton. Piump.-. m Htm
llt.mcly but Bcaui i  i
We all know tht     i
She in   pretty, ha
.    i
learn to score at t
But It's surpri
simple, kind ana
lis sport, ana she is
like cne of the family. If a man
is paying at' 'tughter
of the house, she
"cut her out"—"like that little
cat. Ella, who shall n<
• : too grand to hi
simple   d
ise is III j
.   health!
rt she leaves
;rcd remarks. If she
•   the skeleton in the
it. nobody ■ -
Smarter girls arc
like brilliant, scentless '.lowers.
■  attention.   But
' to possess
.   they have no per-
The homely girl twines
; eople's
Rev. Mr. Roberts occupied
the pulpit Sunday       	
the Presbyterian church, Rev.
Mr. Campbell being occupied at
Armstrong where anniv
ervices were held, The sub
ject of his discourse was Eden,
an I man's efforts to attain It,
his text from Gen 2:8
V, 2:7.    M.. h
may differ In their 11
■ ■ ■■ tii     ■   ti
world over ha   il
Kden of the pasl ind
II te of the future.   The
Hive faiths of savage tribes
all  include  Paradise.    Man.
here, has put his start in
Paradise—he began  with
Not content  with  that,  man
looks forward to another .
dlse; while he believes.
behind, he ever creates one In
front.   But In all his searching
man misses the thought that
the world itself as God made It
Is a paradise.    Here is everything man needs.    Go where
you will, the world is a; .
man whose soul is in
tune, and who has eyes to see.
Man spcils the paradise. God
does not. Man lives in sin.
greed and selfishness here. and.
finding llle unsatisfactory, he
(head ol him for Paradise
The paradise of God is spir-
II Is 'within ourselves, not
in the outer world.   There is
no heaven outside of goodness;
mnot find It if we have not
the spirit to see It. Without the
he turn from the feast of
earth's plenty unsatisfied, and
find satisfaction in the simple
meeting of ihe redeemed.
What thi Loeil Pa.tori
Talked Ahoul
>vi nlng ervlce in the
.   Rev   Mr.
■ hi text Joel
Kooerts iook
he Valley of Decisl n    Alter a brief
k  and  its
author, the
the Val: .     .
■•;>  ravine
I ii nlng , m the
M •: l\ pted
II . i ,
and Jews, waiiiiif; ,    H
day. There is a valle>
clslon In our lives. It Is
be in at the bt,
. "ar: It Is a place of op-
We must decide for
either good or evil, for God or
The question that
comes before each ol us Is, will
you adhere to sin or will you
renounce it ? Will you accept
Christ oi will you refuse him ?
It Is folly to continue to live in
the valley. We do not deceive
God by our indecision, we do
not deceive the Prince of Evil,
but we may deceive ourselves,
The mountain top of
service awaits us. Decision is
action, and every time we decide for the right we must carry
oul the principle of right In our
lives. What dees reason say ?
If the Lord be God. then follow
Him. The day of the :
near In the Valley of Decision,
nearer Let us
make the ddi n :tlives
tonight, not merely a feeble
wish but a right out and out
decision for God and for good.
Scribi' •
rat   .
• Books
I en Holders
D. NAIRN y CO.. Baft^sta,,oners
J.i.i Lilu  I'd N.ct at, l.ii,l.il-\
"'Clar ter gracious!" said
Aunt Seraphlma. when lhe
white lady enter. .
"dese yere p'llcemens sutttnly
is gwlne t' drive mc plum crazy
wld delr insanitary rules."
"What is the  matter now.
aunty ?" asked the visitor.
"Why. jes' dis mawnln' 'long
cum one ob dese yere constables, an' tol' me dere so
much milltarta! lever
'roun' dat we mustn't drink
nuffln' but pilfered
i*e. 22. I9W.
Solomon Oaks
lie.   i-
ik Kin an
"t ...   n ...   -c.i,.h.
...  ,       ,      .     .      ,    ,
.   ■
licit It ,'       .
II,- >,», ... .
.    . r
Tilt  I'lral  C..|rai,,lil
Dr. Van Dyke was one day
examining a class of boys on
their acquaintance with Bible
characters, "And *ho was
Esau?" he asked For a
moment there was silence, then
the youngest son of Mrs Mala
prop piped out. "Esau -
book of fables and t
i •:.'.■:  :■.:•  •  j* -v...
On the M>al«"<. Loimi.J
A gentleman, rushing Into
the railway station last Tuesday
evening, asked the obliging
i' he could catch the train
to Sicamous, The reply came
from a bystander: 'That de-
pnds on how fast you can run
It's been gone hall an hour."
It ■ Dantferoui to Hurry
There is a great difference
hun   ind energy The
ays in a hurry,
, vompllshes
what he sets out to do.   He
eats In a hurry and gets dys-
. alb in a hurry
and gets appoplexy.   He talks
In a hurry and gets the He   He
does business In a hurry and
gets broke.   He marries in a
hurry and gets a divorce    He
makes his will In a hurry and
leaves a sop for the lawyers.
He dies In a hurry and goes to
hell.   Don't hurry!
ll is a vise man who W4tches him
hi ■•
winning Iran  cf
Two-ttorjr   houae,
! iniituiet' wait
;   Columbia,
well,   barn.
l place   15
• ns appl)' on
WM. ELSON, Enderby. B C,
' Price. $50 an aae
Jas. Jarrett
Center & Builder
— r-: —°—
I   ■
:. ,i
<t>>fc» el ft »M
• t
.    ""filMW.
*    *
11 IftUHfK t-twl I
Mi I M ' ;  "*l
AM tl'
.   ttt !*•». If MM*
• IM.
*-. -r —
When you are in need ol fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
iin-i lhe best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong. Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
A Policy
On your lile In a reliable insurance company Is the most
sensible proposition that a man
can consider. You arc simply
laying up money lor old age
Or If you die before you need It
then those left behind get the
• it    Write to—
Mutual Life of Cm
.aipel  Weaving   .
A new Knitting Machine I*or Sale
J. W. Bacon,  Endtrby,  in  Hancock block
J. W. McCALLUM, Salmon Arm, ft. C,
Coats & Robes
I I the time for Sleigh Bells, and (or
Robes to keep you warm We have some
very line ones, and others not quite so fine,
but all are good quality, and the price
nable.   Don't wait '.III the cold
hu you—be prepared I rli   S me
■ Fur C a',:, in ItOCk      Try   ne on.
a lot of new harness. s;me fancy, others
fancy, but substantial and good.
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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