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The Edenograph 1905-03-29

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iVlAi. <M [6(1
, i
Volume I.   Number 46.
ENDERBY, B. C. MARCH 29. 1905.
Price. $2 a Yi
I Constable Gardom is receiving well-
I merited praise lor the strong erase he
! worked up against Flood and Pollard.
I He followed Ihe culprits closely and
C Hi tabl,: '. ird ml klheprir. iie-r...
Flood and Pollard, lo Kamloops last
Wednesday to avail trial al the May
assizes lit Vernon.   Pollard badly Im-
lel drop nothing In lhe way of evidence.- < plicaled himself in his testimony at tin-
lo place the guilty. , preliminary hearing, and Flood teslllitrd
In the shooting scrape of a fortnight jlhalh«and Pollard had <*«* poll«'1''
ago,a stray bullet put   lh ,    •      Saturday   afternoon,
lh* ear of one of lhe mill-led hogs ol
li in ihe room when ht
An ellorl Is being made to organize Dan Is on a tour of the Valley. He Is
a gun club In Enderby. too canny lo aay much, bui he doesn't
Chat. Hancock li expected home "» *° hide the fact that he likes the
Irom Victoria this week ! Okanagan.
Ira C. Jones Is building a collage on The local K.ot P. lodge Is rapidly
George street lor Ju. Dagg. I IP'"'"* in membership.     The charter •
The lulls and roadsides ar* while wl" clow on March 3|3'-    Al ,ho
Ihe Columbia Flouring Mills. This is
Ilia kind ol evidence lhal lhe lawyers
reler lo as "Irregular. Irrelevant and
immaterial"   It's In a pig's ear.
• k
Pollard's gun and his own Irom lhe
trunk and placed Pollard's in his inside
coat pocket and his own In his hip
pocket, jusl belore the shooting took
The city election went oil quietly.
wllh Mayflowers and yellow with Butter,
The masons are preparing to start
work on the foundation for the Bell
hotel Mock.
Painters are adding beauty to the
tcenery in the dining room of Ihe
Enderby hotel.
The ronstrucllon crew to build the
meeting Monday night two firsts and a
third were given, and sevenappllcallons
Jack Regan leaves this week lor the
East. He goes to Bruce, ihence to
Buffalo and New York, and Ihence
across th* main lo the land o' the
shamrock, where a bunch of wealth
awaits him.
A.E.Taylor, ol New Denver, will,
be lhe manager ol the  Bank ol Mon ' _
treal at Enderby.      P.  DllMoulln,    I   "
Nelson,  will  handle  the  branch al
Kelowna.   Mr. Cornwall, ol Victoria,
ll." '.-''.I
■   Geo. R, Lawes • complains ol   he
bridge over the river at  Endeiby has       , ....
careless, mischievous cutting of fo age
not yet shown up.
Barnes k Allen are building a handsome vetan—e to the Gaylord residence
on Russellilreel
The Kamloops Lumber Company
continues to send out three cars oil
lumber every olher day.
The household effect* of C. C
and trees on his hill properly, and calls
attention lo lhe law respecting the same
which makes the offense punishable by
a fine of J25.
W, E Truesdale went to Sicamous
I test Thursday to meet an excursion of
j land seekers from  the East.   They
were ticketed lor  the  lower  valley
Poynli arrived thu week and were;„„,„,„„; ,o:k(ld „„, o( lhecarw,n.
taken lo hi* country home. illvi „ p,„jerijy,
A work Win run. over the S.fcO     Wm  „   HulchlJon ,,„ had ^
"J^V, 'Mke * "", "* " "■", l** «< «l» l*««w *m finished up.
when the Mcluses wu cold, j Ja, j,^,, ^ ,„, tf„k (|( ^^
Miss Stwighton, professional nurse, ;lom,,y style.    Jas.   R.
Linton and hts painters are putting on
the linishing touches.
The revenue ol ihe Enderby post-
hit removed from Armstrong to Rev
elstoke, where she will locate.
A bed of cteci—e* In lhe girJen cl
Ihe Harvey h me mikes a walk up
Belvedere ilreel one worth taking.
A boy wanted. To leant punting.
Must know enough to sweep the floor
clean.    Tu* EoiHO«t*ni ollice.
A splendid program has been prepared (or the concert tonight by the! u in the province.
Literary Society, in Orange hall. Bell j
Joe Bradley has llnithed the wall.-,
of hit two-story brick residence on ,
George street and the roof ti now being
put en
P. Pyman hu added a handsome
show cu* lor the window to his
(ewelery store, and u installing * large
Jeweler'* aate.
Sam. Ball returned to Endetby lut
week, accompanied by hi* brother.
Wm. H. They are thinking ol starling a butcher shop.
George Bell tt building a southern:
wing to his residence on Cliff ilreel.
It will be two stories and designed lo
match Ihe north wing,
C. W. Layton the put week received
a high priced stereoscopic camera and!
hu secured some excellent views of
Enderby for the stereoscope.
The Haynes brother* are pulling In
* number ol liull trees and berry bushel
en their homesteads in Mable Uke
Valley, (bo a quantity of garden seeds.
A small black bear cub wu brought
Inlo lown on Monday by Big Louie and
MttrUlned the boyi and girls in Ihe
orriage shed of Matthew* It Evan's
Mr. Taylor, and Mr, Du
Moulin will be succeeded by H, C
Fisher of Greenwood branch.
Ju. Jarrett  has the contract for
setting up Ihe bank  fixtures  in the
Judging from nil Ind il
Enderby coal mines, the Okanigan
Valley will soon have a cheaper fuel
than wood at S3 a cord Ai the bunk
house the men use the coal for cooking and healing, burning it In an otdm
ary wood stove. Lut week we were
invited to tout our chins at lhe first
coal lire made in Enderby wllh Enderby coal, ll wu in an open, straight
front wood heater, but the coal gave a
clear, hot blue, and lelt no cinders.
This week Ihe men cul through the
coal saam at thirty Ieel beluw the sur.
attention to business, the voters managed everyone of them to vote between
the hours of opening and closing the
poll}.     The following were elected:
Geo. Bell, mayor: J. W. Evans, Geo.
R. Sharpe.   R. P. Bradley.  E,  T.
Smith. N.  H. Kenney. aldermen,   A
, meeting of the council was held on
Wrlghl block and will soon have ihem Saturday, but no business was done ,aca ****"*« *<*iini »',hls '«•' •**
ready for the oilers.    The llxtures are b,.,cllj iu|(||||„g ihe requirements 0f Icttal HMtn Is twenty leet thick, wilh
■ 'the law, and calling lor tenders for Ih, *'« 3 mh h*m ol «»*» """""H
position of city clerk and tax collector . »",h "' Wo* ta *"***'** «W»d
,   , ,, , .     llo await the arrival of the company*
As regards holding .he Im .how. M ,uXm ^
I. is el that w. cannot allot. „ drop. Ha '   ^ ^ § ^
II. it Is always a hard mailer lo start
a thing of this kind.    There are some
all ol cedar, made at the Vernon sash
and door factory, and when set up and
hard-finished will make the Interior
look like the Bank ol England In levant
Major Jat. Sheppard. who will address the Fanner's Institute meeting
The company Is not in a position lo
make any statement a* to lis plans
an authority on fruit trees, wllh long
experience in dun growing and vegetable culture. Mr. Wlanks, who accompanies him, la an authority on
dairying. These Institute lectures are
meant to be of vul benellt to the fruit
grower and dairyman, and should be
attended by all whs wish to learn.
Matthews k Evans moved Inlo their
new livery block the past week    li is
30x93 leet and Is lilted up with all the
latest Improvements.   Install capacity
office hat year wu SI.053. more than Is 14 singles and 6 doubles, with robe
three times that of the year previous, and saddle rooms, carriage mom and
who say It will not pay, and oihers will „__,«. ._*,„ l„ k_«, ~_
■ In the show lo make il a success. At the present lime, when Ihe
residents ol ihe district are awakened
to the iael thai neither contention la
on* does not have lo look (ar Into the
future to see a long string ol coke
ovens bunting near Enderby. and the
big mines in the Siniilkatnetn district
correct.nd therejs *«< * i^mngup ^Mw(|h(utll ttkcn (ronllh,_,.
an exhibition building, atwould prob-   ** There is every prob-
ably prove disastrous to drop 1. lor a (hj| m . p R      Mn
,a_h» Aa...        * ■       ....    I.        ■ e *
yrear    Armstrong Advertiser,
c this year on the proposed line to Hed.
For Sale: Nine-year-old work horse: ley through th* Lower Okanigan, Thu
splendid worker and In good condition: will bring the coal pit within om day's
weight about 1300. Apply toS. Waby. travel ol the Nlckle Plate.
KonSAU.7oO.«!re*..d|«.h, C-OeeratU i. F..«.,*
Postmaster Harvey hu prepared to feed bins. Messrs. Matthewa - Evans **Avt* *WUon'and 40 nead °' -"'•• | Al the 1**1 meeting ol the Fainter.'
meet the requirements ol ihe increas-; are always on hand when a rig |, | Part <»h. Mm* on balance. <^P*y <«*_ Cemt-I Institute the mat practical
ing business, in providing Enderby with wanted or a team Is lo be taken care |H C' •'***"'■ Salmon Arm. B. ^ resolution passed by lhat body, say*
as Convenient a little postollice as there oi. and because Ihey are their livery     Two good milch cows lor tale,   Ap- the Victoria Colonial, dealt with Ihr
business is very satisfactory. ply to S. Teece, Enderby. < .'■>'     -     .: -•
livery stable
Graham Rosoman and family moved
into lown Ihis week, alter wintering in
Mable Lake Valley. They occupy Ihe
cottage just finished by Ira C. Jontu
on Fifth Avenue
Mr. Hmdrlckson It his name,    lie
Is lonsorial am?! par excellence ptiinus Ejjg?
inter fares, or words to lhat ellecl.and S?vi
manipulates the razor and hair-clippers
al A. J. Young's barber shop.
The Enderby Trading Co. has pro
tecled its windows by hanging a huge
awning the length ol Ihe .store front
Win Hutchison supplied Ihe iron work
and J. C. English made and hung Ihe
Dan McLachlan I Ir ul Lake,
spent a lew days In Enderby Ihis week.
An Island Park | Valley Songster
The suggestion dealt with
at some length in
these columns last week by "Citizen." Is worthy
ol earnest consideration by every citizen who has
the welfare oi Enderby at heart. If (lie proposition
lo make use of the Western Island Is at all feasible It would be the cheapest, and, under the circumstances, perhaps Ihe besl. recreation ground
lhal Enderby could get. And there are many who
believe the scheme is (easible. Lel us repeal what
"Citizen" said: "The western island Is nol. like
Ihe eastern one. Hooded at high waier. but is at all
times high and dry. It Is near the mainland, and
access lo it could be arranged for very easily and
inexpensively. This Island, either a part ol ll or
the whole, would make an Ideal sports ground and
public park, where we could hold our annual cele
bratlon, where fool-ball, etc., coula be played, and
where the ladles could walk wllh their baby carriages in the afternoons.
"But," we are told, "you could never get il; lhe
governmenl throws the greatest difficulties in the
way ol the alienation of "Indian lands.'" Very
true; but this would nol be alienated. It w ;uld
still remain Indian reservation."
"Citizen" has resided al Enderby many years
and can speak with authority. If. as he states, Ihe
Western island does not overflow, a betier site
(or a park and recreation ground could no! be
(ound, provided the Indians would all >v ll I be
used for that purpose. No one Is in a position lo
say whether ll could or could not be so used, until
an effort has been made to get It. At present II Is |
useless to anyone.   The Indians do nol use It and   ffj
/Ir t
As the coral
_ -.»
'•'ill not, and lhe whlleman cannot Perhaps nobody has set loot on it In years, and yel It Is only
a stone's throw from the railway track on this side
of the river. There are many excellent reasons
''-'hy some effort should be made lo make use of
this island
rays of sunshine glinted o'er the
mountain side.
And the southern zephyr's warning of the coming
young spring tide.
The Blue Bird and the Red Breast trilled a chorus
of their glee,
To announce their joyful presence on Mount Ida's
sunny lea.
You look weary, worn and tired, alter journeying
•     Irom alar,
Yel your solt, contagious love notes so sweetly till
Ihe air
That we cannot help but love you, so a gratelui
welcome deign.
As to joyous days of childhood you bring us back
The happiest ol our lifetime, brave and '
strong and true.
Our air castles and ambitions of the (ulurc calmly
So blissful in our ignorance of the struggle, cruel.
Awaiting on the journey farther on—ordained
For ihis. ethereal minstrels, alone I   .   i
A heart of lender sympathies.   I . let them
Timid little sunbeams, still flutter 'round our homes,
Bring music, peace and bciuty >.i',h y ,ir if re
and gaudy plumes.
Flit and flutter 'round the irec i ps, on lhe fence
and on the cave.
Sing a carol to lhe morning, and anolher ere you
The lofty tree lop tor your fmcr.   when I
has dropped from vie ti
Enchanting, little warbler, is the plain! of your adieu
■ ■!. i,; whl It has been
talked about (or some years, and is
di:.cu_ed in an academic way In the
reports ol the Department ol Agrl Ml
lure, bui with little practical result so
far. Efforts are now being made to
give tangible affect to the views ex-
•, i ■   -i
The only leature ol co-operation
which has been successful in Canada
is that ol dairy. In this respect, farmers were driven lo cooawatloa For
instance. In the making ol cheese it
was necessary lor a number ol larmer.a
to unite In order to obtain the necessary plant and to manufacture on a
scale which would adequately supply
the market. In the same way a
erica have developed and thus the
dairy etpsru ot Canada have become
a substantial leatuie of Its trade.
A movement ts now on foot to ex.
tend the system to fruit-growing, and
undoubtedly the application ol Ih*
principle to the industry will lead lo aa
good results as were obtained In dairy-
In British Columbia, the field lor
eo-operaiion in agricultural pursuits is
a wide and protnuing one Bath the
dairying and fruitgrowing industries
ar* ia?idl/ expanding and industrial
;    , r .   •   .    -:•..   ■..    .     ■
co-operation ta practiciily a m
Thettntheaay Lumber Co.'* null la
now naming lull iwiiw. and a lurnir*]
out a splendid grade ui lumber. About
20 men aie employed in the mill
Local tannera are now busy with
their Spring plowing, alts telling oul
Iran trent. ol which torn* large ship,
ment* hav* been received,
Th* 17th ol March was cd*btated
by a dance, al which a v«ry pleasant
lint* wat spent.
Mrs. It B James, ol Endeiby. tt
visiting it trw ham* d h*r mother.
Mrs Caddm. lor a few days,
Jas Kelly, wh* hat been mtding
..... • ,   m* •' Mlu  Ml      ; • ta)
• - ',.!■. 0
B, Rotoman and wtf* ar* taving
thinly to ptrmanentlf nutd* on llitlt
ranch, absut five mil- tremhtt*
K<ltf«.n.'. Celt.
.! ■      . '  .   .' r . '     '-,;.•-.
th* moat suoce—lisl tn th* history ci
Kelowna. says the Clattsn    Not only
has the tian and district eott
the public as never belcre. but us material prssja-r t« has been unprac*-
in the
11    Kdovta Land and Orch-
Md lh* Ckanagan Krut and
Land Co. have been  split up and
■ result
hers al Mir
inn -.
■   .
let! .
Kosoman. En-
II     .     "
Afcfll II.
•      • "    • Jamei
•),?e plants, hll
. - Ml
w c Hemi r
Fikst Ybab
H M \\ M M K
.   ii
:   ta that   il I ■
The Ian:  an beclea        :■
.m acre, an : an I ■• ; n
r . . . be   en that I tl ■
portunltles   ai
buyer here than tl  re        ' 11
;    Hffi ,;• to mal
will get1
WHAT S llll. USI '
The  Arm itr ng  Ad, i
■  '   .   , •       '.'.'.:.
[ I   il ■ . .
..    m the greal
Northwest. If I
—■ chasers  from  '.I.
\        i. wKin we run. eonwli find,  ^hen they arrive here,
j,..,, „- ..<•   nly a lew scabby, uncolored.
.      m iunderslited apples disi
'"    "J' in the It me stores?"
'■• mm      It has been said  thai
Wi. Ui    nil '
c  paraphrase   that  I
• a get■
■;;e|es" Ther- : .
Kooienays  where one|
md better
apples on the market I
• found here.   In.
n't much In the way
md vegetables of any kin i '.hai
mnoi be tough! in the mining
imps of the i better
; laiily and quite as cheap as
" " same can be bd_^__^__.
The Vancouver World says
I Sir   Wilfrid's   educational I
. which lie proposes lo
.'    •;  '.ne in   his  Northwest
..: ii my bill   " Fhesi clauses
.■    merely Intended
rpetu ite lhe present dual
h   I system of Alberta und
Saskatchev an, re enacting, ai
. ,i ...tun of 1B75.
I ol ectlonable feature
..   Irall bill ithat
.'.   i landed i n
r    the    separate!
schoolsi has been entirely elim-
: i this extent the
'.lie   fact that the
measure  In its present form
will probably  go through the
house with the concurrence of
both government and eppositien
we feel thai our original posits the correct one, and
educational  clauses
tutonomy act.
nstitutlon had al-
.irovjded all the necessary safeguards for the interests
■  .
in injustice l
orliy threatened at any time.
Consequently,   there Is    no
pressing need for the r<   ,
ing oi a question tl
to precipitate vexed strife every
ume H enters the public arena."
Tlic Wllthir.
Walter E. Truesdale, g ivernmenl
:. nth  1 February
c       c
' c u 5 U
'   3  .-
■ E 8
•a 8
■ .      .
•  •
'-•     •' .'.
:    . i
5    .1'      ■
6    31    23
7    30    10
12     17
IS    01
10    19 023
11    20 010
12    29    06
13    21    09
1     '!    07
15    32    06
lo    33    OS
17    31    0
18    33    IS
'     30
20    .15    3'l
21    42    31
22    42    28
'.'    29
24    39    33
25    50    25
50    24
52    30
Jl _____
Do you ne
I Thirty years experience in Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
into the camps and the interior.
ll will Interest you, Ladies, to look over our line ol the newesl
and latest shades and patterns  ■: Dress Silks   Waist k'n.'.ths
that are exceedingly pretty aiki stylish,     All      ■       .'■"   ;
sortment of the finest quality       ■ lies' an 111 nl   I Ighl Under
wear, and Hosiery—Extra quality—(or Spring and Summer.
•I I 2 in
I Inch
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Kamloops LumD
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
iin>g in lhe n
. isure'
had they
> Witli The Owl
.   -
ot be 7 in
■    .".:,;•■:
'    -
..... . '"-   '
he Valley   Al
"•            ' ' a' ' -
. . .
.  *an al
;-   " '    . e .,- ...
•ht XX
• >
»iil air
■ *
HAT is ihi   | re are
pleased to call jealousy ?   May
in the
.     ittce nursed m an
■ lust ? Ignorance
-nd lust beytnda doubi,
uld allow It
;ii lhe hearl     ll unllls
. place except a
......    ....
because it bums out his heart
leaves enly the brute   What
.ite Idloicy It is to at-
ndene. ex-
:   ccnsuming passion!
ere a natural, a com-
ihing for a man or a
n jealousy
rhaps. we
ti—bul  where
ve    The
;;. ant
or pretty enough
i    ■
m the
", In this dt
Drop a card an II*
lit ycu with a l .
cheap.    Sell
and focuted li
J M Mclntyn
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpenter shoj.
All kinds of jobbing promptly
attended to.
l.prrirB,,* Autttonnr, Alwaytrrad.
lo takr on * Salr
Tliat very detlrable property knswn
at The Eden Howe, adjoining ihu
town of Enderby, embracing 140 acre...
18 acre* under cultivation, with bear
ing orchard, Hu produced th* prite
winning Iruil ol Briltth Colutnbn
Tuo-aluy haute, with lar.-.
vailed btaetitrnt good well, ban;
jUble. etc. Thu ii an ctcellenl
erltance w get an improved place; 15
minute*' walk from the pot; II
r term* apply on
lhe primi*?*. or til-
' I.SON. Eiiderby.SC
I /i an acre
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby     Capacity 25.000.000
leet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
application       Addresser KAMLO >PS LUMBER CO.. LTD.
GnJrrby. B. C.
R. R. Burns.
C. J. B.
Cure Constipation
Masonic building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luiurtc.
Can't find anything better
Thai Is the opinion ol men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land. It is tight In the town: t. lew
minutes' walk from the Postollice. Land Is continually raising
In value. We have sold a number ol these blocks, bui have a
few choice building sites lelt. You won't (hid lots ol better
value. The lown will continue to progress: It has only fairly
started. Property will continue to Increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity Is NOW Price of Lots, tT I f\ ^ tt 7A
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ***** * * ' V
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Halcyon Hot Springs Lllr.  11    C.
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
Iii yuur lu'.tltli
insured .
ing sickness as well, will
Sel ll I
•muaied. m tie
ol Okanagan laki
i'h "Jim* Bowes
to greet you as host. It
will make your stay in
ta most enjoyable.  The aceomm
datlons at the Lakevie w
—that Is Jim's characteristic
Enderby ihe
•h«m»fr"'J* ;.,./. here may be. n d'.ubt" il   ther parts of the Or i   .
, " im.- .        ire perfect;
irpasn      -;       .   ...      ihei   rhotsulti
E have just ad
ded several fonts
ol wood type, ani are now
prepared to turn out poster
work with the besl olthem.
Color work   a specially
li you wanll j sell anything
quickly, a big poster Wtll
help you  There Is money
In it—(or all    Dates and
Dodgers, Posters and all
i > Biil priming promptly
i     Give It a trial   The rc.urnsare
quick    Write I T i  E . Enderby. First Yi-ar
'^Methodist Church
Divitia Sorvlc-93 every Sunday at 7:_0 p. m.
Sunday-School and Biblo Class. 2:J0p. m,
Ci.'yer Meeting.   -       -   Tuesday. 8 p.m,
t. A hearty wol »n e for all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pastor
Residence: Cliff St., next the Church.
George Verney's
SltMK 19 nfler the piineliail '
le.   Ill'lirj   It.-lI,tc.\   eel .1 ,|lll.|( Wr- i
ni'j'a |ili'liine, "li.c. IV..nlil|i of It*.- '
I'lllla,"   llll'  lirll.l   llllll   I   Il.e,,.,!   lee
elilic- ell Hie- lUlllkl'r'a llllll.l' mi.I 1.1..I I
    Ii.'line.i.e.    Iliii.   llr-1   i Hiiir,
id    H-hllll!    llll*   .}lll|mlll}    ee|   lice
\ • •, 11,_-   |.|...|ile.  ee.e.   i|e-llllllllllc'..ll«. ..lice
lice, leri'lilclc Ice lienll.l cellar- III lllietl I
e-lllltr ill llle- tUcli.eiel. In teeic,. cll.c'lla- {
lllllla ll|Hllinrl llllll |lie-> <C|v.,i.||el, tine ll,\.
t,e II  i| li'.ll 1111,1  ieic-,.e I'
in Ihi*re iiw rvnii.rv,iiiu'tfrtl c treeiiclcc
nf ii ..Im I'.ilelee. imlln,II i;e- Writ*)' leml .|ii.k,c||, in nrcent*   ivlili-li j
lli'llilele-.l III .||[li< |.f |i|. rlt.trl leci-ecll- '
Ireel   tlec-IIC.   eel   Id.   leeic-,   liinl  11 illl u|l<e I
quirk, rrliiiwHi tln-li fr,....   neck   I..'
lirmv, < ur leicl. nf iiu-t und I.e.- from *
llcc.|ce.|l.irrnlle|ci..,., He'll >'» ,
(lllr liwnl  lend ii.- cl.-.l i.e tic \ g
|e!ele.1.-r'e. «",«r    ,11,1 ll't-il- ll|,H llllll .
iin-i lit mir limn Invent' kill. Ten mill-
cue.   I.l.r  ...... !.•-   \.•!>...      left     III*1
I ' ...     '     p e al ,,c I  1,111 .1....... a. Inter* .
>l.-» .villi i.i. I,.,,.'. fallen
"I   Itllle-   e.ll.c-l   e lee, . III.V llMllllll- '
Iit.  V.c...-.a." II ,    Ik'llllll)    .nld,,
llrnd.v. Iced neel iinUinelly, "nnd ll ..III;
i„. Inciter f..r,v..n i.. liort.Ki.tii
until i.h.. mitrrli..."
Kc.r mine lime after ihl. Ih*r*waa
nlitntal n eennrre-l lieliveen lhe lenuker
und tin- il tiiirliiiT. whinn '.' Iee.r.1 ...
|cnc..|ecuntc-l>. Keer eeini.,. clcye. ilu-iilrl,
whn lend in*.i-r kluwa avtcni ii waa Ut
ten... n .liccile wial. , i,e,-»at.i..,i ircat-
.-d hrr f-i'ier n. n l.nrwl. nnd ,-r.i.»l,
larmnt, nnd tvf t nlmitil t-e »|c-nk '
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have lhe besl
meats, and that's what
you will (Ind at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender
Geo. R. Sharpe
New Crop now in Stock
of Home Crown and
Imported Garden, Field
and Flov/et Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thotuandi ol Fruit and Ornamental
Tree*: Rhododendrons. Rotea, Green..
house and Hardy Plants now growing,
tng in our Nurserl-J
For Spring Planting
.• I-a tern prices or lesi. Cut Flow.;
ers and Rural Designs Fetlllliers.
Bee Supplies.
Catalogue Ftee.     M .1 HENRY.
.010 Wr»tmln»irr Koat    Viikouvm
For Sale!
Fanning Land  In Iota 1    suit pur
ehtMT    Suitable for frull growing and
dairying.   Apply lo
J. W  McCALLUM. Salmon  Ann
C.O.F.No 1058
MmU iwy i*0( nd in i louttii Triirsday in
"A:h monlh.    Visiting Bi"thr*n
cordially invited.
K. P. BiUour.C.R.    Kav H,-..t i .. 3-
LO.LNo. 446
Meets the Island 3rd Friday ol ca
ai V 30 p. m.
Visiting bftthftl ■*"?.    RM
W.MmA.BiRow 94   B Bnon
Send The Edeno-rafh ai a letter
It !h« lolkl at hottM
to IiIiii. Then, una uftarnoon, ihv h«ti
ii|i|iiin'iit)y thrown ••'* her tenia nt
Injury, liuil oiilirersfHl with liiiu *ni i•>)»-
loi whlati iuii-i'i'Hii'il In till o| them,
ittnl hml, he thnnghti wiih plentiiire,
fiiri/nitt'ii Verney, Ili> wnn mlitdkatv,
sin' hml mnrrloil lilm, Kor mnny mon tha
ilifv kttpl tlialr lucre, u.'ll, miii tho
mnrrlsd lovortntol Uy*tonUhi without
tho knowledge of tin-I. inker, Onoilni
Mr*. Verney loft IiIh lunmo, went \>.
Iht liiiHlmini iti,.',. fur nil, nml wruta tn
it'll Imt fnther Uitii aha hml ilona io,
Knur yenra Inter Ornee Verney illetl
nt I'erujrln of typhoid fever, and thu
young (winter wim left nlona In tha
world with one little irirl to rtunliut
lilm onnitnntly nf the **m\ eaaijuuv
lonahlp which he hml l**nt m noon, j
During Ihe four ahort yean *>t that
aweel Interwmrae Uenrge Verney hn.l
wnrkotl hut little, mul hll work hml:
m>t lieen Hood, 'lhe picture! he hml
pnlnted, three in numbtr. hml aiiTiwu
nurahaiw) hy a New Yorker*
After hi* young »if»' died, Verney
mlil hli work In a dealer, and Ihla
ntnii nit.ii.' t.f ||| tin- nn world knew
thm the reel buyer of Genrjfe YernejM
work wm llellniny, the tanker.  Tht
dm lop tl glit, ni   Verney   hlmaolfl
might lime |nTlmtih believed, if hr- hml |
known tin' purahneer'i iilmtliv. that
the |ik*turea were bought no luy lh-||-
iimy, nm mi nun h n» nn Invtltntent, ha
for tin' purimie of prnvtdlng hli little
grandchild wllh th< eetetrleenfllfti
nut even hi>. it came ** n -ut*| iIm to
|ilcfure*lnren when lii-ltniuy one day
threw open hli gallery !•• the niihliF
for nn hour or twon week.entl It una
found thnt Qtorge Verney'i ploiurpi,
with ih»' exception of the three Inferior worke whleh had item Imight
hy the New York collector, were nil
ilium ii-. wfllla, Then eatee the rerun-
rlllnllon. n■■« the two men had met
nolmdy knew. Inn meet they tlltl. nml
It wean great mrprlitetn all who knew
the alern, uultemlltig ehnrneier of
Henry llfllnmy when he took -->*■«'
Verney nml hi* inn. iiVifc-i,i. i .. i. n r
great* hiticly htmir, ami t«* nil intrnie
nml j-.ti'.-.". made n nn   ■ him.
Rate nml comfort, unfortunately,
were not i*"«»«l fur the vnung artlit
Never n Mmng ehnrnetrr. lhe netunl
liitil of Murk i .i.i *y ■ tl. ■' » -.-..   '.   t..r.(
effort* nml the double neettolty of
prtwldlng fttr hU little girl nml t.f
working i<t forget hli sorrow hml .._,.!
Mm to (inlnl.
Vfler hit reiurn, however* hi* work
fell offeonaldemtdy, The few plriorca
whleh he itnnhuvii while he hhi Ihtitg
nt hl» fnih. t rn hw » Here ,■ ■ t In
their way. Imt Ihey larked the vigor of
hU earlier effurta. ami om nfter nn>
other he tieitft.jwl them. "I want**
hr Mild in Itellamy. one day, when the
old mnn hnd naked him, with thnl grfm
•mile of hU, why he deatrqyed -■ <».
Ihnt. although w;. , ihe aumlanl of
hi* IhuI, he eititld undoubtedly hate
••■hi "I wnnt the nmoetif llnlrttrari«*e
fether I*. In- irmrmbcred onlj for hla
flnett work I ihtll ntvtf i-xtini again
i« I hnve |tfltntet|, that I knu*. hnturyll
1 enn do i«>meiliing worthy to rank
■ ■ii. whet I Ut* *it. vti done. I«hnll
■lexiroy my ptVture*" Ihm lllttei
ctmt Qwrgt Vtraey grew lauguhl
nml dlapirltetl. nml eradu illy, allb'tittfh
the di«t*tr eitiiM pm nn i|terlflr mine
to hli ilUttat. *nok Into e d«rllne.
Itefore the Iim great wrakneM
grew u|h.ii him he hnd t ot.trt dm
rfient phtuie It *ai <* port mil uf
.tin tlrad wife n*> ahr had bern in the
itaya >tf her foyotu girlhood. The dey
nfier It wm fliii«f,e*l (teorgt Verney
tmtk to hU ite.1, end thr doctor*
wnrne*l Mr. Itellamy thnl hla •-•n in
Imw'% la»t tl.*) Ma* drawing near.
A few tiny Inin. while Henry |U|.
lomy -ii by lhe be*|«li|r nf the dying a telefram *« brooght to hint
lie trad the few WO-flla it  ■  .nl.T t,
nml held It ernmple*) tu Lie band »
•tltorge," he aald. "lhe ' -1 »* trlt
me ymi nrr piiikiug.   Would you like.
While   yOU   I,,,,-   yr\   I),.    f||rl|_ll,.   in
ink* one Imt itMih at y.oir ptetoreaT**
"Ah. If I •••■il<l." gnnpfxJ thv dying
MVmt ean.   I hate bought Ihrtn all
Unit   ii.    roreptlng   llirre- ibe
ibrrt whleh you eronM dtetroy if yo«
•fotihl ni m»l b-intf wnfthj  of *QW
gift.   Thry nre in Ne*  VmIIi."
"How htiH ran t thnnk )**uf murmured Verney, the hut ware rolling
down hi* rheeka
"Im nol think rn   Buoowo up _n
yout •trrtigih fttr thli nfwrm*mi, ami
we will hn*e ynu mrrivl at n tooth
Into the gallery,'' arel Henry Hellam/
went fr-'in tha rtHiin amillng. It •■■<•
nu mrl) unlit itt •*• tf miy DM hai
m efl I*
Hint .ifi. i ■■■ t, the tlyinit otnn wai
mrritd earrfu|l|' into the loflg |h
tart gallery, nnd fenaletl hll *•■*
ti|H>n the lifrwork which would loan
ht nil thai would he Ufl to Utile
(Irttle of her father. Again he turiiMl
to Itellamy lo thnnk him It was *
womlroui thing, thi* gift of fofftvt*
i.i■-•. the ilrli man thotlght
Iii Inking timet Hellniii) fr«m haf
father'a hontti aa be hnd dour.
Oenrge Vtrney felt that he hnd
cniitnl the rieli man hitler «'-rr..-..
ami knew thnt hr had doM him
grlevuui wmng,fnr father nnd rtettgh'
let hml tie%*jr tnel again, "mi be
•ni-1. "how ran I thank " Bttl the
leal Wflfd fnlwr.-l on hia Hpi ni ht
MU the old iimn'-*. fftOt*. for h« had
ii'""' «etn %■■ •linhollrnl n hml I**
f <■-
iiiank?'*  antwtrtd  the nlllfon<
«ir.'. with Wtter etaphMlt.   "I'- y«t
think   the  ti.ilV   ..f  h-iumn    MndntM
orged nie to buj ic.|f ptetorm from
before I turned yuu (nun my ihrnr
Itefure yoti entlcoil my daughter
from hrr father*! hnuiti you told
timt f it ther, pruudlyi nud wlili bend
erert, thai Ihere wai una thing hi.
money could om buy your name!1
Well, I have bought ll Itend thnt
■And Verney read a telegram front
New York with the wonlti "Accept
"1 du u<>t understand)" he uld.
"I will exphiiu. Here, m you IM, I
hava nil   our picture!     The)   art
$ i    i know thai    Itul yuu bavt
painted Uir»'e of which ymi nre
nihnnu'd. Tlune Utrae I have Juit
buughl from lltmkiiii. pn)iii|.* tnort
for them than the btet here com n,.
Why. do you think? F-T luy tat-
"Y«a. Un the day you ilk -ttry ""•
of then canvaiei of whleh yon nr«
ao prumt will Ite nit from iia frame
ami burned, ettn that hul not* They
•Imll m you laughl mv dnutrh'
ter'*. lo\e for me lo perlatt, r*«» |ieo«
|ile, <>r eomptratlvely feu, know of
your work except >') h.nriay. After
your denlh the world ihall judge of
ll hy thoie three tnulta whirb I
hate |toti|*ht frmu llttaklok nt len
timet ii-- ii value."
The dyiuir man, white lo the lipa,
looked up ni ii > 1.11.., .» i in inetch*
leu agony,  w«» thu to lie tt mi.*
After hii yenra of toll, nfter lhe
hontt, whirb be hml forme.| thnt hi*
little nhttiild go Into the
worhl armetl not only with her imtih'
erY or rather grnmlfnlherV mil-
lit.nt, hut ilia with the name whleh
he, hrr fnther. would btqutath lo her,
wni thnt name to be n Inuifliiiiir •■t.^'k
io tbr irtlitle world? II. thltur waa
loo dlnlttillrally rrurl. He could ton
believe It And rtl he itowlj rrali#*>.|
that Henry llvlUuiy. In arm/ thtu,
Wti inhiiif a I'" • ,* wbW
almoal i«i»i nne   llw, !,.■•»_«' Verney,
hnd taken the daughter from the fnther. The grandfather would take
the daughter from her father, too.
"(iood uiyht." mod ihe man.
turning mi hi* heel. "I will lend the
lervanta up to carr> yuu down i" bad
Juil then n natttr of toddling foot*
ite|» came down the lung gallery,
nml little Oracle, hlue*eyod uml gulden haired ai bar muther had hern,
toddled lowardi ihem uu her un<
iteadj feti
mKIii nrai le." ihe demanded, im-
pcrlouily, holding up her ro»y mouth
in ii„- Hern old mnn "How kill fn
ther,' ihe added     Itellamy  drew   a
■tep awaj from »i ith. nml the
litieti round In. mouth Ughttntd,
"No, dear, men Meter kiii," he aald.
"Hut. gran'pa, HVir mil h«
naught) if you don't," the rhthl in-
"Whnt doyoumeinrmyehlldr
■ ii.* i, mamma ertnl nwny to the
irnrdeti"   it  waa thM    ihni    '•• ■'*■-
Vtraey   had   .1.■ i.i.»t   hi*   nife'a
burial to her little dautfhler "ahe
took me Into har arm* in lte.1, and
mid ihni 1 wai to mnke you knot
. ., . fttr her .«■ when we eaute to
ire ymi. 1'iit didn't uant to prom<
lie, Imt -he made him, loo, uml I 1
fttrgot It nil thU afttrnmtn* when
Nil nie   fiiid   it   Would     be     Iimi     tale
no.ui" Ami tli" .- ibe did mtt urn
derMnml whni ihe wa* Mying thr
blue eye* filled uilh lean
Henry Ih'llntuy nniwerett no woril.
He placed lhe rhthl down Iteilde hrr
fnther nml tra/« ■' nl th *u nnd nt hi*
dnutfliirrV inrtr. • <•** .tend-
"I*. ihe n«t like   ber.   *ir*"   aahl
Verney, hrokrlily,
'Ihr etern idd man burit into un-
ronti llalih lobbing* and elaaptd Uie
wu*tr.l haml eoiiiuUhely
"Ttiia time, itr, 1 ma) thank yout"
\ klM i   Hi".. mu the only an
bwer    * hi'   i' • Irihune
If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats Ihem all.   Strong, uniform and White; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat.
IE* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
tee   Iftlc--
■ ci  «...
tt*** ac, I
111?    Il«
Under 17* Olive Tree
•     -     	
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ot business in its history, ll Is lhe result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar nnd table.   Rales: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.    II
Pull out the plug oi selfishness nnd let the Son-
light In.
No. no; you wan't find Cod by baking (or Him
where there Is not any work to do.
It Is spiritual death to put one's trust In established rules of worship, and neglect the simple life.
Many a man sell up his ideal and wins 11 afler
years ol passuniu toil: thin he finds it is only
a woman.
If religion Is not a matter oi Individual Inspiration
then ll Is worse than n /.hing Dogmatic belief is
imprisonment of the soul.
Better to love your neighbor, and show that you
love him by being iinl ihan to prate aboul his
weaknesses and condemn his evil practices.
How In the name oi reason do you expect to
see Cod If you don't see Him In and through your
fellow man. who was made In the Image ot Cod.
How many llower gardens are b;ing planted in
Enderby ? Here Is a chance lo do some practical
work—work that will lift the soul out ol the weeds
of contention Into the realm ol Love.
Pile up your gold, hang your draperies, spread
your Brussels, and lay your beds ol roses, bui II to
accept it one must be deprived ol the privilege to
think and lo express his thoughts he were better
How many of the church grounds In Enderby
lift up their voices in praise to Cod? Preaching
and praising one day a week within the church
walls is good. But the voice ol;rs planted
without the walls would turn more hearts In praise
to the Master.
Spinoza was a man so modest, patient, kind and
tree from all petty whim and prejudice that he was
not willing ti trade upon the priestly "law" ol his
day. And b-.ctuse h» left the church the priests
cursed him. H-tre is the document "By the sen
tencc ol the angels, by the decree of the saints, we
anathematize, cut oil. curse, and execrate Baruch
Spinoza, in the presence oi these sacred books
* Mi the six hundred and thirteen precepts which
arc written therein, watt the anathema where .villi
Joshua anathematized Jericho, with (he cui |
wherewith Ellsha cursed Ihe children, and wllh all
the cursings which are written in the Book ol iht
Let'.: cursed be he by day. and cursed by night,
cursed when he llelh down, and cursed when he
risclh up: cursed when he goelh out. and cursed
when he cmeih in; the Lord pardon him never,
the *ratti and fury of the Lord burn upon this man.
ani bring upon him all the curses which are writlcn
in ihe Book oi ihe Law. The Lord blot out his
name under heaven The Lord se! him ap.e
deslruclhn Irom all the tribes ol Israel, with all the
curses of the firmament which are whiten in th?
Book ol the Law. There shall no one speak to
him, no man write to him. no man show him any
kindness, no man stay under the in • I a/lth
him, n; man come nigh him.'" What a tender
hearted, lovable lot ol guys those saintly prleitt
Ha mess-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
Garden Seed
A lull svek ol the standard seed gatherer's selection; Mowers,
vegetables, etc.; all (resh (rom the growers.   Buy early.
Your attention Is called to our Grocery Department: Big stock
of modem Breakfast Foods. C?nned Goods fresh and of the
best quality.   The best Flours, Teas & Coffees on the marker
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When ycu arc
preparing lor Fall delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Torohto. The
quality ol the trees sent oul by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The best clay In the Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities.
TS* Enderby Brick 9* Tile Co.        Enderby. B. C.
That touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out ol
town Anything that can
be done In Toronto lln
ordinary commercial prim
ingicanbe done right here.
The Edenograph
I -l-.' .     II    t
■ IMifli -,£■•>." f*|
Here They Are
.    . ..
■■■'..   .
.    '
.   .
; '
k In and
the stylish
.    .
My P.
..  , • ■
.. ■     ' V   ill-
•.    II
Cliff St.
j -im    r1    r    •     to offset the Great Norl   rn's
una   My  Confession move.   This  is evidenced by
the fact lhal Mr. Callaghan, a
C. P. R. engineer from Winni
peg, has just completed an in
spection of the Great Northern
survey made  last (all    This
irvej    . un li rl il n vtth the
. ttlng a more direct.
'    ,.   . ..; ■    ,'."
to lhe :•   ith    '
ll  .    render
inn       iry thi    nsti ictl n I
      running In and
ul  ■ Ami rican     lus
kn • a tl Whll -1 mrvey.
It will, i. i -ver, run in Amerl
.nn terrll ry from Sidney lake
to the poln; where the boundary
line crosses the Slmllkameen
river, !6ml,esbelowKeremeos.
To buy nice Toilet Accessaries and Toilet S ia[
illent new stock just opened.
Btmeal S ap, 3 for 25
S jap. 2 for 25
Pears Unscented Soap, 15c    ■
Pears Scented. 20c cake
n Oatmeal, 25c cake
Colgate's Assoited,   25c to 50c cake
Rogers & Gullet, assorted. 75c   ike
Natl Bruieliea. 10c, 25c, 40c, 60c
Cloth BrushM. 25c I
.' to SOc
Powijer Pull* & Pull B-Jtes
I .-1  Loom in Jul Jllau
tou ha'. • '
IV.iJIcv, |-.ntlt'i'l)v I lardwaiv  Merchant
According to advlci
'nnceton  two  er. it  ral ,  ...
Dmpanles. the Great Northern menl °f ls merlts
■ ire engagea man  1,v",s ,WQ
n high sti ■ .', In '.he Simllka-
neen an I Okanagan   .       - .
There Is rea   n I  believe thai me efrHses
ire everythin
.irses al
■rang di
me Grand Trunk
".;   ; '    In
The next ti
is to  cancel thrj
h the Grand Trunk
. . purchase■!
"cnced within
•ne.   The people.
ns made last
fail —H .   • ite.
latest stand for high
. les is lhat which has just
ved in connection
[tempted hold-up of
by the G. T. P
S:r ns  m.iuences have been
orce lhe
Jlu Jltsu is all the rage. We
cannot pick up a magazine that
does net contain an advertise-
I A young
man hvhg two ciphers less
than a thousand mil.
Enderby sent lor a com
They came, but
ir.ebcay to practice on was
nol    nl   Ith ihem. and ihere-
arse Is valueless.
is one lesson, however,
n ir'rful Japanese an
of self-defence lhat might be
made useful at this season of
the year.
For instance, In case a large
brindle bull attacks you In the
central portion of a 15-acre
n    pusn    row*.    .,w,„'ie,d'   Ordinary means of sentence's Bridge, in which event Preservation    are   practically
most exciting irack-laylng use »sk , .plearly, nothing re-
•   111 be wfmessed in ihis ™ins bu !|u,!|,s,u' ,0f c?urse;
the most ardent advocates of
i-.nglneer Kennedy of th* wnderful Japanese art
. v v *. p   r   flM ,h'rM will be required to cbialn ihe
Druggists and Stationers
.'   lee   I  |,    HI, 	
iy I
meen and lhe coast. On lhe
other hand the C PR has had
Its engineers in ihe field and
ihere is ground for the pre-
j- sumption that as scon as the
,j Great Northern rails begin to
'l( stretch westward ihe C, P. R.
'"    push    eastward   from
the V. V. & E, R., and three
I have nv.^ved my Plumbing and Tin
smithing establishment into lhe old Bell
block, and am now better prepared than
ever to handle any work in my line. Am
an experienced copper, lln. and sheet-
rker Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
■ .mahip:  satisfaction guaranteed.
1'lcallll.CI    el*,/    | UK.     I.eel.lie,.   B   C.
ic choicest meals in town
WWWW w w %'
A   .- ,■
.   -
ent si .Mate
nglneers have been bus?" ^conse tto ig .according
Mloway since Tuesday week <° *£L™lMl »n '"i 1 *?
"tlelng up the leep" connecting 0uee"bury' ,0 *Wch hs ,s
the Curlew-Midway section with »-»u»0n«d'
the survey extend ng up Boun      *"■» nAm?nl°,h" *?"&
force me ^y «*•* «o the smelters and I"uch has ,0 ta «ntrus wdtoihe
Sir-e Greenwood, and beyond toils cleverness, resourcefulness and
. ihe umustifiabie^S ^hTAS nS S    S& Regular Meal*. 23c
i, whennecessa- ££i!_MSK£ jj^i-lj-^-} ~—	
io be settled that the rails till J»»s    ™J™ttoZZ     ™ ' 1UU
.  will llnd lhe people'SusJed eastward, and British ** ^,N"_rtkn«on xh'T' SSfromthe Eer   Then       I
will back them   up in lhat c lumbians   everywhere are peted roadbed between Curlew. ^X\t^oS& vwS^
-Kcotenay Mall . a!lng thenylseivSS that *ash • and Midway and that Jjg JJjsfgj**     W A
****^m~**********™^mmmr * the construction of he ne up ?j *nah''   ,».   '5^:1
Boundary creek as far ai he?d » sudde" l*1« ?nd d«l0"
Greenwoaodwlll also be under- ™* "*£, eJS ihXl
taken this summer. Simul- f^"™?.,fl."d 5°*? _*S_
taneously the main line will be ,ha< h.e *•» ^we yw eniirely
extended west towards Hedley unmolested during the remain
ill possible speed.    Heo <3er of your stay in the :Hd      	
here ihe  Nlckle Pla
■tted, Is ai,
ant objecuve as It wlllpr
.-. .
The C P. R. realises lhat ll
must be prepared to abandon
i ;s3«b)l
Served it jfiurerjer
li. tMOS RI.Sl.MKAM"
Clell Si. ..ear M...-1 Irdm .Utioa
Farm Lands and 1 own
all and see—
E.   TRUESDALE, _nkmy.i.c
Bravo. McBride!   All hon'
sent Mr "
not: '
'  '•
•. ncE
icss expediency.
...... .._
: ntAa.
Ira C. Jones
Contractor 181. Builder
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (&> Provincial
Land Surveyor
•:: :■;••■■;■ B C
housl toa sau
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find lhe best mode at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO
\V. J. Armstrong. Manager. Armsirong, B. C.
J R ll\hi\
ihai jo
■ ,
Receipt Books
Co in pre
Oi CouimII
hend 7
• ll
■ia ihe
A.J.Young Han.oikBlli.tll4.rta
!•:. ^mmmmm
.     :
Letter Heads. BUI Heads, Envelopes. Shipping Tags, invoice
;    Buslr Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything lhat can bf suickly done at this office.   Es-i
mates cheerfully n every class of Book and Job
It ol all kind
J. A. Taylor    Enderby
TL„ F,l„ L    l''<-"< i ')*'"'


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