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The Edenograph 1905-07-19

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. •■
'A \
JUl  .'   [901
I ,
ENDERBY, B. C. JULY 19, 1905,
Price. $2 a Year
m mra
Eid.na.'.KAi ii to the end ol Ihe
year. 75c.   Send It along.
Save your hay by securing , tedder
Irom Harvey'a.
Roy Wheeler has gone lo take In
the Winnipeg Fair and visit friends,
Basil Gardom has sold his ranch
to Emery and Carfoot, lately of near
There Is no idling whal a day may
bring forth. A man may be happy
to-day and married to-morrow.
Men's straw hats and childrens'
sunbonneu.   Large stocks at Harveys'
The Canadian Bank ol Commerce,
which recently opened a branch at
Peniicton, will open in a lew daya at
Thomaa Taylor. M.P.P. lor Revel-
atoke. was a visitor to Ihe ollice Frl-
1 lllll     hxlllDlt.
The provincial groverniiiunl has arranged lo make exhibits of British Columbia fruits al Winnipeg Brandon Ho-
(jina and Indian Head, .luring the tunc
uf ihe annualAgruculliiral Shows held al
these places. The exhibits will consist
ot preserved fruits in bottles, an ! Ire h
fruits In season, shipped via the Dominion Express Company.
The Winnipeg Fair opens on th;
lor Winnipeg. Fresh Iruit shipment |ir this lair
Mr. and  Mrs. Jones left Monday should leave points ol shipment on lhe
to attend the Winnipeg Fair. following dales, July   17th lo   2 Ith
Frosl and Wood's binders.   Besl lo »ncta__lv«.
be  had.    On  reasonable   terms  at     Tne Brandon Fair opens on the 1st
New slock.   Crockery and
ware   at Harvey'a.
J. L. Jordan led on Monday's train 20lh Inst, and runs to lite 28lli
Waller E. Clarke
representing lhe
August, and Iresh Iruit shipments for
Brandon should leave   B. C. points
News-Advertiser, of Vancouver, was a ^^.^J*,
visitor al the ollice Tuesday.
Shuswap: Number of candidates, ?■.
passed, 2. Effie L. Shaw, 752. Florence R. Monroe, 719.
Kekowna Centhb.
Kelowna: Number ol candldalos, 7 ,
passed, 5 . Mabel Mckay Henderson,
728; Ruby Margarei Hunter. o5-l,
Mrytle   Lilian H inl        19:  I
Annie Mary Huntei     ;
Black Mountain: Number : can
dldales. I ; passed one, 1. Pearl R,
Sproul. 6S9.
Summerland: Number of candidates.
',   pa -I. -I,
Poachland: Number of candidates,
1. 2.
Savona Irrigation Project.
Another Irrigation project is In pro-
Those who journeyed lo Armsirong by lhe local Orangemen and a proces-
on the I2ih spent a vety enjoyable ilon formed to the Hall,
day. and saw what an enterprising town The baseball game between Vernon
can do In Iho way ol decorations and and Enderby turned cut to be a "little."
amusements when perfect unity of not through any fault, we are glad to
purpose prevails. Orange day il was. say, ot the Enderby learn When
Old Sol sported a special hoi brand for game was called by the umpire Vernon
the day. orange banners and regalias, got a bad attack ol " cold leet," and
and not to mention the orange badges walked oil the lield, amid lhe jeers
ol some aort or another that everybody
wore, went make a moat daulmg
scene. The special Irom Revelstoke
wont ihrough aboul 7 a.m., and was
out round Shuswap Lake (or about a
month. He Is contemplating a trip
next up to Mabel Lake.
and hoots ol the crowd.
The trouble arose over one of the
Enderby team tMr. Rogers', who the
Vernon men claimed waa a professional.
Vernon wanted ihe man dropped.
Enderby refused to be dictated to in
this   unwarrantable   manner.     Mr.
day.    Mr. Taylor also represenu lh) wh„ „„„ _,„„,,, bj wken ,0 ,,,„  ,
New 't ik: ii- A-.'iii.iii,'e
Indian Head Fair opens on lha Bth gress and will shortly result In several
August, and Iresh Iruli shipments for thousand acres of excellent land being
Alex.   Reed. Government  Timber ind,,,, Hca 1 should leave B. C. points made available forhomeaeekers.   Th.'crowded.    Most ol Ihe  Ende.byiles
'?."'!!°''cu!.i™nTn.   *\   "* Aiww 3rd io 4th. scheme Is lo reclaim what Is known aa' MtwdtaB »«•« «o»n on the ordinary
Reglna Fair opens   on   the  9th Bates'Flat, immediately west ol Dead- »rainal 9 o'clock, and ihu also carried
Augusl.and Iresh Iruit shipments (or man's creek, near Savona, a dry, level the Enderby and Salmon Arm Uyaf Rogers, who by the way is a perfect
Reglna should leave B. C. points Aug. bench raised between 200 and 300 Otango Lodges, ihe number attending gentlemen, aa well aa a good ball
•Ith lo 7th. leet above the level ol iho creek, from the first named being aboul 35,'player. Is no more a professional than
All exhibits should be shipped by Other adjacent benches are also In-
Ala meeting held to consider what Dominion Express Company, addressed eluded in the plan
io the British Columbia.exhiblta at the The whole ol the land concerned is
The train (rom lhe south brought Ver-, any man on the Vernon team, and
non. Summerland and Peachland lodges Vernon had no grounds whatever in
and liiends     The trains were met- iCuuinueJ on pare laur i
Fairs mentioned
I...Ha...-.' Examination Rcmlti.
open  the new bridge al Enderby. a
Among those lately come ihrough to j committee waa appointed, consisting
look at Und. and who will probably atop j ol Ceo. Bell i Mayor!, Ceo. McCor-
rll here on Ihelr return are Thos,: mick and E. T. Taylor. An Invitation
McLan*. Stralhclear. Man.; John!waa aent to Premier McBride. asking
Carter. Wllberl Weller. James Rid- him lo come lo Enderby and perform
dell, (rom Shoal Lake, Man. , die opening ceremony.    The citizens
Col. Warren, CMC passed Ihrough propose to give a banquet In his honor
Thursday, on hla way to Salmon river alter the bridge Is declared open, and a
valley lo visit hla son, who la ranching;cordial welcome Is extended,
ihere.   He renewed acquaintance with
old Irlenda hete and particularly noted LicttM Coam-uown.
the many improvements in town and
jaloners, constating tf Messrs. E. T. passed S.
The account ol Ihe   Mara   public Sml|h  q^  Mec,,-,^ ,nli Ceo,     M,,_. Nu,nbw 0, _,„.,,_,„,
achool exaininaiiotu waa responsible B_|,, W|||mee,„|0,e „,„ CilyCounell, passed I.   Mary Moaer. 617.
The  Board  ol   License Commix-
The following are lhe results ol the
entrance examinations at rural points
In the Okanagan, aa announced hy the
education department:
Ihspictohati No. 2.
Embracing Yale-Cariboo and Okanagon. Number ol candidates. 40:
passed, 25.
Enderiiy Cimtkb.
Enderby: Number ol candidates, 8:
which tneeis at 7 p.m. Wednesdays.
J.. ....- Court t,.l"f
lor an error. The Honor Roll lor
deportment waa awarded to Mabel
Johnson and nol to Emily Maasey as
staled. Emily Massy waa the winner
ol the pnte lor the beal kepi -garden.       Andrew Zellergreen. oi Mara, re-
.a    u, l. i   u _i   . j ceived a sentence ol two Weeki hard
Mr. Warpole Murdoch, editor and ub3f ,of „_,„,, a C0Jl „« 0| ,he bunk
prcprieior ol th* Hattney Star is taking h0UM o| the Rothesay Lumber Co,
. holiday In the Okanagan Valley, and a whit* man waa lined SSO and
passed through on Saturday to Kelowna, casta lor supplying whisky lo some
He wat vety lavorably Impressed with Indians.
the activity in Endetby, the industries
hete and th* natural beauty ol the!
whole acetic
it ta repotted that Mt. Harry Macintosh, ol the Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitation, willahottly either build
ot purchase* pleasure launch 10 be
pul on lh* Lak* lot the accomodation
ot hu gurals and the numerous parties
who ai* making Ihi. delightful resort
Ihe tendeivoni ot short   excunlona.
Fred Johnton. son oi Carl Johnson,
a resident hete, wat on the platforms
cl th* railway car* Tuesday alternoon
and managed lo gel hu bare loot in
som* way between. He auilalned a cut
three Inches long and many bruises
on hla loot Dr. Bentley stitched It up
and the post lad was taken home.
Ladlu' csnels. An excellent stock
can be a««t at Harvey's
Wm. Chapman and wil*. ot Brandon,
Man.who looked over land in this
vicinity, and aiilved In Summeilandcn
Monday, lhe 10 Inst. Mt. Chapman
was taken til in Summerland and died
suddenly thete cn Tuesday. Gtcat
sympathy waa expiessed to Mta. Chapman in her bereavement, and who
passed out lot hut- - with the remains,
The Rllle Association held a shoot
on Monday tnd some good ahooilng
resulted.   The score was as follows
Round Prairie: Number ol eandl-
dates, I: passed 1.   Fit. Bawell, 667.
Snal'uutcheen: Number ol candidal**, I: paased, I JamtaCroil«r,6?8.
Salmon Ann.
Cine* Creek; Number of candidates
,. pa—ed, I.   CoorgeCeenwosd. S77
Golan. Corner*: Number ol candidates. I: passed. I. Alice E. Merrill. 552.
on the Indian reservation, but J. Shields
has arranged wllh th* Indians of the
Deadman'a reserve lo leaae to him
the land involved In lh* scheme lor a
period ol lilty yeara. Th* negotiations
which have culminated in the agreement arrived at have been in progress
for a year, ll is understood lhat the
terms are very lavorablelo the Indiana,
who art to receiv* $600 a year lor
fifty yeara: the lesaea agree to spend
$25,000 in improvement and at the
expiration ol the lease the land with
the added Improvements will revert to
the Indiana, Aa th* latter mak* no
us* whatever ol lhe land ihey will
ma!, e a good thing oi the deal It canted
out aa outlined.
Last week Mr. Burnett, surveyor, af
Endtrby, went down with E B. Knight
to take the necessary level* and do
other prellmlntrywork, Mr Knight te
ing slill con the ground. The •.■»•
will ptcbably be either raised Iram Ihe
creek by pumping or will be brought by
t ditch frcm a pant
Vila Miner. Emumrwd,
An txplasion In a colliery al Cardiff.
no doubt that England la lh* best market tn th* world lot ihe highest quality
i (rightlul <*,,~" • ***llww ** ■» **'*'*" **■** <*
loss ol 126 Uvea,   The pit belonged to ****>***<"t ****«» send a gaol exhibit
ihe International Coal Co. pit number '* <he Colonial Exhibition.   We have
2,   All th* machinety al the pit htad * **>** m'*9> ,n <h« Notth-weat and
waa wrecked by th* lore* ol Ihe ox- "**•>•>**. butloihoa* who are making
plosion.    A reacu* party dtactndtd. * 4P*e'»IV »• '""l *• Btiiiah market
but waaaetiamly hampered by air tnd •* *** ""*' (*-"«*!•.-Yours truly,
(ailing masses of earth,    oi bodiea
have been recovered and there is no mm t ,hehA^u'G?l,'rl1'"
hop, lor lh* .ntombed miners Lo™ May "J1, * ,w
President Armstrong k Spaltuincneen
Tu Earni.il D.C, Fruit.
/>,:• idtural:: ctety,
Atmstt itg. B.C
: itrSIr,
Hull Car. July 3,1905.
Editor EbtitosH*m:
Dor Sir.
I tend Willi this a printed notice
up Ihe stream   -Sentinel
Royal Harticultuaal Society. London.
England It item, to mt lhal the
Ainuirongtnd Spallumcheen Agricul
lural Society ought to du lh*tt utmost
lo stud, a good exhibit thu lall ta Len-
atxwue.rmtlts'dsnand keep lh* gilpen opinion that
ihu province won last y*tt   Thtrt Is
Business at the Council Meeting. July 13th.
R Hancock   •
C. W. Laylon
Geo Bell
B Gardom
E. Evans
A E. Hale
200 yds
. 28
- 24
- 25
- 24
- 17
- 17
SOO yds.
The highest possible score at Ihe
two distances combined was 70.
A large stock   ol   Irish B     •
received at Harvey's Ihis week.
Present Ceo. Bell. Mayor Un the chair). Aid.
Bradley. Evans. Kenny. Sharpe. Smith.
The minutes of the previous meeting held July
Sth were read and confirmed.
Mr. Basil Gardom was appointed clly constable
at a salary of fifteen dollas a month, the appointment to date from July Ist, 1005
The clerk was authorized to affix the city seal
to the by-law for the enforcement of the observance
of the Sabbath.
Complaint of Mr. H. Swann. The chairman
of the Works Committee, Aid. Kenny, made a
verbal report in reference to this matter and It was
referred back to the committee for further consideration.
Aid. Smith on behalf of the Nuisance Ground
Special Committee, reported thai an offer of land
for this purpose had been received from Messrs
Glbbs and Baird. '"ho asked a rental for same of
$50 dollars per annum Alter considerable discussion. It was moved by Aid Evans, seconded
by Aid. Kenny, and resolved, that thc committee
should be authorized to close with Mr Secee In
respect of his offer of an acre of land lor $65.
By law for the Prevention o! Cruelty to Animals.
This by-law came up for third reading, but >ta
postponed pending receipt of a communication
from the Society for Ihe Prevention ol Cruelty to
Animals. In reply to the Courcll's request for in
By law for the regulation ol Bicycle RMing
In the motion ol Aid. Evans, seconded by Aid
Bradley, this by-law passed the second reading
without alteration
Nuisances. Al ihe request of Ihe Mayor an
Item had been placed upon the agenda paper with
reference to certain nuisances In reference to
which verbal complaints had been received. His
Worship, however, reported that those who were
responsible for such nuisances had already abated
same.   No action was therefore necessary.
In accordance with notice previously given.
Aid. Kenny, having obtained leave, introduced a
by law (or the amendment of by law number eight,
an 1 seconded by Aid. Bradley, moved that same
be adopted as follows:
From and after the passing of this by law.
bylaw number eight shall be amended by deletion
of a part of clause 2: viz., the words " and any
person so driving." and following words to end of
clause. and by the substitution therefore of the
following: " It shall not be lawful lor any minor or
other Irresponsible person to drive any animal to
the Pound, unless legally authorized to do so by
some resp jnsiblc person."   Passed.
A telebram from the Provincial Secretary was
read, staling lhal a Board of License Commissioners for the Clly of Enderby would be appointed
by His Honor, the Lieutenant Governor, al the
.iext meeting of Ihe Provincial Council
On motion of AH Bradl-y. .- nded by AM
Evans. Ihe Council de-:i led to join the Union of
Canadian Municipalities
The Council adjourned at 10 27 piti.
of the dam hr helding shows ol
Colonial (ran al then hall. Vincent
Square. London,
Tht show on December Sand6.
IvOS. lathe one „ilible lor British
Columbia Iruit, and I hop. to receive
advices tl an early datt Irom the
Agrteuliural Department. Victoria, lhal
there wiB be a thoroughly goad show
Irom our Province
I trail lhat you will me yair infhi.
'    make lh* British C Gambia
exhibit hete a great success.
Yours lailhfutly.
Agent General lor British Columbia.
■Cspyol printed noticei.
lural Society.
■  ...•-,:.   : -. ..
The I resident md Council hav*
decided la hold at their new hall a
show ol Colonial Ham* Grown Fruit in
e December S and 6. 1405. tc be I '
lowed by tihsia tn March. May and
: December. 1906.
Our sbject in tiling thet* dates is il
;poi!ibSt- -
j mot! likely to llnd lh* produce cl Can
«ada. British Columbia and tl
\ Indies. tf India and the Car *
, tn the greatest peritenon in      : -
make, and trust 1.
■  ■
I oi the
hand It-,,   ghoul tl
.              .             .    •
. llhtt up lh.
•■. R.H.S.
« .
The Ll.n e.'.,|'le le.
year. 75.-    Send ci to
I J of ill
niiMiMuih WEEDS
them, though n I        ssarily
: r public ill
expi       .   n   ir beha
An amusing comment on
• tlstal
•1   :'   :\   kei
■    .. .     i ol his Intere   In
it papi • ;te his
':ie cause of Physi -'
calCui'.iir"    In Ins researches
.:.'," it is
to be hoped friend Walker vill
solve that most dlillcult   1 all
problems to newspapi"
ture—acquit ing the when
Eieuliili Pe
'arliamentary Re J
Itl el,nil,,li
Lotidon.July 13. The goveirniiwin'i
11 i al.. lot ilic redistribution ol snots
Itavobetn laaued,    rhe idea :, i„ ,«
NOTICE la hi
attti lata lha
apply t i the I
un II, tinier
Rivera an I Sin i
:i ■ ileai and
rom Cli.'try Cri
it v lit District
■Jnici and tiieiinl
tby given lliat C-0 day.
nderalgned Intend i
luttnanl Governor it
hi ' , ions ol ih.
lib Act, lor permls-
rem vce tbslrucilons
•k unci ns tributaries
:uk1 to attach, con-
iln dams and booms
ut creek :mJ Shu ]
il ■    i.-h  '.li
Bank of Montreal •
Capital, all |..cicl up, $14,000,000. Rest, $10,000,000
Balance I'eciei. and Loss account, ll*V'Ht!
ehl ll
al G. C
I.!  0,
in 1 I taut lo Scotia
1 22 lata io Ireland.   T
rlbullon   ■ theme 1   regai 1 1
elhttig In lhe natui
.-.                     ,      ...        .,              .,       .,        1,.,
• ■   llit'ln!   '      :■   ; ,i
ilian slio is .-in lied 1    ind ll
, ■ a-,:.: mtmbtrs unc
»  irrangemenl Is a more lave
1 by both 1     ra    . : li
VutI'io..! ni SU Ot .A.Drurnm n
A General Banking business transacted
Y M C. A,
Brandon ts putting up a Y. M. C, A,
There Is al present growing l0 purchase three meals each to cost nny thousand dollars, and Cnl-
■•    ry obnoxious day ci ,ne year    We sincerely ,
Unless we mistake HOI noPe ,nal r****! WIN s°lve Ihis sand lor a similar purpose,
ll 1 canumile. problem satisfactorily to him ,,.. been en-
,   .  m, a |Sun. self and to the fraternity.   If he i
.11 seem so,ves ,nls ne will have become
,     benefactor lo mankind an I
I 'inters in particular."
,,ll    At the same time we wish i
mt oul  to the G'c-v:.
. .mes that there  are
physical culturlsts who advcv'
:,l a day for the humai .      ne on i
ttnlmal. and also as a panacea whon a p.;:     ■
i. If a new- ductus m-,"
and booms 10 the
and Sugar Lake,
nary Ifr I .
a County Courl.
I  '' ■:   ind
■  h irj I ire
i |udga of the
'    I n
.'    inl  i cantor Inl
ht pi ilalona ol thai
ins Act. Icr permls-
■ obstructions
husvap Rivei and lu
lie  District, and to
and maintain dams
shores of said rivtt
nnd to make mi 'li
Savings Bank
VV electee..,.:'
deity.  I
on demand v.liliout
0. A. Ili'.n-i    .   Mi i| ■   .
■',.'. <',.-t.   l-.s V.MoC '"''    I'.DuMoullii.Sul-Agl
I Inc
Cheap Lumber
e to a sue-
e perseverance, b.
Kamloops Lumubr Co.. Ltd    '>
Dated at Enderby, 8. C, June 10,
•    • • - ;' , .      tlul »my
' i    •        . Itt . id Intend
ipply to tl :::,',.
lha provisions ol the
i attd Streams Act. lor perm:
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension
Shiplap,       -
Flooring, Celling, Siding,
Timber, Irom S8 to SIO per M,
$12 per M.
from 315 per M. up
which will have our careiul attention.
It is a splei ive PaPer man practises physical
grass bsulr .; streets culture let him try the one
i Ihey are grass, but better be m** a % "Bin", and. "Get
it I! they are to became rlcn quick."
a nursery for obnoxious, evil
smelling weeds, S t-.-mc C...,n S.i..«t<.
aVfeu-re. Mnl. Cine Qetc.le.'r
*».' Any other Information will be furnished on inquiry al
i obstructions our office.   We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
ti -in Taulaua Creek and lis tribuiarle:
in Yale District and to attach, con-
> id maintain
i; res ol said creek Ml
ind to make such other lm
its as may be necessary lot
I holding and sorting ol logs ami
Hunting ol lumber thereon,
The toll proposed to be charged ai
I'.iielr.lcv. B. C.
Ottawt. July li.   Thoexpei
. nails by way ol Canada Instead
ol Ne* York lor the western provinces
It they can be delivered a day | ««* ******* **«»™ by a juJge . 1 Ihe BmUrky. 1»C.
and a hall earlier than at present• •       'k^,"^ Lumi'hh Co  Ltd
M aiU Ircm lhe turbine liner Virginian j   Dated, at Enderby B C   June 10 '    18 «'• block, on*  and quartet
"', miles Ircm town at $50 per act*, easy
'il gaol delivery North Sydney at 10.47 Ih        ■    .• motiPP '"'""'      ****
'Id at lh,                    ,111 from the eraiaer Canada, which brought  ,,„ , ,„ ,'Vo'  ' fT) a ,J!_S 80 aer* bl9l:k' 6>•'*'** *'m tui*"-
i ihe olac- th„m lm,., ih. Vi«.i„.an The Vi,                                          ,Ki ",Umd by. 6 mile- Irom Armstrong, excellent
iemlromihtV.rgi.iu.,.          ,         , apply to tht U*ttltn_it<5o, mm land. S800. Easy ttriili, A bat-
., ier provisions of Ihe Rivers __m         .,.,'■., n
una Act. lor permlaalon t - ' '
t'.nilcltty, B C
°4urt (or
•it ol courts
bylaw and II        '        ■ ■'■ • 'e taken aboard a special train m 1905
Ncclary Public.-.
R,al I ■....  and  I .■■........
at in
nnd district
The action oi the Council In
.   .
ed by some, als:
is difficult to see ho* they
ild otherwise  have acted
A very diligent correspjm
ci Enderby. to the Verti ..October uih. 1905.
calls  the pound  by i and er
tic piece o"
..„, .
play \s - Let us have
j have
made them ,
of the itnp&undage would have
been a great Injusll
■   .
vicinity,   U
• i ||g |1
■ Irom the Virginian .        ,
Tha dry season is on.
See that you have
your building insure*!.
Boaid Companies
New Subscribers thls ls y°ur °PP°r,un"y tetjjj[
that is coming until End of Year C JC
-iit be hall a d-.     i .t and remove obalrucHons Irom a,
Th.rfui.iw. pof,lon 0| Fr0* *•'*** <n Yale DWrlcl
J*    '" .     ' , and to attach, construct and maintain
'  n North I   Intyl  Montreal is 96b i<_~, anij boqnw |0 X\K fX\om 0| Mifj.
k and Mabel Lake, and lo
auch olher improvements as may be
Said an Irish Justice to a blustering' necessary lor driving, holding and sort- • The hardest lesson for all of US  to learn IS "(he value il little
ti mai "We wa.,;       ,•   J^1"8* and flu,mn* ol lumbw things."   Bui ihere Is another lesson equally as Important and
11''-'>• ' rite tolls proposed to be charged are quite as hard to master.   It is "the value of pure drugs,"   If
such at may be died by a )uJge ol the. you are III, no mailer how simple the ailment, you will find thu;
County Court,
K*n:.a,-ei'.s Luiu-sk Co., Lm.
Dated at Enderby. B. C.. June 10.1
■ •! i •. lhal
e • 5
It is Important to make sure of the drugs—they must be pure.
OURS      ARE      PURE
Witti Tie Owl
Ira C. Jones    R-R-Burns-
„,.,.    ... ■ -..
. ...
il manm
they hanlicd a really <ii!,icult
any of
.   |
are publish!
. ini „: ,
: .
rcaJefs, in
. h thin
not brutes, as seme cf
us think,    in the  boys we
■ ■   ,ich day we see the re
.tselves.   Gov.here
I, you 'ill litti ll Is the
We see in the boys
exactly v. hai Is in ourselves.
they are brules.
true to our thoughts
and, to us. at least, they will be
brutes    Whi n .. boy ccmes
pi      .  n the street or else-
■••    I m you
turn    If ll
lhat he ts a little " devil." or
are hateful in any v.'ay, he receives al once lhe Impression
you might have conceived
do something to prove
true I nceptl n ihi - hand.il you
• him *nh a smile, toss him a pleasant
ght, he   III I quickly, and his man
the goodness lhat
N %r be afraid     ti   tab v   True, now and
ppciiited, but faith in any
ilm ist sun- altered some<
■"-. .  i will fini I think, lha; boys
'.•ill ; ■        Irui     nd I llthful,  ani manly   much
r than l prove falsi   Uwe give ;hcm
a Char t
r^-J Carpenter (tb Builder
^^ iiestluily lurnished on!
ft |      any dimension: small j
j\ •   . lulckly attended to, in town]
Enderby, B.C.
Masonic building Armstr ng
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Peter   Burnet
Domitiion (tb Provincial
Land Surveyor
Do you need
Drop a card an I I will call and
Hi richly lest your eyes and
':..,:  article
Scienlifically ground',   „     ,,
and locuied IllttU.
J. M M.-Intyrr, Optician,8nd*tby,B,C.
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpenter shop
In the rear ! the Hancock block.
All kinds   ll |obblng promptly|
attended to
t»o.riencc* Autikmeer. Al*«y»r*ady T"), ,
lot... on a Sale •*■"*•
:>u ■   msisr
"It Is good to put bother away
over night," but it Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent subscriber. You may never wake
up; and wouldn't you (eel bad
to appear before the pearly
gales wnh your town paper not
paid tor, and have to '(ess up?
... .a
■f'T**^ }i*k >^>*C>*'xn >-<!}
matt :-
Receipt Books
Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
13-jslness Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—any-
printed—quickly done at this office.   Estl-
tfully lurnlshed on every class ol Book and Job
Ldenograpn. brll a,khwotk. cwst. -L-v .,
tt ■ > A
"Put a coat ol paint on an old house, and you'll come pretty
near to having a new house," is au old saying that's proven true
every day by the old houses made new with
The Sherwin-Wiluams Paint.
C. W. P. protects and beautifies. It's great durability, beauty
ol finish, and economy, gives satisfaction to the house-owner.
It's easy working qualities, great coveting
capacity, honest measure, and strict purity',
satisfy the demands oi both paiutct and
•oio av
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
brick made.
We recently started brlckiiiakliig
al our Enderby yard, and are In lhe
markel lor orders ol any slit lor the
best common, repressed and fancy
First-class material and first-class workmanship.
Okanagan Brick Co., n„. 135. .ditty, d. c.
Good Service
«L, The best on the market found
on the t;.bles. Furnished rooms
Regular Meals, 25c.     fr "n,°n *ktaurant
h 4»av_io,   a--*-' C.I.H _i,, un. M.K'le It.em .lalicin
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet-
iron worker. Special attention lo furnace wotk, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed,
Plumber am/ Filter. Endtrby. D. C,
Nicely Printed
This Office
The Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found Interesting to the homeseeker.
for the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Bmnqoraph wants to be
found In every home in lhe district It is found In
every home In Enderby. Why can'l we make ll
a regular visitor to every home in the country
round-about ? ll would also be an interesting visitor
to the home In lhe East, and there is many a quiet
moment in the lives of those dear ones across the
seas when they would enjoy reading about the do
Ings of the inhabitants of our Eden—whore you.
their boy, resides    Two dollars a year. $1 six m«
Black Walnuts.
Mr. H. H. Blanchett. of Ottawa, a business man
of that city, has lately visited Vancouver. The
gentleman hits a " hobby "—(arming—to which he
devotes all his attention outside of that required by
his business. At an Interview he gave some (acts
which should be of great importance to the residents of this province. They pertain to the culture
of the black walnut, on which subject Mr. Blanchelt
Is thoroughly informed. He has planted ten thousand nuts this year in Ontario, and is so convinced
ol the fact that the culture ol the tree is a paying
Investment that hs expects to put out five hundred
acres In the trees before he ceases operations.
Fore the culture of the black walunt, Mr. blanched says the soil and climatic conditions ol British
Columbia are admirably adapted, the tree doing
best In low ground where there Is plenty of moisture but not sufiicient to cause the roots to rot.
1 he Okanagan valley Is admirably suited for the
culture. As the farmers clear up the land, It Is easy
to plant about the fence ilnes a number of these
trees, which In a lew years will prove to b: a considerable source of revenue.
Said Mr. Blanchetl: " I have travelled hundreds
of thousands of miles throughout Cmada during
the last six years, my journeys extending to every
province, except in the extreme north: and to
every portion which can be reached by rail or
steamer; and have always been on the qui vlve
(or whal the most money was to be made out of
for the least expenditure of capital and labor. To
my mind, afler careful research and from personal
knowledge, I believe lhe Ideal vocation to be Ihe
forest culture of Ihe black walnut from the nut.
The tree Is a rapid grower and is productive at
the age of five years, the nuts selling In the Ontario markets for $1 per bushel. The rapid growth
of the tree may be judged from the (act that they
grow an half Inch in diameter yearly In Ontario,
and the growth here should be much more rapid.
" The nuts should be planted as soon as they
mature on the trees in the fall, and about three
Inches deep, and for forest culture, about ten feet
apart each way. They shanld be carefully protected (or the first year and a half, which It sometimes takes them to come up, as at first Ihey are
as tender as young celery plants, in about five
years ihey become productive. The nuts, when
they can be pricked wiih a pin, are made Into
pickles for table use. and are a luxury indeed.
Then the mature product brings a good price in
the markets. There Is money in lhe business, to
be obtained as easily as in many other ways if one
has Ihe land,
" A.tother feature of Ihe tree is lhat it Is admirably imed for use as a shade tree. For this purpose a number were planted in Victoria tut year
by Sir Henri Joly de Loibmiere, and most promising results have been observed The Lieutenant-
Governor is anxious that the people of the province
shall take up culture of the tree
"The wood of the tree when it Is fully matured.
Is very valuable, finding a ready markel for use as
veneers, and selling at about the same price as
" Another use to which the tree may be put hu
been found by farmers, who make a decoction by
boiling the leaves ol the tree which, sprinkled on
cattle, renders them immune from the assaults ot
flies, thus taking the place ot kerosene, and numerous other preventatives."
in conclusion, Mr, Blanchelt expressed ths
earnest hope lhat ihe residents ot the province
would take up the subject and plant trees of this
variety, at least on a limited scale
Concerning the use ot black walnut tor the purposes of shade trees, the following note wu clipped
Irom a report ol the Agricultural Experiment
Stauon of Colorado, treating on shade trees ol the
City ol Denver.
" The black walnut hu always held a prominent
place among the most valuable native trees North
America. At one lime the forests at the middle
Eastern States cuntamed many magnificent specimens ol this tree, but thc high value set upon lis
umber led to their early removal, so at the present
lime It is rarely that one sees the black walnut u
it grew in (he primeval forest.
" II Is not uncommon, however, to see Ihe black
walnut used tor street and roadside planting in lis
MUva range, as ll is ot moderately rapid growth
when young, presents an attractive appearance,
and the nuts ate highly esteemed by many persons
Plantations ol this iree lor Its timber are apt to be
somewhat disappointing, on account of Ihe lact
that the wood does not assume that rich, dark
brown color which has made II so much used in
cabinet work, until lhe trees are ol great age
But before this occurs lhe young trees may be
used lor fuel and lor posts. Ihe dnrablllly of lis
wood making this tree one of lhe most desirable
kinds for the latter purpose
For sallslaciory results the black walnut
have a rich sail and a fairly constant water Supply,
under which condnions ll hu made an excellent
gr. «>th in this stale The trees begin to bear nuls
then from 10 to IS years of age It Is quit,
readily propagated by meansjol Ihe nuts.
Enderby Flour
Never send out of town lor what Is made as good as
the best In town,    ln supporting home Industries you
are supporting yourself and others» ho make the town
These are our brands:
Moffet's Beft, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drifted Snow, Aipina, Strong Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheak, Superfine, Graham, Whole Wheat
Patronize IE. Home Mill
TS* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Tht following arte a low snaps wu have on our
Enderby   Land   List.
No.I.E. 160 acres ol land, all level. 80 acres cleared, balance
In good marketable timber. A snap lor S'jO per acre, one hall
cash, balance 3 years at 6 per cent.
No, 2 k. 160 acres oi land, well located, all cleared and
workable. 100 acres under cultivation, school 3 miles. P.O.
2 miles, Enderby 7 miles. $10,560, hall cash, balance terms
to suit.
No. 3 b. 1020 acres, 900 ol which Is level. 350 acres
under cultivation, balance In good timber. Another bargain
lor $25,000. $10,000 cash and balance on terms to suit
owner.   Will sell blocks ol Ihe above, site lo sull purchaser.
No, 5«. 320 acres, 4 miles from Enderby. 250 acres
level, balance range. 35 acres cleared and under cultivation
Well watered with streams. Price $4,000. $2,000 cash,
balance 5 years, 7 per cent.
Hit only Latt. Atettt who covers
Ihi Okftti-tin Valley
A. E. HALE. Eidtib,
Harness-maker and  Repairer, Trunk,
Valises.   Etc.
Hats do not need to be talked about, but they are, and will continue to be, because they have the value back ol them. We
carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shirts, ties, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves are loaded with the
best brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing lor rail-delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nurseries ol Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
D  __!      1 BRICKS
jThe best clay in the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
' prices   Large or small quantities
1ft Enderby B.kk 9b Tile Co.        Ehdepby. B C
That touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Economy, will be done al Ihis
ollice—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
lo send your priming out of
town Anything lhat can
be done in Toronto iln
ordinary commercial print
ingt can be done right here
The Edenograph
I »l— .    B   C
New Subscribers «H» J> your opportunity to get an
that isclining until End of Year f JC THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 19, 1905
Jusl a few left
marked down to
Cosi Price.
hikliTby Trading  Co.,
■a Clifi St. Enderby. ■•
im wiiaiwnasi   i. t n   in nm •lififTiirfjrrft i
Faslnona DieTurn-outs
span    . Horses always at j ur c n
■ ■  idy for)  ir i. rs is altera I ngdrl
(C ,. u l.i
jbjecliieg |o ihis man. or itl refusing to
•lay. ll waa simply a cast ol" lunk'
i/ilh llie  Vernon loam      Thty »ei
n I2lh July, il Arn I .: I
Veil, ii ai.d 1'jiijerby, f r 111,*.'.:
Ihi i t July, Enderby played
■ ■ ,       lerby found   -oil   h
thetl  first baseinail,
, lop, who wa.    enable I
i account ol bti
menta.   However, that was not an in-
surmountable dilliculiy, and atioiher
-, c'luieii in Ills place
,. ■:.   li ,.ll llc-ic.    :i il.    ■
.Hi. Mr.  Rogers was lound.
Church Notiiei.
St. Geopob's Church.
July 23rd—5th Sunday after
Inlty    Matins, Holy Com-
n n Sern rt, II a.m.—
S   An rew's Church
Servl    al 11 a.m   	
li   !  i) 5   a m    Ri ■    D.
I I.    W.ellce,
:1 in ill'   .
_*      .. .:    ■    .      ~.   „ ..a-_i'»
Dont  Bake When  The Weather
is Hot—wc Bake bread
H. J. STOREY, Ihe Endetby bakery, Bradley Blk
in thai
:    jht thi
". .t' :  '   .: •
. ■
£• Methodic CWeli
ind 'he gentleman with the
luxuriant atiburn I
...  ... ■
■  ,: '/."and
it la singularly
action on thai   .
en all day with Vet
they knew it.   The mtible with Ver-
r wanted l    .ee thing,
• Lnderby
■     ■  .
' their money >
Every csiicesaaioit wai made by the
even to the
When any  man  rtt
let) aa an uni| -
-   ' man pe_lble. thete
■    . •.  ..
• ■
:.t.l .1 ilic le
I  ■
■ ihe
3 p
i ^
5    SI
. ■
6    .8
?    80
8    80
9    86
10   69
55     "
12    7b
47      "
13   72
42    (air
IS    75
41   sitiinv
40     "
17   7»
48      "
18   77
49      "
19    78
44   rainy
26   70
fS   sunny
27    73
52   rainy
28   78
46   aumy
29   81
50     "
•*                          'ffAtC.
:.; -ki-'V
ftja\\\**m\t/\\t iiirmni|^||i _56»ii_t*aBi
Hammocks i
\v  !. iv •■ too many—
We *anl lo sell thi m
$5,00 Han moo       M: ■
$3.75 11. ;-t.O0       $3.00 Hai-
.ne SNAPS, b
Lime Juice, quart boftlc, 50e
SUNDAY   HOUUS:   a to 41>. m.
and Si ill "
Want a First Clais Bargain In a farm Investment
in lhe beauiifu', Okanagan Valley ?   II s
wrte or see ii*.
Special Bargains nt this line.   Improved.  -
• ...      ■      ,-, ■■ ■ .....-■
DEl.t. Ul.OCK. .NDERllY. ». C
H. N. Hi-ndiickson,  neans a I
j.ili im l al the new
.-,    Aliays
, .     tosh, |ulcj
Geo. K. Sharpe
ism idti
ft   UMilN
I OK sali-:
A. L. U.
it i
i'tiliah   Celuttibia
.        ■ .      ■   -
CO. h No 1058
• 'ii.tii llie p.'
- terms apply on
rby, H c
For Sale!
r ^lcyon
•   • ' i! (Springs Sanitarium
For Sale
Wait-yon Hot. Springs
A..over I.e.    |l   Cc
. i lo win by one run,
The grand pn cession in the alter-
l sight
225 Orangemen participating.
There were slistl addressc. by prom-
. inenl Orange and cmteiu alter which
K        .   ;'..  i •;•: »  . e ,:■
Kelovni being victorious by
ru ihe tootling event   I iht
day. th. .
GoaUve' -ume <4-4l. but
alter tlai -lu'lgame, the
•coming 10 tlte.
The   Vetncn lite brlgadt
hub race by a tew mchca, tl I
... I I
wiih tlte he ;e pipe. The tace wai run
betwe ll ti ami.
lhe llrtwotkt Were b-ti-t at/A than
deactibed and the dance very wil it-
Clca.r Sl.ercf.
.; as lhe ass
(ell into the ri ill lin.
I'vi al ..-
looked al il lhat way.   M I
iccllltle ones
It's multiplication; when
, , udlhe
I :,
es It's subtra
;. rder I
in mathematics, " thm,
ii lance we
; i lake threi
(our years, not six I     ilrom
A    . " .;
Ic part ol the rooi
; ■ , led a small
ii •
1.'      .1.-"!■.:   >•:•:•■
baaid wtntejd lor a ihott lime by
.•    artlrrd CjUpie I.       .    '
No children.   Apply al  Ki--.osmm
-*  i.
yeara olrj.   Wtite t»
•■'-__•'• '•''-'
NOTiCI that 30
1  intend Ic Jfs ly ts the
. cl LaitcJa and
Wcrki lor a special ItCettM lo cul and
•   •   i the IfJlswii^
lit KamlMps divuion
.•   -.-.-.     • , .-•
rati oi Celesta
ibout / llillea trc.it its mouth,
thence imuth leO chains, thtnet —tl
40 clb "li 160 chaits.
thence vest 40 chuntto point ol com-
«;it.   ccntaWihg   610  actes.
No. 2. Commencing at a past plant-
.   on tht
•citii a mill lake, thence
.. ■ ■•
tail   n 640 acttt, nitre Ot
Commencing at a put plant-
t weat ol Ccteila creek.
laeymsur Arm,
Ihtnet weat
Ihenot aouth 80 chaina.
■actiiif bio acre* more
IIH    Dig a pail pianled
■ lei mm Seytiitiir Arm.
-  'II. 80 Chit;
•nee south to chains/
a-t N ehatnt lo point ' com-
tnl,   ccmltining  640 tstta.:
I I ndethy  :    '  June 24.
NOTICE 1» he'eby gifen that thnty
dayt tiler dale I intend la Aryly to lhe
Chiel C r
.'i. .... •:••-...' ' . .'
detctibed liirdl HI Ytlr I
No, I. Timber betth maiked Ktm-
lr<f» Lumber Ca. commend ,  ■' ■
';•■:' ■,    ' ■■    '     :
■iked KamlMfa Lumber Co..
and running 40 chains Muth, 160
chttnt (tit. 40 chains north, and weat
160 chanu lo point ol commencement.
No. 2, Timber berth mart
toopi Lumber Co.. csnimei
pwt planted 5 nul«i up Cotioiwiwd
cteek, milked Ktml»spt Lumber C ■
tnd tunniitg40chtiiit touth, 160 chaim
weal, 40 chain* twtth. and 160 chami
to point ol eotnitienceiiiietit
No, i. Tnnbiit betth maiked W A
i mencing at a put ma-ked
W A W ah utcnehalmti«u, a cteek
tunning Into Shuawap tivet
tide, about three mild Irom Mabe-
take, tnd naming 40 chiln* north, IbO
ehtittt wctt. 40 chains KWfc. ihence
IW chilli ' ' ■ ttiitnaicetnent.
-i.e    ;,:■:. a. <■     ,. i     '
No. 4. Timber berth tttti.
commencing ti a post marked BC.
ibout 2 1-2 milt, up a cteek tunning
Into Shuswap tivet on Weil tide, absut
i.am Mabel lake, and tunning
40chtm> nsttli, 80 chanu t   I
chllMtcuth, tlOchiini 10 pail'.'
Itteltceittenl; thence 40 cha
SOchalm ve.i. 40chainanti:i I
80 chttnt east to point ol commence,
ment, comptbing 640 actes. mote ot
No.5. Timbet berth maiked W.A W.
commencing tl apottnittked W.AW
about hall t mile up t cteek tuiviii^
inlo Shu-.vap liner on well tide, about
3 tmte Ituti Mable lake, and nintilng
40 Chain' aouth, 160 chttltl veil. 40
chain, with Ihence 160 Chlltu cast
ia paint ci commencement, compiunig
640 act ■ leas.
» wu Co., Ltd.
Dtled at Endeiby. B. C, June 24.
Fotr Suit The Knictbr Dairy,
eontuiing tl II htlltra, 3
,.'..od hsavy team ol  holier
Term* teaionabie.   ft. Ckktfu.
and Superiority
I Nothing on earth is perfect; but
Ihe HAMMOND Typewriter
,comes as near perfection as a
• type*Titer can be made	
_m Hammond is Perfection
in alignment, beauty of work.
uniform impression, change of
type, touch, speed, manifolding.
| tabulating, durability, portability,
key depression, paper feed and
work-ln-slght. The Hammond
is superior to all other typewriters In every other special
feature. A Hammond must be
seen to be appreciated, it is
'.At and away ahead of any olher
typewriter made	
lilt   HAMMOND   I ,1'iwnmn
TotontO, f- Ale! cid- Street Ea.t
Monlieal, 10} St Jamet,
3010 Wealnilwtcr Rd
Vancouver. B. C.
D. C. Crown Stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Tree-,
rding lo varietv.
teel. $10 to $12
L. O.I.. No. 446
■   "r. cl Cherry. Peach.
„iit. Apricot*, 4c. naw growing I ir
Meet.'- •   "ttpente. loaa or de
folio  . .!. ai 7*) p.m.    ,lay ol lmiil(>ation or insnecllon.   Lel
■    me. •    placing your
WM..!- F- Be-wtn  ord !    Call!,: ll
—— ————————      (,„enh3u.-,e   Plant!,   Kbr.il Work,
Wire-                 ruling in the litre B„„ Supt,|(5S] pfl|j, t>ackaKe-,. Kertll-
ot print:- .•                    tip Mt       .   Hc              M. J. HENKY,
avisltlrtg   a'           |  Ot send to I       JOIO Weatmin.ler H.oa4    Vancouver
I -'ions. B. C.
Bear this in Mind
may be. no doul
will equal anything we have ab ll
itainly none can excell ur-
beauly. En lerby's location is un:.,
ttures about Olher carls )f lhe Okanagan that
. in the way of nature's provisions for home life,
rtlc conditions an   ; -  I and lor health and
No cold, damp weather, or hot sultry days.


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