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The Edenograph 1904-12-14

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.,i.'-"M ;,;
Volume 1.   Number 31.
Price. S2 a Year
Enderby Doings
lhe h.
'ernon hi held the bjlk ol
buyers, Neil year Armstrong and Enderby will catch the
best ol it.
S.-ttlera' A.aucialiun.
PRODUCE.  1903
Shipped hy Ir. mlu lu.m
Enderby, 7,928 ion.
Arin.tr,in,!. 6.180 lun.
Vermin. • 4.497 lun.
Kilowni. .1.891 tun.
Other point.,   2l>5 Ion.
Toul.   22.71.1 tow
to hear Ihe report ol lhe Iinance coin
mlltee. select Instrument!, etc.   W.'
T. Broderlck. secrelary.
The demand lor Enderby Hour Is becoming so great It requires the work
Ing of Ihe mill to Its fullest capacity to,
keep up the supply. Manager Moffat
is bringing the business end ol the institution to the acme ol system.
Wm. Toinkinion has In contemplation extensive Improvements to the
Town Hall. The. stage li to be «n-
lirgad, new lights are lo be put In, and
foot-lights put on the stage 11 oil lights
can b* obtained.
F. Pyman Is giving his friend* •'
very pretty calendar.
J. K. Linton Is painting tht Interior
ol the Sharpe brick block.
The Quadrille Club will held a dance
in the Town Hall Friday evening.
Orchard & Crawford are graining
the Interior ol Ihe Jones' duelling.
The brick residence being built by
Jo* Bradley is nearly ready tor the
Harvey Jones and Geo. Allen, ol
Nlnga, Man., arrived at Enderby last
Grand Master Mason Bowier. of
Vancouver, li visiting lh* lodges ol the
order ln the Valley.
A tremendous crowd tt spending the
week at the Enderby htlel Th* boy*
are in from the buth.
Premier McBilde paired through to
Vernon tht* morning. He u miking
a tour of ihe conitltuency.
In readiness lor the akallng action,
th* E. T. Co. hu placed in ttock t
ityliih ulection of ikale*.
A two-dayi' ahsoting match, lor
turkeys, nlles and money will be heU
at Lumby. Dec JO and 31.
We haven't given our order lor win'
ter weather yet. but. rally now. we
would like a little tnow for Chriilittai.
When you are short ol eggicallup
J.C. Metcalfe. He lui fruit Ireth
Irom Ihe hen-and each It true to
Ed Haiiiet hu about Itnlthed th*
construction ol a log cabin on hu
Mabel Lake valley homestead, near
Ire Jonoi will begin the erection of
another two-atory dwelling tn a few
day* and espectt to have It ready to
rent by New Yean.
Constable Girdom it determined to
Hop Ihe telling of whltky lo Ihe Indiana
He had another cue belcre Ihe maglt-
IralM thu week.
Found: One light biy filly. 2-year-
old. Marks while atrip on lice. If
not called lor In ten days, will be kepi
(or board.      W. Cuiaatn. Mara. B.C.
ll Is shocking cruelly latum a cow
loose on the towiuile with a bell around
around her neck, to find .".melhlng to
eat with two Inches ol snow on the
When looking lor I present tot Her
why nol gel something very nice in lite
liner, lhal ate shown by J. C. English?
_  i m are lull of thiruj- that are
useful and ornamental
FH. Hale and lamily moved Into
their new home the past week The
house ts splendidly linished throughout
and is Ihe lype ol home Hut lends
an a:t A slabilily and com! - I
A meeting of all interested In Ihe
■Kanltalien will be held Thufs
day evening in Tut-: EHHOOMFH office
It doesn't uke long lor Endetby people to recognise a good thing. Thai
iccounts lor the Increase in the crowd
that gathers three timet a day at the
Union Restaurant. No nutter what
time ol day you hll town you can always get a good meal there.
J. M. Robinsjn.of Summerli.nd.and
his brother. Rev. Mr. Robinson, paised
down the line this morning, Mr. Robinson ii a retired nawipiptrman. i. e.
he has (ound an easier way of miking
the ghsit perambulate, but h* It Mill a
newtpipermin can't cur* en* when
the habit is well developed.
When wete* the tastefully decorated
window* ol our store*, and not* the
great lloekt ol holiday goods, w* do
not hav* to guets where Santa Clam
will find hu supplies to lilt th* big
stocking* thit raver I he lull* feet al
Enderbyitet. Th* question thit oomu
to th* mind U. will the nockings be big
Out two-legged linotype em beat
our sawmill when it came* lo turning
out lumber. In two seconds tut week
he put more lumber ut lh* lumber raid
thin the mill could cut in four yeitt
By adding a cipher he mad* Un amount
of lumber piled irtttie yard 80.000.000
leet. Knock off a cipher and you
have it.
The local Orange Ledge ar* stung
Ing lor an Al Horn* it bt given in
their new lodge worn on Wednesday,
Dec 39th. There will bt a program
ol muiic. lime lor tocal chil at*
The Weaker.
Waller E. Tmetdile. government
observer at Enderby. lumuhea lh* ID
towing record ot th* lemperatui*. and
general sill* ol th* weather (or lb*
month of November:
games, and refreshments. Tht  rang
men extend an Invitation to Ihilrfrltnd >,
both lady and gentleman, to ™
pleasure ol llle evening.
There Is nol a town In the Valley
lhal sends away from home lor M
much as Enderby. II the amount tli The Settlers Association ol B. C. ia
money that Is sent out ol lown each working hard lo bring al-oui legislation
year, lor commodities and g;ods iv...: -./favorable to the selil'-r  Al
ufaciured and carried In stock by cu present it Is pushing lite demand for a
mills and merchants, were rrpenl In town, refund by the government of moneys
the Interest on II alone would be'paid under Ihe old Settler's Act, and
sulficent lo sidewalk every atreel. arid there Is every prospect that the move-
plant and care lor shade-trees alcng ment will be successful. The Asso-
the residential avenues. anon has duly appointed Wm. Elson
G«o. Williamson, of New Denver, irepreientitlve at large wiih power to,
representing the big telephone com- jorganlte branches where they are
pany operating In B. C, ot Vancouver, eallsd ior, A meeting ol the Enderby
was in lhe Valley lutweek looking into branch of the Atsocliiion li called lor
lhe possibilities In connection with the Thuraday evening. Dec 22. at Mr.
establishment ol a telephone line con-' Elton's place, to Install olllcers and
nectlng Kelowiu. Vernon, Armsirong <-t>cu&i the n«*ds of this district.
ind Enderby.    Mr, Williamson slated        k-•<• . n   i
. * I ,m Im.,- Up Incorporation
lo the Vernon Newt that he has ihe t _b
money to put up lh* line, ind will pot-1 a, w. Cochrane, with Attorney
ilbly go right ahead with lh* project II (Billing! of Vemon, tpent Tuesday eve-
he dntwissuredctlha support of th«|Wng in Enderby, finishing lhe work
peopt*. He mutt hav* th* promise!preliminary to Incorporation. The pool at lean 100 phones In tht Valley il i tlt!,n to tha lieutenant-governor will
he U to build th* lilt*. I be pr«ent»d n«« week.   Commencing
A. W.Cochran*, speiking ib:ut the' with the new yaar. Enderby will don
inlhut ol capital In Vemon. and the | her new pinny and proceed to nuke
eagemesi ol th* newcomer to invest Ut j eyei it the boyt,
rail esute. cited on* mtunce whir* 11 And it wtll be none too toon. En-
wealthy Winnipeg*! struck Vernon a I derby would be twice the site today 11
tew dayi igo ind in hut thin 48 hour* the step hid been liken live years igo,
hid spent 340,000 tn buying choice Ta be prepired to HU the requirement a
(arming land near lh* city. Gradually that will b* demanded of her hence
the tide is flowing thit way, Summer- forth, there it much "dressing up" to
llnd and Kelowni tich had tu year, be don*.
I Expert Opinion |
v- mmnm  ^1
Capt.J. Argall, a coal m.nlng expert ol
wide experience, and wh.se opinion Is
taken In all Ihe centres A capital and
by mining men generally, came in to
largest blocks la be pul In as soon as
possible, is lhal ol Messrs. Sllrllng Si
Co., at Kelowna. This company has
300 acres prepared and has cot.tracled
examine the Enderby coal mine on I lor 200.000 fruit trees ol all varieties.
Monday, to enable the coal company to The members ol the company are ex-
proceed with Ihe development most perts al the fruit growing business, and
advantageously. He proceeded to Ihe having tested tho capabilities of Ihe
mine al once, but the snow that was Okanagan soil, do not hesitate In In-
falling made It Impossible (or him to vesting $40,000 necessary lor the pur-
go over Ihe ground, and he could only chase ol such a large amount ol nur-
report on Ihe showing at the workings, sery nock.
Thi! report has not been given to the . ,
public, but enough has been learned to *V'un* R,Bk J? c" '" ]Uni
put at rest all queitlon as to the prei- T|)e El)derby j|u|(ng r,„k „,„ mi„
ence oil Urge coal bed In Ihe area cons,rucllon, wl|| be one of lh* bait In
uken up by the company. A meeting ,he Va„ev The roof is arched from
ol the company li being held this ,he groulld, ana coverJ an |C(. ,re, of
morning to receive Cipt. Argalls re- ,Mx60 ,„,, c|Mro(a||centresitpporls
port, several member! ol lh* company jmJ x.||h |10 0_lrucUonl ,0 b|ock,h.
coming in on tha morning train.
' way.   J. Johnston hu the contract for
l ,
i «
10 10
11 44
12 42
13 45
14 43
15 S3
16 42
19 42
20 48
21 46
25 37
26 40
27 4»
28 52
20    47
3v cloudy
39 "
28 "
30 aut
31 cloudy
40 tun
37 cloudy
37 "
33 "
30 tun
39 cloudy
30 "
40 "
23 "
36 tun
30 ot jj.t
28 "
32 tun
33 btl't sura
34 "
30 "
30 "
3 10
Just a Matter of Habit
The Vernon News has taken up the tight against
the wretched tn-wetkly train service, and we have
ihe assurance lhat the Armsirong Advertiser, the
Okanagan Herald and the Kelo-na Clarion *ill
also lend their assistance to induce the C. P R
io break away (rom the jerk-water, backwoods
habit indulged in on the S. & 0. railway. If the
people will stand solidly bick of Ihe newspapers—
their mouthpieces—ihe movement will win.
The adopting ol ihe triweekly service over the
Okanagan branch is more a mailer of habit with
the officials than li is a question o! saving, or convenience to the company, it is such a penny-
wise pound-foolish policy that it can hardly be credited to such men as are at the head of the road in
this division, tt is known by all who have watched
the effect of jerk-water methods in any community
that their adoption takes the life out ol the industries and ihe people affected by them. While they
are operative the country talis back into thai inert
state thai means nothing short of retrogression.
Here in the Okanagan il has taken (he best pari
ot past summers to caich up the losses sustained
(rom the imposition ot the jerkwater methods in
winter. There never has been good reason for
closing the Okanagan Valley to a daily train in the
winter months. Here lhe climate is the mildest in
Canada, and development work can be earned on
as well in winter as summer To lay down because
there isn't one kind o! work is poor policy. When
the harvest is over, there should be the work ol
clearing. Betier to make business than lay
around and wait (or ll.
To cut off the daily train at this season is rank
injustice, tn the lint place, the in-weekly trains
are not doing the business on time—they apparently
cannot And. th;n. the Okanagan is trying hard
to reach a msrc important petition than it has tilled
in the past The past summer has been a growing
one. and with an open winter and daily trains there
isn't any g»od reason why 'he next lour months
should nol be as prosperous is the past eight
The great draw back to the Valley in having the
jerk water service, is thai we are deprive! ot a dally
mall While the mall sacks.relying in the freight
shed at Sicamous ftom 241 16 hours, th."
;.le from 10 toSO miles away are willing lor
their letters, and an engine lit I idle at the ther end
of lhe line
At Vemon th« er, tctlvely In
the movement for betier ser. "Jt. The same activity
displayed by the other V ' its '■'.uld add
strength to the movement ard do much to bring
about the desired end
A mud slid, at th* mine workings doin|( ,n, vark ,„d Mpecu ,„ have
list Siturdiy eipoted a seam ol coal ,h, Mm t„dy (o, ,he ,,„, ,c,,
18 feet .croat, Thlt. Capt. Argall be- Tne rtnk „,,, ^ mniul.xti m r(tgu.
lleves.will narrow down to 10 or 12 Ulloll „nk rules. Seaion u:keti will
leet when it ll lound in solid plice.       ta miwd „ abou, ,h, M„„ _,es „
It ii Ihe opinion of the expert that |h(ae adopled eUewn,re. Ths „,;,,,
th* pretent 100-loot tunnel contract rl|(k „,,, ^ k^, cle„ for lh„ puf.. .
will prove the team, and this Is allthat 0„,y Ru)el and nga\Mm^ pf... .
ti required to be don* it th* point ,|c w(ll ,,, ^^ ,,,„_
wher-the coal iieipoied. Thepret. Th, Curliri|! c,ub w||| nm ,h)
em working! ire too high on the seim „„„,, h,„ ,n , ,,,„, „-, and hj „
to be mid* perminent. ind the com- ,0 have a good winter'! sport.
Amy Currle h» returned and Is ;n
duty again liter tw weeks hclidayt
Mr   J   Ktrkpatnck  left  Monday
.   ■. .    ..
piny will pr jbibly stop the work when
th* work contracted for ii finished.
Cipt Argall will return is soon ai
th* tnow ii oil lh* ground in the spring
and will ««jttiin* the whole area. On
ha recommendation the property will
be opened at a more convenient point morning far Calgary
and optrited on a Urger telle, visit to his fathsr.
; Cipt, Argall tayt that we are in the Mr. McKay, of Qliirmor*. hai pur.
coil belt, ind he leei no reason why chased a lot Irani Mr Frisw ind .-,
lh* recent llnd will not develop into a guing to build in up-to-date strrre here
big thing and th* whole area open up thu winter,
into i vail co*l Held. Thu opinion has; |_ r. Ra¥en arriv«d from Brandin
greatly strengthened the confidence of but ytth. and hat purehitei 0, Clu-
lb* omen ot lh* property, ind we tic's ranch r-;ck and l.nprovemenu
A turkey thoot Tuesday Mused th?
boys lor a while. K. Turner earned
home two.
The OM Miabllant
"I ought to be pretty v " icf.'jiinted
Poultry It..-., ih. I...I
hiv* ih* iisurance lhat eiienttve coal
mining will bt ilirud next teaton,
Sh.rf Ic ,-..t,.m uf Fruit
Twenty Ihoujnd young tree! ship,
ped by Ontario and Oregon growen.
are .law being impeded and fumigated with the  dumed  lown," gr :wled the
at lh* governtnenutallon in Vancouver, chronically dugiuntled cllittn.   'I've
th° ellecl d hiving a competent and been knocking around It lot 20 yean "
Uriel inspection of all atock entering "I don't kn.w abcut lhal," and lh*
the province It shown by the fid thlt newcomer, "but ever since I hive
Btitish Cotumbta fruit It remarkably kmwn ysu you've been knocking II."
Ire* from peal  «r blemish, which u it   r    . e
lhe Ureal 3r.-r«l
awing almtat entirely to lh* good wotk -_
done by the otllCcsli     Over  60.003     The nun who his the iuy-a •
trees hi** airtved thu month, and as &., cen. tayMr
Uttt it only lh* begtntt .- it, JmietJ I
■ t and hU Mill wtll be kept lm - he hid
busy   Suburb ami Country charge of a     I
ol hmuell.   When he wu a be,-. .
.    I lhe teggige, and
Poultrymen  In   British Cohmtl -
hav* wmrthtng lo think absut in the Wntly. *o well that it wis very toon
... .. .      •-,..     •»,.. :..■•:     refedlhal hi n«*d*d n   upet
l of poultry to Vlr
lh* Christina-
qu-at-: tn» F.ngilih
Cheap - - • * '•' ■ -cause it is never in cash
plana' that lh- I   a   .,.,; ,|wp ,„ ^m   ,\vip ln hell ind
wpply U thoaethet InidequiW Jurethinge
the ren ■       ■ ■-
ihould engag* in Ihe highly profiubi* .n m, but liwi ll nt the
butliMBt of poultiy raising   Colutnt. ,       ,
. of trouble
U. C   tr.ci t:„liur«
Kill a million fruit -
the *tllmitl at Thamat
Cunningham, ptovmcul iruit        let
■.-..■ „-.-,     ;■   ..-     ■" •       I   ""  '
«,Mr   Cunningham fo«K>tdlh«.l
.        |   ol   Mat M   Brillth .^e«»n, llarrr
•   o!   Mr   McCillum.
Columbia, but I
vine* regirded hit ilaten
II  M V \ kl R
:.    .
people pay lh inning deprived ol our  isl   lui   a
»s, an! sh ul i   a tlstrict under thi     ntra I,
.. al   it '   y ■ve knov. that  hall mi
rh re Isn't a in In will be only make shifts
;,   ■. uld r . ■ .  :i    The  pi ; e    I  the Val
endea\ ring I    pen Ihe Valley
I a ■' mpetltlve road It m the
To Lei       e 4-roomed h
one  6-r   n Apply.  Tin.
I Im and his h
il Is what it am ints to.
lommlssl I   ill
i.   ip the ' : at
Indeed,   we  are given scan:
c nsldei itl n In everything but
freight rati    Time
had to I .ke any
Henry W. Harvey
Gbnerai  Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
Christmas Goods!!
:   n
ur shelves a miimni th  -■ '
seas, nable     Holiday   >
I.very men in the Vallcyow*. il t.-
I ll an.1 the D,.„,,i to Jo will
lie   can   tii    break    th.   JerL-W aicr
Service in. .-J by the C I' R
the pi ;
been given no more c
atlon than is given I
peasantry by the
, ,,;:'.,' : ■ . •"       i
R    The passen,-
■  . '
train,..     relghl and passenger
.• ■ ■■
time table.   WI n I
was sh eked to iearn  of its
Bj r. th  ;
r bbi I    '   more|
than hai! a million dollars. The
road v. :.'..'.500 a
mile an   Ild nol    st$12.000 a
mile to build.   And we   I the
r 12 years longer will
nue to |     .:.. it
irs  that went
'.he men who
lhe best rem-
.  iltous agreement
such as this, ana perhaps the
Ined effort of the 3,500
lhe Okanagan
nee  the  government to
take such action.   Repudiation
. i contract i
when It is evident  I
From  past  experience we
that the C P R
give us a better seivice over
ng as It can
land.    We •
. arc biing
; , ■    rheralli
n t mastei
.   We
■. ■     '-.• I when tl
my  contemptuously  ig
nores these rights, It Is':
us to assert them,
If we have a daily
•ram sei .tmer:
under the contract Imposed b.'
the company eight years ag..
then let us demand the rep i
dlatlon of that contract
| imposition of one that will com
j pel the railroad to act Justly
•: us,
The Okanagan Valley road Is
one of the easiest evt-
and the minimum cost is e:
tailed to maintain It.   It
51 miles in length,  ai
grade Is level from end to en-s
One old engine does the work
line    The amount <
ver the road may b-
judged when il is kno<vn lhat
the entire imports and the exports of a district of 3,500 pops.
Irtion. engaged in farming, fruit
raising, dairying, lumbering ar i
flouring, are carried over It
ly of intere;-' '
business does n I
warrant a daily train, then il it
high time the people   wars
We hav
■; si Ck    :
Groceries. Christmas Tc
'  S'lks, Ties, Handkerchl
. Our stock ol Corsets wai
: i.'es and prices.   Don't think
can suit you In anything for Christmas.   And quite as reason
ably.   Select now, and avoid the rush of Christmas week.
day Dress Goods,
Collars.   Ladles:  1
so complete.   All ) K
ig out for anything.   We
The stock In the several departments is large, varied and new
Cromli-t   nd Proaiiiotn
Aunts (or Kam . .
popular Tel
"Hell,!   Hello-o-o!   H-r :
"Allrfghti Ym. yes; that's me. How
arc you, Santa? Wlm'i new up there?
"New?   I dent  think tithing to new in your lln* a
,: I passed your store a few
n.ghu igo. Wat hippy io see ill the
nice things you've added to your Holiday Sleek, Those Pearl Neck Pins
you are showing ire the genuine thing.
Any yaung lady night to be happy to
receive «» cf them."
"Think you, Sinti; glad you like
'he girls do. too.    Did you
i Enderby S'.uvenir Spoons
and Biby Pint ?"
"Stw them all, Francis,   Keep the
pretty things In tight.  Good-byt,"
F. Pyman
Expert Watch Repairer
CloUiins and Cents' Furnlihine,.
.did    Boy's   Clelhlnc,-.   Hi
. ara. Ties and Underwcai    Hat.
and Caret. Boots and Shoes.
Home t.u nl.lilnvt,
Glass, ate. Chinacare.Tin and Enamelled
ilery. el
I ,n m and Canton Requliitc.
i Seeds.
Sporting Cood.
ind Shot   Cutis. Ammunition.
r acklfl    Pipes and
Maple and Fancy Dry litaod.
ua*>. Trtr
Mining Suppliev
Blacksmith Coll. I
Thirty years experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Inter! •
Kamloops Lumber u
:,' ,■ ifaci ii ii   ■ .  kin
$ Witk The Owl     Hal
,»in is cut oi. ar
substituted.    Thi
worse than the dailj
It ts generally an
behind time.   Car
I here  an,
g the road an I
days.   .
This ts not a pieasa' I
; •'       '  "
.   it
' PR
as best
irs hai
. -
NEGLECT business Is to reject success.  There Isn't anything else for It   The mm
Tfs        is careless about his ap<
1 \J        ments. lavish in his premises,
and negligent In keeping them,
whether he be preacher, teacher
merchant or roustabout—and
cne calling Is as honorable as
another, provided the man that
fills it is as honorable as the
other—Is doomed to failure.
The sooner we reaize this and
mend cur ways, or stand aside
and make room for another, th:
better will it be for all.
Men are full of fault-finding
ire ever ready io bltme
illures.   They
hings io their liking
But. really, no man
■I all the dis-
in a        lie.   Hi
ambition to succeed in
I ere might t
path of success, but It's Iht
■Is them. Ahile I
• <tes.
n.   N
. ; .er will win It   i
.    .
Why. bless as In
itmenshou .       •
-h living
.   '
Ul ti
Halcyon Hot. Spings
Arrow Late. B. C.
Are your
horses' feet t
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby,    Capacity 25.000.000
■Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly    Terms  n
application.      Address—
Enderby. H C
Can'l find anything belter
That is the opinion of men who are expert fruit grower* and
have gone over this tract of land, li is right In the town. .
minutes' walk Irom the Postofflce. Land Is continually raising
in value We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fl.id lots ot better
value The town will continue lo progress: it has only fairly
started, Property will continue to Increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your bt
» NOW   Price of Lots, d||A
We have the newest
thing out—a cushion for
the feet.   It Is called the
Air Cushion Pad
and It is exactly what Us
name implies—a horse  Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *•><"►>
shoe of rubber to cush ■. 	
un the tender hoofs. If
you will step into the
shop next time you're In
town, we will show how
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from Ihe Pest Office at Enderby. Will be sold In one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
House on the property; outbuildings and fruit orchard.
AIM a line 320 a • • indl half unlet south of Enderby on the
■ .!    Wtttvattnd    Ca, b« divided Into two farms of 160 act-
tf required    Price a ,n acre.    Thu ii the cheapest property in
"    ••
. a:.KRS HANKEY, Vernon, B C
H. W. HARVEY. Enderby. B. C.
Receipt Books
Geo. R. Sharpe
EM* mn
Is your health
Insured ?
''weTCwl'll males cheerfully furnished on ever, class ol Book and Job
Gel ll of Printing
Leiler Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shi]; Ing Ta^s, Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—luickly done at this office.   Est)
CBORCI K I .WES, Ulertrv Tltc Edenotfraph. ' 'JKJT &t* im. am at. $2ayba> y
First Yrap
^ Methodist Churck
Divine Service every Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
Simday-Schcal and Bible Class, 2:30 p.m.
Ptayet Meeting,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A beany -a-elcatre lor 111.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paator.
Residence Cliff St.. neit the Church.
Doing Our Best.
•"THERE Is a wonderlul power In do-
* hij; well doliiK what you have to
do betier today than you aver did It
belore. Indeed, The Phllestlne says,
Success Is the most natural thing in
the world. The man who does not succeed has placed himseli In opposition
10 the laws ol the Universe. The world
needs you, it wints whit you can produce : you can serve it, ind II you will
11 will rewird you richly,
The mm who does hii work so well
that he needs no supervision has already succeeded. And the icknowl-
edijiiient ol his tuccass li sur* to follow in the form of * promotion. And
even ihould not promotion speedily
follow, th* mm his gained power, grown
In personality. He Is more to himseli.
mora to God, The world winta ill
work done, ind civilisation It simply a "*
Clear sky with snowy Indications,    Advertising
brisk and subscriptions on the jump.   Ice for skat- Ks||ji
Ing followed in lour months by plowing and seeding, egge
Regular boom prospects. ^-'■>
When the Hot Days Come
Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands ol Flour: Best, Hungarian,
  _ r.   and    Premier,    Three     Star,     Drifted    Snoj.',     Alpina,
It because ihe person has sat down le strong Baker's or XX. Wheat Shea!, Superfine, Graham, Whole
en|oyl.,no. knowing that everysucces.. Whea,    The3e are a„ gQod grades; m<^s B£ST  )s un5ur.
passable. WHEATLETS, the Ideal breakfast food, is also our
manufacture. Try It. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or re-
tall quantities.
Success Implies joy In your work
and joy means belter worn tomorrow.
And all good work  is reciprocal   il
benefits many people.
Bui all success is comparative; no
success Is final. And lhe reason lhal
success sometimes palls, or embitter.
We're Inconsistent mortals;
The blizzards make us grum;
But we'll howl for Ice and lemons
When the—hot—days—come !
And In the bright hereafter
The stars will listen—dumb:
As we howl for tons of Icebergs
When the—hot—days—come !
—Atlanta Constitution.
H« It not so very clever, his first, to achieve what is good for your-
kneet and his self.   And, second,
.        ■'_■ trousers bag at the knees and his self.   And, second, to do that which
constant aearch for men who cm do s|eeve3 _ra t00 _horl: bui his heart has bestows a benefit on others.
;:   *                                          but on* dealre, to do his work. And, of court*, there are many de-
By doing your work you are moving    ( lm no propim, no, ihe son of a greet ol ^^
in the lln* ol lean resilience. II Hi p,,^,,,, ^ y\\ ,t\\       —
Is a preparation for a greater iuccm
just ahead. You must gather your
manna every day.
So lar as we know, a successful lilt-
here ll Ihe best possible preparation lot
a successlul lile lo come. And while
Ihere are no pockets in a shroud, yel
the soul you have you'd belter nol barter clean away. The soul you have
here will be Ihe soul you have there
else Is Immortality vain. And whether
this soul is "saved" or not will depend
upon whether it Is worth saving. So
the highest wisdom. It seems, would be
ihe ambition to succeed in having a
soul worth saving.
And lo succeed In Ihis ambition, my
advice would be. don't trouble much
about your soul do not pull up the vegetables lo see how ihe roots are growing.
Do your work, and what you are will be
shown In whal you do.
Work Is exercise, and exercise Is
expression. We grow only ihrough
exercise we are strong In the titUI-
' cles we use. and It Is so wllh every
' faculty ol the soul, and every attribute
ol the mind. We are strong in the
qualities we use.
and we
IF* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
__^^^^^^^^^_And II all work Is exercise, 	
««.. ihl*. tw. J£eV*,L U,UJ """•"J I"-!grow only ihrough exercise, then lhe
larm of lelt-protsetlon. You n««dwhit E^t_T .,_•__ ™.«.™h»iwiii ,V" ** '} ^ J1" ?vag* 'all,cy ,hal wlsdcm oi exercising our highest and
Llmi^^toS|H Z. JX^Lrr_sLm   "»«=«" '•" «hr_u_h iicrllice.   The best will be at once apparent
Tiwlpweat. _, WMm   To rebil it WTmJaW VE ___t ««  Z, T"1"m 'u,*4 y,?U,M we" "., he     Man ™ "<&. *»X consider and
loUy   Towiuuin. and not produce ia 2* »*.  «^t__ffJ_2_ *__ A """f h"!)"" '" you'vl" MC' «*kta: he mikes I choice.    I com,
ihn mi!X attd^ca. itch a on* K* ye," h" 'tfoL.T h. in  r"n* you!or I1.1""' " _* loVM',hem » ■ P*»* *h«" <h« ><>** '•*»   ' d"   \
pave mtaaiie. wjv* _ 2£2JL?*J J?^h,_^rf _£ ?" T^"' „   m'l**im ls ■ *>* eld. which branch I will uke.    I may (V
2_^^^__?_____* '""«'0">«'"lvls'lltonyoulflcan.;ih<n,c|,cwu,ora „,,„. and retrace *___
for favors which he alone can grant, (or your own good. And thus w* see' my ,,„,.,, ,nd uke the other track.
Why? Because he Is In the lint ol that martyr and persecutor ar* cut off a„j ,„,, ability to choose Is what dil-
evohtllon: h« It growing indytuare the sime pltce ol cloth- ind in th*ii.jMni|ateam*n from the brute. You
not. You are standing Kill, ind to past they hav* shifted pieces with great ,cand0 ,„, wrong thing II you wish; if
aland Hill it to retreat. An ounce of alacrity. There it really imill choice youdtslre to choose an absurd thing
ll)ll:y la worth a pound ol cleverness,   between them. ■'     may
     _     Atluteneti iddt nothing to lh* wealth
nt^Kicaily u UtrtM'it^ryaumuai of the world. Th* astute man U worth
"aacrlfle*" tome thlngi to pin othin. wining lo a community, ill hu mute-
II you ire t ycjiie man and with to not* •> whtabh for is lo protect him-
succeed in butlneu. you will hive lo •*•( from ofh*r mute men. And hit
tieriflc* the ctgarellei. th* lit* hour*, ihrewdneu and hit ittutenesi io ad-
th« dice, tha eirdi.andill that round »««H« ih«mielv*s that nobody trusts
ofiMi«el(olly**.chi*pi>witrenjtlt. him. and nobody believes him. Thli
and tends to unfit you for tcur work lype ol a thwp mm it found in every
, ,.,.„ . eommunity,
Thit awkcard and utteauth country And u th* habit ol continually look-
boy who went to work y*!i«rday tt eon- Ing out for No. I It fatal to tucceis,
centatlngonhiitiakt: he u doing lhe Nature U on h«r guard against tuch.
thing, high or low. mental or whil-nol. «* « ** accident they get into a pea-
—^———^—————-~ ttion ol power their leate on the plice
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush o! business in its history. It is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates. SI and S2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Niture will visit her diipltltur*.
The common Idea la thit success
menu greit ucrlltc*. ind thit you
must buy It with a price In one mm*
thu U true. To succeed you mutt
choose If >vu want thu you cannot
hive thit. Succett dentin it concen-
triiion. oneness ol aim and '..-sire.
Choose thudiywhom ycuwlll serve.
8 shaves $ 1
The Leading Tonsoria!
Artist of the Valley.
Is located at Enderby,
He can handle the
razor with the best of
ihem. and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut. 25c; shave.
15c: singe. 10c: shampoo. 25c: hair tonic. I Oc
a short, j^^^^^^^^^^^^
A great iticceis demands * etrta n
abnegation, a certain duinteroitedneu.
Th* man who can losehimtell In hu
work u the one who will tuceeed beal.
Courtesy, kindneti and concentration:
thu trinity lormi th* itum* that will
unlock all door*.
Good cheer U the direct concomitant
ol good health. Imt it th* part ol wit-
dom not to put an enemy In your mouth
to steal away vow braina? Isn't it
betier not to know you hav* a stomach,
and io ao fill your working houri that
the night comet at i Netting and a
benediction   a time for aweel rest and
._        ....—_ _..._   t   'driemi? Thete thing* mean a pwpa-
Patrons will kindly not* that ihu thop _,ion ,w gMi ^^/^ cpti tnth I
will not open on Sunday. m*atu a preparation for higher work,   j
A. Todd, Hmcocl, an., Enderby        Succeii u nay. You do not aaeend
Ihe mountain by standing in the valley
Deeea*  I\SnA/.a ind lumping over ii,   SucceasUonly
DUY 1/lrcCi* dtlficull ta the man who U trying io
„      * .,    _        .   .      lilt himself by tugging it hu boot tlraps.
t_ UVe agent S COmmu&iOII You crc*t the mountain ranges of difli-
menulTr***. Rhododendron! Jr^.T2^_!T_Ue___£.i«
Rt^Cr^nhotu* md H.rdy j-ijjg &-*\?E&
ra«. c_ltL_ m..eu. ,r*e,n» "♦I",0 Km °"lhe "«hl f*"h'
For Spring Planting But forward and forwird and upward
All acclimated ttock, Dug and and forever upward w* go. And hav-
shipped direct lo lh* punter Ing crated ihu range, we know arc
without being transported incut- thill be confronted with other* beyond,
amis of mitet and thin (uml- Bui ihrough th* effort we ire growing
gated (and consequently dam- stronger exercise gives power for
igedI belore delivery. Home- more exercue. Exercise is expression.
Crown and Imported Garden, and expression u nol only necessary to
Field tt Flower Seeds, always life. II ii life.
In ttock In tetson: ind letted W« are not afraid. Much |oy hat
at lo vitality. Eastern pricea been oun. and li ourt. Th* pan U
or leu. Whll* Labor. Fir- tale. And finally should flesh taller,
tiliten. Bee Hives and susjillet. and we pause for rest, and oul across
Floral Designs the valley should we   catch  misty
Catalogue Free.     M J. HENRY,     glimpses of peaks beyend. we are still
1010 Weumami- hoe*    Vencouvtr umtrild and firmly do wc believe thai
the Power which upheld ut Here will
Hi ut There.
The other day I asked a dear little
girl, nine yeara old. what was the meaning ol the word "success.""
And without an instant's hesitation,
she answered
"ll means to succeed   I thought
everybody knew thli I"
"To succeed In whal?" I ventured
"Why. in what you want to do. ol
ccurse "
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And I kinred Ihe litli      •
Mmiiet urihTtnartday in the forehead and twice on her dimpled
**** c Brethren ,_„,, and |e,., g0 a, ,hal
. ^.       r u  '    , Bui it may be assumed lhat Ihere Is
ness ■; injuring mother
would be a calamity for ml m\ a IUC-
c»i3 V/e all want to succesd in doing
what will bring the best r bi? ruulU
la  ;urs5lv»;.. and Ihe leas! :
Under lhe Olive Tree
.-a *tin mtaitanuw Q'
Thoughts are slow to mature In a tired mind.
The Okanagan Valley has a world ol wealth yet
Alter all, what Is there
but io love ?
In life worth living for
they fall
For Sale!
Firming Land In lots io suit pur-
dtaur    Suitable lor fruit growing and
dairying.   Apfly 10
J. W. McCALLUM. Salmon  Arm,
C.O.F.No 1058
LO.L No. 446
i»t* Ihl lit and  rd Friday  f ***l
Visllcr.j brethren ereleome
E.R.?h.-3.   Se-. H.J. R   •-;., harm tD ethers.   So succets meatcs.  V
Men make light of Goodness because
to grasp the concept of It.
Better repudiate a bad bargain than make an
Innocent people suffer because of It.
To save 10 cents In axel grease the C. P. R.
would make a community lose $10 In business and
The trouble with a great many men who like to
"knock" things Is that they have been asleep for
20 years.
A man cannot play with sin without sin playing
back at him, and leaving him open to the jeers and
suspicions of those aboul him.
I lost an opportunity the other day to say the
word that would have struck a brother man free
from the chains of slavery!   Did ydu pick It up ?
We may think our actbns done In secret will
ever remain secret, but the very countenance tells'
on us and brands the forehead with the mark of
It Is a question whether any man ever was without sin who thought he was. and It goes without
dispute that no man ever was without sin who said
he was.
If a man's will power has been sapped from him
by indulgence In the fruit of passion, he Is worse
than foolish to hang upon the Siren's seductive
web and leed upon her honey.
Let us stop talking nonsense about saving men's
souls, and so purify our own lives that we will be
fit vessels for the love and purity of Cod to flow
through, a joy and benediction to others.
Horses, cows, pigs—every kind of animal, plant
and vegetable life—are made better, stranger and
more perfect and useful by scientific mating and
training. Men and women .ire allowed to tumble
together haphazard, without thought of training
or preparedness.
While lhe superintended I the Okanagan Jerk
Water Is holding his finger ;c'. the spigot lo save
the drops, the country, an: Incidentally the railroad. Is losing the bucketsful that would come from
the increased business derived from a dally service
over the S. & 0
A young man of Brooklyn has cured himself of
Indigestion by a diet of cold water and quar'
freshly cut tureen grass Bye-and bye we will be
able tc v, j Into the drug store and ask for bottled
hay for "that full feeling." And David will hand
It to us with a smile, and say, "four bits, please."
Santa   Claus
We've pulled him out of our strong
box. and he's "doing things" about our
store In a manner that will surprise the
girls and boys, and please the old folk.
Our Holiday Stock oi Fancy Groceries.
Peels. Nuts. Spices, etc.. Is fresh ani
complete, and will surely please you
J. C. Metcalfe
Orchard & Crawford
Endetby. B C.
Imitators of native and foreign woods.
fal'firt HANCINS.
TD X? IT C For Spring
1 IU!J!*d Delivery
he big
E. A.
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto,
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it,
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and bnck k slone masonry work contracted
Baird & Gibbs Enderby
That t uches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done tl
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing tl I
nm. Anything that can
be done in Toronto <ln
ordinary commercial printing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
Ettterbr, 11 t
Isn't there something v  .
line ?   We can give Sfltl
First Yrah
.i_;_.-i_aj«K.   . _ii«j_ii__»v-__i'w.»._t'^___B_ir...
In the Pulpit
What  tilt Loci
Talked Alien
,   || ||i
•   "\
.   -    V ■
•*--, 'i' '  Our stock ol
. • In our .
■■•  nl •   tutll
l'.ikl(fl)Y Trading  Co.,
Cliff St. EikW>y. I
■t-tirirr— a_ at _ t >_ *___...> aafi
r a sermon i known to a
.     . ...
church . ' ot right
Christmas Comes but
Once a Year
li '
Useful Presents
it    .- ■ ■ ■
i'he mi iftuenca .
,    .: t
'.■-. reas :
But even at that, one is puzzled to kn    11
buy as a Christmas gift.   We give you a pi
o! the many useful and beautiful gifts which ■•   h ive
In stock, and In that way assist you i   make your
For a Lady For a Gentleman
• II  '.'■ ■ it        Celluloid Collar & Cull B   ■
. .   . :.  Necktie Ltoxes
useful ai
K. I\ Bradley, Kmli'i'liv I lardwaiv Merchant
I am ashamed t
the o
*.r.h the Mar Iwai
opened a Tin
encc: ittentlon
furnace A. Fulton, rmmirr no, rum
JAS. BOWES.' Proprietor.
I Is delight
n the
.nagan lake
Jim" Braves
Jf our way In
M develsji in him
vhiia.'ter and ,n her a purer woman,!'
Th* nt tililing ol chinctei begi'tt
eaily   The retpsntibilily .1
tut the re»r
>t mdf,
■ ■
lite, bit'
For Fruit Land.*, larm Ltnds and lown
WALTER   E.   T KtJUS DALE. ,•.,,,,.. ..,
C. J. B's
/\ r Cure Constipation *t r
i Title 5*iM*ii wu
. ■■■    "-  -   ■ ■■
Suttl*. i    In    the   Me
dutch Th* i«ii im
"Fat he die* lo th* Lord." and the
leajni vert drawn (ram lh* I fe si
Hetehtah,   Tm* tucc*tt mutt nt
knee sul the th aafht sf ete*
inly hat inii««d the h$it»st |
|« i-,j ihenion Ml iucceii  n a
From Hetekuh'a lift  ** ■
trust in God.    The am
I Sennacherib came against him. but ha
did Ihe beat he could and led i
to the trust latet
luty.     Doing  oui
bnvely and Iruatlng m God will lead us
along the road lo success    We should
rut let is ii God did not come into
rail thing
The poultry sold well on the
New Westminster mark I
Friday. The supply was up
m the demand and the birds
brought $6 io $7.50 per dozen.
Broilers were   plentiful   and
• ..:":•.• $5 a dozen F
ducks were on the market.
Their absence brought up the
demand, and the price
from $8 to S9 per dozen, A
few lots of geece were offered
al SI each
The vegetable:
tithe front. The prices;
no change from the usual quo-
• aloes, which
sold (or $17 and Si 8 per ton.
The stale of the egg market
I has undergone a change. This
ol Ihe floor was very well
ted ani consequently lhe
(prices dropped. In dozens they
brought SOc. and In wholesale
'.''.    •■. !     "■      ■    .  ■ .' .   :
■     .     '
Haitdkerchlel Boxes
. ■■    .■.;'.
ll   ■ '.'. ■   : Bag
Handsome Leather Purses
. .    '
■ .
Fine Boxes ol I...
25c to $2
Ink Star I
: !   a,
ir Bl'.i It,
. 50,2% and 10
I'ilH'     Pl'lilllllt'S
have them In bulk a;!
isoards.    Thi _
ind Fancy Papon mall >• I • ™
D. NAIRN y CO.. le--;-™ £•■»«■
lots ab:ut 40c,    Butter was
steady at 30c a p .
Apples are still plentiful and
the demand remains weak, except for those In the best condition and of the better varieties.
The range of prices was from
50c to 90c.
Colonel L»wi>  Hi- RclormcJ
When a man has reached
the point thai he believes his
own lies, ll is time tor him to
T.i Iiu-rew l'w Oul   il
A, M Baird hiaactd a hall
in thr- Enderby
Gibbs. .•! •.
of tin- littti u lar) • lhe ca
naclty of the yard, and next year the
output vill be three initea thai
pattsM3.it,and the linn will -
ih* Okanagan Valle> I
Fok Saus, 16 and 30 Inch ttav -
wood. Guaranteed sound ind '
Price* reasonable   Apply.
Snniir Rimcii
Ira Jones
Contractor fa. Builder
House to rent.   Will be
ready  n
RD     Rnrnc Masonic Building
.IV..    DUt .15, Burro.* Toil.l Luturi. -
I  \V,,<man
olftllaon Itl,>.l
Cl.tt Si
Private rooms for Ladles
xcellent service,
deal Ti
! lave Your Cutler
t1^ Rags
m   Rags
*'».?,"!JE__a\ sr rags and
f have them™
Made intu Carpet-.
J. W. Bacon,  Enderby. in  Hancock block
*r***3l ,<»*.« I
J H  I INK)''
This (s the finest material in lhe world for cooking utensils; It
makes them so light, so serviceable and aUays so bright and
clean First ccst Is some greater than agate ware, but ihere Is
no comparison In the service rendered. Pretty Table Pieces:
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders, Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook in.   Call and see them.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong. B. C.
^Would U ?
Like a life Insurance policy providing (or the payment of from
SI.000 to $100,000 to your wife If you die within 20 years, and
thai If you live 20 years guarantees more to you In cash than
you have paid on It? Your answer is very likely to be. "Yes.
but ll can't be done On receipt of your name. age. and
iddn I   vou that It can       The   Assets of
lb* Mutual Life of Canada $7,000,000 -'ill C n.tneeyou
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Coats & Robes
is the time for Sleigh Bells, an
to I    pyou warm.     We have I
very fine ones, and others not quite so fine,
b'j! all are good quality,  and the prices are
D n't Walt till the
l —be prepared for i:   S
Hem Fur C ti In i :k,    Try om
mefai   •    'hers
ncy, but substantial and,'
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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