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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-04-26

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 The  Endert
A P It Aftlt
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 49.
ENDERBY, B. O, APRIL 26, 1907.
Price, $1.50 a Ye**
Spring Suits
Our Spring Suits have arrived and await your
inspection. Besides Sovereign brand and many
other well-known makes we have a complete line
of the celebrated
20th Century Clothing
These suits are cut In latest style and sell themselves.
Fancy Vests
and all other lines ot Gent's Furnishings.
Men's Shoes
As usual we lead In Ihe display of Men's Shoes.
! 24th of May Celebration      TSa S.S. "Okanigan"
[ There via i very smill tlltiidince
it the meeting called lor Saturday night
* to discuss .Mill of May Celebration ar-
' rangements
However, steing lhal the time was
' now getting short, it wis decided by
\ those present thit in ordtr to set 'lie
| bill rolling some business .-.Iwuld be
\ considered.
The question ol celebrating was un-
mum. it. ly decided upon, and Miyor
Bell elected president and Win. Frtiser
The secretiry vis Instructed to write
to  tht virlous licrosse and baseball
; clubs In Ihe vicinity, to see II games
cm be itnnged, md upon the receipt
of inswera lo thtm. another public
meeting will be called, it which com.
tnllleei wtll be tpoolnied. ind it which
III Is hoped Ihere will bt i Urge at
We winl to mike this year'a celebration go one better even thin lut ytar,
ind on this iccouni ll li to bt I op* j
thtl ll will hivt lht httitttst luppitt
The s s. "Okinigin" u 192 ll. ovei
ill. 32 It beitn ind 9 ll. in depth. She
is built oi Douglis llr, md will have a
speed ol 19 knois per hour. The boll-
era and engine ire 600 h.p, and were
built by the F'olson Iron Works. Toronto
The electric light dynamo Is Irom the
Atlls-Chilmeis Co., ind lite high pre.a
sure engine which drives ll wis minu-
factured by tht Cjldle McCullo^i Co,
ol Gill. The Interior flnuli is very line
being ol cedar, teak md Indian red
wood. There ire 36 passenger ciblns
besides those allotted lei the ollljers
The furnishings, hinglngs and llxtura
ire very rich. ind. being lighted by
electricity, gives her i very luxurious
ippeirance. The pilot house ts beau-
tlfully filled up wilh i llmr of ilteriiale
strips of oik ind teak.
For I week or two the new hoil vill
be ua«d for carrying freight until she is
broken In. afler which she will lake the
plict ol tht present piitinger boil, thi
Tht new sleimer Okanagin mtdt
Ihe lourney from Penlicton to the Lind-
ing lltl Sundiy In three hours ind I
Lot* Locals
A muting cl the eltlieni is call»d
lor tlua evening (Frldiy' lo dUcun
2-lth ol May irrangeineiil I ll is tu be
hoped ihe-ir will be a good attendance
u several miller* have lo be atlendeJ
to The meeting vill be held ihe satn
pie room el the Enderby Hotel.
A publi't meeting iscilled lor Frldiy
nesl week. May 3 by the School trus
tees to dUctm lhe providing of iddl
tlonil school accomnitdail n The
meeting will be held In theachoolhoust
J. F. Johnston returned on Thursday
irom a trip to the lovtr country.
Miyor Bell returned on Thurtdiy
from in etiendej tup lo eastern poin'.a
The inembei of Eutekt Lodge 10
OF will attend Divine service it St,
Andrew's church on Sundiy memlng
J. H. Buleyielumed Irom lhe coast
this morning
Nell Simpson u rtntving laiuint-
incei In the clly.
■     wtn
Visitor! lo the northern pari of iht Okinigin Vallty. whtlhir
land hunting, or forplruurt md sport, ctn de no belter thm
mikt thu heme their heidquirten Tiblt ind cutaittt un
eicelled. Bir replete wllh linett vinet. spirtti. Itqueun, cigars
a .i^JnriT riTltl"'','
—t... ...t«... I »^»U •-.t^^-j^a^aaij
| Fiam Stmj-Wttkly Okinigin. Vintm.
Wines fit Spirits EJ,
known brands te choose Irom
oilier drinks    We hive i
a■■■ ni -ei* ol ili ihi wtl
1 and buy your Harness before
lOme    ThtRaite.
Keaeeirtaef I Specialty
If th
ere is sickness
In thit luuse consult your doctor, secure tils prescrlp
lion, then bring your prescription to our drug store and
have It tilled in our prescription department.
This department is a!*ays In charge and all pre
scrlpllons   are tilled by a graduate and  registered
No prescription Is too difficult lor us to llll Any
prescription written by any physician can be filled
accurately and by the very best Ingedtents obtainable
In our prescription department.
mm Endtrby Drag fc Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Street -P 0 Box 11
■ILL ■LOCK. INDttlY. 1. C.
ol evety citueii. Evtiy inin who ukts
•n mutest In tht <*tlrbrtliMi U cordi
Illy mviltd lo Hleitd. The hoi ley It
lar everyone, ind everyone hu I right
to • ihtre in lht trriitgemtnli. Thost
in chirgi ire en the lookout lor new
ideal, ind intuit who hu I hippy
thought tn this cottnicll tn nny be doing
thtm i livor by cemmunlcitliif ll It
ihem. the tune It no* thirl, ind
pltni shout] bt nude right nov, lht
*o-operillon ■;! every cm/en is looked
A ijecul mm *;it be tun (run ihe
Ltndiif lo Endetby tn lht mormrg.
•nd beck in lht evening, ind • program
conslitlng of witer iporti. hone racing
bttebtll. Iicroau tnd ithieltc iporli,
will be errarjed
Send Them Along
Every newspiper trantt lopuMith
tht ntwi Tht betitr Iht piper ihi
mora protpeioui It will be. Loeil
r>twi iliint in especlilly hird lo run
down. Ho* nuny timer, hivt you.
mir reider. been apt>te.iched by the
newspaper man for in item cf news
ind told him lhal you knew nnlhtng
ol inletest Pr tally il tht time your
llinlly vis iviy Ml l villi or lornl
ont frjm out of town vis visiting n
your homt Of course you didn't
rutin to decent tht icnbe. yet %hm
you received r<!ur pirer you wondered
•hy yew family or Irtendi wete n.i
mentioned A ptd viy lo ivoid ill
al ihu ie, le kindly Inform us ol thi tic!
or dicp i note >n the pott offlct lo iht
piptr One *e *i miy nol imotmi to
much, btil mini co>j*nru of tuch
nevi ii the hie of i local piper.
Will Soon Have a Bend
Everything points lo success in the
effort! now being mtdt lo orginln t
bind A gcc-it) mm his nam been
promised, ind it is cemliduiily eipecled
thli the balinct required vill be won
be forthcoming
Ttto millings in etiHitcttm "here
with htve been title! during tht put tew'
din. discuuing the vaiirai mill
tittrumenu and prKM. It his been
finally decided to mirchue tnstrtim*nli
to the vihtt ol 1435 00 ll teen islhit
•mount ol money li in tight ll u
eertiln thit thu sum cm be *t ted.
ind ne doubt lht order vill be wn
twiy btlort this ir in print.
The eullil will <90tnut et Wlten in
stiiitnerlt. I let ol m>-».« beekt, tnd i
mmic stud tot ctth pityer
A meeting fer Ihe purpose o! re at
ginning thi tenior licrnte letm lor
IhU tenon wu called lor Mondty •»•
•mng in it I Bl ;••*•• Drug k Sutton-
try Ce s it te Aa Ihtre wete only t
few ol the senititt pt'tent nsthirtg could
Hovevir. I junior turn wit orgin
lied it thtl meeling. With Wilton
Miiltr ll ciplim. a II l ., - it -•
latr tteisurtr lh- memberjliip lee
vat llted it Vi ceMi
A milling of 'he -anion lt c,iug |5f
Monday tvinit-g nen. wh»n il is hoped
there will be • gwd turnout tf ■-. * ■ -
enlhu.lisu Cf. Ml will Ihen be
eleciej ir«l t ret, gtimmt itrir-ged In
I j- *.a- • a,. • -an te I'tatgeel
wilh Armsirong I.' Vteteril Ca,
, D Nana came In l-
an Thur tally, mdv.timiki itl
In Enderfa/ Through HI ketlih M*
Nairn hu been Icrced to letin^ulth hu
busineu In Revehtekt, end will recuji
erale in Enderby Ilu minr Irlenlt
htrt win be extremely lorry to
turn ol hu breakdown la health, end
•lel wish him t ipeedy leceteiy
II Kraaer (nil bugtteieae Uuach
"KoniM,utn in ihe river on Wtdnet
diy morning, hiving lht aiKtlictiattel
beinc ihe lint to nivigite tin Speltim
cheeo with thai slyie el crtfi She is
l«t lor* ml drt*< leins ol vi'- the
e-igtiri dere! oi 2 h p. inl the but
mn ,.>r eight pertont The iwooih
• H W Hatter ind I
0 Bt* »ta be read? nne in i eery
tfeort Itme ll it .ntiteutrg to note
... ....    ..,...,
* 11 •: wedding took plice •*> the church, n Wednesdi? even
ir* Apnl 21. alien Miu Miry J
BDMLol London. Ont • and recently ol
'.".afatf  t'l  M-  A  J Settmith. til
..• •. Han ft *itt ■ H .-•
"":     -tl    '"■'.     .'        r
 ony wts performed by Net
Mi*   Ml. I left on
a een. «heit thty
w   •      •
Kheumtlic s (Merits can hive i lite
•     Hheuieatism by simple
.-a    •  M    .   '-.     • V   •     1!
< • iii.'ii n ho* Dr Shcep't
Rbtumtt I ft'-itly wc •ssfuily dtitei rut of Ihe Mood Thu
t nnl a reliel only II nnd Is
dear the Moot! eatirety tf Kheumltte:
ratitoM and then Rheumititm musl
-alh SoM by Kaderby
rue  PROf.RFS^ ^**  adveitlslng columns, but
w.kRFRA«R wc h°Pe; S0?P *«lcom»them
back to the fold.
• ji  suis met."
IMUaM aa »• a' Kl it-ley. B. C
eee. :■ '. a   .:.
a ■. i   ■      i      ,,-«    loilin   eiKt
-, a :apy.
a   ., ■ .(....     a "   '.■«' n. mill
■ , it rttai ■'   *:: lut n
. Hal  nil    »li     "<   a-     a.   It
,,.■■,       ul ,i     ,..«.;.•
:■      na:
:   MINH '• v : I-  VINCIAL
■.   tOft
I. 0.0. F.
r ... .. l.ot|t. No  JO  Hatu a.a
Notes and Comments
We no'iice by our various ex
changes that many of the towns
around us are arranging lor a
weekly hall holiday Wednes
day seems tc be the favorite day.
. therein
       Inesa houses
- -   hi ;ura on
A trike is  n in thecoal dis-
•■i -s     S .ithern British Col-
I tnd .-elberla thai threatens llie prosperity of this Province and the lives of the settlers
oi the treeless prairie, so dependent are Hie latter upon coal
lor thi-ir dally bread    Unless
■ ttl ing is done immediately
li   ..       will be paralyzed and
■,..'... s tied up for want of fuel,
riie «,ldcspreaa suffering that
will result can be easily pictured in one's mind, and the sug-
hat ihe Provincial Government look Into the matter to
ascertain the cause oi these
led troubles In the coal
•inning regions is an excellent
one.   Too much It at stake for
ihe whole country to be at the
mercy oi the whims of a fe**
men, whether they be miners,
union bosses   or capitalists
Pre sire should be brought to
bear at once to get the men
back 1  work, so that the ma-
n iy not be made to suffer
the differences are being
The country looks to
b ith -.hf Dominion and Provincial parliament to take Imme-
dlate and d-astlc measures *.o
suffering and loss
The advem of spring . tn
and balmy days warn* us j!
tl       •  . (act that the     .
no mankind is at hand,
then the thrifty housewife arms
herself with all necessary equip-,
menu and proceeds to throw |
•jpen the doors and win
; order the stoves to b«-
lout,  and lum your !
peaceful ab. Je. (mo as li
Church Services
S. Geckch's Church
Holy Communion: Isl, snd -nli
Sundays in the month, 11 a.m., 3rd.
•ltd .' ii. Sundays in the month. 8 a.m..
ai-    .:. Sa.nil' Diy; at 8 a.m.
Ma Nl Rvcry Sunday, escepl the
2nJ in the month. 11 am.
Litany: 3rd and 5th. Sundays lu
the month, 11 a m
EvtMONo: Every Sunday, 7.30 p.m.
Alio   n Fridays it 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School: Every Sundiy.
10 a in
Holy Baptism: by itnngemenl
Mission of S. John the Evangelist, Salmon Arm.
Sukvicis:    2nd   Sunday  in  lhe
momh. II i.m.
Rev. Francis Vsrnon Venailis.
Mfthodist Church
Divine ttrvlcei every Sunday it
7.30 p.m.
Sundiy School ind Bible Class at
2 30 p.m.
Prayer meeting. Tuesday, it 8 p m.
A N. Mtum. Pastor,
Sr, Andrew's Ciiuri-h
Service* ai 11 a.m.   Sunday school |
Mb   Rtv. 0. Cimpbell. Putir.
Hat Mada a Multitude af fur
Al Your Groctu
Sanoptte af
CinalUr, Hemetlral Regulations
i^NY a,a t   • : a  '. •
The Superiority of
FLOUR Is recogtilted from ccast to coasl. It's tht Stindird oi Excellence In manuring Hour quality "As good is BEST' being Ihe
Eastern millet's imbilion. Mullet's BEST Is settling the irgiiinttil in
fivor of eastern milltd II,in tvtry diy.
We Guarantee Every Sack
TBe Columbia Flouring Milk Co.,  iM., Enderbv
Bank or Montreal
.       ta.laltt
iln hotr.tiieidii
<   ill atal .p. tlt.tOO.000 tn... 110,00.000
,. |i,a ItliiHt Profit, arel Leu Mcetrat. teil.4ia.ll
*, tubal ni»u orvict. noNTaiAi
..      PttaldtM  Right Hie • • ''Si'til  ..aa, : Md   - *..a 0. C. M. 0.
-* I'aata-' Sh .'.ta A Oe.mmaell. CMC
.   a ' -a< la..'   fc S Cla.a1 l
'    I     I
"'   ' A Caneral Banking   btttfcitu trassdsel
Our Salmcn Ann readers will
note Aiih sttis.actlan thai a sum
o! So 000 has been set aside In
ihe Dominion tstittates for the
structlsn o! a avharl at this
id lake    The
residents o' this thriving settle
tlement havt lor some ume been
requesting ;he Government fer
tnd its et Uructton
•. tally appreciated
ll Is *i    great | «asure t
tare entlo
il *n tnitft
Progress We hop? to be abl-
ilortable a place as could be
imagined Why should we
hasten this coming calamity by
thlt pr< phesy, only tt. warn lhe
lord ol lhe household to gather
up an extra supply ol patience
and abide the time with becoming fortitude For as sire as
the rain and mud are harbingers ot the bright, metry, joyful
spring, wiih pa birds, buds and
blossoms, so surely will thi*.
disordered house be trans
formed under skillful hands Into
a Iresh. clean and ptea ml
Lame Petci or let *. «
ike up their absde and
•   Mini -.'. "Home. Sweet
* II  sound all the
teter foi the temporary
»        .     ,   •■ • t ..
.      •   • ■ ■       I. -I     I       >
,        •:«,•'. '•'. til '     t
--    .     -
111 it lht Willi    •     ■  •    > •     •>
■      - M ■     ■ e
• xtiel .he tet<-'<
■    .   .     .,...,'-,,
ItUietlitt tlMrt lht U
. ee .    . •-        |    altuW It
■hm M tin At & •■ a
,    ,     . .
•      •     •  *-«a-    a    •
. .       ,    .
i !«»s ctn t>r a
i       >• ,. ) >■
.,.        .      »,,.■       ',*.  ■,.     ta
■    e, -    .,       .
tht Unite!   Sta-aa  laiaaa aal   aaata.
•   ; et»t. a     ey
■.a weHi i v- It and Dtataai City.
Savings Bank SSI^SSS
WHMrtw* mm <«*•_.< <**to«t
w»     ' • i *r *       -n *} %*m
vtAhdi*.'   '   .  rt- * ICOtttM ItMtftl
••*« t  in 11.1 i •■   «     M«m
m  i    •'. i • -i    * •; • ri*ie.j
• •- '• m . »•
„   A   Ml*8t»l.i   M*  t(t     ,f*   ■
* ,   *«by •   v, u   ;, KELOWNA
^     *f      - Vi;     .-j.. UA *|      '■      Mo    <   ! .1
Trees  tsf Shrubs
Apply toF RE okH ART
be 'fur
j Mum
Ctete.ea.te At
I e«»a a.l<««-(.ww
F,-a . .. *■*•   • • -tarmm laaaetlaaa. m
-a-        .       >-.    4-  WMNI    •'<•»
—e •■-     '.are «--1 r« mtniatpa,»»
tmr, .  ur. A-vmS taann tTi rata,..
Haa.'«a,a     ,.,-..,. *,t*t
Scientific Hmerican.
*•*•<*— _•'   *>**••** *•#! •     1 *•*•**•*
'■<•*•■     ' e> • •"•*■ !•!• !•#'••»     1e>-t ■ » «■
!».    » »♦ »       lel,    •> -Hffci ••••'•» •«»
Fort_la..| •■ >.» »t,J ymi fret |tul
provt merit i Trial lltl Bo* ol Dr,
ooa'i Cilitth Remedy, ll u I
. nr helling itiiueptic
iilhttg,ves iwlant tetlel lo Catatth
ihe neat lltd thrril Mike the tret
t and tee Addreu Dr. Shctp.
i, V ' irga |in SO eemt. Sold
Endtrby 1,-iug ml SlJl.orieir C«
Seeds    Trees
NO Seedleu Plunu. NO P.H-is
tApplu. NO Cobltss Corn, |utl old
rtlubli virtetitt it reutmible prices
Ferlilliera. Bee Suppliei. Spray hmtpi
Spuyitiaj Material. Cut Flovtn. tic
Oldest eitibluhed nuitert on the
miinlind ol B. C.   Ctttlogue trie.
Crttnkoustl inl Seal Ileum
PS II your local mtrchinti do
not hmdit my teedi. und direct. We
freaty titty ptcketi. tuortid varieties
• I girdin itedt in Sc pipen tteited
Heat), to yeur nearest Pott Ollice tot
SI 00, twenty piekiti ter SOc,. tml
Those who use it get well.
A certain cure for all run clown conditions and
Highly recommended for Insomnia.
"Yeiieeiel »aaainig»l a| n . aleait-.t,
,ee.l - ,. leMlM n,.,. .,„■£ i((.ui>. I r,anila
anj at,y;libata Ihtfught I t»,eutil Mart ptt
b-i'rt    I h,aan lodrapatr maaall.    Lon,ng
la.tii in rti) |,i„ „e ,e,n, i prveaieateaetaei om
«l..erra-,in.rt.e-.i^.l llrt uar el I'taYtlllMi.
ll   Itet   - el|-»i' *   l« ,,e,eel   ,I#M , |-|...|.   lht
r<**-e t il iiaj.   t w, im A la gain Welti every
el In, tie-e,l im„ wr.'l.) I Ha. al.le lo
a' ■ i le my eoetttrerlt egttt,   lhrteart
no ,e| i'„n.un.ptite.e about me nt.We
"MRS, HKNDKRSON, si j, ten.N.H.
lha' I •
. .  .        .
I'SV. le   "■
ntt, ,r„ ■      , ••
Kra .   ■■
I     •
For ecu,,..* tnd CoMt t*ke PSYCHINE.
Inr 1 nr...,i UKl Luiu toiibc take P8YCHINB,
I-or ( lUtih ami ton. itiiptiein take PbYCIIINh.
For tfter-eflectl of La Grippe. Pncu.iinma and
P.etitejy take PSYCHlNB,
Fnr Lou of Appetite take PSYCHINE.
I-ot Indigestion and Dyspepsia take PSYCHINE.
For Chills or Fevers take PSYCHINE.
For Run-Down System Uke PSYCHINE
To Feel Young and Keep Young take PSYCHINE.
An Unfailing Cure for all Throat) 1-unR and Stomach Trouhlrs.
A Rrliablc Krineily for diseases ratfiril by exposure to cold or wet
Per tela al all draggltto, 60c.
•nd tl.oo. or Or. T. a. Sloeum,
Untiled. IIS King St W., Taronla il.e'   .leee.r   ul   tlii   eillel'.l   Meleeet     0|H|U
end u shall ul light atulo in over lint
Aellllll.-I lll.e   |ie,lie.   „tlel   ieeettl, .S leellg
plclurtwuuuly   th,. Italia,    mill
the   twu   or   till,.'   0X11*0   lilelii.e.      le'l
poaalblo viHit.iii, untl tie.- Hour    atrial
i|Ua.eae!l> leaned Htoulla—llll UN bl'ighl
etlll    Illlllllielll.Ul'    ll.S    UlOUgtl    |ilv.|el.Sl
ovor by it    ...eeiie.ii     Anollior   Hlmit
MUUe ei.e.eie  tltrougll  tin- folllego   eenil
rutted upun the buwud, vt'ltiteiiing
btettl, em.i upon ihu rough, knotlotl
llngvra iimi w.-rv unconsciously betraying '!••• longing* of n repretnetnl
mil to iho i.iii.iIi.ii. ranpotialvo
alrlnga ol lm violin,
A boat ctuiio noisily up Iho rivot
and wiih letaleinal lu tiio 1,1,1.1. laoluu
Iho thee twu mon hurnual up
llie h1.i|w. leaving 11 iieeiel to follow leisurely. Ilul anil lint Plated played on, unmindful, uncon-
"Ui, I sty,'' . ..Ileal one of llw mon
kl«>n,t|e'lell.\,    "Ulll'l    llUilll    Me".    liUl
will yuu pieauo Htop Juit a ininulo?"
Iht bow pulsed in tli" tir nnd ili.-n
Aaahixl 11 Anal staccato aeroai the
"Are you lltl Pintud?"
"Oul; end M'nlcur'r"'
"Oh, I'm   Hoc   IViltoti, ami     my
Irta-lBl  lleia.   ||  t e.l.lll.'l   CtW. '      W\> lll.U
deck lliltlipt duwn lltoro have beam
camping on Out big lake for Uto |atal
two itioiitlia. iileiit >..• want with
you li thli," luwering hli voice end
artaui.ea.ei.- ovor hli nliaauldor to lee
dial liiolr companion wal lllll beyond hearing, "we're up lar a day's
nthing In Uto uver, anil Ca»   and
I havv e... li bet a h.indreal dalltrt
with Phillip* that we'll gel tho big-
grot craael. Now we undereltnd thtl
yi.u'r.- iiiiin.iai- with every llth In
tlte IV1...1.-...11 nnd whal we waul
tt fnr you to placai ua on the river
lo-uiorrow to our belt will be aure.
Yet, Hat ana   1--t...|■■• mora   then
tie. V   IM.IIlM,   ur  Would  line-    tilled.
He ha.1 hearal of Dot    Willuta   and
I'eel.elH'i   Cn".,   OhU   Of   IWkle»k,   gUllll-
nature.) .tack I'hllltpa, who _li..t».~l
die lo blaval him 00 ever)
laaMibl.- pivlest, anil in a »»>' lhat
waa 1 ...t.... 10 ■ ., > 1 • ■ 1 - bui 1 nu-
■le. 1. Hi.1g all right?" ■> -1 .luck
I1ii:i.I- aa h« mined the grou|t.
"nipper ami breakfast, accnmniotla-
uotu for the nighl, and ell lhal
tort ul !!■•>•,-
■ lln-. e. - lin.1 lime lo aak >"t. rat
leellamasi u> a,, ctote," IVIOln<nl Hoc
Will... lipping n wink ul taaectvey 10
Hat ami at tin- -atia- lime tingling
some .ulna In hi" poiketk, "bui I
»ia|f.— ihere'11 In. no trouble, eh
gait, la- I
Hal row ilowly and carried hla lid-
die Ihlu Ute e.itiili When he '""1"
out, ti. nan ngiiiii Ihe obliging, uittl-
IcrtuMacl ira|.|n-r tnd guide.
"I ■'dim maybe I Hi up ell thole
thing." he wild "Sow,
yaeu aii in cabin or atl duwn under
the Iran-., whan-aer you like boll.
Snon'n I bring thing* up from the
hoe* we'll have supper."
ll waa dark 1- !.■.•■ ■■'., 1- had
Invn pnptred taiirj ealan; at 1 then,
al the-.r re«|uet.t, Hal look ihem
.t.ewn tee a Mtr aeali tn tt) tleelr tuck
nt Itaahtight.
the nest mumiiig tln-y were -eut
with lhe elty, anal alter a lin-\v eating ol br.wkt.i»l nn.I a , atrial pre-
parali.en „l HnM ihey Hni
• mile ur >o up lhe river lu where
he nai.l llle Halting wai good. At
Urn,. |...--I on lhe bank, Hoc Wil-
Mat and Colonel Case Irieel to catch
Hal'* eye and again audibly Banted
the coii.a In Iheir pockets. Hal l**"k-
ed up nnd down the liter critically.
"I •>>*• maytw Ur. Willotn le-U.-r
go to Ihtt Utile cove there and Hah
Irotn the point back lo lhe big while
rock." he taid at    length "I've
otughl more Ash there than I could
carry Ur. Cane I will lake up roun
thai bonk. Plenty Anh there. Anil
air. Phillips." looking el him ta
though sume-hit In doohl. "maybe
I'd baeel ahuw hltn lvy,.nd iho rap-
Mt. I catch Anh Ihere nutnetlmca.
tod «. ni"t im- not llaybe he'll do
ba<Ua*    Thai aullt"
"Oh. yaw, lhal'i |ual the thing.
atari Hoc Willota. "|unl lhe thing,"
aw-honl Colonel Ca«e: Ihen they both
mtt—1 thoir hand! anal Inokoal at
Hal approvingly, .lack Phillip" did
not iven hear. He wai gating gloom-
lly across lhe rivir.
An liuiir air no later, al Bat wna
circling Irom one to anuther. watching and giving bll« e.l advice frum
Ma uwn oiperlcnce. In- came u|eon
Jock I'hllllpa beyond lhe rapida. The
young man had drawn something
irom hia puckot, end waa louktng at
II hungrily, obllvloe.a 10 anything
aatm. Ilia raad and line lay upon thc
beak unnoticed.
Al Hat turned lo -teal away he
heard I'hllllpa utter a nliAed groan
ol renuncfatlaan an.1 deapnlr. anal taw
the illicit cant Into the underbrush
Then I'hllllpa caught up his rod and
wenl crneatiing through Ihe hushc*
along tho river. When he wan he-
yottd view, lint Went ti. the place he
had l»-ii standing nnd found a photograph ni a i-emi.if'ei young girl,
wtnea. even loohinl up nt him wistfully—atppenhngly. lint tliuughl. He
gated at the picture i„r nome _u>
menlre,  hia ince Whitening;  then     he reeteurruict tee the- eeyel
When darkooaa brought thorn to*
lethor 11 ..... found that >inck Phtl-
lipn, ill eepii.e n| ina ale'Kultory Halting
tbovo the rapldt, Inul caught more
Illlill   Illlill   Ut   llll*   llllll'IH
"Will. I luppoto It'l iall liii'k," line
fflllotfl gliiltlhli'd aloNpolidontly.
"Heiiiiil bad link, ilioiigli, I think."
Then, "Bey, .luck, uld intiti, you'll
hnvae tn wait n wieek a.r twu for your
money; I'm hroku."
"Me, In..." Cululiel Cnn. n.lmlltod,
gloomily "I wni counting thli to—
to-—** Hu flunked roculloctingly and
wan 1.1I1-111
■lack I'hllllpa smllcal satirically,
but HiiUI mitnlhl    li- -e'litly he lum-
■J  10  lllll
"Pretty lonetomi llfl hero thia
winter, mn'l it?" ho unke.1 w-tton tnow
aliutt you away frum everything '
Sllll. 1 kiippiiwe you hnve always
boa-n used lu il."
"Folki can got used to anything,
and i.e..- it," Hal replied shortly.
Ilul a Intl.- later, whan l-lnllip-.
in,.-..-I iluwn tu thu rlvi.r, he foliow-
"No. 1 haven't nlwnya l«e,en ueeeel to
H," h» raid, abruptly. "1 lived in a
clly until I wai over twenty, then I
1 e.t 11..ui and plnyod the fool and
rnme oil here. Tho girl walled •
y.-nr, Ihen married another man."
"Why tlo you call youmelf a fool?"'-e|    I'tlllllpH.   looking   ee t    him   ■ >1I , -
"llecaiiia. I am one," haralily. "I
allaln'i think no for a year, until I
lie-nnl -in' mnrrti-al then I know.
Anal I linv.. 1—ei living In lhe woodt
for thirty years, and knowing il
tttiare pn-itivie|v every    alay.   I have
lll'.-'l    .peeie.-M    „|   ||    Ih!...,    "
"Why de. ynu t.-ll met"
lint jouked him miuarely In the
feet. "I found a phutugrnpli en iho
leii-li.'. t..-alay, up alHav.e the rapt iv"
hu »iaiel. hi. voire loliaenlng. "I aaar
you throw it away, Tlmt ■■ nothing
but goodnaa in that lace, Ud He
itial*. aniil ta in Iter ,-,v,e.    I art    an
,.:,|   e    Uld   \eee,   ale-  .vnunc     ami
lm-'- .....     tee 'I    III    tl|P   Wl.rl.l   ll     tt-
eiutile He-rv ia ihe picture. The glrl'i
te).* ore |,Hiking for MemetttHt). mnl
ynu and I bailh know who it ,a,   Oo
Isi   a   ...  hot  "
•lack I'hllllpa Itealtatoel. ihen hold
out lie. hand,
e. it   tee  lave."  he Mill,  till V..|Ct
Iraabling ■ I hate lok-n trying t.»
...ntiiu- iii.-lf Inr a month lhal I
wnMt'l n toot, bui ll tin. linen a li>«-
Ing li|jhi    I nut aairry—faar yatu."
Hat I'm nml itood un lhe hank n<
tln-y pulleil away, and Ihen went
latck up lha ilope to hll cabin. And
at the ittiMtn rose up fram lhe Inr
hank of the river, nendlng Hi iplrli-
tint light Into the under iptntt of
the f..rr«l. the mu«lc of hm     fhldle
rota     eili.l   .Helled     out    tht...luh   the
.iinveiiit nl«|e-«, and n.r.e™ llee water, nl ihe river, hoarlhat on Ha plain.
litre ude the peal ,.t taeboerer] r.,--ia--
ehoM grey head waa bent clone.
.I.e... to the re«pnna|ve Inairumenl.
aa ihniik-l. listening to In own heart
thr.'!.. there.
Last Words of Great Men
Whrn n man ll In the full flower nf
health tnd Intellectual activity, hla
uttcrancca, either guarded or cara*-
laaaa, usually ere more or Ink. tine-
tureal by hit toclal environment n—
environment! thai are rather more
arllAclal than natural. Ilul when
the shadow of death latin upon him.
and earthier \nmiien crowd nut of
the chamber lhal la marked ua the
veeltbula of hll lomb, tht language
ho kpcaka 11 thai ol the man him-
•elf—unci who ratlilatt lhal he in
nearer eternal truth than leuinm p, ■
tena...      I', e Utla reoaon    the   ■
wortha he npeaki on earth are   m	
kigniActnl of bit Iruo character lltea
lee hue npoken bclnre. No belter
proof ot thin fact may be
than ll lo tn found In the following
collection ot tentenceea ultct-tl tea
dying men, who, having become famous, were unable to cloak Iheir
fdloayncrnalet from the neat, king
cyrtl of Ihnap ah'ea .rantieenn And
n place In hulory :—
,\einn,«, .Inhn. (1TSM8M), American alatenman   ".tettemain nurvlt-ot."
Aelnaain, .1 hi, Quince)-, 11707-
1-1*1. American nlatraman "Thia li
the laal ol earthl I am content!"
Heethovrn. l..i.iw t. (lTtO-tSST),
riei-nean c..m|Katir: "I shtll hear
nnw!"   tlte wan deal |
lle.rrar... Mark.,.. ;;-. !•..':,
Ilroek patriul "To die tor liberty Is
a pleasure and nol a pain."
Hrooka. I'hllllpa, l-:r. 1 «-■■;!,. ,\m-
erlron clergyman: "I am going
Hucklan.l, Francin, rl83d-lM10),
Knglinh naturalist: "I am geiing on a
long Journey, and I ahall nee many
ntranare nnimaln by Iho way."
Ilurkr. t>lmuti.l, (17,10-17971, ling
ii-li ntalenman: "Ood bloan you."
Ilurnn, lloborl. tlTBS-irH), Scotch
patct. "Don't let that awkward tquaal
Are over my gravo."
Ilyrcn. l«rd, (1788-lRa4|, Kngllah
|e.i"!    "I nleaep now."
Chrerlca t. of Rngltnd, nnoa. |rr|.i,
Chnrl". II. ol KnglalMl. llrVtO-
lr,n-,i "Don't lel poor Nelly (Nell
Owynne) nlnrvo."
CheetorteM, Lord, ilnm t;;.i,,
Knglinh courtier: "Olve Ihn dotlOf a
chair "
ColuinbtiH, ChriHtoplior, (1440-
i.Miti), ittiiinti navigator) "Lord, into thy iiittuln 1 commit my ipirlt."
Oowptr, William, (1781-1800), Bag
llhh  puet.   *-Kie|i'.*  1   l.vl  UBUttorablO,
unutterable detpatri wimt don it
Oromwtll, Oliver, (lSOD-ltU),
l^n.liah KlaataeHiaiutt: "Uy Ucairo is tu
iiiiaki. wlmt hiiMte I may tn lie etuno,"
Fntiiklin, Hi'i.'.iiiiii:. (I70U-17IIO),
Anii'i icon pliilosophor: "A dying matt
can do nothing cany."
I'le'ele'iiek UM (treat ul PruKflia,
(I7I.-I7HH): "We uro ovor the hill,
\v,e ..inn yu better now."
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, (1680.
1088), nuvigator: "Wo are
an near heaven by sen an by land."
□ladltont, William Kwart, ilnOli.
Iritirt), itniikli ntati'kmnn: "Aitnn."
Qoethe, (1T40-1888), Oorman pool:
"tlp-n tho khutlert and lot In muro
Oreeley, iiuritco. (ihii-1879), Am-
i-rlcan jniiriiiilisl: "il In tluni.,"
iini.'. Nathan, . 1 r.-..-. irr... American iialrlot* "I e.nly regret lhal I
have hut nne life to give to my country."
Ilnvolock.    11. i.e..       ' 1 Tie.-. 1-..-,:
Kngllitt gaene-ral: "Toll    my son    lo
cotine and *.-*. hnw a Christian    can
Henry, Patrick. II780-1RI0), American orator nml patriut: "Horn In a
book (tho Hil'l' ' worth more than
all othera over printed; yel ll li my
mltturluno never 10 have fuunal lime
to renal ii. It It now too late. 1
trust in the mercy uf Ood."
Ilaitmea,    Oliver   Wenalell,    (1800-
l-.'i        Amorlrtn     1 t and prone
wrlli'r: "That la l*nor, lhank you."
(To hli ion, who had Juil aaaisied
lilm Ha In- favorite chtlr.)
Humboldt, Frederick, (17ilU-ltt.1t>|.
(ierntnn navani anal traveler: "Ha.w
grand iheteae rnya! They seem t.<
beckon earth to httvn.
JtdtNOBa    Thuninn,       I7l:e l*'.'e.
Aiieiiert.i ktat.-miui   "I retetgn    my
-aitet tu U.hI att.l my daugltior   to
my country "
l.ilini., e'Jlll Millli. Human
—"0 Onlilotn, thou hit ctina|uor»nl!"
KeaU, John,    t r*>.-. I-.-i     1 ... ...t.
|aoet: "I fori the alalaloa gnawing
".■ 1 me."
Uttin r. llaaBla. (1479-1818), I'jig.
t|k|t       leleeime'r     "Ike   Of   ch.a-r,
11 we khall it.,- tlty kindle
nttch it tnrelt in Knglenat ai I trust
-in.,I au.-or lie vsiingunahoal," (Tu
Nielmln. Itl.Hey, who wa« burned
with him)
Lawrence, eluaea, el7ni-miai. Am
.-rlcait * aval ..flier. "Heiie'l gtvu  up
the khlp."
Iauii Mil. ..I France |.Jl|,|ami,
—"There come to mo theeughi* that
ton    il me '
I.ui. XIV, ad Fianc. ilOiW.
171.11: "I  .1- "ith. dying    had lee.t.
I....11. XVIII , ot France, (17&IV-
i-.'i ' A king tdiuuld die ttand-
Matinn. Finn.,.. (1788-1706), general -Ihn. . rj id, I ran
lay my hand up..*, my heart end aay
lhal *inc.e I .nine aa- tna.i'te «ataie t
hate never ,tit,-i.ti..t.atiy dune wrong
In ana.>!..-'"
II   K.e.le.y,      William.        I IHHl IVOI |.
,\mi<r|eati -in.--..enl. and I'lmielonl :
••(in.n|.|.v Ml goerMqi. ll i« lloel'n
way.  Hi. will 1- ,i..n<- "
lioodjr, Dtrlgbt I.. ii-.'t: imnii.
Am.tuen evaagelltl "Earth in rt-
- -1 nc he-avrn in approaching: Ood
i« ealling la," "
Napoleon. !:■■■■ i-.'t i": ... . ■
France: *'lload ol the Army."'
Naimlnin Iff ol France, tlMM-
Ik::i|: ••IVere you at rVelan'" iTaa
Hr. Cnneeu 1
Nel.nn. Horatio. (I76H.|K0S|
langllnh admiral: "I thank Ood I
have done my duly."
Palmer, .totm. Il7!0-I7wt|, Kng-
lish actor: "Ihere ia antallvi aid
bolter wotld."
Pitt, Wtllann.. flTAO-IMKI). l„g.
Hah ktalenman  "0, my couniry, hue
I bile Ihe-e'"
lUloigh, Air Walter, (1888-1818)
Kngllkla counter and nntigateir
"Whv do.l IhOU nnl nirikol Hlrlke.
.. ia!"    i« in. omcuUoaer.)
- • Sir ttolirr. (1771-1888),
• a- I i'.,. Imt: "1 M an
1: I ne-te ui '■ mywtf tgnin Ood
•e. .    -4 alt ", IVioHeld. eivn,, lurvtj), American general: ".lat tea. lake good
care nl ||.« lenr.e -
Sidney. S in,up. (tnainr.mi,.
Kngli.1, patriot] "1 would not change
my je.y i,,r the mnpire of ihe w..rld."
Thiirlow. i.i«.,r.|. (1788-1806)
Knghkh lawyer -I'll Iv IkOt ll I
dnn't tvlvvei I'm il-ine "
Van.     Iletery.     le.IL' le.e .e .   I „e|,.t.
ntat<~man ' I'm Ihuunand eirathn Inr
ma ore I nlain lhe purity of my con-
kClenc- "
Wanhinginn. Oeotge, 117.13-17ltlie.
Auiitienti ge-e ml ggg ma1.*thah "tt
In well, I am to die, arid I
laiok upon 11 with perfect renigna-
Webster, linni.l. flTSS-lStt), American statesman  "I lllll Htrt."
Wellington.   Duke of, • 1 :<-,-> i«-a
llrlllnh genernl nteel ntalenman: "Ven,
II ynu 1 :.i,-.. " (To a aw-rrant asking
if he would hava anme lea.)
Wenlev. .luhn, 1 T.e • 17-1 . Cag.
gli«h divine "The lH«nl of ll til Is,
Hod in wllh ...    Farewell '1
llrnwn Deity icith tiller Sauce
Put nml ii* ee.s .nrl npplcn lata
ttoarterl, l*r> lovr Blletl nt brretilin
the uteri ami ehen crltp. htrak into
•tnnii pieete   Ooeer the bottom of a
baking dikli with a Inyrt ,e| bread,
then n laa.'l e.l „ppi..« arid du.t with
grnriulnt'al    augar     t'eititintae     lhanao
laytrt havtng   thr t.r.-n,i in.e     1-,t
aene tialil'-.p„,„l|„| ,,| |,„ll,.f ,„t„ <tim||
blln, nnd .infer th.-m altiutig the
plecen a.l     bread     Hake  In a      quick
oven f< e thirl) menuten
"lliiiiipe,'' neanl lua itintlie'r, whe-u
the buy had eulon briHtkfual. "1
Want you in taku uur old giuy iat
up tu yuur Autil Klisa'a. Tleetr
.liinl liikt wi-uk and they are ovorruta
with nice,   I'm Kuitig i*. lead than
ours until they can gol unutha-r cat,"
"Hut litiw'ui I guing to drtvo a cat
twai tnil.-M thruugh iho ktr.-e't'l" pro-
e.-i",1 Humpy.
"IIuii'i iHgiii to hunt amuiiil fnr
uxcunoa. Yuu are going to ll—I tht
cut in a basket, ot course."
"Hui, It'l twu mel,. '
"Vuu will tuko tho street car. Hot
that covered basket from tho Hare-
mum nnd pul the cut in It ami Iv
en!     Hero's your .;.,,: car money "
Bumpy   ktniiant   uut in a rawa
■iiee  way, hut ho waa hardly   out-
SillO    the-"    Wllell,-     leap
UBod te. Chung., bin views. Thai
Itayinond boy caune alung and nnkial
eeie.i. ho hnd In the bukoi, and
when tutd, he replied I
"Humpy skinner, you're in luck.
I'd rather carry a cat in t basket
Ihan to S.-U a goal Hght. Hoorge
Washington gut bin Aral start lhat
way. I'll bol more than twenty people wilt ask you whal you've gol In
Ihe btakol, and If I wore you I'd
look proud and act myslerloui. Hur-
glare alwayi carry their itulen til-
vorware around In baaktla."
Two ui'ieei'.a later ho met Jimmy
White, and when .llminy wot tutd
what wan in tho banket, ho aald '
"ttpateti the cai beglni tn ...»:
on Iho ntreajl rtue 7"
"Thtl'n whtl I'm afraid nl," ra>-
pi.e-l Humpy, "If ahe hetrrlni to
now) «n.t folki look al mo I'll want
in lump ihrough the window
••Well, ynu want I., .inc.- her Iv-
r.ere y„u get tm the car .fust whirl
the in.'., 1 ni,.e,n,i yeeur head about
iwerety tuai.«i Thai will make h-r
... thai .he'll Iv glad 10 keep
The retm-dy wn» appllnt tt once,
lli.e I, l,.e>k had a swing >l lhe lute,
kel, nnd when tired out Ihe While
teoy ubMervotl:
"V.w migbi tide an Ihe car all
tiny now and yaeu'd never hoar a
p"|e tr.-m tht eal. It'a a lucky
1 hint for ynu that ynu mat a hoy
who know all ttauul animal. "
While Humpy nlunh un tha enrrvr
tailing tor a car. a |aolirernan canto
along and ....ppe,| in ink
"Whal yuu gut in that baaket, •>.»-
"Meet. .|t," innocently tvplM
■ in tu» I heir nrameiblng
•cratchneg in ihere "
"It's only a muttnn bait rubbing
ncni.e.l   the  luudlat."
•I'm' ll Diy Iv a muitiwi hnne
and it mav nut I think I'll invent-
ncate a Utile**
lhe .eflVa-r p>it hia hand Into lhe
lM.nte.-a an Humpy held it mat to
htm. but the rvai ~v„n,l withdrew it
wllh a howl ul pain The cat bad
nlptv.1 him .m the !inc.*r
"Yatu young villain*" he .h- ei'^d
an ha riataml ar-aunel and held up hm
l.teeatlng Anger taut Humpv end hl«
iM.let aaeapnl hy .lodglnr behind a
wag.* and al the nail earner thrt
look a car The r.endurtnr Inekral
al lhe haaket HgpWenly and naid
"Vatung man. :• there anr'hing
dnngrmun In lhat htakein*'
■•v.. .1,   it'g eenij . Mlae,"
The  Cehd-e.,.,   ...-or       the
nnaav l-.t     *    let.
lu»t plnn- II and therefore  said   t,,.
nn...     It.   knee  'hni a »a^ ■
-  a Mine might tv a clock
nt a |w.".t and he Wa- Ueel     tnlng
.et nwat
l|e,ite|.-' .a' down leavl'l* a (tl
wolllnn wall. (he Inakket a* hi-
foel. ahel nael tw.t* hnd Cl'tV
lav   When   .V   nald
•'Ha.-. 1 nearly le..i mv life ta*t
. ,,- a, * ekpleebng In a
i.e,....  ..    ,  ... .-    .,.  »h..* I   wa-
Mine  tad 1 ,1. a'. 1    e
n.ln    What • in Iteera. T'
'I'm <atr,eiat a tear  up lee e
(.lira   mn nan "
i'h. ileal, it I I should have
mee.he-r w,„al,| hat,
made a pafVel e,l II. I.,t .hat'n )aast
lhe wav wilh noma |e«epie In not
nl.nlel eat a IW • <pl"'bng. hut It'a a
g..e..| thing Itr mu that It lUll
All would hate gone wall with
Hump, li-il lor Uw crueaeyttt man
on the m«i oppttkite II, hnd l*kl.
intently watrhine the tniakrt. anal
now   he |eali,-l forward ami -.
"slnelnm. d.ert. a  tre„,.,r  |e—1 over
a  tinkle h..w and that,   at.:-
Is some living obpvl arfthlg *
"WhV.  nn,   *el   feieirke  nett."  .he r»»
■I hate be™ watching thai hoaVel
nr,d  il linn <vca*l>>%at tteme'r.
••Hut It'l a tue,le,"   BraieMed
lleimi v   ■ an.l maytv 1 r ,„nih.
IMI HUt 'he 'tcen-ir. '
"Vo'i Inay iv right, MBty," «ald
the rroMteyeal mm, "but ll will ,1.,
Ilea harm I.. have R look."
"flv whnl right are ynu going tae
IVtamlrv Iran'. Imnket V .|et.ianete*| a
thln-tanenl man who had l«.-n li.'rn-
ing. ami wh.. waa l~-ling mil ,.l
..iit* end readv !., I,n«eak lhe chip
nil nnvieeeiv . ahoiilder.
' Sir ' '  haughtily  repliH  He   Inl
mnn,   "n   Im.v     COBNI     Into   the  cor
wtlh  a lenkket     We   have    n      legal
rlghl   to liinw whe-'har the 1
lo-.iM i.r hi! "
til     '   -.   • :■■'. ".
11    ttllil
leal   Itl.i
nllli r   -.
daed   Hump]
1 in'
ah I   '
"and ilnii't
nooplo   \
ii.i   bub-ol couml
■ I    tl"   iiiiin,
yen bt 1.. .Heat by then
lan'a baaket  It 1.1   cat
iiucli an Ina      hnii-     In
ie.   your    'iitetlier would
b.lkket     we'll     nne 11 •
ill   Ibt   ma.     ..Inli       \e   1
eeiv   Ihl tntket iiilil.ii' ■   leir  ...     .ar..
bound ii. believe »ou   We ma) won
dor ub.ii .mi    ni Inr   1.1,1  ee, have
nn level! light In Ukk 'im In pat
"('li, if enarchbtl ind murderen
nr.e tn I- allowed on thlt ■.. ' I
go!  nil.'   ..nd  .ti.. i.ii  w-oninn   .-  klu
i 1   .mel ..i.l.el  .1- wn    llie ,11.!..
Slue lmd nnly  Itepped    "It wl...       ,
grocer 1 inul been i....king at th*.
market r.iu.rt In a mewkpape-r. turn
ed  nnil ktiiil to the craees-e,,nl ttiuii
"II ynu were a man ad obnerva
'lain, air,  ami  wniibl  l.i.vo i-nnciu.1.,1
,,1     eel.le-   tll„t    t|ll»   l.,,\    U.lA   l*> ||     1,1    |
groewj Mori   ... tit.-,    obIobi nteei
w,ua now am bin way hotM."
-'Hut Ihere'a no nnaell ret aeiiionk'
"Seveflheleaui,   sir.     I   mual   intttl
thai   the-  rnlitutttn nf  Uto  banket  are
an Mated."
"l don't aav ibai i. weaBtyed naa
• ait'i anvil," remarked tho Ihln-lne
.-d man. "but I tiu eoaUod thai he
ban na. right to pitch Into a be ,
carrying a banket II I wan going
eil.eng ttv ntrtvi with a keg am in,
.e,. niil. r wnedd he alara- In nlaip tne
.in I  ante whether 11 teal Ina-r. ptolai
.... ..f. ..irr t hi eettrai nol "
"Ilul if thai keg |,a.I «|Mikmn  anet
tremen l .hmtiii o.v
**Sir^—" began lb, grocer,   wh,*.
tlte    came an    ami Intel
e|el..l Willi
"Whni'k   the here 1 it...
e    ,'       Inl     e,.,     .,\     I. I,(,,|    |>,    U|,'t
l-ankel f'
A feline, sir."
"tk.ti'l   Ite  to   me '     lanulie,'  are
He  pbVe-et  Up    the lutakel,    ulllieal
ilee ..nng holding down iiv eater
anal a cat lumped Into hin fao n. I
ovef 1,|. head nnd ,l,w„ to Use Ae„ ,
and wLan „ut tike M
"He ,. I II WM fur ' uttwittd "
•leia. man
"And t natit ttv tuvaa-t hnal ejiaMM
..tut imon," wai.l   "-   ...... .
OeattMMB,    I   ait:' iaMM     »*.
.  ..le.l.e adeUI       the    gCC*      "ahd        I
ahnll  not   give  in     Ulatll   Ihr t-eal|< I
• , , e-|vcar.1 at - e. e. ,
ma »le "
"Deb   He pnn.eut  ,,,.,   wanln     t.l
raMrfcog .... uoadeetei in
•  ■     ihkind voice aa    M
Huaiipv lev the aaar teat    him o il
■(■   » nml drcappand bim nit
WANTKH i i.-ii
llcprexenlallaan I'balk IWeawn. nl
Kanaast, the haaaaj . I .. Iiarerwtry ■:.,
lion thtl glvaw line lo larmtea. m
na, aaldlon. taa a wa.ttena . ...tergt*-^
.....I "traewa are like children   In 'I-
tvg.nnileg  liny M  a  grata"   .leaj
ol trouble anal worry, asml an the,«,!
wa. are vary proud ul theoa Vaeung
tretrw ore aosatloun young chebl'cna
are Hot name I fcteaw ■•! a anatt, wh't
Ml In he. *tudy one atlaun*-4>h writ,
ing a at—-I. wmn !•>• ew.n .alkal
khrllly Irom lha. geanfatt
*l't|nt. |aa|at,   lawk nut    a.l llv
winalow '
" 'What a a.uana'.ea -leelelren artaa."
grumble.l lha ol.| ana- but rapadl.
be pul eluenti hi. |-n   alaal wilh a hall
amiiie   atjeaaaed   ia-   ira-     vtadeti
pia,at.|ill> ami MMl forth hat rtnnd
" ■Well, .ladlh. what  an IW aaaid I.',
"The Iv., Ir.ana a group ol .. tt a
Mare,   celled   ut.    Papa.   J .mm ,
Smith iiii n-et Iviwe lhal you  haul
nn hair «n ttv tap .1 your basal *
-llHeaatklptna  l/ralgoe
I III.lel   HM. let | -.   •      lltMIK
ilaj hmt opaaad t bars at ai,i
letla." Hill the man wall, hll arm In
a illng. -and u I wm in wan I
Idly dullarn, I g,«w ,,, ami aalka up
'". the man traiaater anal wjn 10 ale
teller ba-teiral tho cage
"  i eaal hati a huimt-d.'
"   Whnr a   ,r ehe.k     o\\yn Ia
Hlght   ..ra/   Ntjg   I    a-   I ,.k
■   It   ildee lhe   all.,1. •
SaWl >#rtecsl)  g.H.aa    ka.a ht,
•• ** ethlntn out tlv mora/
•I tak.n a i.itle trip itili- ttv Ina
lan lirril. rj and leaaa and than
•cell Ihe naval ad hit) n.ara I guaea
down to tlv iicaiek aim. laeeriiaiig and
walk, up to the «atra wanassr and
ka>« lb
A  narel  hall a I.aaaaltawl.'
" What • >.-r .leet Mki tlv M
"    Mlghl   >er,.'   >a)e   ,     1,1 ■«
my gun Into the w.n.te.
'•       ,   ■ -I       "*.k   |a      h- ,1   IV  pUl'l
trigger .anel neejaalk le. ■ laaaal !l Tough
my  nle.e ibhf "
"Heil wa«n't there e an. tniklakn
aolrvwher.''   wan anknl
"I   gU'-«k   there,   wa-e     i,Wl   I   gi|.k.   I
made It    Tleey    had    e. ,.,,.i   ,  ,,.
whale I wa- ga,|v. nnd I wan p-4
ttml IL Ihtt I a^„r aaatlicnl I I
though il wan the kalav mg datll rtl
n ehnp thnl  'e.e.v   an;   ftrnl  tbil  ' wMNMtwm^a*<wrreii-- evirmmv. mmmmrmum
Here is something that will interest
What kind of a success are ycu making of expending your Cash to the best advantage?
Do you find il necessary to economize in your buying ?
Do you want lo mako your dollars go as far as they can possibly go?
Then let us help you.    We are here to do a ftraight-torward, clean,
honest In: :".<*ss. and if we do not come up to the mark, or fail to please yon in any way, it will he because
your mark is out of sight and pleasing you an impossibility. Our goods are the best that can be procured
an I our [trices l!   \ ry !.■■•.-.- si.    We arc prepared lo prove that Statement and to back up every guarantee
made with the goods you purchase.
Our Spring Stock is complete in every
gOOS],  solid leather
. .   .   . , .   , ,
■.'. - •
isve a splendid assortment ol
•tiles, comprising Hats
Zaps. Shirts, Summer Under
Cl »es. eic. suitable
,-. needs no special men-
vho have tried our suits
■ A I values, and
i want s two
i   . ,- a suit lar even
lug • a suit
ar. we can suit y: u   Dc
I tit*,   p^lr  of Shoes?
lly need ne*
have all kinds ol
•   irfth our guarantee
behlt-1 'hem
Furniture and
Spring house cleaning reveals many
wants In all pans trf lhe house. We
;pply you with everything in
.?e and House Futr
lhal -wtil aid to the comfort ot the
*■_■-     •   - V   I e-:r j>     *    a- j-
McCallum &? Wilcox
Weekly  Budget o( Interesting   News   and  Doings  ol  that
Thriving District, Irom our Regular Corrtspon.lent,
A metting was held in ihe Lav-        TA Wounded Deer
ranee Hall, on Saturday night, lor lli«*| WmtTieii byiiielate J M. MclNTrmi.
putpose ol lorming an Athletic Association. A large number ol Ihe it.
were present and judging by the enthusiasm displayed Ihere will bt
plenty ol excitement In Salmon Ann
this summer. The business pan ol
Ihe meeting pioved very satlslaclory.
Mr Jackson was nominated to take
the chair. In commencing proceedings il was decided tliat the Association be called Ihe Salmon Arm Ath-
telle and Amusement Association.
The -object ol Ihe Society Is to lorward
all kinds ol desirable open air summer
sports and establish indoor amusement lor Ihe winter. A membership
fee ol SI wts decided upon The
following Is a lltl cl the officers elected
lor Ihe first term.
President: J. D. McCuire, Ist
Vice Pres. W. Palmer; 2nd, S. M
McCuire. 3rd, R J, Glasgow: See.-
Treat,. S. H. Lawrence.
The following comprise the executive committee: F. McLeod. II. C.
Johnston, L. Bailey, L. Jackson, j.
A committee wu appointed to put
the by-laws In proper shape, and the
secretary was requested to write the
Kimloops A. M C U. lor a copy ol
their by-la**i. The hallowing honorary
members were enrolled: Duncan Rets,
Ml', Hon. F. J. Fulton. A. B.
Cut ne. J, Wtterson, Dr. Wade, Jat,
Ewns, J W. McCallum, J. Harbell
tnd K, llobson.
li wu decided in meet again to
make arrangements lor the summer
garnet on Saturday evening. April 27th,
The meeting td|oumed wllh the
tinging ol "God Save the King "
Ai a meeling ol the Cornell held on
Mondty, Aptil 22nd. il wu dtcidtd
that t sidewalk ihould be built Irom
the C.P.R. depot lo McKay's store,
tnd thli Front Si be widened and
grided. Tin Cemetery By-liw puaed
ill inul leading, and a by-law to pre
vent bulla running it brgt wu tbo
pul through. The council Intend to
barrow SJOO lor Itnmediile use on
road improvement! The tteil meet'
ing ol the council will bt held on
Mondty. April 29lh. it 2 p m
At Utl Salmon Atm'i much du
k. -II.  I aee.l le. . ,..1. e.l.' ei   lie. I'l,,,,,..
ft Vi..")' Ilea   lie      '.    .,* -'■ :   a  I ■   ,' I
o'er the mountain's brow,
fetosiiinr and alghlng Ihe till (Its, travtng]
escn dark |iaon bough.
Tile wild loa.1 touthward lie Hying- -, 9i*ra^ I
thai ihey. too. know
That this mm nine- the (round would !-e eev
arid weth a mantle ot white, white an aw. I
l/lilie. white, i-iiii amir while, all around!
me the mountains, the .-alley. Ihe i>IHn.
Nol a sound nol a murmur, all silent, wheie
beauty and tolnude tolgn.
The tun cotneiout ■ -.- ■.    ■.  •       ■>,
and tilenily (fluent and (lows
The sad drooping limlaa of the wiMwaotl. to
wtlsomi ihe while, whin snow,
Hatk I de»|. In the •fill, tranquil ditunce,
ihl aoulid e.1 a aide I heal
Some liuntai lull aounHnif thedtsih nolo ol
ihe te-te ol ihe toteii the d«*i.
" "Tu a men lor the hunter." I lalleied. so
olf lo my nape t will go
And. slisulelitag tny title. I nailed tm
Ihtough ilia white, white enow,
Nol lar had I journeyed, when halting at
rustling of beithes quite ntai.
There, quivering and helpieaateefoae me, all
wounded lo death, wu a deer.
Poor stricken chiM of the toteii, ihy fleet
limlie relute thee to go.
Aa thy iwelUng heirt eeuet na heating you
drop In tha while, ahiie snow.
I kn»w not hew long by lhat creature be.
witdtied and saddened I tieod.
My ewe Ufa wu lint u Ioyoua u itt
wu Una etiom in the woe J.
I cannot lelt why. but my memity Jitned
back to the long, tang age.
When, wllh young jeycua hem. wilh my
pta>miiuwercinr*d ihr. ugh the while
while enow.
My yainMul. my boykoeit cotneanlMia-
somtslea.eng. io »ake nei again •
'•"•• •■    •..    'a,       !• .-    ■     •
crowed by ihe uttitv el pain,
Pny 'ergl-re an old man In Sht wtiVe.eta I
weep e'er this Meteu young At,,"
And mingle my lean with its I'lelaiosd thai
etimwM tM white, white anew.
Bilious every ihree Days
Tw.. innt.' yetra nl n '   iiu.l mom-
u- li   worse liver   blood tiled wllh
pollODI Iriini al.'i'ii.init liiutl und ti
bllloui .iiMik ever) two ur three
iiii.ti *. Tien ..ii- i'ii- condition "i
Ulu  Neiree   liiiniiliiiii.  nl  Ut   Weal
lliei.e      11,'iilllliinl.   (lilt .    lee'f     |l||.
.ini. won  tried '    Todaj ibe la. In
.'li I'll.'Ill     In llllll e       ' II..f,ii,.    |    |,„i|(
ill nn ' .ne* Ml. Dunohue, "tin i nti- would never dlgeai   now
It  lime..     Il.'liii.e. I UUd tai IlilH- llllr
ear wroirhodnoaa ta.e.l i>iain now i
n >i well nnd sirong! I awe my iaa.Mit la
taa Ittla-tltl.. !"
Illletina aim
lOR,   I. Helm In
I >
. Ill III...
I.   Illle-
Capital paid up: $2,500,000 00
Total Aiesela.
Keserve Fund: $2,500,000.00
Hon, Wm  Gibson, Prksident
Hrad Office :  Hamilton J. Turnkull, Ceneral Manager
100 Ollleei Throughout Canada
A ffiteral backing business IrtlulCled, Ranchers' Nolu Discounted
Collections made.     Drills sold, payable at all points In Canada
and the United Slates.
SAVINGS  BANK  DEPARTMENT   Deposits ol  .ne Dollar
and upwards received, and Interest compounded every 3 months
Salmon Arm Branch:    «■ w SM1™
Editor EtrMMtY PKoatat:
Sir.—Relerrlng io lht aeeciil grant
ol $4,000 00 given by the Government
lo il.e City ol Endeiby lor ihe purpose
cl im,*roving in tchosl accomodation.
I aft. terve thit In your last ttaue you
nukt the temtrk tkit we ewe to Mr
Price EllttM the increase ol thu grim
Irom M,SCOio $4,000.
Thliililement which wm doubtless
in inadvertence on ycut pin is um-
leading. Endeiby hid no uom. claim
on the Government lor t ; ingle delta'.
A NOMl tlllttd. but II U very
cussed whul U tn united ttilng diMabtliil il llie Ctt) wtuU hive sue
J5.000 hu been ifttrcpruitd lor ihe
purpose cl building ll,. tnd lht work
will commence u toon tt Iht engineer
ceeded in convincing Ihe Government
of tht ltd tl it hid not been lor the
energetic auutanet rendered by Mr.
ii-itii- ulu   debility,  blood Imparlllea
il npl nplttmi  i<    and ill llrei
atom h. nnd kldne) din dot -    Al
'l:||..-,;Ul       Uld       telle-      ||     '-'I    ■     II
box, „t iiil.'iiii .'... Toronto at boxa
lur i: ;.n ii itimp in i.i
3 Powerful
'ForSale'or'Wanf 1,E ,,N0
Harte* Wanted to Pasture
Apply to R. WADDEU.
Hiielntere Rinch.
ENi H'.l '■   H
This pasture Is one of the finest in thr
district, ind is well witered
For Sale
Migoon Strawberry Plants. $S 00 per i
1.000. Abo. Seed Potato**. $2000.
per ton.   Apply lo J. WABY.
1 1
re nre-
n   ..ii
lln.a- le.eia
•i waya i
.   e-l   III,   li,
-a   1
I Whle ll
balm |i
ll illlill lull
II ill -
/ 11
Cured of
Pigs for Sale.
aVnuenWr of ■ ...
ter tale at reuenalite ertoei,
40-41 Apply Y.--I' *y Pan '
Seed Barley for Sale.
We have on htne! a     .
.-.-   •  .. .    •        . ■      ;.   j
Irnpt i.«litsm 5miiii,4.  TkU latley i> a
hettry a i-
Mrtenilaily well ialaMea< tie ... i climate.
Price tW per Ion nnsMne sieekei. l.o.ti,
4* 41       A|<«ty. Slepney kam-h, Entail)
For Sale.
ileal one mile fram Rndert • • <h let
actea ef eaeelteni Umt. ir mt- it Samel
Alw, i nttmber et TOWN LOTS.
144 Jamea Mowai, gnat*." >•
Strawbanieft Plants
■ .  ■'■■[■•.. >i '    , -, , ....
nattbtt ol till
Migeem.ttOO per I -vm Okinifit-t tl 0
100.    Apply to W   C   Pnnge
*.!■•    *   ;• ■     *
Km) Oals for Sale
Apply to
on Ihe Mi£wmidt ProeerlT. Enderbv.
47 49 rat fell
it again on hind wnh
Seed   Polnloes
i II.H.
»■   alt
li  a-
li        neural
I   well  i	
can bt tecurtd. The whatl will no j Ellison Out lepreitntillve recognued
doubt be t greil boon to the Salmon, the |uilice cl the dilm nude by En-
Arm community tnd meant inert I derby u aoon u ilwupr«tenied: tnd
proiperom tnnu than ever belore. \raay ih,,*, ,re due io him. hm ler t
Csrariiutailcni tit due tht Liberal' poeKon only. b«M lor ihe wmdu tf the
Allocution for their good wotk in grant oi 14.000 00.
bringing Ihe millet lo ill present* Hwxur Ir whom honour u due No
successlul sun of promise. j n»Het which side ol politic* we ire on
we <an ill afford 10 rec.-gnue i-rvice,
j ittldered. ind lo return unstinted ihinttt
J5.000 for WhMf ; '■» *****************
-1   Claaiaa,  Aaaaaaaa        ''ll.''l'ag ru will liUant Ihli   Oatttt.
■b aumoi Arm xm m ^ nM ^ Ytur,„llhlu.|V
•«**« I!,ht F^?' E,1,"M,"!End«by.Afr,.23..W JUST'CE
tecenlly ututd ippein'm item ol! '   *       m
SS.00000 lor whatl it Silmon Aim
eu.__«» _•._ The News   No Pure Drug Cmigh
Shuswipllke. Qm Um vaati ^ m*t   u*n
Among the numerous i'»'" *H*« ciUgh Cwes were like Dr. Shoop's |
lhe lollowing of local interest Ciugh   jte it   ar.l has been for 20!
Fitter River, ship canal improve   years rite National Law now p
ments  J14 OOO lhat ll iny pomms enter Into a cough i
Ftiset River wharvet. JlO.OOO.      !ml""f« ttmubama^m Itbtl;
,.„_„ ctpa-cagf    For lhls reason aiinlheisj
ptoteclton. JS.COO.       • in), txXtm ilXs)lii imit. ^ hlY)|w u,,
Kootenay    River    improvements,; Snoops'Cough Cure. NopoKon mirks
J2S00 on   Dr Shoos libels   ind none In
Woods ind Long Likes. Okanagan' **** "e-diclne else ft mutt by law b- DacrictprAd Fltrriprt;
tptrim boat chinnel between th*. «"» *>*>'* , A^ "i"« "* ***• \ ™&nWn* * «TierS
I a a       ta;n«l '**>* ** ** ***** ** ** ** ******   ***** l,n*,r
lakes, etc.. aa.uw. ,„   j^, , XtMX.   nmttktVlt cotujh _,   .»   _    % ,   r*
J R. M. Greenfield, pott ollice in-< KIIWdr.   Take no Chinee, pirticulirly |Vlci>Plll «  MfLwen
.apector. uliry increased lo inntlmum.l with yonr children    Insist on hanitf
Cnnbrook, public meeting, 17,000.    Dr. Shonp'l Cough Cure   C  •:.■■
Dltcy leper ttllion J3.0O0. .-■    , the Dr Slirxip luckige wilk
Nelson, public buildings, tl 000      j others and tee   No poison    tnirht
Wm. A. Matheson
/.nd •;« t.»«tJ'«i lo take ard
lha | ••   known cloihiteg
home    Full isnge., i ,„npAr-i on hind
■    .     . .
Alii-     !• ■.-•!     HC
Fruit Trees
Home Crown Nurtery Trees
•'i; Its, Plums tnd P-
lor sale lor *ping planting
For varieties and prices l|, .
to Manager.
r aa'aaa.-m I Hate Co . Lit
vtarioN t. c
Hoi Spring! Sanitatium
No* under the iriinigiment cl
Huuti  M lirrotn,  Hoffmaa Mtut-
N tatllt.
Ilea W»-tta W'aian »•  h,     ., „. ►.
maai n.a* .«..••    -■»     a ,».i.r
•a-»ia iaa." e .      H  •■-
«. DMM •  -i.-aaar
•     •■•      -a  Ha'..     ..   lat   ia ea»ra
Nktaetat...     tie ■    -aglOM
• e.1 1      it  III    I.-   ....      e ...
pan ■   a
Halcyon Hot Sprintft
Arrtaw I.ate  t t
Jackson & Parker,
Builders &
a c
l'»n< ari F. Ilnestea t
Quesnel. public building. 12.000
Verieon. public building. J5.UCO
Victoria, post ollice mentions. J400C
Victorii. iiinnigriiion building, in
e lit- ive tf life. 126.C0O.
Ihete I Ycu can always be on Ihe sale
side bydemiMlng Dr. Shoop's Cough
Cure. Simply relute in iccepl my
other Soldbr Enderby Drug and
Stlticnery Co.
Repair, nt All Kind.. Pi
' 1 e •  . -  , ,   ,   i
pltJM t and        »g»ntf
m Fancy Store
Can are* See Lhe Real Slot*, the tlnaet.
tloe ant the Chapatt Sloaein Town
S H       -■     N
Un i. Taylor, ..i I'lni II I
Mnai . ».. - I will nc,.i. in. win.
mi / Hu. in ihe llien-.. ta. i havt
i   prutnd It     li eured ta rs
e-'. ..'"! .■  I   -  .1 ..I  I...    Mb
lag i.vii.iii.     '\\. .  n„ ,
-.     ■ ' liel-. I,    ,1     !.    |l  \„l||,,l,.,       ,|.    ||
laaal, il.rl, *..,■•  ilul Injurlea in ami
ft. i' t on by i il.e'-     ' e l Br uses
M     II  t'lttiiiiiii it. . i
ne.      I hit i ihii tin Hell.
ta    e ,l.- nieli. a .   e' I     ...a
:.    I e ■ ,,   ,e|    ell.
ud I...I'.-.    I could
I    ; e,a. m tanet
1 lew i I gam ilnh i n* -i
■ ■ .mi rvtnawad the ■
i|i.:i     Th' AM  wa. ..«i|i tall  iialit
ai-nln    tl ll > W...11I. itui t.taliii
Dunning *■ ie Heilcd.
'i     tt  i  i olden, e.i i .,
\V. j aiiiitt.,;,   >,i.        M,   Hula «|i|
bad a ruaalni
a|a-l|"4 Kll llinllte,       e .     ,.,   Wilt'
l.i ■ tew din 'am link
.   oretnetil
i    I       •    w.illlial   I.   i,   .
rr.. -    i bare ,tn,r   ...
'el  eeiler,   akin dtt   a rtl      Btt Buel
Heart Strength
HutH -tnnfih,nrtlntrt Hrttkn- v. imttinNrnej
Hmici! M Nirr<-V\.«litrM-tit4htiirii- ■ m
llUtl)   u,:, • ■   i.   ... t.«tl "a _  •    < I.   'nit.
tit, fttUmll)  iliaaVia-et.     ll  |. llHUtl  •!«»»» ft
ielel-t. Uni lui'- ti. t». lUI ».-. . i> all p.: Uult
Ititet.itMitrv iit-nt—ih«>(«i<laiir. nr lltttit Sif\»
-•lltHU liewil'  Hll'l litlitl |ia».- im u* ft m, •   I   uw
•Ul'ilt) Aoie naiHttllina. nuttt «,.» nun*
Mi'ietfi-'.    W lituitt IhftlIbi ittt.i1 WUA tt4.lli.wi
|U   l«il    *'"!    Ill'     'I-   ieta.ll   «<   .1    iie]l,.>.   «Ih|   l.f*
tlit a. w_n,.e riHttitillli I i-rfi • *
111. 1.,-tttl*} , l(.U tu «li), *t ft Itiflltiiw. fit
M'lS'i • lit '■■'iatit. I ,. In i' . t*•! -I..'*. a inw«
h>T tftfV m .(piltLf ||,-tit> l'i *l--i|.nttt *.it«M
tiK mtii-* nt nti litis ttainfuL i«lt'ii«i»>t. ■urt.-«t
!«»»*«.!    I     • I'l    «lute.). .
|>iit|4.Ut It -a tHII.J -|a ftltttn illmieet (at tl>f|*
»«»l ftM «h-*•• ■* tlt-nf fe'tlrr* ll ' e. Mt.
ll -tl-    ft I    Ua. H.jt [>■)>*!   frtllllti.  hr«l1 ttrlp
II t>*i *»«aiU hn\e> .ihriiff ||<«n*. tiruti« Ai-
RMUat   stht.fttft*  |l,... ,tKMr»- IMHBH
■l-a   *'    I  e-l-J     Mlllt
Dr. Shoop's
The Enderby Drug & Stat'y Co.
IK.    & c« U
touii tu -k au
men wai i.
S tttvu
by huylng .'.le .1    -.^.
high it-'- acae.
a- • til.
Nitlonal Stwin.g Machine Ot,
eacluu: at miamnat tit
Haydock & Hind
Agents. .
Full Line ol   Dl-ERE   and
fleury  implements,
moline wagons   ai»o.
Call and prior our new
fQtick  bt'fnre  Ordering
Real Estate
■*. OtMnl Camniittaon Agency
'   •   e-ttttOn   hating   Toem ot
F»>iti Pr.:—rtv I
H -* i itn t. -.    -
'    I  ftr ■  ft:     ■   i Nl !   IBI TlIK ENDERBY 1'ROORESS _  NJItTHLltN OKANAGAN HERAin
1 lie New Year
— •   and jeiih It the
le tl ns   but tram   rs vt
going .11 jrtst '.he same" .;    I year In
have many buyers* botl      il and
*   an .    .■  sell 11   erty In any part
ie, i ■    : - ■    .
,      i have      Ihl ,: .
a t maatA,t mtmtmtamma |
1-gJM—■ iWWtWilll,
A. Fulton
To The Person Making a Garden
All Kinds of Garden Tools
•■      ••
prayers, Hose Reels. Etc,
.. Hardware
s=sas==s=,vX/7 ""
Ladies    Department
Harvey & Dobson
t A  .Small  Shipment of  Children's
Cloth Dresses arrived a few days ago.
C !t will pay you In see \\v*m.   Sizes from!
J to 15 years, and prices lhat will interesl \
CThey tome in CorlcKrew cloth, Repp. 1
( nn ! !i.::i, N.ev.'l'-  C"l-.:!t i\ Wlvrtevn.'
.     25ds.
2-Seatcd burrey
lleere    .   a       awhtl hWV) ll     '
cieeu in tho mountain onM ndiyntght
Jta   Dale le.,- told Itlte Inuse and
Iw      •   on Mill Jlreel ■ •   ■
and has moved i ul lo his ranch     .Mi
Seiiard is now In possuilon.
Endirby ute-  Is her
Invitation to he. ne . 'rt* ri 11 to come
and pin In ihe 2-llh el Miy Ce li ra
ehuad   i urea I    lln|      Ihe rive
r.  jn   >. .  :    Mr Wlby intends. ne»l rea      e    .
nilrkH e-' '
Smith lUtt Ihit   -
High R . -i  ■   -
Mrs K.: a • • Mondiy
from I*-, HI I
Seeding opera'
ing ire now e
agricultural -*.■... ill iwing
The wealhti        -
■ ■
Ledge, 10.0 F - -
- ■     a
• '•■•
dueled by Hev A. N Millet, via much
-    ea-hien
We beg to aim >unce that Mr, J. C. Mete il
sold Ins interest In this business to Mr. J W Evans,
.viii Ii >iil h"reafter be under the (Irm name oi
Wheeler & Evans
All accounts due the former partnership are to be
paid on or before April 15. All that remain unpaid af
ter lhat dale will be placed in the hands of a solicitor
for collection.
Spring Seeds froui Steele Briggs
Co., of Toronto.
Prints,  Flannelettes,  Boots and
Shoes, for Spring
Wheeler &  Evans
e    -
.       -I
'     .     - .
Clarys   gfc
9 St
■  •
Conitib'e A
N.'ihitiir rnt-iii or Mingy alviit the mh-pit nf the "M \OXKT"
I'ei.ii..,.- Il't tht entire wldlh of tht Kuineue. Oa.v.1 nnil al.-.-;*,
i       I a-, i,'uiieen.-tin-.i«lna ac>e|iitinHli,,.i» rracpualc
Ae.i tli« lute, roomy flit i.ft.'.Je. .*f apna-e fa«r tllt-nir |.<
. ir. at! ,"«-.     Ieltaatleeali.illaaatlill1.cl0-I.ivt' tacit ■■« la'Otk |H-i'
lut a*   leelllla ill,-lla'l M II fli«  ia>ll.,-,  aja'.i I  ||.-t . le fk''-I
uiili htiincJ ci...       aa a fault comtiiun lofumaca
He It Mll.lH a-ll-pita.
For all-round MlllflCttoa, hay the " MAC.NET."
Built for trood,
I... I    Will    eaUe-
I'lelll ,.   el
K,elel le, eiier*
p,i-ii'k- iti-alri.
Of late     iil|       ■ n tn •-.
i    which to drlvt
i   'I
■ r  .if i ■
Seeds that
Famous English Seeds
R  R. Bums, Drugglit, Ann ironij, is Agmt
r Price
rag* 5    iheie ire tiai ■oecottnrg t
. I it much attaatitt it the
■i •    -. .      na A Ihe in ll
.   e       •
«,», .-      -*'--.!.• Ai-. a
. '. llil <>:iiie5n £-! h.i
■   -.
l,e Grind
.i OddltHteWthip wu in
evening       itt 11      .    '
... .
- ». , td with ill di
ne, tcenery i
a . *■ 'hai ta
i      .     •   . • • •   •
a a
'   r    a
•     .
• •- '
• - • .
uto be
Wet l
ll lege"  I
.   .
-  ■■
Large roomy j
City   Barber   Shop
ii N Hendrtckiwi. Bell Blot*
A ttrong constitution
n.wne a healthy mind
and |oii avark—and
i , avjrk meant id
»in tiiiitil To hay*
t •i"iti| contuiutlon
one mutt havt the bit.
mtatt. tnd thtl t whti
you will And tt lha n i *
brick block Altvtyt
Ireah.   it y and tan Itr
Geo. R, Sharpe
*   ..  ■ been en
-. a-- '. .-' 'a
1-iieU visitor lo
•i. at*    As usual, th*
*'m Owen and M, Bhitun tf Mara
were Eitderb? vmten tw TueWiy
The growing al labt<tco *. i large
Milt will ihottly bt commenced nttr
The City Plimtig Mill*. Vernon, were
completely deiiroyed by lire tt 6 30
t m. on Frldiy morning Int.
J Alktttton. csnttictot for the Cm-
•dun Pipe Co., tirlved in lown on
Tleuridiy. and It now bully ettgiged
1,1 pulling the finiihlltg touchu an Ihe
■ -
■'•' iht Melhtedtal Ptr
i-tuge, oti April leth, by Ret K N.
Miller. Miu S Crawford, of Knob HtU
tnd Mr. It Tilten. ol KimlMtn. Tht
hiooy etuple will reilde nttr Kambapt
i hit i nnch.
•;!te*j  ,' S OtMft'l   .all
■ rt •   thank t   (*i-ttdi who gin
• th* tanat, and ihow who
< it»i»ied tt iht conwrl
Twoetilotdl ol htivy draught honet
arrived en Frteliy, con >
R. ReOgen Lumber Co. Ltd    Th«re
were thirty lout tnlmili in the ihip-
ment, tnd ill were line taking
| of good weight and lite, mi juil thi
jciiit auiled to the country   T. G. Bell
'wit in charge ol them, hr hiving pur-
-hised lh»m IM the Hip-rs '..umber
- breeditl iround Cattwtty.
"a      "■ ■: '. iftai he wi» very
.a ktoihttumg   *-amgin,
II I     im   M  cndlllons eitt ol the
»»re nol vety pleuant  Thete
• ' Ittttl Ieel ol tnjw on the
eground ire I sleight Hill the meins ol
-a       .-    -'-hai a di"-t»-tce to us,
- ng in 70 degn. iii the


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