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The Edenograph 1904-08-24

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Volume I.    Number 15.
ENDERBY. B. C, AUGUST 24, 1904.
Pri ft, S2a Year
Boiled Down
SIih.j.. I hy itv.ill.r from
1 ...I. ,!■■■ 7.9118 tun.
A....-ii.-ti, tvlrlti tun*
Vernon. - 4.497 ton,
k.l..-.... .1.891 ton.
Other paint.. 363 tun.
Total.   33.761 tun.
Our barber shop closes on Sunday.
How we do move!
The item tank that Is established In
the Valley will be at Enderby.
Salmon are being aught in the river,
weighing 'ram IS to IS pounds.
Mitt Weltertuute. of New Denver.
Is spending a week or two with Mm
Wm, Anderson.
Geo. Folkird has three apple trees
on hit ranch near Enderby that net htm
UO i tree each year.
The boil building epidemic hit ttruck
lown, W, E. Tnnsdale informs us that
lhe rate of lite insurance remilnt the
The mill c. ^ptny u using iu new
tattling house The bunk home will
h" In ship* lo receive the men in a
i a Uyi
The eeltir if the larg* residence ta
be built by F H. Hale MMCavated. and
' wtrk en the stone foundation will toon
Fied CraiM had hu left thumb
csught in a planer al the mill thu mem-
tng. Dr. Bentliy amputated tl ai ihe
first (tint.
J. C. Eti|ltah hu a nock ol Btttell'a
carpel tweepen In Hock thai will
bruih ih* duti oul si anything but a
mule'i eye
Ed Shtnmit af New Denver, It vun-
tng Enderby and Ih* Valley. Ed u
looking lor that* things he it iccut-
•■'■     £'■•
A Urg* gang af C.P.R. navvies pulled
into Enderby lhe put week and are
busy putting In the new twitches on lhe
Sawmill property.
Waller E. Tiuesdile u reaching cut
titer buitneii in the direction of Salmon Arm. H* it looking at torn*
properly there thu week.
W. H. Hutchison it putting Ihe fin-
titling touches to hit bUcfumtth shop
and the furniture store, giving both a
much-improved appearance.
The large tales lhat were planted
in the street in from of Ihe Wright
property, were removed by the Enderby
Trtdmg company on Mondiy.
After being confined to tht Vemon
hospital lot two 11-,-titht tuff-.  ,
infliniittry rheumatltm, Mrt Hirvey
returned lo Enderby m Sllurdt/
Pheasant! are d- rg well at:'
and Wesimatiier tpotumen intend collecting several pan: to send to the
ka   ,ran Valley    K jtemy Mail
Frank Franklin returned to Enderby
frtm Vemon. Saturday, where he hat
been in the hospital for three wetka,
rat from inflamatoty rheumatism.
The first limber 'camp sent out by
the mill company this, season, led (di
Mabel la- -.   •    n M:itdiy    Al
b?rl Johnsin the gang
School commenced Monday. I It? h: 1
iityshare flown .- it Jack Ft I
will kiss the ch« -
will bring out th« Hi
H.W.Wrlglu hu displayed at lhe En
derby Hotel several branches of crab
apples (rom his orchard lhat are pi
lures for beauty and fulness.
There Is no news to give out In relation lo Incorporation. The commlltee
are waiting to hear from Attorney Billings before any funher step can be
Rev. J. P. Bowel!. Bursar of Columbian College, New Westminster, arrived
in lown Tuesday. He is spending a few
days In the Valley in the interest of the
J. I.. Hartwell came down from
Vemon last week to look after his property near Lansdcwn His barn wat
damaged by bush fires, but Ihe damage
is not great
J. C. Orchard has just finished painting lhe Ireland residence. It presents
l very pretty appearance. Mr. Orchard
la looking alter business this week In
Ju. Elliott of Bluevtle.OnI..vlilted
Wm, Anderson Ihe put week, and wat
driven about the Valley to see lu
beauty, He wat highly pleated with
whit he saw.
J, Eaves, of Mara, visited Enderby
on Saturday. Mr. Eaves report! that
hit apple and phim crop it bigger ihan
it ever wu, Hu plutiu are the lineal
he ever raited in Mara,
The Kimloopt Lumber Co. U Installing one of Ihe Largest edgers made In
Canada in the Enderby mill thit week.
Thu will bring the mill'a linuhing machinery up to ut sawing capacity.
Chat, E Strickland hid hu 400-
icre property surveyed into 29-acre
irtcu thu week. Ettctuive clearing
his been done, and tome excellent
blocks ci land hav* been thown up.
Campbell's comedians gave a pi tiling performance In the town hall, tut
Saturday evening, before i full house.
Everybody enjoyed ihe specialities, et-
pecully the buck-and-wing dincing.
A number ot tidies met at the home
ol Mrt F. H. Hat* tut Thursdiy at
lertteon, and the organuation of ihe
Enderby Mitiionary Study Gats wu
affected.   The chut meets fortnightly.
R. McC-uirrie left for Vemon. Mondiy. to Uke the engine in lhe uwmlll
there. Mr. McQuarrie handled the
lever on the engine in the Enderby
flouring mill for eight years, and never
skipped a ccg.
Six carloads of lumber were shipped
thu week frtm ihe Enderby yards ot
the Kimlcopt Lumber Co. When the
ttsek of lumber u tn condition io ship
th* company expecu to tend out from
llv* or lit carltadt a day.
Ju. Bowet patted through Enderby
Friday lor Ketowna. with i etrbid ol
hotel furnishings for lhe Like View
hotel ai Kelowna. Jim bought in entire new outfit it ihe cout for the
kitchen and dining room, and other
furniture for the rooms.
The green apple leutn
la ssen Our artut here
statutes frtm memory lb
mar* hasty than popular past; ■
ing the muscular development of the
limbs, and demonttraiing the great a J
vantages that might be d»f,v»l fr:m a
ervance :f Ihe law:- ;l hygiene
-   :.
The Bohemian Concert Co., will give
an entertainment in the Town Hill.
Saturlay evening    They ar- -
fs be high-class    Mitt Gerir
rack is th? ctnirallo;  and  Herbert
Taylor, bit* :i lh*  R
Opera  C . Lltlle
Glen. Hill might he a ,;
lions lor Ihe C.P.R.. showing whal that
great Institution Is going to do to Improve lis Enderby property,   li  has
been mixing paints for 14 ye:.-
onto Ihe station house. Cent--'
like ihese are good, but they gr w grey
ln-,.lt-J b-l  r-   ...li. •
Four hundred ptunj • tl
Simpson's songs cl prate
Enderby Monday, ll would bean cxlu-
l billon of patriotism thai would commend
Itoelf lo lhe world if those to whom they
are addressed would reluse lo lake Ihem
cut of the post-ofllce. Local merchants
can supply better goods than those catalogued at prices little above those paid
lo ihe Toronto houses.
The Quarterly Official Board of the
MethodUt Church for the Enderby Circuit met In Ihe church here on Monday
evening last. Representatives were
present from Armsirong, Knob Hill and
Enderby. The business affairs of lhe
Church were brought under review, and
plans for future work discussed. Mr.
F. Mclntyre of Armstrong, was elected
delegate to the Financial District Meeting, lo be held In Revelstoke. Thursday
At ike P.«
The picnic given last Friday lo the
; children ol the Methodist Sunday school
and the public generally was very much
enjoyed, despite the (act that the hours
of pleuure hid to be cut short owing
lo the rain. The number attending
was large, Racks, heavily cushioned
with hay. were provided for the children
and other rigs carried the grown-ups to
the grounds.   Swings were provided,
and oil:.-r gimoi entertained the children. The shallowness of Ihe river
n.i: i I dt-l.ghtlul spcl lor bathing.
'.eo. Folkard. and Mr Win
\ . • klndl (urn he: the kettli
and pans lor hoi lea and coffee, ind
Irom their homes Ihe children brought
...-■.. u|, • ■■.,..!■ ■ :.:
Geo. R. Shlrpe provided the rig for
conveying the basnets, etc., lo lhe
ground and Messrs. Greyal, Evans,
ind Jones ihe conveyances for
lhe pioneers.
Owing to the rain Interfering wllh
the complete success of the picnic, a
scclal was arranged for lhe evening al
the Methodist parsonage, and was attended by a targe crowd.
Will Shortly Move.
The roof will this week be laid on
the Brll Block. Work will then be
pushed with all possible haste on lhe
lower floor. It Is expected that the
Enderby Trading Company will be able
io occupy Ihe large store rooms that
are being prepared for ihem In about
three weeks. When moving tune
comes It will be heralded with joy by
Messrs. Bell, Peel and Woods. Since
operations began on the new block they
have bsen forced to do business under
moit advene conditions. Their salesroom hu been too small for their immense slock, ind their store rooms ire
sucked high with goods yet unpacked.
The new iileirooiiit will be filled up
In modern style. Counters, showcases,
shelving! and window brackeu will be
the latest Improved. Each department
will be finished In elegant style.
•   A5
ara Doings
Two carlcads of lumber were, shipped this week
by the Rothesay Lumber Co.
Miss Edith Folkard. of Enderby. spent a few
days In Mara last week, the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Owen.
Miss H. Northen of Victoria, arrived here on
Saturday's train. She will have charge cfthe
Mara school.
Owing to a slight accident to the engine, the
Rothesay company's mill was shut down for two
days last week.
The family of W. M. Peac:ck arrived from the
Northwest on Saturday. Mr. Peacock has decided
to settle in this vicinity.
James Massey. the 15-year-old son of L. B.
Massey. shot and killed a good-sized black bear
on Sunday, the 14th. He Is justly proud of his
The unusual long spell of dry weather was
broken on Friday last by a severe thunder storm,
accompanied by a heavy rain It will prove beneficial to root crops.
Local sports are anxiously baking forward to
the 1st From appearances, the ducks will have
a hot time this year, wllh aut >mailc shotguns and
bicycles to contend with.
We regret to learn that Mrs: A Zettergreen has
been hurriedly called to Revelstoke, owing to the
severe Illness of her brother. L Ols-n.
the hospital there. [The ne vs of the death of Mr.
Olsen was received here Tuesday morning The
body arrived at Enderby for bjrlal this morning, a'
In speaking of the splen lid crop pr spects of
this districts, let us not ovei ik the root cro)
the ranch of L. B Massey. This Is un I ibt . .
the best root enp In this locality He has already
placed orders with the Farmer's Exchange for the
shipment of 23 tons, and expects to have as much
more for his   wn use. fori
We would like to know   > ether hucklc berries
are classed as forbidden frul'    They ap;
strictly so at thir, end of I       it len.    thi
day a merry par'.    ■ i-3embl(
buckets and palls, Intent   ■  gathering the
frul".   On the way to t       itch, how.
ii ; their way ban id bv  - -ugh gate, oi
j.t,lch was Inscribe!     It
ll I"   Of course thei
return home, berryless, as f
terms prov 11 .'.ile.
One notices Improvements going on
In all directions.
I.   Mains is finishing a very fine
house for J. D. Cameron on I
Dan Sinclair his one of the largest
residences In this part ol the country
finished. The cost will be about $2,-
Ed Toombs has just finished clear
Ing five acres for Thos. Sharp*, on hu
property recently purchased here, and
which he Intends lo plant out as an
A. Brown Is doing extensive Improvements on hU larm recently pur
chased from Mr. McLeod, He hai
built an up-to-date house, and let a
contract lo Mr, Banks to clear th? land
J. E. Judge has let a contract tc
L, Halru to Build i house on hu firm
recently purchased from A. S. Henery
Mr. Judge has gone home to England,
and minor sayt he will not return alone.
Mrt. E. T. Barr.whois touring B.C..
spent a day here bit week, Tourltu
do not seem to realise what Ihey miss
In passing Salmon Arm one of the
prettiest spots on the C.P.R. with
hunting and fishing galore, and no end
it the beautiful scenery.
Wm. Montelth reports his mineral
claim the Simco. on Mt. Ida is
looking well and giving situfictory la-
uyi, under development. Mr. Montelth hat great faith in the Mount Ida
mineral belt. There his been some
very rich ore shipped from the Silver
Sceptre, running is high at $1,000 per
t n in silver and gold.   '
Another valuable claim it lhe Silver
Thread, owned by Andy Cu»
may expect to tee shipments of ore
■-• in the near future
TW Wealktr.
Waller E .-rniinnl
observer at Enderby. fumithet the lot-
lowing record af lh* temperi'.ur-, tmi
general ttite   -
-   nth of Augu l
Th-- i .1 Ar
il Aug. 22nd. which
-ign despatches sty
is progressing, is Inviting
attention, The bnve re-
sisunce which General Slo-
easel U making U evoking
high praise, and the war
office ind public ire hoping
almosl against hope thai he
will be able to hold out In
spite of the heavy odds ••
gainst him: that the Japanese ar* unable lo gain a
foothold In the Inn
fences U considered to be
■■     ■-.  .■
"Where Fortune Smilf."
:  ,-: ■      .-   ..-   a   • .   ■
of seeing Percy Godtnrath receive fn.ni
a Christmas tree t targe sponge neatly
wrapped in i thte box It was a*nt
him by thos* Irtends who knew only
one aid* of hu nature, and were not
big enough to grasp th* other. Percy
hit a very receptive aid* to htm. He
u lUo very perceptive. In the tuppte-
ment he lately put out to the Kimloopt
Sentinel. "Where Fortune Smiles." he
his demonstrated these characteristics
In a mirked measure. He It lo be
congratulated on ihe artistic ftnlth of
the undertaking, It u ol great valu*
lo lh* dutrict that it tdrtttues,
S.li rung riui.i
'■ .- ;"
The wholesale price of flour jumped
len cent! per birrel today. The Vancouver agenti for the eg milling com-
the eut Hated today that
theyeti- it very short
unta flour will be telling at 16
During the pail ihrea weeks an advance ol JO centa per barrel hit liken
place tn the letting price et flour Before the rue that commodity wat Heady
at SS 40 L;«al Jobbing tiuiet ar*
still quoting carload lets at iS 60. u-.i
it it n,t likely ih* price will be -1
till a large tmsuM of th* present stock
kit**!     $
Q     P     r-     0
1 9J    4Sbr;t
2 M    41
4 102 44
5 101 46
6 99 S4
7 91 19
8 95 SO
9 94 41
10 81 41
11 SO 34
• -. 45
14 :•
15 •
13    88    47
19 65    44  Cl.
20 77"  47
21 77    44
■ I    39
32br •
At ihr Rin<t
Renewed inter*!! u being taken Hi
ihe practices of th* rifle an
•  .
difficult lor the members, owing lo lhe
A the ground at the range.
bat Ihu week a revolving target «a-.
.    .-isutinb.'- -
■  .
2«. Win. Huid»«ii 24, A
id 21.11 M Walker im:
:.     -
i  ft  P
.:■»! 10. R Han
1 int.  II:   Lt.tncJ
isers will be :
nothing for it but to
II attempts l  make
•'.-    . ■ ■■■;„■ ...    ;:■•/.■
A.l th, C l» K
•'■•    ■•   .
\VI„,, 11 ii I n '
■ .
■    ■
. • ■
. I
Sad. out N..I  Di.jf-1-..mtfJ
lotiof Ml Sal
■ tgam return,
aid better
First Year
    ..." II ral ul. i ii
I Mai
ling ol ihi
11 M tt \l
ll        : kink,
till   i
Negleotful I irelcuneta.
Our Water World Threatened.
li niighl lii.ve b.-,:. ill  ;i  l:iil' buy u
It river.     All old
oral 8 '•
nnental i
:   I      ! ..
g Will j el I
■ It as ll
t woman stoo| ng
,   ■ ......
ic liil her | '.     Irean
■   ii   i : ii : angrily,
tal tl
gits a     : ,.-     I'll nii-k ye
r it el    hev loi
P.. • Mail ,ii Diitinetion.
Will be complete this week. Yuu will
find the style of stove you want, whether
heating or cooking. All are first grade,
mill prices are very reasonable. Fruit-
jars are n * seas nable >: di I n
We   are   "moving" them  this   v.    •
Let ...
Ibilitit* be
,. .1.1,-
catc tl>-»i
,.,    ui    !..
M (     v   .     '
:, ,i „.
. .un.<t
Ittvc   It
•   il    pig |
. You'll llnd him oul there
Henry W. Harvey
Cenerai  Mekchant.   Enderby, B.C.
v \|.
i... Mo
i organ,   Dn
ed hills west
■ •
of town Into the
-   ■
■ ii ii
rjr oi an old :.■,
• •«.: ■■    .    ler I
ind.   One morning he came
■ i
nailer. Moser"
n dit Ire*
Mi r
•   -
This is to
Remind You
That when you need
Drugs, Patent Medi
clnes, Fine Toilet
Soaps and Toilet Ar
tides, you should
come to the Drug
Store where a spe-
y Is made In those
lines,   'twill pay you
Al present our store Is a little out cl
the way. but soon we will move ink
lhe new brick block, and have a hand
some and up-to-date place ot bushiest.
Cliff St.. Enderby, B C
20 Years
From today, how much ready cash do you expect
to have ? Perhaps you are working (or wages,
and do not see how you can put aside anything lor
your old age. but you can Invest In an endowment policy m IGe Mutual Life of Canada, tt
will pay you well—no company cai •
thing better and few anything so good.   A;
Win. J. Twiss, Vancouver
WitK The Owl
■ C ntempla-
Rotes.    -
rted    trden, Field
Going Fast
Several Small Blocks sold In the past few days ! Dont
Just put upon the market. The choicest building sites in the
I Enderby. Ten minutes' walk from lhe Postofflce.
Enderby has advanced in a wonderful measure during the past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled in
value The town will continue to progress: It has only fairly
started.   Property will continue to increase In value; building
Your best
lots will never be less valuable than they arc today.   Your best
opportunity is NOW.   Price of Lots, tf 1 /\
Henry W. Harvey. Agent. ™«»•*    W
Floral Dpi ,
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
king i
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
to order them early.
.  _    _.___      TlTc British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., cf Ne*. Westminster.
ALF   TODD     iJ c•■ m:lkf 1,n s!andard packages, and use only SPRUCB
Lumber, which is the best for fruit.   They will print your name
;.nd address on your boxes without extra charge
Ecksrt, Manager.
1010 W. almin.tr. Road    Vancouver
The Leading Tonsorial
Artist of the Valley,
is located at Enderby
• it ■
lay nlgl
i ifhy
• ■        ■
' .
-   -
He can   handle  lhe
'he best of
in I he's an ar-
Ith the scissors.
; rices:
Jut. 25c: shave.
.    :0c; shampoo, 25:; hair tonic. IOc
A.  Todd,  Han.ra.VIHV. I nl<.|.v
CEORGE V.   I WVI.S. Enderty
Do vou want to
tors of Labor. General Merchants, and Laundrymen
All kinds of Chinese Goods kept In stock. Labor supplied on
a large or small scale. Contracts taken for clearing land, wood
cutting, etc First-class Laundry work done at a reasonable
price.   Naturalized British subjects. Enderby. 13 C.
Receipt Books
buy or sc
•i implement
Letter Heads. Biii
" ;:v " ,
I rinie
pes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
'•'; ring Cards. Invitations—any-
-quickly done a! tl Estl-
heerfully furnished on every clasi ol B-Js and Jab
-    Perhaps Pi "
ty something ?
Want help ?   Want seed ?
A trial
umn i    25cwill     „.     r . .    n    . F , , ,«„, First Year
* MctKodi.tCt.urci. A Good Talk on Gambling
■• in i
Divine Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible CIpm, 2:3  p.m,
Hiayer Meeting,   -   -   •   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welcone for all.
A. E. ROBERTS Paal r,
Rat lenee: Clllf St.. next tlw Church,
CanaJa tltc Mlfntncont.
In ih,- August repo
irt of iiu. Canadian
high commissioner, Ihe Right Hon,
I rd .'.inthcoiia.G.C.M.G.,elc.,tothe
minister of trade and commerce, he
lhe following extract from a re- business with
port on the Congress to the assoclallon (or mon8V u \ „,„ he|p „
To use his own words, Elbert Hubbard Is nol "a member ol Ihe Christian
Endeavor Society, lhe Epworlh League,
lhe Baptist Union. Ihe Knights of Columbus, or lhe Society lor Ihe Suppression ol Vice;" bui he is a man who
does a "heap o' thinking" ol tlu- right
kind. In the Philistine lor July, he
gives ihis hearl-to-hearl talk on gambling: "As a cold business proposition,
lei me give you (his: 1 would not Irusi
an amateur gambler as far as you could
lling Taurus by Ihe tall. I will nol do
man who plays cards
No indi-
In .ii
! gambler
' | consume:
ble In prelecting u
e. It add. :: lh ■
nnwmlly. Asiutene
rid, nor doe:
: .: happier,
..... intlllc economics the
.   :     ,!:,: a tine!      He
but does not produce."
I'.a.y Solution.
ban of Commerce ol the Unl- vldus| |n my emp|oy   or anybody tMs
: hi by lhe secretary of lhat w|,0 p|ays cards lor money can ever j gives nothing away,  In lime, Ihe habit
b.jj! will doubtleu be read wllh Inter- hope for promotion.                          'of the man becomes fixed   he ll I
Ml   "After ihe business proceedings "a professional gambler  may be living lie.   He lies to friends, family,
had terminated, Ihe delegates made hottest, bin your clerk or business man: employer, and business associates. He
extended lours through Canada, and who lndu|ges n, a qu|et game of draw, forever plays a part.   Life lo him Is a
heavily because his debls aie :,.-ai-
mulitlng. li Is an old story, an I I I
ens ol men 111 Sing Sing can tell you
all about It.
"One bad feature of Ihe poker game
Is the poker-face Ihe Impassive, while
lace wllh lis cold smile, ll reveals
nothing nothing but untruth, And the
prll ll reason It reveals nothing Is
bacau - there Is nothing back of It to
reveal: It does nol token trull
sympathy, kindness, love, nor Ini
"Our actions and lh ughi   ir. :..  .
ing brain cells, and the gambler  la
building   Ceils   Of   folly.     HIS   fjaaaaBamilllllaaaaaaaaaai..........^^^^^^
of Dtvl It' "»'''58ld "> ,h« «'"PI(»'«'. "Oh- R" nd
'of him! dismiss him."
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endkkiiy. b.c.
Sir I leiiry Campbell-Baitnentiaii tell:
I an admirable story of the advice given
I by an Englishman, a Scotchman, and
Ir   I ' lively, I    a gentle
• -.am was constantly
It lhe household.
The Englishman In his blunt, honest
excellent fruit land—$1500.
irom Eri. rb\
were received at various points by rep- ls „ roglle- , |,ar and a 0|ieal.
resentailves of Ihe provincial govern- --Alld lho man he cileiXi mos, ls
menls and cities, as well as of Ihe hhme|, Alld ,he 0||)v „„„ he rea||v
boards of trade. We had thus many d,celvej |5 himself,
opportunities of conversing with leading ..And ,he llian who d9CeivC5 himself
Canadians in ihe different provinces. „)d chejl|s B||ns,„ wl)| gj)l no challce
as well as of seeing lhe country; and of |0 chea| m, „ ,ne mm ^ ^
ascertaining how far It Is capable ol av0|ded. Beware ol Ihe white face,
development, both as respects agricul- ,he ^ nandj and ,„„ imftaUe nn||,
lure and manufactures. o( ,he po|,or p|ayer |
The general opinion was. lhat Can-     ..T|le amalwr gambler Is not neces-
■di enjoys enormous natural advantages Mr||y , tad ma„   wimui\y his imenis
In the possession ol magnificent water- in ^^   He p|aya (lrJ, j)mD|y (or
ways, noble lorests. vast prairies sulta   recrta,|0n; ,hen io add Interest, the!
ble lor wheat growing, and great mineral gam9 transforms lls*l( Into pennyante.'
resources, all of which are awaiting From ,h|J ,0 ^^ ,„ the nKll9y h«
devclapnient.   It would be difficult to na, „ a very ^ evolution when lhe
.miry which Is so favorably all- rever (j0n
.    Ho lb possible conimer-     "He wins.   But to quit when you
cial future: and ill that seeim necessity ^t mnt alld na, g|VS V3ur oppugn
is the addition of a Urge population ca- a chance l(, W|n ,hetr money back. Is
pabte ol utilizing these resources, and lam or itu o( t dtagraea.
cl giving them i comtiierctil value."       -Ht flip aga|n   and |owa,   Then
11. Read tk« AJvertlnr.        h* wants a chance to get hu money
= back.   He plays first only In the even-
"Some folks git stuck mighty easy." Ing .ln hour alter supper,   Then il he
remarked Fanner Clovertop. looking up antl[ tvty (r.m wcr|, a, (auf j^
front hU copy ot the Podunk Advertiser, ,nd p|ay m\ aupp,r xlm_ h« will do
"For all they think they're to all-fired SOi )uj, u Kom of g0V(!mmenl clerki
intari. the city folks It hivin' irtlflclil & a, Waihlnglon.   In lhe evening he
ice shjved elf en 'em.   I'd like to see pi,,,again-excitement U tn the air
'   ' »"   ' '- challenge is ibrcad   he vill ccnie out
Jo.K TaUn Care Ol*. even, and then quit   Men who have
work to do cannot pUy all night and do
that he could my business th» next day. ac midnight may
ues."   "DiiJ.-jh end the game,   But Saturday night lhe
"V/her* U h« n;wr" pms gM, „, ^1 diylight,
'-:■:. that pi" "Of ih* 'morality' of gambling, not
anything need be Mid   all I affirm Is.
that it u tlmply absurd to enter on a
habit where success U defeat, ind to
win U a calamity.
"The successful amateur gambler
. graduates Into a proftstistti!. he hu la,
for business men shun him.
____^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "No nun who play* cards lor money
Positively the best talk- can keep hu position long, Thibet
Ing machine on the u, none of ui have a suiphu of brums.
market ll sings, plays and if you ire going io succeed in but-
and talks Just as natural men, ill ih«psw*r you hive i
as llle^jro1^*"00 ittin •» deman<l«d.   Th* man she
H.ETCME* MOS.. «M &* ***** « "W"! *** *> **IMO
VICTORIA. B.C. in appueaun. in th* diytutte. hasn't yet been asm.
t(M|| a. iT-y^t IIC/-VM      "U* U * b*1* ilcc»unl-'l",h*
W.rl.riU IVarlloUIN much divine enetgyat yaw duaanl.
_ i ni    I      'I      What are you going to do with it)  If
General Blacksmith     you draw your chedufor thu. you can-
 _ nol for that- lake your chiice.   And
A a,-     It.   '...• IM R*Balr*t . „   . . .    _    ,    ,
above all. do n;t draw on the Bank ot
"A boll In time  Will grease the Futurity by breathing bid air. keeping
line"—makes things run easier bad hours and bad company
—saves wear and tear and a    "Th* nun who succeed! tn buiiitti*
final break  down.    Anything i< th* one who goes to bed r-
that is made ol iron and can be o'clock it night; and only one thing u
repaired will be repaired. Farm he jealou of. and that u outdoor *i-
Implements, buggies & wagons a trciie.
specially, and all repairs guar-    "CimUtng robt i nun of nut. ind
anteed to Stand lhe keen edge A hu III* It bit in
ling the pait»b.»rd.    All he gi.
hu employer - r the world U Ih-
:lay he U I •  .
efficient pertsn. and till weakness la
very apt lo manifest itself In burdening
is,   The Curse of gambling
does r,:t tall on the gambler alone, any
An accident policy Cover- more than dies Ihe drunkard akrte
ing fiCkneSS as  Well, Will suffer for his fault.  Suffering late up;*
provide for you      Gel It ol every :ne within the radios of th*
WALTER   E    TRUESDAI.E f      '
E"<CTk'' .    v!w is on a labty. h-
Cr.  C  XT     into lawundlor hUwagai
. Vj. l". iNo. lUjO then h» g»-
MaM ■ UntinghU salary b 5
" ■ Ihan. If I
eaftMllgr Ir.v ^^^^1^,^,^,,11111111111*aaBBBBBB*
A.V.Smtkrt. C R. H H  /
game of blulf, And get ll out of your
head that the liar does not look you
squarely In Ihe eye. The poker-player
is a scientific liar, running on Ihe low
gear, and his eyes look calmly into
yours.   He Is aslute.   Astuteness It
The Scolchmin's advice wits, "Step
lhe money out of his wages."
"Bui.' said the master, "he breaks
more than hU wages amount to."
"Then." slid the Irishman, "raise
his wages,"
The lint time you have a few minutes to spar*, look carefully over the
advertisements In Ihis paper. You
will find something ol Interest.
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Have you any
protection ?
r tn.
.win more
Under The Olive Tree
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity, The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
The man that can't take a joke ought to take
When a man has reserve ol character, he will
not be defeated by defeat.
The ma., who dare not stand alone cannot be
trusted to stand with others.
We can well afford to sacrifice money when
necessary: but never principle.
If you cannot trust a man in the smallest trifles
it is dangerous to place important undertakings in
his hands.
'Tis easy to criticise: any foci can do it. But
did you ever hear a wise man criticise a fool—or
anyone else ?
The best way to make the world jog along as it
ought to. is for each to do what we think the other
fellow ought to do.
Oh. lordie: whal a lot of discontent -Are would
save ourselves If every day we eld what we had to
without grumbling!
Our Importance depends upon our usefulness,
and we are useful only when as forget ourselves In
our service to the community.
The woman who has a good word to say of every
other woman—when you meet her sit right down
and wait t :t Gabriel  He's just around the comer.
We * ill not say that Enderby Is lhe only bright
spot In Canada, or In ihe Okanagan. but we don't
want to spread our tanglefoot over too much paper
If we want to catch any flies.
What's the matter with Enderby Inaugurating a
general town picnic day? There is more genuine
enjoyment and recreation and sociability at a town
picnic than at a dozen celebrations.
As a common business proposition, the habit of
anger and cursing Is a losing one. Every time
we lose control of our feelings we lose hold up:n
lhat ■* hich Is best In us, And no man can hold the
respect o! other men who Indulges in that fool's
Fresh Fruit
The demand has b:en so great that It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand.   We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
fresh every day.
Hove you looked Through our Cent's Furnishings?
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign woods
rApy hawing.
......   --a
l Hi**-
^.r '•.•.•> i.r^ •**>
TD IT IT Q Fo"* Fan
1 WlALrO Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree trim the big
Nurseries cf Stone St Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol the trees sen". :ut by these nurseries 13
as near perfection as. . vers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby 	
Enderby Brick Yard
Katl>   YOUR   IYI  ON  HIM
lhe Little
with the
A. M. BaircJ
•» -**
That touches the .-
.' this
...... j
n   Anything that can
" • i-    Ir
jht here
lite Llenngraph
/ \
ft*    ■■■:■-,
*i line :■!; : BY, B.C., AUGUST 24, 1904
F      Year
. in.iTfBuaar-iu.. wav.fi - - **+tmu^jM svaaaajBi .aiiXTUau
1 raaing Co.
,' t\^:ti«Wattv.i •»* *atj.-ii«aaiaBW.'J:iiCiaa»ajawaj»n.u----J*.
Better than
■ In the Pulpits
What thi Loral Piator.:   • ■ ndlllg «|
Talked About ly si to bt
Sunday ,■•   ... n     ':. ■ ::...,.; ,..-. ■...':
e and don't coi
my bright thlni
come undi r our ind ■- ilmik it
i groat d '    I
:.. I  parti .. irl)    ■   irlli li:  which
I     ■
■ great- right.   But tl
aatgifi renum It e I I mini
For Sale!
. ■
'.'.■ •
work fcr Cci
Ulster:; 5 to tl
text from
the 24th . ■     I tl
Manufacturers ol all kinds of Rough and Finished
llothiei     • Cana la
i, ai
In Fall and Winter Suitin;
inylhing better    Wc gua
k its stylish an
garment you
$15 to $35 a Suit
III—   T    aniaa. *»»«■» S*S
larc   •.■*   « . .. v
Enderby  Trading Co.,
Jill St. Enderby.
■ itienchid.
lhat I   us not Wt
i of the Divine
that a   Mm, ,. Kamloops. Annls and Enderby,    Capacity 25.000.000
feet ol Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
• •   Jmui    Bui al| n       Address—
a   I
tntoeon- ■«. KAMI.OOI'S 1 IMI1I.R CO. LTD
•  lb»' " EncUrly. H l
en as masters.   Ha
. isr more import-
■ ilm in III* It our
v.'- never can
:. ,.. - • .,        Whal we ilrtv*
that we will become, Jur.l u mi
we persevert   We cannot i- - Price     ^ ^ ..       ., Price
'•'•' i cam saer ani
have ambitions today thai are contrary
*± r Cure Constipation ^ c
I '--tcsaBaaal
to the ambitions of yesterday.   We      cents
• irom God on . D    D      Riit-«rtc
iv. iv. Durns,
M.isonic Build h      .-
Burns' Toilet Ltru i .
vV< muii !•
.; ... j van'
found hers
irv* hin  II
| -
:l  .'■
my people, h
. , Chrism::
:  ,y
K. P. Bratlli'V, Kntlffliv 1 latiKvai'c Merchant
v-.iig. but whelher lion .
animal condll in
fe HKtltly mtl he step I
tkt myth ng
I l.tlllw.lK*
"0112 Tin & Plumbing
O  \\ oiks
, ire.    Granlteware,    Cruel
11CCS i Igni St u ire.   Fine Table
f~.-  A 1   r»««Jo    Cuttlery.  Tituare.   Fine Cooking
101  t\\   gOOaS.   Utensils.  Wwdcn*are.   Pipe  and
Sutter Crxks.   Daisy* Churns.
Creaming Cans i     Dairy Goods.   ^cClary MTg Cos
-.-—•   ■    Famous Stoves and
Steel Ranges.
\\ . J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong. B. C.
A New Mattress
(i Al.hRS-.IANkl.Y
.-   ■   I
but nearly.   Call
and see ihe be a j'. loci     Prices are lo*'. but
rkmanshlp Is first-class   New line of Iron
: Goods to suit your taste
•' ..:  lint       t    Rente .son hand In a few days, some
■ '.• I •     beautiful photss ;:' iinderby   Order one now.
JaS. C. EllgllSh, CUrSt., Enderby
i \
I    1  a
. ii
We would mentijn:
i %.W»4
:-     a
■'.   THEY
k :an
;   \jfcj <\ '   -  J DRIFTED SNOW
: %kJ\   %, f    Wt Col«mbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd
f'    'V!
-* *^.
Duck Calls
. ■
i. o. i\. ^ii.in
F. Pyman
Jeweler f®»
Expert Watch Repuirer
pen    We ..- |
rerythlntj I
i'. Trunks ani Valises received this
Dauble and Single Harness
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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