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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald Jul 20, 1906

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__________H__________H_______H -_____.
The Enderty Progress
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 9
ENDERBY. B. C, JULY 20 1906.
Price, SI.50 a Year
"\ Date of Voting Changed.        About the By-Law.
A Lady Told Us
She Didn't know we
Handled Stoves
FANCY THAT!   Of course we do!
from a Needle to an Anchor!
Photographic Supplies
Wa  keep a lull line,    Sole Agents tor
Eastman's goods.   All supplies sold at li.v.
Mall Orders will receive prompt attention.
Endtrby Drug 9b Stationery
Company Ltd.
Vlilton to the northern pert of the Okanagan Valley, whether
Uml hunting, or tar pleasure and apart, can do no betier than
mike Ihis house their headquarter!. Table and cuisine un
excelled. Bar replete with luteal wines, aplrila. liqueurs, cigars
Wita/ac  Ht   Snii-ile   **** ol',-, *******    V/e have a
mes (X  OpilllS  \irg._ assortment of all the well
known brands lo chouse Irom.
Eslimaler, Furnished
Addles:,   care ol  Progress  Ollice  r
B01 180, Armstt mj
The King and Queen will nol visit
Canada this year.
Mr. and Mrs. McMalrn lltd family
lell on Wednesday lo join Ihe campers
at Tappen Siding.
Apropos of large heads -I lim lhy.
H. W. Wrlghl has shown Ihe Pn
two heads which he picked al tandom
while walking ihrough Ills hay lield cne
day lh;-. week One measured eiRlil
and a quarter inches in length ani lhe
ether seven and three -quarters. Thee
are not Ireaks. but just .-.pccinieiis, lhe
like A which can be seen in any pari
ol the Held.
The City Council held iheir usual
weekly meeting on Wednesday lasi.
Aid. Bradley, In Ihe absence ol ihe
Mayor, took the chair.    *"
Aldermen Bradley and Barntt, reported on the complaint nude by Mrs
Hutchinson re the King Edward Hotel
cesspool. They reported thai the
proprietors were abating the nuisance
>a lasl as ihey could.
The Council then went Into committee on a whole on the Waterworks
Bylaw. Major Burnet presented the
plana and specifications of the proposed water system. These were
discussed at some length and held over
lor further consideration at a special
meeling lobe held on Saturday evening
at which Mayor Bell will be present.
The disgraceful stale and unsanitary
conditions prevailing behind the Union
Restaurant, Bell Block and other
place ain thai vicinity were discussed
at some length. It was lell by all lhe
Councillors thai Immediate aleps must
be taken 10 abate the nuisance. As
soon aa Constable Gardom returns he
will be requested to enforce the pro.
visions ol the Health By-law
By reason ol a small error creep. 1
Ing Into the wording ol the Waterworks
By-law, the dale of voting Is chinged
Irom July 24th to 3 Isl, one week later.
Provincial Constable Girdom sur.
prised his many friends on Saturday
morning by Inloritilng them by wire
lhat he had taken unto hlit-jell a wife.
The happy event occurred on Friday
evening and Ihe lady is Miss Helen
Munro, who. our readers will remember,
sang ai a concert given here some
three months ago by Madame Glen
denning and herself. The news of hu
marriage has come as a very great,
surprise to Mr.Gardom'a many friends.
lor It wis most uneapecled
As we have no more particulars;
•bout hla marriage, we must content
ourselves with saying lhat the Pttosmss
wishes lo be allowed lo clfer its congratulations and join wnh the many
irlends cl lhe happy couple in wishing
them all happiness and prosperity
throughout the llle which ihey have
entered upon.
Mrs. Gardom will be a welcome
addition to ihe musical talent ot the
town, lor besides possiuing a musical
and well trained voice, she isatiarliitic
performer on the piano.
Mr. McDonald, western manager for
the Confederation Life, was a pasaeitget
on Saturday's train on a trip through
the valley. He was accompanied by
W. E Truesdale. travelling district
The English cabinet has decided lo
rescind Its action cutting down the
naval estimate.-, ll will build Iwo
battleships ol the Dreadnaught class.
Mr. ft. Waddell. who recently arrived Irom Scotland 10 make a visit to
hit son. R. Waddell, of Hailemere
Ranch. Intends to make many improve
ments in the property. The house will
be entirely repaired and painted, lawns
will be bid oul. and shade and ornamental irees planted, and the appearance
ol the properly otherwise improved by
landscape gardening. Mr. Waddell
says that he is more Ihan ever con
vlnced thai he selected the right district when he purchased the ranch
When out from Scotland bst summer
he made a tour ct the whole ,1 the agn
c.illural d.-lncl tf Hi-nt vlnct, v.:
afler rti   I   irel      I   lei it
that tl    ■ -
hU choice    Mr Wad:     1
two month's stay with h
Even in a small community   - h 1
Hi -.     ne     . ■  '  ..••■:,  in touch with
everything 1 irltlng 'ir editor-
; ■ .   iw, we have found
oul that a   tn ve has alr-ady been
made 10 herd the t vnoowa.   This we
It appeals lhal Ihe Wataiaoi.a 1... -a.
has been inlauiiclaratooil in aoma .   .
Complaint hue lieen made ilea' -' rea
lhe scheme, aa ptopjunjail ai i it ,
meeting whleh was held tor tha putpoaa .1
conaniafing same waaahown le beaaelt-
suppotiinc site. Ihe Sy-ltw says nathing
on thts point, bui tnetely ptovtdaa lor what.
on the tact ol tt. appears to be eaua taaa
The By-Uw, however was framed hy
competent legal authority, and is In lhe
totm invatiably adopted lor lhe purpose ot
latalnr, lends lot municipal anletpriaes.
Nothing ahori ot the actual levy ll.
apeclal ua lor Ihe payment ct pftncipal anil
iiiteieat would be deemed adequate security
by purchasers of debetituitt. without this
the City's bonds would be unsaleable. The
totm ol levying and collecting this special
tan musl petldce be gone ihtaugh. bui it la
only a form, because tht genetal tat wsuld
be itduced by this amount. The ttvttiue
dtiived Irom the sale water, which, at waa
shewn al lhe meeting above referred to
would mote than meet all eipeuaea connected with ihli load, would have lo bt thrown
Into tht general (und: and it la only a mal
ter ot book-keeping to adjust tht ligutta ao
as lo comply with lha ttquitemtnta ol Iht
law govttmng municipal linances. No
doubt 10 Iht non-ltgal tea let 1
appear an umteetasaiy camphcati.n ol a
malttt which in llttll la vary simple, but
tht Council's Itgal advisn aaaattd thtm
thtl Una was iht only leaatlie attangtmtnt.
Those ol our readtra thttilott who havt
had vtttona ol Ihtir ttaation being inrteaaed
stvtral milla through the provttlorta et thit
By-law, wtll set not only thai Iheir liars
att gtoundttsa. but lhal it gentttl patpaats
do not call (or greater taptndituie than al
present. Ihl total imocnl of ihnt itata
would even be itduced,ta ll la esay lo tee
thit then would bt surplus revenue from
the aa 0 ot water.
At Aiirutiong, whttt ihiio la a (levity
ayaitm which ia being paid lor in the tame
manner aa la now proposed tor thia Cny. the
aurplua rtvenut on hind taller lour yttta
operation, amounts to JI.S00.00.
Thtre Is just as luge a revttiot 11, eight
hete aa thnt is at Armstrong. and. it the
By-law r*UM *..'* oonvinstd that tht
proptriy-owntra ot Endetby wtll. 111 a yttr
or two't Ilmt. tee that thty made no mtt-
laht tn Inttalieng t ayattm ct watat 1 rt
As we have sai J before. En derby patataaea
iht heat lownttii 11. iht valley and tli thai
11 lacking la a good water supply.
tt wt Jlil not cenaider lhe achenet a good
one. wa should nol htatiatt 10 say aa. But
11 ci 1 good ont. md II 11 ahoutd le named
down. Iht lawn and dtatrtct will be givtn a
-.at back eti lit tiil.avata •, Hiram papula
.hi h 11 would ukt a long time
We cannot allittto bran I auraetves as
The number of mark, secured by
Ihe pupils ol Enderby Public School
who sat lor the Entrance Examinations.
wete as follows: Ernest Evans. 842.
Reginald Crane. 772; Herbert Teece.
697: Edith Johnson, 693, Edna
Creyell. 003. Maud B
studying the results I the examinations
held in this Inspectorate IN j 4. containing Yale. Llllooel and Cariboo
districts) It IS noticed thai the average
ol the marks gained by our successlul
scholars la the highest al the district
Ernest Evans comes out acond
Ibi. being beaten by F re
of Canoe Creek, I South I .h ,-■ -1
189 nuriu, an eatri
while Reglnal I rans I
place, and H-r •
Ethel G'bbs. I Lit
Plac-    With such e-________--i
flu -.-..■      let '     II      .-'■-:
...        iiprttttd     - •■   keadlni
Enderby, July J.O1I1, 1906
•■ -
Sit, The bulling season is again
upon us Men and boys once more
Ieel Ihe impulse lo lake their "annual
bath" to disport themselves in the
limpid element.
But all men and boys are not alike.
Ihere is a dillerence 10 be noticed
among them.
Some. It has been observed, with 1
gentlemanly regard lor the feelings ol
others, betake themselves to a secluded
place below lhe Hour mill: others, however, wlih.ut scruple, bathe above the
apot whence the town water supply is
taken, in water which minute by minute
is being pumped inlo people's houses.
These Individuals probably act thus
through mere thoughtlessness: I do
not think they would Intentionally and
deliberately decide to be so discourteous, and 10 make themselves m
objectionable. Some ol ihem, I know,
are very estimable persons. but how
ever highly I may esteem a man
personally. 1111011 emphatically do not
want his bath water served at my table
three limes a day as a beverage
There's a limit to everything. Please
Yours truly.
R  ih .•'.».
Tm EttuhKev Waterworks.
Enderby. B C. July 19
Editor EifumttiY Pkosrhsi.
Sir, Our city la about to take a
step, which, ll approved by the citliens
will place us in possession ol 1 water
system second 10 none in the valley,
owned by the city and not a private
•Ut have just had a good illustration
ol what It is to have a system owned
by a private company, as during this
very hoi weather some of the business
men have been in the hebll of gelling
ihe hose out and spraying tha buildings
and stteels to eotf the atmojphere as
well as gelling a little practice wnh
the work in caie oi lire, but this week
while doing so. along came lhe assistant
manager of the company, with the air
ol his po: ilion and positively pul a stop
to the proceedings, as he said that tt
.. >ng too much on lh* com
Such ts what we may expect Irom a
private company, and I hope that it
will leach us a lesson and thai we will
all vole unanimously in Iavor ol a water
system owned by the city when the
day arrives.
Thanking rou lor your valuable space.
I am
-.c   !-.;    -
Camera Cluk.
"""""  't',"': th-  fr-    ' the Endetby Drug and
It Tuesday. 24th si
. : . ! -any litvltalloe
til interested in this pro|eCt
lo be pi
J N Gram lelt lor Kamloops on
•   Ihe Tuesday all-"
B F. Franklin relum-:   I
Miss D. Liekfold lelt on Wednesday Thursday. Iiaviri;  11   •
for Salmon Arm on a vi 110 hei    ter, lion Wllh th* Rothesay Lumber Co.
Mi   A J Carel   I cl lhat place
heartiest approval.
Ih-C ,-,..11 .-'■• -lll-ir v, ; 11.,'I
lh::. bylaw H lh- lasl teller The
youig lad who has started Ihe herd is
miking an llletl pi 10 solve the  most
e.C.        .'.       ;.!'(:        Will    ll     til?     COUIICil
1 . .        .  -. '    " rider, anil
.......    be falling In Ihtir duty il ihey
I   .  . •   rC* H)|| laev,     Thev
w-t- ileal- peeled a:. I  ;: .1 I
Hot Weather
Lime Juice, Grape Juice, Raspberry
Vinegar, Fruits
Also lull line Canned fiojds that wl!! save you Irom
standing over a hot stove
Enderby Trading Company
«   It H  I " \SER.
' it   SUIS    PRET."
a   .
1     ' ■
I    -   i   ; rail    1    •
UN     !      '       -'-''•      '
I iht
Notes and Comment
-L_.    m-
tht I     irby district I
.c .;    I        .     . . bitter
•.ran most oi Its rtva
nti - ■• id  - '
:,:'. . :. ,1" '1 c' I' ■: . ' I It!
;, Ivanl ,.' : i *.:..■•.:.. . .
money t In lam
ing land in the vie-inliy.   Wnhin
the pa .   - ■ '     very we..!',liy
h  gentlemen  (Messrs
ii IW) : bought
es. the . value oi
xb\ :■ is $53,000   When men
,:...■ i thai ..     ml oi money In
a : . . ,-.\ snares, one
would reasonably suppose that
only alter careful
.   ".•. :   >     The    .'
all, would to.   tl
up to each one ol us house
holders to see (hat weeds are
kept under, both inside our own
lence, an I   utsl le, an I also cn
'he siree!. that is. li we do not
msIi : :he Cuun'.ry over      	
run with weeds, and PFTER     BURNFT
npl    Surely ' L" ' UIX     DWI\ni_,l
take a little pride in the;
t\|■ .■..:■ •• ir   town's
streets So let each one see
that the wi»eas around hu place
are cul - ethe ma rlty
.• • ■■ : To those who
strive to have a garden and
grow their own vegetables, etc.
and put in all 'heir spare time
in lending to It, It Is heart-rending to s.*e in a lot n
weeds of all desctlpticns going
to seed, and sending iorlh a
fresh crop for him to hie out of
!..   .• ,■ :-■   i.-...: . •.,*'
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
lel 1-1    Bl        '
.   ERBY B- C.
Miss B. Manton
BELL BLOCK.       hours.
10 am lo 5.30
L 0. L. No. 446
Men's Chip Hats
Just the thing to shade you In the Hot Sun.
Ladies' Summer Blouses
In the veiy latest styles and patterns.
Boys' Summer Suits
Good-fitting, neat, light and comfortable.
\\\- alto Up in  ttoek   FRESH   GROCERIES, oomt.rt.ing
ill.- k i known !'i in.I- ill  Good*.    Fniitl wncn procurjnl*.
Metcalfe   <&   Wheeler
■THAT POUND BY-LAW a    ••  _    a    M /^"l C__    1_1
a. i & A. m.   L,lean otable
we have remark-1
•dial the Ei.
Is as good as lis many rivals.
Before very long, unless we are
very much i xe shall
see this dlslrl much
seekers ..in investors    In the
all,  spi id Its many
advantages, proclaim tlte
pleasures of ilk here in the
fertile Northern Okanagan to
ti friend and wh •-, "-meet
This is the surest and quickest
methc i ol attracting pe
th*. counti .    *   ' it
great a d«.!ight in enlarging on
.,    ii as a lew h in
r   ,   . '.  -
many years:
be n   • r mai
Our ■:; 19 advettiiinK
Thei-     ■
.    .    itui
•. i ,■ •■ - -   • .    ■ ■
.-    •; .    •    il lie 'hat the
i ■
pubii Irated
irtcti     tut .
ind that a
I -• -   llstrl ■ is now
•     :mg lhe
•    . i
Fi in the many complaints
being made re the number oi
cows which roam around the
cily streets all day—and night
too—it  seems   that the city
council will have to again con'
slder this question.   O:
it Is somewhat hard lor the poor
man who keeps a cow. to be
u* able to let his animal feed on
largi   an   ml oi pasture
•Hey ilnd throughout the
' . n   But this is not the only
ti. ior   there   are
many against the practice oi
Ing   cows   to roam the
al   III    Under present
circumsiances It Is utte-l) Im
possible lor a man to attempt to
plant shade trees ar und his
lot. or. If he does, he has to
place them two or three iect in
(rom the lence. to prevent cows
irom eating away one side o!
their foliage
Outslie oi the absolute pro
tubman of cow. running o t me
streets, there seems to us to be
That is. that cows can
allowed lo be pastured outside,
providing  they   are  herded.
This could be managed if all
who keep cows w to jointly
hire a man to do this,   Hi
would   collect Ihe animals In
lhe morning, drive Ihem to a
pasture outside of town, and
return them in ihe  evenim?
II this were done, this v
question would then be pracii
cally settled   Wc     ,
Hep will be lakcn along
the lines suggested by .
• way lo abate lhe
al. II.
ft It Sana
ax tit'tittti
We beg to Inform the
Public that alkur horses
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ have been tested for
Glanders Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out and
disinfected, and Is as clean as the day It was built.
C.O.F.No 1058
H.I   • •
I. 0.0. F.
Iht*'-• Lodge, No, SO Mitta eveir
.   • a Ma tta    a'
Knights of Pytliias
IS metis etreijr M • lai »»•    <
Ma        Ha   '.'.aetin< tcmrtm
« CC. A,8 1* ••
Bank of Montreal
Ctailal, all pan ap. SI4.000.000. KetL. SI0.000.00
talanct Pioiei. arvtl Lou a,.mini. tt! l.vnn
fitnittct Kc<Vi He, Uti SeiathNiitancI Maunt Royal C. C M. G.
V'i.'t I'lftieJtiit, Sir Ota. A. Drummand L. CMC
A General Banking   ttulr.tts transacted
Dratta Iiii a1
ta la tht L'mtti Stattt. Butcpe and CanaJa,
iiteiuitng Alien ani Detain Cily.
:   . .   .
'e       |1   via at-la
MCHMene ■..—■■      H      ' I   I   ','*,
va.lM. a»jli on ermine wllhmil
erlay ',-, I. I
Savings Bank !T
0 A riicattax.
Milt HU  WW I I.I)
■    -
iltutional stroll
• ,*     Then  he Ml
sorts ai ns. and It ht
g a botanist, what i
comprel enslve
*   • .       .-       •   .
in    nl
., , and the lacl
that they are a
ii   ■-...-.    .       afford I
give tl
;ing them    N
The thought occurs to us
nslderlnglhe number ol
•     *hich   the  settlers;
.   -he  Mabel Lake road
-ere mast be a great
It is the
duty in these days ta
- their children
i:    : e.. »*i a an I if there
number ol
In the
- hope.
at steps will
.   •    1 r
distrtt- ii    -   .  e the using
.- .
»*e compeiiti n
. ■■ .■ *"*i* e*i ti
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
i •'    • -: '■ -
vancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have the besl
meats, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block Always
fresh. |ulcy and tender.
Cm. R. Shariw
quarters lie   ll hu wingi, and
travels so fast by wire that the
truth can never catch up lo it.
Rumor Is lhe ies -       wj'.s
and blackmailers.   When they
warn to fasten a siigma upon
their neighbors Ihey say ll "is
rumored on the streets." or
"there are those who say." or
"we have ll on goad authority."
or "It is slated"  The man
aa* m -un, ns usually a
hypocrite,  who makes greal
and pretends to be
• -!   at   lhe   revelations
which his imagination has con
ceive 5    He is evil minded, and
rolls ui
which is salaclously spiced or
■    .   -
' a * man   He revels in lhe
filth o!   politics   or  society.
Real Stt«ate, Insurance,
Mlni-.t, and Ceneral Und Agtntt
Berry time is Here!
Come and see our fine stock ol sealers, preserving kettles, etc.
OUR HARDWARE it the best on the market
Cooking Utensils. Carpenters' Tools. Builders' Garden Tools.
Hose, etc., Paints, Oils and Varnishes, are always on hand
Our Stock of all Staple Commodities Is large and comprehensive    Fresh country butler and eggs
R. P. Bradley - Enderby     	
here ! (
-Cheap Lumber
Iblackei      re char
-  ■
bl ac k I -arted
".he alert lo
*us spume, winch Is more
•lange- -.munlly
than ths germs ol tuber       I
Rut* -
W are Inl -me.-ha' i
. be heard alma8'
any day by seltlers al ng thf
Mabel Lake • si the
Indian reserve, and it is well
• lhat deer are being shot
by in '.\Am   Cases are reported
where the animals have been
yiuttg taken
This it a case into
which   am Ihlnk   Ihe  Came
Ihli district should
ind we hope to see
him give it his immediate alien
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, Irom $8 to $10 per M
Shiplap. $12 per M
Flooring, Celling. Siding. from $<5 per M "P
IwAny olher information will be lumished on inquiry al
our office We respectfully solicit a share ol your patronage,
which *lll have our careful attention.
I..I.e. B C
What Applet to Plant.     News From Near 9b Far
.In a circular letter just Issued Maxwell Smith. Dominion Fruit Inspector,
says: "I am so frequently asked what
varieties ol apples I should advise
planting In Ihe Okanagan Valley and
other districts In British Columbia
having similar climatic and soil conditions, lhat I have prepared Ihe
following list, and while there are. of
cour.'e, a number of olher good varieties, I can wllh a reasonable degree ol
conlldence recommend Ihe following as
money makers:
Duchess of Oldenburgh. Wealthy,
Mcintosh Red, Gravensteln. Cox's
Orange Pippin, Fatneuse. Northern
Spy, Esopus Spltzenburgh, Jonathan,
Delicious, Slayman Wlnesap. Yellow
Newton Pippin.
01 the twelve, eight are highly
colored varieties of rare beauty, viz..
Duchess ol Oldenburg, Wealthy, Mcintosh Red. Fatneuse, Esopus Spltzenburgh, Jonathan, Delicious and
Slaaman Wlnesap; but Ihe olher lour,
viz., Gravensteln, Cox's Orange Pippin,
Northern Spy and Yellow Newton
Pippin, possess such excellent qualities
and are so well known In the markets
ol Ihe world, lhat I hardly think we
can leave them oul ol lhe list. I should
like lo point out also lhal the keeping
qualities cf these twelve varieties are
fairly well indicated by the order In
which ihey are named, beginning with
the Duchess ol Oldenburgh. which
does nol keep successfully longer than
lite end ol September, and ending with
the Yellow Newton Pippin, which under
proper conditions may be kept over
until May.
There are lour of these varieties, vit„
Cox'a Orange Pippin, Esopus Spitien-
burgh. Slayman Wlnetap and Yellow
Newton Pippin, concerning which par.
titular care ihould be exercised to give
the ptoper name when ordering, as
there are other Inferior varieties bearing similar names: that ti to say. there
are Orange Pippin*. Spitienburght,
Wineaapa and Newton Pippins, which
are ot very inferior quality to the Co»
Orange Pippin, the -actus Spltzenburgh. Slayman Winetap and Yellow
Newton Pippin.
While I submit the name* of 12
varieties I should not adelat any one
grower to plant more Ihan lour of these
and lor convenience I ihould recommend dividing ihem into Ihree groups,
about aa Inflows: Gtcup I. Slayman
Winetap, Jonathan, Wealthy and
Duchest ol Oldenburgh Croup 2.—
Delicious, Esopus Spiuenhirgh, Fam-
em and Mcintosh Red. Croup 3, —
Yellow Newton Pippin, Northern Spy.
Gravensteln. Cos's Orange Pippin,
In planting an orchard I should
strongly adviie agautii planting a targe
Mock ol any ont variety. The reason
lor thu ii ihe advisability ot gelling
different varieties in close proiimily ao
at to render effectual the operation of
inieipollinaitcn by the action ol wind
and heney gathering itttects.
Dreylus has al lasl been vindicated.
and will resume his place In the army,
and also appointed a chevalier ol the
Legion ol Honor. He Is beselged by
friends who are congratulating him on
his rehabilitation,
Canada won the Kolapore Cup wilh
a score ol 72V. The Mother Country
scored 720. India 70S, Malay Slates
704 and Guernsey 692.
Fire broke oul at Rossland on Saturday ai noon. N. A. Burrll's hotel
and T. R Morrow's drugstore have
been totally destroyed. H. Cherring-
lon's dull slore and Empty Bros.'
slcre were damaged, as well as a warehouse owned by an outside company.
News come from French creek lhat
a rich s'rlke of gold has been made on \
Ihe property of ihe American Mining
Company. An old channel has been
located showing a rich run ot gold.
Once mere lhal famous criminal
Desire Brolhier must face his trial
before the bar ol British Columbia,
justice lor wrong doing. Bui lately
Ireed by the* gram ol executive clemency Irom the tolls of officers wove
aboul him two years ago. he had en-
loved his freedom for a brief period
belcre being laced with trial lor olher
grave charges. Such was lhe result ol
the judgement ot Police Magistrate
Williams ol Vanceuver, where he
commuted Brolhier lor trial In Ihe
higher courl cn lhe charge ol forgery
of a doctor's certificate
Crown Princess Cecelia, wile ol
, Crown Prince Frederick, heir to the
German throne, gave birth on July Sth
to a son at Marble, Palace. Potsdam.
Mother and child are doing well.
Crown Prince, three physicians and
representatives cl the German government were present when the latest
Hohenzcllem arrived. The representative ol the government wu there
became under the taw. there must be
a governmental witness aa to Ihe identity
ol the boy who tome day will be
Emperor ol Germany.
The Sandsn Mining Standard is
about to cease publication.
The house of fatliament at Ottawa,
prorogued at noon of July 13th.
At the recent High School examinations, the percentage ol passed tt
much higher than lhat ct previous
yean Al Vemon four out of eight
candidates passed.
A Royal Arch Chapter ol Ihe Mat*
cnic crder hat been instituted at
Vemon. Tho neatest Chapter belore
the inception oi the one at Vtmon
wat at Revelitr ke
The Kelrwna C-urier repartt that a
cow. owned by a resident ol that place
hai been giving milk lor tome months
pan, though the animal hat nit had a
A Farmir's Exchange lm. been
organized al Penllclon,
Thai Captain Robert Peary has
sacrificed his lile in an effort lo discover lhe North Pole, is Ihe (ear c<
naval men In Washington, who are
worried by Ihe (allure lo gel any tidings
ol Ihe ship "Roosevelt." which sailed
lor the Arctic regions on July 6. 1905.
Advices Irom lhe American geoprapill-
cal society add lo these tears. The
weather in the lat north this spring
and early summer was more than
usually rlg.-rous. severe storms have
been frequent. a::d the Ice is heavy.
Consequently it Is feared lhat Peary't
ship may have been ground to pieces
by ihe floes. The explorer's plans lasl
summer were to proceed lo the larthest
possible point ol land north ol Cape
Sabine, live hundred miles from the
Pole. There he was tc establish a
winter base, and make all preparations
lor a dash across the Ice this summer,
as soon as lhe weaiher conditions
would permit. This, he expected,
would not occupy more than six weeks,
and, according lo his calculations, he
would reach home not later than October ol this year.
To gain compensation lor lands
which they allege the white men have
ume emnicusly and unjustly taken
from ihem, Is one of the chief objects
ol the villi ol the Indian chiefs to Ottawa, The four delegates, headed by
Chlel Joe Capilano, will arrive al
Ottawa at the first ol the week, and
will lay iheir grievances belore Sir
Willrid Laurler. Alter visiting ether
eastern cities they will tail Irom Montreal on lhe 26th by the steamship
Entires*, cl Britain.
Allied Bell, the well known Stulh
African financier, died on Monday.
He had been in bad health lor tome
time, Mr. Bell, who was bom in 1653
at Hamburg wat a lite governor of lh*
DeBeert Consolidated Mlnea. a partner
In the lirm ol Wemher. Beit It Company and a director ol the Rands Mines,
!-l. ;. .ft. ... :. ... -■■ ■:■■
way Trust. Consolidated Company.
Bultltitein Mine and Billith Chartered
Stulh Afuca Company. He tru reported to have been implicated In the
Jameson raid, tetnlled belore the
Jameson Commlition. Later a tun
wat brought against Mr. Belt on Iht
ground ol complicity in the raid, and
hit prosecution wai demanded by Dr.
Leyd. the representative ol the Trans
vaal in Europe, and in 189a he resigned
(ram lhe board ot directors ol the Brit-
ith Chartered Steuth Atnca Company.
Get a New Fence
____» __HB-lai-aWJ__B____H___---ia__>-M-_r<
J^tifo    Famous
'* Magnet
For Wo-d.
II Cite*.  B _:#*-».
*]        l/ugn bttl door f»
l ii It wood.
li. rj ■
Ins, trnili ..!>i' a
liiiiniicc- radiating »urftn*c otally tlcanod.
Se. Iwlli ctimecl to liir.    I'.l .nil ntiel  .lur.,1,',0.
I'.enrrlul liunlcr.
Band lor a Magnet bookW   it'» lino-
MHfOat, tottofto. V 'Mlin. mi*.i Itt.
VlHia.ltlli 'I   tOtttl  II   la IUVII.1..S.
ll tt made wholly ol heavy hard
steel wire. Hat all advantage* ol ih»
woven lento, but suttaiits then, in
appearance, strength, durability and
economy.   SHe Agent Iw Okanagan.
Voitan   on   frnfovixJ   W*?»mo»M
t   '  *
v..    .
...  '.
te a "'■'
. -
.   ..   1    •
.        .    .     . -.
,,.      In       a
Jtly 1901
GRMftv M '
■• - .
... i
A   By-law   fur  raiaing  tne  mm   oi
$18,000.00 ui provide fur the
.ecii.t, eu-liecti uf t watcrw er- .' .'ye-
ttm far trie City ul Enderby
WHEREAS il is deemed expedient
to construe! a waterworks lystom
within lhe Cily ol Enderby lo pr. vide
a supply ol water lor ordinary household
and lire protection purposes, and In order lo do so ll Is necessary lo raise by way
ol loan upon lhe credit ol Ihe said Clly
the sucii ol 118,00000. payable on the
lirst day ol August 1936. beating in-
leresl in Ihe meantime payable hall-
yearly al the rale ol live per cent, per
annum, the principal ol such sum when
raised lo be applied hi the purposes
aforesaid ,
AND WHEREAS for Ihe payment
cf the said piuicipal and mteiest n Is
necessary lo raise the sain tf S1170.92
bv rale In each and every year;
AND WHEREAS ihe whole rateable properly ol Ihe City ol Endetby.
according to the tail revised assessment rcll is $172,516,90 ,
AND WHEREAS there Is no existing debenture debt due or owing by
the City ol Endetby.
and Council ol ihe City cl Enderby, in
open meeting assembled, enact as
1, It shall bt lawlul lor the Mayor cl
the City of Enderby is raise by way cl
loan Irom any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate who may be will-
Ing to advance the same on the credit
ei the uld City by way ol tht debentures hereunder mentioned a turn el.
money ntl exceeding in the whole the
turn ol Sle.CCOOO. and lo cause all
such sums to raited and receive j in
be paid into the hands ol lht Trtasur-
er ol the said Cilv. tor the purposes
and with the objects hereinbeloie
2. It shall be lawlul lor the uid
Mayor to came any number ol debet!
lurea to be made lor the turn ol not
ten Ihan SI.000,00 each, bearing
tntereat at the tale ol five per cent
per ant wn not uetedlng in Ihi artt -
iht sum ol SI8.OO0O0, and alt tu.-h
debeniuret shall be sealed wnh the
teal ol the City ol Enderby. tigned by
the Maj'.r and countersigned by ihe
Treasurer ol th* uid City:
i. The uid debtrii.ies shall beat
dalt the lint day ol August, and shall
he made payable in thlily yean Irr::,
the "late heieltwlier named lor this
By law to take effect, at tht Batik si
Montreal, in the Cily ol Endeiby.
4. The uld debentures thai) havt
j coupon, attached lor the payment of
interest at the rate ol live per cent
per annum tn the amcunt oi the uid
deeenturtt and tueh li ten I
payable hall-ytaily ui the Itrtt dayt oi
February and August tn each and
every year, and the atgnaturtt to tuch
coupons may bt either written, stamped.
-.  ...   .    . ... i, -
5 A rate on the dollar ahull be
letted and thall bt taued annually in
addition te, all other rates on all the
rateable property ol the Cily, iutlicienl
to pay interest on lhe debt hereby
debeniuret. and tepiy.viat lor the »,
ment ol the uid debt whtn due.
* he sum ol 1900 00 ihall be
raised and levied annually by a rati
all Iht rateable (eaten? n the City ol
E"derby, in addition to all ether rates
I arment «J the tntereat tn the
;. I Mi tun
7 The sum ol S32G.94 sh*U be
raised aid levied annually by a latt I
all lht rateatle Enpetty in the tail
Knderby. in adddi •   -    I
• rtiia * • the     .   - i tf the
. ■-  .-.     retted win
8 ll thai) be latt
City ol Eiadrit. Ii     ilmt to time I
i>l inch       ■    •        .    .
•    • r,
9 1t
.  • • .id Cur
-    II    *.* . m Act  I89s.
-:.:-.       , I- ■
io TF,    By-law il
  ■    .
■ UpM
'     .      |  .
Clerk I lhe Municipal Ccunci!
Crtrnhoutti tied Set** Hornet
Bedding Out Plants
NOW READY   Celery. Cabbage.
Caulillower. Extra nice lot ol Iruit
; trees coming on lor fall delivery.    No
loss, delay ol fumigating. Inspection,
j nor customs lo pay on
Homt Crown Stock
We have Ihe gceds    Cet your orders
in early to secure prompt delivery.
French, Holland and Japan bulbs
will be ready lor September shipments
..'al..!   ,-ce-     •.!•■'
1010 Wnlaiintttr Hoat    Vancouvtr
■ C.
•o viana-
M   ' Meet  it im •**• * | 1  t •«-«•.., |-*le ••
l'|it->|  Ul.       •    <      »'•   W-i- ■   *  i        ■•■•:•_
tfatita* ■..«*.*   e>    '     ..I . ( .•(.   II, |I*
SckMiflc American.
t I^H  -. • ■     ... ...e-1 e^l      ll'.NUl
lV*tl-H    I •   e »    -    "l> Ultail.    le-te»|i»
I e.l    t •( n» -lU.li    (a-e-Utfftll •>•••■*•* e.»
V tcopaat of
f ati.ttai. Ilem-kltt*) RtRulatiOM.
,•.:-'...: , •
Ha .a, I"      i" • •■ ColuiteUa,may
'r •    ■•,   -.,'. :    .    ;.,■ .1 .e.
aettheae-< a'.- aale ever 11
.--    la nam   I   * icatttr
■        *   ■- ■'
i-itMeaily at Hit
ttfrttn which the
tt. i
 ••   I    •
• ,   ,       ■ • . ■    ......   ...
\, ,t iht land
-,, '.   ,.,....,      • ...-     ... ■  ,-
enre taptt. lain.it r . •    i. tinti it,
■. et ht* fometteta'. llie te|aitt
■•   • at may bt talHhed try
£.' r.*t.tKt" ntuee ir, <.iiiiit( tfttaii tt
,. ■•
••an tt tamilM li act c Itl
I.    ' • i
try we tr._ir.la4l »• temttny.  It«yalty at
ilttledentr»gnat' 'i I
I.;.,' -e.  W .      .- 	
For Sali
'  ;  •
' >•  •   >' a- :
,    ■    •
, .-mtttt (
1   'It
•   ■    .
'a    *
Halcyon Hot Springt
Artott Late. I. C.
Any penui damaging limber cr
cutting underhnch  upon  Ih*   landi
beknging tc the undel
•*d    Final t •
a  iff  i
W A I «»
F R       •
0    ft    i.»Wt!l JDERBY. B.C.. JULY 20. Wt
IFe Joy & Health of TiTe Home
depends on The R.an_e or Cook Stove
VVe ' ' •
.      .   -
.* . '.:'.'.:
■    :.        :.
: '-'■ Ml I Visit"!
■  ■
  ling ling
e    Thc
r     palnl
■  .
i, who
-O/ Itlp I
.Are you intending to sell
this ^ ear
lhe Union Restaurant
In conneclloi with ihe Restaurant a first-class Bake*.  ■ I
■hid from which :an always be   btalned the choicest from
ihe jve.i    Alvayi Iresh.
ie   lint   :!   Confectionery is carneJ m si. ok     Fresh
itason      .". i bake breai when busy. TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
■  J  McQUEEN, Proprietor, Enderby.
lull -.     -  .
Another Snap
Several City Lots "at a Sacrifice"
Subuiban Lands In the same boat.
.all and see Us
Harne.-s-maker and Repairer.  Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
-,-.- * e;
• '  ' -
Cl   i    ■■ - -      HHaiHOe t_w_i     i-i—a   —■-
i • ■ — -*— • -—» ♦■ ina» ■«■■»■ ■ mWmW
. ■
•   -
.    ■
■    .   -
"Dollars Saved are Drliars Earned'
Kirby, Elsom and Kirby.
aeeners.   a_is
OffJrPC •  BELL BL0CK' Endfrb-V'
VyllltCb .   MURRAY BLOCK. Armstn
MoffetV Best
We do not    - . • ble_cMr._: pr-cess t: make
.-      ;'.e      When   ordering  INSIST :n
TS* Columb: i Fiourinj Mills Co., Ltd., E
aa 'atiJa*mW*tvttL.-£i
^   NOW ON
Tnb Enderbv Brick 9b Tile Co.
V...,-        ",._„      ._	
"'.__           '         '_!
TRADE 11. I NM v
'    '   '
'" - ■..
- "    er»>ei^ - - *t , ,    . . ■    ■ a a
-      -
■ •
• " .      ■
-    •
I!    .
I •
.    JO
.    -
rT" I_      1 Cl
Lilty    Darbcr   _»hop
■  rtaodi Bell Block


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