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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-02-01

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I /c   <
%£   Enderby Progrtes
. i /«
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
\!o J*
Volume 3.   Number 37.
Harvey & Dobson
Won by a Large
In their Sales of Groceries & Dry Goods
It was their Strict Attention lo Business and
Low Prices (hat won for them th.s position.
Pkice, $1 5Ua Yeah
Ecderby Cuiltra enjoyed a .•   I
two rinks ol Ktlowna players mt Tuts
day night, lour games being played
On account of the late arrival oi the
afternoon train, due lo the boat not
retching tht Landing nil alt o'clock In
lht evening, the f'ral iwo gaittea were
nol atarled lillabaut 10 30 pin, and
Ihe laat stem waa not Ihiown till 2 45
t in.
Tht result cf lht four games was a
greal victory for our local players, who
won all four games, the total number of
polnu gained being. Kelowni. 26. Endtrby, 44.
Tht following fa tht scort by rinks
First two games:
Civic Business.
The clly council held an unusually     The death „.-airred lasl niglii at
j interesting and Important Itsalon on about 10.30 o deck, of Mra I- ral i
! Wednesday ev.nng.   which did not Dlx' ***** ol M'  H- p l)|x' ol ******
terminate until 11 40 p.m. ""_ J?"'1' ,*_* ,due *!???&
Irom which lhe deo-ar-ed lady had
Before business wta liken up. Mr. ■*,,, ,u„,rmg ,„, a„„(. „m,    Mrj
J ft Johnson handed in the usual Dl» came lo Endtrby lasi soring irom
declaration, and tcok hla seal al the Arrowhead with htr husband. *h n
tnbla. employed at die sawmill all last sum
mar.   Besiaea her husband lhe do
Alter the mlnules ol Ihe previous
ceased lady leaves two small children.
Visitors to tht northern part ol the Okanagan Vallty. whtthtr
bud hunting, or for pleasure and sport, can de no btner ihan
make this home thtlr htidquirten Tabit and count* un-
excelled Bar teplele with linttt wintt. ipiritt. liqueur*, cigart
MIL *. MUal-HY
w.^at. jl. c~:-:i. ******** ***<***- w« ******
WineS <X OpirilS  to-- tstirtmtniaf all flit wtll
kiie-wn branda lo choose Irom.
J. friltgle
Ira Jcnta
G. Mappen
J. Harvtv
W. Hancock
W.H Benson
W Scott
J. Bowet
Skip ■ 11
Skip   8
J. W. Evans
C.J. Mtguire
A   -.*."!   .
W. Glenn
P. Murphy
A. MacKay
G, Bell
jas Harvey
Skip   12
Skip  2
Seeend two games'
R. Peel
C J Maguir.
A  ReeVeaa
W, P, G.  tfi
■ A MacKay
ft Murphy
J, Harvey
Skip   10
Skip   9
F. Pyman
G Mapptn
J, A. Morrtaon
J, Harvty
J, W Evans
J Bowta
W Hancock
Skip   II
Skip   7
' and buy your Harness before
K. ;W   _ 1   SfH t  *lt
We Have It!
What Is it lhat you want ? Undoubtedly we
have ll, (or we have one ol the biggest stocks
oi drugs, stationery, combs and brushes, loiiel
articles, toilet preparations, perfumes, line
soaps, fancy goods, candles, etc. in the valley. As seen as *e !ind 3Ut lhal some customer *ants a new thing, tw put it in stock.
However, it Is hard to find anything In our
line that hni already In stock.
TSt Enderby Drug & Stationery Co., Ltd.
Cliff Street —P 0 Box 77
City   Barber   Sbop
Stray Boar.
Stnallboar s"aaee|-ecil- th»prt'e   -
of ft H HtSMrd, about  theae wen
ago.   Owner -a-e ha re same hy: • •   .
:properly »M ■,I■  <    •.• t-s.   II not
H. N. lltiidilckson. Bell Block claimed will he I II a     * leg tc law
Tht gamt between Iht rlnkt skipped
by Mtisrt Harvty and Murphy proved
Iht most eaciling. and when tht last
tnd camt to bt played, ihe acctt was
a tit and was pea rurally anybody's gain,
till ih. lut atom had bttn played
Intmtdialtly following tht games.
the vuiiort wtrt enttrtalned to a tup-
per by tht Endtrby Curling Chib. ai
which twenty-men tat down. The
dnmtr waa a great success Att-r the
eacelltr.tly prepared viands had been
done justice to. ahott apttchta wtrt in
cider llll iht ineging cf tht National
Anthem brought lea claw one of those
inter lown metling* nf which ont
would wish theie wtrt mart
It u phrasing lo nol. in (hit conntc-
lion. thai, notwithstanding tht failure
of iht tiler Okatagan towns te rally
around lht standard of an Okanagan
Cuiitng Association. Enderby and
Ktlowna aim keep ihe "good old gamt'
going, tnd the efforta of both Ihtie
dubs to mitrtal othtr Vallty towns in
tht lormalion of au.h an ssso.'lilun it
lab* cottiintndtd. and wt can only
her* thai another season will aee au!
fKteM IMMM lactn to insurt Iht
tueceaslui carryi-is; out of that idea.
These visits I t-.ndtrby lo Ktlowna,
and vice vena art now becoming to bt
looked upon at a ready alfair. and wt
tit lute that au hart thoroughly en-
Joyed by all.
Polling Place at Orange Hall
Tht tltc'cis cl Eitdtrbr and immed
• t will record their btllota in
tht Pre. . - cut tomorrow,
Saturday, Februaty 2nd. al lha Orange
I fall, and met at the Government cfltce
U   -. • 1 lasl week
Olher p llmg stations tosetve ihe
tltctors of Iht aurr ..tiding country are
.'.use. Hull Car.
Wilrhell's h .use. S.lrr.nn Riv-
••:   Creek: School
Houst. Sliver Crttk, John Johnson's
ll iTtppen School
House, lor Tapptn and Kault
acton should bear in mind that
• I .re from 8 am to
g it, this resr-e it fi
. ! 'iiejhic'pal eiec
the Voters •  g closely
. alaWe man will
r ervaiives claim a
i tin        a  *    .    ■
■ ■ - . ii    ill it in tht 01
eipMtlopoll sill! .-tent votes  to stvt
Iheir candidate's de;    -
meeting had been read and conlirmtd. , gl,| ^,4 |our ,n(j , ^ a„e(j XM*
Mayor Bell announced that he had years, to mourn her loss    The iuneial
made tht following appointments  of will take place to-morrow at 10 a.m..
I committees' *-* '-aiadown cemetery, and will be
Board ol Works   Ald.rmtn N. H. C°"duC"d * R,V' A N Ml""
I Kenny and J. W Evans.
1    u;„,arM e-......„....     ai. u      W« are called upen this week h
,    Finance Ccmm, ...-.-Aldermen H. „cwd lh, ^ u„
H. Worthington and J C, English. p_C8 „| ,„„,(,,, # ,n> 0|..,|m,„ 0|
Waterworks Commlltee—Aldtrmtn Ihe Vtllty In Ihe person of Mrs L, W
J. W Evans and J F. Johnson. Fallen, who died at htr home south of
The first named to be Chairman ol Armsirong  on Thursday morning at
r-........11.... _1.11   ,t    aa *'*J0 "Oiu pntumohit. it iheagt of
Coinn,lltte...h.l.   h. Mayor Itu- lbflu|        £„    Besides a husb.ttd.
olllclo member ol all committees        lha deceased   Itaves Ihreo sons lo
ll waa decided to ask Messrs Mat- mourn tht loss ol a loving mother.
thews k Evans 10 retain their present 'Charles and Edward, living at home.
office as pound keepers. *<* Let. who is tt prtstnt studying
!    Male, r,,*,., -s,. „. „... w   medicine in  Toronto.    The funeral
M^orBurntl.whowaaprtaent,sub _ke,p|,c,„ 1,30 pm . on Saturday
mllttd lor tht approval oi the council a t0 Lansdownt cttnelery. tnd iht ser
tracing ol tht mapol lha city upon vices will be conducted by Rev A N
: which he has betnti^agtd lor som. Miller.	
lime.    Mi|u  Burnt! txplalntd Ihe "•""
dililculty which eaiited wnh regard lo JAP KUXgD.
iht nairow slttets of the Baird proper- ^*** ***"■ itachtd town yesterday of
ty. and in olher pans of tht town, and a most unlorlunatt accidmi resulting
...o mad. rtftrtne. toth. d_pu,td *S * ft _,_^_Jlt_ft
highway a: -.- .!-- ,-.,r< hank li- B ,„, „ , ,.„ .|c:,.,, ,,. ,.,,,,.
potnltdout that If lha narrow streets cul down, fell upon the unfortunate
wtrt Included In tht city map and man. crushing Iht hit out cl him In-
1 rttuitrtd,ll would bt. legal .eeep- ****<***■, ********** J** **** * narro*
tancof «.chst^.,by ihtc«t»railon.;""»,rom "lmlUf""'
Mr Baird was In ait-noWe. and Ihe *
maittr was dixussed at somt length. A '*a«NTATK>N.
Tht wholt question being such a strtcita Ai the regular meeting nf Enderby
one. and fraught with 10 miny eon- L_!** *J°/ 4U: A F * A M • Md l"t
tliftii. ini.»ata 11 ...elaieiei.ii.1.. ****** iThursdiy. a tnotl mlerestiiig
llicilitginttrtaii.lt was dtcidt J to lay ,„„„,_,„„, look ,,_,.,, when 8f0 R
it on tht table lor ont we-k McOuarrie was presented wilh a Paat
Tht Sanitary Inspector tddresaed Maater'a Jawtl by tht numbers ol tht
Ihe council in reject to tht sanitary lodge   Mr   McOuarrie was the lust
condition ol the tawn. pointing cul tht w "' el ***«*>* ,L«J«e. lor which he
nan.., ih.i ..,.1. .1 .. in. worktd whole souled when In iti In
dinger Ihat.eaisl* ol ttriom illness .„,_, „ ^ m_„_v .„. l0 hl, u„
truing m the spring, alter the melting „„„», ,„,„„, ,h„ „ ,, ,„ ,*,, pa,,,,,,,
eel the anew, and lhe aoflenlng of the that It U today In slight recognition
ground. Atthtsamtlfmt ht prtatnt- of his past elloru, tht members pre
ed ui applicant* Irom H. Manlcn. to ****** Mf McQuarrl. wllh Ihe jewel.
b. engaged at Itemed scavtrtgtr. ind •
ttrangly urged tht adoption by the city    Hock-y Mauk. Amtuottg vt. gaol a unllorm compulsory syattm lor the dtrky. 0 Thtrsday, Ptkr-try 7Ui.
disposalalsewagt andgaibagt. wilh-.n     Hockey Clue Cental, Wrdn.it«>.
which II would bt impo_ilble lor a February I lib.
scavenger to  work  ellicieml,    Th-
matltr was relerrtd lo a committtt the government is able to procure
consisting cf M*«art Kenny and Jchn montytltvtr; low rate ol Inltrtst.
son. Aid Kenny reamitiendtd tliat it"
From the ductmion which took atntatlona should be madt lo the
place on thu qutsikm it wu tppartnl Ctvtmmeni through Ihe tatcutive of
that iht council wert wholly In ftvor ol tht Municipal Union, wnh a vttwto
acting upon lht rtcomnvtndtllon of tsuMlshlng a i-gultr aysltm. whereby
Iheir inspector ind tvinctd a desire lo municipalities netdmg money lor ptr,
make auch airangtmenu which will be mtittnt improtrtmtnu. tnsltid of having
eondiKtvt to tht Jltty of tht health lo offer iheir bonda to lht public it
of lht community. large, could obtain Ihe necessary funds
A   letter  »a» recthrted  from the. Irom Iht Covcrnmtnt.
Woman's Christ an Temperance Union.      The suggtsticn was highly approved
requesting f 11 That 1 bv law bt passed
requiring the removal ol Minds and
other obtltuctlcns from tht windows ol
-nt ha". a..l •
al by tht ccw •     -tk wa
insliucttd to wnie to tht mm I <■
Ihe Union, brlngirag tht matter bef-.te
thai body.
The question ol clearing th>
ngila light burning Ihtre all nighl -alks of view was also conaldtred. an!
and .2 thal«helawbee.lf,rr.tdtstl>l:l:• C*?"* *» "»"«ltd lo wrilt lo
•.^olbarsfortweni, four hours ^ X ^bTlAtT^
on tltctien days, and nol ttitrtly during j a,,,,,,, ,h. ,,„ |ou, ef „„ wmlet. In
lht hours which the poll is btingUk- 1    , 'l■• sidtwtlks afler each lall
ll was recognised lhat this wat 1 ques ! ' snuw. tnd stat.ng Ihtt Ihe council
lion itquiring comidtrailon. and lhe **•" !""'""1 l0 °"" h,m ""ubl,
...... mm .     . 1.1a   .     ,      '   tiunerillon I • • •  .  ••   I keeping
letter was a, .ordingly laid upon the LB „„ MMm ,„,„.,, cie.n ,7,h*
table far one* a-a ..
- r,eit item on the Agenda wai .
one of greal and far-reaching impcr   — • •    IMF JI
a     Having in view Ihe  d'li, illy     | Ollta) VvAlttCQ
whkh has bttn eaptrlenced by th
it lht Pnocot-ss Ollice. 1
,.•   'h.tieett and slatten
•      ,
1 , •
Ih. fid Ihtt Ihl     • .      1        .. ,    ,-a-
mtnt   a lllll. •:...;.',-..
Itl Ud willing lo learn    I-
stability, and further.    •   A-  y. ihtt ccunlry lad can be a-a » ae^Ul\L..J.J   IX    tawt*>llll-laia   cjieni.nuceic   IlliancU,   1_M_IUI\U I ,   tj.ftu.,     I'LUI.Uceic I
llll'    1)R0LjRE.SS "       i"' '     P*nl ! '■'■*■■ s Church Services
je   suis  pr.K r.'
... - e
. -■- - as truthfully as possible,
l stand u| r th .;' .' '.lie
I*" j' j up, i ihr i lha light ol
;■ .'-.i i".   -ii queftl ni aflecilng
cltlS    J 1
iuaoopy.        the we -be ng of the   .uniunity.
Homo Circle Department
W. P. COCX'l 1
tor you by your parei     lo thf
.'.lost extern.   11.".    II   ..
Dr. C. W. Cross
•jrgeon and    Most fathers are Inclined i*.
over Indulge their daughters
ENDERBY    -    It <-        m"r'>e  ■• Impossitle -ir yout;
■ '.ospoil y-*.. t    .1 .. -
.his de
,   _ ,   . .    ...      Nevei ihlnk you
\   L.O.L.No.44()
'lie ei
•  ' '
c':'m—   -
.:'.    |A
The Secret of Success
Is Real Merit
That's the Foundation oi the popularity of
Model's Be*. Bread Flour
HhS'l        leh n  .tod. bui good btkira recognise Ihe difference between  ihe  original and Inferior imitations,     MOPPETS
itl ST niakts Bake Day a Delight, and Its result, a certainty.
IFe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
V.   i ■ —— i i ———a
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid tip, vl i.ii*■• .vv n„t.  SIO.000.01'0
..ala.ee, I'e.cm. ant Lou account., tv.'.'.sitt > I
III -Ui   Ol'lltk.   MONTUAL
Hirht Hex., Lotd Stratheanttitd Mount Reytl C      v. .'■
s   ,,
I 0.
ed to catry on
ince tat finish
i.jem Set Us A I' immtod I
■     -.    .
A General Banking   itiirtis trcntcctad
Drills a      a a  a' a  a'   a all III  lht Ullllli   Swat, Eattpt Md Cuidi,
t  ,- Uttotftd L'aacseic     .
Savings Bank £££»jgg
tri.v -*        ,       .     | .'- .ally ...Se
-■*    a   «-'.-e..-,       '.'   *       ,    . I   ,-,    -,   ,        .,•-.,,
as 'a»eat-it ttitnt.   Sptttae lUfiiiim (.tcie ts tht kn    igi ts a.'
C, A, HloMttoit, Minuet. Vttwtn
- a.'l8..Sal)Att.   E S,V, McClinl.M Sat. H       *        * Im  «. Saala Agl
A. V. & A. M
1. O. 0.1
I      . .      '.,.     *.,.    Vea
*       *
•ur strvai
ci you to I
r mo'i
Notes and Comments |
ry,  J Once it wu
and nut:'.
ht Cceinpany is
.   luiptg. mi ihe
tin l   BLOCK. tNUtRBY. I. <
RhI Estate, Insurance,
Mining and Ceneral Land Agent
i .-.',-■ Hon ,-it.ttl ».«..i.t.,-..
a   -       .'   • ■
•   ,
Seeds     Trees
NO Seedless Plums, NO Pttltaa
Andes. NO Ccefca. C tn,   |ust old
IrltaWt Vllittie* at teaewlliialt pitta.
Ftttlil.Mts Bt. Supplies, Spur Pumps
***** Spaying Material. Cut Haven, tie,
** Oldest csubiiihed nuntn in  ihe
.StmtntindclBC   Caiaicgue tie.
•I im -
....    I        , ,„
HH  -
(.....-...-   e< .   • •*   St It IV. ...
•/.-.   - ,. ■ u   c
• icy**     fa 3    || jQ,m \tt)\ mertltaMt da
; bum mi leedi send ditect   Wt
e lathtt V*w»T 1***1 packets, as*«ittd   ■
rtatdts d garden wtdU tn Sc pawn Httted
tht md ttock., io tour neantl PaM Oilic* lor
*22 SI GO. twenty packet, lor SOc.. mit
.*  ii
• -■-.
rt-ciNo ktaciimr.
tout, eraat-a.
I.      -   - -'a   ,.
•   a.                    ,|   .
1. Diet*
- *
a man he *.iil nu
IBM Maaxi
I- " 1'#
.tongs will nev
rr.«. - ivt  -       ■if't^tj** mtt*
Scientific Hwerkaii.
| Its- -a       tf     fa^H ••*•'*      *••' etM »*e
■   ti c ir.     *r *'-»***o    K «-■•!« Ma
. I    t*   *-ta   •«•!'• **
MUNNtCo."'—'Uw Toil
t,-«—* ,.e*,» «»r ea.w**H*.,* tt t
by t»-ri!t itth
high ir,e<!r star-
i. r matlHOt.
National Sewing Machine t"->
rattua.   atmiaei.tar in <J
I I it-   i iNUunusj^ ut  i«wimiii-i\ii wi\nnnvjnn nuanuu, i_i._/i_i\pi, u.w..   I uui\uni\ i
Weekly  Budget of Interesting   News   and Doings  ol   that'
Thriving Dlstrirt, from our Regular Correspondent.
Timber Limits Inspection,    ani unsaiisiaciory administration of1
ia the lands within the railway bell, con-
A meeting was held in McGulre's tending thai urgt-nt steps sli.uld be
Hall Thursday, January 25th. for the taken lo open lor Immediate settlement
purpose ol discussing ihe timber limit-all lands within lhe belt suitable lor
question There was a large and ra- homestiading. It vis Ihi opinion
presmlalive crcwd present. anJ the eapressed al the meeling lhal the
excitement ran high A petition to i Land Olflet al Kamlocps was being
open up ihe hunt.- had been drafted oul conducted In Ihi Interests ol the
and when presented for ihe approval ol 'Columbia River Lumber Company
Ilia "squatters", caused considerable I and other corporations, rather than In
discussion. | the Interests ol Iht public and ol thi
Tin Pitllion riad as follows: Hlll.tlt.nl, and lhal lhe reason these
lands are being held back Irom settlement Is lo give ihi corporations a
chanci lo acquire Iho lands In preference lo bona tide settler.. A pitllion
to be lorwarded lo the Hen Prank
Oliver at Ottawa, was dialled out, re-
aimbllng very much thi ont abovo
I ili- II ii Kiaiik Olivet. MiiiiMm
ol the Interior. Ottawa, We beg lo
submit lha following petition:
That whereas large tracts ol Ihe beal
agricultural lands In this Municipality
are held as tltnbtr limits by tht Columbli Rivir l.umbir Company: and
Whereas tin aald lands have bemlog.
ged olf, leaving barely limber enough lor
Ihe necessary requirements ol settlers,
I e„ (or lull, fencing and building purposes: and
Whereas ihe said lands lie In Iht
hearl ol the atitleintnt. requiring ro*6
to be eaiaollalitd and perpetuated by
ihe Municipality and surrounding sel
The hearts ol all Salmon Arm cltl-
tens were gladdened by the report on
Hit progress ol the wharf question given
by Mr. Ross on Thursday night,
$S.OCO has been placed on Ihe B.C
Supplementary Estimates for Ihi purpose of building a filarial Salntvn
tiers, lh. Municipality deriving no'A"n* Th.op.mng up ot lh. umber
revenue whatever thtrtlrom aa •hei'1'''"'™' "■« balding of a wharf will
MldCcmpanyclaimtobtneitiptlrom;11"'11 «h« advent ol antwtra In the
laullttn: and j way of dweJopment lor Salmrn Arm.
Whtrutthe uld lands In sever«ljNo!' waieh us grow I.
Instance, are .occupied by actual tat- j    Rev. J H. Turner waa a visitor at
tiers who believing In all good (althjIhthomeolMr. H. Nttlandt last week,
that tha ukt lands having been logged     Sailing has been good on Salmon
off. would be ihtown open lor tittle
mem. hav. eattbllUied hornet and
made conildtrabla improvement,
therton: and
Whitets several petilions have already been submitted to tht Government through local repreaentttives ol
the ume. the uld ptililona having
been tvtdtntly Ignored, it is our humble
opinion that ih. facta cf tht eaie havt
not bttn clearly represented to your
Honour and lhat you art thtrefort
unaware of the condition ol attain at
they actually exist, and letting conlidtnt
ol your unfailing integrity .we do rttptcl
fully lequeat that you take slips to
hav. the., lieu verified through Hide
pendent (OUKM. and nibmll to you th.
(allowing tuggtsttens. which in tht
opinion ol tht undtralgntd loyal ciltieiu.
would bt lor the besl tmerttta ol tht
settlement and lhe country al large.
First    In view ol the lact lhal lhe
taid land, are moat adapiabl* for fnitt
Rivir for Ihe past two or thnt weeks,
tnd the young people -art liking tvety
advantagt ol this slippery opportunity.
Mr. Newberry, ol Moost Jaw, waa a
vlallor In town last week.
Th. Anniversary cf the Methedlat
church will be held on February 2-lth.
Further Information, In the way of
programmes and accommodations, will
bt given neai week.
New Salmon Arm Store.
Mr. S. H. Uwrence. accompanied
by Mn Lawrence, drevt ovtr (rom
Salmon Ann on Thursday on a business
nip Mr. Uwrence ia completing all
arrangtmenla Incidental to the opening
up in that thriving burg, ol stationary,
confectionery and fancy goeds store,
is well at a barber ihop and pool room,
which will be nm in coraitcilen,
Th. need el such . start had been
lelt lor some time by Iht inhabitants.
Have You Any
Property For Sale?
Do You wish to have it sold quickly,
and the Sale made satisfactorily ?
IF SO. IT WILL PAY YOU TO LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US. We have a very large Real Estate connection, having representatives In Vancouver. Winnipeg,
Chicago. St Paul, and In several of the larger centres throughout
the Canadian West.
If you leave your business with us It will have our very best
attention, which will Insure you quick returns.
SEALED TENDERS additsatd lo Ihl
urdtralrntd. and tndamd "Tender far
Put Whet. FiinM. B.C.." will tee lertlved
ll thli oflict until Mstadty. febmity It.
IfC?. inclusively, lor tttt conttnicflan ef t
Peal Oltlct. tie,, building at Funic B.C.
las ' «-.'""'    a-.'
farms ol lender obtaint i al this Dtpttimtni
tnd an aeapllctlloi, lo Rototi A, Kttt. ta i,
Clerk ot Works. fertile B.C
Persona ttnikntigateiioillteati!,,'
will nol bt eotultltttd tinltsa ite1-
punted l,.im lupplltd. and signed wild iheir
aci--.ll a're.atutea.
Bach lander mull it are -mstttltd by in
tertpta. thea.*! en a -larttted tanl. malt
'•'      -•     •' -•-- equal to lln ptr
-     ■ •': a a-nounl the el lottelt.
Ittoiteiitdillhiptrt) "
'.tronin-itwi- a -'
upon to do ao. or if he fill lo fomplite the
work cone.a ltd Itl I thi Under bt not
tetetpltd Ihl cheque will t*e reui.ntd.
Tht taenanment Attt nm bind itc«:t M
toee.pt Iht lowest or an/ lender,
p     . ..
. ...
I *- ?•■   - •   I v-.Vt.
Oliawa Jinmiy IS, 1*07
Neaatpa • •
w-lhouiaathorii> IttnetheDepo.c
'  .a
growing   the surrounding  ptepttilea i and Mr Uwrence hat every pro,
having been aubdivided Inlo small hoM- .1 it being a aucceaalul undertaking.
inga lor thai put-pea.   wt would ttcom- ■»
mend throwing the ukt Unds open for p^jj^^. Horror Verdict.
letiltmeni In lorty-acte bloekt. forty. _
acre* being quite stdllcient ler one]    At the Corontr-t inquest held
nun to handle. ' the body tf tht latt W. Zlnmieiman.
Second.   Thtl the Miller, who have |wha ,,414.^ ...i(* ,n huilar. it
already located on and Improved lh.] peniteicn. with num*of violence upon
said landi bt given lint eholnt ol lonyi h„ s^y ,h. nrile, hllrfeil dtWn nlt
tert. ol the quarter Mellon on which' _|„ ,„, Penuctors Press
hehas madt iht uld impo-tmtntt .   '-j*|_. we •,„_ that W. Zimmerman
All cT which we moat rupecil.ill, ■ um l0 ,,s dealh „ ,he yanittf
submit lor your careful considtiaiitan jotntperatn or ptrwna unknown 10 uv
and tmmtdiatt attetu n thu -Provincial police at well 11
ll waa admitted by all present thtl „,,„,, jMtet|iai ira wi .king hard to
divldltti lh. Und inlo loriytcttMoclttenm,),,^^,,,,^^^,), ,    .
waa iksl decidedly for the httA inter ' „ u \yVft^ix inen w.f„ ,,- I, and while
"'   (the settlement, bill I let -,e arreals ha.   bet
'--quall-i.-.' held oul ler Ihe I'.-Oa.-reJ   hat ytl been 0    -tn,
A commtltee. consisting ol J. W   ,.,a l0 . «,„,!,;.
McCallum, Robert Tinner. John Uc ,
, .Ichn Johnson indJ. Mick-.. * M_»-j- Ci__.
was appt luted to meet andducu«th- J\ tHxltfif OlOIv
mailer  with    Duncan R s.-   M   P..
ml ascertain if possible Ihe besl war S   H   LAWRENCE an    I   •
of approachlt^ tht Government on the that as soon as all attai g
question. The Committee Will UN a '°>'*t'.'*'J- *»* y* V** ■
definite report tf iheir itteelit-g w„h ££/_^ il.ximmy,
Mr. Ross  al  the  Funnels   lr.ililul- ConfecUoetry, Ogars. tie.  THB  PIONEI
meeling on Monday night. K«brua>?     A BlUlardandPoolroomind Barb«
41h. Shoo will also bo run In com.eclioii
Capital paid up. J2.5CO.OOO 00
Total Atstta :
Reserve Fund . J2.5OO.0OC 00
Hon. Wm Gibson. President
la. ad Ofltee :  Hamilton J. Turnlutl, Centrtl Manager
100 Offlct. Throughout Canada
.: hanking business transacted.        Ranchers' Note. Discounted.
Cotltc'ilons madt.    Dralta told, payahlt at all points in Canada
and the Untied Slates,
SAVINGS  BANK  DEPARTMENT   Depotlta ol    na Dollar
and upwards received, and interest compounded halt yearly
Salmon Arm Brancl.1   " w SMIT"
Do you read
The Familv Herald & Wecklv Star
The Enderhv Prouress »\
1 row n
Trees   fe* Sltritk'*
P   B   0   P   L   E
OeVMA',     •   RR1I
Then read on-
'•• beg I    norm our readers lha! *r   i.ill again
■      •!.    !'       - •■!*! ■:,!.-, ,"■-,'     -•.'.
unt ol ihe reducilcn In price c! y ll
paper, xt can no* put the Family ilTaldani
Weekly Star and The P* grei
W. Elson
:if b c
Together  tor
Astllle-S' mec-lirg wat a' hi ' II
Notch Hill on Ftidar. January 2.'.ih
I 1 IhtC RPOM A i:s"u.e-.inR'he!imbe.
littiil question. A resolution was
dra».i us drawing altenllon lo ihe p«.
Having jus*, received a (lne Payable Stricily n advance  This offer
..,,.                                     sr.lcctl:n in lhe latest styles In .... .,-__
paniings. ■> id be pleated lo re     AND PLEASE NOTt-.-
cclve and make iifi orders durlni* •   Thi
Ihe   *lnler  months ut   tMen ...
.   1       •     •    in             I House, until spring work begins.
Advertise in   ri'ogreSS' Your order will be appreciated, r^cii
Watch for our Opening
!■      :-  andwli
lhal we can give y
I ol a postal asking
-That I!
.;        r short lime only
nre already a subscriber
Herald (or renew
ITiey will be sen! on i i tu   i iwuuujvj  ui   iiVi\niLi\ii ^KiMiaijnii iiuivrtuu, liiiULUui, u>.\**.,    t L,ui\unu i
l'lu'  New  W'AT
ire, and
il elections;
a : i :. ■■■ i the lam
i, in
■ fin i.i! ind
transfers are
.ig   !.- ii in
I have many buyers—both local and other
a in sell properly In any pari lhe
gai in  • | .  imcheen Valleys ai right p-i -
- ...ythtngtoollei   busineu, rtaldinilal   *
I it wnh me, ami I nil eniie.,. . ■    naka
'Cello net aatltftctoo >   '   -
ite   rlwthii   in lulrrs at Armstrong.
■    ,      i Vtttigit
■a   "
.A  I—I — 11 11 ■ I
A. Fulton
Tm and Plumbing Shop
Call and See our Splendid Stock of j
is, Cooking, Heating Stoves
• KH lien and Dalrj
J. Johnson, uf Silmon Ann. wai a
-    visitor in Endtrby uu Monday.
The workmen aie no* .ape. om
|ile-lilig the latge addition which is being
made to the sawmill   Th- addition'
Wt understand Will contain principally
lite resaws and , ..   gltiach Ml
The annual melting ul the Farmeri'
Inatltula is balm held In the Orange
Hull ai we g. 1   ,!• I here cet- .
numbei . in Iw praawl it
the mealing, oi which we will give t
a lull report next week
Wilh lhe abundant snow iall lhal tt
have had thu Winltl 'It-*- aleotild be
no lack ol mots' •■ • aat nnnier. and
alllinis olagricultuic willbenelil then,
hy Coming upon tlttee somewhat dry
- htav) ii trial! la a blueing
11)   - I.   lllll,;   Hi-     '  -      1 -J       -e-k.   a.-i
ll .' iral   ' ihe dry laud.
The Vtmon Senior hockey team
■ •      ■ "g Senior hockey Irani tin th.li       lea at Varnon on
Saturday mining aid beat them by a
coro ivldtnily
I tepresetit the gimt. lor (rom
■■, ru tectivttd. Ariuirong wu badly
outcla:- ' iht Vtrnan team „^^^ _^^_
n doubled thai    ^^^^^^^^^^
'   " We have just added to our equipment
Wr i a e . i another heavy
Iall ol the brauitlul about mn. Inches
an Monday night and i'utsJay miming.
miku about tu inches to date Q( |aleS| design, ll Is an elegant and comfortable riding rig.
and just the thing in which to drive a friend around the district
This is lhe Time for
Warm Clothing
of AU Kinds
We have some splendid lines In Under
wear (or Men, Women and Children.
Sscure a Mackinaw Jacket before Ihey are
all gone, also a pair ol Shoe packs, belore
the soft weather arrives.
Everything good in the Grocery line.
Metcalfe & \v h
2-Seated Surrey
'.     -   a   '-    • e
anic s
Tht snow fall Is
... -    .    r.       1-
II   tl at  111- ll ^ll
*.•■•-.•*,. sated   li • ii
cttttitil. ,:h water tt the
. sudden thaw in
.     lis al a
rapid rati i  lhat spring
Wm. A. Matheson
•. »
'    At) si»iiie li'tie nest week,
iiailt tt tlw present moment, with
thit ht has been appointed;
pat   a     • Aejenl Tor the Nuraeriti ef
Sit.nr W Wtllingtaa. for  Endtrby,
and surrounding country, and la pre-
™lL„l pared io lake <-i-!«». a strong constitution
Also bemg Adttijor Crow» Tail- means a healthy mind
' E Pavei. a
ihe unit Jot;
•.   . i   .
Veil  Arcttdeueit Beer, ol Kail
.   radaj      town I
' - ■
.ut  has   been  is.
'.', .(■
if tht b.      '■      il, Mi
a '-.' at Halirsic
In tht
.v it latttr
nam witltsui lr-et« lu- •   ■
lhat lhe Vetnonliei are
'■   puck-chawr.    But with
Blttt   •      deck we
ht Okan-
- I a walk'
, ver aa Iht
irong a'auit will ot ont
iVOth leasing - -w . big
r •;.»,*
I ra
then we vtuld have na doubt as lo Ihe
result.   Anyway, lit', have ll    ,
'•'      -   ■-
... ,'iitirtbraicottcfs   I   the
grape that ha  . • -   a a aomevhat out»■:•■
-.iaibtitg almost tht whoU t'm.
•   Ai    r
teretl -ttttt.r
irt at a
»       •   nti.
..,,», to U...U,, Ur.»«. he well ,nd    ^    work__n,*
•    * " be »irfu>»4 K.nly avllh aample*. .ilicit- „___j „_.,l.   _,_„,,.-a
ing aiders In this wtll known lint ol _5__J_?_! mV_*u_i
II, MAN ICN beg. lo announce thai
ht it ptepared ts unitriakt all mannai
d Scavenger Wotk, and ta licensed by
iht City Council to do to, Orders may
bt aent lo or lell ai the thlt Oliu-t oi
II. MAN TON. at the Union Restaur-
Ctrl W..nLcd.
City of Enderby
■ • ■■       a a   • a-
net on or Mara Jtnuaiy SIM. *
•    nt ta pay uid ua ait j
• by-;a« Ilea. *. iat I
vancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meals, and that's what
you will And at the new
brick block. Always
(rash, juicy and lender
Geo. R. Sharpe
It-.     .     r-r-t
Fruit Trees
,Home Crown Nursery Trees
Apples. Plums and Prunes
lor sale (or spring planting
I For varieties and prices apply
to Manager.
C oll.lea m I.Mala Co., Ill
VtlUION ». C.
ceauaK MtOMMI.
<   I I
.   '
tt tng in th. Pi .    ■
en have
alto cn Ihi
■   !
.    .   . •
;.. [I
Itirei th*
r the
■   -
■ .     . r '•.
, . • -
iluidi ht lota
under ll
I thi
ng off I * *hen ht
i Just hi      n. I  .-'    il ft
hot iht big rood
.   - - • 'up
,    .
<A miu »a   . ll    lie '■ If Plot      .
ft.  :-• .   : *    -.    <•
■ '
ling        . -ih itai
. ■ i
■ .
the Slh ct Ktt'uary.
A Business Change
Mrs. Tingstrom begs to In*
orm the public that she has
aken over ihe Restaurant and
lakery business lately carried
in by Mr J  McQueen, and
' pel (or a continuance of the
a NEW ti. m;h p.iu.. Muiei! the patronage which has been ac
kited in ute m several ptam in Veirun corded lhe business in the past
and Arnair t*g    Wllh lhe trater ays-
Water Motor
for Sale
e ■
... t tf ih
■ "
-   -        -   •  -.*
SeWjId   hi
•    '      '       .
A1.. sal rtl tu
> iillf si
ma jibe
-     -
a   e   •
will, br
I .-
i  >••    ,-• "
i •"
Iieit fcnderby nov Ls. thlt -
.   •   '    a   ' |   '
-l     Wil bt told.I
.'■ I • .
tfr'lMjlfc ttvmM* UMl >f*tAn~a nf sM Pt/t
>rt* I ft UW Ann Wt V -fc a( ftt*«««laV
1-Sr.llTf.    * -  I  i-    ' f**    ■   »■ N.I rl:***-*    1*
- IM
l    .   •'
Kftw* ■'■
I:      -t
fiat rt-vf h -- -t
MtvttW ft* ! .."
ttcanmil*^- U!
K!*'**l IIMI
a r- 'I
••I S   -r_i:ri t9-**\
. i-i-iiM e»/v>-«'*i
Iff     tWttAX rlit*ft
_*t l*.»1 »-  "--H
- \*. -*"»t «-   * ts
,   a ■*- 't*tt****1*V**<***aA
V-tt   '■'*'     (   M'i'cil-cal    imi
I    *■ ■•■   Itl  \*t  !"hi^tt>"l
• Li ill   stiv| tc*ln« tmit-
•». •-V.    »»* t»,l sal (iWf
.tugs S^tuiarlum
Not vndtr Ihl maugtn.tnl .I
,e|.ai,.»   M iKTOaM    Kalfman Hinitt
H SSillHt
tba M.jt.a. Wattta at HueyttiHlkl
I mnl caii'm it Hie tula* A tatlaat
aa'-.ea itne*. '.' ae; tlac... aci M.aaa
IkU tlaatae,  I -re   RMtty tn, Stan hi.
'Aimeeh e t, < - a- .a a».a
Hliaaea a'-irte   An ibMltll t a-aa.H give*.
^ Tetmi III      1       -    «...     ••* ■ .-la.
1 ptteevate. ape v t>
Holcyon Hot Springs
A. .ow Like. 1. C.
»,' sh e, i rttu
eist.crf an F.Irs
Dr. Shoop's
The Endeiby urug <v ital'y Co.
• ■ ." l.er" a-   • a- • -
• ■ Hll-s! . -■        '-
11 Pi   *-. " -e-r.a.e a
tot It* p»e.    •   •
* *   f  i ■     aii.il
-• -      , •   rcvTclT Ol
I III necti-a-    r i"-c
DM al Id's
a      ..-  ......    -   ■<,/
,--."• -Pi a.::    a   >


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