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Duncans Enterprise 1903-12-03

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I -
V        IT Itt     P~,„J-.   f
Hamilton Powder Company
Sbnonds' Saws
Sherwin-Williams' Paint
cAgents in Dunams
PITT & PETERSON        ,
Duncans f nterprise
Livery and Freight Stables   *
OpentinfMt Sicker and Croftm Step,
Vol. 1. No. 1.
M Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents
Money Advanced on Mortgage
at Current Rates.
I Duncans Emporium
London tV Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
Royal Dauraace Co'y. (Fire and Lilt..
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corse*-
Tin- Choicest Meats in the
Market. Stall fed beef for
the Holiday Trade.
See our Turkeys, Geese, etc
before purchasing elsewhere
and get prices.
Bear Admiral1
H. M. s.;j
cruiser, wkiJCl
Villugc P<H
going at aJ
— less Ihanljl
l)iul position^
In got wn
board H.J(
returned to. ji
noon, tlieri
Wholesale and 'Retail
Mill Stuffs. 'Dry  Goods.
Gents' furnishings.
Hardware, Mining Supplies
Boots .wd Shoes.
% Ventress
Chemist & "Druggist
Full lines of Perfumes
and Toilet Articles,
Patent Medicines and
See our Xfnas Goods.
Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Receipts Caret i'ly Prepared.
Duncans Drug Store.
li .'  To all Orders entrusted to us we give Prompt Attention,
Just arrived—6 cases
of Toys, and a full
line of Sundries for
the  Holiday Trade.
W. RJaynes
All kinds of ground
feed made from home
grown products.
Custom grinding
done for the Farmers
ebbed the
looking  u
by her na
to have ro
the   Village
beacon on tl
nel, off Mil
cruiser to el
succeeded   in
well on I be j
Village I'oint
well inside
When the
her   dry  fl
holding fast
fully haii
practically an
angle.    She
rise and fall
tide rises—tl
i'eet in live hi
the water mil
funnels, the
I'eet below the
When the v<
il was high
with a shock,
of the ollicere
asleep. Kome
narrow esca]
Mr. Salisbury,
call. The men
as no water
Rev. Mr. Salia!
ed before he
up the com;
cloths. Th<
similar narrow
bered out li
room and
^^^^^^^^^^ some with
^    ^'de  nmt,  but all
 H      I on a large group of the 'iest situated |
j   mineral claims on Mount 8iJ*er, and i
  j     Cowichan has long held "Pride of I very heavy develupment work will be j
Tford Hat Hopes Of ! PmctV as "tie of the most progressive | started immediately,
ac Floated. I agricultural districts in British Co- \    The Richard ill. Mining Co. with |
lumbia.    The lirst agricultural asso- j the extremely moderate working capi- '
e big second-class | ciatiun of British Columbia was or-
«d on the rocks nt | ganized here.    One of the first cowman Island while I operative creameries and the Flock-
masters'     Association,    were     also
started  in Cowichan, and  bear witness to its enterprise and initiative.
Cowichan can also boast, that it was
one of the first districts to he incorporated into a municipality ami can
point to its roads as being the best
and most economically kept roads in
Mrilish Columbia.
Minimi1 in this district has come to j
British Columbia
Pottery Company
$t about seven knots j
Ipced—is still in a i
1 opinion of Hear ;
who returned  to ,
Vreck   yesterday
[•nr and pumps on
on which In;
lJ*»l<M-diiy nfter-
*"jpe that tho war- [
tal of jji;i"),(IU(i, has been doing a great
deal  of  excellent   work.    A  double        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
compartment shaft has been sunk to ! tv, .   ert     r.    m . ,    ~.
the depth of 500 feet, and the same I Uram   itle>  *«* ™"«,   Well
njtj when the tide
|ej was loft a sorry
to   the   mistake
"Inner, who is said
fiie spar buoy off
reef for the pile
ii- side of the cliiin-
ore body that is being so successfully |
worked in the adjoining Tyee mine, j
has   been   intersected.     Altogether   DEPOT-
soine 1,500  t'ect  of work  has been j
done on this property, and the $1.00 j
shares cannot now he Inn! at undor [
The Lennra mine has been steadily
shipping during   the   year, to   the
Tubing, Flower Pots, Etc.
(ay, ami Mount Nicker bids fair in ! smelter at Croft mi, and so the past
the near future, to develop into one
of the big copper producers of this
continent.   The village of Duncans in
the municipality, is the headquarters
of several  successful   mining   companies.    The Tyee Copper Company
and swinging the i has been working steadily for nearly
reef, he not only \ six years, and lias considerably over
so, but got her j one  mile of underground  workings,
She ran up on   and has been steadily shipping for
9 northward side,   more than a year.    The Tyee mino
has several years' supply of ore in
I yesterday it left   sight,  ami  will  increase  its  output
nidships   forward,   by the New Year to (1,000 tone per
\ rocks.   She was   month.
Tin?   Cflpitul   i.i*   i'..i:>   ti.ui|Min.v   is
IIHO.OOO, in ISO.Oilo shares of £1 each.
i keel at a steep
pj move with the
tide. When the
a rise of twelve
Baynes Sound—
her abaft of her
Barters being ten
ruck tm the rock
She crashed on
|i awakened those
crew  who were
ie officers had a
chaplain, Rev,
and us u rule are to be found where"*"
there are sheep.   They are afraid of
j man, and no person in the district
,—m^^^^^^^mi—^^^^Mr. j hns ever been known to have been
cess of the mining industry.      Al- j attacked by one.   Two years ago, on
though a great deal of proBpecting j tne Olenora settlement, at one of the     i
few months, has seen the erection of j
two smelters  in  the  Cowichan  district, which speaks well for the suc-
the mining industry.
from the various surface samples of
rich ore, that have been brought in
by prospectors from different parts
of the district, other mines should in
time be found.
As some details about the mineral-
bearing zones and mines in Cowichan
IU»y he oi' lulei jr.v .mi vud'Mnoi   witt
_       be made to give a brief description
These shares are now freely dealt in j of them, although within the limited
011 the London market at £2 5s.; J space allowed, it is impossible to do
I there is a large reserve fund, and it full justice. Commencing at the
' quarterly dividends will shortly be i Sansuni Narrows, near Maple Bay,
paid. The Tyee property consists of \ and running in a westerly direction, a
about 260 acres of mineral lands, j zone of eruptive diorite rocks and
fiOO acres of timber lands, aerial schist traversed and overlaid by
trom, with freehold site on the Es- dykes aud flows of diabase rise above
quimalt & Nanaimo Railway at Tyee j the coal measures of the Cowichan
otlLbMJtZ <1"ri"g '"J yeMi' "0 I tonl 1""I8<,B ■ sm»11 *Ud -» sitting
other ledges of commercial ore have ; on the ±rt>nt 8t      wj(ll     ,     'T*
so tar been proved, although iudirini;! „„ 11 ... .l     ■        ,   *'
» n.. .....:_.__ Z.™ '   ?__J_,=   * : suddenly u panther jumped over the
fence, seized the dog, and made off
Station ,und a smelter site of 45
acres nt Ladysmlth, on which is constructed one of tho best and most
up-to-dnte smelters, in this Province,
i very close I Construction work on the Tyee smel-
lid not sutler i ter was commenced on April 17th,
i hnsin, a little to the north of the
I centre of the district and probably
i extends to the West Const of Van-
I couver Island. This zone shows
I everywhere evidence of mineraliza-
I tion by copper, and it seems hardly
      } probable that    nature should    have
ed from the receiving bins nt the I selected Mount Sicker alone to he the
1 roast yard down to the beach nt salt | depository of her treasure house.
water, so the handling of the ore was '
Alderlea Hotel
51 their quarters. \ 1902, a gravity system being arrang
'as almost drown-
olamher out and
\ in his night
several  other I reduced to a minimum.   Much delay
i.   Many clam- '■ was experienced in the delivery of
|e Hooding ward-   the   smelting   uiueiuiiery   owing    to
[ the companion, i strikes in the East, hut the plant was
ers in   their , started up on December 16th, 1002.
The logging industry in this section
has not been carried on this season
to the extent of other years owing
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
A Specialty.
Dealer in High Class   W, P. JAYNES
Groceries for t'amily '
■ "Si
Importer And ^iltr in
__ Firm  W^i^on*,  Ploughs,
&,llhi-t,vt. Hnrse-raktl.
. And A., kinds of FArming
>!t, Implements, buggies,
fcP Surreys. MArket Wagons,
£§ Sulkies, and Tleasure lar-
fj] riages of Sbery description
Light And HeAl'y HArness,
Horse  'Blankets.   Water-
|JS .-f>.f X; .•Xiifljijiijliifls ^!
companions au4 i
deck to safety.
They arc  nn
■-iVef.irrin-:tri Him ^hrfcnrtr -1, IWhTtt ^^mit^mWWtrmiJW
p  the . of Ladysmith, and contains 44 acres [ logs trade, too    nmC;
^^^^^^^^^^^^ iogB   JlttViu^
been taken out early in the season
because prices were good, consequently the market was Hooded. Then
logs took a great slump; prices went,
down and left many good loggers in
a bad position.
How much longer is our Dominion
^^^^ up the j of Ladysmith, ,^^^^^_^^^__
ilpte now inclined ! of ground.   At the roast yard (which
I i is furthest removed from the town)
^^^^^^^^ IWng in tents on j are the receiving bins, capable of
shore, and will ta' up quarters on i holding 1,600 tons of ore. A spur
the flagship Grafta on her arrival \ from the main line of the E. & N.
to-day. The crew fere working hard ! Ry. leads to the top of the bins, into
all day yesterday, mntinuing to take j which the ore from the mine is dump-
ont the coal, gear and stores. The ed from the cars. From the bins the ! Government going to sanction and en-
guns and ammunition were also be-! ore is distributed over the roast beds courage the Americans to flood our
ing stripped from the vessel, in fact j by a series of trestles and travelling [ Northwest markets with lumber free
she was being thoroughly cleared, j bridges where it is roasted before of duty, and American lumbermen
everything being ta en out possible to I being taken to the smelter. The roast laugh at us and their government
lighten her.
As a peculiar concidence, it is remarked that the wreck of the Flora
occurred on the s)wne day when H. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
M. S. Condor rouided Race Rocks, | 2,000 feet in length, with five switches j minion, and more especially to our
running into the roast beds, each 500 j own Province of British Columbia?
feet long. j We should say not.   What is sauce
At the smelter building is another < for the goose should be sauce for the
set of ore bins where the roasted ore i gander.
is dumped on being brought from the j     The Cowichan   Lumber   Company
roast yard, and from there is taken ! has only run one camp this year at
it; the child, however, was not touched. The year previous to this in the
same district, an old settler was walking on the main road, when a panther sprang1 out aud seized his small
dog. He saved the dogjs Hfe b^ *''«*»- ,
bing the puntne?^rae head with a
heavy club. The panther made of
but was, a few vjeeks after, found
dead, within a 100 yards of the place,
with a fractured skull. About a
dozen of these animals are yearly
brought in to the (fovernment office
for the bounty. This year, on Mr.
Shearing's farm in South Cowichan,
a panther and bear had a hard fight,
presumably over a sheep that had
been killed by one of them. From
the damage done, it was quite easy
to tell what had been fighting. It
is a pity the fight was not witnessed,
as it would have been most interesting to have watched their mode of
fighting. I think the betting would
be fairly even.
Wolves.—These animals as a rule
keep well back from civilization, but
during the winter months some come
down to the outlying farms, They
are very shy and seldom show these
selves, but will follow a man, 1
yard consists of 32 roast beds each I charge us a duty of two dollars per! stramje wolf f
capable of rousting 300 tons of ore. j thousand feet for all Canadian lum-!
Tho roast yard is connected with the | ber going into the United States.   Is
smelter by means of n tramway over J this doing justice for our fair Do-
A few years afu Mr. Baylor i
ichan Lake, who al the* time was 1
ping at thchead of the lake, when
one day visiting his traps, heard a
wolf howl; he answered it. The next
moment six wolves were on him. He
shot two without putting his rifle to
his shoulder, shot another and clubbed a fourth with the butt of bis
gun—the butt was all chewed to
pieces. The rest then made off. The
question is, did they know him to be
man, or did they think he was a
aud ran into the hnvy gale in which
the vessel was fojindered off Cape
Flattery, and the < steamers Mai tea-
wan, which was boVod out from Nanaimo for Sun Fr acisco with coal,
was lost.
ness Dressing. Axle  Oil.
Etc.   Bicycles and Singer
Sewing   Machines.    'R/-
flte PAlrs of all kinds.
Sg Duncans, B.C. |j
E. M. Skinner,
(C. E.)
Civil Engineer and
Provincial Land Surveyor
Land and Mine   Surveying.
The Flora wus tu have brought the j to the furnace.   To tho east of the
new Commodore ,jJj.*M» station to I roasted ore bins is the sampling mill
Esqnimiilt. it hav'.ni been arranged
that she was to pmceed from Esqui-
innlt to Vancouver ou Friday next to
brin;; Commodoro Goodrich to Esquimau to relieve Rear Admiral Biclt-
t'urd, t...U.'i., wu.r'rtft'L's iur Kiigland
on the 14lh inst.
Deposit of Five Million Dollars Said
To Have Been Pot Up.
Ottawa, Dec. 4- The announcement
was made from Mo.urenl to-day that
tho Orand Trunl- Pacific promotors
have depnsiti'd thy .friyssnrv live mil-
linn dollars as n'i»in,--nlt'<i of goo.i
faith. In official viV however, this
is denied. It is stllrtV' ■.«t before any
deposit is mado eeriiiu modifications
in the contract will nmc to be made.
Riii'Ii modifications im "illy he effected by Parliament.    .
whore all custom ores are sampled
before  going to   the  smelter.    Thi
Cowichan Lake, but since this camp
Last year a band of about thirty
were seen on the Cowichan Lake road
—three of which were shot, but only
one picked up. There were three men
with rifles there at the time; how do
you think these wolves would have
behaved supposing there had been
only one man and he unarmed? X
know 1 should not like to have been
in that position.
How is it that wolves do not increase in numbers? They do not appear to. They have no enemies except until, and he kills very few. I
think the reason is this: They suffer
greatly from mange, which kills mini-
started in June it has gone on,
understand,  very satisfactorily, and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ taken out n very fine lot of logs.   I
fnrnnce is 120 inches by 42 inches ] may mention a remark of one of our
made by the Allis-Chaltners Co. of ' oldest loggers on this Coast.   He said,
Chicago, and everything is in readi-1 "I thought I had seen good logs in ! ££ „„,, t,rev „„ thcil. own emmm
ness Cor the iiTsintfatiofi of another, > mv lime, bid I oer&i saw snail guoo
160 inches by 42 inches whenever the logs as I have seen to-day at Cow-
management deem it advisable. The ichan Lake taken out this year by the i
slag is "shotted" as it comes from. Cowichan Lumber Company.M This
the furnace and carried off in a flume j will show the quality of tiniher we i
2")0 feet long.    In the power house [ have  in   the   Cowichan   Valley   and |
is n No. 7 Connersvillc blower and aj through to the Wesl Coast. Through I )m,|lt 0jnpe ,inrm- the year,
125-horscpower Allis-Chaimers Cor- this one of the best railroads in our
liss engine for driving the same and- Province should be run. The survey
the electric light plnnt. There is also has been mado and wo hope soon to
in the power houPO rmple room for' see this great work i»<< ahead. Why
future addition or-extension. \ d? we not hear anything about ibis
The assay office and plant are of railroad of lute? We hope when our
the latest designs find contain all the > member for Cmvichnn meets the
appliances necesary for a plant  like ; House he may be able to push this
They often gel killed in their'fights.
and also the dog wolf will eat the
young ones if hu can find them. The
she wolf, however, does her best to
hide them. Only two or three as a
rule are brought in to the Govern-
E. 3 &C Rail-way.
The Brenton Hotel
,i events tnk-
viMT long be-
lions will bo
twenty nddi-
.i getting out
If we may jndj* I
ing place it will not
fore tho Domini..: i
called.   There an i
tinnnl linotypes atO.    	
the Dominion voters 1 -
Calgary, Pee. 4.+JV. !■'. Hersch, an
Ottawa man, is w^,- arrest on a
charge of bigomv. ' A warrant was
sworn' out by Mis. Hersch, an employee of the Rteira laundry here.
She says she was merricd to him last
November in Ottaijte,' and afterwards
learned that he h»d preivonsly heen
married to Miss No'an nt Rochester.
the Tyee.
The general office hns recently been i
completed, which nuupleles the construction work as originally designed.
rtiuco the furnace was blown in on i
December Iflth, 1002, Iheiv has been!
smelter over 40,000 tons of ore, pro-   article on the
dueing 4,300 tons of matte, valued nt	
$470,000.00. It is well known that
I the Mount Sicker ore is of a very
1 complex character, but all difficulties
I were overcome, nnd it has been suc-
| cessfully  smelted. ^	
j    In addition to the ore of the Tyee j all game
work successfully along,
Having been asked tit wnlc a short
|abovc. ami at the same
time being assured that it would be
a very easy subjool to write about,
especially os only a short article is
wanted, the writer in a weak moment
promised to do so. The great difficulty is to write shortly, and include
It would be an easy mat-
mine, the Company has several con-! tor to write a column on any one
tracts for custom ores, extending over j species of animal, but a hard one to
London, Dee. 5. -.i h
here to-night state* Hi
tion of Herbert gjrtjii'
T *v.j |i j     i tion ot rlernert Spencer, tne r;
Toe Dibeau, Prop r.',***• •>»,*"(»««««
1        I time, is causing great anxiety.
illctin issued
t the conditio famous
mention all game to be obtained in
the Cowichan district and make the
' remarks  short:     T   will   first   touch
upon the big game.
Black Bear are fairly plentiful in
parts of   the   district, and may be
j dropped upon occasionally.   They are
seen and shot in the Cowichan T,ake
; district more frequently   than   any
several years.
It is expected that the large coble
for the tramway from tho mine will
be installed during December, and
after that date the furnace will be
taxed to its utmost capacity to treat
the Tyee ore and the custom ore already referred to.
Next to this comes the Vancouver
Island Mining ond Development Com-1 other part, but are liable to be run I ing through the bush and if then
pany. with a capital of £50,000. This ; across in any part of the district, j are two of them, probably keep cooey.
company lias been formed to develop j About, ten to fifteen are killed yearly. | ing to each other, for fear of cettin*
the mineral resources of the Island, i Panther, like hear, are fairly plan- j lost, and then they expect to see dew
and 1ms just secured through Messrs. j tiful, but seldom seen unless treed There is only one wav to hunt deer*
Wood & Smith, a two years' option   by a dog.   Most arc shot in this way, I (Continuedon page two)
Wapiti, commonly known here as
| Elk.—These, I think, are the moat
j magnificent of all deer species. A
few ore to be fouqfl in the district
—in carta if) places A friend of
mine, who lives in this district and
who lit one time went in greatly for
hunting, and whose word is good,
told mo lli-'il "lie time when out, he
got amongst fourteen bull elk, but
Mover fired a shot at them, the reason
being, ho was a good long way in.
and bait o big pack and could not
have brought out the heads. That
man I call a sportsman; and if even*
man were like him, there would be a
good many more elk than there nre, I
fancy. There nre not. as n rule, more
than two heads brought out during
the season.
Black Tail Deer, the common deer
of Vancouver Island, are numerous
and easy to get, if a man knows anything about hunting, but as a rule it
means a day's work. I have heard
some men on some occasions, who
have come up for a day or two's hunting and gone away without a deer,
slanging the district and saying that
they were told there were lots of
deer, but they found there were none,
etc., etc. As n general rule you will
find that these men know nothing
whatever of hunting.   They go crash-
Special Christmas Number
Bdltor ami Owner
Ohl friends, we greet you aud wish
ymi a Merry Xnuis and u Happy
anil Prosperous New Year.
One thing we would like to recommend to our law makers is the opening up of the interior of this Island
In tin1 prospector by Hails so that it
may lie possible to get some idea of
our valuable resources.
shop, one feed mill, three hotels aud | on the wing. These birds have eer-
a creamery. These different busi-! tainly decreased in numbers in this
uesses ate prosperous and progres-1 district. But what can be expected
sive. The creamery turns out the] when birds tree, and almost every
best battel' in the Province and is a man and boy carries a gun) 1 think
credit to the tanners of the district, j it is perfectly safe to say, that to-day
The hotels are models of comfort aud i compared with ten years ago, live
are much appreciated by the many times llie number of guns are out.
guests who daily accept their hospi-; Some people put the decrease down
lality. With all our business and the i to pheasants driving them away,
many nice homes, etc., we are some- j This 1 do not agree with, llow many
what behind in several very much [ pheasants do you think would be loft
needed improvements, i.e., sidewalks, in the district, if liens us well as
it is certainly a shame in so thriving'cocks, were allowed to be shot, and
j u community as this that at the rainy i they, treed/ 1 have shot thirty brace
' season of the year our wives, mothers,' so far this season and 1 am quite
daughters, sisters   and   sweethearts j content.
I should have to wade through lutidj Mountain Quail—In my opinion the
and water up to their ankles in the handsomest native bird of the Prov-
uiiildle of the streets if they wish to iuce. Pretty shooting, and delicious
i go to the store, church, post office or! eating. 1 know of quite a number of
elsewhere, ami looks to us us if we
eared but I
gentle sex.
nfrtrmrowii josh innr oTrtTroTirriroTroTnriroTroTf o^
utuai ute of Canada!
Companies in Canada, issues the
suriug elsewhere get rates and plans from
>DLEY, Agent, Duncans, B.C.
Or R. L. UiUJlY, Manager, 34 <BroadSU, Victoria. B.C.
Turner, Beeton & Co., Ltd.
Fstahlishcd 18(13,
Incorporated IttOU.
A lucoting of the Vancouver Island
Fish and (initio Club was held ill the
Municipnl Hid' "" Saturday last. In
another column we give a report of
the ineetiug together with the objects
of the club. There is one thing, we
understand, the club wants, namely,
(hot every one should pay a gun
license. We cannot understand why
the farmer who feeds the birds for
liny who like to come and shoot
should do so and pay u license to
keep a gun.
tie for tlie comfort of the
Now, we think it is the
business of the Reeve and Council
of this municipality to at once remedy ibis very muddy slate of affairs. A
walk on one side of Certain streets
would accommodate almost every
family in the town and also allow the
ladies who come to town to gel
around to various places they wish
to visit without having to paddle
through the mini and water. This
could be done in a very small cost and
should be dine ill once. If |he general funds of llus municipality are
not sullieielil lo do this, then a special
tax should be levied to do it. If the
taxes of Duncans now paid to the
municipality don't warrant the Council taking it from the general fund
they should know-
to get the  ney
covies this year. They appear lo
slick to the same locality and nest
in the same place year atler year.
They can stand the winter ull right.
California Quail.—There are u fount' these birds, but not many. 1 know
of about six envies this year. 1 eun-
not account for I lie reason lliey do
so well near Victoria and in Snanieb,
where some sensors they arc in hundreds and never seem lo increase in
this district. Von see about llie same
sized covey in the same place every -
year, but they never seem lo increase. I
llow is IH I pill il down to the |
snow lying deeper in this district.
These birds cannot stand deep snow ;
it kills thorn right oil'.
Snipe.-Tbis bird, 1 imagine, inns!
be a favorite of cartridge manufacturers, because if you get  amongst
ow to go about it a few of thorn, us a rule n good deal
-but get it.    An- of powder is burnt—which, of course,
well-known varictitWof apples, pears,
plums, cherries, peaches, strawberries,    raspberries   lad   other small
varieties tested,
,v<e found to be
to the prevuil-
il aud  climate,
the fruit ill-
considered   at
.will consist in
vely  large
sorts, and
lividuals who
of fruit grovv-
ie keynotes of
Since our lusi issue many changes
have taken place in our district. Very I
great improvements have been made
both in Duncans ami the surround-j'.iry _X^,bjisiness in every |
line bus increased and both money j
and men have come to us, and wo
venture to say that in the same per
of time "in the future" we shall sec
even u greater increase. We wish to
call attention to the Old Timer's
reminiscences in another column
this paper. Also "001110 Protection"
is quite right; his suggestion arc
very good. The article on Fruits is
from one who knows. The Pig on
dairy farm is good by "lam Satis."
The Cowichan district is second to
other thing: the main or Station helps trade.' These birds come 111
Street should lie properly graded and some limes in fair numbers, and oc-
nindc uniform the whole length. For cusionully 11 good bug is made. They
instance, when raining it would be are in to-day mid goue to-morrow.
almost impossible tor any one to get There is no certainly of (hiding snipe,
in the Odd Follows' Hull without You run across them sumo times on
rubber boots. No, this is not right most unlikely places—I once Hushed' "na 9'limld be attended to. Every one on top of a hill out of a bracken
' business man should have an equal' in a dry place,
chance. This place in summer is one Wild Duck.—This article of mine is
of the prettiest little towns on the getting far too long, so it is utterly
0j>|Pnoiflo Coast. Let's make it so all impossible to write up all the difl'er-
the year round. It can be done, and cut species of duck and geese. Ducks
every person in the district will feel
the benefit of it directly or indirectly.   "It's up lo the people."
(Continued from page one. I
American capital is now at work
in this district securing timber limits.
Well, perhaps it is better to allow
Americans to have them than for no When you start to hunt, go slowly,
one to take interest. Possibly they' quietly, and keep your eyes opeu.
will do something. Still it seems too Don't try to cover seven or eight
bad to give aliens our most valuable miles of ground; (wo or three is quite
heritage. We have got one of the I enough. It is hard to estimate the
most valuable districts in this Prov-1 number killed during the season, but occasionally
arc fairly plentiful, and as a rule
you can depend mi getting one or
two any time you go out. Some times
the night shooting is very good on
some of the lakes and at the mouths
of some of the rivers—but it is eer-
! tainly uol as good us it wus fifteen
years ago.      For the simple reason
I that  they    are    never given a rest.
I Since Indians 11111 now get a market
for thorn, they are out morning, noon
j and night, potting away.   Cowichan
' Flats, where al one time good bags  0118
, could  nearly  always be got,
worth  while going  to.     Of
there you muy striKC a  [
Of the liiimborlw
11 limited o iiiutity
specially well suit
ing conditions of
The commercial
duslry    may lie
hand, and its ft
flic  pluming   of
areas in these w*ffl
their cultivation by
will moke 0 special!
ing and iniirketii
success in growing being constant
cultivation of the soil, and in marketing, the shipping of Well packed fruit
in ear-load lots.
The following list of varieties is
given 11s generally suitable, but
ivhorevei; possibbvTIocal experience
should also lie eaivfuly considered
in the selection made. Varieties
known to he subject to fungous diseases, whatever th,lr other qualities
mil}-  he. ul,..ulu    <M|II   in   I 1 1   I   io   n
commercial orchnit:
Apples.-Duchess    of    Oldenburg,
Wealthy   (fall),  iftug nl   Tompkins.
Jonathan (Into fnlftfnd curly winter),)
Belle de Boskoop,[ fted 1
I pin, Salome (winntr).
[    Pears—llartlett,,Bcur
J Beurre Clflirgeau.
Ji.  J(.   Ctayton,
and Jowetler,
2$ fort Stmt, Victoria, 33. C.
%>iamonti Svtftiiy  and Gnamaitittf i
OM Scuto/ry  9//«<t>*   S„to 9/*w   Z>„.
sty its,
tSjtwia/   Jfttention \Stvcti    to   9//n,
Wholesale Merchants
and Manufacturers . .
Victoria, B.C.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended to.
Are You
Fond of**
coked Pip
Plums.— Peach
Seed I
Duke. Olivet. Belt
1 iinga:
.    Monarch
.an Prune.
Morolls,    l.nti
Crab Apples.—I yslop
Editor "EntorprM."
Dear Sir,—If my of you- nuincr-
reiiders of tie present day will
,  is  not  go huek with 111c Vlthe year ISti2 and
L' course,  note  the cbungosjlhat    lime  taken
strike a   place  ill the .list "t  il would till  a
Let's try and see it opened up. two or three hundred" musTbT'sho";jg°0(i ^'^ ""?' ^ldom.   The best  s;oo,l-si/.ed book.'.ot to mention the
-bug ol ducks I know  ot last year,  columns "t a nciifiapci-.    llie rusl:
Jjvuciniil bona tile ninn,who will take if those that are killed by Indians J*B ">■ '"".*
an ihfereK in InT .-..siriei, vrx 'irtMr'aro inciuut'    *•"""       ' '-  -.     "* •—:■'■••*-   ••**•
„rta* *!,«:«'L. ,..1*1. ....m «. m, -i .      thud to stop lroin villi! oi cartridges,  place
east their lot with ours. Bearer.—These annuals are not so'        ,.     r        ,, ,,      .5      '
Speaking generalk 011 the shooting   great
1 0 a week (Tuesdays' and returned on Saturduya. 1 think she went
as far as Cninox, calling at all way
! ports with the mails ami passongors.
j In tin- winlor ii  il would be neai-
'dark before wc gul away from .Maple
j Bay and the poor old oxen we had
I ill   those days   would  have  to  travel
1 1 1 the double quick.    Tile bout
was  due  at   .Maple   Bay  about  two
o'clock coming from Victoria on tho
'Tuesday   trip  and  earlier  when  she
I came back from Naiiainio, so wo had
' plenty of tiino to pay attention to the
'old black bottle and  lake a reef in
tho anchor, and splice the main brace.
The deeds done and  the hairbreadth
escapes while under its influence. The
1 South African war was 11. t in it, and
1 am sure 110 South African general |
j would dare attoinpl   to perforin tho
80     Alter all these good limes in
early days,  the  newcomer will  have
the audaoity to tell us old pioucors
what   great   things   the   railway   bus
done for us.    llow  it   has eiihai
the   \alue of   our property:   got
i iu  touch    with  the    outside  wo
brought in capital ami improved 011
 udition in a thousand a:ul one dif
ferent    ways.    Newcomer!    mav    I.
If so, you will find jus, „.|ml vou „.„„ „,
our store, friiin n Jows-Horp 'to a Piano.
Gerhard-Heintzman Pianos *   Thherty Organs  j»
Regina cMusic 'Boxes j*     Victor Gramophones ^
Edison Pfionouraphs j* Domestic Sewfag Bfekhus
Also 11 Large and Complete Stock of Sheet Music,
nod (Music   Hooks of nil  kinds.     Give as a cull
93 Government Street**   «   Victoria, B.C.   ^
The Paterson Shoe Co,, Ltd,
and %tbber Goods
"      ' t numerous as the>" used to be, but are
Duneaiw and the Cowiehou District to hti ionu^ imd u.apped around some
is to-day of great importance in the|of the Iakes A iew are killed yuarI).
Province of British Columbia, the flt yonieil08 !jajC(J within a mile of
that 'yeai'j which   brought   a
number  of immigrants  from
Columlio, the
s of the district being so di- i)imcanSi
as to make it one of the i q^.- _,«,
busiest anil most prosperous of any
of its size—"it is not small, either.'*
The mines now developed add greatly
to the wealth and have made a mar-!
ket for the products of the land, thus;
increasing the quantities grown and
by that induced owners to clear more
land, brought better prices, thus giving our citizens a chance to keep upj
other improvements in the way of j
buildings, machinery, better stock, I
etc., etc. Mnny of the fanners of
the district are able to market their
crups in large quantities, such as
fruit, potatoes, hay and grain, many
carloads of which are shipped from
here every season. Besides the above
the lumbering industry is of great
importance. Wc have one nf the
largest and best equipped sawmills
on the Pacific Const that is kept going steadily the whole year
round and ships shipload after shipload to all parts of the world; besides several smaller mills which are
kept running steadily by the local
demand for lumber. Our forests are
as fine as can be found iu any part
I of the district, I think it cau be colt- all parts of the Wrld, chiefly from
'ed distinctly good, and any man that California, Kn-laul, Australia and
cau hold straight, can make a large  New  Zealand,    ^withstanding   the
ire are a few of these to
be found in the district lakes and
streams and uu occasional one is
Pheasants.—These birds were first
introduced in this district about
eleven years ago, a few being hatched
and turned out in several places. Now
mixed bag during t
not to be usliuine
some men in    the
ie season, and one
i of. There are
district    that can
account for four or live hundred head
iu     the    season,    ami   il    all     the
smaller bags  Mere added  to  this,  1
think the grand total of game shot iu  here, at
Cowichan   District   would   astonish Catholic pricM
1 will now elose this article, which
they are numerous, and the cock birds  1 nni afraid is gelling prosy, with a
ore allowed to be shot, the hens be-1 few hints to lovers of the gun.
Always shoot a hawk when you get
ing protected. The Cowichan Valley;
is an ideal home for them, there be-1
ing plenty of food aud splendid
cover. They have done so well, that;
some of the farmers are complaining,
about them, and would like the Act
amended so as lo allow the hens to
be shot. Personally 1 think if hens
were allowed to be shot, they would
soon be exterminated, as the hen is
a much easier bird to be shot than
the cock, sitting closer and not being
nearly so wild. It any alteration in
the Act is made in this respect, the
open season tor hens should not be
more than fourteen days in the year.
1 estimate that about two thousand
pheasants have been shot this season.
a chance,
Blue jays and crows are good birds
to shoot, especially the latter, which
are increasing rapidly in numbers,
and are very destructive to nests-ami
young game birds.
Recently three blue grouse nests
within 7,j yards of my house wore dost royed by crows, every egg being
sucked. If every man that shoots
would spend two-bits a year on cartridges lo kill crows, the result would
be good.
Always shoot everji cat you sec in
the bush, even it' it is your neighbor's. Jt is uu easy nuiller tor him
to gel another, aud perhaps the next
stay at home and not be u liun-
the nesting season
idd miners were :l fever heat to get
to the mines, their were a few that
wauled laud, and their attention was
drawn lo the DUricI of Cowichan.
Mr. duo. llumphrc-. an old Hudson's
Bay employee, wa- the first to settle
liondou, a Roman
r. I'. Breuan, Mr.
Chisliolm, Mr. M&ouey and perhaps
one or two others!wore iu Cowichan
before istlU. In [be mouth of Jul.
or August of thiM year 11. M. gui
boat Hecate broipht up about one
hundred and twctlth settlers, mostly
young men in llie |.rime of life. Thet\
took up land iu all parts of tho district, building log Cabins, clearing and!
Brmoat km. m 4 n, c.. .... ..1.
to forgal Auld Lang Syne.
A word or two about igriotiltural
implements and machinery. The tirst
waeou iu tile district win owned by
llie Drinkwater Brothers and came
here shortly after locating in 1S02.
l-'iisi liuggj Row 0. Holmes, aboul
ls~l or '76. first mowing- machine
llichardson, Chcmainus; T. William-.
Cowichan Pints. The tiist one to
travel ami eul around the district-
.lames Keir aliout lST-l. Fii-sl thresh
ing machine (tread power] -Richard-
son. Chcmainus, li afterwards passed into the hands of James Kier,
Somenos. Mr. Kier travelled 11
around Cor several years ami did the
threshing; commenced travelling with
il aboul 1874, First Chinamen iu the
distriel Rev. 1>. Holmes ami D.
Kvans. Both Chinamen went crazy
and had lo be soul  away,    This oc-
•'.ostrtnr? 7 XTrWEif
Special c/ljcnts for the
'well kmnvn
Schools of tho District.
- lirsl seho
tencing land, plnntm
other crops, makiii.;
ine; wharves for ih
to   laud   passe iV4*U.
provisions for the'
and other improveutc
time of the uewuoim
on ami so did your
gel   on  lo  the
Douglas in \ le'tTaT
May in the mouth <
Landing al  Ma
audi riirivil about 1876,
of the globe and arc so extensive that uni1 tllM« stl11 "I'l'™' to he plenty  w
for many yours to come this industry lL'ri-   Pheasants during cold weathor tor,   Due cat i
will advance in this district.   A most K'M> aoep snow require to bo fed;  ii  he a hiinlor, will  kill    us many
important industry in the new town "'cy oun stand the cold, hut cannot birds as you  will shoot  during the
of Crofton  is that of  the  smelter, stand the deep snow. During wenllier season.     Perhaps the remark to this
where not only the ore from some of .of this kind, 1 always snutcr grain  may he:   How about it,  if   the   cat
io lie your own? My reply
I il. I prefer to have game
!>' house iii prel'erenr
of this kind, 1 always srnltcr
our local mines arc treated, but orc8»b"ul my place for their benefit, and happen
from    mnny    other    localities    are during Ibc winter there are nlwnjs is:   Sli
brought nnd handled. This industry birds right up to the house
alone is one of very great import-' «•«• '"»' ulll,,|'s ll" likewise
111  to this purl of Ibis great Province and bids fair to grow to greater "' '"c
proportions in the future. There is
still hundreds of acres of good land
only waiting the hardy settler to take
it and iiiuke it a part of the producing Holds of this fair district. Nor
are the settlers wanting, for almost
every week sees some new resident
added to our thriving community, and
be it said, that we have with all these
vast resources as line a lot of residential citizens as any community in the
world. Truly it is a place where any
one might be proud to live.
1 sug-
Blue Grouse are
oimlry, ami
numbers in dilTercni
trict. Some people
not us mnny as ll
which is correct as
populated parts of
concerned, but then
lie natural game
lie to he shol in
purls ol   lie- .lis-
rlnim ihore are
■re used lo be,
I'm- as 1 he more
'he district are
appear to he as
line lusi suggestion before closing:
Why in,1 form 11 "Cowichan District
Hun Club!"      II
thing lo do  for
ouils aud Imihl-
Vietorin steamer
and   mails,   also
el tiers.     These
Is occupied the
•s.    Time 'went
';ir humble servant
t sjn.'i-  Sir   .lames
Bfrobund for .Maple
1 May. 1872.
e Bay  1 hut year
j you would lind Mr. Win. Beaumont,
j the   proprietor  of   the   hotel,   store,
if wharf and post  muster of ull  thai
district which comprises glorious old
Maple Buy.      Then   never was bill
one Maple Bay and thai was Beaumont's Maple Buy    And there never
was but one block Initio thai contained tho real old fi'jfigo, "Oh-ue-joy-
fill "itself, and'thin Was   Beaumont's
black bottle.   ''<UKi'"'.—'. oh, boys,"
we were young iiiul foolish iu those
days,   The times we've had around
iihl be u good   Hint old  stcnuihont   landing  pulling
i' reasons  than  those   wild   entile   on    board    the
stcniner; but first of]all gelling them
Churches of the District.
The flrsl ehureh ii
Roman   Catholic,  I'
Romlou, pastor.
1 he Episcopal Chi
Somenos  Lake, a
Methodist Churcl
Ihis   lime    both
Gorroll was Hie F
Rev.  Derrick the
district was
ton,   Kaiher
1863 or  'lil
reh was creeled on
so the Maple  Bnj
was built    aboul
if  logs.    The   Rev.
Qgtislt minister, ami
Methodist tninistor.
s ever in South Cowichnu nnd them as Hie
They used ii me up occasionally.
Bulb ministers lived around Victoria
nnd very often would have lo come
by eaiioe, as steamers only ealile when
they fell like it or once a month,
The First Marriage in the District.
No doubt was Hint of Mr. Chisholm,
of Maple Hay. il happened so long
ago that Hie oldest inhabitants hnve
forgollen the date, so we muke ,n
guess nnd cull il 1804. Mr. W. Drink-
water nest, and Mr. Lomns in lsus.
The First White Baby in the District.
Here again we lind a little dilli-
eiilly. Mr. Beaumont, of Maple Bay.
has something to say aboul babies
pretty curly in (lie history of Cow-
incliani also Peter Boudot, but we do
I wus held i» tho old
log ehureh near Somenos Luke, mil
very far from Ihe resideme of Mr.
Noreross, 011 what is now Mr. Freeman's property. The late Mr. Lomus
wa- the  lirsi  teacher,    Children ol
sel I  age    were  not     numerous  in
those- days; only ihe children of throe
1 lin-s  attended   ihe   Kiers,   Bells
ami Andersons,    Another of ll Id
pioneer school bouses was locntod opposite Ihe old eollll bouse near the
residence of Mr. Morloy, A lew
years later school was kopl anywhere
and   every where   wherever  an  empty
building  11.1 he found and children
io attend Mctbodisl Church, Maple
Bay, Agricultural Hull, Maple Hay.
Mr. ,1. Trillion's log cabin; also a
log cabin above Cowiehnn wharf near
Mr. Leakey's, ami other places.
Among the early toaohors were W.
Lomus, A. Dodils, R. Clotnltson,
Rogers, Cobble Hill. The teachers
Iiiul to leneb two schools: lor instance, one day nt Maple Buy, next
dny nt Tnrlloii's, so the children attended only every oilier day. After
a time the lloveriimeiil commenced
building our present school houses.
One of Ihe first was the Maple Buy
school bouse, perhaps built aboul
is", or '70.
Cowichan Debating Society.
The   Cowioban   Deb ^   Sooiely
was started at ihe Mission House.
Quamioliau, aboul 1800 or '70 to pass
away the long winter ovouings. Arch-
deacon   Reese   look   a   prominent   part
111 ihe procoodiugs, Nearly all the
young men in Hie distriot wor tubers, nainelv, A. Dodils,
litt, Duncan. Edward
Marriiier,  David    and
'■' ">.  "ing,  Lappidg
ll  11.......i until .il
disbanded,  the  muni
present day dispe
llu- boys 0111  of
Sinylhe. Sol-
and Henry
. N. Evans,
anil others.
Jj"--,  ttran
-v   of   Urn
ing good cheer to
old  bluek bottle
which  tallied whiskey, rum, bruii-
dy, gin. el,-  nl least it was Slip-
posed in contain all tho good qualities of Ihe above.
The roads leading lo Muple Hay in
those days were locntod nearly along
the some route us we Hud them today, uol v.-rv good, certainly, but
much heller than those lending lo
Cariboo in early days. Dim traveller
on Ihe Cariboo Road nailed up on a
tree ihe following notice:
"This road is not passable;
Not even jaekass-able;
And those who will travel it
Musi turn mil and gravel it."
use  uiciiiIh
.0 the shooting part.
ns. B.C.. Nov. 20, 1003.
7*  Agricultural Society.     "f
1    The Cowichan, Chcmainus nnd Suit
Spring Island    Agricultural Society-
was established nl Maple Bnv about
1808-9.   Its
Into Mr. W
Tito people of Ihe distriel Hull renr Ihcrc lo Maple Bay  wel with swenl
ml  lied  the gnine surely ought to  and not a dry rag »% our backs. The
much say ami attention paid old wharf was row narrow with
Yietorin dun Club, most  very high toll to pay, and upon one  know Hint the Into Willie Lolling wus j
I' of whose  1 iibers. 1  urn  Informed, occasion n residsnl now of Somenos born    ■liinunry, lHOIl,    Sonic    years
got into a very light place so thnt Mr. w. Hmuimonrnad 1111 announce-'
ho preferred embracing four fathoms ment in the birth columns nf tho
of salt water than (lie long horns of Victoria Standard newspnper thus:
an infuriated sti-cr, mid clung to the "At Mnplo Bay, the wife of \V. Beau-
piles until rescued.   The passengers mont of a son. In the spiritual way."
  on board paid the greatest of rcBpoct     Mr. Beaumont being a Spiritualist, held here for a number of years.   It
There nre large nrens of Innd in  to our wild cattle,. They gave them it mused n good deal of amusement I must bo remembered that the people
.   Cowichan  District particularly  well the whole street) sWwalk nnd nil, and nt the time.   In our childhood dnys of Salt  Spring   captured n greater
there, nothing more is seen of thorn adapted to the growing of fruit. This I was going to soy :00k to the tipper; we were told of ghosts and spirits  number of the prizes in those days;
until spring—when they come down has boon amply demonstrated over n  dock, but thore wci no upper -dock ; coming down the chimney, but a inns!   also, a steamer would come from Vic-
'" ''iced. number of  years  and  is evidenced  to tnke to on sonic of the steamships, j unlikely route for a bnby to tnke in torin on show days loaded down with
so they took to tho lower regions in-  landing    itself    upon this stage of passengers, calling at Burgoyne Bay,
stend. Drinkwnl-'v Bros.' nnd In- action. Time went on, whon one Sail Spring Island, to bring along I mothers that had marriageable daugh-
wood and Jordan': cnttlo were among morning wo were startled by the the passongors nnd exhibits. These tors, namely, Mrs. Fry, Chemninits;
the worst—six' nud seven year old announcement thnt Mrs. Dnvid Alex- lind to be placed in the ball after, Mrs. Kior nnd Mrs. Beil, of Somenos;
steers thnt hnd|d nil their lives nnder had   presented her   husband the arrival of the bout and before| Mrs. Alexander, Quamiohan, and Mrs.
baTues_(j5J{ls)'.   TlitsTia
many 11
south of Shawnigon, and on mnny
the hills. Personally I have s
more blue grouse Ihis year than am
of the seventeen years I have bcoi
in the Province. Some men shot
2!> to 110 birds on the 1st of September. About the second week in Sep
temlier they nil go hack to the highoi
mountains, nnd    unless   you go
Slowly  but  steadily this thriving
. little town is going nbond.    Only n
few years ngo it wns nothing but a
siiinli village  with    u    blacksmith's      Willow Grouse—Tho best flavored every year  in   tho  magnificent  dis-
shnp nnd one store, nnd now it boasts bird in the Province, nnd the bnrdost plays of fruit  of various sorts and
no less thnn fourteen thriving busi-  I" shoot, funless they tree).     They varieties, ii.inle nt the exhibitions of
ness firms, four grocery nnd general have this unfortunate habit, and got the  Cowiehnn   Agricultural  Associn-
stores, one meat market, one boot and  potted off in consequence.   If they lion at   Duncan, at   Victoria, Now
shoe   shop, one   livery   stable, one could got over this fniling, I don't Westminster nnd elsewhere.   The his-1 among bears nnd vjolves, nnd when with
steam laundry, one blacksmith shop,  think there would be so many killed lory of fruit   growing in Cowiehnn  they got to Maple Bfy nnd got n sniff 1 penci
Tho people of Cowiehnn were following the above ndvice, us there wore
two Govornuiont rood parties at work,
Air. \V. C, Duncan hud charge of the
one and Mr. Miller, of Cliomniuiis,
the other. Both arc still alive nnd
first president was the hearty old pioneers. Our roads were
Lomns, The show wns greatly improved that summer and
shortly afterwords became passable
wagon roads. I was not long in the
district before 1 found out thnt women and tnbleclotbs were bore ahead
of me. In other parts of B. C. I was
nbond of them. They certainly were
not very numerous.   There were five
Imp- judging commenced.     Our Victoria, Skinner, Mnple Buy.
22 years ngo.    It wns friends greatly helped  the gate re-
bakery, one wagon ropnir shop,, ns there nre.   I know of no bird thai  is similar to thai of nearly nil fnm-, nf civilization, t,he>iverc right sqnnre i some timo after the completion of tho j ccipts.   About sixloon years ngo the
one carriage, wngnn    nnd    hnmoss | slnrls his flight at such n pace, ,or 011s fruit districts—nnd implies the j on tho wnrpnth. 1E. & N. By. that babies arrived in 1 agricultural   show   wns   moved   to
simp, one tinsmith nnd mctnl worker tnkes better ndvnntnge of cover when testing by individuals of most of the      The steamer cntne lip from Victoria [ the district weekly. Dunenns.
Now, looking bnck upon the last
thirty years, what do we find nt the
present dny? A railway running
through   the  centre of the  district
i .< I
with telegraph ami telephone lines
connecting us with nil pints of British Columbia and the outside world.
Our trails have been converted to
good wagon roads. The oxen and
sleigh have given place to the Cyldes-
dale and general purpose horse and
tho Hour-inch tire wagon; also the up-
to-date roadster and rubber tired
buggy. Our farms have gone to the
front from a little log shanty and a
small log barn to a commodious two
storey frame house and tho requisite
farm buildings. Our tields have been
cleared of stumps and greatly enlarged in size and numbers. Tho unsightly zig-zag fence has given place to
the neat cedar post and board fence.
Our creamery lias replaced the old-
fusliiim setting pun and skimming
dish and has relieved the housewife
of never-eoasiug toil and worry, and
has given ns the very best article in
Then take all the modern machin-   "fru.
ery of the farm they have got here "      *
Then Say! Don t worry* It makes you
look old; and old looks are not always hcnulit'nl.
Wo are making extra preparations
for a bumper Christmas trade. In
addition to our large selection of toys
aud notions already arrived we are
receiving u large consignment of
unumel and fancy chinawure and
other useful range of goods. W. P.
Jaynos, established 1878.
llow about those mud holes.
Potts' new gn
blacksmith shop.
cry is next to the
Give it a cull.
.lack, the Barber, understands his
business all right.
Say, why don't you put on a clean
collar/     You   know  the  laundry    is
Wo have a large stock of Choice
Groceries in all lines on hand all the
time, and turning out large quantities as we do our goods are always
fresh and new.
Our customers receive ever)', attention possible and orders sent us are
filled promptly and carefully.
Our prices are lower than the city
merchants on many things, and we
guarantee perfect satisfaction.
We are headquarters for Dry-
Goods, Boots and Shoes, Men's
Mackinaw Coats and Gents' Furnishings.
Pitt & Peterson.
What is the population of Duncans'?
is a question fr
never accurately
progressive little
uently asked and
uswered, for the
incorporated town
v   and  gracefully!
during the last  twenty years. 	
look al  our churches of the various  look old J and old  looks are not al-   lades   so   gradual]
denominations and our school houses; w,l.Vrt beautiful. . ,IWHy into tho beautiful valley of the
every   two  or  throe   miles  all  overt ' ... 1 Cowichan, that it is impossible to tell
the  district,     Take   a   look   at  OUT I     Whan you see your lrieiids ^.uaL.,,,,,.,,  ^      b      .,,„„.„, ofl„  ,ud
..resen,   Agricultural    Hal. with  it. * »™ a smile, g^M to %**; „„ ^^ ^ „„„ m n^^^^
  ! an   blends imperceptibly into   rural' mlliiiK  alone;
Anderson is an up-to-date limn at qnietudo, beauty and picturesqueness. n"'  "  never
his business and a good addition '»| Resources are   al   our door which
the town,
five seres of show grounds and sheds.
Tuke ii peep at our thoroughbred
shorthorns and Jersoys, our Southdown and Shropshire sheep and Berk-
shire pigs, Glydosdalo and I'el'eberoii
horses, and say wo ar I progressing. Have a look al tho thriving
town of Duncans, which twonty years
alio was one of Ihe ttlOBl densely
timbered spots perhaps in Itiilish
Columbia, ll has givon place to a
railway Btntion, twu of our hotels
costing  ton  thousand  dollars each,
with half a dozen stores, court house,
school house, churches of all denominations, agricultural hall, council
"lumbers.     buibline.   sleain
la Iry, drug -  etc., eic. with
line residences inhabited by liberty-
loving, law-abiding and progressive
Take a look nl Chcmainus twenty
yonra ngo. li bnastod of tumble-down I"""1
wharf and a little up and down sawmill run by water power with one
while man and two Indians. Coin-
pare ii with the immense sawmill of
to-day,  costing  with  its equipment
in il oighborhood of half n million
dollars.     Have  a  look  al
lying al anchor in tho harbor awaiting to carry our lumber to all parts
of llie  world.    Take a  j p at   tho
company's monthly payroll and see
the thousands ol' dollars paid mil to
ils employee's. Sec the up-to-date
hospital erected for tho relief of sul'-
utters the words: look round on the
crowd—all bappyJU^'iitented, prosperous none of tbeTieuiny side of existence to be seen fcei'e, which, alas, is
too much iu evidWe iu any promiscuous gathering -in the old world!
liaise your eyes 4 little and let them
wander over this .village of Duncans,
with its broad, toll kept streets, its
hundred or so ol substantial neat ly
painted houses—ijeiue of them, indeed, handsome Ti-4ideuces—its grand
maples iijibearilll-' their billows of
verdure, us ploa^tAt and peaceful a
sight us any styuet village nestling
amid its aneionl sycamores in rural
England. Let yoTU' gaze wander further afield to tU) smiling landscape
around, until it teaches the distant
mountains clothes; to the summit with
magnificent timbsr-the mighty rampart which shelters us on every hand,
except to the south, where a brand
of the valley runs smoothly to the
hay. You good ^people at "home"
rend with a shudder of the terrible
tornados, tho overniiclniing bli/./.nrils
which sweep tlllj wast plains to llie I ^ J
east of the Rockies, but even in your! £S
favored Isle tlure ure heavier gales,:So
severer sno\v*Uiuea»tlinn visit Ihis1 '<
sheltered valely Sometimes in suni-i
daintier tuny be heard I
▼ip-e mountain tops,
I irsis with terrifying |
io in
was ever knov g to strike
Balance Sheet, Year Ending 3,8t October, 1903
:i ■ ■« ;
:-3 : -S :
-  * 111
3 !03=32
B ••sg8l-
2 :!lS«i
c 0 .. p o *
Is Hi?
0 »
8 !
8SKI jg^SW
r.buildir^, or even towering
the mi 1st  of lliese smiling
justify Ihe expectation that we will  |1|1|ls|
Notico.-The  parly  who  look  the j !»'"S''oss steadily  until  we  have an tree i
hound copy of llie Weekly Enterprise. important ttjwn if not a city in the: farms,
lroin Wood (s Smith's olliee will con-1 neiir    future.      Mount Sicker, only      Then  the ghMuiis future of  this
for a favor by returning same. throe miles north, is already oxcood- .vul|ug land I   'fliose mountains
"        .     .,  . ■ i ing our expectations — which were
If you want Strawberry Jam that is;        .,     ,,
■    ,. ...„.,. ;_„   ,.„,.    ..,„.,. eonsiderab e ones.      Prospectors ar-
inade lroin   strawberries, ask   join, l
grocer   fur   the   t'owieliaii   Brand, j rive at trequonl  intervals from the
grown and manufactured by Arthur j mountains to the immediate south and
Robinson. | west of us and from Salt Spring Is
land to the east, with mineral specimens  which prove conclusively that
J!JB   ■
•'5 a ■
:»9 :
ec.2 "
ocf 1  •
as u"0 ~
>■- 0-3^
o C 0 0 0
Smelting & Refining Co.
* *  BUYERS OF   ji at
Gold, Silver and Copper Ores,
Mattes, Bullion, Furnace
and Cyanide Products.
CROFTON, Vancouver Island, B. C.
Extended Pedigree ol the Clydesdale Stallion
BOSARIO  19906).
Brown, foaled May 18, isttt Bred by James
Smith, I'ltlenmirdL-n, t-'onlouii. Imported Sep-
lembor, HUB, and owned by Alex, oalbraltli &
vast storehouses of metuls; those foists contain nujjld millions of feet!s""' J"'n»sville| Wis".|'s'ndBn£den,'uiui."
f the linesl tiiti^i" in the world; the
sfreAclillles (s41U). by Kla.hwood (:.iwi, by
Darnley (lffi!|.
' 1 1     ,      ol   "am,UllllieoNettle (ltoao), by Garnet Cross
countless shoals ol. j(16C2). by Prince Charlie (iiati, tlic sire of the
Wife    Have     yd
aboul   the   vvaterw
were   to
t we are encircled by a mineral zone
f  the   wah
ill   III!
No, but 1 have spoken of great  possibilities  and  probabil-  look
rworks  we   have   now—   dies.
street. The forest, sombre and silent, ex-
lends practically unbroken for fifty
miles inland and is mainly tributary
to the Cowichan Valley, ere many
years elapso il niiisl become the scene
if active lumbering operations which
id your Welches and clocks from home for repairs when
they can he done at home by a coin-
potonl   watchraakor of over twenty
years'  experience?    Next   time  you  will furnish employment for a llious-
tbo vessels  "'"Ml Wl"'k done in ihis line call on  ami    or    more    big-hearted, sturdy
II, H. Anderson, (hid Fellows' Block,  woodmen.   Our agricultural and other
win. will do your work promptly and  resources will, 1 have no doubl, be
waters of llie
away, teem wit ,
Bsh;   the earth'Aiuder your feet is <","™PJ°n Tl ™°"" "°re
,. ,       ,.,.    J 2nddam,ll»dljah(52(H),t»aballBlstGrto the
ot   unsurpassed lertlliy. »,11 known Sirdar,   sire, Ijiwer'. Baron I ol-
CWiohon llSM^iiilM .dd-as time 'Hf^nffliS161-''-- |M?''"llulM ,l"le
is reckoned he.e.rold enough to have 8rdd.m,Conceits(6),.notedp,|Mwianer.el
l(ist tliut voxvA, slovenly |\cr')»>'. baying beiiten Hmong others Roiobiia.
1     1       ... .     ,, . , ,     0 ,,    I ,Ilu 'IB"' 01 Munb Rose, in u class lor mare Hml
look WhiCU, eVi'Jl 111 the Ulldst Ol the ! twonfherurogeny.   Ihe produce ol Rot-ebud
gUmUOSt SCeaertj anecta onii like Ull   foHlbyMcFarlaiio.   She wns Hired by TheEarl
unpleasant taste in  the  mouth;  uld i{m)-
enough to have lilt behind that Brst!rt«»«'l?i2\Klle* ^'..''"'iTLl t:'1«1'lPion tm,
° ,.,'-. ,. ,    ""tprizt■ winner ar the HiKhlandSliowin 1«61.
strenuous  him!   ^'ith   nature   which     p„B11-*Aun„, ,
a       L       , , Rosnrlo htm few e<|iialn h« ti prfite-wlmier a-
leaves seal's as uilovely as those ol a ; mong other honorB won being the iollowiug :
recent battlefield1 old
wiili satisfaction.
lie Im>vs as long as they
Non Kip Boots," stocked
in   all   sites.    Something   new   and
worth seeing.   Stop in and look theni
deall with in ihis issue by some one
more competent than 1 lo do so. Our
climate for nine mouths iu the year
eanuot be excelled. During the remaining three mouths w
ional  showers,   with  showers  in  be
Terinu'  humanity;  also  its contented
,„„! prosperous townspeople, and Bay  uVor-   ^'ll ma.v oot bo ceding a pair tween, and in .November and Decem-
we -uc noi proftTesainir.                     HU8' """'* ,,ut l'11' nex' pair -v,m   ll-v 'Jur a supplemont is issued.   We are
look at   the  new gm^ter'tt'M °e from THE CASH STORE.   If entirely  ireo  from  the  eold   winds
rVhioh  until  verv  >nu ^olii huy  boots, you  will  see which at times moke lite a burden
snuil  WMncthing ynu need aud you way be to the niliabilunts ol' less important
■■■llie Ust ii mi ■i%ffnttmafiill.viliifliBifciBi m m M|th it ml m\ if mu
for your money sndno I>iH to rollow fault could be found with the balmy
enough to hav
time for the annuities, tho graces of I
life.    There to Up right, where that!
tall   flagstaff  rift*,   is  the   chamber j
where sits liie Council of the oldest
municipality   in lJie  Province—it is
just thirty years jince it received ils
I charter. The peojju will tell you with
i justifiable pride, tlat they have eighty
1 miles of the beitroad on the Pacific
have oeeus-! t'ousl; that no injiiuunity is so light-
i ly taxed, and t!
town  ol   t'lolMoi
netntly wu only a seeond-cUi
•-n--<-     in win i ii     ■ i
ing with    its  pon rful  and
costlv I ",r your money and no 1
machinery reducing tho ores from the! Iater (>n» if >'ou "'llde at THE CA8H i breezes with  which  we are favored
celebrated ^It. Sicker copper mines
aud other points along the I'acille
Coast. Jump the ore ears of the Leu-
ora A: Mt. Sicker Railway and visit
the copper mini's of Mt. Sicker. Here
you will  lind tl elehrated kenora.
Tyee. Ke> City, Richard III. and a
score of othoi mines that have latoly
astonished the mining world.
This portion of the distriel  until
very recently w
hunting ground)
it would be that they were more eon
i ducive to langour than energy. Wild
Lodge No, 16, K. of P., was eyed, turbulent individuals have ur-
organizod on November 28th, 1892, rived here with a whoop and remain
by J. M. Hughes, grand chancellor, ed to whisper and would soon hi
assisted by ;i number of Victoria found lined peacefully up al the do-
members. It has given ten a mi i vers- pot with millionaires and other, win
ary ontertainraents, the proceeds of had not yet staked mineral claims,
which have been given to benevolent   awaiting the event of the day    the
they have not a
cent of debt. NotConucillor was ever
accused of lakinNolliee to serve his
own ends; good Wu and true tire always ready to'devote time and
thought to the gw of their fellows.
Think what * WJjnmnial this is to
lhe rharTdlroir
as some wise
Visiting Victoria
purposes. R. s. Henderson is our
only known as the Presonl Chancellor Commander, and
f our Indians, now  •'■ N- Evans, M.P.P., Deputy Grand
teen a with activity
industry with all moi
pliances and run by
tury machinery; also
■   of
a beehive    of Chancollo
iern mining ap-
twentieth   few-        '"'"' business of ('.   Dobson, estab-
its- four miles ''s'u'1'  'n   1803, for building and rc-
of aerial tramways, and say we are
not progressing. Visit our lumber
camps at Cowichan Lake where you
will see tho linesl timber in America.
Here also tho work oxen have given
place to ihe powerful donkey engine
■ ami sleet wire cable iu getting the
logs out of tbf woods into the lake.
Take a drive along the good smooth
romls in that pari of the district
south id' the Cowiehnn River and ut
every town you will sec cou^rtable
homes and evidences >>\' progress ami
pr.isperity on every hand. Attend
our churches on tho Sabbath nnd see
llie spacious huitilitii: with ils tine
organ and Ihe number of well-clad
people attending ami compare it with
the little log building and Ihe lian.l-
fu! of pioneers of early days.
Have a look al our excellent mm-
sectarian free public schools of which
every British Columbian is proud.
See the comfortable school house with
its well-kept and spacious play'
ground and our children taught by
high grade certificated teachers assisted by all the modern appliances
for imparting knowledge, and compare them with those log cabins of
early days scattered here and there
whoro the children would be taught
only two or three days a week. And
lastly, visit our homes on a winter
evening, Here yon will And the
greatest of all the improvements.
The whiskey bottle has given wny to
the  babv   bottle:   the  mirth  of  the
pairing 'carriages,   wagons,  etc.,  has
fi'niii time to time been extended liy
adding new lines until it is now ear-
' ried mt  in ii two storey building 40
' b>   ^11  feet, ami  i
| to the original
in additii
and   wogi
arrival of the train from the Capital.
Duncans is seen at its besl al about
thai time of day, for il is then that
the male inhabitants linger around
and in easy attitudes discuss llie complex problems of slate which are
from time lo lime submitted lo them
for adjustment, or iu the absence
of weighty affairs, discuss absent
citizen. The Alaska award was sheh-
eil, for discussion developed the fact
that none had read Ihe treaty ami
those who took the decision 'most It
to  ha
business a fun line of Agricultural heart were found
.Implements and Harvesting Machin- their inspiration from s<
ery, Double and Single Harness both ] warrior or Qerco scribe o
for light driving and heavy team that is bellicose iu times ol
work, and everything required in a [rheumatic when troubl
stable. Anyone requiring anything in Mighty deeds have been i
these lines can not do better than call ed on the plalforni of oil)
am) inspect his stocV. boforo purehas- depot. Railways have I
ing, Although the sale of new work dized ami constructed I
lias grown to such an extent, just as points on tho Islam
much care ami attention is given to
repairs ns formerly, and a full stock
of Hardwood Lumber. Wheels, Shafts.
Springs and Axles, Tops aud Trimmings and everything required in a
carriage shop always on hand.
ittle old
n  sulwi-
to enhance the
of pulp wood concessions, iron
and  other  properties.     Mouu-
havo   been   levelled   along   the
route and converted into vast  areas
of rich  agricultural  laud,  but   notwithstanding   fur largo   aud   small
ideas, nowhere iu this wide world will
SIDEWALKS. he   found    better    comrades,   better
—  | t'riendu,   nor  more   honorable   tiontle-
Sidewalks have now been laid along  men than those who have made Hun-
each side of .loan Avenue up to Mr.  cans or ils vicinity their homes, and; *'"dnr and Douyln
Dyke's store on the one side, ami the  who are effectively    exerting tbem-
post office on the other.    Only those  selves to bring our little town and
our beautiful valley to the fore, and
lliey are going to succeed.
philosopher or
statesman once »tw, "A people are
always as well Jverned as they deserve to be."
Turn to the lej.   That large building, standing in iMione too spacious
grounds,  is the   Vgrieultural  Hall—
the property of t e oldest association
iu British Columla.   If you are here
at   the end of September, when the
annual show is Ij'ld, you must look
into  that  hall  to'find  fruits, roots,
vegetables,   such as you   never  saw
equalled  iu  ihe Jld world.    In  the
grounds,  too, you will see  pedigree
stock of which i|j fanner need feel
ashamed.   lertaiiJy Cowichan is old!
A few yards biVoud the hall Hows
the t'owieliaii Rivijr, Hearing its home
in tho bay after its twenty-live mile
course from the t'i-euty-tive mitj long
Cowichan Lake—river and lake world
famous for their trout. You, who so
received ",I'-'11 toll the sfiry of lauding that
ue vocal three-pound speckled beauty over
the class which you had 0t^ and again cast
peace and  overy likely and'iinlikely ily in your
book, come out here, aud when you
have, with yonr six-ounce rod, cap-l
lured a score or two of these levin- ] "Don't bay your XmaS Stock
(bans of  their  tribe—fellows  which)      ,,* __
will  tip the sciTfcaT six, eight', ten  °"W P0** see uurXniQS Cdkes,
pounds-then yo|. will   have *>\W{Xmas  buddings and Home-
1st at the Kincardineshire Show
Four times first nt the Royal Northern Show.
The Falkirk Premium of |500.
l'lie Bigtcar and 1'eehless Premium of (500.
The Cupar una North of Fife Premium of $400.
The Berwickshire Premium of $400.
He wan also in the Short leet of three lor the
Glasgow Premium-
Sons of ROSARIO have won first prizes at
Stirling. TurjjJiiiis, Illaekburn, Dalkeith, and
gS%*Ji*R beating the best sons of the champion
At Perth Show In a elnssof ninety (00) a Bos-
arin colt stood tteconil.
ROSARIO besides being a getter of high class
stock Iihh proved remarkably sure every season.
Now owned in this district by
Maker and Patentee ot the
Celebrated Monarch A cetylene
Gas Machines
Also General Worker In Metals, Including
Tin, Brass, Copper, Lead,
Galvanized Iron.   x~ ""—"<
'.Pumps, Piping, Baths, Hot Water Fixtures.
To Whom it cMay Concern.
I beg to announce that I have
opened a Grocery 'Business (next to
Hotel Victoria.
Milrliilii *mmi'i,mi\
the 1st of December, where I shall
endeavour, by strict attention to
business to merit a share of your
Yours truly,
who have lived in t'roflou during the
past few months can tell what a boon
they are.
A number of Occidents have occurred in the district during the past
year.    One of the most serious was
No, it wasn't the Boston tea party.
It was a birthday party. Say, 1 don't
like birthday parties, especially if
thoy are twins.
wvvti thrown from their buggy in a
runaway. They were bodly bruised
and shaken up, but both have fairly
well recovered.   A very severe acci-,
children'or the sweet sound of the ,,mt "f Mr' 1nd M«. Corfteld who
piano or organ; and compare it with
the little log cabin iu the woods of
early days with the solitary bachelor
within and the whistling winds without. Yes, Mr. Editor, we are progressing.
Tranking you for space. Yours,
"Duncans, November, 3fl03.
nf the TiCtiora  trains.      Besides
~      ■ broken arm he was cut and bruised
The Chemainus people held their about the head. He is, however, do-
annnnl hospital ball a short time ago ing well and will soon be able to be
and report it n grand success. Quite; at work again. The only fatal acci-
a large number of Duncanites attend- dent and the very saddest of all wns
ed. The E. & N. ran n special for the ; thnt by which poor Frank Clontier
accommodation of the public. Every-j lost his life, a tree falling across bis
one reported nn enjoyable time • and \ wagon, striking him and killing him
look forward to next year's fete.      ! instantly.
"flood old Cowichan!" exclaimed
a young man. as be sprang from the
train to the platform at Duncans
dent wns that of Mrs. R. Wicks. She j Station one morning last summer,
wns kicked by n vicious horse in a He said it with an emphasis which
runaway and hns lain for over six j brought a smile to many faces, but
months nn invalid from tho effects, j the sentiment found nn echo in every
Another serious accident wns that of heart,
Frank Lloyd, who jumped from one
tales to toll y.uu grandchildren,
you nre here in the full, take your
gun and rifle along, for on the lake
are canvas bin k, mallard and a dozen
varieties of duck! Then penetrate the
virgin forest ;,i the hend of tho lal<
— if you are a lover of tine timber,
tnke a tape line* with you; it must
not be loss thj*i«Alv feet to gird
some of those ^lendid npecimens of
ilr. Iu some open
glnde you may ftltNFwnuw n herd
elk, and if you arc a good shot you
may bag Ihe lordly bull which leads
it—a monster of, twelve or fifteen
hundred-weight, niitlors with n
stretch of six i f eight feet from lip
to tip. The Fpht of the ordinary
deer will bccoil i monotonous. Here,
too, you will I'nq the panther, .the
black bear, the \olf--their skins will
look well on your library floor, and
to each you can attach a tale.
When you have had yonr fill of
sport yon lind be^t go back home, for
if you stay through our mild winter,
taking in our brtis, concerts, socinl
gatherings; through our spring, noting the nhsencejri thnt dreaded east
wing, the rieh~TV&'e.tatinn bursting
forth with almost tropical luxuriance; through oub. glorious summer,
made Candy.
Catering a specialty.''
The young man had lieon away for J01mn.s ,mc or n"*e ot onr *"nArei
several months-back "home" lo sec <"™P'ns parties on>the banks oi win-*
his parents. Perhaps, yielding to «,<!nv "J™,""" "T H'»} wooded shores of
their prayers, lie had tried to settle:9™'0 altered bn^-then indeed yon
down to'the old conventional ]if0; «re « gone coon! JTpu may go back
but it would not do, so, in spite of|™*_^ !?„ pl°k J, .th" J!LT . .,.
the renewed pang of parting, he turn-
yonr old life, to Ml into lino in the
ed from the seenes of his eliildhood
old mill-house rotfi'xl—in vain 1   T.ike
and came back to "Good old Cow-  ^ needle to thejHe, yon must eome
iehnn."      Does it seem snrprisine? to    find old Co*.!ban!
Tnke your stand bv his side ns hc| |JAS. NORCROSS
Our Work is Ihe 'Best and Trices
are made so as to keep Customers. Try us and be convinced.
"Pfis J)rfln)iner $
is being sent out to solicit for us.
He will not take up much of your
time, but can tell you all about us in
two words—
*pS>s. [^(Jsack,
And shudders as he murmurs lowj
"It must be done, and now."
IT MUST BE BONE. ed, the sisters vieiug with each other
  in providing the dainties.   This lodge
He stands alone by the water's edge,: has  now over thirty members and
With pale and  anguished  brow,      still they come.
in addition to the above societies |
we have also the insurance branch of !
[the order called   The Odd Fellows'1
He looks into those icy depths, lielief Association   of Canada, with !
With  wildly starting eye; headquarters at Kingston, Ont.   Bro*
Aud  from his panting breast there , A. C. Aitken, the local agent, is always
breaks 'pleased    to    give    any    information
A deep and bitter sigh. wanted in this line.
!     In  conclusion   we   would  say  that
Through all his tense and rigid frame [the order is enjoying unusual pros-
Great (brills of horror run; perity at the present time in all lands
And once again he tnurmers hoarse: | where it is established.    Iu view of
jits glorious record, the good it has!
. i done aud is doing, all good men and
last I women should unite with it and help
! on the noble cause.
'It must and shall be done.'
made  up.    A  long
Our New Catalogue
His mind':
A plunge 1 and all is o'er.
He's taken- what was his intent—
His morning bath—no more.
—R. Service,
The Independent Order of 0,1,1 Fellows was organi/ed in Baltimore,
Maryland. April 28th, 1819, by Thos.
Wildoy, a young Kuglish mechanic,
assisted by four others. Beginning
thus with live members il has grown
by leaps and bom ils until it has now
SflO.otl't members, It cannot he said | water.'
that ils rapid growth was the result
We sometimes ask: "Is Christianity a power for good in the world
to-day.'" Our answer is emphatically "Yes!" Jehovah, the Author
nnd Finisher of our holy religion, is
not dead; He is the living and eternal Hod. And the Truth taught, believed, and lived by oar Christianity
is strong and will prevail. "Truth
will be uppermost one time or other,
lik 'k, though kept down in the
Just issued, contains (568 ILL'ISTRATIONS, all of which are
priced and fully described, beRgn prices of 3500 other articles
which we could not illustrate, ila > many useful hints on furnishing: every room in the house. TTrite for a copy at once, it costs
nothing and will prove very useful to you. i
**      Victoria, b. c.
Ihe great  and    restless    ocean, the   pounds of bacon, has' and lard, valu-
mother of all waters.     The   scenic i ed at $1(11.160, vers brought in.
grandeur   of   our surroundings is a      To nil this ma^^ksid if the pres-
plcnsurc to the eye aud an inspiration i out high price ol ijvJhogs (viz., from
to the soul directing ns to (liver of, 7 to 8c.) is not :tifljfiont inducement
Hndc with n.e statement of my sat- Keast's Livery Stables, Duncans, B.C.
istaclion "so fur     willi  llie hog or
Too true it is.
that  will, many of
of accident or ii useipieucc of its  us Christianity  is not  a  life-giving
novelty, for it wns solely because of power, because of our rejection id'
its adaptation lo the wauls of man-jits Author and His teachings; He
kind. Oddfcllowship tenches in the i who said, "Ye will not conic to me
most beautiful ami forcible manner that ye might have life." To-day
the ill-important lesson of fraternity j as ever, "The Gospel of Christ is the
— that all men are of one family and ' power of God unto salvation to evcry-
are, therefore, brethren. ; one dial bolioroth."
The motto of the order is Friend-j Again we nsk: "Is the church
ship, Love and Truth, and its great j following ils mission?" She is so
mission is lo visit the sick, relieve' far as she is free from human im-
the distressed, bury the dead, protect! pediments within nnd without. These
the widow, aud educate the orphan.! impediments unfortunately arc not a
"Tiie order secks'liy )\erV force nt its! few, and hence the ehureh is handi-
commnnd to elevate the character of capped. So while it must be admit-
man ami mnke him better. Libraries, ted that the Church is not coin-
and rending rooms hnve been opened: plctcly fulfilling the Divine purpose,
by many lodges in furtherance of this! it can he truthfully said that she is
object.   By the aid of a visiting card ; doing more for the moral uplift of
'a brother may visit lodges anywhere I human society than any other insti-
on the globe where they exist, and I tiition. The Church of to-day is well
be a welcome guest in strange cities, i equipped with machinery, but its
nnd nn object of tender care if sick great need is a fuller individual Conor in distress in distant lands. secretion to God nnd a gracious out-
American Oddfcllowship exists iu ! pouring of the Divine Spirit,
every State    and    Territory of the j    In our own fair district of Cow-
United States, in all the Provinces of ichan the above applies, as also else-
.urs " Mm more lings,
what is llie use .£ (liking about establishing a bacoi. plat iu our midst.'
This is the point on which wo arc
interested nt the pa'ient lime. The
question should be liikcn iu band nt
once and discussed fti a public meet-
British North America, in Australasia
including New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand, in Germany,
Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark,
France, Japan, Chili, Cuba, Mexico,
Italy and other foreign countries. In
fact the sun never sets on our halls or
where. And added to this we have
on the part of many outside the
Church, a spirit of materialism, indifference and scepticism. And further, among the greatest hindrances
to church work in our district are
Sabbath desecration, in the form of
work and sport, nnd the liquor trnf-
every good gift.
To those who con see—
"Earth's crammed with Heaven;
And every common bosh alire with
Iu Nature's text book we have:—
"Sermons in Btoncs, tongues in ling. This would iuHudc the loll,
trees, books in running brooks, and Mug points; The but kind of li
good iu everything."
Wliut an incentive to goodness for
us to think, in llie presence of
Nature, "My Father designed and
painted all these, from the fragrant
flowers nt my feel, to the majestic
mountains which rise before me, toward llie throne-room
Builder, thus: —
"In contemplation of created things,
By steps we may ascend t
of    their
Duncans. B.C.
Iu regard to our local lodge, we j fie, which claims so many victims,
have been in existence for nearly But as our country grows older, nnd
twelve years. In looking over the the people become more established
records we find thnt on January 23rd,(we hope for a stringer public senti-
and other grand lodge officers visited j trust that Truth shall triumph; then
Duncans and instituted Dnncsns I Christ shall he given His rightful
Lodge, No. 17. It started with nine i place of honor in our midst, nnd shall
charter members. C. H. Dickie, Esq., I reign, ns the Prince of Peace.
ex-M.P.P., was elected first Noble! The various churches here, Angli-
Grnnd, and John Norwood, Secretary, i can, Presbyterian, Catholic and
For two years it held meetings in the j Methodist, are endeavoring through
hall over Mr. Jnynes' store. About Uheir ministry, to sow the seed of
this time some of the leading spirits! truth, and on the part of the people
suggested buying a lot and building the interest shown and assistance
a hall of our own. On April 7th, '94, given to moral and religious work
the lot wns purchased and on August compares favornbly with other dis-
25th the contract was let for our tricts. None of our people are be-
present building, a structure 30 feet yond the sound of the Gospel. Ser-
by 60 feet, two storeys and costing vices are held throughout the entire
nearly $2,000. Good luck has ever district, including the mining camps
been with this lodge and all its under- on the mountains. I
takings have prospered beyond the The Indians on our reserves do not
expectation of its most sanguine want for religious teachers. Catho-
members. There has been practically lie and Methodist missionaries are
no sickness (with one exception) working among them, and slowly they \
amongst its members, hence it has are turning from their psgnn dark-
been able to lay aside and invest a ness to the light of the gospel of
goodly sum to be ready for future Christ. A church is shortly to bo
emergencies. There are at present built for them, and a deaconess hns
over sixty names on the register and been appointed to work among them,
the prospects are good for a few more From this brief review it can be
in the near future. seen that the people here hove many
During the summer of 1901 it was religious advantages, and so have the
considered advisablo to start a Re- greater responsibility,
beknh branch of onr order and on Here Nature also serves as a valu-
Dct'odier lSK'n, P. W. Dempster, Acting able helpmate of the Church to help
Grand Master, assisted by the degree us to be good. The Divine Architect
staff of Colfax Rebekah Lodge, No. and Father of us all, has surely (lis-
1, Victoria, visited Duncans and instituted Ivy Rebekah Lodge, No. 14,
with fifteen charter members. Sister
Aitken was chosen as first Noble
Grand; Sister M. Blyth Secretary and
Sister A. Grassic, Treasurer. They
meet twice a month in the Odd Fellows' Hall and ninny pleasant nights
are spent together. After business
each evening refreshments nre serv-
tbc best and ohearest method of
raising him and thi hc.-i means of
gelling double aimrtfeblc llie number raised in the diljlriet Still, consider our cxperiencej with the creamery. Have we not more than doubled the output    in . six years,  and
would    uiiy.mi,    ,-^Airo   -lit,    ..pinioM,
that this output wouM have been
doubled if the ct'iunevv had not
1 do not believe ,t for :i moment,
and 1 believe that f w, were working with a corrospnding establishment in view and hokin. forward lo
Ihe building up of.anollier industry
in the settlement ai weih! lind that
  ! everyone would contive lo keep more
There is an old saying attributed hogs und would de".te vu-c attention
to a Berkshire farmer: "Us wants to the methods of Mising nnd keep-
less of they black parsons and more  irq* diem.
of they black pigs." Now, while 1' I think, also, tin the profits eon-
would not venture of course any nooted with the nliing of bogs and
opinion as to the llrst part of this their conversion in j bs,-on. even nt
quotation, I certainly think that the lower prices than Ihe present, arc
latter applies very aptly to this dis- sufficiently attract!I to justify our
trict of Cowiehnn mid in connection seriously ronsiderii: the situation.
with our dairying industry I beg to jn this article I pvt only roughly
smnbit the following for discussion drawn nn outline «. the subject and
and consideration. • not   touched   on raany    important
There is no doubt now that our points but the mil facl, viz.. that
creamery is a fairly established flour- ■ Cowichan is suited o hog raising and
ishing concern; its patrons are well, that we are not : /sing as mnny ns
satisfied with its management nnd nre ! we ought, are the oWl wish to draw
pig as the most useful adjunct to the
dairy fanner, whore there is a ready
market ami always a good price the
year round, such ns we have iu this
a. a
Union Barber
Alderlea Hotel
First Class Work Guaranteed.
Rough & Dressed Lumber
SAW mill:
The Up-to-Vate        Quamichan Hotel
Boot and Shoe Maker.
cream they send to it. Still we are
all anxious to do belter, viz., to make
more money, and i think the time
has come when we should take a further step and consider the question
of raising two hogs where we now
keep one, and whether it would not
be advisable to put up a bacon plant.
Travelling in Ontario at the present time there is one thing the visitor
is almost sure lo notice and that is
the number of hogs you will see at
country stations. At nearly every
other station you will see a ynrd full
of hogs ready to ship or hear a car
being loaded. Numbers of men arc
constantly on the road buying to
supply tho bacon firms and you find
on inquiry that whereas about ten
years ago hogs were hardly worth
raising, they are worth not only
enough te pay the farmer well,
bnt also to pay the jobber who col
In conclusion I 'bink 1 cannot do
better thnn relies the American
maxim whioh wasUken from an old
English agricultural writer in connection with catti: "Keep more
hogs to grow more .Tain to keep more
hogs to grow more grain."
Hnving been asj«i by our friend
Ihe Editor to writi an article for his
Christmas Number,, ifter much cogitation and with much diffidence I
hnve complied wit! his request nnd
venture to offer a fpw experiences on
the keep of hogs ni part of the live
stock of the dairy <srm, and I wish
it to be understood that I make no
claim to pass as ilt Authority on hogs
nnd hog breeding, nit simply narrate
lects them, the bacon factor who kills j what has so far been my experience,
and cures them, and Ihe freights and I I consider a pig s necessity to the
commissions incident to their sale be-. dairy farmer; withcit the pig much
fore they reach the Englishman's ■ that is easily turner, into rash would
breakfast table. I be wasted.   He helps to clear the land
The reason for all this is that a i by digging up and eating roots which
played His creative skill, and His
love of the beautiful nnd of ns, in,
this beautiful Island of Vancouver.
Here "Every prospect pleases." The'
mountains elad in evergreen, nf trees;
nnd ferns and mosses, the valley with
its wealth of beauty of fields nnd for-!
est, its crystal lakes, its enchanting J
rivers, its dashing waterfalls, its bub- j
ling springs, while just beyond lies:
great trade has been built" up between
Canada and Great Britain which has
grown up in a very short time from
practically nothing to some fourteen
million dollars, and the bulk of this
goes from the Province of Ontario. I
hod the pleasure lost October of visiting the factory of the Wm. Dnvies
Company in Toronto who kill some
8,000 hogs a week principally for this
would otherwise remain in the
ground: then, whffl kept closely to
one patch ho turns "lip the soil in a
wonderful manner, mixing it and exposing it to the witther, whereby it
is mellowed and nude more fertile.
For the disposal of leparatcd milk to
a profitable end he >,as no equal and
no spare roots or gtnin need be wasted when "the jintlenia who pays the
G. H. Mumm's "EXTRA DRY," The Great Leader of Champagnes.
King William IV., V. O. P., Devtiar's, Kilmarnock, Etc.
GOODERHAM& WORTS mi SPECIAL, Guaranteed 16 Years
Old.   Ihe Oldest Rye Whiskey In Canada. ■
JESSE MOORE'S -A-A- BOURBON (In Case and BulkT^"
Beer Ever Imported In this country.
English, German and French Liqueurs, of Every Description.
<PLAYING CARDS, "POKER CHIPS, Etc.   <A Very Large Stock
of HAVANA CIGARS, Our Ovm Direct Importation; Also
a Large Stock of "Domestic Cigars.
Wo carry the largest .lock ol Wines, Liquor, tind <:ignr,, Etc, In the Province,
which enables us to lilt order, of any stae. None hut the IIK8T Imported by us. Satisfaction guaranteed In every way.
PITHER & LEBER, Importers,
Victoria and Vancouver.
trade, nnd the inspection of their| rint" in Ireland is a (nest. I hnve
yards, cellars and plant generally j found a ready mlrio't for good pork
gives one a good idea of tho import- nl a high price fe . ,ure year round,
mice of this trade. Tho surplus skin, njh\ from ten to
These iwnple arc depending nn n fifteen cows is all ■ vM this sum-
market in n foreign country .1,000 mer to raise tbii**^,, north on nn
miles away, whereas we in Cowiehnn average IfR.SO each ft 7Vi cents per
have a market right at our own doors I pound nf live weight, and tnirty small
protected by a 3c. per pound duty or I pigs wnrth $2.50 each. In tue winter
about He. freight. Right in Duncans, we mid to tho skim milk a little weed
T understand, hncon and hams are' seed meal nt $12 p-. ton and a few
imported to the amount of 20.0001110ns steeped till 'ho? are soft. The
pounds and lard to the amount nf weed seed meal ean '*e obtained from
(1,000 pounds, which would account! Messrs. (trackman « Ker, Victnrin,
for. say, 110 hogs, which figures arc R.C., who can doubtless satisfy the
probably a good deal on -the safe curiosity nf any oie wishing to know
side. ifs composition.   V^tuso give a few
In the pork trade I should esti- roots as n laxative We found thnt
mnte for the last two or three years the cross between it Chester White
there has been n deficiency mot from t and a Berkshire in the most satis-
outside sources of two or three bun- factory to us as ir.ty seem to thrive
dred head. I am giving these few! nnd fatten quicker and give more
locnl figures just to give nn idea of I weight thnn the (lis Chester White,
what the demand is even in our own Such wns our exj.r.Teeii--e of the dif-
midst. Tho neighbouring settlements I fcrcnt breeds borr. icutt and sold nt
nnd the Const towns and tho whole the snme times. F' .borate houses nre
Province imports large quantities nfjnot necessnry, the main thiug hoing
hncon. hams and lard from the Bister j lots of dry' straw nu.| careful feeding,
provinces nnd from the United States I Any old shed car i» made to do so
besides large quantities nf live hngs | long ns kept dry.' and free from
brought in from the Territories ns far I draughts. They are of very great use
as Edmonton. iu using up    small' potatoes, small
Tn ISflfl we imported from the j roots nnd email irfsin, which might
j Tniled States 1,304,050   pounds   of. not, be profitable *V  feed  to other i _
bacon   and  hnms    to  the  vnlue of farm stock. v
[$125,232, and lard to the value of) I do not think ft-necessary to en-
|$4.fi23 from the provinces: 1,368,000 large further on in,|subject, but con- j 4 CoUrl Lane, VICTORIA,
Wagon Maker and    **
Carriage   Builder.
CHAS J. TULK, Proprietor.
CpiIS Hotel is strictly first class
aid has been ft'ted through-
'  -■•*—'■'—>.'..  -■■.  n,'„i„.-n---
|l"BH'»rT    -^tt[T>l    Headquarters   for   Tourists   and
;*->■- 1    Commercial men.
Repair Work a Specialty.
Special Attention Paid to Job Work.
Sleighs and Cutters Made to Order.
'Boats for hire on Somenos Lake.
Excellent Fishing and Hunting.
Grassie & Son
Horse Shoeing and Carriage
'Building a Specialty.
Xrnas is Coming
Windmill Farm**
Oiuners and Breeders of
Thoroughbred   Jerseys.
FOR SALE . . ,
cBull—Bla's Edward, rising T<wo
Years Old. Registered in the Am
erican Jeruy Cub "Book.
The Boomerang
MRS. H. C. M«RR, Prop.
Merchants' Luncheon
n Banquets and Dinners Catered for.
r\ON'T forget to call and see our
collection ot useful Presents.
Books, Ornaments, Cutlery, Picture Frames, Inkstands, Looking
aliases. Vases, Cups and Saucers,
Purses, Clocks, Cloves, Fancy
Candles,  Ties, Xrnas Cards, Etc.


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