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DUNCAN, B. C, MAY 28th, 1908.
No. 21-
Correct Styles—Superior Finish
Artistic Designs
Victoria Day In The Cowichan District J. H. WfflTTOME
This year Duncanites had an . / ,,     .    .     ,.      .   ,   .      .       NOTARY   PUBLIC
.opportunity of attending a Vic- S'ubbornly ^ f> butfend" - n    ,  r i i
toria  Day  celebration of their edm a win for the former team Jj^jHgUJOt,  Red  EsUtC,
very  own.     Other years, have ^ an eleven minute struggle.
Embodied in Our
Collar Supporters
Hat Pins
Back Combs
A full assortment in the various Grades and sizes.
J Watchmaker
wmmji&mtwiitjmr^wxkiijrnjtvvmtV-viM' m/? mur-*./* ia ty;}\*
See Us
Cream Cans
l'itt & Peterson, Props.
5ce Us
Milk Pail;
seen the town practically deserted by its younger people who
have flocked to tbe larger neighboring cities on the 24th of May.
But this year Ihey stayed at
borne and celebrated the day in
rijrht royal style,
The  baseball 'natch between
the married and. i he single men,
which was the first item on the
programme, wat* rather spoiled
by the heavy rain,  which came
on .about noon and lasted for an
hour and a half.   This  rendered
i first  class  playi ig  out of the
! question, the water soaked balls
: being very difficult to handle and
many weird errors, especially in
the   throwing department   was
the result.   Gidlfc and Herd did
: the battery work for th^ single
men, while Peter/on and Morrison look turns on the slab for the
married men,   with Thorne behind the bat.     lite score was 12
to 2 in favor of the single mon.
The next event on tne program
to be pulled off Was the tug-of
war, for which four  teams were
and Financial Agent
The Oldest Established
Agency in the District
Money To Loan
The final pull between the
Knights and Odd Fellows was
one of the best pulls ever seen in
the District, the extra weight of
the Odd Fellows finally proving
too much for their opponents,
but it took 17 minutes to do the
trick, and both teams were just Farms, Town Lots, Residential
about done up when the pull was and Business Properties
over- For Sale.
From then on, the Committee Mining Stock, Etc.
kept things moving and succeeded in finishing up the programme rYtrwon VI    RP
of sports by six o'clock.               L/UIlCan, V.I., D.^.
The winners of the various ev- serves, etc.
ents were as follows:
100 yd race, boys under 16,
1, W. Jeffries; 2, S. Hamilton.
100 yd. race, boys under 16,
1, E. Cathcart; 2, R. Eaton.
75 yd. race, girls under 12,
1. M. Allard; — Murton.
75 yd. race, girls under 16,
1, Miss Kier; 2, Miss Robinson.
Premier McBride will also be
present and address the meeting
at Duncan on the 6th of June.
One of the happiest parties
that has been organized in Duncan for some time took in the
celebration at Victoria on Tuesday evening. Leaving hereon
50 yd. sack race, boys under 16 the 5 0'clock train, and arriving
1, M. Allard; 2, - Ford. in the ^M City at 7 p, m.
o legged race, boys under 16,    tney were anowed three hours in
Boot Race for boys, R Eaton. which to view the sights, andar-
Egg and Spoon race, ladies,      rjved home on the  "midnight
;i team lach from the 1, Miss Anderson; 2, Miss Gidley 8pecial."   Included in tho parity
of 1'ythiii.', Free Masons     100 yd. race for men, 1, Scott; were jjrs. r. Ventress, Miss E.
and Odd Fellows iidges and an
independent team.  The Knights
2, Thome.
Pole Vault, 1, Thorne;
Hamilton, Miss R. Van Norman,
L°~ Miss Gidley, Miss Anderson and
De Laval
Cream Separators
• of Pythias and InAgfwndents pul- mas. Miss Abery; and Messrs. R. S. •
• .led off 'b-,t. (i- J, «*w£«A>ih»   • fturtrilfe-fctahr W*K SmMnitfyMrri^
• loo strong lor   the,r .opponents,  and Smit'
I'lte contest
Hows   and
between  the Odd
Free Masons was
I Marriage Of Miss
Ford AndDr. Elliot
Save $10.00 Per Cow a Year
Price from $40.00 Up.
Send lor Catalogue and Price List of New 1908 Models and
Terms on which old Separators are taken in exchange.
Under a large wedding bell and
in the presence of a large number of invited guests, yesterday
afternoon at two o'clock at the
residence of the bride's parents,
and Smilhe tie.
Sack race, Brenton, Prevost.
Mr. Hayward
To Make Tour
Commencing Monday, June 1,
our representative in the local
Legislature, Mr. W. H. Hayward
will make a tour of his constituency, addressing meetings night-
E. Parker, J. Gidley and W. Pat-
erson, who was returning home.
Mrs. M. Wilkinson and Miss
Florence Randle of Nanaimo visited in Duncan this week.
Miss Edith' Weismiller visited
her parents during the holidays.
Next week we may expect to
have a double daily train service
on the E. & N. line.
Miss Lola Hermann, the talented young violiniste of this
town, has accepted a most tempting offer to appear on the con-
Miss   Ruth, eldest daughter of l.v for the purpose of laying be-
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ford,  and  fore the electees, an account of cert stage,  arid is now playing
Dr.    Robert Elliot, of   Wilmer his stewardship as representative before crowded houses in Victoria
were united in the holy bonds of of Cowichan in the Legislature and before her contract-which
matrimony by Rev. W J  Forbes during the past two sessions   to wi&»^3RhS
Robertson.     Miss  Ethel   Ford, explain  the position which the
sister of the bride, and Miss Kate Covernmunt has assumed onsev-
Robertson attended the bride and eral matters of general current
Mr. Stanley Gidley supported the interest and to get more closely
groom.   After the wedding cere- in touch with the requiremegts
mony   the guests assembled in of his constituency.
the dining room, which was cle-     These meetings will not be of
gantly decorated with dogwood, a political nature,   but a plain
roses and ferns, and partook of heart to heart talk on the work
a bounteous wedding breakfast, which has been accomplished or
Amid showers of rice and with is about to be undeataken, and to
the  good wishes of a host of allow of a free discussion of the
friends the happy couple left for
includes New York and most of
the other large American cities.
Notary Public
Insurance, Real Estate and
General Agent
20 acres Quamichan Lake 1-8
the  Upper
matters which more particularly mile lake frontage, 5 acres
eirect the residents of this Dis- der cultivation.   Price $200
The plan of addressing his con-
Camp Stoves frotti2.50 to 10.50 stituents   at  times other than
at l'itt and Peterson.
their future home in
$3,000 to loan on first mortgage
at 7 per cent, per annum.
Acreage with frontage on Cowichan Lake.   $15 per acre.
Civil Engineer and
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Land and Mine Surveying.     ,
The Bank of B. N. A. building
looks neat in its new dress.
The waterworks system on Mr.
1). Evan's farm at Koksilah
••••••••••#••••••••••••••• destroyed  yesterday,  and it is
Tho annual meeting of the j alleged that it was blown up by
Cowichan Bay Regatta to be held' dynamite. A prominent citizen
on July 1st will be held at Cow-!?f that neighborhood will appear
ichan Bay Hotel on Saturday,
May :10th, at 1.80 p. m. Everybody is requested to attend.
B. C.
Tho Bamboo Kid went to Victoria on Sunday.
during on election campaign is
one which Mr. Hayward adopted
when  representing  the  Esqui- Dtl«C2,n
malt District, and is one which *
will commend itsalf to the electors as allowing of a calm, dispas-
Wi?s sionate discussion of the public
issues, which is not possible during an election campaign. The
plan is an excellent nne, which
in court to-morrow to answer to m[^ be adopted by our repre-
a charge of "wilful damage to sentative in the Dominion House Asters, stocks,
property." as well.   Amongst the questions        Calceolarias,
Mr. Pert is having new bunk which w>» probably be discussed PuSChias,  Begonias,
houses, stables and cook house at these  meetings  are;     The
built at his saw mill on the Cow- fisheries question; the Indian re-
ichan Lake road. serves and C. P. R game pre- Phone J 18.   C. BAZETT, Prop.
A nice stock of
on hand today.
Lobelia, Phlox
'ft THURSDAY, MAY 28th, 1908.
Published Thursdays at Duncan,  B. C,
Ormond T. Smithk
A. Hops Hkrd
lishing the Cowichan Leader
with Mr. Harry Smith, and we
hope to merit that support and
to make the Cowichan Leader a
newspaper that the people of
this district as well as the publishers may be proud of.
The Publishers do not hold themselves
responsible for views expressed in communications sent in for publication by
persons not connected with The Bcho.
$1.00 Per Year.    50c. Six Months.
Advertising   Rates   furnished  on  application.
Local Papers
The  Echo and The  Cowichan
Leader Amalgamate to
Lake Road
Gas Generators,
Baths, Basins,
Pumps and Piping
Sheet Metal Working
Plumbing Etc.
On and after the first day of
June next, there will be but one
newspaper published in Duncan,
The Cowichan Leader.
We were approached several
weeks ago by the editor and proprietor of that excellent weekly
paper regarding the possibility
of forming an amalgamation of
"The Echo" and "The Leader"
and the editor of this paper being a mercenary man, willing to
sell anything which he possesses,
excepting his good name, if the
price is right, was willing to enter into negotiations with the editor of our esteemed contemporary with the result that a partnership has been entered into between Harry Smith, editor of the
Leader and yours truly, Ormond
T. Smithe, editor of the Echo,
who will assume the management
of The Cowichan Leader on the
first of the coming month and the
Echo will appear no more. Our
Echo subscribers will be thoroughly protected. All subscriptions to The Echo will be carried
out by The Leader; for instance,
if a man's subscription to The
Echo expires nine months hence,
he will receive The Leader instead for that length of time;
should he already be a subscriber
to The Leader, his subscription
will be extended for nine months
The Leader, under its new
management will be a greatly
improved newspaper. It will be
immediately enlarged from a five
column to a six column newspaper and new features will be
incorporated and ideas carried
out that will make our paper the
brightest, newsiest and best
weekly news dispenser in the
Like the Greenwood Ledge,
our circulation will, for the present, at any rate, be limited to
one million, so that any who are
not at present on The Leader's
subscription list "ill see the advisability of allowing the proprietors of The Leader to become
familiar with your collateral before it is too late.
We do not bid adieu to our
readers as the product of our upper stope will still be dished out
to a hungering public through
the columns of The Leader, but
we do wish to thank our subscribers and advertisers for the liberal support and patronage they
have accorded us, while we have
been associated with Mr. Herd
in the publishing of The Echo,
and we trust that the same handsome support will be accorded us
when 'we are associated in pub-
The Cowichan Lake railway
negotiations have been entered
into between the C. P. It. and
several of the lumber companies
that are working timber limits
at Cowichan Lake, which, if carried to a successful conclusion
will insure the construction of
the proposed Cowichan Lake
branch of the E. & N. line at an
early date.
The railway company is prepared to build the road as soon
as they are assured that the lumber companies mentioned will
patronize the line for the haulage
of their logs to salt water.
The railway officials claim that
it would be cheaper to ship the
logs by rail than to float them
down the river as is done at present. We are not prepared to say
whether this is correct or not,
but it is quite evident that the
present method of driving the
logs down the river is in many
ways unsatisfactory. The floating of logs is attended with great
loss in connection with the fish
life, and the spawning beds are
interfeared with and the supply
of fish materially diminished.
This season's drive has proved a
particularly uufavorable one and
the river drivers are still at work
and the donkey engine still operated at a considerable cost per
day in an endeavor to get last
season's timber cut down to the
It certainly looks as though the
time was ripe for some more
modern method of transporting
the logs from the lake to the
coast to be inaugurated.
Mill Bay Road
Work is proceeding on the new
wagon road from Goldstream to
Mill Bay, for which a partial appropriation of $20,000 was made
at the last session of ihe legislature, says the Victoria Colonist*
Dennis Harris, P. L. S., made
a preliminary survey of the proposed road last autumn, which
was followed by a report. Mr.
Harris is now out on the work
with a party of surveyors, making the final location and calculations necessary for detailed estimates. His party is at present
working from this end of the
road, but they expect to move
camp to Mill Bay this week and
complete the work from the other end. The amount appropriated will not be enough to anything like finish the road, the
cost of which has been estimated
all the way from t75,0OO to
£100,000, but it will make quite
a showing, and may suffice for
clearing the right of way.
The Mill Bay road, when completed, will be of the greatest
possible benefit, both to Victorians and to the inhabitants of
the section through which it passes. It will do away with the necessity of making the big climb
over the summit at Sooke, and
will provide a good road all the
way to Alberni. It will also open up a new  farming district
R. B. Anderson
The attention ol tilt Lauds and Works
Department having Been directed to the
fact thai town lots i* i townslte named
Prince Rupert, being n subdivision of
Lot Ml, RangeS, Coast District, situated
ou the mainland between the mouth ol
the Skeena River and Kalen Island, arc
liehiK offered for sale, it has been deemed necessary to warn I lie public that   the
said townslte is not situated at  the  terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific   Kail-
way, mid is not  the townslte  which  is
owned jointly by the  Government  ol
Itrilish Columbia and Ihe Grand   Trunk
Pacific Railway Cofhpally,
I', j. PULTON,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works; Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, II. C, Mnv 1st, l<*W.
A Few of Our Lines
of Writing Blocks.
San Rcmo Linen Letter Si/e 40c,
Note 20c.
I hernia Linen,   Letter Si/e,    ,VSc,
Note, ."lie.
Irish    Bond,   Letter   Si/e.   25c .
Note, 15c-.
King, Letter Si/e. J.v     Note 15c.
Foreign, Letter Size 40c  Note 20c
which at present has been held
back by lack of transportation
facilities, being as it now is, far
removed either from a wagon
road or a railroad.
The route, as selected by M r.
Harris, was examined late last
fall by a party of Victorians, who
had interested themselves in the
project. They expressed themselves as highly delighted with
the new road. It is said to combine an easy grade, with unusual scenic attractions, winding
as it does in and out among the
blugs overhanging Saanich Inlet.
This part of the road is but comparatively few miles from the
city, and will be a great source
for those fond of driving and
motoring, quite apart from the
benefit which will be derived
by the farmers.
Miss Drummond went to Victoria for the celebration.
Sahtlam schoolhouse will be
the scene of a social dance on
Friday night. Everyone will be
made welcome.
Miss C. C. Johnson spent the
holiday in Victoria.
Miss Payne was a guest of
friends in Victoria during the
Amongst the celebration visitors to Victoria were Mrs. Brown
and Miss Young.
The members of the amateur
dramatic company which played
here on Saturday, took in the
sights on Sunday in Keast's
Prom ail parts of the Country
have come reports of the grand
success of the celebration, which
all goes to show that "we as a
people, have not forgotten."
The Latest Styles In Type
Elegance                      Distinction
(T *n
Our Job Printing is always
guaranteed to give satisfaction
and has that neat appearance
which Particular Business Men
appreciate.      Our customers
"come again."    Just try us.
i                                        J
Originality                    Promptness
High Class (ob Printing
Farmers, Attention!       societies.
Highest Market Prices Paid
Ice Cream and Tea
Miss Sutton has opened her Tea
Garden and is now prepared to
serve refreshments.
Station St.
Duncan, B. C.
Henderson & Williams
Plans and  Estimates  Furnished
on Application.
Duncan, B. C.
«t A. M. meets hi their hall, the
second*Saturday in each month,
:it 7.30 i>. in. Visiting brethren
I. (). (). P.
[DUNCAN LODGE, No, 17. I. <).
(). )•'. meets every Saturday evening. Visiting brethren cordially
welcome.   \V. J. Castley,
meets In I.O.O.P. Hall the first
and third Monday in each month.
Agnes Blythe, Secy,
k. ..f r.
MAPLE  LODGE, No. i.s. K   ..f
P. meets every Saturday evening
i    In   the  Castle  Hall      Visiting
Knights ore cordially invited to
R  II Whidden, C. C.
John n. Evans, K of R & S.
Wotximen Of The World.
Alderlca ('amp,  Canadian Order, meets in  I. O. O. F.   Hall,
Duncan,   the second   Friday in
each month.    Visitors Welcome.
E. F. Miller, Clerk.
Refreshments prepared for
Parties, Socials, Etc.
Rev. W. J. Porbea Robert,on
Always  Fresh  and Sweet llservicesat Dunca^ot 11 a. m.and
- ——in. —■—■ if
7.30 p. in.
Somenos, 2.30 p. ni.
A cordial invitation  is extended
to everyone to attend these- services
Rev. A. w. Dever,
Service at Duncan every Sunday at
7 p. in.
TENNIS   PLAYERS vYm,,iK iv°',i,,s ,m""^ «•«>■
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.
Evcrybcxly welcome.
jj E. FRY, Prop. |
would do well to look over our
Fine Stock of
2 piece Suits
in single or double breasted.
Also a large variety of
Tennis Pants and Shirts
Tennis Boots and Shoes
Men'b Belts and Soft Collars
All at bed rock prices
A String of Goods!
Good floor to dance on.
Good Light.   Good Supper Room
Good Stage to sing on
Good Hail to hear in
Duncan Opera House
For Rent
Apply to R. H. Whidden.
Clvilesilnlt  Stnlliuii
Jubilee King-7527
Owea Grahaae,   •   •   ■   Duncan B.C. 'I
THURSDAY, MAY 28m tttt.
The Store That Gives Ton Best Value for four Money.
j       Th
| We invite housekeepers to call and inspect our store and
stock even if they have no idea of buying.
Royal Standard Hungarian (Tour, only $1.75 per sack
Canadian Wheat Flakes  30c.
Malta Vita, 2 for  25c.
Sunny Monday Soap, 3 for   -   -   -   - 25c.
Castile Soap, per bar  25c.
Fairy Soap, per cake  25c.
Potted Chicken, per tin  10c.
"    Beef, per tin  10c.
"    Game,   "  "  10c.
"    Turkey,  per tin  10c.
W. P. Jaynes, Tbe Arcade
Phone 12.
Where you get the best.
Duncan, B. C.
Qoamichan Hotel
Frank Conruyt, Prop.
The Most Popular Tourist
Hotel on the Island.
All Latest Conveniences.    Boats
for hire on Somenos I^ake.
Duncan, B. C.
list For Sale!!
Piano (upright Steinway)
and Stool $200 00
Writing Table, 5.00
leather Armchair (Morris)
Gun Rack,
Students Lamp.
Pictures (8)
Sewing Machine (hand)
Babys Chair
Baby Bath
Airtight Heater (nearly
Rifle (Marlin)
Steam Cooker
Paddles (3)
Mincing Machine
Hot Bottle
Spring Wagon
Mineola Cart
Pig Crate
Heavy Chain
\ Pepper Pots or Salt Shakers 1.00
These goods can be seen any
»''""»'»      a.»mm. »..n.. .aiijusjujLtwul     Moved by lira. WeHburo,
Headache Capsules That Win* Cure j^gggiS
YOQf HCadaChe*       TIT Them! basins, brooms, towels and soap
______ 'ot toilet purposes will be sup-
"~-^~ * plied by foe School Boa/d,
If they don't stop it, your money refunded. \    Adjourned, till June 1,7th.
25c. A BOX.   Put Up At The
FOR SALE Light Road Cart in
first class condition. Apply to
A. B., Echo Office.
FOR SALE Spring Wheat, Winner of 1st Prize at Dominion
Fair last year and Gold Medal
at Victoria. Apply D. Evans,
FOR SALE 1000 Cedar Posts.
Apply Rev. I). Holmes.
FOR SALE Light Wagon, cheap
Apply G. S. Potts, Duncan.
FOR SALE   White   Wyandotte
Eggs for setting $2 for 15.  $8
for 100, also Black Minorcas$1.50
per Setting.   C. R. Young Baz-
! ett Maple Bay, P
Registered Guern-
1,001 sey 'Ju". 2 years old on May 18th
8.00 Very gentle.    Price   moderate.
Apply C. R. Young Bazett, Maple
Bay, P. ().
FOR SALE M Ewes. 16 Lambs
$8.00 the couple, or part of the
lot.   Apply J. Jones, Somenos.
FOR SALE 'National" Cream
Separator; nearly new. Catalogued at $120.00.     Will  take
8 60
E. Avcling Green,
40.00     176.00.     Apply  A.  L. Hunt,
45.00     Cobble Hill.
16.00 FOR SALE   Registered Jersey
'•,H,I    Bull. (18 months)     Apply A.
I, Hunt. Cobble Hill.
FOR SALE One Cart, $25.00;
One Democrat Wagon with a
pole and shafts, $50.00. Apply
to J. Rutledge, Duncan, B. C.
WANTED -A Boiler with about
10 ft. heating surface. Apply
Covent Gardens, Ltd., Cobble
Wallace Mineral Claim
Situate in the Victoria Mining
Division of Helmcken District.
Where located.-On the Kok-
silah Mountain, about four miles
from Cowichan Station, and one
mile from Koksilah River, being
Lot 154, Helmcken District.
Take notice that I, ROBERT
H. WHIDDEN, free miners certificate No. B 18223 intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that
action, under Section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this eighth day of May,
A. D. 1908.
R. H. Whidden.
J. I. Mutter, Agent
Choir Practice, Friday       s p, m.
Sunday,  May 31st.
Morning Service 11 a. in.
Short Service 7.30 p. in.
Choir Practice 8.00 p. in.
Sunday,   May 31st.
Evening Service 7.30 p, in.
Sunday, May 31
Afternoon Service 3 p. m.
Accident At
acmainos Mill
AH A Mistake
Made A Hit.
Despite the, inclement nature
of the night, a large number assembled at the opera house on
Saturday night to witness the
farcical comedy " All a Mistake"
as presented by a number of well
known amateurs of Victoria.
"A good play well acted," was
tbe verdict of the audience which
On Saturday last a terrible accident occurred at the Chemainus
sawmill, which resulted in the was kept in a state ofsuppressed
loss of two lives and serious in- »ughter from start to finish at
jury to a third person. In some the many VWm Mfl #wkv«rd
way Andrew Thurston, sawyer Pmuwnents in winch the WW'
for the company, and a China- acters WW continually finding
man became entangled in one of themselves,
the belts and were whirled with, ™e Wf6,I«• aW well token,
terrific force, around the shaft and ll would *• v*y «!•"* to
The accident happened about 8»ngle out 8nv of w»e performers
four o'clock in the afternoon and ^r 8Peclal mention. Mr. J.
at six o'clock Mr. Thurston pass- Heyland, however, kept the aud-
ed away. The Chinaman died ience in a stat* °f continuous
four hours later. The other vie- merriment by his portrayal of
timof the accident was David the character of Ferdinand Ugflt-
McDonald, who had a leg broken head- a young Englishman of
and was otherwise seriously in- *e "don,fc ver know f variety,
jurefj. with a decided weakness for mat-
Mr. Thurston had lived at the rimony.
mill town for a number of years, The performanc* over, the hall
and was a popular man with a was cleared for dancing which
large circle of friends, and the continued until mfdnfght
sympathy of the whole commun- An interesting football match
ity goes out to the bereaved wid- was played on the 24th at Cow-
ow.    The funeral took place at ichan, between the Indians and
Don't Forget    8
The Chcapside Store at
the Post Office where you
can get value for your
Highest Price given foi
Fresh Eggs.
Orders of $5.00 and up
W. A. WOODS        Prop, y
Contractor and
Kslittmtrs Given on nil Kinils of lluililiiiK
Shingles, Sa.tli, Doors, Btc, For Sale,
Duncan,  .  B. C.
TO LET 5 Roomed Bungalow
in Duncan. Apply M. R. S.,
Echo Office.
ROOM TO LET Suitable for
office, in K. of P. Hall. Apply
R. H. Whidden, Duncan.
We, the undersigned Merchants
of Duncan, agree to close at six
o'clock p. m., nightly, except
Saturdays, in the summer months
viz: June, July and August.
Pitt & Peterson,
G. S. Potts,
C. Bazett
W. P. Jaynes,
J. H. Menzies.
Chemainus yesterday.
Young Pigs.     Ap-
lOvans, Duncan.
Scbool Trustees
Met Wednesday
Regular meeting of tbe School
Board held on May 20th at which
were present Trustees Mrs. Well-
burn, Messrs. W. Herd, H. Bonsall and I. Mutter.
Trustee Castley being away,
Herd was voted to
Cowichan teams. The game waa
played on a decidedly wet field,
and although it was replete with
sensational and dashing plays,
neither side secured any advantage until near the close of the
second half. No goals were secured in the first period of play,
but each team scored one in the
second half. Cowichan were
pressing hard when, 3 minutes
before time and with all in their
favor for another goal, the ball
broke and the game ended, a
draw. Another game will be
played soon.
ply to Jas.
FOR SALE   One Thoroughbred Trustee W-
Irish Setter Bitch, one year old the cha!r-
Price 810.    Apply J. Cavin, . The minutes of the last meet- absolutely   the
Duncan B C ing were read and confirmed. uuncau   nas   aosoiureiy   ine
■^LTrVn     *>   , u Moved by I. Mutter, seconded ^  bSMball   diamond around
FOR SALE- One Set of brass .   Mrs  Wellburn and resolved these P"*8,   Any outs,de *■"■
mounted double Buggy Harness thatOr. Rolston's offer to medi- shouId ta g,ad of 8 chtnce to
very little used, $25.   A set of ^ imjpect ^ Khoolfi ^ the play on it
light Team Harness, $25   Also Municipality ^ accepted,  and     Mr. W. Pettigrew, of the Cap-
for sale or exchange, a double that Dr Msfm ^ ^^ to meet ita| city put in Sunday and Mon-
raarUa,„«y8n' n~aLL,ntWn      ^e Board of School Trustees at day in Duncan, incidentally tok-
J. S. Wilkinson, Cobble Hill.     thejr next meeting when flnai ing m the celebration attheRec-
FOR SALE -Good work Horse arrangements can be made, the reation Grounds,
weighing about 1300, also some appointment to be for six months     ..   y, __*_* vjajted Dun
registered Jersey Bull Calves ending December 31st, 1908.        ^ftS* and Monday, as
TAKE NOTICE that 30 days
after date, I intend to apply to
F. S. Hussey for a renewal of license for the Cobble Hill Hotel.
Nelson La Croix,
Cobble Hill, May 5, 1908.
from my best cows.   Apply H.     Moved by I. Mutter, seconded
W. Bevan, Duncan. by Mrs.  Wellburn and resolved
Dr. D. E. Kerr, Dentist will that Miss Bazett's application be
be at the Quamichan Hotel, Dun
can, during the first week
June. Appointments may
made at the Drug Store.
the guest of Mr. Stanley Gidley.
Has Duncan grown?    Well,
received  for Chemainus  River yes.   There is only one vacant
School and that it will receive lot on the north side of Station
the favorable consideration of Street now.
the Board.
Only one tender was received
for the fence at Chemainus River
At the next sitting of the Li- School, which was considered too
censing Board, I intend to apply high.
for a transfer of license of the
Alderlea Hotel, to G. A. Allen.
Wm. Gatt,
Duncan, B. C.
Mr. Frank Neelands, foreman
of Hibben's printing office in
Victoria, put in the week end
with friends in Duncan.
The baseball club is somewhat
richer as the result of the dance
Miss Palmer who has been
holidaying in Duncan, returned
to her home in Victoria on Monday evening.
Miss Hattie Evans visited friends
in Victoria  during the
Moved by I. Mutter,  seconded
by H. Bonsall and resolved that
new tenders be called for the er- on Monday night     Everyone
ection of the fence at Chemainus who went had a good time.
River School.
Mr. Percy Keefer spent the
holiday with friends in Duncan.
The action of the committee in
appointing Mr. W. J. Bennett to
the Chemainus River School was
Bills to the amount of $29.40 pleosant way.    A basket picnic
celebra- were authorized by the Finance was organized and everyone who
Committee to be paid. went had a great time.
The people of Sahtlam spent
the holiday at the river in a very ■MJS ■'
THURSDAY, MAY 28th. 1908.
News of the District
Items of Interest to Bcho Readers, Gathereil by Special Correspondents iii
All Parts of Cowichan District.
Mr. and Mrs. Lamb and A. L.
Hunt spent a few days at Chemainus.
I W. P. Scott is having about 10
acres of land slashed near his
house by the MacFarlane Bros.
Mr. Olney accompanied by A.
E. Holling, left for a trip to Seattle Monday morning and expect to be away about a week.
Mr. Cuthbert's house at Mill
Bay was entered and some furniture taken as well as several
panes of glass being broken.
Miss Helen Jeffrey left for
Victoria recently to accept a position as stenographer in the Post
The Leap Year• dance, which
we understand is-to be given
soon should prove a great success
judging by the interest already
taken in the matter,  ..,■   .
C. Brooks, who has .'purchased
some land from W. Merriman, is
now making preparations to erect
a house, and clear up part of the
land. T. H. Walton is assisting
We understand a millinery store
is to be started in the near future, this will be a blessing for
the young ladies who find it
rather inconvenient getting hats
by mail order.
Mrs. Melrose visited Duncan
last week, several people from
here took in the celebration there
also, the most fortunate of which
was Rex Eaton who it is reported won $4.75 in prizes.
A handsome watch was recently received by Miss La Croix, being first prize in a guessing competition. Besides being a high
grade article, it has a, very. neat
monogram engraved on the back.
The annual picnic held at Mill
Bay was fairly well attended,
but ow:ng to the weather being
bad and several of the residents
being in Victoria and Duncans
it waj not ouch a success as formerly.
Messrs. Case, Garnett and
Frayne have gone to Grant Lake
for a few days fishing, several
very large catches having been
made there this year. Mr. Mar-
ler is the high liner at Roger's
Lake near here and' had a fine
days sport on Monday.
Mr. Harry Williams has found
work in Vancouver.
W. Cartwright has returned to
Crofton from Victoria.
W. Dyke and family spent
Sunday visiting friends in- Cowichan. 	
Sandy Drummond and F. Bonsall were visitors in Crofton on
Crofton is growing such a big
place that a man was lost outside
of Dyke's store on Sunday night.
The coke ship is unloaded but
will still lay at Crofton for some
In spite of the backward season, James Dubrois will soon
have early potatoes for sale.
Mr. Gooding has purchased a
launch from Mr. Hudson in Victoria.
J. Ross spent his holiday in
Chemainus returning on Shank's
Messrs. L. Hooper and E. Pert
were in Crofton last Friday afternoon and had a pleasant time.
We are glad to hear that the
Crocker Bros. Pony Midge, the
fine driver, is doing nicely after
a long spell of sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Dubrois
spent Sunday at Shawnigan Lake
fishing and report having had a
good time and good luck.
Hector McCharles and M.
O'donald are back again after
spending the last three months
in Alberni.
J. Windsor and Bernie Devitt
left on Tuesday with the survey
party for Ashcroft. They will
not return until the fall.
Mr. J. Jones has found his big
black pig. He was lucky enough
to find it up at George Lilley's
ranch so that took lots of worry
off his mind.
Mr. J. T' Pearce is busy making tie posts for the front of his
hotel, which will be a great improvement for the convenience
of travellers.
The holiday was spent very
quietly in Crofton. Miss Lavina
Pollard, Messrs. L. Nicoll, Joe
Devitt and Smiling Bob spent
their holiday in Victoria.
Mr. George Hooper and gang
of men are over to fix up the
large boom of logs which he expects the tug every day for them.
They are staying at the Crofton
We are going to have good
streets in Crofton now Mr. A.
Dunlop and his partners James
Dubroy and James Kennedy are
very busy working on these con
tracts making roads.
Happy Harry's garden seeds
will not be up for another three
mouths as our expert stump blower has put another layer of earth
over them. It is too bad as he
has been working on his ton by
thirty foot lot ever since the
smelter closed.
Corner Yates and Broad Streets
If you contemplate visiting Victoria
yon will 11 n. 1 it worth your while
to stay ut Tin; KING BDWARDs
the only first class, medium priced hotel
in Victoria,, Tilt; KING I5DWARD
HOTi;i, is situated ruin in tin licnrt of
the city, with 150 rooms, SO of which
have private baths, and running hot and
COld water in every room.    American "I
European plans.
Best Materials.     First Class
No need now to send away from
Town for Tailor-made Suits.
Odd Fellows' Block.   Duncan, B. C.
Station Street.
(Next Door to Mr. Provost)
Duncan, B. C
Special Showing of Children's Cool Summer
Dresses and Hats for the Hot Weather
Unreserved Sale of
Commences June 1st ►
Complete House Furnisher
Will address the Electors of Cowichan District as follows:
Cobble Hill, Monday, June 1st
Cowichan Station Tuesday, June 2nd
Westnolme ' Thursday, June 4th
' '   Chemainus      Friday, June 5th
Duncan Opera House Saturday, June 6th
The Hon. Richard McBride, Premier of the Province will
also be present and address the electors at the Duncan Opera
House on the 6th. All, including ladies, are cordially invited
to attend.   All meetings at 8 p. m.
House Painter
Only First Class Materials used.
Duncan. H. C.
Tbe Aldcrlea Hotel
G. A. ALLEN, Prop,
Successor to   *
Headquarters for Bportsmen
Bar stocked with the best
brands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
DUNCAN,   -   -   B.C.
*St- Peter's Church Sewing Circle
Will hold their
Annual Sale of Work
In the Agricultural I [all Groundi at Duncan
Wednesday, June   1 7th, at 2 p. m.
All are cordially invited. A Gymkana is being arranged for
the afternoon, and Ihe usual refreshments will be for sale,
In the evening, there will bea baseball match beginning tit
seven p. in., followed by a short concert U<r which 25 cents
will be charged al the gate.
••••wv— <«•.  -ww . AITMI\DV
General Builders and LAUNDKI
| All Branches of Building, Alter-1
Richard Dickinson was a visit-1
or to the Capital City on Saturday morning last where he will i
spend the next two months the
guest of Warden Mutter at his
free hotel ou Topaz Avenue.
Dickinson was given the privilege of choosing between a fine
of $40 or sixty days in tho coop I
for supplying liquor to Indians,
aud decided to take the til) days.
An Indian was also fined $5.00[ations .„„, ^.^ undertaken,
and costs for having on over sup-
ply of fire water in  his gasoline j    01d llMsi^,ll-v ',,il1'" dwellings
tank iartistically   remodelled with all
I town comforts, up-to-da'.e Light
Comfortable Hammocks from ing,    Heating,    High   Pressure
$2.25 to $6.00 at Pitt & Peterson. I Water Plant, Math Hot and Cold
I Water and Sanitary Engineering.
Let   Us  know   your   require-
FOR   SALE -Lady's    Rambler
Bicycle in first class condition,
fitted with coaster brake.
Apply A. B. C. Echo Office.
Warranted Scythes $1.25. Scythe
Snaths $1.00. Hay Bakes 35c.
Scythe Stones from 5 to 20c each
at Pitt and Peterson.
To the wife of M. K. Smith of
Somenos, on Sunday May 24th, j ]{0x 205.
a son and daughter.
tnents.     Our' advice and experience are at vour service free.
Country Work Is Our Specialty
Our Motlo Is:
Host Workmanship,
liovv Charges
and Guarantee Satisfaction
Plans and Estimates Submitted
805 Port Street
On   Wednesday,  June ,'Jrd at!
The Cliffs School there will be a
pantomime representation of the i
"Wonderful Adventures of Pip" j
in   aid of St.  John  Baptist's Always carries a large stock of I
Church, Duncan.    There will bo | Buggies, Wagons and Farm lm-|
D.R. flattie
Putting on the Finish
Is li lis mi l.iininirv \\'"i k Sciul
\nin lutiiittrj to us rttiri \»< ifiuiranli'
Wilis/m in.ii    All i v|'iiu-iu-i'»l U Iiitc* help
\\v |m\ fremiti i**1'1 wnyi Cull i"i om
eJ imii |ii in liati it Liu ' m mi It.irlii i
ihpp   (out Rgcul       J Kl T).r.|M,|.
Have You Seen the Latest in
If not call at HARRIS & SMITH
and inspect the   Large Stuck  of
an afternoon performance at implements,
p. m. especially for children and I
an evening performance at 8.30
p. m. Refreshments will be
served, both afternoon and evening. Admittance 25c. Children
under 10 years 10c.
Tennis Shoes and Tennis Balls
at Pitt and Peterson.
Also an up-to-date line of English
.     ...   ,-,.,„.     ,,  ,, Lamps, Carriers, Pumps, Etc.
Agent for E.G. Prior it Comp-j
any of Victoria.
B.C. 11220 Broad St.
Write for Prices.
Coal Stoves at $1.25, 2.50, 6.00
and 7.00 each at Pitt & Peterson.
Wire Dish Covers at 35, 40, 50
and 60c. each at Pitt & Peterson.


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