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JANUARY 9th, 11)08.
No. 1
Rcyina Watches, when sold
\viu:uut an Official Guarantee.
ar.il ly other than an authorized
agent, ar@4fe»bte to be Second-
ManJ Wngy.es, taken in trade
or procured in some other
second-hand way.
i .in the only authorized
Official Agent here, and am the
only one who can issuean Official Guarantee which will be respected by other Official Agents
(lin rvhout Canada.
ly gowned in yellow satin; Miss
Halhed wore a very handsome
dress of cream chiffon; Miss Ruby
Alexander was a very charmi^r
debutante in a simple gown af
white satin; Mrs. Carter w)m
very handsome in a beautiful
dress of white and blue; Mra
Hirsch wore a becoming dress of
white silk; Mrs. Townend im
cream satin looked extremely
The Annual Bafrtif the Cowichan Agricuiuu-ai Association
the F.ve'ntof tlie Season-A Large Gathering,
('resent from All   Parts of
the i ■iatrict.
S. W. G1DIEY,   -   Duncan, BX.
On New Year's Day the coa-
gregation of the Duncan Methodist Church presented Mrs. R.B,
Ventress  with  a  set  of haad
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ painted China in recognition if
her valuable services as organiit
The annua! ball of the Cowich-; a most fascinating  creation of of the church,
an Agricultural Association was;blur? and vhite silk; MissPrevost
held in the Agricultural Hall last
light, and proveU to be the best
affair of (he kiiTd ever held in
Duncan. No arrangement that
coiiM enhance the enjoyableness
oi' the occasion was overlooked!
!iy those in charge. The danceia V(;r)' '
hall   was   lieaucifully decoratedlsllk; Mls
w u re  a i   extremely  effective
dress of | tile green which suited
her well;Miss Lulu Hermann was
| very handsome in a gown of rich
claret silt;   Mrs. Barkley wore
'asnionable dress of white
Kendall was pretty in
io*t teee •••• ieeeje###eeeeeee*eoteeoo
The Store
thai serves
you best
|       i'ilt K Peterson
I n
. tore
ll  i ierve8
I !• mptly
Ia lovely white satin gown; Mrs.
' Atnelstan Day's dress was a very
elegant crqam satin; Mrs. Bevan
looked wall in white silk; Mrs.
Cuppagewore an elaborate dress
rote vm wtas ,
In Ladies' Wear
Blouses -
Corsets -
Cloth Caps
now >s | .'2
now nil.to
now (1.25
now     ,55
Men's English Shces
Boys' Heavy School Shces
Wi re •  !  i.i    now
!'!:.■■ 1 tn 5   were ■'!. lb   now :i. i;>
Cotton Muslins and Plaids
were 15 an I 20c   now |0c.
and many more lin u in prop irti in too numerous to m tntion,
Every Article a Genuine Bargain*
The Store
that is
I he .Store
that has the
with hunting, ^jvergroens and
Japanese lanterns. The supper
room ami tables wore mosl artis.
lie, rellecling great credit upon
tl-.ose lauies who have be"ii busily engaged for Uie past two days
in Iran; I'oi mine;"ho supper room
into a veritable fairy land]   'I he
wails  were completely   bidden iin: Miss Parker was very pretty
from view by ft profusion ol'over-
greeiiii, Hags ami bunting.      The
ceiling «ii dra)'"J with stream
The death occured last week at
the Somenos Indian rancherie, of
a well known Indian character ia
this district. Some two weeks
previous to his departure for the
happy hunting grounds, the oM
man feeling that his end w«e
near, bought a coffin, and mad*
all preparations for his own funeral. It is stated that a few
years ago this same Indian made
similar preparations for his wife'e
l demise, btfl that lady with fem-
ol' bluk sequins which was milch I jnjne contrariness refused to quit
a'dmired Mrs. Davie Wore a mostt this vale of tears,
effective dress of champagne sat-'
in ;■ black tulle dress; Mi?s Dot
Wood v kb another debutante who.
looked very charming in a deli*
cate gown of while chiffon; Miss
__ as most becoming irra j
tervals.     The <ift light of'the !rich w!llte silk;Miss Jennie Lo-
candles in their ;i!ver candelabra ma
gave to the whole scene a most"*""
ocautiful ell'ei.'t.     When we say
ers of scylot ^9o prer, with .
?m%& uimriA>iTO»yir oaifc at in.i M»w$tl>
wa: effectively gowned in a
.;-.. u,  ,h-(..cs which suited
iier extremely well: Mrs. Price's
G. R. Robaon, Victoria
E. B. Saunders, Victoria
F. G. Ashton, Ladysmith
Mr. slml Mrs. Hirsch, Somenos
that the music was applied by dres. : black sequins was much j A- H. Risdale, Victoria
the celebrated Miss Heater or- admired; Mrs. Mellin worea very & V. Rowcll, SeatUc
Vic   becoming gown of black all overi H. E. Beaslcy, Vancouver
lac e; Miss Norrie in black sequins IH. T. Hardings, Victoria.
was  very handsome;  Miss   M.; G, T. Mitchell, Victoria
It'll      4
Insurance, Real Estate and
General Agent for
II. ('. Land & Investment
Agency,  Ltd.
Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.
Mutual  Life  Assurance Co.,   of
The Empire Accident &  Surety
any Dry
i, Ribbons, I
call and see what we have
these lines.
Before   bjiyinjr
Small Ware,
(loin Is.
left of
25 per cent.
They all must go,
chestra of four ■ ieces, from
toria, it is hardly necessary
add that it was excellent.
supper which was provided
the billies of the district was of
the most dainty and appetising
character hams and chickens,
trilles and jellies cakes and bon
lions, in fact eve.vthing that the
fastidious could .vish was there
in abundance.
The only criticism that the
Echo reporter can offer is that
the ball wtis altogether inadequate to accomodate the crowd;
we would like to suggest to the
Agricultural committee that the
money made at last night's ball
could not be put to a better use
than by being placed toward a
fund for the enlargement of the
The ladies dressses, beautiful
beyond description, being perfect
dreams of loveliness. Among
those particularly noticed were:
Miss King of Victoria, in most
striking costume of scarlet silk,
which suited her exceedingly;
Miss Hermann looked extremely
well in tin elaborate gown of canary silk; Miss Duncan was attired in a beautifully fashioned
gown   of   pale   green   eolienne
Duncan was attired in a green
Chas. Richards, Victoria
dress which was most becoming; <Mrs- aiul Miss Stephens, Glenora
Mrs. I Mime wore a fascinating iB- w- Baile.v- Vancouver
oval in i of cream satin; Mrs. Ho- Mrs. Fall, Cowichan
gan wai becomingly dressed in:Miss I)avis- Cowichan
black; Mrs. Allin wore a most ef. Miss Neville,
fectivc gown  of  cream  satin:
Miss Rant,
Mrs. and Mies Mainguy, Chem-
Miss Dorothy Green, of Victoria,
wore a  elegant figured silk dress I
wiib pink trimmings; Miss Fordo i Mrs. C. -lends Waldy, Cowichan
looked extremely well in a beau-|H- E. Summer,
tiiul dress of white point dc sprit (Mrs. H. F. Carter, Crofton
Mrs.   Norrie   wore   a   beautiful
costume of pink silk; Mrs. Steph-
ney in a  very  pale green  lace
dress   looked   charming;  M^s.
Lamb wore a very fashionable|
gown ot while silk; Mrs. Morton I
in green  was mont boeominrily
gowned;   Miss  Violet   I lay ward i
was a very  pretty debutante in I
white silk; Mrs.  Lomaa wore ai
beautifi   dress of white; Mrs. .1.
Maitlan iDougall wore a greatly
admired dress  of   black   with
white    '•inmiings;   Mrs.   Hyde'
Parker n white looked well; Mrs. j
llenslov <■ wore a charming while
dress with red trimmings.
Miss Gidley looked extremely
pretty in a rich dress of point de
white silk; Mrs. Waldy
E. 11. Sheldon,   Victoria.
Cnas. P. Williams,   Chicago.
Mrs. C. P. Williams.
Virginia Green,
Pearl Pitts,
flattie llobbs,
G. L, Jonhson,
J, S. Crabbe,
H. Knappet,   Victoria.
W. J. M. Samuels,   Vancouver
O. Margison,   Victoria.
J, Martineau,   Spokane.
C. Warman,   Duncans.
Ed. Lamming, Mt. Sicker
J, Lisk, Victoria
0. W. Pearson, Bellingham
, Miss Dorothy Green, Victoria
Government Street,
Shoemaker and Ropairer.    First
Class Work  Guaranteed always.
Duncan,  B. C
Miss Lomas wore a very elegant   ' .   ,.             ..      ,   .    ,iw p p,oc«ptt Victoria
i         r    i •,     -ii , •        i    mi   wasa i   d in a greatly admired! W. l.liassett, victoria
dress ol white silk trimmed with "*     ^    "-■■ n v-
cream ribbon; Miss Lloyd wasl
gowned in a very beautiful dress I;
of white silk  with brown trim-
dress of white   sequins;   Missi
")orothy Williams wore a most]
I'asinatim: gown of white net ov-
...    „,    , ...    .. ,er silk with cream trimmings;     Mrs. Hamilton and son went to
ming; Miss Wood was attired in ^ Mui|er was mogt becomil^.' Victoria on Wednesday.
I   ■ ►ittwa ,>
Published Thursdays at Duncan,  H.
Ormond T. Smithk
A. Hopk Herd
at Duncan, V. I., It. C.
of the candidate who is offering
himself for election in your ward
are ? If not, why not ? It is
quite possible that they would not
meet with your approval if you
knew them.
There is never any lack of criticism of the acts of our municipal
fathers during the year, but we
wish to remind our readers that
The Publishers do not hold themselves
responsible for views expressed in communications sent in for publication by ] if there is any wrong they wish
'to see righted, the time to act is
persons not connected with The Kcho.
J1.I10 Per Year.   50c. Six Months',
Advertising   Rates   furnished   on   appli
We earnestly hope that the
apathy of the electorate will not
be reflected in the new council.   .
To those merchants and people
of the district who have made it
WANTED!!!  ^ Generators
Baths, Basins,
Pumps and Piping
Sheet Metal Working
All the people in the Cowichan
Valley who have coughs and
colds.to try a bottle of
White J>ine  and Tar
Sold only at the
Duncan Pharmacy
lumbing Etc
R. B. Anderson
ur-ii. it-   :„„..    .„  i™„   n,JP°8*ible for iia t,> i-iitilish The
With this issue  is  born   Ine r     ,
„ , ,, „„.„«,, f„ i,„  r.oho wo feci grateful and will do
Echo a weekly newspaper to oe °    .
publish   every   Thursday   at J utmost to men! a continuance
Duncan, B. C. by A. Hope Herdjof"*• #*W bestowed,
and Ormond T. Smithe.
We aim to make The Echo the i The paper that helps the dis-
most up-to date, the best printed-tact m which it is published
interesting and newsy weekly on! helP8 itself.     The prosperity of
the Island. jthe °™ ,s ^™*"     ^V*"
We intend to print all the news Ifr- The Echo believes in Cow-
and print it while it is news-so- \W» and has no hammer.
ciety news,  sporting news andj 	
general news of all parts of the i \ye hope to see a contest for
Valley will be gathered by our every seat in the council. It is a
wide awake and enterprising re-|0;ood thing for the elected candi-
porters and reliable correspond- date to know tnat his actions are
ents in all parts of the District,   i being watched-it forces him to
We believe that such a paper canvass for his support and thus
will be appreciated by the public he becomes   familiar  with   the
and we realize that with the pub- views of his constituents and the
lie rests the success or failure of needs of the district.
The Echo. '^~~	
In our editorial department we       ~~ - -
will deal with all topics of special Mr. Ceo. Hreakspear of Some-
current interest and importance nos who has been confined to the
in a clear and lucid manner. house for the past week with tin
In politics The Echo will not attack of grippe is m w able to
be a neutral paper, but will give be around again,
waise where prais* is due and1
Herbert Dickie leaves for Vancouver this morning to attend the |
Columbian tljllege in that city. I
"Dick" wilTbe greatly missed in ^x
sporting circles in Duncans, be- SADDLER DUfl RN
ing a member of the famous Haymakers of 190V. Fn addition to
being a crack bat, Herb is one of
the fastest out-fielders in British
Elaborate preparations are being made for the masquerade
dance to h* given by Duncan
Lodge, I. 0. 0. F. in their hall
on Station Street on the evening
of January 23rd. The hall has
recently been papered and looks
nice. An energetic committee is
at work on the programme, and
an enjoyable evening is assured
all who attend.
Mrs. W. F. and the Misses
Andrews of Nanaimo are visiting
relatives in Duncan.
The many friends of Mrs. W.
P. .ktvnes, who has been seriously ill in St. Josephs Hospital, will
be pleased to learn that she is
progressing favorably towards re- j
covery and is now out of danger.
All Harness mado to
order of Best Material and good Workmanship from .>l(i.00
Trunks, Whips
If yon like tbe
Tell others
If you do not like it tell us.
Send It to your
They will appreciate it
and think of you.
Cowichan MarketiHelp Hs to Help the
District by
Sending One Little
C GLEN, Prop.
blame wnere blame is called for
though in no ease otherwise than
in a kindly spirit.
If you want a newspaper that
is clean but not "namby pamby"
enterprising but not yellow, you
will want "The Echo."
The Echo is purely a home production, the type is set in our
own office, and we will therefore
be able to publish all the news
right up to the moment of going
to pres.s
The subscriqtion price of The
Echo is one dollar per year and
it will be worth ten times the
price. You can afford to subscribe for The Echo.
Hread.  Pastry, Cakes.
Best Material* only
Mr. H. E. Beasley, Superintendent of construction on the E. A The Editor
N. spent a few days in Duncan     I regret that the Editor of the | <wwwww»»««»»»»»»s«w»*^»»>». ■«*»<«
tliia weak    It io sumiiofu  mat i-ioaaerdid not verify all his state-
he was looking over the right of ments before publishing an an-
way for the line to Cowichan icle re Duncans Station on Satur-
Lake. day last.   We endeavor to make
the waiting room and office coin-
Mrs. Henslowe of Somenos en- Stable for those whose business
tertained a small party of friends' t"kes them there and a lire is al-
at a most enjoyable whist party "W* provided  when passenger
on Saturday last.
A String of <*o<b!
Good Hour to dance on.
(iood Light    Good Supper Room
(loud Stage to sing on
(iood Hall to hear in
■ trains are due
is kept closed
Mr. Oswald Margison of Victoria, who came up to adjust the
Echo Press departed for home on
Tuewday morning.
Mr. Frank Neelands, foreman
in T. N. Hibben's printing office,
Victoria, after spending a most
pleasant week with friends in
Duncan, returned to his home on
It is a remarkable fact, that
while the majority of our readers
pay far more in the way of taxes
into the coffers of the municipal- (Saturday evening,
ity than into the treasury of the
Provincial dovernment, it is the!- Mr. Chas. Lamb of Somenos is
hardest kind of a job to arousel retiring from the dairy business,
any considerable amount of inter-1 and Wuh disposed of the whole of
est in a municipal election. this valuable herd of dairy  cattle
Men who will neglect their or-'to Mr. Lane who recently pur-
dinary business for weeks prior
to the date of a Dominion or Provincial election, in an endeavor to
prove to some obstinate fellow
citizen why he should vote for a
certain candidate, will take absolutely no interest in who be intrusted with the management of
the affairs of the municipality,
and the expenditure of the public
Nomination day is set for Monday, January 13th, and the polling, if a contest is rendered necessary, will take place on Saturday, the 18th instant.
Do you know what the view!
chased a portion of the Williams-
Freeman property.
Mr. Shircliffe Parker formerly
of Duncan but now in Snoqualmie
Washington arrived home on Sunday evening to spend the 21st.
anniversary of his birth with his
pa rents. Shir, is at present hold-
in g down an excellent position
w ith the Seattle and Tacoma Pow-
ei • Company.
ind the hack door
that  the wailing
room may be kept warm.
I trust that the people of Duncan will find nothing to complain
of that I can remedy.
R. c. Fawcett.
On Monday evening Ivy Re-
bekah Lodge installed their newly ''leeted ofi)cers. The officers
for the new term are :
R.S.V.G Sister Murchio; L.S.
V. G., Bro. James Evans; N.C...
Sister Mary Evans; V.ti., Sister
Mrs. D. Bell; Treas., Bro. H. 1).
Evanij Sec, Sister A. J. Blytb;
Warden, Sister Brown; Conductor, Sister Young; 0. G., Bro.
Bell; I. G., Sister Johnson; R. S.
N. G., Bro. Robert Evans; S. S.
N. G., Bro. E. Castley; Chaplain,
Sister Lillie Evans.
Duncan Opera House
For Rent.
Apply to R. II. Whidden.
Every one who reads this paper
tells someone else and so
sure  to
interested in the
progress of the best part
of Vancouver Island. Get in now
The paper that serves you be
the paper you should
t IS
zine ot
1 flater Tree Spr»y, Sp,ay PumPi »»<• »'l
materials for spraying trees, at
Pitt & Peterson's.
The Duncan public school has
been closed and will remain so
for two weeks on account of an
epidemic of measles amongst the
Fancy and Commercial
Subscriptions taken for any magazine or paper at Publishers'
Commence the New
Year Right
by sending us your orders.
We keep a full line of
Groceries, Boots, Shoes
Gents* Furnishings
Satisfaction Guaranteed or
Money refunded.
Prompt Delivery.
Phone 20.
The Echo Is Going To
Improve Every
You will never
a Dollar
If you live in Duncan it will be
delivered to your home. If you
live outside of Duncan it will be
mailed to you.
FOR SALE-Young Pigs.    Apply Jas. Evans, Duncan, B. C. I
TRMl'I,!' LODGE No. .it, A. F.
& A. M. meets in their hall, the
second Saturday in each month,
at 7..Vi p. in. Visiting brethren
[. 0. 0, P.
(). I', an els every Saturday evening. Visiting brethren cordially
welcome.    W, J, Castley,
To the wife of Mr. Thos. Castley
On Friday, Jan. 3rd a daughter.
The Somenos school is closed
on account of whooping cough a-
mong the children.
On Monday night, the first, train
to run over the new cut made by
the C. 1'. R. at Waugh Creek, arrived in Duncans.
meets in 1.0.0.I*. Hal! the first
Monday in each month.
Agues Wythe, Secy. Constable Allan left for Victor
ia   ()f y ijia recently in charge of a prison
er who was mentally unbalanced
MAl'I.E  LODGE,  No.  15, K.;tf^'he unfortunate man was wand-
P. meets every Sriiunlay ev..nilg|ilu,.vi       ,()   ,-    ,
n the O d I asllc Hall.     Visiting I " ,',• ,
Knights arc cordially   invite,'  to   <>nC *>   «h««t   bin,    as    1.0   Was
•■ afraid he could not make a good
, job of il himself,    The man will
& S.  be sent to the insane asylum at
i New W< stminstcr.
ts are cor
Walter RobitlSOll, C. C
John N. Evans, K. of l
Kev  W. J. Borbi
One of our local business men
bad father an unpleasant experience recently, Having sold a
horse to a man unknown to him
he received in payment a check
for $110.00, which upon being
presented tit the bank was found
and  to be worthless.  The matter
injTT-'t into th >. hands of th < :•■>!-
ice the man was I c ale I   in   \ ic-
Sci vi' ea at Duncan at 11 n   m
7 p, in
Somenos, 2.30 p. m.
A cordial invitation is extended) loria and the matter rigid   1.
to everyone to attend these services
METHODIST CHURCH       I    »« reported th .it a brick and
tile fn lory  is on ■  ol   the  n.-w
Rev. A. W  Devcr, Business ventures   i be launched
pngtor, in th ■ iii itri t in tl > near future.
Scrvici   ii Duncan every Stinyay at
It Will b
in the, vicinity
of Cowichan Station.
Invitations have been  issivi
p. in.
Sunday Sciixri at 2.20 |. m
Yoiwr P.rple'5 nu-cting  ewrV f„.. .. A „ ... tUu Ww^ nf ,.,,..,
Everyl^ly welcome.' * I***!*1 Chamainw for the even-
mg of Tuesday January 14th.
The Williams "jubilee Singers
appeared beibre a large and ap-
qreciative audience at the opera
House on Friday last, 'this is
certainly one of the best troupes
that has visited Duncan in along
time. The singing was excellent
there not being a poor member
in the company, which consisted
of four women and four mien.
Mr. Crab was ftarticularjy good,
Several excel)* i' local hits Wre
got off during the evening. Wben
the darkey remarked that hi resembled Mr. John Greig, because
he bad to look alter three young
ladies at once, the audience fairly
raised the roof, A delicaterblush
su (fused John'* handsome countenance, while a decidedly heightened color was observed upon the
cheeks of several young ladies
who took in thc-danco tit Crofton
a few nights previous.
The ping |«ng craw has hit
I hincan once more. Th. • old ping
pong club has been revived and a
large number of enthusiasts can
b" soon every Saturday at the ,
I la1! playing this once popular
The I'o.indat'on has been laid
for a new house next t:> that of ||
Mr. H. I). Morton for Mrs. M. L.
It  is stated that a dance in ,,
laid of the Duncan Lawn Tennis Club will. ^ frivpn in the Agricultural ilall v'arly next month.
Awaitslic New Settler, and offers advantages which  no other
district pgsesses   The Disliict
[ob Printing
Done on The Echo
cannot he
A bunch or loggers arnvoa in
town m Monday morning to ro-
sunv dri\ ing op irations on the
The annual entertainment of
he h: -Ins of Pythias will take
place in the Duncan opera house
on the evening of February l'.Hh,
that date being the anniversary
of the organ:tation of the Grand
Lodge. The committee in charge
is negotiating at present with a
first-class opera troupe an 1 Dun-
canites may rely upon something
unusually good on I he l'.Hh.
We want a chance to do your Owing to the teacher appointed
next job.     Call  and  ask some for the Chcmainus River school
questions and while in the office resigning her position at the last
see our machinery in operation, moment,    that   school  was  left
without a  teacher on  Monday
«t«  ti»        **     * whefl school re-opened in the oth-
Visiting Cards   «**** «*■*■
Done in the latest style always. ffherc should be a large attendance at the Council Chambers on
Saturday next when tie annual
open meeting of the  Municipal
m    ,.,,,,   , ,   ■      i „.   Council will be held.   The mem-
The kind that always brings bus- , ..      ...
.    ,   ,    ,' »»  bers of   as    viwir s coined  wi
mess.      Is that what you. want? ' • .
render an account ol  their stewardship and explain the manner
' in which the taxpayers' money
has been expended.
Mr. Jesse Boak has discontin-
I ued his weekly stage service to
i Mount Sicker.     In   future  the
stage will run twice a week to
deliver the mail.
We are in the
Odd Fellows'
Get the News in The Echo
Mrs. Pravoat and Mrs. A. H.
L omas visited the Capital City.
Mrs. !•',. J. Hearne journeyed
to Victoria on Tuesday to attend
the Kubelik concert
Miss Ford has taken charge of
the Glemra school this term instead of Miss Holmes.
Mr. W. J. McKay was down
from Mount Sicker on Tuesday.
Mrs. 11. and Miss A. Cathcart
spent a few days in Chemainus
returning to Victoria on Sundaj
A. W. Evans returned to the
Capital on Sunday after *a short
visit to h|s uld home at Duncan.
Miss Nellie Robertson returned
to her studies in Victoria on Sunday last
Mrs. Klkington Mrs. Hayward
Miss Hayward and Miss M. King-
stone are a party of Cowichanites
who will leave on the 16 for England.
Friends of Miss Zephie Holmes
will be pleased to know that she
is making rapid progress towards
recovery after her recent severe
Mrs. J. N. Evans is improving
steadily in the hospital at Victoria
and expecte to be home shortly.
Mr. Percy Keefer, of the Bank
of P>. N. A. staff was a week end
I visitor to Victoria.
Wants New Settlers
and to tht end ils business houses and residents are willing at all
jiuu-s to iTer \uiy informitian rcs^jcihij the Cowichan Valley.
Those wio are seeking a place to make a   home  eaniiut  do  better
To Communicate
with "The Echo" al Duman, B.C., and icccive promptly any
iuformati >n returned, Any of 'he Real Estale Agents who use the
adverti iny. commas of .. The Echo" will be glad to hear from
prospective settlers.    Those who settle here do well
- And Obtain Benefits
otherwise unobtainable. Cowichan Valley 1-as progressed wonderfully during the past five years hut there is sliil room for many
more honest, industrious people.    Now is the time to get 111 Hue.
Cowichan Possesses:
The quality of whose product is unsurpassed. This institution
is one of the District's most thriving industries, and year after
year the output is iucrcnsrd. This alone, shows that we, as n
ty, are advancing steadily.
Wh ch will produce anything that can be grown in a temperate
climate. There are many acres of Fruit bands which have
la,: untouched, and aw ii the coming of industiiotiH people.
Whose waters could supply power for many industries. Its
waters teem with fish and many a good day's sport has hien
enjoyed by tourists and ..leisure seekers with canoe, rod and fly
These are only a few of the advantages offered by the Valley. r—
Grand Clearance Sale before
Bargains in
ladles' Gcntltmcn's and
at greatly reduced prices.
Special in Mens Stiff Front Shirts
Reduced from $1.25 to 75c.
With The
Candidates \
An Echo reporter called upon Lj
Mr, J. MaL.,CampbelJ candidate <|
for the reeveship of the Municip- 4
ality, to ascertain that gentle- 4
man's view's with regard to the 4
Muni-eipal situation. 4
"Fighting Jim," has repre- i
sented Quamichan Ward for the i
past five or six years, and is gen- 1
erally considered unbeatable in i
his own ward. 4
Mr. Campbell has boon rather 4
harshly criticised in some quart- 4
erson the ground that he has J
been too too much out for his 4
own ward, and if elected it 4
would be like giving Duncan two 4
representatives on the Municipal 4
Board.     Mr.   Campbell   argues 4
 1,000 Subscribers to	
Cowichan Valley's
Most Progressive
and U p -1 o - tl a I e
: >
The name of Mr. II. F. Carter
of Crofton is persistently mentioned  as a candidate   for the
making a big falling off in averages.
The pupils wlm made qerfeel
attendance i never absent or late)
"Prints All the News While It Is News" >
Published Thursdays at Duncan, B. ('. '/
however,   that  this  is  a   very 4 fr
strong argument in bis favor. N/N^/v/^^^^^^^^/s^^^^^^^^^^. ~^-~^~~s.
that being elected by the votes SCHOOL   ATTENDANCE   RF
of the people of Quamichan   it     Mr. R.  II.  Whidden's family ''    ','     '
was up to him to work his hard- has been confined to the house M * UK DECEMBER
est for his Constituents, but if el- on account of illness. IIHI'-
ected for reeve will consider the The results show a greal ad-
needs of all parts of the District     Tm' ln,llll"s have commenced vance over those for the previous
and will  stand for a  "square their winter dancing and a large month. Consinering average and
deal forall."                            one was held on the Somenos re- perfect attendance with distance
servation  on Mondaj   evening, the children have to travel,  I
A number of Whitepeople went think preeminence  must   bo
down an.l witnessed the quaint awarded to Maple Bay.     Both
reeveship but up to the pros,.,,, ** interesting performance, this school and  Crofton  make
we have beer   unable   to   verify       — * v.''''v 8*Cel,eni ,'"''"l'lL    S"""'"-
the report os is unfortunate in its small at-
Mr. ... L  Mutter,   the  popular fitf     AldCTka     HOtd ,""':'"""' '" ' tW0  "^"^
real estate agi nt of Station Street
acknowledged that he would boa W, GATT, Prop,
candidate for Councillor in Som-
jenos ward.    Mr. Mutter believes     Headquarters for   portamgi
that Somenos has  not  received        Bar stocked with the best
, the attention X the bands of the                    brtnd« of            , I)un«»n lit Division
,council. that is coming to her: he       Wines, i.iuuorsaiiu v-im« w,..,.,   i.rci.   run    ...•,,,
i„     •       ..   1                ,   .    ,,                 ...                        «k   /->     -aura Henderson,   Agnes  Itich-
do   I.   utterly  opposed   to the ^(^         -      -      B. C artson, Marshall Smith.
borrowing ol money tor the tip- *»»'"»'*m*,f
keep ur ilu> i-oads. f— ~^~^~^~^.  2nd Division
No one has yet definitely an- Albert   Dirom,   Olive  Dirom,
nounced himself in opposition bul     Mrs. A W' Dever waa :i n:iss" Magnus Henderson.
we understand thai there will be enger to Victoria on Tuesday,
;i contest in Somenos. Mr.  G.   K, Gillespie  has  sold
In   Quamichan,   Mr,    R.   H. out the Riverside Inn at Cowichan
Whidden is in the field,    in con- Lake,
versation with our reqorter Mr,
Whidden stated that he had been     T1"' lo« drive on the Cowichan
requested to offer  himself  by a River  is  now  in full swing
number of the ratepayers of the large gang of m%n are up at Saht- Somenos,
ward, and was in the fight  to lam and the logs are coming down     Beryl Macdonald.
stay..     The  name  of   Mr.   H. in fine style.
Smith is persistently mentioned    This is a growing time In Dun-
ishment is
In Chemainus, Mr, II. Bonsalllone of the new business ventures|yinice   Dyke,  Ethel and W Hie
is In the field.   Mr. Bonsall rep- to be established in the near fut- h-jaggm^ Marjorie and Thelma
resented the north end in the tire.   There is unquestionably anI LiUey.
council for a great  many  years,  excellent opening for a  business
but last year was elected to the of this kind in Duncan. ( "emainus Kiver.
Reeve's chair.     It is stated that     Alth„UKh W(. al„ un,Mv l(, ob-L.D°r0thvA Ha™ld' ^nley "J
Mr. Barkley of Westholme will ,.„ Mvn ,iaBlir,  „,• ,,,,. Ilu'lll,il ,B°n8a11'  tV IBm a'"
ions   ( athcarti   Wallace   and
Mary. Walter, Fred and Maix-
ime Allanl, Hugh Hanham, I. Ij
Humphries, Rupert and Maun..
Wood, Lizzie and Jessie Humph-
\ ries.
Etta and Elva Pollard, Nessii
as a candidate in Duncan. can.   A million- I'stjibn rmi"!.i isijamB8 .(M,| ciiflord Symo  Hruce
Although we are unable to obtain a positive assurance of the
contest the Beat with Mr. BonBall fac, W(. .llv jnforme(j upon what
In Comiuken we have '"" ' Wl. (,u,not but ivRard as m au-
heard any name mentioned but ■ „„„.,,jv(, ,„„,,,. th.lt l)u, ( , ,. K
ihatof Mr. Aitken, the present wiu durinff the pregentye^com.
representatl w. | mence construction upon the pro
posed branch   line  to Cowichan
DJt Hattie
Always carries a large stock of
Buggies, Wagons and Farm Implements.
The ('.  P,  ' K.    have   provided
'three train crews on their freight
trains and in consequence will be
Robert McBride.
Chemainus Landing.
Harold Booth, Ernest and .lark
Cathcart, Miriam Hill, Charles
and Arthur Hornell, Helen and
Arthur Howe, Ruber! and Lewis
Robinson, Harry and Cyril Smith
Physical director Morton has re-
able to get their freight trains sumed his classes at the Athletic
through more nearly on schedule
time in the future than has been
the case   for  some   time   past.
STATION  STREET ]This innovation went into effect
DUNCAN       -       -       B C ion i'UCKda.v hist f°r the first time.
^^ ' I For some weeks past there have
been three engine crews for  the
Can any one all'.ord to be with
freight trains,   but  the   system
out the news when he can get it, has now been extended to include
for one dollar?
the whole train crew.
Civil Engineer and
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Land and Mine Surveying.
, /


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