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East Kootenay Miner 1897-09-23

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Devoted to tbe fining Interests and Development of the DistMet of EAST KpOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 9.
Golden,   B.   C,  Thursday  September 23rd,   1807.
$2.00 Per Yeai
Annuals.���BOX -111 GOLDEN, B.C.
Ai.kvaxiiui' Block,
Goi.iin*., B.C.
Fire, Life, Heal Eritatc, Home Agents,
Auctioneers and Customs Brokers
Klro Agencies.
Queen, I.ftiictwliiro, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Ticket Office.
Tho Hun Life Insurnncu Company.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y,
Tho Hlrbeck InvoHtmeut and Loan Co.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Atsoelato Royat Rchool of Mines.
Member Iron A Sicol IiMtltuti*. Jin p.
Member American Inst. Mill, hngiiiecrg.
Mining Engineer and Metallurgist,
45 Toronto Street, TORONTO.
H. L . Cummins, P.L.S.,
And civil Engineer,
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker. Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post office address:
Ammy Office* mid
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established HKW.)
For ncveral years with Vivian & Sons, Swan-
����, and local represent at Ivi- tor thorn.
For & years manager for t|io tusayerff to the
Rio Tinto Co., Lmnlon.
Canadian representative of tho Tassel (iold
Extracting Co. I/td, tltasffow (Cyanide process.)
N.B.���All work personally suijerlnteudcd. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils; re
-:  "Made  By    s-
Bott & Emdree
Frus is Advance.
tlolil fl ,'i0
Milver 1 Su
oold snd Bilver 2 uo
('OJlMf,..,.'  1 WI
Utt 1
lead snd Oliver i u>
Ores tested by cyiiniiie Process.
Other Fees uu Applieetion.
* undertaking!
& Embalming     |
\ Telegraph orders receive prompt attention J
J. SMART,     I
CALGARY, Alt*.  ���
ProBpoctoM and Miners having iilalmsor iiiti-r*
i-Ki�� in clalinn ior sale, could not do bettoi
thim uumiiutnteatu witli
Mining Broker aud Financial Agent.
Mr, John Bullman, Wi nil old I'nrk, Tliunderhlll
will handle Ireight between Aitilti, Mini Lake
and Fort Steele aud return. (tomtit wtuelioiih-
ed at botli end:).   For rates apply to
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
H. K. Walton,
<^_Golden, B.C.
Phicb List ox Application.
The Golden
Fresh nnd Bait Mtmts.
Fish and flaiuu in senson.
liealers in Cattle, Blitton and Horse?,
Mail orders receive prompt uHcuttou.
Wedding flings
fl Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta
The above raw aril will be paid liy tllE
KAST KOOTENAY MISKU for information -that will lead to the detection,
apprehension and conviction of the party
or parties who itartcd the recent tire in
Copper Crook, McMurdo District in
Golden Mining Division of I'lisi Kootenay.
Ctyden.B.C., 1st Scj.U'i*.i:.,-i: I*)7,
Ilootx, Slitics und Hiu-ncss
ItcpnircU promptly.
Livery and
Feed Stables
liiiiiii Hwltlle Horses and Rigs nf All Kinds for
Hire nt llciu-onnlile Kates.
Teaming ui All Kinds h Specialty.
Hamilton und Skelton,
Golden, B. C.
Ice Cream
���Call on���
fjjr- All KlmlH ni fruit in Bonson
W. Alexander _>>
G.P.H.Wateb Inspector
Will cnll ovory wook at
McDEUMOT'S    Store       ���
Any watches loft thero will ho
Promptly and Properly
repaired at fair prices.
No Botched Work.
The Columbia House
Tiie Central Hotel of Kant Kootenay, miilway
between Uniilen ami Foil Steele.
lioiiil Cuisine. Choice Liquors A.Ooml Htnlillng.
lali, Proprietor,
A rich strike is reported on Messrs
Miti'lii'll-Innes' claim, on Horse Thief
creek, known 41s the " Pretty Girl."
A recent nssny for gold from the quartz
ledge on Mr. Watolet's clnims on Buga-i
boo creek, shewed u value of (21.20 gold
per too.
Mr. 11, K, Walton, assayer, Into of
Fort Steele, litis established an assay
ofHce in Golden, and is prepared to make
reliable assays of all kinds of ores.
Mr. Denno has been awarded tbe
contract for 50 feet of shafting and 180
feet of tunnel work on the Standby and
Maud S., owned by Strncey and Jolilto.
Prof. Ilardmnn arrived In Golden on
Monday and proceeded to the MoMurdo
district to make an examination of the
International group of claims, lie wus
accompanied by Mr. B. J.Touusond.
Mr. l'ollew Harvey, M.E., of Vancouver, arrived in Golden on Tuesday
afternoon and at once proceeded to
Carbonate, whence ho goes to Prairie
mountain to examine the group of claims
now being developed by Messrs Mitchell-
On Wednesday the Bald Mountain
Mining Co. shipped to W. PellewIIurvey
of Vancouver a sample ton of free milling
ore from their claims on Bald mountain,
near Donald, for tho purpose of having a
mill test made. The company intend to
loso no time in finding out the exact
value of the large vein recently struck.
It is probable that at an earlv date a
wagon road will be constructed from
Bear creek station into the McMurdo
district. The distance from Carbonate
to Prairie mountain is said to be 42 miles
while the distance from Bear creek to
the same place is not mure than 14 miles.
Such a road would be of immense benefit to a largo section of the McMurdo
Messrs. \\\ II. Leo and W. II, Kinnis-
ten of Calgary passed through town on
Wednesday on their way to Calgary.
They have been Inspecting the Bald
.Mountain Group and stale that they
found everything very much to their
liking. Several assays have been re
ceived recently all of which go to prove
that the Company have one of the best
properties in the country.
Messrs,I. Adler and G. Upton paid a
visit to Vermont creek last week to
obtain further samples of the copper ore
loiind on the live claims located on the
divide between Vermont creek and Cupper creek by Tip Johnson and Mr, Upton.
Tho samples brought io by them are
from the surface uiul are magnillcent
samples of copper pyrites. There is an
immense showing on all five claims.
Messrs Lee and Kinnistcn of the Bald
Mountain Co. have been at Donald during the past week making arrangements
for the shipment of a ton of ore to the
sampling works in order th have a
thorough test made of tbe quartz found
in the tunnel. If the result proves satisfactory, machinery will at once be
procured with a view to working the
mines. As the ore is free milling, it will
be treated right at tlie mine, whero all
necessary watei power can be procured.
Sir. P. Watelet came down on Monday
from bis claim at tiie head of Bugaboo
creek, bringing with bim a ton uf ore
from the Surprise claim. This has been
shipped to the Smelter at Everett,
Wash. II this sample shipment. givcB
satisfactory returns it is the intention of
the syndicate to begin at onco the construction of a sleigh road from the
Columbia river to tho head of Bugaboo
creek aud ship out the ore with teams
during tho winter months. Mr. Wtttelot
goes to 'Everett to see to.the proper
sampling of tbe ore.
Mr. ll. Taylor, a West ICootonay pros-
pector, is at presont in Golden. He was
in the early days of the Slucan Interested
in some of the prominent Slucan silver
properties, but sold out ut the lime of
the first drop iu silver. This summer he
lias devoted to prospecting in East
Kootenay, coming iu by tho international boundary line and working north.
lie has covered a good deal of the country between the boundary and Golden,
and is now on hiB way north to thu
Blueberry to look over that country,
He says that he has seen some splendid
prospects in East Kootenay that can now
lie secured for small figures. These same
properties, if in West Kootenay, would
be snatched tip eagerly at ten times the
amounts asked for them. He and bis
partners located throe claims on ihe
divide between Horse Thief creek and
Xo. 2 creek, about 12 miles west of tlie
Columbin river. The ledge is about 20
feet wide and bus copper pyrites seat-
i-iv.l nil th.MUgh it in bu'ge.q'i'.'Uifilioa
and    ;: ���!:;.' hi.:   OH    !h?    Shl'fui ..    ���':'.'     .11
Messrs T. E. Wilson of Banff and (
8. McCarter of Golden have bonded to
the Outline Mining Co. of Vancouver for
$15,001) two claims on lee river, south
east of Lcaticholl, On these claims is a
quartz ledge about three feet wide,
carrying large quantities of grey copper
oro. The ledge crops out over the entire
length of the claims between walls of
shale and syenite. An assay from the
surface gave a retail of $(i0 in gold, 23:1
oz. iu silver and 9 per cent, copper, or a
total value of about (200 to the ton. Mr.
Willis, the manager oi the Channe Co.,
on his return from the coast, will put a
force of men at work opening up the
A good deal of discussion has been indulged in by the papers iu general regarding the mining regulations recently
passed by tbe Dominion Government
with respect to tlie Yukon, but strange
to say there has not been very much discussion as to those of the old regulations
in force which deal with quartz mining.
This is probably accounted for by the
fact that up to this time quartz mining
has not been carried on to any very
great extent in the Territories.
The recent discoveries of large copper
deposits on the eastern slope of the
Rockies will however before long give a
great impetus to quartz mining in Alberta and the objectionable features of
the present regulations will then make
themselves more apparent. Under the
present state of the law any person desiring to secure a claim must stake out
Ihe ground personally and under no circumstances is permitted to do so by bis
agent. This is not as it should he if it
is desired that the people should be encouraged to develop Die mineral wealth
of the country, Many men who might
otherwise be inclined to interest themselves in mining do not care to undertake the physical hardships attendant
upon a trip into the mountains.) twenty
or thirty miles over a rough road and on
tbe hurricane deck of a cayuse.
Will the gentleman who prepared and
submitted those regulations to Council
lie good enough to give us the reason
why it was made imperative that claims
should be staked iu person and not by
un agent as is permitted iu this province?
Again under the present arrangement
u person staking a claim anywhere between the foot hills and l.uggun is compelled to make his record at the Dominion Lands Office at Calgary, though
there iH a Dominion Lands Office ut
Banff, where stub records could just as
welt he made and kept.
Then tho regulations us to transfer of
milling interests are of the worst possible type, particularly in cases where the
whole interest is not transferred, It is
needless to refer to those in detail but a
reference to the regulations themselves
will at once shew the need of a change,
if Iho transfer of interests is to be effected in a simple and expeditious manner.
Tbe sooner the Dominion authorities
adopt tho mining laws in force iu this
Province aud provide convenient places
for records, etc., to be made, tbe sooner
will the mineral hinds on the Eastern
slope of the Rockies lie explored and
���S H**P I >���
East Kootonay Coppor Deposits.
The recent full in the price of silver
has caused some investors in Ihe Kootonay to turn tlieir attention to copper
gold properties, and a galena proposition
must indeed be a high grade one that
will al this time uttrnct capital. Those
interested in mining in East Kootenay
have reason to bo thankful that this
district is not a producer of silver alone,
but that il is u copper and gold producing district as well. Throughout the
whole of the district, from tlie international boundary lo a point several
milts north of Gulden, there have been
found large leads carrying high percentages of copper ore of various kinds���-in
fact there is scarcely a river or creek in
the district upon whose borders there
has not beon discovered valuable copper
deposits which await only the advent of
capital to open them up and place East
Kootenay in the front rank us a copper
producing district. The eastern slope of
the Koekies, in the district of Alberta, is
also shown to contain large tracts where
splendid showings of copper can bo
found, some recent locations there being
of a most promising character indeed.
Thus while we are firmly of the belief
that the depression in the silver market
will uot be of a lasting character, wo
liuve the satisfaction of knowing that
our  district  is  not  wholly dependent
reason he retarded to any great extent
in thoir progress, li the owners of
purely silver und lend properties will
exercise a little patience, we predict that
they will yet reap a harvest from their
The following claims have been recorded at Donald since August 1st:
St. Catherines ou l'ureupine Creek,
Thos. Brown. Almonte on Porcupine
Creek, Wm. Edwards. Ottawa on Porcupine Creek, Henry I.usk. Beacon on
Porcupine Creek, D. W.Williams, Peter-
boroon Porcupine Creek, Henry Dredge.
Queen on Porcupine Creek, Geo. Broder-
iek. Cannon on Quartz Creek, E. W.
Stone. Trade Shirk on Beaver River,
II. G. Low. Little Joe at Roger's Pass,
W. II. Lcmbko. Gold on Quartz Creek,
Alex. .Menard. Columbia on Bald Mountain, G. W. Kent. Canada ou Bald
Mountain, Thus. Kilpatriek. Thunder
on Buld Mountain, W. 11, Lee. Granite
Reef on Bald Mountain, W. G. Neilson.
Glencairn on Gid's Creek, W. II. Lee.
Canada on Quartz Creek, W. B. Robert-
Assessment work was recorded during
1SSI7 in respect of IS claims, as follows:
Bobbie Burns, Edinburgh, Blue Mountain, Stellarton, Surprise, Shamrock,
Tinbnsket, Mogul. Maud S., Imperial.
Observation, Persimmon, Queen of
Hearts, Bnowflowor, W. (I. Neilson,
Elkhorn, Mollle, Jackson, Marie Louise.
TIlAN'SFHitS.   .
Joe Snowdon to Dan Macaulay % interest in Glencraig mineral claim, between Porcupine and Bear Creek. Consideration (11.00.
John Sproulo to Dan Macaulay, Glengarry, between Porcupine and Bear
Creek.   Consideration JH.OO.
J. Dolmuge to Loudon cc Vancouver
Finance it Development Co., Annie II.,
und Buld Eagle claims on Old Man's
Creek.   Consideration $1.1X1.
47 miners licenses were issued.
The following are tbe records entered
in the Mining Recorder's office, Golden,
since Aug. 1st:
Tarn O'Shantcr nn Copper Creek, T.
Stuart. Acme on Badger Creek, A. II.
Mogridge, Lake View on Badger Creek,
J. C. Jolllfto. Omega on Badger Creek,
A. 11. Stracoy. Regulator on Caribou
Basin, 11. MelJougal. Belmont on a tributary of Xo. 2 creek, 1 Inn Taylor. Copper King on Xo. 2 c.rrk, C. MoKlnnon.
Coppor Queen Extension on Xo. 2 creek.
F. R. Rickward. Blue Grouse on Spruce
Tree Creek, II, Woodley, River View
ou Caribou Creek, 11. MoDougnl, May-
lair on .Middle Fork of Spillumoclioen
River, A. A. II. Stracoy. Ben llnr ou
Logan Creek, 11. Mlinson. Crystal on
Logan Creek, W. Logan. Golden on
Logan Creek, C. Warren. Princess on
Middle Fork of Spillimacheen River,
Florence Chambers. Lucky Jack ou
Middle Fork of Spillimacheen Kiver, R.
Hutchinson. Snowstorm on Bobbie
Burns creek, 11. Kichardson. I.X..L. ou
McMurdo creek, II. Kichardson and D.
JaniicBiin. Mystic, on McMurdo creek,
W. ,1. McCurkor. Plctotl Fractional uu
Middle Fork of Spilliinacbcen River,
Jas. Xoble. Jinimie un No. 2 creek, D.
A. Martin. Bank of England on Xo. 2
creek, J. .1. Costello. Little Mary on
Mackay creek, J. ,1. Costello and C. C.
Mackay. Blue Eyed Nellie on Mackay
creek,.!. J. Costello and 0. C. Mackay.
Joker on Middle Fork of Spillinuii'liceii i
river, Chas. A. Anderson. Copper Queen i
on North Pork of Spillimaclioen river, F.'
K. Perry. Blaok Hawk on Crystal creek, |
F. li. Perry. Gold Leaf on Middle Fork I
of Spillimaclioen river, Jus. Glffen, Harvest on Middle Fork of SpilHmoctloon
river, J. \V. Conner. Klondyko on McMurdo creek, A. J. Moldenllltur. Mitchell un McMurdo creek, K. 0, Bronsnn.
Ellen IL, Buckskin, Sunday.Big Chief.
Black Bear, Favorite, Lincoln, Bryan,
Flying Dutchman, Cooloy, Gmego, ,1.1'.,
Norma, Omega. Rachel, Barbara, Ethel,
Ellie, Miteber, Silver Tip, Grizzly, Amy,
Acme, Lake View, Polar Bear, Cluck
Bear, Cinammon Bear, Gulden Lion.
M. Dainnrd to S. Barber, half interest
Sunday mineral claim, consideration
,1. X. F. Johnson to M, Dainnrd, Anaconda, Eureka and Alice, consideration
Chillies Nelson to P. Cnrdiner, Argen-
conslderallon $100.
11. li, Laugls to P. Wutoloti \i interest
in Magda and France claims, consideration $1.
II. li, Langis to I'. Watolot,,'_ of !-,: of
% in Last Chance and Surprise claims,
A. St. G, llammursley to London ami
Vancouver Finance & Development Co.,
Shamrock and Billy Crews, consideration
A. St. (I. Ilammersley to London and
Vancouver Finance & Development Co.,
Champion and Steamboat Butte, consideration %\.
Mary Dainnrd to II.Abbott, Qoodluck,
consideration f5U.
Chus. Warren to Hurry Abbott, Tenderfoot, consideration $50.
J.C. Juliu'e to A. C. Mitchell-limes,
Lake View, consideration $1.
A. I!. Stracoy to A. C. Mltchell-Innes,
Omega, consideration $1.
.las. Noble to B. J. Townsend, Maplo
Leaf and Plctotl, consideration Ifl.
B. -I. Townsend to L. B. Keyser, Maplo
Leaf und Plctotl, % interest, consideration $1.
J. Dolniagu to London and Vancouver
Finance and DuVelopmeiil Co. Ltd.,
Great Northern, consideration $1.
F. II. l'erry to P.. Hughes, !-_ interest
Black Hawk, consideration %\.
W. (I. Mit.'iiell-lnnes to G. II. Wood-
Icy, Grizzly, consideration $1.
Mr. M. Curlln, for many years connected Willi the Golden Lumber Co., bus
resigned his position as manager uf that
company and uu October 1st will assume
the position of general manager uf Iho
Columbia Kiver Lumber Co., with head-
quarters at Beaver, B.C. In Mr. Carlln
the Columbia River Lumber Co. win
have one nf the best iih-round luinbir
men in the pruvincc and he will
undoubtedly inuko a success lu his new
position, ns he did in the position he bus
vacated. It is understood that Mi.
Neilson will be secretary of the company.
We hope thut the change will not necessitate tlie removal of Mr. and Mrs. Ciuliu
from Golden.
��� -~��.o.��-���	
A Nov/ Town Constable.
The Provincial authorities have provided Golden witii further police prntec-
tlon, Mr. Cox of Victoria having arrived here yesterday us Hor Majesty's
representative of law and order. It is to
be hoped that Mr. Cux will liml bis duty
of maintaining order here an easy one.
Mr. Wesley Miller has been doing duty
as special constable 'or some years pusi,
but the Govornmont appear to have
entirely overlooked bim when making a
permanent appointment.
Xo harm would have been done had
the authorises to some extent consulted
the wishes of Gulden citizens as tn such
an appointment.
��� -si��ii	
Coldan  Curling Club.
The semi-annual meeting of the Golden
Curling Club will bo held in the Cullllli-
bla House on Tuesday evening, Oct. 5th,
at 8 o'clock. '1 lie election of officers lor
Ihe current your ami other Important
business will be transacted. A full attendance of Members and all interested
in cuiling is particularly requested.
D. M. U.IK, Secy.
Golden, B.C.,
Bept. 22nd, 1SB",
   i*-> ,��g��. ���	
Fatal Accident.
Asa result nf u collision of two C.P.R.
trains nt Notch Hill ou Thursday last,
George Uiumlrett of Donald, bmkomun,
received injuries uf wiiiell he died in it
lew hours. The body was taken tu
Donald where his relations reside. Tho
funeral took plnce on Sunday Inst. Rev.
Mr. Smith if Golden conducted the
funeral service
A Genuine Oold Crick.
The New York agonls of tho Bank ,,f
Montreal rocoived on the 20th Inst, frum
the Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Company
of British Columbia a brick of gold
worth $B1,0S7 and weighing3,006ounces.
" Sum Fowler" and " llanl; " McGregor
are not in this deal.
Sllvor on the Rise Again.
The   New   York   and  London silver
markets are reported stronger, bar silver
being quoted at r> '-*._ cents.   It will soon
lieb.uk to tho 00 cent mail..
Mr. II. G. Parson lias received this
week a carload of foreign wines uiul
liquors, two cuts of beer, one cur of Hour,
and part cars nf stoves, hams and bacon,,
besides Severn] shipments of dry gomls,
groceries, rubbers, etc, New goods ure
:. riviny -.! iii' .'-.' loll cud winter stock- (Hs 't*.i���jmn- reman -.
i ii in i  ii    una in   11 ii i i i   im nifiiii hi    ii   11 in imm mil  i  nn m i n  i. mm���,, i. _��_
? /S ?"*
' the CI
.m.: Ce
A Weelrlr Join
In the iauriat o
mail routes.
���al, |i-.il)llslieC
HATES :  By mail or
an immens.} rfylze of
i tabling large deposits of-copper
id grey copper-assaying ?2o on
ra is not over fix
miles from tho river, with a dnw-.i-hill
haul nil Ills' way, and tbe landing at the
river is not more limn eight miles from
Golden, ft is moro than probable that
if development justifies tiie expenditure,
upon   the   ]
: ihcstirltvci
ehinery will he installed
irty with a view to
e into  matte  without
On Jubileo nn
tains, about -in >
w-.'-.i liankol tin
U.1'1- llll
rottapoiiiielioo with rel
Uuu ims -i| |,erireil in iitiiii
iMdirurwl lolh'il nailer lo
It i*,l., appear In "tub Mil
Address nil enmllinnleat
:nay pue
15. C
East Ivootcnny is n country of immonao
metalliferous Idles, as might he expected
Imm ils geological posltlon-tho grcal
line ot contact between th" chrystallin?
rocks of the Selklrks ami tho massive
limestones of the Rockies, following
nearly along the valleys of Ihe Columbia
and Kootonay rivers lengthwise through
ll entro ni tho district. 'Ihe Kootonay
Biver, Columbia Lakes and Coin;'.hi!,
Kiver form au almost continuous waterway iu a northerly course from the
United States boundary at Tobacco
Plains to tho"Canadian Puoiflc Railway.
Regular lines of stenmors run from
'Golden, on the C. I'. !!., to a point on
tiie northern end uf tiie Upper Columbia
Lake, Here freight and pasBongers nre
transferred t" stages atid wagons and
conveyed to Fort Steolo. In termor
years the Kootenay Kiver betweon Fort
Slcele and Canal Flat, at the southern
I'li.l uf the Upper Columbia Lake, was
rs, but tliis has
rnmcnl has annu-
moiioy in tin-
lumbla River for
i done some little
.   The Provincial
Spillamaclieoii moun-
���uthof Golden, on tho
Columbia Kiver, there
aro soveral Crown granted mining pro-
pi'i-'i'.'s, upon which some exceedingly
rich silver and i-.ipp.'i' ure has been
found'.   Several  Bmall  shipments have
! i made froi. some ��� ( these claims
end tho returns from tho smelter have,
in i>i.st instances, been most satisfactory. For some reason or other no work
of any coiisoqiienco has this your been
don i any nf lliese claims, while in nil
II,e other mini ig camps iu tlie northern
portion oi East Kootenay active work
has been going on all season. Early tills
Inst spring Mossra jlcXoluh mid Jones
slild to Mr. Cowell nf Victoria the Giant
and Hidden treasure, Crown granted
claims on Spillimacboon mountain, for
" The Vnnliorno." 2 miles frum Ottertail station on theC.P.R., on the north
side of tho Kicking Horse River,   (hdena.   Assays from Dropping $45.85.
" Favorite " claim on the Middle Fork of the Spillimacheen, 28 miles from
the Columbia. Development work has been dune. Assays about $35 in gold and
HI tn (On;*, silver.   There nre four veins, IS inch, 4 feet, 8 feet and 12 feet.
'��� Tholloso," "The Thistle" and "The Big Chief," on the North Folk of
tiie Spillimacheen River, in the Prairie Mountain Country. Trail from Benver-
mouth station un the C. 1'. Ii. tn the summit, then open level country; total distance 12 miles; gold and galena. Xo development wurk dune. Gold assays $S to
Die ton, no assay for galena,
' The Thistle and the "Big
.   Xo development  wurk
' The Cliff," 3 miles south-west of " The Rose," '
' iu open country���gold quartz showing property
done; assay if2 per ton fur gold; nn assay fur silver.
"Tiie Ruse and The Thistle " claims, a mile apart, on the Middle Fork of
tbe Spillimacheen River, about 27 iniles from Carbonate Landingou the Columbia
River. The trail to the International group of mines pusses through those chums.
Assays vary from $51.20 to $23.3(1 in gold, and from 35ozs. tn 81uzs. uf silver.
WINDERMERE   DIVISION:     "ThoHorso Thief Challenge," mi
the north branch nf (lie South Fork of Horso Thief Creek. Wagon road and trail,
1-1 miles I'rnin the landing un the Cnlumbia River. An iron capping containing
gold, silver anil pyritio copper. A ledge about five or six feet wide. Assays frum
Blirface, gold 4<lwt., silver 10/.., 17ilv.t., 8grs.; cupper 7.2 per cent.
"The Blue Skyos," nn Tuby Creek, 30 miles from Windermere, a good trail.
Quartz, carrying gold, galena and' copper.
FORT STEELE DIVISION:   The "Dardenclls Group," containing8
claims, on Wild Horse Creek, about II miles from Fort Steele.    Gold quartz con-
nud milling.    Assays run from M to $1500 per ton.    Sufficient work
Manufacturers of and Pn-ilnrnln �����mn
DougiiVi) Fir,   Spruce ami Cellar Lumber,   Siding ami Flooring,
Dimension Timber,  Cedar Shingles,   Pence Posts,
Telegraph,   Telephone   mid   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
sol it rating
lone on ���'-
10,000 cftfili
to the est
li'   of   til
��� lilt-
a thyro Iwl
John Mel
iiiuiguted hy stoaiiK
latterly heou abandon*
The Dominion Govt
ully OKpemled Bomo
impvovonioiit of the G
navigation anil \wa r!��
worh un tin.* Kootenn'
'Uovommeiit haa constructed n OrBt-claas
\Yugoii roatHroni CiolUon to Fort Steele,
and regular ?��� t:t��^ip carry paHsangera ami
mails during tluMyhole of tho year. In
tho Boutli oufltoru portion of lin&t Kootonay thu Government has ul>:n expended
largo HiiniH in tho building of wagon
i*0iula and trolls, connoctiug ii;'..' principal
now towns nnd mining eampd with tho
present business eontre of South Kooto-
nuy, tho flourishing town of l'ort Hf.'uk'.
The main lino of the Canadian Pacific
Hallway traverses tho northern part of
tho district, und tho Crow's Nest 1'asfe
branch of thu same railway now in
course of construction will cross th.*
southern part of thu district from East
tn West. It is moro than probable that a connecting lino will be
built along tin.11 vulfey of the Columbia
and Kootenay rivers as soon as thu output of tho mines and tlie agricultural
products of the valley will warrant tlie
uonstruction of sueh a lino. The results
of development during thu past season
fully justify the expectation thai, before
very long the construction of such a road
will bo undertaken, Until products aie
rapidly increasing' and demand
shipping facilities.
The numerous largo ami rapid streams
which fall into the Columbia and Kooto
nay rivers and Columbia lakes will furnish unlimited power at convenient
distances for transmission to tho mines
by electrical plants to"bo used ns required
for mining, milling ami oilier purposes.
No mining division in the province has
better natural facilities for mining) milling and shipping ore on a hirgo fKiolcand
at low rates. When the railway through
the Crow's Nont Puss !h completed, eolte
from tho Crow's KoBt conl fields can be
delivered at the 8meltorfl in this, district
nt rates that will enable thorn to handle
nil the smelting ores of tho district and
compete with smeHorB at the most
favored outside plneos,
.v.iN'ixi; locations.
The first mining camp south ofGoldon
is at Canyon Creek, flvo miles up the
Columbia Hiver from Golden, Here
Mt^srs. Mitohell-lnnes have built a dam
und Hume to divert the water of tho
���creek and allow tho gravel in thu creek
lied to be worked. f*!iafts have been
.mink in two places to bed-rock and a
tunnel 300 feet in length has boon
���driven, This work was done chiefly
during tlie season of latin. A considerable quantity of placer gold has been
found in Canyon Creek, ami the prospects arc that highly fuUisfaetory results
will be obtained there.
A few ir.ilua further south on Kiftecn-
..Milo Creek, near the summit between
the Columbia Kiver and thu north fork
-of the Spilhimaeheun Kiver, is a promis-
ilng copper property now timid devclup-
beiUg thu Toronto, Lancaster and Simeuu
ehiirtis, Mr. Mammon of Toronto owns
tho Constance and Atlanta, which are
also Crown granted. Sheriff Retlgravo
has two Crown granted claims and Mr.
Granger also has one. Thu diilicnliy
nut .Tubiloe Mountain appears tube
that the ore does not appear in any
well defined lead, but is found in pockets
or chimneys. All local mining men
agree in the opinion that Jubilee mountain contains immense Quantities of high
grade copper ore hut that the oro bodice
can only bo located by using a diamond
thill, by which means th;) whole of the
claims on tho mountain could ho cheaply
and thoroughly proBpectcd. It would lie
well if tlie several owners of theso claims
could come lo some arrongomenl whereby all those claims could be thrown into j
ono group and thu work of oponing-up
this copper-lined mountain bo curried on
by the owners jointly.
Bugaboo crook Hows into tho Columbia
river a short distance below Spllllmu-
cheou landing. This creek rises in Ihe
glaciers that are found upon the divide
betweon Kast Kootenay and thuLnrdoau-
Duncan river district, and it fiows
through a beautiful and, in most places,
heavily wooded valley about 2d miles in
A ptud: trail loads to tho head of the
creek. There is no mining camp in the
northern district that can bo more
cheaply furnished with transportation
by means of a WOgon road than the
camps ou Bugaboo creek,
lion. Mr. Aylmer hnsdonoa large
amount of development work on a gold
properly sitimte about sewn or eight
miles-from (he Columbia Kiver. This
property should be a valuable one in
view of Iho easy means of access to the
river. At the head ui thu north fork of,
the Bugaboo there is a magnificent
group of claims being operated by Van-
���ouvor capitalists whose Interests are
wing looked after by Mr. 1'. Watelot,
M.K., of Vancouver. Iiiimense quantities of ore have already been mined ami
a shipment Is wo understand now being
made notwithstanding tiie expense ami
difficulty of getting tho ore to the river
under existing conditions. Tho ore is ot
an exceedingly high grade and carries
gcldi silver, copper and lead. If a sleigh
or wagon road were constructed to the
head of the creek this ore could lie
brought to Spillimnoliocn handing for
one qunrtor tho amount it now cost.i to
transport it.
At the head of tho middle fork of tiie
Bugaboo tiiere is a group of four claims
being developed by tho Golden & Fort I
greater j Stec|u oeveiopmoilt Co. under the man-1
nvrement of Mr. Mercier who located the
claims and has an interest in them. A
largo quantity of Idgh grade ore is ready
for shipment from thene claims but until SOtnothing is done towards improving
the trail the Company have decided to
dolcy shipment. Thu amount expended
ou the Bugaboo trail this year by the
Government was about -$160 and the
woret portion of the trail was loft untouched. There seoma to be something
wrong about this in view of the f.ict that
iu other portions of tho district wo find
trails being built hy the Government to
places whore uo appreciable amount has
been expended ns yet in development I
At the bead of the south fork of the
Bugaboo thero are two claims located
by Messrs. lleffner and Mercier. These
claims curry good values in gold, thu
character of the lead being quart:', aud
iron sulphides similar to that found in
large bodies in thu McMurdo district
which lies some five miles further north
and to which district we shall in a future
isnie make reference with a view to
assisting in making more widely known
a portion of the l'rovinoe which must
sooner or later take ils place as one of
the richest and largest producing mining camps in the west.
claim.     Mixed
5 miles from Fort Steel
rf the clttlmo to obtain a Crown Grunt.
"The Culon .lack," on Cranbrook Kstate, 10 miles from Fort Steele,
ore containing gold, silver, copper and had.     Assays high in ail of each.
lodes are exposed, 0 feet, M0 inches and 13 inches respectively,
" The Golden Crescent," on Perry Creek, 90 miles frouj Fort Steele,
bearing ijuurtz,   Assay from surface indications If9.50 gold to tho ton,
" Tiie Porpby," claim near St. Eugene Mission, about 0 miles from Fort
Steele.   1'orphy quarts! currying gold and iron.   Assay is lieing made.
" Tho !!am's Horn," claim 2 miles S. \V. from Kik Hiver Trail Bridge,
about v> miles from Fort Steele. Copper stained quartz, running into copper with
a considerable trace of gold and silver. Assay from surface shews traces of gold
and. silver $30 per ton.
" Tbe Elizabeth," claim south from " Tim Ram's Horn
quartz shewing galena and grey copper,,   Xo asBay.
" The Toronto," near tho foot of Mouse Creek,
Galena, ledge !i feet wido,
" The Financial," on Hell Roaring Creek, 82 miles from Fort Steele, wagon
road and trail,   (odd quart'/,, an inimensu body, apparently about 50 foet wide.
" The Chloride " and " The Cleiidon," head of Lewis Creek, 10 miles from
Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Slate galena, brittle silver and grey carbonate.
Two ledges, li feet and 1 foot wide. t
" The Highland," on the fork of Hell Bonring Creek, 30 miles from Fort
Steele, wagon road and trail. Mixed quartz with carbonates carrying silver and
gold.   An immense ledge, apparently 50 feet wide.
" The Boulder" and "The Mamoth," on a fork of Hell Roaring Creek, .fi0
miles from Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Quart/, carrying gold nnd Bilver.
An immense ledge apparently 75 feet wide.
"The Isabel! " and "Thu,Tuniner," about a mile east from Moyen Lake,
fiond trail. Mixed quart'/. A main ledge with two smaller ones, average width ol
main ledgo about 4 feet.
" Tlie Nbnle," on Perry Creek, HO miles from Fort Steele, a wagon road and
trail.   Gold quarts, a ledge 4'feet wide.   Assay from surface ifl.
"The Monarch " and "Thu Vissue," about 4 miles from Fort Steele; a good
wagon road.   Hold quartz, a ledge about 4 feet wide.
"The Lady Ann," "The Hunter," "The Pansy" and " The Heliotrope."
Between the head of Six Mile Creek and Tracy Creek,'about 14 miles from Fort
Steele, a wagon road and trail. Galena carrying silver and lead. A ledge about f��
feet in width. Assessment work bus been done and development work is proceeding,   Assays 12, 15, -Ions, of silver; 511, 711 ami 40 nor cent lead.
"The Ragle Bird " and " The Palis," on the divide between the head of Six
Mile Creek and Tracy Creek, about Hi mil'-s from Fort Steele, a wagon road and
trail.   Galena carrying silver and lead.   A ledge of quartz about 4 feet wide.
"The Rose" and "Thu Phrenix," on Palmer BarCneek, aliout 25 miles from
Fort Steele, wngon road and trail. Quartz iron cropping and galena. Assessment
work done.   A large ledge about 15 foot broad.
"The Dennis," " Mellinty "and " Silver Tip," about 0 miles from thu bead
source of Perry Creek, 20miles Irom Fort Steele, a wagon load und trail. Oold
quarts, v. ledge about 4 feet wide.   Assays $45 in gold per ton.
"The Bubiloo" and "The Griffith," on Wild Horse Creek, about 0 iniles
from Fort Steele, a good wagon road. (Sold quartz with a trace of galena. Assessment work done, a ledge apparently about 40 feet wide, assays $4 to $0 per ton.
" The Jennie " and " The Marb," on Wild Horse Creek, about li miles from
Fort Steel1, a good wagon road, (iold ijuartz, porphy and slate, a ledge 3 feet wide
.it 0 feet from the surface and widening as yon descend, 8 panulngs gave an aver-
uge of ('25 per ion, more or less. I
"The Wanda," " Percy "and "Osage," on Lost Creek Btsin, 12 miles from
Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Mixed quartz carrying gold, silver and copper.
A ledge 2 feet wide, two assessments done, assays running from $11 up.
" The Jubilee," on a fork running into Berry Creek, about23 iniles from Fort
Steele, wagon road and trail.   A ledge of porphry carrying gold about S feet wide,
"The Fir," on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, on Tobacco Plains,
about 4 miles north of the International boundary, 7 miles from the steamboat
landing on the Kouteuay river, and i mile from tho wagon road. Gold, silver and
lopper, assays from suriacc 27>jj per eenf copper, lo;:. silver aud a trace of gold.
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,    -    -    -    B. C.
Flrxt-rinsH In.evory pnrttciilnr.  Convenient to Hallway Depot ind Stonmboat MihIIiir.
llatex llcaHotuiblu.   Free Stun.ile Kooms.
Tli�� Trniit dnr leaves Kootenny Hotine, connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele every
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the went.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Homo Comforts      e
Modern Conveniences   e
Best Cuisine in tlie West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jrouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
^The Golden Sash and Boor Factory
and Machine Shop.^*
Manufacturers'of: i
Sash, Doors, Moulding^ Turned llnhiBtem, Newel Postp, Ilniul Kails & Brackcta.
Thu Machine und llhu'l'Hinith Shop are prepared to do all kinds of repairing.
All frizes of pipe-lltting and brtt.RB j-uoiIh on hand.
All nines of (.'lass in stock.
Wngon repairs, poles, shafts, axles, spokes and felloes.   Hickory nnd Maple plank.
Assessment work done. 	
"Tho Grand Onion," "Empire," "Alpine" ami " Kiln lingers," nn the
ROtltll sldoof Mati.-;e or Sliiiijrle Creek, about f�� miles from Ft.rt Steele, u wagon
road and trail, (inlc'.a and (-rey copper, ledgo about 5 feet wide, assays from surface $12,80 per ton.
" Tho Old Oinlneca," on Mark Creek, 14 iniles from Fort Steele, a good
wngon road. Mixed quarto carrying gold, a year's assessment work done and two
shafts SO feel and S feet sunk.   Tko lauds about 7 (eet wido cuch.
On or near all tho claims there is nblludunco of wood and water for fuel,
lumbering, timbering ami motor pip'posee.
These properties can be fully examined now. Further particulars und the I
most complete information can be obtained on application.
^m> Golden, B.C.
"^.Hcailqii'irtcrH For------,
Miners,  Prospectors   and Lumbermen.
Kates ^l-OO 3?e.r ZDa^..
Board & Lodging $o Pku Week.    First Class Bar.
Notice of Eemoval.
I'm Jnst (j'thiK arrosH tiie river,
Only ii lew yaniK nuay,
To i-ri'iiilw-.s more convenient,
\VhcroJ Intend to slay.
f mint llifluh thopoop.eof flol ten
For tlieir patronage In the Old Rtoi
Ami assure tin-in t'tal in Hit* fulur.-.
I shall try and meruit more.
My lampion t-ir fall aiul winter,
Are nl! nf the nQWCMl claH-<,
And arr min- toglvoMtjafootlaiii
BecaunKotdst l/i\v I'JUCEl
Nulls to Mrnj-mr-i*
^^^     CAM!.
from # 1 n Dp,
Xo reason has yet boon advanced why
Ihe Government should not do with the
Klondyko as a private corporation
would do ii it got hold of these valuable
gold Iields���-tako poseession of and work
them and appropriate the prollts. M'u
have ombat-ked jn large projects for
spending money���why not try a money-
saving enterprise for A change?���Globe.
Inspect my patterns and comparo prices
boron* placing your orders clsowhcre,
Oloniiluff, iri-]>iiii'iii{f und Altor-
in-;'   Done.
J.   F.   PUGH.  TAILOR,
(llll.DHX, II.0.
Eaot Kootonay Minlna Stock List.
P,DOO,000 I      fl.00      I    loc
Tin-c.ii.i inn,
<���-* P. Co.
Tin' Kootonay
HtL'L'lf D Co.
ll. Cy
Mlnlii-r llnikor,
��     ��     ��
Viilii.' is ono tiling
Miitisr-K-tlon is illtoflll-l-
Vongol both by Inlying your inn' laions
I'rii-e Usts and Sample, forwarded on appllca*
��     ��    ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
*��.AT THE"*-
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
A LOAN OF $3,600.00
To be secured by mortgage over one of
the finest farms in Kust Kootonny. It
contains 320 necrs, is Crown Granted,
nnd the greater portion is  under crops.
It bus two orhards, both fruit bearing.
The dwelling house is u substantial
ono nnd bus only lwen recently built.
For full particulni's apply to
Notary Public, Golden.
Gold . . .
Mines . .
Development Co.
New York,  Chicago,
Spokane, WuhIi.
CAPITAL STOCK  810,000,000.00.
Buy nnd Sell Mining Properties.
Furnish Money for Development
IF-u-ze Fiesh. Z2x-v.g& at  3D. %��. CALDSB    <& Op'��., 0-old.en., B.O, MINING   DSVISIO!
From Our own Correspondent.
South East Kootenay's IVIlnnoapollj
���Its Principal Point.
West Port is near the head of the
navigation of the Upper Kootenay und
is presently tho chief point and distributing point in South East Kootenay.
It is situated ou the west side of tlie
Kootonay Kiver, nearly opposite Fort
Steele, und is the port (or that town.
All steamerfl discharge their postioilgors,
freight and merchandise for Fort Steele
nt this town. The custom house ware-
bouses are situated here, and llio volume
of trudo done at this point is iiicreasiug.
The place as selocted foi' the townsite in
admirably selected for a growing commercial town. It is a level wooded
stretch of land extending southwards
along the west hank of the Upper
Kootenay Kiver. This level stretch ol
land extends backward for some considerable distance right up to a bluff which
rises up about a hundred feet. Tlie site
is at the confluence ol the f't. Mary's
liiver with the Kootenay Hiver, which
runs along the north side of the town.
At high water the site suffers from an
overflow of the St. Mary's Ulvor, but
this can bo easily remedied by banking
the river and improving the channel.
When this is done the site will be one of
tho best sites along the Kootenay Hive;*
tor a business und eoiuiuciTial town. If
South East Kootenay goes ahead, which
it   is   bound   to  do,   West   l'ort   will
lion. Col. Bilker is expected to visit
tlii.-- district t-oon.
E. ,1. Cann has been appointed post
muster vice Charles Clark resigned.
C.l'.Ii. surveyors are locating a line of
railway from Wardner to Fort Steele.
Mr. ilostock, M.l'. was bunquetted by
the Hoard of Trade on Tuesday evening
Messrs. Grnnslck ���*: Dempsoy have secured the contract for a new school
houfio to be erected at once.
Fort Steele now has an Opera 1 louse
owned by Mr. Coventry. An opening
ball was given there on Friday last.
Tho new hospital building has boon
completed and tnken over by the Hoard-
It will accommodate six patients and
besides there is a private ward.
The Fort Steele Mining Association
has forwarded a large mineral exhibit to
Ihe Spokane Fair. Almost every promising clulin in the district is represented by samples.
Slow progress is reported iu construction of tlie railway on account of the
huge number of men who desert the
work, owing, as they assert, to the low
rate of wages paid.
The Deputy Minister of liailways and
Canals wiil pay a visit to thu Fort Steele
district very Bhorlly witli a view to looking over the Crow's Nest Railway as fai
as located.   Our citizens   will   make  a
undoubtedly become a great com moreiill,
town.    Already it has become a place of | *T?..��"?rt "' h*Ve "'" ''��ttd 1"'""g''t t0
somo considerable activity, and it now
possesses n larger population than what
Fort Steele hud twelve months ago.
Iluildings are being erected ol all
kinds���warehouses, business premises,
hotels und private resldoncos. The C.
1*. It. have their principal depots and
warehouses hero for storing their supplies in connection with tiie construction
of the Crow's Nest Fuss Hallway. These
are situated alongside tlie river, convenient for the steamboats to land goods and
fyeight. Iu addition to tho customs
warehouse, the International Navigation
Company have n large warehouse for
storing their freight. Thin company next
year will niukc considerable improve*
'incnts on tlieir landing place to meet
the convenience of their passengers and
for tho liettor handling of their freight.
A large saw and planing mill has been
recently erected by Messrs Finch nnd
limes, saw millers and lumber merchants in West l'ort, at the confluence
of tho St. Mary's Kiver with tho Kootenay liiver. This firm bus acquired a
timber limit up St. Mary's Kiver, and u
lioom has boon constructed at the month
of tho Kiver to hold the logs as they
come down. The mill has n considerable
capacity, but it will be kept fully employed in supplying lumber, for West
Port. It is in West Port thut tho mills
and factories will be located when South
East Kootenay becomes more populated,
ns there is unlimited water power.
There will Iks competition for transit
lietweeii the steamboats that ply on the
���river and the Crow's Nest l'ass Railway
that will pass eloso by, which will always
enable her lo command good rates.
Already parties have been seeking for
u site for a brewery���and there iti talk of
n grist mill being started���West Port
will yet be u small Minneapolis, ami will
be a busy bustling town and will assist
considerably in helping For! Steele, l'ort
Steele ia entirely dependent upon West
Port for nil her supplies that come by
tho rlvor. A handsome and substantial
drawbridge connects the two towns, and
every day the '.mllic between the two
towns keeps on increasing. It may not
lie a mutter of surprise if next year West
Port is (ar ahead o! Fort Steel.! in
'lopulalinn and business activity, if she
keeps growing on at the same rale us she
is now doing.
Fort Steele.
Tho Hon. Ceo. E. Foster's company
have made the second payment on the
Dibble Group, tlie total purchase price
being $84(000. It was originally owned
by J nines Dibble, N. A. Wallinger and
I.. Dole. The ore is antLmoniid silvoi
and chlorides and tarries high values in
gold, copper and silver. Tliis property
promises to be a shipper at an early
The telegraphic service is now in
active operation between Fort Steele and
Golden, and the first message that has
come through came through on Monday
from Mr. A. ,1. Hopkins, Fort Steele, to
Mr. II. G. Parson, Golden. Tlie message
came around by Seattle.
Tun Ml.VBlt tried to send a message to
The Prospector but was informed, in the
first place, that tiiere was uo telegraphic
office in Fort Steele; in the second place,
when ono was discovered that ihe cost
of the message was 12.50. The Prospector did not get the message.
says: 'I air. .: groat ora'tor, or a noted
scientist,' the world is apt to take it for
granted that he is; rather than go to the
trouble of holding a civil service examination of his merits. If he says: ' I um
but a poor, weak worm of tbe dust,' the
world will say: 'You look like it; get
out of Ihe way.'
" We have taken a practical, worldly
view of tlie mutter, and the amount ol
moral ethics in this articles may seem to
you limited, but there is truth enough
in it lo bulge out at the edges and split
up the seams."���Banker, Merchant and
 .--��. ,<->..---.���	
Mr. Muir ifl arranging to ship his. sue
mill hero at once.
Tho East Kootenay Hotel has been
opened for business by J. W'ilmsliurSt.
Mesers. Weiderstrntli, Murphy nnd
Captain Sanborn have erected residences
here and the first named gentleman will
ut once begin the erection of a brewery,
Another Saw  Mill  to  bo   Built nt
Moyla City.
Last week another saw mill left Golden
for Moyie City, on Moyie Lake. Tho
mill belongs to Messrs Park & Loitch.
As soon as it goes in lumber operations
will commence. The distance tlie mill
requires to be hauled from (lolden to its
destination is nearly -'Oil miles. Twelve
teams under the direction of Mr. .1. A.
Munson, Fort Steele, are freighting it.
It will bo close upon three weeks before
the mill reaches ils destination aud is
eet up. Tho mill is supplied from Water.
oim, Brantford, Out.    ,
Walton's Assay Office,
��� Golden, B.C.
-   Four Years in Colorado.
Navigation on tho Kootonay rlvor hue
closed for tlie season.
T. T. McVittU', P.L:S., is surveying an
annex to Wardner townslto.
The saw mill has boon loused hy T.
Stewnrt unit \V. Mdntyvc and is in full
A Toronto man obtained options on 52
ots in Wwdnor a few days two. IK
says Wardner property is in demand
A post office will tio established here
at Iho beginning ot October and a new
postal route will bo opened with tlie
Handing continues brisk hero and will
bo carried on all winter. Wardner will
lie the bnso of supplies for tho railway
west of the summit of the KooklcS,
M. J, Zlngdorff, saw mill owner, htm
tissignod to Government Agent Armstrong in trust for his creditors. Cause
of assignment���Inability t<> get in hie
accounts for lumber.
Toot Your Own Horn.,
"To be a success in theso times, wo
must own a horn and toot it continually. To got a front seat we must walk
in, push our way post lower mon, and
take tho scat; and we must look as if we
not only owned it, but had n mortgage
on all the private boxes, and could
occupy any one of them if we ko do-
" Tho man who wants to succeed
must smuggle for a front Beat, even if he
has to jofille the real owner and put Ids
umbrella down on his soft corn. Once
in a while he may be sent back where
he belongs to, but lie will get in front
oftener than if ho should wait to be invited forward;
"The world has not timo to analyse
character, weigh merit ant
t;- the relative ability of men.   This is a
By ulcus of otoinolog}*, thut rule the present
minim! a
There Isn't any doubt tit till what sort of bufr
Is lu It:
The Juno bug, the doodlebug,  potatoo bug
and nil
Havo got to skip tho trolley, for the gold bug
has the cull
From whore the Yukon rlpa along to s'.voll the
Duhrlug doopa
A wild aui'Kcroua rallying cry to echoing welkin Imp",
And from the heart of everywhere beneath the
threading slty
The gold bug aud its larvae rise unto the rallying cry.
\ glow of hope is on the elghtoen-uarat appetite
He multiplied each minute ol cuch Heeling day
and night.
And like as .veiling avalanche that never swuy-4
nor tworvea.
He launches out to burrow In Alaska's rich pro
jo let tho coleopatcra stand back and give him
Then; In uo bug of all the bugs can match the
gold bug's boom.
For like a certain other bug conspicuous in
Although he has no wings at nll-hCgotH there
just thewiiao.'.'-���Richmond Despatch.
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
i-.i'iu.iMACHKKX, Kast Kootrxay, IJ.C.
Choice Wines, r��tquornA cigars.
Pack Horses for Kale or Hire.
Every aiteutldji paid to tluests.
FHANK DEACON, Proprietor.
Minister of Mines and Provincial Secretary���
Hon, Col. James (taker.
Provincial Nflneralogisl���W. A. Carlyle.
Public Assayer���II. Curinlehael.
For the Province���W. B. Core Victoria
South District comprising Kort Btctde and To-
buu-cn Plains Mining Divisions���J. F. Armstrong Cranbrook
North Dlstrlcl tomprlslng Donald, Golden mid
Winder mew Mining Divisions���J. K. tirlffltlu**
���I. Nlircet Donald
!���*. (v.Ijiuk Golden
u. (labile Windermere
C. M. K.lwards Fort HteeH
M. Phillips Tobacco Plallic
Deputy Clerk o' the Peace for North Kast Kootenay Joslftl) SIIrrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of th�� Peaca for South Kast Koot-
enay���Churlch U&ssoy EdwardB,... Fort steeli
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully tho
Value and Necessity of a "Free
Miners " Certificate--No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One,
Any person over 18 years of age, may be
eornoiiwoo miner by paying fA to any gold
commissioner or mineral n rder and obtaining a cert Idea 11' good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a nuw certificate for
ono lost on paying -fl.
A free iflluor's certificate Is not transferable.
Any person'or company working a mineral
Claim, Itoltl as real estate wlthoiil license, raaj
be lined ffl,    MIlUM become real estate after
erov, ii grant has boon issued,
Should co-owner full to pay np his free minor's
certificate his Interest goes to his co-owners pro
rata according to their former Interests,
��.\ shareholder in a Joint stock Company need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim 1900x1100 foot, llul
till'augles must lie light angles and all ineasiii-
meilt must be horizontally.
A free minor may cut limber on erown lands.
A froo miner may kill g.ime for Ids own use
nt all seasons,
A free miner may obtain live acre mlllsttOUp-
on crown lauds in the form of a square.
A claim'may be hold from yeur to year by
work being done to tho value of one hundred
Lodes discovered In tunnel may he held if recorded |n 15 days.
A live miner may on payment of ffiOO, iu lien oi
expenditure oil chiint, nhtiifu n.vrown grunt.
Any miller may, at the fllsoi'imoil of the gold
commissioner, obtain ncoossary water rights.
No transfer oi any mineral claim or Interest
shall be onforceabfo unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No mine.-shall suffer from auy act of omission
or communion, or delays on tiie part ol the
government ol.leiai.-i.
Noclttim shall he open to location during
lust ilinesss of holder, nor within 1J montliH
nfter his dentil, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must bo recorded within 15
davs after location, if within 10 miles ol office
of luining recorder, One additional day is allowed for every additional ID miles or fraction
annual unon.
Work on each mining claim to the value of
$11X1 must bo done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or Ids agent, setting out a detailed
statement of tho work done must lie filed v.Ith
tho gold commisslnnsr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, and worded before the expiration of each year iroin the date
of record of said claim,  A free miner holding
Where Gold Grows.
A very rich oold mine has been discovered in Manitoba, It will this season
yield at least twenty millions of dollars,
Tlie mine is of great extent and there is
pay dirt in every portion of it. Unlike
other mines, this never becomes exhausted, alany millions in gold have
boon taken out already und tlie mine is
as good as ever. Those who work In this
gold mine have not to descend into
gloomy pits aud yawning cavern:
amongst falling rocks and exploding
dynamite. They can gather tbe gold in
the sunshine, with the odor of flowers
tho air and the song of birds in their
Bars. Kveryone can obtain il share In
tliis mine with a little effort and il never
tails to pay a dividend.���OypresB River
What It posts to Hit a Policeman.
John Wlvalen of Vancouver wiib charged before J. I). Graham, S.M., at Rowl-
Btoko with assaulting Const. .Ins. Jones,
a 0. P. li. detective. The assault took
place in the Hotel Revelstbke. The
eonstttblo was Bitting in tho office, leaning back in his chair and smoking his
cigar, when Whalon, who was drunk,
came behind him ami hit him a heavy
blow with his list on the nose. There
wan no defence, the prisoner pleading
guilty, hut that being drunk lie did not
know what he was doing. Fined (50
aud coats, $101.25, or three months1
iiiiprisotmH'tit with hard labor, A. G.
M. Bpniggue appealed for the prosecution.
Gome More Postal Muddling.
The Dominion post office authorities
are not making a very brilliant record
for themselves in the way of attention
to the public needs an regards post
offices. "Wardner, B.C., is still without
a post ofiico, and other places are simi
Itu-ly situated. Tlie mail facilities between Maclbod and Calgary are probably
tho worst in America. The Post Office
Department should brace up. In a now
country it is of tlie greatest importance
that postal facilities should keep pace
with the development.-Maeleod Gazette
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct rail rotUo lo
Montreal & Toronto
aud all Eastern Points
Lake Route to the Kast���Ballings from
Port William,
Alberta Kvery Tuesday to Windsor.
Athabasca Kvery Thursday to Owotl Bound,
Manitoba Kvery Sunday to Owen Hound.
Connecting tains from Uoldenat IttsiQ every
Monday, Thursday and .Saturday.
Daily and direct service to
,  ,     .    .. *       adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
I to decide as l0( his Intention with tho gold commissioner or
mining root 	
iiuch claims, all the work required to
order jicr.'orm on any one or more of
fast, hurrying, rushing world of ours,  him tn a eortlfloatd of work for eaeh claim. Tho
,   u   . i   ���   n i i    *i      same provision applies to two or more free mln-
*  ���������������������       " y tlie  em holding adjoining claims in partnership.
i r j,, I In lieu of above work the minor must pay $100
11    'l'        nl'.il  rttll   ri.Mil1.-t   ,-��� I'.,!   ,'i��i.i ���������.'!   Ili.t un hi A
���ind it  in vary much Itifluoncerl by tho'
value that a man nets on himself,
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all points in (lie far fumed Kootenay
und Silvery Sloean.
j To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Kmpress India 2nd August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Mlowera 8th August
Apply for Particulars to
(*. E. UtBLtt, Agent, Golden,
Trufllc Manager, Winnipeg.
Printing I
Wc wish to inform the
public that wc art' prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, Intliincc In
months, without liitcveKt.
three and Nix
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C, P,
Great Northern Railway tit
It, at Golden, B. C.
Icnnings, .Montana.
'I    ll-cl-,,1'  llll.l.
N Il"iiils
1.,-lltT llt'tlflH
mil ilmilN
Hall.l Mills
Cslllim Oai'ils
l.n�� Mr Ms
Lumber ��������U
Hi'iik Wurk
I'roinlsory N'nlcs
I'l-i'i-i'-l I'Virnis
Kliii-v Cortlltuatos
Assay Kornis
nniL't'lsIS l-lll'l'ls
J^ 48 Hours to Fort Stele.
Steamers loavo Golden Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of Kast bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fort Steele aud
The   Only   Guick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty,
Agent for the California Giant l'owdor Compay.
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, It. C.
3Tort Steele, IB. C-
Ciioice Wixus, Liquors and Cioaus.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor.
The  Steele  House.
First Class Brands of Liquors aud Cigars o
Headquarters for .Mining Mrn o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Best Cuisine in the West,     o o o
Modern Conveniences o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
dk-dL-verbl����   in
^Jk.BT      KOOTE-ST-A/ST     a^IlTBR- ���ll.j-is.i.   ai   i ���' g-c
m ,-��..'.xt.-��.-u----*--*-��-i-:
Canadian Pacific Railway Kalcl
Havo a Scheme on Hand.
Tin: Mixer understands that tho ('.!'.
11. hs considering arrangomontH to secure
und control tho traffic that passos over
Canadian noil to tho Yukon and particularly that portion which passes through
British Columbia. Tho urrnngomeuts
are Dot yet completed In:', ho far as tlu*y
liuvogono tho intention Into iimujuraUi
u bout sorylco from Victoria to tho mouth
ot the Stickeen rlvor. Tlie Stickeen river
ia considered a vory desirable run,' un
wus most favourably reported 11110:1 1
Dr. Dawson iu lsss, who made a survey
In that region the previous year 0:1 In*
half of the Geological Survey of Canada,
for oponing up tho northern pari of !'���
C. and the southern part of the Vukon
From Rothesay point at the north o!
the Stieken il i.s navigable for i-torn
-.vlieel Btonmors to Telegraph Creek���a
distance ni 138 mile.". Prom Telegraph
(Jrook, tlie head oi tlie navigation, there
is a pack trail of liii1. mile.*-:, constructed
by the British Columbia Oovorninon
und which trail ullliuatoly comes out at
the head of 1 lease l.ake ill the center ol
the Cassiar mining district. The Yukon
can he easily reached from here! either
by the l.iafd Rlvor or by tho Toolln Lake
und River, lh'- Dawson suggested the
construction oi a railway in the far distant future from the navigable waters oi
the Btlckoon to tho navigable waters oj
the Mackenzie, a distance of 7i0milc
When It/. Dawson made his snrvoy, tlie
mineral wealth of tho Yukou wan known
but none wore aware of Itsgreat richness
and Dr. Dawson's suggestod route for
inter-comniiiiiicatioii was more for the
purpose of opening up a portion of " Canada's (inat Reserve" forhorsurplus
population, when that epoch period in
Canada'.-: history was reached,
The Provincial Government has already granted charters for the construe*
tion of railways to the Yukon, and one
of the routes selected is by the Stickeen
River and Luke Teslin, but when the
railway will he constructed, if ever it is
constructed, is another matter. TI
route however is 11 good one, if even it is
somewhat lengthy over land. Tiiere are
comparatively few hardships to encounter, and good toed all the way during the
Hummer season for both man and beast.
All that the C.I'.U. propose doing in tlie
meantime is to run a line of steamers
from Victoria to Stickeen, and tliis service cannot now come into operation
until the oitrly summer of next year.
Whether roads will ho constructed aud
Btages conic into operation, the same as
in the Cariboo, time and trallle alone
can determine.
..< The following article in a recent issue
of tho Vancouver World seems to indi-
caio pretty clearly the policy to be pur
sued by the C.I'.U. with regard to the
proposed all-Canadian route to the Yu
Icon. If this route proves feasible it will
put an end to the agitation that has been
worked up in various quarters us to
other proposed routes overland:
"It muv now be accepted as a settled
fact that the agitation for an all-Canadian route to the Yukon gold-fields will
result in the carrying out of that desire.
The World has the very best of authority
for stating that with iis customary sagacity, foresight, as well ns widely spread
business interests, the Canadian Pacific
Hallway Company has decided upon proceeding at the earliest possible period
with the construction of a standard-
gauge line of railway from a point at or
near Glonora. on the Stickeen river, to
the bead of navigable waters of the
Yukon, The decision to accomplish tliis
important undertaking was arrived at by
the executive of that company this week
Instructions woro at once wired from
Montreal to General Superintendent
Jlarpolo, in this city to select the most
competent men to proceed to the locality
and to make a survey of tho country
and the feasibility of constructing a line
of railway connecting the waters of the
Stickeen with those of Teslin hake and
Yukon, l'.y to-day's express there arrived from Kootonay Mr. 15, J. Duchcs-
nay, who is superintendent of tho
Kootonay division, as well as being an
experienced engineer and railway locator, who is charged witli the work of
making the preliminary surveys for the
proposed line. That gentleman, with
.Mr. Marpolo and Mr. Cumblo, chief
resident engineer for the C.I'.U. Co.,
went over to Victoria by the Charmer
this afternoon, in order Io consult with
Premier Turner and inspect Ihe maps,
etc., relating to the Stickeen River and
the northern section of this Province in
the Lauds and Works department, This
done and other Information collected
Mr. Ilucbesnay and his party will at
once proceed north to the scene of his
operations, where considerable work is
being done by tho Provincial liovern-
ment in connection with the building of
u trail or wagon road from Glonora to
Teslin Lake. Xo time will ho lost hy
Mr. Duchesany in the prosecution of the
yory Important work he has hi hand.
Upon the receipt of his report the necessary machinery towards ensuring the
accomplishment of a modem line of
railway from Glenora to Teslin lake will
be proceeded with. So that the work
will bo well underway by this time next
"It is likewise tho intention of the
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. to make
such .arrangements as will result in
placing 0:1 the route between Vancouver
and Victoria a lino of powerful, swift
first class modern 8t'.'ani3l|ipg.    It is be-
3H   ROUTS;        lhved  that tho magnitude ot the trade
of the Yukon and other northern sections
to! will demand such a service, and in order
1 to h>* in such a position to accommodate
I that trade, as well as being determined
I lo get a fair share of  the northern business, the policy we are now announcing
has   been   decided upon.   The rivnilt of
the altered conditions in transportation
and the facilities tor ranching the Klondike gold   Holds   through an all-British
route, upon tho commerce of Vancouver
and the other provincial coast cities will
he of inciilculabloiidvantage, the Importance  ami   far-roncbing consequences of
which it would be dlfhcult even to conjecture.     II  certainly seoms as if   Mr.
Douglas Sheldon's prediction that Vancouver will he the Liverpool of the twentieth  ltury is likely to he realised,
"It is hardly necessary to add that
whatever the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company takes in hand it does it well.
That this will he the case with its Yu-
koii division as well as its steamship
service  from  tho city goes without say-
of   Interesting   Local
Coneral News.
Mr. W. C. Milner, of Calgary, died on
Tuesday of consumption,
Saluda Tea Is a llrst-olass article. II.
(1. Parson in agent foi'Goldon;
air. Lceniy, Crown timber agent, paid
Guidon an olllciiil visit on Monday.
Mr, Thomas McNaught is on a business trip to Port Steele and vicinity.
Singer Sewing Machines'aro the best.
II. ti. Parson is agent for East Kootenay.
The coal minors' strike at Pittsburg is
over and 22,000 men have resumed work.
Mr. Wesley Millar has sold to the
Golden Lumber Co, two lots on Columbia
Mr. C. II. Parson has taken the house
recently occupied by Mr. J. P. Armstrong.
A general meeting of tho Golden Cur
ling Club has been called for Tuesday,
Oct. 5th.
G. IV. Glrdlostono, an old Winnipej
gor,  died  on Friday at Vancouver" of
Mrs. and Miss Harrison returned on
Sunday from Michigan where they havi
spent the summer.
Mr. ,1. F. Armstrong is removing to
Fort Steele. Mrs. Armstrong will spend
a few mouths iu tho East.
Divine service will be conducted iu the
Presbyterian Church next Sunday, us
usual, both morning and evening.
Tho Columbia River Lumber Co. have
secured the contract for limber for the
new Elbow Kiver bridge at Calgary.
W. Eraser, C.P.R. bridge foreman,
and crew arc busily engaged erecting a
new section house, close by the old one.
Ontario Conservatives, anticipating an
election, are doing earnest campaign
work. Whitney is making a tour of the
whole province. .
The Harry Liiulloy Co. closed their
week's engagement at Golden on Saturday evening and left for Donald on
.Monday afternoon.
Mr. James Henderson commenced
work to-day on Mr, G. Woodlcy's new
residence, a littlu lo the cast of the
Methodist Chinch.
We direct the attention of our readers
to the advertisement of The Providence
Fur Company, Providence, R.I., which
appears in another column.
Messrs Stracoy aud Joliffo left for
Moose Jaw on Sunday. They arc on a
shooting expedition and expect to bring
back 11 big bag of ducks and geese.
Mr. II. II. Parson has just received
one of MrClary's famous furnaces, large
sine, all complete, for tho new church at
St. Eugene mission, near Fort Steele.
I Another old landmark has disappeared
I this week. Tho building known us
Harry Estollo's house which was recently purchased by the C.P.U., has been
torn down.
Wo understand that it is tho intention
of Mr. Wm. MuNolsli to build a considerable addition to thu Columbia house in
order to provide further accommodation
for his guests.
Mr, J. 1''. Piigh, merchant tailor, has
removed his place of business ami residence lo the new building recently erected
by Mr. Wesley Millar south nj the Kicking llorso bridge.
Sir  Wilfrid  Laurie:- was on the 1 (itli
hist, tendered a bitnqllot hy fho Montr, id
Hoard of Trade ou his rclum from
Europe. .Nearly 400 guests wero present,
Sir Wilfrid mude a brilliant speech.
Mr. S. Adler, proprietor of tlie Kootenay house, has boon making some
further improvements to the house and
has milled 11 bath room to the other
comforts already found in this well
managed hotel.
Mr. T. W. Lilies, ofllicBriickmnu-Ker
Milling Co. of Edmonton while here this
week placed an order for fifteen ears of
lumber to bo used in the construction of
a largo warehouse which tho company
arc building nt Wetuskiwin.
Arrangements are being made for
establishing a stage line from Maelood
to Wardner and it will probably be
ready for operation within a few-
weeks. It is understood that the Hudson's Bay Trading Co. is back of the
enterprise and that that company is
reaching out (or the immense trade oi
East Kootonay,
Please   Wait
' t
a few days until we can make time to
open up and display the magnificent
stock of DRY GOODS now arriving
daily. Wo shall bo as quick as possible
and hope to bo favored wirh your close
0*     <-'
Ph mnix of London ^ ethsr fira insurance C's
ConfadBration Life Rssociation, Toronto,
Canadian Railway Rccident Insuranca Co,
RaliancE Loan <# Savings Company,
���   *   *  *   ��
Don't Forget These Facts:
is showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
is selling the best t)T_v\/f>T.I-.Q positively
highgrade,(ladies DlUlWIED 01. gent'^
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
�� �� �� �� ��
fi\l>t\Vi\i(f\(YT nas Just received a large consignment of the
UibUEtyJW 1 Kickapod Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It'will make you a
new man or woman (right up to date).
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all si.es at-   EflSTEl$    PAIGES.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
If you intend buying any
it will pay you to inspect our
stock.   We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
House Furnishings
Mr. Thomas Stone of Calgary died nt
the general hospital there on Saturday
last. -Mr. Stouo was a genenil favorite
and his death will conic as sad news to
many acquaintances through the West.
He leaves a wife and two small children.
II. II. McIH'rinnt has received this
week u large consignment of the famous
Gurney stoves, ranges, etc. An examination of these stoves will amply repay
any one who may wish anything iu this
line. McDormot also carries a complete
stock of dry goods and groceries.
The Calgary Herald, with ils characteristic enterprise, has issued a special
edition dealing with the Jlackenzio river
and Peuce-Litird routes to the Yukon.
A carefully prepared map of the whole
district is published along with much
valuable information explanatory of the
different .routes, distances, etc. Tho
Herald man certainly deserves credit for
the enterprise he has shown in tbe
publication of this timely edition of
Klondyko information,
General Dealer.
The Providenee par Go
Providence, K.i.
wants all kinds of row furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox $l,r>.00 to $130.00.
lionr $ 5.00 to If 25.00.
Otter if 4.00 to $   11.00.
.Martin $ 2.00 to ?   11.00.
Beaver (per pound).. .��� 3.00 to if  3.50.
Wolf $ 1.00 to ?   2.00.
Red Fox -5 1.00 to If   2.00.
Mink $   .75 to $   2.00.
Skunk  If   .25 to $   1.00.
Cray Fox ?   .50 to If    .75.
Rttt .' 1   .20 to IJ     .25.
Price Hot on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
���:ln Golden, is:���
T3a.�� Best Store
Xxd. East ^^ooten.a3T
FOR  ^^���A
Miners & Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock.
WARREN'S other line of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
necessary to become a constant customer. WARREN'S STORE is tho foremost in tho district,
The G-oldLen. ds IFort Steel��
Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stocks���m**L
5oo5ooo   SHARES.
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for tho
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British olumbia.
The management of the Company is in tho hands of capable men who are right on the spot and aro therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
available'. /
Pres.: Tnos. Mi-Nai-ciht, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele
Vice-President: Alex. Allan, Esq., Merchant, Calgary, and
S. Bai.i.ek, Esq., Secretary Golden Lumber Co'y, Golden.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telepliono
Company, Calgary.
Secretary: Geo. S. McCauter, Barrister Golden.
Thero are no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until tho Company earns dividends. Experienced prospectors have been engaged to
secure claims for the Company in tho Golden and Fort
Steele Districts.
The Company posesscs two of the most valuable mining
properties that exist in East Kootenay: The " Tinbasket
Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald Mining Division and tho Mercier Group at the head of Bugaboo Creek
in the Golden Mining Division. The Company is developing theso properties. They aro unsurpassed in East Kootenay.
Tho company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of o0,000 Treasury Shares is now nearly
exhausted.   A second block of 50,000 will bo shortly issued
at 50 cents per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
Tin: Best Boer in Osnacln Is mado by tlie
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Mami torturers of Doer, Al.' nml Ho<U Water
Iiiflrtt onifL'ttiu.rCaisary necr uvurytime. Tlwy
nil have It. The Company'^ ubimU for iiua;
KooU'tuiy ifi
H.  G.   I'AKSON,  Gohlcii, 13. C.
We can.
M\ Yea?
* * *
Our motto is :   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price,
��  ��   ��
$. C worn,
Merchant Tailor,


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