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East Kootenay Miner 1897-08-12

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Devoted to the (lining Interests and Development of the District of EAST HOOTEjW.
Vol. 1, No. 3.
Golden,   B.   C,   Thursday  August lath,   1897,
H. G. PARSO*.,
Seneral TIferchant
Carries a complete stock of:
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
!    Hardware
j    Furniture
Stoves, Paints, Oils and Window Glass.
Flour and Feed, Hay aud Oats.
Miners Supplies including Ore Sacks.
j(gent for ~ ~ ~.
Phoenix of London �� othsr firsinsurance C's
ConfedEration LifE_Rssp^tia^,J^orontp,.
CanadikW^an^a^Ji^^Em^Astn^ancB jm
���RsliancE Loan ^ Savings Company,
On Their Claims on Copper Creek
and McMurdo Creek���Arrantf��-
ments Completed���Work to Start
at Onco.
���oamumvt \rnmwntrzrir r,
M Experienced
piner Tasks
Ice Cream
g/rn^ All Kinds of Frill t hi SctiEon
Prospectors and Minora Having claims or Inter-
i'r*tH in clalniK for sale, could not do better
tlitinconiuiiinii-tttc with
Mining Broker and Klnanoiul Agent.
Goldkx and Fort hthkle.
Mr. John Bullman, WInfluld Psrk, Tbimdorhltl
will bundle freight between Adeln, Mini Lake
und Fort Hteele iin-l return; (foods warehoused at both ends.  For rates nppiy to
toy Goods
�� �� ��
Value In one lliiiiK
Sjitisfiifl ion in anotlier
Von get both by buying your DHY noons
I'rleo Usls .nil Samples forivnr.U-.l on itp],liri-.-
��     ��     ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Hudson's  Bay
OALQARY,    -    ALTA.
Jas. Henderson,
I'laiiK Pr.-pHreil.
Prompt Htli.iiri.in rciv-in Io order's.
A supply of Hiilblli!-- Lime fur will.-.
������� + ->��������������������������������������*���������*�����������->
* undertaking!
& Embalming     |
Telegraph orders receive prompt attention J
j. SMART,     I
��� CALGARY, Alt��.  ���
Watch, Clock,
Jewellery Repairing
in ull ItK ItilCS promptly done.     Coll ut
my new shop opposite tlie Po.-d Ofllco
Golden, B.C.
John McMillan,
ii      Watclim nicer.
Mr. Manm-l [Dninaru, who represents
this company iu North East Kootenuy
hits just completed arrangements <"'<>:��� development woj'lc on tho group of claims
belonging lo this company. (The claims
;rre most promising ones and tiro situated
on the divide Between Copper Creek and
tlie Middle Fork of tho ypillimnoheon
ttivor, and are called the ���' Mabel ", the
" Lawyer" and tlio " Doctor."' They are
adjoining claims and will lie worked as
one mine. Tho veins are, strong and tho
ore is good. The main vein in a large
lodge ol quartz carrying white iron, copper aud galena and appears to he about
ton feet wide. This qun bo followed
through tlie whole three claims. This
runs very nearly with the formation.
The formation consists of prophry and
slate'. Tho assays obtained aro :ts high
as $77 per ton.
A gang of four men is presently working on these properties; a tunnel ^ix feet
by four feet is to Jie driven in; its first
length is to be -JO feet. The voin is then
to be eros3-cut, ami if necessary, a Shaft
will be fiunk,in order to fully tost the
value of these properties whioh are considered of great promise.
The claims aro in close proximity to
Major Cloheoy's properties which are on
the same creek.
Mr. Dainurd leaves this week for Mc-
Murdu Creek, a brunch ot the North Fork
of the Spilliimicheen, to arrange for dc-
velppm^'tt work on otlier claims held by
thcrvoinffnny there.
Tliis company has completed some extensive development work on a eopjier
property on Moyie Lake acquired early
in tlie year. Assays from this claim
shew a vulue of -faH.Vo to the ton in copper and gold and tlie claim is within lour
miles of the Crow's Nest l'ass railway
line as surveyed.
Tiiis company is doing good work ifi
developing the. mining resources ol liiist
Kootenay. It is'one of the strongest
development companies operating in Kast
Kootenay. its board of directors is composed of some of the best business men
in this country. Its BhrtYoholders are
nearly all local people, who have faith
in the mining industry oi this district.
Croat Future Before Our District.
Its    Mining    Reaourcos
$3.00 Per Year
Assay OiliccN and
Chemical Laboratory,
���(KtftabliKliud I8W.)
For wvcrat yearn with Vivian & Hoiw, Hwun-
him, and loinl repi'CHcntrttive /or tlicm.
l-'or A yearn manager ior the uNsayi-M to the
RIoTlntot'o., bunion.
t'aniulitin ronrew)Htatt�� of tho Camel Gold
KxtrnetiiiK <'o. I.'td, Oftngbw (Cyanide process,)
N.n.���All work in'mmttlly snperintuiided. Only
competent men employed.    Xb pupils received.
Yardmaster A.  Smith,  of  Donald,
Kilted.   .
On Monday afternoon a fatal railway
accident occurred at Posiald which to-
Bttlted in tiie death of Ynrdnmster A.
Smith, while ongaged in switching operations. It appears the company was renewing tlie ties and blocks on the west
end of their yard and issued written instructions shut while this renewal work
was going on no switching was to he
done on the west end of the yard. These
instructions were issued on the 26th of
.July, These the unfortunate yardsman
' <loes not seem to have observed, because
it was while engaged in switching o:i this
prohibited place that lie met with his
death, the renewal work not having yet
been completed. The cause of the sad
accident appears to be that while Smith
was pulling out the coupling pins ol'
some cars, otio of his feet got caught in
the guard rail and was jammed between
tliis guard rail and the main rait, the
space betweon the rails hot (wing suf-
liciuntly protoetod by a block���tliis being
at tlie very spot where some of the repairs were going on. Kre Smith could
extricato his foot, ho was knocked down
and six oi tho heavy cms passed over his
body. . Death must have been Instantaneous.' Mis body was dreadfully
crushed nod mangled, both legs were
Completely severed from tho trunk.
An inquest was hold on his remains by
Coroner .Manuel to ascertain tho cause of
death and whether any person was responsible. Tho jury niter hearing evidence returned a verdict to the following
effect through their foreman Mr. T.
Forrest, hotel keeper, DumiM, that death
was caused by the fault ot the CJP.
Railway or its employees, through negligence in not having the wing rail
properly blocked.
The deceased belonged to Toronto
Junction and his remains were sent
through here on Tuesday night by the
Oddfellows Society at Donald���of which
Smith was u meinlmr���for interment.
The deceased leaves a Widow and one
New Carpets,flattings and Linoleums,
Door Mats, Vloor Hags, arrived this
week at Mc Peridot's-
W. I'cllew Havvey passed through on
���undny's .No. 1, 011 route for his home at
Vancouver. Mr. Harvey has had an extensive trip east and a pleasant holiday.
The "Mimbb';'office for neat, artistic
jol> printing. Mail orders prom ply attended to.
,AVo wvvq favored last week by a call
from Mr. F. it. Perry, of_San Franciscoi
who is presently prospecting in East
Kootenay. JlJr, Perry is a miner of 12
years experience and that experience has
been a most varied one. Noi only has he
been engaged in mining operations in
Old and Now Mexico. California and
ArissOna, hut he has been in Central and
South America, following the same occupation with considerable success. Curiously enough ih'itiflh Columbia.jhad no
attractions for him until this year when
fie came to EuSt Kootenay. It was on
the 16th of Slay that ho tlrst arrived in
Golden division and since then he lias
beonj$exploring our mountains andjjval-
Hes for the, hidden wealth. He has prospected thejjSelkirk ranges on theJJolutn-
hian valley and explored Toby (jjbek and
Horse Thief Creek, lie has been over
the divide of tho range on the Duncan
slope in Trout Lake division, where lie
has staked out some very promising
���'laims. He has been equally successful
in the Colden division. The first claim
lie located was on Toby Creek, " The 1st
of June." mimed alter the date on
which lie staked it out. This is a copper
proitosition containing gold, He is perfectly satisfied with the assay returns.
If tiiey are any tiling like tlie returns
from other properties in that locality he
.will only be wishing he had found more
prospects. He is well pleased with the
appearance of the country and has been
over a considerable extent of East Kootenay. lie has looked tit mining prospects that have been staked out by prospectors. Some of them will la' good properties, others it is difficult to know for
what purpose they have bueii^staked out
except they must have been staked out
by gnibstakers^who had to make some
shewing for their grub and pay.
.Mr. i'en-y has lately.hecii,,iii the McMurdo district and came in from there
last week. He, however, did not make
any locations. He visited .Major Clochoy's
properties there, the lioston, the Be mil-
ton No. 1 and No. 2, mineral (humson
the divide between Golden and Trout
Lake Mining Divisions. He reports that
work is going on there just now and thai
preparations have been made in a most
systematic manner. He considers tlie
Major lite; got holt! of good properties
winch ore copper and" galena ore daml
appears to be very rich.
tin his way down to the Columbia
river to catch the steamboat at Carbonate, be went around by The International group on which work is being done.
A big shaft is being sunk. Tho quartz
carries white iron which 16 remarkably
riebjin gold. There was a good gang of
Workmen employed on the sinking of die
shaft. The International is the property
of Mr. K. ,1, Townsend, Toronto.
Mr. Perry does not intend Iu leave
East KdOtenay foi sometime. He goes-
out again immediately to the mountains,
and will remain in out district until the
fall. His views of our district lie expressed tit us as follows:
" Whit I bavo seen of East Kootenay,
viz., the McMurdo district and south as
far as Windermere, has impressed mo
very favorably. In alUhu localities 1
have vlttited I have seen ledges, which in
a country, if it had been opened up by
trails and wagon roads, would be of great
value. The Government is now cutting
trails to new districts and cleaning out
the old ones of fallen timber and this
alone is giving a great impetus to prospectors. There is au abundance of tim-
bor and a supply of WlltOl' power which
would he dillieult to excel. Capital is
also Incoming interested in this district
and another year will see mining matters
on a ninth surer footing than they have
hitherto been. 1 have seen oro bodies
which in places where there are good
transportation facilities, as for instance
California, would he considered bonanzas
whereas here the prospectors do not even
stake them because of their inaccessibility, With wagon roods to the principal mining centres, there is no reason
why properties, which at present have
no market value should not liecomo great
producers. I consider lSilBt Kootenay
has a great future before her as her mining resources are unsurpassed. 1 know
of UO other mining country that has
tuoli natural advantages, but tho natural disadvantages of uiacccssability and
lack of transpoilotion have retarded.
These con bo rumovod by tho billow of
Don't Forget These Facts:
fHuDE^jWOT is showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
KteDEipT laSa&S bicygi.es rS
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
*��� v ����� * ��
ff\i>tlEt)fl.flT 'lrts Just received a large consignment of the
WUnniUl/Ul Kiokapoo Remedies. If you fed down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man or woman (right up to date).
Redpath's Granulated .Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all sizes at   EASTER    PAIGES.
New Jams and Marmalades just reoeived.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
it^n^ySSSS House Furnishings
stock. Wo can quote prices that will astonish even tho
closest buyer.
APDitmai-BOX 40 GOLDEX, B.C.
NOTAUY,  inc.
.'.u-:x.*xi>i:,i Bixk'k,     -     Goudex, P..C.
Boots, Shoos ami Harness
Id-paired liroinjitly.
FIrCj I-iiffi Roil Kstnte, Itoutto AkciUs,
Atictionucrji und Cusloma Urukors.
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Uncnnliirc, Union, Hartford.
Etiro|iL'iui KteninuJiiii Tlirlttl bfllec,
The San Life Iiwuroace Ooniptiny.
Thu Ontario AtteMenl Iiisuraticu (Vy,
Tlie Hirleek Iiivestnionl mid Luna Co.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
AHMclflte lloysl Hfliool el Mines.
Member Iron A Siuel liiHiittite, Kup.
Member Amorletin tnsl, Mln, eiiglneeni.
Mining Englnoer nnd  Motnllurglst,
���]fi Toronto street, TORONTO.
The Columbia House Tonsoriai Artist.
30t) poira ni' Ko. 1 overalls, riveted, ."���
pockets, sprini: hoLtom, will ho sold ut
76c., at (i. il. Mel)onnot'a.
The. C.P.K. lata earned bo much money
during the past months that It is uolntj
to pay a dividend. What Inifl enntri'mt-
ed to this result is the hlg volume of
business that 1ms boon Howtiig into Kast
Kootenay lately. The mp.in artery ol'
comtnttnletUion is lu'csuiitly hv the
The ('-.'ntrnl llntolnl Kssl Kootenay, midway
between Oolilonanil !-'..ii Stuulo.
llonil riilslnc. cliolce l.li|iiors A Clooil Blutillng.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
-:    Millie   By    :-
Bolt & Eindree
Puna in Advance,
(inlil ami silvoi	
I., ml	
l,0mj i.ml Silver	
Ores testetl by Cynnlilo Proeess.
Oilier l'ces oil AmiUeBlt-ni.
ICvi-r.vlhiiifr Hti-lctl}'  Kirst ('lass.
��*-9***OppoHtietliu Koolenny llansf.
J A Muir ^.���\
Sijivii Wi'ltoi'   ��V:   House ruinlii-
nstimatcs given arall wnrk.
COLDLiN', 13. C.
The Golden
[-*re��li mull ill Mi  I
Klsli nnd ii inn' in -'v* in.
()��'���. �������� in Cuiti. ��� ,n i ji und How :,
Mull urderH red ivi ; u.miil ntt�� ntlou.
Livery and
Feed Stables
(lootl amlillo Horses unit Rigs ol All Kinds lor
Hire nl ItUtUOlmblu Hull's.
'J'eiiiulii-i of All Kinds n spei'liilry.
Hil'-iilllon and Skolton,
Goldoh, 1). 0.
Wedding ljings
11 Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta. he
A Wwkiy Journal, publi
in ill'- Interesl ol iln- flas
$i,Ui |ier year 111 advanee,
:  By mall pr carrier,
Ai.vi:uTisi,vn hates:
eoliiiiin In.'li, J2.00 per eo
n.,ii. ea )5eents per lim-.'.
liiKurlioii:   reutlluu
i.-li ins.-il	
Changes ol ads. iidihi be
Ill olllee not lalur than
Illrlli. iiiiu-rla'-.- ami  di
J IT,-,
���aili  notleo, Inserted
Isllie best ei|UI|.lied prl
Kiioleiuiy anil i> preparui
Mull oruui'M receive |irolu|
i lii do mm, .ii-u-ii.
rlee, One price tuall,
.1 attention.
dun. noiiyiiiilijeel ..ill
l.liblliiallil il.--.iru n regi
j... ra*rl|it,  ""I   ess
IV" Invl orn-apnn
ileresl lo thu general
ilni- eorresiionuulil hi
l.    In  nil  erwes III.
i.-..i-i-.-sfr i.-ii.-i- wlili r.
Ii.-u...|.|..-���i in "Tun Mi
'fi'iiiire lo any innltei
Uier imiiur mum iir,-i
oumbfeiaion beior,
Cohlon, Ii. 0.
TlirilSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1807,
an  IU
Its to
and   our
o a groat
Tim: Kaht Koothxay Misinthasnow
had an existence of three weeks and Hs
fjliceopfl has ciiino np to its founder's expectations. Its subscribers aro numerous and inlluentiid. Its advent hits heen
well received hy the otlier mombers of
the great family���The Press���of which it
has become it member. It has gained
the hearty good will and best wishes of
its neighboring contemporaries. Its
itdvortiBlng patronage is expanding tn
fluoh an extent that it is the intention of
management to increase its size by
idditiomil column on each page, so
'lire more space both lor advertising mid reading matter. Tliis week
there has been a change made iu the
type so that Thb Mini-.u will present a
more attractive appearance,
readers Mill find this char
Tub Minkk's aim is to disseminate in
the groat outside world full and accurate
information as to the immense resources
of tliis great district in the mightiest
IVovincoof the Dominion, besides being
the medium for spreading news among
the people in and around Host lvnotonny,
The data for its information will bo carefully selected and obtained from the first
and best sources. It shall justify its
istence and not only deserve but commend success. Its readers are all over
the globe, in the live continents of the
world and it exchanges with tbe best
American and European papers, so that
|n a short time through the aid of Tub
MlNT.lt, Kant Kootenay and its great ]��is-
Si bill ties will be known all over the earth
und attract to it the great means for
Aalay Jfforrison,
Tor tho purpose of Procuring and
Disseminating information Regarding the Vastness of Our
Mr. Aiday Morrison, member for New
ays���where they have Impressions at all.
In many instances there la a sad luck of
knowledge, particularly concerning Kust
Koqtomvy, As I know the other mining
dtetrictfl and their resources 1 have
come to obtain this jtersonal knowledge!
so that in future, wUuthov in the House
or out of it 1 can speak about your district from actual facts ascertained by i��r-
sonal enquiries, investigation aud inspection of tht: rifbources of not only Kust
Kootenay but of the whole ot our province. I shall also he able in the House
lo supplement the efforts of your worthy
member .Mr. linstock to obtain proper
aid from government to assist in opening
up your district by au efficient postal;
d telegraph service Scarcely anything
known he observed of your maguili-
cieut timber limits, valuable wuter power
ami line bench huuls���of tho exceptional salubrious climate and tbe facilities
lor getting about the district, which are
rapidly improving,
We only wish Mr. Morrison had had
more time to devote lo Golden so that
we could have taken luin into the Me-
Mtll'do district, or up Itugaboo Creek, or
even to Kiuhaskel Lake, where we would
have shewn him some mining properties
that would have astonished hhu as to
their richness, notwithstanding his visits
to the other mining divisions iu our province. We know what we have got, and
we want missionaries like Air. Morrison
to cpme and equip themselves with
knowledge as to the vastness and
opulence of our resources, bo that they
can spread the gospel of enlightenment.
We hope to have an opportunity after
Mr, Morrison has completed his tour of
inspection of obtaining his impressions
about the assured future of East Kootenay which is bound to be one of bright-
the company, aud whatever money these
shuns sell for goes into the pockets of
the promoters, after paying for the mine.
There is no obligation attending the sale
of promoters' shares, by which any portion of the money received shall be expended in the development or the increase of value of the mine, aud in a new
mining proposition, or company, those
buying slut res ami expecting their money
to bo devoted to opening or improving
the original property, should carefully
comprehend tliis distinction.
Treasury shares are those remaining
after the promoters'shares have been
taken out, and us an average the treasury
shares are about one-fourth the entire
number of shares issued. These shares
are sold for the express purpose of developing the mine,purchasing machinery
and generally to increase the value of the
property, and with the ultimate object
of putting the mine in shape to ship ore,
pity expenses and eventually dividends.
In view of the fact that most companies make a pool or contract, whereby
none of the promoters' shares shall lie
offered on the market for a specified
time, the treasury shares sell at a higher
price, and do not fluctuate, being controlled by the company, But when some
promoter, ignoring the pool, throws a
large block of his shares on the market,
the price of all the shares fall, not because tliuv are worth any the less, but
because thero is no demand at the moment for such a quantity of those shares.
If tliis distinction between promoters'
shares and treasury shares lie understood
the buyer knows just what he is purchasing, and his interests would be still
bettor served did he insist that all treasury shares be so stamped across the face,
and also made preferred in the matter of
dividends, leaving promoters' shares to
wait for dividends until a certain percentage hud been paid to the holders of
treasury shares. This is evidently but
just, because the buyer of treasury snares
is in reality putting his money up to
upon the mine, and his is the greater
risk, hence lie should at least receive the
lirst profits,���Kxchungo,
Spilimacheen �� Hotel
si'h.i.isiac'iiuk.n, East Kootksav, H.C.
I'lmiee Wines, Liquors ,ti Cigars,
l'.i.-k Horses for Sale or litre.
Every attention paid lo tluests.
FRANK DEACON, Proprietor.
Golden Restaurant,
Mack Joe, Prop.
Meals at All Hours.
Tlie Heat Beer in Canada is madediy the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., L'd.
Mfinnfaetnrers nf Boor, Ale and Hnda Water
insist nn K"tiin^ Cttlgury lleer every (line, Hiey
all have It. The Company'* agent tor wwl
Kootenay is
H.  G.  PA1WON,  Golden,   H.C.
Mining Operations last year.���What
Will they be This Year.
Knowing the vast interest that tlie
outside world is taking in our mining
operations in East Kootenay, and with a
view of imparting some knowledge to
those interested we subjoin the following table which has been carefully prepared from the mining records of East
Kootenay, which shows at u glance the
isition of our mining properties at the
commencement of the present year iu
every part and division of EaBt Kootenay.
will Biippliinent this in-
giving full details of all
Next week W(
formation  by
Crown Grants issued in East Kootenay
for mineral claims up to 1st of January
of the present year.
g Ss St
-5    s    0 |
IT. HTKKI.K Division
St. Mary's Hiver;���I
Murk Creek	
Perry    "    ���
Redding creek..
I'.lni'k Currant er'k
Smith Fork creek
St. Mary's hike . i   !>
Middle Fork    8
West Fork 20
Lnnmlowno creek J
Lapointo creek ..
I'yiiunid   "
1 fell Hearing creek
Olllee creek	
Moyie Luke	
Movie Hiver I
Weaver Creek ���
Kootenay Hiver���
Sheen Ciuek	
;    5
, Is
. Galena &
r> i
n i
JlouHe of I Tol.y
Westminster in ,tlio Dominion
Representatives at Ottawa, is presently i
visiting i'.nst Kootenay, lie arrivod in
Golden from the coast tlie end of lust
week. After having a look around ho
departed hy Iho steamer Duchess for
Windermere to visit inn' Uppor Columbia volley. From thero In- will go down
tin* Uppor Kootenay Valley to Fort
Steele. After visiting BOmo of the prin-
cipal centres of mining activity in Unit
division lie will Ink.' tlie Btonmor fur Jennings Landing and then return homo-
wards hy Went Kootenay with which he
in familiar,
Tlieobjoct nf Mr, Morrison's visit as
lie OX plained to us in mi interview is to
spend n short vacation in this distriot.
Jte 1ms hitherto visited all tho mining
regions in British Columbia with the exception of EitBt Kootenay and ho thought
lie could not bettor dispose ot his vacation than hy inspecting the district " of
which one," us he Bald, " hours so much
.mil about which so many enquiries are
innile," I havfl experienced considerable
difficulty, continued he, in making, particularly Eastern people understand tho
vastness of our resources in British Columbia. They assume Unit
even tlie dry details of information which
lire actually mutters of record aro merely tlie exaggerated views of persons
materially interested und therefore accordingly to ho discounted, 1 refer
more particularly to members of parliament, where 1 have experienced tliiB in
tlie House during some of tlie discussions
on tlie affairs of our province. Nothing
short of having as many of our legislators
lis possible visit us can remove theorron-
ous impressions regarding tlie Kooten-
Lewis    "     22
Wild Horse Crook. 21
Manse or Shingle'
Crook   Hi
Lost Creek i 12
Hull Hiver I   11
Lnnil Creek j   8
Elk Hiver j  3
Fiiiilliiv Creek....1 12
....  12
. t liilena
. Gold
.. Galena ii
.. Gold cop-
por g'l'na
Grey eop-
. .per, gold
.. Iron,copper g'l'na
.. Copper
Horse Thief Creek
Windermere Mt..
Vermillion rivor...
00I.DRN nivisiox.
Columbia Hiver���- ,
Unguium Creek ...
South Fork of Spil-
1 Gold, gal
1 Gold copper g'l'na
. ..Cop. & gal
... Copper
...Ochre, &
3     5   3
.! 23
Fifteen-Mile creek   5 ...
Spilliunu'lu'i'ii Mt.    3 :   3
.luliilec Mt I   8 1...
Steamboat llulte.    2
Kicking Horse rlv, 10 j   5
nox.M.1) DIVISION.
Bald Mountain .
I'.ii'.'il'iino Creek
I'mi lie Mt	
Heaver ltiver	
gnl.  gold
,     Giileuu &
1 ' 4 bismuth
10 10 Gold,gal.
2 ... Gold, galena,cop.
3 4 Con. gill.
... II Gnl. cop.
I Giilcmi
Kiniliaski't Lake ....    2
ebon'}' Cl'o
. No report
. No report
,1504 208 34
This is the record of our business fur
lust year, niul it is safe to predict that
our mining business for tliis year will lie
more than quadruple,
In the purchase of mining share's there
aro two tilings to be considered: Are they
promoters' shares, or aro they treasury
shares? And no one should purchase a
single share of stock unless this distinction is clearly made and as clearly understood.
Promoters' shares is that proportion of
the total number of shares taken by tlie
promoters or men who organize and float
Golden tofite Co.,
Manufacturers of and Pnnlnrnln 'mmm
Douglas Fir,  Spruce and Cellar Lumber,   Siding mid Flooring,
Dimension Timber,   Cedar Shingles,    Fcnee Posts,
Telegraph,   Telephone   and   Electric
Light Poles, Lath,  Etc.
ontractors to the C. P. R. Ry.
We can-
Soil 1ml
��   ��   ��
Our motto is':   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
* *  *
Kootenay # louse. I
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -    -     -
B. C.
First-class in every partlenlar.  Convenient to Railway Depot and Hleamlmat Mnding.
Hull's Reasonable.   Free Ha tuple Itiiomx,     - -    -
Tlie Tram Car leaven KooUmay limine, cminei'tliitfwiili Steamer for Port Steolo every
Monday and Friday after nirlval of train from tlie weMt.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
Merchant Tailor,
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct mil route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern Point p.
Lake Route to tlie East--Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor.
Atlialmnea Every Thursday to Owen Sound.
Munitdim Every Sunday to Owen Hound.
Connecting tains from (ioldonat HflW every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday. '
Daily and direct service to .
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all [whits In tlie far famed Kootenay
and Silvery Hlocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
KmprcKH India !!nd AugUHt.
New Zealand,
Gives  perfect  satisfaction to his customers
A BOTCH--Well he does not:
Watch Inspector for the C.P.R. guarantees the
work done by him
For Home Comforts      e 9
Modern Conveniences   e ��
Ilest Cuisine in the West e
Commodious Sample Rooms e
First-Class Brands of Liquofs and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jfouse,   \
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
�� GOOD ��
Suits to measure        .���
AST From  $15.00 Up.
Cut This Out
And Forward to__^>
East Kootanay Pub. Go
From Vancouver
. .stli Ancust
Apply for l'.rticuliirH lo
it., E. WEt.'tWA'ilont', Cloliiim,
or ItmiKIlT KKItlt,
Trutlli- M.nsger, Winnipeg.
���i Golden. B.C.
Find oncloRcil }2.00,*for which nond mo
for ono yenv.
Wo wish to inform the
puhlic that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
-^ The Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop.^*-
iil^PiMfaicturers of:
Susli, Uaora,. Mouldings, Turned Bnlustcrs, Newel Posts, Iliind Units & Itrm-kcts.
The Mtu'liine und Blacksmith Shop lire pre|��ired to do nil kinds of repttiring.
All sizes of pipe-llttin-; und liruss goods on liiind.
All sizes of glass in stock.
Wugon repnirs, poles, shufts, axles, spokes und felloes.   Hickory und Maple plank.
Golden, B.C.
Note Hi'iidH
Letter IfCAtU
Mill Head*
Hand Hills
Calling curd��
Unsliit'Sr* 1'iirdn
Law Uriel*
Lumtier Hooks
Hank Work
I'romlsiiry Notes
Iteeolpt 1'oruiK
share Certificates
Assuv forma
Druggists Ubi-ls
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
<-fc.H<>n(lt_uni't<-rH For--*.
Miners,  Prospectors and
Kates $1.00 Per JDay.
lloAiii) & LoixiiNO $5 Per Week.    First Class Hah.
A. Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
E��^xe -FzpsH IDr-a-^s at   E>. 3$, C^LKEIR    <& Co'��., O-QlAeKi, B.C- VRMm
From Our Own Correspondent.
1,500 of a Floating Population In
Fort Steele Last Week���Many
Good Locations have been Found
and Recorded.
This division is at the present time the
most important mining division in East
Kootenay from the amount of claims tlint
have been located and the iiiimlier of
pros'icctors that are out searching for the
hidden wealth, hist week there was
close upon 1500 of 11 flouting population
in the town Af fort Steele und it is calculated there is nigh upon 2000 proupcc-
tom out seeking for locutions. Many
goad claims luivc been found and recorded, hut we are afraid a few "wild eats"
liuve also boon staked out and recorded.
Xotwitlistending the mixed population,
there have been few disturbances of the
iwuce, although it is rumored there are
Rome tough customers who have come in,
lis yet they have remained quite or have
liecn afraid to exhibit. The only serious
offence thut has been reported has been
11 case of 'Maim jumping" and warrants
have liecu issued for their arrest. There
Jmve lieen 11 few cuses of minor larceny,
probably committed by "dead bents."
The International Transportation Coy's
new steamer "Tlie Xortli Star" is keeping good time, leaving 11 considerable
numlier of pussengers und lnercliundise
both at Wardner and Fort Steele. The
Gwendoline is not much behind her in
���Hiiietiiality. The service on tlie river is
now all that could be desired. Numbers
of -leo-ile are flocking in weekly from
the south and north by bout and stage,
some remaining but the greater number
passing onward. l-ros*icetors predomin-
-ite,hut all arc not prospectors. Some are
(or the new towns that ure rising up and
a re forming tlie niielus of the future populations. Wardner City is going rapidly
ahead and already lioasts of two hotels,
11 store and a newspaper, "Tlie Intercolonial". Moyie City bos 11 pleasant position on .Moyie Luke, und also boasts of
its hotels and stores; it has a good wagon
rood. Perry and Ki inberley will be great
nulling centres when tlie claims in the
neighborhood are developed, their wealth
proved und the mines operating. Already
tlie stamp-mill thut bus gone into Perry
Oeek is fully employed. The liest water
power on tlie creek is at Perry.
Development   of   Southern     East
Kootenay.        >
Not only is the mining wealth of this
district 1-cing develoiml, but thecoiiutry
is being o|icnc-d up by new routes and
lieu* conveyances; and tho district will
in 11 short time assume theiipimminceof
an old i-stiiMished country, with well-
traversed roads. Development work is
going on in all parts of the district, but
principally up Perry Creek and down the
Movie. A stump-mil! ia now ut work on
Perry Creek to thoroughly test the quartz
there and Hud out its gold-Waring cup-
abilities for free-milling, hirge parties
nre now in the neigeliorhood of the Moyie
l.uke aliening up claims. This means
considerable truffle mid iu order to co|ie
with this und meet future truffle, a
regular line of stage and wagons has lieen
established between Fort Steele and
Moyie CSty, proceeding by the way of
West Port, Cranbrook and Sefton. The
stage runs twice u week and already
there is considerable truffle to Moyie City
which is rapidly coming to the front. In
u short time there will lie constructed 11
route hutween Wardner and Sefton and
Moyie, which will shorten the transportation of gnmls to Moyie about 60 miles.
The goods instead of being disembarked
ut West Port will now be disembarked
at Wardner and sent idling tlie new wagon-road.
But these.are not the new onter-
���prises that uro helping out the country.
Wardner has now a weekly newspaper,
"The Intercolonial" und in u very short
time Cranbrook will also possess its
weekly sheet. It is not a mining population only Unit is coming into tlie district. Many preemptions have recently
lieen token up in the neighborhood of
Cranbrook and othor towns; and farmers are sure to do well as there is now a
great demand for the produce that farmers raise and cultivate. The new towu-
eites are ubiorbiii_; quito   n   number of
tradesmen, who have ciinie to stay. The
construction of tho railway will give a
big pay roll to the district, and it will
hiiiiii be full of activity, which will lie
maintained as soon as our mines become
producers, us they will also huvc big pay
Mors Stage Routes.
South Kust Kiiiiienny is now living well
opened up by stage routes. Two uddi
tionul routes have lieen arranged, one is
from Wurdner, und the stage is to Is- run
three times a week, the route lielng at
the west side of the Kinitenay, from
Wardner to West Port and thence to
Fort Steele. The other is from Knlispel
in Montana, by Wardner to Fort Steele,
a distance of about 1-10 miles and is run
once 11 week. Iloth stages are the private enterprises of citizens in Wardner
and Knlispel, and it is to lie hoped both
stages will lie well patronized during tho
remninder of the season. Kulispel is
reached on the third day after leaving
Fort Steele, while Worthier can lie readied the same day. Knlispel is the favorite winter route for leaving Fort Steele
mining division, hut the preferable route
in the slimmer time is by steamer on the
Kootenay to Jenning's Landing.
Railway  Construction.
Construction work on the railway is
now fairly under way und grading is
rapidly proceeding ut its eastern end.
Tlie surveys are now nearly finished and
as soon us these are completed work will
lie commenced from various centres, going east and west and meeting. Cranbrook will be one of tiieBe und work will
g,i from there cast und west, or rather
south-east and south-west toward Wardner and Moyie, meeting similar parties
working from there. Depots have already lieen constructed for holding supplies and provisions ut West Port,
Wurdner mid Snnd Creek. The depot ut
West Port consists of 11 large warehouse
built close to the Kootenay river, near
the custom-house warehouse, and available for steamers to come alongside to
discharge and receive goods. Large
quantities of provisions are arriving. Mr.
Lumsden, chi.if engineer, und his assistant liuve been nt Moyie und visited
Wardner. It is expected there will In-
some very heavy rock-work along tlie
sides of the Moyie lake which may ne
cessitatc the construction of two tunnels.
Should construction resell there liefore
tuk full of snow work will Ire cosily curried on all winter which will give employment to 11 large body of men' The
bridge over the Kootenay river ut Wurdner is also to lie built this winter, and
this work alone will give a good puy-roll
to the town.
The Canadian Alien law is to lie strictly enforced, und no workmen employed
but Cniiiidinns. Inspectors ure to lie np-
pointcd to see that the law is enforced.
A detachment of the North West mounted police has already left Fort Macleod
to preserve luw and order among the
workmen working 011 the line near the
Crnw's Sent Puss. East Kootenay even
in the days of the big rushes bus always
lieen noted for its law-nbiding pnpiilu-
tiun, und is still retaining its reputation
notwithstanding tlie crowds thut ure
coining iu.
Water Works tor Fort Steel*.
Fort Steele is ut lost to liuve 11 system
of water works introduced into town. A
committee of its citizens have been engaged since the month of May in maturing a scheme. Several have been reported
upon hut these have been- rej.ictcd.
These wore for introducing water into
town by a system of gravitation. Tlie
two most favorable schemes wero to
fetch tho water either from Brewery
Creek or Four Mile Creek���two line
mountain streams a short distance from
town und whose supplies ure uncxhaust-
1,1,1,.. There is 11 splendid full in both
coses und the cost of construction would
not be expensive, und tlie town would
hare lieon supplied for years und there
would liuve lieen 11 sufficiency to supply
the town ulso with motor power for
an electrical plant so thut it could liuve
been lit up with the electrical light.
These schemes liuve lieen rejected in
favor of tho Holly System, whereby the
water is to lie pumped up out of u well
to lie sunk in Wild Horse creuk. The
water is to be pumped up u height of
nl-out 100 foet on to the plateau on which
tlie town is situated mid thou distributed
through the mains. This will necessitate
the employment of 11 steam engine duy
und night, us pressure will id ways require
to be kept up in the event of a lire breaking out at any time. The Holly System
bus never liven an unqualified success in
any place It has ��� been lit operation.
When 11 drainage system becomes u
necessity the Wild Horse creek will be
one of the outlets for sewage, and although sewage has the effect of Bweeteu-
ing water it does not add to its wliole-
soinvness or its purity. Sufficient precautions have been taken to prevent any
such contamination.
The well in the Wild Horse creek is
now iK'ing sunk and tlie promoters of
the scheme, who ure Dr. Watt, Mr.
Humes, Constable; Mr. Midlines, butcher; and Mr. Keeji of tlie Deposit and
Exchange Company, are confident that
they will liuve their scheme completed
and a supply of water put ill ready for
the use of the inliaditaiits within the
next thirty days. Mr. Burnos one of the
promoters bus given notice of liis intention to purchase from the Provincial
Government 11 piece of ground about
three acres iu extent, presently occupied
by a Chllioinaii us 11 market-garden. This
ground is ut the foot of Wild Horse creek
and ut the bottom of tho bluff near the
government offices, Tlie well is being
sunk on the ground close to the bottom
of the bluff and it is difficult to imagine
what the water syndicate is going to do
with the whole three acres. The ground
is considered us vacant ground as John
Chinnnian, who is not supposed to possess any soul, is 11 mere squuttcr and has
no rights to consider although ho has
brought the barren acres into a state of
fortility and does u good marketing business. It is to lie presumed thut the reu
s in fur sinking the well here, thut it WHS
tlie only suitable place in the whole of
the Wild I lorse creek. The well is now
down some distance and the water lias
commenced to flow. It is understood
thut Mr. Gilpin, of Messrs. Gilpin &
Lindsay, hardware merchants, Fort
Steele, liuve gone south to secure the
necessary pumping plant and piping.
Tlie committee deserve great credit for
having at last made up its mind both ns
ton scheme and system,mid we hope thut
the water will suon be flowing. It can
not flow any too soon.
how to make mining
Mining is now an industry and can lie
as prolitiibly conducted us any other industry, if conducted in u legitimate man
ner and sufficient caution is exercised in
putting your money into the industry
Mining can only he cuccessfiilly conducted by combination of individuals and
combination of capital, forming companies to curry on the industry. The profits
are sometimes so immense as to tempt
individuals to buy shares ill companies,
which arc not formed in a legitimate
manner for conducting the business.
There ure mining shttrcr and mining
shares. Mining shares, well bought in
reliable companies, ure almost certain to
bring large returns. Mining shares
bought in "wildcat" companies are
certain to prove ruinous investments.
In buying mining shares at 10 or 20
cents a share, whose pnr value is $1.00,
do not look for dividends in six months
It may lie a year, or even two years lie-
fore there are any returns. If dividends
could lie paid, honestly in six months
you could not buy $1.00 shares ut 2(1
cents nor at 60 cents.
In purchasing shares in 11 development
company, the buyer knows his money
will lie used for the purchase and development of new claims, and buys with
thut understanding. Tliis form of investment offers excellent chances for profit
if the managers he men of standing und
integrity. These companies use the
thu shareholders' money to make money
and the promoters make nothing until
their purchases liecomv paying mines.
Somo of our liest producing and large
puying dividend milling companies huvc
been formed 0.1 such liusis.
. There is unother kind of investment,
which is tlie safest and surest, namely
investments in established companies.
Established companies differ from
s'K-eiduti ve conipunies, in that the former
have fully paid fur their claim und bold
n crown grunt for it, thereby establishing beyond a doubt their title to nil mineral found on their claims.
When a co'yciln show ailcurconipletc title
toamiuefilllyderelopad before floating
slum's, it is thu best |Hissible evidence
thut the organizers of the company have
full faitli in the value of their mine.
When 11 cum puny nf promoters want outside parties to buy stuck to help them to
pay for 11 mine or claim, they are either
unable uniinchtlly to pay for tho mine,
or they ure unwilling to assume tlie risk
of their own money.
Mnuy companies, however, who have
not yet paid for their mines in full, are
honestly and conservatively manageil;
their claims are valuable and every dollar they receive goes into the development of the mine. Shares bought in
such n company, lieiug sold nt it less
price than those of an established company, offer 11 good investment.
In considering tlie standing of a mining company the lirst requisite is tlie
character of the men comprising the
officers. Then, us a secondary consideration, is the value, real or supposed, of
tlie mine itself.
Honest officers will liiuke 11 poor mine
show 11 prolit. Dishonest officers will
bankrupt 11 company owning a mine of
almost pure gold.
The "Minsk" office for neat, artistic
job printing. Mail orders promply ut-
tended to.
Kootenay   Officials.
The lust issue of the British Columbia
Gazette contains the following announcements : James Ferguson Armstrong, of
the town of Fort Steele, Esq., S. M., to
be gold commissioner, government agent
assistant commissioner of lands and
works, judge of tho court of revision und
appeal under the assessment act, and to
receive applications for registrations and
record under the provisions of the land
registry act, for the southern division of
the East Kootenay District.
John E. Griffith, of tho town of Donald, Esq., ('. E., to be stipendiary magistrate, gold commissioner, government
ngent, assistant commissioner of lands
and works, judge of the court of revision
and appeal under tlie assessment act,
und lo receive applications for registration and record under the provisions of
the land registry net. for the northern
division of the Eust Kootenny district,
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
Anil Civil Beginner.
Fout Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Milling Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary I'll hi le.
I'ost ofllee address:
KxtructK From British Columbia
Statutes Kxplainlug Fully the
Value and NeeeMHlty of a " Free
Miner*" Certificate-No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any pernon over 18 years of npe, or any joint
Htnrfc eompany, or foreign eonipany, may be-
eonie a free miner hy paying |5 to anv gold
comtnltutloner or mineral recorder and obtain-
Ing a certificate good fur one year.
A frcu miner may ohtalti a new eertlfleate for
one lust mi paying fl.
A free miner'n certificate in not transferable.
Any permit or company working a mineral
elitlm, lie Id a* real estate without flcetinc, may
bo ftned p��, Mim-s become real estate after
crown grant lias been Issued.
Should co-owner fall to pay lip bis free miner's
eerilileate ids interest goes to Ids co-owners pro
rata according to their former interests.
A shareholder In a joint stock company need
not be a free holder.
A free miner may elalm 1,'iiiUxtfUil feet. Hut
all angles must be right angles and all uicastir-
tuent musi Ik* horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lauds,
A free miner may kill game for his own use
al u)l seasons.
A free miner may obtain 11 ve acre millsite upon crown lauds In the form of a square.
A claim muy be held from year lo year by
work being done to the value or one hundred
did Inrs.
Two claims in each mining division, not on
the same vein or lode, may be held, and more
than one on (lie same vein if held by purchaser.
I.nili-s discovered in tunnel may be held if recorded In l'i days.
A free miner may on payment of fi, In Hen of
expenditure on cIhIiu, i.htuin a erown grant.
Any miner may, at tlie discretion of tbe gold
commissioner, obtain a waier right for a term
oiai years,
No transfer of any mineral chiim or Interest
shall be enforceable unless In writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any net of omission
or eoiuiiiission, or delays on the part of the
povt'i niiii'iit otllclals.
No elalm shall be open to location during
last illness-* i��i bolder, nor within lit months
alter his death, unless  by  permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded withiu 15
days after location, if within lu miles of olllee
of mining recorder, one additional dav is ah
lowed for every additional ll) mites or fraction
Work on each mining claim to the value of
$lim must be ipnii- eiii-h year from date of re
cord of mineral claim. Affidavit made by tin
bidder, or bis agent, setting out a detailed
stHiemcnt oi the work done must lie filed with
the goltt comiiilssioiisr or mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, und recorded before the expiration of each year from tbe date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject tn tiling notice
of Ids intention with (he gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform ou any one or more of
such claims, all thu Work required to untilU-
hiui to a certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to tun or more free miners holding adjoining claims lu partnership.
In lieu of above work the minor must pay jii.u
ami get receipt and record the same.
Complete  Directory  of the Recorder*.
Minister nf Mines���Hon. Col. James linker.
Provincial Mineralogist-W. A. Tarlyle.
Public Assayer���II. Carmiehael.
District. nfllce.
minimi i:i:nu:i)Kiis IN li. c.
nana mo- m. bha v Nanaimo
j). llolison New West mi nster
kast kootknav���J. stlrrci Donald
F. c. Uug lioldcn
H. (ioldfe Windermere
C. M. Kd wards Fort Htecll)
M. Phillips Tobacco I'lalus
J, II. liralmui UcvvMnke
Tory Menhcnli k L\rdeau
A, fjproal New  Denver
John Keen Kaalo
J. II. IISHlidal I Nelson
,1, Klrktip Rowland
.1. C Kykert Kyken's
Thomas Tavlur Trnui Mko
Walter Dealt IllWlllewMl
F. Q, Fauquier Nakusp
W. MlcidietiMiti QtlCBnelle Fork*
.1. Bow rot I Itakervllle
vai.b-W. imdd Vale
I.. Norris Vernon
c, Ai R. untidy pioyonii
W. McMynii Midway
S. 11. Almond  lirand Forks
11. Hunter (Iranito t'reek
li. C. Tunsiall Kamhmps
Mi.t.iHiKT--('. As I'halr Mllooet
f. Hanoi ciininu
Kmi Kvans Mansnn ('reek Omlneca
.las. porter  1,-akftnu
A Limits t���T.  Fletcher Alhcrnl
VICTORIA���W. S. (lore Victoria
aOI.ll C'lMMISSION'rilS  is  it. 0.
For the Province���W. R, (lore, Victoria
Albcrni-Thos. Fletcher AI by Nil
Cariboo���if oh n Bowron Kiel) field
Casslar District���Jas. Porter...Ijikelon, t'asslar
I.illooet DIstrU-t-Frederick Hoiici Clinton
Nanaimn���M. Bray Nanalmo
Bast Kootenav District J, F. Armstrong, Fort
J, K. Griffith Donald
West Kootenay IHsirlet-N. Fllilubbs,, .Nelson
J. D. Graham Ilevelaiokc
Vale District--('has. Ijimbly Omiyoos
ti. ('. Tunstall Kamloops
East Kootenay Mining Stock List.
NaMB OP Coy. |  CAPITAL, j 1'Alt VaU'B j SKI.L P
Tllur.i*,n.lJ"" | l-��lw j     *l-����    |   S��
the Kooteimy
sasrc ��m   "
V""'""lMK''j-'"|   *m-m  j       ��'���""      |
Thos.   McNitujrht,
Mllitlip llnikiT,
Kurt BtWlO,
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
^pij������~p~y-y~\ a -   One-Oitrd down, iniliun'r in tl,i-<-�� and siv
���"��� ������ ���������S -      inontliM, without intercut.
MMHEMr 1118.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia -=-
Tfavigation & Uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with tho 0. P. R. at Golden, B. (.'., and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
48 Hours to Foit Steele.
Stoamors leave Goldoh Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of Kust bound train, Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fori Steele and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. ('. Co'y, Goldon,
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powdor'Compay.
Mgardne * Helel
Fort Steele, 33- C_
(-hoick Winks, Liquoiis and Ckiaus.
R. D'MATHER, Proprietor.
The   Steele  House.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
liest Cuisine in tho West,     o o o
.Modern Convonioncos o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
POET    STEELE,    S.   C.
���A-d-Trextis��    in    "TEE       E.A.ST      KOOTErr^LTr     IvII^TEK. , twk^*uw \i&U*iir. �����> ,*t|k-.u��iif,'s uu
Real Estate in Golden now presents one of the best opportunities tor investment
Golden is sure be the leading railway and raining town in East Kootenay,,
The owners of tlie Townsite arc prepared to dispose of the remaining lots at reasonable
prices and on reasonable terms.
ill be offered to purchasers erecting buildings.
according to location.
For Maps, Prices, Terms and full particulars apply to
I. Marter,
H. ft ton
\amA  ^^mzzxjdwxv&in&mfivcK}*}  tn      mGaim       Wo
Lota of Development Work Going
on���Scarcity of Labor
Major Clohccy hasgone up tlie Columbia Hivorln the Steamer Duchess tij
visit Ida properties in Carbonate Basin
mill ascertain how tho development work
it* proceeding.
Mr. JiuneB Brady, M. E., who has
ntunu mining interests at Canal Flat near
tin' Upper Columbia Lake, came down
the river this weak after visiting tliose
interests and departed oh No. 1 train
westward bound.
II, G. Lowcomo into town Uiia week
from itotirlo Mountain district, near the
lioadoftllO North Fork o; tho Spillima-
clieou, wltoro ho has been doing assess-
inept work on claims held by him and
Messrs. Langlands, Hatch and Heuloy.
Herepbrtfl cariboo vvrv plentiful and
sue wuou in killing two for fresh meat.
Messrs. Townsofid am] Htueev hard
located and recorded a very (tno claim In
tho McMurdo district which tliey hrtvo
culled tho "Falr-Vlow." This claim wa3
originally staked by George Hoffonor in
1887. The claim i.^ coppor and galena
und there is u lead from four feet to sis
[eel wide. Its trend in north-cant ami
south-west and there mv various string-
ors leading from the main load. No
assays have yet been obtained.
Don Abel, a well-known milling man
In Kust ICootcimy, says thero are changed
times since the year 1800. In that year
Btoro-keepom would notgivetlio prospectors credit for a single sack of Hour on
ttnv of their prospect* on any conditions,
hut the state ol mattora i* entirely
different now-rstoro-kooiiei's havo more
faith in tho country; Thoy now know
that there is wealth which must bo discovered und dovotoned, und that can
only bo done in the lirnt place by the man
who an a rule has not much money, the
prott|>ector. Store-keeper* will not lose
in the long run by tlie system of credit
t<i tin- prospector. When the prospector
gats the wealth ho nays up honestly
,'i-nl faithfully. That L-t our osporionoe
of Llio man.
There i* considerable dovolopment
work going on now all over (5asl Kooto-
iiitv. Prospectors in order to hold UnMr
claims must do tlie necessary assessment
work; while Investors whothor Individuals or syndicates who haw acquired
i-l limn aro desirous of finding out by pro-
no.' development work the precise, nature
and value of their investment.
In Golden division there lias been a
scarcity of lalwr and also Inadequate
means for transporting supplies: whereas in Fort Steele labor appears to bo
plentiful* Golden division could he doing with some of tho surplus labor in
Fort Steele. .Laborers who are working
claims have a tendency to over estimate
tlie value of their service and expect a
higher rate of remuneration than they
ortii obtain elsewhere in any other employment! very few of them have any
skill as practical miners, and if the
country is to be opened up and developed
they Will require to bo a little morempd-
eriiW in their demands until the wealth
hnsbion actually obtalnpd, or. else it will
mean, uettlrtgmbor from elsewhere at
more reasonable rates or the develop-
mont on a more limited extent of tha
great mineral resources of the district.
Capital can easily do without labor but
labor cannot exist without capital.
On the Truemnn group of claims situated 3 miles on the south wide of Tracy
Creek and about five miles from Wassa
in Fort Steele mining division, there is
to bo |800 of development work expended. The claims aro gold, silver ami copper; Assays have been got of I19.G0 per
ton in gold, and 15 per cent for copper.
There has been no assay for silver. Tho
principal ledge is apparently eight foot
thick from wall to wall and presents tlie
appearance of a truo fissure vein as it
cuts the formation right in two. It can
he traced through tho whole claim. The
work is to commence immediately and
will consist in the first place of an open
cut to ascertain the width of the vein,
after which il shall bo cross-cut to test
Its uharoctor. Then a shaft will be sunk
of sufficient depth to find out the value
of the property.
We have had two very interesting interviews tlds week from two prospectors
formerly belonging to West Kootenay,
but who are now prospecting through
Kast Kootenay. Tney have brought in
some very fine samples which are now on
view at our office. V. II. Sebulzc, formerly of Uosshind) has been a prospector
'"or live your.-', two years in Washington
State, two years in West Kootenay, the
fifth is now being spent in East kootenay. lie lias been here since April.
Fort Steele division first attracted him
and he went down as far as Klk Hiver.
Then northwards he turned and. lifts been
In the Windermere division for the last
six week.'', lie has found some good
properties on llorso Thief Creok, and is
now going to try his luck on Toby Creek.
lie considers Fori Suiele it jiuod "district.
The ground appears to be -ill run over
ami staked out, but for all that he considers that the best properties are yet to
ha found. Whether it is owing to his
luck in Windermere division or no ho
tliinks this a belter division than Fort
Steele. KllSt Koo'.eni'y he declares is as
good as West Kootonay, but It will tako
some years of dovolopment work before
it is as far ahead OS West Koolcnay.
Our other visitor was au old friend,
Mr. .1. I). MacPonald, from Lnrdeau, in
West Kootenay, hotter known among
mining men and prospectors as "Lordoilll
.lack." Jack has been hi our district for
some time and also commenced the trial
of his luck In the Tort Steele division. It
was he who located tlie Truemnn group
on Tracy Creek. lie has just succeeded
in locating some claims, which he thinks
of great promise, about fifteen miles np
Horse Thief Creek, in the Windermere
division, lie has called tlie group of
claims "The MacDonuld" group, and
they are on a foik of the creek which he
in nil simple complaolncy has named in
honor of himself���MacDonald Creek.
The ore which he showed us were fine
specimens, grey copper and Steele galena
but the grey copper predominates. The
oro should assay high and carry gold.
We tried to draw Jack Upon the "respective merits of the two Kootenays. and
tlie respective merits of Fort Steele and
Windermere divisions, but only partially
succeeded. Jack was evidently mindful
of truism of the proverb 'comparisons are
odious. Jack however Is not fjoltlg to
leave Fast Kootenay for some time and
lie is perfectly satisfied with his results
in Windermere division,
Messrs, Mitcholl-Irines Brothers have
ji��.;t comedown from Windormore where
thoy have been busy making preparations
to commence development work on some
very promising claims they possess in that
mining division. On Toby ('reek they
have three chums: The Dragon, St.
George and the Vulcan. Tht? St. George
end the Vulcan, which ure adjoining
claims, are on tlie opposite side of the
Creek about two and a-iialt" miles from
the Columbia river. The Dragon is VJ
miles higher Up the Creek. The character of tlie ore of this claim is copper and
silver witli gold. An assay ol -<> per
Cent of copper has-been obtained aud
witlt the Silver gives a yield of over $-15
per ion. Part of tbe development work
will consist of driving a tunnel six feet
by four foot upon tha main ledge which
is already in thirty-eight feet. The. St.
George.nnd the ^ ulcan contain similar
The Miteliell-Inr.es Brothers' have al-
soa very line claim on llorso Thief Creek
in the same mining division. It is called
The Pretty Girl. It is a copper proposition earn, ing silver. The copper is as
high as !iS per cent. From an assay made
of the ore from this claim the very satisfactory result of f SO per ton was obtained.
The necessary assessment work is now
being done on this claim. There have
been some very ftiio locations made on
this Creek. Jt, and Toby Creek, a neighboring stream possess some of tlie finest
mineral wo have seen from the Windermere mining division, " The Mmut"
wishes tlie Mitebell-Inncs Bros.' every
success. They evidently know and Tut:
Miner knowB they have got hold of a
good thing In these properties.
100 dozen Scotch wool underwear, direct import, at wonderfully low prices,
arrived this week at .Mcl'ermot'a.
The whole of Fast and West Kootenay
is being placarded with hand-bills enquiring for Jack Qufnoy. a mining prospector, who has worked In the Cariboo
from the fall of'!M to the spring of ".ID
and was lest seen in Roflfiland in November of last year. Quincy's testimony
is desired to save the life of I lurry
Cramer, a saloon-keeper at Seattle,
Washington, who has been condemned
to deal 11 for murder and robbery. Respite has been obtained to produce Quin-
cy to prove that the money found In
Cramer's possession was money that
Qulnoy paid him for a debt of f35 he was
owing htm. Quincy Is supposed to have
been in Fort Steele mining division in
the spring of this year, but all trace ol*
him flOS been lost. Should this meet
the eye of Jack Quincy, or any person
who can give any news about him, word
should lie Sunt at once to Cramer's agent
iHr. O. V. WotfOneiS whose present
address is P. O. Box 004, Roeshuid, II, C,
A Detachment of the Police on routs
for the Fabled Klortdyke.
A detachment of the North West
Mounted Police, consisting of 25 noncommissioned officers and men, under
command of .Major Harper, passed
through East Kootenay tho early part of
tltis week hound for Victoria, where they
embark for the far Yukon. This detachment, is, only a forerunner going to
prepare the way -for a larger number mat
is to follow, composed of similar detachments. We had the pleasure of having
a'few minutes chat with members of the
party while passing through Golden. We
ascertained that this party takes with
them 40 dogs which will form ten packing trains of four dogs each. They havo
also 20 horses to bo used for packing
purposes until the severe winter comes
on, then as there will be an absence of
feed the horses will be killed and their liosii
utilised to feed the dogs of the packing
trains. Then' is no other food for them
unless fish, which is plentiful. This is
the staple flesh food for man and dog-
as game is scarce. The men were in
high spirits and excellent health. They
proceed by steamer to Juneau, then up
to the head of the inlet, where they will
land at Dyoa, formerly known as Tlea-
iey's store.' It will be left to the discretion of the officer which pass he will
crosa to get into the Yukon Basin. Tho
northern pass ia Chilcat Pass leading tint
bn to the Tahklonnil Luke. The southern pass is the White Man's Pass leading
out on to the Luideruuinn Lake. "Which.?
ever lake is reached by whichever pass,
tho men, on arriving, will whiosaw lumber and build boats, so us to descend the
stream which empties into the Yukon
Ulvor. Both lakes have largo streams
which go to form the headwaters of the
Yukon. Then the Yukon is easily descended to Klondyko whloh is a tributary stream, between four and live hundred miles from these bikes. Tlie men
expect to ge*. to their destination before
thu early winter setH in which commences in September,
Newa from  Field.
(From (air own corroBporidoot.)
Two happy events have Occurred during the past week, which intimately concern Field. The first event took place
on Friday last when Mr. J. Illondin
fireman on the C. P. Railway, was united tu marriage to Miss M. Turnbull. The
marriage took place at Glelclien. The
happy pair havo goMo down to the coast
for their bridal trip, and will on their
return make their home at Field.
The second happy event took place on
Tuesday at 01(]s, Alberta, when Mr.
Gallagher, C.F.H. brakotnan. Field, entered into a matrimonial alliance with
Miss (J. Notely, of Olds. Their future
home will also be at Field. Field is
evidently proving an attractive place for
future homes.
is   your
Local und General Nowe.
Another lot of those mining boots
arrived this week ut Meilorniot's.
Mr. J. Winn arrived from Calgary on
Wednesday to planter the cottage which
line beon erected by Mr. \Y\ McXeish.
Professor Sutton and a noted Indian
Doctor from tho East will give an open
air concert at Golden on Saturday evening.   ,
Dan McDonald, engaged by tho Uoldcn
Lumber Co., on their work at Canmore,
came up on Sunday for treatment at tbe
Hospital, He is suffering from injuries
received by a kick from a horse.
Charles and Stanley Bubar left on Sunday's west bound express for a two
months.' visit to their home near Midway iu tlie eliumiiug Okonagau valley.
"Many friends at the station wished them
good-dye- a good time aiid a happy
Mrs. Dan McXeish, Fort Steele, has
returned from tlie east with a sou and
heir. She was met at Golden by her
joyful husband. Mr. ami .Mrs. MoNeish
are spending a few days.in Golden e're
returning to their home in Southern
Kust Kootenay.
H. IV. F. Lcndrnm arrived from Ottawa ou Saturday und has accepted tlie
position of shipper for tlie Golden Lumber Co. Mr. lx-ndrum is au old timer in
British Columbia, having held a similar
position with W. 0, "Wells, Pullisor, some
eight years ago.
Dr. Ilrett of Banff was in town tlie end
of last week, lie departed by No. 2 on
Saturday night accompanied by Mr. (I.
S. McCai'ter for Banff. Mr. J. A. Bangs,
the well know lawyer from Calgary, wan
also a passenger liy tlie same train. He
was returning from Wost Kootenay.
Tho friends ol Harry Woodley of the
Columbia House will rejoice to know
that he has recovered from his severe
attack of illness and is once nunc able to
lie about his business, Harry cheerfully
deduces he is'all right iiud'TiM-: Mi.vui
i-inceicly hopes so. Harry lias many
tlolden Public School was ro-optmcd
after (lie close of its holidays, last Monday. There has been a change in the
Instructor, Miss McMillan has leBiiincd.
her place is now occupied by Mr. John
A. Bates of Yale. Mr. Bates besides
teaching tlie ordinary branches is a pro-
lieient teacher in short hand. There was
a good attendance of pupils, Ihe average
for tlie week being close upon 40.
Messrs. Hamilton & Skelton, livery
stable keepers, Golden, have made extensive additions to their stud of horses.
They have increased the number by
fourteen animals. The huge increase iu
the mining industry has rendered tliis
addition necessary in order to enable
this llrm fully to cope with the demands
made on their posting und packing
Tho passenger traffic on the C.P.R. lias
been excessively heavy of Into and tbe
passenger trains passing through Kaflt
Kootenay this week havo lieen long and
heavily* l'.iden, sonic of them compelled of
Hi and'IS cars. There are three large
-.".itliei'ihi.-s on at Detroit, Toronto and
'Moiilru.il���the Arts Society, Ihe I'.rilisli
Association and the Medical Association,
and delegates are hurrying thither from
all parts of the world. The Christum
Endeavor Association has closed its sittings at San Francisco, and thousands of
its delegates are returning homeward
through British Columbia. Forty thousand delegates attended the meeting mid
one-third of their number have elected
to travel along tlie C.P.li.,special accommodation being provided for them in
specially appointed ears. Lust Monday
night over SIX) delegates passed through,
No. 2 was in consequence very late.
These delegates were from all parts of
the States, there being three ear loads
from Indiana, two from Illinois, and ono
from Wisconsin, besides representatives
from other States. The train was broken
into two Bections in order to tako it up
tliff heavy incline to Field. More than
one half of the number was ohlc to spend
some 80 minutes in Golden. Tub
MiNica's representative had some conversation witli members of the party mid
they all expressed themselves charmed
with their journey through British Columbia. They said there was much talk
iilnmt tlie Kootenays all through the
States. Our representative was able tp
give them roinu interesting information
ahotit Fast Kootenay, and several of
them requested copies of Tub Misnic to
be sent to them, which will 1k> clone.
There were good vocalists in the imrty
and the townspeople of Golden wore entertained with some very pretty hymns.
As the last section of tlie train [lulled
out hundreds of voices joined in tlie
chorus of" God be with you till me muet
Over the mountains and tar away,
In tlie regions of ice and snow,"
Many a pilgrim is trudging lo-day
With a heart full uf hope, ami shouting:-���" Yo ho
For Klondyko!"
Over tlie iiioimtr.iiis, beyond the plains,
Whom the great river winds to the sea,
Many a pioneer jingles Ids gains,
And sit,-is in il frenzied ccstacy���
In Klondyko 1
Thousands and thousands of miles away,
In the land of the polar lieur,
Many a man is digging to-diiy,
Only to lind thst there's nothing therein Klondyko!
Many a huslnnd, many u son,
And many a father, too;
Many a man who is dear to some one,
Is    climbing    the   glaciers,  leading
through-��� ,
Many u mother and many �� wife,
And many a one that is dear,
Is dreaming to-day of n happier life,
And hopefully waiting to hear���
From Klondyko!
And thousands of  thousands of  golden
And many a dream that, is fair,
Arc destined to die on tlie frozen slopes
And, find their graves out there���
in Klondyko!
���"-Clovelaiu! Leader.


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