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East Kootenay Miner 1897-10-14

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Devoted to the JWining Interests and Development of tbe District of EAST ROOTEHflY.
Vol. 1, No. 12.
Golden,  B.  C,  Thursday  October 14th,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year
Annmtsai-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
Alexander Block,     -     Coldus, B.C
Prospeotors and Minors having claims or Interests In claims lor sale, could not tin better
than communicate with
Mining Broker and Financial Agent.
Golden ond Fort Steele.
Fire, Life, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneers and Customs Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Ticket Office.
The Bun Life Insurance Company.
Tho Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Hirbcck Investment and Loan Co.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Associate Royal School of Mines.
Momhur Iron A Hleol institute. Eng.
Member American lust. Min. Engineers.
Mining Engineer and Metallurgist,
45 Toronto Street, TORONTO.
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Foot Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent,' Conveyancer
and Notary Public. '��� ,
Post ofllee address : ' .
'       7 (F.p.B.)
Assay Offices ami   '        ,,
Chemical Laboratory,
jh   ..,   ,     VXXCOUVER,   B%C.
(llstabllHhed 18U0.)'
For several years with Vivian & Sons, Swansea, and local rcprescntativ-d'for them.
For 6 years manager for the assaycrs to the
Rio Tluto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cawiel Gold
Extracting Co. L'ttl, (llasgow (Cyanide process.)
N.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent mon employed.    No pupils  re
-:    Made By    :--.:.
Bott & Embree
Mr. John Bullman, Winfield Park, Thunderhill
will handle freight between Adda, Mud Lake
and Fort Steele and return. Goods warehoused at both ends.  For rates apply to
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime for sale,
H. K. Walton,
<^_Golden, B.C.
Prick List on Application.
The Golden
Prcsh and Rait Meats.
Fish and Game iu season.
Dealers In Cattle, Sheep aud Horses,
> Mall orders receive prompt attention.
Boots, SIioch and Harness
Repaired promptly.
Fees is Advance.
Gold pro
Hllver  1 Bl
Hold snd Silver ,: ', 2 00
<*opper 1 fsl
Lead ii' ���  l'Hl
lesd snd Silver     ,..-.. 2 00
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
Oilier Fees ou Application.    '
' I WW WW WSJ ���FW"SVS'S"'V *"*���.��*��'""''��' '
& Embalming
Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
K ft Bell
Wedding Htogs
* A Speeialty.
Calgary. - Alberta.
The above reward will be paid by THE
EAST KOOTENAY MINER for information that will lead to the detection,
apprehension and conviction of the party
or parties who started the recent fire in
Copper Creek, McMurdo District in
(Iolden Mining Division of East Kootenay.
Goldon.B.C, 1st September, 180"..
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and Rigs of All Kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of AU Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton and Skelton,
Golden, B. C.
, Bakery
Confectionery and
Meals at all hours in first class
style. A choice lot of .lams,
Jellies, Cigarettes and Cigars
always in stock.
W. Alexander_^>
G.P.H.Wateh Inspeetop
Will call every week at
McDEKMOT'S    Store���       ���
Any watches left there will be
Promptly and Properly
repaired at fair prices.
No Botched Work.
Engine 318 Is Badly Used Up*���Cars
Piled Together Promiscuously���
The Los* to the C. P. R. Will be
Heavy���No Loss of Life.
On Monday morning last as Conductor
Johnson with engine 318 was bringing a
freight west a serious accident occurred
about a mile and a half below Glcnogle,
nine cars and the engine going off the
track and some not stopping until the
bottom of the Kicking Horse river was
A Miser representative who was ��n
the scene promptly wiih surprised on
seeing the wreck that anv of the trainmen had escaped, but we are glad to be
able to record that no one was injured.
The Bpot where the derailment took
place is as bad a spot as could be picked
out for such an accident, and though
nine cars aro completely wrecked, the
wonder is that any of the train was left.
The scene as approached from the cast
shows the cars piled up much as a child
would throw his building blocks after
having tired of them. Two cars were in
the bottom of the river with but their
roofs showing abovo the water. A Pabst
refrigerator car loaded with Pabst beer
lay on its Bide at the water's edge and
one car loaded with conl was broken
completely in two���one half being on the
margin of the river, while the other end
was half-way up the dump. The other
five care wore in various neglige att itudes
as though they were tired of life, while
the engine and tender stopped just a
moment before taking tho final plunge
into the water and were comparatively
near tho track.,
On Wednesday the wrecking crow hod
succeeded in getting the engine on tho
track and she was taken to Donald shops.
Tho work of raising the tender, which
was a little further down the dump, is
being proceeded with rapidly.
A large number of men are engaged in
saving as far as possible the contents of
the cars, and along the track is piled a
motely heap of agricultural implements,
canned goods, boots and shoes, etc. Ono
of the cars was loaded with liquors and
of this a large quantity was saved,
While the loss to tlie C. P. H. is large,
one cannot but be thankful that it is no
worse and that we have not to chronicle
the loss of life.
The wreck was speedily cleared enough
to allow the passage of trains and by the
timo No. 2 came along a temporary track
had been laid, which enabled her to go
on without delay.
A work train in chargo of Conductor
Flett is nt tho wreck and with the large
force of men employed will soon have
everything in proper shape again.
Large numbers of our citizens have
visited the wreck, which is the first
serious accident that has occurred in the
Kicking Horse canvon.
The Columbia House
TUo central Hotel of East Kootenay, midway
between (Iolden and Fort Steele.
Good Cuisine. Choice Liquors & Good Stabling.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
Served Him Right.
Mrs. Mayor Manly publicly whipped
Charles Cummings, manager of the town
sito company lit Grand Forks last week.
Mr. Cummings was walking along tlie
street when Mrs. Manly, who was carrying a paper Hack under her arm, suddenly
stepped up behind him, and drawing a
substantial riding whip from the sack,
began whipping hint most unmercifully over the shoulders. There were
over 200 people on the street at the time
who witnessed the whipping, which was
only stopped by Dr. S. Manly, who took
Mrs. Manly away from her victim.
Cummings was badly cut about the
shoulders and neck by the whip.
The cause of Mrs. Manly's attack on
Mr. Cummings is thut gentleman's interference in Mayor Manly's family affairs.
The feeling of the community is in
sympathy with Mrs. Manly, as it is the
general impression in the town that
Cummings has made himself very
obnoxious to the lady of late,���Silvorton
In spite of the most careful nursing,
one of the victims of the explosion in the
mines bus contracted a severe attack of
pneumonia and at the timo of writing
his recovery seems impossible.
President Van Home's special train
arrived in Canniore on Tuesday about
24k but owing to tho storm did not
proceed west until 7k on Wednesday.
Engineer Houston was at the throttle,
which ensured a fast run.
The minors have organised a brass
band and have ordered the instruments,
which are looked for every day. The
leader will be Mr. Cowan, which guarantees good music as soon ns tbe boys
get "broken in" to their new instruments.
Ilev. Mr. Mitchener, who -has been
east getting married, occupied his pulpit
in Canmore last Sunday for the first
time since his return, and he nnd his
bride recoived the congratulation of the
members of the congregation at the close
of the services.
On Tuesday morning a snow storm set
in from the east, continuing all day and
part of tho night,' and on Wednesday
morning about six inches of " the beautiful" (?) greeted tho citizens. This
foretaste of winter reminds us that our
coal bins need attention, to say nothing
of the highly intellectual exercise of
eloquence in putting up stoves. A
peculiar feature of this storm was that it
did.not extend west of Cascade.
Prof. S. E. Emmons, of the United
States geological survey, says:
" The mass of golden wealth in Alaska
remains ns yet untouched. It lies iu the
virgin rocks, from which the particles
found iu the river gravels now being
washed by Klondyke miners havo been
torn by the erosion of streams. Those
particles, being heavy, have been deposited by the streams which carriod the
lighter matter onward to the ocean, thus
forming by gradual accumulation a sort
of auriferous concentrate. Many of the
bits, especially in certain localities, are
big enough to be called nuggets. In
spots the gravels ure so rich that, as we
have all heard, many ounces of the
precious metal are obtained from the
washing of a single panful. That is what
is making the people so wild���the prospect of picking money out of the dirt by
the handful literally. -
" But all this is merely the skimming
of grease from tho pot; the soup remains
and precious soup it is. Tho bulk of the
wealth is in the rocks of tho hills, waiting only for the proper machinery to take
it out. For you must remember that the
gold was originally storedin veins of the
rockB, which- aro of au exceedingly
ancient formation. Nobody can say how
many millions of years ago the metal
was put there, but It must have lieen an
enormously long timo back,
"Tho streams woro away the rocks,
carrying gold with them, and this process continued for ages, making immense
deposits of rich, gold bearing gravels.
Eventually these deposits were themselves formed into rock���a sort of conglomerate in which pebbles small and
big are mixed with what was once sand.
To-day the strata composed of thiB
conglomerate are of immense extent and
unknown thickness. The formation
closely resembles that of tho auriferous
" banket" or pudding stone of the South
African gold Holds; but the South
African pudding atone was in fur remote
antiquity a sea bench, whereas the
Alaskan formation is a deposit made by
streams, as I have said.
���' In tho latter epoch the stream continued to gnaw awiiy at the hills, bringing down more gold and leaving it
behind ill the gravels of thoir bottoms.
It is thoBo comparatively modern rivers
which aro responsible for the pay dirt of
the Klondyke district and of all that
region. IJaturally, because it was easily
got at and worked, the miners have
struck tliis surface alluvium first. The
streams at various timos have followed
different courses, and it iB the gravels of
the disused channels that tlie gold
miners dig with such fabulous profit.
" You will observe from what I have
said that the gold of that region exists
under three widely different conditions
���in the gravels, in tlie conglomerate or
pudding stone and in tlio ancient, rocks
of the hills. When the modern stream
deposits, now being worked, are used up
tbe miner can tackle the conglomerate,
which represents tho gravels of ages ago.
Finally, when they are provided with
the requisite machinery, they will be in
a position to attack ti|c masses of yellow
wealth that are stored in the veins of tlio
mountains. At present we can hardly
consider that tlio first bite has been
taken of the (Iolden feast which Alaska
offers to hungry men."
Every Electoral Distriot well Represented.
The much talked of Liberal convention
is now a thing of the past. Everyone
agrees that it was a success, their being
present at New Westminster no Icsb than
115 delegates from all parts of the province. Tho first business before the
convention was tho organization of a
Provincial Liberal Association and on
motion it was resolved that an as.socia-
be formed with tbe following officers:���
President, Secretary, Treasurer, one
Vice-President for each Dominion electoral district, and an Executive Committee of three from each Dominion electoral district; the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer to be
ex-officio members.
The following officers wero then elected:���President, Win. Templeman j Secretary. J. II. Kerr; Treasurer, Dr. Mc-
Victoria City���Vice-President, (i. Ki-
ley; Committeemen, E. V. Bodwell. Col.
Gregory, R. L. Drury.
Burrnrd District���Vice-President, E.
P. Davis; Committeemen, ,1. I . Senk-
ler, Aid. McQueen, Win. MeOraney.
New Westminster District���Vice-
President, Alex. Henderson; Committeemen, J. B. Kennedy. M.I'.P., A, S. Yed-
der, M.P.P., Mr. John Oliver.
Vancouver Island���Vice-President, J.
Blugget; Committeemen, Ralph Smith,
J. Evans, Mr. Stevens.
Yale-Cariboo���Vice-President, Wm.
Baillie; Committeemen, J. M. Martin,
D. O'Hara, R. 0. Macphorson.
A committee was then appointed to
draft a congratulatory address to Sir
Wilfrid Laurier on his elevation to
knighthood and on his great success in
Great Britain recently.
Tho convention declared itself emphatically opposed to the policy of the
present British Columbia Governmeut
as shown by the legislature promoted by-
tho Government and by the action of the
Executive, and were of the opinion that
their continuance in office is detrimental
to the general welfare of tho province
After much discussion it was resolved
" that in the opinion of this convention
it is iu the best interests of the Liberal
party to support in all the constituencies
of the province such candidates ns declare themselves to be fully fn accord
with tbe resolution just passed."
The convention then discussed nnd
endorsed the platform, the outlines of
which had been prepared by a committee. The platform which deals exclusively with provincial matters was then
referred to the executive committee and
will bo made public aB soon as it receives
the finishing touches.
The following business has beon done
in this mining division during tlie past
month of September: Nineteen new
claims have been recorded; seven transfers have taken place; no free miner's
licenses have been granted during tho
month and no assessment work lias lieen
The transfers nre as follows: Susy B.
and Maggie B. mineral claims on Dutch
creek by A. St. G. Hanimersley ami .1.
S. W. Hugh, Vancouver to Ihe London &
Vancouver Financial & Development Co.
One-half interest in the Golden Gate and
Crown Point mineral claims on a tributary of Toby creek by J. N. Bergstrom of
Rossland to Thomas Wilson of Trail.
One-fourth interest in the Moyea, Golden Septer and the Summit Lake
mineral claims on the middle fork of
Findlay creek by John L. Pierce and
John Sherman, both of Kaslo, and S. S.
Simmons, of l'ort Steele, to Alexander
Smith, Kaslo, and the said John Sherman nnd John L. Pierce, One-eighth
interest in the same mineral claims by
George B. Gerrard, Kaslo, to James A.
Townsend, of the same place. One-half
interest in the Two Friends mineral
claim on the middle fork of Findlay
creek by Samuel Simmons, of Fort
Steele, to George B. Gerrad, Kaslo. One-
fourth interest in King Solomon mineral
claim on Horse Thief creek by Florence
Gallup to C. A. Digley, and one-fourth
interest in tbe Silver Island mineral'
claim on Horse Thief creek by R. S,
Gallup to C. A. Duffy.
Iu all of these transfers the nominal
consideration of one dollar is inserted,
but this does not represent what the
actual consideration was that was given
for tho transfer of the claims.
The Messrs Mitchell-limes aro presently at Windermere, busy getting in,
their supplies to the whiter ramp, which
they have established on Toby creek.
Tom Jones arrived in Windermere on
Monday night from Toby creek, where
be had been busy doing development
work on tbe Old Chum and New Chum
mineral claims there. We understand a
deal will shortly go through on theso
mineral claims.
The All-International Yukon Route.
The chairman of the Yukon route committee is in receipt of the following reply
from tho Provincial Secretary in regard
to the mattor:
Victoria, B.C., Sep. 20, '07.
Dkah Sib,��� I am in receipt of your letter
of the 13th instant, together with a resolution passed nt n public meeting held at
Golden on September 4th, and suggesting to tho Government the advisability
of promoting any scheme for a railway
from Donald up tho Columbia river
northwards to the Y'ukon Gold Fields.
Tho recommendations of the meeting
shall be laid liefora tho Government for
its consideration.
I am, Dear Sir,
Yours very faithfully,
James Bakbh,
Provincial Secretary.
Thos. Mi'Naciiat, Esq.,
East Kootkxay Miskr,
Golden, B.C.    '
Mr. A. J. Hopkins, Mr. Parson's
representative at Fort Steele, and Mr.
Thomas McNaught arrived in Golden
this evening from Fort Steele. They
drove through all tbe way. They report
the main trunk road in excellent condition and thorough repair, with the
exception of a few miles near l'ort
Steele, which is both dusty* and stoney.
The freight that has gone over this road
during tho past season been an exceptionally heavy one.
All amusing incident took place on the
arrival of Thursday's No. 2 at the scene
of tbe wreck. One of the porters, after
ten minutes1 bard work in ice-cold water,
succeeded in getting a bottle of gin. One
not being enough, be went on looking for
further treasures. While thus engaged
tbe watchman in charge came along and
took possession of the bottle, much to
tbe chagrin of the porter, who had bis
work for nothing..
The Crops In the Columbia Valley.
This lias been an exceptionally good
year for crops of all kinds in tbe Upper
Columbia Valley. Not only have they
lieen harvested well, but the bulk is
large, the weight heavy and the market
prices high. The product of the ranchers' stock are strong and healthy notwithstanding the severity of last winter and
the hardships the stock had to endure
from Uie want of proper feek.
The crops around Windermere havo
been the best yield this year compared
with past years. Colin C. Mackay has
had u splendid crop on his big ranclio
near Windormere, the grain being Iho
heaviest in the district. Mr. Atkinson
of Shortey's ranche has as usual secured
a splendid crop of hay. This ranch is
particularly noted lor the excellence uf
its feed. Farmers will have uo opportunity of grumbling for want of feed, for
there has been abundance aud ull well
secured in barn and yard.
At McKay's ranche, near Sinclair*
crock, Mrs. McKay is having anuther
crop of strawberries. The plants are in
bloom, the berries nre forming and if
night's fros ts do not come for another fortnight there will lie un
opportuniiy of having strawberries ami
ereatn in tbe end of October, Mrs. McKay's crop in June was one of the most
abundant she has had for some past
years, the fruit lieing rich in flavor. Her
orchard has produced some line apples
and beautiful plums, and in distributing
her fruit Mrs. McKay did not overlook
her friend Tub Miner. He got some
tine specimens of apples, there being ;1
varieties, that of the Baldwin being particularly line. One small tree had over
170 apples, the branches had to be fixed
up and supported by slabs and props.
Tbere was a Mormon saying in Utah
that the best crops raised in Utah were
children. Columbia valley has also lieen
fruitful this year in that direction and
some interesting little strangois have
arrived. Mrs. Deacon, Spillimachone,
has added to her family nnd blessed her
husband with another daughter. Mr.
Atkinson is busy making another cradle-
as ho has now got use for two.
Mr. Willis, ot the Channe Mining Co.,,
Vancouver, nnd Jack Adlcr, of Golden,
havo gone up the Columbia valley to tho
Fort Steelo mining division in connection,
with certain mining deals..
ssWstlt ,-w-**-**"***.-.
'..\D   COMPANY.
A Weekly
in thu llifur
RriiacuiPTiox rates
ADviittTimxa iiati:
column lui'o, f!M !'i*r
Illl i I IT l
10 Conr-pany'a Land*] to bo Cponod
Up Imnrtacitately for Colonisation
r.nd Sattlemont���It Poosodcci? ths
Fliiost Lands In the South Cast.
Thin company in nn English company
..| litis Us -head olilcoin London,   ll
rll) Unu'Ior ll.-i
Birth, marriage and <
is tbe Imi i-.|iii|'|.i'ii i'
-WiMili'iisy nun i. |,i- -|,'ii-i
]'i-iiillli-,'iit,i I'eilSiltulile
Jloll ufuers recelVi* |i.i*oii
di'ii.-i- ,,ii inn* sitl,j,'il nf
j'ii.,11',111.1 ,1-Miv ii res
uls. in
30,000 ."..'its of 11:
,-llili-l-lh-.nl ' till'
111 1,1
ol fci
���efureneo in nny matte
-tint [i.t-j'.iti*>ie'HV<lltia:iii:iK>.' paper niiml Ufa
V'l.fr.vilo.tiiit paper ior |Hi.,i.ai:l��oi beion
it tun iippo.ir In "Tn;: Mixta."
Golden. B.C
TKCRSDAY, OCT, ! J,  1807-
st land
3outb Kast Kootenay. Thi3 land was
en as a cone ���man by tin1 provincial
ernmont tn tlio original founder of
company for tho construction of a
I between tin- Upper Columbia Uiko
ivootenny river. Tliis canal was
found to be itnpracticable and the
J��oiiSp?n TeS! I provincial government spent tliowsauds
io imaf, urtbuie i of dollars iu damming tho ^ame up, The
���iitio.i. conceesion, however, remained.   Jt con-
Mists Oi' timber binds, bottom lands and
i bench lands nlong this tJppof Kootenay
i vadey, between tlie head of tho Upper
jColnniliiu  lake  and  tbe  international
I boundary line.   Tho land ifl laid out iu
blocks.   One of its finest btoCiifl is the
flat  known  as  Canal  Flat, two miles
broad, lying between the hike and the
Kootenay river.   Tbe bottom is gravel
with a line alluvial aoll on too, suitable
for the (iueat grain crops,   Tlila block
contains uovuml thousands of v. tch and
at one timo possessed flue timber, which
lias now been denuded,   It als.i contains
an hotel���one of tbe best known in Kast
Kootenay���and an excellent townsite,
Tiie other blocks are scattered along
the river bottom down to Fort Steele
and contain tbe pick of the land. From
there blocks all the way to the
boundary line. One of tbe biggest blocks
���is on tin; Elk river and contains 13,000
acres. Thero is another block on Sand
creel: of 1800 -iicyGh and one' on the Hull
river of 1000 acres. These are among
[he liest lands in the Kootonay valley.
Hlthprto these lands have been practically closed againat settlement, but they
are now to be opened up and placed on
the market in lots sttitablo for settlors.
A thorough tour of inspection of these
lands is now being madoby llr. HlH.
Voneblcs Kyike, one of tlio directors of
the company, from London, und Mr, ii.
G. 1'roetor of Kelson, -the manager for
the company in East Kootenay, They
have now lieen three weeks out and have
got as far ;;S Tort Steele in tbe course' of
tlieir inspection. They started from
Golden by steamer and arrived at "Windermere. -Thence -they sailed across the
Uppor Columbia river in a Peterborough
capoe to tho disused canal, frontngecl
their ennoe to tho Kootenay river and'
sailed down that river to Fort Steele,
examining ail tiie lands on their way.
Tiie posts marking out th" boundaries
of tbe different blocks are to be renewed,
fresh lines cut out, so that their boundaries may be properly defined, and tin:?
prevent any mistaken as to settlers*taking up pre-empti-Diifl on government
lands adjoining,,
After a few daj*s' rest tbe tour will- be
continued down tbe rivor. until ail tlie
company's lands have been visited and
Inspected, .The tour wiil last other three
weeks. After the tour of inspection .Mr.
VpneblCfl Kyrke will return homo to
England and Mr. Proctor will move up
;rom Nelson to the scene oi the company's nperutinns in South Kast Kootenay. Mr.. W. U. Hoss, Fort Steele, has
been appointed local agent j
What tho company desires is u ^ood
class of settlers with means, who wiil
bocomo owners on installment principles, snreadjng the time for acquiring
ownership over a period of live or more
yearn, 'too company has, however, not
yet matured any definite scheme. Tlie
lands nill be null in lots to suit all
elasf.es of purchases. Probably tlie
scheme for eafiy instalments will be ten
per cent down and a reasonably rate of
interest on future instalment.^, but th?
Boh( me   will   be   fully considered   and
UussLi, Including Siberia, the west coast
of Africa, British, Dutch and French
Guiana, some of the South American
states and Borneo, the alluvial output is
overwhelmingly greater than that from
reefs, which is only a tiling of yesterday.
How great an increase in the yield may
be expected' to take phice, therefore, in
all these countries when the steam
engine and machinery for crushing are
brought to bear upon the reefs, of which
ihe alluvial gold is the mere debris?
"Gold mining," concludes Mr. Mc-
Arthur, "is just beginning to take the
place that copper or lead mining has
occupied for centuries. One has no more
I reason "to* doubt the continuance of gojd
, reefs than ono has to doubt the continu-
| anco of other metalliferous mines. No
I one can say what quantities of gold may
I be concealed in the ftioro central parts
of the earth, nor what improved means
science may And for extracting it from
great depths." A belief prevails in some
quarters that at a certain depth gold
exists in vast masses as a virgin ore and
may bo hewn out like coal.���Ex,
'.������t�� T-r TW W*--*e, nwrMpj
O-   East  ^ootenay���13   Thero Any
Clnna'o-V- In EastKootanay?
Kast Kootenay practically contains
A>very variety of mineral wealth that if.
known to oxisi on tlio American continent, It is found in every form���singly
jiir.d in combination, it has miueral
-springs of every variety, oil and -gas
.deposits. The principal search has been
ior metal wealth and of the richest form,
mid its other varieties have been overlooked, as they have not been sought lor
to any great extent and their discovery
has been to a great extent tlio matter of
Somo years ago near tlie Ottertail on
tbe Waptn (Kicking Horse) river, not
J,ir from Golden,'and in the Immediate
vicinity of the railway, a vein of white
A'-alcito holding decks of bright red
.cinnabar was discovered and prospected
,on to some extent.
'Thk Mixku does not know what was
niade of the discovery or how far the
prospecting proceeded. It would be of
interest to know what became of this
���discovery, Can any of Thk Mi.vbh's
readers supply information to iu: Editor'.'
A Canadian Mint.
The agitation recently started in favor
oi establishing a mint in Canada is one
Which is deserving of every support.
Thero is no reason why our gold and
.silver should be sent out of this country
to be converted into coin. It may not.
be generally known, but it is nevertheless a fact, that tiiorc was a mint in
operation in New Westiniiu ler in 1877.
It Was closed Up by Sir .James Douglas,
governor of the united colonies, in the
hope of allaying the jealously then existing betweon Victoria and tlie royal city.
Some of the coins there struck are still
held and treasured by collectors. During
the fifteen yeiwff ending 183U; f*,4B2,lM
;n silver and $2-l2,-\'2~y in copper was
.coined for Canada and England, The
charges of the royal mint amounted to
$102,8(13., and for bundling the copper a
ltirniingham firm received $26,262] or a
total of $U'.S,113 fur the lifteeu years.
All tins could have been saved had there
been a mint in this country. It is computed that there is at least ^'0,000,000 in
foreign gold circulating in this lomviry
which could be advantageously repltictd
by Canadian gold coin. Wc hope the
agitation   will   be  continued until tlie
desired object is attained, and that when I matured after Mr. Kyrke'a return home.
a sito for the mint is being selected wo ! The Company considers that it should
will be in a position to show that there j receive from $:J to $,10 per acre, aa it
A Good Paper.
Thomas McNaught, of the (Iolden
Miner, spent several days in Wardner
thiswe.dv. Mr. McNaught is making a
tour of South Kast Kootenay, and left
on Monday for Moyie. This Mixixt is
rapidly securing the reputation for l:eiug
most excellent authority on mining
matters, due to the ability and excellent
work of ill*..McNaught in that department, For some time a series of reminiscences of East Kootenay have been
running in the paper that are attracting
wide-spread attention. Tbe Held is a rich
one, and Mr. McNaught is producing
tho best results, and is deserving of tbe
success he is meeting with in the conduct of the paper.���International.
VVardnor Post Cfflco.
Work is progressing on the pi st oifico
building in a favorable manner and Mr.
MctV.be, the postmaster, expects to have
everything in readiness for opening tlie
plllco by the middle of October, lie
thinks the post oflice impplics'Will have
.arrived by that time, and arrangements
'made for carrying mail from Fort Steele
south via Wardner to Tobacco Plains at
the bo illicitly line, the way of the new
route. A few more days of waiting and
then letters maybe stumped " Wardner,
B.C.," a fact that will be fully appreciated by a long-snlfering public- that has
borne With patience the burden that
should have been lightened long ago.
When the lirst letter can be mailed from
Wardner, the past will be forgotten and
forgiven in tbe exuberance of joy over
the pleasures of the present.���The Inter
Tlu e^is one woman i. Philadelphia
who will not be so anxious tu display
her manly accomplishment in the future.
She walked into n street car the other
day, crossed her legs like a man ami
proceeded to light a cigarette. The other
women in tho car promptly seized her
and threw her off theear. The conductor
never said a word, realizing for once the
power of the new woman to deal with
great affairs.
Arthur Drapt.au, who twenty years ago.
was working for a dollar a day in Winnipeg, passed through yesterday en route
to Quebec from Klondyke. lie rode in a
Pullman and carried a draft for $l;"j0,00U
witli him. This is the value of half hip
claim.���Winnipeg Free Press.
East Kootonay Mining Stock List,
.\\\SIH OV Coy. | CAPITAL I i'AIt VAU'B I S];r,L I'
'^rSlStr j*V*w,iHiu |      (i.ui     |   V
i AlWrttwfc K1
is no more favorable location  than Nelson.���Nelson Kconomist.
pmt *��o�� mm
Tompkina on Klondike.
('nine to the pfocp wheco tlicj'vo got It.rjghb
come where tlie t;va.-.ar��'rf VI,
Where il'nt full of mid U ti llve-jmtt note; mil
t|ie i'Ilii] on yer 'eel In a quid. I
Where ye s.T.ik'luM the noil nnil it tumMes out
ill iiiucli hi yer 'mils onn 'nl.l,
Where the lit 111 uboVO iiild the [ildlna Leiieuth
in ljnl;-tlir and eraeklu' with goUl.
Klnndlkol   Klondike!   Libel   yor   luggldgc
Klondike I
Tlieer'!! po cllAWnco Ir, l!n slrne', !(;--hiy,
Thee.'ri Illl hiulc down flliofedttell iv.iy,
i'ltek ii i* yer trrtjs nn' t.r or/, I bjt.
An' nrf mi iiwye ler Ki.unlike!
Loiso'utiaps th&y '.is ntartod Bmajl, nndawtpr*
wiids sti-iu'k It rleif,'
lltniKliI their keriidi;!--), stilled their jntht.s���
iiiitthltik'*i too ftno'-J nir itieli���
AwiuK'm o'f serviuiin, miles (��' hind, ('lUMa' thf
Bran ittav palaco tn knoolt Park Lain., met:.... Ifor 8oW v:il>' commenced about the year
wlmt wusl.tliiiiltlii' iilxiri? 'i860, and .tliat up to that time we had
Klondike! Klondike* Chltfeirtfo snjjjbcl ter' 0,ll.v h���" gathering up tbe detritus, as
.Tlieii'.s nn eliiiwace In tlie street In- lny,-,
Tlioer'd no luok down Shoredtteli way,   ,
liqlds tho'choicest of tin* lands and has
some fine cleared bottom lands, which
are already tit for cultivation.
Government lands for cultivation co:-t
���fL'.oO per mire, but in addition to tins
sum. aro the.eMpei:peR for obtaining tbe
survey and procuring the erown grant.
Then over and nbovo that the lands
mini re to be cleared; and these expenses
amount to n consld irnble item.
The tmiin object o.'ihe company is to
secure a good body oi settlers, who will
Improve tho lands and help to open up
the resources of Smith East Kootenay.
Has Gold a Limit?
Mr. McAithur, the inventor of the
cyapide process for the extra.'lion of
gold, has been giving his views with
respect to the future supply of that
metal.   He points out that true mining
Tho.s.   Mc'KaiisrSit,
inning linger,
l'ort .Steele
l*.ick tip ycr tr.i[m an' he ori, T ��ye,
An' uri iwi'iiwyu tor Klondike I
Lots o'chapH they'as .'d.irti'dNmiill.'un' Unlshud
It smulleryet,
An' the.gold as yer wont;* nin't yot fnrnlx
twlxt 'ere nnd 'ell yer bet;
Kroze ter dentil, or stawved ter dv��tli, or Bitot
ill ycr.iriit'ks yer'll lie,
Fur one 'nil pl-ak on' come  'ome lifrea, hut
twenty 'nil pick an'rile,
Klondike!  Klondike!  It lUlekV ler' Itn own,
does KloutHkjil
.Theer'a tin ehiiwime III the street to-dny,
Rimer's no liuk down Bliorudltoli visjf,
An| fur nil yor eals yer 'an tor pye,
Xud'ycr'll Und it the Btm'o In Klondike!
. ��� LomlottDully ('iironlele.
it were, nlluvh.l deposits being merely
v.diatjiad crumbled down from the reefs.
Now we are. going to tbe sources and
attaching the auriferous rocks, of the
extent of which wo know very little,
while of the depth to which they may
descend beneath tho earth's stirttice wo
know still less. They have beon traced
for Ji.OOO feet downward, and geology
cnnfoHS-Js its.ignorance of wlmt may lie
below, " There seems mo, limit," says
Mr. McArthuri "topossiblcdlseoterien."
Some 'years ago tho proportion e( the
precious metal obtained from alluvial
workings was as four to one eomparod to
what was won from, its rooky; matrix.
Sow  these  iigures  are  reversed, .in
��    ��    @
VttUlO Is oiw tiling
.LJj,<i.iiii��'tl(ni Is anolhcr
Vmi got bolti hy Imyinjt your DAY GOODS
I'riee Lists and aampleu furwarderi on iipplleu-
��     ��     ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt ilttentipn.
-���-VAT THE-**.
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Minister of Mines mid Provincial Sueretcry���
lion. Col. Jones ikker.
Proviiivlal Mfnerni(>;:i,-i-W. A. Carlylo.
Public Assayer���Ii. CiU'tnluliael.
For the Province���\V. i'-. ilore Victoria
Koiillt I)fstrU't eoiiiprisiii .  l'ort Steele iu:d Tn-
baceo 1'hiins Mining idvlslons-J. V. Arm-
i.tnniLT.- CrioihriMk
North Oisli'let ('omprisin_{ Doiiuld, li.dileii iiini
Wimk-nnere Mining l)ivisii.ii:-i-~.I. K. (irifiiihs
u. Uolrilo	
(*. M. Edwards
 Fort Sit
.TobiUTo Plains
Deputy Clerk of the Poacc for North Kust Kootonay JoHlali ritirrelt Donald
Deputy Clerk oi th* Peauo for South Eust Koot*
Onay���Charles Masacy Edwards...,Fort Steele
33xtrttcts From British Cohrmbin
StatutcH Explaining Fiilly tlie
Value nn<l Nocessity oi'u "Free
Miiier.y" CeitincaVe���No Person Should Attempt Mhihig-
Withoiit One.
Any person over IS years of ape, amy bi
cowoaireO miner by naylng ���fj lo anvgoU.
commissioner or mineral reeordet nnd obtain-
!n^' n cortltlcftto good for ono year,
A free miner may.obtaiu ii new certificate fot
one Inst on pajihg il.
A free miner's oonlllcato i^ not ���traiiKferablc.
Any person or company wnrktnir a riiiinjral
I'Liliii, held as riinl estate wltliom HteenHo, may
I)..' lined |25.    Mines become real e.stute after
ennvu grant lots boon Issued,
Should co-owner fail to pay tip his free miner's
ccrtilleiite bis interest goes to Ion eo-own-jrs pro
rata according to their former inturests.
.\ shareholder in a joint stock company need
not be a free miller.
A free miner* may claim li'iC-OxWOO' foot. Hut
till uncles must be right angles and all mcostir-
monl must be horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on erywn lands.
A froo miner may kill game for, bis own use
at all seasons.
A iree miner may obtain five acre mllb:!teup-
on crown lands in the form of a sipiure.
A ebiijn may be held frum vuar to vear'bv
work being done to Hie value of one 'hundred
Lo'k's discovered in tunnel may bo held if recorded inl;Vdays.
A free miner may on payment of foOO, iu lieu of
expenditure on claim, obtain a'crown grant.
Any miner may, at tlie discretion pf the gold
ciiuimUriuiU'r, obtain in.-ri:.i-uirv water rights.
N*o transfer or any mineral claim or interest
slinltbo enforeoable unless in writing; signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any dot'ofoinisMon1
or coin mission, or delays on the jiart ot tin
government oQlolaltt.
Noolfttm shall bo open to location during
lflStilljioHHs of lioldor, nor within Vi montiis
aftOr lii.-t death, unless by permission of gold
A mhie--nl claim must lm recorded within l.j
days after location, if within 10 miles of ofler
of mining roeordor. Olio additional day i.-i allowed fur evury additional io miles or fraction
Work on each mining eiuim to the value of
vlOOnmsl be done each year from date of record ol mineral claim. Alllriavlt made by thu
holder, or bis agent, sotting nut a detailed
statement of tbe work tidno must bit .filed Willi
the gold commlsslonsr or mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of each year 'from the date
of record oi said claim. A free miner holding
ndjoiningclalms, may subject lo filing notice
���jf his intention with llio gold commissioner or
milting recorder perform on anyone or moreoi
HJlCll claims, all the work required to entitle
bim to a ccrtllieiite of work Ior each claim. Tbe
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims In partnership.
In lieu of above work the min.it must pay (ioo
and get receipt aud record the same.
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct rail route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Hastorn Pqjnta.
Lnko Route i<> the fiasf���s'aulhgd from
Kort William.
Alberta  Kvery Tuesday tn Windsor.
Athabasca ...Kvery Thursday to Owen Bound,
Manitoba Kvery Sunday,to Owen Sound.
Ouijnccting tains from (iolden at lOtfl) every
Monday, Thursday aud Saturday.
Dally and direct service td
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all points Jn the far famed Kootonay   ���
li'ul Silvery blucttii.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver ���, ,', i    ��� ,.   *:
Empress India  .2nd AiigUBt.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver   -
Min-vcra 8tll August .
Apply for HartlcuWto
c. h. wzua, Agonf; coiiimi, :
or nnnsKT KEHn,     '���
Trr.ffl-* MsnuBcr, -Winnipeg!
M��-.nufacturor3 of and DpRloraln ,������,*,
Douglas Fir,  Siirucc a;itl c��dii!* Lumliei',  Sidiiiir and Flooring,
Dimension Timber,  Cedar SHliig-les,   Fence 1'osts,
Telc&iapli,  Tulcpliono  and   Electi'io
Llqrlit Poles, Latli, Etc.
Contractors tothe. C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Cou,
(.Limited Linl-flity.)
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
B. C.
Flrst-n.iKs In every particular.   Conventoril to Railway 7)ep6t and Steamboat lauding.
Hates Itcasonable.   I*'ree Bamjilo Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootemty House, connecting with St earner for Port Steele every
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the wst.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men,
For Home Comforts       o s> e
Modem Conveniences   e o ��
Best Cuisine in the West o e
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars s>
Go to the
Columbia J^fousej
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
<OHie Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop.^
Manufacturers qf:
Sunh, Doors, IHoilldlngs,'Tiirned liiilustore, Kowel Posts, Hiind Hulls & Ilrauketn.
Tho Mnchino mid Bluckmiilth SIioji ftro pvoparod to <lo nil kinds ol ropuiring.
All Bines of pipe-fitting and brims goods ou hiuid. (    f
All sizes oi slus-i In stock.
Wiigori repnirs, polos, sliults, nxlef, spokos aud felloes.   Hickory and,Maple plnnk.
.Golden, B.C.     '
GEORGE   MEADE,   Prop. ...  .
---vHcadyuarter.s Poi**<-��,
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
I   Kates S1..CO IPer Sa3T.
' Boahd & Lodoixo $5 Per Week.    Fikst Class Bah.'
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Gaps
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention.
.--: CALGARY, Alta.   ,,
A LOAN OF S3.5Q0.00
'To be secured by mortgage over one ol
the finest farms in East Hootcnay. It
contains 820 nccrs, is CrOwn 'Granted,
and tho greutar portion in under crops.
It'has two oehnrds, both fruit bearing,
Tlie dwelling house is n substantial
one anil has only been recently built.
For full particulars apply to
Notary Public, Golden.
Mines '���*��'.: <t',i^
Development ,Co.
Jfcw York,  Cliicftjfo,
Spokane, WaHli.
PAPITAL  STOCK  810,000,000.00.
Buy and Sell Minin;- PioiicrtlcN.
I'unilslt Money for Ucrclopnicnt
jEP-CLxe ^reeli 3Dxtj^s at   ID��� 2dL GAINES    & Co's.7 0-old.em., B.O..
ran 1%
On the Great Posslbllltlo3 of South
East Kootenay.
It  is interesting  to look  buck and
study tho geography ns lajd down on tlio
���nips thirty or-forty years ago, especially
|iat relating to the great 1'acilic nortli-
\t, and note the' great changes that
/e ln*n made.   It was in the spring
��� of 186* that the Wild llorso excitement
firstliu-tcl,,.which brought thousands
of  people 'into what ia  now the Fort
Steele district  of   Kast   Kootonay .in
search ol tho metal for which man gives
up home, family,  friends' and ail the
comforts of an old settled and happy
conditioned community,   (iold!  Gold!
(Iold!   What will mini and woman not
give up to become its possessor?
Thu author has not started out to
write uu essay on the use and abuse of
that metal, the sordid lovo of which is
the root of all evil, but to call attention
to how tho greatest of nil civilizcrs���the
railroad������ follows iu the paths of the
pioneer, or with what intuitive correctness tho gold hunter outlined the way
lor his scientifically educated brother���
the civil engineer���to follow his loot-
steps with the iron horse.
Walla Walla, now one of tlio wealthiest, if not so large, as the other cities of
Washington, ivas then the starting point
for nil the Pacific north west embraced In
llritisb Columbia, and to reach what is
nowFortSteeleatrr.il was established,
which wont from Walla to Colfax ; Colfax to the falls of the Spokane, where no
town had then any existence. From
Spokane to a crossing on tlio Kootonay
the trail ran where a man named Bonner
established a ferry, from which the town
of lionner'e Ferry, Idaho, gets its name.
The trail there pasted due north, followed
the Kootenay river somo tweiity miles
and then on through tho hills some
twenty liiilen further north to the inter-
iiutiomil boundary line, thence up the
Moyie river to the Moyie lakes, where is
now a flourishing young town called
Jloyie city. The trail then went north
thirty miles to Fort Steele. On tliis part
of tlie trail still existing you jiow pass
the towns of Swansea, Palmer's Bin* and
Cranbrook. Then they did not even
exist. Wliut a change since then! not
forty years ago. Look at the map now;
what a marvellous change! from an
uiinkuown wilderness���tho abode of the
wild animals and still wilder men. The
most interesting part is that Walla
Wullti now is one of tlie principal towns
on the Oregon Ilnllroad & Navigation
Co.'s lines between Portland and
Spokane witli two other lines of railroad
running to it, while what was the trail is
dotted witli. towns every six or eight
miles from Walla Walla to Spokane,
which city is built at the falls of the
Spokane and now contains 155,000 people.
It has, besides the Groat Northern,
Northern Pacific and 11. 11, & S. Hy.,
five other railroads branching out into
tlio surrounding 'territory. Bonndr's
Ferry is on the Great Northern ami
Moylo City, Su'iinsoii, Palmer's liar,
Cranbrook and Fort Steele on the line of
the Crow's Nest I'e.ss railway now building.
A survey for a railroad from Bonner's
l'erry to the International line following
the Kootenay river bus been made this
yenr and will bo built the coming year
to connect with the Crow's Nest Pass
railway some eight miles above or noi'tli
of the boundary line. This Crow's Nest
Pass railway at a pplut tuonty-tivo miles
south of Jloyie lakes turns west follows
what is known as tlio flewduey trail
(constructed by the present lieutenant
governor -of British Columbia from Ihe
Wild Horse trail throuj-h CanaiHltn territory to Victoria somo time after the Wild
Horso trail was constructed from Walla
Walla to Fort Steelo) to Nelson, from
which point a railroad now runs through
to Rossland and the contemplated l'en-
ticton road from thero on to Vancouver
will complete the railroad and thus
practically replace tho peck trtyl of
thirty years ago of nearly a thousand
iniles. This extended railroad will run
through a country teeming with possibilities quite beyond the writer's capacity to outline. Who can say what
mighty papulation will be" in all this
vast territory in the next twenty years
or what the mineral, agricultural nnd
manufacturing dovolopment will be?
The country; .though old, is new. What
a field for yoiing men to engage in! All
the various pursuits opens up to those
who have health and bruins lo build up
a country. Here is a mighty heritage to
develop. All that is required is honest
and intelligent effort. The Anglo-Saxon
has built up mighty commonwealths in
nil parts of the world. The race has not
grown weary or become decrepit. It is
still vigorous. lis members havo hero
every incentive to reward those toiling
what makes life a linppy existence���viz.:
prosperity ami happy homes.
In sumjiilirliiiig the advantages to be
derived by those who arc seeking their
fortunes, one must not forget thoso who
have been so placed in this world as to
have Hame Fdrtuno at their command,
but who perforce are put to as hard a lot
to know how to got solid enjoyment out
of life as others aro to induce Same
Fortune to"smile on them, so as to make
tlie burden of life easier. From time
immemorial tlio chase has been among
tlie best of and most healthy sports. In
the early days of the establishment of
these trails game of all sorts was plentiful��� buffalo, elk, deer,' bear, grouse,
ducks, geese, not to say that every stream
wan well stocked witli tho finest of
mountain trout. This gradually changed
so that now the localities where game is
found are not so plentiful. There are
still favored spots, and one of them
seems to he from twenty-live miles south
of Jloyie lakes north to tlio bond of tho
lakes���some forty miles in length by
twenty in widlh���-the many small mead-
own along tlio river and lakes furnishing
a good field for deer and fowl. Iu this
territory are to bo found bear, deer,
duck, geese and grouse in their season
aud the best of fishing the year round,
This whole country is best reached from
Moyie City, it being located midway in
this territory.
Another interesting item about tliis
country (South Kast Kootenay) is thai
thirty years after the excitement of
placer mining is the discovery of such
mines as tlio St. Eugene at Moyie City,
the North Star at Kimberly, aud recently
the Corouado on Wild Horse, not to
mention others of loser note, but all of
immense value, which are on one or the
other of these early pioneer pack trails,
and who caii say how many others aro
yet to be discovered? 1 should like to
reminisce and speculate further, but one
must not use up too much space of a
newspaper with reminiscences nnd future
speculations. Enough for the present
time; I may conic again. .1.1. B.
feet high. The new outs weighed *151bs.
per bushel, Tho crop w'as grown "Without any irrigation. Splendid crops aro
reported from ell parts of the district.
The wagon road from the Crow's Nest
Pass down to Wardner has now been
completed. By this road tlie main .supplies will be brought in. Merchandise
will also be freighted along this road, the
same being delivered by railway at the
Pass, for the people-in south oast Kootenay. Thit: wiil make Wardner a busy
town during the winter, ns slid will lie-
come the chief distributing centre for
south cast Kootenay.
Work will lie pushed on vigorously
along the entire length of tho surveyed
line during the whole of the winter
months,wherever it can he done. The
Completed survey is now nearly finished
Tlie line will be one of the marvels of the
age, n.t only from tlie rapidity of its
construction hut its easy grades through
a mountainous country, not exceeding
anywhere one percent, There will he
no snow sheds, as there wili be no danger of any liability from snow storms
blocking the communications, Tho onlv
considerable rock work will be near
Moyie hike, where there will be one
tunnel if not two. (trading is now going
on on the west side of the I'ass. The
line will in all probability become the
favorite means of travel to Britisli
Port Steele news.
Of the laying out ui townsites in South
East Kootenay there appear* to be no
end. Ponth Kast Kootenay wil! require
to Hourieh most vigorously if all the
sites which are contemplated are to l.e
iceupied by prosperous towns. Tlio line
uf railway will puss by many of them, I
Urid soine of them wiil smite day be I
bustling towns tilled with big popultt-1
tlons. The latest towjisites are Swansea I
ut the east end of Moyie Lako, which
was formerly known nnSifton City, and
Tracy on Tracy creek. This latter town-
site hns now been surveyed and the lots
placed' (in the market. Swansea in in
the course of being surveyed nnd the lots
will this winter be on the market. A
townsltO is to bo surveyed near the Park
bridge on the Elk river. Tliis town si to
Is being laid out by the Kootenay Valleys Lund Company and tho Crow's Xest
Pass railway company. It is contemplated to make Ibis townsite a big smelting centre. It will be near tite finest
water powor in British Columbia, and
there are some line limber limits in its
immediate vicinity. It is close to the
coal fields whore there will bo abundance
of coke.
It is rumored that sixty young men
'from Engl ml have left Montreal en route
for South Kast Kootenay by the Crow's
���IJest I'ass for tiie purpose of taking up
lilnd and becoming fanners there. There
is tibundunce of land in south east
Kootenay for (arming purposes, notwithstanding the prodigal grants that have
been recklessly given away by tlie Provincial Governments to corporations and
individuals without any adequate compensation therefor. The x land grows
splendid crops which givii magiiilicent
yields, and irrigation is not indispensable
for tho.cultivation of these crops.
Ono of tlie flucst crops that havo been
produced this year tout Cranbrook he-
longing to tbe Hon. Colonel Ilaker. It
is a field of oats 120 acres "in extent. Tlie
yield was over 50 bushels per acre. The
stalks of the grain in ear were over five
Soard of Trado Meeting at Steelo
A meeting of Fort Steele Hoard of
Trade was held In the school house; Kort
Steele, last week to consider Eovoral
matters of importance. Tiiere was a
fair attendance. The president, Mr. J.
A. Harvey, occupied the chair.
Reports were given in by various
committees on a variety of subjects���
such as Are protection, sidewalks, town
Incorporation and customs. The fire
committee made several important suggestions as to the protection of the town
against lire by providing ladders, buckets, water tanks, portable engines, fire
guards, volunteer brigade, etc., am!
the committee was continued and direct
ed to meet the tire wardens in order to
carry out some of the suggestions. The
sidewalks reported that sufficient funds
had been subscribed to construct a sidewalk along the entire length of the easi
side of Riverside avenue. The commit
tee was continued to get the side wall
constructed and to obtain estimates foi
the lumber and work.
A communication was read from Mr.
Pope, one of the secretaries of state at
Ottawa, requesting certain information
as to whether all.tho requisites for the
incorporation of tho board had been
complied witli before the certilieate ol
incorporation could Im granted, and
particularly whether there was a population oi 2500 within the district in
which the board was to operate. A
committee was appointed to obtain the
necessary information and prepare ��
reply to the communication.
Tlio effect of the enforcement of the
public works act during tbe construction
of the Crow's Xest Pass railway was
next considered. I'ndcr this ad, which
is n Dominion statute, the minister ol
public works for the Dominion hae
power to suspend all liquor licenses
within an area of twenty miles on dither
side of the proposed line of construction
until the line of railway is completed.
Not only can all licensed houses be shut
up, but al' liquor found therein is liable
to seizure. Should the aet be enforced
all the licensed houses in Fort Steele
division will be closed. The act docs not
apply to any licenses existing in an
incorporated town, but as there are no
incorporated towns in the Kort Steele
division there can lie no exceptions.
Some considerable discussion took place
among the members as to this interference by the Dominion government with
provincial rights-and finally a committee
consisting of Messrs Harvey, Ilerehmer
and Bailey was appointed to communicate witli the minister of public works
to have tlie area of Kort Stetle, so fur as-
existing licenses were concerned, exempt
from the provisions of the act.
The board next considered the condition of land rights in South Kast
Kootenay and the difficulty of obtaining
information as to what land was open for
settlement. Intending settlers coming
in for tbe purpose of hiking up land had
the greatest difficulty hi procuring suit-
aide information. The officials hud no
means of 1 In parting information, as they
were entirely without it. There was no
regular survey and no maps or plans
showing properly what land was free for
occupation. Another great difficulty in
tlie way of settlement was that* large
tracts oi land bad been given away and
the boundaries of those tracts were not
sufficiently defined; the land marks had
gone, tho corner posts had decayed and
the lines marked out had disappeared.
Cases had occurred where settlors bad
settled on these lands and then hail to
give them up.
It was resolved to draw the attention
of the provincial government to these
facts, so that the land companies should
properly define their mete* and bounds;
that suitable information be prepared
and the same supplied to the officials, so
that they would bo thoroughly posted
to give full and complete information to
intending settlors, as there was a large
emigration coming on and it was desirable that this emigration should be
A committee was appointed to carry
this resolution into effect.
r,Tliomfla McNaught, Financial Agent, Fori
Steele, liwcbv glvu notice that Hixty uaya after
date ii In mv intention to apply i" apply t<> Ihe
Olilef I'ommlsMionerof Unas Si Works for pur-
iii[union  io puruhftu six  limulrec] and forty
'���:! bit wil I iiW'lii iVil': V i ']' ii. rli.i'.'l Will v
thUnotlculB pouted, being on the went ship nf
Movie l.:tl;i' and about font milCHtroin it;: upper
end. The boundaries iireiw marked out iroin
my north-west corner which Ih hi l-Iosc proximity to this notice niiinclv, running south SO
eltaln.1, mid to thecasi mi lihainn- thence north
HOChaiiw, thuiieo west to thontartlngpolntSO
chains, I'ontalnJjig (Ml hitch unoccupied land.
The starting pOuit running due west from
Moyie i.nkf taking in a little of both the Little
Lamb anil tlt��JUg Lambereeks. Locatedlst
day of September, 1897.
Fort Steele, 20th September, 1807.       2m.
Iiivery, feed & '
Sale Stables,
Fort Steei-e. S. E, Kootexay;
l'uck Trains (or mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinda iindortnkon,
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
*���*���**. ��--v
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kast Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
srii.i.ni.u'iiKKN, Kast Kuiiti:.\a r, D.C.
ciiulci' Willi's, LintiorK-t dinars.
l'.i.-k llama lor Sitli* nr Hire,
Klt-li* tlt'.liutllill I'lllit to (iiiusts.
-*!&.��, "*2^
FKA3TK IJKACOX, I'l'opi'lctor.
We wish to inform the
public that wo arc prepared
in do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Bate Printing
in all its branches:
0\\v Specialties:
N'.iH' lli'iuls
1,1'MiT lli'iuls
11.M lli'iuls
iinihi mils
(Villi!)- Ciirils
Hiisiiu'.s CimJ
, ,,,    l.llllllll'l* Hooks
<"<  llmikWork
i'roinlsary N'otos
s���_    Itwolpt forms
?V\  Blmru r.'-llllr-ili's
70 f   Assay l-"iirilis
("<    l*rli;.-**|s*s I.Alii'ls
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, 11. ('.
,* T3113 T> W
Situated on Perry Creek,
25' Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay��
v|?f7       J;
.bo rnj\ mu
$75 to $150 Eaeli according to
Ono-tliird down, billaiico iu three mid six
montliH, without iutcn'sl
if m
i\    &v.!
A (7"r>. *<a    (T A J- f�� A "B? V
iiLaLtwIlErO-)   v^/l-iiv4jz:.n__A\. Ji .
Upper Columbia
avtgaiton 6c Orammau
Co., Limited,   and
T'B'3'��-^1T,"'3Ci^'-1|Ot^O i      'feV^^C-'ii-r-'Tflh**!^      BjfATOTIC! TI "ST
Connecting with the <'* 1*. ll. al ('Iolden; B.  0.  and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Slontuna.
I^ir 43 Hours to Fort Steele, IM
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday
evening'in arrival of Easl bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fori Steele and
Ihe   Cniy   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of l;. C Co'y, Golden.
wal  Merchani
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
r\^ i
to mpflnn &
:Fort Steele, 3��. CL
Choice Wines, Liquoiis anh Ckiabs.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor.
Subscribe for
The   Steele  House..
First Class ''.rands of Liquoi'8 and Cigars     o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Rest Cuisine ill tho West.      o o o
Modern Conveniences �� o o
Homo Comforts.
D. MctfEISH, Proprietor.
���nn) ^o*\ mr^ P?"l ^^fjUsii^iiwi^iitiiiiiWi   "1^ xtm*)
,_^d.vextlse    132.    "TS^S       ^3B^ST       ^OOT^^T,^-11^     ^��Z3>TS^��." - -*-..���.*.!, I iiliSi*g*J5*>*.i--t. ui .**-Ww****���>
���Budg-at  of   IntQi-ostlng   Local
General Naw3.
Mr. F. C. Lang, assc-por, has returned
'from his visit south where he has been
.engaged in valuation work.
Mr. Tom Todd eiune in on Tuesday
'.from Prairie Mountain   where bo has
beon at work all summer on some pron
ising claims.
Presbyterian services as usual on Sun
day next*���morning and evening. The
subject for the evening will be " Carnal
Our energetic tonsorial artist is making somo improvements in bis parlor.
Plasterers are now busy making it more
Dr. M. F. Biukley, dentist, Calgary,
'is at tho Kootenay house this week, and
lias beon kept busy extracting and re
pairing decayed teeth.
The (iolden Lumber Co. have import
ed a number of men this week from Al-
ls:rta to assist them iu their operations
at the mill and in the camps.
Tho " beautiful" made its first appearance this season nn Tuesday morning,
but disappeared as quickly as it bad
come. It seemed ns if it was only i,
warning thai winter was approaching,
President Sir W. C. Van Home of the
C.P.R., passed through Golden on a
special Wednesday morning from the
east. He was accompanied by General
Manager Whyte and Asst. Supt. Nib-
Mr. J. C. Greene, who was representing tbe Golden Liberal Committee at tin
.New Westminster convention, a reporl
of which appears in another column,
returned from tlie coast on Tuesday.,
Do not miss the inspection of the lint
stock of dry goods and gents' furnishing!
now opened up at 11. G. Parson's store
The complete range, quality and price
of the goods, undoubtedly surpass anything hitherto soon in Golden.
The Bishop of New Westminster con
ducted divine service in St. Paul's
Church on Sunday last, morning am1
evening. Holy communion was administered at the close of the mornin;
Hon. Col. Baker returned on Monday'*
stage from Fort Steele. A few of tin
electors had an informal meeting will
liim when several important mattery
wero discussed. Col. Baker left Oi
Tuesday's delayed train for Victoria.
Mr. J. B. Mc.Vrtliur, a prominent
Rossland solicitor, passed through Gold
en from the east the other day en routi
for his homo In West Kootenay. Mr
McArthur is the owner of some promis
ing properties in tlie Findlay Creel
Mr. AV. Alexander, C.P.R. watch in
-speetor at Canniore, Field nnd Donah
was in town to-day. During his stay In
made arrangements to Spend two days i.
week here in future, so that he may bi
better enabled to attend to the require
moots of his customers here.
Mr. W. L. Houston has a scheme 01
hand for supplying tbe town witli electric light. It is hoped Mr. Houston wil
carry bis scheme into effect ns it wil.
be of great benefit to the town. Then
is little doubt but that the business ruei
of Golden will give Mr. Houston cvor*.
encouragement in bis enterprise.
The Anthracite mines have beci
pumped out and a large force of men an
���engaged in clearing out the debris left a
the bottom. As soon as things htm
been put in shape three shifts of mei
will be put ou and the work of raisin:
coal will be pushed to the utmost capa
���city, ns a largo amount of coal is required
for Immediate delivery.
A Chinaman appeared in Silvcrtor,
the other day. lie came from New L'en
vor to peddle vegetables, but we an
.glad to state that he did not sell on<
cent's worth in this camp. That is tin
way it should bo. Persons who patronize Chinese should ho given to understand that if they continue, to do so thai
they will not receive the patronage ol
the people of Silverton.���Silvertonian.
Mr. 11. J. Starfortb has taken Mr.
G. Bligh into partnership with him and
the business will now bo conducted by
Messrs. Starfortb and Bligh. Mr. Bligh
lias recently come among us from tin
eust and evidently has faith in the future of our town. The Miner wishct
tho new firm, whoso advertisement up-
jioara in another column, every success
in their enterprise.
A social will be held In the Presbyterian Church ou Friday, Oct. 2llth. A
musical and literary programme is being
arranged for the occasion and refreshments will be served during tho evening.
The price of admission bus been fixed at
50 cents, children S years of age and under will be admitted free of charge, anil
children over that age 215 cents. No
effort will be spared to make tho entertainment a success.
Preparations for this winter's curling
are going ahead rapidly. The managing
committee have been very energetic this
week and have completed arrangements
for the caretaking of the rink, and also
for repairing nnd improving the same.
Among the principal improvements will
lie the fitting up of the waiting room so
.that spectators may view the games with
.comfort. The skips who were appointed
ut the meeting Inst week have also been
,at work and a number of new members
have beon enrolled. There is still room
.tor more and those who wish to join
.should at once notify the secretary or
tnny,.��#or.officer of tlie I'lul).
 .1111.1   IB    ���l.l*..,*SII.**,M,,**-,*. .1 ****���***���*-**-*��� ��� .1 I.I     I
The University ot Toronto has conferred the degrco of LI..D. on Hon. Sir
Wilfrid Lauricr.
The Calgary Herald spells Klondyke
with a 0, while tho rest of us spell it
with a K. The only way we see to get
even is to spell Calgary with a K.���The
Hondas Banner.
Our issue this week is, wo regret to
say, a little late owing to u rush of job
work which has kept tho staff working
early and late. We are pleased to note
this appreciation of our efforts to provide
high-class job work at prices no higliei
than are charged at other places foi
inferior work.
Mr. J. V,'. Snodgrass, mail contractor
in tboOknnagau country paid a business
visit to Edmonton last week. While
there he purchased a largo quantity of
oats for delivery this fail. He is much
interested in the Yukon route and says
the Edmonton route finds much favor
even in British Columbia.
A special meeting of the Edmonton
Hoard ol Trade was held last week for
the purpose of considering prompt methods of advertising tho Edmonton route
to the Yukon. A draft of a letter to be
forwarded to eastern business houses was
read and endorsed by the board, and
a resolution was passed requesting tht
town council to appropriate an amount
sufficient to defray the cost of a lithographed map to be issued by tlie government geological survey; the map lo bi
'in colors and to bIiow the land and water
routes to the Yukon.
The prospectus of tbe Northwest Min
ing, Development & Trading Company,
of Chicago, has just been issued. It il
Accompanied by u map showing tin
Mackenzie route to the Yukon as far as
Fort Norman, where it leaves that rive,
ind goes across country tothe Peel. Th'
prospectus says that the company wil
���lend out a prospecting party of twelve
men in a day or two from Chicago vil
-���t. Paul, Calgary, Edmonton and tin
II. B. Co. route to Peel river, which it I-
intended to prospect. The prospectu;
���ays truly: "The opportunities fo
discovering rich fields of gold in tin
unexplored regions of tho Northwest an
just as good now, if not better, than the)
wero a year ago. There are thousands 0
square miles of mineral-bearing torriton
where the prospector has nover Bet lib
Mr. F. J. McNally, of Cedar City
Utah, who started for the Pelly brand,
if the Yukon by way of Edmonton il
���ompany with Messrs Macdonald and
Hunter  two  weeks   ago,   returned  ti
Edmonton from Luc Ste. Anne on Satin*
lay last.   Mr. McNally disagreed will
the other two members of the party a
ro the advisability of securing the BCl
vices of a guide and packer in order tt
���nuke better time.   They had nineteer
loaded horses.   Macdonald and Huntei
���bought they could do as well without i
,'uide, but they were met by Mr. C. G.
Cowan on the Jasper trail instead of tin
Peace rivor trail and it would probabl;
'lave paid them bcttei in the long rui
o havo accepted Mr. McNally's sugges
*-**���. s>, ��� ���
The Case Wae Dismissed.
A story is told of a Glasgow baillii
ivhose knowledge of natural history wai
limited. One day when on tho bend
the following ense came before him:
A man who had a squirrel on going ti
iho country for a short time left tin
���quirrel in charge of n neigbor. Tin
neighbor when attending to the animal
incidentally left the door of its cage
open und, without being seen, it modi
its escape.
On bis return the owner of the squirrel
was angry nt the man for his cafelessnesi
mil brought an action against bin
lemanding compensation for tho loss o;
Ids pet.
The buillie heard both parties and then
,'iive tho following ns his decision. Hi
-laid to thu neighbor:
" Nne doot ye did wrung too open tlie
cage door, but"���turning to the pursuci
���" ye wus wrung, toe, for ye should hae
���lippit the beast's wings."
" It's a quadruped, your honor," said
tlie man.
" Quadruped hero or quadruped there,
if ye had clippit its wings it couldna' hae
llowu awa'.   I dismiss tlio cubu."
Subscribe for
The Providence par Go
l'rovldeiH'o, K.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox 115.00 to $150.00.
Hear f 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to f   9.00.
Martin * 2.00 to $   0.00.
Beaver (per pound)., -t 3.00 to if.   8.50.
Wolf | 1.00 to *   2.00.
Red Fox $ 1.00 to f   2.00.
Mink f   .75 to f   2.00.
Skunk  t   .25 tn j   1.00.
Gray Fox $   .50 to ��     .75,
Rat *   .20 to $    .26.
now being offered for
Patent Hungarian Flour $2.95
Best Tomatoes, per case $2.95
��� Wo have a large, stock of the above and
require space for other goods.
Seneral nferchant
S. ��.  TtfcVermot,
��  ��  ��  ��  ��
Don't Forget These Facts:
MCDERMOT is -showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
pp^j&Ss&c bicycles rSSs
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
��  ��  ��  ��  ��
���flrtpftC JJ/T\AT has just received a large consignment of the
UiUUEI\UiUl Kickapoo Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man or woman (riglit up to date).
Itedpath's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
preserve Jars-all sizes at   EHSTEt|jl    PlJIGES.
GHljISTIE'SBlSGUlTS. aii kinds.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.
" Direct Import."
Price list on all other furs ond skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, nnd immediate remittance on
all consignments, ,1
If you intend buying any
it will pay you to inspect our
stock.   We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
General Dealer.
���-In Golden, is:���
Tib.�� Best Store
Xxx East 2SZooten.a3T
Miners & Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock.
WARREN'S other line of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
necessary to become a constant customer. WARREN'S STORE is the foremost in the district.
The G-old-eaa. <3c Foxt St����l��/
Limited Liability. :
Authorized Capital Stock
756,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stock ���aea.
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British olumbia.
The management of the Company is in the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.:Tnos. McNaught, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-Presidet: M. Carlin,, Manager Golden Lumber Co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell T-elephone
Company, Calgary. ; ,        7
Secretary: Geo. S. McCarter, Barrister Golden.
S. Barber. '      Alex. Allan.        H. G. Parson.
There are no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until the Company earns dividends. ,;.*���'
The Company posesses interests in two of the most
promising mining properties in East Kootenay: The
" Tinbasket Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and the Mercier Group at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in the Golden Mining Division. Tho
Company has these properties under development and on
tho latter property have several tons of high grade ore
ready for shipment.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others oil behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares has been sold.
A second block of 50;000 will shortly be issued at 60 Cents
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
The Best Beer In Canada 1b mude by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacture" of Beer, Ale and Soda Water
insist on Kettiuft Calgary Beer every time. Tliey
alt have It. The Company'it agent for taut
Kootenay lu
H. O. FABSON, Golden, Bid.
We can.
M 1ml
��  ��  ��
Our motto is :   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
*  *  ��
Merchant Tailor,


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