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East Kootenay Miner 1898-01-06

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Devoted to tbe ping Interests and Development of the District of EAST HOOTEff AY.
fr'TJ No. 24.
Golden,  B.   C,   Thursdsfy  January 6th,   1898.
$2.00 Per Year
I "%f" '' KOTARV,  KTC.
' Ai.axtVaaa Block,     -     Gowns*, B.C
Fire, Ufe, Real Kalattf, House Agents,
Anctloiiecrs and Custorhn Broker*
Fire Agoaciei":
QRaiin, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
Kuropean Stram^hip Ticket Ofllee.
The Huu S,lte Insurance Company.
Tho Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
'i     ,   Thu BIrbeCk investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mala. Broker, Flaaacla! Ape.t, Conveyancer
aid K.ujy Pnlillc.
t-iMI e��eo .ddrOM :
Aim? Ofllootf and
Chemical Laboratory,
��� (Katabllihed ItWO-J
Far tfverai years with Vivian A Son*, Swan-
Ma, and local repremintatlvc fur them.
Far �� years manager for the Maayorc to the
BU Timo Co., Loudon.
Wanadlan ruureaentatlro of the Cased Gold
Extracting Co. L'td, Glasgow {Cyanide proetiM.)
5.B.���All work personally nuperintended. Only
tompatent wen employea.    Ho pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
M.iui Prepared.
Pifsipt atit"ltlon plTen to order..
A -itipply of Building Lime for .��!..
The Golden
*��� "-v��-**.*.
Freah and Halt Meats.
Fiah and (iMDs in season.
Dealers ln Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mall orders recolve prompt attention.
Livery and
Peed Stables
���Haedfcadrile Horses and Rig* of All Kinds for
���Ira at Reasonable Rates.
ttamlngef All KlndaaHpechlty.
Hafeiilton and Skelton,
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By every man who has a watch.
��� W. ALEXANDER, <��>
C.P.R. Watch Inspector will b��
^r.iWarln*r to Frldny __^
��aoh week. Satisfaction Guar;,
antned. Work can ho left at
k H. Be
Wedding Hinjs
il Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
V****.    *.-- I���   ���     ���I'-Hl *
Newly Hclitted k Uefurnislied.
The la-st ol the kind went of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
& Embalming
Telcjraph order*receive prompt attention
��� d. SMART,
��� CALQARY, A..TA.  ���
��� .��������������������*��.��*>��..����*�� �����*��������������?
The Providence par Go
Providcnoe, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Trices for next sixty
days are as follows *.
Silver Fox (15.00 to (150.00.
Bear if 5.00 to ( 25.00.
Otter ( 4.00 to (   9.00.
Martin ,..( 2.00 to If   9.00.
Beaver (per pound)...( 3.00 to (  3.50.
Wolf ( 1.00 to (   2.00.
Red Fox * 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink (   .75 to (   2.00.
Skunk  (   .25 to (   1.00.
Gray Fox (   .50 to $     .75.
Kat". $   .20 to $     .25.
Price list on all other furs and skinB
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and Immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, feed &
Sate Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
I'ack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
aro very interesting. Send
us a post card and wc will
mail one to you.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician nnd
Watches cleaned, .Ibwolloiiy mounted, dln-mca
tmMiiU'ft .m.l (iiiiih r.-prtiri'.l. Firm .'las. unrk
In every department.  A trialtiallelteo,SO eomu
W,ong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,
The province of British Columbia is
desirous of attracting attention in the
groat markets of the world in order to
obtain capital and to increase its population. It has certain valuable commodities to offer in exchange���such ns minerals of different kinds, valuable Hinder,
extensive fisheries, and fruitful fanning
lauds. The owners of this natural
wealth have in tlieir wisdom seen tit to
offer their goods in London���the greatest
market ill the world.
It is, we lielieve, usually considered
prudent when endeavoring to obtain a
looting iu anew market in which there
is keen competition to send tlie best
samples. Western enterprise, however,
bus proved the fallacy of these old-world
business maxiniB we presume, for tlie
samples of British Columbian mineral
properties which have been offered in
this market have in a large number ol
cases been mere shoddy, and among
those few whicli have been sold how
many have been honestly worth the
money paid for them? tn this mart,
where the nations of the world are
clamoring to sell their warts, sentiment
hae been permitted to influence business
and our colonies have been favored
sometimes unduly. Tho confidence of
the British investor was rudely shaken
in regard to Westralia, and tliis lesson
has not been forgotten.
British Columbia had nearly everything in its favor when it came on tlie
market; it possessed a few shipping
mines developed with local capital; fortune hud favored it with great natural
advantages as regards climate, water
communication, size uud extent of ore
bodies, timber, game, etc.; it had found
favour in tlie eyes of shrewd American
investors; and tho purse strings of
Europe were inclined to loosen. A little
money was invested, moro or less tentatively, and of tlie results practically
nothing is known. Directors indulge in
Utopian forecasts, as usual, hut the public waits in vain to ascertain facts. Wind
is lieing done on those properties���are
thore no mine managers? If there is no
return on an investment it is at least
some satisfaction to know the money
has been spent. The Government ollicials havc.done little or nothing lo make
known the resources of tlieir province,
and yet they hope to compete in this
great market with established goidliehls
whicli spare no time or trouble to give
the public the most complete and reliable information concerning tlieir progress. This selfish and shortsighted
policy would almost lead one to believe
that thos. in whose hands the fortunes
of the province mainly rest have no
belief in its future and arc too busy lining their own pockets at the expense of
an ill-infornicd public���Tho London
City Leader.
has the best restaurant in Gold-,
en. It is open nt nil hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its!
Season. A pood selection of I
Chinese Lily llower roots apply I
at once for the Choicest ere they
go to
Tom Lee, Bakery, (��)
Heal�� Divy and Xlght.        '
Keep Away From Klondike.
Will Luhn, of tho Cole-Luhn Klondike
expedition, has written an entertaining
letter to J. M. Murpbey respecting his
adventures in tlio frozen north. The
letter is dated at Dawson City, Oct. 4th,
and the writer says iu part:
We arc,now encamped at Lousetown,
ono mile above Dawson City, on the
banks of the Klondike. Dawson is a
lively mining town and they say it is tlie
richest mining town of its size in the
world. Raw gold is the money and
everyone seems to have a Buck of it.
Everything near here ia taken und wc
will be unable to get a claim this winter.
Thore aro a lot of rich claims on the
Klondike, Eldorado aud Bonanza, ami
there are plenty that do not pay to work
them. The country in general is not as
rich as represented ane there are men
who have been in the country from one
to 10 or 15 years aud have not yet struck
anything rich. If any uf my friends contemplate coming hore, my advice would
bo, don't come. The river boats have
not all been able to get here, aud there
is a great scarcity of food.' Flour was
sold here a few days ago at $150 per
hundred pounds. Flour and bacon can
not now bo bought at any price and
many who are short arc striking for
Circle City or Fort Yukon to keep from
starving to death. Beef sells hero at
(7.50 a pound. Hay went from (300 to
(400 per ton*the last few days, nnd
horses are worth (1500 per span. 1
have not heard from the world since
leaving Skaguay anil do not know when
I will. We paid (230 to get from Lake
Bennett here, as we could not pack our
boat over White Puss, Boats are selling |"
at Lako Bennett at from (3115 to (700. |
There are many poor fellows who will
not be able to get here and will hare to
winter  on tlie hikes or upper rivers.���
... .. .*���! ���..-: ..I���
A Groat Success���Over Seventy
Couples Present.
The annual ball given by the C. P. It.
employees of Field to their Iriends was
held in the hotel there on Monday last,
when a large number of guests from
outside point, was entertained in u royal
manner. " The best was none too good
for us" was the niotto adopted by the
ball committee, and tlie best of everything was there���good music, perfect
floor, pleasant guests, dainty supper and
attentive service, all combined to form
the most succ.ssful ol the Field balls.
When the orchestra played the open
ing pieco at 21.30 over thirty couple,
took the floor, which number wss augmented by later arrivals to about seventy
collides, that being the number thut
partook of the supper served at midnight, and ol this number the following
were from outside points: G. Evans,
Medicine Hat; Jas. Fitlkuer, Geo. Holding und Mrs. Whitehead, Calgary; Mr.
and Miss Carded, M. Curdell, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Carey* T, Carey, Miss Clarke,
Miss M. Clarke, Mrfund Mrs. W. Alexander and Canniore; Mr. G. Mc.Manus,
Mr. H. Lang, Mrs. and Miss Turnbull,
Anthracite; Mr. G. Wilson, Laggan;
Mr.Currie, i'alllscr's Mr. and Mrs. Wells,
Miss Wells, Mrs. Cameron, Miss Tolinie,
Mrs. Burrie, Miss Doyle, MissBrownrigg,
Miss Harrison, Mr. Aylmer, Mr. V. Lang
and Mr. E. A. Haggen, Golden; Mrs. T.
Dunn, Donald.
To ask one to.describe the dresses aud
name the belle of tlie hall is putting a
heavy burden on your correspondent,
but after asking quite a number of ladies
present the name palm was awarded to
Mi.-* Cardell, whose dress was strictly
up-to-date snd whose dancing left nothing to he desired. I know that in thus
venturing to single out any name for
special mention that 1 am treading on
very thin ice, but in doing this I am in
no way disparaging tho many tasteful
dresses which were to be seen. All of
the younger of tlie young ladies present
looked bewitching, and it was no easy
task to make the choice. _l
1 gleaned the following partic'nlars as
to the costumes worn by some of the
Indies present, but I cannot be expected
(being merely a man) to give a satisfactory deseri ption of the varied toilettes;
so if any mistakes have" been made I am
willing to acknowledge rny mistake's and
crave the pardon of " ye hulye faire."
Mrs. Carey was very trim and neat in
a walking costume of tray with'military
braid trimming j Mrs. Dunn, in a black
silk dress with red chiffon sleeves, made
a bright spot of color againBt the more
sombre color of her partner's edit; Mrs.
Wells was tastefully gowned in a black
brocaded silk with jet trimming; Mrs.
Whitehead woro a black lustre trimmed
with pale blue cashmere, which was
very becoming; Mrs. Turnbull had ou a
quiet costume of black silk with jet trimmings; Mrs. Hanson bad n lovely pale
blue silk trimmed with blue satin ribbons
nnd chiffon Ince; Mrs. Cameron wore a
dainty skirt of pink silk, a muslin bodice
trimmed with lace and having satin
sleeves; Mrs. Erieson.s dress was of pink
silk with an overdress of lace trimmed
with pink silk ribbon and jet; Mrs.
.lones was gowned in* cream cashmere
trimmed witli silk and luce; Mrs. Alexander's gown was of pale blue cashmere
trimmed with pale blue silk and white
luce; Mrs. Killeen wore a mauve silk
trimmed with black lace *, Miss Oardell'a
gown, which suited hor to perfection,
was of cream satin with an overdress of |
cream chiffon ; Miss Clark wore a brown
brocaded satin with silk trimming and
Miss M. Clark n cream China silk
trimmed with heliotrope suttn ribbon';
Miss MeDohald in a simple muslin dress
was a centre of attraction, as was also
Misa Brownrlgg, who was attired in a
pink nun's veiling trimmed with black
lace and jet; Miss Harrison won thu
hearts oi the masculine element not only
by her fairvlike dancing, hut also hy the
becoming costume of pale blue China
silk witli nn overdress of blue cbiffou
white muslin with pink flbbons (they jT*HE  golden ^hospital   ball.
both curried feather funs and were never I
wallflowers);   Miss  Carmen   also wore, The  Event  of tho   9e*t-*on--Youth
white muslin villi blue nillt sash; Missj
Tolmie had a lovely niauvesilk trimmed j
with lace and pearls; Miss McKay had
a   splendid   dress  of mauve silk with
cream   ribbons;   Miss Johnson wore a
pale blue cashmere trimmed with white
lace and blue chiffon, wliich  wus very
becoming; Miss Lattice hud a gown of
white crdpon trimmed with lnco.   Many
other costumes wure on the floor, hut ] '-wry direction came from a distnnco of
your   correspondent   can   straggle   no two and three Hundred miles In order to
longer with tho details, if woman's dress. | attein I this annual event,   It was the
and Beauty of Goldon and tho
Columbia Valley and Vlolnlty
Woll  Ropt'OBontod���-Grand Affair
The Golden animal hospital ball held
On Wednesday evening last was a grand
'affair in every respect,   Visitors from
The music was of the gilt-edge variety,
being furnished by Monsieur Augade's
orchestra, who were brought up from
Calgary   for  the occasion.   The extras
event of the season. Good music combined witli the efforts of the committee
upon whom the success of  the  nflalr
were played by Misses Curdell, McKay | depended tonded to make things appear
and Wells, tlie playing of the latter j bright and lively. Everyone appeared
young lady calling forth applause. l() ,mvc, hnM pu3* remembrances and
The supper was served about midnight ,     ,   ,       ,   .          , ������������,*,, .,,
,           ,    ,.,..,,,*.    ,,* sorrows for tho time being and sougtiuo
and as previously* Indicated left nothing
to be desired.   Dancing was  kept  up on-*'-"-* things nnd enjoy themselves on
until *1 o'clock, when a ring was formed (
and Mr. Aylmer. on behalf of the visitors
thanked the Field people.
this occasion ; everyone seemed happy
in the extreme;  and at the call of every
dance everyone was ready and willing lo
Judicious Investments In tho Mlnin-r1    ,        ,,'!', -,-,,.       i ..
,   .    _ I    Long before tho arrlvnl of M.AugRde'a
, ,    I orchestra the hall  wfts well filled with
When the  purse  strings  oi   British , ,, ,
capitalists are loosened there can be no tl,�� >'"ulh Bnrt hnni? '" ,"'UI"" ft"(1
doubt but that the various mining dis vicinity.   Several of tlltfyounger of tho
tricts throughout Britisli Columbia will fair sex took this occasion to make their
feel an impetus that will send the life- (!l,i,.,t a���.i presence was realized
blood rapidly coursing tlirough manv a ,     ,,     , ,.  ��� , .,
,   . .     '     ' . .     * s' " ,,.,     *       bv all and tueir compai.v eagerly sought
legitimate  mining  venture.   What we    '
need and anxiously hope for is capital to aftor*   Tho*v 1"oked d��-dedly charming
develop   promising   prospects   in   the J in their respective colors and were most
Kootenny districts.   It will surely come,   beautiful and graceful while nn the floor.
The pr.ju.lico against investing in mines j    ���������������. tlOCorutioiis of the hall were some-
is graduailv passing away.   It is true.,,,      ,    , ,    ,    ,-,        ,     ,. '
_,               '  * ,      *        ���    ,      ,.          Hung to he proud of.   I lags, bunting
there was  a time,   not so far distant
either, when mining, whether of gold, anu   ovorgreons   wen-   tastefully  arid
silver, copper or iron, was hardly cm- artistically ai'raAgcd-in every nook and
sidered a legitimate Held for investment,  corner, while rosy corners wore another
and when mining men, | articularly the j ,-lntul.,, for tho'.cony��lifeupe,of thoso wlio
promoters of largo enterprises, were in i ,.,      .   , ,,   '.    ..     ..      .,
' ...     , ,        , .did not dance: so that-altogether the
the eves of investors too often classlned
with'tliogrwi, goods in*.,, and the gold ���tlecotaUona.toHect credit oil t.l��se wh..
brick  manufacturer.     Now,  however,  had tliis branch of the proceedings In
that there have been so many failures iu   charge.
the Industrials, the investor is compelled     Th��� _���,,*.,���, wm -,,���n�� excellent.
perforce to seek some new field  ior the   ,.       ., .     ..   ,'     ,,,    ,   .    , .    ., '
;   .. ,   ,     -*, ..        .  .   Evorytmug that could be desired in the
legitimate einplovnient of yis capital.
But where can he find such a-fioUl in' way of refresliment was heaped up.'o:i
these days?    Them Ijas been no class of a long t��le which fairly groaned from
securities in  which capital  has  been I feeing   overloaded   aud begged   to' he'
placed whieh furnished safer and sounder | r(,iio..e,j ���; its imi,'(,n,. Everyone did
investments and have returned a .larger!
and more continuous ratfe of interest on |
justice to it, ami aiterwanls ���.resumed
Ilia second half of the prcgi-aine with as
much vigor as they had started the firtt
part. Dancing was kept up until 3 a.m.
on Thursday morning, when. " God Save
the Queen " brought the dance to au
the capital invested in mining stocks.
Through the experiAice of the.recent,
years of depression the investor has at
last awoke to the fact and discovered
that there is such a thing as legitimate
mining, asdthaticgitimale mining offers
to-day most exceptional attritions to|end mi wefyone went home happy and
The mpsic was supplied by M. Albert
Augade's orchestra of Calgary, consisting
of coronet,-violin and piano, and every
selection was well rendored,  M. Augado
capital.   There  is  no  dftubt that the
coming  veur  wiil  Bee a great interest
taken, not alone iu mining --peculation,
hut iu legitimate mining���a branch of
industry which has gradually come to he
regarded as among tlie safest investments j
the country has got now.   Some of the':, too well known in musical circles to
ifcs.t eastern and llritisli investors are al! I require comment hero and we can only
the time on the lookout for good, gold or Lmgmtu*;.t*_  t)ie  committee on  lieing
copper   properties,   and   some  of  the]
best people aro going into Jheji).   East. |
fortunate enough lo secure his services.
Kootcna'v should ciinii* well lo tlie front;    The programme was   very  complclo
next year with bur copper properties.      |an(, _,^. ������,,,��������� vM 6,.u.,.(.,*,   It w�����
"" '0('*^ '.       ���      -,.    .j arranged  in the  following' Older," With
A man named Julius Tunte has )��sl * flv0 ���,raa during internii.sion:
been sentenced to eighty years' imprisonment by  Judge   Baker  in Chicago. I cuoiiuammi::
He will undoubtedly ho an old and
will command tlio respect of everbody.
when lie Is turned out in tlie street again.
A letter received from Insp. Constat!-
trimmed  with   blue satin ribbon  and
white lace; Miss Doyle attracted a grent i incuts, he has discovered the
deal of attention in her go'wn ol old gold J exercising an   influence   over
tine of the mounted police detachment
in the Klondike regions denies all the
reports to the effect that starvation Is
staring tlie people in the face, lie adds
that there is enough food in the country
to keep the population until tlio lirst oi
line next.
E. tiallaway of Vancouver sent some
homing pigeons to the Klondike aliout
three months ago, cue of whicli lias just
returned. A message had been attached
to the bird's leg by a brass ring. The
I ring was still on but the message was
gone. The bird is very much the worse
for wear, but has the distinction of mak- ]
iug the first trip from Klondike by tho
air routo.
According to tho Vienna corresponiUp t
of the Daily Chronicle, Dr. Bohonk, pro*
lessor at the University of Vienna M>a I Gr6bjI0 ,0. ,!i0 delicious icecream, and
president of tneKmbrvoloBlcnUrifltituto,     ������
olftims that fitter twetit> y��ars of experi- . *   "'
secret ol j House for numerous tusty etikos,   They | also bo�� to thank tho ladies wlio sou-
Military Schottlscho,
Lancers. ,
Waltz Quadrille,
Military Schotlische,
��� .    111.
The i
.'oimuitteo of management beg to
tlieir hearty thanks lo Mrs. J, C,
Miner tt Electrieiao.
trimmed with  blue velvet andl aud men so as to fix.the sex ef their off-I'tribn tod towards the refreshments.
chiffon; Miss Wells was most tastefully  spring. Dr.Schenk declines to reveal it J    Too nmtfv tl,���ntB .amiul be tendered
dressed In a dark skirt and cream  nun's   until he has placed his discovery before
veiling uodicoHl'lhilVii-d with liytow vel- i the Academy of Science and he says tho
vet ribbon, while her friend, Miss Turn-1 influence depends upon  the  nature oil.'"- giving  up  bis room
the food consumed by the female,  ���      ^notice  {pt  use  i\�� a rcfrcdimi-.u rtmui.
the Hon. K. W. Aylmer for his courtcay
a momeiit'a
hull, was sweetly pretty in her drcjs o.
- VheWth
��� i .j��u   iiHMni��>iii
A Watkly Journal, published cvwrv Thursday
1b thelutercatof tho Ka��i Kootenay District
umkiuK clou-eat 00autH.tlo11.-1 with ull IfUltlJ uiul
tui.ll rnutn.
&L'I.8CELIPTI0!*I RATB8:   lly mall or carrier,
gl.'JO per y����r iu a��Jruiivv.
advicktihini; RATKH: Dliplayada, 11.60 per
toluuiu tnub, |JsUO pt>r column luuli when In-
���Brte.i on tli-? title pauc : legul ad*. 10 mint* per
(nonpareil) Hue for Hrat Insertion, fi cent* per
line (or each additional   Insertion;   roadiug
BOtlOe* ! J cents per Hue each llUcrttoU.
C lunge* u( ads. tumi tie I unfiles nut Inter than
Birth, marriage, and  dtiaili   untie** Inserted
j them to drop into hoppers, whence it is
convoyed through pipes to u recuptuclej
Iwhind tho separator.    Eueh separator,
: ur section of three magnets, iH 7 feet
high, 3 feiit wido mul  IS inches deep,   [l..s.]
; and can bo built for $75.    Ono;
[tons of sand in 24 hours can be passed
through n Boparator,   Front 7 to 83 per
(cent, of the sand is iron ore.   At an
! average of 10 per cent, each separator
I will yield 10 tnnn of ore daily.
The coat is almost nothing as compared
with thn cost of mining, and tlie resulting product from tlie mines ia not to bo
compared with that of the sand an
produced by Ur. A I'd en's separator, as
tho sand U absolutely clean and free
mmt -mKM i n.inn ��� mmmw
i from earthy matter.
At weldin;
heat it
to   go
JOB DEPARTMKNTi  "ur Jub Department I liUCOliiOfi   iron   without
la tlie beat equipped prtutlug ulDcu in East I.,        ,       ,     .   . ,,,.
Kootenay and U prepared tu do neat. urtlstle| through  a  beat  furnace or a puddling
ftmo^^ MHl vm  tIu'n  bo worked into
1 Htool by the usual processes at a cost of
COURKHP'iNltBXTH:   We Invite  COmtSttOn-   .       ,,        *-     .
donee ou auy subject ol Interesl io th-; general i less than fi a ton.
public uti-U Ufiiro ti rugular cum'spouuuiu at     Tlio imnoHnnofl
���mrypolutlu the District,    ln all cases tint!     Im ""|M��nomw
boua a>.ii* tiuinl* of writer iniisi accompany tin'
manuscript,  not  Ht'ueMprlly  i��>r publication , , .   ,   ,       ,,      , _���..
butftiK guarantee of good faith, i known that along ihe snores ol the groat
CorrtaponilencowltbrWurencetoanymMU-r 1,lkufl  thuro ur,) ����muTO��a depwlti of
that has appeared In another paper luuat llttt   Irou-hcai'lns sand, any one of which  is
" ufftirmi to tiui papuMtir ji--*-*"-**""-' i.��f..��-
of Mr. Ardon'a Invention  is readily appreciated   when it if
hlieeliuu  In-fur.*.'
it VaU appear In Thk MlNKIt."
Address all communications
Gulden, IS. <-. I
pahlo of supplying tho world's deuinud
for Iron and steel for hundreds of years
This wonderful invention is controlled
I by the l/nited States Malleable Iron and
THURSDAY, .IAN.C,  1898.
During the present Klondike gold fever
excitement the mines nf the Kootenays
are apt to bo temporarily lost ��i.,dit of,
Hut in tho course of a little time theru is
sure to be a reaction that will prove
most beneliciul toottr mining interests.
.Many capitalists have ideas of investing
in the Yukon; but their attention will
be diverted to u surer mean!) of acquiring
wealth. An examination of the mine."
that we have in our district should be
sufficient to satisfy the most skeptical
thut the liberal investment of capital if
ull that is necessary to create Kl Doradoi-
from whioh rich pickings could be made
without the uuceitaiiitiesaml hardships
of an experience in tht* frozen north.
Karly in the season mining progress and
development were retarded by the enormous values placed upon properties in
certain districts of the Kootenays. Hut
that objection is now removed, and
capital is no longer barred out by exorbitant prices for ground to operate upon.
Tlie genuine prospector is seldom guilty
of this breach of business sagacity. More
often by far it is the small investor who
grubstakea the prospector or buys his
finding* fur a song, that seeks to realize
au abnormal price front thu capitalist
and fcuivwds in driving money into ,h
more congenial atmosphere. The average price of mining claims; based upon
locution, surface showings u��d prospective values, in not too high. It is
only when capital is attracted to a
locality by strong Incentives to^uivest,
that advantage is taken of the smiatiou
until high prices for raw ground (lis-
courages thu investor and the reaction
sets in. Unfortunately a collapse of this
kind invariably discredits the value of
,undeveloped properties, aud claims of
undoubted merit find no market, notwithstanding the permanency and value
of the mines developed. North Kast
Kootenay bast passed through this experience. Lower price! for undeveloped
claims, and more money put into actual
Steel Co., of whicli Charles Hrandes,
formerly of the Hank of Kewaunee, Wis.,
is president and treasurer, and II. It.
An'eit, son of tho invontoi, is vice-
president and secretary. The company
is capitalized at $100,000. The company
leased 280 acres of lake sand at Wlluke-
gan and owns the only Siemens rot tin
regenerative furnace in Chicago, from
which tho lirst stwl is now being produced by tlie use of iron now being
obtained from sand by the Ardon
process. Experts who have made n
close examination of the process and the
reluctant product are convinced that Mr
Ardou has revolutionized the iron Industry of tlio world.
VICTORIA, by tlio Grace ot God .ofthe United
Kingdom oi tireftt HriUiu itn.l  Ireland Queen
Defender of tha K.iitu ,dai., &o,, Aa
To our fnithfnl the Member] elected to servt* li
the Legislative Assembly uf Our Province ol
l!riii-.ii   Coluiulj.a  at   Our City ut* Vft toria-
1  ��'    nre   il.'sirou
A. O. Smith,
Deputy Attornej-ueuernl.
mm resolved, us mjou an muy he,to meet On
|it'ii|>k m our I'rovint'o of British Coltimbln
cu'i io liuve their ad vice In Our LecUlbiurc:
Nmv know yk, that for tllveraeausi'S an
ponhiilerationa, nnd hikUig Into (.'ooslderutloi
the eitsu and eonveuioucu oi our lovlny sub
Juets, Wc have thoujiht fit brand With thu u<
vice oi Our Kxeiiuilvo Council ol the Provlno
in llritisli Coltiiubiii- do hereby eoavoke,Hiul i/.
theae (ireseiits etijotu you, iiud eauh of you.tba1
on Tliuntday( the Tenth day oi the month o
iviiiutiiy. one tiiousiiuil ottflit band red am
uluuiy-eitflit,you meet L's InOur said Leglata
lure or I'arlliinu'iit of Our aitld Province a
cinr t-iiv ��>i Victoria, FOR THK DKHPATCH Ol
BLHINKS8, to treat, do, iwl uml con.-luuti u[>��
iboae tliin^n in our Lotflslrtluro ut th.
Province of HritUh Columbia; by the Cum
mon council of i iur viiM Province may, by tlu
favour nf Utnl, be ordained,
IN   TUSTIJIUNY   WllKIIKiH',    Wc   llftVO   QAI1RCI
these Our Lunvrs to be niade Patent, un
the Ureitt Haul ot th? mh.i Province to b
luieiiiili) itllixi'd: WltKHas, the Honoiii
Hide Thomas It. McIn.vks, Lleutenant*(Joi
enter ol our said Province of Britisli Col
iiiudIa, Our City of VlctorU In Our Hub
Province. this thirtieth day of Pwembei
In the year oi Our Lui'd uun thousam
eight hundred and ninety-seven uud ii
un- slstjdlral yeurol our ltel��u.
liy Coinmaittl,
dtiHO Provluelfil Seeratarj
Investments tn Mining Stocks.
In these days of stock selling and
hopeful expectancy, it is well to look at
facts and conditions in a common sense
way. Thero should be absolutely no
deception practiced either by the seller,
or by the purchaser upon himself.
When one makes up his mind to invest
in cheap mining Blocks, and by cheap it
is hero meant those selling forafew cents
on the dollar, he should investigate the
character of tbe men who are handling
the proposition. And that is about nil
that is necessary for bim to investigate
Treasury stock is sold for the purpose of
developing a prospect. This stock when
the proceeds from its sale have been
judiciously aud honestly expended, is
either worth' many times what it cost oi
else it is worth nothing at all. The prospective investor should therefore satisf;
himself that the money which he pays
into the company treasury will bu expended on development work; that the
men who own the property are honest
and tltat thoso whir have charge of the
i work to be done understand their business. One comparatively safe guarantee
as to the former condition, is a provision
in the company charter, or a contract
between tbe owners rendering their individual sfcck non-negotiable���or, in other
words, thatthe large owners have pooled
their Interests, In* this ciiso, it is u
pretty sure thing that tho company was
not organjfced for the purpose of selling:
stock for the benefit of the owners.     If
rr IM HO NO fit the Lloutennnt-Qovcrnor hfc
**   been pluosetl to make the following a]
Liuintuu'iii :
13th November, 1807.
��� Krakk Houghton of.Moyie Lake, East Koote
nny, Esquire, c.E.,to be h Justice of the Peaei
within ami lor the County oi Kouteiuy.
nWXIRS of Placer Claims are invited to urn
yj a tew ounces of the black or grey sand, oi
Ulned lu wiiihliig the gravi-l for gold, tu "Tin
Provincial Mineralogist, Bureau oi Utiles, VI.
torla," stating tlie n.ltiie of tiin creek fron
whicli the Bjtml is taken, ami iti locality.
It is believed that PI.ATINTU, and la-rhsp.
IRIDIUM, are frequently paused over and lo*
by the prospector, as tuey bure much tbeai.
(jeniv.i-.i'i' oi iron iu tlie sand. These inliierid
nre ak valuable us gold, the latter more so, uu
If tbe placer claim uwuem will send tnc blael
or gray hand as! il will be aisayeO am
the- rciulta given to tbe owner.
Minister of Minei.
\ SPECIAL MEKTIN0 of thtfahft'reholdewd)
���l   tlie (Iolden Lumber Company,  Llmltm
Llul.ilitv, will Ih> held nt (he fifth-.
o( the r.iiii|i'iuy nt (Iolden, Hrltisi
Columbia,on FIUI)AY,2W JANUARY,ltHW. a
IU o'clock a.m., for ihu purpose oi sanetlonliii
a sale of property of I he ('iiiupauy,
tiotden, It.Ci Pec. 20th, 1S97.        tU��Jfl4iP20
development work, insuring more  pav L,.
. .   . ,     i    this were not the purpose  then there
uiines,   a  arger output of ore iyid sub-' !    '
etailtial and well established camps add
wonderfully to the inining industry. We
are having ibiiow and the time will come
when the shrewd capitalist will tako advantage of the low prhVs for first class
mining claims in a-district which has
proved its mineral qualities m the rich
prospects discovered. In proportion to
'the outlay required valuable undeveloped |!
itn be but one other, to got the profits
out of the claim legitimately. To do
this, either ithe ore must bo dug from
the ground, smelted and sold; or else
the development must "show up" a
mine, to he sold. In cither caio the,
buyer of treasury stock gets a square
deal, nnd if the oro does not exist in
paying quantities, he has lost bis money
******************************_ ,  . ,       , ���    legitimate   business    enterprise.
kd��i cm. In- Mcnnd lilimiiiymliicnil Tlier8i| m m      ,  ,       llDhlrnil|w
di.tri.it8 that will prov- more iittntctlvo (or mMu Mm ,������ ,���������,, or ,,mft
to tl.�� mplu lit than the fully ilovoloiiei ! ,,���, hl!ta ,u||k wl���1|l(,r ur n���t tW>
mine, wliou he eomM to o know edge of      tf i:ontains ,      ,     ,,0l|v o( ore
tlmlr poNlbtllllw. The mining imliutry'*.; ^_ly ||np0_,lbl(! ,��� u t0 buy ���,������,, fu|.   notliins   in   it I'liiiipuny
] uwniu*,- n mini! in un ore body ol
freati'Ht oncniy in the linoiner, nim lirat i
��tti-iii|.tHtu get the eiirlli and tlion trlci
to li'iin- it iii before Ue in tvilling lu give
eapllul un opportunity. Yukon nr no
Yukon wu expeol to aes grout develop-
In llu't lCouteiniy noxt-|iiminer.
Iron From Sand.
Hy itii-aiiH ol a siinplu conibinution of
electro uiii'.'iii'ta aolin*; on a ahower ol
fiillini; aaml a Cl.iriuio inventor lia>
Hiu:oe..iIi..l in extracting iron ore from
the ��uiidu of Lake Mlolilgun and will
revolutlonlte tlio iron indaatry of the
The machine referred to is thu invention oi Mr. Henry Arden of Chicago, and
in shape and vizc ia not unlike an ordinary kitchen dish-iiijiboard. On top U u
bill to bold the sand. The front of the
box, or cupboard, is covered witli brass
plates. Behind theso plutos are three
powerful electro magnota, I'.xlU' inches In
aize, and placed out* above another 22
inches apart. The ends of the magnets
come in contact with the brass plates.
The sand falls in a stream in front of the
brans blates and us it docs so the
particlea of iron ore are drawn out,
adhering to the plates. Tlie upper
' inagiu'l catches tho greater portion ol
the ore, the last particle, remaining in
the ��nnU being caught by the lower
uiazm-t. An ordinary electric light-
current ia used. A commutator breaks
the current at abort .intervals, thus
demagnetising the brass plates and
allowing the accumulated ore sticking to
richness or any great extent has been
uncovered, There is this clement oi
chance in the business, which ull who
engage in it mult take. .When any promoter promises both a sum thing aud
large prollls he is trying to sell a "gold
brick;" but is himsulf playing " a sure
thing " game.
Now Inventions Wanted.
A brace���for tho use of ���' weak-kneed"
persons in the hour of danger.
A stump-puller���for people wno suddenly become " rooted to the spot."
A grindstone���.lor persons who "grind
their teeth" in a moment of anger.
An anchor���for holding people who
are frequently " transported with
Duplicate heads���for tho people'who
" lose their heads " at critical moments.
Insulators���for the use of prudish peo
pie who are frequently "shocked"-by
the language nf their friends.
Thunder roils���for the licnellt of persons who are " thunder-struck " when
they receive unexpected news.
It seems quite paradoxiral
And hard to understand,
The more debts are contracted
The more they wlliexpand,
voici; is lierehy gtveii Unit f shall apply fo
A' a siieulnl timber licence lo cut tlmlier tu
tin-ffilliiwhig described latitl�� :-i*oinmi-ncln-
nt ti [Kist ou Mid-Ik- Fork of Flnley OrcekjiiM
id tun I ml 1.1)00 Hot to thu iiorlh of Uir.llo'
i.'orral, N. K.; tlioitcu ruunluglflOt liulnnsouth
thunue 70chains wosti theneu i*!'** fiuiins north
theni.e "ii chains usst tu the |ioul of comiuonet
incut {containing 1,000 acres ti!io<il.
(iolden. It. (.'.,   OctoherJHh, 1H07-
Im^cLxo   Piesli   Primers   at
vTOTicKi�� lierphy given Hint I shall apply f<��
**   aspeelal timnur llconeu to cut Unifier oi
thu following iiii!' lands: -Uonimuttelui
ut h linst ��'u [lie North Fork of Fflltey Creek, ������
I'romi tlio creek from Die head nf llrstly's Oh' 1-
iiurth-oftst post; thence running south 10
ehrtlus ; thence iv'esl TOehalUN; thence uortl
liWch'diis! thunue east 70 chains to post of com
Fort Bteelc, October iMtlT,lH07,
MOTtCBlH li'-p-liy Klvrnthni'I shell ftppl)
�� for aspeelal tlmlwr llcuiU'O to cm iltulwi
���ni tliuVtotlowingduscrilitfu hnitls t��� Com mu tic-
lag Ht a poliii on Fiuley Creek, at the head <u
itiu can j on, imrih-ensi corner pout) rnuninc
\tfsl ���-iuili'liiiiu'i ;il.. mt' (liciiiiiie ,-onlli ; thT'tiii
���.tmi-littiiv- can ; Iliuncu40elinlns norihin|,olut
of <oiu)ii"1|H-iui*ut ; cotituiiillig i:l,mil l,(4Hi
J.   C.   IlfltlCK.
Fort Btoote.Octrtbor Stst. iso7.
������* will Ij�� Wide to tho Farliamtrtit ui Canndt
and lo th* L^inlniiv** Awn-jiut-ily c*f theI'ruvinct
of Ifriilsii CtdiuuldAit their rcspvetivu-i'ihaiu.ii.
to Incorporate a Company to construct u ruilwny to lie operated by steam oroleutrlelty frbm
a point nl or liei.rCriilit)iook,iii Evt Kooli-imy,
BritUll (lolnmula���the most northerly point on
th-.- Cne.v'i Sent Hallway.���tlieuua running in t
northerly direction up the Kootenny Rlvor to
Cm ml Flat; Jlieu.'c to tim Columbia I.ftke und
iu a uortlul-lv dlreetlon down the Columbia
Itlver to the Canoe River; thence up Hie Canoe
River and serosa tiie Porlago to the headwaters
uf tin* Fraser Kiver; thence down the Frusor
River to Cllscome Portage] thenee ner6Ha the
Portage to Parsnip River; thence down the
Parsnip Kiver io Findlay liiver, nnd up tm.
Findlay River nnd across tht- divide to Frances
Lake, mid tiienci' tu the' Yukon, witli power to
divert the route of iin- line north of OUeome
Portagd either by way ot Duase Lftltc or it.i may
In* found uiosi ���uiitiibl-on lurther explorutiou,
with power to build and operute lirauch tlni-f
not exceeding sixty miles in lungHi and all
neuesiary l*rttT>-i��s ana roads, Also, to construct
end operate telegraph nod telephone lines lor
thn tntiiNinisMimi of ineuagcs for tjiu piiblie; to
build, Hfqiiire Hiui opi'r.'.te Ntcuiii uiul Other
remieU and all neecmary ferries, wharves and
doi)k��: to take and uie water for generating
oleetrlcity, and to trnnxintt and tilNpose of the
power therefrom for llitlitlnu, heating und
motive hurposoBj with power also to carry on
thp bustitflBS of a general trailing company, ol
an ('X'.rt'sseoinpiiiiv; also to own, manure mul,
lease .toteln, to aci|ulrc, to acipilre timber |
limits operate saw mills, f^rttieprotlnelloii
and hh1�� of lumber- and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and tocarrv on a general
mining and ore smelting business, im 'hiding
the ereotloti and operation nf-mnctter* ami
Canada: |
i'hoviscK ov uutTisa Columbia, )
PIUS IS TO CERTIFY that the "Golden Bii-
' ish ColumuU, Limited," In autliomuii and
|i���nirted tu carry on buatiiess within the Prov-
nee uf Rritlsh Coluiubtu, and to carry out or
(feet all or unv ui the objeutsiiereiiialterset
orth to which Uie legislative authority uf the
���jCglsluture oi Urttish t'uluuibiu extends.
The head ofllee of the Company ts sltuutoat
���fo.��, Queen Street Place, City oi LOudou, Kug-
Tiie amount uf the cupiMl uf thu Cumpnuy is
;fl,000| divided into six thousand shares ni ��1
'I'nu hftitl ofllee of the Company in this Pro-
.iuri' is diluate ul tloIUOIl, hum William tiilbert
���litciiell-inues, whoae address U-Uoldeu, Brit-
di Columbia, is tiie Attorney for the Company.
Theobjeets ior wnieli tlie Cum]ianv hud bct-u
dtubtlshed and so licensed arei -
[a,] To purchase, take on leas1.*, ur otherwise
i quire, mines, mining rights, umi metultifer-
���us laud ami any interest therein, and to ex-
lore, work, exercise, develop and luin to
ciouiil HlUSttlUOi
[iij To crush, win, get, quarry, smeli, calcine,
ctine,dreiw,iui)iitjittmiiiei manipulate,puroharie
ifi prepare for markut, ore, metal, un.i miner-
i KiibstuitueH' oi all kinds, and to carry on,
.iiii'i-tipiui or lu cotiuectlon wiiii tlie premises
r elsewhere, tiie business of miners, milters,
Iters, a'iu \iiii'ki-!Mji uu
inaction, reduction and making murvbai)
t iniiieials.uieialsaud metallic product:
Golden Mfiife t,
Manufaot'-irere of and Deal���In m��
Uoutflas Fir,   Spruce nud Cedar I.uuiber,  Siding and Oorlnj,
Diiuvnalou Timber,   Cedar Sisinjflos,   Fence Pot,
Telegraph,   Telephone   and   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C.P.R. RyJ
The Golden Lumber Co.,/
(Limited Liability.)
upplfesof water, merchants, and mauufautur*
rs, and workers oi anv minerals, metals, aril-
leu and things used In ortu counei tiou witn
iiliilng, milling, smelting, aud other procusswa
ifortsunl, or any oi them:
P'j To nearch tor mi lies and minerals either
u laud known (ocotitulu audi mines aiut littorals or oiberwlsci and w buy and self, lease
r take up tlie ri;rlits ut >. well or Other mi:nr>'
[gilts or claims unuev ntiy niluliig statutes or
iMiiinions of anyplace where ibe Com pan) l
arrius on operations, and uuy other rights ri-
pectlng thesituiut
pi] Tu acquire options, or enter into contracU
ur tlie purchase ot uny grants; eoneeislous,
uases or suits, eaaenieuifl or Interests Iu lauds
raters, mlllsites, townsiics, mines, niii.eru^,
nd other hercuitainents, una any plant, mn-
ninery, linpleiueuts, cunveiilences, prorlsIoiiH
ml things, and any other property, real or
lorsonal, movable or Immovithlu, for purposes
uetdentul thereto or to uuy othurobjeets ol tlit
totnpau)', or capable of being used incojiuee-
iuii witu metallurgical uperutiunsur required
iy work men or ouurs employed by the Com*
-any, and to wort:, transier, let ur sublet tht
[ej Toacqttfro any Inventions, letters patent
irliuensus, capable uf being used for the pur*
lUKeaol tue Company, or any uf them, ami to
.oik, transfer, let, or sublet me name:
l. 'i'u t.cquiri- iu.u undertake the whole or any
���an of the busiucss, property uud liabilities, oi
.n> person or company carrying uu any bind-
.ess which this Cumpauy is authorised toearr)
in; uud to acquire and nold any shares, stocks,
Ullds, Obligations,  itebei.tun.-s,  hi'i'i.riiu-,.,  no-
otuii'lj or otherwise, ot or other Interests in
ii:y Llnglhdi, t oloulal or otuer companies, asso*
iatioilior iin-iertrikii!,;.-! capaldcol UUlug mait-
,ged or uomltieted sj as directly or lituirectl)
o benctlt the bttxluesioi lite Company. Ainu
o advance money ou any sueh shares, stuuks,
onds, obligations, debentures, securities of oi
ither Interest In such companies, associations
r utiuertakings, and to accept such shares oi
docks, bonds, obligations, debentures orsecur-
testis partial ur mil security iur payments due
u ii.l Company 1
C. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
itliers in acquiring, euustruetiug ur luring an)
iillts, canals, waterworks, mucliliiery, roads,
���ridges, tramways, railways, engines, pluut,
-tucks, bulluliigSi worga, mutters ur iniugr
.iihli may ue necessary or convvtileut tor ti.t
.< rp.jst's ut the Compaliyi ur any uf then), alii.
-.. in ��� working of tin- same or any part tneteoli
li. I'd Improve, niMlugv, develop, let uuueriei
if sell, or utheralse dispone of, charge or deal
.itn, in any manner whatsoever, the under-
���.alllg ur any pari ur parts ui tlie property oi
ue Company, ur any rights, way-leuves or
���uneinettt�� in or over tlie same, and to accept as
payment therefor either cash or shares, or
..tiriiy cash ami partly shares, in any uthtr
oiupany purchasing tlie samej
i. To establish anu maintain agencies of the
.uiupniiy lu any colony, duiniuioii, iorelvn
uuniry ur state, and tu procure the Company
u tn? registered or iueorpurated iu any sucl
uluuy, uomlulon, torelgu country or state:
j. Tu amalgamate with any oilier companv
.aving objects uitugetuer or in part siuiiur tu
ueobp:eiHof this Company, and tu enter lutu
-artuershtp, Joint adventure, reciprocal con-
i-sifon ur otherwise, with any comprfiiyor
person or lirm engaged oi' abuut loengaKeln
oy business or transaction which tins com-
jaiiv is authorised tu engage ln, or capable ol
leiugcoiKlucteasu as directly or Indirectly to
ueuelit tliisCouipany:
k. Tu hold, iu the uanmsof others, any pro.
ierty which ihe (Company is autuortsud to
v'nuire, and lu curry un or do any ol the
vUslUCtMCS and actsauu thingsnforesaiti, citiitr
.: principal or ugent, auo eitncr by tiie ugeucy
u wr i.s agents or trustees for oiuun:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
^llls of exchange aud other Instruments, ue^o-
Utile or oilierwisc,aud to burrow money cdtuur
Mill ur witiiout bseurlty, anu either upon ue<
.vtiable instruments or otherwise, Inuludlug
...- Issue ot debentures charged upon all or any
il the Company's properly (iiuth present mi
utureli Including iu uucailcu capftult
in. Topromute anu lorm other uiinpiinles for
.nyottue uujects mentioned iu tins Mcuior
u. Tu Invest and deal with the rnoneyn of thr
.'umpauy not immediately requlreu upou such
ecuriiiesund hi sueh maoutr un from time U
,iue be determined
enaY * Hease,
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -     -     ��
B.  C.
Firsi-curs la erery particular.   Convmiefat to Railway Depot and StMubtat Ua*ila#.
Rates Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootonay Houne, connecting with Steamer for Fort Steal* aT-aey
Monday and Friday after arrival of tralu from the w*hi.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts      ��� ���
Modem Couvcuiencea   ��� ���
lii'st Cuisine in the West a
I 'oininodiotts Sample Koonia e
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia JfousOj
WM. McNEISH. Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
jzzz* Golden, B.C.
���*���*���*. Hfiauiiuiirti-r* For**^,
Miners,   Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
3=3ates $1.00 Fer IDa3T.
Board & Lodgino $5 Pkr Wkkk.    First Class Bab.
o. To distribute any of the property of the
pMiy among thu members in spei-h :
p. To   carry ou  busluesa  lit nny part of tho
?orld aud lu do all such things aa ara lueldeu-
��� I or conducive to the attainment uf tbe above
uivfj under my hand aod seal of office at
.'I. turiu. Province oi ilriii.ih Columbia, thii
.viiitn.yol October, ouu thousand eight bun-
.rtA and uiiibly-ntveu. ,
E.llstrar ol Joint Sto-il* (.'ompanlea.
Solicitors lor Applicants,
Datod at Ottawa ftth November, \w.     lln-'Jt
VOTICK is homby ulven that iipplfcatlon will
" be luaiie to the T.e;islative A>��Aeiiiblyof th��
1'roviucuol Ilritinli Cuiuuibia,at lis next HCI*
��� Mm, ior a Private litU to tneurpnrsle a i'oui-
.-rtiiy (u builii, IqUlp, maintain mid operate a
dneor llliei) 01 railway irom a point at or near
Cranbrook.In Kust Kuuicuuy, tlmues iv th*
.ti'.m It-asilde route lo the at. Mnry's Itlver;
thence lu n westerly direettun to the head-
f.att'rsuf St.Mary's Kiver: uml ah.o lu au caster-
.y K.ud utirth-riy dlreciion irom suinr point ou
.tie as id lint1 a iH'uui'h linu up tlie Kast Koote.
tisv V.ill-.-v lo the uelghliourhtiiMl of Horse
I'ljief and No. 2 creeks ami tho ininesln that
rlutUltyi With power to 1)k> said Company lo
'ouMvit* ia Hue from ihe Hull Itlver Oroilp of
MlnuH, iu &>it Kouldiiay, to the most convenient point on |ha main line uf the
Crtw'l Neiit Pass Hallway; uud aUn
���..-) atithmize ant empower the Company, to
���.mild, Hum time to time, branch lines to
s'lonpsoi mlhes and concentrator* from auy of
'.lie three ubuve-meiitloucd lines of railway*,
.��uch branch lines not lo exceed twenty {:��)
mites in length; with power to tniild telegraph
and telepliouu lines, uiul io ciutp and operate
tin: Hii!*l lail.vay and Its liraucliai, and to orcct
and maintain ��11 ueecsssry works foBthe generation' and transmission Of electricity or
ptttver within the area of the operations of the
said Company! llll,t power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, doeka and Htiumboiita,
���ciw-miils, ami acquire water privileges toeon-
itruet dams. fluiu<.-s, etc.- for Improving and
increasing the water privileges, and to make
traffic or other amiiti;emeiiu witli railways,
���.li-1'.niboi.i or oilier companies, and for all id tier
usual and necessary powers, rights or
UOmvEI.L, IRVINtl A i*cpr,
i'oliciters for tliu Applicant*.
Victoria, II.C, 'ioih Octu'ucr, H)I7. 4n It
pUBMtt NOT1CKU hereby given that appll-
1 cutiou will he mude to the Parliament nf
Canada, at tlio naxt sevslon thereof, ior an Act
chaimlug tlie name of The Dominion Hulldiim
Mid Loan to that of Tlie Pomlutuu
furiuanenl Loan Compauy.
Dated at Toronto, thia I7tli day of Novembur,
an & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
. Gents' Furnishings,
���Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
2 Toronto fltreet, Toronto.
Botlcltora for Applicant*.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.C..  ���tmUmS
Groceries, Dry Goods A General Merchandist.   If intra'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
-m ���l- James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice IVinM, Liquors and Cigar*..   First ul-ua Ki'omraod.tiM.
East Kootenay^.a^^
Mining Stock List.
Nam* or Company,
The Gold Hllli 0. A D. Co	
Kootenny, Cariboo M, & I. Co	
Goldon A Fort Steelo I). Co	
Alberta A Kouteuay I). Co	
Kast Kootenny llnl Klk Hiver Development A Exploration Co	
% 750,000
(  500,000
I    75,000
��� ILL. Mill.
CAI^EHSUC   Go's..   0-0ld.��30- ft
By the Tran^mutat.lin ofthe Baser
Id a modest factory bir'ldingunTliirty-
iiintli atreut iu Chicago a man is at work
in laborer's garb who Inui revolutionized
tho preconceived notiona ol the world in
regard to the precious in .tail, and who
is even now demonstrating daily that he
can manufacture gold aiiil Bilver at will.
Thia is K. 0. Brice, the famous metallur*
glut and chemist, who for seventeen
years haa been experimenting for the
production ot gold from base metals.
Years ago, in Colorado, Mr. llrice conceived the idea that the gold found in
the fissures of the rucks had bean placed
there by volcanic action. Ho reasoned
that only through the intense lieat of a
volcano f-uuld the gold be fused as to ran
uiolteii   into  the  rocks, and   from this
iu cash, thus proventing the purchasing
ol influential mimes with no cash at
stake behind them, the effect would bo
Companies should also be obliged to
own their proporty and place not less
than one-third of the capital stock in the
treasury unless it is to be u close corporation and " treasury stock " should he
stamped legibly and printed in different
coloured ink ou script so as to prevent
the unloading of promoters' stock.
I think if such conditions were embodied in our laws sn as to protect investors in stocks, confidence in legitimate
mining would soon be restored, ns the
public could then see by glancing at the
certificate the amount available for development, aud whether it was treasury
or promoters' stock,
There is still available in Canada
hundreds' of thousands of dollars for
bona (We milling in British Columbia
Canadian        j. F. PUGH'S
Pacific Ry J
Idea he  concluded that  gold was  an but  not  for  companies    witli   empty
oxide, formed  by  the fining al a great I treasuries and with nine-tenths of their
heat of some other metals. These metals
lie determined to discover, if possible,
and for many long, weary years he has
been in search of them. At last he hits
hit upon antimony iu combination with
some other ingredients. Mr. llrice now
makes gold and silver.
For the purpose of creating the intense
heat necessary to fuse the ingredients
for gold milking, Mr. Brie, visited Italy
and spent months at Mt. Vesuvius studying volcanic action. Uo secured the
temperature of molten lava and returning invented special furnaces, capable of I
generating 5,000 degrees of heat, With
his experimental furnace he finally succeeded in turning out a product which
when refined yielded a large percentage
��� of gold and silver.    The process was a
I success, and needed only the finishing
touches to make it highly profitable.
The gentleman backing Mr. llrice were
satisfied that ho had made the most
marvelous discovery of tlio century, and
they resolved to erect a complete plant
for the " manufacture of gold." This
plant was only recently finished , and is
now in operation on Thirty-ninth street
in Chicago. Kvery furnace is in full
blast, and bullion by the ton is being
turned daily and shipped to the smelt
ing works for the final process of refilling. Tlie yield is 1511 ounces of pure gold
to the ton of oxide, worth over ��1,200,
and the product iu aliout three weeks
���amounted to over $50,000. When the
plant is worked to its full capacity it
will produce millions of dollars' worth
of gold annually. Mr. Brice with his
Midas' wand will enrich th. world.
With singular perversity the public,
have remained somewhat indifferent to
this great discovery und have allowed
the opportunities to profit by it to pass
unheeded. Only 7,500 shares of stock
ware issued, and these are practically
all held by aliout a half dozen men. One
thousand shares of treasury
stock have been sold only out of 1,500
placed in the treasury. The sale waa
stopped us no further money was needed. A chauco share here and there, held
by some timorous purchaser who expected a dividend within thirty days, can be
occasionally picked up.���The Banker,
Merchant and Manufacturer.
Canadian Mining Investor..
That the expression nf Oarniuu " a
dicker is born every minute" is not
applicable to Canada is becoming more
evident every day. Canadians have
bought and paid for the experience
gained from unscrupulous American
promoters of mining companies and they
are likely to profit by it, by leaving mining companies and stocks severely
alone, until such time as laws are enacted affording a greater Increase of protection to investors.
That mining in British Columbia,
under honest and capable management,
I. ��legitimate and profitable investment,
either for companies or individuals, is
beyond doubt. Never in tlie history of
mining was there such opportunities as
are to bo had at present (for those who
really mean business and have available
capital) in the district of West Kootenay.
Since the recent slump in silver properties that will no doubt make mines,
and whicli were formerly held at fabulously high figures, can now lu bad on
very reasonable terms. A fortune now
awaits those who have available capital
and have net lost their heads over Klondike, where climate aud travelling are
���0 unfavorable and results uncertain.
The richness and extent of the miner,
al deposits in Britisli Columbia arc
attracting the attention of tbe civilized
world and shrewd business men ar.
beginning to realise that there is no
more risk in legitimate mining than
there le in any ordinary commercial
enterprise and If the same business
privilege, were adopted tlio failures
would be fewer than in auy other Hue of
The majority of failures among raining
companies wer. due to want of capital to
explore their properties, tlieir stocks
being issued paid up, leaving no funds
in Ihe treasury. The other failures were
merely stocking acheme��,tlie main object
being to dispose ol promoters' share..
If the Campanula Act wu3 amended,
on the lines of th. Banking Act, requiring a certain portion of thu capital, say
ten per cent.,to be paid to the Uegietrar,
to be bunded bock to the company with
their charter, as their working capital;
aud if directors were required to own a
reasonable amount of stock, upon which
Ihp iqjuIkS too per cent, had boon paid' ammunition.
stock divided among promoters.���Geo.
II. Scott in the B.C. Mining Record.
Small Courtouloo.
We tiro all burn but once. Most of us
marry but once. And if we look at life
" as a small bundle of great things," wc
shall certainly not thiuk it worth while
to practice iinall courtesies. But if we
regard it, far more truly, its a big bundle
of small things, we shall us certainlv
feel that few things in life are worth
doing, It may never be in our power to
Bitve anybody's life, make for anybody a
fortune, shed lustre upon the family
name, die for our country, or act the
smallest river on fire in any way whatever. But if we conscientiously and
sweetly give ourselves to practicing of
small courtesies, only the recording
angel can cvor set down tlie good wc
shall do in our day and gene utimi to
hundreds and thousands of our fellow
creatures in tlie course of a lifetime.
Most people despise them as not worth
doing. Few people perform them with
any degree of consistency or loving kindness. Fewer still are content to do
them in tlie best way, unnoticed, utiro-
inembered, really feeling it to be emphatically a virtuo that is its own reward. Yet it is a wonder preachers do
not urge it upon their congregations from
a thousand pulpits���on off Sundays, say.
when they are not pitching into the
l'ope, if they be Protestants, if they bo
lloman Catholics, uud havo lime for the
marrow of all creeds, and can be content
to let the bones take care of themselves.
Write for pamphlet descriptive of tlie routes
lo the Yukon country
and sailing dates,
rate**:, etc.
Cheap Rates to  California and to the
Quickest route to the
East and to the Old
via  St.   Jolin, Portland   or
New York.
- V
d   F.   PUGH,  TAILOR,
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
Minister ol Mines nnd Provincial Secretary���
Hon. Col. JamC*. linker.
Provincial Mineralogist���W. a. Carlyle,
Public Assayer--U. ('urinlrlinul.
GOLD COXMlSHIOlfltltl,       /
For the Province���W. a. Gore Victoria
Suutti District comprising Fort Steele and To-
banco I'luins Mining Divisions���J. V. Arm-
strung Cranbrook
North District coninrlsinK Donald, Goldon and
Windermere Mining Dlvlslom-J. K. umiiths
J.fltirret Donald
F. C. Larig Guillen
ii, Gnl tile Windermere
('. M. Edwards  ..Fort Steele
M. PliiUlps Tobacco l'lains
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, balance In three and rix
months, without interest.
Deputy Chirk of the Fence Iur North Kast Kootonay Jostali Slirrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of tho Pence for Smith Kast Koot-
enay���Charles Massey Kdwards... l'ort Bteole
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Finish Your Work.
Always linish work that you begin.
One thing finished is worth a hundred
half done. The completion of an undertaking yields more pleasure and prolits
than dozens of plans. The. man who is
always planning and scheming is rarely
if ever, successful. He often furnishes
idea for others, who go persistently to
work and linish what his ideas suggested
" That was my idea���my plan," v.e frequently here some one say; but the man
who carried it out was the one whe
benefitted himself and others, Do not
begin what you cannot liiiisb. What
you undertake to do, do, and reap the
reward of your own ideas and skill.
Sever forsake a friend. When enemies gather round���when sickness falls
on the heart���when the world is dark
and cheerless���is tlie lime to try true
friendship. They who I urn from the cry
of distress betray their hypocracy, and
prove that interest only moves thorn. If
you have a friend who loves you and
studies your luippiucss, bo sure to sustain bim in nduersity. Let him feel
that his former kindness is appreciated,
and that his love was not thrown away.
If you could go back to the forks of the
Hack the long miles you havo carried tlio
Back to the placo where yon had   to
By this way or that through your life to
Hack of the sorrow nnd back of the care;
Hack to tho place where the future was
If you were there now a decision to make
O, pilgrim of sorrow, which road would
yon take'.'
Thou after you'd trodden the other long
Supiiose that again to the forks you went
After you found that its promises fair
Were but a delusion that led to n snare,
That the road you  first  travelled witli
sighs and unrest,
Though dreary  and  rough, was most
graciously blest
With balm for eacli bruise and a charm
for each ache���
O, pilgrim of sorrow, which road would
you take?
" Shall we shoot or hang him ?" naitcd
the vigilantca. The methodical man of
business paused to think. " 1,-ot us not
lie hasty," ho said, " for hurry begets
criminal wiwte and extravagance. The
Hrst thing to 'lo is to learn the price of
rope  and compare it with the cost of
For full
information and
apply   to   your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The most comfortablo hotel in South
Kast Kootenay. Good Tallin. Good
Wines. Good Attendance, Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Tho best (topping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation & Moderate Terms
First elui Feed Stabler
Extracts From British Columbia
Statute*  Explaining Fully th
Value und Necoiwity of a *' Fro
Minors "  Certificate���No  Person   Should   Attempt   Mining
Without Que.
Any  person  over 18 years of nje, may be
come a iree   miner \.v paying |5 to any gold I
commissioner or mintlM recorder and ubl&in-
Ing a certilieate good for one year.
A (rue miner ni*y nbtaiu u new certificate lor
one lout un paying 11.
A free miner's certificate in not transferable.
Any person or company working u mineral
rliiiui, in.-id iw r"*il e*ute without lictnuc,  raav
be lined |2fi.    Mines become real cutnto nfter
crown grant Inu been liiueil.
Should eo-ntt ner fall to pay np his free miner's
certificate bis Interest goes iu US co-owner! pro
nun niTordinj; in tlieir former inn-rest*.
A Nliareliol'i.T in <i joii:t stuck company need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim lfiOOxlCOO feet. Hut
all unfiles must lie rutin angles and all uieanur-
meiit must be horizontally.
A frue miner may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner muy kill game ior bib own use
at all seasons.
A free miner muy obtain tivo acre mlllslteupon crown lands in the form ol n square.
A claim may be held from year lo yonr by
wurk being done to Um vnluu of one hundred
Lodes discovered In tunnel may bo held If recorded iu Ifi daya,
A free miner may on payment of (,"-00. in lieu of
expenditure on claim, otitaiu a crown grant.
Any miner muy. nt the discretion of tho gold
commissioner, obtain necessary wator rights.
Ko transfer of any mineral claim or interest
shall be enforceable unless in writing, signed
aud recorded.
No minor shall suffer from any act ot omission
or commission, or delays on tin* part of tlu
government officials.
No claim Bball ho open to locution during
last lllncsBS of holder, nor within 12 months
alter bis death, unless hy permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within is
days after location, if within 10 miles of office
of mining recorder. Otto additional day ii al-
owed fur er��ry additional 10 mites or fraction
hun of.
Work on each mining claim to tbe value nf
|loo must he done each yeur Irom dale uf record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by ths
holder, or his agent, selling out a detailed
statement of iho work done must bo (lied with
the gold commissioner or mining recorder, and
a certilieate <>f work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of eauh year from thu data
of record of said claim, A tree mi hit holding
adjoining claims, may subject to filing notice
of lilt Intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required lo entitle
bim to acorlificnte of work tor claim. Tho
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjuliilp;; claims lu partnership.
In lieu of above work ihe miner must pay (100
aud get receipt and record the saute.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & uramway
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with tho C. P. R. at Golden, B.  C,  and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortablo   Route.
Address all express care of U. 0. Co'y, Golden.
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Gi*nt Powder Compay.
Wo wish to inform tho
public that wo are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches,
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Letter Meads
Hill Heads
Hand Bills
Calling Curds
HlUltlCSS Cards
l.;iw briefs
(.limber Iti inks
Hank Work
I'romisorv Note*
Receipt Forms
Slot re CerilflcatM
Assay Forma
Druggists babels
No Job too
No Job too
Fort Steele, S. C.
Choice Wi.vks, Liciuohs anu Ckiaus,
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Halcyon (lot Springs
TV Finest Health Reiiort_on the Continent.
PrWute Hospital iinil-T medical __i|____l_t____*
dl'licn wjtli_ a Trained Stuff nf Knrses.
Complete Syntem of Paths, of eTery Hw*l
���-.I'd description.
Medical Director���UK. K. O, BHETT, Baiw.
Reildwit, Eliyslclan A Surgeon-l>k. SPA3KIB.
East Kootenay Pub. Co. gubscribe for ��� THE MINER."'
.A-ds-vertl����   In    "Tans     EAST      SCOOTED A"ST     MXITE-S-V
mm Th�� Klck��r.
KU'kiiii*; in llio morning.
picking ull tht�� day;
Kicking if lie's busy,
Kicking at delay;
'riniH tlie chronic kick or
Fills his life with woej,*
frowning, grhmblintfi wmnjllugj
Everywhere ho goes,
Nothinu ever stiitrj 1iim,
A i way a finding fault;
Kvery kind uf pltnlBiira
He IS sure to hult.
Scowling tit tiid children,
Growling at hia wife
Turning peace-mid comfort
Into congtunt strife
kicking if tin! weather
Happens to he dry;
Kicking when the ruin ia
Tumbling from the sky,
Kicking in the nunmnir.
Heat huf then no charm;
Kicking iu t Im* winter,
Then he'd have it warm.
Kicking every meul time,
Glaring ut the meat;
Often lie is Haying;
".Nothing fit to eat."
Kicking when he's rending,
Grumbling at the light;
Now and then denouncing
Everything in light.
Kicking in the morning,
Kicking nil the day;
Kicking in the evening,
Kicking should he pray.
Kicking while he's thinking,
Kicking wltcn in bed;
Wonder if De'll keep un
Kicking when he's dead.
The Provincial Legislature will meet
for the despatch of business on Feb.
Mr. Manuel IMlnard loft this week for
the Benulsun (iroup in the McMurdo
Mayor Shaw of Toronto was elected by
over 4,000 of a majority over 1C. A. Macdonald.
The steamers sailing from Vancouver
for Alaskan ports are already crowded
with Yukon gold seekers.
London, Out., city hall collapsed during a municipal election meeting last
Monday.   Thirty people were killed.
The ladies who supplied the cakes lor
the  hospital  ball   may  procure  their
plates by calling at Mr. ('. A. Warren's
' store. \
The remains of Mr. J. P, Doran, who
was frozen to death near Palliser last
week, will be taken to Ottawa for interment.
Wo regret to announce tlnft Mr. Prank
Michentjr, local manager for Hull Bros.,
is laid up in tho hospital with a severe
attack of quinsy.
Miss Katie Scott anil Mr. Fred Healey,
both of (iolden, wero married at llevelstoke on Ileo. SOth.'by the ltev. J. A.
Woods. Tiie in congratulations.
The Points game on Thursday evening
for the Ogilvie Buttons resulted as follows:���J. Henderson 1st, gold button;
T. Todd 2nd, siWer button; ti. II. itrock
3rd, bronze button.
I*. (I. Healey and W. A. Skelton have
taken over the Russell House. Fred's
experience in the hotel business, iu addition to his own anil hi�� partner's
popularity ought to ensure the success
ul the enterprise.
ln future there will ba no service held
in the'Presbyterian Church on Sunday
mornings, Mr. Harcoun having made
arrangements to hold service everv Sunday morning |��� the different lumber
camps in the neighborhood. Service as
usual iu the evening.
Mr. Alos McIlerniot.ofThe Big Store,
left on Tuesday's stage for Fort Steelo'
to take charge of Mr. II, (I.,an'_
branch store in that town. Alex will be
greatly missed among Iho boys witli
whom he was a general favorite. (Iold
en's loss however will bo Fort Steele's
The postmasters throughout the Dominion have boen instructed to make up
the deficiency on letters insufficiently
paid for, from places within the empiro,
under Postmaster General Mulock's
three cents per ounce proposal lest some
people should misunderstand that his
new plan was cancelled.
Tho Klondike Transportation Corpor-
ntion, of whicli Sir Charles Tupper is
the head, has wired to Washington an
offer to transport the supplies of the
government relief expedition via the
Stickine route, The companv will have
about 100 teams engagsd in hauling supplies over this route, starting next week,
��nd il quite confident of being in Dawson ahead of the relief party.
Tho Alberta Bnd British Columbia
������saying institute has been opened nt
Calgary under the management of W.
Crewdson Howard, Ph.D., B.C., M.K.
The recent rapid, strides in mining work
necessitates tlio existence of an
usBny office near horn*., and in the
capable bunds of Mr. Howard the new
Venture should prove a succcss.-Cal-
gary Herald,   ���
[    A-Presbyterlap minister was called on ��� CURUANA.
i once at short notice to officiate at the [ ���	
! parish church at Cratbie iu the presence . , *
!of the Queen. Transported hy this! A-.moeting.of the Golden curhug club
unexpected honor, he hum forth in | waa held in the Columbia House on
rhetorical supplication', "Grant that as Tuesday evening, President Warren in
she grows up to he nn old woman she the chair.   The principal business of the
maybe nutdea new man, Mul that In mw��ng w��w to fa^tiuto for the Cal-
! all righteous causoa she may gn forth be- ^ ^ iol( Thirtoen mnu]m of
| for, her people like a he goat on t^ thu ,hlb hamkHi in thpir u:Vmi., aM bein,
jmount'ims- I willing   to  go.     From theso two rinks
Tho freight rate on agricultural im- were chosen and it Is expected before
i plements, household furniture and cer- the time arrives Unit two additional
i tain building materials, according to llio! rinks will he organized,    Great interest
new 0. P. It. tariff, is lowered 10 per is being taken in the approaching hm
cent; on coal oil 20 per cent, and on  spiel and the Golden boys will make
fruits of all kinds 88 1-8 per cent.   The
latter reduction is a considerable one.
. The reduction affects all freight from
1 Montreal and eastern points shipped to
��� Manitoba, tlu-Territories and Kootenay,
|    On   Tuesday   of   this week four men
, who had been employed for somo time
' in   Kgan's  camp  on   the  Crow's Nest
Railway made application to the Gov-
i eminent Agent hero for food and lodging
I They  stated   that  thoy were destitute.
j They had   been working on the railway
| for somo time hut found from month to
nuiuth that they were  getting deeper
iuto debt with the contractor. Questioned
as to bow that could bu, they said that
though they were being paid $1.50 a day
they lnul to pay $4.50 per week for board
and tliis with tlio charges for necessary
articles of wearing apparel, and the number of days  they wero idle during tho
montht they could not get square with
their employer.    The men were fed and
lodged over night in the jail.     The   following morning they were given break-
fust, and   took   the road for Goat river,
hoping  tints   to  reach West Kootenay,
where they thought thoy might obtain -,i
employment.   Thuue men were all stout j
fellows who looked capable und willing
big effort to retain the Visitors' Trophy
which they won last year,
A communication from .1. P. Robert
son,secretary of the Manitoba Branch of
the K.C.C.C, was read,with instructions
as to playing for the District Medal
Fight badges accompanied the com
munication, which will be presented to
the winners in the primary stage, ofthe
Tti'.'kett competition, being a double
rink competition.
The caretaker reported that the ico
was in good condition and had been laid
out for points. There being no further
business tho meeting adjourned.
to do a full day's work. The fact ii
coming apparent that when the press of
work on tlie Crow's Nost Railway begins
to slacken somo thousands of men without means of subsistence will be thrown
upon thu charity of Southern llritisli
Columbia.���Fort Steele Prospector.
The committee of management held n
meeting immediately at the close of the
ehib meeting ami made the following
arrangements in regard to competitions:
Points Competition for the Ogilvie
Buttons to be played every Thursday
evening. The winners of the buttons
each Thursday to wear the same for one
week. The competition 'to start on
Thursday evening, Jan. 0th.
A draw Inr the week commencing Jan.
was then made in the Bryan & Lee
competition and the Upper Columbia
j Co.'s competition s
m:nino association.
A mectingof the North Kast Kootenay
Mining Association waa held in the Columbia House on Tuesday evening. In
the absence of the President,M. Dainnrd
occupied the chair.
The secretary read a communication
from the Gold Commissioner stating
that the extra-appropriations which had
been applied for, for wagon roads,
would receive every attention at the
next meeting of the Legislature.
As the association had been informed
that so far as British Columbia was concerned the mineral exhibit at the Imperial Institute, London, England, was
very poor, it waa moved, seconded and
carried that tho attention of the Minister of Mines bo drawn to this fact, with
a view to having the exhibit made a
credit to the Province.
ln regard to procuring a reading room
for the association, Mr. \V. McNeish
stated that he was prepared to supply a
room suitable for the purposes of the
association, which would contain a
cabinet for holding mineral specimens.
Kent of said room to he $10 per mouth.
The opinion of the meeting was that the
terms were very very reasonable and a
discussion took place as to how this
increase in the expenditure was to be
met. It was finally decided to leave the
matter over till tho next regular meeting of the association, Feb. 1st, hy
which time it was hoped that the opinion
of the non-resident members could be
A resolution was passed to the effect
that the attention of tho Provincial
Government lie drawn to the advisability of sending a mineral exhibit to tlie
Paris Exposition iu 1900.
ThequOfltion of re-location of claims
was brought up and an animated discussion took place, the general opinion
being that the law in this respect
was tho best that could be had. A motion
which had been made at the last mooting of tlie association was again brought
Up to the effect that: " When a claim
runs out, no assessment, work having
been done, the locator has no right to it,
and for a period of (��0 days no one can
re-locate said claim unless by obtaining
a permit from the Gold Commissioner
and by making an affidavit that tho
original locator will have no interest in
it whatever; after 00 days the claim
should ho open .to relocation by any one"
It was moved in amendment by II. G.
Lowe, seconded by F, Bethune that the
law remain aa at present. The amendment was carried.
The expiration of claims was then discussed and the chairman expressed his
opinion that all claims should expire at
the end of the year, and further that any
ono staking a claim previous to tho 1st
July of each year, must do their assessment work tiiat year; claims located
after July 1st should not expire until
Dec, 31st of the following year.
The chairman's views wero then put
in the form of ft motion and carried, and
it was resolved .that the Minister oi
Minos be advised of the opinion of this
association and asked to do his best to
havo the law changed accordingly,
Thero being no further business the
meeting was brought to a close.
Friday, Jan. 7th.
1 :S0 p.m.
Hae             vs.   McNeish
Henderson    "     Parson
8 p.m.
Houston      vs.   Warren
McNeish       "    Parson
Saturday, Jan. Sth���
1 :H0 p.m.
liae              y��,   Parson
Houston       "    Henderson
8 p.m.
Warren       vs.   McNeish
Parson          "     Houston
Monday, Jan. 10th���
1:30 p.m.
Warren        vs.   Parson
McNeish       "    Henderson
3 p.m.
Rae              vs.   Houston
Henderson    "    McNeish
Tuesday, Jan. lltli���
Henderson   vs.   Rae
Houston      "   McXeish
U. 0.
8 p.m.
Rao            vs.   Warren
Parson          "    Houston
U, 0.
Wednesday, Jan. 12th���
1 :,10 p.m.
Houston      vs.   Warren
Rao               "    Henderson
1'. C.
8 p.m.
Parson         vs.   McNeish
Houston       "    Warren
Tharalay, Jan. Pith-
Parson         vs.   Warren
Henderson    "    Houston
8 p.m.
Points Competition.
It waa decided to make Calgary Brew
ing Co.'s competition a 13 point game.
Warning to British Capitalists.
During tbe past thirty years English
capital has been Invested to a large
extent in mining ventures in tho Pacilie
states of the American union, and notwithstanding the fact that quite ninety
per cent of these investments have turned
out badly, owing chiefly to dishonest
representation on the part of vendors or
promoters the llritisli investor will not
accept the warning, There arc undoubtedly a portion of valuable mines California, iu Idaho, in Nevada, but the
Americans are knowing enough to be
aware that it is just as easy and very
much more profitable not to say patriotic, to palm off a wild-cat property on
tiie gullible Britisher as to sell him a
proved mine or even a genuinely promising prospect.
A correspondent writing from San
Francisco to a London mining journal
on tliis question advisee Englishmen lo
think twice before investing in American
mines���at least in California, Nevada or
Idaho. The feeling, he says, in the first
named state is intensely anti-Knglisli,
and Englishmen are regarded as the
natural prey of tho mining Bliarpers.
When some years ago a Bill waa before
Congress to prevent aliens purchasing
land in the UnitodStaton a leading San
Francisco mining paper recommending
that an exception be inado in favor of
mines, " us we had so few good ones
selling wild-eats to the Britishers would
be only spoiling tin; Egyptian!!," The
writer concludes his letter with a highly
commendatory reference to British Columbia as a field for investment not only
on account ofuhe unquestionably great
mineral resources of the country,and the
fnvorublo prevailing economic conditions
"but above all,"the advantage of enjoying in the province "the protection of
British law, so that thero is uo danger
of tho purchaser of a mine boing legally
swindled out of his property should it
prove valuable-"���Mining Record.
At the next general meeting of the
club Capt, Bacon will give a discourse on
" The attention due a first player from
his skip."
President stock went up three points
on New Year's Day, and tho president
retains his chair.
Twenty visiting rinks are expected to
take part in tlie Calgary bonspiol, comprising rinks from Lethbridge, Sandon,
Edmonton, Innisfail, I.acombe, Moose
Jaw, Ucgiiiaand Goldon.
Ci.lileiiites will have to get a move on
if they wish to rotaiu the Visitors'
The farmers from Fish creek will be
at Calgary on the 27th, to do Up the
dub rinks from (iolden.
Tommy Todd has nerve enough to
offer his services for the bonspiel after
letting thu farmers gut away with him
last year.
C. P, R. Klondike Service.
The London manager of the Canadian
Pacific Railroad confirms the report that
the Company has bought from the Union Steamship line the steamers Tartar
and Athenian, formerly the favorite
liners in the South African Mnil Service.
It is believed they havo been picked up
cheap, and it is certain that they are
well adapted for their work, whicli is
the establishment of regular freight and
passenger communication between Vancouver and Fort Wrangel, at the mouth
of tho Stickine river. Each will do the
trip in three days. They will start for
Vancouver, via the Cape oi Good Hope,
in February, and in all probability will
tako out a fair number of passengers, aB
the company is arranging to boom them
as the safest and cheapest means of getting to the Klondike,
This camp is destined to become one
of the greatest- and probably the greatest���mining centres on earth. Its mines
are unparalleled in extent and richness.
It is a rich camp���an expensive camp,
and cheap people with cheap methods
are wasting time here. Tho foundation
of all our hopes rests in our mines.
While possessing vast ore deposits, a
large expenditure of money is necessary
for their development. High freight
rates, rents and duties, help, hire, etc.,
in ail businesses keep pace with tho general high priced tone of the camp. The
cheap shack affairs are giving way to
substantial houses and tho "shoe
string " adventurer is making way for
the legitimate business man. The curbstone broker is supplanted by bona fide
financial agents���the "wildcatter" is
rapidly becoming extinct, and tho genuine mining operator is multiplying like
the thistle. Tho very mountains proclaim " wc arc not cheap."
An Old Timer Gono.
It is with regret that Tun Minkr
recordB the death of one of East Kootenay's oldest residents, Mr. J. P. Doran,
better known in this vicinity as "Casey."
The deceased was an Ottawa man and
at the time of his death was chief clerk
in Mr. W. C. Wells' lumbering establishment nt Palliser. Doran left Palliser
on the 30th lilt, for one of Mr. Wells'
lumbering camps about 8 miles from
Leanchoil station. He was found frozen
to death on the trail on Saturday morning about half a mile from the camp. It
is presumed that tho deceased's death
was caused by being insufficiently clad,
and had been advised not to attempt to
walk to the camp on the night in question, as it was bittorly cold. He had a
dog with him, which stayed with the
body for two days and nights, protecting
it from the wild animals of the mountains. -
is the next tiling on my programme.   In order to
ami to make
will be given on many articles, particularly on
Glassware & Crockery,
Furniture & Drugs.
We can.
k\\ 1ml
*  ��  ��
Our motto is :   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Stylo
Reasonable Price."
��   ��  ��
j�� C Uomj
Merchant Ta- oi.
Tho Rest Beer Iii Canada In made by tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
These Goods must be Cleared,
Seneral 9/ferohant
Suitable for young and old. Ladies and Gentlemen's articles of toilet, beautiful Albums,
handsome Bijou Oases, magnificent Silter
Plate, choicest Perfumery.
Dolls, Toys and Picture Books in every form
and variety.
Do you wish toObtain Silverware Free
then try Warren's Coupon System. Every cash
purchaser obtains a coupon, value 10 per cent,
of the cash purchase, and these coupons will be
exchanged for Silverware of the full value of
tho coupons.
Come, See and Buy at
Charles A. Warren's
G-old.en., B-C   .
Mn mi torturers of BOW, Alo and Soda Water
'IT *uviiry time. Thoy
ornptiiiy'H agent Ior Euut on KoitiWt Calgary heer every time. They
all have It.   The Company'    -   - ��� -     ������   -
Kootonay ia
H. O. PARSON, Golden, B.C.1
1 Mil
We have just received a large consignment of superior
stationery and are prepared tp do all kinds of .first
class job printing at living prices.. Call and*get,our
prices before ordering your supplies for :1898. '.. Wo
guarantee satisfaction. Mail orders receive prompt
attention. '
East Kootenay Publishing Co.,
-3-oia.e.n.,   B.G.


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