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East Kootenay Miner 1897-08-19

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Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 4.
Golden,  B.   C.,   Thursday  August 19th,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year
Seneral TIferchant
Oamos a complete stock of:
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Stoves, Paints, Oils and Window Glass.
Flour and Feed, Hay and Oats.
Miners Supplies including Ore Sacks.
jigent for *> ~ *>   . ���
Phoenix of London $ other Ere insurance C's
Confederation Life Rssociation, Toronto,
CanadianiVRa-ilu/a.y..RpcidentiInsurance Co,
*   \ *       ��� ������. vv . ..."
Reliance Loan ���# Savings Company,
Kootenay    Huh
. Jams,
Ice Cream
���Call cm���
fXf All Kinds ol Fruit In Bauson
Tronpei-tor-i him! Miners having elnlnifl nr Inter-
en(ii in fliilms u��r sn If, (-ould not do loiter
ill mi i itniniiiiiii-.iu- with
Mining IiroltL-r and Financial Agotit.
QtitliKN and FoiitKti.i.u:.
Mr. John Itullmnn, Wliifli'ltl I'urk.Thnndcrhill
will IihikIU' iri-tiiiii between Aih-lti, Mud lake
ami Fort Htiwlu and return, (Innda warelnnix.
cO at both einlrt.   For raii-n apply io
Jas. Henderson,
PUiw Prepared.
Prompt aiti'iiilon jrivi-n tonrflcrs.
A xupplyoi Itiiildiiit; Uiiitilomalu.
This week Mr. Ifiyold Grtinor of Calgary, who in on u visit to Etwt Kootenay,
eliowodTiiK aIixkp. jvhilo [Hissing through
to I'ort Steele, somo of tho fumed black
Blind found iu the Saskatchewan Rivor
near Kdinonton, iu tlie district of Alberta, whit'1! uiialypif! has proved to he exceedingly rich in gold. Tlio sand Is far
from golden hi its appearance. It looks
like u mixture of hluek and grey pand
mingled together. It ih impregnated
with tiny ]Kibbles and minute pieces of
roek. It is very hejtvy in hulk. It is
found in the bed,of the river and the
area where it in found is some miles in
extent. The deposits do not appear to
he growing much less its they are quickly
renewed by successive Hoods when the
waters of the river become high. Several
companies have been formed to treat
this sand so as to obtain from it the
great amount of gold that exists in it.
Crushing'', amalgamation or extraction by
moans of quicksilver have been attempted. This process has not been a eom-
plute. success. Another process has lieofl
tried of treatment by the action of tin,
roasting and smelting, but Tin: Minkh
docs not know with what result.
The analysis or assays nmde go as high
as ^400 per ton. There ure millions of
tons. The great problem to lie solved Is-
how to extract the dollars from the tonR.
The searcher after wealth among its particles is so busy with the solution of this
vested in working these sandy deposits.
Sow machinery and appliances have
lately been introduced. Lnven tion and
discovery should he equal to tho occasion
in extracting the golden grains. Crushing and amalgamation have been tried
iu Kurt Steele nnning division but with
very indifferent success. Tin: Wltxtui
shall watch with great hltorejft the de-
velopment of this Binuly wealth.
People Throwing Away Packs and
Provisions In Their Mad Haste.
Distress and Death will be the
Inevitable Result.
Washington, August 17.���\Y. .lames
.Jones, United States commissioner to
Alaska, has sent a report dated August
���lth, in which lie says 1,800 people are
on the liven and Sagagway routes and
both trails ure blocked. People are
throwing away their pucks and provisions and rushing headlong to the
mines, He says grcjat distress,hardship,
suffering and death are bound to'follow
iu the winter.
S.  ��.  9/lc<Dermot,
��  ��  ��  �� ��
Don't Forget These Facts;
JIIgDE^JVIOT is showig tho finest Mining Boot on earth.
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
v  ��  *  *>  ty
has just received tiforgeconsignment of (It
Chat with the Chairman of the Board
of Directors of tho Northern
Paclflo Railway.
Last week it "special" containing three
couches and a baggage car went through
eastwards and was switched for some
time at Golden to admit So. 1 to pass.
The special contained Mr. Kdward I).
Adams, of New York, chairman of the
board of directors of the Northern Pacific railway, the President of tho company,
tho Engineer, the General Manager and
other officials. They were returning
homewards along tho C. P, R. after their
animal inspection of the Northern Pacific [ailway. The party of inspectors left
No* York on the -Hli of July to make tlie
anipiul examination of the whole system
of tie X. p. It, with all its brunch?
Tlefl(Uwyti:tujU-JUW,JU*u.dji .during iky
and there was no travelling in the night.
| the examination hud just been completed to tlie western point, Victoria, and
now the party was homeward bound
with the intention of spending a few
days at Ha tiff. Thereafter they will
travel to Portal on the and go on
to tho Soo Line there and connect with
G.X.I!, at Mhiot) in North  Dakota, and
  i travel on to St. Paul viewing the great
problem, thut im does  not W m'wl' wilolitfl**l,laof UwHodKh-orvullov.
attention to thu ciuestion-1\ hero does j   TlKW tll(|t8 Tm, Mw ������ ollclto(1 |M ���|e
conrflu of :i ploitBiint and nffiiblo chut lie
huil with Mr. Adams in !ii.�� privnto cur,
who u1h:j I'liniiiiunii'iiti'il to him that there
11 you lin.'i (town m
it vfill make vou u
(DeDERfflOT HotBJ ��
the mouth purchase a bottle of Saliva,
new man or woman (right up to date).
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all sizes at   EASTElJJ    PRICES.
CflfllSTIE'S BISCUITS, au kind.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
If you intend buying any    llnnco     Eritfhichihrtc
it- will pay you to inspect our    (lOUSe     f aFMSMngS
stock. . We can quoto prices that will astonish even the
closest buver.
Where doe
this gold sand come from? This is a
geological and scientific question. There
ure no quarts! reefs near. The only
thing  approaching  rock, are   some im-1 _, 1)m,.kl,(l ovi(le���
Ain>nKK��:-l)OX 4!) (iOI.IlllX, B.C.
��  ��  ��
Value In chic- thing
Sal Isl'nctliiii In another
Vnii -,-t'l Imtli by ImyliiR yntir ni:v nooi ���-
I'rk'i! Lists mill Bainjilcs Inriviiptlcil on il;,,.ik-u
��     <���>     ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
-���a-AT THE-^-
Hudson's   Bay
CALGA��Y,    -    ALTA.
& Embalming
Tulograpli opilorflrdt'olvoprtuniitfttlohtlon'
Watch, Clock,
Jewellery E-epairing
in nil iisllnw proini'tly tlnue.    Call At
iliy now Hlitm o|iponIiu lliu Punt Oflbo
Golden, B.C.    '
John McMillan,
jm*. V/ali*!iiii:il-:i-i-.
Ansay Offl-hcH a;i<l
Clieillieul Luborutory,
(KHtablUliwI 1SIW.)
Knr Kovoral years with Vlvlun AHaint, Swnn-
HU'i, it'.i'l lucHl reprUKotilttflvo far tlit-in. i
Knr ,:i yours nitimiircr fur ilm ussuycrs lu Hie
IH�� Tlnto Co., trfnitlon. r(.-pi'L*soiit:itlvt! of tho CnwolCiolfl
Kxtru-itliiK Co. I.'til, Olltsgow (Cynnlilu prouujij<p
N'.ll,���AH'work lii'i'siiiiiillv suuurlntuudod. Only
I'oiiipL'icnt jiiuu omplpyuii.   Xo pnplla rd-
metiflo honlders scattered about. A'
scientific theory is that these have drift-1
ed away from Hudson's Bay in the gla-
einl uge. Tliis may he so hut they do
seem to have brought the gold with them
because examination has proved, so tar
ns it has gone, that there are no gold
quartz iu any of them. While Tin:
Mix Kit is interested in this latter question, it is much more interested iu tlie
solution of the problem how to get "the
sugar out of the sand," becaupo in certain of  the rivers unit  streams of  East
of improvement in
in bounteous crops, increased
general merchandise traffic, advance in
price of lumber and shingles; that the
Pacific Coast trade was advancing, that
j there was n better demand for cattle
aud wool, that the ranchmen were correspondingly Improved and that the land
sales were largely increasing.
One great feature in the three great
western lines, the Canadian I'aeille, the
Great Northern mid the Northern Pacific
is that thoy are replacing wood structur-
��s hy earth Idlings  ami   steel   bridges.
Alexander Dlocr,     -     (Joi.nnx, B.C.
General Dealer.
' l-'ir,', Life, Real Estate, h,mi.,. .ireiiiH,
Ani'iloiit'iTs .ml c'ustuius Rrukers.
I   Kin' Agencfus:
Quciutl, Liiiiriisliirc, L'lilnll, llurllonl.
Kllro|, Sli'iilnslil|, Ticket OHIi-i-.
Tin* Sim Life Instirsnee Ctiissstsny.
Tin- ilniHrlo AiTiilenl Iii.iiriiii,-,- I'o'y.
The HlriHiuk hivustiiient -ttii] Limn i'o.
K.iotouty  thora   are Blmilnr ^opoaltttj immxine BmdtB, -.tmi-flitenlnK
ot this Hiincl ivhliili have been piov��cl lo whi(rh ���,���,,������ ,,,���,       I-1:IilU..llitlu.(. ������,-
bo rich in gciln.    Thopo iini cli'|KiKit�� in
Blnoberry Creole in the I KiniilU iliriKinn |
lew o.\|n'ii8i" to ojic-rati-.    Tin: Mi.vbii in
,_"���������-���; I rotimi giivo Mr. Atliinm boiiio iiifunim*
... tin- iiortliorn |��.rt of  hist kootenuy. | ��������� ll|l(mt El|fl, K������t���������v,. ,���, ,,���        ,
Tho Ulttoterry cl.-|��.��iti. ure iioiirly oppo- j ,.,,.������.,,,���, 0, ,nim,,���i M,���j tlmh,,. ,������, ,������ tho SiiBkiitohowm cloiKMita baton thewtlvltvthatww��olnffaii in tlovol-
Hill nfliPM at/lit ft* *!.���� l����..l.l.- I ��� ,       ,.      .
oping and opening up the district.    Mr
Boots, Slicics unci Harness
Ko|ia I reel promptly.
The Columbia House
ThoCunlral lloiflol Earn Km
ln'hVl'l'tl (loldutl tin.I I'.iri Sli'<-|c-
onay. miUv
the other side of the Itorkies.
Tuk M IN Kit's theory is���and Tin: Minkh
is generally correct���that those sandy deposits come from the gold deposits iu the
Koekies.   The sources, which are many,
of tlio head waters of the Saskatchewan
lie far away in among these   mountuius.
Tho opposite side  of  the   Koekies   has
IjOoii, proved to he gold bearing  and  to
���ontain deposits both iu placer and
] ijiuiitz, and there is no reason why these
] deposits should not extern! through   the
mountains to the eastern side.     On the ,
contrary, geologists will tell you tho for-1
mation Ifl thu Hiuno and   that therefore I
tho quartz ledges must bo of tho Ditnte
character,   The forks and tributaries of
the Saskatchewan run with considerable
j velocity, and the river ifl not n slow mov-'
ing stroani until it is far away from the'
: mountains. The carrying force ni water i
1 is fireat. Rocks and boulders can be
| moved longdistance.11 through its agency,'
The gold is flour   gold and can bo more'
I easily and readily carried along.  Hut the'     q
i question may be very aptly put,  why do tind Tn
i the deposits occur where they do! whyl
| should they bo at those particular places!
j The character of the  earth   will readily
account for this. Certain portions of the
[ earth possess great magnetic attractions mnv pto.-k conihi
; and it may be and is in all probability at t
: these places where these magnetic pro*
��� perties bsiat that the deposits are made.
Opnsidorablo capital has now been i1-
Adnnis was somewhat surprised wlieu he
, was informed that he was in the centre
I of the northern part of Kast Ivootenay,
j right in between the Selkirk and Itocky
] ranges ami that lie could sail for nearly
j 100 miles up the Columbia Hiver in a
.steamboat replete with every eonvoti-
: [unco as comfortably as lie could  travel
in his own car, and thai after travelling
fofSG iiiilos In a four in hand stage ho
could doscundthe tCdotenay Hive/ In iw
good a boat as the o.n* on tll0< Collimbin
for-HQ miles ami still be In Uiu districl
of KaFt Ivootenay.    Tho Uistriel of Km\
Kootonay is larger than somo of tlie
Tun MtXKHwould have liked If he
could have induced the party lo have
visited some of the gnat mining centres
so.that they could havo acquired some
notion of our great wealth that is waiting for capital to produce it���hit. time
aud tide wails for no map.     Sn Mr, (\d-
(lonil Cuisine, cliolru IJipior* A riootl siul.lh:r.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.:
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Aiaoclntc Rnynl Relmnl nf Mlnen.
MutnU-r linii.v sifi'l Imiluite, Klip.
.Mi'iiiinT Aiiifiiriui liiKi.Mhi. Hiifflueurs,
Mining EnRinoor unci  Metallurgist,
���l.'i Toronto sunt, TORONTO.
Tonsorial Artist.
Kvoi-ytlllllg Strictly  First Class,
__0-(i|i]nnliu i in- Kooteimy llmin',
J A Muir ^^r\
Si-^'ii \\ lifer    ll    UotlKO  I'ainfer
-:     Made   Hy     :-
Bott& Emdree
Fkkh is' Anv.i.'.',::.
silver         I/O
Ho]' uu ; I'Hvur                            :��� i><
l'o|,i,er                          I NI
1.1'tul                    1 Nl
l.eii'1 niul.Silver          null
Oilier l-'uea on A|i|illi'ullnn.
Tho Golden
['VslinnilMitll Mciiix
;i imiiii] Hnrtw,
' ; Itimpl ill..On ||,
his party In
Mi.vicn lintli
II. (I. PnrBon isulTi'i
moiits in fmiiilui'i' us
very croivtk'il anil he i
ing special Induee*
his wurnlioiiHO in
equires room tor
The " Mi.\i:ii" olliiv (i
job printing. Mail ordc
tended to.
i' noat, artiatlc
-a protnply  ni*
Livery and
Feed Stables
noil Riut-llo lloww mi'l nit's of All Kin,is for
i' hi Itufisonnblc ii,Mrs.
inmliiy of All Kliuls a Bpoulnlty.
-tnt'.ni mid skeitcm,
Golden, I), i
Wedding {jiiigs
fl Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta. (M*-��<-< ���'' "tKf !|IW)<IIMW.   TH* ' i-"" ''*���*��� 'TE-.-4 V > .- t��.. ��� ��� rWIJ pVf--.i--.--i.
### i. /�� <U #  tf   i-ii.-1 lonrt '������
-^.ee-Qv                         Itfidcmtto-s
A Wt'Oklv Jour
in lliulnturi'sl u
���al, mii,IUooiln*oryTiiiir��(toy kO-oomiitBii
Hi.. Kii-i Kcuni-iny Iilntrkl,) luncl is held
���rutLing ��-l,.st-sl (
l-;.,i'.l Kiutts.
';'" '  liioliii-illioi
��;.��! i-r ymr In
, i:at:: ; i  Dy mall or i wrier,' ���������"''���       '
idv.nee,                              ! i!..' next ,''.
tx-'.-.'-.'l',',,'-. Ill.'li.
(li.iiijiiiMl) Hue
(no lor I'Ui'll ii
IUTES:Dls>itayiul��,tl.5riner     Mr. I'rnsl
;',,r li.'M i'i'-'-ni'.i. '��� eellt.i |>er oil l!:" Ullln
lilitliilMl Insertion! rciiltlil ,. , , ., , ,
er Itiu,iiniii liiserilun,            I hgld I'arit,
I'lixuniimnta'i hcww:ii i i
tit tH& JTT������rw3.*m^*cr-f i -'-J-.iwT-'-a-tt.t���r* ����� "1
m ���i.-v ��� -nwMr" ���ai.^-aM^m^
����� l
rliun'jct'K ol ft is. mnsl uefllOllll'U 1101 1 -:i
-      :!;.   ..;'.          '-Mi:
ClL'U    i'l    li .-'
j .���-up.-.':,- -i ��v1uoaiiiil��iTU-o.   i
i nmti,si'OX!)l'N'TS:   W ��� lu>
i ,,i, f....; .!���[���. Ktii.j ������ i nf hm fifhi
;>uiili< una diwlre n ronular in
t rurj ! iilut in lh" DWtri t.    ! i
all   i .,.-��� - Hi''
[,..-i, lideniniieo! wrlloi   ijhwi i
;.h' hi .: ! ii iruiiti'i i��l i" ..ii    ith.
(*nrri'x| on li>n< e '*i;ii ri'fu ���eiipi
i|���,| Mi.-.i.-;..'!;'-.! Ill Mintlwr  1
it> nny nutter
a-:- mil nt
[U'.'in -i ipu!irl.i"TJlH M.m::.'."'
,i .:. .ii  bi M rt!
Golden, ;;.<'.
Ti!i'll;';>AY, AUGUST IB, 18117,
'\'i.'.?. with Dr. J. M. Lofovro; ono oi
Vanoduvei-'s Physicians rind a
Mcimbsr of tho Provincial Board
of Haalth- Hlii Viewa on South
East iiioionay.
Dr,.'. M.Lefevro one of VnncouvBr's
t'hyfjcintis Hilda mombor ol tlie I'l'ovln-
einj llo.ird oi llenUU, has just coiiipletal
a trip through l-.tist Kootenay unci n roji-
veiX'iilative ni Tim'K liad th" opiior-
(unity nf meeting hiin in Golden ere his
i'l partnro from tlie Columbinn Valley obtaining bis views on onr grcal
,liit:��el and its great fntnro. Tlie Iloetoi
had gone down through West lyiolentiy
Visiting the lloiiiitlnry Creel; country ni-
farimtlrand forks, lie enter,! East
Kunteiiiiy from the smith by Junnlng's
Laiullng mid took the steumor Nortl
[���'tar frill; there to West Port, passini
T,V;ii'ilnei'uti the way. The Doctor wm
very liiln'h pleased with his sail of 140
lniles up the Upper Kootonay. Ho tlien
Atngcd tlie fifty milesbotween FortStoelc-
Itiul the Uppor Coluinbin Lake and ciinie
down on tlie steamer DuchoES from Mini
Like to Golden, where lie left hy the (.'.
P. li, for the ena:��t. The Doctor has mining interests in West Knotenay and is
filso iiiU'i-csteil in nvhilng properties in
tlie McMurdo country of the Gulden li-
y}6totl of our district, and clouted after
his to \\Yst Kootenay to ventuit
hcimctViirds through Iinst Kootenay. Hi
has iieon three weeks out, and during
that short lime lias seen a considerable
portion ol K,|i!it Kootetia;,' and visited
pevet-al of its rising towns aud has form*
id ���:. very high opinion of East Koetamry
piii'tieuhii'ly ol the South Rust, lie cx-
peets that as anon as the ('row's Xesl
itililfrliy in eoiiipleted there will ho a very
rapid and substantial development ii
that part of the country. Hoventdffwn
to Mnt-ie ilis'.; iet liy Wily of Crtfobrook
liud considers Cl'ftnbrook a lovely place
for a townsite, ll is beautifully situated
right in tlie centre of tho country, and
will heroine a busy and important Centre.
It is not however so well situated for
smelter sites as tho towiuiitd at Moyie
Lake. There there is ample water am!
Is tlie proper location lor a radius of 50
or wi miles. Wivfdnor should ho itn important centre, nltluiin-li no very import-
lint mines have hitherto been discovered
In its near vicinity, all llio simio it drill
lie an important dlBtrilmtlug centre and
will be a busy pined this whiter owing te
Crc-wn      C.-antG
Lnko, new Win-
mt  but  tlie
l3SU0d      up     t
I,   ISJ3;".
-lion. ('
il. .lamofi
s |S i;. c
.1. '::'. Keen	
.1 M. Itanlulall.
i'l ���
Up tdhrnl including 1st January, IF i:
twenty-nine Crown Grants havi bee
Issued '\>v mineral claims in East KoOto-
uuy and tlioy hiwobeon arranged in n
talented form giving tho name of tlie
elaim, Iho division in ttiiieh lituuto I,tin
iiiw.:.' of l! ������ |��oi*Eo:i to whom tin gntul
was madOj the acora^o "'' iho ttruiit, i!i*
doflcription and date of tlie grant. Tni
Mi.n'bii truots Lids init nnati m will bo instructive to Its rea lets.
it.'isr  no:
N'AV   blSTlUCT.
Same of Claim
Ili'ickhorn ....
Ktc 'ie
Illack Morse..
Dinm 1 B. ���.
il.-.-i-i : :!n .
MutidM ......
Moun'in itaisv
Monitor '.
Aiiil Pito	
Xnmbur Ono .
N'orlli Ste...
o. K	
ttotlirehikl.. .
Silver Kiii..'...
Stei le
Syenite llltitf.
Tiiuuner Hill.
i iger	
olden  |
M [liiliuiril,
:\ Sur.M Co.
V Italnnnl..
UH Osier etui
Curb'to V (',,
X Star M Co.
A Granger...
.!!��� A ni-,". ���';!������
11 Opponho'i
Ceo (ioie....
K Hedgriive..
!��� Dick	
I! I'olli'I'lim
ii Uoggiirth.
Curb'to MCe
N Star M I'll I-', FostorT.
.Y Sia- M l.'e
S Kedgrave.
il l-'oUier'am
Cnrbn'to M t
\Y ii HeKiiv
j ii i: Low.,.',
las Drady...
Ino McKuv.
FBE13 ��n>*ER8.
Extracts From British Coluiiililn
Statutes Bxirttvlilitig Fully the
Vnluo unci HecoKjjtty of ti " Free
IlIinei'M " Oertttlt'ftto���-Jfo Person Blioulrt Attempt Mining
Without One.
W . SIOI,!    -i - I!
J. Ilowron . ...
1-AI.S    IV.  '.., 111..,
I.. Xnrrls 	
C..'.. II. : .in.' !j
w. j: livnn ...
S. II. .Mi'nonil   .
ii. linnlor	
i,. e.Tiiustnll .
l.ll.l IT   -'. .'.. 1'!
!'.  Sen,',	
A,-'v IVest-nlnstcr
 Fori Stroll'
 Tobticuo I'lallm
 New Dunver
sni'llo Forii
.i llino
 M'iii-oi t'rceli Omhici'n
.1,,,. I-..mi -         Liikelon
111 ,;������ |   T.   I .'1,���!,.-,- Mi.,-in
'-ictoru   ��'.S. ', -ir Holorln
001,0 eii.-.iMIMs|n..:t:!ls III 11. C.
Fortlm I'mrlncv W.B. Gore Vletorln
.Miirrnl   Thos. i lei, lior tlliornl
Ilowron    li.ilillivi
��� 11!
l.iiiooi'i nislrli'l-Fi'i
Xaiiiilne :���!��� i-,-.i.v.
Usui Kootenay Dlstr
.!. I!. lirlrfitli	
West Kooleuay bisll
-I. I-. Urall.-ini	
Yrtlo lllslrfcl-rlMs.
"       li.c. T.lll.iilll!	
J. !'.  Ari.i
over IS years of itgc, or nny jolnl
'miner i v its i*lns ,-'��� to sny *-uU!
��� ��� . In ..'i retoraer mill obtain*
!,-1- ,..i -,, i one yi-ur.
i- im.-��� ol.i..iii .i lic.v I'crtlfleatc for
0 lost on nayliiK (l.
\ (reCiulni'l'su-rtlflcatelH hoi Irai sfernble.
Uiy |ierion ur eoiup-iu*t worklnc a mineral
ill,], lirlil a, reul estate willioiit '
A !
iv.iht full to'iov lip lilsfreoinlncr',
'crtilleate tils i-.m-res'. -in-.i :,i i,i.- ,','iur. i:,
���nl,i ni-t'oriliii'l ie tlielr lor r Inturests.
A sliiin-liol l"r in n J:,in'.. k I'Olooany in-,'.
-i.l lie a free liol !.-r.
Al miner may claim l''-OO f-.-i.    Ilu!
ill dnglc-j inns' l,e rlghl tiitglcs ,iiiii ii!l mcas'.ir-
A Irce miner may em limber on crown 'anils.
.Uree miller may kill gainu lor 111, olvu nn
_ 'Union
;. - |'j   'l':ir
i.-i. .:.vis(.n
3   d3>U
ii erown latuiM in th
,\ 11-nr.i nwiv ue li,
(���:���!; buiugdonu lul
ur to'yi'tir liy
on�� hundred
Two L'lainm In enuli mlnin? iIIvIkIou, ant on
ilicMinii! vein us- lade, limy l.u liil'i. ie.ul inori
than "in- mi thu munu vein If field by jiun Itiw- r.
Udc-tdlscoYurud-iu tmiiiul may !�� In id ii n-
L'ordcd in 13 day*.
A five miner amy on piymcnl ol \a, in lieu n-.
exneudituro onrlutitt.olilitUi n crOwn Kmiu.
Any miner may,'.. -t:��� ��� tU-tcretloii ol hie goW
eommU��lo:ier, ouiain a witter riuhl :'���'-��� r. turin
lit '.".I >'.���!'. I'-.
No'ir.iu-fiT iii any mineral claim <.r Intercn;
orveabfu unie��a ia writing, Blgiwd
tlie I'onatrtlCtion nf the railway, whir!; lU^o^d��'ian����Wfro:ii anyactoromtwdou
twissen throiiifh it and wliero tha rnilwav m ccunmlMluii. or dtlayn on llio i��rt ot Ui��
* ' .,.,.., . " ! soTeriumjui ol!I mN.
t'OmiHliiy nas one m their oniel dupot for ��� S'o claim nlmII be open to location during
Ritni.lins IftiM- StpnI��iHhnnnHriillwnIl lant Illitejws ol liolder, lint wlllilii 1-' month*
pu.HmeH.     1 mi Mt'.'i.' i.- iiemuilullyMt-   auur Wndealli, unleiM by portnl-wlon of. gold
c.atc-l on the Kootonay and will hold it:*
(iwu and become nn Important milling
(lontre. There is a great luck nf Rauita-
tion here. It would b-j advisftblofor the
|teoplo iti got a good supply of drinking
water, At tho present lime the v.alcr
li* carted up from the Kootenay und distributed to the people in pailfuls and by
ibein etoned nway in barrelfl iu their
buck yardg. South ICagt Kootenay \* till
rltflit. Thoro will be rapid development
(id noon as the i ail way i:i conatructcd.
l.'oal and tbe ores will do brought together and Bmoltori will soon bo in
vVInt a VcunfT Englishman on His
Way Homo Tolls the Peoplo of
T/Iantroal About  East Kootenay.
The Toronto Dully Mail and Km pi re
lnul the following in itf columns of one
nt" )ts irouei' of last week:
Mr. It. Cj Trust, a young Knjrlislnnan,
��ho bad been prospecting in tha KilPt
({ootouny distriot, UjiOIontroal on hip
way homo to Rngland, lb* states that
there had been a  tremendous boom  in
that section of Uritiwh Columbia this
fipringf. Iluudreds of minors and pro-
fpee.tors havo gone ill, especially in the
neighborhood Of Fort Steele, and the
outlook for the future wan most Bat!flfactory. The North Star had been shipping
largo quantities Of oro this Spring, and
others were now being developed which
*t wax anticipated would be iu tv position
tn ship before tho autumn. There in
VUuniderable excitement at Port Steele,
^cording to Mr. Trust, over  tbe con-
A mint-nil olaim must bo recorded wllliin lfi
duys after loeatlon, if wltlilu 10 iutl�� of office
of mining reeonler, Onu itduuionul day i-; nl-
luw-'d for every additional m mllw or iratHon
ANNl'AI, ;.' ItOR,
Work on caeh mtulugclalni m the valno ol
JlOOmtiKt budouuuiu'ti year from datu of re-
^onlofmlm ralelalm, AIHilftvIt inaao i y i!..
Iiotderi or bin ngutn netting out it detailed
utaluinonl >" ii.'1 work iloue via-, l�� illcit with
ill,- gold commtiwtoiifir or mining reeor lor, and
a cortlrtcateof work obtulnud, and reeordml before tho exnlratlou of eaeli year from Ibu date
of record of niid elaim, A free miner lioliUnji
adjoining rlalmii, may Ftibjoet iti llllna tiotlci
hi ni- i:i!.-:,,ii>,; wltli tIieitoUtcoinm!��<toubr or
mlnins r reorder oorfonn on any on< ��� r morool
mi. !M'ltili.i��, i'U i]k> \M.rl; nt)iiir,'il l�� entitle
iiitit in :i I'urtlllcatu in work for <"t- li claim, The
aamo nrovlitlo i annlten nt !*���-mv>- nn rr :;,���>��� mill-
era holding adjoliiliiR i'l in > i.: imrtuerahl i.
in lieu ol ni ��\v wnrh the minor <u:ni \my viij.i
mill got receipt and r. curd thu
East Kootn.iay fvllninf;3';oc',; List.
>.'.\m: (if Coy. i CaI'ItaL,   Pah v.u.n. i ski,i, v
Tli5(?f*i8?l}�� |pTooo",W)0 j      ?l.iiti     I   i.v
Tr;Uo>Ulr  |WWVO0O |     |   25o
''savIVli'i'o! |  *i:^m   |       ���^���ll1      j    >00
������u,,'rl"^(I\r I fnoo'oco |    ?i.<o
Thos.   HcNtiUglit,
MlnlUft Rrokor,
Port Steele,
H, L. Cummins, P.L.S..
And civil Bnglncer.
Four Stkki.k, ]>.('.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial iVgont, Cdnvoyancor
mid Notary i'obii,-,
Ant offlco iiddrn.i:
h cd r
l  a     p-f-   ffl
SO t
)    5   I Hm*   !   to
5  l��*~��_�� ::
A j -ojrl i-
_;   l   yawn
v��\ TO
i~,. i><~    ���* I
) ���-���-^���-lasou.���-
�� good ��
Suits lo mcasuro������.*--��--��.
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iv. i: IloniixiorBuioop Hire.
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Jffieals at All Hmirs.
B***? JUmti -Sj��*i it    11    IE
T!ii' Ifpst Hoc? ill 1'ailr.ilr. is iniuli; by llio
Oalga-ry Erewing &
Maltisg Co., Lt'd
Mnnlllnrlliwrs of Door, Aid nml .-'-'.a',v-;
���ii?'l',n!-'';!   ''i'Sio '���'���' ,'��� ������:,���-'-!- out (oi 'l>
K,;i,(..liy I-
li.  G,.*J?ARS-pN,  QolilDii,  D.C
We can
��� ti   ~\qr
m n
-S>  ��   ix
Our motto is:   Best Materia)
Perfect Fit   Latest Stylo
Reasonable Price.
* �� *
% v* ��� Oomj
Merchant Tailor,
Canadian Pacific By
Direct rail roflto to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern Point*
Lake Itouto to the Ivist���BalltngD from
Fort William.
Alberta Evfcry 'hiesdA>\io Windsor
Athabasca.... Every Tliuraday to Owen Round
Manitoba Every Sunday toOwcuSomi.i
Connecting taiiis from Celdcnat tr��:'J0 ever;
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Dally and direct service to
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C. IS, WELLS, Agoill, Holili'li,
or itpllEUT KEIltt,
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��� stood, at one time to surroniier till rights
jitiul privileges except one-tenth it' this
I company wm\V\ only build this railway.
: Their offer wits refu'sed.     Their motives
j have been miBunde^tood i
fttraetl.     They   liuve    been
I vilitieil nud traduced by tlioi
either envious of l-hcir possce
not i>opfefts enough know!
From Our Own Correspondents
what they were talking ov writing about
They did not poFsess tho equitable spiri
of " put youfseli in their
who move hi. public oi
with tho carrying out of great untie
takingB present nuiiiy opportunities ft
th�� unfriendly to Lihv tulvantugo q{ h
criticism and vulgi
are not Flow to UiV
tot sny that somo <
fact, more hall lh; people wore
forced to hunt und fish for u living. Il
wag not until the 15th of M,iy that supplies arrived from the Fl.i.h.ud Mission
and the wants of the camp were rolievod.
The summer of 1SB5 was a very prosperous Bouson, tho output oi gold rlvulUng
tho palmy llnys of C'ViUormu plact r
oampB. There mupf have lieen from
5,000 to 8,UU0 men in the district,   liuri-
ilo spirit! dreda milking $3,000 to
1,   Men: months���some i\p \\yj\i
���sociatcd Visher Co.,  with  six
ind miscori-
so who wore
isiona or did
Ige to know
$100,000; t!
��� $150,000; B
���. ���:, Co*,   thr
Coal Fields
How They Were Discovered.--Tho
Dlffioultlea Encountered In Obtaining* the Means of Development.
If we exodpt the l-emisyhimian cool
iields, the coal deposits in South East
Kooteiiuy are the largest UiuJ richest in
tlie whole known world. There may be
larger areas o( coal lands hut none su
wealthy. This immense coal land i.-i in
South-East Kootenay in Fort Steele
Jlining Division, and its deposits are
sometimes known as the Crow's JTcBt
l'liss colli ficjds from tlieir close pj-pximi-
ty to that celobrated puRB in the llbchy
Mountains through which tlie C.P.K. is
now constructing the Crow's Kcst Pass
rail nay to opon up the southern district
in Eitstand Weft Kootenay. Tlie coal
lands lie in close proximity to tlie western slope of the Hoaky Mountains and
are mainly between that range of mountains and the Kootcnijv river.. They extend southward from the Hull river down
to near Tobacco l'lains close on the International boundary. Sumo of the
richest swuns are in the liasin of tho Elk
liver and its tributaries. Coal deposftfl
however exist west of the Kootenay in
sections near the St. Mary's and Moyie
rivers, and preselecting for coal is now
going on in that neighborhood.
The great coal deposits of which so
much has Ixioh written and said, belonged to a syndicate of men who were the
the discoverers and who woro instrumental in obtaining the construction of tlie
railway through South East Kootonay
into West Kootenay ntitt thug opening np
this immense territory. The con! lands
are now ��� controlled by the C.I'.U. and
certain companies who will work tlie coal
deposits as soon as railway communication will permit. The discovery of these
coal fields was the result, as a great
many discoveries are, of chance. They
were discovered while Mr. William Pernio, one of the original syndicate, was
(���old Commissioner iu tho Wild Horse
Creek district. There was no Fort
Steele iu tiiose days and Mr. Forme's
jurisdiction extended oyer both of tho
Kootenays. lie held tho post in 1881,
*S2 and '811 and during his reglmo ll
trail was constructed from the Wild
Horse to Mcl-ood through the Crow's
Nest Pass. The trail took some 11 or 4
years to construct. The excitement (or
placer milling hud not then quite died
away anil a little prospecting was boon-
iiionally done. In the bed of one of the
creeks,  one  of the  trail  constructors
��� in
iw'a Most
than twenty scan
seen one allOVO the
being quito  Visible
tie, C. E,
Journal <
ii  Martin Creek and
thorn  tributarlsH of
!'(��� thero ure im I':.-'
of  cQid,    Ihey tiro
other, the atlt-eropB
, stretching through
and along ridges right up to tho
Fourteen of thesu seams arc
oaf. Three of them tho I'eter
seam, tho William's seam and tho.Tubl-
li'c seam, BO named from having been
discovered on tho 22nd of .Iiuin, 1887,
the flvflt Jubilee of Her Majesty, are
respectively 15, 20 and ISO feet wide, Tlie
total width of tlm seams is 132 feet.
After leaving then;.' seams, and somo distance away, there is unotdier seam about
four mill's up Coal Crock anotlior tributary of the Elk river, near tho mouth of
u steep rockgulley, This is a lino seam
and is seven feet thick. Tho next great
series of seams are in tho Elk river valley about seven miles miles from Con!
Creek. Tlie first seam is about 1500 feet
Hi) tbe mountain ution tho top of a
broken down cliff of massive sandstone.
This seam is from 2t> lo .'id feet thick
with a slate parting about two feet.
Higher up. about 130 feet, on a similar
broken down cliff-of sandstone is another
erect scam ,��0 feet thick. Then in close
succession, not; more than 100 feet apart,
are ten other scams, three of which are
10,15 ami SO foet thick. The tola!
thickness of these twelve scums is 1-18
feet of eo'tl as against 132 of coal in Martin Creek area,
Tht Immensity of these coal fields is
scarcely known. Tbe foregoing is a very
rough and general description of the
deposit,, near tlie Crow's Xcst Puss in
tlie basin of the Elk river. Many of tlie
seams are first class coking coals and
others iiro good gas conl, hut none ef
them so far as known are anthracites.
Tho coal lias lieen unulisscd by Mr. (,. C.
Hoffman, F.I.C., Chemist and Mineralogist of tho Geological Survey of Canada.
The sum ami conclusion of his report is:
'" It yields by slow coking, a bulky,
coherent, highly vesicular coko'j by fast
coking, a linn and lustrous coke in concentric layers, in which the form of tlie
pnrttcles of coal from which it has been
derived is entirely obliterated, and of
about tlie name, or if anything less, bulk
than the original coal. When heated in
a covered crucible, it produces a very
large amount of gases which hum with a
yellow, luminous, very smoky Hume.
Colour of tho ash, pale reddish-white,
when exposed to a bright red heat it
remains unaffected, tit a most intense
red heat it becomes slightly sintered,
" This material constitutes an excellent gas coal, not 1'iily by reason of tha
largo amount ef volatile combustible
matter it is capahlo of affording, in
which respect it is. superior to a very
largo number of canucl coals, which are
employed for gas-malting, but also from
tbe fact Unit this would appear lo lie o!
superior quality for illuminating purposes."
It will thus lie seen that an excellent
enke, very low in ash can be produced, a
coke not excelled by any other made on
the continent. When large smelting
works are creeled in East Kootenay thin
fuel supply will In--.trainable factor in | ������ the country
tlie smelting of the ores not only for
Easi Knotenay but for her sister district
Wis! Kootenay.
Mr. Fdrnie and hi? associates having
located those coal llelds, tho great p're-
blem io be solved'was the opening Up
and   developing  of   their lie.-!, 1.-- and tlie
tying '
tlie eri'.i sisms wore wholly \:
tin- Unit :.i! means taken forct
the coi Btruclion were justilii
\ lie it from us l i say sn. TI":
i however must mil be orerlool
the pluck, patience ami pew
Mr. Ferule and his associate:
liability  there  would    have
Crow's liest Fans Railway to
menus  provided for opening
v. loping   cut   only    these  c
measures but the great miner.
East Kootenai'.
HOW   tho   Crow's   Nest   !';
came to lie in tbe courso of e,
is a matte:* of re.'eat history !
memories  ni  our readers.
and   his  associates
inducing tho C.I*.llj to embark oitthtj
undertaking, and  mighty  glad  in   tic
I long  end was this company to got hold
of tliv undertaking and its accompanying
al! pro
$5,000 in   a   low
as   !f_'l>,0U0;  the
partners,   about
I lore   Co..   leu   partners,
sc & Co., $75,000; Uriffltlis
partners,   (30,000;   while
r dozensof other  companies   made   tlieir
el " thousands."      Hundreds  of nuggets
( | w^vi} taken oivt ranging from   10 mini en
, ��� do\vhwards; S :t:,d lOouiiCb pieces being
t of common occurrene'e. Tlie largest nug-
r ger was found by thu Michael  Reynolds
t  Company, weighing 311  ounces.     Alto-
r I gothor thore musl inn o lieen liv . milli ins
'   ui gold dust; realized during tlm season,
Situated on Perry Creek,
From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
i -. ,'"���'*
aiiis: of ii going !���' Llio St
Walla :i :d Moiitajiu, lis I
llie miners were America
i itbons.
Large Buir.B of money
the construction oi ditchi
oi: h, Pore & Co.
ditch,   Iteeso,   l)(
Stone,; Co'sditol
���i Iv
4 ?���<>�� ��*r>*>-'i-;-<v*�� ��i"j-o
htc cnt)
��� fresh in tlie ! ('��-i $10,000) all i ompletod till
Mr. Pernio' tl-is time tho e.iinp wan in a
led at lust in
;���;��� spent in
The Victoria
1 $40,000, .ie- town
&  Co.,   :';', i0,000;
12,000;   I law son &
Mining Division of Fort Steele, B.C.
An article written by Thos. T. McVitr
Minlng,  tlm
i'.I,. S.,   for
the   North   '
,*est   Mining
yea.-. At
ry nourishing codnltlon. with fully 5,000 men
mining on tlie ere!,-, besides niimborB of
prospectora, trader.-,   horse  and   cattle
Day C(
bucco :
e haul:!
i where
found  what  was  thought  to be black
sand, a "and sup|iosed to lie rich in gold. { obtaining of tlie means of trans|
There was it disappointment when iti to ihe markets of tlie world,
was  fnund   that this sand contained tin'dillieultii'S were encountered,!
gold, but it was a rich sand nevertheless.
It was erosions or rubbings from coal
washed down by thu stream, which
mount there were coal seams somewhere.
As tlie construction of the trail proceeded, oiit-croppings of coal were found,
These discoveries woro reported to the
it these
the fob
The Fort Steele :.;
East Kootenay District, which Isnowbeginning tn attract considerable attention
in consequence of tlie largo bodies of
minora! which have boon discovered
thero within tlie last -few years, is to all
intents and purposes practically an entirely now field, aud as iu all probability
the,ing reason will witness the commencement of the Crow's Kest l'ass railroad, which will bring tliis section into
touch with the outside world and giveun
immense impetus towards tho development of its mineral wealth, n short
sketch descriptive of tbe discovery of its
gold place;sand mineral bearing veins
may be oi considerable interest, in tlie
Bummer of 1803 a half-breed named Find-.
luywith two companions, while passing
through the country, found gold on a
creek, which ill afteryettrs became known
as Findlay Creek; they cleaned upahout
$700.00 worth nf pumpkin seed gold,
which thoy sold to a Hudson Bay factor
named Linkluter, who was in charge of a j
post on Tobacco l'lains and tlie only
white man resident in tlie valley. They
then proceeded on their way to French-
town, near Missoula, where they wintered. The following spring, news of the
discovery haying spread, quite a number
of mon made their way into the country
for the purpose of prospecting the Upper
Kootenay and its 'branches. One party
of fifteen men camoill from Hell (late,
Montana, arriving at tho crossing of tho
Wild Horse Creek oil March 15th, is---;.
Finding tlie spring well advanced, with
grass from four to six in,-lies in length;
pushing on to Findlay Creek they were
disappointed to (ind the country siili
blocked up in iee and snow. Consequently
they returned and camped, some of them
ou tho large grassy bottoms adjoining
the river, situated about four mites' ahovo
the mouth of Wild Horse, and known
aver since as Hummer's Flat; others iu
tlie vicinity of tiie present site of Fort
About tho same lime another party
composed of four men, two of whom,
"Curly" Carrol and lloii Dbre, are still
Clime in from Walla
Walla by way of the Moyie Hiver. Mem-
hern of these two parlies started prospec-
tingon the Wild Horse, and finding gold
enough nt the cropping of the trail toon-
courage tlieiri to continue, thoy worked
their way up tlie creek���tlie prospects
Improving us thoy advance���until they
finally struck the rich ground about
three or four miles from the Kootenay.
When the Unit crowd got up to the mouth
of v.hai in now called lirewery Creek
Uiuy ran across a due black oiiyuro stud,
giving riiie to Hie original name, " Stud
Horse Creek," which, with tlie consent
of thu miners, was changed lo Wild
Hone ('roil', a few yeais afterwards by
Gold Commissioner 1'. O'ltoilh*. 11 ib
Dore recorded tlie tint claim, calling it
the ".Doro.'! Then(ollowed the "Cuddy"
" French," " Fisher " and Others, As'
much us $7,000 was Ukon out of tho
Doro in one day, Hie avera.-e being allien
$3,500; producing altogether in about
three years the sum of $521,700. During
the season of   1804  there   were   iu   the
nit fa
stands, Miel
resident of t
later as fact-
Tlie first _
Haynes, appointed in 18(14, su
the Ifo'i. I'. O'lleilly.    The i,
recorder was Win
remained the hem
until���on coiiiplot
n To
1 di
.   Prior to
it imposed ;
m ail gold u
as ,!. C.
ceded by
t milling
Wild Horse
if tht; district
tlie Canadian
- head ollice of
tar was removed to
onfederation tiie gov-
tax of 50 cents an
ling out of tlie country
i of a lot of smuggling;
ing that ti..i returns
roporto give a very
tlie amount of gold
:-!;. it lias lieen es-
onvors'iitit  with  the
to $150 Eacli accord in ti to
T'Y���i cr��,
n   Oii'-lhinl limvii, Iinlnnco in  tlii'i'i" mid six
"      niimtlui, wltlicmt liiti'i'fst.
V T T:^ T    IT 11"'*
I i
Upper Coiumbia-
the consequehae ia
given in the mhiiuj
inadequate idea of
taken out of tiie en
timated hy llioso t
subject iiiat there must have lieen at the
very least ($9,000,000) nine million doll-
urn extracted from Wild Horso during
tiie three of folic years following its discovery, and they consider that a fair estimate ui tlie total output up to the present time would he in the neighborhood
of ($ri\00p;006) seventeen million dollars.
It we." .-.jiatural sequence to tlie discovery of the Wild Horse placers
that man should make diligentneareh up
tiie numerous .' treaibs and creeks of the
country foV further deposits! of the precious metals, These quests were successful to a certain extent, resulting in gold
being discovered on Ferry Creole, a
branch of the St. Mary's, in 1808; on
Palmer's Bar Creek ami other branches
of tlie tlppor Moylo Hiver i:i 1870; the
most important being that on Perry
Creek, where a town soon sprang up ami
numbers, of claims were worked to advantage. The lirst showy claim, culled
the ".iowclry Box,'! which was easily
worked and produced lots of nuggets,
was Rittiated jufii below tlie falls, whore
work has been carried ou at intervals almost ever since, witli varying degrees of
Biiccc-s. When the surfiteo diggings had !
been worked out at this point, some I
parties undertook to drive a tunnel, following an old channel, which appeared to
run round,one side of tho falls. This Is
known as " Tiie Mont Cenifl " tunnel.
Tlie work proving too expensive for ill-
it passed into the hands
Co. and the:' into pos-
have now been surmounted,   i
lOwfug year nftor tho locution lliey-up-
plied to the  Provincial   I'urli i-nl  lor
and  o!.mined   an   UOl   to the
Crow's   Nest  Pass   Hallway.   This a ;
and  Ihe  subsequent   Ads  which thoy
obtained whotoby  thoir    railway  was
child ComoAialolnr', lint upUiiiig-wfUroxtoudod and  land  granls obtained to
done for some  years.     It was not until! assist   in   constriiOllbn   were   likely   to
the year 1887  that   Mr. Pernio, along j prove dead letters owing to tho bppool-
wltli associates, commenced prospecting j tion they, encountered.    Tho  mime of
for coal.     The result of- the their labor"  tiie extended railway with its branches
were that they discovered tliisiinmeiii'c  WHO changed into  the llrltish Columbia
coal  lield  extending "from  the Crow's ��� Southern.    Curiously enough one of the
Kest Pan right down tlie Elk river and { bitterest  opponents   to their scheme of
covering  an area nf  not  less than 1-H
square  mill's.    These  coal Holds have
been  visited   and reported upon by Dr.
Sclwyn,   C.M.U., lute: director  of tlie
Geological Survey of Canada, who makes I oufcldo world. Hat .Mr. Pernio and Ids! Wild Hone'digging
tlie calculation tluit there are 40,052,000 associates through the nine long years j $511.00 a day per man.
tons'.jW square mile. "Even if one half never failed in their determination to About 800 men wintered in thedistriet
of this is available them'- are in each I opon up and develop theso groat coal in ISO-}, very little gold being taken out
square mile 24,070,000 tons. In reality [ moasuroS. In season and oat of season,' of the country that year. In tlie spring
inexbiiustable. Theso coal lands are' ihmngli good report and bad report they! of 'do provlsjons beeame Very scarce.
about the same altitude as tho Caninoro held lixediy on their course. They had j Flour went up to $1.25 per pound, tobac-
und Banff cool Iields in Alberta, on tiieifailh in Hie ftituro and thoir determina-- en $15.00, and other things in proportion ;
eastern side of the llockies, namely lie- j linn carried them through. Again and I no beef to lie had. Some enterprising
tween four and live tlioiisaniHcet. The! again they approached the Canadian
Hint groat series of co.d seams are not i'aeilk  Railway,  offering, it is iiuder-
I construction wan tlie Canadian Paclllc neighborhood of 3,000 miners on the
I Uailway. Capital wan also difficult to j Wild Horse, about Hid on Findlay Crook
attract as the viiBt resources of this large with ono or two hundred prospecting
! country were practically unknown in the ! round in other parts of the country. The
paid from $20.00 io
navigation cc
Co., Limit:
International Transportation Company.
Groal Xnrl!
ii'l'll Km
0. 1'. !
ut <;
B. C, tinJ
48 Hours to Fort Steele.
Steanicr.-) leave Golden Monday and Friday
ovening on arrival of Eust bound train. Connections ttl ('until Flat with stage for Fort Steele and
The   CrJy   Quick
Address ;;11 express
Comfortable   Eoute.
of U. -'. Co'y, Golden.
- ,*--_   ']
lividual miner
ot tlie Black Hills
nes-ioa o
Perry Creek
spent large su
and bulldlfig's,
tions to carry
io in
a Specialty,
ilifornia Giant
owder < 'ompay.
Co.," wlio liavi
us in development work
and are mldciiig propitra
on operations in a mttel
more e
in nf.
cif men i
'.V vears !i:
rich ncposils m thcBC
,'ere corked out and''
tlie coiintry was gieatlyreduced
only e few prlvato companies : ml Individual miners living left, who carried on
desultory work on tho various creeks un-
li! ul-nut the year |SS2, when unite a
liltl" excitement was caused by the discovery of gold on Hull river, a stream
which I!' ws Into tho Kootonay about
twenty miles holow Wild lio:s" Creek,
The discovery tvas made !-. Mr, I'hilllpB,
WllO . i tie- tlinc w.e  '-: : '���'- 'i   imildiug   a
brld c in ross the canyon in tie.- river
wheri ii del.on- lies from the mountains.
He was ttinuslng liimsclf one Sunday by
prospecting the sides of tin- canyon,
when he ran across ucrevicc ie which he
tool, on! and washed in a gold pa:; coarse
gold to the value of fiixty-Xwo dollars,
There was an  Immediate  rush  lo  the
no Ik
individual brought in 180 head of sheep
ami sold them for 50 cents per pound. In
spot, hut tlie diggings liid not prove very
profitable or extensile. Joe Bourgeois
and Charles Clemen lining ihe two most
Bticcersfnl mon, taking eatt e few thousands. Tlie largest piece found on tlie
creek weighed lflO.00 in gold; washedoi|t
by Sam ilreweeaed linger Moore. Since
that time placer mining has been con-
dim".! principally to hydraulic companies!
wiio are operating on tiie various streams
prospectors having turned Iholr attention
more particularly towords the discovery
of miner;,! yolus and gold quartz,
(Continued next week.)
mica    -,.,-',.'���, 0
Choice Wi
^    cT!'^''-i-f'*��-.,��-*s*l **���>.
1-s-fcS  '-W wJ..S^.
���w**-M ,1  V'W-s ^fM^ns
R. D. MA'
O i. O
'.i'dlicls in
iqnors and (
First ('his
Hctidc|uai'ters for Mining .Men
(loininddions Sample l-toonis
Best Cuisino in the West,     o
Modern <', ��� 11 \- c ��� i) i <.��� 11�����.-o.-- o
Homo Comforts.
i gars
'1-"f"     n*|v��l
^i.d.x'e-rtlGC    Ikl
sii,.-  'el-si *3s *-Ul^sl
*l A  ff-'P*T��i
-,-**a-��,.*-!-../��-. irrrr-.v
-��' W
.,'  ..���s  ,_-iamJttt-j-S   -QCMlBttSS    is
nst    /.nr.--7-l-c>.. -ri.;5T-snj.-tew-,-.
I**.'*sSS*HHM*l*U.   s!   -flBW ���!-.*-f -���   - iUBwn^.mi   ,1 wm 11    j||   |)i,iB*H.Hiii
iimiiffiiii |ii ���"������In
' i
ftn.v   ������*���    (I'll   "J   I ���"������iij'"wnn.iMii ' -"""ji1 -ii,1  : . i
Real Estate in Golden now presents one of the best opportunities for investment,
Golden is sure to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay,
The owners of the Townsite are prepared to dispose of the remaining lots at reasonable
prices and on reasonable terms.
will be offered to purchasers erecting buildings.
according to location.
For Maps, Prices, Terms and full particulars apply
From   $75   to   $200
to. S. Marter,
H. I Parsen
Locnl and General News.
Is il lint enough fur you?
A. II.  M. Spragge, of  Donald, was a
visitor on Monday.
I. S. Freeze and T. (I. Wanless returned east lo Calgary on Tuesday's So. 2,
from a trip to West Kootenay,
The proceedings iu tlie West Assiui-
Ixiin election case have licori dropped.
X. N. Dilvln retains bin neat.
.Mr. S. Barber, secretary of (he Golden
Lumber Company left for the coast this
week on the linn's business.
Two well-known runners are coining
up from Medicine Hat and one from
Golden for the bicycle meet.���Calgary
Mr. W. It, Hull, of Hull Brothers,
Calgary, was a passenger on last Friday's
.No, 1, en route for West Kootetiuy. He
will stay uver a day at Golden on his
II. B. Wilson, monngorof the Molson's
Bunk, at Trentnn, (Int., ban beon transferred to the management nf tin' Calgary
branch, iu tho room of Mr. McGregor,
who has resigned,���-Herald.
The employment ol yardsmen at Don-
nld ill the making up of trains there is
tu lie discontinued, This duty is now to
devolve upon brakomon of the respective
trains requiring to he made up.
The trains going west the past week
have conveyed many parties of Clou-
liykers who are attempting to reach the
Vukon liefore the winter sets in. which
i-iuiilitolli'es in the end of this month.
Al! are not miners a lew are going iu an
lln Hon. Col.,lames llakcr, who holds
a group of claims on a branch of St.
.Mm \ 'n ItTvur iu Fort Steele mining dlvi-
lion, lias recently bonded theso properties. Tit:: Minkii understands (lint (be
consideration is (���00,000 payable in instalments at various dates.
Sir William Van I Ionic, president of
the C.I'.U. Co. is  expected   In visit East
and West Kootenay before tho close of
tills month. He has telegraphed his
coming, -Mr, Sltuilghnessy, the general
manager of the Company is also on bis
way west, and may be expected hero
Mr. Donald l>. Mann, Montreal, president of tlie North Star Mining Co., I.t'd.
passed through Kust Kootenay by the C.
P.It. the em! nf last week on Ids way to
West Kootenay by llevelstoke to attend
to certain mining interests there. Mr',
Mann's company is the proprietor of the
Norttl Star mine iu the mining division
of Fust Kootenay, which possesses tiie
largest Isidy of galena ore that has yet
been uncovered in British Columbia,
Next week Tim Mixisit will publish a
mont interesting interview he had with Mr
liev. Ilr. llobei'tsoll, Superintendent
of Presbyterian Missions iu the Korth
West and British Columbia will conduct
communion service in tbe Presbyterian
Church on Sunday evening next.
The Rev. Father X. Otiolletto and
Sister JI. Joseph, of Si. Eugene Mission,
Fort Steele, arrived in Gulden last night
and left tills morning hy Xo, 1 for New
Westminster. Father Gnellette is on a
visit and will return in the unci of September hut Sinter Joseph will remain.
Jubilee stamps are not redeemable.
A condensed Postal Guldo of tho Dominion of Canada, containing the principal regulations embraced in the Official
Postal Guide, corrected tnlst May, 1807,
can lie ordered through the punt master
Golden and obtained for 8 cents. Any
pcrnini requiting one can leave their
Mr. William Fertile, oi Fort Steele,
who has beon so long associated with the
Crow's Xest Puss coal fields was cine of
tlie passengers from Fort Steele which
arrived by the Duchess last night. He
proceeded by Xo. 2 this afternoon to
Montreal where bo lias gone on business
iu connection with the Kootenay Coal
Co. who will work part of these coal
Holds, As soon as ever the railway is
constructed the company will be in a
position to ship coal io all parts.
There is great mining activity presently going on in the McMurdo country iu
Ihe Golden division, The Steamer Duchess took up a large party on Monday last
to Curhnnalc banding. Among Ihe
party were the Messrs. Jlltoholl-Innos
who hold no less than fourteen claims on
Prairie .Mountain; .Mr. Townnend, who
Is Interested ill tho International group,
situated on the middle fori: of the Spilli-
maelieeii; Mr. Slaeey, one of the joint
owners of Ihe Standby and Maud S.
These gentlemen have arranged to have
considerable development work done ou
their properties which will occupy most
of tho summer. Thoy will proceed by
trail to examine and inspect their properties.
Dr. Brett uf Banff Hot Springs passed
through Golden last week on rotlto for
the llalycon Hot Springs on Arrow Lake
where extensive Improvements and enlargements are gning nn. A new bath
house is being built. Roads, bridges
and terraces are in the course of Construction, The Sanitarium is being entirely remodelled, extended und refurnished. Several villa residences are
being erected. A new wharf or landing
stage is to lie made. Heading room,
billiard room and u large recreation hull
urn also to lie added. Tho grounds will
bo laid out with flowers, plots and
shrubbery, These are admirably suited
from their natural characteristics for
being converted Into it beautiful landscape garden.   When the Improvements
lire completed the llalycon Springs will
lie the mont pleasant pleasure anil health
resort iu British Columbia. It bus for
the convenience of its visitors and invalids, a post olllee with a daily service,
a telegraph olllee. A ticket olllee will
lie shortly added.
Mr. J, C. Griffith, Government agent,
was a passenger on board the s.b. Duchess which went up the Columbia last
Monday. He is cm a tnur ol inspection
to examine the different wagon roads
and trails leading to the various mineral
properties situated iu the respective districts of the mining divisions of Golden
and Windermere. Tlie locations that
have been made recently are so numerous ami the development work that will
lien-quired is so grout and tin-difficulties
ill trans|Kirtation almost iiiinuriiioiiutable
in some places that it is iibsuhitcly
necessary if the mining industry is to
progress to have good roads unci trails,
well maintained and well kept up. The
Government is fully alive to tliis fact
and a considerable sum will he spent in
thoroughly miti n tabling the present wagon roads and trails and In establishing
and constructing others with the locations where the now mining pro->ortiofl
have beon discovered.
The C.iyi. has constructed a line
hotel near llevelstoke railway station,
which has just boon recently opened. It
is only two minutes walk und it
stands on a small plateau about 80 feet
high Immediately above the station. It
in easily reached by two flights of ntairs,
divided by a light hand rail. The
hotel which is constructed of wood, is
built on the Swiss chalet style, with a
veranda round its three sides, and
stands three stories high. Il faces west-
words and is surrounded on all sides by
the majestic mountains lielongiug to the
Selkirk range. Rovelstoko stands in the
bottom of a basin right in the centre nf
thin range and through this basin flows
the Columbia river returning southward
from its vain northern attempt to reach
the Artie Ocean. From Ihe veranda oi
the hotel, magnificentvleWBtiro obtained
pttrticuliitly when tho nun in gilding the
east and tinting the west with its rising
and setting glories. It will be a favorite
resort of tourists and travellers going and
returning from East to West Kootonay.
Ono of tlie finest glaciers���-tbe Bcgbie
glacier���in British Columbia lies opposite the hotel, 15 miles distant, among
the highest peaks of the mountain, its
face has yet boon untrodden by the foot
of white man. Tlie hotel is replete with
every modern comfort and convenience,
electric light, hot and cold baths and is
heated hy steam. It is under the able
management ol Mr. II. A. I'erley, formerly of Hie Glacier Ilouoqi
-.   .  ..   ' .���������i j !..-.'"!���    ������������."���
Archie Fountain Meets with An Accident Which Might Have
Proved Fatal.
On Sunday afternoon Mr. Geo. Wood-
ley and Mr. Archie Fountain having
ridden over the hill above the station, to
see that Messrs. Hull Bros, cattle were
all right, were returning down by the
trail behind the smelter. The horse cm
which Archie was mounted got tangled
up in some way or other with one or two
small trees which lnul fallen across tbe
path und living of rather a Aery temper
started off down the bill at a break-neck
pace. About half way down the hill the
trail takes a sharp turn and on reaching
this spot horse and rider were precipitated down the hill for a considerable
distance. It is still n matter of wonder
how Archie escaped with his life, as it
was, however, he was Hatliy bruised and
shaken and was unconscious when picked up. Tlie hurse, when it regained its
feet, made its way homo as fast as
IKisslble. Mr. Wuodley lost uo time iu
hurrying to Archie's assistance und having curried him ton place of safety, went
to town for help which was speedily procured and the unfortunate lad was
removed to tho Hospital where he was
attended to and is now doing well. It so
happened thut tho day of the accident
was Archie's birthday and it is quite
safe to say that he will not choose this
peculiar manner of celebrating another
occasion of the kind.
Election of Fire Wardens.
It will Im observed from an advertisement III our columns thut a meeting nf
Ihe Inhabitants of Golden, Chinese and
Indians excluded, of the age of 10 and
upwards, has been convened for to-morrow (Friday), to lie held in the Court
House, for the purpose of electing three
lire wardens, The' hour of meeting in
10 o'clock iu the morning. As the meeting is an important one Tin: Mixuahopes
there will be a large attendance.
Splendid Pro-rramma for Calgary's
Big Meet-Seventy-Five Prizes
to bo Given In  all.
The programme for the Territorial
bicycle meet on September llth and "th
and tlie prizes are given below. There
will be third and fourth prizes in each
race and 75 prizes will be given in all.
One mile, novice; gold medal, silver
Half mile, championship; gold watch
silver medal.
One mile, championship; go'.d Watch,
silver medal. .
Five mile, championship; gold watch,
silver medal.
Half mile, open; gold medal, silvei
tine mile, oiion; gold medal, Bllver
medal. ,
One mile, 3 minute class; gold medal,
silver medal.
Half mile, boys; gold medal, silver
Five mile, ojicn; gold medal, silver
Three mile, team race; three gold
medals and silver cup.
Quarter mile, flying start; gold medal,
silver medal.
Quarter mile, open; gold medal, silver
Two mile, club handicap; gold medal,
silver medal.
One mile, lap nice; gold medal, silver
One hundred yards, championship;
gold medal, silver medal.
Two hundred und twenty yards,
championship; gold medal, silver medal.
Four hundred aud forty yards, championship; gold medal, silver medal.
Interview With Mr. J. H. Susmann,
Mining Engineer for the C.P.R.
Mr. J. II. Susmann, Montreal, Milling
Engineer to the C. P. I!., has just completed a visit to East Kootenay. I lis
visit extended over nearly live weeks.
Ho was in nearly all its niiningdivisinnn.
The greater portion of bis time was devoted to Fort Steele, Windermere and
Gulden divisions, Mr. Susmann lnul
visited the colli Holds near the Crow's
Xent Pass in Fort Steele division and
tented tbe coal for eukeing purpiisen anil
found Ihe quality very guud. Tbe variety
of coal was great and somo of it was
most suitable for domestic- purposes
Tliis visit was fur the purpose of examin
ing tlie metal mines. The whole of bis
attention wan therefore devoted to the
metal products of Kant Kootenay. While
in Fort Steele Division ho visited many
districts such as Wild Horse Creek,
Tracy Creek, Perry Creek and Moyie
districts. His visitation also included an
examination of the North Star, the Sullivan, Dibble iinil St. Etigone groups of
mines which are in different districts
many miles apart.
In Windermere division he visited the
Canal Flat Copper Mine, tho Swansea
copper mine at Windermere, He waa
also 12 miles up horse Thief Creek examining prospects thero. While in
Windermere division lie examined und
inspected tlie Hot Springs ut Fairmont
" I do not know who they 1-olong to, but
if Bonio public spirited citizen would
clean them out he would be conferring a
great boon on the public who visit them
as they ure far from lielng in a desirable.
I or inviting condition,
When in Golden division he went_Jiy
the trail from Carlioiinte into the McMurdo country unci ins|iected quite a
number of claims and prospects on Vermont creek, the middle fork of the Spilli-
miieheen, und crossed the divide over into the Duncan Hiver District. No mining properties were examined in Donald
Eust Kootenay, observed Mr. Susmann
in the course of Tun Mixkii'b interview
with him, is such a vast district that It
is difficult to express n general opinion,
There are some good districts, but tlierd
ere others which may turn out well when
properly developed. Some very Hue oro
is coining down from Toby Creek, anil
on all the Creeks east of the divide between Went Kootenay and East Kootenay. The properties in that section all
along the east divide, at least in a large
part of it are very encouraging. Some
of those distant districts may lie years
before they are producers, owing to have
to overcome the difficulties of transportation. The quantity of free-milling ore
so far as discovered by development is
not largo. When there is free-milling
ore the difficulties of transportation are
nut so much of a factor.
East Kootenay is fortunate ill her ores
una great ninny of them curry gold, bo
she in not entirely dependent upon her
silver. Tbe low price of silver will not
affect her so much ana purely silver producing district. The surface indications
also point to the possibility nf good copper nines being developed. The copper
is very generally distributed through tho
rucks iu some districts so thero isn strong
cortainity of its being found in large
paying quantities, Tlie great need is
development work. Tbe mont work
done has been assessment work, and not
always done to great advantage.
The mining people of Kant Kootenay
must knuckle down to real work and
slunv what they have really gut before
they can expect- tlie outside world to
step In and take au interest. They have
gut to do that.
As regards transportation, tlie Crow's
Nest Pass railway will help out the
country. There is no doubt as to that
fact, and bronchos will lie built into
every district where thut is necessary.
But there must Iw tonnage before these
can lie made. There must be work
done to show there  is tonnage.
A liH'i'tlliK of the malt' liilislitt-inl-. of the
town ufclolileti, uf the nice of IS .ml upwards,
fii'C'Iil C'lilnm.' .ml Indians, will he IniM at Iho
Court House, st 111 o'clock In Ihe forenoon on
Krid.j* Ihe mil- dsy of Aug-ist Inslsnt, for the
election of three persons lolie Fire Warden, by
vlrtlto ol Chapter SO of the Itonsolldklud Acts of
llrltlsh Columbia.
lllivt. .V.enl.
"Tlis-nominations sbnll he matle In'lween In
d'cluuk and 11 o'cIih'Ic In ilie morulas, ami tlie
poll (If any) -audi tie taken lu'lwuen 11 o'clock
' lu 1(1. liiumiuy anil I u'cuii'k iu Ihe uftvruouu.''


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