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East Kootenay Miner 1898-01-27

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*fe/%'  ^
Devoted to tbe ping Interests and Development of tbe District of EAST POTEP
wmwMK-mnmaMw ��mv i
��������"���' m.'Tm'Picj'^iTTy-1
Vol. 1, No. 8*
Golden,  B. 0,  Thursday  January 27th,   1893.
in, |, mm, mini, jh imui t m iilVtiii'im�����i m ���'��� m ���   in *"___"___ '''''"���"
lmw:-mil 49 GOLPEN, B.C.
��OTiHT,- rrc.
Auntn-ca* Blscc,
Golden, B.C.
fire, 1,K��, CMl fetalo, Holme At-iit..
Alcll��n��rii and Cuuoiua Broker.
Tin if seelee :
QaMi, Laaca.kire, Union, Hartford.
' BarsenB llo.iulil)- Ticket i .ra.*e.
Ttw Boa LU. Ii*oiir.DiieCoi'ip**nT.
Tho Ontario Acciiient Iimrauc*! Co'y.
Vka ��irb.<>. Inveatment cud Loan Co.
L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
iaJCi.il Bu-;t.*l����r.
Foet Stkble, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
KIhIbi irokcr, rineaclsl istnt, CenTa-rancer
*a4 Salary r��Mle.
Pen aaaa* aairM :
Aestj CCoei ��nd
Chemical Laboratory,
(blabiialieil 1590.)
Tcf ro.cr.1 j.ars with Vlvlfttl & Pons, Gwan-
a*M, aa-1 local r***,r��..ul>itive lor il.eiu.
Her I yaara waiia^er lor tlie a...*-.."! to the
kl* flats C��.,u>bub��.
Canadian repre.enu.llve ol the OasaelGolu
Hut-a-iUn,* Co. L'ld, Ul.t-juw (Cyanide proccH.)
U.K.���ill wort iwraor-.lly .uiicrlnteuded. Only
ao-apet.ti.l urea e-oployea.    No pupil*   re
j��.s. Henderson,
Rs��. rt��p��M��.
rro apt attentlo*.. ii, in to ov.leri.
A n-l.ply ef ll.ii Jir.{ IJaie lor ails.
Kewly Refitted <fc Rclurnislicd.
The best of tho kind west ol
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
���**��������������<'��>���* <9*��'��***��<"><'**'>��f
& Embalming
Talfffrtpli orders ruc^ive prompt attention
O CALGARY, Ait*. *
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw hirs, skins, pn-
6t.iij;, seneca, etc. Pricsa for next sixty
days are as follows:
....{15.00 to 5150.00.
Bilver Fox..
Reaver(per pound).
,.$ 5.00 to t 25.00.
,.( 4.00 to (   9.00.
. .$ S.OO to (
,.*v 3.00 to %
V.'olf $ 1*00 to *
Red Foi i 1*00 to if
Mink �����   .75 to $
Stank  5   .25 tot
Gray Toi <   .00 to *
Eat t   .20 to $
Price list on all other turn nnd thine
furnished upon application. Full pricBH
piaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate-remittance en
all esiuignments.
The Golden
rreeh ar d lali Heat..
Pt.h and Game iu ..anon.
I-e.lir. la Oattlo, Bti.-ep and Harseo,
ll.iil order, receive prompt r.tteutiou.
Livery and
Feed Stables
��..! C-..11I. CortM aid 11(1 <t< All *'-'���*.'"'
Birr at KMooubla Kali:.
Toaaalljl ol All Cll.la a IpesHltj*.
Golden, 3. C.
Itivery, Feed &
Fort Steele. S.E. Kootekay.
Sale *hM<
I'Mk Traias ior mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Good Time
By (-.vary rata whet has ��� ".vetch.
�� % MiEXliflBEil ��
C.r.R. Watc'j Inspector will ho
Ifr'trot nw to K rid ay ^>��
asch-seek. Satlsfitotlon Guaranteed. Work can he left p.t
Mding Ijings
ft Spseialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
?.ro vory interesting. Send
us a post card and t/c will
mail one to you.
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
(H Yrntc^ina.Mr.,
tWj Jfv,*c.ller,
q[M Optician ��nd
(jjf Ttlceltatiic.
t7ft'.**:ip. doaned, Jci��elleey mnunted, Olasics
mended and Oun�� repaired. Plr��| clou wort
in overy depaxtmant,  a trtaliflll.oltinj,ao cine
Wong Ges, Golden.
Tom Lee, ��
has the lu'st reslanrant in Golden. It is open nt. all hours.
Every dolloncy and fruit, in its
Boflson, A good selection ol
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once tor tlie Choicest ere they
po to
�� Tom Loe, Bakery. ��
Me��in Day and Sight.
With the approach of spring, says The
International, comes the unquestioned
evidences of a prosperous year for South
Kant Kootenay ami Wardner. It does
not take a mind with extraordinary
power of discernment to see that the
future for this district and this town is
to he om of Kreat promise and pros-
perty. Neit'B from over the district and
Intelligence from tlie money centres of
Eastern Canada and the States verify
the predictions made hy those acquainted with the. conditions, and show beyond
any question of a doubt that the tide is
turning to South East Kootenay. Capital will he invested in triines, capital
will be invested in improvements, capital will he invested in business, capital
will bo invested in land., capital will he
invested in town property; in fact,
inmeuee mat' of money v;il! ba brought
Into activa sorvicc in this district dnrinj
tho coming season. These mea who lire
ready lo invest in various enterprises in
South East Kootenay ar�� not making
their investments blindly. Last year
was devoted to au examination of the
field. The building of tha Crow's Neat
l'nsa road attracted their attention since
they knew that millions would not be
invested by any corporation to open up
a country that was not rich in resources*.
Yet, representatives visited this territory last year end examined the count ry
pb a field for profitable investment. The
result of thess iuvestifrtions are already
showing. The reporti must have been
eminently sr.tlsfory, s'nee thousands and
hundreds of thousands will bo invested
in South East Kootenay within the next
few morithc.
And why not? continues The International. Kov.here eke is there a
country that gives rttch positive assurance of rich returns for labor and capital
invested as South E.".st Kootenay. Hundred! of thousands of dollars are 1-eius
eipcnded in tho construction of a f;reat
trunk line of railway. Fortunes will be
invested in mines that have fortunes
already in sight, waiting for facilities
to tianspor it to market. Thousands
will go lo developing prospects that
need only labor to make them paying
���nines. There is a rich territory that ii
yet to bi prospected .There will he grow
towns, coustrucvtlon of bull.ling:
developing of mines, breaking up of
Igricultural lands, cutting of nii!li..n>: ol
feet uf lumber, in all a great industrial
���vnve that will bring prosperity to every
resident of this section who shows that
he merits prosperity.
Not long ago a visitor to this section
said: "1 could not name a place in
Canada or tlie Ststtra where such glor
ious opportunities will be presonled for
success as will he found iu South East
Kootenay the next few years." Thut
man was right. He stated the trutl
And those who cams here will tally
appreciate th* wisdom ofth* re marks,
There will ha several good towns 1
twean Crows Nest lake and Kootonay
laka, along th* line of the Crows K��
road. There will be one town that is
sure to be a hummer. That is Wnrdner,
It is in the centre of this great district
and is located ot the crossing of the
Kootenay river and Crow's Nest road.
It ia the only town ill the whole distri.'l
that will enjoy thabonefltsol a trunk
line of railway and four (ti-.imboats. It
is locsted near to tha great coal Iields.
ll is th- liudquorMri for the construction c4 th�� railroad. It Is cuncjde.l t->
b�� th�� tow* tlmt ini'.tnliued to b�� the
upaoMrcitilcentre and distributing point
for this territory, i! vrl'l have c��e and.
perhaps more smelters. It Is a froning
town to-day, and it i�� improving every
twenty-tour hours. It has reached that
stage where stltcctt in already aisured,
and its growth in the liiturc will b�� both
permanent and rapid. Many oppor-
(unities exist hare for making money,
and many more will he presented within
the next few laontlis, No town in eithor
East or West Kootenay h:.s tmeh ��
futr.i'e. That it enjoys ereiy advantage
is shown by the actios ef the eastern
syndicate thai has purchased the town-
site company's iutcrest ia the unsold
lots. The membereof the company have
inverted their thousands to make thousands. They propose to it, end will jneh
the advantage thoy enjoy to a successful climax.
Wardner will be the objective poir.l
the coming year. Every developement
shows that now. The men who succeed
In getting on the ground floor will cave
time and money. Every man should
look over the whole territory. The International hopes that each vistors  will
(From Wednesday's Herald.)
Curling started in good earnest yesterday morning at &.80, when ei^ht riuks of
the knights of the besom showed up to
contend for the Walkervillo trophy.
Smart mot his Waterloo the first crack
out ot the box, when Edgar, of Fish
Creek, defeated him 14 tu 6. Major
Walker captured his man by a score ol
IS to o against Hood, of Sandon. Smith
I^ot away with Parson, of Golden, to the
tune ot 14 to 5,
very hard tussl
last shot, the
id Kiunisten, aftc
heat McNeish with
ore being 8 to 7.
,0 three other rinks were yui on, two
being ill the VVolkervillo and one in the
McNeill. F. McNeill had his work cut
for him hy MeLeod, of Lethbridge.
The visitors put up a strong game and
some say they oiitcui'led tlie home rink,
mtat the (lose the score stood 12 to 9 in
favor of McNeill. Scott, ol Lethbridge,
lent Warren, of Golden, by 11! to 10,
after a good game. Thia finished the
Walkevville competitions tor tho d**y.
In the McNeill trophy Freeze put up
10 to Aird's 7, end later Smart beat
Hood 12 to 10, the curling being very
even, but an error of judgment In tbe
last end gave tlio victory to Smart.
Walker drew against Parson and beat
him by lt> to II. On No. I! ice wrs om
of the prettiest games put up so f.r In
the 'spiel, when Warren, of Golden,
played Edgar, ol Fish Creok. It was a
draw game throughout aud was n tie al
the eleventh end, and only won by
Warren by 10 la I) on tho twelfth ond
by a very close call. McNeill and McNeish had also a hard game, but McNeill
finished 10 to McNeish's 8.
At 0.30 the hall wub opened In the Calgary Brewing k Malting Co. trophy,
when McLcoil tamed Ncilson'e C..1I* tu
the score of Iii to '.>. Kinnlsteti beat
Parson 11 to S, and Walker struck a
boulder from tho coal town and was
knocked out by a sere ot 13 to 11. Aird,
of Sheep Creek, beat McNeish 13 lo 7.
At 9,80 fresh rinks were called up when
Lauder beat Freeze hy 11 to 10. Forbes
McNeill's rink had done well but cotilj
not withstand the miners from the west
and were defeated by Hood by a score o;
10 to 0. Smith seemed to regain his old-
time cuiiniii�� who the stones and heal
Wan-en Id to 0. llclwod, of Lothhrjilgo,
secured a game l;om llayiner, of Edmonton, by default, which finished the
sport for the day.
ThiB morning there were t.ur games
In the Walkervllle. Walker beat Kln-
nisten by 13 to It).    McNeill beat Edgar
11 to 10. Freeze beat Scott 15 to 3 and
Lauder beat the Colts ly 13 to 12 on the
thirteenth end, the hiking the Colts got
tha night Jietoro evidently doing them
On tha outside rink Smith defeated
Hood by !0 to 7 In the Bannormnn-
Crltchley competition.
Tlie following gentlemen composed Ihe
four rinks that represent Goldou at the
Calgary hoi,spiel:
F. II. Bacon, M. Dainard, W. 1'..
Robertson, ('. A. Warren, skip,
C. II. Parson, J. llondtirson, 1>. M.
Rao, II. g. Pareon, skip.
0, A. Brown,Thoi.Tqdd, J. Winn, W.
MoXelstt, skip,
Neilson's Colts-W. G. Selleon, W,
Alexander, 1*. II. Wilson, tt. Hughes,
The following tal 1" shows th.. .landing ir the 1,1 point competition, In
which ha-e been no games played tills
cesk owing to the bonspiel at Calgii'yi
Th,. Iiitorna
Iciirlllg along M..yi
E. .'
in well tin
Ilia cu.
tract i
t the Goat ri
odes ;:
ailed near h.
'jt!>; tin
irnl  tl:-.
No until vrlio ueen Intelli^t
energy cuu lie (.lUj-Aiitni-tjJ wi
E;i>-.t Kuolemy.
The 500-toot tunnel at ?;Ii
is now in course ui conatruclii
There are now sixteen cpntv
work lwi,vreiMi Wardenev and
lakei uud botwutu i.UJU a.:
South Kast Kootenay i* ivl
to support several good towns a
lineofthtt Crow's Nest road,
towns will h\i ihure.
M. il. MacLeod returned last Monday
from a trip over tho lino as far as Kast
Kootonay UxV.v. 1I<; reportfl everything
moving along nicely at ihe west end,
13.11- Drnry, II. T. Lamb and O. rial-
fax Ifall vrure in town this week uu
Uiuir way iu ilit Goat river divide, where
thoy wiil do eiii-'Lie-ji'H];; on Cu;iJut;>.iiu..
R. H. IVixcn, an old new
u' the MortliweBt Territo;
town on r-unday. Mr. Di:
���villi K. Egan & t'o., but ie
a.'iiiiy uowspapav ivoik fur tli
old tiuics.
Tin: Inter national Traneportatioi
company thai owns the ^tt:aiiii-r^ Sortl
Star And Gwendoline, haa undcruoiti
some changes In the lust f<w ffeek?, .!
K. Wardner has Bold his iiit^resvs i;
'.lie line to the Fort Steele Mercantile
company and it is quite probable tha'
tho company v.i'.! acquirp oil.fr inter
c-sti-'. Tho annua) elettiun of officen
will bo heldin &po.vano \Vithin ;. shorl
time und then action Will i'l' t.ilv: I :..
once in t!iL�� way ui improvements in the
company's property.
With the opening of spring th-'ra will
bs one yrcal piint of imparlance in
-South Kast Kootenay, one town that
will si.*- aJS-.ir.iiH'e of rich returns iu in-
vestoi'B,one place that will ii auro pro'it-
able busiues* ;;�� morchaais, one i' ��� ti
where labor of all binds will bu in t n-
caud-in fa ���. there wiii bJ -���:: ��� - ���) nai :.-
cial centre, and tlmt will ha \V�� 'dm r,
at the crossing of the Civws Nest road
and tho Kootonay river. Hc:ir this in
mind. The Information costs ni thing
I and if properly acted upon  m
<::o  T'-n Par T.v
In the opinion of Mr. J. !i MeFarlano
��l,o has beon soma time i'i th.^ t'.issi:i-.-
ountry lying nrond the beaten routes
:i t!.,'.t' part uf ivi*? province, which is
i:-'.��.-! likely to repay the prospector
is any in i!i- Yukon. The Cassiar coun-
ry in which the !.i:j i't:i!-:-3^ were made
n the seventies, i^ only a vety small
���Mr':', tn of tho whole, Difficulties oi tran
iortati in, which the present rush t.>
Clondike will induce capital to over-
1 rospectora
, havi
from ti;
Kiver "
hither u
ling out,
i tn
ig tr.e
of tlio
'. The
y lying north west from
towards tho head of the Dig and
Salmon rivers has never been
d and should prove a rich district
stiil doing
take 11 *
:tors will  li:-.
districts for
qq they can
iy  are  not
Ksperlenced prop-,
great deal more to
tho rush pass on L
off into theso bye
selves. Uy taking i
themselves that i1
good ground behind thera and,
do not strike anything, can always drop
down stream to the Yukon and prbably
find that by that thru
experienced cold se*kei
leaving pleanty of \:uc<l
tlie troildou
1 it a
to let
if thev
j the horde  of
has retreat
olaima    beh
rouU'S  little
11.4 im
the he
river i
���i trad
trade t
_ is known about tho contry even
���lose to the coast, and I have
good pay taken in coarse gold
ire tlian tJ5 miles from tha coa��t
Unack river which empties into
id of Behm'a channel, ;)���' miles
uf Wrangel. 1 think the Liard
'ii1 i " worth prospecting. 1 heard
ir called Sylvester, who used t >
,t a post tin t'ne Liard  name*!  af-
��� tb
ue Dense rive
ur w
���tl   np   tin
��� I.
auda ;o you
r Winn ;
' Todd )
C.Varson f
HcXoUh /
UendVn (
Hwcottit  8j
Smith      71
Harc.nirtl.3 )
Al��x,nd'rt3(Alf>"4W !
In ties
Brown     _
t.,nr>.th 1 \
(From ths i',, speclorr)
i'K-i-,1. It. tlnll and | arty,
Engineer J, R, tlnll and party, oi tho
Crow's Nest  Railway, arrived here ,,..
ruesday, registering at tho Hotel International. Among the party ware I leo. ,'���
uiul Charles A. Dicki -���-.., the latter
Id Toronto boy who has v*.-**o some
.civic, iii li ie mounted pohce. Mr.Hail's
ty h..v.* 1.. sn working ������. the I <..
i  :'.. en . ol tl ��� line, and are lion
(orwui'd to Anns oug's  Uinding, -,   e .
they expect to tBke up Iheir -;-ir.r i > tor
loseral months. Mr. Hall tliinks
notwithstai ding  the tl '- -:������   '., at
taken 11- 'e in getlii i the rail-t 1
the :'.. .. ii ire iht that tl
a'ay *ft.-l lie fully - onipluted to    ���
Lake 1) Ihs end ,.' .:-. ; : yi....
Daring the past week ii| *. 'I'd i it
lie -, - . tiled here. ;-.;:*.-. the I 1'. '������
by workmen who have beon -.* ii]. ye I
OU Doi Igu ,V I'..'*- c .ii: let, I icso ;��� .-.-
tractors have skipped out, leaving their
men wholly unpaid. The I.'. )'. tt. is i!
course held liable for the wages, but i'*
will likely he tnontln botora .:...- i',...*.'.v
Court, and ii th��Company eh -.11 ���!*���- ids
to contest the suit the workmen might
as well whistle lev their pay.
! hunt, and I have
| li. gth .i il tn telegraph  Lnmltng.   Till
will no doubt prove the  favorite  mute
- summer, i-ut I would advice men.
j who  k;:,.-*v what they are about. U�� lt'1
I the i-iish go on by Teslin Lak i ,ih.!_ take
in tor thenwelves the cciintry indicated
above iu between.���Revclstoke Herald.
Cokii-n Jiiliileo.
The people of California celebrated tht
f.tiieth anniversary ot  Ihe discovery of
old n tl .'. si i. on Mond .y las', un-ler
. ,- . ,i .*. ui the >.,'. i in .',;���.''��� ii.*c. Till
event was coiuinemorated by speeches,
processions and other exercises at San
Francisco. The M.-hl of ttoi'l during the
;i.--t y*--ir (18*18) i*. estimated r.l $5,000,-
L '. in i increased rapidly, amountiag in
lS*li) lo $23,0',10,000; in 1830 to t.'.n.n.*;.,-
I: ���: in 1851 to 585,000,000; in IS52 t*>
}(',0,O00,O0O, act ill 1S')3 to <C5,tKW,000,
wbeu ti.,i maximum was reached. Of
late years there has been a decline, tho
total 1 eing iesa thnu $10,000,000 ii; 1890,
though thero has si;-ce been a steady
increase until t*-.-", when it was estimated at 118,000,OC i. The total production
- ' ���.. . iH., e*. ,. .. Lhe t ��� ��� '.'
,!ij mota] there is cslimaled at $1,800,-
00 1,000���a jveater amount lhati wav ,*v. ���
obtained troiu a sin:;!-? district of like
B. C. i-Clnln--
Inosra Moat.
ct   Minlss
At a meeting of tha ihareholdon ol
I the Golden Luinber company held in
do this. Such precaution will locale any j Golden on the 21 Si inst., the sale of their
man in business at Wardner.  No other j property to the Columbia Rivei Lumber that th*> W -tl:*'
place will suit bim as well ��� 'company wasiotitirim*.!. Ifaily ia Juuadoist,
The B. 0. Alsoclati.
Kngineers held thalr annual msitisg lu
VancmiTor last v,.?k, -��t whleh many
Interesting papers rtlatlfe t�� ti..ir profession were read by several mtiahei's.
It wae decided te charjge the uarae of
l! �� asiociation to thelliitleh Columbia
Miulng instltut*. Ofilcers vers ��lr.*ird
fur ti-e eutulns year as follows! W. A.
Carlyle, president! Col. Trai
Howard Wist, secretin*;
Willlamsj M.l'.l'., A. J. Col luhpmt, W.
H. Gallagher, V. 0* l.wi .*, Major
Vaughan and Col, Tracy were elected ,;��
a COiniulUel on mining. Ik'f.ire the
close ot the ineetli e it >.i-V.'*.m.ii cnlcd
.Sslon bit luild at ',*,'.*ij in
character, thuti] ll Iho  Klon ii:.o
Iields tnay cqu .'��� it or *.*.-. 1 it.
[ ir il... li i Rive i Wilso'i musl '*rl
i proud :':'.- .'...   Like i'.j t"'i-inc-M.u-
it i! , |ui    ���    i lak .. nf Ice i-i ii
'... inherit .- ce nl > li     ��� d�� i ll, and
:... - toi *.   nucea largo
���*..-, lus ��� -.me : ���������'������' lati r, tin nv\i cltti ���
.���_..'.   ml ,! Canada Kail-
.. ���; ���ill  I .-���   an ��� . / to '. to ...ii-
-'-. '-. ��� .-;; m ������ -����� it I --',*.l audlen -w vt
Hi , ��� t general meeting, ilcw mu* b
i.. ,',,w to real reform and how much t >
revival ut trade and traffic each shareholder can asses i*>r himself, I'-i the
principle tht I Cod wade lhe countr.'
and man make's the tour, ii may ��-
least bo owiied that the gross increase
Isdueto improved conditions of tradu,
ami theravinglnlheworkingevpeuditure
is lue I*; gooil and economical m->nag��-
iio.ni. And thisJlatter item li-is had a
great deal lodo with the booming pri,->
iii l'rauk Firsts.���.London Woney,
Or,o or '.:liicar-o.
Accordingt��tho "Banker, Mcrchan*.
,, Mautactufsi','1 ti sr'e i" a dawning
sOSpiciOi tl,:*.! '.i..i Ut; Louis man who
anbouacet ho can make anthracite coal
out o! tho ordinary bitamirous article is
treasurer; I merely a Ions distance imitator of
^i>:��'4 A. Chicago's gold bt'ick maliufaoturer.
T\fO  lK-UA'-M  l'Klt  VEA.R.  Till-'.
rest ktjVEkTisiN-3 y.KPiu:t m
X w.-eLlv Journal*! published every Thursday !
in llio interest oi the East Kootenay District
hialtlug closest connections with nil trains mut:
iuti.ll routes.
Subscription rates : By man or carrier,;
I'j.oo per yeur iu advance.
column Inch, |*2,U0 per itoluinn Inch wlioo in-
(tTiod on the title paue ) legal mis. 10 cents per
(nonpareil) Hue for lirst Insertion, ti cents tier
||ne (or eaeh additional insertion; reading
JiO-tlcMli cents \->:f Hue oath insertion.
Changes of ads, must no in ofllee not later than
Birth, marriage ami death notices Inserted
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Aftar tho Toronto Globe.
The Toronto Globe ih* coming in for a |
good deal of criticism Just now iu regard j
to  itn  alleged  aland on tbe different
routes to the Klondike.   A sia]
face from haU-a-dozon other papers, each
advertising their own particular route, | ASSESSM"I2XT ACT AM) PltO-
will, we believe, causo the Globe t<
blush most unceremoniously. ThoGlobi
rotalliates in the following manner:
"Tlie Victoria Colonist gets after the
Globe witli a large club as follows
'e.onA"su,PdiiTa,e|^ice to Taxpayers)
,   .ltll.il'   ll'llLlll'D     i.'l/'ll    !   I    .
on business.
"Companies Act, 1837,"
up pern* i
Address ull g
Goldon, li. C.
-*xtwtm��m-mi.ww-*tm��� "���*��� ���'n-f-wa�������� ****������
THURSDAY, JAN. 27,  1808,
proposed  B. C. Chamber of Mines.
It Is proposod to establish, in and for
British Columbia, following examples in
Australia and South Africa, a chamber
pf mines, says the British Columbia
Minin Critic. The chief objects of tho
suggested chamber's work would be tin
1, To promote and protect tlie mining
Interests and industries oi tbe province
pf Britisli Columbia.
2. To consider all questions connected
with the mining industry, and to promote public discussion thereon.
S. To promote legislative and other
measures affecting such mining industry.
4. To collect ami circulate statistics
find other Information relating to Bticb
mining industry.
5. To communicate with and exchange
information upon mining matters witli
phambers of mines and government]
departments of mines in the Dominion
pf Canada and other countries.
i>. To procure information as to mines,
mining companies and all matter relating thereto, and circulate the same.
7. To establish, form and maintain a
library aud museum of models, specimens, designs, drawings and other
���Articles of interest in connection witli
the mining industry, for the uiu of
the members.
8. To act an arbitrator.*! in tin settlement of any disputed arising out of
0. To sell, improve, manage, lease,
mortgage, dispose of, turn to account, or
ptherwisa deal with any part of the
property of tlie chamber.
10. To invest the moneys of the chamber, not immediately required, upon
ttttcll security or conditions and on such
terms, or otherwise in such manner as
may from lime to time be determined.
11. To borrow any money required for
tbe purposes of tbe chamber upon
pilch securities as may be determined.
V2. To obtain, whenever thus determined, au act of the provincial legislature for the incorporation of chamber
and auy other act which may be deemed
conducive to any of these objects.
The membership uf the chamber is to
Consist of five classos, namely:
(1) Representative members.
{'2) Associate members.
(8) Honorary members.
t-i) foreign inembon.
(5) Visiting members,
Various rates of subscription will, ill
flue course, be fixed for all the above
glasses of members, save ami except, of
course, those that are honorary.
Clauses 18 and 14 provide that syndicates, associations of owners, claim
owners ami companies muy, un terms of
subscription to be fixed, nominate representative members; whilst any resident
in the province directly interested in
mining may become an associate member of tho chamber, on nomination And
elci'tion, and payment of a subscription,
to be lixed in due course,
Tbe appointment of honorary members in placed in the hands of the
chamber's executive committee, mich
honorary members to have the privileges
of associate members of tbe chamber
without liability to subscription.
Foreign members are to pay a reduced
subscription, to receive copies of all the
chamber's publications and be entitled
to all the privileges of associate members.
Visiting members, not lieing residents
pf the province, may be duly nominated ami sleeted for a period of three
months on payment of a subscription to
bo duly fixed, and are to enjoy the
privileges of associate members, but are
not to attend meetings of the chamber
unless invited by the executive committee.
Other usual provisions of similar
organizations follow, including rules for
the election of a managing or executive
committee, but all the regulations are,
of course, subject to large revision and
yiodliicfttioui ny tho organizing tempor-
urv committee, of which Mr. W. J.
Waterman is acting secretary, and which
includes a representative body of British
Columbia mining men.
Northern   Division   of   East
Ktiotoiin.v  District.
Toronto   Globe   devotes   upward   of  a j VOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN in accordance
���     . .     ' a,      -     with the Statutes that Provincial Revenue
column of   ns  editorial   space   to   tho Tax and all taxes levied under the Asaesainenl
advocacy of the route from Edmonton to I AX"o "the^Sbo�� ^named1" Ss collectable
the Vukon.   In this the Globe is living   within tha Northern Division of East Kootenay
... | District are payable at my office, the Court
up to its recent record, which seems to House, Cloldeu.
be tu oppose everything that is in the r^!"WK,MllM,lbl'l,lll,toIl0,,i"g
interest of British Columbia, even if in |   tr paid on or before Jnne 80th, 180B.
BOdoingit puts Itself in the position of    Three-fifths of one per cent, ou Real Property.
'     .       , ,     ,   ,   ,   ,,     Two and ouo*balt per cent, on assessed value
wrongly advising those who Iook to it of wild laud.
for counsel.   If nothing will  suit  thoL��J^.11 ot 0B0   p" MBl' oa   Pflwma1
Globe but thut nooi.le shall travel over a!   On sii much of the Incomes of any person as
,,,,*,_ ,,    ��� exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
thousand  unlet pi  land to get to the rates, namely:  Upon ineli ejieoss of income
VhI-mm u i ,.i. iiims ,.,,,, ,.,.���,.I, tha immfl when the sum is not more than Ton Thousand
Yukon, ui.cn ..tiiej tan reuoii tiie samt , Do]lHr5( nilL, pi.r wm. wlu,ri BUC|, __���_ is
point in a shorter and far easier way by over Ton Thousand Dollars and not mora than
, , . ���  ,    . Twenty Thousand Dollars, one und one-quarter
the coast routes, why not advocate tlie 0f ono nor cent.; when mich exci-.* fs over
Kamloops route? it is infinitely bettor Twenty'Phouaand i..,;:,us.emaiti! ��,..e -hair oi
than that from Kdmoatoih'
"At tho same time, the Edmonton
Bulletin denounces the Globe nan ' C. P.
it. Cur,'ami uses other language that
should make the Toronto Telegram's
heart leap for joy, because, sn the
Bulletin says, wc have been opposing
the Edmonton route ami advocating the
Victoria route to tho Klondike. Then
a Vancouver paper charges us with
unduly booming Victoria, and from
other points come complaints that the
Globe is neglecting other routes or boom- Asshi
ing other routes, as local interests may Golden, January loth, wi*.
suggest. The truth is that we have not
specially advocated auy route, aud that
we have endeavored to five full and
accurate information touching the vari
ous Canadian routes to the Klondike,
and so long as travellers for the gold
country go by somo Canadian route, we
are not at all concerned as to which
particular route they select."
one percent.
If paid on or uiter tho lit July, 18C8.
!poiir-flfthsof one per eenl.on K-��l Property.
Three por cent, oo thu assessed value ol wild
ThrnMonrtliH of one per cent, ou Personal
Ou so much nf the incomes of anvpfrsouas
exueuds One Thousand Dollars the lolldwhig
rates, namely: Upon sueh excess when the
same Is not mora than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per rent.! when
such excess la over Ten Thousand Dollars aud
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
end otii-lmlf of one per coat! when siichextc-ss
h over Twenty Thousand Dollar**;, one and
thrt'e-t|iu*rtcrx of one per rent.
Provincial Revenue Tux, J1.00 per capita.
ir nnd Collector.
\ BITTING of the County Court of Kootenay
' v will he held nt the Court lions.*, on ThUK*
day the20th day oi January lSWiatii o'elook In
the mtcmooii.
By Order.
Joslah sterrit.
Donnld.P.C,January Till 1838.
\ SPECIAL MEETING of lhe shareholders of
** the Golden Lumbar Company, Limited
Liability, will he held hi tlio oflloo
of the Company at Golden, British
Columbia, on FRIDAY, 2lst JANUARY, 1898
10 o'clock a.m.. for the piirpo.se of sanctioning
u sale of property of the Company.
Golden, B.C., Dee. 20th, lSf.7. dr-OjO-10-20
MOTICK is herehy given that r shall apply for
���^ a sjieelal timber licence to cm timber on
tlie fuiimviug described liiinis :���commencing
m a post on Middle Pork of Pitiluy Creuk,post
situated bfiuu foot t>> the north of Unrdle's
Corral, N. E.j thfttiee ruunlnglBO chains south;
lltonuu 70 chains west; thence 160 chains north j
ihi-nee JO chains cesl to the post of commence*
mem .containing 1,000 acres about.
(iolden. B. 0.,   October 20th, 1897-
VOTirKi. ii**r<*lj>* rIvpii that.1 shall apply
i*   n s|n*.-i,ii tlmuer licence to cut tlmficr
U. S. Mlnaral'Production for 1SS7.
Tlio mineral production of 18117 ngiiln
establislies :t record, but from proscnt
indications it will lie exceeded during
tlie year which i.*. just opening.
The production of gold in 1897 vu*
2,685,000 line ounces,valued at So.5,-198,
950, against 2,553,433 line ounce, valued
at 152,330.200, 111 18!��0. The production
in the TJaneviial was about tho same as
in tbe U. S., and it will be doubtful
which country will bold first placo until revised fij-iues are obtained. Tiiere
wan a large Increase in the gold production of Colorado,whluli has now surpassed California for tlio first timo, but tlie
increase of production in that state was
offset by decreases ill others. Tho gold
production of the [Clondlke, which was
only $2,000,000, notwithstanding the
exaggerated newspaper reports has been
credited to Canada, and tho latter bIiowb
consequently a groat increase in output.
The moet important gold producing district iu tho I.', f. was Cripple Creek,
whicli broke ils best previous record,
Other important districts oi tho year
were lhe l.lnc'-i Hills, b'outh Dakota;
Me-rcur, Utah, and tbe various camps of
the Mother lodo in California.
The production of sliver of domestic
origin ill tbe U. S. in 1X97 was Ml, 117,000
fllieouuces, against 53,483,810 line ounces | tft^"fc^W^J^tSSS|"J!
in 1800. Iti addition to this there wan a
production of 89,325,000 line ounces irom
foreign ores and bullion, against 1)3,122,
520 tine ounces lu 1M6\ The decrease in
tlie American production is accounted
[or by Ue heavy decline in the value of
silver, which compelled a number of important producers to closo down. The
falling oft in production would undoubtedly have been greater had it not been
for the high price of lead during n considerable part of the year. A \vry large
proportion���probably SO per cent.���of
the silver production of tho U.S.is deriv-
ed from tho ores in which gold, lead or
copper in the more important element
of value. Inboih ib-itish Columbia and
Mexico thoro was an 1 ncrouse iu the
prodtictoon ot silver; In the former it
corresponded more or loss to the increase in the production of lead and copper: in the latter, where business in con
ducted on a silver basis, the coat of labor falls proportionately with tlie value
of silver,ami silver mining is not affected to the same extent as in countries
which are on a solid gold basis. There
was a considerable increase in the load
production in Mexico in 1897,and an in-
erease in the silver production was consequently to be expected.
The production of lead in 1807 was
19-��,.530 short tons, valued at $13,031,348,
against 174,702 short tons, valued at $10-
881,843,iu 1806, Besides there was a
large amount of lend produced in the
United States frem foreign ore and bullion, a lar^e part of weich was exported
after desllverieation. The increase,
which was proportionately large iu Missouri, accounted for by tho high price
of the metal during most of the year;
Tlie chief sources of domestic lead supply continue to be tho Coeur d'Alono
district of Idaho, hendv'dle, Colo., and
the vicinity of Bonne Terre Mo. The
exportation of foreign lead refined in
bond during the. first ten months of the
year was 41,010 short tons. The exportation of domestic lead miring the same
period was 5,637 tons
Provisos op Human Cotwlnu. i
Nn. 11/07.
'Pins IS TO CERTIFY thai the "Golden Brl
I Mi Columbia, Limited," laauthortaod and
licensed ro carry on bualucai withiu tho Province of British Cnlumbiu, mid tu carry out or
effect till nr any of Iho objects hereinafter set
u.nli in which tho lejtinlatfva authority ol the
LCKialaturc ef British Columbia extends.
The head office of tin- Company la uttuatoal
No. ii, Quean Btroet Placo, City of London, England.
Tiie amount of tho capital of the Company te
Cfi,-J00; divided into six thousand Blmruaoffl
The head office of the Company in thia I'm-
vinco Ih situate* ut Golden, and William Gilbert
MltchelMnnos, wbo.se address Is Golden, Britisli Columbia, ia ihe Attorney for tho Company.
Tbe e.bjivts ior wliie.li tlie Compauy lias been
established and so licensed ares���
[ii.j To purchase", take on lease, or otherwise
acquire, mines, mlnlnt,' rights, and motalitfcr-
ous lund and any interest thurain, and to explore, work, exurclso, develop and tarn tu
ileeelllil tin- BfttnO!
[ij] To crush, win, ���ei, quarry, smolt, calcine,
rt'iiue, dress, itimil;;niiinii-, iimnijiiibile.pureliiisi:
mul prepare tor market, oro, metal, and mineral HUbstaucea oi nil kinds, nnd to carry ott,
either upon or hi eonnceiiou with the premises
ur elsewhere, tho bualuess uf miners, nitlUrs,
smelters,and workorsol nny professes Iu the
production, ruuuetion und insalUKmerchant*
ui.ie, oi minei'als.inetitla mid metaluu produeta,
ae|ij!liesof wuter, inerehitutv nnd ni��inm'nclur-
era, and workers of unv mluerula, metals, articles and thiuas used hi or in (uiiueetion witli
iniutug, tnillingi smoltiag, and other proueasc-i
aforesaid! or nay oi thums
[e] To Beareh Ior mines and minerals either
on lund known lu contain aiich mines and min*
onus or uiherwlsc, and tu buy and soil, louse
or take up tho rights oi search or othBr miners'
rights or claims under nny mining statutes ur
regulations oi anyplace where iliu Curapaay
carries on operations, und auy ether rights n-
apei tiiiji; the same:
[dj To acquire options,or enter into contracts
for the purchase of uny grants, concessions,
leases or setts, eaaeinoma ot' Interests in lands,
waters, millsttes, lownsttes, mines, minerals,
und tuber horeuilauieuts, and any plaint, machinery. Implements, conveniences, provisions
uiul tilings, und uny other property, real or
tiei'son.'tl, movable or iinn.ovulile, for purposed
Incidental theruto or u aityotherohjcets of the
Compauy, or capable of being used in eonnec*
tion wi'.n metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by tho Company, and to work, iransicr, let or sublet the
[e) To acquire any Inventions, letters patent
or lieonses, eapHblo ol being nseii lor tin! purposes of tbe Company, or any of them, ana to
work, transfer, lot, or sublet tho same!
f. To acquire and undertake the whole or any
part of the business, property and liabilities, ot
uny person or company carrying on uny business which this Company is authorised to curry
on; and to acquire and hold uny shares, stocks,
bonus, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, of ur other interests in
any English, colonial or other companies, associations or undertakings capable of being managed or conducted so us directly or indirect!)
to benefit the business of tho Company. Also
to advance money nn any such shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of or
other interest in sueh companies, associations
ur undertakings, und tu accept such shares or
Mocks, bunds, obligations, deuiiiliires or sveur-
nesas partial or iull seeuriiy iur payments due
to the Company:
g, To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others in acquiring coustrui ting ur hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, trumviuys, ruiiwuvs, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, wonts, matters or tnlngfc
which muy be necessary ur eoiivetiieiit for tbe
purposes of the Compauy, or any oi thorn, anu
tu tin! working of Hie same ur uny part thereof:
ll. To improve, munagCJ develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal
With, in auy manner whatsoever, the unde
taking or any part or parts of tno property ol
tbe Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
easements m or over the same, and to accept hs
payment therefor olthor cash or shares, or
partly cash and partly shares, in any other
eoinii'.oiv puivi:i.siii0' me same:
l. To establish auu maintain agencies of the
Compauy In any colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, and to procure tho Company
lo be r'egisler������il or incorporated in any sueh
colony, dominion, foreign country or stato:
, To amalgamate with any other company
having ooje, is a)together or in part similar to
tbe objects ol ibis Company, ana lo enter into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or
person or tl nn engaged or about to engage 1 n
any business or transaction whioh thia Coin-
piiiiv is authorise!! to engage in, or eapable ol
ueihg eoudueted so as tii.eeily or indirectly te
hem-lit tbiat'iiiiipaliy:
I:. To hold, in the uanjesof others, any property which the Company Is authorised to
acquire, and to curry on or do any of the
businesses ami acts auu thlngsaforcsald, cither
agent, and either by the agency
ems Of tr.
s forothci
. .. post . -
ross the creek irom the bend of Brady's Oit"h,
north-east p*��st ; thence running south bio
chains; thence west 70 chains ] thence north
lik) chains: thence east 70 chains to post of com-
Fort Steele, October 20lb,lSW.
VO'i'l.'F. In hersby given thai I shall apply
^ for a special timber llcenco io rut timber
on the followingdcscrlbThl lands : Commone-
lug at a point on Flnley Creek, at the bead of
tiie canyoti, uorth-aaat cornerposl* running
west :!uu ohaltia; thence-iOt lialus south ; thenca
l'uu chains cum ; thencs tu clialns north topolnl
oi commeueciBeut ; containing   aliout   i,oou
ue res.
.1.  c.   DURICK.
Tor: 8toelc,October 21st, is!);.
1. To niskc, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
hills of exchange end other Instruments) negotiable or otherwise,and tu borrow moucy cllhci
witli or wltnout security, and either upon tie-
otiierwise, including
urged upon all or ail)
oi the Company's property (both present aud
iitturc), including its uncalled capital:
ui. Topn ie and form other coinpaniea for
any ol tno objects mentioned In iMs.M-.nioi
n. To invest und deal with the moneys of the
Company nut Immediately required upon such
securities and in such munuer as irum time to
time bo determined:
o. Tu distribute uny of the property of the
Company among the members In specie:
p. To carry on business in uny part uf the
world and to do all such things us' are Incidental or condui Ive io the attainment ol tue ubove
t.iven under mv bund and seal Of office St
Victoria, Provtncu of llritisli Columbia, this
10th day oi October, one thousand ei^bi hundred and uluety-ittven.
Scotch,  English,   Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
Crold.��n,        -        -        S. O-
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
m        Ba      C.
F'r I-Clflss in every particular.  Convenient to Railway Depot and Staamheat LaBdlaf.
Bates Reasonably,  Free Sample Rooms.
The Train Car leaves Kootenuy House, connecting with 3teamer for Fuft Steelo tT��y
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the wast.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts       e ���
Modern Conveniences   o ���
iiest Cuisine in the West ���
Commodious Sample Rooms ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigan
Go to the
Columbia jfcouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
zssa^Golden, B.C.
HEALY   AND   SKELTON,   J?rops.
-^Headquarter!. For****^
Miners,  Prospectors  and  lumbermen.
Kates $1-00 IFer 3Da,3r-
Hoahh & Lodging S"> I'ki: Week.    First Class Bai.
-jititri-.r ol Joint Hiuui; companlos,
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents9 Furnishing
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention,
VOTICE IS HEREBY GIVK.N that npplicatiou
*���" will be made i�� the INrliaiuent ot Canada
nnd to ihe Legislative Assembly of the Province
ol British Columbia at their reapoeilvasessions
to Incorporate a Company to cotiatruut a railway tu be operated by nteam oreleetrleily from
a point at or near Cranbrook, In KtiHt Kuutenity,
llritisli Columbia���the most northerly point on
the Crow's Nest Railway,���thence running In a
northerly direction up the Kootonay River to
Canal Flat; thence to the Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
River to the Canoe River; thence up the Canoe
River and across the Portage to the headwaters
ofthe Kriisor River; thence down the eraser
River to Qfsconie Fortune; thence across the
Portage to Parsnip River; thence down the
Parsnip River to Findlay River, and up the
Findlay River and across the divide to Frances
Lake, and thence to tho Yukon, witli power to
divert the route of the line north of Ulscumo
Portage either by way of Dense Luke or ��a may
be found most suitable uu further exploration,
with power to build ami operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and all
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph nnd telephone line's for
the transmission of messages fur the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam nnd other
vessels arid all necessary ferries, wharves and
do.iks; to take and use water for generating
electricity, aud to transmit nnd dispose of the
power therefrom for lighting, beating aud
motive purposes; with power also to carry ott,
the business of a general trading company, of de30
au express company; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate saw mills, for the production
uud sale of lumber, uud to mine, explore anil
develop mineral hinds and to carry on a general
mining and ore smelting business, Including
the erection and operation of smelters ana
Hollcltnrs for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa ftth Kavember, 1197.
t *y  aru doslrous
VICTORIA, by the Orace of Qod .oftho United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland queen
Defender of the Paltb ,&���**!., &c, ,ito
To our faithful the Mombers elected to serve in
the Legislative-Assembly al uur Province of
British   fuliimbiu   nt   our  City ui Victoria���
a. o. Smith,
Deputy Attorney-Uenoral.
uml resolved, us suun ns may he,to un   _
people of Uur Province of British Columbia,
and to have their advice in Our Legislature:
NOW KNOW  VK, that ior divers causes and
considerations, ami taking Into consbicrntiuu
tbe ease und convenience of Our   toying subjects, We have thought fit by and witii the advice ot Our lixecutive Council ol the   Province
of British Columbia, do hereby cunvoke-and by
these presents enjoin you, and each of you,that
on Thursday, the Tenth day oftho  month of
February, one thousand eight   hundred    and
nfuety-eieht, yuu meet Us In Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our suid Province at
Our alty of Victoria, FOR TUB DESPATCH OF
IirsiNKHH, io treat, do, avl and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature ol the
Province OI British Columbia,   by   the   Common council of Our said Province may, by the
favour of tlnd, be ordained.
In Testimony Whkrkop,   We have caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent, and
the Greut 8eal of tbe said Province to be
hereunto affixed:   WITNESS, the  Honourable Thomas R. mcInnkh, Lieutenant-Governor ot Our said Province of British Columbia, Our City of Victoria in Our said
Province , tills thirtieth day of December
lu tho year of Our Lord   one    thousand
eight hnndred and ninety-seven and  in
the sixty-first year of Our Reign.
Ii.v Command.
Provincial Secretary
East Kootenay
WINDERMERE,   B.   ...
Groceries, Dry Goods <fc General Merchandiw.   Ifincra'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
-��*������James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Cboica Wiles, Liquors and Cigars.   First clsss accosanodaaiaa.
East Kootenays
Mining Stock List.
Nam�� or Company.
The Gold Hills C. A D. Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. 41. Co	
Golden k Fort Steele D. Co	
Albcrtu 4 Kootenay D. Co	
East Kootenuy anil Eik River Development A Exploration Co.,	
��� 750,000
t 500,000
( 76,000
��� 1.00
ssli. una.
Supply Store,
"P-oj:�� FissH Brags  at  3D, "fc��,  CA-XJESS   (to   Oo'sj, O-oljieii, H*r.n*h.uH., u.t n.,.��.-.*-Mt-^**E.,-*rA k*m..-k
teloarraphoro1 Dispute Settlement.
The new arrangement made by the
C. P. R. with its train dispatchers and
telegraph operators is given in a circular
issued by Mr. W. 11. Allison, chairman
of the joint board representing tlio
telegraphers on the Ontario & Quebec
the Atlantic, and the eastern divisions of
lhe railroad. The concessions whicli the
men receive under the new agreement
are In some instances important, especially in regard to the increase in wages.
The tclegrapers themselves consider that
thoy are indebted to Mr. Powell, the
president, of the International Order of
Telegraphers, (or tlie favorable arrangement they were able to make with the
C. P. R. The following is the text of
tbe agreement:
Right of trial or investigation in the
case of discharge or suspension.
Tolegraphers arc not to bo discriminated against for serving on boards of
The telegraphers will be allowed to
attend their regular and annual meetings.
Rights of promotion.
No telegrapher will  be required to
teach the art of telegraphing.
Extra pay when attending switch and
signal lamps.
Telegraphers will not be required to
shovel snow, sift ashes or scrub stations.
Commissions to be paid on commercial
Twelve consecutive hours to constitute
a day's work.
Overtime to be paid after twelve hours.
Telegraphers to be exempt from Sunday work as far as possible.
Telegraphers in tho service for four
years or more will be entitled two weekB'
leave of absence with full pay each year.
The minimum salaries on the different
divisions to be: Cartior to Tt. William,
ageut and operator, with dwelling, fire
and light, ���17.50 per month; without
these, ���52.50. Telegraph operator, */!".���
SO. Relieving agent, ���50 aud 50 cents a
day expenses.
Chalk River to Cartier and Sudbury
to the Soo, agent and operator, with
dwelling,' etc., ���42.50* without $47,50.
Operator, 142.50. Relieving agent, same
as before.
Chalk River, east, main line anil the
branches, agent and operator, with
dwelling, etc., on main line, ���IO; on
branches, |3H* without, (main line) ���45;
branches, $43. Telegraph operator, $40,
main line; $33 on branches. Relieving
agent, same an before.
Iu addition to Hie above, individual
increases amounting to several thousand
dollars were secured, and it was agreed
to put on extra men at several points.
standing with .lapan.^* Steam Ironclads
cannot keep the sea ami light fur from
the naval bases, like old wooden sailing
ships. The very life of a moilcrn ship
depends upon ports of coaling and
refitting ucar at hand. Russia has one
such port at VladlvoBtock, but Germany
has none in Asia, tlreat Britain lias
several of her own withiu a few days'
steaming, and all the resources of Japan
are at her disposal within a few hours,
If anything could make the theatrical
German orusade more ridiculous than
the imperial rhodomontade which ushered it in, it is that Prince Henry must
buy conl at a half-dozen British ports ou
his way to China, Not only is the
British lieet on the ground before the
German fleet starts, but the latter is
absolutely dependent on British help to
make Hs journey. The Russians are
little better off, because the English and
Japanese could shut them off in Port
Arthur and Vladlvostook, and work
tlieir will in Korea and Pckin.
This move opens a new phase in tin.
game of Europeauiziiig China. Great
Britain's protest against tlio displace*,
nient of British administrators in Korea
is nn earnest of the way in whicli she
will meet the developing plans for
Russianizing the Chinese administration,
British policy apparently is to take no
part in the partition of China, either to
share it or prevent it, but to require the
most absolute guaranties for her trad,
and to protect it against unfriendliness
of administration of any part of tlie
empire in which her commercial interests are greater than all other foreigners.
To this end she will menace Russia,
oppose Germany, support Japan,exhaust
the resources of diplomacy, and, if at
last needful, will fight. This is the
notice she has just served upon Europe
���New York.Commercial Advertiser.
Timber on Mineral Claims.
The following is from the Sew Denver
I.rdge and will be of great interest to
many of our readers in East Kootenay:
The question of the right to timber on
mineral claims has been causing some
discussion in West Kootenay. Saw mill
men, acting under a decision of the
provincial timber inspector, have been
helping themselves to tha timber on
certain claims. Mr. W. A. Corbett, of
Summit camp, recently submitted the
matter to Hon. James Baker, minister
ef mines,and that official reversed the
timber inspector ill tlie following reply:
41 You ask what right you have to the
limber ou your mineral claim. I state
that you have the riglit to the whole of
the timber on your mineral claim
provided you are working it ns such and
that if any saw mill company is taking
the timber from your land you have a
perfect riglit to stop them anil should
apply to the nearest magistrate to do so.
" (Signed)   James 1'ukhh,
" Minister of Mines."    !
Brltaln'a Sea Power.
Boarding-House Geometry.
All boarding-houses are the same
Boarders in tho same boarding-house
nnd on the same flat are equal to one
A single room is that whicli lias no
parts and no magnitude.
A landlady of a boarding-house is a
parallelogram���that si,' an oblong and
angular figure, whicli cannot he described, but which is equal to anything.
A wrangle is tlie disinclination of two
boarders to each other that meet together but are not on the same flat.
All the rooms being taken, a single
room is said to be a double room.
A pie may be produced any number
of times.
Tlie landlady can be reduced to her
lowest terms by a series of propositions.
A bee-line can be made from any
boarding-house to any other bourding
Tlie clothes of a boarding-house bed,
though produced ever so far botli ways,
will not meet.
Any two meals at a boarding-house are
together less than two square meals.
If from the oppositeendsof a boarding-
house a line be drawn passing through
all the rooms in turn, then the stovepipe whicli warms the hoarders will lie
within that line.
On the same bill arrd nn the same side
of it there should not he two charges for
the same thing.
If there he two boardcres on lhe same
(hit aud tl'.e amount of side of one be
equal to the amount of tho side of the
other, each to each, nnd tlie wrangle between one boarder nnd tht) landlady be
equal to the wrangle between the
landlady anil the other,then shall the
weekly bills of the two boarders he equal
also, each to each.
For if not, lot one bill be the greater.
Then tho other hill is less than it
might have been���which is absurd.
British diplomacy sometimes seems
hit alow, but British fleets seldom
procrastinate when there is work to do.
Great Britain gave Europe a lesson iu
sea power when the " Hying squadron
able to scope with any foreipn licet, was
mobilised ia the channel without draw
ing a ship oft the foreign stations and
stood ready to meet an enemy at any
point at home or abroad. Now she gives
Asia a lesson in the sudden appearance
in Korer.n waters of seventeen ships,
able to meet any hostile combination,
and able, with the aid of thirty Japanese
ships, to dominate the whole northern
Pacific coast ot Asia, to shut up the
Russian ships in port and to cut off
French and German reinforcement.
Thia celerity of action and alert
preparedness for hostilities always has
been the secret of British successes at
sea. More on tbe ocean than on the
land victory is with the commander who
concentrates hie force at the right time
and place. Napoleon died in exile because he could not fight on two elements
at once, and had no naval duplicate
suddenness with which this fleet looms
up in the Yellow sea that recalls the
appearance of Nelson in the bay of
Biscay when Villeneuve thought he was
cruising in the West Indies. That was
the curtain-raiser lor the world drama
of Trafalgar.
One must reflect upon the conditions
of modern naval warfare to realizo the
importance of England's advantage,
assuming that she has a complete under-
The CioltltMi Lumber Company, LtM.,
Ly., havinu transferred tlieir business tn
the. Columbia Kiver Lumber Co., roqttOSt
tlmt all parties having accounts against
them send tlio Btyno Tn at once, and al)
accounts duo tho Goldon Lumber Co,,
LtM. Lv., must be settled on or beforo
1st February, 1808.
Golden, B.C.,
pUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby (riven that apjdl-
1 cation will be made to the Parliament of
Canada, at the next session thereof, for uu Aet
changing the mime of The Dominion iluildtng
and Loan Association to that of The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company.
Dated at Toronto, this 1. th day of November,
A.D., 1897.
3 Toronto Street, Toronto.
nU-ft Solicitors for Applicant!.
Is the best advertis
ing medium in East
Contains tlie latest
news ofthe district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
***<>*?I5 �������**?*�����
$75 to $150 Each according to
pp^-uaAM ,~.j -*.   One-third down, balance In tlire**- aud six
���" '"������*���������������-"���������������"J.S5* "���      months without Interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with tho C. P. it. at Golden, B.  C.  arid
Groat Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of lT. C. Co'y, Golden.
..*^.*.*.**.***^.*fn*i i****���^mmmmmmmmmmr*m��
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Genera!  Merchants
Office  in  the dis-    Zl^fZ^Tt tr  , r
1        Agent tor tlio < alilornia Giant Powder ( ompar.
IFort Steelo, S. C
Is prepared to do all Cmm WlNB8i lamM m CroABg.
kinds of Job Printing at reasonable
Ft. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Golden to Fort Steele,
Golden to Carbonate     17 miles
" Hog Knnclie     22 "
" Siiillimncheiip     42 "
" Shorty's    50 "
" McKay's    fid "
" Windermere    84 "
" Brewer's    97 "
" Canal Flat  120 "
" Wasa (Hanson's).. 15(1 "
" Fort Steele  168 "
Tin. ritiBBI llealtli Rc.firt on the Oontiaeat.
Private Ilm-pitnl under medical superintaa-
tlcnce with a Trained Staff of Norses.
<V>niplcte_Svjte��*i of Baths, of every kina!
and description.
Medical Director��� DB. K.fi. 1KBTT, Baarr.
Resident Physician k Snrjeea���1)E. IP1MEII.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER."
���Aa^-^ertise   la.    "TECH     E-^OT      K:OOTS33iT^"2r     MIHEB:
. vr.*Uftr,r"i "��VT.~nf ���*���.". r.:;��-."... i-'
,--���...,..,;,j.   .-,-,-.-.-. .-.u-i ���**^-J-*��-^;*-*-*��.'-L*At-a;**j**.tifc,-.,*-..*.*^..vw.-
"Caun'ty"Court" bUtin*:*)."'
j______ ____���>___ -in rr"*.-*" v*>i��- * itmnr, .um.,���*.ii*,ii,->ii. i ���aa*********-*. -Ul..
Cuiitity Judge Forln held a sittings of
the county court a.t Donald ou Friday,
codings   nt   Donald   last the 21sl inst.   dm; criminal cues wn9
disposed uf, the prisoner Lefovre and his
Aylmer returned from the l-'hum  l'l-'��'-';''B euHly  ���'-' �� '-h:il'i5*' "'
stealing some  clothing.      They  were
sentenced to three months' imprison-
II. B, Alexander, manager Until Mines, ] _,..,
SandoUj was a visitor on Monday.
Capt. Armstrong and some   of   t!
boys left.Ior the Yukon on Saturday,
J, Fe PUGK'SCaimdian
Court   pri
Hon. r. W.
..-.'.Ui un Tuesdai
io���Fulmer vs. Haggen���
lite pls'.iti'l or ;. i-. *,c:.r-
Four thousand liiire.ra are now ct
Glunboro, Manitoba, awaiting transportation to the Yukon,
Mr-. T. Mercier haB recently relocated
for John McKay the Toronto Fraction
mineral claim on Spilllmachone mountain.
Curling has been suspended tiii.i itcv'k
OM'ing to lire absence of so many of Iho
hoys at Calgary. About 20 members
ol tin. Chub being absont,
.foirn Cosgrove ni Iho Cosgrove Family
nf Kntertniucrs was in town this week
trying to make arrangements f'.r a
coupleof nights hero some lime In Mareh.
Tin. C, P. R. wiil make n start tiri.i
inoru'i with tho enlargement ol tho
Glacier and Mt. Etophen hothels. At
Field the dining-room will be doubled
in size and n large enclosure of glass will
be placed in front of tin} building.
The lirst animal meeting of llio Golden
Branch of the Dlblo Society will be held
in tlie Presbyterian church ou Thursday,
Feb. 3rd, nt 8 p.m. A lull attendance
Is requested, as '.here is considerable
business lo be transacted. We hops the
treasurer will have a good showing.
Strong pressure is being oxot'ted upon
the authorities to allow parties the right
of shipping whiskey Inlo Vukon.
Several syndicates are to ship li.
100,000 gallons or which the profit
would bo at load hall a million. So fa:*
no liquor permits havo beon granted.
Tito Channe Mining Co. *.'ivo notice of
a meeting to bo held shortly for the
purpose of reducing the company's
capitalization fnnn 8)1,000,000 to $250,000.
Mr. tl. W, Willis was recently elected
president of the company, which bus
under bond nevur-d promising claims in
in Ibis district.
The Winnipeg Kennel club are sifter
a gang of dog thieves who have beon
operating in that city recently. Several
hundred dollars havo been subscribed
by mombors of the club for the purpose
c' hunting tho thiorns down. It u 'supposed the dogs lira being etclen to be
cold for sleigh dogs for Ihe Yukon.
Arrangements r.ro using tnniie [ot a
bonspiel to be held in Golden on tho 8th
and0thof February. Invitations lave
been extended to Calgary, Nelson, Kaslo
end Sandon clubs to tako part. The
Columbia Rlvor Lumber Co. have donated (25 to tho club (or a trophy to be
computed for at the bonspiel. The curlers
will iu r.ii probability gi7. a ball in
honor of tho visitors,
Tbe local louoo of llio I.O.J'. **->*,vo a
roc'al hop iu the Alexander Hal
Friday evening lost. It was a rather
impromptu affair, nevertheless it turned
out a suecess, about 30 couples being
present, and a good, lime was spent.
Messrs. Good-Hondorson, Mitchell and
Mrs.D.M.Rao supplied the mullo, It i.;
hoped tlio Forostors will giro another
of tho saute before lung.
Capt. F. P. Armstrong ond Mrs. Arm
strong ar
last. Tho captain led again on Saturday
for Victoria on business in connection
with lis transportation company whloh
will operate in the Yukon, taking with
him a large number of num. .'.'r. Samuel
Harbor, who is associated with bim,
leaves for Iho coast in a fow days and
jrlll accompany the expeditlou as far as
l'ort Wrangel.
A new dsvice has been Invented for
ths purpose oi thawing out the ground
rapidly, whioh is llio tint essential in
working tho raii-on nf tho froten north.
Tiie machines art cylindrical in shape
and tho interior of the cylinder appears
to be a lira box, which ij supplied with
wood just as an ordinary cook stove
would be. An Inch .'wm the ground is a
���tool plate and thus ths air (.need doivn
into tho box from the fun, causing the
flame* to pars along tho ground ���rum the
circumference, ol tho machine to the exhaust in the centra, tho Intense heat
thawing the frost out oi tho greund in
short order. A company will bo organised to carry on tho work of placing ono ia
ovcry Klondike chin whils tha machine
stands on its merits,
Mr Petenoa, of Calgary, spuit Thursday afternoon in Goldea, looking over
the town with a view to opsonin up *
hardware and plumbing establishment,
Mr. Peterson did not ink* long to decide
Whether or not ha would cpen up, as ha
only ipont the alteraooa in town, and
csn-.o to the conclusion that (iolden was
all riyht. 11* decided to opta up and tha
iii-co.-paries in his line laid down within
a mouth's time, when ho will be prepared
to do business in all branihw o! his
trade. Mr. Peterson has had er.trnsive
experience in the hardware business,
having been at it a number of veers in
tho east, while for the pact four years,
he has beon with the well known firm
of A. Mclirido 4 Co. of Calgary, where
ho has earned honors in every branch, of
his business. The Minor wishes Mr.
Peterson overy success in his now
,',ir. S. Adior. proprietor oi the Kootenny house, Golden, appealed to the
county Judge against tho refusal of
Stipendiary Jfaglstrate Griffith to renew
his license. Four witnesses1 were examined on behalf uf tho magistrate to prove
that Mr. Adler tin.! permitted gambling
1.: take placo in Ills Iioubo r-nd Mr. Adler
was examined In his own bohalf, after
which the judge refused to hear further
evidence tendered by -Mr. Spraggo on
behalf of Mr. Adler and dismissed the
appeal. During Ihe course of the he
ing the judge told the counsel lor tbe
appellant that ho was perhaps tho worst
judge in British Columbia before whom
such an appeal con!,! bu brought, as he
was a Btrict Sabbatarian nnd was down
on tin* liquor trallle in ovory form, lie
,i declined to hoar a petition which
had been signed by a largo number of the
residents of Goldon asking for a renowul
ol tlio license.
On a PronpoctlnS Trip.
On Monday last a party of four prospectors, headed by Frank Berthiaume of
Golden, luft for the Big Bend country on
a trip to prospect for placer ground on
one of tlie streams Hewing into the
Columbia river. Mr. Berthiaume spent
two cr three seasons prospecting the
stream in question and found plenty of
"color" thore and now Intends siui.ing
to bedrock while the water is low am
thus prove whether ths ground i-i good
or otherwise. Uo expects to bo genu
about two months, bavin:; made provision for ample supplies for that pc*'r.d
Frank has his ��yi on Klondike, but he
says hs believes there is good placer
ground much nearer Golden than the
Klondike is, ami bo io going to satisfy
himself on tiie point before going so far
from home. Jack Micro, Alex. Carriers
nnd Diigald McDougall accompany him
on the trip, which will bo made from
Beaver dow the Columbia river on snow
.shoes. Tue MrMKB wishes Frank and
bin men all possible success,
richness of Kootenay.
\t a meeting ol the Royal Colonial Institute, held on Tuesday, Mr'Edgar P.
Rathbone, M. i, M. E., Ac, read a paper on tho gol. fields of Ontario ahd llritisli Columbia. In ths course of bis ry*
marks he stated that it was i�� well-
known scientific (act that certain met*
u!a wero generally found associated
mith certain, rocksjand, since tbe same
goologlcal conditions wero to a great
evtent found providing ftliko in I
���States and provinces on loth sides
this international boundary line, it
followed that thore was every probability that the same motaliterous conditions would bo found in oonnactipn will
the rock systems on either sido. Mo better proof of th.is contention could be
iron than th.it of tho recent disiovor-
, .n.iuimuuyHuu   .��.,..*.*, .1- , ��      -.-.._           .-.
rivoi. from ttiu coast Thursday  i!-'B ofrieh goM, e,W��r. coppwr lc^xl  and
ca.il deposits in ilti aoulUorn district!
of Um tirovimies of Britisli Columbia���
that wiil, in Bast .mil West Kooteaay,
it vrai CTiilont that ii wtfl only noi'flfiary
for th* mining pi-ape^on. to extend
their operations northwards i:om \\w
Staioof Washington into British Col unv
ill toatonc9 Make thoUlsiiovcry ol th.
rich ([old deposits which liaJ iu quits
riven t yu.\ru given ri,o to tho to
oftl'ijuow rut.'.jvYii*.! ninlng ly-vu of
Rossland, whlco in somo tlvoyoars had
ris'jn (rom a totally uninhabited spot
ii:Ui u fairly big mining town o' sous
7,009 Inhabitants.���London Mo.iMjr,
Piano For
I'l ANO ior sa'e.  Rosewood caas, iu par
f��.*l orilsi.     'look Brat prlte al tha Chi-
sago KxpoiltUa.     Price |WSO.0Q GASH.
Apply to
Calgary, Alts.
Tho annual general myelin,; of th.
shareholders of the Bald Mouutain Mining & Development Co., l.t'd. Ly., will
b�� held on Tuesday, February ��th, 1898,
at 1 o'clock p.m., at the head ollice of
tha Company at (iolden, b.O.
Dated Jaanary 19th, 1808.
MOTICSIS hereby -*lr*>e Ihi-t I shall apply far
11 aiseola] ttroeer lfficaeste cat ttssber on
th. fellowlns described lan.i.:���Cesausaolag
at a post on tin. Morth folk ef I'lnlay Creed, h-
cross the rreei from in. head of Brady'. Ditch,
north-emit pout ; III.tics runnlnr south llio
chfttnn; tbence west 70chain. | inenca north
ico onalnai Uuacc east to Chains to post of cqui-
Ion Steels, October JOtb.tSff.
Removed to Tenth sod ol
Kicking l.l.uioc brnl-,..
J f. pug:-;, taslor,
golden; ue.
KAyr iiootkn'a y officials
Minister of Mines and Prov.ntliil Seen-wry -
lloti. Col. -J'viufct Buker.
i?rovluci��l MlntirftlQKi.it--Vf. A. CartyU.
l'ujlic A;��.'yer���M. (,;t��r'aili;iiiti!t.
��>OLU COWMiailO-iHPJ.
Cot thu T'ruv.iK.'- >V. y. ttur��*  Victorl*
������PiiiL Olmriot LotnprishtK fort Stevtu uud To
bacco Plolns Mining DI visions-- J. >". .arm-
strong Craubrouk
Nnnii t��i-itnt.uo��ii��rl��lng Doniild, OoKIen aa<
Wintitrumr-t' Miaiu^ Uivi;-.iy��n - J. ii. (.t/ifliili!
!. 3t!rr-)t Dtm*lJ
!���'. t!._t.ftng 00111*11
(). Uolille Wii.cJtri.ieru
0. M. EtiWftrill Kort Steel'i
M. j?liilii.'i Tobiweo Plftini
Dfrpiil* <*Ur\ of tkf P8.-\c�� for Sorth Kft.lt Xixtt-
uiitiv Jontfth ri'ir^f.    Donald
PtiV'-iv Cluri of thu Pr-.M'tj ior South K"-*\ i'����)t-
���aajr��� CharUs Mtuiifiy atiwr-i-oj.,, * fort Ji;**.!*
Htr*tatca Kxphimin*; Fully ihi
Value and yevt-wltj ��f .1" Te*e
XEuerff" CVrttiicutw���Xo !**.>
uon   yhoultl  Atteaipt  IttiaiBy
Any ftrsxi ��r��r 11 y��n�� ul a��f. Miy Ua
untaAtrat n<lnor ly vayiay || u nay sold
COWreisaltlier Of adineirHl riinnitr Ha�� 4>kttaiu*.
ing n cefUfltiaW Bowl lt��r cm** yanr.
A freu miner uivy wi.tma ���* m*** ru/.iS-ift* tar
ant k'li on )���:-' iiij; 41.
A free lalner'acertifl-cataii not trateftrablt.
Any u��r*m or conpftuy noritiPf: a minerAl
claim, held <:-���. r����l M.a'.u wlth-tHtt liraas*;, way
be lined U*. 'linan baj-u-jja r��>��l nuii afur
erowu grant hae b��9n inuvil.
: io'iM (.-a-ow-itr fp.il tupay up hi*efre��iainer'ii
c itif<*?.ta hie Interest f-ee.' to iu* coo wraru pro
TMta accordiSB to their iovuiar inten-au.
a sbfirahcider iv Ajclntctocl: company ne����
nolbv ft Iraa miner.
A true miner nifty cir.Ivi 1./-XUU-CW f^et. fiat
all nncli'i nium i.' ri^bt;anglee kad all uieaitir-
iu-ji'.i mubt ba t.orixuiuaiiy.
A Irutj iu tu tr may cut 11 tuber OS crone leetlt.
A frt-'f :iti:i'f ii-ity IriJl ;.u* ii/r kle *>-tb u*a
at nil Hoaeous.
A {������'- diner uny wbtn'n fivt a"rr miili.I'.aaii-
on crown litndi in tbe torm ��I Annuarf.
A claim may t<a b..|.l from year lo year by
work Ueltlg d#ue to the TAlue of on* bnndraa
Lodee dliCOTered In treat! may be h��M If re-
corded in la daya.
A fpf u miner iu.t,y on pAyment ot ?r��, In lien e-f
aatnendlture on <iitiiui,oli.Min ncruwn trr.i-a;.
Any miner may, at the discretion ol tot gold
cnmiHihstoTiiT, outftto neceaaary wuter rlgute.
So trnuiferot any.mineral cluim or intercut
iahiiiii*.! OdlorcDaMeuulM* In writtte, ��i;:u,nl
anil recorded.
Nn mine! lhall suffer Irom any act f|f ������alteiei
orcorauluton. or delayi on ta�� part ot ttia
government ofiiciala.
Wo claim aball W op?n te locitlan drrlaj
hi\: lUiteau oi hoMvr, nor within U montbt
aiter bi> deathj unteu by permUsltv of gatd
A miiniral claim must b�� recordud within Ifi
daya after location, if within IS uiiles of ofllee
of mlufligrecordar, On* addition*! day is al-
owed .ftrarary S'blUionul 19 uillua or tract'.on
.We of.
Wori. oi Mch iaiiuingcbtiiu t�� tbe talte ef
llCOmuit he done each year lrt*w data oi record ot miueralclnim. Ala ia>it mada by tb��
holder, or hie Agents setting out a detailed
statement of ib* worli dor.a ;;,'.:!>t b* rtlsd ifitb
the gold cotnmlsslonsr ur mining r<t,o;tt#r, and
a certilieate ol sinrk obtalued, and recorded be-
fore the oxulrAtiou of each year from tb�� thus
of record ot said claim. A trie* ulnar holdiaj
ftdlolniug claims, utayatitijeci to I'lmg itotice
oi iiii intention with tbu gold cemuluh|ner or
mining recorder i-.'i;'".nn' on any onuor iat)r*of
such ulnims, ell ibu trorlt Mniti.'.d io eat in*
bim to a certilieate o( work for each cUtpi. T*a
same provllten awlli'n to two or uiorefrtjumlu-
ors lipid Ing adjoin iug claims lu pArtneribin,
In liau of above work thv minjr must pay t-luO
and {,< l '���(���(.'. ii'i aud rucurJ tan same.
4% ��� J   v
Wo wish to inform tha
public tbftt we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all iu branches.
Our Specialties :
Pacific Ry.
��� a��/.('t ���������
Pfote Heads
U-tt^r Mvada
bill Heidi
Hand hiili
Calling Cardi
Uuftlneu CarAi
I.*i�� flrim
I.nml.. .' Uoaks
Aniik W,..*k
fTontfpcrv Natea
l;*:-i'*i;.i poriuu
Hfiiirj Ortifiiiala*
Assay Kii.'ik
Druggists tabula
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes
to the Vukon country
and Bailing dates,
rates, etc.
Olioap Hates to  California and to the
Q,uiclco3t route to the
East and to tho Old
via  St.  John. Portland  or
New York,
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
tfEaa efLi��!ibaiJL*.*d!i3d5siBea \ti   vsrl
is ;!i" next thing on my programme.   In ord��r t��>
ami to make
C fa A hi rt J ! t | f4 a n 4 Uifi tyi
\ 1 WK S ^v' SI If B H H M m u fi V\
The most comfortable hotel in South
Eust Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Vi'iiiM. (iood Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
vw.T. TRilMfl ari'i'i.iiii.
will be given on many articles, particularly on
Glassware <& Crockery,
Furniture & Drugs.
These Goods must be Cleaerd.
JiLAjj w�� �� Mm JL%smJb1>
Seneral jjferekant
1 ii JLiIIIv
Dry Goods,  .
The bi*iit stopping place for frolghters in
Columbia V allay is st
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation A ilmlrrate Terms
First class feed Stables.
Tae B.il B..J la Caaad. Is unida tr tha
Calgary Browing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
ManufActurns ttt ne<?r. Ale and aorta, fffttor
tniiitotiftottinKGAlgAry Beereyory time. Tiny
oil have It. The Company'! agent for Katit
Kootonay ii
H. G. FAUIKHV, Golden, B.C.
Fancy Goods.
UldllCQIi. Mdil
We have just received a large consignment of superior
stationery and are prepared to do all kinds of firat
class job printing at living prices. Call and get eur
prices before ordering your supplies for 1SC8. We
guarantee satisfaction. Mail orders receive prompt
attention. ,
East Kootenay Publishing Co.,


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