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East Kootenay Miner 1898-03-25

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Devoted to the pining Interests and Development of tbe DisMet of EAST KOOTEJIAY.
Vol. 1, No. 36.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  March   35th,   1898.
$2.00 Per Year
il. 8. McCadtkr. Jas. a. IIarvkv.
Harvey & McCarter,
Fir*, Life, Real Estate, Hoiihc Agents,
AuL'tioiit'crB and {,'u.stoinn Broker*
Fir* Agencies:
Quut'U, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
Kurftpuu Htcaiaship Ticket Office.
The Suji Life Iusurance Com puny.
The Onturio Accident Insurance Co'y.
Tho Birbeck I ii vestment aud Loan Co.
E. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer,
Fort1 Steele, B.C.
Thos.' McNaught,
Mining Broke., /faanclal Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
foal ofiea address :
���way Offlecs fend
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1890.) I
For several years with Vivinu A Sons, Swan*
IM, tod local repntitiuiutive for tlicm.
Per 5 ywnr.t niauager for the iwseyers to the
JMoTlllo Co., London.
CanftJiini representative of the CasselOolu
Extracting Co. L'td, Glasgow (Cyanide prucuKH.)
K.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils   re
Jas, Henderson,
Flans rreparod..
Prompt attention given to order:).
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
The Goldgh
Freeh and Salt Meats.   .
Fish and name in season.
JfMlers In Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
11*11 trders receive prompt attrition.
Livery and
Feed Stables
��M�� *��d��le Horso. and Klgs at All Kinds lor
���Ir. *l aW-Honable Rates.
ffnalaf .1 All Kind, a specialty.
Golden, B.C.
Good Time
���y *v*ry man who lis* a watch.
��� V. MXAflDEft,��
J,f .R. Watch Inspector will he
Tfrfiwrnlaj to Friday ___���->
���MhwMk... Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can bo left at
Wedding flings
fl Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta,
Newly Refitted & Refurnished.
Tho best of the kind went of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Conveniences.
J. Lamontagne, Prop,
|     & Embalming
T Telegraph ordersrcceivepromptattcntlon
t J. SMART,     |
I CALGARY, Alta.  ���
The Providence faf Co
Providence, R.I.
wants nil kinds of raw furs, skins, (tin-
son*,', seneca, etc. Trice's for next sixty
days nre us follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $150.00.
Bear * 5.00 to S) 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to $   'J.00.
Martin If 2.00 to *,   9.00.
Beavci*(per pound)...,! 3.00 to *���  3.50.
Wolf $ 1.00 to %   2.00.
Red Fox * 1.01) to $   2.00.
Mink $   .75 to $   2.00.
Skunk  $   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox j   .50 to $     .75.
Rat t   .20 to i    .25.
Price list on nil other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livefy, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
OALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
Optician and
Watches cleaned, Jawollcoy mounted, Glasses
mended and (inns rcpalrc.1. First class work
In every department. A trial solicited, so come
Wong. See, Golden.
Tom Lee, ��
has tie best restaurant in Golden. It is open at all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A stood selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ore they
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
Mining Development,
The Minister of Mines of the province
of British Columbia, ill his last annua!
report, says that during the past year,
much new work was done and much new
territory prospected, but no important
discoveries of oro were made in tbe new
localities or ou new locations, although,
in the Xelson division and along tho
coast, what may yet prove properties of
great importance wero being explored.
On Bonio of the older claims, new and
large shutes of good oru were found, and
some claims, hitherto unproductive, at
tho close of the year promised to join
the list of shipping mines during the
succeeding one.
Some districts were disappointing, as
the comparatively limited work disclosed
nothing; but progress in tlie provinco is
greatly retarded because so much presumably valuable mineral laud can be
located and held from year to year without Ihe locators doing a stroke of work
other than putting in the stakes. This
is contrary to tho law governing the
location nnd possession of mineral claims,
but the fact ueverthlcss remains that a
very large percentage of claims is hold
from .year to year by men re-locating
each other's claims and then deeding
them back to the original holders, so
that prospecting work, so very much
needed, is not done, and men who would
do work are kept out by au array of
To correct this serious and growing
evil, thc simplest plan is to require a
certain amount of work to be done within
ninety days cftei date of location. Some
at once begin to cry out that this is an
outrage on tlie poor prospector, who
should be afforded every facility and
protection iu his arduous tusk of exploring these great mountain ranges. So he
should; hut he should nut be permitted,
is is now poisible, not only to the great
detriment of the country at large, but to
his own, to lock up great ureas of country
by simply putting up posts und paying u
few dollars for recording fees. It will
soon be more generally appreciated that
if the progress is not being now made
that should be, that the reason lies to a
groat extent iu the fact that development is not being dono over large tracts
of our country that some such regulation
us suggested would compel.
To the arduous wurk and privation of
the prospector must be duo the opening
up of any mining region, but, without
the aid of capital, his efforts will be
discouraging and often fruitless. At the
present timo, with tho interest now
taken in British Columbia, capital will
send its agents to the most remote and
difficult parts, while many other countries aro languishing for even a little
attention; but these agent* naturally
demand that some work be done to
enable them to form some judgment of
tho valu* and possibilities of th* "prospect." During tho past two years many
seeking mining property lor strong companies or syndicates have, found that
their choice must be greatly confined to
" prospects," or undeveloped properties,
aud as oro deposits very rurcly display
their charms on the surface, they have
had to turn away disappointed in that
so little wus done on claims they might
have been willing to buy at good prices.
In Borne districts, prices for property
havo risen to very high figures, even for
mere locations, but this phase is gradually correcting itielf, and as many owners now wish to join the great rush
northward to tho new gold fields, they
will be willing to sell their claims at
more reasonable rates. Thisstampedo
to tho north will tako many from tho
southern portion of tho provinco, but an
increasing amount of work will bo here
done, and investors waiting for a lull in
former high priccB will return, so that
whilo tlio different mining towns will he
quietor, mining will continue to advance.
If yon have anything to soil, advertize
it in The Jlisut.
Golden Football Club.
A meeting of tlioso interested iu tbe
formation of a football club was held 111
Columbia House on Monday evening,
Although the meeting was not lurge it
was enthusiastic and after some discussion it was resolved that the Golden
Association Football Club be formed.
The following officers wero then elected:
lion. President.���\V. C. Wells.
Hon. Vice-Pros.���\V. G. Neilson.
President.���W. G. Mitchell-Innes.
Vice-President.���I). M. Rac.
Socy.-Treas.���E. Plowrlght.
Committee���Dr. .1. N. Taylor, G. H
Mitchell and the captain who will be
elected at the next meeting of tho club.
The membership fee was fixed at $2,
It was decided to enter a team for tlie
Martin Challenge Cup and the secretary
was instructed to notify tho Kamloops
club to that effect and obtain particulars
regarding rules governing the competition,
The securing of suitable ground was
left to the committee.
Tho next meeting of the club will be
held on Monday evening, April 4th.
The following are the rulcB and regulations governing the Martin Challenge
Cup competition:
1. All clubs are eligible from any dis-
rict east of the Cascades and west of the
Rockies in thc counties of Yale and
2. Tho districts shall be divided up
as follows: (1) Ashcroft and surrounding district. (2) Kamloops, Nicola,
Grand Prairie, (li) Spalluincheeii and
Okanagan.   (4) Revclstoke aud Donald.
3. Matches shall be played in groups
as follows: (1) ABhcroft, Kamloops,
Nicola and Grand Prairie. (2) Spullum-
cheen and Okanagan. (3) Revclstoke
and Donald.
4. The group winners shall be ascertained by means of preliminary contests
between the respective clubs in the
several groups, rjueh preliminary contests shall be concluded not later than
the 31st October iu each year.
5. The winner of each group shall
play one match during tiie season with
the winners of tho other groups. If any
matches shall havo taken place previous
to tlie conclusion of tlie preliminary
contests, this mutch shall be considered
as satisfying tho conditions of this
6. The championship shall bo decided
from wins and draw games- two points
for a win and one for a draw game. The
same plan shall bo followed in deciding
tlie group winners.
7. Tho club scoring tiie greatest number of points in the contest between lhe
group winners shall he declared the
champion club. In the event of two or
more clubs being equal the Kamloops
Football Committee may decide tbe
winner or order another match or
matches to be played.
8. All matches shall be played under
the International Rules, uud no man
may play for more than oue club in any
of the groupB.
9. Each club may appoint its own
linesman and if tho competing elubs
cannot agree upon a referee the committee of tho Kamloops Club shall
appoint one.
10. The winning team shall hold thc
cup for one year, and Bhull havo the
privilego of having tho final game for
the following year played iu tlieir own
11. The cup shall become the property
of thc lirst club who shall win it three
times, not necessarily iu succession.
12. All clubs intending to compete
for tlie Cup shall notify the secretary of
the Kamloops Club not later than the
31st day of August iu each year, $5
accompanying such notice, aud moneys
so received shall be expended in providing suitable mementoes to each member
of the winning team.
13. Beforo commencing a match tlie
captain of each team shall hand to thc
referee and captain of opposing team a
list of names of the members of his
14. Each club shall have its distinguishing colors, and every member of
a competing team shall wear tho colors
of his club. Each club shall send in at
once a description of its colors to the
secretary of the Kamloops club to avoid
15. Any person playing must be a
bona tide member of the club for which
he Is playing, for a period of at least one
month prior to so playing.
16. Each competing club Bh��U pay ils
own exponees.
The Golden Rink Co.
A meeting of those Interested In the
building of a curling anil skating rink
was held at the Columbia House on
Tuesday evening. Mr. Win. MoNeish
was appointed chairman and D. M. Rao
secretary of the meeting.
After somo discussion it was resolved
that tlie Golden Rink Co., l.t'd. I.'hy.
bo formed, with a capital stock of 1)5000,
in 500 shares of (10 each.
Messrs. W. G. Neilson, II. O. Parson,
and W. Mc.V-ish, were appointed a
Finance Committee and were authorized
to take the necessary steps to procure a
charter, have share certificates printed
and canvass for sale of shares.
A Building Committee, consisting of
Messrs. W, G. Neilson, F, \V. Aylmer
and J. Henderson, was then appointed,
with power to have plans and specifications prepared and submit same for
approval at a future meeting of the company. Tliis committee was also authorized to obtain all information possible
regarding a suitable building site and
the best terms on which tlio **anao could
be obtained.
It is proposed to build a rink suitable
for both skating and curling and one in
which both pastimes can be indulged iu
at the same time. It is estimated that
a rink of this description will eust iu tiie
neighborhood of $251)0.
The next meeting of ths company wiil
be held on thu evening uf April 5th,
when the committees are expected to
report progress.
Paragraphs Worth Readlnsr.
(I-'rom tbe New Denver l.od-te.)
People rave and talk about the hardships in the Klondike, lint if they hail
edited Slocan papers for several years
they could tell of fros's that would cause
a Dawson City thermometer to pine
away into ordinary everyday insignificance.
Thousands of people aro returning
from Alaska disgusted with themselves
and tho infatuation that drove them to
that bleak country. As they are broke
and mostly tenderfcet we advise them
to stay out oi the Slocan. We only want
capitalists with bloated bank accounts.
If tho United StateB cannot knock qnt
Spain the Yanks might drop ub a line,
and we will have Mann *.'��� Mackenzie
look into the matter. An they are about
to clean up a good part of Canada without any bloodshed they might do something with Spain and save many nf
America's blue-coated sons from early
and neglected graves.
It has been said that all those who tie
not pay the printer go to Hell. Nut
being orthodox we do not believe the
assertion, but we do know tiiat many
have gone to Klondike without making
their peace with us. As that famous
place, from all reports, is a winter resort
for Hades we suppose there is sumo truth
in the front part of this paragraph.
A Chapter on Man.
Man that is married to woman is of
many days and full of trouble. In the
morning he draweth his salary, and in
the evening, behold ! it is gone. It is a
tale thut is told. It vanllhotll and no
one knowetb whither it goeth.
Ho riseth up, clothed in the chilly
garments of tlio night, and seeketh the
somnamhulent paregoric with which tn
soothe his infant posterity.
Ho comctli forth as the horso or ox,
and draweth Ihe chariot of his offspring.
He spendetb bis shekels in the purchase
of tine linen to cover the bosom of his
family, yet himself is seen iu thc gate oi I
tho city with one suspender. I
Yea, he is altogether wretched.���Roht.
J. Burdett*.
Dream of a Klondike Speculator,
My name is Aleck rfmarty. I am going
to make a party of men both hale and
benny for the Klondike's golden strand.
Every man must be self-feeder, but I
will be the leader (I need hardly tell the
reader) and tlio boss of all the band. I
think the first mamevre in this great
treasure-trover is to strike fur old Vancouver, thence to Teslin on the plain;
thero we'll board our little galley and
we'll sail continually till we reach tho
Yukon valley, when the robins nest.
again. Then my men will go prospecting! and, a proper place selecting, they
will Quifih soon erecting uur modest little
shack; then iu nold before our hovel wi,
will " waller" and we'll grovel,and we'll
dig it with a shovel and we'll put it in a
sack. Then I'll pay each man in reason
fur his labor of the season, aud before it
starts to freezin' on the Yukon's rocky
shore. Whon the wintry blizzard hollers,
I wiil pack my shirts and collars, and
with fifty million dollars, I will striko
fur home mice mure. Then to London
aud toPareeall my "dough" I'll gaily
carry, and a princess I will marry���ono
most beautiful tu view; everywhere I'll
have entree; I will patronize the gentry;
I wiil buy the blooming kentry aud tho
people in it tuu!���Ottawa Journal.
Location of Mineral Claim*.
Rossland Times: Tho location of
mineral claims will surely come up for
dUcussion this session, and when it
does Tho Tinies would like to call tho
attention of the members for West
Kootenay to one little item that haa
hitherto escaped notice, namely, make it
compulsory fur the writing on the No. 1-
and Nu. 2 posts to be dune on the lace
looking towards the claim being staked,
i.e., the innor face. At present locators
aro using each and any of the four faces
oil a post. When the direction of tlui
local ion line is nut given���aud it very
seldom is given on the No. 2 post���the
prevailing style is most confusing, Let
us have a rule that ull shall follow, und
the finding of the ground staked will be
rendered much easier than now. If the
outer face of the pust bo more convenient, let it be the outer face, only let ua
have uniformity,
������.���������+***>��� *���*���
Carlyle's Annual Report.
Mr. W. A. Carlyle's report for the
year 1897 was submitted to tho legislative assembly last w.ek. Tho report
shows the output of all minerals ������
'10,455,268, as compared with (7,507,94(1,
in 189U, an increase uf 40 per cent. Tho
lode mines show $7,500,001), un increase
ol 65 por cent, Mr. Caiiylo, provincial
mlneralogl.t. predicts a bi���- increase for
1898. The principal yields were: Placet*
gold $513,000; lode gold $2,122,000; ��ilver
*3,272,000; coppor ��2iUi,000; lead ,1,390,-
000; coal $,2,648,00;).
Tho provincial mineralogi.t adrocato*
that a certain amount of work should be
demanded within 00 day. of locating
claims, su as to do away with tlie evasion of the law by allowing a location to
run out and then getting coraw one else
to relocate an 1 then deed tho claim back
The report is thorough aud deals with
each district iu detail, describing thu
principal mines, and is copiously illustrated with photograph*. It is the uioai
valuable mining report ever issued iu
the provinco.
A Few Curious Thins*.
The wasp made tho lirst paper.
There aro forty-eight kinds of housefly.
A falcon can fly 150 miles and hour.
The Peruvian condor's whins are sometimes forty feet froai tip to tip.
Arctic naimals turn white every winter.
Picciut wrot* 200 operas. Same oue
of them.
A Chinese flower is red in thc sunlight
and whito in the moonlight.
Jeffrey Hudson was only 18 inches
high at 20 years of age.
A llee as big a man could jump from
Pittsburg to Cleveland.
It never rains between tiie firit aud
second cataracts of the Nile.
The cocoanut tree is tha most valuable
of all trees to commerce.
The West India humming bird only
weighs 20 grains'.
The Chinese fish with birds.
The Ix'st bridge-builder in the world
is the common spider.
A New Townsite.
Mr. T. G. Proctor, manager ol tho
Kootenay Valley Laud Co., will leavflt
Kaslo shortly fur South East Kootenay,
to superintend thu laying out of a new
townsite at a point where tbe Crow'*
Nist I'ass railway crosses Elk rivor. Tho
new townsite is close hy the-Crow's Nest,
coal mines aud has also around it aa
abumland supply ui limestone for fluxing
purposes. It has also unexcelled water
power Ior generating electricity, and will
make a first-class smelter site.
A man calling at an hotel left hi*
umbrella in tlio stand in tha hall with
the following inscription attached to il:
" This umbrella belongs to a man who
can deliver a blow el 200 iH.unds weight.
1 shall bo back in 10 minute*.'"
On returuin*; to seek his property ho
found in its place a card thus inscribed:
" This card bar. been left by a malt who
can run 12 miles au hour, I shall not.,
come hack." mi
ho //finer,
ni -
111 Ilia
ibllsho'l . v. ry :
.-1    bUKllSUnJ    I'l*
in Lull, ji-o pur i-
,.-,! never riponcd, though i thoir dead bodies along the river for
jlhevdeH |i enough to make fair fodder, somo miles above the canyon. I men-
Some wheat at C'u.lahy, i'i ISM, (level- t:*" this to show tbe unreliability of
oped line straw and u largo bead, hut no information received from thu natives,
-'.,,., | -, . [r(isl *. ���*!,.,��� ;,. ji0:1io I who fvequently noithor understand nor
liinnthy grass at .ho Paine place grew '... are understood,
j about half li..- >'<'��������� it does in Ontario Having satislied oursolv
und Quebe.'.
I nloili;
Coition to art Steele.
: ft."..';���-
l��r i
liirl.'i. i
ft.-,-.     -
I*. In.- lie
d.-li.v um,
vviiry in
bona 'I I
kill as a
���i ��,'*
Kl 1
i:irr!:i*.-e and
nmomil of timber in the
tha river ia nol nt nil Itn
la a 1 ir.r;' extent ol tores
yichl Drowooti and timber
.ma, Im*  for the imtnufa
>������ thoru ia wry Utile,    To
21 ve
ui its Boitrccnon 1 may si
iU' t
i tny part." mudu :i Ihproug
the timlwrt-l land itvound t
lie 1
io lieitnettmtd dujvn thu
ten miles*", nnd in nil till
i set
that there is
I i:; sulHciuilt ipiaiility to warrant,
hot' pru.-pectinit, you must take the
In, I..
- nan.
:*.;i*   hi
. incite
ml 81 ,
f sinking it " hole," as it is termed,
to bedrock. The most convenient season
to do this Is early in thu winter when
the surface water is all frozen, otherwise
it  will interfere with your progress by  flowing into your pit and  putting out
troll your tires, or at least.preventing their
einl  must efficient action. It' you cannot wait
fv'i'i fur this season choose buiiic biith spot
irch! where you will not likely bo bothered
,le for with inflow of wntur.   You will have a
con*; few feet mure digging to bedrock, but
s tree you uro mora certain of reaching it.   If
t  lhe want tu sink where the best, pay is
Tlio likely to be found, try just below the
such plan
I sti'iictiou
I made fotll* p, *      ��� .           ������������������-        -,'',,       I'il-vim r. ���v,ii c.i.ciiiia. ,
butt, 7 at t|ie top, and 81 fiet long. Tho likely to bo found, try just below the      ,   ..���
great bulk i.i lhe timber III the district. junction of some creek, gulch or ravine    *J   ' ^ ^ (mnm ��������� ,,, ,,,,,, ,���,
".;.. for maiiiifiicturi! into lumber is; with the main stream or valley.    ���������������
Golden to Carbonate    17 mile.
Hoi! Ranche    22 ������
"       Spilliniachene     42 "
"      Sburtv's    50 "
.McKay's    fill "
"      Windermere    84 "
"      Brewer's    97 "
Canal Flat  120 "
"       Wasa (Hanson's).. 1511 "
Fort Steele  KiS "
i.icKNct: AUTiiomsiKa an extiia mo-
un ni'aiNKUS.
The! V
lull i-i,l,i
I hi
, Unified,"
Is iiutliiiriso.l iin.l
���i-tlliiu ill.* i'n.v
it lis, a**j**' I., in
mil itppiutr it
r-l i
(,..- |.i
[oatl,|,,, the islands.... tlio river.     On j heavier parts frum noil, streams are held j \S^]^t^ZmT^JTmnTiMSi
i the-n the soil :-; waruiur and richer, the  hero.   Espei'louce Bhows that  the heBl, elfei i all or any ol lliuoblcets lierclnattor sel
i.a *i tot i-uii ... ,1.1. ...i... ......        wi, uio i ,,*,,,,        ,.,   ,    ,, I lorili to whicli tlio legislative authority ol the
��� ��� I    ' .1 t .....   t     .        ..    .,    ,,,J���I mi IV   PICl       ll,    nil1   -I   "hit    "d i 1.1. .   .   .    1, ..1. I   ...   , ���..! I   1..   ..���. ,.n,l..
A.llliv.- . II c,
B. C
FlttllAY, MARCH :
t I'l .til
g t
for a in
, und
, ,i
y than
the In
.1 11
A '.
���si men
IS folllll
.liuve   1
was  al
. a
at stag
t above
!,.. i
A few reiparks ou the resouri
much lulled of Kl Dorado may
iiith int.'lost by many. Mr.
Ogilvie, life Dominion Uiul
surveyed the tyhola of tliis vn
leu yeuis ago uud his recent pu
'��� The IClouditeOttieiuU'iiiido,"
su amount of information oi
the subject, together with a lull nccoun
claims aro generally just In.low a "forks,
as it is termed. Having readied bedrock
you may find pay, or you may not.
Tu work the claim properly, ii the
grnvol is deep, it is neei'ssiiry to do this
by what Is termed burning���that is, you
tin.-.-,- tho frozen ground out with tire.
This is a tedious and cosily process, and
requires much more labor in procuring
rlvor.   it could  bo traced   for  several | tho wood and attending   to  tlie   lires,
him.lied  yurtls along  llio  bank.   l'r.! disposing of tho waste dirt as it is called,
Dawson made nn examination of this that Is. thu iion-pnylng dirt, than thut
scene,  and   I  nuolB  from  his  report coiiiiocled with the actual paying dirt.
regarding It:   " fills exposure includes, i Several schemes are now under way with
within sixty feot of tlie basu of tho bluff, i a view to obviating these hindrance* to
at lens.* tliree coal beds, uf which Iho mining In that country.   Proposals to
i lowest Is about throe feet thick,   This thaw out by steam uie being tested, also
and thu other buds contain somo goad-  1))'conl oil.   In places whore tho ground
egton  looking eoit!    of which n thickness of is shallow���that is, not more than ten
ttlon, nhout'u foot sometimes occurs, but a loot deep-what 1b called ground sluicing
ttitins I grcator part of the material is so sandy j is resorted to.   A ditch is dug through
    lnul Impure   us   lo  bo useless."   This  tho  did i dam constructed in the
exposure haa since  been located mid .upper end of it, mid tho water Is diverted
claimed by Mr. Harper.   He hud a shaft through  the  ditch,    The  wuter  soon
of his jout'lieyiiigs, enriched with a copi- driven into, tho hill about twenty feet,'	
ous series of photographs of scenes on  from whicli he took somo coal tor local
I,In extend;
-.ilnpi.nv I. slliinle HI
city ui Liiiidoii. Kiu:
Merchant  Tailor.
ScotcH,  English,   Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
is. c
[ It!
ml tho puv-
irgu use, nnd c
030 well.
At Kiiil; iTipida thin sonms ot conl wore
ittn in Homti flliaie on tlio enst html: of
ie river. They were unimportant,
eing only nn inch or so thick, hut they
how n probable eontinuution nt' tho il rat
leutioned hud nml ti likelihood that ��
Mtlo, was roiiiihed. In the drift sit the
mouth of this creek I picked up Bpeei-
monsof oonl much weuthored nnd worn.
I made inquiries of the Indians in Iho
vicinity, hut thoy manifested surprise nt
my allowing it to them und burning
some of il before thorn. Thoy professed
entire ignorance of thc* existence of nny
sueh stuff up the creek, uUd said they
had never seen or heard of it, though
thev must, however, have seed it at Belle
Islo, near whicli place1 theio is some on a
creek thai coinea in from the west. Mr.
Ojdlvio ;:i*.'S an interesting account of
tlm state of gold mining in the Yukon
valley in 1837, and tho  methods em-
the route and In the Vukon  valley.   So
much I ma been said already regarding
t.i�� hurdshipfi ol travelling to tlie gold
district that it ia needless to recount tlie
storj? oi Mv. Ogllvie's experiences ten
years ago, but  the foljowtng extract!*:
front tha Official < inkle. u;i the economic
state of the Yukon makes good reading.
The  agricultural   capabilities of the
country along tlie river are not grout;
nor Is the hind whicli can be wen  from
thu  river  ot good Quality*   When we
consUlar, further tho unsuitable climalic
conjlitions which prevail in tho region it
may be said  that  a-  an  agricultural
district this portion of Iho country will
never bo of value.   My meteorological
recordssliowpvereight,degrees of /"oat
on the 1st of August, over ten ot the 3rd,
and four times during th;,' month the
minimum temperature was below freezing, Oy tiw fStli September the minimum temperature was lit dcgi'CBS, and
:dl tin* minimum readings fur the remainder of the month wovo below frees,-1
i-'i;- ployed at that date,  but his *U>ry ia
it a (lifHculi to form an estimate of tbe j discounted by more recent accounts,
totuhnreaof agricultural land aeon, but! The principal furs procured in the
it certainly bears a very small proportion | district are the stlvor grey and black fo:;,
to the remainder of the country. I think thu number of which bears a greater
ten townships, HjiO scjuavu iniles, would : ratio to the number of red foxes than iu
be a very liberal estimate for all the any oilier y.-irt of tho country. The rod
l luces mentioned. This uiveti ns 280,400 ] fos is very common, and a species called
neves, or/ sny-l, 000 farms1. The available tlho blue ia abuixjitnt near tho ���const,
land on thc affluents of tho* rlvor would Marten ov sable are al.-so numerous, as
probabl.NMlquble tlji?, oy giye2,000 farms aro lynxj but are scarco, and beaver
in that |>ar.tof our territory, but on tho almost unknown, It id probable that
most of tlie-Ho the returns would be tiie value of tho grey nnd black fox skins
meagre. 'Without tho discovery and taken out of -the country more than
<l*vi'lupmunt of Urge mineral wealth it [equals in value nil the other furs, 1
is not ltkely-Umt tho slender agricultural could get no statistics conoevulng thia
ropoureofl of tho region wiH ever attract tvtule for obvious reasons, Ciamo is not
uttuntioityat'least until the better parts ndw as abundant na befovo mining be-
of .our teftltbvtoa are crowded. In tho I gati, and it is diUlcult, hi;fuel impossible,
event of such discovery somo of thc land to got very cluSe to tho river. The
might b**"-oafd for the production of Indians have to ascend tlie ttlbuUry
vegetable-food'for the miners; butjevon streams ten to twenty miles to get any-
in that c��W, with the trdnsjiort facilities
which tlie district comuiauds, it is very
doubtful if it cduld cohipote prolitably
with thewmth and east.
The nroxilhity of such a large body of
water mueCitnvo'U beneficial effect on
vegetation, andebnseqdutly we will have
mora success ifeiv tlu�� water than else-
where. An old miner settled ott l^orty-
yi'lh: river.aljuve the bwi.indary, tried lor
���several years to raise potatoes, but was
ha tl Iked every year by frost, until he
found a hillside on*whicli the-sundid
not shine until about midday. This
allowed the stall; to uradually get rid of
tlie frost und reeovcr before tho heat of
the sun's rays blasted them,, hi this
place tubers developed enough lo reproduce, but not ns dry and well -flavored ns
ere would wish.
In Uie town of Forty-Mile, close to the
Yukon, potatoes, radishes,'- turnips, cabbage and lettuce have been grown with
fair succdHB) especially tho lact named.
Another ((Urdenin a'fairly situated, well
sheltered spot at C-iidahV gave very fair
.radishes, turnip:*, cabbng-d and lettuec.
Very fair potatoes were grown on nil
inland at the month of tho Sixty-Mile,in
(he Yukon, Iiy Mr. ,IIai'])er. Me had
also a garden at Selkirk (mouth of the
Polly), in Avhieh he planted potatoes for
several years", but to protect ihefii from
front went iu the expenae of having an
Ji Jim en SO awning made of heavy cotton
which lie lowered Ori them every dear
flight when '-frost threatened'. Without
Xbiw they woiild not have ripened.
.Qatsiiave boon soivn atJ*orty-MjJo for
wears away tho lee-bouni) dirt down to
l!ie bed of gravel below. The heat ei
the sun melts the frozen dirt on the sides
of the ditch, and it is thrown into tho
stream und carried down and away from
tho claim. In this way a part of the
claim, 25 or SO feet in width, is cleaned
down to tlie gravel; sluh-o boxes are
then erected and tho gravel is shovelled
into them, and any gold which it may
rah would reveal an exposure of some | contain is retained by tho ripple bar in
ue.   Xo other truce of coal was seen
il Coal creok, five miles below Forty-
Ijufklftturu ol British
Tin- huiul oflliio oi tin
Ko. 0, Qtiucti Btrout I'lu*
'Vuo amount nf thu enpltalnf tho Company In
X0.UU0} UlvlUutl into ^ix thoumuUl sliaus ��t *1
''Vlio head oflj-jo ot tho Company hitliiaVro*
vliit-.' 1.1 si I u. it- ut Uulni'ii, una Wltlimii liillji-it
Miltlii'll-lliiii's, WIlOHU mliliv-s*.  Is linlilvli, llritisli fuUoiiuiii, is tlie Alt-nniuy iiirll.t* t'(nn|>iiny.
'I'm' nhji'i'is inr willcll t!��' fnmiuitiv  litis l)i".-ll
MtuhUslwd ono bo licetiituil aw:~
tn.] Tu luirtihusu, titkf en Iuhhl', or otherwise
ucuiflri', noil's, mining rltfhu, mul ineulitfur-
ouu uiul any Jnlerwt therein, uiul lo'ex*
plurCj work, uxurefsu, UevuUiii huiI turn to
iii-iiouiu tile dame: ,      , ,
[i>] Tu tiruslt) win, Rot, riunrry, union, caloluo,
rcituo,ilrosa, iimalgamftU'iinitiiiiiuittiMiiiroluiBy
ami iiroptiru ior mai'kot, oru, uiutnl, ami luiucr*
nl substuiK't's ot all kliulH, ulitl to carry on,
utthorupon or lu (umnuullun with tho pruiataud
ur I'lsi'wlieru, tho hualnuHM ot miiiora, miliars,
Mni-lti-is, uiul workers oi any id-oct^.H-s in the
produotioti, rodtiotiou and inuKfnif merchant^
ulile, t>f miuernls,inetaU and mutnllio protluots,
KtippliOBof water, looruhnntu, mid mauafutuiir-
um, and workura ol anv minerals, mutuld, nrti-
tlcs and thiiiga usotl in or in eufiiioutlon with
i.iiuin-,', miiiiiii;, snu-liliij', unu olhor (irocoiwea
HtoroHuWi or nny oi thum:
tc] To aoaroh tor laiuos and lnlnenilHVittier
ou lam! known to coutniu aauli mint's nn<I lain*
urala or otherwise, and to buy mid aoll, louau
ur tako up tho rlghta of Boareh ur other minora'
ri^ln-t or I'liiima under tuiy mining statutus or
i\-,;iilutioii-i of uny place whorti Hie Cduitiany
durrkH on oporatlona, and any other rlghia rc-
Bitectlng thoBamd:
[ii| ToaCQiUlro options, or enter into contract!)
for Uu* puruhase of any grants, com-ossiour-,
loaaoii or setts, LiisonicniH or InturoBla iu lauds,
watora, mlllattoa, towiiattes, mines, minerals,
and oilier hurooltamonta, and any .plant, mo*
olilnory. Implements, conveniences, provisions
uud things, and uny other property, real or, uiovable or Immovable, tor purposes
Incidental thereto or to uny othernbjivts ot the
Company, or capable of being used ln connection with luetauargienl operations or rctjutred
by workmen or others employed by the Com*
puny, und to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[i'l To urciuire nny Inventions, letters pntent
or lleonserf, capable oi being usod for the pur*
poKCBot Hie Cumpally��or nny of them,and to
work, transfu.*, let, or sublet the same:
f. To ncquiro ami umlert.ike the whole or any
pnrt of the business, property and liabilities, oi
iiitv perstMi or comphuy carrying on any bust*
ut'ns whielithis Company is authorised to carry
on; and tu ncutilro nnd hold uny shares, stouks.
bunds, obligations, debentures, securities!
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
^    CONTRACTORS    TO   THK   C.P.R.    __��.
G-old.e:n. and. ZBeaTrer, 3B-C-*
Ullook & Earrie, Props.
tho boxes white the gravel and sand nre
by force of the current of water carried
onwards and down to tho tailings at tho
end of the line of sluice boxes.   When  ";������.;���;,...,>'v;,,,,,!���-.,<���, h ���r ..hut i.m-.^sni
hodrock is reached ou this hue another  i.-iv l**i:g:lsli eolmnal u- otl :r ;*i>inpaiiii-^. asso-
portion of the gravel ia the muck and
washed in tlio same way. It is evident
that when the muck and gravel are too
deep tills method is impracticable, in
which ease the pay streak has to be
"drifted " out by burning.
thing worth going after. On the uplands,
vast herds of caribou stilt wander, and
when the Indians encounter a hovd thoy
allow none, toescapc,oftpn.killlntf animals
whicli are so poor f.fl to be useless for
food, jest for the love of slaughter. Borne
years ago moose were numerous along
lhe river, but are now seldom scan. Tho
ordinary caribou runs in herd.-*, often
nnmberlng hundreds. Thoy are easily
approached, and when lived at jump
around as though undecided whet to do,
nnd then run a short distance, When
the Indiana find a herd they servo them
tho same way as the others.
Four spceierf of bear are found in the
districtrIthe grtasdoy, brown, black, and
the " silver-tip." the latter grey in color,
with white throat and beard (whence ita
name), ami is said to bo very fierce and
will attack, on sight. Wolves arc not
plentiful. The Arctic rabbit or hare ia
sometimes found, but they are also comparatively scarce, and are subject to a
periodical Increase and decrease. Marten are much tho snuio aa tho rabbit.
Mountain sheep and mountain goat aro
to bo Touud everywhere, but generally
frequent the sides of tho highest mountains, Minis are scarce; a few ravens
wero seen along tho river, also a few
magpies and white-headed eagles were
Finn aro numerous as a rule. There is
ono species known as the Arctic trout.
Tho flesh is soft and not very palatable.
Salmon arc said by tho Indiana to come
up as far as Lake Labargo and are never
found above it, but JV.. Dawson report?
Under and by virtue of tlio power of
sale contained in a certain mortgage
made by John Gibson to Charles A.
Warren/dated the isth .lanunry, 181)7,
and duly registered, default having been
made in payment oi the moneys thereby
sectiredj tiiere is now offered for sale by
and in tlie following described property:
Lot No. KI iu Block No. o, according lo a
plan of survey of tbe Town of Golden,
U'-itish Columbia, approved and confirmed at Ottawa, lGtii March, 1880 and
of record in the Department of the
There is a log building erected on the
land now occupied nn a restaurant.
Tenders will lie received by tiie undersigned at Golden, B.C., up to 12 o'clock
Noon, on the iSnd April, IS'*;;,
for the purchase of the lands and subject
to a reserve hid and the conditions of
Bale, the highest tenderer shall be the
The property will bo sold subject to a
prior mortgage on which there is owing
the sum of 1140 or thereubouts.  ,  ,   *  *,  ,-���-
Further particulars and conditions of, wwwfc i'!.^1...."*!1.1;. !!!iV"l!V!!,l!.u.-u.i!,.l,l..:,
sale may ho obtained on application to
the undersigned.
Dated this 10th March, 1808.
ml8 Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Under and by virtue of the power of
sale contained in. a certain mortgage
made by John Gibson to Ptildol Webster
Marsh,'dated the I8th day of January,
1897, and duly registered, default having
lieen made in payment of the moneys
thereby secured, tiiere is now offered for
sale by tender, the following lands and
promises, namely:���All that portion of
the north hall'of tbe north half of Section 18, )n Township 27, Ihingo 1*2, west
of the Fifth -Meridian in the Province of
Dvitlsh Columbia, which lies to the east
of the right of way of tho Canadian
I'aelfle Hallway as at present constructed
containing 157 acres more or less. Also
all that portion of the north-oast quarter
of Suction 14 in the said Township 27,
which lies to tho east of the right of way
of the Canadian Pacific Railway, as at
present constructed.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned at Golden, B.C., up to 12 o'clock
Noon, on the 2nd April, 18M$,
for the purchase nf Baid lands and subject to a reserve bid and tho conditions
of sale, tlio highest tenderer shall be tbe
Tho property is close to Golden and is
well adapted to market gardening.
Further particulars and conditions of
sale may be obtained on application to
the mortgagee's solicitor.
Mated this 10th March, 1808. '
IHiulS Mortgagee's Solicitor.
. 'atitotis or undertaking* capable oi being man
Hued or conducted so us uireotly or Indirectly
ti. bcuellt the business of the Company. Also
tu advance money un any suoh shares, (touks,
bonds, obligations, debentures- securities ol or
ether interest in .sueh companies, assoeiatioiit
or undertakings, and to aeeupt sueh shares or
stotlt.-*, bonds, oliliKiitieus, debenture* or BUetir*
ties its imrtttil or lull security lor [mymeuts due
to the C'umjiany:
if. To uetiuire, construct or hire, or Join with
others in aeiuitriug. uunHtruetlnu or hiring any
mills, eanals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, iriuuiviiys. ihiiv.iiys, engines, plant,
stot-ks, buildings, works, matters or tilings
whl. h mav be neeussary or convenient for I lie
purposes ut tlio Company, or anyol them, aud
to tue working ol the same or any jiart thereol:
li. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or soil, of otherwise dispose oi, charge or deal
with, m anv manner whatsoever, the under*
tnkiugor ttiiv pari or purls of the property oi
the Company, or any rights, way-leaven or
easements lu or over tno sume, and io accept as
puruient there-fur either rush or allures, or
paftly caBh and partly slum's, in any other
company purchasing the same:
I, To establish ana maintain agencies of the
Compauy iu nny uoluny, dominion, foreign
country or stato^ and to procure the Company
to be registered or incorporated hi any sue
colony, uouiivtioji, foreign country or state:
, To amalgamate witn any other company
having objects altogether or In part slmilur lu
tlie objects of ti.i** Company, and to enter into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal con-
ucshiuii or otherwise, with any company or
person or tirm uugftged or about to engage In
any business or transaction which this Com
paiiv is authorized io engage tu, or capable ol
being conducted ho as directly or indirectly te
beiietit [hlitCompanyi
k. To hold, in me names ot others, any property Which the Company Is authorised to
ucmilte, and to carry ou or do any ol the
uisu-.esscji and uctsulid thlugsiforcitahi*, either
i's principal or agent, una otthor by the agency
ol ,,r as agents or inistecs lor others:
I, To make, purchase, sell, uet-ept or indorse
hills of exchange uml other Instruments, liego-
liable or olherwisr.Hiid to borrow mouvy either
with or without security, aud wither upou negotiable instruments or otherwise, including
t he issueo[ Uebenturcs ch'.irged upon all or any
[theCompany's properly (both present and
tilllg its uncalled cupitul:
.... Topronioleatid lorm other eouipanlcs for
any ol the objects mentioned iu this Memorandum:
it. To invest and deal with the moneys of the
Company not Immediately required upou such
securities and hi such mauneras from tlmu to
time be determined.
o. To distribute any of the property of the
Company uniting the number- hi bpoufot
p. To oftrry on buatucis in any pun of thc
world Htnl to do all BUOb things as are liuhlen-
ti'l or conducive tothe uttitlniucutui the above
di wu under my huiul aud seal of office al
Victoria, Province of llritisli Columbia, thii*
P.ith ib-v of October- oim thousand eight him*
tired Hint ltluety-scvcn.
s. v. WOOTT0H,
tteglstror oi Joint stock Cooipanics.
All licrsoim Indebted lo me arc ro-
quuHted lu w-'ttle Bimlu with Mr. 0. II
l'arwin, who hua iiulliority to give
receipt! Im* the sumo.
. (iolden, February isth, 1888.
PUBLIC NOTICE I. Iioiebv nlvas that application will bu muitu lo the t-ui-tiaintoitti!
Canada, at tnu nuxt aenslon lln'wof, lor an Aot
clmii-rlii*.* 1 In* iiaiii.. ol Thu Uoiniiilon niill.liii*!
ai.,1 I.,,iui .\-.s,..-iutlmi tulhatolTha Uomlulon
I'l-i-iiuim-nl l.oiui Coiiiiiiiny.
  "la 17th
A.l)., 1897.
bail!*! nt Toronto, ili'l. 17��tli day ol Novonabai,
)., 1897.
2 Toronto Street, Toronto.
Solicitor* (or A,.,.ll,*atits.
B. C.
Fi Bt-Class in every particular.  Convenient lo Railway T)opot aad Btcambout !*andfng.
Kates Kensonable.   Froo riample Hooms.
The Tram ('nr leaven Kootenuy Iloiibe, coimeetiiiR with Steamer Ior Tort Steele ovory
Mondav and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Homo Comforts       o
Modern Conveniences   e
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
r-r^ Golden, B,C.
SXELTON & BREWSTEE,   i��rops.
**-**.Hen(l(iiiui'turs For*****,
Miners, Prospectors   and Lumbermen.
ESatCfS $1-00 ^er JD&_7.
Board & Lodciixci $5 Per Week.    First Class Kar.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   Tin    ^-g-A
Croceries, Dry (ioods & General Merchandise.   Min-er*]'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
���_.���James A. Stoddart, Prop.      '
Choice WIuob, Liquom and Cigars,   First class accoinuiodutinii.
WINDERMERE,   B.C.   ~*mxSm\
East Kootenayv
Mining Stock List.
Namk of Company.
The Gold Hills 0, i I). Co	
Kootenuy, CnHboo M. k 1. Co	
(iolden & Fort Steele I). Co	
Alberta & Kootenuy I). Co	
Eust Kootenuy und Klk River Development A Exploration Co *.	
if 750,000
��  500,000
��    75,000
par vai.ub. PHim.
5I1N1XU hkokeh, ccldw;, E,C,
V\ '  '*" A tSonnectlcut Mystery.
Tho mysterious subterranean nolsos
that have made tho villhtgo olJIoodus,
Conn., famous since the time ol the iir^t
white settlers have, it is ftatcil by the
daily press, begun again, after u silence
of twelve yosrs. The noises are attributed by geologists to disturbances in the
earth'* qriist, hut their exact.' nature is
enough of a mystery to justify the use of
that word in ourtitle. Of the " noises "
the "Scientific American" speaks its
followB:���" For twenty years, up to 1729,
the villagers ot the town of East I I-uldnm
heard these noises almost continuously.
The Rev. Mr. Hostner, in n letter written
August 13,1729, says, in speaking of the
phenomenon:���' Whether it lie liro or
air distressed iu the subterranean caverns of the earth cannot be known; for
thero is no eruption, no explosion perceptible, but by sounds nnd tremors,
which are sometimes very four-fill nnd
dreadful. I have myself heard eight or
ton sounds successively, and Imitating
email arms, in the space of live minutes,
I have, I suppose, heard several hundred* of them within twdllt* years] some
more, some less terrible. Sometimes
we havo heard them almost every day,
and great numliers of them in the space
of a year. Oftentimes 1 have observed
them coming down from the north,
imitating slow thunder, until the sound
came near or riglit under, aud then
there Sficmed to be a breaking like the
noise of a cannon shot or severe thunder
which shakes the houses and all Unit is
In them.'
. "The centre from whioh the noises
proceed seems to lie Mount Tom, situated at the junction oi Moodus and
.Salmon rivers. Thu severest -shocks
have been felt as far north-east as Boston and as fur south-west as Now York,
and have there been noticed as earthquakes. In 1816 and 1817 these noises
were more than usually loud. On tlu.
recent recurrence there wus a sound
resembling u clap of thunder, followed
for a couple of hours by a roar like the
echoes of a distant cataract. A day later
thero was heard u crushing sound like
that of heavy muttled thunder, and a
roar not unlike tbe wind in a tempest.
The ground was so shaken us to cause
houses*) tremble and crockery to rattle
as though An earthquake were in progress.
"The Indians, familiar with these
noises long before the advent of the
whites among them, called the region
now embraced in tlie town of East I lad-
dam, ond particularly that situated in
tlie vicinity of Mount Tom, Mutchenia-
dosct, or 'at the place of the bad
noises.' This name, corrupted and contracted to Machanoodiis and finally to
Moodns, gives name to n branch oi Salmon Kiver and to a manufacturing
village. The region where these subterranean disturbances huvc occurred
from time immemorial is one of deformed crystalline rock."
Frivolous Libel Suits.
Tho Nation ��ays: Lord Chief Justice
Itussell of England is earning the gratitude of the American press by some
extremely sensible decisions on libel
cases. There are hut few newspnjicrs
which have not experienced the vexation
of frivolous libel cases. A series of these
cases has recently coma before hi in. for
adjudication. Lord Russell sharply
ridiculed .tlie absurdity of the cases mid
made severe remarks against thc shysters who foment these suits. In the
latest case of the kind a solicitor who
had been bound over to keep the peace
for forcing his distasteful addresses upon
a young lady, sued the London Nows for
printing 4��ej)ort of tho proceeding entitled A Xoyc-Strickon Solicitor. This
title wo* apparently the only grievance.
The proceeding* were interrupted with
frequent laughter from bar and jury.
Tlie Lord Chief Justice said that he
would leavo tho question of libel or no
libel to the jury but wolild have totell
them that they would make themselves
ridiculous if they found thero was a
libel.    The jury sensibly took the hint.
ma. w,..,i.  *-l��>...***.i**liiii., ..>���..*,,in rnn.t.fn
that his ingenuity could suggest, he
finally turned up his nose und said���Oh!
I don't care! they're sour, anyway.
Now, if that fox had any really commendable wisdom in bis triangular skull
be would have looked at the grapes
blandly, and then have announced lo the
world that thoy were sweet, but that
sweets didn't agree with him; that owing
to lhe condition of his stomach he considered it inadvisable to out anything
containing saccharine matter; and that,
besides, a properly philosophical fox
believed In self-denial and in taking
things that wero easily at his disposal,
instead of trying to climb il trellis to
secure attractive but deleterious grapes.
If ho hud done that, instead of lieing the
laughing-stock of succeeding generations
lie would have stood a good chance of
! being appointed professor of philosophy
j in a subsidised university, nnd of living
I on yellow-legged chickens for thu rest of
1 his natural life.
If you have anything to sell, advertise
it In Tut-: Mixuit.
|i!H HONOUR tho Men tenant-Co vernor linn
11 beon (iIuohoiI in inula- the following
lira* March; 1808.
Jajies Fbrousson AnnflTROKa. of Fort Steele,
l..*in_iiirc,H.M.. to be it Deputy CoronerIurthu
County of ICobtemiy. 18ui2
rionmt OF ASBtJSE mi-i Xlsl Prliia. find'of
V: Oyer nnd Terminerftiid Ueueral(faol Delivery, will bo liolden tu i lie places und on the
utile.-' following- via.:���
City of Nelson, on Monday, tlio 20th day of
June, 1808.
Tnwnof Donald, on Monday, the27th day ol
June, 1893,
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary'* Ofllee,
mil March, 1808. lBrntl
VOTICK Ih hereby given that on the Hih day
*-i at -laundry, I89S, it whs ordered by the
Honourable J. A. Forln, Judge ol thcTonnlv
Court, tlmt Jainea K. ArniMtronff. Official Atf*
uihilstrutiir uf the County of Kootonay, hi*
Administrator of nil mul singular the goods,
chattel!! and credit of Uruert Orpwood ol Oold-
mi, labourer, deceased, hiteatale,
Kvery (tcrsoii indebted to ihesiild docea-wd,
[krequired tn mako payment forthwith :o the
Every pen-roil having in possession effect*
bolongfng lu tliedeccaged,!*required forthwith
tu notify the undersigned.
livery creditor or other person having any
claim upon ur interest in Ihe distribution of
the piTMiuu) estate of iho said deceased, Is
required wllliiu thirty days of this date, tu
send by rcgUtered letter addressed to the
underslg'neil. his mime mid address, and the
full particulars of his claim or interest, and a
statement ol his account, and the nature of tlie
security (tf nny) held by him. After the oicplr-
atlou ol the Bald thirty days, the Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of i lie estate,
having regard to ihoue claims only ol which he
shall have hud notice.
Dated at Fort Steele, this 37th day of January.
Official Administrator.
.Notice to Taxpayers
Where Women are Cheap.
The "Sydney Bulletin," over thesig*.
nature of "A Man Who Knows," contains some serious VtrTotttrcs iignlnst
thoso who are responsible for sending
women, and especially young Women, to
China as missionaries. Thc writer,'who
was born in China antl spoke Chinese
from childhood, says:��� "In it country
where females are held cheap nnil where
female children are. actually killed
among the ptotfr as being In the way,
how can alien feipaleshope to be treated
with eveu fwsfable'decwiey when living
away from the treaty ports unci masquerading in native dress? It is necessary
for them to know the language Well, so
that there is no getting away from tho
foulness of the epithets openly levelled
against them. They have a silly idea uf
influencing the mon through lhe women
but they forget that the woirfen have
absolutely nojfowerin this wuy. They
are merely-bought chattels. It is bud
enough for a man to be it missionary, fur
a woman it is hideous."
"The Fox and the Grapes."
No, said the man with the large hend:
I ean't say tb��U think wry much of the
fox in the old fable Of'*'-The Fox ami the
Grapes." It 1b recorded of him that after
trying to get the grapes by every way
Northern   Division   of  East
Kootenay  District.
MOTICK 18 IfERBDY OIVKN in accordance
I *���    with the titatuttu tlmt Provincial Itevenue
Tax aud all tftXCU levied utid-T the Astcssincul
. Act ure now due for the year 1898,
I    .Ml of  the above   named   taxes rcUeetuhlc
| within the Northern Division of East Kootonay
I District are payable at my OfllCC, the   Court
House, Golden.
Assessed tiuus are collectable at the following
rates, viz.:
if paid uu ur before Juno 00th, lf-m
Three-iiftiis of one per cent, on Real Property.
Two and olio-luilf per etui, on viilllt'
of .flirt laud.
One-half of one   per cent, on   Personal
tin so much of the tucomes of any personal
exceeds One Thousand Dullurs the lullowitm
rates, nautelv: t'ptm such excess of Income
when tho sum Is not more than Ten Thousand
Dollars, one per cent,: when sueh oxooss I*
over Ten Thousand Dollars mid not tnor.i tlini)
Tc.enty Thousand Dollars, one and otw*nuartor
of one per cent.;   when such excess  is over
Tneniy Thousand. Dollars, one and one-hall of
one percent.
If paid on or after the lnt Inly, ISPS.
Four-fifths of one per cent, on Heal Property.
Three per rent, on the asseiSOd VttlUtt ol wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On ho much of the income* of nny person as
OXCCDdfl One Thousand Dollurs tht.* following
rates, namely: I'noa mioh excess when the
same is not mora tlitin Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and onr-uuartcr of one per cent.; when
such excess Is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thousand Hollars, one
and one-half of ono percent; when suoh excess
(8 over Twenty Thousand Dollars, one aud
three*qnorter> of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tax, 18,00 per capita.
V. C, UNU.
Assessor and Collector.
Qolden, January loth; Mas. jw-sui
V"OTICK Is hereby given thai I shall apply for
*���''    n special  limber licence, to OUt timber on
iiic following described lands :->commencing
ar a post ou the North Fork of Finley Creek, a-
crOBl the creek from the head of Hrmly's Ditch,
I nnrih-eiiHt |iost ; thence running aotlth 1W
ehi'.inH ; thence west "Cchaina ; thence nurth
I iMichnins: thence east 70 chains to pouted com-
1 ineiieemeiit.
Fort Steele, Octobitaoth.lSOT.
Is tlie best advertis
ing medium in East
Contains the latest
news of the district:
Is  only   $2.00 per
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Print
ing  at   reasonable
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
f'Pga-y.-yy^ <*���*���*. -   One-third down, Imluiicc iu three and ��U
"** �����������*�������������� -      montlit, without liitorcst.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents* CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
'tjation & Uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. 1'. R. at (Iolden, P.. C. and
Great Noi'theru Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
mmmmm.w-    _.-.
General Merchants
-*-*-.���FORT STEELE, B. O.
Miners Supplies a .Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Com pay.
algardna * Hetel
Fort Steele, 33. C
Ciioice Winks, Liquors axd Cioars.
R. D. MATHER, Pro-rietob
on iiot springs
The Finest H-nllh Ruiart on tin Continent.
Private Hwpltnl under mertlfal .nperintra-
ikni-i' with �� Tniinwl Stuff of Nar.e.a.
Cnrojilete System of*, nl eTorr kind
ami description.
Mmlinil Dircrtor-DU. K. C. BKRTT, Kxwn.
Kosidcut Physician k Surgemi���DK. SPAXKIB.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." ir.TJT-:."-�� -a. ������i"' M&eMnMB-A
��� til���IM
C. A. Warren wishes to notify the1
footballers Unit he Ira* a supply 61 shin
guardson hand.
Arrangement* tire being made for a.
football match to take place on Good
Friday afternoon.
Tho local lodge of Independent Order
of Oddfellows purpose giving a grand
ball at no distant dato.
Good Friday is a statutory holiday
���and wo presume will be observed by the
business men of tlio town.
Tho Upper Columbia Co.'s ollices have
been moved close uj> to and ou the east
sido of tho Kicking llorso bridge.
Tho lirst section of Sunday's Xo. 1,
which passed through Galden at midnight on Sunday, carried *lo0 passengers.
It ia rumored that nn English syndicate has ottered $8,000,000 for the North
fr*tar mine near Fort Steelo, of which D.
D. Mann is one of the principal ownels.
Ovor three hundred Klondike** left
Calgary this week for the gold Iields vie
the Kdnionton mute.    This ruulo looms
to be growing mote popular every day.
Mt. Wm. Ballllo, edllcr oCtlio Fort
Steele ProSpoelor, waa in town this
week having just returned from a visit
to Kastensj Canada, lie left for the
coast on Tuesday evening.
Mr. ,1. H. Harcourt, Presbyterian
missionary, who has been stationed here
.ior tho past year, left on Monday for
Winnipeg where he." will resume Iub
studies in Manitoba College,
Tbe British Columbia Review just to
hand say.: Another Klondike fanatic
lsclaimiugattenlion bccau&ohe proposes
to wheel a barrow to Dawson. If he
perseveres he may reach there in 1001.
Arrangemonls aro being made for the
holding of a tea-meeting and entertain
mont iu connection with tbe Methodisl
Church on the evening of April 711
Further particular* will bo given next
Tho grocery window of the Big Store
has been attracting a great deal oi
attention this woek. We will not at-
tempt to give a description of it, suffice
it to say that Iho centre-piece is a repro
Unction of Stophenson's lirst model.
Forms of application for registration
us voters can bo obtained at the government ollice. It is tho duty of every
resident entitled to vote, whoso nanio is
not now on the list lo take tbe necessary
BtepB to register without further delay.
A farewell socinl took place in Denial
list,Saturday evening, the occasion being
the departure this week of Mr. King.
Presbyterian' missionary, wlio*bas beer
stationed there for the past year. Mr
King returns to collego to resume his
Considerable talk has been indulged ii.
this week in regard to tbe organizing ol
a brass band. Such _an"organization
would lie a valuable acquisition to tbe
town, and a band once started would no
doubt receive the hearty support oTtSe
The Blll_Nyo, 1.0 Tngo and Sunny
South, on Trail creek, between Tracy
anil Wild Ilorao creeks, have been
bonded by E. B. Hart for **1">,000. The
ore on these claims is galena and copper
at tbe surface but afterwards gray copper
All transcontinental roads have their
troubles. The Grand Forks I'laindealor
says*. " A terriblo storm west of Havre
has put the Great Northern' roadbed in
such shape that coast trains for the past
two days have been greatly ."delayed.
Tho N. P. is having au equally hard
time of it."
No lees than 2o,874,L,7" lbs. of butter,
4,019 lbs. of cheese and 5,303,703 lbs. of
bam and bacon wero produced
in New South Wales during the
year 1890-97. Among otbor food products tho same colony produced 1*10,772
cases ol moat, r>00,710 carcases of frozen
mutton, 19,520 pieces of frozen beef and
101,740 boxes of buttor.
T. M. Chadbouni, Nelson, has just
concluded a doal whereby the
Matterhom group, situated on Toby
creek, has lieen purchased by a strong
iinglish syndicate. The group consists
ol six claims located last July, and are
all on �� ledge giving assays 15 to 45 per
cent, copper, $5 to $20 gold and 80 oz.
���liver. A firat payment has been cabled
to the Bank of British Columbia at
The late lamented Bill Ny�� once Baid:
"Do not attempt to cheat an editor out
of hi* year's subscription to his paper,
or any other sum. Cheat the minister,
cheat anybody and everybody, but if you
havo any regard for future consequences
don't tool tho editor. You will be up
Ior office somo time, or want some public lavor for yourself or friends, and
when your luck is a thing of beauty, a
joy forever, thc editor will open on you
���nd knock your cnstloB into a cocked
hat at first fire. He'll subdue you, and
then you'll cuss your stupidity for a
drivelling idiot; go hire some man to
knock you down and kick you for
Notice is hereby given that all persor
having any claims nguinst the estate (
George Woodley,  late of Gulden, li.C, who died at Golden, B.C., o
the 2nd February, 1898, are required to I
give   noliee  of  their claims   to G. 11.
Woodley and I). M. Rae, the executors
appointed hy thc will of the said George
Woodley, on or before the lirst day of
May, A'.ll., 1808, and that after said'last
mentioned date the said executors will
proseetl to distribute such of said estate
as shall have come tu their hands, having regard onlv to such claims as they
shall  then havo received notice ol as
above required.
Dated this 23rd March, 1808.
Solicitor for the Executors
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice tlmt J, John McTCao, Free
Miner'!* ('t'rtilicnt'j No. 86930; Intend.
sixty daya from tin.1 dato hereof, to npply
to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate
uf Itmiroven.antf-}. for tho purposo ui
obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
claim located on Spillimacheen Mountain, situate in tho Golden Mining
Division of Kast Koulenay Dir-trirt.
And further take notice that action,
iimler section 87, must lie commenced
before tho inf-uauce of mum certificate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1808.
John McRae,
By his agent Geo. 8. McCarter.
All persons indebted to me nre re
quested to settle same with Mr. C. 1*1
Parson, who has authority to give
receipts for the flame.
8. ADI.EB.
Golden, February 15th, 1808.
vrOTICE In hereby given that application will
*-,( bu made lo tlm Let Isltttivt! Assembly ot the
i'rovim-oot  t'.ritbh Col u in I'i.**., at its next Hes
.tun, (or h Private Bill to Incorporate a (Jour
pany to build, equip, maintain nnd operate a
dno or lines oi railway Irom ti point nt or near
Cranbrook, lu Haul Kootetifly, thence by th*.'
nost feasible routs to tho Hi. Mary's Itlver;
thenco fn a westerly direction to the headwaters of St.Mary'sItlver! and also In a�� canter*
iy and northerly direction from home point on
tnesttld llmia branch lineup theKastrKoote*
nny Valley to thu nelt-hiioorhoo-l of Horn*
1'iiivf and No. i creek), and the mines! n that
i-U-iuity; with power to thc wilri Coinpanyto
���onairuut'a line from the Bull Hiver Group ol
���.linns, in Bast Kootenay, to tho most ton-
r'enlent point on tlm main line of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway; and also
io authorize ami empower thu Company, to
iiuili!, irom time tit time, branch lines to
.'roups of mines nnd cimeenlr.Htora from any of
lie three aliovc-memioned linen of ruilwnvc,
-vu'li branch lines not to exceed twenty (I'D)
mile,-: lu l"i;_jth; with power to build telegraph
ind telephone lines, and to eouip and operate
hi* s:iid railway and Its branches*, and to erect
ind maintain nil necessary works for the gen*
���ration and transiiiissiou of electricity or
power within the are.i of the opera'.lout) of the
���mid Company; and power to build, maintain
ind operate wharves, docks ami steamboats,
saw-inills, and acquire water privileges to con-
���iruet dams, Humes, etc., for Improving and
increasing the water privileges, and to make
'.rattle or.other arraiiHemetns with railways.
iteamboat or other companies,and for alloitier
dsual and necessary powers, rights or
Holieitnrs for the Applicants.
Victoria, B.O.j H*Mh October, 1S07. 4n tit
VTOTICK IS HEREBY QIVEN that application
���^    will be made tu Lhe Parliament ot Canada
ind to th*1 Legislative Assembly of the Province
if British Columbia m .heir respective session*
.o Incorporate a Company to construct a railway to be operated bv steam oreloutrlulty from
*. point at or near Cranbrook, In Kast Kooteiiav,
Itritlsii Columbia*���the most northerly point on
tho Crow's .Vest Hallway,���thence running in a
northerly direction up the Kootenay Kiver .to
Canal Flat; thence to the Columbia t. --e and
In a northerly direction tfnvn tl e Co '.nubia
itlver to tho Canoe Kiver; u.cnee up lu , Canoe
liiver uud across the Portage to thu Headwaters
oftho Fraser Itlver; theme down thu Fraser
Kiver lo Olsoomo Portage] thence across thc
Portage to Parsnip Kiver; thence down the
;''ii'Miip Kiver to Findlay Hiver, and np thc
Findlay River and across the divide to Frances
Lake, and thence to lhe Yukon, with power to
divert tho route of tho Unu north of Glscdme
Portage either by way of Dense Lake or ns mav
be found most suitable on iiirtl er exploration,
ivith power to build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and ull
necessary bridges and roads. A so, to construct
u:d opotato telegraph and teh phone linos for
the traitsmlEulon of messages fot the public; to
build, acquire nnd operate Attain and other
ressols ami all ncessiiry ferries, wharves and
.looks: to take and use water tor generating
'.'lectricity, mul to transmit and dispose of the
power therefrom for lighting, beating and
motive purposes; with power also lo ci r-y on
lhe budncss of u e/eneral trading com. any, of
m express company; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate saw mills, for the production
And sale of lumber, and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and locarrv on a general
mining and ore smelting business, Including
the erection and operation uf smelters and
-Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa 6thNoveinbcr, 1897.     lln-flt
VOTICE li hereby flfftn that I skill npply fer
���^ a special tltabtr lic����('�� te cut timber on
the following, dtwnbfltl land* :-Commencing
at a post ou Middle Pork Of IMuley Creek,OOli
utnamd l..v*�� (set to tk*i nerth of Mantle's
JWral, N. H.; thenoi ruinlig lf�� chains South 1
thencii 7* chains west; tk��nci> 1*1 chains north;
'iieiv �� 71 ekalns vast to the post mi commence-
�����i-jni;.;oiil-iiaiag l.twl acMS ���.���ant.
4oldoi. JI. C,   October 39tk, 1VH-
MOTICE Is hereby eivci that I ihall apply
11 f��r a special limber licence to cut timber
on th* following described Lands :��� Commencing at a point on Flnley Creek, at the head of
the canyon, ntrtk*��aat comer post; running
went ���.'.'���* rhnini; thtnce40chatni neutb ; thence
200rhriiiH cam ; th��jnce �� chains north to point
of cbmuieuctueni ; cootnleiag about 1,000
J.   C.   DURICK.
Fort Ktvslr.Octobir list, I��7.
pUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that appli-
1 caliouwill bd made to lhe Parliament of
Canada, at lhe next session thereof, for au Aet
hanging the name of The Dominion nulldlng
.ml Loan Association in that of The Dominion
'ermunont I.nun Company.
Dated at Toronto, ibis 17th day of November,
A.D.. 1807.
'i Toronto Street, Toronto
n2o-9t Solicitors for Applicants,
Minister of Mines aud Provincial Secretary
lion. Col. James ltaker.
provincial Mineralogist���W. A, Carlyle.
Public Assayer���U. Carmiehacl.
For the Province���W. S. (lore. Victoria
South District comprising Fort Bteele and To-
baceo plains Mining Divisions���J. F. Armstrong  Cranbrook
North District comprising Donald, (iolden and
Windermere Mining Divisions-.!. E. Clrlfnths
 , Donald
J, Btlfrot Donald
V. C! Lnng Golden
(J. Gold to Windermere
C. M. Edwards Fort Steele
M. Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of thc Pence for North East Knot-
eniiv Josiah Stirretl Donald
Deputv Clerk of the Peace for South East Root
cnay���Charles -Mas-jcy Edwards.,. .Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully tlie
Value and Necessity of a "Fref
Miners" Certificate-No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 years of ago, may be
come a iree miner by baying |5 to any gold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obiaiu-
Ing a certificate good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate for
oue lost on pnvtug Tl.
A free miner's certificate is not transferable.
king i
nt llet
claim, odd as real estate without license, may
be lined U"i. Mines become real estate afic'i
erown grant litis t)ecn issued.
Should co-owner fall to pay up his free mlner'!-
ceriiliciitc his interest goes to his co-owners pro
rata according to their former Interests.
A shareholder iu a joint stock cumpany need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim 1">o0x150Q feet. But
all'angles must he right angles and all mca.-ur-
meiit must be horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lnnds.
A free miner muy kill game for his own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may ohtnin five acre millslte upon erown lands in the form of a square. I
A claim may be held from year to year hy
work being done tu the value of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held if recorded in 10 days.
A free miner may on payment of |600j in Ueu of
expenditure on claim, obtain n;crown grant.
Any miner mav, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall be enforceable unless In writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from nny net of omls��don
or commission, or delays on tbe purt of tlu-
government ollicials.
No claim shall be open to location during
lust iiluesss of holder, nor within ll! months
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded withtn 1J
days niter location, ii witnin 10 miles of ofllee
of mining recorder. One additional day is al*
owed for every uddltiounl 10 miles ur fr&etiou
Work on ench mining claim to the value of
?1U0 must be done each year from date of reeord of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or bis agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done must be Hied witli
the gold commissionsr or milling recorder, and
:i certilieate of work obtained, antl recorded before the expiration of each year from the date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of his intention with thu gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or moreol
sueh claims, all the work required to entitle
him to a certificate of work for eachclnim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims tn partnership.
In lieu oi above work the must pay jJIUO
und get receipt and record thc saute.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do  Neat,  Artistic,
Up To Dato Printing
iii all its branches.
Our Specialties:
St ale me u ts
Note Heads
Letter Heads
lllll Heads
Hand Dills
Calling Cards
Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Hooks
Bank Work
Promisory Notes
Receipt Forms
Share Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B, 0.
Pacific Ry.
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for March and
Danube Mar. 22
Alki    "   23
Pakshan    "   24
Ning Chow     "   24
Victorian     "   24
CottageOity    "   2G
Islander    "   29
Thistle    "_ 31
Australian April   1
Danube    "     5
Cottage City sails for Wran
gle, Juneau and Sitka
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tho most comfortable hotel in South
EilBt Kootenny. Good Table. (Iood
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Tho bost Ptoppinfj place lor freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation & Moderate Term*
Firat class Feed Stables.
Tho Best Beer in Canada is made'bv tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale and Soda Water
Insist un getting Calgary Beer every time. They
all liuve It. The Company'.*- agent for Kust
Kootenay is
H. O. PARSON, Golden, B.C.
in prices of surplus
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Furniture
and   Glassware.
ii" * -;..
' .. il **:-:'
oom must be made for
New Spring Stock.
Seneral Werchant
king Safe
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Fancy Goods.
tales i Warren,
G-olcHein, B.CL
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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