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East Kootenay Miner 1897-08-05

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Devoted to the Wining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KQOTEfiflY.
Vol. 1, No. 3.
Golden,   B.   0.,   Thursday   August 5th,   1897.
$3.00 Per Year
Sonera/ TIferchant
Carries a complete stock of:    :
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
\    Furniture
Stoves, Paints, Oils and Window Glass.
Flour and Feed, Hay and Oats.
Miners Supplies including Ore Sacks.
jfyent for <> -> ~
Phvsnixpf London & gtherlrB insurance C's
ConfBdEration Life Rssociation, Toronto,
Canadian RaVivzy Rccident Insurance, Co.
ReliancE Loan 4> Savings Company,
rob      mm
Ice Cream
���Call on���
tw* All Kirrds id fruit In Reason
Dry Goods
��    8    ��
Value In ��m< Oilug
Hill iisl'iK.'l ion In iiimiliii*
You get Intli.b)* buying your DltV noons
Prire Lists and 8siri|iliis forwarded on niipllca-
��     ��.    �� _
(Bail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention ��
<avAT THE-*-*-   ,
Hudson's  Bay
OALGARY,    ���    ALTA.
Prospertor* (Trio Mlnera having claims or Inter-
i'si�� lu clnliiiH for khU>, fdiilil not dolu'tU'r
tliuu I'linniinnii'tiU' with
Mining Broker ami Finaniial Agent.
(iouiKN anil Hoiit Htkki.k.
Mr. John Hiillman, Wlnlleld park, Thunilerhlll
Mill liHlldlu fri'iKln between Atli'ln, Mllil l.-iki*
and Fori Steele ami return. Omuls warelious-
ml hi Imth ends.   For rates apply lo
Tit vx m: mi ix.
Jas. Henderson,
Plaint Prepared.
Proin)it attention Kivt'ii to orders.
A supply of Jiuililinv I.iiin- fur rirtlo.
& Embalming
' Telegraph orders receive prompt altcnttnit'
��� CALGARY, Alia.   .
Watch, Clock,
Jewellery Repairing
In all its lines promptly (Inno.    call at
IIIy IlL'W XllO)l OppOHltO tllO 1'lMt ODll'l'
Golden, B.C.
John McMillan,
-i Wntchiimltcr
Assay Offices imU
Chemical Tjiibofatory,
(K*tablidled lHim.)
For several yearn with Vlvlnn A Sons, Kwnn-
rtoa, and local rcprcHcniatlvo (or ilietn.
For .i years iiiauatfor for thu iu��MyorH in tInitio Timo Co., London.
Canadian nmrctieutrttlvo of the cnwel Hold
Bxtraetlnit Co, l.'ui, (Hhhrow (Cyanide proeciv.)
S'.H.���All work personally mtiu-rtutended. Only
rompetnit nun employed.    No poplin iv-
eeive.l. -i
ft $5,000 DEAL
The  McMurdo   District  Coming to
the Front. -Description of the
Within the pant fow dups tharc haa been
consummated at Golden another impoi Lint
mining transaction uiTdCting propi riies tn
the MoMurdo distriot whioh is fast coming
to the front ai one of the richest pJUiou-i ol
Kurt Koote-ay.
Aa stated in our columns last week Mr.
H. E. Foster of Ivamloop-i lutt sold to
Mcsara. Stracoy and Joliif-j theUuudS,
and Stand By mineral claims, si tut-, ted in the
International Basin on the middle fork of
the Spill imuoheen River, The terms aro
understood to be $-5,000 cash. Those two
claims are crown granted and Immediately
unjoin the International mine which w;u
purchased last fill from the administrator
of the Archilwld McMurdo oatntu
$10,000 cash,
ing developed under the superintendence ol
Mr. B. J. Towiwemi of Toronto, Messrs.
Siracty and Joliifo aro now making prep-tr-
alious to do extensive developiu tut work ou
the claims purchased by them.
MAl'it s,
On the Maud S. alaim at the amliiarn
end there  are six cjuaru reef* standing out
Dr. Otallftrdi a prominent Physician
of San Franciscc-His Opinion
of Eaat Kootenay*
Dr. and Mrs. J. II. Stallard of Stn Francisco, while panning through Kust Kootenay
ou their way to attend tho meeting of the
liiitiah Astmi:!ution for '-ho advancement of
Science, to Im held in Toronto from th 18th
to the DtJth of August, staid ovur some daya
in our D'tititct, l)r, Stallard, who is a prominent physician in Sau Francisco,is the rep
I't.HftiluUw nf the Lolntid Stanford University, of the University of California, and of
thy Academy of Science of NanFianeisce,
Both the Id .und hia wife had already passed
initio weeks in thu Selkirk*, whera they had
oliir.l-ed Alt. Albeit aod tha Aaulkan glacier
| which nntil ia��t year was a virgin pat>s as
far   i*s    white    ladii a    were   concerned.
I !ny rrtnaiiir-d off at UoUlen to aacend the
Uti;j'.T Columbia iiv��r and were more than
repaid by i'n tnagotlieiint aceuery, Wfnder-
mere valley is not only full of exquisite
boauty, bub afford* uu unsurpassed Held
furcpoit. Both l>r. aud Mrs HalUrd were
��reatly (inpri'SKul with the beauties of the
Dolumbian Vallica, bttweon Donald and
Ooldcu, A,od (..ohli-.n und Wiu-rVrnwro. and
llio grunjfur of hlieiuouutuinaof tho Hocky,
S'llark aud Wiuderiitbre range-), some oi
't'iioao peulti wore still tupped with mow.
They    intend  to    spend  Home   dtiya  ivt
ilUiT��itor*oiaimU"now be I L'lko L'),li88 rear Ltggan, where
t.hry rumained for ton day-f last ytat
xnn undo aacems to the Saddle and (joai
Mi.iitiuiiiii, which in the judgment of ihe
Duo tor, who ii an <���! 1 Sw ��1 traveller and
Iiob usjenuVd both  Mount lllanc aud .Mon��e
II .-s i,tiro < <|ti \\ in grandeur to the celebrated
(Jorncr Grab which is ncknnwledged to be
one of Ihe finest vicwa in all Europe, Uu
tier the suggpation if Dr. Stallard miny of
the trails at Glacier, Field and Like Loutsi
havo beon g-uttly improved and tents ai*
being i ri-cted iu convenient places which
will make i h ; mout inlcrestiog points of
view bcoeinsiblu *o ti'.veMeiB unaccustomed
to mountein climbing. D . S.alUrd expects
tint the HcienUHte of Kiropo and the world
will bo invited to ioaptot the vast mineral
rctjourcua of our mouutauiBtand we siueere'y
S.  %.  Wc'Dermot
distinctly in a clifl about 100 feet high.
'these reift are from *2 to 12 feet iu*wi(iih,
standing in a vertical position aud Inpfi'lttg
towaida the top of the cliff, but do not
appear at lite surface. Where tin so longitudinal leads interacot thu croa3 lead.) it i��
highly prohable that very rich oro will be
struck, O.i tho International claim wl ich
ad joins on the west there are two crosa leads.
ofremarkabln  richness running in a north    hope tgfc the   lUMiation  will be given ami
easterly direction, directly iu the line of tut
Maud S. aud only 50 or 00 yurdB di-Uant,
The asimys from one lead gave 6IIM iu gold
per ton without any allver tin I thu o'he;
lead Ins given resilts rung ng from $10 to
S7*H) iu gold from Various p rts d the mine.
Those lends aro IS inohm and 'J feet in
width respectively. The Maud S. occupies
higher ground titan the Internationa: ihr
oap rook nut having l> th worn oil' while the
In-ornationul has hud the jap ruck washed
off and is now on a lower level. Tnose lead ���
aro oAsdy traceable and can be worked front
the International side. The country rock
ts talcoso tUte and the reefs cut tho country in strike aud dip.
This cluim contains a group of six long'-
tudiual quart'/, reofs near its western bouuu*
a-y from 2 to (! feet wide lunning northwesterly and st��ut(ing in a vertie-il position.
It ��lao coutains u group of thoio lougitudiu
al leads from 3 to 7 foot wide on tho cmleiu
boundary running nouh-wotitrrJy and
standing nearly verii lal, Th>'ru is aluo a
group ot 4 crocs loads from U Inohea to 2 feet
tn width assay ing as high i\h $:i(i i ��� gold aud
118 ouoccs iu silvt-r, bevd'.-s ��;r��y uoppor not
detormiuul. A pit 10 feet, in depth lnh
been sunk on one lead and an open cot
on ano-hor. These crosa leads have u
oorth-easterly trend and a norih-vuMterly
dip. An open cut about'10ft. in l(-ng'hh-tab..��:.
madeann a tuiinelafoitlierdO wt-a&om^
time ago run diagonally on tho tir-d- group
of quartz rcjfi tor thu pttrpOLe of cutting
both systems of leads, but tho work was no;
finished. Tho walla are well defined. Thu
country rook ia talcose slate and the r-'eft
out the formation both in s-rilte and dip.
There is a good oabiu and (urnUliings on
the claim.
Thu wiahes Mcasrf. Stracey and
Jolule the full measure of auucc-ia with
1 hote olaims that haa attended tho operations on ihe adjoining claim���the lntvr-
* or PRAISE.
accepted by many and w ben tht
disiingnlahed visitota arrive in tho largest
���I'M governing aud wealthiest province in
tho Empire, we i i K ut K 'oteuny will ex
ter.d to ma luiirty weiCooieaDd endoavor
io Liiorottfla thiir knowledv-i of the vast
reBourcoy i.f out- dintriut. Suilt knowledge
when Rrquired ejiirrtbutea hi'gely to tht
upxdy devul'tpmuut of our great wealth.
A Budget of Nowsy Itomn From the
Popular Summer Resort.
(Froii) our nwn correspondent.)
There aro over 00 Calgariaua at preient
spending the holiday* at the Park.
Dr. Brett returned on Monday from the
Ililcyou lf)t Spriuga at Armw Like.
Meear*. C. U*. McCrcady and Geo. S. Me-
Carter < i Golden spent Sauday and Monday
a t tho I'jttk.
Tho Sanitarium is doin? a iimhing buai-
ncas at preset t over twenty live persona
registering there luBt Sti'iday.
Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay of Calgary, have
returned with tlnir fttid y to their Banff
cottage fir the summer m-.-iiLha.
The Vandorbilt party ti availing in their
private cars spent, a part of last week hen
ifoing west on Mouv'ay accomp.uied by
Supt. N block.
Mrs. /. T. Wood of CHlgarv. iathe gneat
of Mm. Utarper, and  M m H tchemer of
lUgiij'i, i.nd Mins V I'klintn ol Calgary, are
tho gucutj of Miu B.utt.
Mr. 1) D.Gallotty ofCanmore tho n��wly
appoi Hud ovretakcr of tho Cave aud 11-unn
has tnken chugo of his work and removed
his family from Caiuuore to BunfT.
Oio (f tho Vaudeibilt party attending the
Church ol K.igland on Sunday last dtopped
a 950 not*< on tho collection plate, bring up
up tho pllaring to the snug sum of 505. [lev.
\V. F. Wtbb id the tntuuibent.
Inspejtor Harper of tho N W.M.P., who
ho a hud charge of this pout ;6t m vny years
past, Iqbve��.nox*-. week for the Yukon in
charge nf dotabhnwnt of polfea, Sir. llar-
|ier will \>?. muoh li lined at Banff where he
1ms mado hoBia of friends among the rcsi-
denta an I lruri*t��. Mrs. Hirper aud child-
ten rehtala at Bj-uff for ihe prosen^,
Sure rjeh in oopparand goM have
reoonMy bponthadpahouti QOutilea north of]
Bin ll aVycral olaims Iniva iieeu looated ,
aod a trail it beiug uouaUuoted to tho pio-
pcrtit'a. Assayti from the nick ��lio# ex-
coedingly high valuta in gold mid cooper. A
large party leaven here iu a f-iw days to
thoroughly proBpoot U.e country.
��      ��     *     #     ��
Don't Forget These Facts:
MeDERMOT is sliowig tho finest Mining I5uot on eartli.
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
mrtftrtjmrjT lias just received a largo consignment of tha
UIWJEIJUIUI Kickapoo Remedies. " If yon"feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. Jt will make you a
new man or woman (right up to date).
ltodpath's (jranulatod Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all ste at    EASTE0    PRICES.
New Junis and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   ''Direct Tniport."
it will Kyou "o 5SoS House faraishings
stock. We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
General Dealer.
Addbbis :-110X -111 G0LPES, B,C.
Ai.EXAMiKit Block,      -      GOLnntr, B.C.
Comftarlron   of   Canadian    Mining
Campa'WIth Those of the States
Our Respect for Law and Order
Compare! wich Vankoo Bloodshed.
The following, taken from a prominent
Brooklyn paper, ia a welcome tri-.ire to our
respect for law aud order: "Due gcettl
gain, though we own it to ohrsorrow, flflean
from the fiut that thu minoa aui iu Utt\-
adi-iti leriiutry. This means that men will
not be shot every duy or two, tlmt they
will notbe perititttud to juiiip eauti other i
olainiB, that theie will ha a check on liquor
saloons end dance houeHS Bill gnmhlinji
hells. For it must be admittod in thu eon-
duct of their mines th-i Cinadian-j h-iv�� exercised a coolness and jus' ice and temper-
anco that in our own Und he a been tho exception. Iu the mining towns of British
Columbia, for instance, though liny wnie
diaoovered and developed under nearly the
8ium. renditions as our own Ih-Mft is no more
rutlianism than there is ou Pulton street, I
and usually not as much. Courts nre ca-
tabtished early and the poPoe nre fullows <-f |
good aome and courage. Lynching* are tin-
known, and it ia said that not a Muglft owe j
ef extra-legal punibhmm. thai ocotured tn (--to-morrow for Cranbrook, the seat of gov-
Hritiah Columbia. Tide la remarkable wheifUroment for that district. In the course of
wo lead the record of blood and theft audi his remaika Mr. Armatrong expressed his
extravagenne in Colorado, where cvoa tirl deep regret afc a ivoring his eoaneotUm with
this day the gmibling house, the d-nue j the piriah oi' G ddeo havlig boon 0' niucted
horse antilho prisonous grogg'ry  ore  the | With   it since the  building of  the church.
limits. Shoes and llaincss
lCi-piiii-i-tl irnimiitly,
C. P. HUD0N,
(Xext Door to tho Kootenay Ileum-)
The Columbia House
The Central Hotel nf Kant Kootenay, midway
between Uflldutl ami (fori Hteelc.
Oood nilsliu'. Choice l.l<iuiirs ,v Good stiilditif,'.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
Mr. J. F. Armstrong: says Farowoll
to tho Congregation of St.
Paul's Church.
On Sunday evening lust Mr. .T. F. Arm-
tlrong, lay iciderof He. Paul's Uhuroh,
Colden, turn gnodbye to his coogregatiou.
Asia already well-knoun Mr. Armstrong
Iiuh been apnoln'ml Cold Commissioner for
the Mouth KiSt Kootenay duiirht und leaver
it meant a g'mddurtlof self saciilioe ou tht
part of the ll.embers.
The prosperity cf St. Paul's Church in
the pi'si. is a gootl doul duo to tho ftithfu'
.ml willing manner iu which Mr. Armstrong cuuducted aervieea every Suud*)
evening, He will bo great'y missed in tn.
Church and aim in the Sunday echo-1 In
which he took an active internnt. Iu Mr
A i mill ling's denature Gollen will lose oiu
who took an aOtivc p.vtt in all matieis < f
public intcreit and it is with feelings of
regret tint Tun lVl.M-.u iu conjunutieii with
the teatdoutffof the town and district bills
UtevM'il to one < f Colden's most n-spt'cted
citizens. Our lo ft will beCranhrouk's gittt,
and we wieli Mr. Armstrong every tuccess
in his new field of Ubor.
Mr, .1. Y. Armst-rdlig intimated on Sunday ev.-iiit-y tlut a clergymen in M-ntic*
had ��� iVere.t his services, fnr the 1) iiild ami
(.oldtin tHflttict but lutbiiig defiii.t j haa yoi
been deeded.
principal features of now camps, The dla
aiming of tho newcomer i in a wjao measure,
ami all q'nrrelB hftVOto be Hcitled in mmrt,
which iaiheo.dy f\fr vny, or with Alls,
which ia pi tha pa the only e;cvii:c:ng oiif,'
I nhmil aix voira ago. Ho regretted leaving
< tr.ote parliouhirtybeoause the Church would
i ho without* aorvlot s fore time und he urged
on the congregation the ad\lability of pif.
curing it clergjim* for Utiip^i It although
As Otliorr. Sed Us.
The la'M*! to hand in the newspaper linr
is the East [CootkkaY Mini:^ a four pugp,
six coluuiu paptr well lillAl with local,
mining and fcdtifrul ioab, lubHihed a
Cdden, B.C. Tho new pv.blisation atarii
with a good advertislrg pUroAage and the
Ruiieral nuke up ij tif-15 chuW, C Igvj
H raid.
Fire A Life IiiMiraiire Agents.���I.QANH.
McX.vniiTON Ib.ot'K,        Cauukv, Ait*.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
ABKhelntc iiovoi Kfhool of Mint'*,
Mfiiiber iniu si Sim Institute. Kng.
Member Aiuerlcuu Inst. Miu. I'.uglneew.
Mining Engineer and  Metallurgist,
���15 Toronto Street, TOKONTO.
Tonsorial Artist.
KvcrythhiK Strictly First Clami.
��-B^O|,|iuslii- the Kunti'iray lluusi*.
Muir &i Dean,
Si?n Writers ��* House rulntt-.ra
Kutlnmloa -,'ivi-ii n( all work.
The Golden
l'r<-.!i aii'lHtilt Meats.
!i-ii iin.i Ha me in season.
h 'rtl'Tn in Cattle, Sheep ��u<l Horses,
Mall urdera rucelve prumpl attenthm,
k H. Be
Wedding Rings
���  fl Speeialty.
Calgary, - Aiberta. men
A Went
titling >
nil ruin
v J.ilini
���l'.->l III
il, mibll
In-   K��.<l
-.1 every Tl
routi'iiiiy i
llli i.ll lr.i
,ui *ier >
Sy inuil or
splay ail*.
rl,-.l ,,n
.Ik-UK 1.'
llio title iinxe i
1) Him ror ilrw i
null tul.lltliliiul
l-l'lltS |KT lilll- ft
nl mis.
���riinii. 11 .-
.-.���rlli.ii ;
Reports  Presentsc!-~A   Satisfactory
Showing--Dlroctoru Appointed for tho Current Year.
ntllee not later than
lllrth, marriage umi death
W tlie best ctptlppcd   pr
.lob   Depart)
re on any mihjeet ��� ��
:   \Vo
e eorreKpon-
i thu funeral
r -|>UU-le1ll    ut
ill eases the
fompany Die
���     The an-'U il general meeting of the 11 olden
- Hospital S K.'icy was held    in   tht    school
'������ huu-o on Muuduy evening laar.        Tho   at-
\ ti.-uil.ui-j.. Uiii very h until and it is nutprhdog
that eo Utile Interest la shown by thd rent
[ denti ol the town in Llio work   of  this   in-
bitutlon.    Mr. C. A  Warren waB appoint*
erl chairman and C. II. Parson secretary of
the meeting.   Th* ���������eretttry's report for the
year ending Jtue .'...i-h   was   pr-.Bjneed   aa
fallows i
but usit KUitraiileo uf good f
Correspondence with reference*tn any matter
tlutt lias appeared lunimther paper must ftwl
be offered to thai paper lor pitbllcatlou before
it ran ajipear in "Tut: Mixiiit."
Address all com in unfratloni
Golden, li. 1!.
TUUnSDAY, AUGUST ."., 1807.
To Our  Advertisers.
With a view to increasing Ihe usefulness
of our advertising culnmns both to our
advertisers aud ouraelves, we would cull attention to the necessity of changing advertisements so as if bring those goods which
are rj quired at the different aoaBons of the
yokr into prominence at the proper time.
A-i some of our merchants may not have
tin.e tn attend to this, our representative
w ill ins 11 at all stores advertising with iia on
Wednesd *y iu cuo!i week, when any change
that is desired to may be brought to his
notice, and will tukn care that the public U
iuftinned of its merits. We want' to show
our advertisers that wo have their interests
t��t heart, and all we ask of them is that they
ahow tboy have their own interest at heart
by taking advantage of our proposition. No
man can be considered a business man who
do.s not advertise, and no advertisement
can he considered a uioful advertIsnmont
unlets it is chaugfd occasionally. Change,
uoifliuual ohangd U the order of u-iturc, it is
ii'ito the order ef business, he who would be
iiticuffibltd in business must abide by its laws.
Fort Steele -Wator Works.
Fort Steclo after all is soon to have a
supply of fiesh and wholesome water A
i-mnpany has been incorporated called The
Folt Steele Water Works Company. It*
olipital Block is SJj,0!)0, divided into "ilKK)
hlnnn of .?"> each. U is anticipated tb-it
th*- -:i"t of the Witter supply may be about
�� 12,000, and of this amount we understand'iiit C'1,000 have already bf>en subscribed.
Tho provi'sioni'l directors of the company
Hie C. M. Keep of the Deposit and Ex-
tihango Cimpanv; Thomas McX-iuuht, Fi-
Mitieitl Agent; II. L. T. Oalbraith and A
W. Hieastlell, Ctiemisi." Mr, Harvey,
Notary 1'ubiic, is stcrotary of the company.
The company has not yet decided upon its
auurofl of supply, but thero is a predilection
tn wards obtaining a supply et'lior f om
li ewory Creek or Shingle Creek both tributaries of the Wiltl Morse Creek. Ureweiy
CrecU is ou the north and Swingle Cicok ih
on the south, and both are about equidis-
!���'nt, throe miles or so from Fort Steele,
Too water from Shingle Creek would be
brought over llio Wild Horse Creek by
means of a siphon  with a head box,
Expenditure. 118MI, 11M-7. | luerease. I Deer
HalarleH*\Vgs*l74��17lKltHi5]    mm
hrgs, MedsAe UiiNW MM IK. -JO    i
HoiuekeeuPg 84-HW 787M -.     W
Kind M8M   77:M !     7fi
lee HlKS)    lUlTrfJ W
liulhllnu Hep   fiuou Vi'm    87"i :ci   '
I'nrnlKliitigs ' MiHi-i    inn wi   :
Sundry  Kxp,    ffifcU   (iwil      ���'���">iw
Ulri nil   |      l
Net increase on cxpondlturo ickki ,'2
I'.evemie.     1.Mill, | I8EI7. |'lnereiise. | Deer
subsidy       inronaaiouo-i 12
Minitltlv rei'.-l^l.S'j.'.i'i:Wi7       717 Hi
Annual Tick'* uui-u ijhkk) v
Pnv   I'liiicni.- a:nwi :i:i:i!i."i       W M
Bale ut Muil'CH 10.MI8 12:130        18 27  ;
Sot increase in revenue
> 1(1   |
:; iu
Mining companies may bo divided in'o
lh roe dUtinct. classes, aud so definod ac-
cordlng to their objects, possibility of bo-
coining dividei.d p��yeis, aud their fu'ure.
Tim name " wildcat" has been frequently
applied 'o compariea whore i-i iias been
mauifestly U'*juat, for it i-i not true that all
now oompsnios are wtldoats,
A " wildcat company " Is one where the
claim   is a poor one���perhaps not at all
likely to ever become a paying mino-and
the promoters if   the   compmy, knowirg
. this, have their shares beautifully engraved
i ipsue alluring prospectuses,  furnish attrac-
! live ofliecB ana Bell their shares nt almost
any price   uhovo   the   cost   vt   j'urchasiiu
them.   The money reoeived of oourso goeB
into expeusen (they furnhh  the   vouchers),
save a amall putc-itti\g') which may   bo ap-
j plied to some " irophuiing" about on the
surface to make a showing, and gather in
some hpeoimenB of rock  to show the far
away huyer.   Such companies stop thort at
nothing to place their shares and gut ,their
money for them.
The name " speculative " may be applied
to thoie compar.ies v> ho, having secured an
opiinn, or written contract to buy a mining
claim within a cort.��in lime, have pml a
small inn down to hold the claim, buthave
no real title to thoir property, and are
truiting to the stle of their treasury shares
to raise sitlliciout fu ids to complete theii
In this case but little, if any, of the
mouey coming from the s.ile of treasury
shares can be, or is, applied to tho development of the mino until alt thtso payments
���re met. These companies f equently become cxcallentproperties when th��ir effairs
A'O conservativoly and honestly udministor-
ed. Some of the strongest companies now
iu existence hive been started us speculative
comtaides, hut their succeps has been de-
pendtnt upon the union cf two things, a
good claim and tb-soluto honesty in thu administration.
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
Bpilumaciirbx, iSast Kootbnay, ll.C.
t'holce Wines, l.i'iiiots tV Cigars.
I'aek Horses for Sale or Hire.
livorv ffttunuon paid to Oucsts.
Salaries and ivucc* i\
Housekeeping cxp
Drugs* Mcil's sup    j
Kxtni help	
IliilhUiie repairs,.
Kurnlahliic accnun
Telephone rent....
Sundry expenses..
Ittffl 00 Surplus 18fKI 117 7H
7S7 nil Sui.'shiv iie'tAHUl IU
in:, lit) canii sales,,   uu 70
122 I"'. Ilrtigs suhl .   iHifO
(riTi a�� Annual tick 1HI Wi
It'll H!l Mmittiiv rlullKill 117
77 ft! l'tiv Patient USA 03
2o uu Ik) net pro.  22 in
(12 -10
no !���!
The above figures show that while their
was 11 large iucrease iu the numbir if
patients there was a considerable
tn the Housekeeping expenses which speak*-
widl for Nurje Holt's mauagement. Tbere
bus been a large sum expanded on improve-
ment-j to the Hospital, conaibtiog principally of the extension of the general ward
and the addition of a new operating room
with all modern conveniences which teems to
be justified in the largo increase of parici.ti.
Tne statement also shows that there w.��
an increase of 81002,.'12 in the expenditure
over last year, and at t^e sime time an In-
jrease in revenue of $82-1.011 over lhat oi
iho preceding year.
Tho Medical Superintendent's report wat
next presented us follows:
To the Board of Directors, Coition Hospital
Society :
Gentlemen :���I have the honor to present to you a report of p&tients for the year
cn-'ing Jure .'('); h last.
During the yoar there were treated at tht
hospital '151 i it1..door patieuts, und 74 indoor patients of whom G!) were males and ,0
female". Tno total numnt-rof hospital day<
were 533, making an average stay in the hospital ot 11.25 duyi. Tncro wcro two dtatbc
during the year, both cases of pueomonia
Oae of these was an old alcoholic who died
two days after n^missinu, Tho percentage
of deaths was 2 7. Of the cases ml nitted
there were:
Abscc33 2, adonitis 1, alcoholism 1,
ancnoysm (traumatic) I, app"ndic* is 1, axe
wounds 8, bronchitis '.i, birth l.catbunulo 1.
rushed foot  I, crus-had h-iud 1, d-jbiliiy 1,
reservoir in both cases  would be on a plat-   durrhoca   1,  dysentery   .'i. endometrftis 1
uuu near to the lidiao reservation
occupied by Mr. Galbraith, and would be
about 1300 yards from tho center of the
town. Tho height of the reservoir above
the town would be about ICO feet whioh
would give ample p-essuro to raise the
water above the highest building that in ly
be erected in Fort Steele. A committee
lias been appointed to report upon the best
means for obtaining a proper supply of
water, aod recommend to the compony a
scheme for giving the town an adequate
tupply. Toe committee has not yot given
in ns report.
The scheme for a water supply has been
long talked about, and committees have
been in existence for mouth", while in the
interval the people have liud to be content
with the muddy supply obtained from the
Kootenay and carted up to the town in
water barrels, maning every risk to health
Mid property. Fortunately the weather
has been such as minimizad these inks.
Thero has been no chance of an epidemic
breaking out, as the wcither his beon far
f<tin hot or sultry and acy decaying matter
has been swept down the river by the
heavy rainfalls. The great danger of property will ariae in the winter limo when all
ihe stoves will be set agoing and the lumber
of the house will become as dry as tinder,
and I'uit Steele nuy share the futo c f many
of iho early pioneer towns in being swept
away in a big the, unless a sullicimit water
supply is put in to cope wilh tliis great
uiHiny to property.
There is a proposal also that when tho
supply of water is put olectricul plant
aftould be constructed sufficient for motion
Illuminating and telephonic purposes. The
cipital stock of tho company if fully sub-
hciibed will bo ample to accomplish all
these objects.
Cheap Power.
Ono of the essential elements in tho tie
\elnpmont and working of mining proper-
lies is Power, This power problem has
pliuded many of the progressive men of the
Kootenay, and other mining districts, and
until recently it remained unsolved. At
last, however, cheapness, simplicity and
1 ffectivouess have boon combined in tho
Hercules gasoline engine, ono of tho most
1 owcrful agents for facilitating all kinds of
labor ri quit jog other than muscular power
yet invented. This machine has just been
put on the market in 11.itish Columbia by
1 he Toronto Type FOUNWtX Co , Lt'd , at
its Hritish Columbia branch, o20 Cordova
Street, Vancouver. Correspondence from
thoio in need of power is invited. The
innsr. minute details will be furniahed on
���ryuiptd-is 3, fahr'.ouU 1, fracture of metatarsus 2. fracture of ribs 2, frost bite 1,
fnruncnius 1, haemoptysis I, hysteria 1, in-
lluer/t 1, injury to spine 2, iojury to cheal
I, jauidici 1, laceration of bruin 1, laceration of hand2, laoeratiou of le^ I, laceration
of perinaeum and abdominal wall I, laoer*
atiou of scalp and shoulder 1- lumb.Ro :J
measles 2, morbus eoxarius 1, orchitis 2.
pleurisy 5, pneumonia 4, pregnancy 1, rheumatism 2, sprain 2, tonsillitis 2, typhoid
fever 3,
The improvements in the kitchen and
1 a' h-room have proved great conveniences.
Ihe extension of the general ward will provide * muih needed increase of accommodation when completed. The new operating
room with Ha new aod modern accessories
will also be a great improvement on the old
one. Since the old op ^rating room has been
fitted up aa a diipensary tho facilities fot
dispensing have been greatly increased.
The fencing of tha grounds lias, besides
adding to the beauty 1 f the premises, very
effectually kept wandering Bwiue, cons,
etc., at u more convenient distance than
formerly. I hope in the near futtce to see
some improvement ou the present laborious
method of distributing water in the building.
I am, gentlemen,
Faithfully yours,
J. N. Taylor, M.D..C.M.
In his concluding remarks the Doctor expresses the hope that Borne improvement
will soon be mado in the method of distributing water through the hospital. Mr.
Houston has becu atked to look into this
matter and report as to the best moans
which could be devised to remedy it.
Tho election of dircotors for tha present
year was then proceeded with, tho former
directors [dipt. F. P. Armstrong and C. A.
Warren being re elected. It was resolved
to ask lbs Gold Commissioner; Mr, J. K.
Griffiths, to represent Warn on the lbard of
Directors, Mr, Hanson the former representative having resigned. Mr. C. H. Parson
who has been secretary of the society for
the past IS months, having declined to act
for another year was requested to uot for
one month until a meeting of tha
Hoard of Directors coutd be held and a new
secretary appointed. Great credit is due to
the retiring secretary tor tho efficient way
in which ho has performed his arduous task.
It is understood that the Directors will in
fu'ure grant the socret+ry a free medical
pass or some mull remuneration for bis
services. This wo think is only just as the
duties of secretary of such an institution
are by no means light.
The Directors wish it to be more generally understood that any resident of tho
town or district may become a member of
the Hospital Society on payment of 7-3 cents
per month.
PliANK DEACON, Proprietor,
Golden Restaurant,
Mack Joe, Prop.
Meals at All Hours.
Tho Rest liver lu Canada Is made by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., L'd.
Maniifiii-liiriTs ill Ili'iT. All! anil S...I.. Wiili-r
Insist ..11 in-tllniti'Hiltiiry M.-.-r i-v.-ry tlllio, rim);
nil liin-ii It,   Tin- i' iniuy's sgont tor l-nsi
Km.U'll.iy is
11. O. rAKSON, Goldon,   IJ.C.
We can������.
M\ 1ml
��   ��   ��-
Our motto is:   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
cnuf acturors of And r>"nl"-"ln -asr
Duiifrlas Fir,   K-inico anil (Yilur  I-iiiiiIk-i-,   Hiding; anil  I'ln.illn*;
DiiiK-nsion Timber,   Cedar Shingles,    Fence Posts,
Telegraph,   Telephone   and   Klcctrte
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C. P. R. Ry. ,
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -     .'    .
B. C.
First-Class In every particular. Convenient to Hallway Depot and Steamboat Landing,
lis ten Reasonable.  Free Sample (tooths,
The Tram dir leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Btearner for Port Uteris every
.Monday and l-'rhluy after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
��   ��   *
�� GOOD ��
Suits to measuro
JVlerchant Tailor,
Canadian Pacific By
Direct rail route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern l'oints.
Lakq Route to the Kast-^-^allingH from
Fort William,
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor,
Athabasca....Every Thursday toOwon Hound.
Manitoba Every Hiinday to .Owen Bound.
Connecting tains from tloldcnat n;;J0 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Daily und direct service to
Easlo, Nelson, Sandon,
mict all points in the far famed Kootenay
��� and Silvery sloeun.
To China and Japan
From Vtillfimvi-r
Empress India 2n<l August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
, ,8th August'
Gives  perfect  satisfaction to his  customers
A BOTCH-Wqll'he does not.
Watch Inspector for the C.P.R. guarantees the
work done by him
For Home Comforts       e
Modern Conveniences   e
Pest Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia jfcouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
The Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop.^*
From   $15.00 Up.
Cut This Out
And Forward to.
East Kootenay Pub. Go
Guillen, B.C.
Finrl enolosod %100, for which sond mo
for one year.
A|.|.ly [or r-irtL-tlltirs lo
C. K. WELLS, Agont, llol.lra,
or ItiiliKltT KKItlt,
Trsfrli' Mtum-r.-r, Wliiiii|ici:.
We wish to inform tlie
. puhlie that we are prepared
to tio   Neat,   Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its brandies.
Our Specialties:
Manufacturers of:
Suh, Doors, Mouldings, Tuned IUlustus, Ne�� el Posts, Hand I! tils & Brackets.
The Machine and lllaoksrnith shop are prepared to do all kind, of repairing.
All sizes of plpe*fittiug and brass goods on band.
Al! sizes of glass in stack. |
Wagon repairs, poles, shafts, Axles, spokes and felloes. Hickory and Maple plank.
Note Heads
butter Heads
hill HcaitR
���tntui mils
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Uw Hrii
I.uiulier Hunks
Hunk Work
I'rumlsiirv Notes
lleeeii't Porins
Share rerll Ilea tea
As-sav I'urms
|)rilgt[lstfl Ijihels-
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
^z^^Golden, B.C
<-^.II(-;i<Iqtiiii-t<-i*s Kiii-t-k.
Miners,  Prospectors  and   Lumbermen.
Kates $1.00 Pei Ea37\
lioAisi) & Loixiixi! $3 1' Week.    I-'iust (Ji.ass Bak.
A. Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Hail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
EL 3v��- CALDEE & Co., C3n.ercList�� and. XDr-ag'grist��, 0-old.en, B.C. ztjmoxtmms
From Our Own Correspondent.
And the Contre of the Provincial
Government Administration for
That District.
The survey of this townsite is now nearly
i-ompl.'ul. It hab the finest situation in
South Kist Kootenay for beirg a town of
me first, importance and the future oapital
of that distriot. It will be the chief divisional centre of the British ColumM. railway
or as it is more familiarly called the Crow a
Neat P.aa railway, and is admirably situ*
���ted for that purpose. It has a high undulating plalrau although ritjht in the
valley of the ICootetray. It ia right in the
middle of the great miring localities. The
North Star and Sullivan group of mines lie
y.i mile, to the north; the famous Moyie
mines including the celebrated St. Eugene
11. 22 miles to the south; on its west si 'e
���re the noted P-.rry Creek mines, which are
���bout 20 miles distant; on i s east aide are
the famed Dibble group of mines about the
same distance away. Iu and near its
vicinity there have quite recently been
located some very valuable mining properties, the most fame! of whioh ate on Palmer's liar, a few mile, distant.
The townsite is on the Cra-ibrook estate
whioh comprehends ��li ut 13,000 acres and
contains some of tits finest land in E .st
Kootenay including St. Joseph's Prairie.
The townsite has been specially selected out. which
have now been laid cut in atree'a and ave-
nuet Special care has brou taken to pro
vide ample breathing spacy for the multitude that will soon till up those streets and
���venues with "the busy haunts of men" in
th. shape i f stores, residences, warehouses
and hotels. Tin streets will be properly
graded anil the sidewalks will lie construe
ted with the same uniformity as to breadth
and height. A proper system of sanitation
will bajimngurater!. Tho two main features,
��� good drailisge tcrienie und apr' per water
supply having been spi tally kept ia view
in laying out the town. There is ample
water (available.
In add.tion to this townsite 1,0)0 acres of
land have been laid out in .100 blocks of ii
���ere. each. These blocks will be suitable
(or several purposes, while many of them
may be utilised for mining aod busineis requirements, others will he devoted and reserved for suitable residences stand tag in
their own grounds.
Th. Canadian Pacific railway company
whs .re constructing the railway have not
only kid off their station, yar-'s, sidings
and roundhouse, but have actually cm*-
tnenoed the work of construction, Ths line
ha. been located for HI miles south and on
this portion grading will be at once commenced. The survey from Wardoer, whiih
U.bout20miles southeast is completed
and construction work on this part will soon
be under way. Ere winter has fully set in
it il anticipated that there will be railway
communication between Wardner .Cranbrook
���nd|the tipper end of Moyea Luke. This
will be ef great advantage to the m ining industry in But Kootenay, particularly to
the mine, on the south, west und north as a
cheeper and readier means of transport will
be opened up, which will enable them to get
to the trial-keis quicker and more economically than at the present time.
Around the town are eituu'ed some of the
finest farming lands in Iviat Kootcuay, particularly adapted either for paslor-tl or
���griculi ural purposes. Since the impulse
given to the mining industries in recent
yean, farmers are now crnin,< into Esst
Kootenay in increasing r umbers, as there is
now . demand for farm, particularly dairying and agricultural. Some of the
pre-smp'-lons have been taken np in tho
immediate neighboi hood of Grant-rook,
where farmers anticipate they will find a
ready market for their produce.
. The large stw-mill now in course of erco-
tlon will speedily be in operation supplying
abundance of lumber for building | urposes,
Th. timber is of the finest quality in tho
province. Several sites have already been
selected and ere many days mss the sounds
of hammer and saw will us heard, and
buildings will ba seen rising and the com*
mencement of a large towu will be made.
Not otily is Craubrook central for South-
East Kootenay, central for the *;i-inoipel
mining localities, chief divisions! station on
th. railway, but it ia right in tlie canter of
the other mining towns. These all he round
���bout it, so a better and more convenient
place could not have been select-id for the
h..d cilices of the Provincial Government
of th >t district. South-Eist Kootenay is to
have a Gold Commissioner to herself aud it
la to be formed into a new district.
Already there is some talk of constructing
smelters there but it will be probably next
year before these proposals take any definite
form. The first buildings that will arise
i Iter iho store and the hotel will be the
g-ivtrumrnt buildings. Cranbrook will be
u place of activity this autumn and next
yest will see it go rapidly ahead.
East Kootenay Mining Stock List.
Inefficient Postal
Name op Coy. I Cavit.u.   I'Att Valvr | Bei.l v
tf.'-n.-JW  I      fl.00     1   H^'
Steele l�� Co.
AlbwiaA K'y" | ^,K,|W��� |      p(po
Thos.   McNaugHtf
Milling Broker.
Port Steele
The Post Master General's "Dirty
Trick."���Fort Steele Supplies her
Own Postal and Telegraph Ic
i*iior to tho advent of the Liberal Government there waa a weekly postal service
between Golden and Fort Steele, and Fort
Steele and Golden. Thii service waa in*
adtquate and agitations were got up to
ebtain a biweekly service. Since the time
the weekly Mrvioe wm inaugurated by the
Couae.vatlve government, there have been
great changes In the Columbia and Kootenay
valliof. It ancheia have come in, additional
pre-empt us have been taken up, population
has inuieased, the mining industry hat
taken a great bound ao much io that the
prt duction of Goat Kootenay in )tt!)5 of its
mineral wealth of $l\ii"i bounded up in
IS'.lli to ��154,427, aud this year will ahew
this great telative increase maintained.
Membeis of the Liberal party in parliament
when in opposition were over now and again
intertcgitiug tlie Conservative Government
as to what it was doing to develops the resources of our great 1'iovince. Hopes beat
high that with the change of Government,
ami also with the change of member for the
district, our distiiot would receive adequate
recognition. We applied for a bi-weekly
postal aervice. We applied for telegraphic
and telephonio communication between
Golden and Fort Steele. We applied for u
LTdnt to improve the navigation of the
Kootenay. It is now well known how our
applications were treated. Thiy were
treated with studied iudiffereoco and cold
neglect. Our iwjueats were not unreason
able. They were absolutely necttsury. So
much so that the private navigation company operating on the Kootenay apeut a
considerable aum out of its own pocket in
improving the navigation, a duty whioh
should have been uudtntaken by the Dominion Government. We made every reasonable i (quest to the Government fur cur
telegraphic service, and sought to enlist our
member ou its behalf. We were politely
bowod out by the Government, and our
member's nature ia of such a nature that it
ia ui.fult, and appear* to be an unknown
quantity. We were inure scurvily treated
i��y the Government aa to postal aervioe. It
abolished the weekly service and substituted
a aervicn once a fortnight, that being its
idea of Liberal pn gross and reform in this
district. Naturally the people clamoured
againBt this backward innovation, which
while it lasted did not improve business
relations with the outside world. When
new tenders were called for, as the old ceu
tract was expiring, for a weekly postal service, although this wae disappointing still
if not advancing there was no futthor retrograde movements. There was a radical
change in the mode of conveyance. It was
to be carried entirely by stage along the
wegon load. Tenders having been invited
for this speohtl advertised contract, many
applicants were at considerable expeiso io
preparing their tenders in the expectation
of obtaining tho ot.ntraot and that the advertised contract was a 110NA mdk one.
But alas they reckoned without considering the deviuus ways of the Post Master
General. M-u-y tenders were lodged but
instead of accepting any of them the Post
Master General threw them all aside and
entered into a diffiuent contract with a private individual for a term of four years,
whereby there was to be a weekly service \
in the aummtr and a fortnightly service iu ���
the winter. The public was kept entirely 1
in the dark aa to the makiug of this strange'
contract until it was completed. Nop��r-.
son was given an opportunity of competing.
Those most couctrnrd in the matter were'
never consulted, l'ublic cr ii a
matter of the utmost indifference to this
servant of the public���the I'obt Master
General. If such conduct had been indulged in by a Conservative poblio servant
there would have been a fine howl of indignation from Liberal throats. This contract
is conceived in tht highest principal of
*' how not to do it." Tlie mails are landed
In Fort Steele on Thursday evening and
���arty on the fallowing mornlug the mails go
oat again. There ia so opportunity of answering letter* by return of mail, to that
the service is practically a fortnightly one,
and far from conferring any benefits.
Tho people of Fort Steele have again
risen to tht occasion. Tbey have supplied
their own telegiuphio service and they
have also supplied their own postal aervice.
Withiu .'IO dayt thero will be a telegraphic
service in operation between Fort Steele
and Kilispel in Montana. The cost of this
service haa been subicrilied for by the pro-
pie, and consttuctiou has already proceeded
as far aa Wardner, whioh will share in the
benefits thus obtained. Arrangements have
now been concluded with the two transportation companies operating on the Kootenay and Columbia rivers so as to enable the
peoplo in the district to send out and receive their mail with tome regularity and
punctuality. From the north there ato
two stages departing aod arriving every
week connecting with the boats on the
Columbia river for Golden, while between
Jennings Landing ou the Kootenay and
West l'ort boats aro running three or four
-imes every week. Letters to people in
Fort Sttole district if nddrosfted to the care
of the International iveamlmat Company
via Jennii ^ t Landing are brought up by the
company ii.e and diu'iihuicd by them from
their agent1* office, L itlois c-��u go cut this
wny but both Canadian and United Slates
postage niuvt be put upon them, and in
addition a feo of five uentn for each letter in
charged.     Mote  than  oO  per cou*, of tho
mail, ia now received and Bent out by this
route. Mail under similar arrangements
can be sent north by the stage which runs
twice a week to Golden, and also letters
brought in and distributed if addressed to
the care of the company at Golden. In a
short time the Post Muster's postal Borvica
will become a farce.
Next year with the advent of the railway
and the uprising of  new  towns there inuat!
be a  change  in the abauad postal a
menta, and the  ofh'oials appear to be no at
reoognizing  that  fact,   as    the   assistant .
Inspector General his recently been in Fort
Steele  making  eoqtilrias and obtaining in- j
foimation as to tho strides the district has
made in increaso  of  population, and in in-
oreiseof  business.      Wardner, Moyie ��nd
Cranbiook  are now demanding post ofliues
and postal services and their wants must be
attended to in some way und they cannot be
through the present crazy ohaunel devl sed
by   Post   Muster   (!enerul   M uloek.     Thu
natural course for our service is southward
and i ail way  communication next yeur will
provide the mcins for uu ullictive service.
Fort Steele canio into existence in 1877
In that year there was .some trouble with
Kootenay Indians. The cause of tho trouble
was that two white men were found murdered and rohbed, their bodies hii'ig discovered in a gulch, some .SO miles north ot
Windenuere in the Columbia valley, aud
whioh bus ever since borne tho name of tho
Deadmen's (.'reek. Tho white men, who
were miners, hud evidently been followed
and murdered while sleeping by tho camp
tire. Suspicion fell upon an Indian in
whose possession a watch was found and he
was arrested on suspicion of knowing
something about the crime. The Indians
grew exched, broke open the look-up and
teleus'id their comrade. Tha C'verument
offices were thou on Wild Hois-: C ��ck and
the official-, of which Mr. Ay liner, Golden,
was then ooe, were ordered by the Indians
to clear cut of the country. They cleared.
This disturbance led to a detachment of the
North West Mouuted Police coining in to
quell the disturbances and re-appiehend the
prisoners, Tnis detachment came iu from
Alberta through the Ctow's Nest Pass and
was under the command of Major Steele
The Indiana were re-apprehended and were
subsequently liberated as thete was no
evidence sufficient for a conviction. A
watch supposed to belong to one of the
murdered men had been found on one of tht
Iudians. A notorious white man known by
the name of "Peg Leg" disappeared fiom
the country about this time and it was supposed he knew more about the murder than
the IndUna implicated. The murder and
robbery savoured more of the deed of a
white man than the art of an Indian. I
was generally supposed that the watch
might have been given to the Indian for
bhewing the actual perpetrator the way out
of the country by one of tlie trails through
a pass. The mounted police remained f��r
Botno time in the district until all the excitement had cooled down aa the times were
perilous and the settlers who were then few
iu number were bad y scared and thero were
fears of an Indian riding.
The police fixed thiir hcudqiu.rt.ers on a
piece of grcuud ou a bluff at the conjunction
of the Wild Hoise Creek with the Kootenay
River, sod built barracks and cilices there
which are at the present timoutil zed as the
Provincial Government odious. The land
on which the barracks and offices were built
belonged to a Mr. GalbraiLh, who kept a
ferry and store there and the place wax
kuown as GalbraUb's Ferry, and had been
so known since tho days of the wild rush io
the eurly sixties to tho placer diggings on
Wild Horse Creek. The rush to these dig-
ginsa waa from the south. Prospectors
coming in by Walla-Walla and Bonner's
Ferry, oiouing tho St. Mary's river and
afterwards the Kootenay to get into the
Wild Horse Creek, There was no practical
route then from tho north. In order to
shorten the route and give a ready creasing
over the Kootenay Mr, Galbraiih constructed the ferry and afterwards est ah" i died a
store. The result of the great rush to the
Wild Horse Cieek was the speedy uprisal
of a great mining town ou Wild Horse
Creek where tho first government eflic<a
for the district were tstahliaed, but which
were subsequently removed to Donald when
the rush had died away and the mining
town of Wild Horse Creek had dwindled
The ferry and store remained on the
banks of the Kootcnny and these have formed the nucleus of the present mining town
of Fort Steele. The advent of the mounted
police rendered it necessary to have postal
facilities, which lead to the establishment
of a post office which was named after the
commandant of the police force and the
namo of Galbraith'a ferry diaappeuaed in
that of Fort Steele. From that time onward until the diicovrriea in quartz some
few years ego its progres: was slow, but
after the discoveries of mineral wealth in
its surrounding mountains its progress was
more rapid. But within the last three
years sine) tlie district became better known
to the outside world its progress has been
most rapid. It is now a busy, bustling
town and the center of great activity. It-
population will now he close upon 1000
ana ii rapidly increasing. Three mouths
ago it only boasted of two hotels and two
sloios, now it has eight lutela and aboui
the same number of stores. All trades aod
all professions aio represented. It has two
doctors, a chemist shop, aud six members
of the legal profession. Its school la in a
llouruhing condition. Divine servic.a are
held both by Presbyterian aud Kpisconaliau
churches. It has one of the best conducted
newspapers iu British Columbia���"Trie
Prospec or '-whose editor Mr. A. B,
Grufie.moro than any other man lu the Koole-
nays, has through its columns built up the
present prosperity of Fort Steele.
Whether it ever shall be any larger than
what it is at thii present time remains to be
seen as formidable rivals uu- ris it-; up in
tho shape of other mining towns. It is
pleasantly situated oo u small elevated table
land at the conjunction of the Wild Horse'
Creek with the Kootenay River, bucked in
by tho Hooky Mountains, while iu front is
one of the lovliest forest lauds that ever the
eye rested upou. It stretches away for
mile*, comparatively level, with Utile
mountains rising here and there until closed
in by theSelkirks. Through this runs the
St. Mary's river which empties into the
Kootenay a little to the north of the town.
Ooe great drawback to the present prosperity oi the town is the want of a water supply. A good wholesome supply of water
could be easily got for an outlay of considerably under ��9,000, which would be sufficient for the wants of the inhabitants tor
many years to come, but its people have
other o'jcupntious to engage their attention
and what is every person's business speedily
becomes no person's business, A spasmodic
effort was made soma time ago to ohtaiu a
supply but the tliurt apparently has only
been a epiioru as nothing nan yut been done.
Meantime iho people are content with the
supply from the Kootooay, Whloh in its
present condition, from tho heavy falls of
rain has thu appearance that it is fur from
inviting. Too water ,�� caned up ftum the
river aud distributed   to   the   inhabitants,
who have barrels in which their Bupply is
kept for daily use. Il is to be hoped this
stale of maltare will be speedily remedied,
und that, shortly it will not only have a good
wm rr Bupply but an effective drainage
Its postal service is most defective, and is
not only detrimental to its prosj eritybut to
the prosperity of the neighboring towns and
surrounding distiict. It has only a weekly
service, Its importance and the importance
of the other towns aro sufficient to entitle
the government to supply a bi-weekly service, but remonstrances have hitherto been
in vain. The government his turned a deaf
ear to the appuulm. The result is that the
people have to resort to other means to get
their mail out and in by more expeditious
manner than the half centuury behind
means that the government has provided,
A coatd urable amount of mail ihmcfore
not s out aud comes in by the south. The in-
li i hi tutus also made a vain appeal for the
telegraphic or telephone communication
with thu outside world, but this defect hns
oow been supplied by the energy of the
towu's people and within thirty days Fort
Meele and its rival Wardner will be in
communication with the outside world by
means of the telegraph. This will be a boon to the luuiness portion of the
community. The construction of the
Crow'* Ni st Pass railway may be of gn liter
benefit to the mining towns on the line of
its construction thau lo Fort Steele, but if
its prosperity and in parlance warrant* it,
it can bo esbily connected with a spur line.
The next two yours will determine the
future prosperity of ths district; as by that
time claims will be developed, and the present developed claims will be mines, and the
other towns will be filled up. But notwithstanding all these formidable rivals,
Fort Steele, if properly governod, will always be a charmirg town to live iu, aa its
rosidcntal charms are great.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
Mill Civil lin-iliii-i'r.
Poire Stkklk, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
ami Nullify 'Public.
Post ofllec address:
Extracts From British Colmnhla
Statutes ICxplainiiiK- Fully the
Value and KuuCHHtty of a "Free
Miners" Certiticftto-No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over IK yearn of tige, or any Joint
stock company, or foreign comptiuy, may tie-
einue a free miner by payluu |5 to niiy gold
eiMiiiiilHsIitiier or mineral recorder find obtaining a eertifinite good for otic year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate for
one hist on paying II-
A tree uiiner'n eerlilleate is unl  transferable.
Any liersmi or eiuniniiiy working u mineral
eluim. held as real estate without license, limy
be lined fJo, Mines become real estate after
erown grant llflri been isstteil.
siiniiid co-owner fail to pay up his free miner's
certificate his Interest gncn to his cn-nwucrti pro
rata uccordlltg !���> their former interests.
a shareholder in a joint stock compuuy need
not he a free holder.
A free miner may claim lfiOOxliiOO feet. Hut
all nuglca must be right angles and nil uicosur-
mem must he horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on erown hinds.
A free miner may kill game for his own use
at nil seasons.
A free miner may ohtaiu five uere uilllsite upon erown hinds in the form of aKt|iiarc.
A claim may he held from year to yenr by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Two claims hi each mlnlnj division, not on
the game vein or lode, may be held, and more
than one ou the same vein if held by plircllUHcr.
Lodes discovered lu tunnel may be held if recorded in Iff day*.
A free miner may oil payment of f'i, in lieu of
expenditure on fhiim, obtain a urowii grant.
Ally miner nitty, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain a water right for a term
of at years,
N'6 transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall he enforceable unless In writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on the part of the
government officials.
No claim shall he open t<> locution during
la-t llluesss of holder,  nor within  VI mouths
after hi* death, inilcsi by purmUdou of gold
A mineral claffh must be recorded withiu 1"��
days after location, if within 111 miles of office
of mining recorder. One additional day Is allowed for every additional IU miles or Fraction
Assr.u. i..\��oi:.
Work on each mining claim to the value of
flUOmUKl be done eaeli vear from'date of record of mineral claim, Affidavit made by the
Inddcr, or his agent, setting out a detailed
Mntcmciit of the work done must be lllcd with
lliegold comuiissioiisror mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, mid recorded he-
fore the expiration of ciieh year from the date
oi record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject tn tiling notice
of bis intention with ihe gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to entitle
hi in lo a certiorate nf work for each claim; The
Mime provision applies to two or more Ircc nun* ���
cts holding adjoining claims in  partnership.
hi Hen of above work the miliar must pay i\w
ami gel receipt and record the same.
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
��������������*��� ���>���������������������
mpw-i-Y. <��������. -   Onc-ttilwl down, imtunco in tin-ec nntl six
_L (���' -      HiontliH, wltlioui iiilt-iTNl.
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
yfaviffation dc uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Commencing with the C. P. 11. at Golden, B. ('., ami
Grout Northern Railway at JenningH, .Montana.
jj��jf" 48 Hours to Fort Steele. *1��|J
Steamers leave Golden .Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of East hound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fort Steele and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
Complete Directory of llio Ito
Minister ol Mines���lion. t'nl. Jstncs li.ik.-r.
I'ri.vllli'lnl MIiiitsI.ii.-M    ��'. A. .arlyl.-.
I'ul.llt- Asssyur- 11.1'.irinU-liiu-l.
Ill-.lrt.-l.  ' Oltlco,
minimi irKii.lir.Kir-* is 11. <".
M.N.lIM't-it. BRAY N.ilinil.11.
>KW '.���K--T.-IIM.TKIl ���
li. u,,Ih-uii N.-.v Westminster
i:ist K.t'iTKS.iY-.1. Slirr.-I      Irnnslll
K.f. Isinit    tl'ililetl
11. Ii���I,|||.         I. Will.I,Till,Ti-
r. M.*.         Piirl Steele
M. I'lilllli- Tiilmeen I'lslns
iu:*T hm.TrSAV
.1. li. ilrslmiii        Itevelntnlic
i..r, M.nlii-iii.-k   Ijtrilesn
���\,H*rrmi( New lieiivel K.-.-ii       Mslll
.1. II. iiu.ii.iiiU    Seism*
,1. Klrkiii.       H..-.I..I..I
J.C.KykOTl Ilyk.iis
Tliomns Ttivior Ti-.nn Use
Walter Heotl  Illeclllewiiel
I-', ii. Khu.|iiIit Nnknsii
\V.rttonlionson Qncsnollo lurks
.1. Iliiwmri Ilskervllli-
YAM -W, llllllll Y..1.-
I.. Norrls Vernon
('. A, It. Lnnililv n��m.>..*
W, M.Mvilli    Mlllwiiy
s. II. ilrtiii.l I'.irk-
II  Itutlter  lirtinit.' t'r.'t-k
II. c. Kkmlm-ia
ui.i.iv-ikt  V, A. Plmlr [.Illnoel
K. soiu-s I Union
Kirn kvtin.  Mnii.tiii l'r.-.-k Oiiiltu-rii
,1ns. Porter
u.iikiim-t. Fletcher Ulierul
viitiiiiia-w. s. Unto \ li'i.irln .'i.MMlssli.MlllS is n. o,
For llu- I'rnviiii'c-W. s. ll.irc Victnrln
Albornl Th.... Klotchor Albornj
rrirlboo Jolm llowrtill    Itli-lni.-l.l
.n-slnr District -.Lis. l'itrt.-r...l.Hk.-tuii, Cnssltir
l.lllooel lii-iri, i   Fratlcrleli s,.m-s  Clinton
Niiimlini.- M. lirsy... S.liiilinii
i;'iiiiy District���J. f. Annslrong. rorl
���i.K. tlrllltli nonntil
Wosl K.I..I.-HHV nisirU-i -N, Clmiilibs...Nelson
��� iJinliilin llOYClslokc
Yslo Distriot���Clisj. Utnlily u...;,....
II. C. Tiiiulsll iKsmlooirs
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Com pay.
Balgardne * Mel
Fort Steele, 33. C.
CllOtCK  WlN'I'.S,   LlQUOllS  ANI>  ClU.MIS.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
The  Steele House.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars    o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Hest Cuisine ill the West.      OOO
Modern Conveniences o o o
Homo Comforts.
D. McNEISK, Proprietor.
^.dvertls��     In.     "T23:S     E^i.ST     ^OOTn^Tj^."ir     2AJHTE&.
: ������Wtm * 1'W" iTTrn^ii^-^W.-'>WP(^~!**^'"*'''**^'**l*-w**lf'i^",''''i''."rl**'rm '���f^*'lf*Ti��*T*T'nrrtii"*i m iiTrY.���iwiif ��� -,���-������ r- ^^m-..i/,.mm-m-��^-mm^si��i.ii ..,.^i . ��m~y*.^y-
Real Estate in Golden now presents one of the best opportunities tbr investment,
Golden is sure to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay.
n-|.����-^.---^.^a��?-rT-ffL^XflCT^^ Tir ���
The owners of the Townsite are prepared to. dispose of the remaining lots at reasonable
prices and on reasonable terms.
���vr*mz���**rr-!?rir7rrr:.rrr.?Tz^r^^rr.L'-7r'~,>r.w,llumil MISfll
be oifered to purchasers erecting buildings*
Prices   Ranee
75   to   $200
according to location.
gjgf        For Maps, Prices, Terms and full particulars apply to
&ee. S. Marter,
ft & Parseii,
G-03LE)E^T,   S. C.
Local and General  News,
(I. S. McCarter returned from Banff on
The 0. P. R. are conitraoting a new aide-
track along the Kicking Horie bank,
Mr. Ueorge Meade, proprietor of the -Russell House, ia ou a viiit to Vancouver.
We regret to learn that Mr. Harry
Woodley ia lying very ill at tha hospital.
Attention ia directed to the Hospital
report published in full iu another column.
Mr. 0. A. Brooke, M.E., hoa severed hii
(jauueotion with the Horuo-Payne Company.
T. W. Jackion of Fort Steele, oirived on
Munday'a boat aud want eaat to Calgary on
A British Columbia Motion wai opened
jn tho London, Kugland, atouk exchange
Ust week.
Mr. Do Wolff who ii connected with the
Monarch mine at Field is expected to return
about September lit,
Mr. Thomas Mc Naught arrived from Fort
Steele, on Wednesday and wlil spend a
inooih in Golden.
A. Carroll, an employee of the Golden
IfUfftber Co., received a bad aqueezj on
Monday by a log rolling on him,
It Is reported that 12,000 men will be
engiqed shortly in tha work of constructing
the Crow's \��st Pass Railway.
Divine serviae will be conducted in the
I'l-KMhyterinu Chureh on Sunday morning at
11 o'clock, and in the evening at 7:.'t0.
J. A* Btngs, solicitor, Calgary, was a
paHStinw ou Saturday's boat from Fort
tituele.    Ho wentaast on Monday.
Mr. Dan McNeiih, the popular proprietor
(pf i lis Steele Houm, Fort Steele, ha* been
spending a few days here this week.
It. 11. H-intone on his road to the Crow's
��\t.Nt Pais as assistant store keeper (or the
I'. I'. I���*,., paid u.i a visit on Thursday.
Cornelius Venderbilt'i two sisters aod
party passed through Golden oo a special
early Tuesday morning en route for the
���I. C, Cromo, manager of the British
Columbia branch of tha Toronto Type
foundry Company, paid lioldeu a visit on
Vuel Carryer of Field has located a olaim
about two miles from the railway at Field
whioh promises high values in gold and
Clare Turnbull had tha misfortune to
severely cut his foot while iu the performance of his duties on the new bridge on
The public school reopens on Monday
next. The school timleo-t for this year are
Mints, R, Love, W. I.. Houston aud Jas,
Hon. G. K, Foster, ex-Minister of Fin-
alien, ar, ivod from the west on Moivlay aud
left for Fort Steele, per h. a. Duchess, the
same evening.
A special freight train of some 25 oars < f
implements, lies and horses, with abaut 100
lm-o, left Calgary on Tuesday fur tha O.ow's
tfest Pass railway,
Aa American company are desirous of
I udding a wagon road from the Peace Kiver
to (lis Klondike on condition that they be
hIIowmI to collect tolls on it. They pro
j.ose to spend  millions on  the  road  if
Frank MariUggi and a party of four from
Edmonton passed through on Wednesday
on their way to the Yukon.
Miss JCrlokson of Field has returned from
Banff where she has been for some time in
the hospital suffering from a severe ankle
Dr. and Miss lhrrett of Winnipeg, and
Mr. and Mrs. Goanell and daughter of Calgary were guests at the Columbia House on
At the rsflle which took place at the
Columbia House on Saturday evening last
Hilly Skelton won the stock saddle aud
Tom Alton the watch.
Mayor Orr of Calgary has off ired to give
free of oharate to eaoti of the ten suffer*��� by
the recent Hood, one lot of land 3.'��xl.r>0 feet
situated east ol Kibow Bridge.
Mr. Wm. Baillie nf Kamloopi, formerly
connected with the Inland .Sentinel, paid ui
a visit on Monday. Mr. Uiillie will spend
the next few mouths baking into the re*
sources of the Fort Steele division.
Manager Whyte of the 0. P. R. has assured a correspondent that no contracts ou
the Crow's Nest railway were let to
American contractors nor to Foley Bros, as
reported by the press.
Mujor S. B. Steele of Fort Macleod and
John Karroo of 1'iocher Creek returned east
on Wednesday from a month's trip thro' the
mining regions of B C. Major Siuele is the
Preiident of the Ibex of Slocan.
A party of North West Mounted Police,
seven in number, accompanied by Asst.
Commiaiionor McIIree went west ou Wednesday on their wuy to Lake Bennett in the
Yukon where a police post and customs
office will bo established.
Mr. Griffith, the newly appointed Gold
Commissioner for Northern Eist Kooteuay,
paid his firat official visit to Golden yjsLer
day, and received aougratulatious from his
many friends here upon his appointment to
the office.
The new bridge over the Unking Horse
river is so nearly completed as to allow the
trains to pass over and the weary refrain
"when, on when, shall that bridge be lin-
ished !" will now he heard no more on the
streets of Golden.
Mr. 0. II. Bott, chemist, and another
Catgiiry gentleman have opened an away
office at Calgary. They will doubtless find
it a profitable venture in view of the foot
that thero is no other assay office between
there and Revelstoke.
The statement that th�� Canadian Pacific
railway will extend theCdgaryaod Klmon-
ton branch to Athabasca Lauding was made
on the authority of President Van Home.
It is understood that the expected road will
be completed by the end of next summer.
Messrs. T. E, Wilton of fttrffand othirs
have locsted claims in the Ice River district
south of Lianohoil from which somo marvellously rich gold silver and copper ore has
been obtained as shewn by thu assays received. Tho lead is large and Is traceable
for 3000 feet.
Tho meet of the Canadian Wheelman's
Association takes place at Calgaiy on Sept.
fllh and 7th, on the Athletic Association
founds. A new club house has been
erected and a new truok has been constructed aud everything points to this being one
of tho most Auccpnsful events held iu the
west. The C.P.R. officials have granted
special rains from Golden and Portage La
Praii'ie and intermediate points. In all 75
prices will bs offered for competition. On
the evening of the Oth Nipt, a grind display
of fire works will he given on the grounds
and on the oveoing of the 7th a oqucert will
he gh en in the Ofiora II; u.1-9,
lb has been arranged for steamers to leave
Victoria for Dyea, taking pia-iengers to
Klondyko on August S, 10, and 15, Already
a Urge number have secured passage in anticipation of difficulty iu obtaining them
later on.
Robt. Cumming of Barrie, Out., who has
been looking over Eist Ko.-tenry with a
view to establishing himself in the general
merchandise business, was a c*ller on Monday, Mr. Cummiug's informs us that he is
going to become one of us in the near future
It is said that A. JM. Nanton of Winnipeg
has been awarded the contract for 1 he bet f
supply on the Crow's Nest Pass railway at
$0 60 per hundred pounds. Alberta cattle
men do not credit the report, as they say
lower tenders were sent iu.
Dr. Mewburn's appointment as surgeon
on the Crow's Nest const ruction his heeti
confirmed. Tne head office will be in L.'th-
brldge and all orders will b*i i-jsu-jd from
there. It is no'- yet knowu who will be hie
assistants, but it is expected that Jo.:��!
pi acti turners will be employed.
Tha Royal Victoria Lifo Insurance Co,,
of Montreal, will cotnmouuo to ls-iuepolioiuH
about the 1st of August and the manager is now ready to receive applications for
local, distriot and general agencies in Canada, Further information miy bo had on
application to David Burke, General Manager, Montreal.
Mr. Charles McCready, Divisional Tie
Inspector for C. P. K., went to Bii-ff on
Saturday to meet hiti fitter Mr*. H. X
Coatf-s of Now Brunswick, who has been i��t
Banff Sanitarium for the beuetit of her
health. Mr. MuCready returned on Monday and reports Mrs. Coats much improved
by her visit to the Springs.
There is still considerable activity in the
Windermere mining division aud prospector j aro still hut>y up tho creeks and streams.
A prospecting party with Mr. Robert Mic-
Pherson, M.P.P., has ju.?t gone up Toby
Creek. Thopirty has beeu over u considerable part of Fort Sum lo mining division aud
is now trying its lush in Windermere Division. It has already covered som-i ground
and has beeu up Finilhy und Dutch Greeks
and expects to make soma good dUcovoriel
in Toby Crock before the Benson expires.
The following parngraph from tho Moll
ft Empire, Toronto, must re for to tie St.
Eugene mine on the Moyea rivor : " Mr.
Antoine Robert, of this city, hai rec Ivod a
letter from a friend, a prim in Mint Koole*
nay, whioh speukti in flowing terms of the
mining outlook iu that district;. The letter
says:���'This is a good mining country,
Mineral is being found in oil directions,
though in the majority of ciwes it will ur.t
be known what the claims are worth until
they are developed. One mine whicli was
discovered by Pierre, the Indian, a few
months ago, cenld not now be bought for
$-100,000'." We know tho mine and we
should say neither $400,000 nor twice that
amount could purchase that mine
Messrs, J. I), Lang & Co, wholesalegrocor
and liquor dealers of Toronto, eppear to be
in financial trouble. At a meeting of their
creditors it was decided to proceed with the
action taken by one of the Co'ys creditors,
This firmdid au extensive business in portions of British Columbia.
The troublo arising out of the fire in the
John Eiton Co's establishment in Toronto
sonic time ago 1ms culminated in tho arrest
of three Thompson llrof. oi* ohargM ��f do
ing away with the company's property for
tha purpose oi defrauding their creditors.
The bank as usual held all the security, in-
Buranco policies and nearly everything else
ar.d some lively litigation will likely result
if the difficulty is not polirhed up.
Local merchants will feel no pangs ot sorrow at the sudden demise of this departmental institution and it would be as well
for Toronto and many other places if some
more of the very large departmental stores
wore to wind up business, as they are properly regarded as a menace to the general
prosperity of the cities where they exist and
the country at large.
Assay  Office   Needed.
One of Golden'a most pressing needi at
the present moment is the establishment
here of an assay office by somo compotent
and trustworthy person. Notwithstanding
the fact that there is an immense amount ef
work being done on the mineral claims in
tho Windermere, Donald and Golden mining divisions not an assayer has ventured to
tsUblish himself within their borders although there exists at the smelter at Golden
a thoroughly (quipped office and furnace
suttdble to tho wants of such ft business,
wl.i-.'Ii we have no doubt could bo rented
for t'le present at least. Much unnecessary
delay is now caused to mining men by having to send their ore samples to Rev-eletoke
and other points for ass��y. Thore are
many advantages in having an assayer within easy reach. Deals respecting prospects
may bo more readily negotiated,the intending purchaser being ublo to find out for him
self without any del ly the value of the
Mini plea submitted to him. Again, many oi
iIioho engaged in development work on their
ulaims are naturally auxious to satisfy them-
hoIvcb from timo to lime as to the increasing
or decreasing value of the ore in which they
arc working, and the sending of samples
away long ditUnoos causes endlesi detention of mining men in town ponding thu
arrival of returns from the atsayer.
Tiiat the business would bo a profitable
one at lo&Bt during the mi miner months admits of uo question, Tho postmasters and
express agents at this point and at Donald
con, we have uo doubt, establish the fact
that hundrods of ore samples are despatched
from ttiese points cvory month to ss layers
at a distance.
Inspector Strickland of the N.W.M.
Police    Interviewed.
In the course of a short interview Inspeo
tor Strickland, who returned rcceutly from
the Yukon, said it the country fills in as
rapidly aa it is doing the two trading com*
panics will not be sufficient to supply the
food and thero is plenty of room for other
companies iu this lino. Pnniftioiu are not
so dear as one might expect. Flour is $12a
hundted, bacon 40 cams per pound, oanued
meals 73 c?nts and a dollar, and cariboo and
moore H.;t��h are sold by the Indians ttSOcts.
per pound Inspector Strickland strongly
recointtieud? that no po'Wii mwuld go  out
to the Yukon district without taking with
him a year's food, as well as some dollars,
because paying claims are not always found
immediately and there is the long and hard
work of building a home. He says that
mining ia not a pionio. There are no enjoyments. It is all hard work. Wood is
scarce and requires a good deal of labour
in cutting, etc. The climate is healthy and
there is very little sickness. The chief complaints are scurvy, kidney troubles aod
rheumatism. Though the winter ii eight
monthi long it is only three weeks that the
sun is not seen. Miner's wages are $15 a
day, but this rate will fall soon if the present rush contlrues from the Pacific Coast.
When Inspect a* Strickland left Inspector
Constantino and all the rest were well, Inspector Soarth, with the N. W. M. P. detachment, had arrived safe and sound.
Mining . .
Division .   .
Canal Flat Mineral CIuim-Large
Development Work���More
Than $��,000 Expended.
In some districts tbe valuable anil well
devulopod mineral olaim���which is a copper
proposition containing silver and gold���snd
belonging to a Winnipeg syndicate, would
be styled, mine. It is situ .ted on the
southern end tf that portion of tbe range of
tbe Roobiss where the Kootenay divides it,
and where there is tlie great change iu the
geological formation of the rock���from limestone t<! slate. The geological formation of
the Rookies southward from Golden up the
valley of the Oalumbla until the Kootenay
river is reached, i, limestone, when the
Kootenay is crossed the formation has
changed iuto slate, this continues until the
Wild Horse creek is reached.
This mine is situated on tbe mountain
side some L',000 feet up from th. level of
the Columbia take aud Kootenay river. Tho
lake washes the side of this mountain aod
tli.i river flow, by the end cf it, so there is
abundance of watery element for mining
und transportation purposes. The augle i f
the lull is sbout 40 , and although so steep
it will permit great facilty in handling the
ore after it is mined either by means of a
sl'ila or an aerial tramway line. Develop-
rneut work whioh has been going ru for
some time at this mine by a gang of workmen has been suspended in the mesntime.
During the time the work has been in pro-
gross a tnnnel six foet by feet hae been
driven in 110 feet. A drift of 2S foet has
been made into a body i fore. Ibis drift
commences about 20 feel from the mouth of
the tunnel, whore the tunnel runs through
ten feet of ore. A shaft has also been sui.k
f ir U feet on the ont-oroppings above the
tunnel. This shaft is .'10 feet to the right
of the lino of the tunnel and is sunk about
50 feet higher up on the inolino of the hill.
The object is for the put pone of prospecting
those croppiogs whioh are very abundant,
and on which cuts and crosscuts have been
made fir a similar purpose. A ledge of two
feet of salid ore has been exposed at tho
bottom of the shsfc whioh has a tendency
to widen out as the shaft decends.
The drift exhibits a geod shewing of ere. In
any further work thst will be done by tun*
nelliui*, drifiing or shafting, extensive ti u-
l.-i in1* will be ii.'qiti.-o.i, mil ,) tli-iro is i'.o;
much on this mountain side operationi bar*
been suspended for a abort period. Th.
development work eh��ws ��lsrg��bodyof
ore in the limestone formation, wbioh will
be very easily wrought after fnrthsr development work has been performed. Th.
mine it just at the gnat ooatwt of th*
limestone and slate formation. Th. or*
may not be of tbe highest grade but the
assays show very satisfactory rnulu. These
give on an average IS per oent copper, 7oa.
of silver, but only 2 dwts. ef gold. If the
body of ore turns out what it Is indurating-
to be���of immense size���this is quite satis*
factory for the most sanguine miner.
The development work lias bra nndrr
the charge of Mr. E, Cow, contractor,
Winnipeg. Be and his gang of mm cam.
down on tbe s-eamer Duchess last Wednaa-
day. Mr. Cass is one of the sub-contractors on the Crow's Nest Foes railway aid I*
now on his way oat to work that contract,
whioh may also explain why work baa sot
bsen further continued. It is to be hope-t
> he ownera of the Cansl flat mlnaaal elaim
who have already spent 10000 on II will
speedily renew work so that this mine in
the near future will beooua both a prodoosr
and shipper. A few mites across tho Ob-
lumliia Lake ia a concentrator erected for
the Thunder Hill mine whloh cotsld bo utilized in the early stage, ol the mine Inr concentrating purpose., as it ha. a oonsjilerabla
A Liar From Klondyko.
F. Moss, an old time Montana miner hao
described KlondyVe, from whioh ho baa
just returned to Great Falls, aa a plaoar
mine in a (ink, 7 mllss long and 13 wide,
walled in by cliffs 300O feet high. Bdd
abounds, but in three years h. saw over
2000 graves made in tho Klondyko bwin,
tho majority of whose occupente died Iron
sheer starvation. The steamship t-omfauieo
bring in all the food and allow no prints
importation. A largo proportion ai the
gold brought out belonged to th. dead
minors. Moss says the richest Motion of
Alaska, 100 miles from Klondyko, ia a* yet
undeveloped. It is inhabitant,) by .soaped
eonvict, from Siberia, who ran thsar own
community, and quarrels anil mordent an
frequ-int. The Herald lslaollasd to think
this old timo Moutana miner to to a good
deal of a liar. Ills last assertion sattls. It.
Hi sijs that a law months ago Klondyko
organized a justice committee, and Uo law
prevails there now. To, Herald I, very
distinctly of the opinion that aa Isag aa
Iusjx Coustantln. and the tnoanted p-.lio.
aro around in Klondyke, there is not likely
to be muoh show for "justice committees''
or any other law than plain, old fashioned
Uritish Justice.���R.velstoko Herald.
Mlsa Jessie Turnbull and Mr. C- H.
Uuderhlll Married.
A pretty wedding ceremony waa solemn-
iziil at .1 o'clock last Monday abssaoon
which united the destines of two ol Fort
S eela's most prominent young people,
Mr. C, H. Underhlll and Miss Jsut.
Loslie McLtren Turnbull were ths contracting parties. The happy event win attended by a number of intimate friend, ol tho
youny people, and was tha first marriage
ceremony performed ia Steele for some time.
Ths bride is a daughter of Mr. Mo Win
Turnbnll, .hipping ni.rch.nt ef Glasgow,
Scotland, andls a handsome and accom.
pushed youog la ly. Mr. Underbill is a son
of Sir Jos. ph Underbill, (J. O., and ia a
nativs of Glasgow. Mr. Underbill hae
lately located iu Steel, where h. ia last be,
coming known aa rm of Its moat oeuM-va-
���ivr. and corripctcut l.ii'naii, men.���-foil
S-cbIo Vfv.ii.'.c'.tir.


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