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East Kootenay Miner 1898-12-09

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 Devoted to thc Mining Interests and Development of tho District of East Kootenay.
Vol. 2, No. 20.
Golden, B. C, Friday, December 0, 1898.
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Port Steele,     *     B. C.
e. s. mci:ai'ter.
Jan. A. 1UHVEV
Harvey & McCarter,
11AK11I8TEK8,   ETC.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker. Financial Agent, Conveyancer
aud Notary Public.
Pest ofllee address l
Jas. Henderson,
Plan. Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Bulltllu*- Lime for sale.
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Port Steele,'8. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kiuds undertaken.
TAKE NOTICB, Tlmt sixty days after rtste I
iutuml to apply to tlie uhlel {-njiimfwionLT
of Lan<l* Ami Works it Victoria. B.C.. (or per*
mission to purchaso ltso a.-rcs of land, described.
hi follows:
Comminicinir* ut a ponton<>. and oniMialf tntU'K
from i'.>lu:iiijiii Klvnr, th-jina" -em-t 4ii chains
floiiK C. i'. K- survey list,*, tlieuce north 40
chains to llorsa Thief Creek, thence went -to
olMlns, thenco south 40 chains to i>ost of com*'
mumuuneut; couuiuiug in all ico acres, sumo
���or lf-i>.
Dated November 3.1,1838.
17-4t J. A. 8TODDAUT.
USPEfl und by virtue of tho power of sale
contained in a curtail) mort^npo made by
J. C. liniene to Miclm-.'l Ctm-Ttitiil J.is'.'ph Like,
and iis.iu'ui"! to the vendor and duly ruulsturud,
default having been made in payiaeni of tho
inowvit thereby Secured, there in offered for
f��ul�� by lender thu following hinds mid p-rcinl*
ten, namely:
AU Hi'd clnculiir thoso cert'.in parcels or
tracts-"'! land and premise:), situate. Ij iiik and
being In tho Town of Golden, in tho Prbvlncu
of Uritish Columbia, more particularly known
aud dc��i-ril,ed us lots numbers ten, eleven nnd
tw'oivt.', in block number live, as shown upon a
map or plan of survey of the said lo.vn, rii*
proved and oonflrinod at Ottawa ifiili March.
lttSO, by Kdduard Devil lo, Surveyor-1J on em I of
lKiuilt.loii Lands, uutl of record lathe Depart*
un'iit of the Interior.
' Tenders will be received by the undcrMftncd,
it Kuvclslokc, B. 0., up lo 12 o'clock noon on
Thvbsd.iv, the Fhwt Dav o*r- Dbckhrbr, 1899.
for the i>uivh:t,K'' of tbus-itd lauds and premises.
Tin* i-rn'it'i'iv -vill bn sold In one parcel, und
iUbloct to u prior mortgage, made to one ,1. K.
Miller, und bv him assigned to w. c. wells.
The prn|ierty In question is known iu the
"Queen's Hotel," Ooldenj B.C.
Further particular**! and conditions of sale
mav bo obtained on application t<�� the mort*
Kigecs* solicitor by letter addressed to him at
ev(.'.stoke, ll. 0.
Dated the 10th day of November, IB 38.
17*. MorlRiLgecV Hollcltor.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will be WftdO to the LcL'i.4!ut!vc A.HHcmbly
of the Province of British Columbia nt Ha next
H*is*>ton for an Act to incorporaiit a Company,
with power to construct, tuiiip, opera te and
maintain a Hallway (.uuudaru or narrow RUSge)
f..r tha convoying of V'lsS'i'n.t-.'rs and frcit*lit
from some point nt or near Cranbrook, thence
to Golden, both in thc Koo'enay District of
British Columbia, by thu shortest and most
practicable route, with power to construct,
i>iiulp,op��*rate and maintain Branch Lines aud
all necessary Roads, Bridges, Ways, Ferries,
Wharves, Docks nnd Coat Bunln rs; also titcnm
and other Vessel* nnd Hints, and generally to
���firry ou tha business of transportation; with
power to erect, operate and maintain Televrsph
and Telephone Lines In couoectkm with the
aild Ka-tlway and Branches for the transmission
of messages for thu public; and to acquire
Water Kindts, to supply wat.-r or water power;
and to generate electricity for supplying light,
heat and power, ns well for their own use as to
Mil and supply to the public; and with power
to carry on a business of a Mining, Smelting
aud llntlnlug Company; and to construct.
oauip-, apqrate or to turn to account, to sell or
tttlierwlso dtsposa of mines, smelters and refineries; to acqulro, hold anudUposoof mining
lands, mining tights, -.o.i lands, timber lauds,
timber claims, stlrfatto righto, wuter rights nnd
privileges, or other real or personal property]
and with power to expropriate hinds for the
purposes qi the proposed Hallway! and to ao��
nuii,' utiqs, bouusos, privileges or other atili
Irom auy (lovcrumeiit or persons or bodies corporate; and to make trunk* or other niTange-
inniits with Hallways, Steniuboats or other
rompaulf*. with power to build wagon ro ids to
titi used in the construction ot suohttallwaysor
ii.iv ad*aneuof the sainrti and tn levy and col*
lect tollsfrjii all personsusing,and of freight
pHssluu over, any ofsuuh ro.tds; with all other
Hgntt, powers or prlvlbigosasmay be nesOMary
or tttci IciiUl or conducive to the attainment of
tlie above, objects or any of thom.
JMt Solicitors for tho Applicant!.
Viotarta, B.C., Vm-nuber Dth, WW,
From Golden to the Boundary, Via Fort Steele, and
Out by Crow's Nest Pass.
By Bash, G. Hamilton.
It is generally held by geologists that
at one time the Columbia, instead of
flowing as it now does, took its course
along what is tho valley ofthe Kootenay.
In evidence of this is the fact that all
the principal tributaries flow into it with
their mouths turned tow'urds tho south.
Canal Flat takes its name from tho
ground in the neighborhood being level
and low, coupled with the fact that a
canal connecting tho two rivers, built
for the Provincial Government, passes
through it. Shortly after the construction of tho canal one boat was taken
through; not long after the waters of
the Kootenay River hacked up and
flowed into the Columbia, doing damage
to the settlers' farms along the hanks.
The result of this was that a dam had to
bo thrown up across it and a portion
filled in, in wliich unhappy condition it
still remains. The road hero turns east
and crosses to that side of the water by
a swing bridge over tlie canal. Within
a short distance after crossing, the
traveler going south obtains thu first
view of tho rushing Kootenny���only
occasional views of it are to bo had from
the rond. Viewed from the higher hills
alongside, the valley is seen to be flat,
with good, firm banks, and occasional
patches of prairie with long grass. A
most marked change in the nature of
the trees presents itseli; the Douglas fir
almoat'cutirely disappears and its placo
is taken hy the hull pine. This is a
coarse-grained wood growing in trees
very largo in girth, wliich maintain a
uniform size until near their top, then
break off into large branches. Its form
enables the lumbermen making uses of
tho stem to cut very long sticks of square
timber. The first twenty miles has not
'as many small streams flowing through
it us would the same space in the
Columbia Valley; neither is the ground
as good, being heavily covered with
stones, No settlor's farm is passed
tor twenty-eight miles after leaving the
hotel at Canal Flat. At least one pretty
spot is passed without being seen,
for it is hidden from the road-view* by
hills and trees: this is Preiuior Lake,
situated near to Sheep Creek, twenty
miles from Canal Flat. It well deserves
to he called " Premier," by reason of its
beauty, nestling among the foothills of
the Rocky Mountains, overshadowed hy
a gray, bald peak of the same name us
itself. The hills on all sides come right
to its very edge and only break off to
allow for the white pebbly beach thut
surrounds it. The water ia very clear,
and colors from tho bottom are reflected
to the surface. First comes a light ring
of pule green; then one uf blue, which
gradually merges into deep purple und
marks tho main body of the lake. These
colors vary slightly, according us ,'....
wind or shadows play over the surface.
Much beauty is often added lo the scone
by tho mists of an early morning or the
coloring of a sunset. Beauty dues not
comprise all its attractions; its landlocked situation allows thu water to
remain undisturbed for a long period,
thus becoming quite warm and suitable
for tho purpose of bathing; fish are in
its waters. Tho hills that surround it
are locally known us the best place in
which to shoot the large game uf the
West, while not far away, upon Sheep
Creek, are undeveloped mineral springs.
A little further tilting, cluse to the road,
aro many small lakes heavily impregnated with minerals, favorite resorts for
the feathered water fowl.
Eight miles beyond Sheep Creek settlers are again in evidence. The first
place of importance is tho ranch of Mr,
Humphreys*-quite an extensive affair.
He has devoted much time and money
to the Improvement of his surroundings.
Five miles furrher alung Mr. Hansen's
place is arrived at. Mr. Hansen is a
native uf Sweden, a pioneer of the district, with an unlimited faith In the
country. He came to this part many
years ago, establishing himself where he
now is. He built a sawmill to be run
by the water power of Wasa Creek.
Witli this us n start ho has gradually
added to his possossious: ho has now a
hnndsomo dwelling, a store, hotel, and
muny largo, capacious buildings, till of
which arc in constant use; us one
approaches, the impression is formed
that tho collection is a small village.
Not far away are many mineral claims,
upon which development work bus been
done with excellent results. Passing,
along, thu road soon falls again to the
lowest part ot tbo valley and enters upon
a stretch mnny miles in length called
Bummers' Nook. This piece is owned
hy a corporation, who hold it for sale,
When about half way across, it rises
once more from the low part to the foothills and runs amongst them until it
reaches Fort Steele.
Shortly after getting on tho high
ground it is possible to see on thc other
side of the river the oro shipping houses
of the North Star mine, which lies a few
miles away amongst tlio hills. Tlio mine
has been iu working operation for ut
least three years, and is reputed to bo
the richest in East Kootenay. It was
staked out and recorded by jas. I/.ingfell
nnd Joo Bourgeois iu 1802; they soon
had a fine showing of galena and ear
bonates. It passed from them into the
hands of Mr. D. D. Maun, the Montreal
capitalist, who at once formed a company
to operate it. The lodge is very wide,
sometimes forty feet, and carries lead
and silver with an average value for the
ore on the dump of from <80 up. From,
tho indications of the niiuorul-beuriitg
claims in tho vicinity, there seems little
doubt that thero is here an immense
body of ore awaiting development.
(To be Continued.)
McCulloch I-Jot Coming��� Rink Will
Open To-Morrow--Skatlns on
the Rlvor���Hocitey. Ltc.
It wus expected I hat J. K. McCulloch,
the world's champion skate.*, of Winnipeg, would beacon in (iolden during the
winter, but the guarantee he. demands
for his exhibition, excellent though it is,
was thought by the directors of the lueul
rink to be out of keeping with the probable receipts, and negotiations
for his appearance here wero consequently ended. At Rat Portage, last
Friday night, McCulloch easily defeated
Bullefeullle, the local champion, i.i a
mile nice, on a small rink, in y.OS, lie
gave au exhibition ofspoed and fancy
skating at Winnipeg on Monday nivilit.
which proved very popular.
The skating i-iuk will be thrown open
to the publico! Golden to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, but will not be open
in tlie evenings until lhe illuminating
lumps arrive from Winnipeg, which .vill
probably be early next week.
Thero will be a meeting of tlie rink
stockholders ut that building to discuss
matters in regard to having hockey
games there tit S o'clock to night.
Immediately after the adjournment of
the stockholders' meeting, the curlers
will meet to make arrangements for the
coining season's work, select skips, etc.
Skating hnB been thoroughly enjoyed
by its many devotees hero ou the Kick*
ing Horse River during tho past week.
In thc evenings, the ever-present small
hoy managed to secure from nearby wood
piles nnd brush heaps the raw material
for rousing bonfires, and these, together
with numerous lanterns, also supplied
by the aforesaid small boy, furnished
sufficient illuminution for all practical
The curlers enjoyed several scratch
matches on the river on Saturday last,
and yesterday niteriioon indulged in
their first game on the rink proper.
The hockey players havo not been Idle,
and during the week have held several
practice games, whicli have shown thut
Golden will havo an exceptionally fast
septette of puck-chasers this winter, and
incidentally resulted in a lew bruised
shins, noses and lingers and sevcrul
"busted" skates. Revelstoke club has
accepted the challenge to play hero on
Monday, December 28th, and thc Banff
club is also anxious to como here on that
day, tbu three clubs to compete in a
hockey tournament, on which occasion
the club representatives present would
tako steps to form a league, as suggested
in these columns last weak. In another
column it will be seen that Donald is
also anxious to give the locals a brush.
It is impossible at tho present time to
make a definite statement, as mailers
between the rink management and the
hookey club are not yet settled, Tho
Golden Hockey Club, however, is roudy
and anxious to play any team whon arrangements can bo mado for such gumos
Ed. Powers' Funeral���Fire
Insurnoe Policies to Be
Hockey Game���Notes.
(Prom our own Corrt-spnndont.)
Tho funeral of Engineer Ed. Powers,
who died at McLeod, Altu., a week a-.'o
lust Tuesday,' took place last Sunday
afternoon at Kamloops Cemetery. Mr.
J. C. Pitts went through with tlio remains from Donald. Rev. E. P. Flew*
idling conducted a short, funeral service
at the house, and also read the burial
service at the grave. Messrs. W. O.
Miller, G Middlcton, W. Elson, E.Oxus,
W. R. Hemic and Al Graves acted as
pallbearers. The funeral wus largely attended, the majority of tlioso present
being C.P.R. engineers, conductors and
Mv. Ord and family, who have been
here for some time past, left for Kamloops, afterwards for the Const. Mr.
Ord is running a school of instruction in
air brakes, uutl has Kept the boys' heads
full of comminglei'S, triples uud signul
All wipers were informed y circular,
under date December 2, that they
were required to go to the C.P.R. dot-tor
for medical examination of tlie eyes;
furthermore, informing them that Dr.
Cross would be in town Irani thealh to
the 7th inclusively for that purpose. It
is needless to roniark there was no doctor
in attendance, thereby giving the men a
[ot of trouble and causing them to lf.se
tlieir hard earned rest.
Tlie Coast tii*.. Insurance com-anies
miVo Informed tlieir agent, Mr. (.len'ge
Manuel, to uillicul all risks now being
carried In,Donald tjpnd to return lhe
huluneu of premiums to lhe different
policy holders. These instructions were
issued shortly iiitct* .las. MaGlnnls' tire.
Sticl! companies as these should do a
most flourishing business. It is a pity
some of the many policy holders do not
club together and make a test case as to
whether these companies are legally
entitled to iv.l In Ibis manner, unless
they can show good grounds for so doing.
Th,. dance gotten np by Messrs. Kill.y
and Trlnjhlu nn I'lm s.lsy lust turned
out very successfully, both flniin -Lilly
and socially. There were not ns many
ladies present us on previous occasions,
but those who were there did their besl
to help mutters along.
Th-,* many friends of the popular road-
muster, Gas, Ertcsoti, will bo glad to
learn that ho has been appointed trainmaster on the prow's Nest Purs,and has
ab-ead.. left Field to enter on his new
duties, H. C. ICIHemi, who has been bis
assistant, bus been promoted to tlie
position vacated by Mr.Erlcaon, and will
have charge of the track and roadbed
between Canniore and Donald.
A card party wns held at Mrs. Currie's
resi lencc on Thurtd iy evening last, the
occasion being the birthday of that lady.
About six.ceil guests wire iu attendance.
Cards and games were indulged in and
supper was served about midnight. Tho
party broke up al 1,30, all having spent
aa enjoyable evening.
Wc note the removal nf tbo following
families from llonahl: Messrs. Steve
Smith, Jos, Mei'horson, Newman, Galli-
caiio, l.aws-.r.i, W. Smith, to Ke.ve.lstukc;
llobbs, to Vancouver; Miss Sadie Me-
Calllltn, to Iieginti; Mbs MeC'alltim, Dr.
Cross, to Revelstoke. In spite of all this
our merchants report, business good, und
boarding bouses and hotels ure lille.l up.
Verily, verily, we have a wonderful town.
Everyone goes around with a happy
smile, making tbe best of the circumstances, Any excuse fur a social, a
dance or any other recreation is quickly
rcspondetl to, and everyone is ready
and willing to assist.
John Ellenburnh, who has been shoe-
making here for tho past three years,
will leave town this week for Cranbrook,
whore be intends starting up in the same
line of business.
We understand that Golden has organized a hockey team for tlie season,
We havo quite a few fellows here who
cun mako the puck hum. What's the
matter with getting up a scratch team
and going up to Ooldon, just fur the
Genial "Bob" Preston gave another
of his very jolly bachelor spreads on
Saturday last. Somo fourteen responded
to the invitation and a merry tiuio was
spent, tbe old standby, Al. I'ai-.mi*, keep
ing tbe bull rolling with bis ever-ready
rollicking songs. Other songs were also
well rendered by other guests present.
The party broke up at half-past three,
everybody having bad a regular " old'
time " time.
Miss Emily Knowdoll, who has been
residing with her sister, Mrs. It. Davies.
left for her home at Revclstoke un Wednesday lust.
A committee, comprising Mesdames
Urqtthart, Stirrett, Bui'lon, McLnod and
Miss .Millard, also Mr. T. J. Barron,
have been appointed to take the necessary steps towards making arrangements
for a Xmas tree entertain ment in I.O.O.
F. Hall on Decombor 24th. A vorv
interesting programme lias been arranged, and tbere is no doubt that a very
enjoyable time will be Client by all
Louis King, an old-timer In Donald,
has been promoted to the passenger run
between here and llevelstoke, vice Tom
Carey, who is expecting shortly to pull
the throttle on tbo Crow's Nest Puss.
The following problem has been worrying some of the bright intellect ol our
mountain metropolis for the past few
days, although no one Is vet billed for
New Westminster, l..it thero ..-ill lie unless the problem is soon -solved, lice it
is: A man g.-iv bis son IJ100, with which
lie was lo purchase 100 bead of slock,
paying 20 cents each for chickens, sheep
at fl, and bows at ?20. How many ol
euuli did he buy? Probably some of the
readers of Tin: Mi.*.*iat would like to try-
to solve this problem.    It's easy.
\c - ,> ��� i ,i,
Provincial  Conservatives  Moot at
Vancouvo.*, and Diecuuo lira
���J iok of tlio Party.
���-    ���*   I     __
A guthoring of several of the political
Bicliemsof the Province took place in
Vancouver recently, s.-ys the World,
when representatives were presout from
various sections of the Mtiiubnd,
Amongst other things, it is understood
that mutters relating to the npproaching
session of tho Local Legislators, and the
selection of ti Speaker, were discussed.
The Government and Its .supporters
reulize that their tenure of office will be
a veiy short one. In fact, tbe traditional
silken cord is nothing compared with
.In. slim chances the present incumbents
ofofllc-o pus-.-ss for lhe carrying on much
longer of the affairs of thccoiinti-y. The
probabilities of un early -flection were
likewise discussed, and tho decision
arrived at was that in llio event of the
Govirnhieut being defeated, and ar.
appeal made hy it to the country, it win
necessary that time should b*.. taken hy
the forelock, and steps ut once had looking to the oi-giiiiiitatloii of lhe Government supporters, whefhur of Liberal oi
Conservative convictions.
.Sua,e of ilios. present were hostile to
tho introduction, just yet, of pa ;y ,uli-
tics. A few t'Xj.re.-se.l themselves .
being certain were this done, thechtiuces
for the piebald Go crnmont, otherwise
known as tho Semlin-Cotton-Martill-
Mumu-McKeiflinio ennjbiuatton, won!.'*,
be exceedingly slim.
The policy of the Government In
decapitating so many of its officials \\ ui
likewise discussed, the general opinion
bein.; tnat the carrying out oi the s;:.,ils
system was tlio only correct une, and
that the Government wasqnito justified
In making a complete chance iu ti.i.*
respect, the majority of those piesenl
endorsing lhe theory thut " to tbe
victors belong the spoils.'' It was likewise hinted and tlmt vory strongly, that
tbo time was fast approaching when
there should be a distinct cleavage between tho momboi's ol the Government,
of Conservative nn.l Liberal convictions,
those who claimed to ho familiar
with existing conditions asserting that
matters could not progress much longer
as they wero now doing, and that the
time was ripe for a change.
s->��*o> <���������.���      -
Qhuroh  Sen-vices.
CUURCil OF CXr.l.ANl).
At St, Peter's Church, Donald, on
Sunday next, the services will be as
11 a. in.���Matins and Celebration o(
Holy Communion,
7.u0 p.m.���Evensong and Sermon
MU-rnoiunT G110UCH.
Service will be held ill connection with
tin. Methodist church on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at ll a.m.; Golden,
at 7.IJ0 p.m. Everybody is wnlcoine at
these services.
Prayer meeting pil Tuesday ut 3 p.in
pr.KsuvTj'.uiAN* cnuactt.
Services will bo held thu first, '.bird
and fourth Sundays of each month during tbe winter at. 7 i!0 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class a
2,80 p.m.
$2.00 Per Year.
*r Mr*MnaBB��ra in * tw-**--'? *mve auatmm tmmmm ***���**.
Celebrate St, 'Vjndrew's Day
With an Enjoyable Dinner���Speeches, Sonos and
Toasts by Those Present.
There wits sound of revelry by night.
This time il wus on lhe evening of tho
"Oth day of November, when fourteen
sat down to dinner at the Lakeside Hotel,
Windermere, to do lionorto the memory
of Scotland's patron saint, St. Androw.
It was tho first St.Audiew's Dinner held
al Windermere, nn.l whilst all present
were not true Scoltbs, siill everyone did
bis inmost to make the occasion u success, and succeeded.
in the unavoidable ntraijnco of Mr.
Goldle, the chair wrs filled by Mr. K. L.
T. Galbraith, of Fort Steele, nml tip*
vice-chair by Mr. li. R, Bruce, with
whom the idea of holding the dinner
originated. Mr. Galbraith made an
excellent chairman, never allowing tho
spirit of the meeting to Hag for a
moment, and ho was ably assisted bv
Mr. Bruce,
There were present Messrs, it. L. T.
Galbraith, R. II. Bruce, S. Hurdle, Ii.
Mnnlb-uinbcrt, Harry Mltcboll-Innes, G.
:l. Hohder, J. H. McLood, ('. Lyon
Mackenzie, Hugh Gordon, Wm, Tayn-
lon, Sinclair Craig, Joseph Tait, G. W.
F. Carter and E, J. Scovll.
Tbo following was llio bill of fare:
A wee p.*." >.' Glenliret.
Broth, made o' Sheep's Head, ve ken,
Oyster soup.
A Dram to wash it doon.
A Nowt'sLeg Roasted.
Sheep's Head and Trotter?.
Taties, logins, Peas anil Kale.
A Pasty, mado o' the Bi nnic Black Deer.
Anithet* L-jutn.
Roast Vcnis J i.    '' K'nast lloef.
And a Muclue Drain.
Some tootbsotnu l-'airlies, .ielltes, etc
Aud th-.-n
Drams and Sanga a' the gitlier.
The haggis was duly honored and done
justice to.
Tbo following toasts were then pro-
Tin: Qucux.
The C...i*:-.:;\..!*.(,���,*������!���!-,*������,.
(Responded to by Mr. llardie.)
Tub LinCTHXAST-GovRBson.
tDesponded toby Mi*. McLeod.)
Our Sister I'.:.,*,*:*.-, ,-s.
(P.esp    did  to by  Mr. Moiili'umhert.)
St. Axi) i -.-.
(lltsp aided to by Mr, C. !.. Mackonzie.)
Our \ istTORS,
(Respond .'. t., ny Mr. Bcoril.)
(Responded tu by Mr. Galbraith.)
In responding to the last toast, Mr
Galbraith touched upon the early days
of the place, spoke most oncouragingly
of Its prospects, and gave those present
an insighl into what was being done iu
the interests oi Windei-iuero, fur which
lie predicted a great future.
The time was then passed most
pleasantly In music, songs, dances nnd
good-natured pleasantry.
During tbo ci line of the evening
M - i, Ben Abo!l,Josepb Young, Jamoa
��� 111 ��� -| Go ���:-.:��� Hawkins, Fred [law-
k'u s, Dai:,', Jack lh and others joined
tbo gathering, and the fun begun in
Mr. I' ii: gave Btsveral selections an
Hit- vlnli i, and si . rul , ngs were sung
l- lit ssts. tin dio, 11, Mltcholl-Innls,
Carte", Rehdor, Gordon, Taynton, Me-
I. '. Montisnmbert, Brueo and George
Hawkins, Nearly all iho Scotch clniicoa
wero Indulged in, Mr. ('. Lyon Mae.
kenzie'a dancing being particular!) admired for neatness and linish.
During a lull in the festivities Mr.
Bruco arose, and proposed tho health of
Mr. Goldle, which was received with the
greatest enthusiasm and warmth. Mr.
Galbraith, rising, said he could not allow
thai toasl lo pass without testifying tn
his thorough appreciation of Mr. Goldle'a
ability, Integrity aud strict sense of justice, whioh remarks wero most heartily
���cheered and endorsed by thoso present.
Tbo ''wee smn' hours'' were now creeping on, and the health of Messrs. Tavn-
ton and Gordon, the proprietors of the
"Lakeside,"   was   proposed   und   duly
honored,   They hud spared no rains to
make  tho affair a  success, and they
should fool proud oi having provided
j such an excellent repast.   It was perfect
I in every particular, and would havo ro-
! fleeted credit upon many a larger hotel
! in any of our cities.  But the "Lakeside"
is now famed (or its good meals.
i    "Anld Lang Syno" nn.l "God 8av��llio
j Queen'' were then sung, and the pnrty
broke up after having spent a most enjoyable evening.
Th" success of tllij dinner will malto
tho celebration uf St. Andrew's Pay ni}
annual uSair in WltaAwiQie;, &&m4
isT, :
.   .'*; i \
!_*tjt ,Tf��Ttf.-.'���TT-Mnr^'i **r**>*fT> 1' P lanipi
_. . ,        .     yf        i tut' J    CISCO'S CliiiKitown.
Tast Kootenay (Kinef. un-te.ar.dc4n..
the good old CRInei
A Weekly Journal, pul-lulio-i every Friday
lu the intursst'of tho East Kootenay .District
-nftkin*- closest ooiuioctlous .villi all trains uud
niftil rt��ut.;s. ,
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every paint in the Pistrl-a. lu nil , uses the
��� hula tide num.. of writer must ticcoiiipnuy the
manuscript, not iiecess.irlly Ior publication
but us a guarantee ol good faith,
Correspondence with reference lo any mutter
.that lias appeared ln another paper inusl lirst
be offered to that paper for publication before
.it ecu appear in "Till: MINKS."
Address all communications
(.olden, 11. C.
isco'fi Chinatown.   Perhaps thu high-
little poisoning after
ood old Chinese custom.
0, L'WS.
[Ilossland ".liner.)
Referring to the Ininienso possibilities
.existing in tbo lower grade ores of
Kootenny, the Manitoba Freo Press
says: " Once the Canadian mine owners
shall have realized lhe fortunes that
await  an   Intelligent attack  on   these
.poorer ores, the Dominion will be in a
fair v.av to rival South Africa nnd tho
United Slates in their annual outputs."
No one appreciates more than tbe
Canadian mine owners the profit that
.will follow tbe working of these ores.
So far as the low grade gold-copper rock
of this district is concerned, there is
good rciison for tbe belie! that a suitable
market will soon be created, but it is
different   with   tbe   low  grade  galena
_properties. To operate tlie latter with
profit it is absolutely necessary that lead
smelters be established in close proximity to tlio mines.   Rut this cannot be
* done unless a market can bo found for
the product of these works. If tbe
United Stales retains its 2% cents per
pound import duty on Canadian lend
bullion, Parliament must provide another market than tbo United Stales,
or see tlie silver-lead industry of the
Kootenay remain to a great extent
. It is hoped thut Ilie Free Press and
all other newspapers having the welfare
.of the country at heart will lie unremitting in the exercise of their infliienco to
induce the Government to take immediate steps witli a view* to placing the
.silver-lend industry of Kootenuy on a
satisfactory basis.
It is Haiti that Hewitt Bostock biis in-
vested (50,000 in Uritish Columbia newspaper organs, nnd is losing !r,*>,n00 a year
on the deal'.*- Calgary Herald. '
New York City is putting rubber tires
I on her lire engines.   Thus equipped, thc
apparatus is expected to sneak silently
upon a lire beforo the Haines can get a
Germany has oflieially notified the
United Stales that that little arrangement with Spain is all right. An
exhibition of good gunnery saves u lot of
A London dispatch says: "Two Uritish
rogiments have been ordered to Swat."
As it is not staled who or what is to be
tbe "svvatce," there is considerable dodg
ing being done.
On account of the unsatisfactory result
of their recent light, Oorbott bus offered
to box Sharkey again, the entire receipts
to be given to some Christmas charity
fund. A sort of Christmas box.
Tho Victoria Colonist is publishing
lists of the " Fifty Greatest Britishers."
In all tho lists sent in by subscribers
not once does tho name of Mr. Hewitt
Bostock appear. Truly "a prophet is
not without honor save in his own
(Toronto Telogrnrh.)
Minors who used force to expel Chinamen from tlie the Slocan district in
.British Columbia aro being prosecuted.
It is well that the vigor of tho authorities
should eradicate tbe pernicious United
States notion that the safeguards of
British law can bo set nsitle by demonstrations of local sentiment.
The mob whicli expelled the helpless
Chinamen muy have been largely mude
,upof aliens who would have sent the
Chinamen out of the district on the
lower end of a rope if they had been in
their own country.
. Tbo mob's failure to kill these China-
men is a tribute of respect to British
Jaw, but some of the Slocan agitators
havo. been nrres.cd. Their prosecution
will do something to advertise the fact
that every human being in this country,
white, black or yellow, has bis or her
}egal rights, which cannot be invnded.
, At tho same time tho law which
protects Cbinamon while thoy are in
British Columbia should be rapidly
changed so as to keep the Orientals out
of British Columbia. Chinese labor is a
curse to a mining region, and the law
whicli punishes the irregular efforts of
the miners to protect themselves should
protect tlicm for the country's sake.
Three Missouri farmers wero killed
the other day in a fight over a division
fence, and it simplified matters greatly.
Some mysterious disease is decimating
the slant-eyed population of Ean Fran-
The Vancouver World is authority for
tlie stat.'ment that tbe Provincial Gov-
ennment Civil Service guillotine bus
been tied up until after the Legislature
| meets, and that if it is then found that
Mr. Senilin bus sufficient backing in the
House to carry on Government wholesale
dismissals will he thc order of the day.
Hon George E. Foster says: "Every
man ought to a party man; a 'neutral'
is gootl for nothing." Political bosses
will hardly agree with him. But a man
may take an active interest in public
without binding himself hand and foot
to a faction, and .it wifuld bo a gootl
thing for the country if more electors
followed this rule. When tbo great
interests of the country are imperilled,
as beyond doubt they often are, who but
the '' odious neutral' is to come to tbe
rescue? Political independence is a very
fine thing.
An English statistician works out in
figures that a great European war would
cost ��.1,195,(100 a day, or ��1,727,120,000
in a year. It is calculated that Europe
now pays ��225,000,000 a year to maintain ils fleets and armies, and its interest
charges are as much more. Apparently
peace is cheaper than war, unless war
would compel general disarmament.
But tbe figures given above cannot be
regarded ns definite, for tlieir can be no
effective calculation of what a war will
cost in tho destruction of property and
loss of Uie.
"flEtt VOM WORLD,"
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During the Spanish-American War The Thrice-a-Week
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important events. It was as
useful as a daily to its readers,
and it will bu of as great
value in reporting the important and complicated questions which are always before
the American people.
It prints the news from all
the world, having correspondence from all the important
news points on tho globe. It
has brilliant illustrations, a
capital humor page, stories
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Tbe story tol.l below- is said lo hove
been written as a serious composition by
a boy in ono of our neighboring schools:
King Henry VIII. wan tho greatest
widower thut ever lived. Uo was born
at Anna Domino in the year 100(1. He
had live hundred and ten wives. Tho
first was beheaded and afterwards exo
cuted. The second was revoked. She
never smiled again, but said Iho word
" Calais" would bo found written on
her heart after her death. Tho great
man in this reign was Lord Sir Garnet
Wolsev. He was surnamed the Boy
Bachelor, being born at tbe age of fifteen, unmarried. We often said, had he
served his wife as diligently as ho had
served his king, she would not have
deprived him of his gray hairs. In this
reign tho Bible was translated into Latin
by Titus Oates, who was ordered by the
King to bo chained up in tho church for
greater security. It was in this reign
that tho Duke of Wellington discovered
America and invented the curfew bell to
prevent fires, most of the bouses being
built of timber. Henry VIII. wns succeeded on the throne by his great-grandmother, tbo beautiful and accomplished
Mary, Queen of Scots, sometimes known
as tlio " Lady of tho Lake" or the " Lay
of the Last Minstrel." He died in his
bed in the last, year of his age.
In proportion to its size, a fly walks
thirteen times as fast as a man can run.
The Golden
Krcsh mm Salt Meats,
Flsli nml Game in senson.
Uottlora in Cattle, Shuop mul Horsca,
Mnii orders rcccivu prompt attentfou.
X     & EmDalming     <
Y Telrprapli ordcr-Hrcceivoproiiiplnttuiit-ioii "*
X d. SMART,     ]
��� CALGARY, Alta. <
North East  Kootenay
Mining Association,
President���Hon. F. W. Aylmer,
1st Vice-Pres.���W. G. Mitchell-Innes
2nd Vice-Pres.���W. G. Neilson, J.P.
Mrd Vice-Pres.��� E. Johnson.
Seeretary-Treiisurer���E. A. Haggen.
Tht: regular meetings of tht. Association
arc held on the first Tuesday of every
month at tho Columbia House, Golden
In this wide world
Auld Acquaintance,
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden,   . C.
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If You  Get  "THE  MINER,"
If You  Do  Not  Get  It,
Shn can peal and boil potatoes,
Make a Balnd of tomatoes,
Bntshe doesn't know a Latin noun from
Greek.    ,
And so well she cooks a chicken
That vour nppotito 'twould quicken,
But she"cannot toll what's modern from
She knows how to sot a table,
And mako order out of Babel,
But sho doesn't know  Eurlpida from
Once nt making cake I caught her,
A real oxpert must have taiurht her,
But she cannot tell true eloquence from
She has quite a firm conviction
She ought only to read fiction,
And she doesn't care for science not
a bit;
She likes a plot, that thickens,
And sho's verv fond of Dickons,
Fioin Copperlield to Martin Ohuzzlowlt.
She can mako her hats and dresses
Till a follow fair confesses
That there's not another maiden half
so sweet;
She's immersed in homo completely,
Where she keeps all things so neatly,
But  from Tennyson ft line she can't
Well, in fact she's just ft maiden
That whatever she's arrayed in
Makes her look just like the heroine of a
'Twould bo foolish to have tarried,
So to-morrow we'll be married,
And I'm certain I shall ne'er regret the
[In Two Parts.]
TIIE May moon was gloriously full,
and shone with a soft, warm light
over a pretty rural landscape. The
ripples on the littlo lake woro like silver
in its clear beams, and the shadows of
the nowly-elad trees were pierced with
trembling, wavering rays that recalled
the pearly whiteness of gems.
A young man and a girl leaned over the
garden gate, looking out upon the water.
The spell of the night was upon them,
and thoy were silent. Out of the darkness behind thom a bird called clear and
loud its three notes, "Whip-poor-will,
whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will!" and the
resinous odor of freshly-bursting buds
and incense-laden flowers permeated the
air they breathed.
"How beautiful it is," sighed tho girl.
Then she added, half to herself, "I shall
lovo to remember it when I am away."
The young man moved as if startled.
"Away?" ho said. "Why, you've just
como home. Wherearti you goingnow7"
Thero was a little pause before the girl
answered him.
"I am going to Sew York next week, at
least that is my intention now.''
"To New York? What for? Why do
you go? I thought you had come houic
to stay."
"I am going into n store. Going to
sell ribbons and laco, and bo a 'adles-
lady,'" with an attempt at gnyety.
The young man moved restlessly. The
scout of tho lilacs went tn his head, and
he did what he hud not meant to do.
"Don't go, dear," he said, tenderly. "I
���cannot sparo you; 1 love yon," and he
*tolo his arm gently around her shoulders.
She moved slightly away from him,
Outdid notrelease herBclf entirely. Nor
did she answer him.
"I love you, Annie; I can't remember
when I haven't loved you. I've always
hoped you'd he mine, and I've looked
forward to your homecoming, meaning
to try to make you love mo in return.
Tell mo, dear, don't you lovo mo a littlo,
just enough for a starter?"
Still tho girl was silent.
"Give up this wild scheme, Annie, and
���tay with me. Indeed, I will try to make
you so happy you will never regret it.
We will be married and settle down"���
"That's the very trouble, Settle down!
I don't want to settle down. I want to see
something of life nnd the world. Living
hero is like being buried alive. One Bees
nothing, hears nothing, knows nothing.
People oat nnd sleep and die, and Hint's
the end of it. I've been homo three
weeks, and it seems like thirteen. I must
have a broader, freer lifo. I want to ho
among people, and know something."
It Boemed to Maurice Gordon if some
one had laid an iey hand on his heart.
"It wasn't hilariously gay at Aunt
Yin's, but it was better than bore, with
nothing te see, and nowhere to go. 1
cannot endure such a life."
"But, Annie, don't you love mo?
Could you not find something more in
life if you were married and in your own
"What, here ? What difference would
marriage mako to me?"
"None stall, Annio, uuIosb yon happen
to love mo." His grasp tightened upon
her arm, and he drew her to him. "Don't
you; don't you?   Tell me."
She pushed him away. "I toll you tho
life here chokes mo, stifles me. I cannot
stand it. If 1 marry you, I can never
tiet out or away from it."
"Answermo, Annie; do you love mo?"
"Perhapsldo; perhaps I don't. One
thing is certain, though: I will never
marry a man who has no ambition, who
ia content to slick out his daysonadreary
old farm, working in mud and manure.
1 want to live in town, and go to parties
and theatres, have nice clothes, anil"���
"Do you ex;iect to go to parties and
theatres and have nice clothes on the
(���alary a girl gets in a store���nn inexperienced girl at that?"
"Other girls do," she said, sullenly.
ill-;   H.UiT   KOO
MINP.il,   OOLDEN,   I:.
I'lIlliA V.    UKOKUliKi:
jrert j- -.T-..M ������-
"There was a girl 1 got acquainted with
last Bummer who was always telling what
good times she had, and she had good
clothes; and she was real pretty too."
"Pretty girls who wear line clothes do
not always come by them honestly," said
Annie flushed up angrily. "Do you
think site stole thom'."'
"Thero are other ways, I've heard.
The wages a girl gets in a store don't admit ol many luxuries. Perhaps this was
not what wo call a nice girl."
"Listen to reason lorn moment, Annie.
Suppose you get 11 vo dollars n week. How
much will you have left for nice clothes
after you've paid your board and carfare?
How will you"���
"I wish you wouldn't cruak. You always wero a wet blanket. I've bad a
hard enough time to persuade mother to
let mo go without answering your objections, too. I must go in; and as I
probably shall not see you again I'll say
good-bye now."
"Annie, Annio! I cannot let you go
like tliis. Give me a littlo hope that
when youv'e tried tliis rash experiment
you'll conlo back to mo and let me tako
care of you."
"You men are all alike. You think a
woman ought to havo no lifo of her own;
that she ought to marry and 'settle down'
and got up warm meals and mend your
old clothes and bo glad becauso she's
Mrs. Honibebody or other. Well, here's
one who will not carry out that programme. I can take cam ol myself.
Good-night I"
But tho call was not heeded. There
was a flash of white up the path between
the pink and white peonies, tbe sound
of a vigorously shut door, and the young
farmer pushed open the gate, and with
liia hands thrust deep into bis pockets,
strode flioodily through the dewy dusk
to bis own home.
It was August in the city. Thc stin
rose, a round, red ball, beamed cloudlessly ull day, and Bank, still lurid, into
the west. Ho poured hia tierce rays upon
miles of atone pavement and acres of
brick and mortar. Tiie air quivered with
heat. The dust was stilling. People
d ropped on the streets overcome by tbe
heat. The rush and clamor oi cars and
the grinding of wheels upon the stones
were unending by night or day, a remorseless din thst shut away all pleasant
sounds, and left only the sense ol incessant turmoil and confusion, Yet life
went on as busily and as hurriedly as
over, mnkingaa persistentdomandsupon
human flesh and strength us if tlio city
were not a very Gehenna of beat and
dust. Prom hot, stilling apartments tlie
toiling multitudes arose unrefreslied and
prepared themselves for another ay of
Annie Macey, No. 428 at Buyoin nnd
Sellem's, was "seeing life," and found it
rather u different vision than she expected. It was anything but "one continual round of pleasure." In her heart
she was tired of it all, and had a homesick
longing for the quiet country home she
bad despised. The drudgory oi tlm farm
against whioh she had rebelled seemed
like play beside this all-day treadmill in
thu buey human hive in which she
worked. When she sat down to the unpalatable breakfast in the basement dining room, filled with the odors of yesterday's dinners, and tried to drink tlie slop
coffee and the toast that seemed b t-
tered with axle-grease, she had turned
away witli loathing, remembering that
raspberries wero ripe in the old garden at
home. From 11.30 in the morning until
6.20 at night she Boemed to bo only a
number, not a human being; ordered
here and reprimanded there, at tho mercy
of petulent customers who were in a
hurry, and who, if they went away unserved, brought down upon her the wrath
of the manager.
ThiB manager in the department in
whicli she worked had from the very first
been a thorn in her way. Ho had taken
a fancy to "tbo pretty barnyard girl," as
he called her, on account of her freshness
and comeliness. Accepting his invitation, sho had gone with another girl and
bim on an evening excursion, and had
been frightened' and bewildered nt the
crowd among wliich she found herself���
a beer-drinking, profane anil over-familiar throng, with whom she had no desire
to mingle. Their escort hud been so
familiar in his manner as to offend her,
and she had vowed never to accept an invitation from him again. Her "stand-
offishness," as ho called it, increased his
ardor, and his attentions assumed tho
form of persecution.
On tho especial morning when fate
held in Btoro for her a now and wholly
unexpected outlook, she had found the
little 7x9 third-story hall bedroom which
she Bhared with another clerk, too much
like an oven to permit of sleep. She had
tosBed and tumbled through the long
night in spitoof her fatigue, envying her
companion who, being more accustomed
to her environment, slept fitfully, Bprawl-
ing over most of the narrow, hard bed.
Perhaps it was less the heat than anger
ami indignation that kept her in a mental
fever that precluded rest.
[C.'oxci.t'tir.n Next Weck.]
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Mr. J. A. Bangs, barrister, of Calgary,
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Tho thermometer registered 8 below
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Mr. Georgo Miniial, Jr., of Donald,
has been in town (or tin) past (civ days.
tie C. P. 11. is building a la'-go numbor oi new box ami ore car*, for British
i   itimbia.
-.���vclstoko is organising a steam-
b-j-al company-fo operate botween tbere
and lhe Big Bond.
The Canadian Pacific Railway have
decided to build a new smelter tn thc
Boundary Creek district.
Tbo annual Christmas excursions to
the East by the Canadian Pacific com-
monoed on .Monday.
The Great Northern Railway is about
1 issue a handsome new folder and guide
fo tho Ivnotonay country.
Mike Carlin, of -tlio Columbia River
i.-.imber Company wasint mvn on Thursday .*���Revelstoke Herald.
Deer shooting closes this year on
December 15th. Iu previous years tbe
season did not close until January 1st.
The nre shipments from Rossland for
last week wero Le Roi, 1,000 tons; War
Eagle.1,760; Iron .Mask, 60���total. '.'.SOU
It is reported that a number of bank
bills stolen from the Molson's Bank in
Winnipeg have been discovered ir.
J. D. Graham, formerly Goveriiinent
Agent at Revelstoke, has been appointed
Government Agent al Atliu with dis
ctetionary powers.
Engine No. 1, whioh does the hauling
of cars between tbe lumber milt heroand
the C.P.R. main lino, Ima been laid tip
for tho winter.
The Christmas lieo entertainment of
the Golden Methodist Sunday School
will ho heltl on Friday evening, December snd, instead of Saturday night, as a;
lirst announced.
A burglary was prevented at the Bank
of Montreal at Vancouver on Tuesday
night by thu prompt action of one of lb.
clerks. The safe contained $205,0110���..
nice little jackpot.
Wc have received from Ottawa the Reports of tbu Harbor Commissioners, detaining a statement of tbo wrecks and
casualties in shipping in Canada up tu
December 111, 1S07.
TheGenellc sawmills atGcni lie Siding,
Nakusp and Kunlt, and the lumber yard
at Kamloops, have been purchased In
���the Columbia River Lumber Company,
whoso head ofliee is at Golden.
Mi. W. B, Robertson, formerly bookkeeper for the Columbia River Lnmbe
Company ut Goldun, but now with the
P. Burns Meat Company at Calgary, bus
t>oen in town for the past few 'lay.
Jim McOuett, a h'ushmen ni Pen-
cock's camp at Moberly, hud bis log
broken by a tree falling upon it, ami on
Thursday was brought Into Golden Hospital, w'.ere be is now progressing nndi-r
the care of Dr. Taylor.
The special bills of lhe Canadian Bank
of Commerce Issued ior use in ihe
Y'ukon aro beginning lo come Into
circulation even this far from thu gold
.country. They have tbe word ".Yukon"
in large letters across the face.
On Wednesday last appeared the
first issue of the Alberta Independent,
The Independent will be published once
fl week by the proprietor of Ihe Alberta
Tribune, W. L. Bernard, Calgmy, mu!
will support the Luurier administration,
The Dominion Minister of Public
Works recommends giving f 10,000 to the
Northwest Territories for the continuation of the work ot limiting a waggon
road from E moillon to the Yukon, lb"
money not to be paid till tlie road has
been built.
A mammoth irrigation enterprise Is
boing considered, with the object of eon*
Verting 500,000 acres nf arid land in
Southern Alberta, by means of 80 miles
of canals, into good farm land. The estimated cost of the undertaking is half
A million dollars.
*iVo would be pleased if readers of Tns
Miner will inform ue when they visit
their distant friends, or those friends
visit them. We want local antl persona)
Items, and thero are many departures
and arrivals of whicli it is Impossible for
lis to know.   Send in those items.
like sewer rats, a grave tlar.agcr to white
men's health, end, by so living at less
expense than their neigbbores, competing
upon better terms than the natives
the labor market." Food for thought
here. ������  h
Governor Brady, of Alaska, reports to
his Government, that much smuggling
of whiskey into that country is bein:
done, and that it seems impossible to
prevent it. Tbe seizures during the past
year amount to abntit 2,500 gallons, ond
the amount smuggled into the country
is estimated at 00,000 gallons. Victoria
is said to be tbe bnse of supply, antl $5
per gallon is the profit.
'From Montreal comeB the report that
tbo C. P. R. Company has finally decided
upon taking a band in tbe fast Atlantic
mail service and the 'probabilities now
are that a line ol fast Steamships on the
Atlantic and Pacific and accelerated railway service across the Atlantic wi'
result, thus realizing Iho dream of Si
William Vnn Home concerning closer
relations between tbo Orient and the
Public School Closing Exercises.
Tbe Golden Public School will close on
Friday next, December Kith, for the
Christmas holidays, The public examinations will held on thai afternoon, and
he parents of the pupils, and the public
generally, are requested to be present at
these exercises.
-Ion. J. H. Turner Coming Home
Hon. J. II. Turner will leave London
ou December 20th for home, pays the
Vancouver World, antl will bo in bis
place as leader of the Opposition whet
Iho Legislature meets. Mr. Turner is
enjoying excellent health and comes
back feeling much the better for his stay
in the old land antl will receive a very
hourly welcome in British Columbia,
which now, more than ever, appreciate!
his statesmanlike qualities and high
sense of rectitude in public life. Mrs.
Turner will remain in Englatid for some
lime with her son and other relatives.
Tho   English   Parliament
i8Somble uu February 7th.
The Quo bee T.OL'isliituri! hafl been
nailed to meet nn Janu*.iry 1-th.
Thu Irishmen of Ottawa talk of having
.'tproct'ssioiioii 9t. P.itru*k'sl)*iytthe first
lot* many years.
The Aeademv nf Mumc at fto-teler,
'������f.Y., \v:i3 burnt tothegrotwd qu Friday.
������She Ins? i-*- estimated :it ?!00,ono.
Two ciifub of smallpox have developed
,ii Torontn, One ttvoae from a case in
(Jobnurg, and tho other patient came
(mm Montreal.
A ppeeial cable to tlio Toronto Glnbe
sayB thut Lord Mount-Stephen has sub's vibc-l .Z'M iu Kitchener's Memorial
College at Khartoum.
Tho Iuterio" Department itluims thn
31,00.) persons will settle in the Dominion
thts year; of this number 8,533 comi*
from the United States,
Link Thayer, who robbud tiio G. N. B.
BXpross train nt rVivnn Falls a month
tigo, hiis ln-en sen-tenuod to twenty year*
In Plato prison, the full limit.
i'lii'iv s ems to he ,.i train wreulclug
mania in England jost now. Dozens of
ittompts have been mndo IiiUdy, though
fortunately none have resulted in los**
of life.
!?nmv*.toni)!< have doiifi much damage
in Knstorn Ontario. In Toronto elxlcci?
Inchosof'theheotitUul" fell on Monday,
mtl Ottawa was -satisfied with only four*
von iuuhes,
*>..'veiv siiowstorti)S havo )l��eeu prevailing throughout the Eastern .States, and
much inconvenience has beon sustained
by wires being blown down nnd railroad
trnffif Impeded.
An important nhango in tho CaiiftdJan
regulation a is boinj; mode by tlio Department of Militia, whereby a eohome for
regular recruiting fot tlio British Army
\ ill bit fully completed.
Thi* fi:��t shipment of Christmas
turkeys 1ms left Toronlo for England. It
consists of hovon carloadB, nnd it in
Bfltimatod thai 80 carloads will be shipped
in the conrso of a few days.
Further advices from tbo Philippine
Islands say the ineurjrents tht-ro have
decided rot to recognize the cession of
tho islands tothe (Tutted States, and
that they will resist tothelaRt.
Great Bargains
% 30 DAYS
Suits Made to Order
$ 18.00 up.
���7- CL TOl^E,
Fire ami Life Insurance Agcnto,
24 Pages i Veefcly I Eustati
$3 PER YEAR, PariT"
se:,*i* i :���!�� SA?**i      .."���.
MINING*=< Sdemtfc a -*,
Livery and
Feed Stables
(Iood Sad-tie IIor-.cn und Riga ot All Kinds Ior
Hire ut Kcasoliabl*. Rates.
Teaming ol All Kinds a Specialty.
Tbe U. 8. naval authorities hnvo found
several bans nf American and Spanish
gold '-oins on tbo captured Spanish warship Marin Tivosa. The value of the
treasure is estimated at $75,000.
The dissolution of the United States of
Central America, comprising Honduras,
Nicaragua and Salvador, after a national
existence of less than one month, is announced. Everyone wanted to he "boss."
It has been decided by tho Washington
uilliorltles that Canadian commercial
Broadway and Warren Street, were dam*
aged to tiio extent, of $1,500,000, ns the
firemen were unable to get water to lhe
top of the buildings, which are each
twenty stories high.
The first installment of the U. S.
army of occupation in Western Cuba
has arrived in Havana, ll is Understood that other detachments will fo]
low nt once, and that eventunllyan army
nf fifty thousand men will ho on tbe
In the six-day indoor bicycle race be*
Ing held in the Madison Square Garden,
New York City, this week, nut of about
thirty starters, Burns W. Pierce, the
only Canadian entered, is in first place,
and is sevoral mites ahead of the previous record.
A Certran Government cflici.il confirms the report that Germany is negotiating with Spain for tbe purchase of
tho Caroline Islands, on the understanding that no international complications
arise from the transfer, especially with
the United Slates.
United States Topographer G. H.
Eld ridge has rouhecked his calculations,
and he now fools perfectly confident that
Mount MoKinley, in Alaska, is 10,500
loot high. It is, therefore, tho highest
ki.o-.vn peak in North Americii-ovor-
mppi ng Mount St. Elias by a thousand
The New York Journal says that in the
recent war Spain lost $1,075,000,000, and
tbe United States' loss wns $2:12,000,000;
but IlieU. S.glltnsabout 120,000 sqiniro
miles uf territory and about 10,000,000
of population, besides access to Cuban
markets, also several warships, sailing
and steamships, thousands of dollars of
prize money, and a reuogni-scd position
ns a first-class power auii.ng the nations
of the earth.
Golden, B. C.
We have received the Christmas edition of the Toronto Mall and Empire. It
-is an espi\*ial!y handsome number, containing much Interesting reading m.-iti'-r,
Artistically illustr.it...1, also live colored       	
plates. Tli�� entire work is by Canadian travelers may pursue their calling in the
Writers and artists, and Isn credit to the i United States, ns they do not come
/enterprising paper which issued it.        i within the provisions of tbe Alien Law.
, Provincial Sanitary Inspector U'ollcyJ A disastrous fire occurred in New York
in his report tothe Hoard of Ileaj-th, City on Sunday, in which tbe Home Life
said:���" Wherever! have been in British Insurance, Postal Telegraph, and Ilogar,
fifdUtttiin, Ihave .found Chinamen living Poet*: Co. buildings, at the corner of wealth of precious metals within their
A Sympathetic Alliance
It is worth recording that thesym
pathetic alliance which has recently
sprung up between the British and the
people of the United States existed here
in Washington and British Columbia
long before it was felt between the two
countries at large. Especially is this
true of Eastern Washington and Eastern
Britisli Columbia.
It originated in tlio discovery, hy
American prospectors, of the mineral
wealth of the Kootenays. That- was
followed closely by the advont in thnt
section of American mining men and
capital. For several years American
influences, customs and lines nf thought
predominated in Kootenay. Then the
Canadians awoke to a realization of the
borders, and as Ihey came into the
country, there grew up a mutual conviction that it would be hospital and
sensible and cousinly to drop the traditional antagonisms of a past century and
work for the upbuilding of the country.
Thus it came about that the Fourth of
July and thu Queen's Birthday have for
years been celebrated across lhe line by
all the people, and British Columbians
and Washingloninns were oil amicable
and cordial terms at a lime when the
people of Eastern Canada and the Eastern Stales were glaring at each other
across the line; and the press of this
State and the Province have worked
harmoniously together when tbeEnglisb
um! Eastern journals were abusing each
other hummer ami tongs.
Wo rejoice out here that the rest of
the two nations have coinc to their
senses, and are now following, wiih ileal,
tiie good example set here several years
ago.���Spokane Spokcsinau-Riview.
Rossland  Mining Market.
The transfer of theLeltoi to tlu B. A.C.
and settlement of tbo litigation must
eventually have a good effect on the
London market. Investors will do well
to watch B.A.C. shares, London *.': B.C.
Goldiiclds and New Guldllelds. The
last is ..perilling the velvet, whicli is now
a good productive mine. The market
remains dull. A bear raid on Deer Park
has been lhe feature of the week, ll has
been foil, dud un baselcsd rumors and
some operators arc likely to be caught
short and the slock to advance sharply.
Coney, Gertrude and Novelty are al!
iu demand. The southwest slope of
Hud Mountain is becoming justly popular.
A deal is rumored which will send
Giant bimmingiigaiu. Victory-Triumph
has been dull, but reports from
Sophie Mountain arc most encouraging,
There bus been a very largo turnover
in Golden Gate stock. The market Is
active, and investors who buy now n-o
likely to make money. Dealings in
Boundary stocks have been more
restricted, but prices are well maintained,
Lower prices ull round are the
characteristics of the Republic market.
Full information given as to all stocks
iiiion application to Thomas MoNaugllt,
Milling Broker, Golden, B, C.
Seneral 9$erchant
A Large
New  Groceries . . .
Qvaported J*rmts.    .   .
General Merchant.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder. <
Ajjentfor Dancaslilre Insiirnuce Co. of England.
Subscriptions takenMtor nil  Newspapers,   F.nrelffu  Periodicals,
Magazines, Uie.
G-old-GZi, B.C-
��       �� '    ��
"W Printina
i.-*\r~-.A >/-���-���;*. .
���A        #
- * *** * *       A      "A
V "J-        V
Nex|| to a healthy bar    account the most essential
tiling to a business man is to have his writing sta- *
tionery, business cards, etc., of good quality and
��        *���
Printed in Business Style.
*   *
���    *s
I Some men are as careless about their stationery as
about their business���don't care how it is printed *
so long as it is cheap	
*>      v
��      v
;* To     These    We     Want     to     Talk
*        A       rt
We can do your Job printing as cheap as the cheap- f
est, and the quality of the work  and the stock is
unsurpassed.   Samples of stock and work open to
your inspection
��      ��
��      ��
\m " Sk<a &Q��\i iteeteivaty -JfeifA-s;,
i*i *
*   *
A        4
The best equipped printing office in East Kootenay
G,B.McDkbwt,C,R,    j.a.b.-.im.r.s,


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