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East Kootenay Miner 1898-01-20

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 (jn<fiT ���    ^a-
Devoted to the flining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTErW.
Vol. 1, No. 26.
Golden,  B. 0,  Thursday January 20th,  1898.
$2.00 Per Year
Amnsssi-HOX 41) GOLDEN, B.C.
Fire. Life, Heal Kalate, Howie Agents,
Auetloneerd and Uuatoinn Brolceni
Kire -igenclcu :.
Queen, Lancashire, Union,   Hartford.
European Mteamship Ticket Office.
The Sun Life Insurance Conipimy.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The UlrlieeU Investment uud Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
AiiJ Civil Knsinecr.
Fort Steble, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
KUI>K Brokfr, Financial Afcut, COHTCyancor
aad Salary 1'ul.ll,-.
r<Mt .fle. ad-tre*-*.:
Assay OffleSB and
Chemical Laboratory,
(KttablLhed 1890.)
r.r ktkiI year, witli Vivian 4 Son., Swan-
M��, aid local represeutatlve fur tnoul.
For . yoar. uanngcr (or the as.snycrs to the
Ki. Tluto Co., Lon.loii.
uaoadian reprunontattve of the Cas.pl Cold
���ktraetTag Co. I.'U, Ulas-iow (rymiid** *irocc��ili)
5.B.-AU work pn*��onally auiwrlntended. Only
Mapi'Mat U��D .uiploycd.    So pulilla  re
Jas. Henderson,
Fr.iDpt attention Riven to ordrrn.
A .apply .( Buil-lin*,* LLm�� for .ale.
The Golden
Newly Refitted & Refurnished,
Tho bent of the kind west of
Everything Coinnlfctc.
All Jloiluru Conveniences,
Frmh and Salt Moats.
Fi.h and (Jam*, in season.
Dealer. In Cattle, aliecp and nor...,
Mail order, roeeive prompt ttttculiou.
Livery and
Feed Stables
���Mlaaldl. Horse, and I'.if. of All Kind, lor
���ir. at Reasonable Rate..
T.a-ainj of All Kind, a Specialty.
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By rrary mm who has a watch.
��� W. ALEXflJlDEH, ���
C.P.R. Watch Inspector will he
���WeflnMday to Friday
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can lie left at
k H. Be
Wedding Rings
ft Specialty.
C*lfary, - Alberta.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
��� t
& Embalming     |
���& Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
CALQARY, Alta.  ���
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, soneou, ek*. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Foi ���15.00 to $150.00.
Bear $5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to $   0.00.
Martin $ 2.00 to $   ��.0O.
Reaver (per pound).. .$ 3.00 to $   3.50.
Wolf * 1-00 to $   2.00.
Red Fox ��� 1-00 to (   2.00.
Mink *   .75 to��   2.00.
Skunk  %   .25 to $   1.00.
Grav Fox *. ?   .50 to $     .75.
Rut'. t   .20 to��,  .25.
Price list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and Immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Foot St-bbce- S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for rainOB supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
aro very interesting. Send
ns a post card and wc will
mail one to you.
Hudson's   Bay
Wong See,
����� Jeweller,
Optician and
Median ic,
IVatchos cleaned, Jowelleoy mounted, CilassL'n
mended ami Hum repaired. First l'Iash work
in every department. A trialBoHotted,ho come
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee, ��
has the host restaurant in Hold-
en. It is open at ull hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily linwer roots apply
at once for tho Choicest ere they
go to
�� Tom Loe, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
For  Placer  Mlnlns  In  tlie Yukon.
Tho amended regulations governing
placer mining along the Yukon rlvor,
ami ils tributaries, including Klondike,
as well ns the other parts of Yukon territory, are as follows:
Every miner and employee of minor
will require to t;iko out a miner's certilieate, tlio fee for which will he $10; in
case of a Company it will he $50 or $100,
according to the amount of the capital
stock. The miners' license will confer
tlie riglit to mine, fish, hunt and cut
timber necessary for mining, Provision
will be made for obtaining miner's certificates at a number of cities or towns
such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. Tlie general size of the mineral
claims will be 250 feet. Discoverers'
claim 500 feet. Every alternate ten
claims shall be reserved by the government of Canada. Subaqueous Ave mile
sections witli a fee of $100 per mils per
nnnuni and usual royalty.
The fee for recording and renewing
mining claims will he $15, any number
of miners not less than five, more than
100 miles distant from tlie office of the
mining recorder may appoint a recorder
who will record tiie claims and within
three months transfer the record and
fees to tlie nearest mining recorder.
A royalty of ten per cent on gold
mined shall he levied and collected by
the government officers appointed for the
purpose, but a provision is made for tlie
exemption on the annual product of nny
mining claim up to $2,500, so that
claims whicli do not produce more than
$2,500 a year will not be liable for the
royalty. Provisions are made to prevent
speculation in claims by throwing a
claim open to entry which has not been
worked a certain number of days unless
a reasonable cause is shown, and by
providing that n record shall not he
issued for more than cue claim to any
miner in the same locality.
There are other provisions guarding
ing the public interest and tlie revenue,
and at tlie same time affording most
ample facilities for mining of the enormous wealth of the Yukon.
By Steam Sleigh.
A party of uino from Chicago, Yukon
bound, arrived on last train. Tlie names
of the members of the party are *. ,1. A.
Darling, W. N, Sherman, II. Freeman,
II. drouth, I). Burns, T. Ilnrtigan, II.
Miller, F. Terrell and Dr. J. 11. Howe.
An interesting feature of their outfit
will be a steam sleigh whicli they intend
touso to transport themselves and their
supplies from here to (he Yukon, going
by way of the frozen waterways wherever
practicable. The machinery for tho
sleigh is now on Ihe way having beon
shipped from Chicago on the 8th. The
motive power of the sleigh will be furnished by an cngiuo whicli revolves a
heavy iron drum attached to the undcr-
purt of the front bob. Tlie drum alone
weighs 373 pounds and is provided with
spikes to catch on the ice and snow.
They state that on Ihe level ground and
a good rond the machine will travel 15
iniles an hour, so even if delayed on
rough places cm the rivers, they culenl-
ute to make up the lost time on reaching level ice such as Great slave lake
and tho Mackenzie river should offer.
Tho contrivance is similar to those used
in Michigan lumher camps, where they
draw heavy loads and are found vory
satisfactory. The projectors of the enterprise are busy milking special runners ol heavy material oil which the
machinery is to he placed on its arrival,
The members of the parly are praotical
men and are hopeful for tlie success ol
their project.���Edmonton Bulletin.
it is wisely conducted, The Canadian
population is much larger than that oi
Argentina at Ihe time of the boom that
began ten years ago. ll is larger likewise, Hum the aggregate population oi
all the Australian colonies, And, furthermore, the Canadian population is
prosperous and intelligent. Beyond
tliis, it is now proved that Canada has
immense undeveloped resources, not in
gold only, but in other minerals, and she
lias n large area of tortile and unsettled
land.. It is to he hoped that investors
will exercise greater intelligence and
greater caution than they have hitherto
done in most instances. There is a tine
opportunity iu Canada, but, of course,
there will he ull sorts of dishonest promotion, and unless judgment is exercised, money will be lost on a large
scale, as it has been lost in all former
periods of free investment.���Tlie London
u.-li*. -"
The Bryan k Lee competition was
llnishcd this week amid great excitement, the final game of the series being
fought out on Tuesday night between
Henderson's and Warren's rink. During tlie firat few ends Warren had things
pretty much his own way. Henderson's
rink, however, under the able generalship of Thomas Todd, gradually pulled
up and at the eighth end the score stood
B to 7 in Warren's favor. Warren ngnin
drew a way from his opponent and ut the
twelfth end be hud 6 of a lead, the score
being 14 to 8. The thirteenth end
proved disastrous for Warren, Todd
scoring 5. Ou the last ond Todd added
the points necessary to win the game.
Had the result of the game been in
Warren's favor it would have necessitated n.i extra game between he and Mc-
XeUh,ns it is McNeish wins the shaving
mu;.'"* The following is the standing of
th.e .inks iu the competition :
McNeish  4       10
Hue  8        2 0
Warren  3        2 0
Henderson   3        2 0
Parson  I       4 0
Houston  1        4 0
The following tabic shows tlie standing in tlio 13 point competition, in
which several games have been played
this week *.
Robertson     I
M.Parson      )'
Warren I
Hue \
Wilson        0 I ,,    ,
Brook        I3)'"nll'(
Winn       13  i ....     i"
Houston    4   1 """"
Todd      )
C.Parson i'
McNeis.li I
llcnd'r'n J
class tt.
?,mith   JJ Harcourt  ,
Harcourt 13 | 1
Neilson     1 I .,.__,_.,_.,. I
Al'x'nd'rKlr���1"1""" '
1 lines I
Bacon        (
I.''1",11'1'  !?_Retailor
Hughes  11 )
Brown I
MeIVnut j
lVnaril 18 i
(iiitlith 1 (
London's Noxt Field of Investment.
It is obvious that the public is once
more eagerly looking out for a new field
of investment, and there is much to
support the view thut tho next great
investment will be towards Canada. Of
course interest in South Africa has not
ceased, and capital will he forthcoming
as good enterprises continue to be found.
Of course, likewise, there will bo a free
investment in Western Australia. And
whenever ovorbanking conies to un end,
and good seasons follow bad, there wiil I
bo once nioro a large investment in the I
other Australian' colonies. Iu India,
furthermore, there is u large field for
investment, if it were only wisely en* j
couruged by the Indian government, j
But upon the whole there seems no
scope for new enterprise equal to thai
offered by Canada. The population of
Canada is now numerous enough to
permit of a large and long-continued
European investment, provided always
Houston defeated Parson this week in
the Upper Columbia Competition, Hi to
Members of Hie curling eillta who intend visiting Calgary during tlie bonspiel can,..n application to the secretary,
obtain a certilieate of membership
which will cnnhle them to take advantage of the hall-rate offered hy the C.P.
R., which is only available for members
of the club iu good standing.
Points competition for the Ogilvie
Buttons at tho rink to-night,
A meeting of the curling club will be
hold ut the rink to-night. A full attendance is requested.
Crow's Nost C:>al Company.
The Crow's Xest Pass Coal Company
hns given out orders for coal mining
machinery in Montreal, Toronto and
elsewhere to the valueof $100,000; while
the company will erect about fifty beehive coking ovens at Coal Creek for Ihe
purpose ot supplying Uie article to the
proposed emeltcr at Hobson, B.C. Mr.
Win Bliikcuiore, chief manager of the
company, arrived in Montreal recently
anil will soon leave for the scene of the
company's operations at Coal Creek. Mr
Blakemore lias visited tlie leading mining centres in Canada and the 0, S., and
with the result that the mast improved
electric coal cutting innohlnoi'j will be
started in the Pass niii.es.
Now that many people are beginning
to look on gold mining ns ono of tlie
chief industries of Canada, more interest
is talfen in all details of mining processes
than formerly. One of the most interesting parts of the subject is that touching upon the probable life of mines,
because tliis is a factor of tlie greatest
consequence to Hie operator of tlio mine,
as it affects his profits directly, and is
nlso a factor in the permanent development of the country. If we are to have
a rush of miners to tlie Klondike,
attrueted by the placer diggings, we
shall reap only a temporary advantage;
but if a great industry can be built up
there in regular quarts mining, as Win.
Ogilvie the explorer ol the country
believes, and to thut can be added coal
nnd copper mining ns well, the permanent character of such workings becomes
of paramount interest. Extending at
short intervals from Nova Scotia in the
southeast to the Yukon in the far northwest, Canada has a stretch of gold-
bearing lands which nre approached by
thoso of no other country in tlie world.
If these mines prove to he even ordinarily rich, the amount they will contribute to tlie wealth of the country is
The gold mines of the Rand in South
Africa are, perhaps, tlio scene of the
most scientific mining which is being
done in the world to-day, and the results
of the investigations made by the Bund
mines are valuable aids to an estimate
of possible conditions in Canadian mining, though of course the cases are, ni
best, remotely parallel.
The economic value of the main reel
OVitwatei'sand) wus tlie subject of a
paper by W. Y. Wilkinson, read before
the Chemical and Metallurgical society
of South Africa recently. The author
discussed, among other subjects, that, ol
tlie life uf the mines in tlie main reef of
the Baud, 27'-, miles iu length. Tlie
data whicli he assumes are very interesting, as showing, among other things.
tire best scale upon which mining operations in South Africa are conducted. The
assumptions arc: Depth ui milling.
5,000 feet vertical; length of reef on dip.
10,000 (eel, on a basis of tin* Uesulden-
villo nnd Rand Victoria's borehole
sections; one ton���12 cubic feel: average
thickness of reef milled, allowing for
waste, 4 feet.
Approximate outcrop distance In
feet is  145,750
Million tons to 5,000 feet vertical
Estimated value per ton, in shil-
Comment is
.-haul*, of Vancou
United Stater pa
icing made by the met-
louver and Victoria ou
���lets lieing distri-
lings (yield)..
Gross value in million pounds
Profits witli working cost;, at 26b
per ton in mllllonH of pounds.
Profits with working costs at 20s
per ton iu millions of pounds
The result of this estimate shows thai
for this part of the Wltwatoi'Siind alone
a tonnage nf 4Sli (mills; having gold con-
tents of ��8112,1100,(100, is available tor
mining. From theso figures the amounts
already won must be deducted.
At the present time (1897) the tonnage
milled from tho Witwulersand and district Is betweon four and live million
Ions a year. Jinking allowance for the
deep-level mines, nnd nssiuning thut
this amount is removed, we get a life of.
roughly, half a century. " This 1 consider." Mr. Williams concluded the
very least period that the Hand milling
industry will be of first-rate importance.''
���Tho Canadian Engineer.
C. N. P. Railway Enquiry.
Among the arrivals in the city yesterday wure Judge llugas und Mr. Frank
Pedley, who, with Mr. Appleton, of this
city, have been appointed commissioners
by the Dominion government to investigate the charges of Ill-treatment preferred by the laborers against the contractors   building   the    Crow's   Nest   Pass
railway.     Judge Duges anil Mr. Pedley
decided to remain n day in the city, and
are guests at the Hotel Manitoba.   They
proceed west to-day to Macleod, where
they  will  organize   to   take  evidence.
Naturally  their  course  ot  proeeeilure
will be determined on thoir arrival at
| the scene of operations, but it is probable that Judge Dugno will be chairman
land Mr. Pedley secretary. .   From Macleod they will proceed along the line of
railway and take   evidence   from  tlie
men. the understanding being Itant the
j laborers will come forward and willingly
j supply whatever they doom is necessary
in support of their ease.     The conmiis-
jsioucrs  will   proceed right through to
j llritisli      Columblft.-*-Winnipeg     Pre-.'
billed, detrimental to the Canadian
outfitting trade, particularly to one
recently issued by the Northern Pacific
railway entitled " Key tothe Klondike."
The press of that part of British
Columbia has commented on the matter,
and it is likely to ho taken up by the
Vancouver and Victoria boards of trade.
The Northern Pacific folder referred to
strongly recommends outfitting in the
United States and the following paragraphs are the ones chiefly complained
of as lieing misleading:
" Customs duties, etc.���A large part
of ambler's outfit purchased in United
Stales territory is admitted to Canada
free of duty. This includes miners'
blankets, personal clothing in use,
broken packages of provisions being
used, cooking utensils in use, and one
hundred pounds of food (or the journey
across the passes. All excess is charged
a duty. One important fact should be
homo in mind : seventy per cent, of all
articles needed by a miner in Klondike
and Alaska arc produced in tin. United
States and must be imported by tho
Canadian tradesmen. These importers
necessarily pay a duty, and in selling
tlie articles add that and all charges Iur
handling, freight, etc.. to the cost ol the
goods; these the purchasing miner must
pay. The Canadian authorities in the
Klondike regions seem to be disposed to
ruuse tlie miner r.s little trouble us
possible in this connection.
" lioiius to the Klondike. ���- From
Chicago and St. Louis to St. Paul via tlio
Sort hern Pacific to Portland, Titconiu
and Seattle, whence the Alaskan steamers sail, there ia but one change of cars
at St. Paul. From Chicago: the three
Pacific coast cities are from eighty to
-.-iglity-.ive hours rule; trotn.M. Louisj'
ninety-three tu ninety-nine hours."
The inference thai, notwithstanding
the Canadian duty, intending Klondikers
can more ndvuntiigeottsly outfit iu llio
���United States than iu Canada ie. utterly
false, us can be seen by comparing the
prevailing prices in llritisli Columbia
with those ou Paget Sound. Though in
some few arliclos oi hardware the cost is
the same in lie.* United Mates, a saving
of an entire outfit if purchased in Canada
In-ill tho neighborhood' of 1- per cent.,
and when you consider tliis and tlie fact
.���nous purchased in tlii' fnlt'cd'States
must pay a Cannditiii duty of 8u'spi'r
cent, the saving oi those |>iircliasi��i! iu
Canada amounts to over -10 per conl.
The very marked absence ii anv
reference to Victoria and Vancouver,
..he chief point's of departure for the
Canadian goldllclds, is strongly commented upon, and il is though that in
view oi the wide distribution of this
misleading Northern Pacific publication
that the boards of trade ui tlu. two
Canadian eoasl cities will take joint.
action in calling attention not only to
the savin*; to lw made in purchasing iu
Canada, but to the advantages in starting from Vancouver or Victoria, from
whloh steamers sail regularly, and where
accurate Information can be obtained
from government ollicials as to the
regulations under which Ihe Canadian
gnldflclds are administered. Such information can only be correctly and fully
obtained ill Canada, and a gohl-seekor su
posted need have no four oi detention
and annoyance on reselling tlie confines
of the Canadian Yukon by reason ol his
running counter to tome regulation.
Edlson'a Latest.
Edison now thinks be can photograph
a thought. If this is the case, we would
like to see a picture oi the thonghtH of
sonic people in Bast Kootenny as they
think of Wardner taking ils place as the
important point in the East Kootenay
volley���Wardner International.
Steps are being taken to form a British
Columbia chamber oi mines. Tlie
objects arc to promote and consider
i legislation affecting mining industries,
[give investors a chance of protecting
themselves against wild eat quolatious
u id generally foster mining indtistiies
in I'.iitisli Columbia. Pieniicr Turner
and Col. linker, minister of mines, haw
promised to support the body.
- An agent of the Canadian governmen
! named Lewis is organizing au expedition
I in Denmark forth.-rclicl of the mure,a
I in the Yukon valley, similar to the one
! limbo-taken bv Dr. 'Sheldon Jackson, iu
behalf of the 'l'nit<*.T''Si*'lcs government.
!sls Laplanders am! 11! reindeer are
I nlroadv en rout". '      ' aU���.-rjJ.'i-rarK-c.avji ?:'������!��*��� ������rtas-rr
Tjhe 9Ifiner.
A Weeldv Journal, publifthod evor.vTliursi.luy ;
In ilio interest oi the Hast Kootenay DlHtrlet
iiialrtug t'H^'.'si uonnoutloiw with all trains uud |
mail rouj.es.
SUUgCUItTIOX RATES: By .mall or carrier,
���jf-j.uy per year hi advance.
AUVEKTlsl.VG KATES : Display riIb, ��1.80 per
icoluum uicli, Six*) per column Ineh when In*
���neriod on the title page; 1ck.hI ads. IG cents per ,
jniitipartfil) Hue fur first tiuvrtion, f. cents per
jtlnu iur each additional fnauvttoui reading
notices lOuontsjier Hue each Insurtlou.
Chauge��iOi add. mux! ue In ofllee not later than
iiirtli, marriage and death  notices Inserted
JOB DKPAltTMKMT: Our Job Department
is the best euulppuil print Iur ofllue in liust
Ktujicrmv niitl is prepared to do neat, artistic
printing at n reasonable price. One price to all.
Hall orders receive prompt attention.
���U0KRE8P0NDENTB: We Invite correspondence cm anv aubjeel o( Interest to the uuuevet
public ami desiru a regular corrwsponilcut m
jivery point lu the District. In ��n cases the
bona il tie name of writer must aoeumpituy the
iimiifiscrlpt, not necessarily far publication
but km a guarantee o( good faith,
Correspondence with reference lo nny matter
that has appeared In another paper inns', tirsi
be offered to thai paper i��>r publication uuiore
It can appear Eu "Thk Minkk."
Address nil cnmiuunlcationi
Gotten, B.C.
Turns day, j ax. co, isn��
Lying between West Kontenuy mul the
(eastern boundary of the provinco, the
district of Hast Kootenuy i* known
���verywhere to he w rieh mineral country.
Men are now actively engaged working
its inineH and prospecting for new liml,--.
The* selection of the (.'row'." Nest paw
route for n short line of the Canadian
Pacific railway and the probable con*
���St ruction of brunch roads and other lines
within u few year." will no doubt add
greatly to the prosperity of this district, j
It is. generally speaking, a splendid
���agricultural and pastoral up well us min-'
Jng count y, ami during the past year it
iiaH added a large number of actual
-farmers to its population who have taken
gup land and aro cultivating extensively.
The East Kootenay dustriel contains a
valley nearly SCO miles long, from the
international boundary line to tho apex
/of tbe Kootenay triangle of the big bend
ui the Columbia, with an average width
.of from eight to ten miles, in the centre
.of which iti Inclosed the mother lakes of
the Columbia, nearly three thousand
fe.'t above sea level, descriptions of
���which havi_.apiH*arcd in recent Issues of
Tim Mi suit. The Columbia flows north
from these and the Kootenay river south
���through the valley. In tbe words of
���Judge Sprout, " It is one of tht) prettiest
and most favored valleys In the province,
having good grass ami soil, u fine climate,
t'stuhlished minus and promising mines,
excellent waterways and an easy surface
for road-making. Its chief navigable
waterway leads to a station of the Canadian Pacific railway." Nearly the whole
of the area of the valley described is a
bunch-grass country which affords the I
V��ry best grazing. Tho grass country ii*
260 miles long, of an average width of
five miles, besides a large number of
natural valleys or more limited extent.
It is safe to say that tlie whole of the
valley is fertile, though except in u few
places its agricultural capabilities have
not been tested. The atmosphere is
clear and dry and the snowfall iu winter
is light) but in a district so extended
climatic conditions vary considerably
from local causes.
(From the International.)
.lames Kline, a railroad employe, was
taken ill this week with fever, und on
Tuesday night W, 0. Hobins conveyed
him Ut the Mission hospital by order of
theC. P. K. officials.
Mr. McKenzie, of Smith *& McKenxie,
came in from Golden last week. His
wife and little boy bad started with him
but owing to tho'boy's illness Mrs.
McKenzie returned to thoir home lu
Winnipeg, taking thch sou with her.
M. McCormack is putting up a saw
mill at Klk river crossing. He will
employ twenty men. Mr. McCormack,
by the way, mot with a painful accident
a few days ago. He was cutting bacon
and tho knife slipped, and, entering the
arm, severed a radial artory. 1 Iu is ull
right now.
Several cuses of diphtheria woro
recently discovered in Camp A, near |
Crow's Nest lake. Dr, Gordon took
charge at once, isolated several cases
and placed tho sick ones in cnivrgo of a
nurse and cook. This prevented nny
further spread of the disease, and at List
accounts all wen* doing well.
A detachment of mounted police is
now stationed in AVardner, since the
crowds along the line of the Crow's Nest
mad is constantly increasing. Corpo al
McXair and Officer Stockton are stationed here for thu present. Iusp. Sanders
stated that ho wanted to place more
men here, but as so many of tiie force
were being withdrawn from the Yukon
country it became necessary to limit the
number stationed at the various points
along the line of construction.
.      ����� ��� <3��*�� ,"*���*	
Rush to Klondike.
From every quarter of the globe the
Indications are that tho rush tothe
Klondike this season will bo phenomenal
even In mining cx,citements. The rush
lias already commenced from Victoria.
Passengers have already arrived at that
city from Australia en route to the new
gold fields. The London Kmpire says
that in spite of the exaggerated accounts
of distress jn the Klondike which periodically Hud their way into the papers,
thousands of people In tho British Isle*
are making ready to start for the Yukon
so soon as the route is open, ln the
spring there will be a tremendous rush,
and berths ou both tlie American and
Canadian liners have beon booked for
some months past. It is to be hoped,
for tlieir own sakes, that many of those
who contemplate starting for tlie Yukon
will change their minds, and decide
upon Kast Kootenay as a more pronils
ing Held of operation. That the Klondike will bo overdone is a morul certainty
ami it is but honest to make tliis fact
__ -****-**���� *o ���**-***���	
Twisting the Globe.
Probably the boldest attempt ever
made to twist tlu: round globe to suit
one'H purposes is that just executed by
the Spokane Spokesman-Heview iu its
map of the Klondike route from Spokane
to Dawson. As everyone knows, the
coast line of the American continent on
the Pacific stretches in a direction west
aud by north until it reaebos the Copper
river, where it turns sharp westward,
then bends south to Unimak island,
then strikes due north to liehring strait.
Hut the Spokesman-He view has straigt-
ened out all these inconvenient natural
configurations and shows the route from
Spokane to Dawson straight as a taut
howstritlg. The British Columbia coast
line iu as perpendicular ns tbe side of a
bouse; Spokane looks like tbe scene of
boiler explosion, and tbe courie of the
boiler through space can be traced to
Dawson, where it presumably collided
witli the " mother lode.'' It is the most
extraordinary map ever issued.���The
Victoria Times.
Notice to Taxpayers;
Northern   Divisioa   of  East
Kootenay  District.
W with the Htatutea that Provincial Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Ansensmcnl
Act are now due for the year 189S.
All ol the above named tuxes collectable,
within the Northern Division of Hunt Kootenay
DtMti-ict nre payable at my pli.ee, the Court
llouse, Golden,
ASiOSBUii tiix��j* an collectable ut the following
rate*, viz.;
If paid on or before Juno r-otli, 1S0S.
Three-fifths of one per cent, on Real Property.
Two nnd unu-hs.li per cent, on usscssvil value
of wild land.
One-half ol cue per cent, on Personal
on su much of tbe Incomes of nnyperBon as
exceeds One TlinunAnd Dollars tbe following
rnteij, namely: Upon such excess of Income
when the mun In not more tlmn Ten Thousand
Dollara, one per cent.; when such excess Is
over Ten Ttioua.tnd Dollars ml not mora Hum
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-tiufli'ter
of one per cent,; when such oxcess is over
Twenty I'housand Dollars, one and one-half of
nnu percent.
If piifd on or aftor the 1st July. lBfld.
Pour-fifths of on* per cent, ou Real Property.
Three pur cent, on the unsunned value of wild
Three-fourths of one p��r cent, on Persoual
on so much of the incomes of any person bk
exceeds one Thousand Dollars the following
rites, naraelv; Upon siuih excess when the
same is unt more than Ten Thousand Dollar**,
one and one-quarter of one per cent.; wheu
such excess Is over Ten Thousand Dollars nnd
not more tlma Twenty Thousand Dollars, into
uud one-half of Olio per ct ut; when such excess
is over Twenty Thotisan 1 Dollars, one and
three-ijuerters of one percent.
Prorlnclal Revenue Tax, 93.1X1 per capita,
P. C. LA NO,
Assessor and Collector.
-J-jhlsn, JiDu.r.c Huh, 1838.
\ SITTING of the County Court of Kootenay
���*������ will be held ki the Court llou.se, on Thursday the'J-Jth day of January 189Sat:i o'clock in
the uileriiooii.
Ily order.
Josfah Htcrrlt.
Donold,H.C.,January Tib 1898.
l SPECIAL MEETING of the shareholders of
** the Uoldun Lumber Compauy, Limited
Liability, will be held at the ofllue
uf the Company at Golden, British
Columbia, OU PKIDAY, 21st JANUARY, 18(8, at
10 o'clock a.m., for the purpose oi sAhutlouuig
A sale of property of tbe Company.
Golden, B.C., Dec. Mlh. 1897. dBOM-lS-M
yOTICE In hereby given that f shall apply for
*^ a special timber licence to cut timber on
ihe following ileserilied lands :���l.oiinnenHn��
.,  ��� mul ��.. ��,: r ii.. i.' .*-!. ...   i.-i���i..i-   i'r....L- 1..1.1
at a post on Middle Pork of Flnley Creek.post
situated l.MK) feet to the north of IlaruleS
Corral, N. K.; thence ninnlngltiuchulnnsoutli;
thence TO chains west; thence lfiu chains north;
thence 70 chains euat to the post of comtuence*
inent;eoiitaluiiig 1,000 acres about.
(iolden. ��. C,   October 20th, 1897-
yOTU'Eln hereby given that I shall apply for
���v   a special timber licence to cut Umber on
the following described lands :-Commcnelu��
at a post ou the North Fork of Finlev Creek, a-
yross the creek from the hcatl of llrady's Dlteli,
imrili-i'iist pwst . thence running south 1(10
chains; thence west 70 chains ; thence north
Kill chains: thence eust 70 chains to post of commencement.
P.. H. MIl.l.UiAN.
Port Steele, October 20ih-1897.
Novel Railroad Raco.
The C. N. P. Railway.
Mr. M. -I, ll.ii*,��*y, who la in .-linrcc of
construction on t hi- Crow's Ni-i.t 1'us*.
niilwiiy for tho Cttnadiitn Pncifio com-
puny ��.iy.< work is iirogroBnliig favorably,
the rail, being lui I ami bnllmtlng coin-
plotud to a place citlled Plnolior creek, or
a total ofai-ity-llv.. niih-M. Tho gmtllng ���
in completed ton point live miles beyond
the summit, or a total stretch of 110
mile�� from Lethbrldgo. ll is, however,
from the point whore tlie grading of the
Crow's N��nt railway now ends to the
f(��ot of Kootenay lake, a distance of 180
miles, whore the greatest efforts of the
company are now lieing made. Distributed all along these 180 miles no len�� than
���I.OOll men are at work nnil tlii.*. little
army will lie kept up to its full strength
nil through the winter months. The
.cost of feeding this army of construction
will reach from HI.OOO to $50,0011 per
month. They ure paid f 1.00 a day,
nlthough the bridge builder and others
.earn a higher figure and tho men pay at
the rate of M per week for board, They
expect to reach Kootonay lake hy October nest. TIur will bring tho railway
withiu sixty iniles from Nelson and thu
water is deep enough to float ocean
.steamships between thoso points. The
rails to the summit are Blllb!., whilo
thoso used beyond will be 73lbs., and the
whole road bed and bridges are lieing
.constructed to rosist the heaviest engines
and traffic The coal deposits of the
pass, which begin west, of tlio summit
Jind extend along the line a distance of
^irty miles arc already being operated,
A railroad building race, involving the |
expenditure ol ���10,000,000, has been
commenced by two wealthy combinations, eaoh ol which desires lo own the
first railroad into tlio Yukon country.
Bach road will be about -103 miles long
running from Pyramid Harbor, near the
head ol the Lynn Canal, to pointa on
the Lewis river, lielow Five Finger
Hapids, The companies at the back of
the projects are the London Exploration
company, and the Vukon company,
which was organized last summer by
Andrew P, Burleigh, the principal
stock-holders ol whicli are Philadelphia
and New York men. Both corporations
have enginccra and surveyors at work
between Pyramid Harbor and the Lewis
river. The projectors of both roads
(inure on an average of cost of over
SL'O.OHO per niile, requiring an outlay of
over (8,000,000 for each road. The
equipment for each will cost, about
lf\ ,000,000 more. Both companies have
secured the rights of way from the Canadian government and are now working to secure from congress the necessary right of way through eighty miles
of United States territory.
prime NOTICE l�� lierclijr Rlvon tlmt nppll*
1 -ailluii will he lUlltfO to tlie Parliament ol
Canada, at tlio next nesglon thereof, Ior an Act
t-ii'iiutiiiit His nameoi The Dominion nullum*;
nail 1/i.ia AHOOlatlell M that of The Dominion
Permanent I.o��n romi.nnv.
Billot ut Toronto, thin l.lh Jay ot NoYombor,
A.B.. WW,
J Toronto Strosl, Toronto.
Bolidtorn for Applicant..
VOTICKI. hvrebv Riven thnl I shall apply
J*, lor n *>i>i.<*liil timber llct'iu-e 10 cut Umber
on Hi*' following ileni'rfl-t.fl Ittiuls !��� I'.tmiuene-
Ing at a polut oil Klnley (Ireok, at the hea.1 of
Ihe canyon, north-eani vomer posit running
wu.121*0 .'htilii. ; t hence -lOi-hninn notllll; Ihenee
'iOOelialnn east ; llu*ti,-i- In ,-lmiii-. uorlh to point
(.1 r,,i!ili-i*l-c,-i.;t-lit  ;   l<iintul!lillg    ttbout   1,0110
J.  ('.  DVRICX
Port 8loele,Octobcr Dill. I����7.
VOTICE 18 IT I RE IVY GIVEN that application
*��� wilt be made to thu Parliament ul Canadu
aud to the LegUltitlve Assembly of the Province
of llritisli Columbia at their respectivesewlons
to incorporate a Company to construe) a railway to bu operated by steam or electricity from
a point ��t or near Cranbrook, In Knst Kootenay,
llritisli Ctilnmbia���the mo.-i northerly point ou
the Crow's Nest Ruilwny,--!hence running in a
northerly direction up the Kootenay Rivor to
Canal Flat; thence to Ihu Columbia Lake and
In a northerly direction down the Columbia
Kivtr to the Canoe Kiver; thence up ths Canoe
liiver and across the Portage to the headwaters
ofthe Kraior Kiver; thence down the Prater
Kiver to (JiRCome Portage; thence, across the
Portage to Parsnip .Kiver; thence down the
Parsnip Kiver to rindlny River, and up ihe
Findlay Kiver aud across the divide to Frances
Lake, and thence to the Yukon, with power to
divert the route of the line north of tfIncome
Portage cither by way of Dense Ijike or as muy
be found most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch linen
not exceeding sixty miles in length nnd nil
necessary bridges ami roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone lines for
the transmission of messages for the public; to
build, acquire aud operute steam uud other
vt:ssel�� and all necessary ferries, wharves and
doakSl to take and use water for generating
electricity, and to transmit and dispose of the
power tlutrufrom for lighting, limiting and
motive purposes; with power also to earrv on
the business of a general trading company, of
an expresseompni'v; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits und operute saw mills, for the production
und sale of lumber, nnd to mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and tocarryonugoneral
mining and ore smelting business, Including
the erection aud operation of smelters and
.Solicitors Ior Applicants.
Dated tt Ottawa 6th November, 1807.     lln-Ot
I'ijovixck of mutism Columbia, i
Xo. 11/97.
rpIUH IH TO CKKTlFY thai the "(iolden Hri
1 Ish Columbia,, Limited," is authorised and
licensed to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or
effect ull or anv of the objects hereinafter act
forth to which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at
No. tt, Queen Htruct Place, City of London, England.
Toe amount of tlie capital of the Company is
��0,000; divided Into six thousand shares oi��l
The head ofllee of the Company in this Province is situate ut Golden, ami William Ollbert
Mitchell-Innes, whose address is Oolden, Rritlsh Columbia, is the Attorney (orthe Company.
The objects for which tbe Company has been
established and so licensed arc:���     '
[a.] To purehusu, take on lease, or otr "ise
...���quire, mines, mining rights,and mc 111 r-
ous land and any Interest therein, ai to i-
plore, work, exercise, develop aud i Hi u
uecount the same:
[h] To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, < cine,
roiiiio, dress, amalgamate, manipulate^ n ha<
aud prepare for market, ore, metal, and Ine
al substances of ull kinds,und io c>.. yo
ither upon or In connection with tlie pi n.uo
or elsewhere, the business of miners, 1.1 er ,
smelters, and workers of any processes!,   th
production, reduction and makingmerci liable, of minerals,metals uud metallic prudt. ...,
supplies of wuter, merchants, and manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, inutals, articles and things used in ur in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, and other processus,
aforesaid, or any of them:
[o] To search for mines and minerals either
on land known to contain such mines and mlr.-
rats or otherwise, ami li> buy ami sell, lease
or take up the rlgtils of search or other miners*
rights or claims under uny mining statutes or
regulations of any place where thu Company
lurries on operations, ami any other righu respecting the same:
[.1] To acquire options, or enter into contracts
for tlie purchase of uny grants, concessions,
lenses or setts, casements or interests in lands,
waters, millsites, towusltes, mines, minerals,
and other hercnltaments, nnd any plant, machinery, implements, conveniences, provisions
and tilings, uiul any other property, reul or
personal, movable or Immovable, for purposes
incidental i hereto or to uny other objects ol tlu
compiinv, or capable of being used lu connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by thu Company, and to work, transfer, let or sublet thi
[el To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable of being used for tbe purposes of the Company, or any of them, and to
rtork, trimmer, let, or sublet the same:
f. To acquire uud undertake the whole or any
part of the business, property and liabilities, oi
.any person or company carrylug on any business whicli this company is authorised to carrj
on; audio acquire and hold any shares, stocks.
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, of or oilier Interests hi
ratty iinglfshi colonial or other companies;, usso-
elatlonsor undertakings capable oi being managed or conducted so us directly or iuuirectlj
to benellt the business of the Company. AU
to advance money on anv such snares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities oi oi
other interest iu such companies, association.-.
or undertaking)!, ami to accept sueh shares or
sioeks. bonds, obligations, debentures or secur-
ties us partial or mil security lor payments due
to the Company;
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or Join will.
others iu acquiring, constructing or luring ait)
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
Jtocks, buildings, works, matters ur thhigi-
wlilch may he necessary or convenieut for the
purposes of thu Company, or auy of them, auu
to tue working of tue same or auy part thereof:
h. To improve, manage- develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dtspoBB of, charge or deul
will), iu any manner whatsoever, the undertaking or any part or parts of the property ol
the Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
tmscmciits lu or over the same, and to accept as
payment tiierefor either cash or .shares, or
partly eash ami partly shares, in any other
compuny purchasing the same:
1. To establish uud imtiiituiu ugcncles of the
Compuuv iu any colony, dominion, foreign
country 'or slate, and lo procure the Company
to be registered or Incorporated In any such
colony, dominion, foreign country or statet
J. To. amalgamate with nny otlier company
having objects altogether or in part similar to
(he objects uf Ibis Company, auu lu enter Inn.
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal concession ur otherwise, with any company oi
person or lino engaged or about to engage lb
any business or trunsaction which this Company Is authorized lo engage in, or capable ui
being conducted so as directly ur Indirectly to
benellt ihlsCompauy:
k. To hold, In the name.-t of others, any property which the Company is authorised tt.
acquire, and to carry on or do auy of tht
businesses nnd nctsund things nfnresaid, either
as principal or agent, uud either by the agenci
ot ur as agents or trustees for others!
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or Indorse
bills of exchange and other instruments, negotiable or othcrwhe-nnd tu borrow money eithei
withur without security, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise, Including
the issue of debentures charged upon all or any
of the Company's property (both present aim
future), Including its uncalled capital:
m. To promote ami lorm other companies for
auy of the oojects mentioned in this Memorandum :
it, To Invest and deal with the moneys of the
Company not immediately required upon such
.-teeuritlesaud insuch manner in from time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute uny of the property of the
Company unking the members in specie:
p. To carry on business in any part ot the
world und to do all such iblngs as aro incidental or conducive to the attainment uf the above
Ulven under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria,'Province of llritisli Columbia, this
19th day of October, one thousand sight hun
dred and ninety-seven.
[l.b.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
u25-it      Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
J, II8M, i
Merchant  Tailor.
Scotch,  English,   Irish  and Canadian
Tweed Suitings,
O-old-en,        -        -        S*. CL
VICTORIA, by the (irace ot God .ofthe t'nltcd
Kingdom ol (ircat Britain and Ireland queen
Defender of the Fnhh -Ac., Ac,, Ac
To our faithful the Members elected tn serve tn
tho Legislative Assembly ol Our Province ol
llritisli Columbia at Our City of Victoria-
Deputy Attoriiey.fJoneral. ( "" ore doslrous
and resolved, as soon as may be,to meet Our
people of Our Provinco of British Columbia,
and to have their advice In Our Legislature:
NOW KNOW  YK, thut ior divers causes and
considerations, and taking Into consideration
the esse und convenience ol Our   loving subjects, We have thought fit by and with the nd-
vice of Our Executive Council of the  Province
of British Columbia, do hereby convoke.and by
these presents enjoin you, and each of you,that
on Tbursdav, the Tenth day ofthe   month  of
February, one thousand eight   hundred   and
ninety-eight, you meet l> in Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province at
Our citv of Victoria, FOR THE DESPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act and conclude upon
those things which tn Our Legislature of the
Province ot British Columbia,   by   the   Common council of Our said Province may, by the
lavour of God, he ordained.
In Tkhtimosv  WltEHKOP,   We  have caused
these Our Letters to be mude Patent, and
the Great Kcul of tho said Province  to bn
hereunto affixed:   WWNE8I, the  Honour
able Thomas k. McInnes, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, Our City of Victoria In Our said
Province , thin thirtieth day of December
In the year of Our Lord   ono    thousand
eight hundred and ninety-seven and In
the sixtv-iirst year of Our Reign.
By Command.
de30 Provincial Bccrutary
Kootenay # Hease,
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -    -     *   B.  C.
fir t-Class in every particular.  Convenient lo Railway Depot ond Steamboat landing.
Rules Runuonablo.  Free Sample Room*.
The Tram Car loaves Kootenay House, connecting with -steamer for Fort Steele ovary
Monday and Friday after arrival of train hum thu west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
Fur Home Comforts       �� ��� ���
Modem Conveniences   o        ,    e o
Merit Cuisine in the West �� ��
Commodious Sample Rooms e ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars ���
Go to the
Columbia Jfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
asm**  Golden, B.C.
.--vHcadquarters For*******
Miners,   Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
Spates $1-00 3?er E>a3T.
Boaiid & Lodging $5 Pkk Week.    First Class Bak.
A. Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry Goods & General MercliandiM.
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
~������James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choict ITiaei, Liquors nnd Cigars".   Firat clan aceomm-xlatie*.
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.
Xasir or Company.
MIX. I'wea.
Tho Gold llilli 0. A I>. Co	
Golden A Kort Steele D. Op	
Alberta & Kootenav D. Co	
$  750,000
|  500,000
$    75,000
U .or
Kast Kootenny and Klk Hirer Devclop-
"F-vjxo  IPzcesZa,  JDx^l^b   at   3D*.  2v����   C-A*Ij1DB^    <fc   Co'e.,  0-old.en., l/NITED STATES AND YUKON.
The following article condemning the
action ol the Minister of the Interior in
allowing the United States Government
to send a reliel expedition liito the
Yukon ii taken Irom the Toronto Mail
and Empire :
It ia pretondod liy tho Government
organ that tht United StateR military
expedition into the Yukon district is not
really a military expedition after all.
'rill, is nil very well, as u defence for Mr.
h-ilton's action in agreeing to facilitate
t'te affair. But it ia utterly untrue. The
expedition is conducted by the Washington war department. If it had not been
of u military character it would have
lieen under the department of the interior. It is composed of mon of the
15th United States infantry. Had it
been u civil instead of a military enterprise, civilians would have been placed
ut its head.
But, besides beins military, the
scheme has a commercial aspect. These [
soldiers are to tako in supplies, arid, as
the Seattle Post-Intelllgoncer explains,
and as the .United States law orders,
they are to ��tll their wares at such
prices as the secretary of war may tlx
for them. So that the actual meaning of
the project is that tho military arc to go
into the country, that they arc to carry
in supplies free of duty, and that thoy
nre practically to open a store for the
sale of their importations. Tho commercial result of the expedition is to
give United States firms trading favors,
via the loth U. S. infantry, within Canada ; while the military result ia the
establishment of a little United States
force in our territory. The scheme is
utterly indefensible from a Canadian
point of view. We arc glad to Heo that
although ministerial apologists in the
Kast tolerate and excuse it the opinion
of the west ia against it. Ileforo Mr.
Sifton agreed to it the members for Victoria, Messrs. Prior and Karlo, telegraphed the Minister to refuse to accede.
"Hope you will not allow American
Government to send relief to Klondike,''
they said, " as Canada is quite capable
ol taking care of her own possessions.
If expedition allowed we must urge that
their supplies be purchased in Canada,
or else duty charged on same." The
Victoria Colonist, commenting on this
telegram, points out that one purpose of
the expedition is to accentuate the false
impression that the Yukon gold mines
are in Alaska, and to persuade miners
that they should get their supplies in
the United States. Senator Teinpleman
the new acquisition to the Upper House,
is equally emphatic. He says In the
Victoria Times that the rumors of starvation at Dawson are false, nnd asks
what there really is behind this expedition. "Is it the intention of the American Government to force this relief expedition into the Klondike for the purpose
of planting a stake that shall never be
pulled up, just as Russia acquires territory she covets under plausible pretexts
of temporary occupation, but where forever Russian garrisons remain? We do
not sny that the United States has this
end in view; although, considering the
lengths to which her Government is now
going, what may we not infer? Is nny
madness too great for this phenomenon
among modern Governments?" Mr.
Templeman adds that the whole thing is
"a downright insult to Canada, a gross
and unwarrantable insult, which only n
Government devoid of diplomatic knowledge and utterly reckless of consequences sould dream of perpetrating." The
expedition, the Senator concludes,should
be stopped ift the frontier, the military
disarmed, and the supplies charged duty
to the lull limit of the tariff. " That
might serve to teach the American
Government that its insolence is not
appreciated north ot the lino."
This is pretty strong language. We
believe, however, that the position is
sound. Canada is large enough and
strong enough lo attend to her own
business, and certainly she ought not to
permit foreign troops to enter and to
occupy aiy po. tion of her territory.
Tho Manitoba Kroe Press in commenting upon the foregoing article takes n
moro reasonable, and wo bollpvo, more
popular view of the situation. The 1'Vo
l'ress says:
The Canadian minister of the interior
has given great offence to a number of
the Conservative newspapers, notably
tho Toronto Mail. In tlio first place, be
went to Washington. For a long time it
haa beon a crime in a Canadian Liberal
even to look in the direction of Washington. Hut wc must remember the
circumstances of Mr. Siftou's visit.' Tho
arrangement was that Gen. Alger, the
American minister of Wur, to whoso
department is entrusted the management of the Klondike relief expedition,
should come to Ottawa, and he would
have done so but for an attack of illness
���grippe, we think it was, and the Mail
will know that grippe has Ihe knack of
laying one up most effectually. As Gen.
Alger could not come to Ottawa to confer
with Mr. Hilton, it was only courtesy
that Mr. Sifton Bhould go to Washington
to see Gen. Alger und listen to what ho
had to say. Cotirtosy ia not an offence,
and on this "charge tlie Canadian minister must be acquitted.
General Alger's purposo iu visiting
Ottawa was to make arrangements for
the relief expedition. No doubt they
would have been made if ho had come,
and made to the satisfaction of all con
cerned ; they can be none the worso for
having been mude in Washington instead
of Ottawa. They bad to be made in any
cuBe. The Washington government desired to send supplies to American
minors in the Klondike who wore supposed to be short of provisions. The
Canadian government could not say no
to this; nor could they refuse to facilitate the purpose whun requested to do
so. Permission had to be obtained for
Intruding on our territory, and there
was a further request for n remission of
duty on tho supplies. It would have
been ingruciouB to refuse the one, and
an honest Canadian would choke on
revenue obtained through refusing the
other. Something is said of a military
escort to tho expedition. It is explained
that this escort is to consist of one
United States otlicer, and against a
military demonstration of that magnitude we do not know that there is any
eally to protest, The Mail is entirely
wrong in saying that a foreign military
force ia to invade the Klondike, unless,
of course, this one ollicer is a force. Mr.
Slfton's offence consists of his visit
to Washington and his consent to these
arrangements; tbe popular verdict will
he that he would have been extremely
churlish if he had not gone and if he
had not consented.
But while there ho succeeded in
obtaining some concessions that must
go to the credit side ot his account,
although of these the Mail is careful to
say not a word. Tiiere was some doubt
as to the privilege of transfer on tlie
Stickine. That has been cleared up,
and Canadian goods can be transferred
from ocean vessels to river vessels at
Kort Wrangel. There were annoyances
and expenses connected with tho transportation of goods across the disputed
strip at Taiya and Skagwny. These have
been removed. Although the strip is
disputed territory, it is by common consent subject to American administration
pending settlement. At the two points
named a bonding system had been in
operation, but it proved very expensive.
Canadian goods for Dawson did not pay
duty, but the cost of American inspection in seeing them across the strip was
greater than the duty would be. If the
Canadian wished to escape this greater
cost bo i*ould do so by paying duty at
Taiya or Skagwny, but in that caEe they
became American goods and were subject to a second duty on entering
Canadian territory. In either case
miners were subject to great annoyance
nnd expense. Mr. Sifton bad this
matter straightened out, and hereafter
there will be no more trouble. Instead
of quarrelling with the minister because
of bis visit to Washington, the Mail
should be glad he went; all other Canadians are.
British Mining Industry,
Nearly three-quarters ol a million of
persons were employed in the mining
industry in Great Britain in 18110. Large,
however, as the total appears, it was
some thousands less than that of 1895,
and 13.2-J4 less than that of 180*1. The
inference naturally is that less minerals
were produced las- year than in the one
proceeding it. Tins iB true but only to
a slight extent, as the total value of the
minerals produced in 1SD5 was ��69,183--
000, while in 180(1 it only fell to ��09,080,-
000, u very insignificant decline. Coal,
in particular, showed a considerable
advance, and such falling off in the total
mineral production m lias occurred is
attributable entirely to a diminution in
the output of salt and the ores of gold
and tin. It. is satisfactory to know that
tho percentage of accidents in coal mining is much less than it was somo years
ago, an improvement for which wo have
partly lo thank the Legislature and
partly the introduction of machinery,
which has saved tho miner from a great
deal of dangerous drudgery.
Yukon Report,
Major ,1. II. Ilucknor, who was sent to
Uvea hy the war department of the
United States, to ascertain the condition
of affairs in Yukon, reports that from
intervie ,s with those who have come
out irom Dawson recently mil) from observations at the Chilkoot and White
passes. Iu conclusion he says:���While
there is a shortage of stores in Yukou
Basin, a state of famine docs not at
present exist, nor is it likely to exist in
the near future. Large expeditions of
quantities of supplies, hauled ou sledges
hy horsc-B or reindeer, could not proceed
down the Yukon further than the foot
of Lake Labnrgc, 400 miles from Dawson
Reindeer on Biich an expedition are no
inure serviceable than mules or horses.
If tho government assistance is conspicuously needed in Yukon, it will be
when tho stores, now in the hands of the
people, aro exhausted, which is not
likely, from ull that I can learn, to be
earlier than April or May.
Golden to Fort Steele.
Golden to Carbonate  17 miles
"      Hog Handle  22    "
"      Spillimuchcno  42    "
"      Shorty's  50    "
"      McKay's  00 .*"
"      Windermore  84    '*
"      Brewer's  07    "
"      Canal Flat  120    "
" Wasn (Hanson's),, 156    "
"      Fort Steele  108    "
Is the best advertising medium in East
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
$75 to $150 Each according to
Fp_a��wy�� r��< -   On .--third ill 1 wis. balance in tlii'CC nnd six
X ��J-liiS _      months without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only   $2.00 per
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
trict ;
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
Upper Columbia ���*==>���
Navigation & Tjramway
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting witli the  C. I'. It. at (iolden. B.  C.  and
Ureal Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, (.iolden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder ('0111 pay.
Dalgardne * Hetel
Fort Steel��, 23. G-
CnoirB Wixm. Liquors axp Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot springs
\. ^j��>-
The Finsst Health Resort on the Continent.
Private Hospital under medical superintendence with a Trained Staff of Nurses.
Complete System uf Bsths. of eTerr kiecj
and description.
Medical Director��� DR. R. G. BRETT, Bunft.
Resident Fhysician k Surgeon���UK. 8PANKIK.
Subscribe for "THE MINER."
���A.a."vea:ti��e  la    "THE     E-A-SW     KOGTElT-&."2r     I^IITBK. M-v
,   ,        , . Priro List and Cenoral Rules.*
.1  dogs passed thvflugli |      ��� A'ttraotlo*..
en route  for tlte j
A par load
.Ctoldeu  lust   1-Vuluy
A carload ot' printing mmilunery fov
the Ktjn Frnnciscjp Kv.niiuer pawed
through on Tuosilav.
To-morrow is Chinese New Your mul
Jho alr.'.iiiiit-t-'yi'il Celestials are jilready
pro pared for u " hot time."
Mr. J.
u ul \h no
Tom, merchant tailor, lms
runs  above  tho Uig Store
���w ready for businosp.
1'.   11.   Ilacon  and Mr. Jamei
mi roturnml \Vpdnesday oven*
j.ijx fi'om a bu&hibBds trjp to Fort Steele
new town la l>ejni*f Blurted at tho
if the CrOw's Seat pass on Kootenay
h was formerly known as Arm*
g's tundinu ::w:\ has at present a
laUon of -100.
A   poSl   "II
),ake has billot Springs.
BiuttiuiM  to i
:    Grand Cliallenge, WalkevvUle Trophy,
vnluo |2S0t with four valuable prizes���
j value $100.
i    Second   Prize-.���-Four silver   shaving
' mngs and brushos, value $25.
Thin] Prize.���Four Fe,dora hats, value
[ 35-10.
BRCONii i;vi:nt.
Thu II. W. McNeill Trophy, value $100
I with four gold lockets, value f 10,
I    Second Prize.���Four brass clocks, value
j *2Q.
1    Thii'il Prize.�����Four pairs Slater's slip-
! pCl'S, value $10.
Tlllltl)   RVRN'i*.
Calgary   flawing   &    Mailing    Co.
! Trophy, value $100, with four silver gob-
\6 to liu knowp as ArroM
���ii established at Halcyon
A mail carrier has boon
irrv the mail-' between the
Second   Prize.���I
value $30.
Third  Prize���Fo
vases, value $10.
Bflunerman-Critchley  Trophy
ur German porcelain
pprings and llio boats.
A freight locomotive hae  just   boon  $30, with four I
turned  out of thu C.  P.  It. ��hops lit ojgars, value $12,
Kingston which is n monster.   It is r
JMogul uiul so powo'rful that it is ablu t��
draw bistv loaded cars easily.
Kl Padre Needles
The many friends of Mr. F. Mieheuer,
fitauugerof Hull pros', establishment at
Golden, will bo pleased to learn that he
has been discharged from the hospital
fully recovered from 11 severe attack of
Mr. Robert Kerr leaves \Vlpn}ppg
phortly on a trip to the Pacific coast,
wht.-ie he will go thoroughly Into the
position of affairs iu the matter of
"Yukon travel, in which the C. P. It. ia
The year 1898 will have six eclipses���
three of the sun and three of the moon.
This is the first time in 200 years that
there have been three eclipses of the
moon in one year, an occurrence, the
astronomer? Bay, that will not take place
in 200 years more,
Mr. M. Dainard|has returned from a
trip to the Bennifion group of claims in
the international basin, where he made
an pfHcial inspection on behalf of Major
Clohecy, manager 01 the Kootenay Consolidated. Mr. Daiuard reports work
progressing favorably and snow four feet
jleep on the level.
Reports of gold having been found at
Peace river have reached Edmonton. A
man named Pilon took out a party of
four and the claim he is working ia said
to be turning out $400 a day. that
country, if it turns out as rich aa is believed wilt be an attractive one, compared with the Yukon, as tho climate is
mild and you can get in or out whenever you please.
Archibald Campbell, a time-keeper on
the Crow's Nest railway, (Hod at Crow's
.Nest lake last Thursday from the effects
of an overdose of'morphine; lie swallowed nine pills and never awoke from
the deep Sleep that followed. It is
supposed to he a ease of suicide, as he
was in the habit of taking morphine
pills. His body was shipped to Fort
Santield for interment.
If \\\a, statements of the St. Thomas,
(Int., Times, as to the social conditions
there are correct, that town should be
dipped In Lake Erie and held under for
twenty-i'our hours. We sometimes have
sleek, smug, self-styled moral reformers
come out here from tho Fast and tell us
buw wicked we Pacific Coasters are; but
these liev. Stigginses should stay at
home and attend to the heaps of business for them in the Fastcrn cities;���
Victoria Times.
Second Prize.���Four military hair
brushes in leather cases, value $10.
Third Prize.���Four pairs silver sleeve
links, value $3.
Visitors' Trophy, value $G0, with lour
gold lockets, value $20.
Second Prize.���Four meerschaum
pipes, value $25.
Third Prize.���Four hiat her collar boxes
value $5.
Fourth Prize.���Four subscriptions to
Calgary Weekly Herald.
sixth f.vi;xt.
Consolation Prize, banquet lamp,
value $10, with four boxes cigars, value
Second PrUe.���Four briar pipes, value
Third Prize.���Two smokers' sets and
two inkstands, value $10.
1st.���Pair red hone curling stones,
value $20.
2nd.���Pair ivory curling handles,
value $5.
Jtnl���Fancy vest, value $7.
4th.���Moerschaum cigar and cigarette
holder, value $5.   ���
5th.���Travelling valise, value $5.
6th.���Bronze ornament and bronze
inkstand, value $5.
7th.���Briar pipe, value $3.
8th.���Cannister Mazawatte tea, value
0th.���Ton White Star coal, value $5.25.
FirBt four events open to all rinks
entering for the bonspiel.
Fifth event open to all visiting rinks
PointB competition open to all'curlers.
Consolation event open to rinks
knocked out in lirst draw of the first,
second and third events.
The trophies shall remain the property of the Calgary Curling Club, but
winners of such who desire may retain
possession of them for one year on fu1-
nlslr.Qg an indemnity bond for their
return iu good order p.ior to next hoi.-
Among the special attractions in Cal-
jrarv during tlie week1* will he the
Christy Minstrels, Jan. 24th and 25th ;
the Masonic Ball, Ufith ; and the Curlers'
Banquet on the 28th.
Tun Mm:ii is In receipt of it valuable
addition to its library of information in
tho shape of the '' Year Book of British
Columbia" and  " Official Hun*] Book of
Canada."   The former 'ir compiled hy
Mr. R. E. (fosnell, provincial librarian,
Victoria, and should be in the bands of
verv '.oval subject of the province; it is
There is uvery Indication of a great} well printed, well bound and profusely
���' ,, ���   , .. . b,       illustrated;  price $2.50.    Ihe latter is
ftcramhle for  Ukon  railway charters 1 ���uwi8hed by authority of the minister
.1* i.i;u :...,._:' 1 '..:.._ ���.i   .1���1
J   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
(iiil.DFN,  B.C.
Minister of Mines nnd Provincial BDcrotary���
Lion. Cot. .lumoa Uukor.
Provincial MlnoraldglBt- W. A. Carlyle.
public Assayer���H. Cafmiohaol.
iv.r the Province���W. 8. Goro Victoria
South District coinprlsluK Kort Steele aud To-
bawo Plains Mining Divisions -.1. F. Armstrong Cranbrook
North District comprising Donald, Goldon and
Windermere Mining Divisions-,i. K; Grtffltba
J. Stirret	
!���'.<.'. Lang	
C. M. Edwards..
M. Phillips	
 Fort St.rtii
. .Tubneco Plains
Deputy Clerk ot the Peace tot North Kast Koot-
cii'iv Josifih .-Hirrctt , Donald
Deputy ClerU of th�� Peaco for South Kast Kuot-
euay���Charles Maaaey Edwards,.., Fort Btuele
Extracts From British Columbia
&tatuteti Explaining Fully the
Value and Necessity of a." Free
Miners " Certificate���No Person Should Attempt Mining:
Without One.
Anv person orer IS years of age, maybe
come a Iree miner by paying fS to uny gold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obialu-
ing a certificate good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a now certificate tor
one lost on paying 51.
A tree miner's certificate in not transferable.
Any parson or company working a mineral
claim, lield w> real ustute without license, may
be fined $25. Mines become roal eatatu after
erown grunt has been Issued.
Should co-owner fuil to pay up hisfrcc miner's
certificate his interest goes to IiIb co-owners pro
rata according to their former iuter&iti.
A shareholder in a joint stotik company need
not be a free mine?.
A frou miner may claim IfiOOxloOO feet, nut
all angles must be right angles and all measur-
iiiiiiu must be tiorlisuntally,
A free miner niav cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill game for his owu use
at all seasons,
A tree miner may obtain five aeremUlsiieup-
011 crown lands in the form ol u Bqtiarfe.
A claim tatty be hold from year to year hy
work being done to the value of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held if recorded in 10 days.
A free miner may on payment of $500, In lieu of
expenditure on claim, obtain a crown grunt.
Anv miner may, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rlgbm.
No transfer of nny mineral claim or Interest
wlinll be enforceable unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any net of omission
or commis.-.ion, ur delays uu thu part of the
government ollicials.
No claim shall be open to location during
Inst Ulnessa of holder, nor within Vi mouths
after hl�� death, unless by permission 01 gold
A mineral dfttm must be recorded .within 15
davs after location, if within 10 miles of office
of mining recorder, Ono additional _m is al-
owed tor every additional 10 inllea or traction
Work on each mining claim to tha value of
(100 must be done-each year from-date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit mude by the
holder, or his agent, selling out a detailed
statement of the work done must be filed with
th�� gold coinmisalousr or mining recorder, and
a certllicttte of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of CttOll year from the date
of record ot'isaid claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject io lillng notice
ot his intention wil li the gold (omuiismoner or
mining recorder perform on any one or mure of
such claims, ail the work required to outitla
him lo a certificate of work for each claim. The
smiie provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims In partnership.
In lieu of above work the minor must pay fluu
aud get receipt und record tho same.
fluring thocOniing session of parliament;
Already twenty-one applications have
lieen made for the incorporation of
various railway enterprises, all of whieh
have Klomlilic. as thoir origin. Ten of
the projected companies ask for powers
not only to buiht and operate railroads
to the Yukon, hut to ilea) in milling
lands, to develop mining properties and
to own and operate smelters,
" It is surprising how many letters we
receive every day enquiring for details
altout the Yukon," remarked Mr. Kerr,
traffic manager of the (\ 1'. {{., the other
day; and the advice we get as to how we
tnay facilitate travel into tlie gold regions
is really absurd. 1 am not outside the
mark when 1 say that at the various
pfllces of the trans-continental lines an
average of 200 letters are received daily
on the subject of Klondike. It takes a
Staff of special clerks and a heap of
postage to Hatiufy the feverish ones."
Two important lines of policy have
been adopted by the department of the
interior. It has been decided to sell no
land In the Yukon district at present,
\h\\t to retain it in the public iuterest
from speculators, in order that actual
settlers or miners may not be handicapped by finding tracts of mineral land
tied up upon which they desire to locate.
It has also Dee�� decided to offer timber
Iwrths in the Yukon to public competition to be sold to the highest bidder.
Tenders have been called for bids for
timber up to January 29th. A large
number of applications for berth land
timber have been received at the department, and these have caused Hon. Mr.
fiiftpu to reach theso decisions.
f the interior and contains a good deal
f information for intending settlers.   It
can he obtained from any government
Thn annurtl (ronernl meeting ol tlio
shareholders ol the llahl Mountain Mining A Development Cn., UM. Ly., will
bo hold on Tuesday, Fohlruiiry llth, 181)8.
at 1 n'rlo-'k p.m., at. the head olllee ol
the Company at Golden, 11,0,
A. A1.LA.N',
Hated .lanuiry l'.Uh, 18118.'
The Golden Lumber Company, Lt'd.,
Ly,, having transferred their buslnosa to
tho Columbia Kiver Lumber Co., request
that all parties having accounts against
them send tho same in at once, and all
accounts due tho Golden Lumber Co.,
Lt'd. Ly., must bo settled on or belore
1st February, 1808.
Golden, B.C.,
Jan. l|Sth, 1898.
Piano For Sale.
PLANO for sale, Rosewood case, in perfect ordei. Took first prize at tlie Chicago Exposition.    Price $360.00 CASH.
Applyto ���
Calgary, Alts.
"-IV4 ***�����*������
Wo wish tu inform tlio
public that wo are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches. ���
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Loiter 1[,-Hils
Hill limit.
nun.i mils
Calling Cards
��� ,i Business funis
\6s I.:iw llnef..
f J,\ T.umlier ll-joks
\ri Hank Work
I'l'. I'n.Illlsnrv NotOS
CI/ Receipt i'oniiN
���JTV share Certificates
) m } Assay forms
fT^ Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B, 0.
AVi-ite for pamphlet- descriptive of the mutes
to the Yukon country
and sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Cheap Rates to  California and to the
Quickest route to the
East and to the Old
via   St.   John, Portland   or
New York.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The moat comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenay. Good Table. . Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
The best stopping placo for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terras
First class l-'ced Stables.
The Best Beer in Canada Is made by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturer* ot Beer, Ale and Soda Water
Insist on geith����r Calgary Beet every time. They
hII have it. Tbe Company'n agont lot East
Kootenny in * ft
H.  Q.  FAS&QS, GoMca, B.C.
is tlie next tiling on my programme,   ln order xo
and to make
will bu given on many articles, particularly on
Glassware & Crockery,
Furniture & Drugs.
Senerat TffercAant
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
-. ���*
Fancy Goods.
teles ft. Warren,
G-oldLeaa*-, 3B.C.
We have just received a large consignment of superior
stationery and are prepared to do all kinds of first
class job printing at living prices. Pall and get our
prices before ordering your supplies for 1898. 'We
guarantee satisfaction.     Mail orders receive prompt
.    . attention. '    ,'   '
K      ,,.;      ��  ' H-.:      if ������    ������������������
Ea��| Kootenay Publishing Co.,
These Goods must he Cleared.


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