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East Kootenay Miner 1898-07-15

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\ -VIA/"    wv\^'
Devoted to the Mining Interests and Development of the teiet of EAST KOOTEflflY.
Vol. 1, No. 51.
Golden, B. C,  Friday July  15th 1898.
$2.00 Per Year
A. ��, PATRICK, P.L.S.
(i. 9. Mct.'ARTBIl.
Jas. A. IIauvkv.
Harvey & McCarter,
Firo, Life, Heal Estate, House Agents,
Aiietloncors and Customs Brokers
Firo Agencies:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford,
European Bteamsliip Ticket onli.c.
The Hull Life Insurance (.'ompnny.
Tlie Ontario Aculdout Insura'neo Co'y.
The lilrbei-k Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Pout Steele, B.C.
T.ios   McNaught,
Mining Broker, I'lnanelnlAgclil, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post ...nice address:
Assay Offices nnd
(Jhemlcal Laboratory,
(Established 1890.)
For several years with Vivian & Sons. Swansea, and local representative Iur tlieiu.
For ."> years manager Iur the assayer?, tu tbe
Rio Tlnlo Co., London, 	
Canadian repl-esentiillve o! the t'assel (.old
Extracting Co. I.'td, (llaagow (Cyaulilu process.)
N.II.���All wurk personally supcrlntenclcil. Only
compctdnt men employed.    No pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt iilti'iitl.in g|von to orders.
A supply ol lliillillni* Lime lor sale.
The Golden
FrcHh anil Rait Munis.
Huh and (lame In neto-on.
Duatera in Cattle, Sheep and H-irsex,
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
(Iood Saddle Horses and lllgs ul All Kinds lor
Hire nt lleiisiuialile Itates.
Teaming ol All Kinds a Specialty.
Ooldon, 11. C.
Good Time
By every mini who bus n watch.
��� W. ALEXANDER, ���
C.I'.U. Wtttoli Iimpoctor will Im
Wcilnosdny to ____________________
pitch week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work win Im loft nt
k H. Bell
Wedding flings
A Speeialty.
Calgary,   -   Alberta,
Newly Unfitted & Unfurnished.
Tbo best of the kinil west of
KvcrythiiiK Complete.
All Modem Conveniences.
J. Lamontagne, .Prop,
& Embalming     |
Telepraph ordersreeeivepronipt attention T
| J. SMART,     |
The Providence puf Co
Providence, K.I.
wonts all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, senecn, etc. Prices for nest sixty
days nre us follows:
Silver Fox *fl5.00 to ?!50.00.
Bear * 5.00 to if 25.00.
Otter ��� 4.00 tu if   D.C0.
Martin % 2.00 to if   0.00.
Heaver (per pound).. .if 3.00 to if   3.50.
Wolf * 1-00 t.i *   2.00.
Bed Fox ? 1.00 lull   2.00.
Mink %   .75 tu*   2.00.
Skunk  *   .25 to*.   1.00.
Gray Fox %   .50 to $     .75.
Hat if   .20 to *    .25.
Trice list on nil other furs nnd skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and Immediate remittance on
nil consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Foot Steele, S.E. Kootexay.
Pack Trains fur mines supplied.
Freighting uf all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
Optician mid
Orders  left with  YEE LEE will he
promptly attended to.    ���
Wong See, Fort Steele.
Tom Lee, (��>
bus the best restaurant in (iolden. It is open ut nil hours.
Kvery delicacy nml fruit in its
Season. A good selection uf
Chinese l.ily.llowor roots apply
nt once ior tlie Choicest ore thev
go tu
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Nl-flit.
Hall ��� > ���
Gr OlcL@23.
17   People  17
Entire chango uf Programme
ut each performance.
Prices 50 and 75cts.
Book your seats at Warren's.
Situate iii the Oolden Mining Division of
Eust Kootenay District, When- located���On Spilleniucheen Mountain.
Take notice tlmt I, John McRne, Free
Miner's Ccrtlttcilto No. 8111)80, intend,
sixty dnvs from the ..lute hereof, tu apply
to the Milling Recorder for a certiminte
of improvements, fur the purpose ul
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
Its Minos and Mining Capabilities
as Seen by the British Columbia
Mil-linn Critic.
East Kootenuy bus been without nny
sale means ol tvunspo' tution, lins held
no advantages, bus been the most innc-
cessable portion ol' Canada up to date.
consequently mining bus been under
great disadvantage, Now we ure about
to have a change; the Crow's Nest
branch uf the C, 1'. It. will be completed
(roiu the main line nt Macleod to the
city ol l'ort Steele, the capital ol East
Kootenny, in sixty days and in consequence many mining properties that
heretofore could nut he opened nre now
developing on a large scale und new
camps are springing up in nil directions.
Among u lew ol the properties getting
ready tu fliip nre:
The nibble group, situated on Lost
creek, 10 miles east ol Fort Steele. This
property wus lirst located in 1891 by
���Iiunes Dibble, M. Dole and a Mr.
Wiillinger. In ISO,", they bonded it to
Mr. Spragc, a mining man from Helena,
Montana, Mr. Spruge and his company
developed the property to a depth u[ 500
feet. In June, 1807, it wus sold to Mr.
George E. Foster, ex-minister of finnnco
for Canada, who has since spent in
development in the neighborhood of
���-10,000, uud hits now on the dump
ready for shipment over 1,000 BiiekB of
ore that will average *-oOO per ton.
The ore is n grey copper and chlorides,
carrying gold, silver nnd copper. They
are working on n ledge of from six inches
to three feet of ore, which is increasing
in value and size ns depth is attained.
The mines are about 3,000 feet higher
than Fort Steele in what is known as tlie
Elk liver range of the Koekies. Tlie
facilities for cheap mining euniiot he
excelled, as they have abundance of
timber���tamarack, iir, spruce and pine
conniiuent. Water is furnished from n
permanent glacier above the head of
host creek and Dull river, where, ut anytime of the year, cun be found 200 feet
of solid blue ice. Tliis oro will be
shipped just as soon as llio Crow's Nest
railway gets to Fort Steele. At present
the North Star company have a contract
with tlie,boats and can furnish more ore
than they can take out.
The North Star mine will ship tliis
year about 4.000 tons of ore and could
take out ten times that amount i( they
lnul transportation, but the recent loss
of the Farrell loaded witli ore, the Kuth
and the North Star lust year all being
wrecked in tlie canyon, a total loss,
causes thom to go Blow. Tho North Star
boat is the only one left to carry the ore,
and like tlie Dibble, the   North  Star
And lurther take notice that action, , ...     ,    ,,       ., .,.,
under section 37, must is. commenced 11"-*'1**<* ���-"* waiting for tho rmh*'''*"   rhl
before theisstuince of such
Dated this 18th day of January
ertiticitte of
Jons McKak,
By his agent lieo. S. McCarter.
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. \V. Aylmer.
1st .Vicc-I'ic*.���W. II. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Yiee-I'res.���\V. CI. Neilson, .1.1'.
3rd Yiee-I'res.- E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer��� E. A. Haggen.
The regular meetings of Ilie Association
are held on the Hrst Tuesday of each
iu. .nth at the Columbia House, Golden.
' All persons liuviii*- rlnlms iiK-iln.t Mr. A.(*.
M. Klirnggo, l.iirri.tcr, Im.* ..I KcvoIhIoxu, iiii.I
(uriiu-rlv iillinii-tlil uiul ii.il.lcii, Hiv i-ciiiu-Miil
lo -Willi piirtlciilurs nf Hiclri-liilm*. In Uu- uii.li-r-
slinicil  lu cure ul  Mul-inns Hunk, 11. -vclstuku
Station, ll.c,
CEO K Mcl'AllTKIt,
Solicitor lor Mr. SprafCRO.
nre from the North Star mine carries
lead and silver and has an average value
of ff80 to **!>0 per ton ou the dump.
Tlie property is situated about 25 miles
west of Fort Steele nnd lies on the low
bills of tlie Selkirk range.
Tho Sullivan group, situated three
miles from tlie North Star mine, wus
located in 1892 by Messrs. Cleber and
Ed. Smith (tlie latter is now tlie manager, having retained an interest). In
181)0 they sold to the Lo Koi company of
ltosslund, mostly Spokane men under
tlie management ol Colonel Rednath of
Spokane, president of tlio company.
There has been very little work done
on this property until recently. In tlie
lust thirty 'leys ihey uncovered a body
of high grade ore (lead nnd silver) 211
feet in width at a depth of -10 feet, the
ore being identically the same character
us the North Star. In several oilier
places on the properly largo bodies have
1 been exposed from tbe grass roots, show-
! ing that the whole Sullivan hill is an
i enormous hody of oro. Like tlie North
1 Star and Dibble, they are waiting for the
. Crow's Nest ruilwny to ship, For iniles
lulling this range of hills can he found
1 smaller properties ol the Bunie character
' us tbo North Star and Sulliviiii only
awaiting capital to show them up and
muku tliein shippers and dividend payers.
The F.stella group, situated at the liend
of Tracy creek, was located in 1SH2 by
Georgo II, Scent and Fred Tracy, who
did some development uud assessment
work in 1803-1-5-0. At one time there
was offered fur sale a half-interest for
t-2.50 (the cost of recording) to Mr.
Sprageul the Dibble, but lit Hint time
Mr. Spruge did not take interest enough
to even go and look nt it. To-day it bids
fair to be the richest mine in llritisli
Columbia, (I not ono ol tho best in tlie
Ami IllsHonour tin* t.lciitcii*in|.i.'..vorii*)r lins      InJo.lv, 1S97, it was sold to Air. Alex,
lu-i-ii nii-nsui to appoint tlio iiiuUirmoutloneil I    ,       -'    .     ,   ,,   ,       ���.   i     ���
pi-nun tuiim i.,��ir(iiiiiinni-.iii..i-i..i-,niiiiur ilu-  Falcon  of .Gray's Harbor,  Wash., lor
pmvlsliin.niMiciU.il 17oniii'MlilAcl.iMiiicI)*:  ��,;WpU00.   g|ncu then lie has run a tunnel
In the former Eleetnrat District ol Ki|��l Koote \m\ jn tu��, *|���. ledgo, whicli on the Bill'
unv, .Iauks r. AliMslliu.**-), uf Kurt Mcclc. ' ' . . .
""''  ',, (nee shows a body ufoiv tune teet wide,
iii a ledgo 60 loel wide.   This ore carries. BROOKLYi-i
gold, silver ami copper, the sume as tlie
Dibble, and averages *'-20 per ton.
Adjoining this property nre several j
other groups showing largo ledges of the j
snnie character of ore, and experts say]
Ihey will be better properties than the
This district promises to lx- the lloss-
Innil oi Kust Kootenuy and is attracting
more attention than any other point iu
tliis district to-day.
Thero is a great amount of develop- ,,) .,,. tin* c.P.R. for the covcnionio of
incut going on and over 300 claim*., are discharging cargotuid landing pnnscngors
being worked, over all of which tho pros-hj very \Mal MngB tonfiof Iroightand
pectors and miners aro very enthusiastic. | a..,r(,'8 ���| passengers.   Hoteli* ami storei.
There are men here from Australia, bnildingB ol nil descriptions to meet Iho
Colorado. Afrien and every camp  tlio  |,llssiiig exigencies are erected and in Iho
, A Town Not a Month Old.���Has a
Big Population���A Waelcty Newspaper and Is now Installing an
Electric anci Water Plant.
Tun Mini;:,- visited thiB town this week
nnd it was not llit-u u month old. ll i*.
on lower Arrow Luke nnd is beiiifi hewn
out of Ull* forest. Tin- only perfect nnil
complete construction is liu-Lig wluu-t
ami landing stage which lias been ere-et-
world over, and they are unanimous in
tlie opinion that Tracy creek will be the
next big excitement. Already there is
a town laid out by that name and people
are rushing in, buying lots and building.
Two months ago there was nothing
but a dense forest of tir and tamainck.
course oi erection. Tents are everywhere on tin- beech and in tin- woods. A
big rnilwnyconstructioncnmp isneai* by.
There will he upwards of 20UO people in
and near Brooklyn, All the Mirrored
town lots are already taken up, uiul Hie
surveyors   are   neaili   busy   laving out
To-dav there is u saw mill, large hotel,; _n,si.   i���t9  for  which   there are eager
three buildings going up for stores, and demands.     Public institutions have nl-
sevcral private dwellings. At this point
on tlie mountains there, is a peculiar
formation just above the town about 4000
feet lies Grundy ami Diorite basins, out
of which heads Lewis, Trail, Tracy,
Grundy, vVusn, Wolf, Six Mile, Wild
Horse, Sheep and Four Mile creeks, all
from one to three miles apart at their
source. The trails up the mountains
along these creeks all go through the
new town of Tracy. Tlie mountains at
tliis point are very abrupt, rising almost
ready been installed, the lirst lieing a
newspaper whicli bus already run four
Tlie uprise of this town, on the side of
���a hike near tin. bottom of u steep mountain, in a big forest, wliere all natural
difficulties had to be contended with,
lias been most phenomenal. A corral-
pondeut of the Spokesman-U Jviow thu
very aptly describes " its go aheadncSs":
The town of Brooklyn is forging to the
front.    The latest addition is an electric
perpendicularly from 8,000 to 0,000 feet light plantaiid a water system wliich will
high, the numerous creeks cutting tlie
formation, wliich is solid and exposing
the ledge at great depth.    The contacts
are iu porphyry, slate and diorite, tlie
predominating metals being gold, silver
ami copper.
The government are building a good
wagon road to Tracy and weoxpoct much ! (own. Tlie wuter will lie pure and frcs.i
ore will he hauled out to the railway
when it is completed. This lump Is 20
miles north of Fort Steele, lour iniles;
from the Kootenay river and 27 miles
from the railway as the road is now
shortly be installed.
Tin' pules are ' dug taken from tbu
woods nml workmen are constructing
the dain. The pipes follow the creek for
3001) feet and tiiere secure a head of 20-J
feet, giving a pressure of 1011 to the
sipuire inch ontlic business streets of the
Extracted by Electricity and Chemistry.--The  Jerneuan   Process.
us it comes largely from mountain
springs uud the natural How being ample
for two large lire huso to run nn infinite
period. ThiB assures protection from the
(or tlie town and an excellent supply ��.i
water for domestic purposes. The people
enthusiastic over lhe convenience and
safety this will afford them.
It is tlie intention to install the light
plant Immediately. An engine will ho
used to supply power, but us soon us tl..
An old song says that the wealth of water pipes are down It is thought tie
the ocean lies fathoms below the surface
Unit sparkles above. This theory has
been discredited. It is now an ascertained fact, scientifically settled, thut
there is gold in sea water, and that it is
equally distributed throughout the entire mass of tlie salt sea. Estimation
lias been made hy some scientists that
every ton of sea water contains from one
half grain to one grain uf gold and about
two grains of silver. At the lower rate
estimate, half a grain per ton. a cubic
mile of water would contain $(15,000,000
of gold. Giber scientists from tlieir experiments consider this too high and
estimate that the quantity of gold per
ton of sea water is but .071 grains, tlie
upply will be great enough to drive tin
dynamo for lighting, Doth are un.l
incandescent lights will In* installed.
This is one of tlie most remai'akubte
towns in tlie history of Kootenny, or tlie
Pacific northwest, for rapidity of growth
and permanent improvements. 'Ihe
town is not many days old, yet there arc
more substantial and well-built houses
than in any uthor new town ever built iu
tlie northwest. A weekly newspaper
will appear Saturday, making tin- fourth
issue, tin. Hrst being printed before th. re
was a house in the town and while tin-
surveyors were cutting trees for lines
and making comer post., for th.- su--
veyor.    Now comes an electric light ami
value oi which is aliout three-tenths of a | water plant, costing ninny thousands of
cent per ton of water. Even at this low dollars, the largest wharf on the lake,
estimate a cubic mile of tlie sea | two daily mails, hut no post ollice,
would pan out a very large amount. I There aro a thousand men iu Brooklyn
Some seas, particularly inland sons, and vicinity who get mail nt Oils point,
notably the Caspian and Demi Sens, are which is kept in a Boap box outside tbu
more salt and dense tliiin Other portions News ollice. Each Hutu is his ow n poBl-
of the ocean's surface and there tlie gold muster. The letters are lefl on Ilu* News
more abounds. Tlio estimate of tho desk and aro btindlod und taken abroad
Caspian ; ca being put as high as from by the obliging editor.
10 to 18 cents per ton. Gold oslslB Three immense lumber rafts have been
wherever i. is found nnd it having been nnlondod hoio, the lutul being 760,000
found existing in this seqtlOHB form, feet of lumber, which has been put Into
means have been devised whereby tin.  buildings,
ions metal should be separated' from i    Brooklyn bus an ideal site for a pity.
��� its saline deposits and converted into
more tangible bulk. Tlie menus is hy a
process called lhe .li'i-negaii process, so
iianicil from a clergyman hy name the
Uev. 1*'. F. Juriiogtin, iu whicli eleclri-
city and  chemistry  are the chief agen-
| cies for extracting tlie gold.
|    In tliis process certain woolen boxes
I or accumulators tiro used. Each ncciimu-
The lake at this point is two miles wide
ami the view is unobstructed for many
miles up ami down.   High basaltic clillH
wall iu tlie waters and scarcely a ripple
is seen to disturb Ilie Binootliiiess of 'he
surface. Tho hills are not heavily wooded
and away up thc niiiniitiiin-sidi s can ho
seen Utile green benches, park-like iu
I appi-aiancc, many ol them having littlo
i mountain BtreaniB whicli como uunlil ng
later will hold, according to size, from  ,lnwn, falling hundreds of feet over cliffs
PIlllVlXl'IAI. Slit.llKTAUY'S Ol'I'll'K.
Will Mny, 1SI1B.
HIS llOXOl'lt the IJcutcnnnt-Uiivcrluir bus
been |.l.-.isi-il I.) n|i|...int Hi.-iiii.li-rini.i.-
ll,uu-.I persons lu lie ri.llecuirs uf Votes, iiiuler
tlie provisions ni section 10 uf tlie " Uc.llslrll.u*
iinu A.-t.isos," namely!
'O-UAH NTIKRKTr, ill Donill'l. (ur III.. North
Itl.llnu, Ku.l Kiititi-uiiy Klccloiiil lllslrlel.
ClIARl.ti M. Ki.ivaiius, ol Kurt Sli-i-le, Iur tin-
suiiiii itlilhiK, Knsi Kootonny Kloctotnl iilstrl.it.
ten to twenty gallons of fluid. Tlie sea
water is admitted by a very slow current, nfter puBsing through an electric
of rock, dashing into foam and iiiii-vug
themselves in the bosom of tiie lake
These open glodos arc excellent pnstuie
for lhe deer and uittiiv can n��* se,,, ui all
current, into these accumulators whore times quietly graslng, for as  yet tlie
there is the chemical substances and sight of the spoilsman bus not tdtmm.d
then passes out leaving tlie deposits of  them sulnclontly to drive them  lo ll.c
���mid behind.  So duo is tho metallic gold deep'torest*.   Hah tig ami boating ne
.that  tiiere  is  a great, waste, which Is UinusomontB all Indulge iu, ns the tn ut
1 reckoned us high us nine-tenths, so Unit arc  plentiful  and   bite   lively.   Every
actually only one-tenth of the wealth is ' evening pleasure pirtics are organizi.l
sccureil.     Even with this great waste a : }p sail or row to Do; creek,  where trul-
oublc mile of water should pun nut well, [ ������"K, Is always rewarded Willi  a go, ,1
producing not less tliiin (.86,000,000.        ] catch of rainbow trout.  Every night the
Already works have boon erected hv a ' new wharf is I hud with hoys and work-
Boston  corporation  on  the shores of m**}'"-. who .catch* largo numbers of white
Maine to extract the gold from the brine  ������s**, which are good eating,
by tliis process.    Tlie name Is Tho ICIei
trie.   Marine Sails Company.   We shall
I watch the operation* of this company
witli inlercst  und  hope its success will
justify the expenditure made on the ex-1
[pcnnlc.it  of extracting gold from sea I
Advertise in
THE MINER. ^ * _"3-.TL-*.- wmturtrr 1
3/4<? 9Niner
A WcLlv fourillll, publlahoil cv.-rj- r'r),li.\
lu iIiii mlureiit ..I tin* t.-i.-i Kouten��!* putrlet
iii-iklm* eles-.-si i-oin-.y. lions .villi ull trains ami,
Wil r.iutos.
BUJISfilUETION IIVTUS: Bv un* |l or curi lcr,
K.Oe per year ia i-.iUiolee.
AIIVKIITI3INIJ KATES: Display mill. JI.50i��-r |
columnInch, tlUW per .-i.iuii.il iueli .'.lieu in-1
s.rle.l ...II Uu. title l'-lf.- I   I.-B..I ".is- '�� .'eiu- l'"
I iiunpnreii) lino Ior nrat Insertion, 0 coats nor
line lot oiioh Kll-lUillim) lutfurttoll i rc-nlui*;
i;���lice, 15 -Hints pel* line cacll insertion.
I'lituii'es.if iid-i. miisi oohioffl-ionolliUorthftii
IllrtU, marrlago unj death nutices inn-irte-l
Jul! llKPAltT.M��NT>' Our Jul. Deparlmcut
is lie bill e.pilppe.l piiulilitf ullUiu III Klul
Koo ''in.)' nn.i i** prepare-l lo .1.. neat, artl.tlo
jiiiullli;'ntii reas.taujilc price. One price tu ull.
.,|,ill ol-Uers rueeive prollfpl atlenliou.
lailtliiisi'oXDENTS i We Invite eorrotpoo.
���loiicu on any subject of Intercut to tin* sotioral
puiili.* un.l iiesirc a regular commponilent ai
ovory point 111 tlio District. In nil caaos Iho
bona lute name ol writer must ocoompany Hie
llljiJilIsi-I-l-pt.   mil   Jlv.i  mny   Ull' ,-.i'.,lllHlioll
but us ii guaranteed goou faith,
I'orrcspon.leiu-.- '.vill. roloroiiio n. any matter
tlmt lias appearcit tn unotlier paper must lirsl
be ofteic.l lo Unit p.lp.'l* for pcbliiiili.'ll b.'loii.
it call appi-urin "Till-: Mixuil."
Adilrcs* all i-ominuiiicatloiis
Golden, J*. (!.
<-*'-- ��������������� ""
The Electorate ot the Province of
Uritish Columbia have raised the Hood
gates of retribution and a political deluge
has Birept over tlie Province, washing
out tin' supports of the Turiie.r-l'ooley
Cabinet.. Tims undermined, tlie Cabinet
will soon be swept by the stream of time
into the sea of oblivion. Tlie impending
catastrophe wits foreseen, PreRtti.ut.ions
were duly made. New supports had
been selected on whicli to erect a newer
.and better Cabinet. Thu old Ctlbj.net
had served its day am] genera tion. It
was advanced "��� years and decaying, and
additional supports hud from time to
time lieen put in to supply the place of
those which had disappeared from various causes. Notwithstanding these renovations, its decay had become rapid. Its
.supports were unreliable and giving way.
The Cabinet itself was tending to become
corrupt. It was a matter of surprise
that those responsible for its construction had not lung ore this time opened
the Hood gates and swept it away, ils
supports have now gone and i.t will soon
be rapidly swept away. What the next
Cabinet will be that is to supply its
place remains to be seen. Time will
only determine whether it will serve ils
purpose as equally well or endure us
long. We question very much its enduring stability irom the heterogeneous
supports that have been selected. It is
to lie hoped it will serve a better purpose
ami he more useful thtth Ihe former
���Cabinet during its .period of existence,
however long that may be.
Mi*. Ilewilt.Uostock, M.P. for Yale and
Cariboo is.u most remarkable individual
and full of enterprise. Last week, during the height ol the political excitement
lie made u long journey from his home
in Ducks to tills district. It was the
misfortune of certain electors to hold
Dominion   Government appointments,
who instead of confining themselves
entirely to the duties of their ollice were
taking a more or less active part in tiiis
provincial election and devoting a portion of tlieir time to electioneering without any detriment to their official
duties. This was notably lhe case at
Donald, Windermere and Fort Steele.
These officials were in all probability
jeopardizing their appointments hy this
partisanship and were apparently unconscious of tlin fact. Was there no
person to warn and admonish them of
an impending danger? The task was
undertaken by Mr. Hewitt Bostock.
It is uncertain what bis real intentions
were, ns to tlie extent of his journey or
tlie full nature of Ids enterprise when he
left home, because he got no further
than Donald and thu only official warned
and admonished there was the Post
Master. Why. bis enterprise was cut
short at this stage is only known to Mr.
linstock. It may have been on account
of the long and wearisome journey up
the Columbia Valloy and down the
Kootenay or it may be Ihat the otlieial
at Donald was Impervious to tlie admonitions and warnings and that to proceed
further was to court failure, or it may be
that the official at Donald was the only
brand he considered worthy to be
plucked from the lire and that the
others ill ids estimation were beyond
redemption. Whatever was the reason
tliis enterprise was n failure. There are
some people so ill-natured as to declare
that if the official at Donald had been
on the other side of politics the enterprise never would have been undertaken
and that the reason why the enterprise
stopped at Donald was because the oili
clttlfl at Windermere and l'ort Steele
were against tlie Provincial Government
and were therefore doing no wrong;
whereas the other agent who was exercising the same right was doing harm.
This tuny or muy not he true, but if
true such enterprises deserve to fail in
tlie interests of honesty and fair play
and Mr. linstock should turn bis amiability and well meaning In other directions where its objects will not be
misconstrued ami misrepresented.
The Leading Hotel in East Kootraa^sjhe
W. 91fc9ieish, Prop.
For the lust six months ending 30th
Juno, 18118, there have been issued in
Golden Mining Division 132 miners'
licenses; 11 mining claims have been
located and recorded; 30 assessments
have beeu done and certificates granted
4 payments of $100 each have been made
in lieu of assessments not done. Ther
have been two permissions granted to
relocate claims not sufficiently Btaked
There have been twenty-lour transfers
of property recorded and one certilieate
oi improvement obtained in order to
to secure the Crown grant.
The milling income from these sources
yields about (11200. The lirst part of tlie
year has not lieen brisk owing to tlie
backwardness of tlie season, lhe snow
being long in disappearing, which re-
niining operations in tlieir early stages,
particularly prospecting and development work, hut did not interfere much
with the active development work where
permanent camps had been placed.
The   Provincial   Elections.
���The following is the complete list of returns up to date, which Include tho
whole of tlie constituencies, with tlie exception ol (.'nssiar. Even molding tlie two
members tlmt district returns, the present Government is in a minority, Some of
the Independents will, like the vicar of lliay, support the Government, whatever
Government may he in power.
Mii.vnn-.nH I'li.iiiiTBii.  | Gov. |()i'|.'x|lxi).
F.sqtiiinult (8)
Nanaimo City ..
Nanaimo North
Nunaimo South.
Victoria North.
Victoria South..
Victoria City (4)
Cariboo (2)..
Cassiar (2)	
Kootenny East, North Killing	
Kootenay Eaat, South Hiding	
Kootenuy West, Bevelatoke Hiding.
Kootenny West, Kosslund Hiding...
kootenuy West, Nelson Hiding	
Kootenay West, Slocan Hiding	
Lillooet,'East Hiding	
Lillooet, West Hiding	
New Westminster City	
Vancouver City (4) .
Westminster, Chilliw.ick...
Westminster, Delta	
Westminster, Dewdney ���
Westminster, Richmond.,.
Yale, East Riding	
Vale, North Hiding	
Yale, West Hiding	
Bulled ...
Booth ......
Mel'itillips .
No election yet .
Neilson ....'	
Strictly First ('hiss in every respect.
Best Sample Rooms West of Winnipeg.
Tourists, Commercial
and Mining Men.
J. C. TOM #
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
l"]___1@__p**__~__~. -"*��������� -   One-third down, balance tu three and six
mm l**5i**��-L**-***' -      months, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
HAS located permanently opposite the Columbia House,
Golden, where lie will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it he Tailoh-Made or Rf.ady-Made
Clothing. A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is '' no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
a.     CON'TKACTOItS    TO   THK   C.P.R.    ____w
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation Co
Connecting with the C.P.R. nt'Golden, 11.0., and
Great Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday and Friday at 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermero with Ttoyitl Mail Stage for Fort Steele and Wnnlncr.' ?
Consignors will be cbargod witli all way freight between Golden and Windermere at whicli point a Company's agent will be stationed.
Ilnggnge allowance on Steamer lftiHlm.; per adult; allowance on Stage 251bs.
per adult, if desired estra baggage can be forwarded by express team at express
rates (10 ccntsjicr pound).
Address nil exprcKK'cnrc of Upper Columbia Company, Oolden.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
G-oia.e:n ojxx6l Sealer, B.C.
Ullook & Barrie, Props,
GOLDEN      -    -    .   B.  C.
Kl st-r)im in every jinrticiilar.  Convenient to Kailwny Depot and Bt earn boat I-aarliag.
ituU's KriismuiMc.  Kreo Bnninla Koom*.
Tlit* Tram Cur li'tivctt Kootenny House, conncrting with Steamer for Fori Steele evo��r
Mondiiv uiul Friday after arrival of train from Um weal.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
Windermere Hotel,
J. A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors nml Cigars.  First class accommodation,
East Kootenay
Mining Stock List.
Kamk of CoMi'axv.
Tho Gold Hills 0. & B. Co	
Kootenny, Cariboo M. A I. Co	
Golden k Fort Steele 11, Co	
Alberto k Kootenny 11. Co	
Fast Kootenay and Mil; liiver Development & Kxplorntinn Co	
if 750,000
$  500,000
$   75,000
General Merchants
-���- FORT STEELE, B. C.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Coinpay.
SalgardnQ * Hetel
Fort Steele, B. G.
Choice Winfs, Lkjuohs and Chubs,
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Haleyon hot springs
The Fineit Health Report on tho Continent-
Private Hospital under medical auperiaten-
dence with a Trained Staff of N'urne*,.
Complete System of Hatha, of every kind
nnd description.
Medical Director��� DP.. K. S. BRKTT, Ban����.
Resident Physician k Surgeon���DB. SPANKIK.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER."
_____________ IMPRESSIONS
On tho Rloh Mountains of British
Columbia and the Abundant
Wealth  In the Provinco of Mln-
(Concluded From Lust Week's Issue.)
Although the mining development of
the Kootenays is generally regarded ns
dating irom the construction of the
Canadian Pacific railway through the
Selkirk range, its history antedates that
event many years and there are prospectors still weighted with their packs
un,I buoyed up by their hopes who recall
the story ol the earlier placers, These
old prospectors, though hard to discover
and still harder to draw into conversation, have a (und ol anecdote as fascinating and almost as hard to extract as the
gold they have so long sought. The
young prospector, with an abundant kit
tied in tlie most approved Bhoulder-
straps, Hometinies with yellow leggings
and a pule hat of capacfous brim, may
have as good a chance of striking it rich
as a fellow hopeful with an experience
safely past the quurror ota century. Hut
tho old prospector who has discarded
pack-Btraps, who takes a pair of blue
jeans, stows his kit in their capacious
dome and ties the legs over bis shoulders
for straps, though generally reticent and
taciturn, is always more ricli in narrative
and philosophy. In the camps are men
who took part in the ruBh to the Big
Bend of the Columbia in 1805, and thev
nre still hopeful ot the results of their
assessment work nnd confident in their
knowledge of the ways of gold deposits
and the places where rich leads and
washings will be found. Big Bond is the
point where the Columbia river rounds
the northern point of tlie Selkirk range.
The river makes its way northward
between tbo Bocky nnd Selkirk ranges
and then turns south between the Selkirk and Gold mountains, being crossed
twice by the Canadian Pacific railway,
at Donald and nt fievelstoke. AVhen the
placer mines of this district were discovered miners rushed in from all parts
of the gold-mining world, and they
attracted the usual accompaniment,
ranging from legitimate traders to gamblers, sharks and disreputables generally.
In the camp there was no stamped gold
to breed disquieting currency theories.
Kvery store and hotel keeper had his
gold scales and the miner paid for bis
purchases not in dollars but In pennyweights nnd ounces. Tha circulating
medium was not coined, but it answered
its purpose just its well, perhaps hotter,
from the standpoint ol the man who
owned tho scales. Men would bet nn
ounce, two ounces or ten ounces on nny
game or sporting event and put tlieir
uncoined money on tlie table or in tlie
hands of a stakeholder. Aristotle says
that the coinage of gold or silver can
serve no purpose except to save people
handling it, the the trouble of weighing
mid determining tho purity. Although
the views of tlie Greek philosopher nre
not accepted by the free-coinage and
irredeemable paper advocates, bo is sustained by the early experience of Big
Bend. \s ill all placer rushes, tbo surface only was scratched. The news of
strikes in the creeks and tributary
streams caused the camp to melt away,
and the rush subsided almost as suddenly
ns it came. With the construction ol
tlie Canadian Pacific railway placer mining was resumed on the Big Bend, but
results were by no means encouraging.
In 1802 there was another revival, with
n liberal expenditure of cash und energy,
and some of the deep diggings and
tunnellings havo yielded good results.
There is now scarcely anything left for
the pan and rocker, but extensive
hydraulic workings have given nnd still
promise good results. All the principal
creeks nre held on lease and prospects
are bright for successful development.
In tlio history ot Kootenuy silver
mining nil recent events arc dated from
the slump in silver in 18011, mid this is
especially truo of development iu the
Lnideuu district, around tbo north arm
of Arrow lake, llore the prospecting
and development energetically commenced, nnd, aided by easy rail and
water commotions, were suspended by
the fall in silver and revived by the
restoration of the value ot the white
metal. The same is true ol the mines
near Albert canyon, on the main line,
and the majority of tho silver properties
of tho Kootenays.
Tho cursory glances detailed take in
only a purt of the mineral-bearing district south of the Canadian Pacific
railway. The great Cariboo district Hint
yielded its millions in placer gold in the
sixties and is again mined with abundant success, the Cnssiar district to the
north, the Lillooet district to the south
and the Westminster district along the
coast range have not been even mentioned. This great area of mineral
wealth must yield abundantly for generations to come. Nature Becins to have
been prodigal with her gifts, for timber,
water and all the accessories of mining
are hero in plenty. Nothing short of
gigantic human blundering can keep
this wealth from man's uses. In transportation tlio province, in the language
of n campaign document, is confronted
with a condition nnd not a theory, a
condition which, one is apt to wish, wore
otherwise. Everyone, broadly speaking,
is expecting prortts through the influx ol
population, and is consequently afraid to
voice or indirectly give publicity to a
complaint.hownver serious his grievances
may he. Agitation*1 is a weapon the
people will not use, for, though it might
speedily effect reforms, it wonld be certain to discourage immigration. Railway
building most always be difficult, an.
the prospector must bear in mind that
there is an economic as well as n chemical ussay. A vein of ore in an inaccessible region may yield high on the
chemical assay, but in the economical
analysis tbe cost of railway building
must be deducted. The absence ol rimi
municipalities and the consequent in-con
Bity of a wide measure of paternalism is
apt lo obscure that truth. Current
literature and conversation arc apt lo
give an erroneous impression of this
Mountain Province, lteferenees to the
'' Pacific slope " convey the idea of a
great descending plain beyond a precipi
tons ridge of the Koekies. The Selkirk
range, the Coast range, the Gold mountains and the Piirccll range indicate
attenuated outcroppings from the sloping
plain. But tlie prospector or traveller
cannot recognize lines of dcmtirukution,
though they muy be noticeable to the
surveyor and map-maker. To the
traveller there is a continuous " sea ol
mountains " extending from the Rockies
to and peyond the Pacific shore���beyond
for the coast is an archipelago ol snowcapped peaks, affording the longest
stretch of sheltered ocean navigation.
This mountainous region is streaked with
many valleys excellent for grazing and
capable of good agricultural development, the requisites of irrigation being
ready to band. With tiie accession of a
population willing to adopt, the slower
roads to wealth these will no doubt
receive tlie attention they deserve, but
the food supply of tho province must
come in the main from the prairie and
tbe sea.
Pacific Ry,
East via the Lake Routes
Greatly reduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
direct via C.P.R. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagwny.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian.
Thc largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for the passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for June:
Athenian June 2
Tees      "���     8
islander     "    10
1'akshan     "    11
Tecs     "    17
Islander     "    2*1
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full Information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kust Kootenny, Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendnnce. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
-^mr ���
The chief tow1 in East Kootenay, on the main line of  the
C.P.R. and head of navigation of the Upper Columbia
'   River and Lakes.
Chief Distributing Centre for East Kootenay by Road, Rail and River.
declare it is the best town to outfit iu. Its goods are of
better quality, in greater variety, cheaper in price and
better packed, than in many other towns.
Commercial and
Railway Centre
Of South East Kootenay.
As a site for smelters it has especial ail vantages, lieing the
Divisional Point on the
Main line of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway.
'Mil Mav.lStS.
nil* HONOUR tin* Lieutenant-Governor hun
l)iiuii I'U'HHt'il hi appoint tin* uiiilt-r'iifh-
tloned ])eraoiiH tu l>o Cnliivtowoi Yotwt. under
thi> provisions of Kortimi 10 Of tbo " Kcuisii'iL.u-
llrni Act.lKtffc," namely:
.Iosuh HriKiiK'rr, of Donald, for the North
Hiding, ISntit Kdoiciiuv Blc-cturul IMftirlirt.
(,'HA It LBS  M. KDWAWW, Of Port   Sti-vlc, for  111'*
South Hiding- Kits* Kootenuy Electoral Dlatrlut.
Ami His Honour tho L(euteuant*flovernor unu
in'i'ii pleased in appoint thf undermentioned
pun-on to boa Distributing Collector, tinder tlie
provlnloim of suction i" of thenaht Act, namely:
In tin* [ormerKIuetorainialrfct of Kim Koote-
liny, ,1A SIKH I'. AKMSTKOKO, oi Fort Steele.
Pitunto in tho Golden Mining Division of
Kant Knotenav District. Where lo-
cntud���On Hpillumachuen Mountain.
Tako notico that I, John McKtie, Free
Minor's Certificate No. 86980, intend,
sixty days from thu date hereof, lo apply
to tlio Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining ii Crown grant of the above
And further tako notico that action,
under section 37. must be commenced
before tlielHSmtnce oi Btich certificate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1808.
Johs McRae,
By hia agent Geo. S. McCarter.
AH persons having claims agaliiHl Mr. A. ft.
M.Hpraggc, liftrrimw. lute of Itevelxlokc, mul
formerly Ntl-mml-l mul liolilen, uro rcqncKteil
to send particulars of their (���Initial In thc uiuk*r��
slgnod in vara of Molsons Hank, Revcl-Uoku
Station, 11.0.
6H0 S McCAltTKH,
Solicitor [or MrsSprugge.
A sjiRPial general meeting of the shareholder!
nf the l"p)Mir Columbia Navigation ami Tramway Cnmpanv, Li ml tod, nil) bu held nt Ihe
Company's office al (Iolden, IM.'., on Thursday
the :��th day nf .Tunu, A.I>.,16ft8, ut one o'clock
in tin- afternoon, for tin* election if Director**,
authorising Uie payment of a portlou of tlin
Mortgage Bonds nf tlio Company, and for the
ordering of tho affalriof the Couijmny generally.
By order of the Hoard.
r. ii. PAKSOX,
Oolden, B.C.. June 7tli,18flH.
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
1st Vico-lVes.���W. (i. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vice-Pa*.���\V. ti. Neilson, ,1.P.
3rd Vicu-Pres.���1-- Jnhnson.
Secretdry-Troasurer���K. A. ILigfrcn.
Tlie regular nwetings of tit-*? Association
are held on tlie first 'IV.-ilay of each
month at the Columhlu 1 lou#e, (iolden.
16   Loaves
Sixteen I5*.!')-   Loaves   fur  One
Dollar dish,
At Mack Joe's.
We wish Ui inform the
public that ire are prepared
to <lo Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all ils branches.
Our Specialties:
Ni.ii- k���-.*<;-
i.i'iifi* ni*.,!**
inn Hni.li
, ..   Hu-iiu��� ('until
\#_>   i-iii ���rlula
'"**.   -Uulx-r K..1L1
��\ 1'l'L.iMiM.rv y.it*,*<
__,/ Kiv.-ipi Ki.rini.
Hill Ill-nun f*\ Slinti-C -llll.-Hli*
Hlill.1 Kill*. *>j) 1*���iv K.irin*.
miiiiiit Curd-     <"< nrii-tKlmntalmln
No Job too
No Job too
.   Small
j East Kootenay Pub. Ca
-Golden, R. C, Ill  III 1IIM -*��� M*DW****^
Mr, T. I*'.. Wilson, of Uanlf, Ima rounded llva coppor locations near Lean-
c'.iuil, tin- Otter, Beaver, Slink, Marten
uiul l*'i**'.n*r.
The (lot Punch minoral clnlni on
Toby Creek litis been bonded to Fort
Steele mining mon for $tu,UJ0, with a
,*ii3h piiyini'iit of $1000,
Messrs, Knowlton k Lindsay are push
jiw work on tlio Sunday iiUitm at Ottor
(ail uiul have a gang oi live men
i-inpluyi'.l sinking a shall.
Mr, \V, (i. Mitchell-lmies hasongngcil
ji gang ol mon to do development work
(in his company's claims at Prairie
Mountain, James UIgg will be i"
L, II, Estollo haB recorded tho Tor
phry and Iron Hill minoriil claim on
Canyon Creek about 10 miles from
liiilili-n, Tin. im. is of vory line appearance carrying good valnos in copper.
Mr. T, Mercier and A. Miicauloy left
(or Unguium Crook on Tuosday to begin
woili on llio (Iolden and l'ort Steele
l.'oiii|...inv's claims tiiere preparatory to
un e\iiiiiiiiulion of same being made on
iR.luill'i.f tlie Couipuuy.
Thomas (iood hus takon a contract to
drive a tunnel for tlio Alberta & Kootonay Development Co. ou tlio Mabel
(iiqiip at the head ot Copper Creek. Mr.
M Halliard goes out next week to give
directions as lo the work.
Tlie Huld Mountain Mining Co. have a
gang of men at work on their claims
near 1-niialil. Mr. James Noble is in
(.barge and reports that another large
quarts! laid been cross cut and that tlie
i-laiins give every promisoof turning out
Mr. .1. II. Adams of Vancouver is on a
visit in Hast Kootenay, inspecting the
Ice river properties belonging to The
Choline Mining Company, and some
pthor copper properties in this viclnty,
.Mr. Willis tin. president of the company
paid a visit to llanff lust week and re*
(irneil lo the const accompanied by Mrs.
Work lias again commenced on the
l'.ald Monutpin property in Donald mining division. Tliis is a gold proposition
Consisting ot several claims und work is
lieing vigorously presented on tliein,
I'ifty feet of additional tunnelling are
lieing eonipleleil and a small stamp mill
vill be at once put in (or testing purposes.
Considerable native copper lias been
found on the Hoodie Fraction, on Mark
Creek, and in tlie Cariboo Marsh mineral claim, on Moyie Lake, in Fort Steele
milling division and whicli belongs to
Tlio Aloerta & Kootenay Mining and
Development Company. This promises
when fully developed to be one of the
largest copper properties in Kast Kootenay*
I.O.O.F.  Officers.
At a. regular mooting of llocky Mountain Lodge, So. 84,1.O.O.V., on Wed-
posdliy evening last, Distriet Deputy
Grand Master Urn. H.G.l'arson installed
thu following officers for the current
N. (i.���Uro. Chiis. Poarco.
Y. (i,��� "   Jus. Henderson.
jtacy.- "    D. M. Hue. l'.U.
Trens- "   C. A. Warren, I'.ll.
yv,   ��� "   W. L. Houston,
.'.    ��� "   J.Melluttie.
C.   ��� "   it. F. Campbell.
K.S.X.ll.���llio. M. Dainnrd, P.G.
L.S.K.d.��� "   Jobn Henderson.
h.S.Y.U.��� "   D.A. CI 1.
L.S.V.li.��� "   C. Cartwi-igbt.
U.S.S.    ��� "   W. A. Skelton.
I..S.S.   - "   J. A. (Iood.
sioners left Calgary for Macleod on
Thursday morning. Tie* wheels ni jus-
tin., appear to run tardily in Canada or
long ere tills time those responsible for
tlie criminal wrongs done would have
been placed on tlieir uiul. Aro Iho
authorities afraid to place tlie responsi-
hility on tlie proper parties'.'
The Aberdeen Party.
(,ord Aberdeen, Govornor General of
(be Dominion of Canada, and Lady
Alx.rdcen witli suite, will arrive in Kast
Kootenay this wuck en route to visit
several places of Importance In *!.C., on
their way to Lord Aberdeen's ranch in
tlie Okanagan Valley. Tlie party is due
at the Halcyon Hot tyring*,, Arrow Lake
on Ilie IStli and at the town of ltossluni!
pn the llllh where great preparations
are being niiule lor their reception.
Tho Harry Llndloy Co.
Tliis talented company, who are great
favorites iu i'lllst Kootenay, will upon u
lour nights engagement in Ilie Columbia
ilousu hull, Uolden, on Wednesday the
'.'Olli. The company has boon augmented and the number of pieces they perform Increased. No ono who loves a
������ond comedy or wishes to see a drama
well performed should omit booking
early at Warrim's store as they are sure
to be crowded bouses. The company is
coining from south west Kootenuy,
whore on every night they performed
they had bumper houses.
Another Crow's Nest Enquiry,
li. 0. Clute, Q,C., of Toronto, brother
o.f Inspector Clute of the Customs in
IS,C, and Mr. llurpee, ofthe department
of justice, arrived in Calgary on Wednesday morning to hold a second investigation into thu Crow's Xest Puss
grievances, It is understood part of
their special duty is In eiupiire into tlie
elrouinstanoes surrounding tlio now notorious deaths of Ilie two men at Pincher
Creok from diphtheria,    The coainiis*
Tho Prosperity of Golden.
The prosperity of Golden and its dis-
t rict is best evidenced hy the Revenue and
Customs returns wliich we publish for
tlie past year:���
The Inland Revenue collections Ior
the year ending June 80th 1898, are ns
follows:���For quarter ending Sept. .SOtli
(8188.84 j for quarter ending Oct. 31st,
$1217,411; for quarter ending March 81st
(3101,07; for quarter ending June'80th,
ifJ45ii.UL', making iu all (110,259.85,
The Customs collections for same year
are as follows:���First quarter (2732,73;
second quarter $1712.27; third quarter
(2400.80; fourth quarter U621.22, ranking iu all (8275.52, and producing tlie
grand total oi (18686.87. These item.**
are merely indicative of tlie big volume
of trade that the town of Golden does.
The Pi-Inter's Strike In Chlca-jo.
in Chicago tlie people who advertise
highly appreciate the newspaper and
liberally support them iu that respect.
The strike has called fort li the. following
from the ' Hanker, Merchant mid Manufacturer,' which points out tlie duty of
tlie publishers, no mutter what tlie cost
may he.   It says;
"The city of Chicago, metropolis of
tlio west und ranking second iu wealth
and population among tho cities of the
country, bus, for the past three or four
days, been in tiie anomalous and miserable condition oi having no daily papers'.
Think of it! The presses are idle, the
newsboys have nothing to do, except a
few of the more enterprising who have
obtained papers from other cities and
are selling thom at fancy prices. Great
Caesar's ghost! Chicago to depend
upon Milwaukee and Juliet for its news!
It is the most absurd and utterly preposterous state of affairs which it is
possiblo to imagine And what is the
causoof it? A quarrel between capital
and labor, of course. Into the merits of
(lie question wc do not propose to enter
indeed, it is not necessary. Whether
tlie men were justilied in making tlieir
demand or not is of no moment whatever. The newspapers owe something to
the PUBLIC, and that thev are morally
bound to pay AT WHATEVER COST.
What does the newspaper subscriber or
the advertiser (some of qui- large houses
spend fabulous sums advertising in tlio
daily papers) care for the merits of such
a quarrel. They say, and with justice,
you have a contract witli us and we
demand that that contract be tilled.
This ismoie than a private matter between employers and employed. The
public iB not only directly interested in
tlie ncwspapei business, but is, ipso
facto, a partner therein;and whether
tlie workmen are entitled to the advance
asked lor, or whether it is an impudent
and barofticod domnnd, the action of the
daily papers is none the less dishonest
und pusillanimous."
 ^.iOiip    ���
What Canada Want3.
Tin- Toronto  Evolving  Telegram  in
COI cnting  on   what   Canada   wants
says: Sentiment and business do not
mix, and it is useless to try .and root any
trade arrangement in a basis of Anglo-
Saxon good-will.
Uncle Sum will feci that ho is being
taken advantage of should Canada try to
coin Ills llllogod gratitude into trade
Canada docs not need to be put in the
position ol playing for tlie good will of
our Uncle Sillliuol in order thut Canadian statesmen may work him for
Canada is aide to get along without tlie
United States, and Undo Sum Bhonld bu
Hindu to understand that this country
wants no more and will take no less
than a dollar's worth for a dollar's
worth iu an arrangunieut bused upon
cold business principles.
Church   Sorvloes.
Tlio services at St. Paul's church,
Golden, on Sunday next, July 17th, will
in. as follows:
At 8 a.m.���Celebration of tlie Holy
Ull a.m.���Morning Prayer and Sermon.
At 7.110 p.m.���livening Prayer and
Choir practice at 8 p.m. Saturday.
Rev. II. B, Turner, Pastor,
Service will lie held iu connection with
the Methodist church on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, ut 11 a.m.; Golden,
at 7,30 p.m. Everybody is welcome ut
these services.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Sunday Services���11 a.m.
Sunday school k Bible class at 2:80 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice 8 p.m.
Friday���Priiver meeting 8 p.m.
Uev. W. S. Wright, Pastor.
r-f's. ���,.t.--������������������,
[L.S.] TUOS. 11. McIXNES.
VICTORIA, by tho Grace nf God, of thcl'uitud
Kingdom of limit Britain ami Ireland,
qvkkn, Defender uf the Faith, &a,, Ac, Ac,
To Onr faithful the Members elected to serve In
thu U'tfishulve Asseinldv nf Our Province of
Britisli Columbia, ami to all whom It may
concur ii,���Ukeetinu.
D. SI. Ebkhts, l \\7lIKKIUB Wc have
AHornev-(ieuei*iil. t '* thought tit, by und
v. ith Oa* advloo and columnt of Our Pxeeutlve
<miii-.il m dm- Province, of British Columbia,
to dissolve thc present Lvcisliitivc Assembly of
Our siiid Province, whicli stands prorogued
until sum inuiu-tl fin* dispatch of business.
NOW KNOW Yh. mat. We do. for this cud,
tniullsli this our Knviil I'l'iicltiiiiuiiiMi. uud d<i
hereby dissolve tho Legillatlvo Assembly ao*
eordlngly und the members thereof nre dl*-*
eh urged from f urthor attendaiiuo on name.
IN TR*tTtMOvY WRBRROF Wo havo mused
these Our belters tu lie mude Patent, und
the Great Benl of lirtdsh Cnlumhln to be
hereunto uttlxed*.   Witnkss, the Honour*
Hide TMus. R. MrlNNKS, LleulellHllt-Onver-
iior of (iur said Province ot British
Columbia, in our City of Victoria, In our
suid Province, this seventh day ol JlttlO.
in tlio veur uf Onr I-ord one thousand
riglit hundred und ninety-eight, ami iu
the sixtj -Hrst yeur of Onr Retgn.
Hy Command,
Registrar of the Supremo Court.
[I..8.] THOS. R. MclxNKH.
VICTORIA, by the Orac'd of God, of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain nnd Ireland,
i*U'ki:n, Defender of the Faith, Ac, Aa., Aa.
To nil tu whom these presents shall come,--
D. M. ElH,RT8, J WHEREAS WO areileslr-
Attuniey-Oeneral. ( '�� ous and resolved, as
suon as muy be, to meet Our people of Our Province 01 llritisli Columbia, and tu huvc tlieir
ttdviei! in (Un* LcKislntuiv, We do muke. known
Our Royal Will and Pleasure to cull a new legislative Assembly of Our said Province; anil do
further declare thut by the advice uf Our Ex*
ucutive Council of Britisli Colnmbhi, We huvc
this day given orders for issuing Our Writs iu
form, for calling a new Legislative Assembly
for Our said Province, which Writs ure to bear
Utile uu the BCVOlltlt day 'of June, instant, und
lobe returnable on or before the thirty-first
day of August next.
IN TKsmioNV WllKtlEOF We have caused
these our Letters to ue made Patent, nnd
t lie Public Seal of the said Province to be
hereunto affixed: WtTNKSft, tiie Honour-
able Thos. R. McInxk*-, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British
Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, In our
Halt! Province, tliis seventh dtivof .lime,
lu the year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred uud nilietv-elglit, and lu
si.tty-llrst year of onr Reign.
By Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
[I..8.1 THOS. R. McINNES.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United
Kingdom, of Great Britain and Ireland,
liVKEN, Defender of the Puith, Av��� Av.,itc
To tlio Returning Officer of the North Riding
of Fast Kootonay Electoral District:
vyllliREAH Hia Honnurtho Lieutenont-Gov-
" ernor of British Columbia has, by u proclamation hearing date the "th day of Juno, IBM,
been pleased to dissolve the legislative Assembly ol the said province; und whcretiult is
neccBsary to hold KlOL'tlotia throughout tho said
Province to till the vacancies caused by such
dissolution, w�� command von that,notice ol
the time nnd place uf Election being dulv
given, yon do cause Election to be nmde.ae-
I'lirillng tu inw.of One Member to serve lit tho
Legislative Assembly <d tlie Province of British
Columbia for the North Riding of Fast Kootenuy Electoral District, mul that von do cuuse
tlie nnmliiiitiuti of Candidates at such Flection
tube hclilon the*i"iibiinyof June, lS'.W, nnd do
couse Ihe tmmC Of SUell Mem her, when su elected, whether he be present or absent, to be
certified to our Supreme Court, ut the Citvof
Victoria, on or before tlie :*,lst day of August
next, the Election so made, distinctly and
openly under our Heal duly Indorsed upon this
Our writ.
In Thstimonv Wm:iii:o:>, We have these Our
Letters to he mnib* Patent under the
(ireut Senlof Our said Province of British
Columbia: Witnks-*, the Honourable
Thomas R. MflNNKs, at Our Government
House, at Victoria, this seventh Uny of
June, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight.
By Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
Fast via tho Lake   Routes.
Greatly reduced rates. Steam
its leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
direct via C.I'.K. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagwny.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian.
Tlie largest- steamers engaged
in tlie Yukon trade, specially
litted for tho passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for June:
Athenian June 2
Tees     "     a
Islander     "    10
Pakshan    "   11
Tees     "    17
Islander    "    2-1
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wi'ife for pamphlet descriptive of tlie routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The mont comfortable hotel in South
Eaat Kootenay. (iood Table. Good
Wines, (iood Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Cunningham & Harvey
(liite of Vancouver)
AMNiiyors find Chemists,
All work done in dujilicute and guaranteed.
A portion of each sample Is put aside lot
future reference,    ���
Wardner _^*���*.
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
PnoVtKOtAt Hkciiktarv's Omen,
8th .Hi no, 11106,
Ills HONOUR the Llenteimnt-iloveruor hat*
lL been pleased to appoint KTRI'IIRN RKH-
OttAVRi Enquire, to he Ri'turuiiin Officer for the
North Itidhi-.' of East Kootenuv Electoral District; and
His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor has been
plensed to appoint and deutare the Court House,
llonahl, to be the place for the nomination of
cuiutldates for olectlou to the Legislative Ax*
sembly in tint N'orih Riiliii;- ot Fast Kootenuv
EltlVtOrul Oistrlet.
i COURT will be liotdon ni tlio Court ltonno,
***.     Illtimlll,   (HI   W-'lllK'H'lllY   tlu.   iffltli   (IllV III
Juno, 1808. iii in ii'i'lm-k Iii Hi'.* forenoon, lortlio
llliriioflool lii'iirliiKliltil iti'H'llli[* nil ulij,-i-ti,.iis
lll.-il Willi in,- nil.!,T illltlinillv ill KUO'DOrtloil'J
ut BoorUmf*1 ul tlie Roiltttrlbultoii Aot, im.
Colloctor of Votes,
N'urlli Hilling Kum Kootenny Iilstrlei.
Iioii.il.l, June loili, 1HW
The heft ntonplng place lor Irolglitow in
Cohiinliia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
flood accommodation A Moderate Terms
First elm's l'eed Stallion.
Tlio Ikst Boor In l-ioiiulii In inatlc bv tlio
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturer?-) of Hecr, Ale and Soda Water
Insist ou gettimcCalgary Recr every time. They
all havo It. The Company*!-; agent for Kast
Kootonay la
ft, O, 1'4��S0N, OoWch, B.C,
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Dry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Clothing, Hardware,
Etc., Etc.. at
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secure
some bona fide bargains.
Seneral n/erchant
tales ft. Warren,
General Merchant.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant l'nuiUi-.
Agent l'��r LnnciiHlilru IiiKiirnncc Co. oi' I'n;;liiii<l.
K^TO   LET,���House  Partly  Furnished.JBfl
G-oldLeaa., 33.C.
The Finest Scottish Whiskies
in this wide world are
5^ "Perfection,"
X Auld Acquaintance
~ Highland Welcome
Those whiskies aro well flavored and of finest quality.
DUNCAN STEWART, Wholesalo Liquor Merchant,
Cibb's Entry, Edinburgh. Scotland,


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