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East Kootenay Miner 1897-09-30

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 r* y.-.-o-i/ "i-^c>L>t-V
Devoted to the Jlining Interests and Development of the Distfiet of EJST KOOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 10.
Golden,   B.   0,  Thursday  September 80th,   1887.
$2.00 Per Year
Addbbssi-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
Ai.i!.\*ANiiKii Block,     -     GoLnra, B.C.
Fire, Life, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneers aud Customs Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford
European Steamship Ticket Office.
The Sun Life Insurance t'ompuny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Cp'y.
The Birbcck Investment and Loan Co.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Associate Royal Hchool of Mines.
Member I run & Htuol In-itltute, Eng.
Mumbcr American Inst. Min. Engineers.
Mining Engineer and Metallurgist,
43 Toronto Street, TORONTO.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
.    ��� And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Rroker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post office address:
Assay Offices nnd
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1H90.)
For several years with Vivian it Sons, Swansea, and local representative for them.
For ft years manager lor the asHavcrs to the
RtoTiutuCo., I/mdon.
Canadian representative of the Cassel (iold
Extracting C/>. L'td, Glasgow (Cyanide process.)
N. 11.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils,; re
.       -:    Made  By    I-
Bott & Emdree
Fkks in Advance.
(Iold snd Silver..
Lead and Silver	
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
Oilier Fees oil Aliplk-ation.
..?1 BO
.. 1 ��'
.. 2II0
.. 1 SO
., 1 M
.. 2 UO
I     & Embalming
T Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
L CALGARY, Ana.  ���
k I Bell
Wedding Hings
il Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
The above reward will lie puid by THE
EAST KOOTENAY MINER lor information Unit will load to tho detection,
apprehension and conviction of the party
or parties who Btartcd tho rccont tire in
Coppor Creek, McMurdo District in
Golden Mining Division of Kust Kootenay. K
Ciolden.B.C., 1st September, 1897.
Prospeotors end Miners li-ivi*!** ^lulins or Interests In i-lsiins for sale, could not Uo better
tlitm ciiiiiintoileMtL' with
Mining Broker end Financial Agent.
golden and Fort 8TBELB,
Mr. John nullmr.ii, Wlnlldd Park, Thtinderhill
will lisndle freight between Adola, Hud Lake
anil Fort Steele and return. Uonds warehoused at both ends.   For rate*) ftplily lo
Jas. Henderson, ,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt sttentton given te orders.
A supply ot Building Lime lor sale.
H. K. Walton,
<^_GoIden, B.C.
l'mcis List on Application.
The Golden
Fresh and fialt Meats.
Fish and Game In season.
Dealers in Cattlo, Sheep and Horses,
Mall ttrdc-rs receive prompt attention.
Boots, HIioch and HurneiM
Repaired promptly.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and Rigs ol All Kinds Ior
Hire at Kctuonablu Rates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton and skolton,
Golden, B. C.
Ice Cream
���Call on���
CmV AU Kludsol Fruit In Season
W. Alexanders-
G.P.R.Wateh Inspector
Will call every week at
Mt-DEBMOTS   Store ������������
Any watches left there will be
Promptly and Properly
repaired at fair prices.
No Botched Work.
The Columbia House
The Oontral Hotel ot East Kootenay, midway
between Golden and Fort Steele.
Good Cuisine. Choice Liquors A Good Stabling.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
The Slocun Stnr lma resumed operations.
Silver continues to rifle and lead remains llrni at $4 per hundred.
Extensive oil wells have .been discovered nt Police Knpids, N.W-.T.
Sir Charles Tupper and Sir Mackenzie
Bowell tiro in B. C. on mining business.
Prof. Hardman, on his return from
the McMurdo dytrict, left for Fort
The North Star Co have bought an
interest in the Coronado group on Wild
Horse creek.
Thero is at present no scarcity of
minors nt Golden, several camps having
closed for the season. *
Mr. Allan Granger has returned to
Golden from Kamloops. He reports but
little doing thero in mining circles.
The Victoria Metallurgical Works Co.,
limited, has been incorporated. Mr.
Cowell is at the head of this company.
Gold Commissioner Griffith is on a
tour of inspection to Kinbasket lake and
is expected back at the end of the week.
The Rossland Miner says: "Rocky
Mountain Ryan is back from the Windermere country. He says thero are some
line properties iu that country."
Mr. B. J. Townsend is in from the
International, tho work undertaken for
this season having lieen completed. The
International looks better than ever.
William A. A'ickcrs of llevelstoke has
been appointed milling recorder for the
Trout lake mining division of the West
Kooleniiy district in the place of Thomas
Taylor resigned.
Messrs. Moodic and Barber have
bonded to Mr. W. K. Lindsay the Sunday
mineral, near tho C. P. R. bridge at
Ottertail. Further development work
will bo undertaken at once.
A gentleman who arrived from Fort
Steele on Monday reported in Golden
that the North Star group has been sold
for ���1,000,000 and that he knew his statement to bo based upon fact.
The Channe Mining Co. of Vancouver
aro doing extensive development work
on the Maple Leaf claim near Fort
Steele. It is a gold proposition and is
reported to be showing up exceedingly
Messrs Mitchell-Innes have completed
their work for this yeur on their Prairie
mountain group. The properties are
said to present a most promising appearance, and it is expected that next year
work of a permanent character will be
undertaken ou a large scale.
Mr. Sills of Calgvry has, it is reported,
purchased the large tract of Crown
granted copper property near Castle
mountain, formerly owned by the
Alberta Mining Co. Work will bo begun
at an early date and wo should not be
surprised to see old Silver City go ahead
once more as she promised to do in the
early days of mining in the Territories.
Mr. M. Dainnrd left for Copper creek
on Tuesday to examine the work being
done by "Tip" Johnson on the Mabel
group for the Alberta and Kootenay Co.
and for Uie Kootenay Consolidated Co.
ou the Alaska claim. At last report the
tunnel on tho Mabel group -was in 30
feet and some open cuts on tho surface
exposed a line showing of galena and
The leading English journal! arc
warning Englishmen against lieing misled by Uie New York reports as to tho
fabulous riches found in the Yukon.
Most exaggerated reports are sent from
New York across the ocean with the
view doubtless of Inducing the Englishmen to put money into the many Yukon
schemes that arc being floated in New-
York and other American cities.
Development work has been commenced on the conl seams at Coal creek
in the Crow's Nest Pass. Tho coal is a
true bituminous conl of good coking
quality and is also a first-class steam
coal. Ten men are at work and this
force will lie largely increased, nnd it is
expected that in the spring from 000 to
1,000 tons will be mined per day.. It is
also probable that coking ovens -.will lie
erected next yeur at the mines.
There hnB been a big find of coppor
mado about 30 miles from north of Banff
by Wm. Houston nnd Wigmoro and
others. Thero hnvo been 10 claims
staked already. Mr. Wigmorc showed
us some eumples of peacock copper from
these claims and they wero certainly
high grade, assaying no less than 33 per
cent, copper. The load is reported to be
several feet wide with largo stringers of
coppor oro intersecting it throughout. A
trail it being built by the Northwest
government to the claims and a deal is
new being negotiated with English capitalists for the purchase and working of
the claimB.
A gentleman very promiliont in mining circles ut the coast while In Golden
last week expressed the opinion that
East Kootenay will experience a genuine
mining boom during 1808. Its resources
aro becoming more widely known and
the investor is beginning to realize that
in East Kootenay there are opportunities
to acquire first-class properties at figures
far and away below the the prices asked
for properties in oilier parts of the
The Toronto Globe, In an article on
the mining development of the west,
points out that the product of British
Columbia for 1807 promises to be double
that of 1800, in spite of the withholding
of shipments In Rossland camp until the
Crow's Nest Pass railway is built. If
tho present rate of development is kept
up, the output will be doubling yearly.
Our mineral.exports will he the amazement of tho world, even by the end of
this century.
The Ilorne-Payne Co. have made some
decided changes in carrying on their
operations. It is proposed to do considerable more " dead work " on the
Lanark, at Laurie, in order to more fully
block out the ore body before resuming
operations with tho concentrator. The
clerical staff of the company has been
cut down very considerably. The, Silver
Cup is being worked by a force of 32
men, who are said to bo working in an
excellent ore body,
Mr. Kennedy of Rossland, who has
just returned from England, has this to
say regarding the fooling in England an
to B. C. mining investments: " There
will he no difficulty from now on in
obtaining money to work legitimate
enterprises aud propositions, but the
British public has a decided aversion to
the sale of shares at a big discount on
tl)e par value because of high capitalize
tion-r,! preferring tho shares of those
com] allies Unit have a smaller capitalization nnd which sell at par. A great
many of the representatives of English
developing companies aro coming out
here to look over the country with a
view to securing properties. They will
not, however, pay fancy prices for any
property. Their idea is to get properties
on working bonds and to develop them
into dividend payere. By this means
the claim owner, if his property has real
value, makes more than if he sold it
futright for a few hundred or a few
thousand dollars."
,T. McGrath, of Vancouver, arrived
yesterday from the ceaBt in charge of a
gang of men to begin development work
for the Channe Mining Co, on the
claims bonded hy them situate on Ice
river near Leanchoil. Mr. McGrath
will work a force oi eight mon ns long as
the weather will permit and unless the
snow interferes the work will be carried
on all winter. Mr. McGrath left for
Leanchoil to-day with his outfit and
supplies. Owing to thoir being no trail
from Golden to Leanchoil, horses had to
be brought lrom Banff to do the packing
in to the claims which are about five
miles in a direct line east from the station at Leanchoil. Recent assays from
the quartz and grey copper found on
these claims gave a return of ��.'30 to the
ton. The pay streak of grey copper is
large even on the surface and thero Is
every prospect Unit it will increase with
sinking. Two shafts will be sunk on the
lead to begin with and afterwards a permanent working tunnel will he run ill.
The opinion of mining mon who have
seen this property is that the Channe
Co. have got hold of one of tho richest
properties in East Kootenay.
��.*��������****���-ma���5-M-M-^-y^-Tj, -.n-.j-.if am
Mr. Bostock Is Well Received-Visits
Cranbrook, Moylo and Wardnoi*.
On Tuesday Mr, Bostock visited and
inspected St. Eugene, Roman Catholic
mission to the Indians, situated aliout 12
iniles from Fort Steele. Mr, li. 1.. T.
Galbraith, who acts as Indian agent,
drove him over. Mr. Bostock was very
much pleased with his visit to the industrial school, where he lioheld the Indian
children being Instructed in the arts of
Christian civilization.
In the evening he addressed a public
meeting in the opera hoiiBe, Fort Steele.
The hall was well filled. Mr. Norbury,
president ol tlie Liberal association,
occupied the chair. Mr, Bostock reviewed
the legislation of last session; touched
on the various measures that had been
passed and been attempted to pass, and
as to what measure would be attempted
next session. On motion of Dr. Watt,
secretary of tho Liberal association,
seconded by Mr. J. A. Harvey, a hearty
vote of thanks was awarded to Mr.
Bostock for Mb address and a unanimous
vote of confidence accorded him for his
services ob member.
Mr. Bostock left on Wednesday morning for Moyie. It was his intention to
return to Cranbrook and then proceed
lo Wardner. From there he goes to
Tobacco Plains and then on to West
Kootenay. He is spending some time
in travelling through the district in
familiarizing himself With tho needs of
his great constituency. Everywhere he
goes he meets with a hearty welcome.
The C. P. R. have purchased tho livery
���table outfit at Banff formerly belonging
to the C. P. R. Transfer Co., in which
Major Walker and the late A. B, Few of
Calgary wore largely interested.
The C.P.R. hotel is still open and
will remain open so long as guests oon-
tinue to arrive lu any considerable
numbers. Tho Chalet at Laggan was
lofled for the season some days ago.
Contractor .1. Eckorsley of Calgary is
busily engaged with a staff of men erecting a new stone church for the Church
of England. It will when finished be a
handsome structure.
A hugh forest fire has been raging for
several days in the park, north of the
railway track. All tho mule residents in
the park were called out by the police to
assist in putting it out, but nothing could
bo done to check it. Monday night's
heavy rain put a sudden stop to it,
Dr. Dawson Says It Is tho Best at
all Seasons.
Before leaving Sandon lasl Thursday
Dr. Geo. M. Dawson, whose visit to
that place was the event of the week,
chatted a few momenta with a representative of the Kaslo Kootennian on the
subject of routes to the Klondyko.
Dr. Dawson is familiar with all the
routes into tho land of gold. He has
studied them all and is thoroughly
posted on the climatic conditions which
cut so much figure in the question of
travel there.
Above all others he favors the Stickeen
river route. From Telegraph creek, tlie
last point reached by Bteamers, there is
comparatively an open country through
which one can travel nt any season.
East of the mountains the snowfall, he
says, i3 light and the winters aro not one
whit more severe than they are in
Manitoba. The cold season lasts no
longer, but spring is longer in breaking
up, the fall takes more time iu settling
into winter. He regards a railroad into
the Yukon via Stickeen river entirely
practicable Tho overland routes, he
thinks, are too long and consume too
much time, though they aro practicable
in other respects. Ho advises those
going to Klondyko next spring to take
the Slickeen river route.
Explosion In the Mines and Six Mon
Severely Injured.
On Wednesday morning while the
gang on the lowefit level of the Canniore
mine were engaged in blasting, there
was an explosion of gas which badly
burned six men. Tho miners working
in another part of the mine hoard tlie
explosion and, regardless of the danger
to the themselves, nt once lushed to the
scene of the disaster and resciv.d their
unconscious comrades, two of whom
were found to be badly burned, while nil
were seriously injured. Dr. Richardson
was at once summoned nnd the injured
men were relieved as (ar as medical skill
made it possible to do so. The doctor
hopes to save the lives of all six if no
unfavorable symptoms set iu. An investigation will he held to locate if possible
the cause of tho explosion.
Mr. II. Hamilton, who has so acceptably filled the Presbyterian pulpits at.
Banff and Canniore during the summer,
left for Winnipeg on Tuesday last to
continue his studies nt Manitoba college.
Before leaving Banff ho was the recipient
of a purse, which contained a comfortable sum, and an address which voiced
the appreciation of the members of his
congregation. Mr. Joseph Ball, formerly
secretary of the Y.M.C.A. at Calgary, ie
his successor for tlie winter months.
Projected Railways tothe Yukon.
In the latest issue of the B.C. Gazette,
Messrs. Bod well, In ing ���!��� buff, barristers of Victoria, give notice of applica
tion to the assembly at tlie next session
for an act to incorporate a railway coni-
puny to operate a road from a point on
Douglas channel thence by way of tho
Slteena river and across to tho Stickeen
river and to Teslin lake.
In the same issuu Messrs, McPhlllipfl
^ Co. give notice of a similar application
for a charter te build a road from tho
head of navigation ou the Stickeen rlvor
to Teslin lake.
Still tmothorcompany has been formed
in Ottawa to build a railway through
Cliilcoot Pass and by Dultoli'B trail to
Fort Selkirk.
Hon. Wm. PugBley has secured in,
option ou the charter of the Edmonton
District railway with a view it is said oi
trying to organize a company to build a
railway north from Edmonton towards
the Yukon.
A Y'ukon Transportation and Trading
Company has been formed iu Chicago
with which P. D. Armour the " sausage
man " is connected, They are building
ocean vesselB and boats for the Yukon
river trade. They have a capital of live
million dollars wido!) they are preparing
to invest in tlieir enterprise.
It looks as if tlie Yukon in 1808 will be
well provided with railways and other
means of transportation.
Tlie Golden Curling club will organize
on Tuesday evening next, for the coining
season, and it behooves all those interested in the roarln' game to be on hand
on that occasion. The prospects tliis
year for a good, strong club aro brighter
than eve". The prize list will also ho
greatly increased, in addition to tho
Bryan & Lee trophy, which is donated
by Messrs Bryan & Leo, cigar manufacturers of Winnipeg, this linn havo
donated four silver shaving mugs to the
members of tho rink winning the trophy.
The Ogilvie Milling Co. have also pre-
se.iKed the club with a set of curlers'
buttons for competition. The Toper
Columbia Co. will in all likelihood give
four free trips and return to Fort Steele,
as in former years, and it is expected
that Messrs Moore Ic Jlownt, merchant
tailors of Brockvillo, will also donate a
trophy the same as last year. In addition to thcflc, three pairs of curling
s'ones have been promised by private
individuals for competition, and with all
those trophies in sight tho season ought
to he a keen one.
Curlers must also bear in mind the
fact that having won the Visitors' trophy
in Calgary last year, they must make up
their minds to keep it in Golden another
year, ami the more interest shown iu the
game thu better chance they have of so
The meeting is called at the Columbia
house, the hour being 8 o'clock. Xo
timo must be lost in order to have ever- -
thing in readiness for tbe lirst frost.
Major Walsh's Party.
Major Walsh's party, conslsUng of
Hon. Justice Mc.Guire, F. 0. Wade, Mr.
l'atullo, Hon. Clifford Slfton and others
passed through lo the coast to-day ou
tlieir way to D.iea, from which point
they will attempt to roach Dawson City
this winter. Many people who think
they ought to know say lhat tbe party
will no! reach Dawson Cily tliis winter,
Why Ho Regretted.
A Scotchman who bad been a lo::;:
lime abroad paid a visit to his native
ghn. Mooting a schoolfellow, thoy mil
down to chat on past times and auld
acvuaintance-. In conversation the
Btrhngor happened to oak about a cortiiin
George McKay. " lie's dead long ago,"
said bis friend, "and I'll never ecaso
regrettlgg bim!" "Dear n.e, Sandy,
had you such great respect for bim as
that?" "Nn,nn; it wiumnonyresnoc'
I bad for hineiT, but da ye koil I
married his widow? "
Cokion Curling Club.
The pemwinnual meeting ol the I lolden
Curling Club will be held in the Columbia House on Tuesday evening, Oct. 5th,
at 8 o'clock, Tbe election of officers (or
the current year and other important.
buflinesB will be transacted. A full attendance of members ftnd all inlercstcd,
iu curling iB particularly requested.
ll. M. Uu:, Secj,*.,
Golden, B.C.,
Sept. 22nd, 1807., ���i-s-- -zr.isvmvnxY.-. mrcc u,ir��3
jt c -*ota.i. uatM p **vwWHWD
^��? ff/ther.
A weekly Journal, published ovcl-yTlmwtlay
InUu-luic'ri'-sioj the Hart  Kuutorny ni-ftrJvti
mall routes.
BUnscilirnON HATES : By mail orcnrrlor
,$a.wj per year in advance.
ADVERTIBIN'U HATES: Display ad*. ?l.:S0pcr
ooluuiulach,f&ui per i-olumii hirli *1wji In-
'mined on llio tlllo pjuro; La��al .���;-* l' w -it�� pel
i imnpiireU) line (or it.-.-* I;i* rid n, fi ee'it* per
���.tine lor iweli additional Imnrtlon; ruudluy
fiiotleed tfi edits ver Hue eu.i b lust rtlon.
chanpoBOlads, pinsl eelnoftteunol later than
Hirth, mftrriago and death notices Inserted
JOB D.KPAItTMEN*T:   Otir Job Department
K-ioteuay ami Is |irepured lo do neat, tirti.-itU'
l-rLiiriugiit H reusoiuibleprfetf. One price toflll.
Mall orders ree-ulvu prompt attention.
C OR RKH PON DENTS: Wo Invite correspon
dt-Jiee on iiuv subject ol lutereat to tlie gepyral
puidhtAud ileslrt r, reeumr (orrespouderil ��i
fcvory point in th'j blstrliit.    in all auw the
iiiHU.iaurlpt," noi   hmrai/rllv for puljlleatlon
thai h���� appeared hi another paper inro.1 firm
he vif/oroil In that pHper inr pi'Sliniti.-ii be.ort
tt ei.ii appear In "Thk .1;:.'::.."
A-JdreasAH eomaranltfWloiw
Golden, 15.0.
yjtUUKDAY, SEPT. 30,
M may t\ot be known to many biit it ifi
���a f:ict novcrlhclesa, that thero isf at the
presout timo no mpana oi transportation
hy trail between Golden and the sntn-
mit of tlio Rockies near Utggiiri. Some
portions of tho old trail ftra in fairly good
condition und with a very anjall expen^
diturc could bo madB lit for travel, while
thero arc other portionn that might require Borao considcvabJo work to put
thorn in proper condition. There arc
.pome two or lltreo miles of trail on tiie
big bill ciii't of Field that would require
in bo robuilt, and tho trail bttwosn
Golden and ftilHser, a distance of sonic
12 miles woidd require somo grading and
.cutting to render it safe for travel. At
present I lie only means there aro of getting liorflcs, et *., through on foot from
Alberta to the Columbia Valley at Golden are tho trails leading through the
Vermillion, White Man's and Sim|isoh'e
Passes through the Koekies.
These passes however all enter B.C. at
points a considerable distance south of
Gbldon and are by no'means in good
condition for travel. The importance 16
Golden of having a good pack trail from
Uggan to Golden will be hotter tinder-
iStond when it ifl known that tliero are
.every your a gr?at many jicisong, pros*
pcctorH and others, who being desirous
ot Inking tlieir hdrstis and outfits with
ilium from utistcrn places to Britisli
Columbia, are forced either to ship their
horses and outfits by train to Golden or
go around by ono of the passes before
mentioned. Tho expense of shipping
horsos hy freight i;-- oo great that the
prospector usually buys hira outfit of
provisions, etc., at Canmoraor l!:ini'f nnd
makes Ids journey to British Columbia
t'i rough one of tho passes nnd tilth
Gfltileu gets the ''goby," asaisodoeB
Field, it placo thai for years past has
annually contributed large sums to the
government in tho shape ot miners'
lieenso feen and poll taxes but seems to
havo ri ceived hut littlo in return so far i
us roads, etc., are concerned. If a decent'
trail woro constructed from Laggan to
Golden and through Field, there fa no
dpubt that many tourists wi aid avail
themselves of ;i hi r�� i Uck i rip d ��wn tlie
Kicking Horse Wm fro'm Lnggan,th(
scenery along the ivholo route being
Thore have been a great many mining
locations made within the past couple of
years at points not far from the railway
and oast of 'Palliser and somo of those
are now being developed, At present
homos can only bo brought from Utggiui
to do Iho necessary pocking ft'om the
railway to tho claims ns thord Eh no pos-
i iblo way of getting horses through from
Golden lo Palliser, Leanchoil or Otter-
tail except by train. If there wore n
trail from Golden or Field, tho miner or
liroKpoctpV would gel all his supplies al
Golden or Field nnd load them on bin
horyea and go direct to his claims, but
owing to tho condition of affairs now, ho
has to ship his goods by freight to the
station nearest his claim uudtakfe'his
chance- of being able to got horacfl from
Laggan or somewhere else to do the
packing from tho railway to the claim.
' In view of the small amount of money
that tho government would be called
upon to expend in order to make, this
trail available for travel and in view of
its importance tn tho trade and business
of Golden und Field it aeem.H lu us thai
there should bo no hesitation or delay on
the part of the authorities in .making this
means of transportation available at an
early date. It is all very well for ns to
do what we can lo convince the world
that the route via Golden aud Canoe
Kivi r h- the proper ttmto to the Yukon,
but it will nay the pfeoplo of Golden not
to forgot Iho importance of get tinjj roads
and trails leading from Golden t'> every
mining camp of any consequence in
northern East Kootenay, if they desire
to retain control ��� -( tho business with
thoso camps,
Under ordinary eireumstani es, the
provincial elections will not bo held un-
lil Hi? end ni Juno or the beglnningof
July next year, but Uie;*' is reason to
ballon} that tho political situation may
(auso the government to go to tlie country at an earlier date.
Kvery qualified person should with on I
delay apply tothe collector of voters in
his electoral district to put lus nume on
the list of persons claiming to vote, as
any name Kent in is kept on tho list for
two months before il can bo put ou tho
registt r uf vol .in, according to section 0
of the Provincial Voters' act. Tho necessary blank form can bo obtained from
any collector Of votes. It must bo filled
up, signed by tlibappllcant and witnessed, To quality as a voter, tho applicant
must be a British subject) male 21 years
of ago, of V2 months rcsidenco in tlie
Province, and in tlie electoral district in
which he claim's a vote for two months
of that period immediately previous to
sending in his claim to vote.
The government of British Columbia
for tho next four years should bo'com-
poscd of the most experienced, capable
and honest men that can be induced to
manage the public affairs. Every eligible person should immediately see to
it that Ids name is on the voters' list
without further delay.
Mlnliigf Activity.
The books in tho Record office of tho
Fort Steele Mining division reveal an
activity in mining and prospecting operations iu this district that will surprise
even those familiar on the outside with
what lias been done. The record of
transactions In the ofHco during the
eight months from Jan. let to .Sept. 1st
of this year, and the revenue'that has
been collected from tlie same show the
TnANBAcrioxa  itttvsMn;
Records of claims    1GIH $8,75U.(J0
l-Yeti Miner's Licenses   ltWS fi-li'MK)
Certifloales oi won;     JT7 7Ci.Tr.
Conveyances     3M 785.00
Documents filed      W) 20.00
Paid in litii (>; awjoNsment.     i a'ti.oo
Total   B222     .     H0,741.7fi
(Ivor 1500 now claims have been recorded in eight months of, Ibis year,
which is nearly double the number of till
proyious years combined; the books contain a total cf only 77ft claims at the*
beginning or this yenr. The revenue
going Into the Provincial coffers is well
onto {1.1,000, a sum that willgreatly
outdo any other district in British Columbia except Wf-:<t Kootenay. There
have been recorded 277 certificates of
nssessmont work done, which at -flOO
each means ?L'7,7(lO for tha 0 months.
Before tho year closes, this sum .will bg
doubled, for it is from tliis date out Lieu
these assessments aro to be expoctod to
be recorded. Tho showing is a magnificent criterion on which to banc the
splendid future progress of tlie district,
when the railway shall haw given cheap
facilities for carrying on work.���The
Kootenay vs< Klondike.
From fur-off .Klondike conie talcs of
terrible privation ana suffering among
the minors of that dpsolato region. Returning-gold hunters say that hundreds
must go hungry during the coming winter, and Unit many will certainly starve
to death, as tho food supply is fur below
the quantity required to keep alive thoso
already in and around Pawson City. Ten
thousand pooplo have congregated thero,
and the latest dispatches state that from
forty to fifty people are arriving ovory
dny. It is very probable that next spring
will reveal au appalling condition of the
unfortunate yot foolhardy adventurers
who madly rushed loan awful doom.
Had those who nre now starving in
Klondike expended on systematic, intelligent prospecting in Kootenay the
amount Of money necessary to outfit and
transport them tothe Ale 'ogoldfiolds,
It i'i Mlfo, to say the profits would have
boon surer and greater, and no danger
and hardship would have been encountered. Kobtonay has no equal as a field
for money-making. For hundreds of
square miles,.-north, cast and west of
ttossltjnd, is a country Of unexampled
mineral richness-. Only small patches
of this vast area are explored,but where-
over prospecting has boon done carefully
the discovery of valuable mineral de-j
posits has always been the result. Tho
district, already produces millions of dollars worth of gold, silver and copper
annually, although only in its first
stage^of development, in the course
of the next year or so, the present output will be trebled by tho smelting of
oro already blocked out and ready to
slope in the big Rossland mines. But
even then we shall drily just be commencing to mine in this district.���-liosa-
land .Miner.
" Tim V!inlioriic."e miles fiiim Ottertail station on tlieC.r.Ti., on the north
fide ef the Kiikhif;. Horsn Kiver.   liiilena.   Assays from dropping flS.85',
" Favorite " blillm on tiie Middle Fork of the Spilllmiiqhoon, 28 iniles from
Un- Columbia. Development work has been done; Assays about ?H5 in gold and
(id to 70oz. silver.   Tiiere are four veins, IS inch, 4 feet, H feet and 12 feet.
"The Hose," "The Thistle " and "The Big Chief," on the Nortll Fork nf
tho SpillEnmcheen Hiver. in the Frame Mountain Country. Trail from Heaver-
nioutn station on the C. I'. It. to tlie summit, then open level country'* total dis-
taiu'e 12 miles; gold and galena. No development work clone. Gold assays 5S to
the ton, no a-s-ay for gftleila.
" "file Cliff," .1 miles south-west of " The Hose," " The Thistle and the "Big
Chief "in open country���-gold quartr. shewing property. No development work
done; assay $2 per loo for gold; no assay for silver.
"The Hose and Tlie Thistle" elaiius, a mile apart, on tho Middle Fork of
the jUpilliimiclieen Hiver, about 27 miles from Carbonate Landing on the Columbia
liiver. The trail to tlie International group of mines passesthrough these claims.
Assays vary front $.'!.2ll to if2::.:)(i in gold, and from 35oi*s. to Slims, of silver.
WIX1HCKMKKK DIVISION: "The Horse Thief Challenge," on
the north branch of the South Fork of Horse Thief Creek. Wagon road and trail,
H miles from the landing on the Columbia Kiver. An iron cupping containing
gold, silver and pyritic copper. A ledge about live or six feel wide. Assays from
surface, gold idwt., silver 10/.., 17dv,t.,8grs.; copper 7.2 jior cent.
" The Blue Skyos," on Toby Creek, SO miles from Windermere, a good trail.
Quart::,,carrying geld, galena and' copper.
PORT STEELE DIVISION : The " Dat'denells Group," containing 8
claims, on Wild Horse Creek, about ll miles from Fort Steele." (iold qiuirl'i concentrating unci milling' Assays run from $8 to $1500 per.ton. SufHeieiit work
done on il of the claime to obtain a Crown Grant.
" Tlie Union Juck," on Cranbrook Estate, 1(1 miles from Fort Steele. Mixed
ore containing gold, silver, copper and lead. Assays high in all of each.. Three
lodes are exposed, II feet, l-;0 inches and 15 inches respectively.! _.
" The Golifcn Crescent," on l'erry Creek, 30 miles from Fort Steele. Gold
bearing quartz'.   Assay from surface indications 1(11.50 gold to the ton.
" Tiie 1'orphy," claim near St. Eugene Mission, about li iniles from Fori
Steele.   1'orphy quartz carrying gold and iron.   Assay iB being made.
"The Ibini's Horn," claim 2 iniles S. W. from Elk Hiver Trail Bridge,
about ���)���") miles from Fort Steele. Copper stained quartz running into copper with
a considerable trace of gold and silver. Assay from' surface shews traces of gold
and silver 1(30 per ton.
"The Elizabeth," claim south from "The Ham's Horn." claim. Mixed
quartz shewing galena and grey copper.   No assay. '
" The Toronto," near the foot of Mouse Creel;, 5 miles from Fort Steele.
Galena, ledge 3 feet wide.
" The Financial," on Hell Roaring Creek, 32 miles from Fort Steele, wagon
road and trail.   Gold quart/,, an immense body, apparently about 50 feet wide.
" Tlie Chloride " and ". The Glendon," head of Lewis Creek, 1(1 miles from
Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Slate galena, brittle silver and grey carbonate.
Two ledges, 8 feet and 1 foot wide.
"The Highland," on the fork of Hell Roaring Creek, GO miles from Fort
Steele, wagon road and trail. Mixed quartz witli carboiinies carrying silver and
gold.   An immense ledge, apparently 60 feet wide.
" The Boulder " and " Tho Mamoth," on a fork of Hell Hearing Creek, "0
miles from Fori Steele, wagon road and trail. Quartz carrying gold and silver.
An immense ledge apparently 75 feet wide.     --..
" The Isabel!" and " Tho Juniper," about a mile east from Moyea lake,
good trail. Mixed quartz. A main ledge with two smaller ones, average width ui'
main ledge about ���! feet.
" Tlie Nonie," on Perry Creek, 30 miles from Fort Steele, a wagon road and
trail.   Gold quartz, a ledge 4'feet wide.   Assay from surface l}-2.
" The Monarch " and "Tiie Vissue," about 4 miles from Fort Steele; agood
wagon road.   Gold quartz, a ledge about 4 feet wide.
" The Lady Ann," "The Hunter," "ThoPansy" and " The Heliotrope."
Between tho head of Six Mile Crock and Tracy Creek, about 14 miles from Fort
Steele, it wagon road and trail, galena carrying silver and lead. A ledge about ll
feet in width. Assessment work has been done and development work is proceeding.   Assays 12, 15, 4ozs. of silver; 58, 73 and 40 per cent lead.
" The Fade Bird " and " The Paris," on the divide between the head of Six
Mile Creek and Tracy Creek, about Hi mil'.'S from Fort Steele, a wagon road and
trail.   Galena carrying silver'and lead.   A ledge of quartz about 4 feet wide.
"Tiie Hose" and "ThePhienix," on Palmer BarCaee!:, aliout 25 miles from
Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Quart's iron cropping and galena. Assessment
work done.   A large ledge about 15 feet broad.
" The Dennis," " McGinty " and " Silver Tip," about (I miles from the head
source of Perry Creek, 80 miles trom Fort; Steele, a wagon road and trail. Oold
quart*!, a ledge aliout 4 feet wide.   Assays $-15 in gold per ton.
" The Subiloe " and " The Griffith," on Wild Horse Creek, abont 9 miles
from Fort Steele, a good wagon road. Gold quartz with a trace of galena. Assessment work done, a ledge apparently about 40 feet wide, assays 14' to (ill per ton.
'��� The Jennie " and " The Marie," on Wild Horso Creek, about (I miles from
Fort Steele, a good wagon road. Gold quartz, porphy and slate, a ledge 3 feet wide
at li feet from the surface and widening as you descend, 8 puiinings gave un average of (25 per Ion, more or less,
"The Wanda," " Percy " and " Osage," on Lost Creek Btsin, 12 miles from
Fort Steele, wagon road and trail. Mixed quartz currying gold, silver and copper.
A ledge 2 feet wide, two assessments done, assays running from $11 up.
" The Jubilee," On a fork running into Perry Creek, abont23 miles from Fort
Steele, wagon road and trail.   A ledge of porpllry carrying gold about 8 feet wide,
"The Fir," on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, on Tobacco l'lains,
about 4 miles north of the International boundary, 7 miles from the steamboat
landing ou the Kootenav river, a,id 1 mil'.' from the wagon road. Gold, silver and
copper, assays from surl'iice 27,l_ percent coppeiyloz. silver and a trace oi gold.
Assessment Work done.
"The Grand Union," "Empire," "Alpine'1 and " Ella Rogers," on tho
south side Of Manse or'Shingle Creek, it-boutS miles from F��rt Steele, a wagon
road and trail. (iulena and grey copper, ledgo about 5 feet wido, assays from surl'iice $12.30 per ton.
" The Old Ominecn," on Mark Creek, 14 miles from Fort Steele, a good
wagon road. Mixed quartz carrying gold, a year's assessment work done and two
shafts 50 feel and 8 feel sunk.   Two leads aliout 7 feet wide each.
(hi oi* near all the claims there is abundance of wood and water for fuel,
hqnberlng, timbering and motor purpose?.
These properties can be fully examined now. Further particulars and tho
most complete information can be obtained on application.
Notice of Removal.
I'm Jnvl goingeerosa Hi1-' river,
Only n fow }*(irui nwnyi
T.i (ivomlHtfa irtoro convenient,
Wliefo i in to tut to stay.
I must thanh the people of (tuition
l''nr I heir patronage it) llio uldstiiro,
Aitl n��sutv them Unit In lite ititiirc,
I r-liiill try uiul merit ii more.
.My wimples fur full inui winter,
Aro nil of the nawcat claw,
Ami urojturo to give satlsfftcttnu,
UeennaaHoldul LOW PHICKH forCASU.
Suits to Measure from .1415 Up.
ItiHpect mypBttcrna oml com pure prices
before placing your onk'r,-* olsewhere.
Cleaning, Uepairtng uiul Altering   Done.
J.   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
East Kootonay Mlnlns Stock List.
N'AMB OS Coy. I  CAPITA!,, j I'Alt V.M.l'l: j SKLI. I
ThL,(!!',s'i'.'!"'! i w����o I   ��i'��'  I 150
Tlie KouU'ii,*''
C'Voo Mitl C
Steel,' I) Co.
Alljcr'ts* "K'y
11. l:'y
1*1,500,000 |1.11)
I fiCO.OOO  j       ,<l,oo
I  (oOO.IKO Hi     J1.C0
Tims.  McNaiijrlit,
Mlittiif- ilrokor,
��    ��     ��
VlllllO is one thins
SntUfnctlon is nnotlicr
You foi both l��y Iniyliv- your DRY GOODS
Pries LImIs una Bainplos forwarded yti applioa.
��    ��     ��
Mail Orders Eeceive
Prompt Attention.
��-��*AT THE--*.
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Mfij-'.ufaotureES q^ --"-1 "rnlnr-iln ���-**���
Douglas Fir,  Spruce and Cedar Lumber,   Siding and Flouring:,
Dimension Timber,   Cedar Shingles,   Fence Posts,
*���  Telegraph,  Telephone  i>nd  Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.),
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -     -    .    B. C.
First-riiisfi In every particular.  Convenient to Railway Depot anil stoamboat Ijinding.
Kates Reasonable.   Free Sumple Rooms,
Tho Tram Car loftvea Kootenay House, connecting w*ft]i Steamer (or Fort Steele evory
Mondnv.anil Friday after arrival of tr.iln from tlie \v��Bt.
Headquarters for Commercial
arid Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts       8
Modern Conveniences   o
Best Cuisine in tlie West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jtousey
WM. McNEiSH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
^The Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop^*
Manufacturers of:
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned Baliistors, Newel 1'ontn, Hand Rails & Brackets.
Tlie Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do ail kinds of repairing.
All sizes of pipc-littiug and brass goods on band.
All sines of glass in stook.
Wagon repairs, poles, shafts, axles, spokes nnd felloes.   Hickory and Maple plank.
Z2SSB-*���Golden, B.C.
-*->.Hoadqtinrtcrs For----* -
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
2Ss,tes $1-00 ^er 32a3r.
BoAiin & LoixiiKri $5 1'f.u Wkkic.    Fikst Class Bah.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention.
A LOAN OF $3,500.00
To be secured by mortgage over one of
tho finest farms in Kust Kootenay. It
contains 320 acors, is Crown Granted,
and tho greater portion is  under  crops.
it lias two oeliards, both fruit bearing.
Tho dwelling house is a substantial
one und haB only been recently built.
For lull particulars apply to
Notary Public, Golden.
Gold . . .
Mines, ...
Development Co.
New York,  Chlonffo,
Spokane, Wank.
CAPITAL STOCK  810,000,000.00.
Kuy and sell Alining Properties.
Furnish Money for Development
s     e
IDr-ULg's. at   EL 3y��. C^LJDEIB    <3s Oo'��-, GholAen,' E���C.
_^^	 NOTICE!
���jjarw-j -nn;*!] riir.-.'f.iti-u*it.-iiriti.-��scii*j:
His Reception���Banquetted  by the
Board of Trade.
' Mr. Hewitt Bostock, tho Dominion
member of piii'liainent for Yule-Curilioo
and Kootenay, arrived in Fort Steele on
Saturday night to visit the members of
his constituency rosining in South East
Kootenay. He came in on Alt. Doyle's
stage, having joined tlie same at
Flat. lie left Golden on Tuesday morning, driving up tlie Columbia valley iu a
private vehicle so as lo give him opportunity to visit members of his constituency scattered thr-ough-this long valley.
He stopped over at Spillimuchene, Ml*.
IVIcKay's ranche;Windermere, and Canal
Flat. Everywhere he was well received.
Tho Hoard of Trade at Fort Steele
expected him on Thursday night by,.the
mail stage nnd had made'arrangements
to banquet bim on Friday night. As the
guest did not arrive it had to be postponed until Monday evening.
Mr. linstock made, the lintel Venosta
his headquarters. He spent part of
.Sunday in a drive up the Wild Horse,
visited the Invicta placer mine, walked
through Chinatown and made a call on
Mr. Dave Griffith. In tlie evening he
attended olivine service, which was held
in the school house. The Service���-'Episcopalian church���-was conducted by .Mr.
The greater part of Monday was spent
in making calls. In tlie afternoon he
received an important deputation from
tho Board of Trade. The deputation was
headed by Mr. James A. Harvey, president of the board. Mi*. Harvey stated to
Mr.Bostnek tlie variottsraftftcrs on which
his assistance and co-operation were
desired. The placing of Fort Steele on
or near the main line oi railway (fussing
through South East Kootenay; increased
postal facilities for Fort Steele; the
establishment of a county court and the
appointment of a resident county court
judge; improvement of the navigation
of the Upper Kootenay as far us the I
international boundary.
The various matters were taken up iu
detail. -Mr. Baillie, secretary of the
board, with the aid of a map explained
fully how the lino of railway eould he
brought within three-fourths of a mile
of Fort Steele without adding materially
to tho cost of construction. It was
proposed to build a brunch line of live
miles into Fort Steele, but there would
bo no necessity for tliis if the main line
wero deviated for four miles. The company jvould get the grunt for the
additional mileage and lie saved the
expense of working the branch line.
Various members expressed their
views, including Mr. K. I,'. T. Galbraith
and Dr. Watt, the latter oi whom
emphasized the fact that tho railway
was being built for the purpose of
developing the resources of the country;
Unit was why the Government was
subsidizing it. It was not for the purpose ot making a lino from one given
point to another by the shortest way. It
was not sought to interfere with any
other place. What was asked was
reusotittblii, evon if the length was
increased and the cost of construction
increased. The divergence of tho line
would only bo doing justice to Fort
Stcglo and no injustice to any other
The postal service was then considv
ored and the deputation considered that
tho additional service ol the South, for
which tenders were now being asked,
and the lay-off for a day at Fort Steele
by the mail from tho North removed
considerably tlie grievances. By Ihe
arrangements Fort Steele would have
now the chance of a service tu ice a week.
The improvement of the Kootonay
river ss that the season for navigation
would be increased by one-half it' certain
bars were removed, was next under
consideration. It was explained that no
grant had ever been given for this pari
oi the river and that no survey had ever
been made; that it would lie desirable if
the Dominion government provincial
engineer would make a survey now
when the river wan low. It was most
important to have this river route open,
as this would check any excessive rates
by railway. It was deemed tho navigation could be improved most satisfactorily at a cost of about Ifo.OOO by putting
up wing dams and removing tiie bars.
The 'necessity for an immediate survey
was strongly urged.
Tho remaining point���Ihe establishment of a county court and the appointment of a county court, judge���was then
discussed. Tliei'o was now a large population, large mining camps and large
mining interest*. Criminal proceedings
wero not unknown, and the province
had to incur considerable expense in
taking prisoners, witnesses and ollicials
to the nearest point where they could ho
tried..   Civil litigation  was almost pro-
The situation at Halcyon Hot Springs
is ideally lovely. The sanitarium overlooks one of the most beautiful reaches
of the Upper Arrow lake,Which at that
point is about three miles wide. Steamers call twice daily and there are always
crowds of arrivals and departures. Many
of the arrivals hobble down the gangway
on crutches, but nary a crutch is taken
away. In fact tiiere is a pile of discarded
crutches lying around that will make
excellent kindling some cold night this
next winter.
R is understood thai Ihe Halcyon will
shortly pass into the hands of an incorporated company of which Dr. Brett will
lie the chief ollicer���a feature that in
itself is significant of success for the
shareholders. The business manager at
the Halcyon Hot Springs is Mr. A, II,
Mogt-idgo, who lias sueh a host of duties
to attend to while th�� construction i?
going on that it is really quite wonderful
hibitory. The official administrator as j that he can Und the time which he does
stipendiary magistrate had only a civil
'jurisdiction to the extent of ?I00. What
was desired was an occasional sitting of
a high court judge, the establishment of
a county court and the appointment of
county court judge. Practically no debts
could b�� sued for; service of writs was
often necessary out of the jurisdiction,
as Fort Steele was near the line and thus
could not be got without great delay and
great inconvenience. It was a matter
the minister of the justice, should look
intoand^providesotne remedy.
., Mr. Bostock, in answer' to the deputation, expressed his pleasure in having
this opportunity of meeting them. Their
country was a very large one and it was
a long way to Ottawa.Circumstances were
entirely different here from the circumstances in the East and it would lie his
duty to endeavor to get the various
ollicials to look at the different
matters submitted to him in the proper
light in which thoy ought to be regarded.
In the evening Mr. Bostock was entertained to a banquet in tlie Central hotel,
Fort Steele, hy the Board of Trade uf
this division.
Mr. R.I... T. Galbraith occupied the
chair, while Mr. James A. Harvey dis-
chargedthe duties of vicechairman.There
were upwards of 40 guests pi'esent.
Mr. Bostock on Tuesday addressed a
public meeting in the new opera house,
which is In course of construction, During his stay in Fort Steele ho proposes
visiting Wardner, Cranbrook and Moyie,
so that his time will be fully occupied.
Christian influences have now overtaken the store-keepers in Fort Sleeie
and their places of business are now
closed on tho Lord's Day. This decisive
change commenced last Supday, when
for the first time for many n long year
the stores were closed against tlie transaction of business ou the Sabbath and
the owners and employees wero enabled
to enjoy a day of rest out of the seven.
This change was brought about by the
influonce of the Rev- Mr. Patinoro, the
Presbyterian clergyman, who succeeded
in getting the proprietors of fourteen
business houses to sign an agreement
that they would not open their shops
or transact business on the Sabbath day.
The numerous friends in East Kootenay of Mr. Alexander Dunbar Mitchell
formerly of the Invicta placer mine,
Wild Horse Creek, will be glad to hear
of his safe arrival in the Old Country.
The trip was pleasant, and on his arrival he found all things well, realising
however pleasant East Kootenay and its
associations may be, there is no place
like home. Mr. Mitchell desires to be
remembered to ail old friends and Tin:
Mixnn is very glad to convey the mes-
j sage through its columns to Mr. Mitchell's friends in East Kootenay.
Tlie Prospector is Informed by Dr.
Watt that 2(il)0 feet ot pipes and four
hydrants are now mi the way here via
Golden, and that M. Mclnncs, who is
now at Calgary, is arranging for an on-
I gine, pump and electric light outfit. A
! lank 12 x 14 feet is to be erected at a
height of 40 feet into which the water
will lie pumped ami out of which it will
flow into the pipes for distribution. In
case of (iro tho water will be pumped
directly from the power house. The excavation for the pipe line will be begun
in a few days,
in  looking  after  the  comforts of the
Halcyon guests.
While the Halcyon is a health resort
in the lirst instance, it is also a most
delightful camping ground (or an idle
week. Heaps of idle people from the
Sloean and Trail creek nru to he found
there. They take thu baths and drink
tho water. When they get tired of tlie
water, an interview wilh Mr. James
Rtttloy, who used to minister to the
wants of suffering humanity nt til
Arlington hotel at Trail, usually :
attended with satisfactory results. At
the present time as a health and pleasure
resort there is no place in Ihe Kootenays
that can compare with the Halcyon
springs, and when all the improvements
now in progress nru completed there will
bo few places on the American continent
better equipped for a niiin who is a little
run down to " lay off" and recruit.
Apart from its merits as a temporary
stopping place on the highway of life,
the Halcyon has a direct merchantable
value in thu quality of its waters. The
springs contain lithium to an extent
bevond that of any other known
natural waters. In the various popular
so-called mineral waters that are recommended by physicians Ihe particular
ingredient that is looked for is lithium.
The springs at Halcyon are full of
lithium. Some day when the trade of
Kootenay increases, aerated Halcyon
water will take the place of the lithia
waters that come from the Buffalo
springs in West Virginia, tho White
Sulphur, tlie Wnkisha and hal!'-a-do-*on
other places on tlie United States side of
the line. The owners of all these have
made large fortunes. And there is no
doubt to suppose that the fortuneate
owners of theso far more desirable hot
springs from a medical point of view in
North Kootenay will not find them an
equally lucrative kind of property.���The
llevelstoke J erald.
I, Thomas McNaught, Financial Agent, Fori
Ptuele. hereby give notice that sixty 3dys after
dale ii Is niy Intention lo apply lo apply to llio
chief Cnmimssloner ol Uiuis & Works Im- per*
n*.iss!on in purchase six luiuiii-eil uiul forty
acres of unsurveyed, unoccupied nnt] unreserved Crown lands in this neighborhood where
Ibis notice is   posted, being on Ihe west side of
.Movie Luke ���.H'iiiiiout four miles from its uppor
end. The boundaries are us marked oilt ll'oni
my north-west corner ".vliicli is in close proximity to this notice namolv, running south Mi
Chains, uiul in in-.-oust sn ghaius, thenco north
SO chains, theneo west t,, Ihe starting point St)
chains, containing U40 acres unoccupied land.
The starting pond  running duo west from
Movie Lake oil-ill-* in ,i little nf  l.nlli tlie l.lllle
Lamb anil tho Big Lamb creeks. Located 1st
Cay nf September, 1807.
Fori Steele, 201b Septcmlior, 1807.       2m.
Minister nf Minos and Provincial Boorctary���
Hon. Col. James: Baker.
Pnjvluelul Mineraldgtet���W. a. carlyle,
Publio Assnyui���II. Curmloliael.
For the Province���W. 8. Gore Victoria
Soutli Dlutrkt comprising Foi-. Btecle aud To-
ban!) PlttlnH Mining Dlvlsionn-J. f. Arm-
h i r<n ik Cranbrook
North IHsirirl eomprisins Honi'lii. Gulden anil
Windermere Mining Division-,-,). K. Gntiith-
J. Rtirrot	
(MM. F.-hvimU...
M. Phillips	
 Fort Bteele
..Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clork of the Pcaee for North Kast Kont-
eunv Jotdah fitlrrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of tha Peaoe fur Soutli Rout Kootonay���Chorion Mimsoy l'Mwanh Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value and Necessity of a " Free
Miners" CcitUleate-No I��cr-
hoii Siioultl Attempt Mining
Without One.
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele-,
S���?������*�����_���<���������� **$������!������ ���>��������>�����
<>-*v*>'i>3'(,-*/*.* ��<>-i'���,--;'.-;���
ft w
f yr
Tl Ml I k b
$75 to
Eaeli according to
���**������<> ���>>'-H' ���;�����><>$��� v^vv
One-third down, balance in three ami
months, without interest.
Mm (If K
Any i
ruin' i: f
ing a i'
A Victim of tho Craze.
Yon must woke anil vail me early���
Call nn- early, mother, dear.
A t a quarter after nine the ship
Id advertised to clear.
Kleven days I've stood It off
And tried -to keep It down,
lint I'll be gonhed if I remain,
Tlie only man in town.
My temperature Is going np.
The fever's in my veins.
Tin* gold enre is the thing I need.
1*11 take it In huge grahw.
Quite long enough I've walked the hill
To nave the cable fare.
Too long tlie grindntmic's done its worsts
My none won't stand the wear.
The frnneii north U getting warm
With nuggets thick ok Men.
A man now has a chance to win
A fortune en- lie dies.
I've pan and shovel, lots of grub,
Warm clothing, rubber boots,
^o wake and call me oarly
When the Klondike steamer loots.
���Hcattlo PosMnteUlgeneer,
While tnlhiilg matters tiro principally
occupying Uie attention ol the jieoplo of
North Kootenay, thu-fact that there nre
numerauD otltor valuable resources iu
tln> district should not Ihj overlooked.
Various points In the United SUiK-h have
derived fame and prosperity from tlie
the medicinal qualities of tlieir waters,
nnd it is now nn established fact that
the mineral Springs of the Upper Arrow
lakes possess the hoiuth-glving ingredients to a greater extent than uny springs
yet discovered on the American continent. At the Halcyon Hot Springs a
small village Ifl rapidly growing up, und
will continue W increase us tho knowledge of the curative qualities of the
Wtltors circulate. About huli-u-dozen
new cottages have heen erected and are
nearly ready (or occupation. A very
complete and elaborate batu-llOUBO is
now in course of construction. When
UiubIrmI it will be the finest thing of its
kind in Canada��� Tho contractors for the
work are Messrs Kauko <& Williams, and
what they are turning out is ns pretty
aud complete in its way as anything that
can lie found at tho fashionable watering
places ou the Atlantic seaboard. I
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
si'lui'iAriii'.!::-, K.u-t KooTRKAY, 11.C.
Pliolco Wlnos, Mquom ft Cigars,
1'iirk Horn's im-mi I,-or Hire.
Every nlt.'iilloii |inl(l to (hlCsH.
FRANK 6EACOK, Proprietor.
Canadian Pacific Ry
I'ir.Tl rati route lo
Montreal & Toronto
and all Kiisu-ru Points.
Uko Route lo tho Ea^t���Sailings from
Kort William,
A (berth Kvery Tuesday to Windsor.
Athabasca Kvery Thursday to Owen Sound.
Manitoba Every Sunday to Owen Sound.
Connecting lahis from ".Golden at ffltW every
Monday, Thuruday aud Saturday.
Daily and direct nervlco to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all points in the far famed Kootenay
ami Silvery Bloeau.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Kmpress India 2nd August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Miowora 8th August
Apply for Particulars io
.C. E. \V��U8, Agent, (iolden,
or IlOllKitT KEHIt,
Traffic Manager, Winnipeg.
rrson   over  IS   years  of  age, may he
reo  miner by paying ?����� to any gold
����inner or mineral recorder and obtain-
ertlHoatogOod for one year.
e miner may obtain a new certificate for
one lust on paying fl.
A free minor's certificate is not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, hold as real estate without license, may
be'flnotifies. Mine* become real estate after
erown grant has been Issued.
should co-owner fall in pay up bis free miner's
cert ill ia I e his iutor-.'si goes to his co-owners pro
rata according to their former Interests.
3JA shareholder in a joint stock company need
not In' a free miner.
A'freu miner inny claim lfiOOxWOO feet. Bui
iill,an;;'l"s imisi bu right angles nnd nil measur-
ment must la* horizontally.
A free minor may cut timher on crown lands,
A free miner may 1:111 game lor his own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain five aero mlltsltoupon erown lands in the form of a square.
A claim may be held from year to year by
work being done to the vulue of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may bo held if recorded in Ifi days.
A fre<- miner may on payment of IfiOO, in lieu of
penditure on < iaim, obtain n'lrown grant.
Any miner tuny, at tiie. discretion of Rio goti)
commissioner, obtain necessary water rlglils.
No transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall bo enforceable unless in writing, Mgned
and recorded,
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on the part of the
government ofllotals.
No claim shall be open to location during
last Illness* of holder, nor within 12 months
after his death- unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must bo recorded within ifi
days after location, it within 10 miles of office
of mining recorder. One additional day is allowed for ovory additional lu miles or fraction
ANNV.U, LA Unit.
Work on each mining claim to tlie value of
$100 must bo done each year from date of reeord ofni'iieral claim, Affidavit made by tho
holder, or his agent, setting out a Retailed
statement of the work done must bo filed with
th*- (told commissions!- or mining recorder, nnd
n certificate of workobtafned, and recorded bo-
fore the expiration of ouch year from the dale
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims/ may subject to lllhig notice
of his intention with the gold commissioner or
milling recorder porform on ar.v one or more of
such claims, all tho wort; required to entitle
liim ro a certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or morefreemhi-
ore holding adjoining claims in partnership.
In lieu of above work the minor must pay flOO
ami get receipt aud reeord the same.
Upper Columbia-
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with
Groat Northern 1!
48 Honrs
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
tn <!o Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its brandies.
Our Special lies :
Steamers leave
evening on arrival
tions at (.'anal Flat with
the C
1>. R. al Golden, ii
.  C.   and
ailway ��
.1 Jennings, Montai
'S to
Fort Steele.
Monday   and    F
of Ensl
bound train.    (!o
stage for Furl Steele and
The   Only   Q,uick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
Miners Supplies a Specialty. /
Agent for tho California Gianl Powder Com pay.
Null' IIl'HiIs
I., Hit U,',1(!h
um ii.-n-i.
Ilimtl Hills
i'iiIMii't Carili
(\ V    -liii.-t' ri'l'llli.-.tU'.i
)if   A.��,ij* I'-iirms
(*i    DrilBBlMSIjlbols
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
i n pi h] I
Choice Wdtes, Liquok-s a>;u Cra^
First Class I'rands of Liquors and
Headquarters for Mining Men
('oniinodions Sample Rooms
Best Cuisine in the West,     o
Modern Conveniences o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISII, Proprietor.
Jft-a.v��rtlse    in    "THE       E-^ST      ZIOOTElT-iir     I^IITEK." *ew
-wgs________ng gggBB
|BudBst  of   Interesting   Local  and
General News.
���Mr. Win. McXeish ia on a visit to Fort
Cliii'f Justice Davie ot B.C. is in Ottawa on liia return from New York.
Mr. P. R, White loaves to-morrow
(on n visit lo his home in Nova Scotia.
Mis. M. B. Carlin Mt on Wednesday
jfor lliuiff, where she will spend a few
Hon. Col, Baker passed through Golden
on Monday on his way to the l'ort Steele
Tlie laying of llio rails on the road
from Hobsou to Trail is almost com-
Mr. Thomas Alton is building a frame
-blacksmith shop, adjoining Hamilton &
rSkeltpn's livery stable.
A largo amount of freight is now being
-handled by the Navigation Co. between
jGolden and Fort Steele.
Telosplioro Mercier has made application to purchase 1(10 acres ef land situate
near the head of Upgaboo Creek.
Tho New Westminster fair will ho held
on October 5,0, 7 and 8th, and the Kamloops fair en Oct. 18, M and loth.
The legislative assembly of the Northwest Territories will meet for the transaction of business on October 28th.
The steamer Duchess left (iolden this
morning witli a largo cargo of freight for
Fort Steele also several passengers.
It is reported in Dublin on the highest
.authority that Lord Ashbourne will be
the next Governor-General of Canada.
M. Carlin has sold to Barney Naeon of
.Medicine Hat, his driving horse "J.J."
Barney shipped him easton Wednesday.
Mr. Collingwood Schreibor, deputy
minister of railways and canals, is on a
tour of inspection of the Crow's Nest
We call the attention of the ladies to the
artistic display of dress goods and millinery in the dry goods window of The
Rig Store.
F. Colpman, formerly of Lethbridge,
now of Slocan City, bus sold out his
lumber business and leaves shortly for
East Kootenay.
As u result of the recent accident at
Field one engineer is said to have been
discharged and another got sixty days'
leave of absence.
A recent issue of tho Winnipeg Nor'-
wester contains a three-page advertisement of lands for sale in Winnipeg for
ui'i-eai's of taxes.
D. W. Davis, collector of customs in
tlie Yukon, has forwarded another remittance of $12,000 to tiie customs department at Ottawa.
Mr, Thos. B. Uradcn of the Calgary
Herald passed through (iolden on Monday on a business triy to the coast and
West Kootenay points.
The telegraph rales between Golden
ami Fort Steele are; For ten words or
Jobs, $2.05* night rate, $1.08. Business
.on the new line is said to ho brisk.
A carload of dogs for the use of the
police on tlie route to the Yukon passed
through on Tuesday night. They seemed
to he a well behaved lot of animals
A meeting of Liberals will be held in
(Iolden on Saturday for the purpose of
selecting a delegate to attend the Liberal
convention about to be held at the coast,
J. II. Trtieman of Vancouver, photographer, has pitched his tent on the
plains of Goldon and is prepared to
execute lirst class work at reasonable
Inspector Z. T, Wood of Calgary,
passed through yesterday in charge of
another detachment of mounted police,
to do duly on the trail to the Yukon
gold Iields.
Lieut.-Governor Mcintosh of the N.W.
T. is about to resign his position to j
which he was appointed in 1893, to i
accept the management of a B.C. financial corporation.
It is reported thai Sir Charles Tapper
has resigned the leadership of the Conservative party and that Hon. Hugh ,1.
Mucdonald will succeed him. The report
is not believed in Winnipeg.
Mr. Harry Kstell, while out shooting
with Mr. George Meade, of the iiussell
house, had the misfortune to fall and
break one ui the bones sif his legand will
lie laid up for some days in consequence.
On Thursday night of last week some
parson or persons unknown entered the
shuck owned by Alex. Murray and A. J
Jackson and helped themselves to t
number of articles of clothing, which the
boys hud left in their trunks.
Services will he held as usual in the
Presbyterian church next Sabbath at ll
a.m. und 7.30 p.m. Subject for the
evening: "The Three Cries: The Cry
oi the Christian, tlie Cry of the Unjust
and the Cry of the Scoffer."
Mr. Bob Carley and Mr. P. J. Russell
of Nelson, formerly residents of Golden,
were in town the latter end of last week
on a business and pleasure trip combined. Mr. Carley returned west on
Monday's No. 1, and Mr. Russell left the
same evening for Fort Steele.
The coroner's jury ut Granite creek
have found that Mrs. Babbitt shot Jas.
Hamilton in self defence. The evidence
showed that an assault was attempted
and that the woman shot Hamilton as
soon as she could get her bauds on a
gun.    Mrs. Rabbitt has since been coin-
Mr. ,1. A. Bangs of Calgary was in
town on Tuesday and left for the sheeji
ranche, near Windermere, on business.
Mr. Bangs recently visited some of the
mining districts at the coast and was
greatly impressed with the activity
shown there in mining matters.
Messrs. W. Mockenrie of Toronto,
Thos. Holt and W. (i. Neilson were in
town on Wednesday. Mr. Mackenzie
has recently been at Rossland where it
is said be is interested in the Iron Colt
mine, one of the other owners being Pat
Burns the Kouteuay cattle king. They
returned west to-day.
Miss Georgia Connacher, formerly of
Golden, was married on Sept. 21st at
Vancouver, to W. J. McNab a C.P.R. engineer running between North-Bend and
the coast. The young couple will reside
at North Bend. The many friends of
tho bride in Golden wish her every happiness in her wedded life.
Here will bo good news to the many
housewives in the Northwest who find it
so bard to get servants. The Calgary
Herald says: "J. A. Nolan has advice
that a large number of domestics will
arrive in Calgary from Sweden about
October 1st, and if those requiring servants will call on Mr. Nolan he thinks
he can suit them. He is willing that a
two weeks' trial be made in each case,
after which a year's contract can be
Timely Advloe to Mining: Investors.
Now that men of all classes and conditions, are engaging in mining in
British Columbia, the timely advice of
an exchange should be heeded. It is to
work your mine on the samo principle as
a man would construct a building for
business he had in view, being sure of
his business before he built. Make
mining a legitimate business and not a
speculative one and the reward will
come in increased work, good living and
a time of prosperity. Those who make
a business of mining intelligently, succeed, while failures as a rule come from
want of knowledge and bad management. Develop the mine first, find out
how to work your ore, if good enough
then put in your machinery.
It is important that mining companies should be in possession of the
necessary data and documents to establish a clear title to the property which
they claim to own. Oft-times mines
and prospects are not all that they are
represented to be and too close investigation cannot be given these matters.
It is a serious reflection upon thoso interested in mining companies who Importune friends to take stock in what
may turn out to bo but a wildcat scheme
even though they acted in good faith.
Seneral fTferckant
Please   Wait
The Crow's Nest Road.
The scene at the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, directly east of the town, is a
busy ono. Large quantities of tieB, rails
and bridge timber have arrived here and
gangs of men are busy unloading and
piling the timbers, while the loaded ears
of rails and tics stand there awaiting the
completion of the Six Mile coulee bridge
to be forwarded further on the roujl. A
building has been creeled for the purpose of framing bridge timbers and in
this is a circular saw for cutting off the
ends, a boring machine and a morticing
machine, the whole to be run by a 40-
liorse power engine and a 50-horse power
boiler. The machinery has not yet been
started, but it is expected to bo in full
blast by the beginning of next week.
Work on the Six Milo coulee bridge is
being pushed along rapidly and will be
completed in a short time now. As soon
as it is finished tho work of laying the
ties and rails will be continued to tho top
of Scotty Ross' hill, whore the contractors are meeting with considerable difficulty in doing tlie work, owing to the
sticky quality of the earth.-Lethbridge
News, September 22nd.
a few days until wo can make time to
open up and display the magnificent
stock of DRY GOODS now arriving
daily. We shall be as quick as possible
and hope to be favored wirh your close
j(gent for *> ~ *>
Ph oenix of London # othar firBinsurancB C 's
ConfEdsration Lifs Rssociation, Toronto,
Canadian Railway Rccidant InsurancB Co,
RsliancB Loan ���# Savings Company,
S.  $.  Wfc'Dermot,
���:In Golden, is:���
Tlie IBest Store
In. East STootezia^r
FOR    ^^-~A
Miners & Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock.
WARREN'S other line of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
necessary to become a constant customer. WARREN'S STORE is the foremost in tho district.
Ji�� 0-old.en ds Fort Steele
Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stocl
*  *   *   *   ��
initted to stand her trial for murder at
the Kamloops assizes.
Train Hold Up.
Moorhead, Minn., Sept. 20.���The west
hound passenger train on the N.P. It.
was held up three miles east of here at
an early hour this morning. . It is said
that Ihe expross car curried a large sum
of money, which the robbers failed to
secure owing to a blunder in cutting off
the cars. The robbery was a cool piece
of work. Engineer Hoover just after
pulling out of (ilyndon, noticed a man
on the front platform of the mail cur. A
few moments later the robber climbed
over the tank and at the point of the pistol compelled the engineer to apply the
air brakes. Three other men then came
forward, bringing along thu conductor
and brakomen. All mounted the engine
which was again started west. The robbers sat on the tank and ordered the engineer to " Keep her moving." Not until the train reached Moorhead was it
known that the engine and tbe mail car
had been cut oif from the balance of the
train. Then the robbers discovered that
they had not cut deep enough into the
train and had failed to secure the treasure in the express safes. They rapidly
despoiled the trainmen of tlieir watches
and money and made their escape.
Don't Forget These Facts:
is showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
|��eDE!iPTLsi_fS.'Jf�� BICYCLES gf��$
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
��  ��  ��  ��  ��
flV>11T*.l)fliftT na3 Just received a large consignment of the
UiUIfEI\UXU -1 Kickapoo Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man or woman (riglit up to date).
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all sizes at   EASTER    PAIGES.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Direct Import."
Commencing to arrive.
itwi^y^ytto^n7pSS House Furnishings
stock.   We can quote prices that will astonish even tho
closest buyer.
Every Watch a Compass.
" Several weeks ago in London," said
an English tourist at the Holland bouse,
" I was standing beside an American
acquaintance, when I expressed the wish
to know which point was the north. Hu
pulled out his watch, looked at it and at
once pointed in the right direction. I
asked him whether he had a compass
General Dealer.
attached to his watch. ' All watches are
compasses.' ho replied. Then he explained to me how this was. Point the
hour hand to the sun, and the south is
exactly half-way between the hour and
the figure XII on tho dial. For instance,
suppose it is 4 o'clock. Point the hand
indicating MI to tho sun, and II on the
watch is exactly south. Suppose, again,
that it is 8 o'clock. Point the hand
indicating VIII to the sun, and tho
figure X on the watch is due south.
" My American friend seemed surprised that I did not know this, and not
wanting to be left alono in my ignorance.
I asked Henry M. Stanley) whom I met
the following day, whether ho knew of
this simple means of taking points of the
compass. My* self-estocm rose when
that famous traveller told me he had
never heard  of it.   So, perhaps, there
plenty of folks '
who sti
may be plenty of folks in your country
ill remain in my original state of
ignorance.   I don't know what place my
American friend hails from, but some'-
where in your great west,"���N.Y.Hemld
The Providence Far Go
Providence, K.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $160.00.
Bear $ 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter If 4.00 to $
Martin $2.00 to $
Beaver (per pound).. .$ 3.00 to $
Wolf $ 1.00 to $
Bed Fox $ 1.00 to $
Mink $   .75 to $
Skunk  $   .25 to $
Gray Fox $   .60 to $
Bat *...���   .20 to $
Price list on all other fnrs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for tlie
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British olumbia.
The management pf the Company is in the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.iTnos. McNaught, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-Presidet: M. Carlin, Manager Golden Lumber Co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company, Calgary,
Secretary: Geo. S. McCabteb, Barrister Golden.
S. Babiieb.        Alex. Allan.        H. G. Pabson.
There aro no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until tlie Company earns dividends.
Tlie Company posesses interests in two of the most
promising mining properties in East Kootenay: Tho
" Tinbasket Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and tiie Mercier Group at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in the Golden Mining Division. Tho
Company has these properties under development and on
tlie latter property have several tons of high grade ore
ready for shipment.
Tlie company will also acquire and develop and sell -properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares has been sold.
A second block of 50,000 will shortly be issued at 60 Cents
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
The Best Beer tn Canada 1b made by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacture��� of Beer, Ale and Soda Wntor
Insist on gutting Calgary Boer every time. They
all have it. The Company's agent for East
Kootonay Is
H. G. PARSON. Golden, B. C.
We can.
fait Yea?
��  ��  ��
Our motto is:   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
��  ��  ��
fl C, \Jom,
Merchant Tailor,


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