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East Kootenay Miner 1897-09-02

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Devoted to the Jdining Interests and Development of the District ol EAST HOOTEJifiY.
���ama-wmK- - rrrrrrm
Vol. 1, No. 6.
Golden,   B.  C,  Thursday  September 2nd,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year
Alexander Block,     -     Gold-hn, 1S.C.
^Flre, Life, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneers and Custoiiis Brokers
Fire Agencies :
Queen, LBticashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Ticket Olllee.
The Sun Life Insurance Compuny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co')*.
Tho Birbock Investment and Loan (to,
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Associate Royal School of Mines.
Member Iron A SteCl Institute, Eng.
Member American Just. Min. Engineers.
Mining Bnslneor and Metallurgist,
45 Toronto Street, TORONTO.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
Anil Civil Engineer.
'.  Fort. Steele, B.C..'
Thos. McNaught,
MlniiiR Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post office address:
Assay Offices and
Chemical Laboratory)
For several years with Vivian*Sons, Swan.
. lea, and loeul representative for them.
For 5 vcarti manager for the assaycrs to the
RioTlutoCo., Loudon.
Canadian representative of the Camel Oold
Extracting Co,X'td/Glaagpw (Cyanide procews.)
K.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils] re
-:    Muilo  By    :-
Bott& Emdree
Vkeh in Advance.
Oold flf-o
Silver  ISO
Hold unci Biker  2 ��l
Cornier 1 HO
lAisd _ 150
Laid .lid Silver II l��
Ores tt'KUJil by Cyanide Process.
Other Fees on Application.
& Embalming     |
* Telegraph orderB receive prompt attention T
d. SMART,     |
��� CALGARY, Alta.  ���
k ft Bell,
Wedding IJings
A Specialty.
vi Calgary, -.Alberta.
Tho above reward will bo paid by THE
EAST KOOTENAY MINER for information that will lead to the detection,
apprehension and conviction of the party
or parties who started the recent (ire In
Coppor Creek, McMurdo District i|i
Golden Mining Division of East Kootenay.   .
Golden. B.C., 1st September, 1807.
Prospectors nnd Minertrthnving claims or interests in claims for sale, could not do better
than communicate with
Mining Broker and Financial Agent.
Golden and Foot Stehle,
Mr. John Btilltnun, Wtnflold Park, Thumb', bill
will liiuiiile freight betivoeu Adult), Mini Uka
uiul Fort Steele and return. Goods warehoused ut both cuds.   For rates apply to
Jas. Henderson,
PlaliH Prepared.
1'i-omi't attention glvgn to orders.
A Kilpply ol Uliilding l.tiue fur Hale.
Tonsorial Artist.
Everytliliiff Strictly First Class.
C9~ Opposite the Kootenay House,
The Golden. :
' Freah and Snlt Meats.
Fish und Game in sciiaon.
Dealers In Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mail orderH receive prompt attention.
Boots, Shoes uiul Harness
Repaired promptly.
Livery and
Feed Stables
' flood Saddle Horses and Rigs of All Kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Hates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton and Skelttm,
Golden, B.C.   '
r~r      i-gfi
Ice Cream
-Cull on-
E*mT�� All Kinds of Fruit In Benson
W. Alexanders*
G.P.H- Wateh Inspector
Will call every week at
MoDEItBIOT'S   Store      ���
Any watches left there will
Promptly and Properly
be repaired at fair prices.
Xo Botched Work.
The Columbia House
Tho Central Hotel of East Kootonay, midway
between Uolclon and Fort Steele.
Good Cuisine. Choice Liquors & Good Stabling,
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
Golden Mining
Doscrlpllon of Somo of the Properties In that Dlnrict.
One ol the portions of East Kootenay
Unit 1ms eomo into spvcial prominence
during the present year is the district
lying ut the head of Bugaboo Creek.
This creek runs into tho Columbia River
from tho west nt Galena, from which
point there is a good puck trail to the
heud of this creek a distance of about 21
miles. The valley of the Bugaboo is
cpiite wide and a wagon road could be
very cheaply constructed throughout its
entire length. At the head of tho Creek
there is an easy pasB into West Kootenay
the .distance fron the summit between
East and West Kootenay to the Duncan
River along Ilpuscr Creek lieing not
more than four miles and the distance
to Duncan City being about 15 miles. It
iB also possible to build a wagon road ut
small expense to connect the district at
tho head of Bugaboo Creek with the
head of navigation on tho Duncan River
thus permitting the shipment of ores to
the smelters of West Kootenay, if so
desired. At the head of the Creek there
is' found tin abundance of timber for
mining purposes. The district consists
of Very high ranges of mountains having
spurs running in all directions cut by
mountain streams rising in the large
glaciers that exist in the district. Tlie
rock in this district is pi incipully granite
slate porphery diorite and syenite.
"iidoaiioo  OKOCP."
Tho first group of claims at the head
of this Creek upon which extensive development was started is the Bugaboo
Group owned by T. Mercier of Golden,
and a syndicate (at the head of which Is
Mr. P. Wntolet, M.E., of Vancouver.
Mr, Watelot is a graduate of the University of Brussels and a gentleman of large
experience in mining operations, and he
has had charge of the development work
on this group from the beginning. The
group eonsiflto of three claims known as
Iho " Surprise," "Hortcnso," and "Mag-
da," situate almost on thu divide between East Kootenay and tho Lardeau
district in West Kootonay and about 3
miles south of the McMurdo district.
Tlie main vein is traceable throughout
all these claims and is fully exposed for
a distance of about 3000 feet. The character of the ore is quarts, sulphides of
various metals, galena mid brown iron
all carrying gold, silver, copper and lead.
The vein stands almost perpendicular
between walls of porphery and syenite
and is apparently a Assure vein of a
thickness of between two and three feet.
A large quantity of very high grade ore
has already been taken out of these
claims during the course ef the development work done and is now stored on
the dump ready for shipment. In addition to the largo voln al>ove referred
to there has recently been discovered on
the claims, a solid seam of galena about
a foot wide whloh has been Btrlppod for
u considerable distance, The work on
the claims to date consists chielly of a
series of open cuts upon the lead at various points. The ore body at every point
where exposed by these open cuts has
shewn itself to lie continuous aud of tinfoil Widlii shewn on the surface. The
value of the ore as shewn by the assays
made from samples taken as the shafts
were sunk increases steadily in value.
At a depth of 10 feet the oro assayed li,'l
oz. silver and 1(1 |ier cent. load. At a
depth of *10 feet it assayed 21l!oz. silver,
(idwts. gold and 71 per cent lead or a
total .value of J180.88 per ton.
It is estimated that there aro at least
100 tons of shipping oro on the dump on
these claims and we understand that us
soon as the trails aro put in order it is
the intention of the owners to ship tho
ore. Mr. Watolet hos certainly accomplished a good deal within a very short
timo. Ho began work no curlier than
January last. lie and his mon bud 17
days of vory hard travelling to the claims
taking in supplies. After gutting in
cabins wore erected and work was started. Mr. Watelet is still engaged in developing these and three other adjoining claims und Tun Mixer is glad to
hear that he is meeting with the success
which hfs energy and enterprise richly
'* MERCIER BltOt)!-."
Another group of claims at tho head
of Bugaboo Creek known as the Mercier
group has recently been sold by Mr.
.Mercier to tile Goldeu & Fort Steele Development Company, aud Mr. Mercier is
now at the claims with a gang of men
engaged in opening up mid developing
theBO claims. Tho group consists of
four claims on which several large leads
aro shewing. The chief claim known as
the " So. 21," is on the summit between
East and West Kootenay at the head of
the middle fork of the Bugaboo, and
three others adjoin it. Assays from the
surface of this claim gave a return of
$175 to the ton in Bilver and lead. There
is a large quarts lead carrying galena
and copper and close to it is a lead about
2 feet wide, from which a large quantity
of high grade galena has lieen taken.
These leads are right on the summit and
there can bo no question as to their continuity and richness. Lower down is a
large quartz lead carrying on the surface
good values in gold and copper. Within
tho past few days a new lead has lieen
opened np on the claims. Tliis lead iB
about six feet wide where the face has
beon exposed on the side of tho bill and
is heavily mineralized throughout, the
hanging wall and foot wall being very
rich in Bilver, lead and copper. From
this lead some 50 tons of ore have been
takon out and stored on the dump. Mr.
Mercier left for the claims on Friday last
with a large quantity of ore sacks to pro-
pare a shipment of the high grade ore
that is on the dump. Tho Company
will expend a considerable sum in development work on these claimB tliis
Mr. Mercier has also recently located
with Mr. Geo. llcffuer two claims in the
mine vicinity on which there is a large
vein of quarts mixed with white iron.
AsBays received by Mr. Mercier from
surface samples, bIiow these two claims
to be mcBt promising properties.
It is expected that a wagon road will
shortly be constructed up Bugaboo Creek
and when this is done we may expect to
hear reports of considerable ere shipments from the claims in that district.
Development work up to date certainly
jtistilioB tho expectation that a lively
camp will soon be in operation at tho
head of Bugoboo Creek. It is to be liop-
sd that every inducement will bo given
by tho Government to havo ore shipments from there made to the Columbia
River and to Golden ir.stcud of going
down the Duncan River and into West
Kootenay points.
Two New  Boats for  the Columbia
Two now freight boats aro under construction at port of Golden. It is expected tho first lwat will be ready to launch
within the next ten days. They are
constructed of tho liest Douglas fir, and
aro to be of the same dimensions und
burden. They will be each 50 feet long
by 16 foet wide at the broadest part
with four feet of a beam. They will
both have a carrying capacity ol 160 tons
each. When fully loaded they will not
draw more than 2 feet of water.
In tho autumn the Columbia River
talis so low that steam boats when fully
loaded have some difficulty In navigation. Tho device is then resorted to of
placing heavy cargoes on freight touts
and the steamers act as propellers. Passenger trallle lasts sometimes late in tho
year, until the month of November.
There will lie considerable trallle on tllf
Columbia River this autumn, as supplies
will pass up for the contractors engaged
on the construction of tlie Crow's Nest
PuBS Railway and quantities of ore are
coming down from the mines which are
living developed.
Mr. .lames Henderson, ship carpenter,
who is constructing tho boats, expects to
havo thorn both ready for the autumn
Another Railway  for    South   East
The New Denver Ledge has the following in its last issue:���" Tho discovery of
u low pass ill tbe mountains that divide
East and West Kootenay lias boon reported to Engineer Perry, of the C.I'.U.
The break in the range is at the head of
Canyon creek, a tributary of Lansdowne
creek. The summit at that point is 500
feet lower than tho Crawford creek pass.
The grade to the pass from both sides is
oiiBy. This discovory comes too late to bo
available for the Nelson and Iaithbridge
railroad, although it is shorter than the
route delected, but u party of coast
capitaltBts aro projecting a railroad
through it from Pilot Bay to the
St. Mary's district.
REWARD   OF  $50.00.
For tho Conviction of tno Incond-
Serious firo-^causcd by Incendiarism
has been raging In Copper Creek In McMurdo district in Golden mining division
for some days. Copper Creek is n tributary of tho Middle Fork of tho Spillimacheen'. Near |the head oi it aro located
several valuable claims. Tlie Alberta and
Kootenay Developement Company
possess tho Mablo group there and are
now doing considerable developement
work upon its property. Tbe fire broke
out near the head of the creek and our
information id that it extends for four
miles, The breadth of the creek here if
from one mile to ono and a half miles.
Great damage is being done to valuable
timber and the trail leading to tho mining properties is now blocked. It is not
only tho destruction that is being done
to valuable property by such fires which
of late years are becoming of too common occurrence but tlie lives of men aro
endangered. On the Mable group five
men were working and their first intimation of tlie fire was a great heat they felt
then clouds of smoke arose. The property on which they where working is
situated in a basin on the west Hide of
the creek and their first care wus to secure the explosives. In a short time the
fire was near them and they bad to shift
tlieir camp several times in order to save
their provisions from destruction. The
fire has now pretty well exhausted itself.
The cause of all these lires Is simply due
to incendiarism���either the result of
culpable, careless and reckless conduct,
or of a wicked, wilful and malicious act
and generally all through throwing
away a lighted match regardless of how
great a fire a little spark may kindle.
There are some beings so constituted
that after having used a lighted match
they won't take the trouble of extinguishing it but simply throwing it away uncaring and unthinking of the con sequences that may result from the act. This
ought to be a penal offence for throwing
away a lighted match���no matter where
the party may be, whether on tbe public street or on the trail. Tlie sooner
this Is enacted the less risk there will be
of future fires.
As yet we havo not heard of many
human lives being lost through these
fires but thero have been heavy losses
through the destruction of valuable pack
animals and whole mining camps with
their provisions and supplies have been
swept away. It might easily happen
that a camp is pitched in a coulee or
gulch from tho main trail and a fire
come along without tbe men being
aware of it until they were complotly .
surrounded and escape impossible. These
risks are being increased every year, because aa each year goes on there will be
greater activity in tho mining industry
and more numerous camps. Mining men
have many risks and these should not be
unnecessarily increased, through the
risk of u hasty despatch to Kingdom
Come by reckless conduct or wanton
A good determent to such reckless con-
duet or wanton acts is a sharp puni.--.h-
raont for tho offenders when found out.
Hut there is great cHflloulty in detection
as the acts are often dime in secret, a reward however may induce an acompliee,
if there la one���to give information that
will lead to detectlout apprehension and
conviction. In tho interests of the mining industry of East Kootenay Tin:
Miner Is prepared to pay a reward of
Fifty Dollars for such information us
will insure the conviction of the party
whin started the lire in Copper (.'reek.
Th.kMixkr has received the returns
for the Public School, Golden, for the
month of August, which shew that tho
following pupils obtained first and
second standing: 6th Class: Gladys
Houston 1st, Laura Kenny 2nd; 4th
Class: Gertie Fields and Mary Conner
equal 1st, Molie Anderson 2nd; ,3rd
Class: Maggie Archer 1st, Omra Good
2nd; 2nd Class.: Lottie M'oodley 1st,
George Love 2nd; II Primeri Minnie
Sutherland 1st, Addle Antoya 2nd; I
Primer: Katie Kenny 1st, Owena Star-
forth 2nd. Tho average attendance of
pupils during the month was 81. There
are -10 pupils on the roll.
Work to bo Commenced Inline-
dlutoly.���Bngliioois Butty
With Plttus.
The immense coal fields in Snulli East
Kootenay, close to tlie Crow's Nest Pat's
which belong to Tho Kootenay Coal
Company, Montreal, are now to be
opened up. A meeting of the Company
was recently held in -Montreal when it
was resolved that immediate Bleps
be now adopted to work the coal seams.
Ere the snow falls the railway will be
through the Puss and its echoes wakened by the whlstlo of the locomotive.
The directors are now taking lime by the
forelock, so that when the locomotive
does emerge from the Pass on its Western end, tbere would bo fuel ready to
supply its wants, and  also to haul back.
Two of -the directors accompanied by
two mining engineers of experience are
now busy among tiie coal seams, making
surveys, preparing plans, and fixing it] -
on tlie places where actual mining operations are to commence. The directors
who are there superintending these
operations are .Mr. William Kernie, Fort
Steele and Mr. Hubert JafTruy, Toronto,
president ot the Globe Newspaper Publishing Company. TI 10 engineers are
M. W, Blakomorc, M.E, from Glace liny
Cape Breton and Mr. Ramsay, .M.K.,
from Denver, Colorado, engineers who
have wide experience.
The opening up of these con! fields
means a great deal to East Kootenay.
It means smelters and refineries' East
Kootenay at this present momont does
not possess any of these. She bus now
mines that aro shippers, and capable of
shipping large quantities of ore. She
has the finest water power in British
Columbio. She has the chhlcpst mill
sites witli excellent timber, and she will
when the railway is completed have fair
locomotion. She however requires more
wagon roads and more trails so that her
mines may have on opportunity of sending their produce to the nearest markets
The nearest markets will be our smelters
when they are erected. But those cannot be put up until we get our coke.
Our coke���ut the most admirable quality
���will be got when these fields arc opened up, and thoy will bo ere tho railway
is completed,
Tho engineers intend to spend somo
three weeks on tho coal Iields in making
their surveys and completing their plans
When these are completed The Miner
will be in n position to say where the
mines will be and when the mining
operations will commoucc.
Formation of n Bran--!i of tho Upper
Canada Dlblo Society.
1-ust Tuesday night a meeting was
held in the Methodist Church. Golden,
to form a branch of the Upper Canada
Bible Soeloty. Thore was a iiood attendance although tho night was wet and
stormy, which shewed tlie desire of tho
people to assist ill a good work. Mr.
lliircuiirt of ihe Presbyterian Church
was appointed chairman and Mr. George
Rohdor secretary of the mooting. Addresses woro given by Messrs Uarconrt
and Smith, pointing out the object, need
and workings of this society, after which
Mr. .Inlin MoMllllan gave a few terse
remarks, briefly describing his export-
once ns a colpetcur for tho Society. After hearing these addresses the mooting
decided to form a branch of the Soclbty
111 Golden and the following offlcors wero
appointed for tho coming yeai* '���President, Mr.Hnrcourti Vice-President, Mr.
C. II. Parson| Secretary, Mr. G. Relicler;
Treasurer, Mr. J. McMillan, An executive committee consisting of six members
to assist in carrying on the operations of
the branch was also appointed, The
meeting was then brought to a close.
St. Paul's Church Qoiden.
Morning aervice will be held in this
church on Sunday next at 11 o'clock,
when Holy Communion will bo administered at the close of the service. Evening service will bo held in the same
church on tho same day at 7:20 o'clock.
It is expected that the Kev. Archdeacon
Small of Lytton will conduct tlie services
and administer the I oly Communion.
The Bishop of Now Westminsier v. ill
be in Montreal on ltlth October and is
expected lo be i:i Golden on Sunday.
October 17th, whc.i services will be conducted by him. m':iVi*':iU->r��� tttffl :; '*������'  WbW v:t^ik-^-Jtii-".^.iLi3x��aaj.-.'^''j^.i-i*^'*^''^
iww.-eig��yw^*��rj- ^*->?a* re-����rTW��rawiBt-gi^nfr)Bi*ppllWB wtwi
A Wi okly Journal, publisliod ovory Thursday
in tlie liiit-rLsi of thu East Kobliinay tiistri,-i
inaMliK I'lcscst ccuiiicctlona with ui! trains ftaci
iiiull routes.
BURSCIUPTION RATES: Uy mall or carrion
���j-ix-j i'l',- year In advance,
ADVERTISING RATES t Display n'ls. (1.80por
ciilumu inch, -y.uo per column Ineli winni lu*
sortcil mi il"' title pogi); legal nils. 111 cents per
(nonpareil) lino for n.-sl Insertion, 1; cents per
lint- for iswh 11dcliil1111.il Insertion; readme
millccs ir, cents per lino eaoli insertion.
ciiftii'ii's of uds. must celn oQlco not inter than
Birth, i.'.urriuge and death notices Inserted
Jllll IlEl'.M'.TMUNT: Our Job Department
I., llio best   equipped   printing  olVii-e   in   East
Kootenay and is prepared lo do neat, artistic
pdlitllla ate reasonable price. Olio price loan.
Mull orders roeelvo prompt attontion.
CORRESPONDENTS: Wo Invito correspondence on any sobjcel of Interest to the gouerul
nubile unit desire u regular correspondent ut
every puint in thu District, In all eases the
bona Ible name of writer must accompany the
menus, rift, not iiecensarlly lor publication
bni um a guarantee of good failli.
t-'orresnon V'nce with rcferoneo In any mutter
that has uppoivrod In another paper must tlrsl
be nrfered to that paper lor publication beloro
It run appear in "Tub Min'-'k."
Address all com nleallons
Golden, B. C.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 2, 181)7.
British Columbia, which is the most
westerly Province of tlie Dominion, is
its largest and wealthiest. It is larger
than tiie largest State in the American
Union. Its limits oxtend northward
from the 19th parallel of latitude which
iu the International boundary line between the western part of tho Dominion
und the United States, to the (jOtli degree
of north latitude, where the great and
mighty territory 0,' tlie Yukon hounds it
along witli American possessions of
Alas',:a. Its western limits aro the Pacific Ocean, and on the East its Boundary
line runs along the summit of the Bock-
icj. It contains tlie immense area of
883,000 square miles. It is u country
that in diversified with high ranges of
mountains, largo aud fruitful vallies,
magnificent bench prairie lands, beautiful forest lamia and splendid waterways.
Its timber is unequalled in quantity,
quality or variety j its numerous mines
already discovered, and its great extent
of unexplored country,protend vast areas
of rich mineral wealth; its large fertile
valleys indicate great agricultural resources, and ilu waters, containing marvellous
quantities of the most valuable fish combine toglvo British Columbian value that
has been little understood or appreciated
by tiie other Provinces 0; tho Dominion.
It is only now that Canadians aro commencing to realise what a magnificent
inhoritago the Dominion possesses, Even
if it had no mineral wealth, its resources
in its ivaters, in its forests, in its vallies,
and in its bench prairie lands would
make ita valuable possession to tho British Empire. But as it is, it is mineralised and metatised throughout. Mining
in this Province is but in its infancy. It
is not so very many years ago that the
first quartz locations were made.' All
mining before then was placer, and that
with old fashioned appliances made
from wood by the minors themselves,
and then only that portion of gold could
be dealt witii t'.iat was at or near the
surface in tlie gravel deposits. Tliis was
where all the gold was obtained, There
wore no huge hydraulic jets or " giants"
possessing force to break up the great
miistoi oi conglomerated gravel, or mining appliances to sink down on the bedrock and obtain tho gold that exists
there. Even now there is not much
more than an attempt to discover the
rich ledges that have been tlie sources ot
nil those placer deposits. But our mining industry is moving rapidly, and
other two years will see great changes.
As it is, everywhere in tlie Kootenays
where there are mines the latest machinery iB used, and our quart* mines
are now having a world wide reputation.
Yi'beti there are mote smelters and refineries it is Impossible to predict what
our returns in wealth may bo. Notwithstanding the appliances used the Cariboo
district lias since 18cH yielded over
$[������0,000,000 in gold, white from a length
of two miles in one creek���the Wild
llorso Crook in East Kootenay���there
has been extracted since 186*1, upwards
of $18,000,000. Truly the groat body of
wealth on tliisl'iicilic slope has not lieen
inaptly described aH like unto a rat. Us
tail of silver is ia Montana, its head of
gold is in tlie Yukon, but its entire body
iu in British Columbia,
Tho East Kootonay Minor's Invitation to Its Momboro to Visit
East Kootonay.
The Montreal Gazette has tho following iu one of its latest issues:
" Arrangements have been proposed
lo the British Medical Association here
by the East Kootkxay Minvii of Golden
B.C., for tlie entertainment of any of
tlieir members visiting the mining regions of British Columbia. They consist
ill trips through the country from Its two
points of access. Golden, on tho north,
reached by thu C. P. It. and Jennings
banding, on the south, reached by the
G.K.B, The means of transit from those
points are in thu hands of private companies with whom arrangements are be
ing mftdt for reduced rates. The members
will 1.,' received by representatives
of the Miner who will accompany them
throughout the trip and supply any Information required. 11 is suggested to
form parties of say ten. The object is to
give a pleasant trip through varied and
rugged scenery and to give tlie members
some idea of the vastness and' beauty of
tbe mining region whioh lias of lato attracted so much attention."
Tlie Miner lias now completed its ar
rangomeiits and has obtained a special
rate between Golden audJennings Landing to'.' the members not only of Tho
British Medical Association but also of
the British' Association who have now
concluded their meeting at Toronto. The
members can go down through East
Kootenay and return through by West
Kootenay or they can vary their route
going by West Kootonay and returning
by East Kootenay. Professor Macouu is
now at Banff waiting for the first party
who is now on mute. The leader of this
party will be either Professor Kamsay
Wright or Dr. Dawson. The objects of
the excursion are to impress upon strangers from far distant lands the beauty of
our scenery, the fortuity of our country
1 nl climate, Hie magnitude of our re-
so ireeu and the vastness of our mineral
Tun Mixer has also arranged with the
management of llalycon Hot Springs on
Arrow Lake that an invitation be extended to the members while travelling
through West Kootoday to visit these
remarkable springs which arc supposed
lo be the linest in the world. The Springs
contain Litha water whose excellence
and purity cannot be surpassed. At
least no other springs have yet boonjdls-
covered on tho American continent that
can equal thom. The llalycon Hot
Springs is now the finest Sanitarium in
North America. A visit to tliis place
will bo a great object lesson and treat to
the members of the Association.
Fullar Particulars of Crown Grants
Issued for Minora! Claims in' East
Kootonay up to 1st Jan. 1897.
Witli the view of supplementing the
particulars which Tut! Miner published
the other week, of the present mineral
crown grants existing in East Kootinny,
it tliis week furnishes particulars as to
the extent of the Crown Grants, the descriptions in tlie survey and the dates of
the grants. These particulars are lis
Claim.       Acres      Lot Date
Atlanta 10.47. .1.1-1 G 1. .Sop. 0, '.'��)
Agnes 20.68..7<H   " . .Apl.18, '95
Buckhorn ...19.47..679 " ..Mayl7,'95
Black Horse. 18.00.. 703 " ,.Apl.18,'95
Constance ...10.42.. 135 " ..Sep. I),'SO
Diamond E . .20.06. .513 " . .Mavlli,'03
Dreadnnught.51.(!5..3O0 '��� ..Mavl7,'!)5
Horso Shoe..20.00..260 " ..Deo.16,'91
International20,66. .681  " ..Sov.ll. '05
Jumbo 20.06..208  " ..June 7,'02
jtianita 20,60. .662  " . .Oct. 20, '04
Monarch...,20.06,.861  " ..May80,'98
Maud S 20.IUI. .040  " . .Sep. 15. '03
Mount.Daisy 10.80. .11*17  " ..        "
Monitor 20.011. .1151   " ..        "
Mill Site.... 5.00.101)1 " , .Feb, 10,'90
Midnight .. .41.50.1381 " . .Dee. 15, '00
Number One 20.66'. .642 " ..Mavll, '03
North Star..51.(15. .657  " ..May 17,'05
Nugget 51.115..777   " ..Dec. 5, '05
O.K 61.66..668  " ..MaV 17,196
RotllBchild..20.50.. 136 " ..Sep'. 27,'80
K.E.ISuriis. .51.05.1002 " ..Dec. 6, '05
Sr-'th'iiCros3��).i;s,.544 " ..May 10,'03
Silver King . 111.00. .048 " . .See. 15, '03
Standby .:.,20.45..701 " ..Oct. 20, '94
SveniteBluff20-Ofl. .072 " ..Mch.10,'95
Tiiuiiderllill20.r:0..253 " ..Kov. 10,'01
Tiger 20.66.,050  " ..Sop. 15,'03
Wel3h  Smelters    Competing   with
American Smqlters for East
Kootenay's  Ores.
Tho well known firm of Vivian & Sons,
Smelters, Swansea, South Wales, has
entered into competition with the American Bmelters to obtain n share of
Kootenay's ores for treatment. If tlie
firm meets witli the sftccess it deserves
and anticipates a regular line of steamers will bo established to run between
Vancouver and Swansea with theso ores.
The firm is now asking from the principal miners a trial shipment of from one
to twenty tons. The ores that the firm
are prepared to treat are silver, gold and
lead, or silver gold and copper. Their
first shipment will be in tbe end of next
month by the steamer " Fekoa " ao there
iB ample time to prepare and forward a
trial shipment.
Tbe firm proposes erecting sampling
works at Vancouver, where all oro can
be sampled and its value ascertained
prior to shipment. Until these tire
erected W. Pellew Harvey, E.C.S., Mining Engineer, Vancouver, has lieen authorised to assay the ores in the presence
of tho owners or thoir agents. Tlie
moment the value has been ascertained
and prior to shipment the firm will make
cash advances. Seventy-five per cent of
the assay or sample value will bo paid
prior to shipment. The balance will be
paid through Vancouver as Boon as the
shipment arrives in Swansea. If it is
necessary in addition to the seventy-five
per cent,freight of the oro between Vancouver and Swansea will be advanced.
By theso means shippers will perceivo
that very low freight and treatment
charges are assured. Tho shippers aro
at liberty cither by themselves or
through their agents also to check the
returns at Swansea.
Until East Kootenay has omeltors of
her own, shippers and minors in this
district should send tlieir ores to Swansea for treatment. Tliere aro no vexatious duties payable and it is your own
kith and kin who are obtaining what
benefits thero lire. The freight is far
less than tbe duties and there will be a
decided gain to (bo shipper,
IStb August, 1807.
HIS HONOUR tho Lieutenant-Governor has
been [ileum1*! to appoint William Sinclair
Gohe, of the City of Victoria, Esquire, to be
Water Commissioner under the provisions ol
the "WaterClauses Consolidation Act, 1897."
Provincial Secretary's Office,
' isth August, 1807.
HIS   HONOUR  the  Lieutennnt-Govcrnor ill
Count-tilt has  been  pleased to direct the
publication of tho undermentioned Beale of
Poos,  pavnble under  the provisions ot   the
11 Water Clauses Consolidation Act,'1887."   "
By Command. ;   *������������
Provincial Secretary.
Records ok Water for Domestic, Agricultural, INDUSTRIAL AND MINING l'UlIWJSEH.
For ovory record or interim record of 100
Inches of water or less 5 6 00
For every additional loo inches up to 300
Inches      500
For every additional 60 inches above SOU
inches       500
For apportioning tlie water authorised
to be used under any record       5 00
In respect of every record or interim record (except in respect of water recorded and actually used for agricultural purposes) an annual fee up to the
tlrst m Inches of      3 oo
For every additional iX) inches an annual
fee of..       100
Inspection or search of any record in
any record of water rights       0 2fi
Filing any notice or document with a
Commissioner or Gold Commissioner.     0 GO
For certified copies of any record, or
document per folio of 100 words       0 25
Publication iu the Gazette according to
the scale of charges as defined in
Schedule A of the " Statutes and Journals Act."	
Annual fees to be paid to tlie Commissioner for the District on or before the
80th day of June in each year.
The Supplying of Water by Water-works
Systems to Cities, Towns and Incorporated Localities.
Everv Municipality or specially incorporated
company shall pay in respect ol each of the
several matters in Schedule One of this Schedule mentioned the fees in respect of such matter by said Schedule Ono prescribed:
For the presenting by a specially incorporated company of a petition under
section 53 of the Aet Hud the tiling ot
the documents by section 52 prescribed, a fee of  125 00
For every Certificate issued under section 55 of the Act, a fee (to be paid to
and for the use of the Judge of the Supreme Court granting such petition)
uf " 7 :  10000
The Acquisition tfp Water and Water Power
Every power company shall pay In respect of
each of the several matters in Schedule One of
tliis Schedule mentioned the fees In respect of
such matter by said Schedule One prescribed:
For the filing of the documents mentioned in Section 85 of the Aet, a fee of ? 25 00
For every Certificate under Section 88 or
Section IK) of the Act, a ice of    100 00
For the examination and approval of
every schedule or proceeding fixing
tolls, rates, fares, rents or charged, a
feu of '     1000
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased to make the following appointments;���
12th August, 1807.
Josiaii stirrett, Esquiro, Mining Recorder,
at Donald, to be���.
Recorder of Marks am. Brands under the
" Cattle Act," for the East Kootenay Electoral
District, ami
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, for the Northern
Division of the said District.
Charles Marshy Edwards, Esquire, Bllnfng
Recorder, at Fort Bteele, to be���
Deputy Clerk of tlie Peace, and
Registrar of the County Court of. Kootenay
holdeti at Fort Steele.
East Kootenay Mining Stock List.
Name op coy. j Cavital. 1 Pah Valuk 1 Bell P
^i J?!JS! | W0M0O j      ��-��������     |   18u
T��?fiffl|*M>W|      ��'��     |   ����
'Alber,a*(l>,,/"|"|.i(Ri,��io |   n.oo  j
Thou.   McNaught,
Mining Broker,
Port Steele.
Notice Of Removal.
I'm Just going across the rivor,
Only a few yards away,
To premises more convenient,
Where 1 intend to stay.
I must thank the people of Golden
For tlieir patronage in tho old store,
And assure them that In the future,
I shall try and merit It more.
My samples for fall and winter,
Are all of the newest class,
Anil are sure to give satisfaction,
Because sold at LOW PRICES for CASH.
Suits to MeiiKure from $15 Up*
Inspect toy patterns and compare prices
before placing your orders elsewhere.
C'eahlng, Repairing and Altering   I>011Q,
J.   F.   PUGH,  TAILOR,
Job   Printing.
Spillimacheen (��) Hotel
Oholco Wines, Liquors A Cigars,
l'aek Horses for 8ule or Hire.
Every attention 1'i.iil to Quests.
FKAMt DEACON, Proprietor.
Golden Restaurant,
Mack Joe, Prop.
Meals at All Hours.
The Best Deer in Canada Is made by tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beorj Ale and Soda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Huer every time. They
all have it. The Company's agent for East
Kootenay Is
II. G. PARSON, Golden, B.C.
We can.
Suit Yea?
��  ��  ��
Our motto is :   Best Material
Perfect Fit . Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
���  ��  ��
$. C Vom,
Merchant Tailor,
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct rail route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern Points.
Lake Route to the East���Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Wlffdtwr.
Athabasca....Every Thursday to Owen Sound.
Manitoba Every Sunday to Owen Sound.
Connecting tains from Golden at 16:20 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Dally and direct service to
Easlo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all points in the far famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
Prom Vancouver   ,
Empress India 2nd August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
M iowera 8th August
Apply for Particulars to
C. E. WELLS, Agent, Golden,
Trallle Manager, Winnipeg.
Bruiting I
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do  Neat,  Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Letter Heads
BUI Heads
Hand Bills
Calling Cards
Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Books
Bank Work
Prorainory Notes
Receipt Forms
Share Certificate!
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
���:In Golden, is:���
Tlie Best Store
In Bast 2��Zootena3r
FOR      ^^rr\
Miners & Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock.
WARREN'S other line of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
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Golden tamber Co.,
ManuTaoturors of and Dealers In ���
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Dimension Timber,  Cedar Shingles,   Fence Posts,
Telegraph,  Telephone   and   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
Kootenay # House.
8. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,    ��    -    * . B. C.
First-Class In every particular.  Convenient to Railway Depot and steamboat Landing.
Rates Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele every
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men
For Home Comforts      e o
Modern Conveniences   e ���
Best Cuisine in the West e
Commodious Sample Rooms ��
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Mon.
-OHie Golden Sash and Door Factory
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Manufacturers of:
Saeli, Doors, Mouldings, Turned Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Balls & Brackets.
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*****   Golden, B.C.
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Bates $1.00 Bex Ba3T.
BoAiii) * LonoiNo $5 Pun Week.    First Class Bab.
A. Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
B-u.re Fieslx Bzvl^s at   3D. WML C-^X^DBB    cfc Cp's., Cr-olden, S,: w-zv.vwm
From Our Own Correspondent.
The  Discoverer  of   Gold  on  Wild
Horse   Creek.���Ihtereetlngr
Rolwrt Lake Dure n'os the first pioneer
to East Kootenay and tho discoverer of
the fabulous richness of the placer diggings on Wild Horse Creek. He has
been engaged in mining business during
the greater portion of his lifetime.
When comparatively young ho was attracted by the spirit of adventure to
California and came to that country in
June 1850. Along with a cousin ho was
engaged in mining in that country until
May 1858 when he first went to Britisli
Columbia. He started from San Francisco to Victoria and went up the Fraser
Hirer in a small boat. Ho mined on
Emery's bar and in the autumn went
back to California. He left California in
1862 for Idaho where diggings had been
discovered and in the fall of 1803 he
started out with a prospecting party cf
seven to go to the head waters of the
Columbia Kiver. He had received a letter from Montana telling him that gold
had been got in a creek at its head
waters by a half breed Indian called
Findlay. This creek is now known as
Findlay Creek and although close to the
.head waters of the Columbia it empties
into the Kootenay.
Winter came on and thoy wore unable
to get in so they returned to Walla
Walla valley where the party spent the
winter. On 17th March 18(14 they left
for the Kootenay country. Thero were
no trails and they had no guide. Doro
however made the acquaintance of an
Indian chief called Spokane Unary, who
drew him a good map of the country
and by that map they travelled and
after a journey of about 400 miles struck
the Kootenay Kiver about 4 miles north
flf the St, Mury's Kiver. They saw not
a white man in the whole course of that
long travel. The rivers were crossed on
rafts and tbe horses were made to swim
over. They had 25 horses for pack and
saddle uses. Thoy had lots of grub when
they started but it was going out by the
time the Kootenay was reached. This
river was crossed and the Hist camp was
pitched on Bummer's Flat. This was
about tho beginning of April 1864. The
Kootenay Indians they found very
friendly. They remained some little
time on Hummers Flat and from there
three of the hoys went on to Findlay
Creek, but finding nothing they came
back, but by this, time gold had been
stuick rich on Wild Horse Creek. The
creek hod no name but on their arrival
they saw a stud horse near its mouth.
He waa alone, and so they named the
creek Lnno Horse Creek, but the name
was afterwards changed into Wild Horse
Creek. Mr. Dore went up this creek to
prospect. After prospecting for several
days nothing was found, but after moving further up the creek, about 4 miles
a creek claim was struck, then bar diggings were found. Mr. Dore found the
first gold right in the bottom of the
When encamped on Bummer's Flat,
a party of ten came iu from Montana
under Jack Fisher.Thcy were also bound
for Findlay Creek. They went there but
came back discouraged. In the meantime Mr. Doro had moved his party up
tho creek aud woro busy prospecting.
The water in the creek was high and
there was great dilllctilty in getting
down into tlie bed of the creek, so the
bars woro prospected aud many of these
woro found to bo very rich. Mr. Dore
himself put in his first sluice boxes and
tho gravel was so rich that thoy hud to
wash up aliout three times a day. The
largest clean out in one day was 250ozs.
aliout $4500. With the - aid of a howie
knife and an axe Mr. Dore made a
wheelbarrow which assisted operations
so extensively that four mon working
together with the aid of tlie wheelbarrow
would average about $7000 per week. A
ditch was\ also put in, the wutor in
which could readily have sold at $1 per
inch per day. Mr. Dore afterwards constructed a larger ditch called the Victoria ditch and which still exists at this
day. This ditch held 2500 inches of
water, and was sold for four bits, 60
cents, an inch per day. Tho cost of its
construction was $45,000 and it took two
houmous to finish it. By the time it was
finished there was a great change in the
camp.    There would be about 3000 men
in cninp and all doing *A*oll. Wages were
$7 per day, but Mr. Dore hits paid as
high i;s J.8 per day.
The cause of tliis great influx was that
the moment Mr. Dore struck it rich he
sent hack to Walla Walla for pack trains
to conic in with provisions, and also sent
out news as to the richness of the country. People soon came flocking in. Provisions were very Bcarce until the pack
trains got in. Mr. Dore's party lived for
one month on flour and coffee without
sugar. Four hundred pounds of flour
was all they had to serve them. , Provisions had to be freighted from a long
distance, and the cost of freight from
Walla Walla was from 75c. to $1 per lb.
The price of flour was $1.50 per lh.,
bacon was the same price. There were
lots of drinking saloons but there was
comparatively very little drunkencss.
The first Chinaman came in in 1865. .He
kept a lodging house.
The first Government officials came in
about three months after the camp was
formed. By that time there were 3000
miners at work on tlie creek. The first
Gold Commissioner was Mr. Haines.
Mr. Dore speaks highly of Mr. Haines.
He says, " He was a perfect gentleman
and a very fine man." Law and order
were maintained by a committeeof about
fifty of which Boh Dore was President.
The members of the committee were selected by him. The only serious offense
was prior to the advent oi the Gold
Commissioner and was a murder committed by Yeast Porter Bill, a desperado
from Montana, who shot a man called
Tom Walker. YeaBt Porter Bill succeeded in escaping from the camp, but
as soon as the President of tho Law aud
Order Committee heard of theoccurrence
he followed in pursuit, and overtook him
noar Brewery Creek. He was rolled up
in his blankets and asleep. He waB
waked up and with the aid of Mr. Dore's
shooting iron was persuaded to hold up
his hands, allow his pistols to be removed and walk back into camp. Ho was
given a fair trial. A judge, sheriff and
jury were elected who tried him but he
was acquitted. The committee were not
satisfied so ho was told to clear ont within half an hour, and he did so. Intimation was also made throughout the camp
that if any person drew a pistol or knife
in camp short work would lie made of
him. This hod a most tranqtiilising
effect and tho camp was one of the most
peaceful camps in the north. Shortly
after this event the Commissioner came
in. His arrival was not expected bo
early or else the prisoner would not have
bo been tried but retained for the commissioner's disposal of him.
The Commissioner had only a recorder
witli hiin mid n constable was appointed.
The claims were all properly surveyed
and laid out and there were no disagreements. Everything remained orderly in
the camp. The extent of a claim was
100 feet, but original locators were entitled to 150 feet.
Tho diggings continued good for four
years, then a new excitement broke out
down south in Coear d'Aleno. which took
awav a great number. Mr. Dore sold
out about this time and went north to
Peace Kiver. This would be in 1870.
He afterwards with a large party explored tho east side of the Koekies opposite
Wild Horse Creek, for traces of gold
going through the mountains but they
were unsuccessful. Eight of them then
crossed over the mountains and came
back into Wild Horse Creek where they
sunk a big shaft. They went down it
depth of 8!) feet and had to stop, us they
had no machinery to pump out the
water. ThiB shaft is about 3 miles above
tho ground owned by the Invicta Placer
Company. This shaft is now owned by
another company who has done some
more work on it. It is an attempt to
discover the old channel of the Wild
IIorHo Creek.
Mr. Dore's next resting place was up
in the C'nssiar, where he abode one winter, then he wandered fin to Alaska.
This being tlie north limits he returned
south and got as far down as Old Mexico
Prospecting through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado occupied some few years
of his life time.
Throe years ago, in 1894, lie came back
to EaBt Kootenay the scene ot his former
experiences and he now resides on Brew-
cry Creek. Ho is still engaged in mining and is interested in tlie International Company who own property on tho
North side of Wild Horse Creek and also
somo property on Brewery Creek. Theso
are placer properties. The richest placer
ground evor discovered in Wild Horse
Creek Mr. Dore informed our interviewer
waa abovo Brewery Creek and below the
ground owned by the Invicta Company,
a stretch of about one mile. " It is a
difficult problom to solve " ho said in
answer  to enquiries,  " Whore are the
I    .   I M|���*.*Sli|-Ol-��   ��l' ��������     .1    III.      I
sources that produce this gold?" " No
one can tell. Gold is where you find it.
I have boon in gulches where there was
no quartz but it was rich in gold."
" Qiiarta claims," ho went on to add,
" have only boen prospected for in British Columbia within the last four or five
years, not because they were unknown
but simply the country was not opened
up and there was no capital in the country. The expense of bringing in machinery to work the quartz claims would
be enormous. Placer diggings you am
work easily. You can tako out the product in your pocket and little machinery
is required." What ahout the prospects
of East Kootenay was another of our
enquiries. '��� I have been " replied he,
in all the principal mining centers on
the Pacific coast, throughout tlie Western States, Britisli Columbia and Alaska
and I know of no district that offers
better inducements for quartz mines
than East Kootonay. I have been familiar witli all the rushes, and you will
find as many now going out ns are coming in. It is always so. There are
camp-fire prospectors and men with
some hcadB who are imbued witli ideas
of mining and know nothing about it, or
what they are going to look (pr, far less
how they are going to look for it, except
they are caught away by excitement,
and tilings not coming to their expectations they are disappointed and go out
disgusted, giving tlie country a black
eye. Prospecting is hard and arduous
work mid can only be done by experienced men.
" The man who haB kept this country
together." said he about the conclusion
of our interview, " has been Bob Gal-
braith. It would havo gone to the wall
long ago but for him. If prospectors
came in, no matter whether they had
money or not he furnished them with
provisions so long as they remained in
the country prospecting. He is worth
all the fellows keeping the stores now so
far as they are concerned. His brother
John came in the same year as I did,
built the ferry and started a store. His
brother Bob followed him and succeeded
him in business."
Bud-rot of   Interesting   Local   and
General News.
The water-works committee are now
busy witli tlieir year's assessment work
and are well advanced. A circular shaft
has been dug and Beveral open cuts have
been made. There is a proverb " Never
do anything in a hurry except catching
Hens." If tlie committee has not adopted this as its motto, it is acting up to it.
When the water scheme is to lie in full
operation is a conundrum that most people have given up as past solution.
A meeting of the Fort Steele Mining
Company, whose head office is in Spokane and who. hold the Liiy May and
other mining claims near Fort Steele, is
shortly to be held. A great many of tho
shareholders aro resident in East Kootenay. The mine was in operation but
work baa ceased. There is either a nigger in the wood pile, or some person
is sitting on the fence and that that objectionable person will require to be
moved before work can be resumed. It
is asserted, by those who should know,
that the company has very valuable
properties. Mr. David Griffith of Wild
Horse Creek, who is himself a shareholder has gone south to attend the
meeting fortified by the mandates of
nearly the wholo shareholders in this
district.' It is hoped he will make matters hum and that the result of the meeting will tie the resumption of work in
the mines. Fort Steele stands greatly in
need of a pay roll.
Tho C.P.K. has erected two additional
warehouses to hold their supplies. It
was anticipated that the big bridge over
the Kootenay was to be constructed this
winter, but this has been delayed until
next summer. The precise point of
crossing has not yet lieen fixed upon,
except that it has been decided that the
crossing will lie somo distance below
Wardner, but tho railway itBelf wiil puss
through Wardnor townsite. In all probability the ten mile belt prohibition
will bo enforced during the construction,
in tho same manner as it was enforced
during the construction of the main C.
P.R. through the Northwest Territories
and British Columbia. The sale of all
alcoholic liquor will lie strictly prohibited along the whole extent of the railway
within the bounds of ten miles on either
aide of it. This will not affect Fort Steelu
as the nearest point will lie about 12
miles away.
Fort Steele has commenced another
spasmodic movement. It has now earned
Borne notoriety for tiiese spasmodic
movements. It commences them but
they seldom get beyond tho birth stage,
occasionally thoy are strangulated before
they are ! born. Often the promoters
have not tlie remotest idea how the
movement is to bo inaugurated, how it is
to he carried out and brought to a conclusion. The latest fad is a Board of
Trade���a most desirablo institution���
mid an institution that would be moat
beneficial to Fort Steele and tho neighborhood if officered by the proper people
But unfortunately the would-be promoters forget ono fact, no Board of Trade
can be established unless thero is a
population of 2500, and Fort Steelo just
lacks 2000 of that number. It puce
possessed a Milling Association but it is
apparently moribund as it has had no
vitality for some months.
There is however another movement,
which iB likely to succeed aa the enterprise ia in the hands of a party who
knows how to handle it. and thut ia providing a place of amusement and entertainment for the people of Fort Steele
during the winter Boaaon. ThiB ia very
much needed. The winter ia long,
dreaty and wearisome, and there ia practically nothing to destroy the wearisome-
ness or break the dull monotony except
the bar, saloon and card room. Minors
will have a dreary time tliis winter as
there will not he much doing. It ia to
be hoped that the building will soon be
up and that its interior will be ready for
the reception of those who desire and
need entertainment. There are already
tight laced grumblers demurring, but
their objections have not gone much beyond murmurs of discontent. It does
not mutter whether it is theatre, dance
saloon or music hall so long as it provides a decent entertainment to a respectable people.
Minister of Minos ami 1'rnvliu-lal Secretary���
Hon. Col. JaniL'M linker.
Proviiiulnl Mineralogist*-W. A. corlyle.
i'ulilie Assdyor��� H. Carinlelinel.
For llio Province���W. 8. Goro Vlt'torla
South Dlstrlet comprising Kort Steele ami To.
bHcco l'lains Mining  Division*���J.  K. Arm*
strong ('riuiliriml*
North IHxtrli-t eoniiirlsliig llonahl, Coition ami
Windermere Mining llivislmih- -J. K. lirlflltlw
,1. Stirrel llonahl
1-'. (J, Lang.. ���. Uolilun
(1. Uoltlle Windermere
ll. M. Edwards Fort Steele
M. l'liilli'is Tobaeeo l'lains
Deputy Clerk nf the Peace for North East Kootenay .Ionian Stlrrett Ilonald
Deputy Clerk of the 1'eaee for South East Kootenay���Charles Mas-ley Edwarda Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
StiituteH Explaining Fully the
Value and Necessity of a ** Free
Miners" Certificate-No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 years of asp, or any joint
stock company, or loruign company, may become 11 free miner by paying ?���"> to any gold
commissioner or mineral recorder ami obtaining 11 certificate good lor ouu year.
A free unlit may obtain a new certilieate for
one lost on paying (1.
A true miner's certificate in not transferable.
Ally person or company working a mhieral
claim, licM as real estate witbout license, may
be tilled (25, Mines become real estate after
crown grant tins been issued.
should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner's
certificate ids Interest goes to bis co-owners pro
rata according to tlieir former interests.
A shareholder in a joint stock company need
not be a free holder.
A frets mini* may claim lSOOxlSOO feet. But
all angles must be right angles and all measurement must be horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill game for his own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain live acre mlllsitcupon crown lands in the form of a square.
A claim may be held from year to yeur by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Two claims In each minln; division, not on
the same vein or lode, may be held, and more
than one on tbe same vein (f held by purvlmsi-r.
Lodes discovered In tunnel may be held if recorded in 13 days.
A free miner may on payment of $5, In lieu of
expenditure on claim, obtain a crown grant.
Any miner may, at tbe discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain a water right for a term
of'JO years.
No transfer of any mineral claim or interest
shall be enforceable unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any act ot omission
or commission, or delays ou the part of tiie
government officials.
No claim shall be open to location during
last illness.-, of holder, nor withiu 12 mouths
after ids death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must bit recorded within 15
duvs after location, if withiu IU miles of oftlic
of mining recorder. One tuititional day is allowed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim to the value of
J100 must be done each year from date of record ol mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done must be tiled with
the geld commisslonsr or mining recorder, aud
a certificate of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of each year from tlie date
of record of said claim. A tree miner holding
adjoining claims, mav subject to filing notice
of his intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to cniltlo
him to a certilieate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining cluims lu partnership.
In lieu of above work the miliar must pay JIWI
and get receipt and record tlie same.
Cut This Out
And Forward to^>
East Kootenay Pub. Go
i Golden B.C,
Finil enclosed $2.00, for which send me
for one year.
KH-  1
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, balance in three and hIx
months,'without interest.
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
9^aviyation & Uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. R. at Golden.'.B. C, and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
ggT 48 Hours to Fort Steele. '"iggj
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fort Steele and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Balgardne * Hetel
Foxt Steele, B. C.
Choice Wises, Liquoks and Ckiaks.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor.
The  Steele House.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Best Cuisine in the West.     o o o
Modern Conveniences o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
FOIST    STEELE,    B.   O.
-A,d.-vezti��e    in    "TEE.      E-&-ST      KOOTE^TJL"ST      IflWBE."
W. II. Leo returned from Raid Motlll
tain Mine on Sunday. Tlie dovolopomont
wori; at the niine is progressing Mtlsfao
lorily.���-Alberta Trihuno
A .'recont unsay from Bald Mountain
ore went over a hundred dollars in nil
values���silver, lead, copper and gold.���-
Calgary Herald.
It. 0". Jennings, u Fort Steel mining
nun, who bus many friend*] in these
parts, was in Kaslo Tnosdiiy. lie says
Fort Steel in !tho coming country, but.
witli a twinkle in his eye, adds thut the
Slocan has already arrived.���-Tho Koot-
omiln Kaslo.
Samples of good looking galohn and car
bonatps were sent to town to- day from
the Golden uml Fort Steele Co's property on Bugaboo creek, lletween 40 and 50
tons of ore have been taken out by the
men and yestercay -Mr. Mercier left for
the claim with 201) sucks to get a ship
inent ready.���Herald.
The British Columbia Review publish-
<ed in Condon gives the following, advice
iu closing a lengthy article comparing
Kootenay with Klondyko: "To the able-
bodied gold-seeker try Yukon, if you
think it worth the risk; to the investor,
try Southern B, C-, which includes the
Mining activity still continues in the
Upper Columbia valley, on western side
'and the steam boats going up have been
well loaded with mining supplies for the
various camps. Tho various owners of
tiie mines, who have acquired the same
by transfer are attending well tlieir developing work. What East Kootenay
requires is.more development work. At
tlie end of tho year she will present a
most sorry return of actual real work'
done on claims, compared with the number that lias boeli located and staked out.
unless cons'derablo extensive work if-
done, and that speodily before the snow
flakes fly. Mining id an industry, and
like every other industry must be conducted and prosecuted on sound economic lines. Like every other industry il
bus its attendant evils, and chief of these
is "claim stakors'.' who are rapidly becoming a pest, and a detriment to mining enterprise.
There arc development companies and
devi'.Jonmeiit companies. Homo .with
small capitals and sonic with large capitals, and all doing good business if legl-
tmateiy  conducted in opening up   tlie
' mineral resoursos oi the country Jwhieh
would otherwise might not have been
done, or at least for a very long time but
for the aid of these companies. One of
the most important that has recently
commenced buiness is tho International
��� UoKI, --Mines -Development Company
Itscapitial is $10,000,000 in 1,000,000
shares of $10 each. Its offices are in
Xew York, Chieogo and Spokane. Its
field of operations is a wide ono. It includes Britisli Columbia Washington
Idaho and .Arizona. It also embraces
Alaska and Yukon. Ir conducts its business on right principles.     It  does  not
July for eusli a mere prospect or claim,
but it will supply money to develope.
If a party has good property upon which
work has deen done to show that there is
some apparent value, then the company
is prepared to take over tho property,
develope It sufficiently to prove its value
for an interest. Thero should be a good
Bold for its operations in KustKootenay,
where are many fine propects, which the
owners are unable to develop becauso
thoy have not got the funds. The time
is now fust passing by when Biich pros-
jiecta could lie sold for a cash payment.
Investors are now becoming wiser and
all claims are now being rapidly acquired
on development lines.
Bod-ret of   Interesting   Local  and
General News.
The Harry Lindley Comedy Company
will give u week's eNtertainment iiithe
Oddfellow's Hull commencing Sept. 1
General Manager II. It. Wilkie, of the
Imperial Bank of Canada, Toronto, passed through Must Kootenay tliis week to
Inspect tho bronchos in western British
Columbia. It is nunored, aud we believe
on very good authority, that a branch of
this bunk will shortly be opened in
The friends of the Rev. Archdeacon
Muckiiy, who left Fast Kootenay for the
Yukon, will be pleased to hoar of the
Archdoucoil's safe arrival in Dawson
City, in splondld health, The lust time
hi' wus in Golden was on the 26th of
May. He bus nut experienced many
hardships but then ihe Archdeacon is
ono among many for undergoing privations und fatigue. Tin: Mixi'ii hopes
shortly to publish an Intorasling letter
from him, giving ample Information
about tho country, its climate und mode
of living.
The tveather has become very freaky���
sudden ohnngoa, void, sultry, wet, snow
ami Irooxo, The winter jumped over
spring unit ktiidi'd in summer. Tho
Slimmer seems to manifest a desire and
take a similar hiatus und jump over
autiiinn into winter, in Golden division
tlie summits of the Koekies and Solkirks
are powdered wilh snow und there must
have been a heavy full in the McMurilo
How  is   your
TRY     "THE    MINER"
To   British    Columbia.---Arrival   of
Party In Golden.
On Thursday morning a special cur
drawn by one of the O.P.R, locomotives
arrived in Golden, containing Mr. Geo.
G. Ward, New Y'ork, Vice-President of
the Atlantic Commercial Cable CompuAy
and Mr. G. S. Dickenson, Superintendent of tlie Cable company at Cape Canso
Nova Scotia, the most easterly point in
tlie Dominion except Labrador. It is
ut Capo Canso tlie Atlantic cubic lands
after crossing from Valentin in County
Kerry, Ireland. Mr. Ward and Mr.
Dickenson are making a trip to British
Columbia along witli u party of friends,
and they remained over at Golden to
visit Tun Mixi'ii, who met the party ut
the station and shewed them over the
town and explained to them its position
and situation in Eust Kootenay. Utilise supplied thorn with information as
to tlie great mineral resources of the
Among the attractions visited was tlie
splendid mineral collection at the Recorder's Ollice Government Buildings,
which impressed them more than any
information as to the vastness of our
mineral wealth and its great variety.
Mr. Dickenson desired that some specimen's of East Kootonay's triineriil
wealth be forwarded to him for a collection in Nova Scotia and The Minrr undertook that somo choice specimens
would be sent.
After finishing tlieir visit,the party
joined their car, which had been drawn
up on the track opposite tho Court
House. Mr. G. Erickson, Field, Road-
master of the Mountain Division of the
C.1',K. accompanied the party. Tlie
Atlantic Commercial Cable Company's
line connects with tlioC.P.K. telegraphic
Before the party left Thk Mixer enquired of Mr. Ward: "What truth is
there in tho report that you and Mr.
Dickenson are going out west to Belect
the spot on the Pacific Coast where the
new Pacific Cable is to connect witli tiie
mainland?" "Oh," said he witli a
smile, " that is only a rumor. We arc
out for a holiday and are now on our
way to the Glacier House to spend a
few days among the beauties of tlie
Visit of Dominloh and Provincial
( Inspectors.' ,..-
Mr. Sweetman,cbief Dominion Inspector of the Post Office, and Mr. E- II.
Fletcher, Provincial Inspector for Britisli
Columbia are presently in F.ast Kootenay visiting the Upper Columbia Valley, the Upper.Kootonay Valley, and the
southern portions of East Kootenay in
regard to the present postal arrangements
which are utterly inadequate to supply
with it proper Service the'towns tliat are
now springing up in South East Kootenay. "The'whole nrranaoments will re-
qufre to be changed and a different system inaugurated before tlie postal requirements of the district can be
sufficiently supplied. There aro great
difficulties to contend with. A great
change iB going on in East Kootenay.
large centres of population are springing
up in different places, and all these must
have lheir postal wants attended to.
What may be sufficient for tliis year
may be insufficient for tlie next, as the
increase continues and will for some
years. Again is the service to be witli
the north or the south. Most of the
business is with the south and the natural and direct outlet is by the south;
und not by tho north nway up among
the mountains. TlieBe are all matters
that require careful consideration. An
adequate service will be very costly
compared with the postal returns. There
is not much profit to give a fliOOO service
for a 1(1600 return. But it will not always bo so.
Any arrangements that can now be
made can only be make-shift and temporary- until the railway is completed
which will ne noxt year, when it will
become the natural carriers for the mail
BOrvlce through South East Kootenay.
Tho winter is now approaching and during its season thero will not be much
business in Fast Kootenay to warrant a
temporary extravagant service. A temporary arrangement might be made to
give a service southward during the winter to Knlispel. A stage is running anyhow and the mail could be carried without much expense. This would give
South Kust Kootenay two mail services
per week during the winter season
which might suffice until the advent of
Both Inspectors are south now and
will make a thorough and exhaustive examination of the district, visiting some
of tlie uprising centers before issuing
any recommendations,
Sir Donald has at last round a Title.
Sir Donald A- Smith Canadian high
commissioner raised to tho peerage dur
ing the jubilee festivities has been of
ficiully gazetted aa Baron Stadacona
und UoUnt Royal. Tlie formor title out
of compliment to his Scqttish National
ity and Scottisli possession. Tho latter
titlo out of compliment te tho land of
his adoption and the land of his enter
prises. ....    .
Seneral 9Iferckani
Carries a complete stock of:
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Stoves, Paints, Oils and Window Glass.
Flour and Feed, Hay and Oats.
Miners Supplies including Ore Sacks.
**     *     t*
Phoenix of London $ othar fire insurance C's
Confoderatioh 'Life Rssociation, Toronto,
Canadian Railway Rccidant Insurance Co,
Reliance Loan / Savings Company,
S ffi.  9f?c*Dermotj
��� ��  *  ��  ��
Don't Forget These Facts:
MgDERMOT is showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
* ��  ��  ��  ��
flVtsFOfl-tftT has just received a large consignment of the
Uiv>lsEi\luU 1 Kickapoo Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man of woman (right up to date).
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is tlie best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all sizes at   EASTER    PAIGES.
I���� (3-old.en. <Sz Fort Steel��
Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the j
Treasury Stock-���m
5oo,ooo   SHARES.
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British Columbia.
The management of the Company is in the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.:THOs. McNaught, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-President: Alex. Allan, Esq., Merchant, Calgary, and
S. Barber, Esq., Secretary Golden Lumber Co'y, Golden.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company, Calgary.
Secretary: Geo. S. McCarter, Barrister Golden.
There are no salaried officials in this Company. The promoter's shares are pooled until the Company earns dividends. Experienced prospectors have been engaged to
secure claims for tho Company in the Golden and Fort
Steele Districts.
The Company posesses two of the most valuable mining
properties that exist in East Kootenay: The �� Tinbasket
Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald Mining Division and the Mercier Group at the head of Bugaboo Creek
in tho Golden Mining Division. The Company is developing these properties. They are unsurpassed in Etist Kootenay.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares is now nearly
exhausted. A second block of 50,000 will be shortly issued
at an increased premium.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Banters: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
All kinds.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
itwinS^SSS House Furnishings
stock.   We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
General Dealer.
Gold . . .
Mines  . .
Development Co.
New York,  Chicago,
Spolcaiic, WiikIi.
CAPITAL STOCK  $10,000,000.00.
Buy mill Hull Mining Properties.
Furnish Money for Development
A LOAN OF 83,500.00
To bo secured by mortgage over ono of
the finest farms in East Rootenay. It
coritaine 320 ncers, is Crown Granted,
and the greater portion is under crops.
It has two ochardi), both fruit bearing.
The dwelling house is a substantial
one and has only beon recently built.
For full particulars apply to
Notary Public, Gold'.-a.
Dry Goods
�� �� ��
Value Im one thing
Satisfaction in another
You net bolli by bliyhiR your DRY 00OHS
Price Lists Mid Humpies forwarded on applied-
��     ��     ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
"-VAT THE**-
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.


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