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East Kootenay Miner 1897-11-25

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 U     ' <
Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTENAY.
Vol. 1, No. 18.
Golden,  B.  C,  Thursday  November 25th,  1897.
$2.00 Per Year
Idpimii-BOX 4�� (KH.DF.N, B.C.
Al.tlAUDBIl  Bl.OCK,
(lOLDEX,  B.C.
rife, l.lfc, Real Ei-iute, House Agents,
Auetloneer-H and (.'uittoiuH Brokern
Fir* Agendca:
Queen, Lahcauhlrot Union, Karl ford.
���vropeaa Httftiuitiil]) Ticket Oflke.
The Hun Life Imiuranco Compvny.--
The Ontttlo Accident Inmirance Co'y.
Thu Ulrbcclt I nvwl mont and Loan Co.
E. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil BD|*lue>*r,
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mtulnc Broker, FlnaBcUl Agent, Conveyancer
aud Notary Public.
f net oftc�� addreai:
JUmmj Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
(bUbl la tied law.)
T��r l��Teral years witli Vivlas .tHorni, Swan-
���Hft, tvd local representative lor them.
Far * feara manager for the Mttyeri to the
BI* Tilto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Caaaol Cold
Extracting Co. Vtd, Ulangow (Cyanide proeesx.)
H.B.���All work pcraonally superintended. Only
competent men otn^loyeii.    Nu pupilH.re
_|   __.   _t   _________>_____________________.  __________________________________________________ _____________
i undertaking!
& Embalming
l T*li(riph orJ��rir*c��Wi.**wimi>i-mention *
Jas. Henderson,
HUm ITeparml.
Prompt alienlluu -*lv*?n to orders.
A supply ol Blllliliii*,' Lime for si*.!*.'.
|The Golden
Krwih and Halt Meats.
Fli-.li and iiiimu In Kuason.
liealei'K In Cattle, Sheep and Horse*,
Mall orilcrH receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
t H. Ml,
ft Speeialty.
Good Haddlu Horses and Klgn of All Kinds for
Hire at-KuHtioliable Kates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton and SUeltou,
Golden, K. 0.
Confectionery and
Meals si r11 hours in firat cUsb
style.    A choice lot of  .Tamp,
Jellies, Cigarettes  nnd   Cigars
ItlWHJB ill Mock.
Good Time
By ever? ii-.hu who has a watch.
��� W. flliEXflpDEH, ��
C.P.R. Watch Inspector will ho
Wednenrtav to Friday ___^v
Calgary, - Alberta.
each week. Hatisf.iction Guaranteed. Work can be left at
The Providenee pur Go
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, g'm-
���eng, aeneru, etc. l'riess for next sixty
days are aa follows:
Bihrer Foi tlB.OO to *lo0.00.
Bear   .�� S.OO to * 25.00.
Ottar M*00 to *  il.OO.
Martin $2.00 to %  11.00.
Beaver (per pound),..�� 3.00 to %  3.60.
Woll % 1.00 to %   2.00.
Red Fox * 1.00 to t   2.00.
Miuk $   .76 to %   2.00.
Skunk  $   .25 to I   1.00.
Gray Fox %   .60 to ���    .75.
Hal %   .20to��    .25.
Price list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Foil prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
-all consignments.
Gold . . .
Mines  . .
Development Oo.
New York,  Chicago,
Spokane, Wash.
Bay and Soil Mining Properties.
Furnish Money for Development
Pony For Sale
For iale-5Ir. (too. Woodley1" little
aorel pony " Barney," also new Raddle
and bridle.
For particulars apply to
Columbia House,
Goldon, B.C.
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting o( all kinds undertaken
Thero are wells and springs situated
iu tho region of the Upper Columbia
valley and of tho Upper Kootenay Valley, nnd for the reasons mentioned in
our previous article on "The Mineral
Wells und Medicinal Springs of South
East Kootenuy," the information regarding several of theao iB very meagre and
scanty, while as regards others some
valuable information has been obtained.
The first set of springs is ou the east
side of the Upper Columbia Lake, a
short distance from its southern end
near the property of the Hon. Mr. Lus-
collCB. They are close to the side ol tho
lake. The flow of water is not very-
large. Neither arc the springs very
numerous, but they appear to possess
strong mineral properties, whatever
.these may be, as the surface of the
ground in the proximity of tlio springs
is discolored bp the action of the waters.
Very little is known about these springs
except thoir mere existence, and that
they are mineral.
The best known springs in the Upper
] Columbia Valley are the Fairmont
j Springs. Tlieir existence was known ns
| far back as 1841, when thoy were visited
by Sir George Simpson. Ho describes
Ihem in his narrative of "An Overland
Jnurnes Round the World," as follows:
Sear our encampment, we observed
that the stones in the bed of a littlo
stream were covered with a yellow crust.
Before starting for tlio day, Borland conducted us to three hot springs, about S
iniles distant,, which doubtless caused
the phenomenon iu question. The waters
tasted slightlv of alum, and appeared to
contain a little magnesia; and. theugh
we neglected to take our thermometer
with us, yet, on returning to camp, we
estimated the throo temperatures respectively at about ninety, it hundred and a
hundred and twenty degrees. Two winters back, llcrland, while suffering from
a sovoro illness, made a bathing-placo of
these springs; and he cither actual ly was
or believed that he was, benefitted by
There !h not the slightest doubt these
springs have benefitted many, who were
suffering from rheumatic pains, through
their bathing in them, and they have
now acquired more than a local reputation. They are close to the well kept
stopping place of Mr. Sam Brewer, but
they are not on his ranch, which is more
the pity, as they would be kept in better
condition, and some conveniences would
bo erected for thoso who used them,
instead of having to strip and dress in
the open air, taking all chances. The
springs aro close to Fairmont Creek,
about a mile up it from tho waggon road ami distant from Mr.
Brewer's house fully three-quarters of a
mile. The springs are three in number,
although I)r.. George M. Dawson of the
Geological and Natural History Survey
of Canada, who visitod these springs in
1885, speaks of them as one spring, calling it a hot spring. In his description
he Bays:
" Near the first stream from the eiiBt,
beyond the lower end of the Upper Columbia lake, and about two miles distant
from it, is a copious hot spring. It is
about half a mile east of the trail, on the
slope of a hill, and issues in several
places from the summit and sides of a
rounded, calcareous knoll formed by its
deposit. The main elliux, at the summit of the knoll, has produced a raised
basin, which withiu measures about
eight by four feet, and is two feet deep,
forming an admirable natural bath. The
discharge at this place is probably not
less than twenty gallon per minute, and
the temperature of the water at this (the
hottest) point, was found to bo 112" F.
There ia no discharge of gas, but the
water haB a slight styptic saline taste.
The brook immediately south of, and
opposite tbe spring, has formed a miniature canon by cutting for a considerable
distance, through calcareous
tufa, which in Bupcrpoecd flaggy layers,
forms ft thick deposit, overlying the
gravelly material of the higher terraces."
The principal characteristic of these
springs, apart from the hot temperature
of the water, is thoir decidedly strong
magnesia flavor. A foot path or trail
from Mr. Brewer's ranch whicli is known
as Fairmont Springs, leads to them.
Crossing a small level, two plateaus aro
ascended and on approaching the upper
plateau in the direction of the Springs,
a Bmall circular hill in appearance presents itself. It is nothing more than h
rounded protuberance, bulging from the
front of the plateau and which has boon
formed by the action of the mineral
water. It appears to be composed entirely of calcareous matter, the magnesia
sediment ejected by the water, and is
thickly covered with flakes of this matter. On the top of this rounded protuberance which is on a comparative level
with the surrounding plateau, are the
A natural basin in the form of a horseshoe, about nine feet long and from three
to four and it half foet wide at the broadest part, receives the waters oi the lirst
spring. The basin is about fifteen inches
deep and bus the appearance of being
constructed of limestone, while the walls
are of some height. A more perfect
open-air bath could scarcely have been
constructed by hands of man than what
has been formed through tho natural
action of thu water. The spring which
supplies this basin is about twenty yards
distant. The water runs down over the
flat top of the circular hill and falls into
the bath, and its overflow does not carry
far, as it soon disappears. The area
which the spring occupies is several feet
in extent and its action is not Been, ns a
heavy white scum covers the whole area.
Apparently, however, the spring has
many sources through which the water
wells up. The waters are very warm,
bul there were no means of obtaining
information as to tho exact temperature;
it might be anywhere between sixty and
ninety degrees.
Number two spring is to the right and
distant thirty yards from number one.
It is situated on a small rising declivity
and ifl apparently of the same nature,
although a few degreed warmer. The
water is also received in a natural basin
six feet long, three feet wide and about
seventeen inches deep. There are two
spriuglet close by, whose waters mingle
with the waters of this spring. One is
about thirty feet away and tho other ten
feet further. Their action can bo seen,
and the former appears to give the
stronger supply. The same scum covers
up tho springs.
Number three spring���" The Bubbler"
���is the most interesting, as its action
can he Been, welling and bubbling up
out of a crevice in the rock. It is on
another slightly rising eminence, and is
about forty yards from number two. The
orifice out of which the water bubles up
is circular, aliout one inch iu diameter
and is about eighteen inches deep. The
waters flow over tho elope, after coming
out of its basin, apparently nowhere and
thou disappear, sinking down through
the ground about lorty yards away. The
same white scum is here, but the action
of the water is too powerful to permit ol
it being covered up. Whether owing to
the strong flow oi water, the basin which
receives it is not ao perfectly formed and
is about fifteen inches in depth. The
temperature of tho water is a little
higher than number two. Heath is
growing around the spring and covers a
flat surface about six yards in extent.
Theso throe springB are in tho position
and form of an irregular isosceles
triangle. It is a mutter of choice how
tho triangle ia to bo mathematically constructed. Our knowledge of geometrical
precision and definition would placo the
base tietwecn number one and number
three springs and the apex at number
But these aro not the only Bprings that
cxiBt in this neighborhood. About two
furlongs away (southwards) is Fairmont
.���reck, in the hottom of a ravine, having
its headwaters from the eolorof Its stroam
snowlield in the heart of the
Rockies. In the bottom oi this ravine,
whicli is about fifty feet deep and close
to the odge of the creek are three wells
of water which must sometimes be
covered by the stream when thu wutcrB
are high with the melting of summer
snows.The waters of two of theselwclls are
cold, while that of the third is warm.
The waters arc similar in character to
tho springB, but a little dissimilar in
taste. They are cither stronger or weaker
in the properties and we do not prosseSB
sufficient chemical knowledge to say
Tho wells are little pools of water, not
quite knee deep, several leet in circumference and are nice bathing placeB. All
of them have small dams oi breastworks
formed of pieces of wood, stones and
earth at their natural outflows, so us to
the water which supplies this woll comes report bo received audi
from a small Bprlnglet about twenty resolution was carried,
yards away. Unlike the other Bprings Mr. McNaught uftet'warda moved see-
or wolls, the bottom of this well is dark onded by Mr. McNeish, that thc-mem-
in color aud inky in appearance, but the - bors of tlie meeting form themaelves
taste of ils waters does not differ materl- into the Mining Association of North
ally. None of the waters taste ns ifl East Kootenay aud adopt trie constltil*
heated by the sun's rays, Tlio tempera-1 lion and laws as thu constitution aud
ture taste of the water in the lirst well! laws ui tha Mining Association of North
tastes as if the water had been boiled) East Kootonay.    This resolution  was
and it just cooled. The second well is
still cooler. The taste of the third well
��� .��� of water which has just been
warmed but has not come to the boil.
Whatever other ingredients may be in
the waters of tho springs aud wells,
magnesia forms one of the principal
compounds. We tasted all the. waters
and they are all strongly saturated with
magnesia. Other saline matters exist,
but our knowledge could not determine
what they arc.
The springs are not properly eared for
or attended to.   We do not know who
are the owners; but it is a great pity j iv
they   were  not  the   property of some I
person who would be publicly spirited to- Government be asked to construct
put them in Borne order and erect trunk wagon road from the Colnmbl
some buildings suitable for bathing, so river to the north fork of the 8pill!i����
that tliOBO who frequent them   might j cheon river, a distance of eight miles
outwardly observe the rules of decency       '       -  ' ��'      --
when using them. They have now
acquired a fame and reputation, and are
undoubtedly good for many muscular
and nervous afflictions and are vory
health restorative in their effects. Had
Mr. and Mrs. Brewer control of thorn wi
would soon seo a speedy and welcome
also carried.
The meeting then procredel to**i'*
election of officers, when the following
were elected:
President���Hon. F. \V. Aylmer.
Vice-Presidents���W. G. Neilson of
Beaver, Donald i W. G. Mitchell-lnnes,
Golden; IC. Johnston, Windermere.
Secretary-Treasurer���K. A. Haggen.
The standing committee consisting of
Messrs. Thomas McNaught,William Mu-
Neish, II. G. J.ow, and Manuel Dainaril
were confirmed.
The Committors report on tlio roads
was next submitted au.l was as follows:
The  committee  recommend that tho
such a ro:nl would meet an urgent want
of the milling community in supplying
proper nccosB to a common distributing
point for the north, middle and BOUtli
iorks of that river, for Coppor and Vermont creeks and for the McMurdo district, and that the cost of such road be
������  ��������� , ..  . included  in the ordinary yearly grant
change in tho construction and erection from parliament; also that nspeci.it
of what is needed to make them proper grant be inado for the road required up
bathing places for both sexes. Theii j Hear river, to enable the owners of thu
residence, which is famed throughout Bennison group to get In machinery and
the whole of East Kootenay for its home ship ore. provided the Government is
comforts, as they are for their hospital-   satisfied that ii sueh grant is made th"
i-oad  will bo used for the purposes for
���liidi its construction is requested
ity, is close up. The walk from there ti
the Bprings is a most inviting ono, and
when there, one oi the loveliest viewi
that iB to bs got anywhere iu Euol
Kootenay iB obtained. A perfect
panorama is presented of lake, river
streams, hills, forests and mountains
Standing with your back t*> the Rocklei ! .1
and facing the Selkirks, you ga;*e up aiu
down the Columbia valley, the cxpunsi
covering eighty miles. Away to the
north the view iB shut hi by Jubilee
mountain, blocking tho valley at Spilli*
Mr. iittggeu moved the adoption of tho
report. The. Hon. Mr. Aylmer in seconding, accentuated the factthat thieneetiu-.*
.vas a mast important one. in developing
.he principal industry of the district and
I iln.s? who were most interested in
t   industry- the  slorekeepers���wero
only represented by ono member (Mr,
Warren). .''.lore was expected than mere
���uunteiiun-'e If they were to prosperwith
the prosperity of tha country.    In niak-
mneheen; while to the south the view i [���g the trunk road to the Middle Fork a
extends to where the mountains appeal wide district was being opened up ami
to meet at the junction of the Fimllu. whicli was the duty of the government
and the Kootenay. Beneath you beholn ] ������ do so, but thai iu asking a grant for u
the waters of the Upper Columbia lake j road to n shipping mine it was only nat-
���the river leaving it���winding north- , Urul that the grant should be special and
wardB, receiving tributaries, expanding j in aid'of whatever minethtit was s ship-
into Mud lake; then (lowing onwards, I iptig mine nnd undoiibtedlytlieBennison
receiving more tributaries and again group waB ft shipping mine. It would
spreading outwards into a more niaglilB* I -ie helping out the whole district if this
cent sheet of water, well named Winder- shipping uiluo shipped ore over the road
mere lake. What a wealth of scenery for which it was proposed to ask for aid.
all around! Nature operatoa hero on a A discussion then ensued as to the
huge scale in her mountains Itud forests,  special  grant   to   thu   llenniso
Thero is no tamenoss and it will be i,
long timo ere the eyes are tired of gazing
again and again upon sueh surrounding**
or the mind becoinosatiated with such a
feast from Nature's storehouse.
which   solo*
situated in
The adjourned meeting of mining men
and those interested in the mining industry was held iu the Columbia House on
Tuesday evening last at S o'clock to receive and dispose of the Committee's
report. There was a good attendance of
members. Mr. W. G. Mltcholl-Innoi
occuplod the chair. Mr. E. A. Haggen.
mvenor of the committee submitted
the reprot whicli was:
The following is the constitution
drawn up and now submitted for approval:���
1.   That the name ot the association
in me name oi uu- unt",ri-*-.iuii.
Mining  Association of   North 11'1""0 to-morron n
* I   II..11 I    1 ���-
bo The ^^
KaBt Kootenay
2. That tho district which the A*-ao-
elation shall represent shall he thai
known ua North East Kootenay, svikI
shall include tho Mining Divisions of
Golden, Donald and Windorutore,
3. That the object ol* tho Association
shall be the general promotion ol tlio
mining industryoi North East Kootenuy.
4. That  anv pernou resident iu tht1 j
district of North East Kootenay, or di
rectly connected with the mining intor
in mini*,
��� speakers Paid was mostly
WcBt Koolenay nnd urged
that a grant should he asked for a mad
up the ljugitboo creek in the shipping
mine there���the Mercier group, ami ul-
thnately an amendment was moved by
i Mr. McNaught, seconded by Mr. Mercier
: thut a Hpeeinl grunt l.e uiso asked fur a
I road up the Bugaboo creek on tho.��arms
| conditions as the grant for a roud up tho
: Hear river.
i Tho meeting then agreed to accept the
j Commlttuo's report with tht, (intendment
which became ihe Sliding ui thoiutrct.-
Members were afterwards enrolled and
tho meeting was brought to a cloie with
jk vote of thanks to tho chaiuman (or
' nresidlpti nnd to M- McN��*8h for the
; use of tho room Newly liO mcmbJi'fl
��� n.vvu airuauy uiuolleu.
I    The date of the unnnal hospital ball
for (iolden has been  fixed ior \^c. 28th.
!    The   World-La   Dell   concert    takes
|ht in the Alexander
Hall.   A bumper liOU'86 in expected..
Divine services in tho IVwbyterfiwV
churoh next Sunday as unuai���morning
and evening. Subject tor the evening
" Unbelief.11
The nuuaorotin frie:;dn of Mr. II. K.
Forater in East Kootenay and elsewhere
will bo glad to receive tho news that htt
is alive, well and hearty, t'reatanxisly
was manifested (or his safety. Itfthe
i end of October he left his ranch" The
retain sufficiency of water for bathing j ^''th^i'hali'to eligible for mem- i S--**<*rk-near Kwiloops, to go oa a fisl
purposes. Ono of tho cold wella: the
most active and tho most powerful in
its taste is on the north side of the creek
and quits close to it, and the water can
be seen oozing up at tho bottom. The
other two wells aro on tho south side.
The cold well is about three feet from
the creek and the action of the water is
perfectly still. It cannot be seen rising
up or coming out of the ground like the
waters in the hot well which are twelve     ���,,��,   	
foot away from the creel:,   A portion of cd  by Mr, William'.MeNeish. that
bership. | "���".or hu��Ung enpodltlon up the north
5.   That the  fee tor membership of   lort "f the Thompson river,     lie had
the Association shall, be *i per annum, ��"1*' ��n0 <=���l����'"�� J""'**���">���     They
payable in advance. I we,rc ,0 be 11tack '" ".Iew **>* '""',,:"[
ti.   That the officers ot the Association 1 ?�����* �� 91������ *"'P�� 7 �� vZf��1\       V
,  ,,       . .   , ��� ���.���_,, ���. ,,      ,*,     ��� had not returned bv the -Dili of Novon.-
shall consist of a President, three vice- ,      ,  . ,    ��� ..   .
Presidents, (of whom one shall be elect-' !,l,r. boinS ���"��")' " month.     No inteih-
ed to represent each mining division of gonco  could  be got  concerning them.
North East Kooteimy,) ll Secretary ami | Sean h expeditions with provisions wero
Treasurer,  and  a committee  of    live <u        .,-,., ,*,���       .-*..*���,. ma][ *������,.
members. . , .    , ,.
Mr. TlwiiiasMcNaught moved, second* | ft.Kdegrusii was received v.- morning *,*.*-
Mr. I'- Mj#wteiir nj.��ti
������illni in; iw
K-r-ojr^ inimmm*ry,\r.*,nmmv,m?mKu}
Wy Journal
,1'l-A-it-Ji   l!
ctlons wii
ery Thursd*:
ctmj   l>i-irii
iii trains ui"
;.'.Wf per year In advuttee,
To be Opened Up by P.aat J��onl:anay
Tiie minister of the interior has
"cxpreflsed an ojnnion that tho shortest
, and most adrtinta-jeiius route to the
. Klondike gold fields in the Yukon i* by
going up theStiekine river, crossing over
to Tehlin lake, descending Teslin hike
sua Ac
No. ll/.��7.
'PUIS 18 TO CEP.TtPY that  tlio "Holiien Brl-
1    lull ColtimblK, Limited," U.tiuthoriHed and
[tATUS: Display aits. n.fiOn<
Chiuuresoiiuts, must ueinoillt
JOQ ii:::'aktmk:;t :  nar .'
Is tho beat   c-quippbU   prlittlllii
Kdoionuy ttnu U prx-pai-i-it u> it
t>rf tiling nt h retibOiiubte prici*.
Mail uruers receive prompt nue
deuce on iinv .--iit.j-i i ui ii.i.'a.-:
licensed to carry uu htmtiiwis win.in tin1 Pro\*
UrttiBb Columbia, unit to tiirrj* out or
ertuet all '''.' any o( Hit* objects hereinafter set
iver and then  forth to which tbu luKlalatlvc atUhorftyofthu
Liwishituro ol Britldi Colutr.Uti extend*.
Th-.' head ofllee of the Company id Kttuctont
Xo.ti, Queen Street I'laco, Pity of London, Entj-
The amonni of Mm capital of the Company li
*0,U0O; divided Into si.\ thousand sharesofil
.'.; from it into the Vu
i" j oiiv.urd to Duwson City. Tliis is the
': mute tho C. I*, ll. ia to open up. Ptoiun-
,! iionta will anil front Victoria und Vun-
eoitvi :��� to Fori Wrung ell, whleli is nt the j
,   mouth q( the Ktiekiuo river.   Bout* * V&S^^^^
ili-'ht   draft   ei'.ti   itscend   this   river   to   Miieheli-lnuun, wiuw tiddnw* isUoldcn, Uri
,   ,,, ,. ..���'.    ��� ., Isli Columblii, u the Attorney for the Comnau
i  tilenora, u distnnco ol 160 milen.    prom I   The object* tor wbieii thucwunauy huabci
J j Glonom ��light rnilwuy, possibly with v.\ ''^'('^"S^^
��� I nnrrow gauge, will bo constructed to the
' he;id  of  Teslin   hike,  it  dlKtmiCG of i-1*1
! j miles.   From the bend of this hike there
I, Thomas SleSfanglit. Financial Agent. Port
Bieele. herebv (jtvu noticu thafabttj dayn after
���late It is inv iiii.-nii.iji lo apply tu the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds A Works for par-
inlfcfllon to purehnso si:*, hundred and forty
auras hi unsnrveyed, unoccupied ami unreserved Crown lauds in this neigh" bbruoad whore
this nutitiu in pi.ntid, ln'hiR t.u iho west Hide of
Mtivitt I.nkc-iiinliitunu four miles irom its upper
end. Tho boundaries are us marked out irom
mv north-west comer which i.-- in eloso proximity to this notice namelv, rumtlntf bouthffi)
elitiins, tuitl to tlie east no clinhis, iheiieo north
fiO chains, thence west to the stnrtfna point 89
chains, containing 940 acres unoccupied land.
Thu starting point running due west from
Hoy to Lake taking inn little ol both tho Mlrle
Lamb nnd the Btg Lamlitveetm Ideated 1st
day uf (September, ig'j;.
,-Mill September, li
Manufacturers of and Dealers In mmm
Douglas Fir,   Spruce and Cedar Lumber,  Sltling ami Flouring,
Dimension Timber,   Cedar Shlugrtas,   Fenec Posto,
Telegraph,   Telephone  and   Electrlo
Ltfflit Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liabillti-'.)
llOl.l   I
41  llll*l
ulonco Willi
*,r.*,l In nn
l,oiidwoil iutiial i.*i|��*i* lor imUlk-dlluli bvlo:
1. c-.il n-pi'sr iu -'Tlii: MI.VCK."
Atl-ircttS rvll VOIUlUUllU'RlIOllS
Guillen, IS. (
TIIUUSDAY, Xf.IV. 26, 1807.
t*iiilti*i>t||liti  'ri Mtil"lei'1'uIJic'l uavigiitioii all vho way
1,1-iuy tin*, in Unwson (iiy, tin* dlslnncu bolug nbuut
"'     Uso iiiiii-s.
nynutkr 1'lils route oaunot bo o]ji!i:oil up until
iifn-u Hriii j early iu the summer, \yheu there will be
I an ennrmoits mull to got into the noi'tb-
I em gold Holds; mid lite tnillle will be
tremendous, Ciipt. !���'. 1'. Armiitrong,
mniui :t-r oi" tbe U ppcr I 'olumblii Nttvlgit-
tlon Co., Golden, who bus done so imicb
plori*.   ivoi-l,*,
i,i*,-,,u*.! limn
|i.l T.M-rin!
ntlu'rv. i.--
mul hi i -v-
i   lui-n  lu
* .. t��i get, lunrry, amcH, calcine,
retitie,drew,nmalgumuto, inautpulatulptit,tUinso
and preparefor market, 'ire, metal, ami miner-
f.l Buhstatiees of ail kinds, and to carry on,
cither uj.-jii or hi eannoellon with the pruinises
oreisewijere.tlio bustnciM of Miners, millers,
Kinolters, and workerHttf any processes In Ihe
production, reduction ami inhklns morchnnt.
ublo, of iitinerals,nieirti�� nut] i ictaific proiJuvis,
stipplles '���: watur, mcrchanl��, mid luamtffcctur-
ers, mi t workers of any minerals, moials, avll-
ii.' mi'l Ihingn used in or In coiiueeijidn witli
mlulng, milling, smeUlng, ami oilier iirooessi'S
aforeaald, or any of tlidm:
[i'] ')'.. �����������.-;n !i fur nilii-j and mlnorals either
on lund known (<��� cnntnln simh mines and minerals or otherwiHO, and t" buy and soil, lease
, i-   .   i-    .       .   ;��� i Ul' ttilto up tho Hghls ni search or other mine-'
tOWttl'ds opening u-.  Kwt Kootenuy, 18  rlghtMorclnlmH tuiUor any itilnlugstatutes
alive to this fact, uiul iti:: hia iua-ntion | "^J-Vtw oirr.i^ra uS iI'-V" naw l1-1"""" ������',' (!,"'!'"
vrOTICE is hereby gi>
"   ho made to thu Ltf
Their Relationship.
[ill Toaciiuiro
fur tlie pur.-ii-i-s
lonncs or rfQiff, '.'i
Waters, mlllsitft
nod other hero1
liiiii.-ry, Illlploi
to placu ii Bteam boat on Tonlln l.tko to
secure u bIuipb of thin trullie. The boat
will he tt Bfcrn wheeler of irbottt 150 tons
burden aiid will ply between the upper
end of tho lake nnd Dnwron City, nnik-
tliero are plneerH there are ing ft trip evtJry dght duya in tho course
ol the -��eaaon. There are two routes by
which TesfHn lithe can be rciiclied���the
Stickine route and theTaku route.
("'apt. Armstrong Imn now left for the
coast on his way to the Stickine river,
which he will ascend to Telegraph creek  w,f"'V.,lJ'l.1"n
luncfa," is a atatoment often made with
the aasuraneo of " where thero is sciolw
there is fire." We hear it frequently
witli rcforenco to the deposits of the
Vukon, In this easo it is almost entirely
tt matter of surmise, because there has  nnd then cross over to TohIIu lake, muk-
und Hi
personal, movable or
inci.jcniiil thereto or
Company, or capable
lion with luctafturglr
by ivorkinon or
it lie
iptloiw, or enlorhUo conirants
1 oi nny grams, concc-ssions,
iumontsor Intoroittsiii laiuts,
, townstloHi mln'os, mfuorals,
ttrtliivtlMi tin.) ftiiy r-iunt, ma*
a-nie'iity, provisii
orhor properfyi real nr
Inimovublo, for purposes
3 liiiydtherobjoetfl of tho
>i being u.-ed in ronnec-
,1 opuratloiw or reynlred
iinployod by thu (.Din-
not  been  any general ox]iloi'atlon for
hides there, attention bavin*,' been con-
pontrated upon the easily worked placer?, \
nnd prospecting in the bills being dllll-
I'ult, for various reasons,   Tlioro may be
���workable veins of gold quartz above the \
ing a thorough examination to find out a
feasible route to take in a saw mill,
boiler and machtnory for tho Bteamor.
All these have already been procured.
j If the Stickine river is Bitfilciontly frozen
that sleighs can be used and there is
open country to tho north snitnblo for
placors, and there muy not.   There nre
vaguereiwrtsnB to the existence of some, ith,, ri)ilt(1 wiIi ,!0 .���.,,,,.,.,,
lany.and to work, transfer, Ut or'sitbletlli
[oi Toacqulro any Inventions,letterapntcnt
or licenses, impablu of Uelngnscdior thopur-
posusof Iho Company, or any of them, audio
 r,lot,oi sabht ihoaftiuo:
'uitmi limlcrtake thuwholo ur nnv
pari of the business, propurty and llftblllttos, uf
tiey persoti or tompauy carrying tin uny bii��f-
u-.'ss whirl) this (.'ompuny is authorised to cam*
on; ami loat'ipiire and bold any shari s, Mucks,
iiinitlu, ol.-lifihtiuiis. deiit'tiliirt.s sicuriliea, in-
gotlableor otherwise, of or other Interests in
any Kngllsli, colonttil or other eompanicx, bsjo-
cJdtioiwor uii,leru;klnj;.*.i-Hpabli,iii botng tuati-1
aged or cnildiictod so hs directly or timlrectly
m benefit the business of tho Company,- Also
to advance money oil uny such sharca. slocks,
bniMft-, (ilili::ations, (Ulioiitun-s, soenritfofl pi nr
other Interest In suoh companies, aHaocIatlous
hereby given t!uu appliofllloii wil
j to tin' LoslslatlvoAsflomblyol tins J
Province of llritisli Columbia, at iii next session, for u Private Hill to Incorporate at'ont*
pany tn build, equip, maintain andoperatoa
line or tines of rallwaj irom a point at ur near
Cranbrook, In Kast Kootonay, thouqe by tho
molt ioustblo route lo tho st. Mary's liiver;
tlmnco iu an oastui'ly dfroction to tho head-
wateraof si. Mary's Hiver: nnd also in a wester-
iv and northorh fltroctfun Irom somo point ou
ihoBftld lino a Imihidt lino up tbe l-M>t Koote-
iihv Valley to the ucl_(iibourhood of Horse
TmefundKo. 2 crooks and tho luiucsiu thai
vlclnltyi with power tu iho said Company to
I construct a lino from tho (lull Kiver Group ol
! Mine-'i, In Ktst Kootonay, to tho most eon-
! vonlont point oil the main line of the
��� Crow's neat L'tW3 Kallway! and aUu
i to ahtlioriKo and oinpowar the Company, i"
I build, irom tltno to (line, branch lin.'s tn
groups ol mines mul i oticcntraturs Irom any oi
the three above-men Honed lines of railways,
bucIi branch linos not to oseeoil twenty (IW)
miles in I'Miiiiii; with power to build telegraph
und telephone linos, and to equip and operate
the said railway and !!:��� branches, und to erect
and maintain all neBe-idsry works for tho generation anil IransinlssUin of electricity or
powor within the area of thu operations of the
said Company; nnd power to build, maintain
and operate wharveH, doolis unit steamboats,
sHw-mtHs, and acquire water privileges to const ritvt Uams, tliimes, etc., fur Improving and
Increasing tho water prtvllogos, und to make
iriilln- or other arrangcmeutH with railways,
steamboat or other companies, and for ull other
usual aud nci.-essai'y power.*, rights oi'
Solicitors for die Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 23th October, 1S07. -in nt
ioighhifl BO thut winter travel ie feasaldo, j ",r ijudcrtalihijis, uiul to acoopl such m. .
. . ��      " ... i     ,/ ���      ��        stocks, boii'is, i..jlipitlim>-. dcbenttir
but it doea not follow nocf
in  the  Yukon or els-.'wli
.mrily, either | M0, (j,;(i ^ routu [PaBllt)io, then lu
. that w!
If ho doefi ! tics iih partial or full��
ij in pa n
squire, const
em ll
ct nr hire, or Join wiiii
in tho  \ ukOtl or elsewhere. tuUt urher? | comc ^.j. ty tjl0 C0(lfit fln(j ���0 to Junctlll,  "thfw iu ��CfliiIrltu*( eonsfruoting or luring au
jhiM-i-t  ni*n   nl inoi'H   then- iifr> vm-l ildn . ,    ,,.    _.    ,,'. .mills, cii.i.iis, waterworks, maelilnery, roadi
inoie  .no  ptaeois  hum  art  worMUie ���t t|]0 motith of tho Tnkuinlot, proceed bridgos, tramways, railways, tfnglii/sl plan
i up it and cross over to Toslin lak<
win-   oi  Taku   river
lucks, btilldhigs, works, inattors  or llilim
uliicu muy be iiecrwiiu-y ur convenh-iit for tin;
lliniliing for ajP^fpos.-si'i the Company, or. any ol them,
, . .i t ��v ""-' worklngol nn-.-.u
feasible route to haul in tho saw mill,     h. To improve, monsg
j boiler and machlnory.   If he iimls either | ��^ff jf^ VJivmSfi.'i'u
A placer deposit of gold or tin inn
natural concentration of mineral that
���existed  iiv solid  rock.    The erosion of
wind,   water and  frost acting through
immeasurable time lias worn down the
earth's  Burfaeo  in  many  places to  *�� i mngemouts.
marvellous  extent.     Iu  this  hind  of Belectiou  oi the  lil(.1:
disintegration Blabie mlnorals llkogoldj
and  ciwsitorite,   which   aro
jrivaterspeeific gravity Uian their original I nav llnd vM\ kuown l0 tw.h utiier aUl\ I lolom-, nominton, fond,
matrix,   wero   concontratod   in   watei��� ' - .���-   -.i m. .,.:.. i.t...i ...  i.  i- I. J- ToRmalgamato will
ur any part thereof:
develop, La underlet
so of, oqargo or den!
ever, l ne under-
\-OTK'K is HKItZDV GIVEN that application
^ will bo iimdo to tie' Parliament ol Canada
and tu the Legislative Arfombly of the Province
uf British Colunibla al their rospootlvosositloua
to Incorporate a Company to construct u railway ti> be operated by steam orolcctrlelty fraiv.
a jioint at or near Cranbrook, In Bnsl Kootonay*,
British CoInmBla���tho most northerly point on
thu Crow's Nest Hallvyiy,--thonco running in t
northerly direction up the Koolcnay Kiver to
Canal Klat; ihcncototho Columbia Uik*i ami
in i: northerly dlreollon down the Columbia
Kiver to tho Canoe Kiver; thence up the Canoe
liiver ant across tho I'ortago tothe headwater!
route editable, then the captain will at   taking o? uny part or part**uf tho property ot i n( the Frmtor Itlvorj thence t'uwn the l-raser
.       , ; the Company, nr any rights, way-loavos or Kiver tu Ohjcomo Portugoj (hence across thu
onco return, complete ana perfect RV- oisemoutsjnorovcrihosainc, and toaccuptt,��  I'ovtago to Parsnip Klvorj thence down the
wnmimniita    Ttionn u-tll r>nmiu>nh*flM*f1 tin* j payntClllOlierofor Olthcr  POSh   >-r   sdiiiriH, or   "' "''      '     '""   "       "! ' ""  *'"
rangemouts. iiieso win compienonutno |(artly ,..,,;, n���(1 [in.([v B|mreg(ln Unyothor
Bidectiou  of  the  men  who will carry company purcliaslng the same:
ftwiiiaiii        i li               ���          in        -ut '��� '" estaldlsh and maintain agonotos of (he
"fe"1"  through the ontorpim1, and they will bo company tu any colony, dominion, foreign
"���."������J I all piukeil ...en, mostly irom Kast Root,- j 'XVJ^i Tti^J^Sl 'In SSSBS
; men familiar with this kind of work, in ��� haviua obji
Parsnip Hiver to Findlay Hiver, and up th
Pludlay Klvorand across the divide to Frances
l..ikc. and thonco tp tho Vukon, with power to
dlvort tlio runte of tho line north of Giscomc
Portage either by wav of Ucosu Lake or m may
be found most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and operato branch Unci*
country or state:        nut cxi'teding sixty miles in length and nil
ihcr coiupniiv  neee.'ijjiry bridges and roads. Also, to construct
is attogi ih��r or in pun similar ii�� and oporalo telegraph and telephone Hues i<n
I this Company, und t.i enwr Ijuo tho transmission <>f messages for ihe puhli
10 object
stou O
'sun or firm engaged or about
UllH     III 1 1 ti '     ���.*..������. -<i   ������. ".   ��� i.*.ii(-i'i   i'l    uiniiii    ;n iu*,;.;-.* :..
<jjir> um voyageurstomanagonnahantimcanocri; ,my imalnoaaor transaction which this Com*,
en: rate I i,,,,.!.,,,.,,-.,,,, rmni ,mr Golumbian paoidb '"'"���' '' H!lti'f"'i;'-',t to engage In, or capable of
: luiinii t.mu  iiuiii uur v umiiiumii i.tnij).* omngt'Oiiduotcdso ns directly or llidhocltv to
nil ar.d j-re;��ure the lumber; lioat*
buildera from tho port of Golden to
construct the steam boat, which will be
readvassoon as ever the waior opons
��� I in miii.iageiii
for navigation. |   I. To make,
Should it be impo^stblo owing to tlio I llnblo or o^bu
dillicnlcit s   of   the   mute   during   tiie
winter, then It is the captain's intention | nVcissuooVdobemt
to coiiEtritdl aud have a lino of boat
ready to ply on the Vukon river betwc
benefit IhlHCninpau,
k. To hobi, in thu names of others, n
pe.iy which tho Company is ant bo
.icquire, ami to curry on ur do air
b udnosi'js and acta and thfngsaforcsatii
i�� principal or agent, and either by tho
for others:
M, a
-r Instruiiit'ius, ntgo
rwlse.and to borrow money cither
wiiii ur without security, and either upon ue-
gitthtblo Instruments or otherwise, Itielnding
charged upon all <���<��� any
Company's iiroperti (bolii iirehonf ami
lu tore), iiiciudr.i.; ns UAttailed capital:
l or imlorsfi tho creation
docks: to tako and use water fur gonorat
electricity, and to transmit and dlspdsO of the
power therofroui for lighting, lioatlUS and
motive burjiOKOji; with power also to carry on
tho business of a general trading company, ol
sn exprooscompany; also t*> own, manage anil
h-ii-e hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits Mid oparatosaw mills, forthoprpduiaioti
uiul sale of lumbar, and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and to curry on a general
lining and un* smelting business, lumtidlns
and operation of smelters and
COUt'SCfl,    iUfit    US    th.'V  uie HOW eotu-eil-i,,���������;,,,. .... .,,,,1 ,l.,w.l,.,,!,.,�� llm ti'imfiim--. .......
.   .  ,,. .    ,, ' ���        ,. .     ,       oi)entngui)anaae\elopingiiiet],uiMior-,pfll.tno>ilh,P( oju| luU.,:liU;.v r,,n]ll.,K..u tbii- build, ncquim and operate steam und other
trulou by men in Bltuclng.   iiutnuttiro| tntion of n now country.   There will bo I cssiou or ofbynvisc.wlin^ny lompanyoi | vcawiniiudnii nci'i��wrjr fenies wharyes and
has  concentrated   millions of  tuns  of ' ' ' "
minerals wIumc man has to conce
eomparallveJy few
The discovery of sucl*) a natural con-
eoutratlon, an alluvial deposit, does not,
however, imply that its source will bo
found, or if found, workable, because the
original lode may have been eroded
entirely, aud thereXore tin longer in
existence; the placer p*\y\ or tin may
have como from a disAominatiun in a
treat mass of rock which it would novel'
pay-to mine, or from innumerable vein-
bts whicli wero never exploitable; or
the auriferous debris may have been
carried far from its original source by
glacier action, so that no connection
between placer and gold cat) beentab-
Imhcd. It is not to bo inforrod from
these suggestions, however, that there
Solicitors fo? Applicants,
���ti at Ottawa 5th Sovombor, WW.     im-ot
ii. luprnmot-i un . lurm mner Lomnin]l*!3 i.-r
...     ,. ,   ,, , .,.,    ,,.-.' oil,.,* objutl, inontinnud in tin* Mvwi i-
Kt.   Mlelmel'ij mill  IMvson City.   Hie aii'mmi
..ri-ir-.-ij*.  i^ *i   v..!-.--)., n nnd Tup    ii*'l'oInvestniuldoftlivdlitliomonorneMhy
onnrpnse  m .1  l*.i..i.i   one .uu.   nn., ,*.������,,.���_ notlimnoilimi.l** panilrcl iiihuisuuli
Mi.*.'i:ii ftnd til.' mtlliv fl'ieuus oi" Cuptuin sveurliie*, ftud In &uen mainii I'as Iniiu time iu
.   ,.      ;.    . . ,   ,,      mu.- i-eili'lurnitni'ii:
Armstrong in I'.ilst lvootouuy wish lmn i   ... Tu illstilbiito -uiv m thd property ot the
food luck  nn,! sticcoss  in tho  under- C7.K,'ttTnV&S^"ln^����oI Ihe  LT18 HOXOCIt tho Moute.
hiking,   Tlio captain's absence in tho wurlit nnd w -in all Mieh tulUKit aa ara iuvlduii. ] -rr:  '"-'"".l*""'1 "> ""���"
.,*.,,,,. ,, .      , I tftl ureoiiuuelvu loiiiuau-tin-tioiitof theftlievu
north Hill only In* temporary.   It m not oi,j,*-i-.*.
. his intention to ubaiulou his enterprises vS!i��1 'V-r,'?,*l."y,!!"iV,.!,,"i!l1rf,1,,''l,Vm ;,',"
,,.,,   ,.,,�����.:   u-uM-rt  ,*Im nn  l,���vn I ,  ' . .   VIllorlH, lr,ii:i���->: ,.; urftlllll  COlUlnbU, ll.is
not  cases  ��neie piacors tia\o leii  ln pMt i;00tcnav, tho opening lip and lOtl.ilsy o( onoimr,one tli-nunim oijht liui*.
irectly  to  inoilier  lodes,    Nuinorous!,,.,. ,.���..,.i������������,..,'  ���i ,,.i,i���i, i���,i,���. ,._������I<in''l�����"iilueif-nevi'ii.
rieveiopine.,1  oi wtiieii ueiiits oeeu     ,,,.,��� u .��� wnn'mi-;
ly ideirtliled witli. I irj.,.11     Boglsirsr of Joint Hiooit Compsnlcs.
S. ADLER, Proprietor."
GOLDEN,    -    -    -
B.  C.
Plrst-Class in every particular,  Convenient to Hallway Depot and H'.oamboat Leu-ltu*.
Hates Koasonable,  Free Sample Kooins.
, The Tram fur loaves Kootonay House, connecting with Steamer for Port StaaS* ovary
lloudav aud Friday utter urrival of train from the waati
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Homo Comforts ���     0
Modern Gbnvonienees   a
Best Cuisine in tho West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
WM. McNElSH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
^za^-Golden, B.C.
���^b-IInatlqunrtoi-H Fur--****,
Miners,  Prospectors  and- Lurcilsermen.
BoAun & Lodoiso $"> Pee Week.    First Class Bah.
Instances can ho cited jvlioro they have
.lone bo, und vice versa. The conchiBioii
i*. yiiu]*ly that 110 general rule can bo laid
down, and the existence! of rich placer*. I Ea3t Kootonay Will Boom,
does not ln Itself imply tho oxlsteneo of I Mr'f. D. Potty, an English mining
rich, or ovon workable veins. This fuel | exi-eft, says llritisli Columbia will bo
has been demonstrated in Kast Koote- 'ho '"tiiro copper-producing country in|N
nay. Tha rloh placer mines of tho Wild tho world. Countries like Spain and J���'^���
Horso and Perry creeks have not yet led Portugal have pnmod their zenith ami
to tho discovery of the lodes 'or the i �������������� "��'v ��" ""' dechno, while there ia
sources from which the gold came; they: only ono out of tlio four copper mines In
aro yet to bo found If they do exist, mid j *'��� "'M,m '���'������' promises lo hold out; so
ii existing and found thoy may not bo the road seems perfectly clear lor the
workable in paying quantilv, j p*>--***l!  province.     Mr. 1'elty soys the
Quarta claims containing gold or the I '---PPe*' ��"�� ui ���������--- boundary country aro
traces of gold havo beon located along of a low grade, hut thoso oi th*.. Mast
these cree-ks, but as fur as development' Kootenny are full of iiromlso. lie also
work has gone 110 lode has beon found j taHww the Ashovofl Bystom for ruduc-
that can yield any relurncouiiiU'iiiiiiral,) I'":-! I"W grade ores has been ll success,
with the expectation formed from the 1 ��"J consequently means hundreds oi
remits obtained from the plueer deposits | miiliouu to tho Rossland camp,
found iu the crooks' und still those Thoio Is not tho ellglltoat duubt aliout
quarts roefj may bo the matrix from''1* Klondike or no Klondike. Then'is
whence the gold came.    The experience
KOOTKX.iv   i)i*-Ti:iiT-xc.i!'riii-;:*
OTIOE li hereby given that all placer inln.
mm*. vlil:-li un- li-fiiiliy nolq lu lliu
PIVlHlutl i,| But, KlKIU-IIMV lil,- luui
,..'.*.lutein  l.i,.. ll .- i:nli; !-l Jllliu
nt'Onvcrnnr l..as
III* lolluwlllg III'*
���*9'.li Oatober, ikii*.-.
T.�� I,,: Htlticri liory Mnglstrutea wftlitn nmi lot
tin* Count "i K.intoniiv: *-
.Ii.iik.nt   Kii-.,*.*.iui  )Io.*i  crrunu'iT, Ainiirii
MVKIlAV   lAltVI*, Hll.l Ull.llllKr I'.ilWAIU. SlMIHII*..
KsnuirtM,   lit*.i,ivtrjM,    N<*i'.li-WVsl   Miniiui'ii
18l�� " (SECTINX161).
u.ilil Coniinlsslonor.
Donald, Plii November, 1W7. i.c,
jaOTIC'E Is hereby eiven Hist Ills llonnui the
-*.   Itieutenaat-tiovOrnor in Counell tuts been
,; |.li-:i,--.1 in repeal the regulininn ttt Um Htii lis)'
* j ui December, 1800, u 111, i*..aar.i in rellel .aaliuil
'i.rk'uure owing to tbu lapffool a Free hu
pnn.11' NOTICE Ii hereby elvon lhatnpiill
������*   tuition will Ih* iii-t.u, 11, nn* I'.riiiimi :u 01
I Canads, el the n-xt iviulon thereof, lor an.
eUHiijdng ni.* it-nil**
Him roan AiHotilalli
I'i'iiiiiiiu-nt I.U-UI Coiennny,
IMt.*'i im Tnlonto, tins 17th day of November
A.11., ibu;.
.MArwiXAI.Ii, nni.AXIi & TDOMrSQN,
2 Toronto Blreet, Toronto.
iic*,-'ji Boltolteri for Apiillcanta.
has lieen somewhat similar in the
Colorado placer mines, some of whicli
have been worked over since their
discovery about forty years ago producing 11 good many millions of gold. Their
origin from lodes near by can bo traced
with.reasonable certainty, and some of
these lodes have been worked profitably,
but the production of the lodes has not
vet been u tithe of that of the placers.
The result will in all probability bo the
*.;une should the quartz claims ou l'erry
and Wljd Horse creeks be sufficiently
developed as lo make them operating
ill i ties.
What wo know ot tho Yukon and its
placer depositB, and experience has been
gained from placer finds elsewhere, it is
ttiifo to conclude that in all these in-1
htnniTB nature in long eras offected ���
probably 11 rloh concentration of gold I
from an immense amount of very low j
more substantial wealth In East Kootenay, Then it is so varied. Tliuro are
coppor belts, silver bolls, conl belts, iron
belts, as well as gold belt*1. Then thai
is nnigiiilleotit plenty and 110 cl
starvation. A beautiful cottntr
fine climate. East Kootenay is the
country for tho industrial and progressive man. Klondike is'the gambler's
paradise, where the chanoea are great,
but where failure awaits the big majority.
rude material.
A  LOAN OF   S500.00
Over a First Class Ranch  in   *
Eut*t Kootonny
For   ti  Torm   of   Five Years.
Firat _ Mortgage.      Undoubted
Security.   Apply to
���O. H. McCARl'EIt,
Noturv Public, Goldon,
iitricitnre owing to tin* Upvool ftpreu Miner'
Curlittcnte licrMotore tn toveitt unci to malm the
(oliowing regulation in r>,.i'ct tlu'ruoi, snub
ropvnl mul non rotfulattou tu tnkv vttwi mi tiiv
ibth day oV Novernbur, 18M7:
Any itt'iMUi or Joint Mock CUMpftnj*. bfllng lllfl
iiui-.it.-r of any mlntutf (jroparty, tltulnug rallel
 .against thu forfcttttru ul nlaor ltilnleruALlu
in 'i'ij�� HiutituiDii iinitiihu; huiii |ini''i-rtv Ijv reason of an otnlulon tuuii-
11 in thut ul Thu Dominion i t.tiu n now frwj minor's certificate on nr before
the da) following llio fotnlratlon of tlteoertlll*
ittin, sliatl obsorvo tlio loilowlntrconiutionsi
1.  forthwith nyon asccrtutmng thu tucplrjr
m JiiM irtiiM-nit- ut-iitiii 11 now nui1:
i!. At the lime uf obtaining mult new ccrttfi.
cato llio with tin- Bucordur iniLiiug tho same,
diil |ni��i in tin' Iteiord nitif. tmotltoof tils
iliti'luiuil lu ;t|.;ily lor tvllt'i:
witiiiiiUi iin>-N (rum such filing transmit to
tlu- Mlulstor ui Minus tlm followingUouutuonti
mul ii'i:-
lu) a siatuforjr declaration ^ettinirfnrtli the
elreumstaucos of such oiuliilon. wn-i ni'l |mr-
tioulars of tho uiiutng proiHirtfva Iil>iu Ij>- tlio
spplieHht wlitrli would bfl liiii-i-ieit with for-
(ti) a certlflCftte under tho hand of tho Gold
Commissioner or Mining Ituuordurof eacliui.
Vision wherein nny ol tlie aald properties h
situate, that notluo !u.:i beou posted) and (hat
no records [otivit than I hose montlbued in tbu
.sLii't certlllcati.it, i: uny] adverse to the applicant's Interest In the s.n *. properties have been
made by lilm ilitriiiK the tltdO in whicli tht
BUld h|']'!i. i'ul v.t,'. unt in pOShCHSlon oi il vi'til,
existing free miner's oertliteatot
[e]   A ileelhiutlnn l>>- the  iippllnaiit or  hirt
fluent duly tiogulaant of the location on the
ground 01 tin- applicant's properties, and the
other facts ftffeullng the easui that uu linn
learohed the records of claims recorded during
ttie Interval the applicant wus hi default, nun
thut such claims no nut [except m muy lie
therein stated] conflict with or overlap any ol
the propertied ot tlie applieauti
Id] Tlu* sum of rive ilullitrrt.
The Mlltfstot nt Mine:* ni;i\ thereupon give
Iniitmotions for tlie altenttlonuf thu oppllcant's
tree hilnei's corflflcato so as to eohiorm with
' thu date of Llio expifAtlon of thoUpscd certifl.
1 ente, mul may also give lusiritetiont for snub
I'nrvi TVr^riin'-a TTnfol amendment to ho made totherctorusafleelad
,OHa JW.u-1 rylll S HOT/tJl asmaybe considered requisite, nud auy suoh
\tTli+A*i*w*-.    ��/-    ^t,ii,'I "'���>' ',0 partial as to proparlliwin ruspuet
WlllClQriTlGrQ.  wlioroofrellwUsglvon.orspostd savoMlversc
rights ntijuiiet! aurtug dt fault oi iho applicant
Gonri acconimmlfltlon A Modernte Torma jamkm raker,
First pIuhh Iced Pfablea in connection.'     Provincial Secretary and Minister of Mines.
1*711 Llll'lt' j
%_m\Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
The best Ftopjiiiia place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is nt
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMEEB,   B.C..  -*ms?^\
Groceriofl, Dry Goods & Generr.1 Merchandise.   Miners'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
x���* James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wlnos, Liquors nnd Cigars.   First c.lasa accommodation.
East Kootenay
Mining Stock List.
f ho GdlU Hills 0. * D. Co	
Kootenay, Carihoo M. A I. Co	
Golden i l'ort Steele I). Co	
Alberta & Konlonny ft. Co	
East Kootenay anil Kit Hiver Dovolopment A Exploration Co  ...,.
(l "iiO.lXW
If 600,000
If    78,000
^���u-xe   Fresla.  X5r"a.grs   at   3D.   !v����   CAL-DEE    d5   Go's.,   G-old-en., t*c7w��oJU]��..��u?��t.;/ia��1K.��;.V)*i.*.��--ii��v"^t:> ���aiuw**!1
A    New    Field   to   bo   Opened   for
Mr. I.. A. Hamilton, land commissioner
of tin. C. I'. H., has just returned from a
sis weeks trip to the Kootenay country.
The C. 1'. H. land department hr.s
recently taken over the land interests of
the Columbia and Kouteuay railway-
some 200,000 acres���and also of the
British Columbia Southern and Crow's
Xest I'ass railway,' the provincial land
grant to the latter road being 20,000 acres
a mile. All these lands are iu East and
West Kootenay and ns Mr. Hamilton
described them to a Free l'rcss representative :    'i
"Thelands we have taken over may
he divided into three classes: 1st, the
agricultural lands capable of being cultivated , and the hay meadows; 2nd, the
bench lands capable ol being irrigated;
3rd, the pasture lands for grazing purposes. None of those lands have been
placed on the market ami they also
include lino coal and timber property.
The bench grass lands aro quite numerous and raise the finest beef in the world.
All these lands will be inspected, looked
over, and if possible, placed on the
market next summer.
" I daresay you ave aware,'1 continued
Mr. Hamilton, " that people are continually inquiring lor lands iu a milder
climate, where fruit can bo raised, and
we can in the near future direct their
attention to these new locations. Oats
nnd hay can be raised there; and there
is now a big local demand, hay being
worth $20 to If2b a ton, and oats 85 cents
to (1 a,bushel. 1 saw on one farm u
crop of 0,000 bushels; this was near
" What direction did your tour take'.'"
" I went from Nelson and Kootenay
lake to the point whore the Crow's Nest
line strikes the lake. There was A party
of us, including thu manager of construction, Mr. Haney, and we went over
the line of railway by pack and saddle
horse.   It occupied eight days."
'* Did any particular district impress
you more tli-.ni another'.'"
" Well, for timber and agricultural
lands, I think the vnlley of the Elk river,
on the other side of the Rockies, cannot
be beaten."
" Did you locate any townuitcB along
tho new line of railway'.'"
"No; 1 was morel)- looking over the
ground. Th*"ro will, however, bo two or
three important towns in East Kootenay
���at .Movie lake, where thero are valuable mines; at Cranbrook, twelve iniles
west of the Kootenay river, and in the
vicinity of the coal mines of tho llritisli
Columbia Southern, in Crow's Xest pnas;
also at the crossing of the Kootenay
river. Purveyors are now out, and ns
soon as the manager of construction
decides, these sites will bo surveyed and
placed on the market."
" How are the centres of the mining
districts progressing? "
'"'Nelson is nourishing, and the big
smelter is working night and day all the
week; many fine buildings are going np.
I'nssland seems to httvo picked up considerably, and a hotter feeling prevails
than during my visit of a few mouths
lltjo."���Winnipeg Free Press.
Almost   Equal   to    Klondyke.--Tho
Crow'o Most Commissioner
Talks Mine...
Mr. 1,. A. Hamilton, land commissioner nf the C.I'.U., thu Crow's Xest railway and tho llritisli Columbia Southern
ruilwny, arrived in Winnipeg, yesterday,
alter an extended tour over the lines of
his different companies iu the west.
Alter travelling through Ihe Slocan mid
Kouteuay districts, Mr. Hamilton struck
the lino ol tho Crow's Xest Hallway at
Xelson from which point lie mndo for tho
foot of the Kootonay Lake which will be
tho western terminus of the Crow's
Xest for tho time being, lie tbon came
through hy pack horso to Macleod with
a view of looking over the lands that
were taken over by the British Columbia
nnd Southern railway.
In describing this property Mr. Hamilton said:���
" The lands we have taken over muy
be divided into throe classes: 1st, the I
agricultural lands capable of lieing eulti-
vnted, ftlfil the liny meadows; 2nd, the'
bench lands capable of being irrigated ; j
3rd, the  pasture lands for griming pur-!
poses.     Xone of these lauds have been !
iihiced'on the market. They also include
line  coal  and   timber   property.   The [
bench grass lands are quite numerous I
and  raise  the finest beef in tlie world,
All these lands will 1)8 inspected, looked
over and if possible placed on tin* market
next summer."
When asked as to the progress of the
construction on tlio Crow'sXcstHoad,
Mr. Hamilton said that there is a big
crowd of men working eastward from
Kootenay Lake under Mr. Armstrong of
Vancouver, aud aim tlii-i end of the lino
to the summit is crowded with men; and
contractors nre Btriing all along tho line.
In answer to an interrogation as to the
reported dissatisfaction among the men,
the commissioner replied that he did
not hear of any more grumbling than is
usually manifested in Bucli works of
similar dimensions.
l!o said that he stopped at Cranbrook
whicli is to be tho divisional point in the
East Kootonay on the Crow's Nest road
and will bo a very important town in the
near future, being the centre of a good
agricultural country and also within
reasonable distance of the mines.
Mr. Hamilton said iu answer to a question ns to tho relative values of the
mines in East Kootenay and the Yukon,
that at Wild Horse Creek there were
placer mines almost ns rich as the Klondike and tho new railway runs within
six miles of these locations. The celebrated North Star calena mines whicli
nre chiefly controlled by Mr. D. D.Mann,
the gold mines on l'erry Creek, and the
St. Eugene mines mi Moyie lake have
large quantities uf valuable ore on the
dump, und are simply waiting tlio completion of the railway to commence
heavy shipments of ore, and he expected
the road will be well into tliis particular
district by next summer, anyway before
tliis time next year. Th. coal mines in
the Crow's Xest, which arc said to be
the finest cokeing coal deposits in the
west, arc also waiting to commence
shipments east. This coal now is extensively used in mining operations in
the Kopfonay.*���Winnipeg Xor'tt'ester.
Tho Crow'o Neot Pass Railroad.
Tlio rapid progress that is being made
iu the building of the Crow's Xest Pass
Railway is due in a great measure to the
energy and executive ability of Mr. M.
I.. Haney, manager of construction for
tiie CP.lt. Some weeks ago, however,
work was somewhat checked owing to
the fact that necessary road materials
such ns rails and heavy timbers and
other supplies wero not being forwarded
from the east with adequate dispatch.
Mr. Haney lit first contented himself
with writing indignant letters'to the
different superintendents of divisions
protesting against the delays, but this
not proving sufficiently effective he went
straight to headquarters und laid the
mattei before Sir William Van Home
himself, threatening nt once to resign
his position unless immediate measures
were taken to insure tho delivery of
supplies ns thoy'were required. It is
hardly necessary to say that since, Mr.
Haney has had little canso to complain
on that score nt nny rate. But Mr.
Honey's name will over be associated
with the building of this road, for the
fact that he is responsible for having tho
change mude in the location line which
resulted in decreasing the grado to one
per cent. When the engineers came to
him with tlieir plans and reported thai
the grade would lie 2.1!o per cent., he
waved his bund. " It won't do, gentlemen," he said, " it won't do. I must
have u one per cent, giadti,,' and new
surveys nnd new plans were made until
tho grade was reduced to one per cent.���
that, is from Ecthbridgc to Kootonay
Lake, and from Kootenuy Lake to Xelson
the increase will bo very immaterial,
Mennwhilj fifty mites of griding has
been completed, twenty miles of track
laid, nnd the locution of tho line decided
on for a distance of a hundred nnd
twenty miles. In (not, but fur the difficulties of construction in the vicinity of
St. Mary's Hiver. necessitating deep
cuttings and bridgework, the road would
ere now have been completed to Summit
Lake, as it is by the 15th of tho present
month freight will be handled to this
point end by July of next year the rond
will be completed to Kootenny Lake. On
tho work some three thousand men arc
employed in different capacities, and
from Lethbridge to the Koekies camps of
from one to two hundred men nre established, under contractors, at intervals
apart of u few miles.
Construction work is to commence
immediately west of Summit Lake to
Morriscy Creek nnd the vullcy of Elk
liiver. Hero the engineering difficulties
are, with the exception of rock-cutting
along the west shore of tlie lake, inconsiderable and the lino proceeds upon nn
easy nnd natural grndo passing through
a country wooded with valuable timber.
At Coal Creek, u connection will he established with the coal mines. At 121k
River bridge tho ruilwny makes a sharp
curve to the west���the scenery here, by
the way, is magnificent, tho Elk River
Falls being particularly beautiful arc
worthy of note, und through a 1,000 foot
tunnel the rond proceeds northward until il reaches tlie Kboronay liiver twelve
miles away. Skirting the west bank of
tlie river the route is westward from
Cranbrook, the divisional point, and
then south it follows this course past the
Movie River until approaching Bcdling-
ton, wlic-n the direction is again westward und thence northward to Nelson.
���B.C. Mining Record.
What Is Advertising;?
Advertising is anything which conveys
a message about a business or product.
If a man opens a store and tells hi.,
friend about it, ho is advertising the
If he prints his unnoncetuent on cards
and bauds thorn to passers by, he is advertising the store.
li" he puts a sign above his dour, or
goods into Ids window, he is advertising
tho store!
It he makes a hundred duplicates of
this Bign and nails them on fences, or
dead walls, where people can see them,
he is advertising.
If he joins a church, or a club or a sec-
re? society, his name and his business
will still be advertising.
If he causes his sign or his card to be
reproduced and printed in a newspaper,
he is doing the snnie tiling that lie did
when he tacked the sign on tiie fences
or handed the card to the passer-by. He
is putting his sign into the house of every
reader of that paper.
This hypothetical man is a retail dealer. He is in direct, contact with the
people to whom be seeks to convey the
news of his enterprise. The principle is
exactly the same with the maker or
handler of goods that are to have n more
than local sale.
Of all the ways of advertising, Ihe
best, most certain and cheapest is that
of using the columns of a good newspaper. Intelligent pen] le with money
to spend always read the newspapers.
ij. F. PUGH'S
t  **"��*��'Wj
The most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenny. Good Table, flood
Wines. flood Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct rail inula to
Montreal & Toronto
nnd all Eastern Poiniw.
Lnkc Route tn the Kust���Sailings from
Port William.
AlhcrlB Every T'.iemiay In Wlndnor.
Alhubanea... Every Thnrs.IoV to Owen  Sound.
Manitoba Ercry Burnley to Owen Kound.
Connecting talna from Golden at lfitfo every
Monday, Thursday and H&turday.
Daily and direct service lo
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all point* in the far famed Kootonay
and Silvery Blocau.
To China and Japan
Now Zealand,
Apply lor Partloulara io
C. K. WKI.I.S. Agont, Golden,
Truffle Mtinagor, Wlnnlpog.
��    9    ��
Value In one thing
Satisfaction Is another
You gcttioth by buying your DRY (IOOD8
l'rloe Hutu and Samples lonvariic-l on Application.
��     ��,    ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
���������VAT THE-a-
Hudson's   Bay
CALGARY,    ���    ALTA.
J.   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
Minister of Mlnen nnd Provincial Kocr<uir_r--
Mon. <'ol. -lamea Bakor.
Provincial Mineralogist���\V. A. Carlylo,
PuUlle Assayer -II. Uarinlehaei.
nam commissi on hi in.
For the Province���AV. s. Gore VietortA
South IM.itrit't enmi>ri.sing l'ort .Steel**' nnd To-
imtvii Plains Mining utvlsionn-J, F.Ann-
Htror^i! Cra nbrool;
North J-i-tni't oomprisiiiu l-onuld, Gohh'ii und
Windermere Mining MvlhloUH-.l. k. (iridium
i\ 0. Lang	
ii. tlnldle	
CM. Kdwarda...
M. Phillips	
 Fort Stoelu
.Tobacco Plains
Deputy Ceric of th>: Pence for North Fust Kootenay Jnsi-ih rillrrctt Donald
Deputy,Ork of thu J'unre forfc-outli Fust Kootenuy- Charles Mrtttii'v tMv. tiniu.... Furl Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Kfcattitoit Explaining1 Fully the
Value and NecoHtjity of a "Free
Miners M Oertiiicatc���Xp Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 ye-irs of nee, may be
eon;e a tree miner by paying ?5 to any gold
eoininlflsloncr or miueral recorder und obtain
ing acertitirat'. good ior one yeur.
A irve miner may obtain a now eerttfieait) for
on��' lost im paying ft-
A iree miner's certificate la not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, ncld un real .*!M<u*.' without fieenao, mn*
lie lined *i\ Mltuw become real estate after
erown gram hud be"en Usucd.
Should co-owner suit lopay up his free miner's
certilieate Ms interest goes to his no-owners pro
rain according to their former interests.
a Hhareholiftr in u joint stock company ueoil
not be u free minor.
A fr-ie miner may claim JfiOtadoOO feet. Kut
all ungluH must lie right angles fltitl nil inoaaur-
luciit mind lie horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lands.
A tree miner may kill game for his own use
at nil seasons.
A free minor may obtain five acre millsUotip-
on erown lands In the farm ot a square.
A ('latin may he held from year to year hy
work being done to the Value of one hundred
LodtM discovered in tunnel may bo held if recorded in Ifi days.
A frco miner muy oil payment of IfiOO, In Fen oi'
expenditure on claim, obtain a crown smut.
Any miner muy, tit tiie discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim nr Interest
nhulihi' enforceable mucus iu writing, signed
ami recorded.
No minor shall suffer from nny net ofmnission
or coiuntUnion, or delays un tlio part oi tho
government orflulala.
No claim shall be open to location during
last illnesss ol holder, nor within ill months
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral olaim must be recorded within 15
days after location, ll within 10 miles of offlje
oi mining recorder. One additional day Is allowed Ft every additional Hi miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim lo the value ol
liooinii.Ht bo done each year irom d��tc of reeord ol mineral claim. Alitttavil DibiIu by tho
holder, or his agent, sotting nut a detailed
statement al tin* work done must bo filed with
the gold eommisslottsr or mining recorder, and
h certilieate of work obtained, and recorded beforo the expiration nf each year from llio date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may suUcci to tiling notice
ol bis intention with tin* gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform mi unv one or more of
suehelalina,all tlie work required to entitle
him to a certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or morefrccmin-
era holding adjoining claims In partnership.
In lieu of .above work (ho miliar must pay fico1
and get receipt ami rocord tlie same,
_ .  ...I    ... .
Situated on Perry Greek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,'
East Kootenay*
"^ {fti if\     Iff W ��
$75 to $150 Each according to
f*-***-��4<>�� ����������*��*���<���.-'���,���{���<->
nnA*.��iV<<Y��. r?< >-   One-tliii-.il down, balance in tliron nnil hIx
���la wJ.aJ.J.0 ���      month*,, without Intcrt'Bt.
Tempest & C<a5
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia
avigaiion cf O.
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting witli tho C. P. R. at (Iolden, B. 0. and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U.'-'. Co'y, Golden.
Genera!  Merchants
Minors Supplies n Specialty.
Agent for tho California Giant Powder Compay,
Wo wisli to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches,
Our Specialties:
ram    ***>J* L.      [.*���*? i.. -.tj��*vXi.JuW.*,      aa*-*--*'..       -**v-.'-*��
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Knveloiies   I
Note ll'iuds
Letter Heads
BUI Heads
Hnntl Kills
Calling cards
llt*'dnew Cards
Law Briefs
dumber Boo
Itinli Work
f    A       mini HWfl v ui'in
\��y   Law Briefs
/lS   number Hooks
i_\\   I'romtiinry Notes
\mf   Iteeetpt Forms
Share Cerltllcates
Assay Korms
Drugglhts fAhuls
oamtanum ���-^���-
TI"1 Fin-s-l Honltli jti*w*rl on tin* Continprf.
Pi'jvfltf KoRpllnl miiH't infiiii'ii! pup*nnnt��n*
rtt'tirp yith n Tralnpil Staff ��>t Nurww.
f'omplptn SvM"in of IVi'Iim. i>f nvorv Vitvl
f i'i'i ilrarrlptinn.
Mfitlioiil Hiret?tor-nit. It. (J. tiRKTT, Ham-f.
Ueoidetit Ph.vsiclan & Purguon���IUI. SPAXKXK.
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub Co.|Subribe for u TR^ MINERS
.(���olden, B. (,.    '
^.d-^-ertis   Iel    "TKE    ,EAST      TZOQTID'STJ^T     2^ZX2^"nXt. &udnat
of   Interuatuiff   Local
Ganoral News.
irr- kW��cWH��iM.-ii
A Good Prioo for a Prospect.
Like Uie rent of tlio wtniJ we hit
hitherto entertained tlio belief thut tlie���
in nothing new under Uie sun.   We wore
always under tho impression thut there!
A poet sent an'edltorn contribution were but two way a of floating limited |
fmitled: " Why do I Live?" The editor liability companies���eithor by iuvlt-lng
  '"the subscriptions ot tho public through
the press, or by circulating it prospectus
Offerfl have boon received by the Hal-
pyou Springs Syndicate toputupbot*
liing workB ut the springs for the purpose
���*>( exporting the Lithla witter to the
United Stateo and England.
|.*ontritii'tiim>* by post instead oi bringing
UiL'in in person."
Mr. Michael Carlin Unhappy man.
(jut mill happier father! His household
|i-is been increased,-**"a daughter and
fourteen pound*, in weight. OU! ye
lathers nnd husbands oi Golden! don't
you envy him'.'
Mr. A. J. Hopkins Ipft yesterday Ior
pie const on a wel| earned holiday. Mr.
And raw Tayh-r ivill have charge of the
business at Fqrt Steele during the absence of Mr. Hopkins. Mr. Harry Parsons expects to .to a big buriiiess in the
southern part ni East Kootenay during
Uie next lev, months.
What has become ot the Curling Club
oi Gulden'.' 'lhere has been abundance
ut frost, at least we have experienced the
grip oi Jack EruHt and he now appears to
havo bound the waters uf tho Kicking
Horse in his icy bonds and arrested its
overllow���but there is no curling. What
Is the reason'.' it cannot he for the same
reason that His Satanic Majesty does
not skate.
Mr. All. lloylt, the stage driver between Kort Steele and Gulden returned
lucre lust week with quite a load of passengers including Mr. J. if. Armstrong,
Vi-jld Commissioner, Cranbrook, and
Mrs. Armstrong! Mr. and .Mrs. Han Me-
Keiah, Steele House, l'ort Steele; and
:.lr. li. il. Small lair of the Columbia
House, Canal Flat.
The mail stage from Fort Steele arrived ln Golden on Monday night about
iii-.li past tea o'clock with mails and a
load ef passengers. 11 had great difficulty in getting through. Tiiere was no
sleighing between Fort Steele aod Bpllli-
maclioeu, Wheels had to be used till
the latter placed wan reached. The
luads were very bad Ior locomotion. The
longest drive was between MacKay's
ranche and Golden, a distance of nearly
seventy niilc.i wmeii was covered by
Monday's stage.
There have lieen ' quite a number of
visitors from the Uppor Columbia Valley
and South Eeast Kootenay in Golden
during the past week. Mr. Joseph Lake,
manager of The East Kootenay Supply
Store, Windermere, was ill town on
business. Mr. James .McKay, Salmon
lieds, Windermere, has just returned
from a visit to the east and is on his way
hu.ne now. Mr. George McMillan, the
[lust master at Galena, has been in town
on private enterprises. Mr. Dawson,
CM., has arrived from Fort Steele on
his way to Vancouver, and Mr. Tom Lee
uie pioneer saddler has also come down
tu go to ihe Fast. Mr. A. .1. Hopkins
also arrived Irom Fort Steele, 'there
seems to be a general exodus from Fort
Whon Fort Steele is going to have its
water works is now an unanswerable
conundrum. Some of the member, oi the syndicate in the
month of July of last year���tliis year wc
i-ieaii, talked tall and spoke about the
water llowing within four weeks. It
Hows but it is in the Wild Horse and
Kootenay, but when the people of Fort
Steele will be supplied with water by tlie
water works synuieato is unknown���perhaps never. A hole has been dug, some
piping procured and trenching done. A I
steam engine���second hand���weighing a
lew thousand pounds, with some smoke I .* .<
stalks left Golden lor Fort Steele a few '
days ago.
a,id probably will remain for tlie rost oi
too winter. It is about as much use
there as it will be at Fort Steele. The
season is now past ami the Irost has set
privately and getting tho money in that
way. Though very loth to confess it, we
liud wc are mistaken. There is another
wav in which a public company can be
(liiated, but His distinctly a new way.
We will endeavor to describe the process,
and iu order that there may be no
ambiguity���there is always a danger of
this when technicalities have to lie
employed���the modus operandi shall bo
At a recent meeting there assembled
together certain shareholders in two
companies, tlio Gold Fields of llritisli
j Columbia and the Wnverley Mine. The
real pin-pus.! of this meeting was, that
the shareholders iu those two companies
should listen to a certain gentleman who
had just returned from a fur-off land
and who had in his peregrinations
actually seen the property of which all
those present possessed a certain portion. The name of the gentleman was
Mr. Grant Govan, a distinguished pioneer ol llritisli Columbian gold milling.
There was perfect silence within the
four walls the whole time Mr. Govan
was recounting the richness of the
possessions of those beforo him. To'
judge by the words of Mr. Govan, one
might readily been excused if he had
arrived at the conclusion that some day
or other those present at the meeting
would each and all become as rich as
Croesus, so valuable and so lull of gold
was the property.
At this meeting quite a novel idea in
company promotion was introduced. A
wonderfully rich mine, whicli had cither
just been discovered or lnul been forgotten for generations, had by some
means or other come into possession of
tlie company calling itsell the Gold
Fields of llritisli Columbia, Ltd., and
the directors lieing men of benevolence,
the shareholders in tlie Wnverley Mines,
Limited, and in the parent company
wer.> afforded another opportunity of
acquiring considerable riches, by purchasing or taking shares in this company,
As a rule companies are iioated either by
an advertisement in the daily journals
or by being privately subscribed, and it
would indeed be a hard tusk wore anyone to attempt to discover a precedent
to such an action.
There can be little or no doubt that
though the meeting was held ostensibly
to hear a report from Mr. E. G. Govan,
the flotation of a company culled the
Tangier Mill.', Limited, was in reality
the principal business. We heard on
very good authority that the capital of
Ihe company was already subscribed,
and that it would not under any consideration be offered to the public. The
latter statement may and doubtless is
correct, for on the top of the prospectus
before ns the word " Private" is printed,
bat we are not quite su sure as to the
amount which had been subscribed. If
the capital�����12,000���had been procured
by private treaty, why should the shareholders in these two companies have
been asked to put their money into the
concern'.' This is certainly a new and
exceedingly novel way of floating companies. The directors of the parent
company���the Gold Fields of British
Columbia���may have been actuated by
motives akin to benevolence, but tlie
inference is left that the efforts to get
the  capital   subscribed  privately  had
Seneral 7/ferohant
Mas received tliis week a choice stock of New California
Apricots and
Loose Muscatels
Also a shipment of
Lily Evaporated Cream
Expected to arrive any day a carload of
Famous Chatham Sleighs.
the two companies. ���The City Leader,
London, England.
The Tangier is not a mini*; it is nothing more than a mere prospect���not even
Lillooet, Fruser River stocks no one can
possibly deny. If the provincial members of the company are to blame for
inducing  investment in tlie company
a fully developed prospect.    The age of j stock   at   par,   how   is   Home-Payne
miracles is not yet past; and if the
prospect is properly developed, and it is
a good prospect���there is no doubt as to
that fact���it may ultimately liccome a
shipping mine, l'.ut the undertaking is
a misnomer; the company is only a
development company. It will be some
time���if ever���before tlie Tangier company can be classed as a mining coin-
operation on a
been  far from successful.   Mr. Govan I I)an>'> conducting minin
informed those present that the pros-! proper scale.
peotuses were in the room, and that any  ���*���.**�����.
shareholders in the Gold Fields or
The Kicking Horse river has been
most eccentric during the lust few days.
A couple ol weeks ago two car loads ol
liquors got mixed in the stream. The
occasion was a railway smash in the
canyon. Some effect is now lieing produced, which we charitably attribute to
other and more just causes. Tlio result
however is the sudden uprising of the
stream, whicli threatens to wash the
streets of the town of Golden. There
was a heavy fall of snow, a frost and
then a sudden thaw with heavy rains.
Tne Kicking Horse got its full share and
brought it down to the Columbia, but it
would not receive it. Tho river was
frozen and the floating ice was jammed
beneath and so formed a dam, which
pent back the waters and caused the
Kicking Horse to rise Beveral ieet���a
littlo more and it would have been over
us banks and Golden would once more
have experienced the effects of its Bud-
den rampuge. Tlie danger is not now
over. The ice on the Columbia cannot
bo relieved, and the (lam jam work has
now spread over the banks of the Columbia and continues to stem back the
waters.   It is not however expected that
, the Wavorlev mines might be allotted
it is now* ut spillimacheen, | ,..mt(m,r nllmbe,. Ilulllberof ���,,������, they
applied for, and that a bonus of 25 per
cent, in fully paid shares would bo given
upon all allotments. The diicctors
evidently anticipated some little ilitli-
culty iu getting rid of the shares.
Perhaps they were taking a leaf out of
the book ol their own experience, and
would not risk tlio undertaking going to
the public. Although the Wnverley
mine is now supposed to be a very
valuable property, the public responded
so badly to the issue that something like
HI) per cent, of the capital was called up
from the underwriters, and it is very
possible that had the Tangier Mine,
Limited, been floated in the ordinary
way a like result would havo had to be
recorded. Indeed, we very much doubt,
after reading through the prospectus,
whether enough money could have beon
extracted from the pockets of British
investors���and their name is lesion���to
have enabled the company to proceed to
allotment. The document is made up
entirely of reports from, we presume,
mining experts, and the directors have
not even thought it worth whilo to
indulge in anticipations with respect to
profits. Offering the shares in Tangier
Mines, Limited, to the shareholders who
attented a meeting to hear a report with
regard to their own property, we can
only regard as an ingenious device on
part of tlio directors of the two companies to snve money in advertising.
We, however, heard of very large induee-
Ibu waters of the Kicking Horse will rise menili bein!, of.*ore(1 ������ tho wftv 0f uat\���.
any higher so long as the frost which has writing commission-larger indeed than
uo'i-tneadily nil in continues to hold.     |,*,,. t,0,,u!, givfill t��� tl,0 gtljareUoldofs in
Home-Payne Syndicate Sized Up.
The affairs of the Lillooet, Eraser River
& Cariboo Gold Eiolds Co. have got into
a laid mess, and a matter of course the
province of llritisli Columbia is being
saddled with the blame. While tiiere
may have been room for complaint in
the management of the company's affairs
in this province, it is well to remember
that it ia very easy to be wise after the
event. The provincial manager of the
company may have purchased prospects
at a higher figure than their development warranted, and properties in which
he was interested may have been put
into the assets of the company at good
prices, but it should be remembered that
payment for the same was accepted in
L. F. K. & C. G. F. Co. stock, when, hod
their been uny attempt at fraud, payment might easily have been made in
cash. There was at least an evidence of
faith in tlie company's future on the
part of F. S. Barnard, which is more
than can be said for the English stockholders associated with R. M. Home-
Payne. It is cunently reported that the
first move made by this group of stockholders was the unloading of sulllcient
stock upon confiding French investors,
nt double its par value, to indemnify
themselves for any possible loss which
might come upon them by reason of
their own holding. If there has been
bad faith in the matter it was shown by
the English stockholders themselves,
and not by the llritisli Columbians who
organized the company. It is well in
these mattors to place the blame whore
it rightly belongs. ThatR. M. Hot-no-
Puyno carefully nursed the booui in the
absolved from blame for inducing invest*
ment at 100 per cent, premium?���The
Xelson Tribune.
Tin: Miner will have something to say
about tliis outfit and the Grant-Govan
outfit, which are operating in British
Columbia. Elsewhere in our columns is
published  an  article from a financial
paper ill the Old Country on ono of the
Grant-Govans propositions. It is outfits
like these whicli ure conducted with
mixture of lunacy and idiocy that gives
any country a black eye, however bright
the prospects may be.
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Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stock-^**^
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, tlie richest part in British Columbia.
The management of the Company is in tho hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.iTnos. McNaught, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-Pres,: M. Carlin, Mgr. Columbia River Lumber co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company, Calgary.
Secretary: Geo. S. McCarter, Golden.
Directors: Alex. Lawson, Berrymead Priory, Acton,London.
Alex. Allan, of A. Allan & co., merchants, calgary.
S. Barker, Secy. Golden Lumber co., Golden.
H. G. Parson, general merchant, Golden.
There areno salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until the Company earnii dividends.
The Company poscsses interests in two of the most
promising mining properties in East Kootenay: The
" Tinbasket Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and the Mercier Group- at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in the Golden Mining Division. Tho
Company has these properties under development and on
the latter property have several tons ��� of high grade ore
ready for shipment.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and liandlo others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares has been Bold.
A second block of 50,000 will shortly be issued at SOcentS
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and loll
information apply to.any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
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