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East Kootenay Miner 1898-03-18

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 lb i
>A/A ���
Devoted to tbe ping Interests and Development of the District of EIST I(00IEp.Y.
BHBSHHE ��� JMRt���"^":���:
Vol. 1, No. 34.
���. P. PATRICK, P.L.S,
���*���?��-o a o"*&-
Golden, 3. C,   Friday  March   18th,   1393.
<l. S. McCiBT**, Ji��. A. HAIIVEV
Harvey & McCarfcor,
Ftp*, Ufa, Ha��l Estate, Hoase Agei*'s,
Aaetiuuuers and Gnat-mis Brokers
��**. Aganelca:
QBaui*,, Lnnc&s]ilre, Union, Hartford.
Suopean IMaan.l-lp Tick.t tJffieo.
tbs 9ua Ufa lusurenci: Corjpuny.
Tb* dntario Accident "insurance Co'y.
The Uir.t-cl* IU7Cstment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
F��et Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
���Mat Brok.r, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
udVaauy Putt..
Bm> oflM aaMrcsa :
Ammg OSBms and
Chemical Laboratory,
ClSat��t*!ls!iei 189(1.)
Far eeveral years -.vitb Vivian & Sons, Bffan-
*aa, anal local repr<-*t****uiIve lor the***.
Far . y.ar. manager tor tbe as-itiyers to the
BloTlato Co., I.i***d-*[j.
Canadian representative of the Casscl Odd
falractini Co. L'td, QlgsgoW (Cyanide process.)
M.B.���All work paraonally superintended. Only
-a.mpel.al m.n .niployed.    No pupils  re
.fan. Henderson,
Frompl %fa-ilK.il liven to orders.
A "���upi.ly ol ficlldiug Lime ior sale.
Tha Golden
Fte.li .ad 8.11 XcJR.
Flsb and Qatno In season.
Paalora In Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Hall .rdera receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Oood **adll. Hers*, and Itlgs of All Kinds for
Htra tt llMsaaablo Kates.
1<u>l*t �� AU Ilyd. a specialty.
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By tvotj nil who has a watch.
��� ft ALEXflflDEl}, ���
C.P.R. Witch Inspector will ho
Wcdntyday to Friday ___<��>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can bo left at
Il H. Bel
HMfjtog Hings
A Specialty.
Cal-fary, - Alberta.
Tossoipit Mi^iis
Newly Refitted k RelumlBhed,
The best of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences,
J.  Lamontagne, Prop,
*>t**.��*����.,*--����>.^��-.��*��**>*e ��*���>��������*�������**
���ft ���?.
t     & Embalming     |
T Telegraph orders receive prompl attention Y
t J. SMART,     {
* CALGARY, Alta.  |
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, Bo'neca', etc. l'i-iccs for next sixty
days aro as follows:
Silver Foi ?15.00 to $100.00.
Hear ? 5.00 to $ 2.1.00.
Otter $ -1.00 to t   9.00.
Martin " t 2.00 to $   9.00.
Beaver (per pound)...* 3.00 to j   3.50.
Wolf i 1.00 to $   2.00.
Red Fox t 1*00 to f   2.00.
Mink |   .70 to ?   2.00.
Skunk  $   .25 to-j   1.00.
Gray Fox   $   .50 to $    .75.
Eat ?   .20 to S     .25.
Price list on all other furs Rnd skin*
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, court.*ons
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Staples,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of nil kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
OALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
Optician nnd
Watches cleaned, Jewell.oy mf-intcd, G'.ar.se*.
mend-Mi and Qnnl repaired. Kirst clnss work
In every department. A trialsollelted, so ooftlO
Wong Sea, Golden.
Tom Lee,  ��
has the best restaurant in Clolil-
en. Jt is open at all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit In its
Season. .V good selection of
Chinese I.ilv flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere they
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
On a recent Saturday afternoon J. B.
Tyrrell, of the Dominion Geological Survey, Ottawa, lectured to a very large
audience in the Biological Department
of Toronto University, Toronto, on the
timely ami interesting theme, "The
Possible Resources of the Barron Lands
of Canada." Introducing his subject,
Mr. Tyrrell said that Canada wus just
now face to face with problems particularly her own. Reports of the fabulous
wealth which reach us from tlio Yukon
and elsewhere in the Dominion are
naturally followed by tho question: Are
our young men being equally well trained
for going out to the forest wilds to possess
this wealth, as they are for other occupations in life? Continuing, Mr. Tyrrell
deprecated the prevailing idea that a
trifling knowledge of rocks and minerals
is all that ia necessary for the equipment
mentally of young men going out to the
gold and other mineral fields. Ignorance,
lie paid, emphatically, means loss and
failure in the locating of mines and
minerals. Who would win in such search
must be well trained. Only 10 per cent,
of the great area of Canada is under
cultivation at present; 35 per cent, only
is capable of cultivation; there is a vasl
extent, roughly from about ono to two
million miles, which will not grow
cereal*, and which bears little or nothing. Thero are 750,000 square miles in
which there are no fur-bearing animals,
and whicli arc rarely if evor visited by
white men. These aro known to the
Indians as tho Darren Lands. Of these
there aro 800,000 miles square in Arctic
Islands, .50,000 square iniles in Northwestern Labrador, and 400.0CO square
miles west of Hudson's Bay. Of these
tlie lecturer said that ho would consider
the latter in his lecture, and try to show
that there was every ground for hope
that in the not far distant future Canada
would have in these barren lands a sub-
Arctic mining province, covered with
comfortable homes, whose enormous
wealth would in a great measure compensate the inhabitants for the rigor of
tlie climate and other privations which
are not known where nature ie more
kindly disposed. Tho barren Lands of
Northern Canada are three times as
large as the British leles, are bounded
on the north by the Arctic Ocean and on
the east by the west coast of Hudson's
Bay and Fox Channel, They aro generally a vast undulating plain, broken by
ridges, stony and bare, very flat for the
most part, the grassy grounds covering
a floor of eoft craccous shales and sandstones: a dreary, rocky, barren country.
Tho highest point ifl reached in the
Stony Mountains, which Ho east of the
Coppermine River, and are 1,600 foet
above tho sea level. Tho lecturer then
went on to describe the Inhabitants of
theso lands, who number 2,000 Ksqui-
meaux, whose pursuits are hunting and
fishing, and 500 Chippewayan Indians,
who retire tothe forest for tho winter.
Ho described the animals, tho principal
of which is the Arctic caribou. Its flesh
is excellent fool for explorers and pioneers; it is here in countless numbers,
and should it ever become extinct, it
could bo replaced by the Lapland reindeer. Other animals are the musk ox,
whicli lives in tlio plains of tho north;
predatory animals aro the white wolf,
the wolverine and tho white bear.
Whiteilsh and trout aro plentiful in the
rivers in lakes, and in tho lecturer's
expedition to-these lands 124 specimens
of plants wero found. "But," said tlie
lecturer, "it ia to the mineral of these
lands wo must look for any real contribution to the national wealth." He then
plunged into a very scientific description
of thu geology of tlio country, described
tho structure and nature of the rocks,
showed that from Tobaunt Lake to Baker
River thore is a groat extent of mineral-
bearing rocks similar to the gold, silver
and copper-bearing rocks on the north
shore of Lake Superior, and In the Lake
of the Woods district; be said tint
copper-bearing rocks extend along the
Arctic boundary, and that there was
every evidence to shew that Bimilar
conditions existed in the numerous adjacent islands; indeed, thero were many
thousand squfl.ro miles of these lands
plentiful in coppor; so plentiful were
the evidences oi this mineral that tlio
lecturer thought that the barren lands
will bo as productive as Michigan. Besides copper and lead, gold, silver and
nickel are there, with iron In enormous
quantities; in brief, the lecturer had collected abundant evidence to show that
tlitre Is a great natural wealth in the
barreii lands of Canada, which can now
be reached with little trouble and
expense. Ocean steamers can sail to the
head of Chester/iold Inlet, which is open
three months in tho year; south of tho
Cbeaterfl. d Inletare good harbors, from
which tho Murdnian rocks may be explored. Still further south, Fort Churchill Is an excellent land-locked harbor,
open for five months of the year, from
June till ' ivember. Tht! Hudson's Buy
fltcamer r is from London to the harbor.
In every v .,v .Mr. Tyrrell thought that
these lain were worthy of exploration
and sett! ient; they aro easily accessible, and lie climate is not too rigorous
in win to i and that their vast wealth
now luck. I up will yield splendidly to
work and enterprise.
Mr. Tyrell's lecture was well illustrated by ! lotographs, which were taken
during bi expeditions to tbe barren
lands. Waen thrown upon the screen
th.ey gave :i very good idea of the nature
of this country, its inhabitants, animals,
lakes and livers.
A Lost Mine.
The Ana-orda Standard of the 20th
February c< mains a long und interesting
story���whi i we would like to think is
true���of a i ine of fabulous richness
found many years ago on the Felly river
by a prospe tor who went in by Kdmon-
ton&nuwhbftename could not be divulged,
says the Retelstoke Herald. According
to the story which tho Standard tells, j
this miner left Edmonton about live
years ago with three companions, bound
on a north-westerly course over about
the same trr.il as is now travelled. His
companions became weary of the trip
and returned, but he continued, and
after many hardships made a wondrous
strike, a strike of such fabulous richness
that it is hard t) swallow. This, waa, ai
near as could be gathered, on tho Felly
river, below the hikes, in a deep ravine,
which narrowed to a crevice so deep and
narrow that it was bathed in eternal
twilight even at noonday, and the prospector waa forced to make a torch and
continue by its light. At last he saw a
yellow glow, and, so the story tells,
found disintegrated rock from which the
gold stood out in great water-worn knobs.
The sight, us well it might, almost drove
him mad with joy. IIo gathered all he
could carry and after great hardships
from starvation returned to Edmonton
with his sack of gold which he afterwards disposed of for $15,UC0. He afterwards organized another party for the
trip to the mine, but changed his mind
about; letting them in on it and left them.
He returned to Great.Falls, Moat., and
subsequently gave a rude map of the
locality to a rancher there named Fortell.
Portell leftdreat Falls the third week in
February, togetlfer with Feter McDer-
mot and John O'Brien, who aro well
known there, and they propose locating
the mine, going in by the coast to Dawson where they count on buying outfits
from disgusted minors and will proceed
eastward to the snot indicated by their
map. Portell is stated to have letters
from Edmonton men corroborating the
story of the trip and the miner's return
The story haa a tinge of partial probability lent'to it by the fact that a party
did leave Vancouver bound for that
region by the backward route, but for
proof of the truthfulness of tho tale apply
to tlie Anaconda Standard.
Hints to Gold Seeks
point out, tho advantage that thoy are
a'.ile togoout and earn money during the
towing and harvest seasons. That tiiia
is no inero excuse for lusiness may bo
K&therod from the increase in tho num-
bor of animals owned, and it ia satisfae-
tory to find that the smaller Items la
this lino ore not neglected. Thus since
1890 tho f*allcoata live stock contus haa
increased by ('.,! heifers, :;:> steers and
415 fowls. The crofter apparently pro-
fors horses to oxen for work ; the former
now number 80 ��b against none in 18'.'0,
while the number of oxeu has fallen
away by "2 head.     There is, however.
Victoria Times: From several old
Hudson Bay men with whom wo have
conversed lately wo have learne 1 a few
of the secrets which have enablod theso
hardy pioneers Of the north country to
withstand the rigors of tbe winter climate in theso desolate, regions of the Canadian aub-artics. No ordinary man can
wrap himself in a fur robe and lie down
to sleep under the stars on the northern
prairie with llio thermometer registering betweon Bixty and seventy degrees
below zero and expect to wake from that [ ono  regiutiabh;   feature  in the report,
sleep in this world; nor can any ordin- Tl.o liiilarnoy crofters, it  eppearB, havo
ary man cope witli frost-bite aa it takes a  1
hold of human flesh in these high latitudes. Nor can any but tho trained
and experienced woodsman forage successfully for his breakfast in cold so
excessive that even the Artie birds and
animals freeze to death on their perches
and in their lairs. Now, it is qui tt; certain   that a  very  largo proportion  of
those whe are rushing headlong to the
north, intending to spend a yeur or two
prospecting in the wilderness around the
Yukon and 3 to war t, are physically unfit
to endure the intense cold. Such is the
verdict of the Hudson Bay men already
referred to, and their opinion has been
ken tig for horses, but are in no
hurryto pay for them. They now own
75, and, with few exceptions, we aro
told, still owe some of the purchase
money for these animal?. Perhaps, liko
tho light-hearted Irishman, they i.nly
agreed to pay part down and owe Uie
rest.���Tlie Riallo.
--���- ���������*�� i mi im i
C. VI. p. Railway Comrntsaicm.
Winnipeg Free I'nsz; Tlm commissioners sent ou; by the Dontluioe government  to investigate  tho charges of
Crow's Nest Pass r
a  laborers   on  the
ilivay construction,
sustained by Captain Henry J. Wood- consisting of Judgo Dugas, Frank Pedley
aide, of the Royal Manitoba Dragoon?. llnd John Appleton  arrived in the city
21 this   morning  on the delayed   Atlantic
who is  now in  Victoria) bound for the |
north ar; the correspondent of a ntimbe
of American, Canadian and London j tlioy refused to make any statement con-
newspapers. Captain Woodshle is a corning the results of their investig*-
nativo of northern Canada who has tiona. It is generally thought, however,
spent years in the great lone land, and t;:nt their rep0l.t wi!1 ,w r.lYoru|jlo ;i)
endured all the hardships incident to the contractors to a largo extent, il-
wmter  life there, and it 1* liia opinion | thoaah not altogotbor ao.
that m my of the men now going north
would have a hard time of it, to say tho
least, owing Jo ignorance of how to take
care of tbomseWes. Just as in the old
days many a line soldier perished miserably on the battlefield of Insignificant
wounds because he did nut know how to j
apply tho simple remedies now taught j
in   the ambulance classes
A Narrow Escape.
Revclstoke Herald: EngineerMcSfab,
of Donald, had about as narrow an
escape from death last Wednesday as
any man ever had. Ho had just brought
tho No. 1 in from Donald at about 7.��>0
p.m. It was daik and ho left his engine
and wis ���strolling up tbo track opposite
C. B.yiunio & Co.'s more, when he
heard tho passenger engine quickly
backing f.'om the tank to the westbound passenger on the main track. He
stopped out of tho track to avoid it, but
did -not notice that the "goat" was
coming behind him on the No. 2 track.
It was close on him, and as tho engine
struck him ho threw himself towards the
centre of the track, grasping at the draw
head. Fortunately lie managed to clutch
the link and hung on to it, his body
being pertly sustained by tho footboard,
while the engine, which was going at a
good rate of speed, ran about seventy-
five yards, A men standing on the footboard gave the alarm and the engine wu.-:
stopped. When picked up Mr. McNab
was quito conscious, and although of
course severely shaken by his terrible
experience, the only real injuries done
him wero an extensive ferulae on his
right thigh and a cut on the lower part
of his face. Mr. McNab ia oue of thv
oldest engineers on ths road.
whicli  all  soldiers, policemen nnd rail-L,
Wayseivants are familiar, so many o' j3000
theprespectors aro likely to perish in theLora
north, especially in winter, through not M-onci
knowing  the  various   little   tricks  oii!l0j.j
Mr. Pedley gave some details c.f the
work  done by the commission.   Thoy
had visited thirty-five camps, travailing
to tin bo something ovor Z-i0 milea.   During all tkbi time they had liv.-d right La
I Lhe camps, eating the same food as wae
id to the men.     Mr. Pedley said as
l-ul;ilU j *ur its bu waa-co n earned uersonallv, ha
IQ   wttii  t"i,CUght the fare was as good as could bo
-.tod. They had examined some
witnesses, men, foremen, contraband in some cases found the ovi-
i conflicting. The conunlsion will
a coup!-;  of   sessions lu this city
j to-day, and to-morrow, when they will
trappers'  therapeutics    by   means of
which tho hardy hunted of the north Lroceed to Ottawa, holding sessions at
"doctor" thtmselves when necessary, uattnwa aud North Bay en route. After
Beyond question all a northern prospoc-1 taUlng  Bomo  evident  in Ottawa they
will commence tiie preparation of tlieir
ropnrt for tho government, Sessions
will be held thia aftornoon and to-morrow afternoon in the hnmigrUlon eona-
inisjiioiicr'a office.
i'*MO��-**iay*'C*-l��� mmm-
tor's knowledge should not cOJiei.it ol
acquaintance with geological formations
and the art of assaying, but should be
supplemented by some skill in salves
and simples and Held surgery, for his
own and for his comrades' sake. What
good will the richest " strike" du to a
man slowly dying of frost-bite, or what
value the moat exte Hive knowledge 0*:
formations if he cannot save his life by
knowing how to fend off a dansorjus
attack on his health? Borne of trie old
stagers should start a school in Victoria
for the special instruction of tenderfeet
In the art ot bush-doctoring.
Th* Co.ssrova Co.
This talented company made their
tirsL appearance before a Golden audience las* evening, aad they proved themselves all they claimed to be. Aa waa
anticipated the house was literally
parked. The musical selections on an
I endless variety of instruments by different members of the company were well
A holiday is a day whon mo3t people! rondered and highly appreciated. Mr.
feel less hollow than usual. * j Harry   Fay  iu his character songs waa
Love is like the aurora borealis; U*s irresiaiably fumiy, und at each appear-
pretty only because it's ho dark all x    _
1     ', ., ance brought down the house,   Mr. Fay
around it.
Every girl ought to be shut up some- uIor*�� is wel1 worth the price of admia-
whero "till she is 30 and then married Bion- The kinetea^ope was a now Uturo
Reflections of a Sacli.
beforo she is let out.
Tho sensible thing for a woman to do
is to climb on to her faith nnd leave
politics iu the hands of the Lord.
Every married woman ban a story
whioh she is pretty certain i3 all right,
but which she doesn't dare toll her
When a woman asks Iior husband for j entertainment.
somo money to go shopping with shti ,*-,        -iiii-1-3��������*��.- -��������
always looks surprised if he gives more        Low a ade Oro3 & dib titit*
than a dollar. 1 ��        	
A prominent mining ax pert, recently
to the majority of the audience, and they
were more than delighted, the selection
of pictures being Hrat class. The Coe-
groves will appear again this evening
and wo predict for them another bumper
bouse. Those who wero not present
laatovenlng should avail themselves of
this opportunity to witness a first class
Scotch Croftor-3 In Canada.
Crofter colonies in Canada from the
Western Highlands and islands of Scotland will be Interesting reading to those
who follow Uie development of the Dominion. There were, it will he remembered, two settlements in the North
West Territories���oue at Killurnoy and
tho other at SttltuoatS. It appear** from
the report that although the settlor* at
the former place had a large acreago
under cultivation in Ifl9fl than in the
previous year, the yield was very much
lean; but, ou the other band, pricBsworo
at least one-third higher. In the Suit-
coats settlement the crofters are apparently giving up grain-growing, as only 4
acres wero under crop in 1890, as against
47... acres ill   1890.     The  explanation
1 discussing the situation said:
'���Kootonay    people   should    Mirow
The  eighth report just issued of the nothing   in   the  way of dcY��b pment ol
low grade mines. I look foaward to the
day, and confidently believe that il U
not far distant when 10,000 men will be
employed underground in that strip of
territory between Nelson and the b��on-
dary. It is a condition that can and will
ho accomplished and will soou be realised by the people working to that end.
For general prosperity ths people of
Kootonay should pin their faith to low
grade ores."��� llevelstoke Herald.
th.it thev  find stock-raising
merc  profitable, arid  it  has also (hey BAST KOXTBSAY. miner
K Wsttelj Jonrnal, ]
In ilie jnterwU ol tlio
Rlllktag ClOBBSt i.-Olll*i_,i-
mat) routes.
Kootenay Pistr:
������1th all tralud und
sunscr.irno^ ratbb
(2.00 i��.t year ii! advance.
nrr-i.'d o
line fir
Hy -n
RATES: Utopia
1) I
1 t��r carrier,
UirCi, inarri
In tin- ;
iirl uinsf
Job ncpflrtrooE
:,; offlce i'i Urn
<;.. nu.r, urti-Jtl
.;i a roiihouuhlei r
ira roeuivu proiap
CORRESPO.ST1KNT5:   Wc tin '���������  ���
dttiii ���.' nn any KUhj-jct oi Im iru ��� to Mi
public* um! neslru it rotmlfir corw.'p
everv i.olnl '���: tho District.    In f, i
Unit Brie iiameof writer n u��l iu;ciiii
Clobacy  Deec
Tho Vancouver World of*Friday last
says, in speaking of Major Clohocy and
iii.-: properties here!
"He !tf a gentleman of largo mining
experience, having boon engaged for Sit)
years in  that great industry  in  tho
United  States.   He arrived  yesterday
from   Victoria,   his   visit there having
boon for the purpose of interviewing the
government on the question oi building
a wagon-road From Golden  lu  several
mines in which he is interested in Kast
Kootenay.    Instead of paying |37 per
Ion for transportation oforoiiB at present,
tho building of the road would reduce
tho COSt to only a few dollars.
" In conversation with a representative
l j of The World the major said that about
{two years ago ho  visited the  Golden
J | district and ns a result tho Idaho and
Copper claims  on  Coppor creok, tho
Crown Point in McMurdo basin uud the
Huston claim on the Selkirk divide wore
Becurcd by bim.   On bid return home to
Wusblugtoii he Interested in l!:u venture
several American and I'-ugllsh enplUdlatB
and tho Kootenay Consolidated company!
>rporation ot !i\o lhembuis, wan
formed to work the properties, 'i he work
of the company has been ean'lul on in a
thoroughly buslneas-Uke mannor under
tho superintendence of Major Clohecy
and has consisted of extensive develop-
���.,      .... , , . ment on each of the company's proper-
Tie c-ducat onn   dopartmont has  just    .       ,.    ,      . .    (1, , ,
, lL  .      .. ,.    ���      , ,   ,., tics.   So far the most of tho work has
issued its twoiuietn annual report ot tno ,        ,
Utmy*E**mmHmm'mWmSXmt ***��*��-|-W ���ll    I    |-|    iwr   ������ -
Tommy's Idea cf it.
A young lady school teatjher was endeavoring to explain to her juvenile
pupils what a volcano wr.s, but failed to
impress tho idea upon them. Using
some chalks sho drew upon the blackboard a blue and white mountain with
an unlimited amount cf fire and smoke
coming out of the top. Then, facing her
class she asked:
'���Now, what is that?"
There was silence for r. time until one
little fellow held up Ids hand;
'��� Well Tommy, what is it?"
Tommy answered : " Ploase ma'am I
don't know, cut itlooks like hell.'1
If you havo anything to sell, advertise
it in This Mixer*.
Golden to Fort Steelo.
thai litis hi.i
i,..'(Ji;*T-.i te
tt sauappfcu
THE t.\
.;-.���" v.V,
>. id in
Ml tllll
���'1 as MlKEK."
���jbihj.iUo.i bitt'i
. CO.
; s;. c.
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 1898.
r-'rot/incial Schools.
public s-In.nl;i of British Columbia for
the year ouding dune 30, 1397. A good
record was made during the year for
efficiency and practical results. There
ware 244 schools in operation, 4 high, 22
graded. 21" common aud 5 ward. There
were 8&1 monitors and teachers employed, 34 more than in the previous year.
The whole nttrabor of pupils enrolled
was 15,787, an increase of 1G38 ovor
lS)5-fl. The actual daily attendance
was 9,999.01, an increase of 745.30. Tho
^percentage of average daily attendance
in the city districts was 71,08; in rural
districts, 56.81, and for tho entire province, 63.2H, For all purposes oi education the department expen led (820,081,-
82. Schools are iu operation in the
following nbwly-cri ated districts; Ainu-
worth, l.mndon-Sloean, Tort Steelo,
Grand Forks, Greenwood, New Denver,
been done on the llennison group, tvbiub
gives every promieo of turning out very
satisfactorily. Tho mineral indications
in this part of the country form an
extraordinary feature of tho locality.
Hundreds of tons of lioat, consisting of
galona, gray copper and qnnrtos. can be
seen all mound and appear to have come
from iho denudation of the big vein of
the Boston. Last year a trial shipment
of ton tons was packed out under great
difficulties from thu Boston claim and it
jjavc a return of $05 per ton from the
IS vera tt smelter. The nvorage assnys are
about $13 to the ton. The oro was gray
copper and was taken out of au open cut
made 150 fact below the summit. Mine
veins run parallel ou the Boston and
'hey aro from two and.a-balf to twelve
feet wide. Mr. Susman, Canadian Pacific
export, and Mr. Uandmnn, professor of
mineralogy or McGill university, both
speak very highly of the property, the
termor stating that it contained tho
largest body of ore of the kind that he
had ever seen. Incidentally Major
Clohecy spoke of tbe properties owned
by tlio Channe Mining Co., Vancouver.
other places. The
ni field, Illecillowaot,
Pilot Uny and Three Forks have boon
maintained, while now ones have been
established at Silvcrton, Tobacco Plains,
Wardner, Ymir, Trout Lake, Bttlmo,
Fairviaw*, Cascade City, and CampMc-
Kinv.ey. Tiiere was an increase of 13S8
in the number of pupils attending the
.public schools and of one in the high
^���-l-.nou*.     ��� ���
Misleading Quotations.
Whoever may bo the Rossland correspondent who supplies the stock quotations of .British Columbia mines iu tlie
Engineering and Mining Journal of New
York, ho shows an utter ignorance of
prevailing prices. The quotations are so
idiotic that we feel compelled to call
attention to the matter. Whilst oil
interested in the Kootenays desire to
r*eo tho stocks of working properties
quoted in such a prominent and largely
read mining journal, they also desire to
see correct quotations as applied to
reliable companies. It is noticeable
that the most active stocks have not
been quoted, and, worst of all, the list
contains mention of sjmo wild-cats that
no journal should encourage. We hope
the Engineering and Mining Journal will
look into the matter, as tho quotations
are widely read and should tarry considerable weight. As they now stand
readers form an incorrect idea of the
currant prices, and some of the beat I Kootenny got away from tlieiu.
mines are not mentioned at nil.-Spa- j    Thc Iateat infomnijon ja to ..... c|?oct
that ste*ol is laid to within five miles of
fy-.s-    4   (
CRKTA-ftY'S orncB,
T.1IH IIONOUA i'i" Il-��uier.ar.i ���Govern-t hrn
��' been pleased to wakj tbe foUtnviuo
Bra March, 1898.
jamss Fbrowsos Armstronq, M Fort Steele,
Enquire, B.I\f., to bu it Wnuly Coronet' for lb<
County of Kooi.imy. ISmit
pOURTS OP ASSIZE nnd Nts PrIui.and.oi
v'  Oyer and Terminer-and Ooperaluaal
liver.*, vt\v. in* Uo'.den at the places und on the
dales following, vU.:-*-
Cityof Kelson*, on Monday, the 90to dayo
Town of Donald, on Monday, tho 27th day oi
Juno, 18118.
By Command.
HrovlnuM Beerotarj*.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
Stii March, 1808. lfimtf
-.*.i to Carbonate	
17 miles
"      Hok Bunch*	
22    "
"      SplUlmiwhone	
41    "
"      Shorty's	
50    "
"      HoKny'*	
68    "
"      AVindermere	
8*1    '���
"      Brewer's	
97    "
"      Canal Flat	
120    "
"       Wkeb (Ilanson'a).
156    "
"      I'urt Steele	
168    "
^| [7  1
Merciiant  Tailor.
v OTICE la herebv ptiven that tiu tho Mth day
���*���' of .Tanutiry, lRUS, it was ordered hv ibe
Uonoorablo J.'i. Porlu, Jnd^ctn* thu County
Court, tlmt Jumoa F. ArmslrooJ, Ofttulal Ad-
luintstrator of tae County ot iKoosonay, bu
Admlutstrator of all and ainRtjlar tliBuoods,
..���!iiiii-.-ls and credit of Ernest Oruwooil of Gold*
un, lubourcr, deceased, ItitustatoJ
Kvi'-v person Indebted to thuhatd deceased,
Isreqiiiroil to mako p.e'mont fortlnvttu to ths
Kvery person having In powesslon effects
b-jioii'dup to thsdi'ceaS'ljil.iiire-iiiltrcdfortliwttU
tu notify tho undersigned.
Evory creditor or other person having anv
cKini upon or Interest in the distribution of
tin; personal estate of ihe said deceased, i��
reqmred within thirty days of this date, to
send by registered   letter addressed to tlie
uitdorsfgncii, hin name and address aud the
. mil p'irtit-vilnrH of his elaim or nitcres'., and a
lie hud made duijient inquiries  aboutlatatomentol his aecount, aud ihe natnrqol tlio
, , -..ii* , soenrity (if auy) held by him.  Aflorthacxplr.
docauso be was mtereoted in  nny | ttlon (;t \nn ^ ,hirtyJ,iavs. the Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of tiioPMinti.
haviiiB regard tothoM claims only of which hu
Shiill hnvti h;td notice,
Dated at Fort Steele, thia ^7th day of January,
them, docauso he was mtereoted in any
development work going on the vicinity,
siiul lnul hoard trustworthy and Hatter-
ing statements of tlio prospects of tbe
company's claims. One man who bad a
record for caution and truthfulness told
him that tho development work on tho
Channe properties had disclosed conditions to favorably thut ho acknowledged
himself much surprised."
(From Tho International.)
Fort Steele people nave been drinking
out of a barrel mnco the. origin of that
town. Now Unit thoy aro going to have
a brewery thoy can drink out of two
It is reported on good authority that
the Mcintosh syndicate will operate in
East Kootonay before many months,
aud that already thsy have an eye on
Home of tbe best properties in this district. This syndicate has invented hundreds of thousands in West Kootenay
during tho past few months, and do not
propose to let tho good things of East
Official Administrator.
bane Miner and Electrician.
Defining Timo.
Thc attorney genoral has introduced
into the legislature a short bill intended
to define the legal mooning of expr-jc*
elans relative to timo where thoy occur
in any of the provincial statutes. The
sub iB ma of the act are as follows:
Where an expression oi time occurs in
any aet of this legislature whothor heretofore or hereafter passed j or in any rule
of court, by-law, deed or other legal
instrument, whether heretofore or hereafter executed, the time referred to
shall, unless it is othorwiso specifically
stated, be held to be standard timo, and
a^ regards that part of tho province
which lies east of the meridian of one
hund.ed and twenty degrees west longitude, Standard timo shall be reckoned na
seven hours behind Greenwich time;
aud as regards that part of the province
which lies west of tho said meridian,
Standard timo Hiall be reckoned aa
eight hour? behind Greenwich time.
Tbe bourn of tbe day mav in any locality be numbered in one series up to 2i,
according to the " 24-hour notation," so
called, find the numbers so used shall be
litjuriliy valid with iho numbers used in
that division of the duty into two series
of \2 hours, distinguished
and*" p.m."
bull Head prairie, which is eighty miles
from Wurdner. Tho trains are running
regularly from Macleod and carrying
passengers to the end of steel ami by
conveyance from that point to Wardner,
bein;,' I
to which   point   ticket
throughout oastorn Canada.    Within a
short  timo a man  will  ho located at
Wardner   by   thu  O.P.H.  to look after
transportation matters, both coming in
and going out, by way of Crow's Nest
Pass and Macleod,
William Button returnod yesterday
from Macloodand Winnipeg, lie says
that work is being pushed very rapidly
at the east end of the road, and that
steel iii being laid at the rate of one and
ono half to two miles a day. Ho is of
the opinion that tlm track will be laid to
"Wardner not later than August 1, aud
that the road will l>e completed to
Kootenay Ltiko by December, Mr. Button hao two contracts, and he will
increase his men and comploto bis work
as rapidly as possible.
Captain McCall, who spent several
days in Fort Steele this week, brought
down Word that one of the saw mills at
Moyie had beon destroyed by tire, and
that the oilier belonging to Finch, was
"a.m." damaged b.idly by a tree falling on the
Mamma (excitedly) ��� Never mind,
Harold,God will punish Tommy for
f-trikius vou.
Haroia's Brother���He has punished
Tommy already, mamma
Mamma���HOW do you know?
Harold's "rothor���'Cause I just now
busted hi*' drum for him.
A country yokel,who had never seen
n gtimo of billiards played, was watching
| the effect of two players. One of them
when trying to cannoifmissod his stroke,
thon the yokel stepped up to bim and
mmarked ��� 'nie ye no think,ehuppie,thai.
vowidBtaun1 a better chance o dlngin'
the ba' wi' thfl thick end o' the utick?"
Tinier ftiul by virtue 6f tho power of
3:*lu contained in a certain mortgage
���������.������do bv .Tolin (libaon to Clmrles A.
Unrnn, d.itod tlio 18th January, 1897,
and duly registered, default having been
made in payment of the moneys thereby
secured, there i8 now offered [or aide by
und in the following described property:
J.nt No. 13 in Block >.'o. 5, according to a
plan of survey of tho Town of Goldon,
Jii-kn-h Columbia, approved and confirmed at Ottawa, 16th March, 1880 and
of record in tho Department ol the
Thore is a loj; building erected on tbe
land now occupied as a restaurant.
Tenders will be rocelved by the under*
signed at Golden, B.C., up to 12 o'clock
Xoon, on tiie 2nd April, 1898,
for the purchase of the lands and subject
to a reserve bid and the condition* of
sale, the highest tenderer slull bo tbe
Tho property will be sold subject to a
prior mortgage on which there is owing
the sum nt $140 or thereabout,.
Further particulars and conditions of
sale mfty be obtained on application to
the undersigned.
Dated this 10th March, 1803.
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Under and by virtue of the power of
sale contained iu a certain mortgage
made by John Gibson to Daniel Webster
Marsh, dated the I8tli day of January,
1807; and duly registered, default having
been made in payment of thu moneys
thereby secured, there ia now offered for
sale by tender, tho following lands and
premises, namely:���All that portion of
tlio north half of the north half of Section 18, in Township27, Range 22, west
of tho Fifth Meridian in tho Province of
British Columbia, which lies to the east
of the right of way of tbe Canadian
Pacific Rajlway nSftt present constructed
containing 157 acres more or less. Also
all that portion of the north-east quarter
of Befitlon 14 in the Baid Township 27,
which lies to tho cast of the right ol way
of the Canadian Pacific Railway, as at
present constructed,
Tenders will be received by the undersigned nt Golden, L.C., up to 12 o'clock
Noon, on tho 2nd April, 1898,
for the purchase of said lands and subject to a reserve bid and the conditions
uf side, the highest tenderer shall be the
The property is close to Golden and is
well adapted to market gardening.
Further particulars and conditions ol
sale may bo obtained on application to
the mortgagee's solicitor.
Baled this 10th March, 1898.
3tml8 Mortgagee's Solicitor.
" COXFAKIflS ACT, 1897,"
PnovtKCB ok DaiTWU Columbia. 1
rplUH IS TO CERTIFY that tho "Ool'lon Tlrl
���*���   tsh Columbia, MmlteuV* tn authorisoO mul
li.'rnsvil tn nirrv on tuiHinuhH wltlliU tbe I'rov-
iiH'.'ijf 1'riliHh Columbia, ami tt> carry out or
effutit all ur nny ���ui tlio oliieutB hereinafter set
forth to which tuo lOBialatfve authority of thu
Leulutaturo of-BrltlHti Columbia extends.
The head ofllee oi the Company is nituatoat
No.��, Queen Street Maes, City of London, Kng*
The amount ot the capital ol t!m Company Is
COiUOOt divided into ��u. thousand shuteuolil
The hood ofllee of tho Company in thin Province Is sUin.ti; :it Uotueu, ami William Ciiliieri
Mltuhcll-J.lines, whoso tiddn-ss UUotden, British Columbia, is the Attorney ior the Company,
The objects for whicli the Company has beeu
established ami so lieenseil are:���
l��.j To purtlmse, tnk-u uu lc-asi\ or ethenvtsu
acquire, inlucs. mining rights, ami nietaillfer*
ous land and any interest therein, and to explore, wurk, exercise, develop ami tv.ru tu
account tho same:
[b] To crush, win, fiet, quiirrv, smelt, CaleiDO,
retiue, dress, amalgamate, inanlpulatu,purohase
und prepare (or market," ore, inetal, and mineral substances ol ail kinds, dud to carry on,
ultherupou or lu connci'tion witli. the pa-iiiistK
or elsewhere. Jlhe business of miners, miUers,
smeltors, ami workevsuf any prueefs-jesiii th��
production, ronuctlon and making merchantable, of tntnerals,metal* and motaluo products,
supplies ot water, merchants, and manafaetur-
ets, and workers of r.nv minerals, metals, articles and thtiiKs used In orin connection with
raining, milling, smelting, and other processed
aforesaid, or any of tbum:
[el To searcii for mines and minerals either
on land known to contain sueh minus and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up Uie rights of search or other miners'
rights or claims under any mining statutes or
regulations of anyplace where tho Company
t'nrries on operations, and any 'other rights respecting the same!
[dj To acquire options, or eater into contracts
for the purchase ui any grants, concessions,
louses or setts, easements or Interests In lands,
waters, millsiies, townsites, mines, minerals
and other hereditaments, and any plant, machinery, Implements, conveniences, provisions
and things, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or Immovable, for purposes
incidental thereto or to any utlic? object* ol t.h��
Com pi1, uy, or capable of being used in,connection with raetaliurglcrl operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, aud to work, transfer, let or sublet tlie
[ii) To acquire auy inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable oi being used for tue purposes of the Company, or any of them, and to
work, transfer, let, ur sublet tue same:
f. To acquire anil undertake the whole or any
part of thu business, property and liabilities, ui
auy person ur company carrying on any business whicli this Company is authorised tu carry
on; nnd to acquire and hold auy shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, ol or other Interests in
any English, colonlul or other companies, asso-
cin'.ioua or undertakings eapable oi being managed or conducted se us directly or indirectly
to benefit tbe business of the Company. Also
to advance money ou any such shares, stock*!,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities 01 or
other interest in such companies, associations
ur undertakings, anil to accept such shaves or
stocks, bonds. Obligations, debentures orseeur-
tles as puittal or lull security for payments due
to the Company:
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others iu acquiring, constructing or hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roadb,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plain,
stocks, buildings, wonts, matters ur tblugs
whicli may be necessary or convonUnt for tlie
purposes ofthe Company, or auy of them, and
to lue working of the same or any part thereof:
n. To iinpruve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, enarge or deal
witli,in auy manner whatsoever, viie undertaking or auy part or pans of the property ol
the Company, or any rights, *4��y-leaves or
oasjiiients In or ovor the same, and to accept as
payment therefur cither cash ur shares, or
partly casli and partly shares, io uny other
cumpanv purcbatdugthc same:
i. Tu establish and maintain Agencies of the
Company iu any colony, doniihiou, foreign
country 'or state, and to procure tu�� Company
tu be registered or Incorporated in any such
colony, dominion, foreign country or stale:
. To nuv.l.'tiiiu'.lo with any oilier company
having objects altogether or in part similar to
the clijects of this Company, and to cuter lulu
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with auy company or
person or firm engaged or about to engage in
any business or transaction which this Couipuuy is authorised to ungage in, or capable of
wing conducted so as directly or iudhecily to
benellt this Company.
k. To hold, in thc namosof others, any property which the Compauy h authorised to
acquire, aud to carry ou or do any uf the
businesses and nelsaud thluj;Vafuresaiii, either
as principal or agent, and either by the agency
oi or as ngents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange aud oilier lustrumtiuts, negotiable or otlierwiKa.aud to borrow money either
wither without security, aud either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise, lucludlng
i bv Issue of debentures churged upou all or any
of the Compauy'H property (both present and
future), including lis uncalled capital:
in. To promote and iorm other companies for
any of the ubjects mentioned in thia Memorandum:
n. To Invest and deal with tho moneys ef the
Compauy nut iunuedtuicly required upou such
securities aud iu such lauuuorus Irom time to
time bo determined:
o. To distribute any of lhe property ef the
Company ainung the members ln specie:
p. To carry ou busim-Mi In any purtof the
world and lo do all such things as are incidental or cuuduclve tu the attainment of the aoovo
Uivcu under mv hand aud asal of office nt
Victoria, Province ul hriiUb Columbia, thin
10th day of October, oue thousand night bun*
died and ninety-seven.
uil-j-41     Registrar of Joint Block Companies.
Scotch,  English,  Irish and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
G-old.en,        ���        .'       IB. CL
a       JL.JL   Un
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
^   CONTRACTORS   TO   THE  C.P.R.    ___..
G-olderL aaa��L Beavsr, B.C.
W.   G.   NEILSON,   Manager.
& Earrie, Props.
" " m       15.     C.
Fl st-Clasa In every particular.   Convenient to Railway T>epot and Ktcaiuboat Landtag.
Rates Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car loaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer Ior Fort Steele every
Monday and Friday after arrival of trr.in from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
All persona indebted to m�� are r*-
qucnted to settle same with Mr. C. II.
Ptrs'in, who tin* authority to give
receipts tor the B-iuio.
Gelden, February 15U, 1891.
AFrncATioM to riRLi.tmii.
PUBLIC NOTICE is li.reby liven tkal a.pll-
���L cation will be mada to tlio Parliament ot
Canada, at th. next session thereof, tor a. Act
cbiii--;in*- thc nsme of The Dotntnlon Ituiidin*;
and Loan As-.m-in.inn tn that of Til. Douii.i.a
permanent Loan Company,
Dalc.i at Toronto, this Iff
A.D., 1897.
Dalc.i at Toronto, thia 17th day ol Ito.ea.b.r,
���)., 1897.
3 Tor.nto Btr.et, Torotit..
Solicitors f��r Applicant..
For Home Comforts       e
Modern Conveniences   ��
P.est Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms o ��
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars     e
0 ���
9 O
Go to the
Columbia JPousOj
WM. McNElSH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
z32a��^Gplden, B.C.
HEALY   AND   SKELTON,   i��rop8.
<3yIIcutl(niai'tc!s Vor<^.
Miners, Prospectors   and  Lumbermen.
SSatee $1.00 LPer ZOsvy.
Board & Lodoino $5 Per Week.    First Class Bab.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   Tin    ���.^
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandise.   Miaer*.'
Supplios a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
Lm James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wiuu, Liquor* aud Cigar*.   First class accomnodatioo.
East Kootenay>
Mining Stock List.
Nam* or Company.
The Gold Hills 0, k D. Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. & I. Co	
Golden A Fort Steele D. Co	
Alberta & Kootenay D. Co	
East Kootenny and Elk River Develop-
inent k Exploration Co	
> 750,000
$  600,000
*    75,000
��� 1.00
��� 1.00
(From tlie youth Airtcnn Empire)
It liss been frequently pointed out
that, without any further discoveries or
dev.lopmer.tG, Canada may justly lay
claim to bo one of tho richest gold-
bearing countries in tho world, and 1807
seems likely to go down in tho history ns
the golden year. ' All the world was
electrified by the astounding news from
tho Klondike, and every report irom
that land of gold has served to confirm
tho stories of its fabulous wealth. Every
body has been so engrosssd by the
wonderful tales of the Klondike that
discoveries of the precious metal elsewhere, which would Imvo caused worldwide comment in other years, have been
allowed to pass practically unnotieed,
not only by the Klondike-struck public,
but oven by tho newspapers, The whole
north-western comer of tho Dominion,
from Kootenay to the Arctic, seems tn
be ooaracd and sprinkled with gold; in
Bomo places, like tho Yukon valley, very
abundantly, but almost everywhere in
that area hearing a trace ol the yellow
metal. Who can wonder that the eyes
of tho world are turned that way, and
that thousands aro preparin.; to cast in
their lot with the lucky Canadians.
Gold is the magnet that draws everything ^nd everybody to itself.
'-��� In Kootenay," says a rurent explorer,
the Hon. Mr. Foster, " the lirst and
almost inevitable boom period, when
commission-hunting brokers and irresponsible promoters grow and thrive on
the credulity and ignorance of investors.
lias b*on succeeded bv the more sober
period of bona-ildo work and honest
development. People perhaps hear a
thousand times less ot new strikes and
rich lead. an<'. glowing possibilities, while
a thousand times more real progress is
being made.
" The Kootonay iB undoubtedly well
advanced, and in it most capital ia being
placed. In both the silver-load and the
gold and copper sections excellent result?
uie being shown. Tlie output for the
past year has shown a remarkable
increase in quantity and value, and thc
profits to fortunate holders have been
proportionately larger. In the gold-
copper sections there are even yet few
dividend-payers, owing partly to tlie
great work and the long lime required
for development to a dividend-paying
point, and partly to tho cost of smelting.
This will bo improved by bettor conditions of transport and smelting within
tho present year, and I look fur a very
respectable addition to tlie list of paying
mines, . . . English capital is slowly, but suroly, finding its way into these
properties, and thus supplying tho great
" The silver-lead division of the Kootenay ha* a hotter record for producing
mines, there being iu and around tho
Sa.don district about thirty properties
which are paying tlieir owners handsomely. The Slocan Star lias already
distributed well up to ������100,000 in profits,
th* Beco has paid within the year ending January 1 $250,000 to it stockholders,
and tho Payne iB now dividing about
���100,000 monthly to its fortunate possessors, while the others are paying less,
but yet substantial profits. This is a
most extraordinary record for a district
which dates its period of development
back not farther than five or six years.
" Silvor is low in price, the load duties
imposed by the United States on ores
going to their emelters is high, aud yet
the��e results havo been obtained with
littlo talk snd a comparatively small
outlay of capital. Soon I hope wc shall
be Bmelting these load ores in Canada,
and undor cheaper transport conditions.
" The Boundary distriot, lying west
from Rossland about 30 miles is showing
excellent signs of rich promise, and the
ore* run strongly in copper, giving
���trength and permanence. Properties
are being bonded and slowly developed,
and only the advent of a railway iB
needed to bring in the period of profitable production.
" In the East Kootenay ovoryUvkg is
awaiting tho opening of the Crow's Nest
Pan railway, which will give tho cheap
transport essential to the working ol
properties in that district. 1 n anticipation ol this, proogecting has boon very
active, and some development has been
done upon the more eligible properties,
The North Star mine near Fort Steele
haa developed a largo deposit of galena
ore, which will undoubtedly prove very
profitable. But heretofore the coat ol
shipment aud treatment has pretty well
absorbed tho values obtained. The St.
Eugene, below and east of Fori Steele, in
���bowing up a very large deposit of good
ore, and developing work is going on
with a view to make it a constant nnd
large shipper as Boon as tiie railway is
ready for freight. Th* nibble group,
near Fort Steele, is also a promising
property, the ore being different lo the
general run of ores so far Ion ml in tlu.
East Kootenay. It consists ol copper,
silver, and gold with no had, and Is
remarkably rich, few nisays going below
���100 to tho ton, and many from $125 lu
���250 and {300 per ton. Development
work has been proBocuted during the
past year with favorable roaulta, an.I the
management propoae to be ready (or
shipping as soon as the (row's Nest
road, which will pass near it, is finished.
Thero is little doubt that Kast Kootenay
iB rich in metal, and that its properties
will now be rapidly developed. Coal is
found, and the precious metals are there.
and tlie vicinity of these two will lead to
cheap smelting in the near future.
" What effect will tho Klondike excitement have on the general development
of the Kootonay?,
'* In* tlie end I believe a good one. Xo
doubt thc adventurous will crowd into
tho Klondike at first, but the difficulties
there arc enormous, and tho chances
comparatively small for success. Where
100,000 go iuto that region, 00,000 will
probably come out all shorn of their
resource, and many broken in health.
Even now Klondike advertisement is
bringing tiie riches nf British Columbia
to tiie attention of investors, and conservative capital will find its attraction in
quieter fields, while in tlie refiux of the
rush Klondikewards tlie nearer fields
will gain a large accession of botli
workers and capital. It is sato to say
that tiie investor has far bptternnd safer
chances nearer home that! Klondike.
���* People will soon wake up to tiie fact
that the mining of precious metals in
Canada is a legitimate and profitable
industry. Then capital, no much needed,
will como that way. Ol course, Ihey
havo to run lhe gauntlet of wild-eat
schemes, inordinate stock companies,
and bad management, Hut these are
not absolute essentials of mining, and
ire gradually being eliminated nnd seen
into. Given reasonable stocking,proper
financial management and intelligent
operation, thero is no more reason why
gold and silver mining in Canada should
not be as successful an industry as any
other, and when it. docs pay, it pays
handsomely. As for ' lame ducks,' they
are found in all businesses."
The first (statutory) general meeting
of this company was hold in London,
Eng., on tlie 17th of February, the Earl
of Essex presiding. A glowing report of
the mine's possibilities was then laid
before the meeting, Mr, Grant Govan,
the managing director, declaring that
the Tangier mine would prove a wonderful property, in fact, a second Wavcrley,
and they all knew what ho expected of
the Wavorley. 801111* facts were, however, given to tbe meeting. Tims it was
stated that the Tangier had shipped a
small specimen body of fifteen tons of
ore, realizing approximately ifl,700. To
keep tha shaft of the mine dry, however,
pumping apparatus would be needed.
This had been ordered, and work with it
would be begun about May 16th, till
when littlo furl her progress could be
made. It was intended, said the Earl of
Essex, to erect a smelter on tho Illecilli-
waet river for thc purpose ol treating the
Tangier and other ores, and the Tangier
company, tiie Wavcrley company, and
the Gold Fields of Britisli Columbia.
Limited, also intended jointly to build
and operate a short line of railway to
connect th. mined with thc main lino of
the C. P. B. at Albert canyon. Mean
while, along the proposed route a wagon
road haa been built, but this had been
temporarily blocked by Btiowslldes. The
meeting heard witli approval the news
that Mr. J. D. Graham of Kevclitoko
had been appointed manager of tbe
mine, and also a glowing report on the
Tangier oro deposits, written by Mr.
Otto Abiding, M.E.
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of  East
Kootonay District.
VOTIflK IS IIERBBY GIVEN in a.'ror,Inure
���ts witli tlie Stiituti'B that Provincial Revenue,
Tax ami nil ta.'.i-s levii-.i umlcr tlie Aweumont
Aet aro now due for the year ls'js.
Ail .if the ni.ove named taxes collectable
within tho Northern Division ot East Rootonfty
Ins.Hi.t tire payable ct my offloo, the Court
Assumed tuxes ar*o*Ueotabloat tho fallowing
rates, viz.:
li paid .ui or ouFortt June ���'(till, 1808.
Throo-flitha of one per cent, on Heal Property,
Tno anil ocu-h-ilf per chat, on ii.jca.vil value
of vril.l lu ml.
(In-'-hiilf of una per rent, ou Persona)
nn so much ot the Income, oi any pan-one.
oxeoeds ono Tl smi.i Dollar, tlio follow ins
runs, namolyi Upon ittoh oxcos* ��f Inoom.
whon tin' sum is not mora than Ton Thousand
Dollar., one por oent.i whon nicli oxcew is
ovarTon Thousand Dollar, end not mora than
Twenty Thousand Dollar., one nnd onr.-iunrtrr
of one' p.ir rotlt.i when sueh tutCC. f:i over
Twenty ThollSAliu Dollars, one and one-half of
one por cent.
If paid on or after tho 1st Tilly, I*.'.1!
Knur-fifths ot one per cent, on Real Projiorly.
Throe per o.nt, on tho owswotl value of wild
Throe-fourth, of one per cent, on Personal
On so lunch of th* Income, of any person ns
OXCOOllI One Thousand Dollars Ihe following
rates, namely! lino. Mall excess when tho
same Is not more than Toll Tlio.isn'iil Hollars,
ono And onp-i|Usrlri- of one per rem.; when
sui.h excels Ifl over Ton Thousand Poiinr, nu.l
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollar.- one
and ou. -in'.if of on.* por cents whon .uohexcess
is over Twenty Thousand Dollar., one and
Ihre.'-.iuorter., of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tux, $3.00 per capita.
1'. I'. UNO,
Assessor and Collector.
(iolden, January loth, lfiis. S!t*-a��i
NOTICE la hereby Riven thut I shnll apply for
p H'lt'ctnl tlitVbcr itoencfl to cut Unifier on
tho following tleaortbod luuds :���(.'oiuiiicnoins
utfi pOBt I'll lilt1 North l**ork ul Ktiiluy f'Ttf-.-k, ��-
itovh the uroolt from the head cit Urmlj-'a Ditch,
nortn-ofutt 1'i'M ; llitim-c rminlnj; nontli liiii
elm Ins ; thenco west 70 chains | thenc* north
100 chains: ti.oiice t'r.sl7t-K'bAlr.��tii i-oalofcor.-
R. n. MILU6AN.
ForlSlctlo, Octoli��r;20:h,lWi7.
Is the best advertising medium in East
Contains tlie latest
news of the district;
a-.M-MX:**.'*: X*x��,*m*\+an~t^7rj_.<nvW!.ia*, ki an... -r -> ������ ut**. V*rnitrn*TrwmWKinnl**< i |��j**_��*r*ff|
"8, C!?ES^ B3FC. "ST^  ''z&W
' Jaiixi I:
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Pflfi w^
r UH MiiL
$75 to $150 Each according to
<i-�� v.W^.?*'>*<H*i>*5**-J.
"T'Q-p.uay* <*���*.., -   One-third ilcvra, balance ia throe aad six
-U*i,-j...l�����*,i.^ .      months, without interest.
il UfcJS
Agents, L.
Is  only   $2.00 per
Upper Columbia.
Has the best equip-
Office  in  the district;
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing at reasonable
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with  tho  C. P. K. at. Golden, B.  C.  and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Tn��   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
r*._ t t
ZFort Steele, *23��� C.
Choice Wrass, Lkjuohs ahd Cisam.
R. D. MATHER, Pro^-etoh
Tin Wi-Mf Health Retort an Hi.- Continent,
l'rivalf liwpil.il uml��r ninlirnl mporinten*
denra -.villi it Train-xl St.iff ol Nuraen.
Cni-iipl*.!-. Pvsfi-in uf Rgtha, nf (���von-Hrd
ami (ioacriptios.
Medloal IKrertor-DK. R. (5. B'tlXTT, Baott.
Retident r-hyaiciu k Burgeon���DR. SPArTEIB.
Tho date oil
olJing Un
Boring n
ut Donald, luii
been fixed
[or Juno
St. Patrick's
Duv i:i ii
iltlon w:i
bnite.l   i:i   a'
Jlli'.'t     IV. 1/
by  tin
A lav-jo consignment of .ivy goods hits
arrived nt II. <i. Parson's tliis woek,
imported direct from the old country.
Mr. Walter Claxton arrived irom Calgary on Monday and la busily engaged
lathing tho addltiou  to  tho Columbia
K. traffic roceipta for tho
Marah 7th wore ��M5-l,000;
woek last year there wero
��� rink lilts
The C. ]���
week ondiii!
for tbe sitmi
The akatlng rink has beon well patronized ovory night this woolt, uotwith-
Btanding tlio fact that the ice was not in
first class condition.
Mr. C. W, Field announces that ho
will bo ready for business on April 1st,
and will carry a full line ol drugs,
chemicals and stationery.
A mooting of thoso Interested in tlio
formation of a football club will bo held
iu the Columbia Ilou.io on Monday
evening next at ii o'clock sharp,
Kamloops Sentinel: Fred. Mountain
has been appointed chief of provincial
polico for the districts of Kootenay aud
Vale, v-jith headquarters at Nelson.
In coneequonco of the Cosgrove Co.
appearing in tho Alexander hall to-nig!it,
the regular open meeting ot Court Kicking Horse, No. 3713, 1.0.1*'., will bo held
to-morrow night.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forrest, of Donald,
entertained thoir trionda to it supper
and dance In the Oddfellows' hall, Donald, Thursday evening, iii honor of
Ireland's patron saint.
Jkiatock is starting a new daily paper
in Vaucouvur, culled The Province, in
opposition lo tlio World. It is expected
the lirst number will bo issued next
week. Howitt must (ind tho newspaper
business a profitable investment.
Several prominent le-.::tl men of eastern Canada are being boomod lor the
Chief Justiceship of British Columbia.
Thero is no necessity of giving tlio position to un eastern man, when we havo
men equally capable iu our own province.
A elinngo in the proprietorship of the
Kussell House has taken place this week.
Mr. F. (i. Jh-aley having retired and Mr.
T. I. Brewster entering into partnership
with W. A. Skoltoil. Mr. and Mrs.
Healey left yesterday for Moose Jaw,
where they will in future reside.
Montreal Star: Information wanted
of Donald Morrison, who left Sault Ste
Mario, April 14th, 1SSW; last heard of in
summer of 1893, at Golden, B.C. Would
any person having knowledge of him
kindly communicate with his sister,
Mrs. .las. Taylor, Goulaia Hay, Algoma.
There are two gangs of men clearing
off the snow for a change in the roadbed
of the C. P. K., near llloclllowaot, at a
point where tho present line crosses the
river twlco within a very short dislanco.
The new piece of line will run along the
nouth side of tho river and avoid one
crossing altogether,
The Minister of Mines is bringing in a
bill legalizing the notices of application
for certificates of improvement which
have heretofore appeared containing lhe
names of two or more claims, but providing that hereafter tho separate publication of a copy of a notice iu respect of
each mineral claim will he required.
The passenger train duo here Tuesday
morning was wreckod ou .Monday a few
miles cast ol Moose Jaw. Tho wreck
was caused owing tothe spreading of the
track. Fortunately no lives wero lost,
though a number of pasaongors were
more or less Injured. Tho wreck caused
a delay to tho traili o( ovor 80 hours.
Mr. J. C. Durick, of Carlin & Durick,
general merchants, l'ort Steele, arrived
in town thia week, returning from n
two months'visit to Montreal. He is
accompanied by bis sister, Miss Durick,
from Montreal. Mr. aad Miss Ilurick
wore passengers on the train which was
wrecked oast of Mooae Jaw on Monday
last. In addition to a good shaking up
MisH Durick received several bruises to
her face and head.
Pro!. Payne, a phrenologist who has
been practicing his profession for some
lime nt Nelson, was thu other day waited
on by by Chief McKinuon with the
request that he contribute the sum of ?��
to tho treasury for a license to examine
tho bumps of residents of tlie city. The
professor accompanied the chief to the
city offices to pay the license, but when
ho arrived tiiere Mayor Houston demanded $50 license under the section of
the by-law fixing the license ior Beers,
aootli-sayers, clairvoyants and fortune-
tellers at that amount, Mr. Payne
objected to being classed under any of
those bonds, and refused to pay the
additional $45. The result was a summons to appear before Police Magistrate
Crease to answer to the charge of refusing to pay license. Tho case was
adjourned three thnea and was finally
disposed by tho charge being dismissed
without costs. At the conclusion of the
trial tho professor went to tlie city offices
nnd took out a $5 license. The costs oi
the  case   were   considerable���Calgary
Mr, Powell, formerly of the Slocan
City News, arrived from the const on
Thursday, en route to the upper country.
He leaves for Fort Steelo on the next
Service will be conducted in the Presbyterian Cliur-h on Sunday evening M
usual. This will be Mr. J. It. Harcourt'S
last Sunday hero, na he leaves on Monday [nr Winnlpcg'to resume his studies.
Miss Harcourt will accompany her
brother as far aa Brandon, Man., where
she will remain for tho summer. Both
Mr. and Miss Harcourt have made many
friends during thoir short residence here
and thoy will be gsoatly missed not only
in the church but in the eommnnity at
largo. It Is not known yet who Mr.
Harcourt's successor will bo but ho may
be expected hero in about a week or so.
Thc petition to the Dominion government, asking that the import duty on
load be incronscd for tho purpose oi
fostering thu lead-smelting Industry in
this country, whloh was in circulation
last woek, has been largely signed and
forwarded to Mr. liowitt Bostock, M.P.,
ni Ottawa, for presentation. Similar
petitions are being forwarded from
different points in West Kootenay, and
by nil working together for a common
cause, Ihe desired ond ought to be
effoctod without much difficulty,
A meeting of thoso interested iu thc
building of askating and cm-ling rink
waa held at tho Columbia House on
Tuesday evening. Tito meeting wa
very enthusiastic and ways and means
were considered at length. No definite
arrangements wero made regarding the
formation of a company, a committee
waa appointed, however, to put things
Into proper shape, nnd report at a future
meeting. The committee wero also instructed to havo plans of a rin'- prepared unci submit tlie same for approval.
The next meeting will probably lie held
on Tuesday evening, March 22nd, whon
it is hoped all interested in tho scheme
will he present.
The Presbyterian Church social which
took place on Friday evening last was,
as expected, quite a success. Rev. Mt*.
King, of Donald, occupied the chair and
discharged tho duties in u most dignified
manner. Tho programme waa of :i
musical and literary nature and t,:'.s
oxcellont iu all its details. At tho conclusion of tho programme refreshments
woro served by tho ladies, to which
ample justice was done. After ringing
"God Save tho Queen," a pleasant
evening was brought to a close. The
management desiro to thank those whe
assisted in making the entertainment a
success. The receipts netted the church
Rumors are prevalent that the redistribution measure which is to be brought
down at thia session of the Legislature
provides a member [or a new district
whloh compriaea a portion of Norti
West Kootenay and a portion of Nort!
Fast Kootonay. Should tide rumor
prove correct there will bo a general
howl of indignation from this end ot the
district. The llevelstoke Hoard of Trade
havo raised their voice in opposition to
any such arrangement. This district
is us important as any other in the
provi ico and it has nothing in common
with Uevelstoko district. The people of
North Fast Kootenay want, and nre
entitled to, a member ol their own.
Dominion Government Engineer Itov,
of Nov.* Westminster, was in town Wednesday and was interviewed hy some of
our citizens in regard to the protection
of tho town from inundation by the
Kicking llorso river. In regard to the
same matter Mr. J. C. Greene received
a letter this week from Mr. Hewitt
Bostock, M.P., stating that the request
of tlio citizens of Golden, ro placing tlio
government dredge on the Kicking
Horse river, would bo placed before the
minister of public works at once. Mr.
Bostock also stated that ho would interview Mr. Sifton in Hie matter and he
was hopeful that thc government would
take action and moot the requests of the
.moved to south entt of
tickiiit Uorsu Bridge
Pacific Ry.
(     My Motto is:
Minister of Minos ami Provincial Bocrotary-
ii.iii. col. Joiioh Raker.
Provincial Mlnoraloglst���w. A. Curiyle.
Publi-i Assay*)!'���H. Curmlobai-t,
(iiu.1* co***liss*(***;:*-.s.
��� nnil To
I-*. Ann
Por the Province���W, 8. Qora	
Soutii District comprising Fori s
liaeco i'liiln.: Mining Divisions
i.li-,111-1 rrunl nx.l*
Korth i'istrii-i ooinprlsinv Donald, Qoldon .'ml
Wlndonnerc Uiuinii iii.iiiiiiis-J. h. tii-idltlis
Write for pamphlet descriptive of tho routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for March and
sin.'iKu r.ncot'.'r:*..-'.
c. M. Brfward
M. l'hilli|..i...
.Art SI'i-clu
,Tulmc;ij J'^ins
Deputy Clerk of tho i'.-'ftpo Mr North Easl Kootenny JoHlftli Sttrrott Donald
Deputv Clork oi Ilia Faacs rrr :-;<>*U!i East Kootonay��� Charles JItifiicy Edwards... .Fort Biuolo
Extracts From British ���*.>i��r:)T)in
Sfcatatos Explaining Fully tlie
Valuo and Necessity of i\ " Free
Minors " Certificate���No Fer-
HOii Should Attempt Mining'
Without One.
years c*f sgo, nay he
paying ?�� to nny gold
Mr. Kellie and Mr. Hunter.
Rovelatoko Herald. Tlio dubnto vha
oh tho subject of providing tho farmers
with that ancient add fallacious panacea
of tho1 Ills that all farming flesh ia heir
to���cheap money. It is pleading to sea
Mr. Hunter fltUI clinging fondly to that
old chestnut that thc formers are the
backbone of the community, with tho
statistics of rerenue and expenditure
staring him in tin* face.
Mr. Kellie moved an amendment lo
tho effect that free miners should receive
the same benefits from the cheap money
to be secured.
Dr. Walkem moved a further amendment by adding doctors and merchants.
Mr. Hunter objected to the levity of
Messrs. Kellie and Walkem. He said
that tho matter at issue was a serious
ono. Mr. Hunter referred to Mr. Kellie
as the Rovolstoke mugwump and furnished the house with rhe New York
���simile of a mugwump���that"ho waa like
a ferryboat whicli wore itself out in
going from one side to another.
Mr. Kellie, in reply, .said that ho did
not object to tho term of being thc
Rovelstokd mugwump. IIo preferred it,
he said) to being looked upon aa the
coming Chinese representative for Cariboo���tho great. Chinese ty-hee that was
to be. Such, he said, was.the distinction
which had bc.on conferred by the
Chinese upon Mr. Hunter.
Any poraon C7nr
corua ft iree miner l*.     .
comniissionoror mineral miorder and obtaining *. liortitlcate good for owe year.
A fret; minor muy obtain a new CMtifloftte for
one lost mi pr.ylng *i.
A Ireo minor's certificated not transforable.
Any person or company Working a mineral
claim, hold an roal estate without license, nny
bu fined ���)&>. Mines become real eatate alter
crown grant has boon Kined.
Should co-owner fail toparnphisiroo minor's
certificate his Interest (toed to hi t co-owners pro
rata accordinc to (heir for nfor Interests,
a slmreholuor in aJbiiitstoel; company ncud
aot bo tv free miner.
A Ireo miner may claim UOtalSOO feet. But
nirnngloB mast be right angles and all nveaaur-
ine'nl must be horluontally.
A free minor muy cut timber on crown lands.
A free minor muy kill game Ior his own nan
ut nil Boaxons.
A dec minor may obtain fivo aoiomillaitoup-
011 crown lands in the form of a Bqua.re.
A claim inay be hold from year ro yew by
work being done to the valuo of one hundred
Lodes diuwivared In tunnel may be held If recorded in 15 days.
A free miner may on payment of C-'.co, In lien of
expenditure on claim, obtain a'otown grant.
Any miner may, at the rtlecrotldfl r-f the gold
coramiBsioncr, ootain nceoasary wator rlghtB.
Ko-trAuateroInuy mineral dnim tr interest
shall bo onioroeabfu unless in writing, signed
and r< corded.
No miii'jr shi.l1 BUiterfromanyantofojiiisBion
or commission, or delays on tiie jj.irt ol the
governmont officials,
No claim uhall ho upon to location during
lastillnosxs of bolder, nor within 12 monthi
after hia doath, uuleaa Ly permission of gold
A mineral claim must ho recorded within 15
days after location, if within 10 miles of ofllee
of mining recorder. Ono additlbnal.day is al
owed for every additional li) miles or fraction
Work on ouch mining claim to tlio value of
$IQJ) i.-'jm bo (ione each yc'ar from date of re-
t-ord of mtnoral clabn, Aflldavitmado by tho
holder, or his agent, r^ti'iic out n detailed
statement < i ihe work done mual bo filed with
tho gold commlsslonsror mining recorder, and
u certificate of work obtained, and recorded I;l-
foru tho expiration of each year from the date
of record o? said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to filing notice
of Ills Invention with thu gold commiOBTonor or
mining recordor perforin on any one or more of
such claims, all (ho work required to entitle
him to ii certificate of work for o.-ujh claim. Tlm
same provision applies to two or more free-miners holding adjoining claims in partnerahlp,
In lieu of above work the mlnnr must pay ��ioo
and get receipt ami record tbs same.
DfdtvHftrt 1
nuiiiiiu s
Wo wish to inform the
public that wc are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches;
Our Specialties:
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. 0.
 Mar, 22
    "   23
    "   24
Ning Chow	
"   ->4
    "   2*1
Cottage City	
    "   26
"   29
    "   31
 April   1
Cottage City sails for AVran-
gle, Juneau and Sitka
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tho most comfortable liotol in South
East Kootonay, Good Tabic. Good
Wlnoe. Good Attendance TormB
Win.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Wardner '.^*<\
Transfer Co9.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Tho best ptopjiiiiR place ior freighters in
Columbia Valley a at
Torn Martin's Hotel
flood accommodation A Modorate Terms
First class Feed Slables.
Tho Best Beer In Cnnadiv Is made bv tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers nf Boer, A!o and Soda Wator
Insist (i,i iretlliiu CnlKiiry Boer every lime. They
nil have It.   The Company', agent (or hast
II. O.  PAKSOX, Goldon,  B.C.
in prices of surplus
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Furniture
and   Glassware.
oom must be made for
ew Spring Stock.   *
Seneral 9^ercAant
Dry Goods,
Boots & SSioes,
Fancy Goods.
es I. Warren;
G-oia.��:n, 33.C-
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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