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East Kootenay Miner 1898-04-01

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\/7   -
Devoted to the JBlning Interests and Development of the District of EAST HOOTEPY.
Vol. 1, No. 36.
Golden, B. C,  Friday  April 1st, 1898.
$3.00 Fer Year
441. PATRICK,. P.L.S,
i:-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
���. I. Wor**.****** 1am. ��. Bikvev.
Harrey I; McCarter,
itiKiariiu,   etc.
i, MM, ���*��> latM.. at oiim igenu,
a.clteaeer. end cuatema Brokers
|a*... la.oe-.alra, Uiien, Hartford.
���H.*a*a<i*��Mblp, Ticket OUc. -1
��� T*4 4.* Life laeur.ace Company.
V.. eoLvie Aocld.ot ln.ur.DC. Co'y.
(a* tlrlMck lav**Uncat ami Loau Co.
2. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
amcivu smiBMi.
*   Fear Stbblk, B.C.
Tho*. McNaught,
*Mr4Har��kw,tUuet*lls*nl, Conveyancer
���ihll.avf Poetic,
Newly Refitted A Refnrnished.
The beet of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
-.   All Modern Convenience!).
J. Lamontagne, Prop,
Jffffl W ���?**PVP**fW*7 fffffffftff
& Embalming     |
' Tolejrtpli orders receive prompt attontlo�� T
d. SMART,     ���
CALGARY, Alt..  ���
The Providence Fuf Go
Cfevnale-al Laboratory,
���MNOOOVSR, S.C.   ,
(IU*bU.ac4 >M��.)
Par sevenl year. vltA Vivien 4 Sena, Svr.n
������*, Mil 1*0.1 reereaesletir. lot tbem.
I��. . rot* aeaasvr iw tke wearer, to the
, fe**dl���� teareaeatalive ���( Hi. Camel (iold
ktracMa* 0*. 1>I,��lu|��w (Cyanideprocew.)
MS���in *.rk *>��a.n.lly ����perlnt*��de<l. Ouly
��_���_._������*���< *).* ���apl**l,e*J-   Ho pupil, re
J a*. Horidereon,
���MTf BACTOK �����! WILDER,
fl*ss p.***..*. r
K*ap. tu.aU** (Iv.* te ��r*.r��.
A>*s��l*��( laUdlnf Urn l.n>**
Vho Golden
IlM aed tana In .ease*.     _
���test*** I* CiU., Wiwp aad Ion*.,
Mall ��rd.ra mo*I��* prea.pt atieauon.
livery and
Feed Stables
���*���( iteMl* Ih��hM ll*. *l ill Kind, for
���rptHM AU ���l*d�� ���' IH��>1W.
Golden, 8. 0.
Good Time
.�� *.
���j t*wr* man who bM ��� watch.
��� I. UEXAHDEtt, ��
���.P.*. Watch Inspector will be
��t THC M1NEB OJ/FICK (roin
*y��*��*wni��y to rrM(��y.Jf����
���ach we.k. '- 8��tisf��ction'flnar-
��nM*d. Work ean be loft at
.    ������avand*****.
Wedding Hings
JL, Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta. '
Providence, R.I.
wants ��11 kindest
raw furs, ekine, gin-
seng,seneca, ete.
I'rices (or next sixty
days *re a* follow*:
Silver Fox	
..(15.00 to (150.00.
..(5.00 to (25.00.
..(4.00 to (   9.00.
..(2.00 to (   9.00.
Ueiver (per |iound)
..( 3.00 to (   3.50.
..( 1.00 to (   2.00.
Red Fox.'	
...( 1.00 to (   2.00.
...(   .75 te (   2.00.
...(   ,26 to(   1.00.
Gray Fox.	
...(   .50 to (     .75.
.. (   .20 to (     .25.
Price lint on all other (ur* and skin*
tarnished upon application. Full price*
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediateremittance on
ill consignments.
Livery, feed 4
Sole Stables,
Fort Steeie, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Train* for mine* supplied.
Freighting ol all kind* undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician and.    .
Watch*, cleaned, Jewellcoy mouniod, Ola,-.***,
ifionftod and (lima repaired. ��� Firat MM*.work
in eery department.  A trlolsouiitcu.ao comtf
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,
has the best restaurant in Oold:
en. It is open at all hours.
Kvery delicacy and fruit in its
PeuBon. A good -selection ol
. Chinese Lily llowor roots apply
nt once' lor the Choicest oro thoy
go Co    '
Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Moo*.8 Day Md Night.
Canada'* Mining Industry.
In a review beaded "Canada Since
Confederation," a journal publiilied at
Montreal and Toronto called " Hardware
and Metal," sizes np the mining industry
in the following manner:
" In the development of our miaenl
resource* the progres* ha* net n*en at
marked a* ths character of th.se resources ��airanted; but. as o.aiyouc ia aware,
the prospect* in thia respect were never
ao^bright a* they are to-day, what with
the gold field* of Kootenay, the Klondike and Ontario promising as they do.
At th* tame time, however, th* production iu both 1S95 and 18M) is a grtat
deal abev* thc average of previous years.
In the latter year the production oi
metallic, non-metallic and sundry metal*
wu valued at (33,627,305, or over 91 per
cent. abov�� th* averag* ef th* thrae
year* ef 1880-7-3.
" It will thus be seen thst, notwith-
stsoding the comparatively littlo dcfol-
opmeut of (he mine* that is going on,
the villi*, of the output already txcaeds
that of th* fisheries. What it will b* in
mother year or two no one can say. but
that th* output of gold alou* will, before
loug, exceed in value last year's yield ot
miuarals oi all kind* is aot at all
improbable Our export* of minerals
last year were valued at (8,650,430, compared with (0,SO*1,970 worth in 1891.
Coal ie the most valuabl* of our exports
of minerals, as it is also in the matter of
production, and the increase iu th*
quantity since confederation ha* been
gradual, until last year it reached 1,102,-
007 tons, as against 295,335 tens ia 1888."
which it forms two-thirds, ia *!*ctrieal
conductors, shut roofing, cooking
uteu.il* snd pipes,
Just what beceoiMof th* enormous
amount of metal miaed *very vear i* a
mystery, *��� a very snail proportion is
retarne.1 in th* form ol israe mateaiat.
Mineral Aot Amendment.
Under the heading of "Which is
Right?" the Rossland Times says:"Last
week we pubsished the Mineral Claim
Advertisement Act, 1893, which was
brought in by the Minister ef Mines for
the sole purpose of validating thos*
crown grants which, had beta issued to
mineral claim* that had been advertised
contrary to the wording ol th* Mineral
Act, which specified that each mineral
claim applying ior a (town grant must
be advertised separately. Ia many instances in this camp two er more claims
were bunched in one advertisement, and
these applications were not valid. Today's morning paper says a group of
claims may be advertised ss one, but the
copy of the Mineral Claim Advertisement Act, 1898," which we have in this
office sayH: ' Hereafter the said subsection shall be construed as requiring
tlie separate publication of a copy of a
notice in respect ol each mineral
This act was passsd in order to make
valid a number of certificates of improvement issued, under which Justice Drake
recentlv decided to be a misunderstanding of the mining law. It seems that
partie* holding separate claims have
been in thc habit of joining them io one
advertisement of intention te apply lor
certificate of improvement,when, according te Justice Drake there should be a
separate advertisement for each claim,
This decision haa apparently made
defects in title which have pet a stop to
many negotiations, and the object ol the
act is to remove any such esfects, while
providing that separate advertisements
will bu required iu future.
What Become* of Metals t
The greater portion at tbs Ind mined
is converted into whit* lead, red bad
and orange materials which are ustd as
pigments lor paints. Much lead is manufactured into sheet, some into bullets
and other projectiles, and the oily Uad
which comes back int* ths market ia
the form ol scrap is that used lor lead
Zinc is largely nsod la galvaniring
atsel * or iron, in manufacturing brass,
as a sheet sine, and a* elide of sine need
in paint. The only sine available for the
new nee 1* that nsed in making brass.
Next to scrap iron and steel, scrap bra**
is found en the market.
Most ef th* world'* tin product is nsed
in tia plates. The scrap is not available
and, though many efforts have been
made to utilize tin scrap, no considerable amount of metal hss been obtained
this way.
Next to iron and steel, copper is most
used ia metallic form, only a small proportion being used in th* salts of copper
and kluo vitrol. The groat mass of copper *,rc iv the aunufxcturlng of bran, oi
The Remedial Use* of Apple*,
Ii ell temperate cliasates th* apple
grows freely and might b* ebtaiaed in
practically nsliinitsd quaatitie*. That
it is nbt more used than it i* is probably
dae to th* fact that, being *o pltnty, it
is undervalued. Yet'almost evervene
like* tlie irnit tn some fashion, and it
should form a part ef at least two meal*
out *< *v*ry tbre* during th* year round;
for even when th* fresh fruit is aot in
season, c��nue-l, dri*d er "evaporated'
applea mav be always had.
" Cbessically," savs a writer la the
North American Fractilion.r, "the apple
is composed oi vegstebl* fibre, alkumea
sugar, gum, shloropbyl, malic acid, gallic
acid, lime and water. Furthermore, the
German analyst* say that th* apple coa-
taias e larger perce*tage el phosphors*
than any ether fruit* er vsgstable. The
phuephai'ou* is admirably adapted ior
renewing tlie esMutial nervous aiatter���
lecithin-oi th* brain and (piaal cerd.
it is perhaps (or this reason���though but
rudely uudei stood���that th* eld Sean-
dinaviao tradition* represent the apple
as the food of the gods, who, wh.a they
fell tlieaasel.es to be growing f**ble and
infirm, resorted to this fruit to renew
tlieir luluds and tody."
Not only the phosphorus, but tbe acids
of tlie apple are el aiagular use (or
poraoas of sedentary habits, wheee livers
are apt to be too slow el action. The**
acid* aid th* liver in its work ol *liniio-
aling from the body th* nexiou* matters,
which, if retained, would make the brain
heavy and dull, or, in tiase, would can**
reeumatiani, jaundice or skin eruption/.
and other allied treubles.
'Ui* malic acid ei applet, either raw er
cooked, will neutralize any excess of
chalky matter, engendered by aatiag too
much meat.
Ripe apple* are probably tbe least
fermautabl* of all fruit*, *xc*pt possibly
the banana. For this reasea ripe and
sound apples may be eaten by most
psrsons in even the hottest wsathtr; bit
even tlie apple is lafest whan coekad.
We have tho support of eminent
medical authority in saying that the
most healthful way to cook apples is to
pare aud core them, and bake in a
moderate ovea. K the apple ie ef a quite
sour varisty, it may b* necessary to add
a little, sugar, putting about a B*ltspoon-
(ul in the hollow whence the core is
extracted. The aeit best way to took
them is stewiag. Contrary to common
belief, apple* baked in their skins ar*
th* least healthful of cooked apples.
Sentenced to Death.
At the Nelson aesiz** laet week the
Kuskonook murder trial lasted marly a
whole .lay. Th* evidence shewed that
Doyle shot Connors ia the barroom of
Erickson's hotel at Kuskonook while the
latter was sitting in a chair. There had
been trouble between tke two earlier the
same eveaing, and Doyle bad gone to
his shack to get a revolver. Returning
to Erickson's he said to Corners, "Dig
up or I'll shoot yoa." Connors, evidently taking the threat as a joke, said,
" Fire away." Doyle did fire, and the
victim fall to th* floor shot through th*
heart. Doyle Sed, but was captured a
day or two later by the mounted poli��e
near th* boundary liae between British
Columbia and Moataaa.
The jury, after an abeonco of 12 minute*, brought i* a **rdi��tof " guilty ef
wilful murder." Judge Irving seataneed
Doyle to be hanged oa the 22nd of
i       .*��� ���**!����.
B. C. Benchers.
The ballots east for the election ef
benchers (or the year were counted en
March 38th at Victoria aid tbe following
gsatlsmen were elected: Hon. C. E.
Pooley, Q.C., H. D. Helmcken, Q.C., J.
8tuart Y��to��, E. V. Bodwell and F, B.
Gregory, ol Victoria j L. G. McPhillipa,
Q.C., Cha*. Wilson, Q.C., E. P. Davis,
Q.C., *1 Vancouver; and John Elliott,
of Nelson. These gontlemen, along with
the attorney-general, and Sir W. Crcae*
and Hon. J.T.McCreijht, retired judges
of th* supreme court, will form the
governing body of the Law Sooioty for
the next year. Mr. Elliott is the first
practitioner (rem Kcetensy to have the
honor ef election. The first meeting will
be held on ilonday.
Hew Stamped Envelopes.
The post office department is stout
issuing the first iastalment of ths new
���tamped *nvelepe*. As in th* ease of
th* postal cards, these lew envelopes
will be sent out to th* postmaster* only
aa the corresponding denominations of
the old eavolopos become oshautted.
The 1 cent envelop** of lb*old soil**
have low, it is nnderstood, keen all
issued by th* department, so tha first
envelop** of th* new serisa to be disposed of are these ef that dsnomiaation.
A Ilka arrangement in connection with
the Sale by peatmssters of th* envelope*
in question will bo made���that is to lay,
no postmaster will be permitted te sell
say *( the new *tock of eavtik-pee as
long as any of th* (rid in the .arcs de
���omiiitioi remain un*eld in his hands.
Thero will, aahiterte bo three denomination, of envelope* in the forthcoming
seriss���the 1 cent, > cent and 3 cent; bat
there will be oily one size, that ef the
present No. 2, or larger envelope. Th*
cost *( th* new envelope ha* boea rwluc
ed 10 coat* par hundred in oach denomination, and a furthtr ceacMtien granted
th* pahlie by supirfyiug, without ei-.tr*
cost, and whenever preferred, tlioso
oivelopss bearing a blank form el re-
qiest for the return ef ths letter should
it not be delivered within a specified
Married Youth* at College.
When anybody calls at the registiar'a
ofBc* of th* Miosseri University st Columbia and asks lev Cary Kny<lor that
ofneial asks in return, "Mr. or Mr..?"
Receitly this couple, who are just sixteen years old, were enrolled at tho university through the iaflutnc* of Mr.
Snyder'a older brother, himself a
student there of several years' standing.
Cary Snyd��r is tbe soo of a wealthy
capitalist of Kaa*s* City. Th* shildren
courted and w*r* married, clandestinely
Their pareat* felt that neither had
r*c*ived *u*ugh schooling to go through
life witlioat embarrassment in the social
sphere they seemed destined to occupy,
so it waa determined to send this couple
to college. As soon as they returned
from n brisf bridal tour their matriculation papers wsre sent to Proctor Babb ei
the State University, lie was struck
with tho similarity of the names Cary
and Carrie Saydsr, but when be learned
that the two wero man and wife ha was
astonished, Thoy wore both doing well
at tlieir studiss. Neither U ia tlie col-
lego dormitories, but at a quiet bearding house sear the campaa.
Mr. Gladstone* iltnese.
Th* Westminster Gasette, referring te
health of Mr. Gludstene, says that it is
no news to say that his i.lueea must
necessary be fatal in a comparatively
short time. Hs ssks-d his doctors te tell
him the truth and ha* been fully informed ** to his condition, u-ud was
thankful who* told that there waa no
chance of recovery. His statu of mind is
one of complete happiness. His life i_ooa
on quietly and evenly. Music is bis
t-liiaf solace; it soothes his pais. Ths
death of tlie black Pomeranian, Feu,
which for uin* years has been tho constant companion of tlio great statesman,
has beon an additional pang to the whole
family, for wkeu Mr. Gladstone went to
Cannes Putz was left with tho Drews, but
be pined aad would not oat, and finally
-returned to Hcwsurdeu the same day as,
Ur. Gladstone and died lsat Friday.
Wedding Bella.
On Wednesday *veaing lost a pleasant
affair took place in the Preebytorian
church. Golden, when Mr. James Wood
and Miss Hattie Sutherland were joined
in 'the holy bends of matrimony by Rev.
P. D. Muir, ei Revelsteko. A number
ol the citizens having ineiilentalry beard
ol what waa to take place had gathered
in th* church te witaes* the ceremony
and bid happiness aad long life to the
contracting parties a* they left tke.
church amid the nana! shower of rice.
The bride looked beautiful dreesed in a
pretty white e*��his.ero, and was given
away by her brother, Mr, Win. Sutherland. After the *eremony the bridal
party adjourned to their new home,
where a snseptueus ropaat wee pwtakMi
of. Th* happy couple were tho racipi-
entsof numerous presents. Ten* Miss*
join with others in extending congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jaraw Wood.
Provincial Voter-/ Llsta.
Following i* th* retuei prvae-e-ted ia
the Legislature of the enmbe-r oi voter*
in th* Province at the Slat ol January
Cowickau-Alberui. ...... .     **9
Ksquimalt     478
Nauaiuio     9,5
Nanaimo N m     7011
NuaainieH.  .     914
Viiteria City t.. 5,76'-!
Victoria*     357
Victorias..    #35
Cariboeo     t,A
I Wiar (Sticking) ���...   No rettrie.
Casejar tSkeeua. ,..     19*
Kovtee-a** |*; (Uoaald) ...   Sm
Kootenay K (For I Steele)    113
Kootenay W'Revelvteke)    00f
Kootenay W(TrailCreek)    312
Kootenay S    J.3K3
LillooelE     27J
Lillooet W .,,    208
WMtmiaatoi City 1,493
Vancouver Citv  3.94W.
Delta  I,l3ti
Chilliwack      Ui
Dewdney    US
KiakniC-ad     9M
YaleN      958
Yale*!   1,-180
YaleW ���..     562
Total 2*,793
The C.P.R. paeeenger express, known
railway aa*i  as No. 1 and to the
public geaereily as the Van-reiver or
Pacific n>a��t train, has raoaivad the new
name ot " Gold Train."
The whistle of a locomotive can he
hnad 3300.yards, the aois* *f a train.
3S00 yards, th* report of a musket and
tke bark of a dog 1300 yards, tlie sroak
of a frog 900 yards, a tricket chirp HO
yard*, a dinner bets two miles, and a call
to get up in tlie morning 3 f**t 7 iacho*.
Noah was the first man te advertise
He ad.ertiaed the flood aad it, came off
all right. The fellow* who laughed got
drowned, and it served theas right. F.ver
..Me. Noah's time the advertiser bag
U-eu prospering, while the other lellov.
is being (wallowed up in th* deed et
Little James had been imparting to
tho minister tbe important and eheerfel
iaformatioo that his father hsd got a act.
ni false teeth. " ladajsd, James* " replied tho minister, i*>du!g*atly. "And.
what will ho do with the old Mt? " " Oh
1 s'pose," replied Little Jisms, " they'll
cut 'ens down and auk* ma wear "era."
It ia currently whispered around town
that Mrs. , while cl.amuj buus*.
asked her. husband to nail up eora* [ ),
Ue refused. She looked t t at hi*,,
told him his conduct was without a |,
beat lun with hir J0* until he saw
���a. He now lies in a ,-toae state and
su? soon he a fit subjectfordie). A
man must be an �� liia hie away in that
way and put a . to his existeacu*.
Teacher (giviag out weed* te spell)���
Sell. Child���S-e-l-l. Tescher���Ne; yon
must sf.y double I, cot 1-1. Now spo'l
Seen. Child���S-o-e-a. Tea-ther���Haven't
I just told you to say tha word "double"
when tw* Utters alike come together?
If you do act retbembef next time I will
punish you. Now, let mel-ejar you robd
your lessen (tholseaon " Up, up, Lu��y;.
it la time fer school."). Child���(reading)��� Double up, Lucy; it ti time far
tt is reported that emerald*, are
steadily disappoar'ing. Ia the fiitiee and
sixtiae oaseralds were the favorite jeweta
and wero worn ef rung on a thread like,
pearle. th.iv emerald* are no hangar
polistwid into a round farm, but ore
polished like diamonds. Caultlees sterise
of a. deep color have always keea as
valuable s�� diaaaouda*. The reason ef
tlie tear 'i.y of emeralds is th* decrees*
in production in tbe Ural Mountain*.
ImeraMs were fir.t discovered, oa the
right bank of the Tokowoier, near Kirth*
���sinebirg, in 1830; aid in toe first
years, tha harvest waa an ercae-disigly
rich one.
Two hundred  mite* np th* Stewart
river,  in what la known aa tlie Greet
Desert, a dreary  stretch of reck* unbroken by wgetatisa,. a. party of  prospectors foitod last August theskrlotima
of a man mi! a dog*, and not far from
thotn a nagg-.t of pur* gold, weighing a
trifle, over  niao ounce*    aud   several
smaller   p!eeo._ of  tlio  precious met::'.
Th'>  unfortunate  preepcetor, who  has
not been identified wae apparently on
ths way ont to proclaim  his. good fortune.   Where the treasure came from is
Ths legislature has adopted a reholu- a mystery but a party of prospectors ia
tion proposed by Mr. Helmeken urging even now pressing forward into the nr-
upon  the   Dominion   government  the known land beyond the desert, whence
advisabibty of establishing a ujht in it is (apposed the dead matI wiaao-lurs-*
' Brijish Columbia. ing:.-E��y-��l��*jta.H����tlJi
___ Bl'W.'UWII'
A Weekly Journal, nubtiahoa* ovory Frldr.y
In tbo Interest of thu Eaut Kootenay in-i.i.t
inukiiiK closest eonnecttona with all trains auu
until routes.
p. miiil (tr carrier,
Display ads. fl-fiQ per
uait lueh when In*
itipt oil*. 10 comb por
fc-i.ou pur year in advauee.
column iiuli.fJ.tii pur col
��rtedon the title page; I
(nonpareil) tine for find h
line for oueh additional I user t Inn ; retain
notices 16 ceuta per lliiooicli Insertion.
Ohangoi of ads. must UBlwofllcenotlatorthan
Birth, marriage and death notices Inserted
JOB DEPARTMENT J Our Job Department
fa tbu beit equipped printing offlufc tu Hast
Kootenuy and Is prepared to Uo neat, artistic
printing at a reasonable price. One price to ail.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
i.-; vw.*' itv-r MUfMu i ~. \~ .-try rt-r-^tt; r-'sc -Tj-j.^twrw**"'
Tho International: East Kootenny is
now open to tho world, and is to-day a
vast store iidiisti of riches. Thousand*
uf mou will iiiul profitable employment
in this territory during the next low
years, nnd hundred^ will mako fortunes.
Great mines will bo opened und many
i r.vi:n will bo born and increase in size,
This groat population that will fill East
Kootenny from Goldon to tho boundary
line, will create u growing market for
articles in ever,* line of manufacture.
dance ou any atil.je.-l ol interest lo tlio ������.ii-Tiil
pubiie uti.l desire n rosrulttr i*orr*Miiunrti.>nt ni
.very point In the Distriot,   In nil onsen the
bona fl.ie name of writer must ,i,*.-i,in|.:i:iy the
raanu.crlpt, not iieeossarllv lor |,i.i-li-Mi..-.
but a. a Kiinmulee of good faith.
Correapondenuo with roforenco t*�� nny matter
that haaapjjoarudtn aiiotlior intnor must Ural
be offered to tlmt papur i..r iHibllt-ittlon buror-i
ttc.aapi.ear in '.'TUB HlKBII."
Address ail communications
Goldon, 11. ('.
FRIDAY, APIt.lt* 1. 1808.
Under thc above bond tho " Cranbrook
Herald," the first issue ol whicli has just
reached us, deals at some length on the
Iploturesquo location, surroundings and
futuse prospects of tlie young but rapidly
growing town of Cranbrook, In the
course of the article it says: " If u mini
should traverse all of East Kootenuy
(rom the north to the south, and from
tho east to the west, in search of tho-best,
natural location for a townsite, a plac
to which there conl.I be no possible,
objection, one in fact that would be
Ideals in evory way, he could find just
one, and only ono. There are others
that have many attractive features, but
none that combine every good feature
that is considered requisite lor n f.uti.;-
factory townsite, except thut ou which
Cranbrook is located," ,
Xho Herald goes minutely into a description of the townsite aud mentions
every advantage offered to the investor.
There is no doubt that Cranbrook is
everything* that is claimed for it, shunted as it is on tho main line of the
Crow's ^t'Bt Pass railway, nnd should iu
every *tBpect attract both ihe capital
and energy necessary for, thc proper
building up of this portion of East
Kootonay. The Herald also dilates upon
Cranbrook us central, commercial, mining and smelting point and argues that
" this vast territory * * * is bringing forth riches that is out-Klondlking
the Klondike in gold, silver, copper, lead,
a*oal, oil and Ugl'ipultlirul products."
Jt is well known that Eust Kootenay is
rich in minerals of all kinds, and only
liwait. the advent of capital to prove the
truth of this assertion. .Anywhere and
everywhere in tho district is to bo found
wealth in abundance staring Iho prospector in the face and inviting lhe
trend of capital,
Cranbrook will lie a lively city before
the railroad reaches it, says the Herald,
which will ho sometime in August or
September, and from that timo on no
town in Ea��t Kootenay will bo able to
' keep up witli her growth, which is caving b good deal.
w .-.ioi-. ���
An act has passed lhe local legislature in Victoria making it li'twil to embody any number of claims in one
certificate of Improvement udvertlso-
iiient. This will save a few dollars for
wealthy mining men and cause a loss of
thousands to the press iu mining sections. Tho raino owners COIlld have been
helped further by abolishing tho necessity of publishing nny such notices in
the B. C. Uazetto. That is tho greatest
cinch wo know of, and about as useless
0 piece of expense as could bu found
pny country. Shutting off tho revenue
(rom thg mining press is perfectly riglit,
The papers havo only brought the attention of tlio world to British Columbia
end for their reward they should be glad
to live in such a grand provinco, governed by the most clever association of
bunglers that wero ovor hived together.
-New Denver l.edge,
The ninetieth anniversary of Mr.
Gladstone's birth will bo on the 20th of
December next, but it seems Hardly
likely that he) will survive the Summer.
The aged statesman's days appear to bo
numbered, and the indomitable spirit
will at last go to its long rest,
(From The International.)
number of men in the Crow's
Xest Pass coal mines lias been largely
increased the past month.
Nearly -100 additional men have boon [
put to work on tlio ruilroad sine toe
lirst of tlio month. Many of them come
from as far east an New Brunswick.
Iiissai.l that thero may be another
town planted about one mil.* west of
what Is uo-.v known as Coal Creak. The
coal company owns tho land at Coal
Creok, and the CI'.It. tlio hind furthor
West, ll is hardly probable that there
will he uny rival towmltoa between tin-
two companies,
Postmaster McCabo has been notified
hy the postal (leparmout that a money
order otlico wiil by established at Ward-
noi* on lhe lirst of April.
The loop located betweon Wnrdnor and
Crow's Nest lake is an interesting piece
of railroad work. A bend is made of
about five miles to secure the necessary
grade, (In a direct line tho survey gave
a grade of 2.30 per cent, but by making
this detour thc required grade of 1 per
cent was secured. In places tho lines
are only a few hundred feet apart, one
being greatly elevated above the other.
While working on the grade it was not
uncommon for a blast from the upper
work to send a shower of ro.1* und frozen
dirt onto tho people below. On one
occasion a man bail a shovel handle
broken in his hand by u largo rock
striking it, and at another time a heavy
Ktouo dropped through the roof of the
engineer's house, but fortunately injured
uo one.
 -.>.c...*--���. -
Under and by virtue of tho power of
sale contained in n certain mortgage
miule hy John Gibson to Charles A.
Warren, dated the IStli January, 181)7,
and duly registered, default having been
made in payment of the moneys thereby
secured, there is now offered for sale hy
and iu the following described property:
Lot No. Ill iu Block No. 5, according to a
plan of survey of the Town of Golden,
llritisli (.'nhiinbitt, approved ond confirmed at Ottawa, 16th March, 1888 and
of record in the Department of tho
Thero is a log building erected on the
huul now occupied as a restaurant.
Tenders will he received hy tho undersigned at Golden, B.C., up to 12 o'clock
Noon, on thu 2nd April, 1S��S,
for the purchase of the lands and subject
to a reserve bid and the conditions of
sale, the highest tenderer shall bo the
Tho property will bo sold subject to a
I prior mortgage on which there is owing
| the sum of f-l-iO or thereabouts.
! Kurt hoi* particulars and conditions of
sale may be obtained on a].plication to
tho undersigned,
Dated this 10th March, 1808.
Golden ta Port Steele.
Goldon to Carbonate  17 miles
Hog Bunche  22 "
"      Spillimuchene..... 42 "
"      Shorty's  50 "
"      McKay's  (Ml "
���-      Windermere  '84 "
"      Brewer's  1)7 "
"      Canal Flat  120 "
"       Wasa (Hanson's).. 150 "
"      Fort Steele  1(18 "
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Tiio Chief Justloeshlp.
It is understood that lion. David
Mills has reached the conclusion that the
appointment of an outsider to the Bench
of British Columbia would be unconstitutional, This is us it should be, and
should make it an easy mutter for the
Minister of Justice to give effect tothe
general feeling of the community, which
is that Mr, justice Walkoni should be
olovatorl lo tho position of Chief Justice
We say advisedly that lhe feeling is
practically universal, for a telegram was
lately sent to tho Minister, sighed by
the most inlinenthil members of the Bur
au.I other citizens, Including prominent
lenders of both parties, suggesting the
wisdom of such a course. At the same
time, we think that Mi*. Justice Drake's
service should receive some recognition,
and we therefore again endorse lhe suggestion that iie hi* niu-.!-.- the admiralty
judge.���The Nation.
��� -��*.<**>�� -�����*-- ������.
Gat Married Anyway.
Is it not about timo our issuers of
innrritigo licenses, clergymen and othors
ca'ied a halt and stopped marrying
couples who hnvo nothing to live on,
excepting love? Home young mon never
stop to think that they havo no cows, no
lioisos, no pigs; and the .first thing they
do is to go anil get married. Wo can
hardly blame then nl'tei* all. We would
do the same thing ourselves to-morrow
if tlio play came upright. To bo sure
I all the dowry wo could bring olir bride
[ wonld lie a lot of gall, but it is of a good
quality and procures us a fair inc-nir.
Wo aro on the market; for particulars
as to ago, pedigree, etc., enquire during
ollico hours. If we are out whon you
call, don't go away; wo oro always out
having a drink. The lowest or homeliest
���tender will not necessarily be accepted.
All candidates must have ut least two
years provisions and fathers who have
cattle, as our affections cannot and must
not bo trilled with. Bneo prejudices cnt
no ico in thiu case.���Wotaskiwin Free
Hurler nnd by virtue of the power of
Bale contained in a certain mortgage
mude hy John Gibson to Daniel Webster
Mnrsh, dated tlie 18th day of January,
1K',)7, und duly registered, default having
been made in payment of the moncya
thereby Heoured, there is now offered for
sale by tender, the following lands and
prominefl, namely:���All that portion of
the north half of the north half of Section 13, in Township 27, Rang') 22, west
ol' the Fifth Meridian in the Province of
British Columbia, which lies to the east
of the right of way of the Canadian
1'acific Railway as at present constructed
containing li>7 acres more or less. Also
nil that portion of the north-east ('mirier
nf Suction 1*1 in the said Township 27,
which lies to the east of the rightof way
of the Canadian Pacific Railway, as at
present constructed.
'IVuders will lie received by the undersigned at Golden, R.C.up to 12 o'clock
Noon* on the 2nd April, 18!>S,
fur the purchase of 6aid lands and subject to a reserve bid and the conditions
of salo, tlie highest tenderer shall be thc
The property is close to Goldon and is
well adapted to market gardening.
Further particulars and conditions of
������ale may he obtained on application to
the mortgagee's solicitor.
Dated this 10th March, 1898.
Merchant   Tailor.
Scotch,  English,  Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
G-dl&en.,        .        ���        33i'"G.
3tml8 Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Notice is hereby given that all persons
having anv claims against the estate of
George Woodley, late of Golden, B.C.,
deceased, who died at Golden, B.C.,
tlie 2nd February, 18U8, are requited to
give notico of their claims to G. H.
Woodley aud I>. M. Kae, the executors
appointed by the will of the said George
U'oodley, on or before the first day of
May, A.P., 180S, and that aftor said last
mentioned date, the said executors will
proeeed to distribute such of- said estate
as shall have come to their hands, having regard onlv to sueh claims as they
shall then havo received notice of us
above required.
Dated Hub 23rd March, 1898.
Solicitor for the Ksecutors.
Canada: (
Province of Hiutibh Columbia. |
No. 11/97.
mills IS TO CERTIFY that tlie "Golden Bri
J- Mi Columbia, Limited," Is HiitlioriHi'iL and
licenho11 lo carry on bustnuiui within the Province of British Columbia, ami to curry out or-;
effect all or any of the ot-.tV.H lit'r-j.nuftcr ste!
forth to which the legislative authority of thu
Li-nir-liitim- of Hrlth.ii Columbia extends.
Tho head office of thu Company Is situate At
No. (I, Queen street Place, City of London, Kng*
Tiit* amount of tho capital of the Company Im
iii.i'w); divided into ��ix thousaud sharer, of j��!
The head office of the Company In thin Province in situate at Golden, anu William Gilbert
Mitchell-Innes, whose address Is (iolden, British Columbia, is the Attorney for thu Company.
The objects for which the Company bus been
established and so licensed are;���
fu.j To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise
acquire, mlueg. mining rights, and metallifer-
oii.i lund and any interest therein, ami lo explore, wort, exercise, develop and turn to
account the same:
[b] To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, calcine,
reli lie, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, [mm hast:
and prepare lor market, ore, metal, and mineral substances of all kinds, and to carry on,
either upon or In connection with the premises
or elsewhere, tlio bnalness of miners, millers,
smelters, and workers of any processes iu tbe
production, reduction and making merchantable, of inluerals,metals and metallic products,
supplies of water, merchants, and manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, metals, articles aud things used iu or in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, and other processes
aforesaid, or any of them:
[c] To search for mines and minerals either
on laud known to contain such mines and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rights of search or other miners'
rights or claims under any mining statutes or
regulations of auy place where the Company
carries on operations, and any other rights respecting the same:
[dj To acquire options, or enter into contracts
for the purchase of any grunts, concessions,
leases or setts, easements or interests in lands,
wuters, inillsites, towusites, miues, minerals,
aud other hereditaments, aud any plant, machinery, Implements, conveniences, provisions
and tilings, and any other property, real or
personal, inovablo or immovable, for purposes
.ncidetital thereto or lo any otberoujeets of the
Company, or eapable of being used in connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, and to work, transicr, let or sublet the
[el To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, cupable of being used for the pur-
puses of the Company, or any of them, and to
work, transfer, lei, or sublet the same:
f. To acquire and undertake the whole or any
part of the business, property and liabilities, of
unv person or company carrying onaiiybusl-
ni'iis which this Company is authorised to carry
on; and to acquire and hold auy shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, of or other interests iu
anv Knjiiish, colonial or other companies, associations or undertakings capable oi being managed or conducted so as directly or indirectly
to benellt the business of the Company. Also
to advance money on auy such shares, stocks-
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of or
other interest in such companies, associations
or undertakings, and to uccept sueh shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures or seeur-
ties as partial or full security for payments due
to tlio Company i
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or loin with
others in acquiring, constructing or hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, matters or tilings
which may be necessary or convenient for tbe
purposes of the Company, or any of them, and
to the working of thu same or any part thereof:
h. To improve, mauuge, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, enarge or deal
with, in any manner whatsoever, lhe under-
taking or any part or parts of the property of
the Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
casements in or over the same, and to accept as
payment therefor either cash or shares, or
partiv cash and partly shares, in any other
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
^    CONTRACTOUS    TO   THE   C.P.B.     ^
Ullook & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN     -    -    .   B.
Fi st-Clasa in every particular. Convenient to Railway 7)epot and Steamboat Landtag.
Rates Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms. ,   ,   .
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer for Fort 8t����l�� evtvy
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McRae, Free
Minor's Certificate No. 86930, intend,
sixty days from the dnte hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of tho above
claim located on Spillimacheen Mountain, situate in the Golden Mining
Division of Kast Kootenay District.
And further take notice that action,
under Bcction 37, must ho commenced
hefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1898.
John McRar,
By his agent Geo. S. McCarter.
company purchasing the same
'. To establish and maintain agencies of the
Compauy In any colony, dominion, foreign
. liuiitry or stute, and to procure tlie Compauy
lobe registered or incorporated iu any sueli
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objects altogether or in part similar to
the objects of this Company, and to enter Into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company ur
person or Arm engaged or about to engage ln
any business or transaction which this Compauy is authorized to engage in, or capable of
being conducted so as directly or indirectly to
benellt this Company:
k. To hold, ln the names of other*, any property which the Company u authorised to
acquire, and to carry ou ��r do any of the
businesses and acts and thing* aforesaid, either
as principal or agent, and either by the agency
of or as agents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange and other instruments, negotiable or ol her wise,and to borrow money-either
with or without security, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise, including
the Issue of debentures charged upon all or any
of the Company's property (both present and
tuture), lucludii
dug its uncalled capital:
For Home Comforts       ��'
Modern Conveniences   ���
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms'
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jtbuse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
^ymtm   Golden, B.C.
���^.Headquarters For-**.
Miners,  Prospectors   and  Lumbermen.
ISates $1.00 3?er D��*3T-
Board a Lodging $5 Pkk Week.    First Class Ba��.
By tho [jeoplc of British Columbia, a
nsw loi-ul legislature. It uiust have
somo of tlio following qualifications:
Kouio braiim.
Must bo able to live within its income.
Must have no uio��.*i in sight, or any
sijjn of being fossilized.
.Must be nil gentlemen; No prizefighters need apply.
Must have will-power enough to protect tlio people against corporations.
Must liavu no friends or poor relations
In search of a job.
Must be Incapable of being the .main
guys in speculative companies.
Must run the Chinese out of tho
country and give all white people a
square deal.
Must be ablo to read, write and talk
Must be ablo to say Xo to the many
cho'ftermongers now hero or en route
For further information address the AdVertiS6 in
editor of tliis paper.   Tenders will be
opened in July.���New Denver Ledge.
NOTICE Is hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly ol the
Province of llritisli Columbia, at Its next session, for a J'rlvttie Hill to incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
line or lines of railway from a point at or near
Cruubrouk, in East Kootenay, thence by the
most feasible route to the St. Mary's Hiver;
thenco iu a westerly direction to thw headwaters of si.Mary's Uivcr: and also In an easterly and northerly direction from some point on
the said Unu a brunch line up the East Koote-
n.iv Valley to the neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. 'i creeks and the minesin that
vicinity; with power to the said Company to
construct a line from the Hull Itlver Group of
Mines, iu Eat-t Kootenay, to the most convenient point ou the main line of the
Crow's Nest Pass Hallway; and also
to authorize and empower the Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
groups of mines and concentrators from any of
the three above-mentioned lines of railways,
sueh branch Hues nut to exceed twenty (20)
miles in l-ngtJi; with power to build telegraph
unit telephone lines, and to equip aud operate
thc said railway end Its branches, and to erect
and maintain all necessary works for the generation und transmission of electricity oi
power within the area of the operations of the
said Company; and power to build, maintain
und operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saw-nulls, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for improving and
Increasing tbe water privileges, and to make
t ni (lie or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other companies,and for all other
usual and necessary powers, rights C"
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 36th October, 1897. tn fit
in. lo promote and form other companies for
any of the objects mentioned In this Memorandum:
n. To invest and deal with tbe moneys of the
Compauy not immediately required upon such
securities and in such manner us from time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of tha property of the
Company among tbe members in specie:
p. To carry ou business in any part of the
world and to do ull such things as are incidental or conducive to tbe attainment of tht above
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
19th day of October, oue thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven.
nltWt ���
8. Y. ffOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Conpanlti.
All persons indebted to mo are requested to settle same with Mr. C. H.
Parson, who has authority to givo
receipts for th* same.
Golden, February 15th, 1898.
PUBLIC NOTICE 1. hereby gl.en thatappll-
1 cation will be made to the Parliament of
Canada, at Uie next session thereof, for an Act
cliauKlng the name of The Dominion Building
and Loan Association to that ot The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company.
Dated at Toronto, this I7th day of No-rember,
A.D., 1807:
2 Toronto Street, Toronto.
n25*9t Solicitors for Applicant..
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.0      ���^^
Groceries, Dry Goods tt General Merchandise.   Mioan'
Supplies a Specialty. 1    * ',' >
Windermere Hotel,
, -a
-����� James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   First class accommoditiea.
East Kootenay^
Mining Stock List.
Name or Company.
The Gold Hills C. & D. Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Golden 4 Fort Steele D. Co	
Alberta k Kootenay D. Co	
East Kootenay and Elk Rivor Development A Exploration Co,.__.	
* 750,000
$ 500,000
| '- 75,000
��� 1.00
SILL. piuc*.
MINING BROKER, OC-LDH', B.f, Th* "Copper King's" Romanes.
The romance of the " Copper King " of
Colorado and Its happy ending at St.
Dunstan's, in Fleet street, London, waa
a matter of particular interest to American society in London. The " Cop
King" is Mr. John McDonough, the
president of the John McDonough Secur
Ity Co., of Denver, head of such i
splendid property as the Gholson Coppor
Co., and principal member of the com.
pany working the mother vein at Clear
creek, Colorado, adjoining the famous
Stanley mine, Irom which gold, silver
and copper to the value of ���3,000,000
have been taken. The bride was Miss
Margerie Dare, a young lady who has
succeeded In making a name for herself
in literature in New York, writing over
the nom de plume of Richard Dare. She
is a New Orleans girl, and comes from
an old and distinguished Creole family,
Mr. McDonough is a Liverpool i'.irishman by birth. He went to America as
a lad, and his first experience of life on
the other *id* of tho Atlantic was gained
in telling papers about the streets of
New York. He was bright and energetic
and roso atoadily, finallygoingtnAllmny
and Troy, in New York state, and secur.
iug control ol a small library which he
soon developed iuto a publishing house
that gained a dedided reputation in the
western part of the state. It was at
Troy, when he had distanced a number
of rivals in the bookselling business, that
Mr. McDonough met Miss Dare. This
wai a little over five years ago. Everything went well lor a time. But the
course of true love did not run smoothly.
The McDonough establishment was sold,
the local society was disappointed of a
splendid wedding it had anticipated for
nearly a year, and Mr. McDonough left
Troy with a heavy heart. The young
Auieric.iii-Knglislit.mil went straight to
Colorado and tried to forgot the lovely
Southener. He got into the real estate
busines* in Denver, made money fast,
organized the First National Bank of
Colorado, of which be ia still the president, became director of tlie Commonwealth Savings Bank, and then started
in to buy up prospectors' claims in mines
that had proved good. He went in fur
copper when almost everybody was seeking only silver and gold, and the event
proved the wisdom of his judgment
Mr. McDonough, making copper hit
���pecialty, in this way organized syndicate after syndicate to operate the mines
he secured. One of these mines,
Custer county, Colorado, is no-v paying
good dividends bn over $2,000,000. When
tbe copper mines were in sueh a highly
remunerative condition, Mr. McDonough,
who had all along*kept a close watch on
the movements of Dare, again lay active
���lege to that young lady's affections, and
her reply to him was a promise to go to
London and be married, where it was
duly consumated a short time ago.
(From tho Now Denver Ledge.)
When hard times hit tho neighboring
camps of the Slocan they one and all
turn upon New Denver as if they would
rend her limb from limb. It was so in
'93-*94 and is being repeated now. And
New Denver marches proudly on, totally
unmindful of the babblings of her rattlebrained slater*.
Sandon ha* at last reached the zenith
of her glory. Tho prime motive of incorporation has been achieved and the town
' la wild with joy. The innovation is in
the shape of a comique���a regular high-
geared, double-tubbing, ball-bearing
concern where ancient lassies peddle
beer and work* the fickle youth of forty-
The gentle rustle of tho old-time
buttle is once again heard in the fashionable female world. History repeats
Itself in thit aa in nearly everything
el**, and we rejoice at thc return of thc
buttle. It will give us nn opportunity
to dispose of an immense ledge of old
newspapers that we have been unable to
work since cheap wall paper ruined our
business in that direction.
Turn to the Left.
Teamsters and others driving on the
public road* of this province must
alwaya pan on the left when meeting
another vehicle, Mr. Graham endeavored to change the law last week by
bringing in his Highway bill, whloh was
to enact that drivers should turn to the
right, but a* it is admitted tlmt turning
to tha left is much safer than turning to
th* right, the old law has been retained.
A* th* driver aits on the right front of
hi* vehicle he can see tlie inside wheels
Doth el hi* own and the wagon he passes
by taking the left, but if he went to tlie
right he would not be able to do so, and
the danger of a collision would be greater.
Turn to the left is tho rule of the road in
England, and the Spokesman-Review
���ay* it was also the rule in the American
colonies, but after the revolutionary war
the people adopted the opposite plan just
becau*e they would not have any Eng-
lith ideas in the new republic. The
English rule, however, prevails in British'Columbia, not because it is English,
but simply because it is safer.
be a splendid structure, of Calgary sandstone anil brick, 100 feet long, CO feet
wide, and 120 feet high, with six storeys
on the trout. It will cost ill the vicinity
of $200,000, and tho architect is Mr. Ed.
Maxwell, of Montreal. The C. P. R.
will also make extensions to several of
the company's western hotels during the
coming season, sueli as Field, Glacier,
Itevclstoke and North Bend.
Will Require More Men.
The C. P. Ii. will require a large number of men this summer. One thousand
more are needed for the Crow's Nest pass
road. Besides these a large number of
seel ion men will be needed to work on
tho main line of the Canadian Pacific
between l'ort William and Donald, B.C.
There is always a great deal of construction and repair work to be done along
the line when spring opens, and the
company will require 3,000 men in all to
work on the main line, About 2,000 will
bo secured in the west.
A young lady whoso sense of shame
would not permit her to address a certain
unmarried elerl; in the ordinary English
called for a pair of garters thus: " It is
my desire to obtain a pair of circular
elastic appendages and expended by
means of oscillating burnished Steele
appliances that sparkle like particles of
gold leaf set with Alaska diamonds and
which are utilized for keeping in position
the habiliments of the lowur extremities
which innte delicacy forbids uie to mention."   The dork fainted.
TTIS HONOUR tlio I.ieutenant-liovernor has
1L   been  plooaod   to  make   the
appointment :-
3rd March, 1888.
Janes Ferqusson Armstrong, o( Fort Steele,
Esqulru, S.M., to i.e a Deputy Coroner for thc
County of Kootenay, 18m2
pontes OF ASSIZK and Mil Prins, and of
v' Oyer and Terminer and General thiol Delivery, will \w iini,it'ii at the places uud ou the
dates following, viz.:���
city of Kelson, on Monday, the :20th day of
Juno, 1898.
Town of Donald, on Monday, thc 27th day of
June, 1898.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provinninl Secretary's Office,
8th March, 1898. 18m tf
vrOTICEls hereby given that on the 14th day
-��-" of January, 1803, it was ordered bv tho
Honourable* J. A. Forin, Judge of the County
Court, that James F. Armstrong, Official Administrator of the County of Kootenay, be
Administrator of all and singular the goods,
chattels and credit of Ernest Orpwood ol Goldon, labourer, deceased, intestate
Every person indebted to the sfitd deceased,
Is required to make payment forthwith :o tht
Every person having ln possession effects
belonging to the deceased, is required forthwith
to notify the mulor.-dgued.
Every creditor or other person having any
claim upon or Interexl ill the distribution of
the personal estate of the said deceased, is
required within thirty days of this date, to
vend by registered letter addressed to the
undiirsigneil, his name and address, and the
lull particulars of his claim or interest, and 1
statement of his account, and the nature of the
riirily (If any) held by him. After the expiration of tlie said thirty davs, the Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of the estate,
having regard to ihouc claims only of which he
MliuM have had notice.
luted at Fort Htccle, this 27th day of January,
Official Administrator.
New Vancouver Station.
The C. I*. R- will proceed with thu coil
���traction of th��ir new atutiun building at
once- Mr. Thos. Tompkins, ol Brockvillc
tho contractor hus mude arrangements
jii Montreal in this connection.   It will
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of   East
Kootenuy  District.
���vjOTICE IH HEREBY (ifVEN in accordance
^ with ttie Statutes thut Provincial Revenue
Tiixautliil! taxes levied under the Assessment
Act are now due for the year 1898.
All of lite abOVQ named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Kootenay
Dtstrlct nre payable at my olllee, tho Court
House, Golden.
Assessed taxes aro collectable at tbe following
rutes, viz.:
ff paid ou or before June :10th, 1898.
Throe-flfthH of one per cent, ou Ileal Property.
Two and 0110-half per cent, on assessed value
of wild laud.
One-half of one per cent, on Personal
On so much of the Incomes of any person as
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
rutes, namely: t'pou such excess of income
when the sum is not more than Ten Thousand
Dollars, one per cent.; when such excess Is
over Ten Thousand Dollars and not mor,. than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one aud one-quarter
of one per cent.; when such excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-half of
ono percent.
If paid on or after tho 1st July, 1803.
Four-ll fths of ono per cent, on Heal Property.
Three per cent, ou the assessed value of wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
tin so much of thu Incomes of any person as
exceeds ..One Thousand Dollars the following
rates, namely: Upon such excess when the
same Is not more than Ton Thousand Dollars,
one mid one-quarter of one per cent.; when
suoh excess ts over Ten Thousand Dollar* and
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
aud one-half of ono pen cent) when sueh excess
is over Twenty Tliou*mud Doilurs, one and
thMQ-quorters of one per cunt.
Provincial Revenue Tax. ?.t.uo per capita.
Assessor anil Collector.
Golden, January 10th,:
Is the best adveris-
ing medium in East
Contains the latest
news of the district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
Situated on Perry Greek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, balance In Uir*. ��i*<
intuitu*, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper  olumbia-
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. R. at Golden, B. C.
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Has the best equipped Job Printing
Office in the district;
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
F. P.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Is prepared too d all
kinds of Job Print
ing  at   reasonable
Mgardiie * Hetel
Fort Steele, B. C.
R. D.   MATHR, Proprietoi*
Haleyon flot springs
Tlie  Finest  Hultfi   Kea*rt  01   the ConMnwit
Primte Hospital under medicnl .nperinttp-
denre with 11 Trainwl Stiff of M��r.e*.
Completo rjyitem of B*th., of ewrr kind
and doscription.
Medical Uirettor-DK. K. G. BR1TT, Bin*.
ReHidtmt Ph-rsicitin k 8ur|��oti���DS. 8PAKKU.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER.
___ A   FULl*   SUPPLY   OF ,m
Drugs,  Chemicals, Patent  Medicines,   Toilet
, Articles and Stationery,
��� mm uri Mfammmmmmmm
You arc Cordially Invited to caU and inspect
our Stock. Prescriptions u��o Private
careful!; compounded.
C   W.   Jieid,
. What ia * Boy.M Fltiili? ��� Ask JoKnny
R���. '       ���
Saudon curling olu'b won tho Boetook
trophy lost week from Kaslo and
The regular monthly meeting of the
North Kaet Kootenay Miners Association, takes place on Tuenlay evening
'���tent at the Colun.hia'llouse.
We direct tho attention of our readers
to Sir. C. W. Field's advertisement
which appears on this page. Mr, Field
li��s just i>ut in a complete stock of drugs,
chemicals aud stationery.
A"m*eting of the BGoldon Rinlc Co.
fill be held atthe Columbia House on
Tuesday cvoritng, Ai>ril 5th, at �� o'clock.
A full attendance is requested as important business will t>o hreught before the
The wcial to be held in the Methodist
Church on Thursday evening of nest
week promises to b* a good one. A
musical ��nd literary programme has
been arranged and a pleasant tinio is
J. C. Tom has move..! liis tailoring
establishment from Iho Alexander
Illock to tho new store which has just
been erected -opposite tlie Columbia
House. Mr. Tom also carries a first
class stock of ready made clothing.
Tho Cranbrook Hurald, published at
Cranbrook, South East KoMenay, is the
latest aspirant for journalistic honors in
Fast Kootenay. It comprises four pageB
of seven columns each and has a neat
typographical appearance. , We wish
tiie proprietor* every success in their
A meeting .of tbe Golden Football
Club will be held at the Columbia
"ilouse on Monday evening, April 4th, at
8 o'clock. All those interested in football or intending to join the club aro
particularly requested to attend. Ar*
rangemente will be made at this meeting
for a practice game to take place on
Good Friday afternoon.
British Columbia, according to thc
recent Dominion renins of the.Indian
'population Jpoi**e��sed 24,946 Indians in
1397, at compared with 25,06!) in 18
Ontario is the only province in Tanada
-where the Indian* are iacreasing. There
fiey in 1896 numbered 17,603; and in
1897 they had increased to 20,500,
whicli il remarkable. Beside* the Indians in the province* there are thousand! of them scattered about the north
lands beyond.the Saskatchewan and
Hudson Bay.
Tho district of Alberta, N.W.T., has
extensive coal deposits, aud many of its
streams contain gold. Those facts are
insufficiently known, at least in Canada,
where the slopes of the Koekies have not
.*>' hitherto bedn held iu much esteem. Tho
east side of 'this great range is, indeed;
*o heavily mineralized ns to offei excellent inducements to the prospector, who
will loon discover that valuable galena-
copper deposits havo demonstrated thoir
value. As in the Butte mines, this copper may give low values for tho first 400
nr 600 ft., when suddenly the grade may
become rich. Home claims belonging to
Messrs. P. McCarthy, Q.C., Major
Walker,- and T. E. Wilson havo proved
to contain true fissure veins; and probably with depth the lead will give
place to rich copiair.���B. C. lleview.
Mr, ('has. McCready, C.I'.K. insjiector
ol ties, returned early iu the week from
an official visit to the scene of operations
along th* Un* of construction of the
Crow'* Nest railway. Mr. McCready
came horn* heartily dismnted with that
part of tha country In tho vicinity of
Macleod, Alt.., where the weather wus
cold aad the snow driits six feet high
packed so hard that it wu no trouble for
one to ride on horsoback over the drift*
without leaving any impression of the
horses' hoof*. He had waited around
Macleod for several day* in order to get
out to different parts of tbe work, but
tho snow was packed so that men had to
be sent out to shovel out a trail in order
to let teams pass on with provision* and
necessaries for tho camps. Further, Mr.
McCready says that in speaking with
some of tho ranchers in that vicinity
he was given to uudcrstund that if tho
hard weather did not immediately let up
tho loss in cattle would he enormous.
Mr. McCready went back last evening
and will endeavor to reach tho desired
. Ipot om*o again and will most likely stay
thero until h�� can complete his business
before coming home.
Get bargain* for cash at C. A. War-
lea's during stock la-king.
Merchant  Tailor,
wishes to announce that he
has opened up a full line of
Ready-Made Clothing in connection with his Tailor Shop.
He also wishes to announce that he has moved
into the store recently erected
opposite the Columbia House,
where he will be pleased to
have the public call and
make a thorough examination of his goods before purchasing elsewhere.
TIJ-OTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that application
*. will te made lo thc Parliament of Canada
and to the Legislative A-^einlily of the Province
of Britl-h ColumMaat their respective HCBlmi-i
to incorporate a Company to construct a railway to he operated h>- steam or electricity from
a potut at or near Craubrook, in East Kootenuy,
British Columbia���the most northerly point on
the Crow's Nest Hallway,���thenea running In a
northerly direction up the Kootenay Kiver to
Canal Flat; thence to the Columbia lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
Hiver to the Canoe Hiver; 'hence up thu Canoe
Itlver aud across the Portage to tho headwaters
oi the b'raser Hiver; thenee down the l-'raser
I'.lver to Uiscomc Porta-te; thenco across the
p.,mice to Parsnip Hiver; tbenca down th.
Puriiiip Kiver to Vindl-iy Hiver, and up the
Findlay Hiver aud across the divide to Frances
Lake, and fhence to tha Yukon, with power to
divert th. route ol the Hue north of Giaeomo
Portage either by way of Pi-use Lake or as may
be found most suitable ou further exploration,
with power to build aud operate brunch Hues
not exceeding sixty miles iu len-rtLi and all
necessary bridges aud roads. Also, to construct
aud operate telegraph aud telephouo Hues for
the t:nu.su'Lv.ioii of te.-ss.iges tor thc public; to
build, acquire au 1 operate steatu uud other
vessel, and all necessary ferries, wharves and
do.)k.; to taka and use wuter for geuuratlug
electricity, uu.t to transmit and dispose of the
power therefrom for lighting, beating and
mollve purposes; with power also to carry on
the business of a gcueral trading company, of
au express compauy; also to own, mauag.and
lease hotels, to uc.-ulro, to acquire timber
limits and operate aaw milts, (or the produetiou
und sale of lumber, and to mine, explore anil
develop mineral lands aud to carry una general
mining and ore amelting business. Including
the erection and operation at smelters aud
solicitors for Applicants.
D.la.1 .1 Ottawa Kb November, isstf.     lin-Ct
VTOTICI ll hereby i.ti* tkat 1 gk.ftll apply (tr
*' especlaltlmbar Uctncate cut timber on
Ui* following described Uodi :���Cera mine ing
ftt a pott on Middle Iter k of Vinlty Creek.poat
Auaud 1,50* feet to tke  Berth tf   Hernia's
 irrsl, M. V.; thtnee runninglfiicualnssouth;
thence 7# chain went; thsace IMchains north;
Ititnct 71 chains teit tt the pest ef cemMtace-
���taiii;contatiiif l,uM act** about.
~^ M.   CABUS.
���oldta.l, c.  OcttbtrSttk, UK-
XTOTIC1 Is ktrtbt giTHthat I Khali apply
*N far a special timber licence t�� cut timber
���nth* fallowing tVw'ribed land! i��� Cemiuiinc-
togata point on Flnley Creek, at tht bead of
tht canyan, north-aaat cernerpoit; running
west 2M chains; thtnvt 40cha|��s ��uth ; tbenca
200 chains east; tktnct -ft chains north topoint
of cent ��a nee mem ;  containing   about  1,000
**""' ,   }. e. mtuck.
Tc.-t l'...l.,0t:tobu a.t, 1***,
Minister of "Aiiru'w and Provincial Secretary--
lion. Col. .luiiies Baiter.
Provincial MineraloKkt���W. A. Carlyle.
l'ubilc Assayer���H. Carmicha-jl
For th* ProTtuce���W. 8. (lure Victoria
lifuilh District comprising fort Steele aud Tobacco Fluius Miuiug  Divisions-,!.  V. Arui-
litr'iuir Cranbrook
North District comprising Donald, Oolduu and
Winder mere Mluiug Division*���J. E. Griffiths
j. Stlrrot Donald
K". C.lUng Golden
ii. Goldlc Wlnderuicr**
C. M. Edwards. Fort Hteele
M. Phillip!!   Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for North Kast Koot-
enuy JoHiah ritirrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of the Peaeo for South Boat Kootonay���Charles Manse)' Kdwards... .Fort bieulu
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explainingr Fully thu
Value aud Necessity of a "Free
XiuerH " Certificate���Jfo Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 yean of n-jt, nayba
couie a free miner by paying 45 to any gold
.'oi.'.mi-Monur or mlQural r-conk-r and ��btaln-
lug a ct*rtliicatc good for oae tear.
A Ire-) miner may obtain a new csFtiflcata for
one lost on paying ���?' ���'
A free mincr'M certtRcato la not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held as real estate without license, muy
be fined %'i'>. Mines becoma itm\ featatt a-Uvr
crown grant has been issued.
Should co-owner fall topayupblafrcftniner't
ceriificute his interest goes to his co-owners pro
rati, iici-ordisii' to their former Interests.
A shareholder In ujoiutstoclc company naad
not be a free miner.
A free-miner may claim l-XOxlSOO feet. But
airuiitfles must be right angles and all ueasur-
nient must be burnout .".My.
A free miner may cut timber oa crown lands.
A free miner may kill gama for his own tue
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain flva acre milLtitaup-
on crown lands in tbe form of a square,
A cliiiin may bu held from year to yeaf by
work being done to tha vuiua of ontt hun-irHd
Lodes dinr-overeil In tunail may ke heU ii �����
corded in 15 days.
A free miner r.n\y on payment of $X0, ln lieu oi
expenditure on claim, obtain a'crowu grant.
Any miner may, at the discretion of th��- gold
oumiiitsi-ioTitir, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer ol any miueral claim or interest
sliullbe enforceable unless in writing, signed'
and recorded. '  ,
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission
oi-d-uimission, or delays on thu part of tbe
government officials.
No claim shall be open to location during
Inst illnesss of holder, nor within 12 months
after bis death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must bt recorded within IS
days after location, if within 11 miles of office
of mluiug recorder.   One additional day Is al-
owed fur evory additional 10 miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim te the valve ef
J'.'hi must bu 'lone each year from date of record of mineral claim.' Affidavit wade by tbe
holder, or his aifcnt, setting out a detailed
rsiatement of the work done must b�� filed with
the gold commisslunsr or mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, aud recorded before the eipirrttiou of each yaar from the date
of record ol suid claim. A free miner holding
adioiuiug claims, may subject to liLine uotice
of his Intention witli tbe gold commisfefener or
mining recorder perform ou any oue or more of
Kuch claims, all the work required to entitle
him to a certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims In partnership.
In lieu of above work the miu.ir must pay ?10u
ami get receipt aud record the same.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to Uo Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Hand Bills
Calling Cards
Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Books
Bank Work
Promisory Notes
Receipt Forms
Asday Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
Pacific Ry.
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon oountry, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for March and
Alki Mar. 27
Islander    "   2U
Australian...    "   30
Thistle    "   81
Pakshan ..April 1
Victorian    "     4
Danube...    "     5
Queen..    "     5
Ning Chow    "     9
CottageCity    "   10
Cottage City sails for Wran
gle, Juneau and Sitka
���        only.
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tha most comfortable hotel in South
Ernst Kootesaj. Good Table. Good
Wine*. Good Attendance. Term*
Wm.   Eschwig,  Prop.
.. .
in prices of surplun
Dry Goods, Hats and Cape,
Boots & Shoes, Furniture
and  Glassware*
"i   ii I I.
ffioom must be made fer
New Spring Slock.
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The beat ntoppinjr place for freighter* In
Columbia Valley la at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation 4 Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables.
Tho But Bear la Ca.aJa 1* mad. it tat
Calgary Brewing A
Malting Co., Lt'd
Mannfactnrera ef Beer, Ale and Hftda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every time. They
all huvc it.
Kootenay Is
Company's agent for Zut
B. O. PARSOV, Golden, B.C
'. ���.���*-
*   '       ' ...
While taking down stock for one week from dits %
will sell at very ltw prices for cash;
Hats, Caps,. Dry Cnnds, Cants Furnishings,
Shirts, NEcktiEs, Boots f ShoES;
.   & Fancy Douds,
Grold-eaa., Z5.C.
.- i $
Tinsmithing it General"Jobbing,
v-.- ^W*..: *


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