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East Kootenay Miner 1898-07-01

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Full Text

 Devoted to the JUining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOQTEJlAY.
Vol. 1, No. 49.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  July   1st 1898.
$2.00 Per Year
Address--1S0X 411 GOLDEN, ll.C.
0. S. Mt-riKT'-K. JAH. A. H.lllVKV.
Harvey & McCarter,
Fire, Life, Real Kutau*, House AgeiitC
Auctloni-uni amfcti.itoins Broken
Fire Agencies :
Hue-en, Luneashlre, rnfon, Hartford.
European siraiusliip Ticket Office.
The Sun Life IntmraiicuCompany.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The-Blrbeck liivetttiuunt uud Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
Anil civil Engine?*!
Foot Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker. Financial Agent, Conveyancer*,
mid Notary 1'iitdir.
rout ofllee address:
Assay Oflh-os and
ChenilotU Laboratory,
For several years with Vivian A Sons, H wan-
lea, and lival representative for them.
For 5 yours manager for theausayers to the
KloTiiilo Co., London.
Canadian representative of the CtUMolGold'
Extracting Co. L'ttl, GlMfcow (Cyanide process.)
>'.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
I'lans Prepared.
1'rompt attention given to Orders,
A supply0( Building,Lime fnr.sale.
The Golden
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Fish and (iame in season.
llenlors in cattle, Sheep and Hrirsps,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
noo.l Baildle Horses nnd Ulgl ol All Kllnla for
Hire at Ke**snli*il��l*�� Rate..
Teaming of All KlntlH a Specially.
Golden, 11. C.
Good Time
By every nmn who linn n watch.
��� W. ALEXflJlDEH, ���
C.P.R. Watch inMieetor will be
at THK M1NE11 01'1'ICE frimi
We.liiwtli.v to Friday
each woek, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work enn lie left nt
L H. M,
Wedding Rings
A Specialty.
Calgary,   -   Alberta.
TOiisoRmii PAHiiOHs
Newly Relltti'il k Refurnished.
The liest of tlie kinil west of
Everything Complete,
All Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
& Embalming
' Telegraph orders receive prompt attontion
CALQARY, Aita. t
The Providence Fop Go
Providence, U.I.
wants nil kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
(lays nre as follows;
Silver Fox If 15.00 to t-150.00.
Bear '������ 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter ��� 4.00 to ��   0*00.
Martin $ 2.00 to *   0.00.
Denver (per pound)...*��� 3.00 to *.   3.50.
Wolf ( 1.00 to |   2.00.
Red Fox *��� 1.00 to *,   2.00.
Mink *   .75 to f   2.00.
Skunk  ��   .25 to $   1.00.
Grav Fox $   .50 to *>     .75.
Hal *���   .20 to ��     .25.
Price lint on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
iniarnnteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment; and immediate remittance on
ull consignment.".
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables,
Fom Steele', S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting ni nil kinds undertaken.
Hudson's   Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA,
Wong See,
Optician mid
Watch*.', cleaned, Jowolleuy mounted, Glasses
munilOll nn.l Hun. repaired. First i*Imn. work
in every department. A trial .olicitc.t, so come
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,
has the liest restaurant in Golden. It is open nt nil hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A pood selection of
Chinese Lily (lower roots apply
, at once for tfic Choicest ere they
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, <g)
Meals Day and Might,
July 7th.
Under the auspices of the Golden
Football Club.
Admission SOc
Reserved Seats
Children   25c.
July 7th.
16 Loaves   $1
Sixteen 1--.ll>.   LonvcK for One
Hollar OiihIi,
At Mack Joe's.
Cunningham & Harvey
(Tali! of Vancouver)
Ansn>'ern and Chemists,
All work done In duplicate nnd guaranteed.
A portion of etch sample is put aside for
future reference.
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
list of officers.
President���Hon. F. \V. Aylmer.
1st Vico-Prss.���W. G. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vieo-Pres.���W. G. Neilson, J.P.
3rd Vice-I'res.��� E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer��� E. A..Haggen.
The regular meetings of the Association
arc held on the lirst TmAjdayW each
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
soil, May, ls'JS.
IS HONOl'K the Lieutenant-Governor ha.
*-* t>e,-a pleased to appoint the undermentioned person, to he collectors ol Vote., nn.ler
the proTl.l.tn. ol .eetlon 10 ol tlie " K.-.lisli ll.u-
tlnn Ac;, ISM," namely:
.Ionian 8T1RRRTT, ol llonati), lor thc North
Kldllur, Ka.1 Kootenay Electoral lli.trict.
CHARLRfl M. Kdwariw.oI Fort Steele, lor the
South Riding, Ka.1 Kootenay Electoral District.
And III. Honour thc LlellteliaH|.(Jo*rornor ha.
been pleased to appoint thc undermentioned
person to he a Dl.trfbntlna Collector, under the
Jirnvl.lon. ol metlon 17 ol lhe said Acl, namely:
In llio former Electoral Dl.trlet el K..1 Koote-
u.y, James f. AMMTaosa, of Fort Steele.
Opening of the Campaign.���Candidates Meet the Electors and
Are Well Reoeived.
The real work of the political campaign
commenced on Monday night when the
candidates, Mr. Welle and Mr. Neilson,
faced the electors iu tlie Alexander Hall,
Golden, when both received u hearty
recoption, the reception of Mr. Wells
being the heartier of the two. The hull
was well filled. The proceedings were
tardy in commencing. The hour advertised wus 8 o'clock but the chair was not
taken until long after that hour. The
audience was somewhat impatient but
were good humored indulging in friendly
baudiage. The first candidate who put
in an appearance was Mr. Wells who
obtained quite an ovation. On Mr.
Keilson's arrival he was also warmly
���"reeled. Arrangements were made between the candidates as to the order of
business und duration of speeches. These
concluded Mr. Devlin, book-keeper for
Mr. II, G. Parson, wus called upon to
preside over tke meeting. The chairman
bespoke an attentive hearing lor each of
the candidates who, he stated, at the
conclusion would be glad to answer nny
questions or give any explanations as to
their views and position.
The first candidate to address the
meeting was Mr. Neilson who, in a neat,
graceful speech, explained his position,
attitude and views. He said he had
great pleasure in meeting the people ol
Golden when making his maiden speech
who no doubt had received his address
and carefully studied it which he hoped
would meet with their approval and sup*
port. His opponent Mr. Wells, aud he
had always been personal friends nnd he
hoped would still remain so although Mr
Wells' personal remarks iu regard to tliis
election on the public platform have
been anything but gentlemanly and
truthful. My position with Mr. Wells
can be explained in a very lew words
which I shall do and leave my friend
Mr. Gordon Hunter to discuss the policy
of tlie present government compared
with that of the Opposition.
Some months ago continued Mr. Xcil-
son, when in Golden, Mr. Wells and I
were walking over to th. station and tlio
subject of his coming out as a representative of this district was mentioned and
during tlie conversation I told my friend
Mr. Welts that if he came out as a government or even an independent supporter ol tlie government thut he could
have my vote. Mr. Wells agreed with
me in this course. Some time later a
meeting of his convention was being held
at the Queen's hotel. I was In Golden
and met Mr. Wells and walked over
with him to attend this convention.
When I got there I was told that I could
not take part iu the convention as I had
no proper credentials to represent Heaver. 1 therefore took no part in the convention. What afterwards followed you
nil know, Mr. Wells came out as an out
and out opposition candidate, lieing
thus deceived by my friend Mr. Wells
on his lirst policy nnd his taking th.
opposition platform after having given
me to understand lie wasa government'
candidate or an independent supporter
of the same. I think there should be
no slur east on my character in the position I now occupy us the candidate supporting the piesent government and its
policy. It is at the solicitations of the
electors that I am here as candidate tonight and it is in their interests alone
that I appear. I repudiate entirely with
contempt the aspersions that have been
made by tho opposite side that 1 am the
candidate in the interests of Mackenzie
k Mann or nny other man.
Mr. Wells opened his remarks by
expressing his pleasure at the opportunity afforded him in meeting his opponent
for the first time at a public meeting.
He had himself held several meetings, to
which Mr. Neilson had been extended a
cordial invitation, and ho might huvc
taken exception to the fact that he had
not been so far honored with his attendance. To show, however, that he had
no vindictive feeling towards his opponent, he had that evening travelled tome
fifteen miles to do himself the honor of
attending Mr. Neilson's first meeting.
Mr. Wells then referred to thc satisfaction it gave him to find that his opponent
had at last deemed it advisable to issue
his address to tho electors of this constituency. It was u well-marked feature
in the contest that Mr. Neilson had hud
a somewhat ambiguous position, having
at first posiiil as an independent, then
us an independent supporter of the
government, and finally seeking shelter
ns a full-fledged out-and-out admirer of
the Turner administration; so that at
lasl he really had the satisfaction
ol being able to hold illWn to sume fixed
purpose during the remaining days ol
the .canvass. This, however, was not the
worst feature of Mr. Neilson's
candidature, owing to the fact Unit he
bad given him (Mr. Wells) his unqualified pledges of support; this his opponent was now endeavoring to escape,
alleging as he did that he (Mr. Wells)
had obtained liis pledge under the
promise that he would run as an independent or n government supporter.
Mr. Wells then proceeded to show the
absurdity ol any such contention and
which he supported by the minutes of a
Liberal meeting convened nt Golden ns
far back as the 24th February, 1897, for
the express purpose ol organizing the
party in opposition to the present government. Ho (Mr. Wells) addressed thut
meeting in denunciation of the Turner
government in the strongest possible
language nt his command, warning the
people that it was time when they
should take its affairs into their own
hands and secure them from the controlling influence of the Dunsmuir element, whicli had been such a ruling
power over the present administration.
He (Mr. Neilson) at that meeting was in
full sympathy and accord with Mr.
Wells' remarks, expressing himself ns
endorsing the position Mr. Wells had
taken and promising him if a candidate
to give him his unfailing support. At
this meeting an executive Liberal committee was formed, to which he (Mr.
Wells) had been given tlie position of
honorary chairman, thus committing
himself fully to the object of the organization, and that for the specified purpose of opposing the government, from
which he had to this never swerved.
This, however, was not all; for he found
from the minutes nf the meeting that
both he and Mr. Neilson had pledged
themselves over their own signatures to
support the nominee of the Liberal
party. Mr. Neilson, interrupting, said
that this was for Dominion purposes,
but the insiccrity of this was pointed
out by Mr. Wells in referring to the
heading of the pledge, stating plainly
that the organization was confined to
the provincial elections only. Mr. Wells
would not allow his opponent to escape
under any such subterfuge and carried
him still further to the convention of
delegates called ou tho Oth may last to
nominate an opposition candidate, at
which Mr. Neilson appeared, as lie
alleged, to support Mr. Wells' nomination, but owing to some irregularity iu
the production of ids credentials was
unable to vote as a duly qualified delegate. This his opponent endeavored now
to squirm from under some pretense,
but he held in his hands the affidavit of
the chairman at that meeting and that
of Mr, Dainard as well, fully confirming
what he stated and he would now leave
the treacherous and perfidious conduct
of Mr. Neilson in thc hands of the
Mr. Wells then entered fully into his
reasons for claiming the suffrages of the
electors as an opposition candidate, first
showing the miserable failure the government was guilty of iu financing the
affairs of the province, tho result being
t hat we now to face a fixed annua! charge
of some f525,000, against a revenue of
aliout one million dollars only. It was
simply impossible uow to meet the ordinary expenditure of the provinco and
provide from tlie revenue a dollar for
development purposes affording roads
for transportation of ore. This was fully
realized in the proposition of the Kootenay Consolidated Co, to subscribe one*
tnird the cost of a road to its group of
mines and whicli was nut entertained for
the simple reason no doubt that there
was no money in the treasury. Then,
was only one way left to meet the urgent
demands of mine holders for transportation facilities and that was by borrowing
more money but for this purpose only,
Mr. Wells cauld shew the government
that this could he done without auy further burthen by capitalizing the estimated royalty upon the output under such
a proposition as the company he hud referred to had made. Such a scheme
might be extended indefinitely, with
satisfactory results and was really the
only solution of the position whicli the
had financing of the government had
placed us In.
Mr. Wells proceeded to point out the
thc reckless plundering nf our public domain, which in itself was sufficient reason for his opposition tc tlie present administration. The Crow's Nest land
subsidy was then dealt with In the
strongest terms denouncing it as a piece
uf plundering Uliequnllod in the history
nf this country or in factauv other so far
as he hud been able to discover. Col.
llaker was directly responsible for this
and no administration could have his
sin port with such au element of dis
honesty having any place iu it. Tho
measures of the late opposition party in
the House were then taken up, reference
being made to the Workman's Lien Act,
their strenuous efforts for the repeal of
the Miners and Mortgage Tux which liu
contended was such a burthen and Imposture to the man who had to thus encumber his property by lion-owing money
Heforenco was then mude to the recently
authorized loan of live million dollars for
railway purposes, not a dollar of which
would be appropriated in the eastern
part of the province and his contention
if returned would be that we lie fully
indemnified against our share of the burthen imposed by this enormous expenditure. The Teslin lake railway opening
the Vukon mineral resources Mr. Well*-
contended would l.eno boon to this province but on the contrary would divert
capital and population which wo had use
for in the development of our own resources. In concluding his address Mr.
Wells said it wus piizzlinj at lirst to explain Mr. Neilson's attitude now and his
sudden change of front but some explanation might be got from the fact that the*
chairman of the lumber company ol
which Mr. Neilson was secretary was
Mr. Mackenzie of Messrs. Mackenzie A:
Mann and the electors could draw their
own deductions whether Mr. Neilson if
elected was going to represent their interests or tlie interests of Messrs. Mackenzie k Mann. He, Mr. Wells, however assured the electors of his earnest
intention to guard in every way possible
the interests of his constituency if elected and thanked the audience for the patient hearing it had given him Innddrcss*
the people of (iolden and in their own
interests as well as his asked their support at the polls in the present contest.
Mr. Gordon Hunter, barrister, Victoria, then ascended the platform in
support of Mr. Neilson's candidature
and ul some length defended the policy
of the government whicli he considered
the wisest and must honest that thu
country could ado.it. That the opposition or oppositions, because they were
many and varied were nothing more-
than a bundle ol negatives. They had
no straightforward policy, even Mi-..
Wells did not seem to know where he
was or what policy he would support.
He was something like Mahomet's collin
suspended between heaven and air. "Ho
is there all the same " was I lie smart re-
joindsr to this assertion made by a member of the audience.
Mr. K.A.Haggen in a very racy speech
traversed several of the statements made-
by the previous speakers and urged till*
electors to support the candidature uf
Mr. Wells as being the best man to represent the Interests uf tho riding..1 North
East Kootenay in the Provincial parliament.
The meeting was closed with votesul
thanks to the speakers and chairmua.
Match at Golden  Between city and
Suburban Teams.
A football match look place on Saturday last between city and suburban
teams, the suburban team consisting oi'
employees of the Golden Lumber Co-
captained by Mr. Uobort sou and the city
team consisting ol Goldenltes captained
by Mr Wilson. The game was an interesting one and wus keenly and closely
contested. At the cud victory rested
witli the mill employees by tho narrow
margin of one goal to none. This advaii*
- tage was not a great deal, as owing to
the splendid goal-keeping ui th.- wiuiiiu '
j side the man in charge ol the defence
was always on tlio alert, kept cool ami
1 effected some splendid saves. Considering the difficulties the players had to
j contend against ou account of tlie iii.*-
evennuBs of the ground, tho bustles und
[other disadvantages, both teams are l(.
be highly congratulated on the display
they gave. There was some very gout
individual play and thc kicking on both
sides wus distinctly good. If the players-
could only have had more lime Ior
practice before they go to Donald on 1st
July   we   should   not  despair of their
j returning witli winning laurel.",     Thero
! were a good number oi spectators of the
play who watched the game witli great
interest. We hope lliat football has.
come lo town to stay. Love nf all manly
games is Inherited in every section of
'the Angl'i-Susoi    '   '
nave had no little io uo i:. making u>u
great empire what it u;.    . __,^._j_jB**d*^a���;**jtt.*k*:.*T**i-^
f-*    *      +fff
CTORIAN   ORDER  oi*'   NUIS3E3. i   SK3J
a w-.*:.iy
lu il.** luler
I lhe' I-
An appeal lias lieen issued by the lend
Council of Woini
i various rural muni -Ipalllies n
/anconvertotho  Qjg
.:���. I   every Frl
,.   ���-...
���fWI'MITIini IJAT'.iS
'entres In Uritish CuliiHintn for peciim-
,   ;..:*...* itssistttnee   in order to establish a
Imi ami  home or training contra in  Vancouver
for  nurses  belonging to tho Victorian
farrier.  Order.   This order of nurses was founded by Lady Aberdeen iu order to com-
uen ,"���-' I moinoratothe Diamond Jubilee of Queen
li!,1!''."',, Victoria, and already the order is niiiner-
0113 and popular and has four Homes or
training centres  In  the Dominion for
whence supplies of carefully trained and
experienced nurses can be obtained. The
or.lcr is especially established for the
pnor an.1  needy who arc unable to pay
.for the services of nurses, who In ot'din-
.'!: i)iicpri<c'tuiilt j a-y clrcumslancca might be deprived of
iittcniiun. skilled nursing during their Illness. The
Wc Invllc corrcspon- Order  will also scud nurses into those
ilrtrUeiiiTi.8|��oii!u.!U at localities   where    neither  doctor;*!  nor
,'...*.-.- i,oiiii iii ii..* iiisuiei.   in nil ciiw tho nul.__B .,,.(, procuntblo.    In   many a
bona ikieuainc ol writer tniist aecompaliy '.tn ' ���
..,.-, ItOlLltCftil
notice, bison
i *.);.-:
:��AKT!,tE>;Tl   i
.  e.|*.il|.|.��il  irli
HAS located permanently opposite tlie Columbia House,
Goldon, where lie will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it lie Tailok-Made or Kkadv-Madk
Clothing. A call for inspection will he appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and ho has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
iii*.i,.*..n.'-i,  nut   lie.. hSarily J, r |.i
l.ic ... .1 -{lliirillltl .- '.i t.i.-'.l Ullh.
i* irrosi I,-lire wltll r.'fer.-n l" to uny mailer
Hi i ... o,|it.,ircil in hi ..Hi--.- |.i.|.cr mast nr-i
i -,.f ���:-. ni icipcr lor piiMlealloii belore
. -uu ,..-!-  roi "Tin! Minks."
a i.;i- ajlcoiiimiuilcallons
Golden. B.C.
remote mining centre where no medical
skill exists such -.killed help in the form
of one of tlioso nurses will bu a great
boon in seasons of sickness and limes of
Tn. Mt.vt'.n hopes that the appeal now
mails will have ii response in ample
funds being raised to establish and equip
a Home or nursing centre that will lie a
i credit to the Order and worthy of the
Province of British Columbia.
'!'!:<��� political campaign in North Fust
Kootenny im-* now commenced, On
Friday hiRt at Donald, William George
Neilson, oi Heaver, lumberman aud
V.'ilu ii ir Cleveland Wells, ol I'nlllsor,
mill owner, wore iiomiiintod as candidates for the representation of tho riding
pf .'oi.il Kust Kootenuy-in the 1'roviu-
eii'.l pitrlhuneut. In our columns lire
Iho addresses In the electorate and the
i lectors aro invited  to g.t::o  upon thu
i nml look upon
rend, ponder a
Tii ,}��� an* eijually I
nut much merit oi
he other, and then lo
.1 Inwardly digest,
ior productions with-
ahilily. Neilson is
solid for the govcrnwont end will
ban;; ou t-i i*.. Wells is against it, for
ii. and also for Wells, liow ho is to
succeed in carrying out this progminme
is n m.v:*. civ. lint Weils believes in
Wells and this assurance will carry him
through if he docs not get drowned
while washing Neilson's dirty linen. Las;
Monday tho rivals met face to face in
the pr.'soncu of  the  electors of North
Kust Kool y resident ill Golden, in
the Alexander Hull, and both wore teu-
dure I a go "I reception and give expression to v. hat political faith was in each
of them.
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
The was!,iug of soiled linen is never au
edifying spectacle, and it becomes less su
when done iu public. This week the
electors of Mast Kootenny resident iu
and near Uolden were involuntarily the
spectators of tliis process. Invited to
hear tin. candidates aspiring for the
honor of representing the riding of North
Kast Kootenuy in the Provincial Parliament, which sits at Victoria, express
tlieir views as to their fitness for that
great lion...*, they were treated tothe
sorry spectacle, of Mr. Wells, In the
course of tho proceedings, trying to wasli
some very dirty linen of Mr. Neilson.
The electors of North Must Kootenuy do
not wan. it washerwoman to represent
then in the Provincial Parliament, however dexterous he may be in the process.
They want tho best man who will ho of
the best uae to lien in forwarding and
promoting the interests of the Province,
and particularly of North Kast Kootenay.
The great grievance of-Mr. Wells and
his great reason for being elected is that
he asserts that .Mr. Neilson promised to
support liim and instead of doing so he
has come forward as a candidate himself.
.Mr. Neilson asserts that the promise was
only conditional, and that the condition
not being complied with lie waa tree to
There has been some misunderstanding between the rival candidates. Both
men are honorable men iu tlio eyes of
the world, and both men may be right
in tlieir version of their statements, and
both men may lie equally wrong. The
electors are not going to sit in judgment
on this petty strife; they have a more
Important duty to perforin. The misunderstanding took place in private, and
should have remained and been settled
there. Surely Mr. Wells docs not
linilglno thut I..' and Mr. .Neilson were
and are the only ollglblo candidates for
North Kast Kootonay and that ii lie
secured Mr. Neilson's support he secured
a safe seat. No; not by u long way is
either he or Mr. Neilson the most suitable candidate for North Kast Kootenay,
There ure men of greater ability than
cither of them resident in the district
Who would have made better representatives aud who would have scorned to
adopt such arguments of tho pot and
kettle stylo in advancing their candidature und soliciting tho suffrages of the
The electors would be very unwise to
concern themselves much about the
private grievances of Mr. Wells against
Mr. Joseph .Martin, (the political adventurer who aspires to oust and succeed
the Turner-l'ooley clique) political refu
gee from Winnipeg ami Ottawa, whore
he can lind no resting place for the
political sole .*if his foot, is seeking fresli
Iields and pastures new in llritisli Columbia, trusting to his being comparatively, and fortunately, unknown
that Provinco, Ills political aspirations
are, as usual, lofty. He seeks to replace
the present Opposition leader, and to
eject the present premier, taking the
leu..,* and profit of both positions,
Premier Turner must indeed be a bad
man if .Mr. Martin is a better one. .Martin's whole political history reeks of depravity, lie has avowed himself an
annexationist, and as one willing lo lead
a revolt against the Dominion Government, Ilu was stigmatised by his political partner in iniquity as "annul
without heart or conscience." lie, although Attorney General, nnd in that
capacity the exponent of law and order,
stimulated a breach of the peace at Fort
Wliyto In 1803 J and, on another occasion, personally assaulted a constable,
lie is I lie man who fooled the Krench by
positively assuring them that the Liberal party would never interfere with the
privileges thoy then enjoyed, namely,
the use of tiie French language and scp-
nruto schools, nnd that "ifthey (thc
Liberals) came into power and made
any attempt to interfere with their separate schools, or the use of the French
language, he (Mr. .Martin) would leave
the Liberal parly forever." This was
immediately before he took ollice; aud
yet iu 1800 lie caused to he abolished the
ollicial use of the French language and
Roman Catholic Separate Schools. In
1888 he was an impecunious attorney,
barely able to pay his ollice rental, in
1800, aftertwo years incumbency of the
ollice of Attorney-General, he was stated
by his own newspaper organ to be " iu
tha front rank of provincial capitalists."
Ho was thrown out of the .Manitoba
Ministry, and was spurned by the Laur-
icr administration when the Liberals
attained powor at Ottawa. Such is the
man who, as tho hired advocate of the
C, P. It.--whom he assailed until
silenced wiih a C. P. It. Bolicltorsllip������
seeks to rehabilitate himself lit tho expanse of British Columbia. To most
Mnnitobuus it Is Inexplicable that such
ns he can get n hearing nt all, but it is
also amusing to rend bis speeches in tlie i
light of past experience. For instance, J
recently at Vancouver he strongly nnlin-J
adverted against tlie attempts of the
llritisli Columbia Government " to mislead the voters." Fancy Satan reproving sin���lie who was the Mnchiavelli of
the Greenway Govorumeilt, the instigator of political perfidy, the man of all
others whose character and conduct disgraced tlie Mime of " Liberal," and made
"tint" protestations a stink in the
nostrils of ull honest men. It would be
assuming too much Iur the Telegram lo
advise Britisli Columbians as to their
own business| but a warning in lime
niiiy be admissible. Before trusting Mr.
Martin too far, read his history, When
a man is so utterly unscrupulous, selfish
and domineering that Oroonwny, Tunc
und Sifton cannot tolornte him, it may
well be supposed that British Columbia
has no pressing need of his services.
G-old-eia. and Beavei, IB.C.
$75 to $150 Each according to
mpnuy. _���_���_��� m   One-third down, bnliincc In tlirco and six
���__, W.L��r.J..A.8=> ��      mouths, without Interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Ullook & Barrio, Props.
**     -     .*   ]3.  C.
PI st-Clmra In evory particular,   Convenient to RnthVAy Depot nml Steam Mat Londiug.
Jtatcs Roiujonablo.  Frcu 8nm|��to Rooms.
Tlio Tram '"nr k'Avcfl Kootuimy House, iwmicetltiff wiih ot comer for Kort Steele- every
Monday uutl Friday ufter arrival of train irom tlie west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts      o e
Modern Conveniences   �� e
Best Cuisine in the West o
Commodious Sample Rooms ��
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Co to the
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld*,
International Transportation Go
Connecting with tbe C.I'.U. nt*Golden, B.C., and
Great Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday and Friday ut 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Fort Steele and Wardner.   *
Consignors will be ebargod with all irav freight between Golden and Windermere nt which point a Company's agent will be stationed.
Baggage allowance on Steamer 15Ulbs."por adult; allowance on Stage 251b��,
per adult. If desired extra baggage can be forwarded by express team ut express
rates (10 cents per pound).
Address nil express care of Upper Columbia Comi��anr,*_Gohlen.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Columbia Jrouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
General Merchants
.-=�����FORT STEELE, B. O.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for tlio California Giant Powder Compay.
A Candid Contomporary.
One weekly journal in this country is
remarkably candid about its circulation,
and is also kind enough to make open
confession of its yearly revenues and expenditures. Its tnlid circulation is 1,875
copies, of which only 88 are paid subscribers. The publisher even glyesnwity
the deadheads I judges, public departments, the exchange list, etc. Its expenses last vear amounted to **1,.!I77 and
ltd total revenue was (5,21)1����� tidy little
surplus of over $900. The paper gets out
extras on occasions. Just like the rest of
Mr. Neilson, and If that Is Mr. Hells' iT'n'nd"a'p]*Su*iJI to'haven bright future
principal stock argument to porstlttdoI botore it (also like the rest of us). It
lhe electora of North Bast Kootonay to'supports every .Ministry, in turn, with-
..'oct him as their representative, he had ! ^_^^^^^^^l^
better quit lhe arona of political strife I lmml. The journal referred to ia The
���ind betake himself lo more congenial| Ciimttln (iitzclt
pursuits in the la i
gionot t'allUer. tin* Dominion _*uvoriiUH'J.it.
issued ut Ottawa, by
Groceries, Dry Goods tt General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
J. A. Stoddart, Prop,
Choice Wines, Liquors nnd Cigars.   First class accommodation.
East Kootenay.
Mgardne * Hotel
Fort Steole, B. C
Ciioice Winks, Liquohs and Cioars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Mining Stock List.
Namu op Company.
l'Alt VAI.tJK.
Tho Gold Hills 0. & D. Co	
��� 1.00
Kootenny, Cariboo JI, k I. Co	
Golden k Fort Steele 1). Co '.
f  750,000
fa .oo
Alberta k Kootenay 1). Co	
f, 500,000
East Kootenny and Klk liiver Develop
If    75,000
ment k Exploration Co	
��� _ JI
The Finest Health Resort on the Continent.
Private Hospital under medical superintendence with a Trained Staff nf Nwrws.
Complete System of Baths, of erery kind
and description,
Medical Director-DII. It. G. BKBTT, Bas***-.
Kesident Physician k Ssr_|oon���BK. SPANKIE.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." ���255!2^S255255! an^^MK,K!*i'iM;f*m'm**r*'in93t&mnttMMr.
In coming forward as a candidato fur your
at tlio
coming election, I think it proper at this time to
outline the  policy that I propose to advocate  if
���*'. r-m-jr.-a.' ��� ��.���# rt r-
i believe in and will persistently urge the continuation of the present policy of the Government, it goes
without saying that the future of thi" mining and farming
interests of this Province is absolutely dependent upon a
vigorous railway development in till parts of the country,
and in this connection I am of the opinion that preference
ought tn he given to English and Canadian capitalists who
come here seeking to invest their money in these enterprises, as by this course we would be more likely to secure
the building of smelters within our own borders and thereby prevent our ore from lieing taken away to be smelted in
a foreign country by foreign labor.
Liberal expenditures of public money on public works
such as roads, trails, bridges, etc., are, in my opinion, at
this stage both necessary and proper, in order to more
rapidly open up the vast mineral and farming resources of
the Province as a whole and East Kootenay in particular,
and the returns whicli reward thc large expenditures of
money in West Kootenay will be easily duplicated in East
Kootonay under the policy of expansion which 1 will, if
elected, warmly support.
Notwithstanding tlie persistent attempts of certain
members of the Opposition to run down the credit of the
Province, its credit has advanced in the London money
markets 19 per cent, within the last seven years, as against
12 per cent, for British consols, which is as you know the
standard security of the world, and this fact is the best
possible answer to the malicious charges of dishonesty or of
bad management of our finances mado by these persons,
and is at the same time the best possible guarantee that the
Government will be able to carry on that vigorous development of our railroads, roads and trails, which, as I have
said, 1 will persistently advocate and support.
Dominion politics have nothing to do with this
election ; it is simply a question of who aro the best men
to have in office, find believing that the present Premier is
tho best suited of all those party leaders now before the
Electorate to have the direction of public affairs by reason
of his ability, energy and fair-mindedness, J intend, if
elected, to givo him my hearty support so long as he
pursues the same honest, vigorous and even-handed policy
which has been followed in the past.
Rospoctfully yours,
Golden, B.C., Juno 27th, 1898.
W. C Wells' Address to
the Electors of this
[Gn  evening of June ,'JOth,  Donald  vs.  llevelstoke, for n
prize valued at $-10.00.
[Gun Club Shoot at 9k. Sharp.
Football Tournament.
Athletic Sports Comprising:
1st prize.       2nd prize,
(value) (value)
One hundred yards foot race    .fo.OO $3.00
(Running long jump      8,00 2.00
Hop, step and jump      3.00 2.00
(Tossingthe caber      3.00 2.00
[Putting shot      3.00 2.00
[Quarter mile foot race       8.00 4.00
[One mile amateur    Gold Medal   Silver Medal
[Two mile open    $10.00 value  $.3 00 value
JFive mile handicap for Cup presented by Dr. Gross (Donald)
(Football Tournament���Final at 19,80 o'clock.
ITug of War for keg of beer presented by Enterprise Brewery
Co. of llevelstoke, B.C.���Donald vs. All Coiners, team's
to be comprised of ten men.
Jin all contests three to compete or no event.     No entrance
fees charged.
iDiince in the, evening at l.O.O.F, Hall.    Grand  March  at
22 o'clock sharp.    Everybody invited.
My nomination as au Opposition Candidate iu the approaching General El
tion for our Legislature, calls on me lo
state to you hrielly, the course, whicli in
mv opini I should take it elected as
your Representative.
So far us I have been able to measure
thu feeling of this Constituency, it is
one of disappointment iu the administration of our Provincial affairs. In Ihe
present contest I am glad to say, we are
not so divided on party lines, as to debar
us from taking our choice of mon
throughout the Province for the onsulng
parliamentary term,and itistn be hoped
that an independent effort will be made
in tiiis direction! Holding the opinion,
as I do, that the record of the present
Government, in the disposal of public
lands, and their administration of the
Provincial finances, not having been
such as io command my support, it is
my plain duty, for the present, to claim
your suffrages as an Opposition Cnndi-
dnte. Tii ft! docs not necessarily mean
that I must place myself iu such auta
gonism to any administration, ns to
defeat what should be my primary object
as a Representative, namely, the interest of my own Constituency.
Nor does it mean thut I am in full
alliance witli tbe Opposition party as it
lias stood before the Legislature during
the past four years. For this reason, if
no other, I would ask at the hands of my
constituents, if elected, a free indulgence
of my own judgment as to the course I
should adopt in this particular respect.
I look for at least a reconstruct ion as the
result of the general election, and that
we may have an administration fully
meeting the demands of our rising
The large appropriation of $6,000,000
under the recent Public Works Loan
Amendment Act, whilo indicating a
generous tendency in the disposal of
public funds, cannot meet the approval
of interior constituencies', We are interested iu something more than building up our terminal cities, and the
exclusive welfare of districts immediate!
tributary to thom, It will therefore, be
my lirst contention that substantial
justico should be given to the eastern
portion of this Province, ns compensation lor the enormous appropriation
made directly, I consider, in tlie interest
of Const constituencies, for which wo too
have to bearonr share of the burthen.
In this connection, I may say that the
terms subsidizing tho Teslin Lake Railway have my approval as a legitimate
business transaction, apart from other
considerations, nnd which arc: First
whether there is an urgent necessity to
build, at prosent, the southern portion
of this line; and secondly, whether we
have not been too precipitate iu snatching from the Dominion Government, a
responsibility whicli rigidly belongs to it,
in the interest of eastern provinces, moic
thiin to llritisli Columbia. We have,
within ourselves, sufficiently attractive
features in our vast mineral resources, to
fully warrant lhe Investment of capital
and the iiillux of population, or in other
words, wo have our own affairs, to which
it might be better, at present, that we
give our undivided consideration, I
mean by this that, bolng so wholly dependent as wc aro upon the opening up
ami energetic development of our mines,
tlie further construction of loads, and
increased facilities ot interior transportation, becomes an Imperative necessity.
To this! will urgo the consideration of
the Government, and trust that iu justice to tliis, tlie extreme eastern constituency of thc Province, further appropriation will be now niade, und that we
may have, ut least, what fairly belongs
to us.
My election at your hands, I would
accept as a mark of confidence and
trust, sufficient tn determine mo in
guarding faithfully the position in which
you shall havo placed me as your Representative. In my appreciation of this
trust, and an earnest endeavour to serve
your interests, I sincerely hope that it
will not bo expected that I am to dofeut,
or risk tlio opportunity given me, by
such a thankless allegiance to party
measures as might thwart what I consider my imperative duty towards developing the material resources of the
North Riding of East Kootenay.
Anticipating and thanking you for
your support,
I am at your service,
W. 0, WELLS.
[L.S.] TU0S. R. MofiJXES.
VKTOIUA.bytlH'Giaopof fiotl.oftJlO United
Kingdom ui flrcat Jiriuiii anil rroluiid,
Quebn, Defundur oi the Faith, An,, Ac, Ac.
Tn all to whom thc:
Prcsentri shall come.-
D. M. ISuKitTS. I -nrllURKAB it i�� advisable
Attonioy-Uonoral.) v�� to wttabliah thu follow*
iiiK poll!im places In tho several ami respective
tiluetoral Ulsirleta lioreinaiiur named.
NOW KKOW YK that, In* virtue of the authority contained iu the "Provincial KleetlonH
Act."   tlif   MeiitcnanMI over nor In Council
declares tHat lhe following pollfllK plan1*; shall
be, and they aro hereby, established for ihe
several Electoral Dlstricia, the names ot which
aro Me; opposite sueh polling places, respectively, tlutt In to nay:-
Supplementary , List
Of  Pev3<ras  Entitled   to   Vote
in mi:
Hortb. Biding
Of  East  Kootenay   District
I'oi.uMi Pucks.
Electoral District
East Kootenay���
''      North Ultllug
���mini Flat '	
In* Testimony Wiikrrop Wc havo caused theno
Our   Lfilfi's   to  he itni'lt-   Patent   tni'l the
UroatHcHlof Uritish Columbia to bo hereunto sfllxedi    Witnrsb, the Honourable
Tiros, K. NcIn.nes, lilouioiiaut-tlovornor ��'f
Our miiil Frovince, this fifteenth day or
Juno, Li tlu* year uf our Lord one thousand
fight him.If. ili.inl iiliiety-f'iKhi.aml In the
.sixty-first year of Our Reign*
p.y Command,
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
All persons having claims against Mr. A. G,
M. Spraggo, barrister, late uf Revclstoke, and
formerly ofDimald and Golden, are reqiiealed
to send particulars of theirulalms tothe uuder-
sij'iitid   In care of   Molsons Hunk, RevetstokO
Station, B.C.
Solieitor fur Mrs Spraggc.
A special general meeting of the shareholders
oftho Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, l.lliiitflrl, will he held at the
Kompauy'i olfice at Golden, B.C., ou Thursday
the soil i day of .Mine, A.D., I Mis, ut oue oVIoek
In tbe afternoon, for the election of Directors,
uiilhoriiinf: thu payment of a portion id the
Mortgage Bonds of thc Company, and tor the
ordering of the affair.** of tho Company generally,
By order of the Hoard.
(.*. H. PARSON,
Oolden, B.C., Juno 7th, 189*.
Situate in tho Goldon Mining Division of
Kast Kootenay District, Where located��� On ��J|>fllemnchean Mountain.
Take notice that I, Jolm McUno, Freo
Minor's Certificate No. 8-3930, intend,
sixty daya from tlio date hereof, to Apply
to the Alining Recorder for U certificate
of improvements, for tho purposo of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, miiHt he commenced
before theissuance of Biich certificate of
Dated tliis 13th day of January, 1S98.
JonK McRaBi
By his agent Geo. S, McCartor.
Wc wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Armstrong, Robert
Bertmiul, William
ili^ger, Ernest BistnarV
Itiltett, Tom Willium
Drown, Amos William
Drown, George
Carey, Thomas
Car-tin, J*o-f*e|tli David
Clarke, WiHiaui
FoBflaceccti, Chrifttninsia
Fulwcr, J-voitani Crane
Contract a*
Fynbnh, Christian
Glynn, Andy
* leaver
Haygartli, William
Jackson, John Thomas
Lainey, David
S-'ree incner
l.iddi*!!, Sydney Albert
Mackintosh, Tunica lloss
McCrlimnon, IlonnM
Meek, Cliailca
Menard, Alexander
I'lilllips, John Wellington
Reillv, Inane ll.iliert
Ottertail Ijiiuhcr manufacturer
Ik-ill*.', William Samuel
Shaugncusy, Patrick
Skene, James
Stalker, George Fred
Trover, Christian
Vincent, Xngeree
Warren, Henry
Wells, James Douglas
Wixon, Arthur
Thc chief town in East Kootonay, on the main line of tho
C.I'.U. and head of navigation of the Upper Columbia
liiver and Lakes.
Nolo ll.-ii.l-.
Letter ll, ii.!.,
HIM Itolil.
11,111.1 lliili
I'ullliiB I'nrilH
l,.iw llrli-I-N
I..HI.I..-I- ll,...k.
Hunk Work
1'rol.lli.nrv Nntt's
ll.*.-i-i|.l Portim
Minn* l-iTllli.-tlk-rt
A.snv l-'iil-lii.
llriiinilm. l-nlwla
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, 1-. C.
Advertise in
Chief Distributing Center far East Kootenay hy Road, Rail and River.
declare it is the best, town to outfit ill. Its goods are of
better quality, in greater variety, cheaper in price and
better packed, than ill many other towns.
DGOLDEN - nr��� r **��� i���r,f~iW~ tt
ii MmmM *
i'. i:. i
li:' receipts I'm* the
im,* ���_���!st neie lf*l7.'i,0n I:
week lust vein* they were
Th - (
week etuling
I'm-   tlie  tan
Mr. Harry Ivstellobrought[nt
mt Wod|iesdny somo very tiit-i specimens
nl copper ore, The find was nrnde in the
Vicinity oi Canon creek, in the (iolden
mining division.
James Brndy, M.E., came in from the
"���milh un Tuesday evening by the steamer
liuchesB Irom Tluindorliill and left on
the following day for the west. Mr.
Jlr-iilv* has now nearly recovered from
the effects of his accident.
Mr. Aulny Morrison, M,l'��� New Westminster,   passed  through
(iolden this
week nn bis way home from attending for Jlr. Min-1
his Farliiiiiiontiiry duties tit Ottawa. He
was interested in aseertiiiiiiiig tho fact
tlmt in nil probability the Opposition
would carry their candidates in East
Chalmers McKay, otherwise belter
known ns "Cham" McKay, was a
passenger on Wednesday's No. 2 bound
(or Calgary. It will be remembered that
early in the sprint' ho left with companions for the Yukon, Inking with them
n large numbor of entile, which they
Mere going to drive overland. " Cham"
is now on his way east to procure more
Here is how United States war news ie
manufactured by the General's typewriter:
The typewriter stood on the Cteneral'i
Whence nil but it had lied;
The fleet they had bottled was all but n
The last lone nude was dead.
Hut  the  General  sprung  to the typewriter's side,
And he banged each rattling key
Willi his daily message across the tide
Of another great victory.
There  passed  through   (iolden  lust
Saturday   a special (rain containing a
considerable portion of the outfit belonging lo Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann,
railway contractors,  which had  been
taken by thom to construct tho contemplated railway between the head of the
navigable waters of the Stickine river
nnd Teslin lake, in order to open up it
Canadian route throughBritisl) Columbia
to the Yukon,  but whicli the adverse
vole uf the Senate  killed in   refusing
ipiietly and wisely to sanction the subsidy to construct this railway route. The
putllt consisted of WO horses and a gang
of 86 men.   The horses were in splendid
condition,  notwithstanding  their long
travel down the Stickine to Vancouver.
The outfit was under the charge of Mr.
Keith, foreman and malinger, nnd will
he employed, on the new contract that
Messrs. Mackenzie k Mann have
ed it small bi:l highly appreciative audi-
en..- wiiii selections of Scottish character
songs nnd recitations. As a singer Mr. I
Mackenzie is hard lo heat, his rich j
baritone voice ringing out clearly in all
corners of the hall and holding the j
audience spell-hound, llis songs are all |
well selected and well rendered.
Miss Jessie (ilovcr also created an
impression as all elocutionist, iu which
she is na artiste. Her manner and
action is highly commendable, us her
voice is clear and strong and carries
great force with it.
On Wednesday evening the company
appeared again in the same place by
special request and were greeted with a
big house. Needless tu say every number was well received and thc audience
were alternately pitched into patriotism
and laughter. Wo bespeak every success
:kenzie and Miss Glover.
Close of Golden Public School.
(iolden Public School was closed last
Friday for the annual summer holidays.
During tlie week written examinations
were held, nnd on Friday a public examination took place in the presence of
parents and friends of the pupils. In
this examination in various branches of
knowledge by different classes the pupils
showed great ability ami how much they
had profited from the instruction of their
teacher, Mr. Ilates, during the past
season. The examinations were creditable alike to teacher and pupil.
The following is tlie result of the
week's written examinations:
VICTORIA, bv the Grace of'Ood, of tbe United
Killinium  uf Great   Brit-tin   nml Ireland,
tjL'EKN, Defender of tho Mill, Ac, Ac, Av.
To Our faithful tin Members elected to serve in
tlie Legislative Assembly of Our Province of
Uritish Columbia, mid tu ull whom it may
concern,���Ott liBTiNa.
D. M. IiiEiiTs, lyi/HEKlAS We have
Attorney-Gen em I. j "" thought fit, by and
with the advlco and consent of Our Pxecutive
Council of Our Province of Britisli Columbia.
tu diMnolve the present Legislative Assembly ol
Our unitl Province, which stands prorogued
until kumnumed fur di.sp-mij of business.
NOW KNOW YK that W�� do, for this end,
publish this Our Royal Proclamation, auu do
nereby dissolve tho Leg! flat We Assembly ac-
lordiugly and the ntoiaberg thereof are dls-
���barged from further attendance on same.
In Testimony Whkiieof Wo have caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent, and
the Great Seal oi British Columbia to be
hereunto affixed j Witness, tbe Honour-
Able Thom. K. McInneh, Lieutciiani-Oover-
nor uf Our said Province of British
Columbia. In Our City of Victoria, in Our
said Province, this seventh day of June,
in the year of Our Lord nne thousand
eight hundred and nltiety.-uig.it, and in
tho rtb.iy.flMt yr��r of Our Reign.
By Command.
Registrar of the Supreme court.
Pacific Ry.
Kast via the Lake Routes.
Greatly reduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
direct via C.P.R. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagway.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian.
Willi the object of Inking over the
I iolden, British Columbia Limited,
whicli operates in Kast Kootenay the
pew tloldei) British Columbia, Limited,
was registered iu London, on thu Drill
pit., with iv capital of fll!,UU0 in��l
shares. This Is the company of which
Mr. Mitehcll-lniH'S is the manager anil
which holds some of the most, valuable
milling properties ill Kast Kootenay.
Some time ago it was proposed to
celebrate this year the seven hundredth
anniversary of the discovery of coal in
I'lurope, which, it was claimed,was made
pear l.iegc. in Belgium, in 1198. Dr. I',
liuttgenbiich has now published n pamphlet to prove that the lirst discovery
was made elghty-flyo years earlier, in
1118, III tho basin of tlie Hiver Worm,
north of .\ix-hi-(.'hapclle. lie brings
forward stiys the Kiigiueering k Mining
journal, much evidence lo prove that
outcrops of coal were worked III that
vear and long lifter by the monks of
Uerkrnde, who first discovered its qualities as fuel and utilized Ihe miueral, or
������black earth," as it was culled. The
word " kuhl," ull old German term
mcattlnga pit, was tlio origin, oeco'dlng
|o this tiiiteiiieiit, of tho German "kohl"
'and the English " coal." The generally
accepted legend has been that coal wus
li.st used nt LiegO by a blacksmith
named lluil"s, front whose name comes
the l-'rench " houille "���coal lie found
(hut lhe " black eiirlh '' which outcropped near UogO could he used in the
[nrgo instead o( charcoal. Coal, however had been used lit Sheffield, ill Bug-
land, some fifteen years curlier for tin.
same purpose. There was mining in
Scotland for coal from a very early dato
and among llio lirsl royal palaces lo use
coal win the palace of Dumferline. Some
of the oldest acts of parliament regulate
the wurkiiigof labourers on the "coal
heights." Coal 111 those earlier days
was wrought in the same manner as
(reestoiie quarries, Irom the breast or
lace but gradually mining took place
and tho senilis of coal were followed in
tunnels and thou gradually came pit
-sinking w(tl\ shafts and lunnols until
the present system of extensive workings came intu existence.
By far the best concert, comedy and
drama combination that ever struck our
town appeared in the Alexander Hall,
(Iolden, on Tuesday evening last, when
the M��-ckeii"-le-GloYOt* company delight*
Si'nioii Fifth.���max. maiiks 750.
1st���Laura Kenny, (ioo.
Ju.vion Fifth.���"50.
1st���Gertie Fields, 58(1.
Plld.���Itulph Kenny, 548.
1st���Ernest Sutherland, 1115,
2nd���Malic Anderson, 0117.
3rd���Mary Connor, 57(1.
���.til-Charlie Unbar, 400.
Seuioh Third.���700.
1st���Willie Houston, 573.
Und���Ida Bookhout, 622.
3rd���Emily Kenny, Maggie Archer ,40;
4th���Ella May Love, 31)5.
5th���S. Johnson, 32*1.
Juxion Tmiiu.���600.
1st���Bert Hanna, 44*1.
2nd���Lottie Woodley, 300.
3rd���Arthur Javnes, 381.
4th���Violet I'ughe, 878.
5th���Lila Love, 3,'I9.
0th���George Love, 313.
7th--Josic l.evequc, 2S9.
1st���Minnie Sutherland, 4.13.
2nd���Adelaide Levcqne, 291.
3rd���Blanche Love, 259.
4th���Mabel Archer, 243.
5th���Addie Antoya, 224.
(Ith���Fannie Conner, 211.
7th���Hattie Rutherford, 205.
II. I'uiJiKii.-.m
1st���Percy Lake, 202.
2nd���Hoy Hanna, 235.
3rd���Katie I'ughe, 22(1.
4th���Katie Kenny, 205.
5th���Lawrence llalcust, 1711.
0th���Owena Slurforlh, 153.
7th���Allan Hanna, 134.
Mary Ann Kenny passed the examination fur tlie High School and tht following rolls of honor were awarded: For
profflciency, Gladys Houston; for deportment, Ixittie May Woodley; for
punctuality and regularity, Kate Kenny.
Katie Kenny wus only two days absent
out of a total of 215.
The number of pupils in attendance
during the yoar was 07, and lhe average
attendance was about 38. There were
two public examinations held during the
year. In thc course of the year tho
Minister of Education visited the school
twice, the Inspector of Schools six times
and the Trustees made twelve visits.
VICTOJtIA, by lh. Grace otflod, ol the United
Kiii-nti.iii ol (irc.t   llrilHln  ami   Ireland,
(JURS.V, lleleiulcr ul tlie Fallh, .fcc. Ac., Ac.
To all to whom  these presents slmll come,���
D If. EBEIlTS, I \UIIWtEAS Wc ��re deslr-
Attortiev-Goneral. J '' ou, anil rpsolvod, a.
iMioii as inav be, to meet Our people of Our Province ul Hrlli.lt (������jliimtiin.iiii.l to have their
ailTlci. In our Lcpl.liititre, We do make known
Our lli.v.U Will and Pleasure tu call a new Legislative'AH.eiulilv of Our .aid Proylnce; and do
further declare that by tlio ailrlceol uur Ex
ecutWe Council ol Ilrltiali Coliimhia, We have
lliis dav Kiveli iirtterii lor issiilnf,'Our Writs In
lorlit, for rallfitir a now I.eal.latlTe Asuemlily
for Our .aid Province, whicli Writ, arc to bear
date on the seventh dnv ul June, Instant, and
lo be returnable on or belore the thirty-tirst
day ol August next.
IN 'rKsriMoxv VVIlKRKor We have eauaed
these Our Letters to be made Patent, and
lhe Public Seal ol lhe said Province to be
hereunto affixed I Witness, the Honourable Thus. It. McIXNKS, I.it-iiu-n.iit (Jov-
erniir ol Our said Province ul Uritish
Columbia, In Our (Illy of Victoria,in Our
Raid Province, thi*-. seventh day of June,
in lhe year ol Our Lord one thousand
eiitht hundred and iifnely*elght, aud in
sixty-llrst yearoIOur Itclgn.
Ily Command.
llo-jlatrar ol the Supreme Court.
As stated last week the Lnsh-Ilamil-
toil concert company will appear ill tlie
Columbia House hall on Thursday evening July 7th. under the auspices ol the
football club. The Eastern press speaks
highly of this company nml a lirst class
entertainment is promised. Tlie plan of
reserved seats is now open ut ti. II. Mc-
Hermot's store nnd tho Rents arc going
rapidly,  Arrangement"' have been made
for n dance nt the conclusion of the entertainment which will prove n suitnhl.
wind-up to the evening's enjoyment
Ilemeiiiher the dale���July 7th.
Church  Services.
Cllt'IU'll op KNOI.AXIl,
The services at St. Paul's church.
Golden, on Sunday next, July 3rd, will
be us follows:
tt 11 a.m.���Morning Prayer and Celebration of the Holy Communication.
At 7.30 p.m.���livening Prayer and
Choir practice at 8 p.m. Saturday,
Uev. II. B. Turner, Pastor
METHODIST   (111*11(11.
Service will be held in connection with
the Methodist church on Sunday next
us follows: IlonnM, nt 11 n.m,; Golden,
ut 7.30 p.m. Everybody is welcome at
these services,
I'riiyer meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
pitnsuvimiiAS  ciii'itcn.
Sunday Services���11 a.m.
Sunday school k Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice 8 p.m.
Friday���Prayer meeting 8 p.m.
(lev. W. S. Wright,' I'lt'tor.
Tlie largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for tho passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for June:
Athenian June 2
Tees  ,    "     3
Islander    "   10
Pakshan    "   11
Tees    "   17
Islander    "   24
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address   ���
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
VICTORIA, bv Ihe (iraec ol Cod, ol the United
Kinwloiu, of (treat Britain and Ireland.
QIKSN, llcfendcrof the Pallli, Ac,Ac,Ac.
To the Returning OIHcer ol th. North Riding
ot East Kootenay Electoral Dl.trlct:
WllKltE.ttt III. Honour the I.leutanonl-UoT-
ernor ol Britisli Columbia ha.., by a Proclamation bearlnsdate the 7th day ol June, 189ti,
been pleased lo dissolve Ihe Lcgi.latlv. Assembly ,.! the said Province; and whereas It is
IUH.-es.ary to hold Election. throughout the .aid
Provinco lo till the vacancies caused by such
dissolution, Wu command you that, notice ol
thu time and place of Election being; duly
Kiven, you do cause Election to be madc.ac-
cordtnit to law, ol One Member to serve In the
Legislative Assembly ol the Province ol lirin.h
Columbia Ior the North KidluKot East Krone-
nuv Electoral lll.trlct, and that you docao.e
the nomination of Candidate, at .ii.-h Election
to be held ou thc *t,',th day ol Juue, IHDH, aad do
ootise thenamuof such Member, when so elect.
ed, whether he be present or absent, tu be
certilicd lo Our supreme Court, at the City of
Victoria, ull or beloru the Slat .lay i.i August
next, the Election mi made, distinctly and
openly under Our Seal duly in.bused upon this
Our Writ.
In Tkstiiiony WiiRRRor, Wu have these Our
l.t-it.-rs lu la. made Patent under the
(treat Seal of our .aid Province ol British
Columbia: Wits***..*, th. Honourable
Thomas It. McInni-s, al Our Oiiv.rnuiunl
House, at Victoria, thi. seventh day ol
Juue, In the yearol Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight.
By Command.
Regit!rar ol the Supreme Court.
The- most comfortable hotel in South
Kust Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,  Prop.
Having decided to devote special attention *a my
Dry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Clothing, Hardware,
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secure
some hona fide bargains.
Seneral 9^ercAant
PH0VIKC1.U HitciKTAitY'fl orririt,
8th Jtiue, IBM,
His iiotfnrn tbu Lisutciiftnt-tSumBor lit
hern ]i]��*ue-d to ip|M)fnt HTKl'ltr-*:!* IM>-
ifiiAVK, Ks.iuii',', tu bv H'-iiiriiiun oilier for (he
North HIiluiK ot llaM K<.oi*jn��y RUi'tom! IMi-
I lis Honour tliu I.imiteiiaiii-u��Ternnr hM betti
t)lt)ftit>-l to nppolnt and dt.eli.re t he Court Hotinc,
boimlil, to it* thu place for tke onralntttioit ol
fitudMatuM for electloii to the LugliUtWo Ai*
���,,'inbly in thr North Hiding of Kut KMtoUT
Klu.-torul Pisirict.
RyniKTimifTioN act lfliw.
\ rm'HT nil! bu bold*u at tbe Court Home,
*l Donald, on Wudueidajr lhe :"Vih day of
June, !8M, at 10 o'olook In the /orunoon, for thu
purponeof h-jurinj; nnd <l��i>tdln|t all iihjwt[our.
tiled with muiiadur authorlt"/ of lutHWlIOtt *t
of Mellon33 of thu Radlnti-ibutton Act, 1H08.
Collector of Votaa,
North KldtugBail Kootunay HiMricl,
ponnH, June lOih, ISM,
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The boat Stopping plnco for freighters ill
Coliiinbiu Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables.
Bargains for Cash.
Whilo taking down "stock for ono week from date I
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Bry Goads, Gents Furnishingst
s, Neckties, Boats �� Shoes,
& Fancy Gauds,
The Kent Beer in Canada in made bv tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Maimfafitnrurn of Boor, Aid and Hoda Water
Iinhi on^ftiiniriHlKiTv lifer (���vorvtttm*. They
all hare It. The CotnpHny'n uncut for ��a��t
Kootenay i.i
tl, Q. PARSON, QoWeii, B.C,
Oiarles ifaireri
Cr-olden, B.C.
Uhe Solden {Pharmacy
.F-u.r*3, E^resli 3Dr-a.grs
C. W. Field, Golden.


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