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East Kootenay Miner 1898-04-08

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4$* ��
Devoted to the Joining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEjflY.
Vol. 1, No. 37.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  April 8th, 1898.
$2.00 Per Yc��r
G. S, McC.-KTr*-. 3u, A. Haiivbv.
Harvey & McCarter,
Fire, Life, Real Eatate, House Agent.,
Auctloneura and CUHtoms Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Quean, Laneaahlre, (Jnlon, Hartford.
European Stearaahip Ticket Ofllee.
The Sun Life Insurance Company.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Cu'y.
The Blrbcclt Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Poat office .ddrea.;
Assay Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1800.)
For several years with Vivian A Sons, Swansea, and local representative for them.
For 6 years manager for the assayers to tho
Rio Tinto CoM London.
Canadian representative of the Cassel Gold
Extracting Co. L'td, Glasgow (Cyanide process.)
N.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
The Golden
Fresh nnd Bait Meats.
Fish and Game In season.
Dealers in Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good saddle liorica and Riga ol AU Kind, for
Hire .t Reasonable Rate..
Teaming ot All Kind, a Specialty.
Golden. B. C.
Good Time
By overy man who haB a watch.
�� IK/ MXJH.DEH, ���
C.P.B. Weteh Inspector will bo
������yednesriny to    rlriny ___������>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can tie left at
Il H. Bell,
Wedding flings
il Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
TOflSORIflli PflflliOflS
Newly Refitted lib Refurnished.
Tho best of tho kind west of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Conveniences.
J. Lamontagne, Prop.
& Embalming
Telegraph ordersrecelreprompt attention J
J. SMART,     |
L CALQARY, Alta. j
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, gin-
Beng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox (15.00 to $150.00.
Bear if 5.00 to *, 25.00.
Otter M-00 to t   0.00.
Martin t 2.00 to j   9.00.
Beaver (per pound).. .j 3.00 to *,   3.60.
\V61f *��� 1.00 to f   2.00.
RedFox., $ 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink (j   .75 to $   2.00.
Skuak  (   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox f   .50 to *.    .75.
Rat t   .20 to *.    .25.
Price list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Iiivepy, peed &
Sale Stables,
Port Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
OALGARY,    ���    ALTA.
Wong See,
Optician aud
Watehe. cleaned, Je-vellecy mounted, GlaBses
mended and attn. repaired. First class work
lit every department. A trial solicited, so come
Wong Seo, Golden.
Tom Lee,  ��
has the best restaurant in Golden. It is open at all hour*.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere they
go to
��) Tom Leo, Bakery, <��)
Meals Day and Night,
N. E. Kootonay Miners Association.
The rogular monthly mooting ot this
association war hold iu the Columbia
House on Tuesday evening, tho president, Hon. F. W. Aylmer, being in the
chair. After the formalities of opening
had been gone through, an animated
discussion took placo on resolution which
was passed at the last regular meeting
of thc association to the effect that on
tho expiration of a mineral claim, no
assessment work - having been dona,
before said claim could bo re-staked a
permit would have to be obtained from
tho gold commissioner and assessment
work performed within 30 days.
Several of the members present who
were opposed to this resolution and who
were not present whon it was passed
held that no resolution affecting tho
mining law should be adopted by the
association until all the members had a
chance to express an opinion on it. To
meet this suggestion it was proposed
that tho secretary notify all members of
any motion which was to bo considered
at any meeting, so that they might have
an opportunity of either being present
in person or of appointing a proxy.
A committee consisting of JIcSBrs,
Aylmer, Haggen and Mercier was appointed to revise tho bye-laws and have
a clause added to th* above effect.
The abolition of assessment work
question which was introduced some
timo ago by the president and which was
to have been discussed at this meeting,
was laid ovor until a future meeting
owing to more important business requiring the attention of thc meeting.
A deputation consisting of Messrs.
Dainnrd, Mercier and Haggen was
appointed to wait on tho Gold Commissioner and impress on him the necessity
of having the following works performed
as early as possible:
Improving the road between the bridge
and ferry at Carbonate.
Put in a ferry at Blaeberry.
Construct a trail to thc head waters of
the Bluewater, and put in a bridge if
Continue present trail to th* head of
the Ottertail.
It was resolved that th* Minister of
Mines be notified that this association
deplored the fact that he had seen fit to
neglect the district which he represented, in th* Mines report.
It was resolved that the Minister of
Mines be asked to grant a two month's
extension of time for assessment work.
In other parts of th* province extensions
of six months had been granted while
in tliis district extensions hud been
The meeting endorsed the action
which had been taken by the different
mining associations and others of the
province interested in mining, regarding
tho proposed increased import duty on
lead products.
All persons indebted to me aro requested to Bettle samo with Mr. C. H.
Parson, who has authority to give
receipts for the same.
Golden, February 15th, 1898.
18 HONOUR tho Lieutenant-Governor hai
been pleased   to make   the   following
3rd March, IMS.
James Fbrgvuson Armstrong, ol Kort Steele,
Eiquire, 8.M.. to ho a Deputy Coroner Ior the
County of Kootenay. 1Siii2
NOTICE Is hereby given that application will
be made to t li*: Legislative Assembly of thc
Province of British Columbia, at Its next session, for a Private Bill to incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
line or lines of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, in East Kootenay, thence by the
most feasible route to the St. Mary's Kiver;
thence in a westerly direction to the heart-
waters of St.Mary's Hiver: and also In aa easterly and northerly direction from some point on
the said line a branch line up thc East Kooto-
nay Valley to tho neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. li creeks and tlm mine-sin that
viclnitv; with power to the said Company to
construct a lino from the Bull River Group of
Mines, In Kant Kootenay, to the iinwt convenient point on the main line of thc
Crow's Neat Pans Hallway; and also
to authorize and empower tho Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
croupB Of mines and concentrators from any of
ihe three above-mentioned Uiicb of railways,
sueh branch Hues not to exceed twenty ('A))
i.iilon i:i b'ngthi with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and to equip and operate
lhe said railway and lis branchps, and to erect
and maintain all neccusary works for the generation and transmission of electricity or
power within the urea of the operations of the
said Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steumbotitu,
saw-nulls, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for Improving und
Increasing the water privileges, and to make
trallle or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other companies, and for all other
usual nnd necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for thc Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 26th October, 1807. 4n Ct
Earliest Minors.
��� The earliest minora and metal workers
of whom wo have record were tho Aryan
peoples of Euro-Asian origin, who,
though of pastoral and arboreal habits,
were familiar with tho metals and worked with them���at least with the metals
and worked witli them���at least with
tho metals guid, Bilver and bronze.
Chaldeans und Assyrians, as we now
know from the cunei-form inscriptions
which go back 3000 B.C., were undoubtedly expert in theusoof metals, while
the Egyptians had an intimate knowledge of the arts and sciences. In the
brick and other inscriptions recently
discovered, artisans are seen at work
with curious details of their methods
and tools. Potters, indeed, had attained
eminence in their art. and the Egyptians had certainly a knowledge of
chemistry, as the samples of their glass
blowing and tho stone pictures of tools,
forceps, blowpipes, etc., prove. Gold
was largely used at an early period���be
tween 4000 and 5000 B.C., as we find
from some newly discovered and ingenious weighing balances. Many centuries
oldor than tho pyramids, which date
from fifty to sixty centuries back, we
havo examples of engineering in Mem
phis which could not have been without
tools and necessarily an acquaintance
with metals. The word metals is of
Semitic origin���the Hebrew word metals
to forge, indicates an early acquaintance
with the fusing of ores and tlie malleability of metals. How theso early
primitive people discovered the use of
things must, of course, have been
through their needs, particularly after
they left pastoral and tent life and began
to build cities. The Arabs aro credited
with being early acquainted with the
alloys, though alchemy, as a science,
dateB only from the sixteenth century.
���Mining and Scientific Press.
Narrow Escape.
What might havo been a serious accident to the westbound passenger train
was prevented by tho watchfulness and
caution of Engineer Houston this week.
As the train on Wednesday was coming
down the canyon about a mile above the
station at Golden, a small rock slide
deposited a heap of stones in front of the
engine, ono of whicli got under the pilot
and was removed with great difficulty.
The prompt action of the engineer prevented any serious damage being done,
except to the pilot, which suffered considerable damage. The train was delayed
for about thirty minutes before things
were cleared up enough to allow her to
Public School Report.
The following is the result of the usual
monthly examinations for March:
Snr. Fifth Class���1. Annie Kenny; 2,
Laura Kenny; 3, Gladys Houston.
Jnr. Fifth Class���1, Waller Houston;
2, Gertie Fields; 3, Ralph Kenny.
Fourth Class���1, Minnie Woodley; 2,
Malic Anderson ; 3, Mary Connor.
Snr.Third Class���1, Maggie Archer;
Willie Houston; 3, IdaBookhout.
Jnr. Third Class-1, Bert Henna; 2,
George Love; 3, Lottie Woodley.
Second Class���1, Minnie Sutherland;
Adelaide Leveque; 3, Jack Parson.
II Primer Class���1, Kova Nicholson;
2, Percy Lake; 3, Boy Hanna.
I Primer Class���Tommy Connor.
Promoted during the month of March .
From Second to Jnr. Third, Bert Ilanna;
from I. Priraea toll. Primcr,ltoy Hanna,
Kova Nicholson, Owena Starfortb, Allan
Hanna and Lawrenco Dalcrist.
The average attendance the month of
March was 38.
A school of mines has been started in
Rossland under very favorable circumstances. It started with twelve members
and elected the following officers: C. O.
Lalonde, president; Dr. I), E. Kerr,
vice-paeaident; Archibald Cameron, secretary and treasurer. The services of H.
Hastings, C.E., were secured, and he
will instruct a class three nights a week,
commencing with the elements of geol-
ogy, to bo followed by mineralogy and
blowpipe analysis. The meetings will
bo held in tho schoolroom, which has
been placed at the disposal of the mining
school. Ladies will be admitted as members ol tho association, and the admission
eo will be 25 cents to each lecture.
Minlny on tho Liard.
An old-time miner, M. C. Larson, who
panned gold on the Upper Liard in 73
and'74, is in town on the way back to
his diggings, going this time by way of
tho Athabasca atif) Mackenzie route and
up the Liard to a point abontiorty miles
above Sylvester's lower post, the spot
where he with three others, struck good
pay dirt in the early days.
In '73 he, with J. Hanson, a man
named McSherry and another called
Peter, went in by way of the Stickine
river and Deaso lake and river with
boats. They went as far as it was
possible to navigate and then loft their
boats, packing their grubstakes on their
backs to the Liard. They had to make
two trips, and when they nt last had
their outfit on the Liard had only
sufficient food supplies to last them less
than a week. They went'to work washing for gold on the high banks, and,
though the gold was coarse, the distance
which they had to bring the dirt to the
water made tho work slow and the pay
correspondingly small. Thc following
year, 74, they went in again over the
same trail and succeeded in getting in
eighteen days supply of provisions. This
timo they washed the bars for fine gold
which they found in paying quantities,
or, as Mr. Larson says: " Wo found we
could make it pay away up. 1 could tell
you just what we made, but do not care
to, as others will go in who will not
make as much, and, therefore, accuse
rae of lying." Both the trips were made
on tho information of McCullough, one
of the Yukon's pioneers. Tho strikes
wero nothing fabulous, but sufficient to
warrant Mr. Larson in the belief that if
he can get in with eighteen months*'
provisions, he will come out well off.
Tlie country around the Liard at the
point where he struck it is very rocky,
with heavy timber, no feed fty horses,
but game was fairly plentiful. There are
every indication of rich quartz claims,
tho rocks being rich in galena, silver and
Mr. Larson is not ono of the numerous
"fakes" who know it all. He has no
stock to sell; lias no desire to be engaged
as guide for any party, or no intention of
forming a company, but intends to start
at open water by the Athabasen-Maclicu-
sie route, with a few companions possibly, but if not, alone. He is bunt on
going up the Liard to his old diggings
and while he realizes that to get his outfit over Hell Gate may entail great labor,
he is confident that it is the only possible
way of getting an outfit of supplies into
the Upper Liard, under present conditions.���Edmonton Bulletin,
The now Canadian postage stamp
possesses a peculiarity that is somewhat
neat and remarkable. The Queen's
head which forms tho design on the face
of the stamp, becomes the head of a
typical Arab or Oriental chief, if turned
upside down. It also possesses another
peculiarity. If you do not look closely
Iwfore aiiixing it to a letter you will have
it upside down nine times out of ten.
The design is too obscure.���Exchange.
A Meeting of tho Golden Rink Co.
was held in tho Columbia House on
Tuesday evening, Mr. 0. A. Warren in
the chair. Mr, F. W. Aylmer on behall
of the Building Committee presented
a plan of a rink for approval. Tlie proposed rink will give 14(i feet by -10 feet of
lear ice for curling and the Bamo for
skating. At oue ond of the i ink there
will ho a space of 14 feet by 80 foot
which will be divided into a waiting
room and platforms for spectators. Tho
estimated cost of this building was
$3000. Tho plan seemed to suit all
present and was accepted unanimously
by tho meeting.
Improved Ways of Travelling.
Thore is just now what may ho called
a lull in tlie rush to the Klondike, but it
does not hy any means imply the turning
away of public attention from it. It
probably docs mean that the insane rush
forward of people unprepared and unfitted for work there lias abated. Enough
of such people have gone forward, como
to grief and returned to demonstrate that
something besides enthusiasm ib necessary to make a rush forward result in
anything short of calamity, But there is
no abatement in the stream of properly
equipped parties, led by men of experience. For the present it is desirable that
men only so provided should go; otherwise wo shall havo tales of distress and
misfortune coining to us calculated to
brand the region as an excellent one to
stay away from.
Probably there never haa been such a
rush beforo into a mining region in
which tlio difficulties nnd hardships to
bo encountered have been so great. The
transportation by aea in un seaworthy
tubs, taken from the marine cemeteries
in U. S. porta, has given a fortaste of the
hardships of tho land journey; yet for
many months all the avenues of entry
havo been choked. Tiiere is just now a
sufficient reaction to show that people
are coming to tlieir senses. They will
hereafter look for reasonably safe and
comfortable of transit to the new fields,
both by sea and by land; and these will
bo provided all tlie sooner because tho
demand begins to find expression. Tho
arrival of the steamfthip Tartar and its
consort, the Athenian, at Vancouver will
Inaugurate a radical change in the conditions of sea transport to Wrangel from
Pacific ports. It will relegate to lhe junk
yard many vessels which should not
have been permitted to leave it and
bring to an end the packing of human
freight into space dangerous to life and
health. The journey to the gold fields
will soon, so far as the sea voyage is
concerned, Involve nothing more than
Lhe ordinary discomforts and dangers
incident to sue^u journey.    ""' ��� ���' ������
Tha demand for improved means of
transport over tho land route will bo
eventually met to the same extent; and
it will be to the route most promptly
established that travel will settle down
and that tiie cream of the resulting
profit will accrue. Canada will be found
10 hove lost a-great opportunity after the
politicians have cooled sufficiently to
look with unprejudiced eyes in its failure
to go on with a Canadian route. When
the present lull has been succeeded by
returns from tho work of tho miners
during tho winter, it may confidently be
expected that the fever will rise again,
and no provision for facilitating travel in
tho meantime will than prove more than
adequate to meet the demand. It will
then bo in order to feel a little mortified
at bur inaction in preparing ior it.���The
Winnipeg Free PreBS.
The annual report of F. S. Hussey,
Superintendent of police, just issued,
shows that tho Provincial police force
now consists of tho superintendent, one ]
sergeant, and 88 constables, besides a
number of special police who are employed in various parts of the Province
from time to time ns they may be
required. The conduct of the men during the past year has, with a few exception?, beon very creditable. No fines
for any infraction of tho regulations
have been imposed. One investigation
has boon hold, resulting In tlie resignation of tho officer against whom the
complaint was made. The superintendent recommends that the ollicials of the
Provincial gaols be supplied witli uniforms. It is estimated that tho cost
will ho about $55 per man for two suits I
per year,
Selling Gold.
An inquiry from an ICllcnsburg, Wash,
subscriber to tho Mining and Scientific
Press, regarding how and what the U.S.
pays for gold.
Tlie government pays for gold at the
rate of $:'0.87 per ounce fine, or (18.00
pw ounce stuudard{.9 fine). Thero is
no charge for coining gold. When the
bullion deposited is not suitable for
coinage, and requires parting and refining, charges are made for these operations equal to tho ospens* incurred in
eliminating the base metals and parting
tho gold irom the silver when the two
motals are combined. There is also a
charge of 2 cents por ounce for coppor
required for alloy. Upon gold bullion of
standard fineness���that is, containing .0
gold and .1 coppor���no charge wlutevor
ia imposed. The depositor of gold bullion ia allowed 100 cents foi overy L'3.22
grains Troy of pure gold his deposit may
Chllcoot Aerial Tramway.
The Rialto, in referring to Mrs. Frank
Kersley's famous quick trip over tho
Cnilkoot Puss tramway in a sort of packing bos barely large enough to hold her,
auys: " Wo shall probably soon hear of
other Indies patronising the route; indeed, tho line offers advantages which
are not found on uvoti English railways.
Miss Vance, and her lady friends who
are clamoring for ladies smoking carriages will find their wants fully catered
foron the Chllcoot Pass Aerial line. Fair
Btnokera will not only find a carriage in
which they can indulge In tlie fragrant
weed, but a carriage���or, more strictly
speaking, a bucket���for each. Perhaps,
however, they may consider that con-
rl'isiveness ia being carried too far iu
IhU direction."
I i iiWiMUiiiwliiiiiii'iia'ii'JMi *&*ee^v.v'u*^m.'tt#xa-'*'T*i3tt*^,*tmBTrt
DNBmft i**v-~*m-i-irtt%m-,
-t.wir-.'-****jjr*w MMNfcriWtftt*iWft*WI*a|MWi kPt*i-*JM.-;��t>����-ji
S ��� nt* -T-�� w i*t"����.rw��T**Mr.**r
���T -v* V ���.*? .
ninl. rail
thu K...
illllr. Itlul!
.t  Weakly Jnuam
ku ihirttiii-nwi "I iii.
lyiilll mull.**,.
si'ttscKirnns It.
���witn' |.or yi-.tr hi ailvun. c.
.column Iiii-ii. ;���:*����� \m i-nlitii
*a*l*l.*.| ���li tin- title |>-.:.'.' ;   l.'H
f mmmiroll Um'for llr.-ii In*
j?|m. For uaWi lulilltlmiiil ii
gioil.���<-.-. lit*, ills I't'l- lll'tt* Btcll
iahetl every Vri.i.iy
Kiuitaitiiy UlMrini
.villi ;.li tniilis till,I
-i'K.* :    It, hull!
-htinite.1 "i ail*, m
j.hi ]i::i*.\i'.-::i:-:
:<tl���* lu-sl   i*.cill|.]i
cent, iur
run, illl**
..-ii.ii lalurtliail
tluc.lt] notlce-i intent
'-.riiilm-l al -.. r. i-.itini.
Mail urUuii. rucclvt- pr
I   ,.1-illllllK
.'(""'l.rio'.'.   '(
nn any
atverv imint in ll). [)l..ir
''.(iti.i li I." tiiin.*..:' wril.-i
lii.iiiti-'Tlt.l, HOI ll..-1'i'a
���0.11 ns ll in...:-..llLi-u ut ll-
'''irr.'*.|ii.iiil.>n.*.. Willi ,
.ili it In* a|i]i-jitrail in ti:-.
iti.; ..ft *r.*.l tu i.-i.-l niljiut'
-.tc.lll .i,'l-.'.ir ill  "Til" .'���'
i.i lull
���t !-!!.-
to .ill.
,- i-ii|-l-.-s|-,,|i-
��� Iii.' VI, Til
I--'i.,II.I, 111 III
ill    I-IISUS   III,*
���..tul.-.iiy Un-
r.-i-.-,.to uu.* mailer
t-r p-iier ut'jat Ural
i>. .tllcoiloti bcioru
MIIliAY, Ai'Uli'.S, 18(18.
Then- Im*. boon ;i (jronl ileal o( discussion nt Ottawa suit) elsewhere over
granting a clinrtar to Mr- Corbin to con-
���Btrttot the Kettle llivor railway. Mr. .1.
Hut's Robertson also taken sldoB on the
kpti'Stlon ami lie undoubtedly vuieos tlio
sentiments n( ii good many of tlie resi-
tlontR of W.est Kootenny when ho savs,
jn supporting tlu* nu'iu'iii't' *.
" I huvc llHteiioal with pleasure antl
tun mticli impressed with tho remarks of
the Hoiinruhle the Miulstor.of Railways
tin the Btibjoct of gnuiliiiE this clnti'tet*,"
.luring tht* discussion in committee. " It
j-- quite ('.-i.i ".it." im continues, " from
.ull ��. huvo heard ami road, thai the
people who know  most about this dls-
whoorerclso muy ho responsible ior the
polloy ol the C. T. !.'., has left other
people's enterprise to open th" wealth of
thut region. Perhaps tlm C. 1'. 1!. was
overburdened with responsibilities in
other regions, hut lie thai as it may, the
Kootenay oouutrv was not opened up by
the gonitis of Sir William Van Home or
tlio ontorprisool tho C. 1'. 11.
" Tiie ('. 1'. it. cliunot come hero and
claim rights as a pioneer in tho development oi the Kootenay. The length,
brtianlh and thickness of the question
before us in simply as to the best course
to tako in tho interest of the whole
" I can undorstantl tho position oi
���-cnlleuieii from tiio roust districts iu
llritisli Colublnt 1 *.tin trying to consider
the Interests of Southern llritisli Columbia, yes, and thc Interests of tlie Ontario
anil Quebec shippers, the merchants und
manufacturers, who need competition in
(might rates to Kootenuy points. I do
not believe tlmt tho Boundary Creek
country should bo hormotlcally scaled
(or the benellt ot cither the Vancouver
.'i Victoria, or of tho0. 1'. H. 1 want
'.lie people in the Boundary Creok country to huvu it voice in tin' settlement of
thoir own business destiny, I havo no
quarrel with tlie. gentlcitton who think
tli.it tho salvation of tlio shipper and tho
minor is to bo worked out by govern-
mont control of freight rates. 1 pin my
faith to t|io idea of competition wherever
competition be possible. 1 believe that
from the standpoint of even Victoria or
Vancouver it will pay to let this railroad
into tho Boundary Creek country. The
C. I'. It. may then have to extend on the
lilies of the V. V. & K. project, in order
to socttre its position against the possible
designs of ihe Corbiu interests.
" lint lot this committee say that the
Boundary Creek and other districts in
the Kootenuy aro lo be locked up for the
biinelit of the C. 1'. K��� and the position
of that railroad would become so secure
that it could sit down and dictate terms
both to the shippers, who want low
freight rates, ami the country which
may want tboesisting railroad extended.
" 1 regard this as a chance lo put the
('. I'. It. under bonds to respect tho
rights of Canadians, east and west, und 1
um going to support the bill."
Mining Dispute at Yale.
!    What may develop into a very interesting legal fight was commenced in the
county court, ut Vale, last woek. Some
little time ago, nine Chinamen who had
been placer milling on tho foreshore of
tli�� Fraser rival- near Yale, were summoned for tresspass, at th* instance of
Liu. Indian agent, and were fined ���S, or,
in default, twenty days' imprisonment.
It appears now that tho Chinamen held
a mining lease and licenses from the
provincial government, on the authority
of which they wore, working. The
Indian agent claims that tbe diggins are
situated on the Indian reserve. If the
department of Indian affairs decides to
prosecute th* cane to tho bitter end,
there will lie an Interesting issue between
thu federal and provincial authorities.
it  sli
Get Down to B'-tsiness.
Brains says: A word to tho young
man preparing to open a store of ids
own: When you get ready, toll the
public what you are going to do. Use
plenty of advertising space to toll your
story well and thoroughly, hut tell it
simply. Just get down to business and
tell people in short, simple words, ull
aliout your now store and your now
goods. Act like a solid business man,
not like a fly-by-night fakir. The man
who merely jumps up and down .might
a. well stand still. " Soft and fair goes
far in a day." Work up n good solid
business by solid business methods.
Coax and wheedle and suggest aad argue
-don't try to yank trade in by the
hair. As Bill Nye bnco sagely observed,
"When you want to kiss a girl, don't
grab for it.   Take your time���ils tiiere."
Golden tn o rt Stocle.
Golden to Carbonate	
It miles
"      Hog Kanehe,.....
22    "
"      Kpillimachene	
42    "
"      Shorty's	
60    "
*���       McKay's	
Ml    "
"      Windermere	
84    "
"      Brewer's	
S17    "
"      Canal Flat.......,
120    "
"      Wasa (Hanson's),
15(1    "
Fort Steele	
163    "
"fowi-AKin-i Act, is&7,"
CAr.AH.tl (
I'ltOTlxC*. or BttlTl.il I'oM'Mr.iA. t
No, 1*1/97.
IMS IS Til DKIITIFY ili'O Hit' '
'lolilen llri
irUllIll llio I'm,**
I to carry nut or
ii,*-'i'is hereinafter **.-!
.ti-.-.- Authority of tin*
inil.iit "Xl'inils.
uftliy I., situate ul
ils needs want this charter
tl, I, for one, sco no reason why
...l.l not he granted, I am as
anxious as an.'.- man can ho to keep
Canadian trade for Canadian railroads,
j don't see how Canada is to be beiK-lited
by sacrificing tlie rights of these Canadians in Ihe Boundury Creek country
who arc appealing to Ibis committee for
justice. 1 am not prepared to sacrifice
their rights for the benefit of lhe
Canadian I'ut'ilic railway, especially as
this lino will give Iho district tho benefit
.if railway competition without adollur'a
worth of cost to the country. I um not
Inclined to sit at the feel of Sir William
Van Home und learn patriotism. I want
to see tlie C. I', li. bold the trade of the
Kootenay during ils own good behavior.
J don't want fo see the C. !'. It. or any
(ither railroad in a position of absolute
jtoworover Inter-provlueial trade.
" If wc give this company the right to
r.uil.1 a railroad with its own tmiiiy tiie
C.I'.U. can slill have (ho trade, provided
it gives a hotter service, at cheaper rates
than the (i. T. It. und ils western allies.
I huvc no doubt that tbe C, I'. It. will
bold the trade, and 1 want lo see it hold
that trade, because of its own merits,
,iu.l not because (lie consumers iu the
west and the shippers in tlie oust ure
helpless and ut its mercy. This bill is a
quicker way of giving jiftstlcu to the
people thin any theories about government control of freight rates.
" The tight over this bill illustrates
the diflli-sltiofl thut would confront any
tribunal that undertook to regitklte (ho
C. 1'. I!, Rogtilttto HieC. I'. 11.1 Why
it looks a,* if it would keep us hustling to
prevent the C. I'. It. from regulating us.
"This application is llio business proposal oi a ruilwny builder, and I don't
fare whu.t his nationality :.;. The man
who i. witling to spend his own money
ought to.li:*encouraged, Canada, us far
as I can see, is not ovor-pnpulntotl with
that slump of man. 1 don't think that
Canudiun trade will be oudangerod by
'jiceling the wishes of these people lu
.lip Boundary ('reek district. Thccoun-
cti-y takes uo chances when it grunts
tohese people their rights. It is worth
lomethjtig for this country to establish a
precedent by braving a railway built on
Canadian soil, without a dollar's worth
ef public aid in land or mono;.'.
" It is all verv well for Vice-President
Shuughncssy to coma bore and till the
air with talk about what tho C. 1'. It. is
Ui.tlo. Isubniit that, beforo we deprive
Uie shippers of Kustern Canada and the
people of the Boundary Creek.country
af the advantages which this charter
will give them, we ought to have- something from the C..1'. R, I ndmlred Mr,
Shaiighnessy'ft stylo, nnd 1 appreciate
bjte ability he displayed; but so far as
my observation goes, the spoken prom
iiies of the C. 1'. it. shy when uskod. to
material::..!., and written promises ol'.tbe
li-. 1*. R, aro none too good. I say thnt
if we refuse this charter, the people of
tliis Boundary; creek country wiil have
to m��ke their own arrangements with
the C. I'. U.. I understand that, iu ils
drilling, wiilitthe people of the Kootenuy
Ojottntry, the CIV It. has always driven
4 mighty bard bargain.
'��� Somebody will say thut the C. V. K
Unows its business too well t
rich mineral district undeveloped.    The]
whole history of III* Kootenay country
sbftyva that Sir William Van Uorne, or
Tho B. C. Chamber of Mines.
11 is hoped that ull concerned for the
duo development of the I'roviiice's many
and varied mining interests will in tlieir
various ways support this Chamber, of
which influential mining men in general
should hectmie members. Tho secretary
pro tetn, Mr. F. S. Tajgart, Vancouver,
will he glad to afford any information
that may hi: desired us to the Chamber
and ita proposed wurk. Those constituting tho Board ot the Chamber cordially
invito practical suggestions ou the subject, as they are now busily engaged in
tike necessary preliminary work of formulating something like a definite line
of action. But it is essential to tho success of tbe Chamber (hat its membership shall become as broadly representative as possible. It taken time of
course to get n Chamber of mines into
working, order, successful sUawlar bodies
elsewhere having found quite a long
period occupied in iltlu-lull'g to (ull
development. Those who are inaugurating the provincial movement ure,
however, tiefermlnod to press it to it
(iirtuRsfnl issue without any avoidable
Ha Stole a March.
A gallant knight by the nar.ie-of Allan
swooped down on our city last week and
carried oft one of our blushing young
mauls. lie took her to NoUto-il where
they will be married. The young lady,
Miss , has bum a resident hero
Mako No Mistake.
Somo time ago an amorous young man
sunt a letter to a German lady, says tlie
Philadelphia Record, and this postscript
was added: " That mv darling may
make no mistake, remember that 1 will
wear a light pair of trousers and a dark
cutaway. In my right hand I will carry
a small cane, and in my left a ci-rar.
Yours ever, Adolphc," The father replied courteously, stating that his daughter had given him authority to represent
bor at the appointed place antl the time
agreed on. His postscript was as follows:
"Dot mine son may make no mishdake:
I vill be dreshwl in mine shirt-sleeves, 1
vill vear in mine right hand a girth; in
mine left hand I vill vear a nix-sliooU-
You vill recognize me by tie vay I hats
yon on de head a goople times twice mil
ilegltib, Vait for mo at tie corner, as 1
- have somedings Important to inform you
mil.   Your (rent, lleinrich Mailer."
HAS located permanently opposite the Columbia Hou-id*
Golden, whore ho will attend to till requirBradrits iit
his line, whether it be TailoiI-Madk or Kmadv-Madi-I
Ci.oTiiiNti. A call for inspection will be appi'cciatejil-
as it is '' no trouble to show goods/' and he has a good
selection uf all kinds of Tweeds and BroadclSthi
A Week of Llfo.
The year had gloomily begun
For Willie Weeks, a poor man's
He was besot with bill andc3ivn,
And '&a had very little MON.
"Th it-cash, "Baid ho, "won't pay my dues,
I've nothing here but ones iiu-t
A bright thought struck liim,tHid ho said
The rich Miss (loldrocks I will
But whon he paid his court toiler,-
She lisped, but firmly .aid, " 5ie��,
" Alas I" said he, then I must die! "
His soul went where they say soul's ���
, FRI.
They found his gloves, and coat, and hat;
The coroner upon them
Notlc.0 is hereby given that all persons
She will be greatly missed i having any claims against tlie estate nf
.   .��� ; i     i,. .,!......' George  tvoodlev, late of Golden, B.C
at whicli .he 'i-wayel^Xed ���bo died at Golden, B.C., on
the 2nd February, 181)8, are required to
for u month,
at, our social hop:
took a prominent part. Several of our
local, heart crushers were greatly surprised whon they beard about it, as th*y
have boon laboring under the doltt.ion
that every boiler ou thia range waa corralled.���Kuskonook Searchlight.
If the young lady mentioned in the.
libove���we omit (he name out of deference to. her-has relatives here;, thoy
will not: have done their duly until' they
give thescoiimlrel who wrote the iihnve
a sound horsewhipping.���Kalso KeoUtn-
England and tho Powors-
Tim clamor of the peoples calling war
In all tbe realms of tho world arose,
And like some cataract which thund'ring.
Down sheer deollvities, whelmed with its
The feebler cries of peace. And us of yore
Tho greater tbtiB bespoke thoir weaker
"Our might gives  riglit,   as  old-time
legend shows,
To weld the world to shapes unknown
By merging your domains iu those wo
s;o potent, we increase���such is your fate,
Au so is wrought tho law of gods and
Then Ullglafid spake, her regis an nf. old
enyc this | Stretched o'er the sore oppressed:. " Inviolate
1 keep the w.iak despite or gods or men."
-.Hired Bodily..
jvc notice Of, their claims to G. 11.
Woodley aud D. M. Rao, the executors
unpointed hy tho will of tho said (Jcotgo
Woodley, on or before tbe first day of
May, A.D., 181)8, and that after said last
mentioned date the said executors will
proceed to distribute such of said ostuto
as shall have come to their hands, having regard onlv to such claims as they
shall then have received notice of us
Above required.
Dated this 2Ur<l March, 1898.
Solicitor for the Executors
Application   for Certificate of Im*
Tako notice that I, Jolm McRufl, Free
Mim-r'H Certificntu No. 869110, intend,
sixty (lava from tlie date hereof, to apply
to tlie ]ifining Kecorder for a certitieato
of improvement?, for tlie purpose
obtaining a Crown frrant of tlie above
olrtiin located on Spillinincheen Mountain, situate in the (iolden .Mining
Division of Ka��t Kootenay District-.
And further take notice that action
under flection 37, must he commenced
lieforo tlie issuance of nueh certilieate of
Ul'VIIUUri In ctirrv en \mi\t
fiTt'-'i iiii nr auy"i thud
rortli tn wiifuii tn   "
Leittif.uLui'e of Url
Tliu huftiWUtcu nf the C
So. ii, Quean Street Placei City of Loudon, Ktij
Tiie lunoimt ut tho enptt >l of thu Uompnny Is
��ti,uuu;tlivltlaii iutu mix fh-Jiuauil tiliAteituiXl
each. ,, ,
Thu hood oflleo of thu Company lu.th.sFro-
vlneu Ih Hlttiato nt (iuhu-ut hud William (iilijcrt
Mitdu'ii-hiiu-.s wi.ii.U' uil.lri.-fiv U iioliltn, Ileitis n ciiiiiinlilti. in thu Atturiu'vioi'ihr Coiapauy.
Tin- tilijocu ior whloh tlm (������.���iii.-iiuy haa Ineu
UHtahllaljud nnd bo lluimuud nrn:���
[n,) To piirfha.si*, ttitu mi lmsi-, nr ot'.-.i nviM'
iirqtiirL', lillllOH. liiil'.inn rlglltHi mill nif tnlln'i'1'-
oiifl Uiul and any fnturuai tin rein, mul to ex*
liliirt;, work, exeroiau, dcvulop und turn to
fb] TO uruah, win, got. (piarryj muuit, cr.loliio,
ami proparufor laarkOt, on.-, mutal, and mlnur-
hI subsiuiii'i'S of all' Llmln.iuid to cartfy un,
I'ithcrii.Hin ui* iuvoiiiiurtioii with tin' promlsefi
or ftlmjwliurt', thu bUBhiota <>f mlnurn. intllci'B,
nttieliL-TH, nun v,oi*ltura of tiny prtiecaiieam the
nroductlon, reductluu nnd makliiu merchant-
nolo, of iiiiiicriiUiiH'ti.l.s mid mflalllc pniilucts,
HiippllCH oi water, merchauuti ��nd manufactnr*
urs, aud workers ol any' mluur'alu/ iiiutuls, artl-
clus nnd tbliiRS used lu orlu Bonnat'tlbivwlth
nilnlng. mlllliig, sntultfng, uud other procuHSUK
uioroimld. ot any of them:
10 To search for mines and ralnoraw-olther
on land known tu contain anch mliies end intn*
urala or othomiac. and to buy and aell, lease
or mku mi thu rights of suaroh <ir other mtnerb1
riKlitsorclaliiiH undur nuy minliiKstatutrsor
rcaulationsof anyplace whora tlm Company
ir-rriCN on operations, and tiny other rlghw ru-
Spuutitlg the sainei
[d | To acqulro options, or enter mto con I raets
for tlu' iiHiThas-u ol any gran is,. i'oiiti*,-iions.
leas-.-; or st'tts, ensements ur intUMSts 111 hltVdH,
waters, mlllsltes, townsiie*;, inlren, mliierWls,
ami oiher hereditaments,and any plant,-inn-
einiier*', liiiidenieiits, couvililuliees, jirovtskms
und things, and any other property, real or
liiTsoual, movahlu or IininovAtile, for purposes
incidental thereto or to any other objects oi ihe
Company, or capable oi laitng used jn connection wiih niettUlurglctil operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Coup
prttiy.auUto work, transfer, let or suulutBilc
[el To ft!'<iiilrft anv iitvciHioiis, letters paWnt
or ifecnses, capable of being used for the pur*
poses of tlio Company, or any oi them, mid to
work, mincer, ti I, ur sin.lei tiie samct
f. To aeipure mid undertflku thu whole or nny
part of the business, property ami liabilities, of
anyponfblior coiapauy carrying -many lmsir
litis which tills Cfiiiipiiuy Is initliorisrd to carry
on; aud to acquire aud hold auy shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, iic-
gotla-ble op otherwise,' oi ui* o|>her Interests In
nny Kngltvb, colonial or other companies, usmj--
iatloiisor itudurtaklngs capable ol being iiian-
aged or conducted so as dfrecoly or Indirectly
to benellt the business of tho Company. Also
advance uioucy on any Blicb shares, slocks-,*
iiomls, obligations, debentures, soeurlties oi <ir
other Interest in such uoliipautos, assoeiatlous
or umierti.klugK, mid to aecuptsueh shares or
blocks, bonds, obligations* debentures or secur*
ties as pm-titil or lull security ior payments due
to thu Company:
k. To aequlru, construct or liiroa or loin with
others In acquiring,*constructing ur hiring auy
mills, ciinnU, waterworks, machinery, roans,
M-idgi-s, truunvays, mil way n, engines, plant,
sioekn, buildings, worLs, niaHcrs or things
which may bu necessary or cnuvcnfcnt for the
purposes ot thu Compauy, or any of tiiem.aml
to tin* working of the sume or any part thereof!
b. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otuerwise dispose of, charge or deal
with; in any maimer whatsoever,"the under-'
inking or any part or parts of the property of
the ���.'oiiipnuy, or auy rights, way-leaves or
easements iu or over the same, and to accept as
payment thefefor either cash or shares, or
partly cash and partly sharen, lu any otlwr
company purtJhartlng.thusame:-
1, To establish auu maintain ageUetcs of the
company in any colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, and io procuru the Company
to be registered or Incorporated iu any such
I'oh.nv. dominion, foreign country or statoi
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objects altogether or In part similar to
tho ultjdeis of thU Compauy, ami to enter Into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal eon-
cesslon or ottiurwlsu, with- auy company or
person or firm' engaged or about to engage iu
any business or transaction- wbu h this Company i-i aulhoriacd to engage In, or capable of
biiiigconduiteilso tw uu'*#uly or Indirectly to
beiiv-ilt tlilsCompauy:
k. To hold, iu thu uaineuof others, any property wiii.'ii thw Company in authorised to
Hi-<<uirc, and lo curry on gr do any of the
businesses and HcUiaud tblugl'Bfurcsabi, eitber
as piluclpal or ngeut., and either by thu agency
oi or ns agents or trustees for others:
1. Tu Liiiki'. pui'iiliithe, it'll, aeeept or ludorsv
bills of exchange and other Instruments, negotiable or othi'iwiscaud to borrow money either
with or without security, and either upon negotiable Instruments or otherwise, Including
toe fsiuc of debentures charged upou all or any
ol thu Company's properly (outh present aud
lutiirc), including itsuueallcd capital:
in. 'Io promote nnd fona other companies for
anyoltta*i objects mentioned iu tins ilemor*
n. To luvest uud dual with tbe uiouer'* of thu
Company uotlmmeiiiuiely rwiuirtd upou such
securities aud iu such Ubiuuuras frum time to
time bwdeturuiiucd:-
j. Tu distribute any of tha property of the
iipany among tlm muiuburs iu specie:
p. Tu carry ou busiucKS iuany part of the
Manufacturers of and Dealers irl all kindgot*
Lumber   etc.
CONTl*A<r!*OK,:    TO   THI-J   f'.P.B.     ,__.
G-<*>ld.en and Beavci, ^.C-
Mock & Barrio, PrO|?t3.
B.  C#
:tti.il this ll'itlt day ot January
John McIIah,
lly hisagont'Qoo.S. McCartftri
Advertise in
^������WTHE  MINER.
Comoftuy among tlm muiuburs iu specie
p. i'u carry ou business iuany part
world and tu du all mich tilings as i*r*i incideit'
is I or couducivu tu thu attaluuiuut of tho above
til ven uuder my hand ftud seal of olllee at
Vlidorln, Province ��f UrlllsU Columbia, this
ltd Ii day ul October, ou* tttOUMUd olght hundred und uluety-s-tvuu.
[I..S.1 H. Y. WOOtWK,
iii'i-it      Kc|lstrnr of Joint Stock rompnnics.
PI st-ClAKB In crcry grtrffeptar.  Cfonvi-tififti (6 /tailwoy Dop'ot and {Ifeawboaf ^ailmi.
Hates Keasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Train Car leaves ftooieiiHy House, connecting with fltcamtjr J6r Fort fitacla *T��y
Monday and Friday affer arrival t.f train t&bni the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
TRAVELLERS   �����**
For Home Comforts       e o
Modern Conveniences   o ��
Best (Itiisine in tlie Went �����
Commodious Sample Rooms a
Fii'st-Ckss Brands oi Mquors and Q'igSfi
G& io the
Columbia jffousfy
WM. McNEJSH, Prop.
Jlendquarters for Mining Men.
-i.i *-if
zs^^^Goldeii, RG
****** ll.-iulqiiiirl.-r.* Por-ss.
Miners,  Prospectors   and  Lumbsrmeniv
ISatos !^i.OO E'er SDatT".
Boabd k LoiKiixo $5 Pes Week.    Firs"? Class Bu'.
All' norfons indelitod to me aro re-
ntntnteu to iwttlo sumo witli Mr. 0.11.
l'ai'Win, who haa authirity t�� giro
receipts for th* aan*.
Oolllen, February 15th,*lBIM..
l    cation will b. nm.if t." t
NOTICE I. har.kj rirfn Uiatnar-ll*
UK" *'
*arllaiiiutit ul
('Hiiit.ta, at Ilia next NOMStall tli-.-r.-ol, for u. Atit
.���1.1111X111*,' tii. nai.-i ul Tin. Iioitiiiiliir, HiiiUlIn-,'
nn.I Coatt A'aatiufntton tutliai uf 'flia Duuilato*
rrriiiuiu'iit I.niin ('iiitipnnv.
Iliilcl nt Tiir.int.i, this 17ta ilay of itoTember,
A.IL. lrWi.
2 Tl.*r-ratfi ��tr.ut, T.iriinl..
Sulit.ller. far A-..lli:a.la.
East Kootenay
Supply Store#
WINDERMERE,   B.C..���afig^
Gi-Oeeriea, Dry Obods tt General Merchandise.*  Mi��ert'
Supplies ti Specialty.* ....
Windermere Hotel,
���* .James A. Stoddart, Prop*/
Choice Wines, I-iqtiors aiid'ClgiirS.   Firet dint) accommorlaUea;
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.*
rAit VAi.er.
*Ml,l, HHIt'l,.*
The Uolil Hills C.k II. Co	
��� 1.00
Kootenay, Curilioo M. k I. Co.	
Ciolilen k Fort l-tecle D.Co  	
��  760,(XX)
��� 1.00
���    60e.
Alberta k Kootonay 1). Co	
t 500,000'
Eaat Kootenay and Elk River Development k Exploration Co	
��    75,000
. Hi
��^^"  ���'���     "��'���'���*'"    '
Laborers Relate Their Grievances.
Blankets Sold for Food.
A <U._wtcli Irum Montreal to tho Mail
aud Empire, Toronto, under date ol
March 29, say*: The Crow's Xest I'ass
Commission met here to-day and heard
the evidence of several witnesses. Thc
fir��t witne** examined was u laborer
named Pierre Dcnin, who was hired to go
to tlie Pas* in October last. He was to
work as a Master at the rate of (f 1.50 per
day, and pay <4 per week board. He
went up with 95 others, and reached
Macleod eu October 13. They were
lodged iu an old house, where thc glass
In the windows was broken, and they
had to pick up straw from the outside on
which to sleep. There were then over
300 men at Macleod. They were put to
work levelling the road, and were sent
up to the mountains.
They slept In this old bouse for three
night* before the boarding-car known as
"Jumbo" arrived. In this car they
were all huddled together, each man
lieing allowed a space of II feet by G feel.
They had no water with which to wash
themselves. The only water they had
was from the reservoir of the locomotive
and it waa greasy and dirty. As only
half in hour wus given for breakfast,
many of them had tn go without their
morning meal*. There was no ventilation and no light, and Dr. Kennedy, the
C.l'.R. doctor at Macleod threatened to
coademn tho car. They had to drcis In
darknrai, and one doctor said they were
ei posed to cholera and fever. Four of
thc men (ell sick, and remained in thc
car. Witnes* fell sick of rheumatism,
and ultimately had to come back to
Montreal, alter having been in the
hospital at Macleod. He was given a
pas* back by the doctor.   From October
0 to December 6 he drew $13 in cash and
���erne good*.
Jamea White, also of this city, was
engaged on October 4 at ifl .50 per day,
with the privilege of paying ���*) a week
lor his board or boarding himself. He
related his experience in thc lllthy old
house at Macleod. lie worked 10 days
in October, 22 days in November, and
some five days in December. After a
time he was scut up to the mountains
irom Macleod along with others, and
th*Jf were two days without food. When
they reached the pass they could not
find any work, and with others tramped
back to Macleod, selling his blankets for
something to eat. He culled upon the
paymaster, and when his account was
drawn up for transportation, board,
medical fee*, etc., he was told that he
owed eight cents. Ho asked Mr. Turn-
trail to be put to work, as it was agreed
that he would get sis months' work, but
he was refused und told to get out of the
office.   The men obtained food from one
01 the councillors of Macleod, and slept
in box car* without tires. He did not
receive a dollar for all his work. With
two other* he itnrted on his way back to
Montreal about Christmas, and reached
hare about two weeks ago.
The Dargal Charse.
Hugh Wel.h, it private of thc famous
(lordon Highlanders, who has been invalided home from the Indian frontier,
ha* been interviewed on his arrival at
Falkirk, of which place lie is a native.
He was in the Dargai charge, und gives
an interesting aocotiut of it, containing
aome new incidents. He says the rebels
are a fine lot of.men, tall and muscular,
and exceedingly brave, but they lack
efficient leaders. Were it not for the
llritisli canon and quick-firing guns,
there would be different talcs to tell of
About tho famous charge he says:
" When tho native and English regiments'
failed to take the height the colonel of
the Dovens lent .the message to the
commanding general that the height was
impregnable. Hack came the reply at
once that nothing was impracticable to
the ltiitu.li army, and the Gordons were
to take the height at any cost. Colonel
Mathia* than addressed the Gordons,
and, drawing his sword, ho shouted
���omathlng which could not bo heard,
(or our men wero cheering themselves
hoarae. But we woro a little quieter
crouing tho open, and us our men were
pawing the colonel in their wild rush lie
���honied: ' Boys, I've seen thu day you
would not pass me 1' My right hand
mail win an Aberdonian, und a Dundee
man was en my left. A bullet went right
through tha Aberdnuiuu'tt helmet, knocking It off hi* hctul, and in stooping to
pick it up he got another bullet through
hi* left arm near tho shoulder. The poor
chap* were dropping on every side of us.
How we climbed the height and dislodged the enemy is too well known to
repeat. I did not sed Piper Findlator full
during the rush, but 1 snw Piper Wills
standing on the extreme edge of the cliff
playing awny for all he was worth, and
when the height was taken his kilt was
found fuirly riddled with,bullets. 1 have
but a faint rocollectiun of what happened
during the charge. The sight of our
comrade*' blood made us all nearly mad;
wo were like raving maniacs. 1 lost all
���enso of danger iu tlie mad Impulse to
get at tho enemy."
The Condition of War.
A great deal I. said about the brutal
orders given by Spanish authorities looking to tho extermination of the Cubans,
but war is always an exterminator. The
civil war would have been continued
until the people of the South lnul been
exterminated, had it bjaen necessary.
Sherman's March to the Boa and Sheridan', invasion of thc region of the
Rappahannock was to destroy property,
cut off the crops, burn thu supplies of
tlie enemy, if they could not be carried
away, and so aid in reducing numbers
and strength of the opposing forces.
Tlie end of this road i. extermination.
In tlio siege of Paris supplies were
stopped for the purpose of starving thc
people into submission. The southern
ports in the American civil war were
blockaded fur tho saute purpose. The
stoppage of tbe cotton output created a
widespread famine in Lancashire, yet
Uritain did not interfere lo stop Undo
Sam in putting down the rebellion.
War, when declared, ia always for
extermination, if necessary, that the
submission of the weaker to the stronger
may the earlier be obtained. In these
days of advanced civilization other and
licttor forms of settlement between individuals or nations should lie adopted.���
London, Out., Free Press.
Mortality at Klondike.
A gentleman in Glasgow, Scotland, has
received a lcttor from a friend iu the
Klondike, dated February 27th, in which
ho says:
" If you know of any fools thinking of
coming out to Alaska, tell them for
Heaven's sake to remain at home. Tho
bulk of the talk as to the fortunes to bo
made is au advertisement of Klondike
companies and speculators. A friend
has just gone back to the home country,
being the only living one of six men who
left in company for the gold fields. Hut
a more striking instance is the departure
homewards of two men out of a company
of 35 who journeyed together. The 33
are buried at Klondike. It is madness
for young men to come out here."
('OfllTS OF ASSIZE ami Nisi 1'rltis, anil ol
*-' Oyer anil Terminer and Genera] Haul lie-
livery, will lie Itolllen nt the placca nnd on tlie
���lute*. tollowhiK, via.:���
city of Kelson, on Monday, the 20th day of
June, 1HW.
Town of Donald, on M'tni-lay, the 'J7th day of
June, l��w.
Hy Ciiiiiiianil.
1'rovlm.lal Secretary.
Provincial Becrotary'a Otilt-e.
Slli March, MM. lsintl
VOTK'.E Is hereby (riven Hint on Hie ltth day
������*��� of January, 18'.IS, It waa ordered by the
Ilonniirnblc J. A. Foriu, Jlttlgo ot the County
Court, tlmt James F. Armstrong, Official Administrator of the County of Kootenny, be
Administrator of all and singular the ft'ioil.,
Chattels and credit of Ernest Orpwood o( Golden, Inliourcr, deceased, intestate.
Ever, person Indebted to the said deceased,
iare'-lilrcd to make payment forthwith to Uie
Every person having In possession effects
belonging to tlie ilceense.l, isrci-liirc.l lord, with
to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any
i-liilin upon or interest In the distribution of
thc personal estate of the said deceased, is
required within, thirty days of this date, to
send by registered letter addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address, and the
full particulars of his claim nr interest, and a
statement of Ills account, nud thc nature of tlm
security (if auy) held by him. After the expiration of the said thirty days, the Administrator
will proceed with the dl-ltributionof theclnte,
having regard lu those claims only of which he
shall have had notice.
Dated at Fort Steele, thin Kith day of January,
Official Administrator.
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of   E��Ht
Kootenay  District.
*>^ with the Htutuifri tlmt l'rovlnrint Hevemip
Tax and nil luxrtt levied uuder tlm AsSQMIUflltt
Art are now due Ior the yeur lRfl-S.
All ol tlio above named taxes onlk-ctnlilti
within the Northern Dlvininn of Kant Kootennj-
iMntrict are piiynhlu al my olllee, tho Court
IIousp, (Iolden.
AnxuKKod taxun are colloetabla ut tht following
rntex, viz.:
If pnfd ou or before Juno 30th, 1896.
Three-fifth* of one per cent, on Ileal Property.
Two and ono-half per cunt, on niHeiwed value
of wild laud.
One-hall of cio per cent, on I'ernoiial
On bo much ofthe incomes of any ptinion an
exceedi. One Thoiuiiind Dollars the following
rutt'ri, namely: Upon such excetta of Income
when the turn 1b not more than Tun Thousand
DoUarn- one per cent.; when such cxcchk Ii
over Ten Thousand Dollars and not mora than
Twtmty Thousand Dollar*, one and one-quarter
of one per cent.; when Hllob exC-SM fa over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st Inly, 1808.
Hour-fl (till of ono per cent, on Ileal Property.
Three per cent, on tho .awctwed value of wild
Tliree-foiirtliR of ouo per cent, on Personal
On so much of the incomes of anyporsonas
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the (nlhnviiij*
rales, nnmelv: Upon Mich excess when the
same is not mora tluin Ten Thousand Dollars,
one ami onc-quartor of one per cent.; when
such excess is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollan, one
and one-half of one percent; when such excess
Is over Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and
Ihrce-quertersof one percent.
Provincial Itevcnue Tax, $3.00 per capita.
F. ('. I.ANCJ,
Assessor and Collector.
GoldM, January loth, MM.
Is the best adveris-
ing medium in East
Contains tlie latest
news ofthe district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
Has the best equipped Job Printing
Office  in  the dis
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
���*������*���*�����>���<>����� �����*����������*���*
$75 to $150 Each according to
������*>*i>**e*��*�� ���**.�����-*.����������������
������*>*��*��-*s><>��* ��������*��**�������
On-v-tlii;;1 down, balance 1b tlarac aa* adx
mouths, ..vitin.ii! hi I exeat.
Tempest <& Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia   �����=.
Navigation & urammay
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. R. at Golden, B. C.  ami
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, "Golden.
-ut"..   I ."���'.*�� "���������*���****���**���*-*���**Mai'j.|'i..L*a"iu.. I j*���."*-******!*.-.
Genera!  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
.Agent for the California Giant Powder Coic.pay.
Fort Steel��, S. C
Choicb Wants, Lmuons aud Cigaiis.
R. D.   MATHR, PROPRii'."":!'"?
1 .iniii'.. blood**
m ii- against hhn
��� let*,    A rloubl
m recently brm
��� Sttito Hoard of
.pprewntfttlvo of
,.ish ol self-styled
nl properly n -
.lug slmrli looPfl
his time  lm<t
)lG8Q gDltl'Jll iM!
���Ilea amlviahl
|tlvon what
fining will
of what
Tlie  Fined  _____  ______  on   ���-��*<> -Son*     ���!iU'1
Private Hospital under medical auperinte
dtnee with  a Trained   Htaff of   NirietiT
���  ip*.
Complete System of _ Rath a. of every kin..
nnd description. 'u
Medical Director���DK. R. C. BBRTT. Bimrr.      rf
Resident Physician & Surgeon��� Dl. SPAlfKIft.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." A   FLU.   SLCPLY   OF
Drugs,  Chemicals, Patent  Medicines,   Toilet
Articles and Stationery,
You aro Cordiiilly Invited to cull and Inspect
our Stock. Prescriptions and Private
Recipes carefully compounded.
J. F. PUGH'g
C.   W.   Shield,
Good Fritlny to-morrow.
Tlie Jute of the Oddfellow* Ball lias
beon fix*d for Thursday the 14th lust.
The llritisli Kast Kootenny Syndicate,
Limited, is the name of �� new company
recently registered in London, England,
Mr.  (5.  Rohder hits gone to Winder
mere, where he has secured a position
with The Hast Kootenuy Bupply Co. ol
thut town.
McLaughlin's lumber camp broke up
this week and the men are all in town.
The company paid upwards of $4,0110 in
wages to thiH camp alone during the
Thero is a rumor to the effect that the
Canadian Pacific Ralbvay will shortly
appoint n travelling live stock agent for
the western country. All the American
lines liave.a similar official.
This week Tim MiNHit makes its appearance ttday earlier than usual on account of
to-morrow, Good Friday, beluga holiday
The stores will also be closed, and the
public will do well to remember tht fact,
Tho social to be held in the Methodist
Church to-night promises to be a sue
coaa. A good uiuiiii-al and literary programme lias been prepared and the
refreshment pait will be, as usual, up
to the mark.
Tho public school closed to-day for
the Easter holiday* and will re-open on
Tuesday of next week. Inspector Burrs
is expected next week to examine several pupils whom Mr. Bates has prepared
lor entrance to the high school.
Wardner is ncar'y n year old, and a
yet- has had neither a birth or a marriage. It is pretty near time some of
the stags in this town greased their
boots, slicked up their hair and got down
11 business.���The International.
On Thursday last the senate, aftor a
debate lasting until half-past ten, divided
on the Yukon railway bill and carried
the six months' hoist by 62 to 14, a
hostile majority oi .18. It was a straight
-party vote, except in two instances, i
When Adam in bliss
Ankcd Eve for a kiss,
She puckered her lips with it coo,
Gave a fook so estatic,
And answered emphatic,
I don't care Adam if I do.
No important business transpired at
the football meeting on Monday night.
Another meeting will* be held shortly to
discuss the rules of the Martin Cup
competition. It is not likely that the
enow will he sufficiently gone by to-morrow to allow of the proposed practice
game being played.
Mr. C. Rutherford, a mining engineer
of Buluwayo, South Africa, is now in the
Kootenay district of British Columbia to
make inquiries as to the mining resources
ol the country aa a held for investment.
Mr. Rutherford is disposed to think there
is a better chance iu British Columbia
than in Buluwayo.���The Capitalist.
Tho  report of tho minister of  mines
shows   that  the success  attending the
development of tho lode mining industry
haa been infinitely greater proportionately  than that experienced in placer
mining in this  Provinco.    There is a
moral in this well worth tho considera-
��lfl of,���i|nt��'iidinir  investors  in mining
m*v taken*-BofJtond Minor.
those ptuipl.It bus introduced a bill in
��ouiutlii))g fm  reducing domestic letter
procedeht by horn 3 cents to I! cents per
Canadian soll-rriago of newspapers it is
uf public aid ii. cent per pound ahull be
" It Is all veiuuary, 1899,    Th* new
Shaughneasy iidiall come into force by
��ir with bilk al Another fouture ol the
ttJ.il.i    Lsiil.ii carriage of books for tho
tlio shipper*, o
people of IJfe^ employe(1  at the
.III I " ��� ' "e*r Ro"8lnnd' wa8 killed
will gKOipiodior,  ���f sixteon sticks of
���'n1 'ie which ho was thawing out on
glmuj jn a caj__n at tho mine.   Another
'���'"',,tut of the cabin, taking notice of
'���'' largo amount of dynamite on the
*Vo, laid to Mackay that if tiiat was
jft way he intended to thaw the dyna-
*te he would leave the cabin, and ho
*'d  just stepped   outside   when   the
"���plosion took place, throwing him 20
lot from tho scene into the deep snow,
jut he sustained no injuries.   The con-
cuasi.n was terrific, wrecking the cabin
and everthing in it.    A portion of the
stove struck Mackay on the breast, passing through his body, while a second
piece severed an arm and another buried
itself in  a log on which the sleeping
bunks were built and in which two men
were asleep, but thoy escaped injury,
The number of locomotives on the
western division of the Canadian Pacific
railway will be increased this month by
the addition of several powerful compound engines. At the Montreal shops
one locomotive a week is now Doing
turned out for this division, und the fifteen thut have been under construction
all winter at the Richmond locomotive
works are nearly finished. Thc first
wus sent out on the 25th of last month,
ami from now on three a week will be
completed and delivered. Theso will be
placed on the mountain section between
Laggan and Revclstoke.
Rossland was on Friday lust advanced
to the dignity of a port of entry for
customs, it having been until their a
sub-port of the Jielsoi customs office
and under the charge oi Collector John
stone. B. R, McDonald, of the Rossland
office, is now collector of customs for the
port of Rossland, with Trail and Sheep
Creek as sub.ports. W. S. Kcay, late of
the Trail custoniB office, will be chief
clerk nt Rossland, with D. Stevens sub-
collector at Trail and A. N, Patterson
sub-collector nt Sheep Creek.
The editor of one of our exchanges
indignantly refuses to advertise for the
Hamburg Lottery nnd to mako his
virtue more impressive, adds that he
would have received pay inadvar.ee.
Things must indeed bo coming smooth
for our independent friend. He also
refuses an ad. for a Toronto nursery
firm, to be paid with "home grewn'
nursery stock. He explains as follows
" Wo have a nursery of our own, full
stocked with home-grown, all free from
tho Sun Jose scale and just recovering
from u mild attack of German measles.'
The deputation nppointed at the min
ing association meeting on Tuesday
evening to interview the gold commissioner in regard to the improving of
certain roads and trails, waited on that
gentlemen yesterday afternoon and received a most satisfactory answer to
tlieir requests. Mr. Griffiths said that
arrangements had already been made in
regnrd to tlie Bltiewuter trajl nnd the
other matters would be looked into as
Boon as possible. In regard to the ferry
at Blaeberry Sir. Griffiths stated that
he had requested tho C. P. R. authorities for permission to plank ono side of
tlio railwny bridge so that it would be
possible to take horses over. If this
can be. arranged it will be much better
than the ferry.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN* that application
11 will to madu tu thu Parliament of Canada
und to tin* legislative Assembly of the Province
of llritisli Columbia at tlu-ir respective sessions
to Incorporate a Company to construct a railway to hi' operated by steam orfluetrleity from
a polnf,l1 or ne?*"Cranbrook. inJEostXpottmay,
British Columbia���the most northerly point on
tho Crow'*. Nest Railway,������thence running in a
northerly direction up tno Kootenay River to
Canal Plat] thence to the Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction down tbe Columbia
River to tlie Canoe Kiver. thunee up the Canoe
Kiver and across th*.* Portage to thc headwater*
of tho Fruser River: thence down the Fraser
River to fiiscome Portage; thence across the
Portage to Parsnip River; thenco down the
Parsnip Kiver to Findlay River, and up tbe
Findlay River and across the divide to Francos
Lake, and thence to the Yukon, with power to
divert the route of thu line north of Giseome
Portage either by way of Dense Lake or us may
be found, most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and all
iieccsmiry bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph nnd telephone lines for
lhe transmission of messages for tbe public; to
build, acquire and operate steam and other
vessels RUO All necessary ferries, wharve.' and
di-uks; to take and use water for generating
electricity,..ml to transmit and dispose of the
power therefrom fur lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to enrrv on
iiie biiM'ie-s of a general trading company,ol
an express company; also to own, manage nnd
leuse hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate saw mills for the production
and sale of lumber, antl to mine, explore and
develop mineral luudsatul to curry unu general
mining and ore sme](int~ business, including
the erection und operation si smelters and
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa 6th.November, 1897.     Un-ui
VOTICK Is hereby given that I shall apply for
iy a special timber liccnct* 10 cut timber on
the following described lauds :���Commencing
at a post on Middle Fork of Finley Creek,post
situated I.(j00 feet to thu north of Hardic's
Corral, N. E.J thenco running lfiO chains south;
thence 70 chains west; thence lot chains north;
thence 70 chains east to tbe post of commencement [containing 1,000 acres about.
Golden. B. 0.,  October 20th, 1897.
VOTTCE In hereby given that I shall apply
11 for a special timber licence to out timber
on the tollowingdescribed lauds :��� Commencing ma point nn Flnley Creek, at (he bend of
the canyon, north-cast eornrrpost; running
west UOOehalni; thence 40chains south ; thence
800 chains out; thence-in chains north to point
of commencement ; containing about 1.000
J.   C.   DU'RICK,
Fort tttc-jlf'-Oclobiir ait, 1897.
Minister of Mines and Provincial Socretary-
Hoil, Col. .lames linker.
Provincial Mineralogist���W. A. Carlyle.
Public Assayer���H. Carmlclmel.
For the Province���W, S. Gore Victoria
South District comprising Kort Steele and To
bac'CO Plains  Mining   Divisions���J.   F. Arm
strong Oranbrool
North District comprising Donald, (iolden am
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. K. Grtffltlu
J. Stirrct Donah;
F. C.'.Liing Golddi
<;. (initlif Windermen
0, M. Edwards Fort steel.
M. Phillips Tobacco Plain-
Deputy Clerk of tho Penco for North East Koot-
enav Joslah Stirrett Donah:
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for South East Root
ei my���Charles Massoy Edwards....Fort Steoh
Extracts From Britisli Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully tht
Value and Necessity of a "Fret
Miners " Certificate���No Person Should Attempt Alining
Without One.
Any person over IS years of age, may bi
come a free miner by nayfUg.fo to any gob
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtain
ing a certificate good Ior one year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate fo:
ono lost on paying tl,
A free niiiier's certificate Is not transferable
Any person or company working a minora
claim, held us real estate without license, muj
be lined |25. Mines become real estate afte.
crown grunt has been issued.
Should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner'*
certificate his interest goes to his co-owners pn
rata according to their former interests.
A shareholder in a joint stock company need
not he a free miner.
A free miner may claim 1600x1600 feet. Hut
all angles must be right angles aud all tucasur-
nie'nt must be horizontally.
A free miner may cut limber on crown lands.
A free minor may kill game for his own usi
nt alt seasons.'
A free miner may obtain five acre millsiteup-
on crown lands iu lhe form of a square,
A claim may be held from yeur to year b\
work being done tothe value of one bundrei
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held if re
corded in 15 days.
A free miner may ou payment of $000, In lien oJ
expenditure on claim, obtain acruwn grant.
Any miner may, at the discretion uf the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer of anv mineral claim or interest
shall be enforceable unless iu writing, signet,
aud recorded. ,, .
No miner shall suffer Irom any act of omfssioi
or commission, or delays on the part of tin
government officials.
No claim shall he open to location during
last illness* of holder, nor within 1*2 month'
after his death, unless by permission uf goh
A mineral claim must be recorded within 1.
days after location, if within 10 miles of ofliei
of mining recorder. One additional day is ul-
owud for every additional 10 miles or fructioi.
Work on each mining claim to tlie value o.
flixi must be done each year from duto of record of mineral claim, Affidavit mude by tilt
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
statement of tbe work done must be filed witl.
the gold commfssiousr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of each vear from tho datt
of record ol said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to filing uotia
of bis intention with tlie gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform ou any one or more os
such claims, all the work required to entftli
him to a certificate of work for eaeli claim. Tin
same provision at.plies to two or more free millers bidding adjoining claims in partnership.
In lieu of above work the minor must pay flui
and get receipt and record the same.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do   Neat,   Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its brandies.   ���
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Letter Heads
Rill Meads
Hand Rills
Calling Cards
Hustiii-.ss Curds
LAW Uriels
Lumber Hooka,
Rank Work
Promisors- Notes
Receipt Forms
Shore Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. 0.
Pacific Ry.
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of tlie routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for April:
Cottage City April 10
Alkj ���  " 11
islander  " 12
Thistle  " 14
Australian  " 15
Victorian  " 1(3
Pakshan  " 17
Danube  " 19
Queen  " 20
Ning Chow  " 23
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Kootenay *
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kust Kootenny. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop,
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
The best stopiiin-r plnce for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terms
1'irnt class l-'eed Stables.
The Beit Boar Id Canada la made bv tho
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale and Soda Wuter
Insist on getting Calgary Peer every time. They
ill hftVO ft. The Company's agent fur Kast
Kootenuy Is
O. CARSON, Goidoii, 31.C. ^"��ICLOIX
in prices of surplus
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Furniture
and  Glassware.
oom must be made for
N^tv Spring Stock,
Seneral Merchant
While taking down stock for one week from dato I
will sell at very low pricos for cash:
Hats, Cays, Dry Goods, Gsnts Furnishings,-
Shirts, NanktiBS, Hoots & ShoEs,
&. Fancy Gauds,
teles il. Warren,
G-old.erL, B.C.
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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