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East Kootenay Miner 1898-02-10

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II vesrv   ^>*
^IHI ���
Devoted to the Ping Interests and Development of the Distrtet of EIST KOOTENAY.
m ���vrrmr wi in Mi.ajfi*,��uu u<auij jj _ w tujJHWlVJHW .���rrrr*.1 i���wwmi
Vol. 1, No. 28-9.
nvs^p HHUiiiaiir
Golden, 13. G,  Thursday  February 10th,  1898.
-RQ Of
AbUR����s.*-ltO.\ *W CiOl.liK.N. B.C.
��mwOTHa kum mom
. *wr,���iirit'rc(r*r^v..*��ji:-v-3rH^
00 Por Year
Alksamilii Block,
���rioi.uK.v, u.c
Kirn. Ute, Kih.1 ftutUu, lluu.se Agents,
AuctioneurH uud Cuutuuut BroUorn
Um AjfeacUa;
Quiioii, LRUuashfrO, Union, Hartford.
Enro|fHftn 81 i-.'iiiis!iij) Ticket OiHce,
Tho auu I.liv Inuurunec C'owpntiy.
TUe Outatio Accident Inuuraiteo Cu'y.
The Blrbeclf luvestuicuiAnd Loan t;o.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
An.! Civil Englitecr;
Four StkeIjE, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Ifl nine Broker, Financial Agent. Conrcyauccr
tad Notary Public.
P��itt e(BV�� add rest?:
Ammy Oftieos azttl
Ch-emkul Laboratory,
(ICulitblUlR'iI lgfUj.)
Fw several ycArs witn Vivian A Sons, Swan-
ma, And lotv.i ruproHantnJivti tor tlioni.
�������� i voarn niaiiuger for the flUsnycru to the
Hi*Timo 'Jo.. l-mfjoir
Canadian rt'-in'somiiiiw of ihe Cojutal Gtiltl
Kauai:tint; Co. I.'id, (.Ihh^ow (Cyanide prociw.j
jf.R. -All work pfrsonnil/ gufoerlntwt-tlcd. On!)'
ntnapetciu  lut'Li  vmyloyvi.     No  pupils   re
Jas. Henderson,
flana rrfpari'd.
I'.-oio-jt all.iiuon given !.. (.r'.k'r-.,
A .up-ilyof Uii.Iaiu-,' Uuie lor bale.
The Golden
_ . . --eve****.
fnattM't Sail M.t.i*.
a-takeffil dam" in huh-ioii.
Sa*slmJa-.-atil'., S!i-.--|,an<l ""'���'������
Mair.rd.ra receive prurajil alicnllon,
T0|.S01]I!!ii PAIP^S
Newly Uofltted & Hofurnished.
Tho best of thu kind west ofi
Everything Ooiiipleto.
All Modoi-ii Convenience,*!.
Or.a Million Dollars to be Expended
Before a Land Grant Can
lue Located.
Manitoba Froo Tress;
Melvenzlo, whose name wi
posterity ns a Conadiiin
stroke us bold as tlmt of
Mr, Wiiliiiin
11 go down to
who niiulo n
tho C.  T, H.
J.  Lamorttagne, Prop
& Embalming
Teleerttjjli orders receive prompt attcn
<> CALGARY, Alta. j
__      i. , , __       -    I (lie active prosL'CU
The Provioenee Fa? GD]������r iur ��
" [and the road cut.'
syndicate when they undertook to com*
plete Canada's national highway, arrived
hero Saturday night on business connected with Ms oxteusivo interests in the
city. Uu will remain lioro until ho
receives word from his partner, Mr. 1).
1). Mann, who is now on the const
arranging preliminaries in connection
With tlie construction of the Teslin Lake
railway, and he will then leave for
England, where lie will endeavor tu
i interest British capital in hi.! great
��> j undertaking.    Ono party  1ms
�� bcc��
X ontl
nt out to Glcnorn to begin work
i wngon-road, wiiioh is to In; luiilt
Providence, H.I.
raw fill
wnntH ul) kind:'
scini*-, si.ih'i'ii, ftr.    Prices for i
diiy-i uro as follows:
Silver Fox (115.00 ti
���Hear $ u.liO lo .
Otter ?��� 4.00 lo ���!
Martin t 2,00 lo j
I Iteavor (per pound)'.*. .$ 3,00 to $
I Wolf if 1.0:1 to i
j Red Fox $ 1,00 lo $
Mink.... $   ���"> to (1
Skunk  $   .t'ii tn $
I.I ray Fo:; %   .50 to $
'lit tf   ��0 to $
ykins, j'in-
ne.*;t hi:ity
f 28.00.
J   B.00.
ahead of ihe railway, und nnothor party
will follow on the Otli from Vancouver.
As soon as everything in in roadinoss for
Iho active prosecution of the work, an
if men will lie engaged
nit in time to comply
with the conditions of the agreehfent
with tlio goverhifient. Men will bo
employed in ovory part oi tlio country
where they can bu secured. Men engaging will have to pay their own fares to
irk, but it is un
ic.lv I.
lerstood that n
1 ti:
iperatlon by tho 1st of
Tha railway part of
is what startled all
announcement of the
.YiK> made a inw days ago. To
to build 130 miles of railway
Price list on all other 'fill's and skii:.-
furniBliod upon application. Full pi'lces
tttiarantci'd. i'.*-iri:fiil selection, i-oiU'tcous
treatment, ami ininu'iJiato remittance on
all consignment**.
GEO.  GEARY,���**
MMy, peed &
Foet Stekmo, S. E.
Livery and
Feed Stables
MMd Ruddle lioruuft nnd Riffs or All Kinds fpi
Mir* At Ron*iiiuiili' Knii'it.
T**nlnt of ah Kinds a Specialty.
Golden, K. C.
Good Time
By .vary man who has a watch.
��� W. ALEXflJlDER, ��
(.'.I'.R. Watch  Inspector will bo
atTIIIi MINEK OI'I'H.'K from
_j__g__l____i__t___ to Frlrti'v
Fact: Trains for mines Supplied,
JJfe-Freiglitlng of all kinds undertaken.
Our .^^-a
are very  interosting,   Send
us a  post  card and wo will
mail ono lo you.
Hudson's   Bay
each weok. Satisfaction Guaranteed, Work can be left at
Wong S
k H. Bell
Wedding IJings
k Specialty.
���**������S>-*��*   '
Qalgary, - Alberta,
Wittclics cleaned, Jc
iii*.*i).l,-il ini.i (lima ro|it
j In every *lo[nirtiifcnt.
Optiftiim :*!>;1
rellooy iiioiintcil, niua:
ir,..l. Clrs i-Ihss m
,\ trlaUolliiltcd.souoi
Wong; Sea, Golden.
Tom Lee.  <��>
hns the ht'Pt ivstaumnt in Gold*
on. It iB open at all hours.
Kvery delicacy ami fruit in its
Btmeon. A good solectipn of
CliinOso Lily flower root�� apply
at once for too 0 hoi cost ere they
go to
<��) Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
. Metil-s lJ��;i^ani| Night.
work will tn to;:
which must he in
September next,
the undertaking
Canada when tlio
through a mountainous country with a
knowledge that they would have less
than that number of days in whioh to
perform tho work, and  put  up  a  big
guaranU'O that it would bo done, waa a
venture that eclipsed everything in railroading  history  on this or any other
continent,  and  Mr.  iUcKcnaio stands
lief ore the eyes of the world to-day as a
man possessed of unsurpassed nerro and
unparalleled  business enterprise.   lie
litis deposited With tho government the
tn of ��250,000 aa a guarantee that he
wilt fulfill his contract.   Should he fall
his quarter of u million goes into tho
public treasury.    Those who re mom bo r
thu tremendous Bums it cost to build the
(!. P. II. through the rocky district eastward to Port Arthur and on tho north
shore of Eoko Huporlor  can   readily
reali/.c what this daring Canadian haa to
mfront to carry to a successful issue
his great venture.  But it is a fact worth
iiolii!;;   in   this   connection  that  Mr.
McKonrfe has never yet failed in any of
liiti numerous projects,   Doubtless he
will  add  another  to  lii.'i  loug list of
business achievements In buittUtu  Ins
link which is to give continuous and
easy transport  facilities   through  tho
heart of tho northern gold fiolds.   Tiie
road will be financed on the land grant
given by tiie government.   Beforo this
land grant can be located the contractors
will have to expend fully one million
dollars iii fulfillment of Iho conditions
imposed by tho government.    This was
of the tonus that Mr. McKcni.lt.1
fought hard to have relaxed, but ihe
ministers  wero immovable.   Whatever
ij-omo people may believe Mr. McKctnde
cortalnly does not think that ho has
made more than a reiiBonahlo bargain ;
in fact, he rcnlisca that he will have to
exerclso his business ingenuity to its
fullest extent in order to como out with
n reasonable profit,   " ! havo vmI in
the papors that somo opposition lo the
arrangement has developed in the west,''
said  Mr.  Mackenaie;   "but can you
mention nny other man, or any other
linn or corporation in Canada that would
take hold of this work on our taring?    I
ftsel certain that you cannot;  and you
may have observed that none  of  the
criticisms   have  even   suggested   thai
others would have   tendered   had   the
work been put upforpubliccompntition.
Htvl londoni ���- nvltctl 110 Cann Hin ���
would have bid. Ojfu tornirt luusl have
been the best, as ft strong t'nite'd States
company was in tho fjeld with nn offer,
and if it had been more favorable than
ours tho government would certainly
havo accepted it. Home people complain
of the suddenness with whloh tho
arrangement-wits sprung on the public,
hut. it is scarcely rational to suppose that
business men should expose to tho world
their plans and projects before tlieir
negotiations have been coiisttrnmated.
We spent a great deal of money before
wc took up the i-i'honie, and every fair-
Indod man will support me when Istiy.
that it would have been folly to let every j
person know what we were doing
are railroad builders, nnd we took tliis
work on a business proposition, the only
difference between this and the ordinary
railway contract being that we are taking exceptional chances. The government i�� not involved to the extent of one
cent; they will profit to the amount of
>|260,000 if we fail. In other words,'the
government aro securing without tin-
outlay of one dollar what will be a moat
important factor in securing to Canadians the great trade which mining in
Yukon will develop.''
" Whore   will  your  land   grant   be
located?" Mr. McKenxie was asked.
"All Of it will bo north of the 60th
parallel, in tlio territory of tho Yukon.
Tho ftutokonzio river Es tho oastorn
" HOw will your grant be located."
" Wo have the privilege of running a
base line aud on either side uf this select
Olir blocks of land, every alternate block
being reserved for the government. Our
line cannot iollow the sinuosities uf a
stream, but if there should be pro
nounced change in the course of tlu
stream wo can divert our base line,
always keeping it straight. You will see
by tliis that all round and betwbn om
reservations there will bo an immense
amount of territory for the operations of
miners or for companies. < Iur concession
is but a small fraction of the mineral
area of that expansive territory. Tlie
government have safeguarded the inter-
of the public In every possible way,
I am assured that tho people who go
into thai region to look for gold will
never haw eai.M- for complaint. If a
prospputur should And gold on uur hind
without knowing it to be ours, he will
receive just treatment; there need be
no fear on that score."
. broth
1 Mi
er of the late Governor
A.lcx. Simpson, brother
, ,,       ���   , ,  ,        of Thomas  Bimpwin   o(  Arctic  fame.
The   Goldon   Curlers returned from ,,��� steelo, lloUerLik FlnlavMn.Wm.
tJoilSDiel  last wenu   wnll   m��mu. ! ., ....        , u ,.
Spuncor ana Edward spencer were tho
other players, tint stones were used in
tho match.
Calgary Bonspiel last week well satis- j
fied with their trip, Although iinfortun-1
ate In not capturing any of tht- big prizen
They look second and third place In tht
Visitors and also captured the Consolation Prise. Although losing mure
games than they won, tlioy nevertheless made some of tho crack Calgary
rinks work hard for supremacy. A moat
pleasing feature of the bonspiel was the
banquet on Friday evening In tho Alberta Hotel, Over 100 curlers and thore
interested in curling wero present, and
a most enjoyable time was spent.
The (Joldcn bonspiel took placo'this
week. Two rinks of Calgary curler*
arrived on Monday's delayed express.
but owing to tho soft weather it was
impossible to curl until Wednesday
morning. Two rinks nf < Iolden curlers
had been made up to meet the Calvary
curlers in competition for tho handsome
trophy, which is on exhibition at Mr. (.'.
A, Warren's store. Arrangements were
made at tlie ball for a game as soon us
the dance was qver, accordingly at half
past three a.m. on Wednesday the Calgary hoys adjourned to the rink whore
they met two rinks skipped by W. L.
Houston and ii. ii. Brock, with tho following result:
North    East    Kootonay   Miners'
Pr.inounccd   Success   In   Every
to fir
the pi
Thejyand ball given on Tuesday hist
by the Golcn Curling club'in Alexander
hall op the Occasion of the visit of outside curlers to the bonspiel was a. rousing
success in every respect, notwithstanding ihe fact that the only music available was the piano, owing to the
irregularity of the trains, which caused
the musician;, from Donald to cancel
their engagement, However, with Mme.
Mercier at the piano no lime was lost,
while her playing WftS far above the
average. Mrs. Erickson, of Field, also
played several eeleotiona which were
highly appreciated both by the dancers
and Slino. Mercier.
It was well on to half-past nine befoi
tho first dance on tho programme was
'���ailed, ut which time ihe hall  was well
filled with tho lovers of tho "light fantastic."   Xo time was lost between the
opening dance and the one proceeding
refreshments.     Kvery body  seemed   to
enjoy themselves and no one appeared
v tired of the manner In whicli
jramrno was carried out, which
great credit on the committee
that prepared the preliminary arruuge-
it;! as well its the  reception  committee.    Praise is also due  Mr.  ti.   II.
llroek, who acted as  master  of core-
monies in a very efficient manner, ably
assisted by Mr. 0. A. Warron.
Shortly after midnight refreshments
were handed  round to all ill bounteou*<
tyle, tho cakes and ;: 1 stuffs having
been provided by tho ladies of Goldon to
the hall committee for  this  occasion.
After   jtlStlce    had    been    dOIIO    tO    tllO
many .:uM things dancing was 1'esumed
and kept going until <^ a.m. on Wednesday morning, when everyone dispersed
feeling satisfied with themselves and the
pleasing manner in which everything
was brought to a close.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with bunting, brooms and curling stones
by several membors of the club, who!
gavo their services and worked hard to
bring about the success of the whole
affair and show to the public that the
jrund alild game still leads in tho arena i
>f sport in Golden as well as in every
place on Earth whore ice can be found.
��� ��� commit toe, on this, as on other
.���.���I ,i-: run, desire lo convey tho thanks of
tho club to Hon. IT. W. Aylmer for the
U80 of his rooms for tho convenience of
the ladies, Mr. Aylmer lias always
shown himself ready and willing on such
occasions to add to the pleauvo and
success of the evening by his nets of
goodwill and kindness, and we bespeak
for him the most hearty appreciation of
the members of the (jolden Curling clulr,
Parslow Mitchell
Spafford Uliock
Kinnisten, skip 9 Houston, sk
Doll 'Smith
Meldrum Brown
McLeod Harcourt
Skinner, skip 3 Brock, skip
The Calgary boys, to uso a bl
presslon, '��� ran against a snug.*'
a  surprise  all   round  and  tlu
knocked the Calgary  rinks out
impetition.    The two
11 was
if the
 "'  (?)
Golden rinks magnanimously dropped
oat of the competition, leaving the two
rinks who had so much nerve ns to curl
"after the hall,'' to fight it out themselves. Tlie final will be played at an
early date and an Interesting game :s
On Wednesday afternoon a scratch
(iolden rink met Kinnisten of Calgary
the result being again in favor of Goldon.
The Calgary hoys left on No. 2 for homo
Ihe same afternoon and although unfortunate in their curling wearesatisfied
thoy had a good time.
The 13 point competition has been
(narrowed down to Warren in class A.
and Alexander and Dainard in class i*.
The finals should pr*ova In teres Ling.
The District Medal was won last week
by II. G. Parson. j
Invitations from Edmonton, Ffandou
and Itossiand clubs, have^been received.,
ft is not likely however the club will be
able to accept any of thorn, HS thodhf
tanco from Golden is so great.
The curling club boasts of en artist.
Somo of his work may be seen in the
wultiug room of tho rink,   li looks very
much like the penmanship of ,
i wo will leave our readers to guvas.
The monthly meeting of tho North
Fad Kootenay Miners' Association was
held at tho Columbia House on Tuesday
evening, Feb. 1st., the president, Hon.
I'. VY. Aylmer, in the chair.
Tie; first matter brought beforo tho
meeting w;<h the renting ot suitable
qUnrlerfl for a reading ami dub room for
tho Association, it was decided to accept
the offer of Mr. McNeish of a room for
������Ilia month.
The president read a paper in favor of
iho abolition of assessment work on
mineral claims, and that the work
should be made optional with the claim
holder. Instead of this yearly assesH-
inent work, which in nine cases out of
ten was done in a very carelesss manner
ami of no account, it was suggested that
nn annual tax of say $10 be paid, to bo
used in the building and repairing of
trails in the district, It was thought
the prospector was rather Imposed upon
under the present system and that the
$100 paid now was too much considering
ihe means at the disposal of the prospector.
Alter considerable discussion it was
decided to bring the matter before tho
next  meeting, afler iho members had
considered the pros, and cons.
The meeting then adjourned.
���-���-.^" * OB-1 -M-
the l*|
Death ot Mr. George Woodley.
Wo rcgrot to chronicle this woek the
death of one of Goiden's most respected
eitiuensi Mr.. GoorgC/ Woodley. Mr,
UooiMey was stricken down with p.*rnly-
eis on Oct. SOch hist, and since that, time
has beon gradually sinking until Wednesday morning, Feb. 2nd., when he
passed quietly ftWOJ*.
Mr. Woodley was a native of Devonshire, Eng., and came to Canada about
28 years ng>. settling in Cubourg, Out.
After a short residence thero he moved
to Port Hope where be resided ovor lit)
years. While io Port Hope he was .1
prominent member of Durham Lodge,
Sons of England, being twice elected tu
the highest olllee In tho lodge. Iti lsui
ho moved with his family to Calgary and
one year later to (iolden, where he has
for the last five years and a half been
local manager fur Messrs. Hull Bros. &
Co, In Golden Mr Woodley was looked
iiji to and respected by one and all. A
member uf the Methodist Church it was
chiefly through his instrumentality and
untiring energies that a church was
erected iu Golden. lie Mas one of thu
promoters of curling here, being president of iii.- club during the year lSU5-b,
A general favorite with all his !o*b whl
���i- keenly ft li. IJmddoB being a member
>' [he Sons of Ki gland, Mr. Woodley
b longed to the Ancient Order of United
' Workmen. The deceased was in Ids
;i!;'- 'Inwl-*-" Im*" m*"-" i"\rM, ,.,.���. llm| |onw,a wile, son nnd six
Columbia Company con.po-| imUltril -���,���,��� _,mrricd), to mourn bis
I p.m.
Saturday 8 p.
1*..             Ilcnd
"                     t'Rl'SU
Mondilj', 8 p.m.
v.-.           Ilendi
Tuesday, *'��� p.m.
vs.'             McXi
Wedndsday, s p.m.
" "          MeXc
Thursday, 8 p.m.
vs.            Itnusti
Friday, S p.m.
in         vs.           Itao
A funeral service was held in tho
.Method!nt < 'luirch on Friday afternoon,
Hev. <i. li. Smith ofliclatiug. After tho
-ei'viee tie remains, followed by the
curlers in a body and many other
f lends of the deceased, were conveyed
i'. tiie depot and wore si tipped per No. ��
lo l'ort llopo for interment. The pad
bearers were Mossrs. J. Winn, W. McXeish, c, a. Warren, <'. li. MoDermot,
M. Dalmird and II. G, Parson. Mr.
Harry Woodley, son of tlie deceased,
accompanied tho remains tu l'ort Hope.
___ mmmawmSMaMmmMmm.mmWmmmMmWm
in '
Tio Art of Blushing
Have the young womon forgotten thu
art of blushing. A great many men de-
elare th.it they have,   A writer in the
New York Sun says;
lithe men aro right, the girls had
better recall how to bring tlie bewitch"
lug glow to their cheeks and brow once
more, for word comes from Paris that it
Is all.the style thore again for women
to blush toildily, aud when Paris blushes it would never do for New York not
 ��� I to blush loo,  It is no excuse at all that,
The first game of curling was played Parisian women have more cause to
in the Northwest Territories in Nov. |1,lllR]l'������'an New Yorkers. To Wiish U
1830, on the east side uf the Bochy IH*0 stylo, alid p^uali you must. When
mountains, at Bouk encampment, about j V��� thero a time when fashion did hold
a mile above Ihe junction uf the Clark , dominion over guilty and innocentulike'f
j and Lewis rivers. The curlers were the j Already schools of deportment in Pari*
i members of the Hudson's Bay brigade,: |��*V0 set up departments of blushing. It
Vuitlny for the overland transport |��om j!^^^^ J3B3,
Mancouvc:',     The  saips   were   Dugdl   to practic; ami learn tho art.
Saturday, tf p.m.
tlenderoon vs. War.
Onogttino has already been pi
i this competition���Houston vs. Parson
resulting in favor of Houston,
Early Curling In the Northwests mmm*mmwmmm
11 t��V.li-**IK*t^-**,>t*RA��*Ujm-^^
Mineral Wealth of British Columbia,
LICENCE   Al'TllnmslNi: AN   BXTIU I'HO-
a ir-wMjr Journal, piibllsln.il nny T*
In ii,*.- iiit.-ri-*;;..[ tlio Hum Kouteuay I
niuktna ulcacat eonueL-tious with nil tr,*.i
niu:! mutes.
P.OO |,or year 111 odvaliuc.
l*. in in.!i. -���!.'.���<) },*.r
hi-i-i.-.l (in thu iii!.- '-aa*Q
rn-inparelll lino lor lh
line ior i*,ii*li iidilltl.ii
iu,Li,*L-*> 15 cents por lln.
Cliangosotads. u-n.t
Uy iniiil
: Dlsp
ay n.l.
IllH. 1'j
i carrier,
,1.50 nor
lose lu misery, starvation ami want.
Truuietulous iirepurutious ure being
Tho City   Leader:    Tho  hnom  long | made. All available steaniors aro being
iroinised,  long clolerred,  in Canadian j churtorod and twenty-foul' now steamers 	
promised   for   the, ������������,. actually being built for thu trade ha- ��� " cosh-asiih act, hot,
joiihl j tweon lhe three llritisli Columbia cities, j  ���
��'lll lot these the Uudson'sBay Co. ure build- caxada: i
iua ten ami Canadian l'aoiflo Haihvav | Phovixck or ii'amau coluxbu. j
No. 11/1)7.
HIS it; *il! CERTIFY that the
Jilll DEPARTMENT: <>��r Jul
I*. the liesl eHUlppeil prlutlus <
Konieuay anil la prepared lo tin
priming at a reasonable p,
LTS receive |ir
,foi.t minmjr���*
coming spring, and we have li ct I*
hut that tliirt time the invest
really hare an opportunity of participating upon fair and honest terms In the
mineral wealth of "Our Lady of the
Snows." It is true enough that thore
are already a number oi llritisli Columbian mining enterprises known on the
London stock exchange, some good and
somo disgracefully bad. To tlie latter
must lie added some of thoso wretched
���U* inserted Klondike concerns, launched, or noniin-
[ ally launched, during the past few
Department month's, fortunately, the public has
[jJi *!(rt{j{fo responded hut gingerly to any of these
i price toaU. I wicked promotions, although has very
j possibly been done to a promising Held
f Investment.   As a matter of fact, too
office uot lutcrtl
donee on unv itibjcd <���( in teres! lo tli
nubile and iltaclm a rcifttlar iNirrespondunt ��i' little attention has been paid hi'.herfo ti
even point in tiie District,    iu nil crucs the .       , ,, '
ijonu ifdenHine of writer must accompany (tic the pranks ol the Ii. ( . company pro
munttscrii i, iiol iiecwPB-ai Uy for publication ��� ���..,*��-.. i,M. r..r ,,--,. n.,,.t* ..... intnnd io
bin hsiitiiiiirauu'eol ��-.'..���! fnilii. '   '���"..!..! i ��� i  p.o 1.   \\t    i...   .in   lu
b wiiii reference to nn
ileal io
,..,      . .,, , ... .    .   i 'inns is, TO CERTIFY that the "Golden Bn
Hie streets of Vancouver and \ictoriti  1   (ah Columbia, Limited,'1 is authorised and
ire like eo-tntv fu'i-a cvorvdnv row with ' licensed to curry on business within the 1'rov-
iu.iiKti.oatu) ianaevLiyuaj.now,wiui  lm,u oIBl.uibl, fculumbia, aud to curry out or
husky dogs out for practice, the loadeil
mules and the outfitters in their costumes, but in Seattle the crowds are so
dense that the streets are difficult of
navigation. There is a hot rivalry between Victoria and Seattle and the press
of these cities are saying many bitter
things of each other. All lines of business
are improving. This is naturally the
effect of outside money coming into the
country. Klondlkers are coming over
from the states to outfit here in batches
of 25 and 50, Money is plentiful and collections ure rapidly improving.
Stock-) of hav and oatfl both  here aud
that Im
b<- off-1
Horn appear I
,-. II] pen
���d i
Address all communications
Go-ldon, 55.-:
'Ifl '\\<$.
011 - motor; but, for our part,
j remedy this state of affairs, and in future] on Puget Sound are very scarce
est  no Canadian mining enterprise shall be
urB j allowed to evade our censure, should the
! merits���or want of merits���of the enterprise deserve it. On the other hand, we
shall not fail to speak well of those
opportunities of which wo consider the
investor would do well to take advantage . in tho meanwhile a paper read
ou .Monday evening at the Royal Colonial institute by Mr. Kdgar P. Ruth bone,
on the] gold-fields of Ontario and British
j Columbia, is worthy of attention.   At
iscovery of gold haa | thfl outBet kt ug Bay that Mr< Rathbone,
as a mining expert, does not believe in
Iho many fairy tales told of the almost
fabulous Woalth of the Klondike field.
All the same, he is'a firm believer iu the
wealth q( the Dominion, and is llrmly
convinced of the fact that, under proper
conditions, gold mining in Canada will
bocomo of enormons^importance. Gold
mining, that Is, the*arduous recovery of
tho precious metai fromjthe quartz, is a
comparatively new [industry in^Cunada,
dating from 1893 only. L'p to that date
the treasnre-huntors hod^jsearohed only
;or alluvial gold, a proees$*whicll can be
carried ou for a considerable timo without leaving auy trace on the,surface of
the country. It is a different affair when
men settle down upon a well-chosen reef
lo extract gold from the solid rock. It
means estons.vo^plunt, large capital,
and pormunent effort. So carried on,
gold mining is a pioneer industry which
opens up new provinces and may even
call into being new states. Pioneer work
is always arduous and difficult, and
certainly not least so in these far-off
regions of the northwest. For Jive
months of the year theVountry ifl covered
wi;h snow, water-power is cut off, and
mining operations are at * stand. To
have tho working year reduced by one-
half Is a serious drawback, for which,
however, compensation will be sought in
redoubled activity during the summer
months, At the present StOge even ihcy
a-j not altogether favorable since in
many districts, though not in all, the
such prices in some instances were paid; summer vegetation is so luxuriant us to
hut this year holders of such claims have \ '��K";^re seriously with the work of pros-
1,1., ,,      , .      ,   .    peeling and determining the course of
had to become reasonable, although in ,,__(.._,     _,   ..     ,,    ,     ,
1 veins.    On the other hand, water-power
ihundnnt  and   will  by  degrees be
While the re
attracted the attention of the world to
Klondike, the great interest already
amused in iho mines of East Kootenay
has not abated, and mining men and
capitalists are now RBBiduously examining many of Uie mining properties of the
district. More thorough dovolopment
work is in progress, and the prospects
for this now' but growing ^industry aro
most promising. This year will not witness the continuance of that insane rush
seen in former years to^'lloat mining
companies; nor will there he the
tame influx of iuexperlonced^buyers,
keen to secure property to dispose of
elsewhere by "the aid ofJCstarfling and
exaggerated pros;'fetuses among an
eager public, imbued with the true
gambling spirit, and'skiUnllyJworked up
lo a pitch, when whatever may bo offered
Is grcedilyJBabsorbed.'^glNevertheless,
there has been, and in a present, a large
number of Influential men representing
ample capital in the district, carefully
study Ingots mineral ^resources and making importantjpurcbases, with the result
that much more good work is in progress
and much more will shortly be begun.
Last year tiie prices,'asked for "pros
pejttt.'or undeveloped claims, roso to
high jjdgurcs, partly because
Notice to Taxpayers
a few places fur too high a valuation is
Northern  Division   of  Kant
Kootenay  District.
WOTIflE 18 HEREtlY GIVEN in accordanc
" iritti the Statute* that I'royinciril Rev-man
Tax r.ii'.l all taxes levied under the Atwesiiaenl
Ait are now due (or the year 1898.
All of the above named iaxfH col lee table
within the Northern Division of litist Kootonay
District nre. payable al iny cfilee, thu Court
limine, Golden.
.Guessed tuxes are collectable at the following
rates, viz.:
If pnbl ou or before JmieSQth, lKM.
Tbrec-fiftliH of one p6r cent, on Heal Properly.
Two nnd oim-half pur cent, on auseaaod value
of wtlil laud.
Oni'-bnlf of one per cent, on Personal
On ho much of thfi incomes of any pi-rson rtM
cxeuetlH One Thousand Dollars tbu following
riitPf*. niiniclv: Upon sticli excess of income
when the nun is not wore than Ton Thousand
IlulltiH, one per rent.; when such excess Is
over Ten Thousand Dollars nnd not mora than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, nn�� and one-quarter
of one per ceni.; when such excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-half of
one percent.
If paid on or after tha 1st Inly, isss,
Four-fifths ot one per cent, on Real Property.
Throe per cent, on tho assessed value ot wild
Thrco-fourtbs of ono per cent, on Personal
on no iiMicb of the incomes of any person a.j
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
raies, namely: Upon such excess when the
game is not more than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and otir-'juaricr of one per cent.; when
such excess is over Ten Thousand Dollars aud
not more tlian Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
and oiie-balf of one per cent; when such excess
is over Twenty   Tiiousiitid    Dollars, one and
Uirce-'iuener* of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue. Tax, $.1.00 per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Golden. January 10th, ISM. jl3-3m
I. WM,
Merchant  Tailor.
t'lnimK.     r.i:". this feature in our mining
'.ffflirs will cventuully right itself.
It mUEt ba rotnemhered thut. only ti*.*
yours a*;.j the interior of this whole
province was for tho most pari trackless;
bill following the discovery of gold and
silver deposits of West Kootenay, the
opaning up of Kast Koatrr-iv by railroads, waterways, rouds and trails will
ho marvellous in the extreme, and will
open up great oreas ���! mineral hind now
lying f.dlor.*, with the cci mill result that
the mining industry of this district will
receive still  greater impetus and the
li-jure.*,* of production will be something j miiBt always remain a relatively
enormous.   During the past few years of "'Vl' ���"*'������""��� "'' ostnictlng gold
depression all railroad companies have
Inn! to proceed very cautiously and to
curtail  tlio building of new lines, but
witli the returning era of prosperity and I favorablo reports of tho Urltlsh Coin
purpose of life a.-i well as for gold mining
Itself,   Mr. llathhone says of the cost of
labor, that it is faiily moderate, ranging
from ten to fifteen shillings a day, and
that the food supplies oven now are as a
rule by no means extravagant in price.
I-'m-l is an Important matter not only on
account of the rigorous climate of winter,
Ijui also uecuuso much of thu Canadian
ore   requires smelting, and  this  Mr,
Itatlibone savs is fairly cheap.  The gold
i*. found witli iron and copper pyrites,
and ihe present cost of Binelting Is so
high us to preclude the working of any
hut the richest ores at a profit. The cost
will   be  rapidly reduced as means  of
transport improve,  although   smelling
Alien- ���
1      j
l-'rom |
these fuc'.B it will be gathered that in
capable  hands  much   good   is  to  bo
derived from Canadian mining properly
managed,   In this connection we hoar
\ SPECIAL MEKTIKO ol tlio shareholders ot
���^ ilit- .loi-loii Lumber Compauy, Limited
l.lal.illlv, will Ira held at the olll.'i*
of th.. Coinl.illir at Golduu, Britisli
Colli ill Mn, on I'lllDAV, 21st JAKtUKY, 1SK, hi
io o'rlork a.in., for ihe -mrpc-so of sanctlonlug
a .ale of properl*. ol tlio i "oai puny.
H.   U.tllllKH.
(Iolden, II.C, Doc. 20th, 1397. d::ojon.-.'0
VOTICE is hereby given tlmt I shall apply for
" a apucial timber licence to cut timber on
tbe following described Lauds : ���Commoneiug
at a post on Middle Porl. of I'iuiev Cri'ok,nosi
situated 1-^00 feel to the north of Hurdle's
corral, n. li.: theme running IflOchafnssoutti;
ibeiu-e to ohaitiN went: ibeuee tOUchains north;
tliutice 70 ebains east to the post of commence'
menticonUining 1,000 acres abd
Golden. II. C,   October 20th, 1S07-
. nil or any oi Iho objects hereinafter s*.
foi'lli to which tlie LegistHUvo authority of the
Ia'kIsIi'Uuy of Hriihih t.'ohunbia extends.
Tlie head olllee ol the Company is situate at
Nn. i), Queen street Place, City of London, England.
The amount of the capital of thu Company is
��0,ou0;divided into six thousand 8haresoi��l
The head office of the Company in this Province Is .situate at Gol<ic:i, and William Gilbert
Mitehyll-luues, whose ainlrcss is Golden, Britisli Columbia, is the Attorney mr tbe Company.
The objects for which the Cnmpany has been
established ami so licensed ore:���
[a.] To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise
neuuiro, mine!';, minimi rights, and meUiliit r-
otlH laud and any interest therein, ami to explore, work, exercise, develop and turn to
account inesame;
[b] To crush, wiu, get,quarry, smelt, calcine,
rellue,dress, amalgamate, manipulate,purchase
and prepare for market, ore, nieial, ami miner-
nl substances oi all kinds, ami to carry on,
either upon or in connection with the premises
oi'elsewhere, tiie business of miners, millers,
smelters, mid workers of any p roe esses in the
production, reduction and waging merchantable, oi m lucre Is, met it Is and metulflo products,
supplies oi water, merchants, und manufacturers, and workers of auy minerals, metal.**, articles aud things used iu or in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, aud other processus
aloresaid, or any oi them:
[c] To search for mines and minerals either
ou land known tu contain such mines and minerals or otherwise, uud to buy and null, lease
or take up the rights ol search or other miners'
rights or claims under any mining statutes or
regulations of auy place where tlio Company
carries on operations, aud auy other rights respecting tlie sume:
[dj To acquire opt ions, or enter into contracts
for the purchase of any grants, concessions,
leases or sells, easements or lute rests In lands,
waters, millsftos, towusitCH, mines, minerals,
und other hereuitamouts,aud auy plant, nn.**
chinerv, implements, conveniences, provisions
and things, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or immovable, fur purposes
incidental thereto or to any otberobjeets oi tbe
Company, or cipflbto of being used tn connection Willi metallurgical opi.ru.tons or required
by workmen or oiliers employed by the Corn-
puny, aud to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[e) To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable oi being used ior tue purposes of tbe Company, or any of them, and to
work, trausfcr, let, or sublet the same:
f. To acquire aud undcruku the wbole or any
part of the business, property and llaoilities, oi
unv person or company carrying on any bust-
[less which this Company is authorised io carry
ou; uud to acqulro and hold any shares, Btooks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, ot or other iulerebtsin
anv English, colonial or other eouumulcB, aseo-
eiuttoiis or undertakings eapable of being managed or conducted so as directly or Indirectly
to benefit the business of tlie Company. Also
lo advance money ou auy sueh shares, stocks,
bonds, oijligatious, debentures, securities of ur
other interest iu such companies, associations
or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bunds, obligations, debentures or aeeur-
tles us partial or full security for payments due
to the company:
_;. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others iu acquiring, constructing or hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, trttinwaya, railways, engines, plant,
stock!*, buildings, works, mutters or tilings
wlik-h may be ueeessury or convenient for the
purposes uf the Company, or uny of them, and
to tiie working of the same or uny part thereoi:
li. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
orsell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal
will), in auy manner whatsoever, the undertaking or any part or parts of the property uf
tlie Compauy, or any rights, wuy-leuvcs or
easements iu or over Lhe name, and to accept as
pavment therefor either cash or shares, or
partly eusli uud partly shares, iu auy other
company purchasing tbe sumo:
1, To establish auu niaiuuiu agencies of the
Company in uny colouy, dominion, foreign
country or state, aud to procure the Company
to be registered or incorporated iu auy such
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objects altogether or iu part similar to
the objects of this Company, uud to enter into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with uny company or
person or firm engaged or about to engage in
uny business or transaction which thia Compauy is authorised to engage lu, or capable of
being conducted so us directly or indirectly to
benellt ihisCompauy:
k. To hold, in the names oi others, any property which thu Compauy is authorised to
ucquiro, u.id to curry on or do any oi the
businesses and actsutid things aforesaid, eitber
us principal or ageut, aud eitber by the agency
oi or as agents or trustees (or others:
1, To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange and other instruments, negotiable or othcrwisc.uud to borrow money either
with or without security, ami either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise, Including
i lie issue oi debentures charged upon ull or nny
of the Company's property (both present and
iutur-0, including ns unculled capital J
m. To promote and form other companies for
any of the objects mentioned iu this Memorandum:
u. To invest and deal with tha moneys of the
Company not Immediately required upon sueh
securities and in such manner as fromtimuto
linn ne determined:
To distribute any of the property of the
in! or conducive loth'
-til veil under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province oi British Columbia, this
ltnhdnyof October, one thousand eighl hundred and ninety-seven.
Scotch,  English,   Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
Grold-ezi, .        >        33. C.
Ullock' & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN,     -     -     -   B.  C.
Fl st Class in uvcry partici lar.   Convenient to .Hail way Depot and fteamewt Uaflat-
ftates Reasonable.   Free Sample Kooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connect ing' with Steamer it Fort ItMlttMrjr
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
ompany among tiie members in specie:
p. io curry on business in any part of tht
 things as are lltciduii
llaiiinient of tlie above
For Home Comforts       ��� �� ���
Modern Conveniences   o o ���
Best Cuisine in the West ��� ���
Commodious Sample Kooma �� ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigari ���
Go to the
Columbia Jtousej
WM. McNEISH, Prof.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
.Z33S** Golden, B.C
HEALT   AND   SKELTON,   i'rops.
--vHeadquartera For-**,
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumberman.
.ESates $1.00 IPex Sa3T.
Board & Lodoiso $5*1'eb Wsik.    First Clis^Bai.
llPSistrar of .luiiil t!t(>..t( I'ompanles.
a better money niiii'Uct thoso eotnpaules
are preparing t.�� extend tlitir B.vstemB
t*. lla-,1 Kootenay, un id exeinpllllcd In
tlie action of the Canadian Pacific rull-
way, which has already lifgu'i the
construction uf very Important lines ami
branch lines elsewhero iu the province
that will be cjf the greatest service dot
only in making accessible now districts
uii.1 in reduclug transport charges, but
also in the establishment of large smelting and refining enterprises within our
own borders, the extent and importance
of which we can only now surmise,
I-'or a mining country East Kootenay
offers all that could be wished for, became the supply of water, tiinj.pi*, fuel,
fiuxeB, etc., is everywhere abundant,
while climatically we do not Buffer Irom
extremes in heat and col.I, the long
I'liiiuiiei* months being most favorable
/or prospecting, while lhe winter snows
do not hinder, but In fact greatly fucili-
tito mining Operations, ns, for one
Instance, the rich orea found liij.-h up on
many ol tho mountains can then bo
easily and cheaply raw-hided down the
Know trails. Centres of supply are now
1 o ng established in many parts and
supplies can be gnl at more reasonable
l.iau l-'iiiaiii'iiil Trust and UonDral corporation���an enterprise winch, unlike
the generality of such undertakings, has
occupied itself ijot so much with the
acquisition of properties as with the
careful selection of the best, The rosull
ol systematic weeding out is that the
company possesses now Iw.i.propeilics
of a very excellent character. Ill'this
company and ils prospects we shall
probably havo moro to uay next wool:.
\T0TfCK Is hereby nirenthal I shall apply
-^ for a special Umber licence to cut ttnibei
on the following described lands I���Commencing at a point on Flnley Creel. at tbe bead of
l lie ciinvon.   i.vrtb-eaf.   corner post:   running
west liOO chains ;thenca40cha1ns south i thence
200 chains oust; (hence 40 chains north to point
of commencement ; containing ubuut i.oou
J.   C.   DCItlCK.
Fort Btoelc.October 21ml, is?;.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
B. C- Business Review.
The Winnipeg Commercial's Vancouver correspondent says:
Ah to the Klondike re" passing through
Vanocliver, the lowest estimate now
given is 100,000. Victoria expects more
than that number and Seattle expects
three times us muny. A short time ago
200,000 wae considered a high estimate
mid now half n million prospector! en
route to Vukon this summer Is mentioned. When it iu i a ken into consideration
thut Cook A Son have already sold in
England alone 82,000 tickets to Klondlkers Home idea of 1 he magnitude of the
rush may bo had. His reported 50,000,
000 in gold will be taken out of the conn-
try tliis season. Even this vast amount
divided among half a million people is
only f 100 per head ;o that it IflqtlHo prO-
lable that the majority wiil COMO pretty
v-otick is HEHEBY oiVKX that application
���t"    will be mads to the Parliament ol Canada
and to tbo LcgiilatlreAsMOinblyof tbe Province
of Rritlsh Columbia ai their roflpoctlreaetwoiu
lo incorporate a Compauy to construct a mil
way to in-operated by Nteani or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, In KrbI Kootenay,
Hiiiisb Columbia���tin most northerly point un
the.CfOW'fl Ni-fii Hallway,���tbeiu-e running iu a
northerly direction tip Uie Kootenay Kiver to
canal i'lat; tbeui'v to tho Columbia Lake and
In a northerly direction down tlie Columbia
Itlvur to tbe Canoe Hiver; tlieuee up iii�� Caliou
Kiver and acrosfl the 1'ortiute to the bciulnaters
ofthe Fraaer Kiver; (hones down the Fraior
Kiver to Ulscoine Portage; thence acrOM tlie
Portage to Par��nip Kiver; thence down the
Parsnip Kiver to Find lay River, and up tlio
nndlay Kiver and RCroMt [hedlrlds to Frances
Lake, and thanes to tho Yukon, with power to
divert the route of-the line north of UlflCOms
Portage either by way ef (lease Lake or as may
be found most ciiitabloou further exploration,
Willi power to build aud operatf branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles In U-ugib and all
necessary bridges and roads, Also, to construct
alii operate tidegrupb and telephone tines for
tbe transmission ol messages for tiie public; to
build, acquire and operate steam uud otlii'r
vessels anil all necessary ferries, wharves nnd
do-iks; to take mid use water for generating
electricity, and lo transmit and dispose of tht
power llHTctroiu for lighting, healing and
motive bur poses | with power also to carry on
the business of a general trading company, of
an express company; also to own, manage and
b-ast' hotels, to uc<|ulre. (o ut'qufre timber
limits ami operate sun mills, for the production
aud sale of lumber, and to mine, explore and
dcvltip mineral lauds and to carry ��n a general
mining and ore smelting business, including
Ihe erection ami operation of smelters and
Solicitors for Applicants. ,.
DatM at Ottawa 4th Kfvembsr. !��>;,     i)n-��t   EAST KOMI-.N.-U,
VICTOJUA, hy the Grace of Ood .oftbc United
Kingdom of t-ireut Krituin and  Ireland Ijucen
Defender of the Faith ,<v-., Ac,, Ac
To Olir faithful the Members elected to servo in
the Legislative Assembly of "ur province of
British  Columbia ut Our City of Victurla-
are   desirous
A. G. s.viii,
Deputy Alloriicy-licueral,
and resolved, us soon as may be.lo meet Our
people of our Provinee of lirltlsb Columbia,
und to liuve i hen advice In Our Legislature:
.NOW KNOW YK, that for dlvoracausea and
considerations, und taking into consideration
the ease and convenience of Our   loving sub-
jectH, Wu have tbuught fit by and with the advice of Our Executive Council of the Province
of lirltlsb Columbia, do hereby couvoke.and by
these prcseuls enjoin yon, ami each of you,that
on Thursday, the Tenth day ofthe   month  of
Kebruarv, one thousand eight   hundred   and
ninety-eight, you meet Us in Our Raid Legislature or Parliament of Our said province at
Our city of Victoria, POR THE DESPATCH OK
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act und conclude upon
those tilings which in Our legislature of the
Province of llritisli Columbia,   by   the   Common council of Our said Province may, by the
favour of (ind, be ordained.
In  T��8Tt��0KY  WttKRBOP,   Wc  have  caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent, and
the tireat Seal of the said Province   to bo
herriitttn ���ilfLvii:    WlT.sP.ss, the   Honourable TflollAS K. McInnes, Licuienanl-Oov-
eruor ol Our said Province of British Columbia, Our City ��( Victoria In Our mid
Province , this thirtieth day of December
In tho year of our Lord    one    thousand
eight hundred and ninety-seven  aud  lu
thu sixty-first yeur nf Our Kelgu-
Ity Command.
Provincial Recratory
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry (ioods <fe General MerchandiM.
Supplies a, Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
��****- James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Cholc. Winei, Liquor, and Cigars.   Firrt elaBB aco.aaaa-xlati.a'.
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.
Nah�� or Co.mpa.nv.
mi.!.. Paid.
The Gold 11111b C. & U. Co	
(Joldon k Fort Hti.de T). Co	
$  780,000
Aliieria & Kootenay P. Co	
$  500,000
��� 1.00
HuBt Kootenny nml Klk RlvorfDovelop-
$    75,000
ment & Explwrntion Co	
I 9
Tho Globe's Ottawa correspondent
devotes a\x columns ui matter tu the un-
'liouncoment of the Government policy
oi the construction of a railway from
Stickeen rivor to Teslin Lako, and to tlie
effect that tliiw will havo on Mecnring the
Klondike trade for Canada. Tlio coitcs-
I-ontient lirst dwells" on the Btruggle
for the trade in that region between the
United Suites and Canadian cities, refers
to tlie customs blockage caused by the
arbitrary action of the United States in
regard to the passage across the United
States strip of territory from Skaguay to
White Pass. A special reference in made
to the fact that the Washington authorities are not apparently inclined to keep
the agreement made with Mr, Sifton the
other day, whereby these difficulties
could he pbviated and tbe Government
consequently is hcimj inundated with
telegrams from wostern Canadian points
' asking to close tho passes, Undov existing conditions ull tho trade will bo lost
to Canada and under the new conditions
says tin* correspondent, all, or practically all, will he reserved for Canada.
Concerning the award of the contract,
the correspondent says it in understood
that there have been many seekers after
these franchises for the construction of
this railway. Tiiere was more than one
proposition to build the highway to the
Yukon. One proposal came from the
Canadian Pacific railway for the construction of the work. Hut most of
these propositions had no substantial
backing, aud on* offer from an English
syndicate was withdrawn as soon aa the
real magnitude of thu undertaking became manifest. Tho only men who
seemed to have adequate financial
strength for the work, tho necessaty
experience and the courage and ability
to give the necessary guarantees of good
faith and financial capital wero William
Mackenzie, of Toronto, and Donald D.
Mann, of Montreal. After explaining
that there wan no cash subsidy to be
granted, but that a grant of*25,000 acres
por mile of tho mineral lands would he
given instead with a strict reservation of
all arable land, while tho company is to
put up $25,000 guarantee, tbe correspondent mentions the following important
conditions: It is also provided, and
this feature is of first rate importance,
that in determining the selection of
lands for the contractors, each alternate
block shall bo reserved for the Government. If, therefore, the contractors ure
permitted to secure rich gold-bearing
territory, the Government must share
in their good fortune- and it will not he
possible for them to monopolize great
stretches of the choicest portions of tho
gold belt. In addition, a royalty of one
per cent will be laid upon all tho
precious metals produced from the lands
alienated to the company, as compared
with ten per cent imposed upon the
ordinary placer mining, but the greater
certainty of collection in the case of tlie
company gives some additional value to
this regulation. The lands are to be
seloctcd frc:u that part of the Northwest
Territory ly :ig west of the Mackenzie
river, nnd the Laird river, and north of
tho (.0th parallel of .latitude. There are
various provisions looking to tho control of tbe railway in the matter of
rates and an equal protection in tliis
clause on behalf of the railway. For
five years from the hist of September,
1S93, no line of railway shall bu authorised by Parliament to be constructed
from nny point near tue international
boundary line, between Canada and
Alaska, into the Yukon, nor shall any
aid in money or land bu granted to tiny
other contractors, for that purpose,
Moreover, during ten years, from the
first of September, 1898, tl,ie contractors
ahull be given (bo preference iu auy aid
tlto Government may gee lit to grant
towards the building of a line of railway
from Stickfno river to an ocean port in
British Columbia, providing they are
willing to undertake its construction
within a reasonable time.
In addition to the land grant from the
Dominion Government for the Yukon
railway, Mackenzie and Mann wiil receive a cash subsidy from the llritisli
Columbia Government of $2,500 per
Klondike Golds Fields.
We commented some time ago upon a
movement among the American outfitters for the Yukon in the direction of
practically nhutting out Canadian goods
from the strip of Alaskan territory which
it is necessary to cross to reach Teslin
lake or the headwaters of the Lewes
river. This would have been a severe
blow to Canadian traders, but we ventured the opinion that the Tutted Slates
government would not he a party to such
an unjustifiable scheme, Tliis tins proved
to be the case, as a cable despatch
informs us that Mr. Sifton, the Canadian
minister of the interior, has made satisfactory arrangements at Washington for
the free passage oi Canadian goods
through Alaskan territory. " It is quite
evident that the Klondike boom has
collapsed." That is tlie opinion of the
New York Engineering nnd Mining
Journal, which ought to know something
about the matter. The Journal bases its
view upon the failure to go to allotment
of tbe Norso American Gold company,
not a tenth part of whose shares were
applied for, the money subscribed being
consequently returned. The promoters
complained that tho American public
was frightened at the numerous il legitimate schemes put forward.   Much the
same sort of thing has taken place in
London, and we may take it that tlie
Klondike boom is pretty well nn its last,
legs here as well aa in the States. It
will eventually he all tlie hotter for the
sound concerns which are or will be put
Oil the market when all the trashy prospectuses are in the bands of ihe
buttermen and dust-collectors and put
to tlieir proper uses. A letter has been
received at Victoria, British Columbia,
from Dawson City, dated 10th December,
to the effect that the " mother lode " of
the Klondike placer diggings has been
discovered. Whilst this may be true, it
certainly does not wear an aspect of
probability, for experts nre divided even
as to the likelihood of there being any
one particular hody of ore which has
supplied' the gold found in the various
tributaries of the Klondike. However,
a hody of low-grade ore had been found
near Forty-Mile* bofore the Klondike Held
was discovered, and some other out-
eroppings havo been found in different
places, some uf which promised well
from the rough assays that could be
made -by Mr. Ogilvie, so that it is quite
possible au important find may have
been made. As to tho richness of the
ore, however, or the size of the ore body,
no reliable estimate can possibly have
been made, for the'simple reason that
means were not at hand, and this should
always be remembered when reports ol
this sort are published.���The ttialto.
First Shipment to Fort Steele���Tho
Company's Piano.
Fort Steele Prospector: Teams arrived ou Saturday with severtl tons of
Crow's Xest coal for Carlin & Durick,
the local agents for the Crow's .Vest Coal
company. A block weighing 3201bs.
was left at The Prospector office, being
forwarded hy Mr. Fernie, manager, as a
sample for exhibition. It 1ms been
inspected by hundreds of people, and
the knowing ones pronounce it a first-
class article for blacksmiths or for general purposes. Although taken from a
point close to the cropping, the sample
is very firm and solid, showing no tendency to slacking. A further shipment
is expected this week, and hereafter
there will be a constant supply kept on
hand for blacksmiths.
William Blakemore, general manager
of the Crow's Nest Coal company, has
returned from a trip to tho old country.
At Vancouver the other day be said he
had recently made a close inspection of
the most modern mining plants in the
United States, especially with regard to
the use of electricity, and on his advice
tho directors have decided to put in
such a plant. Electricity will be used
for mining the coal, hauling it, driving
it, driving tbe ventilating fans, and
lighting, and, later on, water power may
he used.
Tho principal supplies purchased
abroad were the fire-bricks for lhe coke
ovens. These constitute a very important and extensive item, and will be
brought nearly 7,001) miles.
When Mr. Ulnkemorc left the mines
in September last he located a six-fool
seam, which has been sampled and
fully analysed, and found to produce
tbe most suitable coke for smelting
purposes. He left twenty men at work
at the mine, and this force lute since
been increased to fifty, who are under
the immediate control of Mr. Smith, the
mine superintendent. Mr. Blakemore
related a remarkable occurrence that
happened iu September last. During a
storm a 30-foot v*��iu was uncovered on
tlie south side of Coal creek, and operations have also heen carried on tiiere.
���\s the storm considerably affected the
valley, one of his first considerations on
big return would lie to decide where it
would be best to build the coke ovens
and aet up the colliery plant, and it may
bo that the ovens will lie removed nearer
to the Klk river. The lirst installment
of ovens will he fifty in number nnd
they will be increased as the trade
requires. Mr, Blakemore Mill leave for
tlie east in about six weeks'time to cou-
eludo business arrangements for the
summer's work and will then return and
remain at tbe mine for some month*
Golden to Fort Steele.
Golden to Carbonate  17 miles
Hog Rancho  22 "
"      Spillimaehene  42 "
Shorty's  50 "
"       McKay's  110 "
"       Windermere  84 "
"       Brewer's  07 "
Canal Flat  V20 "
"       Wasa (Hanson's).. Ifirt "
11      Fort Steele  108 "
Tlii< Goldon Lumbor Company, UM.,
Ly., having; transferred their biistneBa to
tlie Columbia Kiver Lumbar Co., request
tlmt all |.Ill-lies luiviii-: nee,units ni-iiinxl
them Bond tlio anmo in itt once, and nil
accounts duo tho (Iolden Lumber Co.,
I.t'd. l.v., must bo Bottled on or before
1st February, 181IS.
Golden, II.C, Secretary.
Jan.18th, 1898.
Is the best advertis
ing medium in East
Situated on Perry Creek?
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
f Ul\   JrL
75 to $150 Each according to
��������.���������������������* I*-*****
Contains the latest
news ofthe district:
Is  only   $2.00 per
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis*
mp-'i'MMi. f���. -   One-third down, It-alaiien in  ti*.
���>L t**AX*-J.,w .      montln, without iut^rcHt.
Tempest & Co.,
r���� uud lit
Upper Columbia..
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. R. at Golden, B,  C.  and
Great Northern Railway at-Jennings. Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Routs.
Address all express care of V. ('. Coy, Golden.
General Merchant
Minors Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
aigardne *
Fort Steel��, 33. C.
Choice Winks. Liquors and Cigahs.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Ot Spfl
Tlie Finest Health Re<*"��rt on th* Con.inrM.
Private Hospital under medical Ruperintfln-
deneo with .". Truffled Btaff of Nursed.
Com pie to System of Paths, of oir*ry kind
ami description.
Medical Director���DB. R, (1.'BRETT, Bawit.
Regiment Physician A Hurf-Mii���DR. SPANKII.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER."
J wmwmrT*ltmt*mixr*wr ���
cn*��TK/;*it -*e f��:'qorKrr;��i:-rj^-.t
vqtffKf ���tfB.'rmsFrrt.
A Polnto;- to Business Mon-
Oil, mcvchiint, in your lii'o of ece,
If on this pujiei' you should ecc
And would be busy kept ns bbb,
Ileiiu'inlier thrtt'with nil tho wattft,
Propping up with chunks uiiti stmiu,
A silent business soon tlkk.
���Your thati4fa to ua will be profmiu
Jt' you will come to u-3 and nun
Our printer's ink to cure thu bluuti,
jSo while tho rest nre catching fliii,
You take our counsel if you're yyy
And como Btrttightway to ad vert lit.
The Provincial Legislature meet!? in
session at Victorlu in the new parliament
Word has been raceiyod frprjri JJr,
-Thos. McNaught,'editor of Tm: Miner,
of his safe arrival in rn'Olhtr. 1.
Mr, C. F, Petorson, geunrjil tinsmith,
ubcr, etc., is now roudy for bushum
Will   he   found   in    another
Merer*, t'llock andBarri
the Kootenay House I'.'oin
and take possession this week. Mr.
Cllol'l; came here from Bchriflbor, (hit.,
a: il has had large G^po riet.ee in the
hotel business. Mr. Uarrie is well and
favorably known in Golden, having for
the pasl few moutliH run the boarding
department of tlie Kootonay House very
successfully. The Minrh wishes them
every success in their enterprise. Mr,
UllO.uk will be a valuable acquisition to
the curling club us ho Is an old curler
und takes a great interest jn the roarlu1 J
 .��-***-*., <j>.*��t��-    - ���
Klondike ahd the Currency Question
F. PUGH'S-Canadian.
: Iluril-J l,i-i'
My Motto !.*i:
.*!i we
iiluiuber, eti
5 lis card ��
H, E. Benttlc, who tor several mouth:
lias been iu the employ ol ex-Al h-riiiiu
1-Vaser, the druggist, left l.usfll-inil luf
Monthly tor Criinlirouk, where lit- wil
("iliiiL"* in lhe* tlni*. liusilieBH.'^The stool
has already arrived al ils destination.���
I.^jeal-uitl .Ulnar.
The soi't weather whloh ]ireviiiled Ihe
early part of the week hud a dotripipnt'tl
elect on C. I'. 11. trallle, snow-slides pre-
viiling lo a largo extent in both tlie
lloekies and the Selkirks, especially the
latter, there being no train from tin*
west from Saturday nigh! until Tuesday
Arrangements have been made hy lhe
e lebratt'd Cosgrove Family to. give one
o'their lino entertainments in Golden.
Mavb 1 Tt ii and 18th. Tli-'y have -.villi
theni ICdison's Projecting Kinetescope,
also the Queen's Jubilee Procession and
tlie itnest collection of scenes in I'm a a.
^Jur citizens may look fur a rich treat,
Mr. Jan. Heiidemiii has Commenced
operations on the tines Etory addition
to'the Columbia House, When completed the house.will be one of lhe linest
in the mimritujus aud n.>plote_witli*orery
e inveiiience, Mr.McNeish ia showing his
faith in tlie future of the town i:i tin
pecWon of such a lar'-e addition tn ids
At a recent meeting of the sliarcln.UI-
ers of the Channe. Mining Co. of Vancouver. Mr. ti. W. Willis was elected
President ana Managing Director. The
directors report gives a detailed description of the various properties owned by
the Company in East Kootenay and
shews a good balance on the rlght'side
of the ledger,
jjd*',niiel���I)ninard left nn Wednesday
for the Bennison Group, where, on behalf of Major Clohecy, manager of the
Kootenay .Consolidated Co., owners of
the group, be will examine and report
On the amount of work done on these
claims up to date, In order to reach tbe
Bennison Group Mr. Dainard has to
.v*Uk |I0 iniles or so on (Mow shoes.
The second annual general meeting of
the shareholders of the Bald .Mountain
Mining k Development Co. was hold al
Golden on the 8th mst. .Messrs. W. II.
I.ce. W. II. Kinnisten, J. A. McAllister, |
G. P.. Mcllermot, and Wm. .McNeish
were re-elected as directors fur another
year. The usual reports of officers were .
received showing tho Company to he
clear of (all liabilities and in sound
The annual meeting of the Golden
branch of the llritisli & Foreign Bible
Society will lu held in the Presbyterian
Church at S p.m., Thursday, Feb. 17th,
After the Secy .-Treasurer's report hi a
ln.-c.ii received and the officers tor the ensuing year are elected,_sliort addresses
will lie given by: Mr. G. K. Smith on
"Tbe Object and Aim ofthe Society;"
liev. Mr. Turner on "The Duty of
H..reading the Hible;" and Mr, .1. It.
Harcourt on "The Difficulties of the
Work in Foreign Lands."
W. M. Burns, 11.A., school inspector
for the Kootenays, visited Golden school
Thursday. After spending the day in
examining the different classes he expressed himself as perfectly satislictl
with the work done by teacher and
pupils, lie complimented tbe pupils on
l|ieir excellent behavior. Mr. Burns
says be will visit the schools in his district much nftcner, and hoped that next
time be visited tbe school that Mr.
Bales would have some for entrance
examination. Mr. Bates informs us
that he will have the pupils ready next
timo. Mr. Burns went up to Field
Thursday night lo inspect lhe BChool
Parliament was opened Thursday hy
lhe Governor-G.-neral. In the speech
Jrom the throne, he referred to the prosperity of Canada [Canada's splendid civ-
flit in the Kurnpeun , markets; lhe
Mother country's appreciation of Can-
udas reduction on goods Imported into
'panada from the United Kingdom. He
referred with pleasure to the aclion of
tho Imperial Government jn ftonounc-
Ing the treaties with Germany and Bol-
tinni, to the extraordinary gold discoveries in the Vukon and the bountiful
linrvcBt. He said if the Teslin Lake
Hallway was built it would seen
Canada the bulk of tho Klondike trad,
(hat measures would be submitted res-
jKiuting superannuation, repeal of the
Kfaneliise - Aet  and   the  plebiscite on
J   F.
���i. i::
itn U
It would appear from an art
" Keep thu Gold in Canada,"
fl-nil in the Klondike Itevluw, it new
journal published iu Victoria, that tiiere
i ure Canadians who do not look forward
j to tin- supply nf tin- yellow melul from
| th. Klondike dt*posUs being u-o.l to
j " solve tlie currency rfticfftloii" hi eithor
ih;; United Btntca or India, 'lhe now
authority fays, "The effect < f the
i Klondike upon British Columbia and tlie
wholo Dominion of Canada will he of
great moment. Our population will be
increased and the consumption of food
and other products enlarged to nn enormous estent, thus increasing Uie general
trade of lhe country, unless we 1ki.h1 the
key of our markets to .A.mcricuus to shut
hs out or !"t. un in as they think best for
themselves, The excess of the marketable value of tho gold wo produce over
the necessary costB <A ils production wiil
he m much added to the capital of the JM.T'iiUHi!
country, if such marketable valuo pitssug pi-pntyciork
into Canadian channels, If, however, ���n?llfttVr?Irii
tlio gold produced in Canada is shipped [ eimy���Cum
bodily out to San Francisco, leaving no I
deposit save the outlays made hy its
miners while Residing at the goldfields,
then to Hiioh an extent tho gold uiinet
will simply have given Canada whatever
trade was created by the current expenditures. An American who <t:u:a into
Klondike acquires there a quantity of
gold, and then returns laden with it tr.
his home in tlie States, will render very
little service to Canada in rot urn for the
wealth she, lias allowed him to acquire
and curry away in order to expend and
waste it in a foreign country. U'o therefore urge upon IhcDomlnion govermnenl
the groat importance of establishing n
system by whicli the miner may deposit
|:ij= gold with tlio government agent and
li'om him roeoivca certificate which may
he transformed into cash at any of the
otilces of the assistant receiver general
in Canada. By this plan miners can
secure a larger value for their gold, and
not be compelled, as at the present time,
to accept $15 or ?!<>[per ounce taken oul
in trade, and the government causes the
miner 11 come to Canada ou his return."
ir���II. Citrni
vim inl
. \. Carl
��� PoiiOO for North
ml ICoot-
utt Koot-
rt stock
Woodley.���At Golden, B.C., on the 2m
inst., Oeorgo Woodley, aged 63 year;
7 months.
Piano For Sale,
PIANO for sale, ftosewood case, in perfect order. Took lirst prliio al the Chicago I'lxposition.     Price ifo.-jO.OJ CASH.
Apply to
Calgary, Alta.
NJOTICK is hereby t
*^   11 Mpuutiil limb"
n Hint I shall apply for
I'l'iU't* tn (Jilt   tiliiii"'r mi
��� foiiowiug described lands :���Coinnioneinfl
i post nn tin' North Fork of Kinlcy Creek, u-
sh thu creok from the lioad of Brady's Dttcii,
���til-east |>Oi*t ; thimiH! rtuniiiiK uouth lrtU
iIhh ; tiience west 70 chains; llieneo north
t'htiltw: thenee east 70 chains to poatol com-
FortSleele, October 20111,11107.
1    (irttloawlll ho n
licreiiv piven that an nil-
mki tn tin' tMrltutuutii o(
Oantrtla, at the next session thereof, for an Act
clialiKhiK tliti mwue of Tue Dominion ButUMng
and Loan Asaoclation to thai ol Tae Dominion
ivrimiiu'iii Loan Colopmiy.
Dated ut Toronto, this 17ili day of Norembi r,
'i Toronto Street, Toronto,
Holloltora for Applicants,
PitEB an
otn Frem Britisli Coliifililn
Statutes Explaining Fully tlie
VruhiQ anii Kecewiity of u 4" Frvi*
Miners " Gcrtlflcute~No Person Should Atteiuyt Sliuiug
Wi'itQ for pamphlet descriptive of llio routes
to the Vukon country
and sailing dates-,
rates, etc.
Cheap Eates to  Oali-,
fornia and to tlio
Quickest route to tho
East and to the Old
programme,    In order to
ami to make
3t.   John, Portland
over in
I  T
ve;-.ri of ftira, WftJ 1"
Bftytug Ki i'�� ����J Bold
i recordui uud odkuii-
A [re
onimlsBionor or ini
,ir a ecL'tlfieate suoil
A Iroe minor may ohtaiu a nam certificate (or
in; Inst on pnylag $1.
ulner's certificate is not tr'anaferiblo.
rson or ijomnanj" worklnu r. mineral
[ Ittltii, held ?������������ real ttstate without fieense, may
Ijulined**!��%,    Mines beeome reul Mtatu altej1
crown cram has beon issued.
Hlmiilil ci .owner fail to paj uji tils free miner'!
ri rtlllcato his Interest goes to hid co-owners pro
rata according to their former intertwta.
a shareholder in a Joint stock company Deed
nui be a free miner.
A free minor may claim l."W)xl.iO0 feet.    Bui
all angli s must be debt angles and all uieasur-
mont wust he liorlstuiilttll}*.
A free miner may cut limber on r-'/iwri land-:.
A frettininer may kill guniu fur Lis own use
liner may nbtair
lunda in tho fun
laitii may be liebl fr
.vork bvtiis done to tbe vu
on cro
<U'.M,7ye.-ir bj
of oi:e Bundjrei
overod in tunnel may be la-Id if re
information and
apply  to  your
Lodes dis
corded -ul-
A free miner may on pay men! of V"1'. in ii*n of
expenditure on claim, obi itn a crown ;*r.uit.
Any miner may, at the Hiserellon of tiie ^old
commissioner, obtain nectsaarv water rights.
No iransfor of'auy mineral claim ur Interest
lo unless in writing, hlgued
(hull I)
in.! roi
��st illne
Her his
Ion, or delays on iho pari ui t lie
^iiiil! ho open to location dnrinf
. oi holder, nor witbin V2 inotiliia
utli, unless by permiostou oi told
im must be reorded within IS
Ion, if within 10 miles ot oJSIce
der. Oiieadiiitloiialday i" al-
additional 10 miles or iraction
i each minlug claim i
bo dona each year in
eraUliim.  Afltdavi
fore the
of re
���r, or lit.
mont ol tin
him i
is Intel!
io valua of
date of re*
ado by the
,i detailed
��� filed with
���ponlcr, and
���ecorded bein tbe date
tor holding
ling nutke
all Hi
inired to
its Holding adjointng claims in partnorahin,
in lieu of above work tho mirtor must pay floe
and gel receipt aud record tho same.
NTcw York.
For full
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tho mo?t comfortable hole! in South
Kast Kootenny, Good Tablo. Gootl
Wincn. (iuotl Attendance: Tcr.in*
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Ward n er ^^r~-\
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
is hereby given Hint application -.rill
-- uu made to the Lcdslutlve Assembly qf tho
Provinco of Ilrithtli Columbia, al its next session, for a Private Hill lo Incorporate a t'om-
puny to biitl*tt, equip, maintain und operate a
line or lines of railway from u point nt or near
Cranbrook-, in Bast Kootonay, tboneo by the
most fcastblo route to the St. Mary's if Ivor;
thence in a wuatorly direction to tho hcau-
watersof St.Mary's Uiver: and also in an ouster-
ly mul northerly diroction from some point on
tlie said line a branch lineup thu Bast Kootonay Valley to tbo neighbourhood o( Uoroo
Thief and No. 2 oreolta and the mlnesin that
vicinity; with power to tin- mi<\ Companyio
construct a lino frum the Hull Kiver Group ol
Minus, in Kast Kootenuy, i-> tho most convenient point on the main line of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railwaj; and also
to authorise uiul empower tiie Company, (u
build, from time lo time, branch lines to
groups of mines and concentrators from unv of
thu three above-mentioned lines of railways,]
such branch lines hot lo exceed twenty (20;
miles iu b'ligth; with power to build telegraph
nnd telephone lines, and to equip and operate
the said railway nnd its brant lies, uud to erect
ami maintain h 11 necessary works for tho generation ntol transmission of electricity or
power Within tlio area ofthe operations of" lhe
said Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saw-nilllB, and acquire water privileged to construct dams lluniOS, etc., for improving and
Increasing the water privileges, "ml to make
traffic, or other arrangements witli railways,
steamboat or other companies,and for all oilier
for; usual and necessary . owe.-s, right* or
Solicitors for tbe Applicants.
yiytorlu, B.C., 'JitU October, 1897.   .     4n tit
a Iti.
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden. B. C.
Tho best Pto|>].in�� placo for trclghtera in
Columbia Valley it*, tit
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation ���*.* Modorato Tonus
Fl ret class Pood Stablos.
Tho Host Beet* In Cana.la I. iiiriIo I,;,* tlie
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co.,   t'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale and soda Water
Insist Ollgi tling Cntgary lleer every time. They
nil have it.   The Company's agent for East
Kootenay Is
H. G. PARSON, Golden, B.C.
will be given on many articles, particularly on
Glassware .& Crockery,
Furniture & Drugs.
These Goods must foe Cleared.
feneral W/erchant
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Fancy Goods.
G-oldLerL, B.C.
Tinsmithing k General Jobbing.


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