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East Kootenay Miner 1897-10-28

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ffr#% ig^f*
Devoted to tbe Joining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEJWY.
Vol. 1, No. 14.
Golden,  B.  C,   Thursday  October 28th,   1897.
Address :-BOX 4!) GOLDEN, B.C.
Aikxandkh Block,    -    Golden', B.C
Fire, Life, R'.'nl Entato, House Agents,
Auctioneer,* and Customs Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Ltini.anhire, Union, Hartford.
European Hteanuhip Tiekot Ofllee.
The Sun Life Insurance Compuny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Hirbeck Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Euginea-.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
aud Notary Public.
Post ofllee address :
Assay Offices -and
Chemical Laboratory,
For several years with Vivian & Sous, Swansea, and local reprexentuUvu for them.
For fi years manager for the ntomyers to the
Rio Tlttto Co., Loudon.
Canadian representative of tlio Cawtbl Child
Extracting Co. L'td, (tlaxgow (Cyanide process.)
N.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils  re
-:    Made  By    :-
Bott & Embree
Fees in Advance.
Oold pro
Bilver  1 fit)
���Hold nnd Silver 2 oo
cupper  1 so-
Lead  1 -nO
Lead and Silver 2 00
Orea tested by Cyanide Process.
Other Fees on Application.
& Embalming
* Telegraph orders receive prompt attention ]
Wedding things
A Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
The Providence par Go
Providence, B.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginning, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are ns follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $150.00.
Bear   $ 5.00 to j 25.00.
,Ottor M-00 to i 11.00.
Martin $ 2.00 to $   0.00.
Braver (per pound).. ,f 3.00 to (  3.50.
Wolf $ 1.00 to ?   2.00.
Bod Fox * 1.00 to $  2.00.
Mink $   .75 to *   2.00.
Skunk f   .25 to$   1.00.
Gray Fox f   .50 to j    .75.
Hat (   .20 to $    .25.
Price list on all other furs ami skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate roinittimce on
all consignments.
Mi*. Julin Hull-nan, Winltold I'ark, TlnindorJiill
Will hiimllc /ri*l|*lil licuveen Aili'ls, Mud Liiki.*
mill Kurt Steel*' mill ruturn. Hoods iviirL-lioiis-
tid at butti -Mids,  For ratlin Hpply to
Jas. Henderson,
i'Ihiis prepared.
I'ruiiijd Klleiitlmi |-ivi*n to oriltirii,
A hiijijily uf lluliding Lime for .ale.
The Golden
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Fish and Game in stiarou.
lh'tilorH in Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Boots, Shot's and Harness
Repaired promptly.
Livery and
Feed Stables
itood Baddle Horses mid Rigs of AU Kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Kates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Spocialty.
Hamilton und Skeltoii,
Golden, B. C.
Confectionery and
Meals at nil hours in first class
style. A choice lot of .Turns,
Jellies, Cigarettes and Cigars
always in stock.
W. Alexanders-
G.P.H. Watch Inspector
Will eall every week at
MeDEBMOT'S   Store       ���*���
Any watches left there will be
Promptly and Properly
repaired at fair prices.
No Botched Work.
The Columbia House
Tim i*i ntml Hotel of Kami Kotitcnuy, midivtiy
between Mold-in anil Kort Siui'li*.
timid Culling), (Miok'i* Liquors A Oo.id Stiit-llli**.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
Mines  . .
Development Oo.
New York,   Chicago,
Spokane, Wash.
Buy nnd Sell Mliiinj; Properties.
Furnish Money for Development
H. K. Walton,
<vJjo!den, B.C.
Fines List o.v ApriJcAHOK, I.
A syndicate has formed nt Bnnff for
tho purpose of opening up some promising copper claims in that vicinity and
near the railway.
Mr. AV. Lindsay returned lust Sntnrd.iy
from a trip to Bluewnter, where ho went
to stic some claims owned liy Messrs J,
W. Connor, Dr. Taylor and nlhors. He
was unable to get up to the claims and
had to return without examining them.
Active work is being carried on at
Ottertail on the Sunday claim by Messrs
Knowlton and Lindsay. Several tons ol
ore havo been taken out nnd a shipment
of one or two cars is oxpected to lie made
shortly. The bond is up on December 1.
Mr. Jack Henderson, owner of the
Lucky Jack and Lincoln claims on the
middle fork of the Spillimacheen river,
is busily engaged with his men erecting
cabins and getting in supplies for the
purpose of carrying on a winter camp.
The two claims mentioned are said to be
most promising prospects and we hope
that the winter's work will result in
proving them to be valuable properties.
The Channe Mining Co. are putting in
u camp nt tho head of Johnston creek,
north of Castle mountain, N.W.T. They
have acquired an interest in two splendid
copper properties there and will open
them up ut once. Mr. Willis, tho company's supintendent, returned from Fort
Steele on Saturday last and immediately
completed arrangements to establish it
camp on Johnston creek, men and supplies having gone in on Tuesday lust.
The same company is operating a winter
camp on the Maple Leaf claim on Wild
Horse creek, near Fort Steele.
The Channe Mining Co. have had to
close down for the winter their camp on
Fifteen-Mile creek. The foreman reports
two feet of snow on the summit and the
nights very old. During the short time
the company had at their disposal to do
work on this claim they worked their
shifts of men and succeeded in getting
over 75 feet of tunnel and shaft work
completed. The work has Bhown most
satisfactory results and Mr. Tiemey, the
foreman, is more than pleased with tlie
property. Further work will be undertaken as soon as the winter season is
Messrs Tien and Ilurgess, two American mining men, havo taken up two
copper claims near Kldon, a few miles
west of Castle mountain, N.W.T., nnd
will at onco put in a camp and open
them up. Messrs Walker and McCarthy,
of Calgary, have been working tlieir
claims at- Eldon all summer and have
uncovered some splendid copper ore.
That there is plenty of copper on the
eastern slope of tho Koekies seems
beyond all question, and it is predicted
that before another year rolls around
valuable copper mines will be opened up
in that district.
There will bo at least five camps in
operation in the vicinity of Golden during the winter months. Messrs limes
have a camp at Horse Thief creek, the
Kootenay Consolidated Co. will be working in the Bennison group and Messrs.
Stracoy and Joliffo will have a camp at
the Stand-by and Maud S. during the
greater part of the whiter. Jack Henderson is putting in a camp on the Lucky
Jack and Lincoln, nnd tho Bald Mountain company will work all winter on
on their claims. Several other camps
would no doubt havo run all winter
had the owners had time to put iu winter
quarters and supplies before the snow
A Good Company.
" Tho Golden, British Columbia, Co.,
Ltd." This company, which has its
head office at No, II Queen Street l'hice,
London, England, has been now authorised hy license to carry on business in
British Columbia. Tho date of its
authority and license is lflth Octobor,
181)7. The objects for which the company has beon formed are sixteen in
number and are all connected with the
mining industry. The company has not
been formed for the purpose of working
nny particular mineral claim, but more
as a prospecting and development company. Tho amount of the capital of the
company is ��8,000, divided into 0,000
shares of XI each. Its directors are Lord
RibblcBdnle, A. C. Mitchell-Innes and
John Taylor, M.I.C.K., nil of London.
Tho head odico for the company in British Columbia is nt Golden and the company has appointed as its attorney for
the province Ml*. W. G. Mitoholl-Innes,
Tho company has already secured some
gold claims and prospects, upon which
sufficient development work has nlrendy
been done to show that the properties.
when fully developed, will In all probability prove to lie valuable shipping
mines. What is required in this country
nt tlie present timo are development
companies to prove the value of prospects and claims before these are turned
over to companies and syndicates to
operate upon ns " mines." Tnc company
is fortunate in securing tho services of
Mr. Mitchell-Innes, who bus now been
in East Kootenay for some years engaged
ill the mining industry and is well
known among prospectors and miners in
its northern division, among whom he
has a high reputation for probity and
integrity in carrying through " square
deals." Thu Mikhu wiBheB the Company
and its attornev every success in developing the milling resources of Kas Kootenay.
Channe Stock Going Up.
The stuck of the Channe Mining Co. of
Vancouver is still advancing. It went
up recently from five to eight cents,
owing to the report of Foreman McGrath
of their Centaur mine in East Kootenay.
Among other things the report says that
assays of rock across the breast of the
tunnel went $250 in nil values. Such a
report a year ago would have jumped the
Btock of the Channe to fifty cents in a
week, but the people of the coast are
considering so many magnificent reports
coming from different, mining camps
that matters will have to quiet down n
bit before the advance which must come
will take place. Recent wild-catting in
Kootenay has done a world of harm to
mining companies on the const, where
such a thing Is unknown.���Winnipeg
The Centaur group was acquired by
the Channe Mining Co. from the
Alberta & Kootenay Development Co.,
Golden, under a working bond.
British Capital In East Kootonay.
Messra. Keysor and Joliffe from the
Old Country, who have beon acquiring
several mining interests in Golden division, have recently purchased from the
Hon. F. W. Avlniur and James White of
Golden the two mineral claims " Ellen
D," and "The Buckskin" Bitnated in
the Cariboo Basin. The properties assay
very high in gold, silver and copper.
These claims wero staked in 181)0 and
1801 and assessment and development
work have lieen done on them since then
to the extent that they are now in a
position to obtain Crown grants. Considerable work has beon done there. Besides open cuts there are two tunnels
driven in. each 50ft. The main lead is
*1 feet iu width and there are several
stringers. The price is f3,000. Messrs.
Keyser and Joliffo will put in a big gang
of workmen to thoroughly develop their
mineral claims. This is what is required
thorough and genuine development
work to disclose our mineral wealth and
Thk Mi.sek wishes these gentlemen
every success in their undertakings.
The Prorross of East Kootenay.
East Kootenay is now commencing to
attract attention among mercantile and
commercial centres as a good place to
locate in for doing a good merchandise
business, and many enquiries are being
made about our district, particularly
South East Kootenay and the rising
towns of Wardner, Cranbrook and Moyie
City. Visitors are also coining ill " to
spy out the land," so that they may
report. This week Tun Mixkk was
favored with a visit irom two gentlemen,
from centres far apart,���W, J. Hlpkln,
formerly of Chicago, a purchasing agent
for supplies, and W. H. Ileid, Napanee,
Ontario, general merchandise,���desiring
information about the great possibilities
of South East Kootenay. The fame of
this region as a good place for doing
business had attracted these gentlemen
to make enquiries concerning East
Kootenay. Tim Minhk advised them
thoy could not do better than to got in
on the ground floor at Cranbrook or
wardner, as theso two towns wero bound
to be two of the most important business
centres of South East Kootenay. There
is no doubt as to Cranbrook, which will
be tlie metropolis of South East Kootenay, and as little doubt as to tho future
prosperity of Warder. Jloyie City is
now well established and going Steadily
ahead, and there will be rising towns-
more than two���in the region of the Elk
river before tho fall of the year 1808.
Capital baa now taken hold of East
Kootenay and development is going
Bteadily ahead. One thing to be guarded
against is fictitious booming by mendacious statements, whether of townBitos
or mines, or any other investment that
ia attracting capital. There has been too
much of this in the past, and it never
tends to advance the prosperity of the
Trial of a Vandal--Remarkable Ver-'
diets of tho Jury���Light Sentence,
A Bpecial sitting ot the assize court for
the district of East Kootonay was held
at Donald on Monday last, the 25th Inst.
The presiding judge was A. .1. Met'nil,
Victoria. There were four cases on tlie
calendar. Two of the casus were against j
John Vnndiill, Golden, against whom
were two bills, one fur breaking prison j
and the other for wounding with intent J
to do bodily harm. The grand jury in.
both cases returned true bills against
the accused. The cases were then set to
a petty jury, when the. prisoner pleaded
not guilty und evidence was led. From
the evidence it appeared the prisoner
hud been apprehended on a charge of
assault and lodged iu Ihe lock-up at
Gulden. He desired bail. Mr. Warren,
,1.1'., in Golden, was in attendance at
the lock-up to consider the request, and
as he would not accede to it the prisoner
discovered he had important business up
in town, which he must transact. Constable Laing persuaded him tu remain,
and in the course of the persuasion n
considerable amount uf physical argument was U3ed on both sides. The
prisoner admitted he would have gone it
he had not been prevented; yet the jury
in their assiuo wisdom, through their
foreman, brought iu their verdict of not
The second charge of wounding with
intent to main arose out ol the lirst case.
The prisoner throttled the magistrate,
maltreated the constable tn the effusion
of blood and frankly admitted that he
not only struck the constable, hut struck
him as hard as he could. The jury,
through the same wise foroinnu, brought
in a verdict of " guilty of common assault
under great provocation,'' with a recommendation tu mercy.
The judge suspended sentence until
the following day, when he passed a
sentence of one month in gnol with hard
labor, commencing at the expiration oi'
his present term of imprisonment, and
in addition to find two sureties in $200 to
keep the peace for one year and in
default to lie imprisoned for u further
term of three months.
in the other cases, which were charges
ol forgery against W. S. Collier am! M.
0. Kerrigan, Fort Steele, no process was
entered. These hist cases are a most
extraordinary sample of law and justice.
The two .accused appeared tn take their
trial at last assize on these two charges
and the charges of conspiracy. The jury
returned a verdict of not guilty on the
charges of conspiracy, whereupon the
other other charges were withdrawn
from the jury and the bail of the accused
increased to prevent libertion. The
charges were trumpery in Cue extreme
and should never have been brought;
and no judge was warranted in withdrawing cases from the juries or increasing bail, except on good cause shown.
When judges act iu this manner, we
should not be too hard on juries who
display the same love and fidelity for
law' and justice.
Donald Mlnlns Division.
For the month of October four Free
Minors licenses have been Issued. Five
claims have been staked and recorded.
No assessment work has been recorded
and there are no applications fur Crown
grants. Donald division has not attract
ed the same amount of attention as the
other milling divisions in Fast Kootenay
have dune dining the past season. .\cxi
year however the tide of prosperity
which is flowing north will reach Donald
and that there will be a different record
of business.
The only transactions recorded for the
month arc a bond for $251X1 fur development work tu be done on the l.itth-
Brother, Mowgli and Alicia mineral
claims belonging to Dr. Taylor, Gulden
and others. The bund is in favo,' of
ThoniaB A. Knowlton. The work is tn
be commenced on or before 15th June,
18(18, but Mr. Knowlton is at liberty tu
declare the bond off, on or before March
1st, 1808. In consideration of this work
Dr. Taylor and the other proprietors
transfer nine-sixteenths of these claims
lo Mr. Knowlton. The bond is recorded
on the 18th day of October, 1897. On
the same day there is accorded a transfer
by Dr. Taylor and others uf one-sixteenth interest in the s.iuic mineral
claims iu favor of W. H, Lindsay, of
Londdn, Ontario, as his commission fur
corrying through the bonding transaction. _
Donald School House.
Tho Improvements on Donald school
house arc now nearly completed.    The:
Improvements consist of an enlargement
' of the school house, which has been ex*
$2.00 Per Year
tended to double its former sine. There
hiis beon some delay i'i tlie completion
of the work, owing tu the uncertainty of
iin* removal of thu CI'.11. workshops
in,in Donald which would havo taken
nway quite a number of families from
Donald, The number of children on the
mil is over sixty, and the Oddfellows
Hall has been utilised lor schoolastl.i
purposes pending the changes being
made, Tin* onlargod school house will
In* completed und ready for occupation
by the first week in Kovombor when
Mr. T. J. Barron ami his pupils will
move in.
In tho International Basin,--Winter
Work to bo Dono.
The recent development work done ou
the Bennison mid Boston mineral
claims has shewn and proved the wealth
and continuity of the great body of ore
found mi these claims and tha; this Immense body of ore extends over the International group of minora! claims
which is adjoining. The Boston claim
is right on the apex or ridge of tlie
mountain between East and West
Kootenay, The Bennison claim is in
West Kootenay and is adjoining the
Boston. The International group is in
East Kouteuay and is adjoining the
Tho work that has been done by Major
Cloliocy on these claims on behalf uf his
company has been extensive. In addition to Ihe open cuts there have been
driven two tunnels, below each other.
Tlie open cuts on the apex shewed the
existence of ore there, The tunnelling
was commenced from the west side. The
upper���260 feet frum the apex���shewed
that the ore was there and that there
was thus a solid body 25') feet in depth.
The ore body extends right through the
mountains which proves that it is eon-
tlnuous and is part of tlie great ore body
that exists in the international group of
claims. This group of claims which
has shown rich ore, lies tun sh lower
down and ou the cast side of the mountain.
Winter work is to proceed on tho
Bennison claim. A cabin baa been
erected, Five men with supplies have
gone in to do the contract work on the
second tunnel. This tunnel will be extended 500 leet in length and will be
driven in irom 000 to 10'.)'.) feet from the
top of the apex of the mountain.
The Major .expects to find the tm-
moilso bony of ore extending as far down
as this depth and Tim Misku hopes lie
will and also strike it much lower down.
The best mining properties in East
Kootenay are on tliis ridge between East,
and West Kootenay and by next year's
fall many of them will be in a position
to be shippers.
A Sanguine Estimate of an Undoubtedly Rich Country.
Mr. W. II. Fletcher, one of the locators
uf the Coronndo, in Kast Kootenay. iu an
interview regarding that district, said:
" I believe the Kast will excel the West.
I am enthusiastic on that point, and 1
am sure I havo reason to be. I have
spent considerable ��� time in the Fort
Steele district and have learned something of i's resources. We know enough
about '.hat district even in its present
iiiulevelupeil state to distinguish three
distinct mineral belts, li wc are niter
silver-lead claims, we know where lo
find them, If wc nre seeking copper
mines, the region in which they are to
ho found is clearly defined j and if wo
inint a gold, mine uf assured richness,
tiiere is a gold bell up there as yet
scarcely touched by the prospector's
pick. We have some groat placer claims
besides; and, laKing it altogether, wo
have resources awaiting development
whloh West Kootenay does not possess.
Give us the same amount of development
and the same transportation facilities,
and with all its wealth AVesi Kouteuay
won't lie in it with us."���The Kaslo
This is a true estimate of the richness
of the mineral wealth of East Kootenay.
When once the railway now tinder construction is eon pletcd, tiiere are two
mines���the St. Eugene and the North
Star���which will ship more ore than nny
six of West Kootenay's largest producing
mines, and (he value of tho shipments
will be greater than the value of the
shipments of eight of the richest mines
in West Kootenay. When some oi our
well-developed prospects heroine pro-
duclng mines, the East wiil overshadow
the West. There is a great future tot:
East Kootonay in the mining industry.. �����������^.*��W;*K*-*M����.*Mi-r3^ -m-rMW
Uhe nfiner,
a Woeklv Journal, published every Thursday
in lb* Interest nf the East  KOotenoy District.
making closest connections -.vim all trains ami
nniil routes.
Nt'l;s-:i;ir'iION RATKS : Hy mail or currier
$iM pit your in advance
ADVliilTIiJlNO HATES: Display ads. fLfiOpet
coin in n in.'ii, F2.UQ puV column Inuh when in-
.ported on the title paito; tatut iuU. 10 uenta per
/nonpareil] lino fur first InH.jrtioii, (1 cents per
Jin.' for t-ach Hdditi.niiil Insertion; ruttdlng
notices 13 emits per lino each (nsurt-ion.
Changes oiadB, musl belnofUeonot later than
Birth, marriage and doath notices Inserted
,1011 JlKPARTUKXTi   Our Job   Department
iiic bust equipped printing office in  Ham
pared d> el it neat, itvlijtty
it. .  ������!,...        ll ..!....   .....11
K'tioieniiy and i-
iiriutinRat a reasonableprjeu.  Ono price mall.
Mail oruora receive prompt attention.
COtUUSflPOXDKXTSi iVe Invito correspon
deuce on any subject ni Intercut to tlie ueneral
nubile ami desire a ritguiar correspondent lit
Vvet'y point In the Diatrfet. In all nun* the
bona fide name of writer mm>1 accompany tiie
inn as \ guarantee uf goud laltli.
Correspondence with reference 16 any matter
tlfut in'.*- appeared in another paper must lint
b.< offered tu that paper lor puiilii'iuimi beiore
}\ can appear In "Thk Mikhii."
.\di'.i;eM all i,'Uiiiiii:.iib,ai:uiw
Golden, B. 0.
THUKSPAY) OCT. 28, 1897
The Columbia Valley and tho Selkirk
In the summor of IS!U Mr. W. S.
Drewr.y, DX..S.., made a topographlcnl
-iiiiiTey of that portion of the railway belt
in the vicinity of Goldon, Flold and
Donald, and in his report made tho
following, among other observations,
regarding the district in question :
The Columbia river issues from the
Columbia lakes, then runs northwesterly
upwards nf ISO iniles, then turning
sharply to the southwest sweeps around
until it Hows southeast In the United
.Slates. Extending southerly in this
"Big Bend of the Columbia," us it is
called, lie the Selkirk mountains. In
that portion oi the Columbia vail
(extending from Beaver to a point sixty
iniles up ihe river southward, there is
comparatively little arable land. Some
itiitenslyo flats lie along the stream, but
.are Hooded until late lu the summer or
fall, yet some of them produce abundance oi grasses. It Booms doubtful
whether these lands can be successfully
idyked, owing to stronks of a Bpocios of
quicksand extending to an unknown
depth. However, upon close examination it miiy prove thai such a condition
does not exist everywhere; if this is so,
then the land so reclaimod would in
probability become very valuable for
agricultural purposes, In the vicinity of
(iolden are several farms, upon which
grains uf various kinds and all sorts of
garden produce are successfully grown
v.'it'iout the. aid of irrigation. It is
btlieved that tho hardier fruits might be
grown here with a llil.vor more nearly
approaching eastern fruit than that
produced at lower altitude and in u
softer climate, aud that it might In
profitable for persons conversant with
grape culture to examine the benches
and slopes along ths easterly sida Of tlie
Columbia valley, aud at the same tipie
to look into the matter of temperature
witli lh j object of finding, out the suitability of the district to the production
oi grapes. If the matter of climate and
temperature in right, the land in question
i*��eni3 tn be admirably adapted for this
In the Columbia and higher valleys
tributary thereto a variety ot berries
may be observed. Xiiwhcrc else can lie
found the wild raspberry growing to
such a si/.? and so luscious; and il is'a
curious fact that this fruit was not found
until an elevation of 3,000 feet above the
sea had beon attained. But Uilsjinay lie
explained by the fact that at lower
elevations the undergrowth in so rank us
to stifle the growth oi tho berry bushes.
Most oi the valuable timber iu this
valley lies west of the Columbia river,
and " tie timber" exists in very large
Passing then to a description of the
topography o,' a pari of this area, he
Commencing at the Canadian Pacific
railway near tiie mouth of Heaver creek,
the Dog Tooth range of mountains
extends southeasterly in an almost
unbroken wall about thirty-six miles
along the western side of the Columbia
valley to a point, aotne four miles south
of Golden.
Quart! creek, some twelve miles in
length, flows northerly along the west
ly base of this range into the Columbia
river, about one and Bqitrtor miles above
the lOOUth of the Beaver. Canyon creek
hoiuls just southeast of Quint/, creek,
but Hows southeasterly and bends
around the nnd of the Dog Tooth range,
where it receives a tributary frum the
wast, and then discharges into the
Columbia about, seven iniles above
West of Quartz creek, between it and
the Heaver, is a range of mountains rising from 7,500 to 11,003 feet above the
sen, which, turning to the eust' around
tho head of Quartz creek, again turns
southeasterly and, dividing the waters of
Grimly creek and the north fork of tho
S-iiii'di'-iacheen on the west from those of
Canyon crock on the
the westerly limit of tho Columbia j
valley for upwards of thirty miles. This ]
range gradually lowers from Canyon
creek nearly to the mouth of the Spilll-
mnclieeu river, where it again rises and
forms .Jubilee mountain, which has come
into considerable prominence as a niin-
loeality. Returning to where the
ahi'Vo-tnoiitioned range bends around
the head of Quartz and Canyon creeks,
tlie branches of Grlsalov creek rise some
two miles apart, and, bearing northerly
and northwesterly, join ami How west
into Beaver creek about one am! a half
iiilcs above Bear creek. A range of
maintains is thrust up between these
braiiohes of Grizzly creek, but bends
ibruptly around the head uf the easterly
branch and joins the range mentioned
previously almost due west nf Golden.
To the west is the valley of the north
fotk.of the SpiHiinachoon river, beyond
which lies a high range of hills called
"Bald Mountain." It extends somu ten
miles southerly from Grlszley creek
between the Spilliinaeheeii witters and
Heaver creek. The tup of this ridge is
entered with grass, excepting a few
knobs  which   rise  above  the limits of
;otat!ou. It.-* geological structure seotns
to differ Boniewliat from that of the
surrounding country, the roOks composing it appearing io consist of granite,
also a rock locally known as porphyritie
granite, slates and quarts, Nowhere
else in the niniintains have 1 observed
such extensive exposures of quartz
leiigcFj. Some of theso are known io
carry gold. Tlieir strike is northwest,
dipping at a high angle to the southwest.
While I canhOt give an opinion as an
expert, it seems to me that while tlio
rock locally known as porphyritie granite
is not a granite but a m'etaphorphic rock.
South nf Bald mountain lies a triangular tract of mountains covering an area
of about 180 square miles, bounded on
the west by Beaver creek, on the northeast by the north fork of the Spillimacheen ami nn the south by the middle
east, then  forms | SOME OF O'JR PROMINENT
Ths  Properties Held  by Them.
MajOr Thomas Edward Clohkcv.
The subject of this article is Major
Thomas Edward Clohoo.y, manager of
the Kootonay Consolidated Mining Co.
of Everett, Washington. The major has
been engaged thirty years in' the
mining industry and has been associated
with mining interests in Hast Kootenay
since July, 18i!,i. We have been unable
to obtain an aululiigrapliy, owing tn the
major's self-abnegation and his reticence
to speak aliout self, we hate ascertained
from outside sources. He is of French
extraction, as the name indicates, and is
a native of one of tlio Southern States.
He espoused the Confederate cause
and served in the army with distinction
during that glorious but mistaken struggle between the North and South. At
the close of the war he studied law and
commenced its practice, and had a good
practice in Everett, Washington. The
mining industry had too many fascinating interests for him and like some other
lawyers threw aside the practice of law
and took to the ininiifg industry, lie
bus followed it with considerable success.
He has operated in several ol tho Western States���Utiih, Colorado, Montana
and Idaho. Helms built and operated
smelters and concentrators in Utah.
Major Clohecy afterwards became associated witli Mr. Bennison, the president
of the Kootenay Consolidated Minin;
Co. The first properties acquired by
this company in East Kootenay were in
Gulden mining division and were the
" Crown Point," tlio " Boston " and the
"J. P."   mineral  claims.   The  Crown
assessment for prOBant year. Xo assays
While these are tho company's properties, the mnjqr, in conjunction with
others, holds two claims���the " Alaska "
and " Idaho," situated on Copper creek,
which runs into the middle fork of the
Spillimaclieeii, These were acquired by
location last year. They are gold and
galena properties. Considerable work
has been done nn them by menus nf
tunnels���one going in 40 feet und another
17 feet. Assays show ���212 in gold,- 70
oz. in silver and 00 per cent. lead.
They have this year acquired by location the " Mitchell," " Bennison Xo. 2 "
and the " Highland " in different portions of the McMurdo district: The
Mitchell at the head of McMurdo creek,
the Bennison No. 2 adjoining the Bennison and being a northern extension,
while tlie Highland lies about a mile
west. The Mitchell is a galena property;
the other two are gold and copper. Xo
assays have yet been made.
Major Clohecy has formed many
friendships since he caine into East
Kootenay and has many well-wishers.
The personality of thu major is an
attractive one. His disposition is genial
and he always appears to be overflowing
with the milk of human kindness, and
never in a unpleasant humor���well,
hardly ever! His equanimity at times
can be overset and he can occasionally
cut up rough, like the rest of humanity
when matters do not go smoothly,
but it iu only a passing cloud.
Every person, including Tub Miner,
wishes Major Clohecy well in all his
fork of the same rlvor.
peaks exceed 10,000 feet in altitude, and
a few rather extensive glaciers exist,
together with many smaller ones. Tlie
Valleys of two considerable creeks, Mowing northeasterly into tiie north fork of
the Spillinincheen, break this mass,
which in addition is drained by numerous small creeks discharging into the
streams named.
Prom the southeasterly extremity of
this triangle a high wooded ridge extends
southeasterly between the north and
middle forks of the Spillimacheen nearly
lo where the former unites with the
other branches of the river. The middle
fork Iiiib its source in the summit or
divide range of the Selkirka, in latitude
80��88' north, whence it flows northeasterly, but gradually sweeps around
until its course is southeasterly. About
seventeen miles frow its head the stream
unites with the south fork, which also
conies from the summit range, but
considerably to the south of the source
of the middle fork. The united waters
continue thoir southeast ly course for a
few niilca, then turn tu the east, and,
receiving thedischargo of the north fork,
How-east'into the Columbia river about
forty inik'fl above Golden, The tract, irt
country thus roughly described covers
800 square miles.
Prom Carbonate landing the trail leads
to the middle fork of tho Spillimacheen,
crossing the ridge next the Columbia,
the north fork and the high ridge lying
between that stream nnd the middle
fork. I made au exploration on foot to
the head of the north fork and down
Criznluy creek some three iniles, with
the object oi learning the topograp'ny of
the country and finding a short route to
the railway, 1 had been informed that
horses were once taken over Bald mountain down into the Beaver valley and to
Bear creek station on the Canadian
Pacific.railway! from what was seeii' I
am Inclined to believe that there would
be no great difficulty in doing tliis. But
that was not our objective point. We
were trying to Hud a road to the mouth of
Quartz creek from the head of the north
fork. I think that there would be no
Insurmountable difficulty in descending
into Grizzley creek valley near the forks,
then, following up the west branch for
about half a mile, climbing to a rather
high divide, and then either descending
the east side of Quartz creek to the
government trail Irott Donald, or keeping along the tops of the mountains lying
between the Beaver and Quarts creek
and descending tho nose of the range
between the two streams named.
I made an ex ploratory trip across Bald
mountain to the slopes of Beaver valley
and from a coigne of advantage on the
mountain a view of solemn grandeur wa3
obtained! Nowhere else in the mountains havo I Been such immense musses
of glaciers and ice-Holds. The area in
which these lie could be reached by
building abotlf eighteen miles of road up
the Beaver vallev from Beaver creek
station ou the CI P. R. and it would
prove a veritable wonderland.
East Kootenay Mining Stock List.
Several of the  -',l'**t *s ������������ ������"' ���������*���"���  01  "*0  McMurd'
N'ahk in* Coy.
till* Until Hills
(!.* D. OO.
Tlie Kn'iti'iiiiy
Oolllon ,t; l'ort
Ktciiik ll Co.
iUli'urla'it K'y
ii. (*',*
liust Kuoti'iinv
,<��� Klk Kiver
Capitai,, |
(3,000,000 j
(3,600,000 I
(760,000 j
I'.tll V.tl.l'K
sia.i. 1'
Titos.   IVrcXnusrht,
Mining Broker,
Korl Steele,
creek, a tributary of the north fork of
the Spillinincheen. The Boston iB an
extension of the famed International
and is on tlie summit or divide between
Golden division and Trout Lake division
in West Kootenay. The .1. P. is situated
on Vermont creek, another tributary of
the Spillimacheen. The Bennison claim
���so named in honor of the president-
is a further extension oi the Boston.
The company hold another claim called
the " Cooley," which was acquired last
year and ia at the head of McMurdo
creek and adjoins the Crown Point. The
particulars of the properties may be
given as follows:
Location���Head of McMurdo creek.
Formation���MotamorRjilc slate.
A ilssuro vein, 20 feet wide; having n
strike about 10 deg. west with an easterly dip of 70 dug.
About 5 feet of ore on hanging wall
and 1 foot on foot wall j intervening mass
containing mineral in limited quantities.
Assays from vein havo given from 10 oz.
silver and 22 percent, lead tol-llloz.
silver and 80/100 oz. gold, ,".7*5 per cent,
lead and 15*4 per cent, copper.
Development consists of open cut and
cross-cut tunnel at discovery, exposing
vein full width. Tunnel mi vein, 1)0 feet
vertically below discovery, 142 feet in
length; cross-drift from hanging to foot
wall at point 100 feet horizontally from
surface and drift on foot wall 10 feet.
nKNxis'.ix cum i*.
g  of  the " Heiinisiui'
'��� Boston"
Location���Bennison creek, running into Duncan river in West Kootenay.
Formation���Talcose Elate.
This group contains a system of veins,
having a general strike of about X 15
deg. W with a westerly dip of aliout SO
deg. Thus far nine distinct veins have
been discovered varying from iii to 12
feet wide; having apparently the same
strike and dip, and all mineral-bearing,
The principal vein is 12 feet wide, which
has been stripped for a distance of aliout
100 feet and au open cut made through
of about 20 feet. A tunnel has beon
driven in 72 feet. It is I.ill below the
cut ami Intersects Ihe vein. A tunnel is
also being driven on the vein at a point
about 700 feet below the upper tunnel.
It is how in 110 feet, and a contract has
bean let for a furtheriiOOft. Theteinsarc
principally gold-boarlng quarts, carrying
galena ami grey coppor*
Assays of gold quartz rang,' from 26*100
to :! oz.; RSiays of galena from 15 oz.
silver, 80'0 per cent, lead to III", oz. silver,
1*110 oz. gold, B8'8 percent, lead; assays
of grey copper from 84/100 oz. gold, 114
oz. Bilver, 44'5 per cent, lead, li per cent,
copper, to ti'SH ot, gold, 200'8 silver, 88
per cent, cupper.
The development work shows the same
richness throughout ns iiulieiited on the
surface by the open work,
.i. 1'.
location���Vermont creek.
Development consists of tunnel nn vein
about 25 feet.   A contract has been let
for further development.
Vein aliout 1% feet wide. Character
ot ore���galena. Assays give from 08/100
gold, 23 oz. silver, 18 per cent, lend, to
85 oz. silver, OU'5 per cent. lead. Strike
aliout X 15 dog. W with westerly dip of
about 75 deg.
Ixication���rlcad of McMurdo crock
Character of ore���Galena.
J.   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
Minister of Mines* ami I'roviaeinl Socreiar**-
lluli. Col. Jiniu'S IlHlter.
Provincial Mirterntugist���W. A. rariyle.
Public Assayer���11. C-tratfcllftol.
G01.U (XlM.tllSSlllVRHS.
i'or the Province-W. S. lion* Victoria
South Plstriet comprising l'ort Steele mill To-
l.iiei-o Plutns Mining bivistoiw���.1. P, Armstrong Cranbrook
North llistrlet eolnprisiii',' Poniilil. ilolili-u ami
Windermere Mining Divisions*-!. 8. (Iridium
Manufacturers or and Deal.��� 'n --__-*i   "
Doufjlns fir,   Spruce and Cedar Lumber,   Siding** nnd Flooring.
Dimension Timber,  Cetlnr Shinglca,   Fom-e Posts,
Telegraph,   Telephone   and   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contraetors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
-   B.  C.
Fiist-ChixH in ovory partlcnlfir. ��� Convenient in Rummy Depot nnd Steamboat landing.
HhIcs lteiiKuiiktt>li>.  Krui't-iiiiiiiiU' Rooms.
Tim Train Car leaves Kootenay II*nust>, connecting witli .-jieumer for Kort Steelo every
Afumlav und Friday nfu-rarrlvul of imlii from thu ffiwts
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts       e e
Modern Conveniences   e u
Best Cuisine in the West ��
Commodious Sample liooms o
First-Class Brands of.Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
mimnu RKt-onbi-r.s
F. C.iIjiiix	
(I. iloliile	
l*. M. Kil-variln..
M. I-Iillll-H	
 Fort Steele
. .Tohm'eo Mains
Dopllty clerk ol the Pence (or North Kant Knot-
(laity .ioxiuli S: irrett llonttUI
Deputy Clerl; ol llltl Peace (or t-outii Boat Koot-
ellm��� CharitM Mun.--.ee Kilaards...,Fort Steele
��*w The Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop,^*-
M an uf actu rers of:
Saah, Doom,  Moulding*, Turned linlinttcrs, Newel I'ostB, Hand Kails & Brackets.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kinds of repairing.
All Bizes of pipe-flttinK and bras? i/miilx on hand.
All aittcs of f-hips in Block.
Wagoji repairs, poles, shafts, axles, spokes and felloes.   Hickory and Maple plank.
^-^^Golden, B.C.
<vIIeatlqtiartcrM For****.
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
Extracts From Hritisli Columbia
Statute* Explaining Fully tlio
Value and NeeeHMity of a *' Free
Miners" Certificate-No Person Should Attempt Minliij;
Without One.
Any iiermni over 18 yonr* of age, may lie
corns a irt'e miner by paying V* '" ��nygohl
mm m I winner or mineral rvoordof and obtaining ii cortificato f?mn| for one year.
a free miner may obtain a now iTrtlHrat-.' for
oik' ioMt mi iiaylng 11.
A frt'cnilner'ncertlllimle it not tranliarablo,
Anv iiirsnu or ti.in|i'iiiv trorkfnit �� mlnem!
cUIni, Wld nt n-iil ttttiti' without liveiwe, mny
lie llni'il fi'i. Milieu bcenim- real untitle mi.-r
frown umnt bun been Issue!.
Hiiouiil ctMiwnor fall to pay up bin free minor's
certificate iii< Inlorwt jtik-k to bin co-owner* pro
nun HiTonlliiK to their former Imi-n-.-iis.
,\ xharehoinVr in a joint Btoojc company ncod
mil i>u a tnr miner.
Afreumimrmnyelalni I/WxI-'jO" reel. Ilm
all'iuiRliM unlit lie right angled and nil meanm-
mem irni-i he horlxnntally.
A free miner may cut timbOT on crown lamlx.
A free miner may kill game for hi* own iixe
ui all st'iiM-iis,
A Ires miner may obtain live Here mllMtenp*
ou erott ii himlH in the form of a w|tiare.
A i-liilm may lie Imlil from year to year by
work wing (lone to tlio Value <-i one boudri'il
Lqdefl fllWOVCreu In tunnel may bo held If recorded In Ifl daj-H.
A free miner may on payment nf font, lu licit of
expenditure on claim, olitaln avrown grant.
Any miner mav, nt t he discretion uf thu gold
commissioner, obtain no-pessary water rights.
No tr&nsior of any mineral claim or Intercut
shall he ciifurcTuhfe unless ill writing, fllgHed
ami recorded.
No miner thall nutter from any aet nf omfHNlon
or commission, or delays on thu part nf tbe
government mli 'liil*. .
No claim simii in open to location during
lant UlnOSSS uf holder, nor wilhlii 1'j mouth),
lifter Ills dentil, indent  by  plTintHHluil of gold
A mineral olslm must be recorded within In
days aftor location, If within 10 miles of office
nf mining recorder. One additional day it allowed for OVOry a;ldltl��mil IU miles ur !nn linn
thereof. ,
anki'al Labor.
Work on each mining claim to the value of
1100 inu.tt be done each year front date o{ record of mineral cIhIui. Affidavit made hy the
holder, or Ilia ngi'tn, nutting out a detailed
statement of the work done must lie filed with
the gold commissioner or mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained) and recorded hu-
fore the expiration of eaiih year from tbe date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of IiIk intent ton with the gold cnutmlHiiioner nr
mining recorder perform on any one or moMflf
such claims, all the work required to entitle
him to a certilieate of work for each claim. Tlie
same provision applies to two nr more free miners holding adjoining chiuit in partnership,
VA iloOninntTtfln* ntlinr thnii nnnunl In lien of alKivo work the inlnnr must psy *|100
WO  UeV-BlOpmeni  outer umn annum  ami get receipt and record the sume.
IRsi/tes $1.00 Per 3Sa/3r.
BbAiiiY'ifc LoDGikb $o Per Week.    Fihst Class Bar.
A. Man & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries,.Dry Goods it General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
*>!*���***��� James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wlnaa, Uqvion will Cigars.   First clnss acrommodiition.
rP-o-ze  Fresli  aDrtigrs   at  3Ci.  M.   CALSEE   <&   Co'��-,  O-ol&en*, i iimasNa
��� Us Importance as a Groat Mlnlny
and Commcrclai Center.���Its Admirable Position for Smelters.
Tliis importimt townsite is now placed
<>n the market. It is Kile to predict that
lis Iota will have a rapid sale and that it
will siien leave all its competitors tar
li.'hind. Tho townsite covers 800 acres,
���and is laid out on Cranbrook Estate after
which it in named. This estate comprises 18,000 acres and lies near the center ot 'South East Kootenay. The site
lor the town has been selected at and
close to the Mansion House of Cranbrook which is pleasantly situated iiear
the bottom of a sloping eminence which
rises up into a wooded undulating plateau at the south east end of St. Joseph's
l'rairie. This prairie is nothing moro
than a grout forest glade some miles in
extent, which has been brought under
cultivation. Fenced Iields, bunches of
cattle and bands of horses are its main
features. These will speedily change as
,11 considerable portion ot tlio upper end
of the pruirio is enclosed in the townsite
und the line of railway runs through its
entire length.
Standing a few hundred yards above
the Mansion'House on the undulating
plateau which stretches away to the
south cast, a goad survey is obtained of
the townsite. From this point of vantage thero can be seen the place where
the line of railway coming from Wardner emerges from the forest at the furthest end of the prairie, runs through a
fringe of coppice wood, then on to the
prairie passing along its north western
side, then disappears into the-forest
through another coppice fringe, on its
way to Moyie City. The townsite has
nil been surveyed to the south east of
the line of railway. It takes in the Mansion House und extends up ou to this
plateau, the slope of which is very gentle in rise. Tho point of observation
from which the survey is made is in the
immediate outskirts of the townsite.
With the aid of a plan and the assistance
of the " mind's eye," tlio various streets,
avenues, terraces, squares, can be traced
out. Their names, ut least the names of
many arc familiar household words in
south east Kootenay. On tlie prairie
aro dotted small clumps and patches of
wood as if groves planted by the hand of
man. These have been utilised in laying nut of tho town and will be found
retained either in terraces or squares.
Tlie object is to mako the town an attractive one from its very commencement, even although it is destined
speedily to become the greatest mining
and commercial center iu South East
Extending the range of vision our survey takes in tho low range of hills which
lies upon the further side of the prairie.
Four miles beyond, the St. Mary's river
Ilowii to join the Kootenay river at West
Port, about twelve miles distant, while
ten miles away to the southward flows
westward the Moyie river before it
makes its great tend towards the International boundary. Tha whirr of Ihe
saw mill coming from near a small creek
close by salutes the car. This mill has
beon busily employed in manufacturing
lumber and shingles for tho houses that
will soon rise in streets across tlie
plain. The landscape is by no means
unattractive. It cannot be said to be
the most beautiful the eye ever rested
upon, but it is varied; forests, table lands
hills and lofty mountains, lakes, streams
and creeks. Tho site for tho town
coukl scarcely have been butter selected,
both from position mid situation. Its
-Hisitiou is admirably chosen for sanitation pin-puses, although part of the site
Is portion of a prairie, it is by no moans
level, hut lias a considerable fall, in
more directions than one, so that no
difficulty can be experienced in procuring proper fall and level for drainage,
and also a proper outlet for it.
There is abundance of good, wholesome water on the townsite, sufficient to
supply for years a population of many
thousands. It bus three creeks running
through the town which yield 700 inches
Two springs of d'ater which never freeze,
.one yielding 400 inches of water and the
other 100 inches of water. There will be
no difficulty and very little expense in
forming those sources of supply into an
admirable water system unsurpassed by
any system yet in operation in Southern
llritisli Columbia' So much for position;
now for situation. It is right in the
-.���enter of South East Kootonay, a busy
line of traffic passing and re-passing it.
It is in the eenter of the other towns,
which are forming round about it. It is
in the center of all tho big mines.    It is
in the center ot the Crow's Xvst l'nss
railway���its chief divisional point where
its workshops will lie.
Cranbrook is near the Dcwdney trail
which was the great line of traffic
through Southern llritisli Columbia and
is not fur from the Walla-Walla trail,
which is the thoroughfare from the
south. When travellers wore few and
far between iin-l population in the country was scantier than it is now, Cranbrook wan a place of somo commercial
importance, greater ut one time perhaps
than any other town iu Smith Must
Kootenay. It had a considerable trade.
This commercial importance it will retain owing lo its central position.
Around it and at many miles distant
are arising bustling (owns, which, witli
less advantages are rapidly tilling up.
Chief of these and westward are Moyie
City and Swansea, both on Luke Mrfyic,
und both on the line of railway. Eastwards are Wardner, Tlie Crow's Nest
Landing also on the line of railway. The
other towns of importance are West
l'ort and Fort Steele on tho Kootenay
river. There are many other surveyed
townsites with scanty populations, but
which will till up as the country advances and its resources are developed.
Chief of these are Kimberly, l'erry,
selected near good mining centres.
Grouped around Cranbrook are the
principal mines in South Eust Kootenay.
These are the St. Eugene group to the
west, 18 miles distant; the l'erry creek
group to the north-north-west, 16 milci
distant; tlie North Star and the Sullivan
groups to the north-west, 10 miles distant; the AVusa group to the north-east,
18 miles distant; the Wild Horse group
to the east und north-oust, 20 miles distant; the Dibble group to the east and
south-east, 1" miles distant; the Hull
river group to tlie south south-east, 22
miles distant.
One of the lirst spur lines that will be
built from tho Crow's Xest Pass railway
will be from Crnuhrqok to the North
Star and Sullivan groups ot mines. Nature has provided two passes through
the St. Mary's hills, either of which can
be selected for the spur line of railway,
and the grade will be u comparatively
easy one.   The St. Eugene mine is close
to the main line of railway, not far fr	
Moyie City. These two mines when in
operation���which they will be, as soon as
the railway is constructed���will be the
two largest producing mines in British
Tho townsite us mentioned is wholly
situated upon the south-east side of the
railway line. On the north-west side
are tlie divisional work shops uiul round
house. It is upon this side of the line
close to the foot hills that the smelters
will be located. A natural situation has
been provided for them. There is abundance of water und timber. Tlie supply
of water is never ending, tlie St. Mary's
river, which is only four miles distant,
can bo easily tapped and its waters
brought in, while the timber will be
exhaustless for years. The principal
mines witli the largest outputs will be
in close railway communication to
Cranbrook witli a down haul all tlie way.
The coal fields from which the coke is
produced aro distant about 60 miles.
Tho principal ovens for producing
coke in tho meantime will be at
Coal Creek, about forty iniles from
Wardnor, on the Kootenay river,
Cranbrook lieing distant by rail
from there about 20 miles.
In the treatment of ores by smelters it
requires, on a general average, twelve
tons of coke to treat eighty-eight tons of
ore. The coke and the ore must be
brought together at somo convenient
point where smelters can be erected. It is
easier to haul 12 tons of coke to treat 88
tons of oro, than haul 88 tons nf oro to be
treated by 12 tons of coke. Hut there is
the greater and further advantage that
in and near Cranbrook is not only limestone but a great variety of ores highly
suitable ior fluxing purposes. It is
most advantageous to possess these
otherwise the ores could not be treated
without bringing in fluxes from a considerable distance.
When there will lie smelters
there, we do not see why cokeing
ovens should not lie erected also.
There is no absolute necessity for these
Ovens being on the immediate place
where the coal is produced. Sometimes
this cannot be done owing to tho unsuit-
ability of the site. Hero at Cranhrook
there are plenty of sites and tiiere is no
reason why the coal should not be hauled and treated there, tin tlio contrary
there iB much to urge in favor of the
establishment of cokeing ovens. Fuel
must be hauled there at all events in tho
form of coal, nnd if taken there iu larger
quantities and treated in ovens,
products   would   full   to    tho    place,
which will otherwise require to
be brought in or separately manufactured. The products obtained from tho
coal in making Coke are rich and needful
There is gas for illuminating, heating
and motor purposes. Look at tlio large
quantity that will be required for a town
of importance that Cranbrook will speedily obtain. Then ammonia is obtained
a fertiliser for soils, of great value, selling as high as $60 per ton. Considering
the number of settlers who have taken
up pre-emptions for farming purposes in
tlie immediate vicinity, thero will be
little or no difficulty In disposing of this
commodity, lint elsewhere there is u
good market for it in the east. Then
conies creosote, otherwise coal tar, valuable for dipping timber in to preserve it,
and fur coating the roofs of houses for
keeping out moisture. The last product
is benzole, ono of the best illuminating
agencies that exists.
As soon as the railway with its spur
to the North Star mine is constructed,' us soon will the mines commence to ship their ore, enormous
quantities ol which ure now oh the
dump awaiting shipment both at the St.
Eugene and' the North Star mines.
These ores must be treated at the nearest smelting point and the nearest
smelting point is Cranbrook.
Not only is the townsite regularly und
uniformly laid out, but 1,500 acres have
been laid out suitable fur suburban lots,
which are divided into three hundred
lots of five acres each. The owners nut
unnaturally foresee that Cranbrook is
rapidly tu become the great commercial
and mining city of South East Kouteuay,
and thut it is desirable to make it ulso
attractive as a residential town.
The district of South Eust Kootenuy
lias only lieen recently erected
into a separate district and the
seat of the government administration
has nut yet been finally fixed upon, tlie
commissioner lieing temporarily located
at Foit Steele, where one of the mining
recorder's oHices is situated; but the
proper place for the scut of the administration is undoubtedly Cranbrook from
its central position, and among the lirst
buildings that, will be erected will in all
probability be the government buildings.
South East Kootenay is rapidly tilling
up witli towns and populations, and tiie
inconvenience of having to go to Fort
Steele, which is on the outskirts, is
becoming more itppaient every day, and
the inconvenience will become greater
when railway communication is established,
Events move rapidly, particularly in
countries tilling up with populations und new industries and
large cities "speedily arise full of the
bustle and activity of commercial enterprise. Here in the near future at Cranbrook is destined to bo a great city, an
important mining nnd commercial centr
and the metropolis oi South East
Dry Goods
�� �� ��
Value is one tiling
Siitisl'iu'tioii is another
Vim gut liulii by buying your 11KV GOODS
Price Lists ami ShuijiIl-s forwartlotl on ai*)ilk-a-
��    ��    ��
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
***��*AT THE-**-
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    ���    ALTA.
Canadian Pacific By
Direct rati route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern Points.
I .like Ituiitc lo tin: Kant��� HdiltngH from
Kort William.
AlliiTlii Kvery Tuesday to Windsor.
Athabawa... .Every Thursday to Owen Sound.
Manitoba Kvery,Hnnday to Owen Sound.
Connecting tiilns from Gulden ut h\:M every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Dally and direct service to
Easlo, Nelson, Sandon,
and all points in tlie far famed Kootenay
and Silvery Sloean.
To China and Japan
Now Zealand,
Apply tor rartlenlars lo
0. K. WKLL8, Agonl, Ualtlen,
or KOBEltT KKKfl,
Truffle Manager, Winnipeg.
T, Thomas McNaught, Financial Agent, l'ort
.Steele, hereby give notice thut sixty dnv.s after
date it is my intention to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands & w.-irks fur permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of unsurveved, unoccupied and unreserved frown hinds in this neighborhood whom
this notice Is posted, being on tlie west side of
Movie Lake und about four iniles from its upper
end- The boundaries areas marked out from
my north-west corner which is in close proximity tn this notice namely, running south 80
chains, and to tlio cast bO chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west to the starting point BO
chains, containing 610 acres unoccupied land.
The starting point running due west from
Moyie Lake taking ill a little of both the Little
Umh and the Big Lamb creeks. Located 1st
day of September, 1897.
Fort Steele, 20th September, 1697. 2m.
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Four Steele, 8. E. Kootenay,
I'uek Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of nil kinds undertaken,
Wardner  ^���x
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Tbe most comfortable hotel in South
Eust Kootenay. Good Table, flood
Wines. (iood Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop,
Tlie best stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is nt
Tom Martin's Hotel
(Iood accommodation & Moderate Terms
First class Feed S.tabes in connection,
We wish to inform tlie
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in till its branches.
Our Specialties:
Note lit'ail.
Letter Hrails
Hill lira-Is
llilllil Hills
r.iiiiiiK Caril.
Uiisiiii-ss runts
law Briefs
Lumber Bunks
ll.iuk Wurk
1'romisnrv Nolus
Hfll'olpt Forms
Khun- I't-rtiliralrs
Assny Forma
IlruiffTisls Lh lulls
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, R. C.
Subscribe for
si i
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele, '
East Kootenay*
$75 to $150 Each according to
������ ^^"k",-""*"'^*-~'"     months, wit
<���>��������>��������������>* <���-<><��� -v*:.** ��������{�������� <>
One-tillrd down, Imlnncc In three and six
hunt iiitci'csl.
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia.
jfavigaiion & uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting'wifh the '���'. P. R. at Golden, 13.  ('. and
Great- Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
48 Hours to Fort Steele. *s^jj||
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday
evening ou arrival of East bound train. Connections at (.'anal Flat with stage for Fort Steelo and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Routo.
Address all express care of L". C, Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Fort Steele, 33. C.
('iioicio Wines, Liquors and Ckiahs.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
The  Steele House.
First.Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms O o
Rest Cuisine in the West,     o o o
Modern Conveniences o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
eo:e3T   steele,   a a.
-A-d-vextise    Iel    "TXEE       E-A.ST      3ESOOTEI^j^-Sr     3w��aTEKJ' -*-****-
The bravest battlu tliat ever waa fought;
Shall I tell you where ami when?
On the maps of tlie world you will flntl it not;
'Twaa (ought hy tlie mother* otmen.
Nay, not with (lie cannon, or battlu shot,
With sword or nobler nett;
Nay, not witli eloquent words or thought,
From iiiiiuth.-i of wonderful inon.
But deep in a wailed-iip woman's heart���
Of woman that would not yield,
Hut bravely, silently bore her pan-
Lot there is that battlotlold.
No marshalling troop, no blvptiae son-*;
No banner to gleam anil wave;
Jim. uh! these battles, they host so long���
From babyhood to the grave.
Vet, faithful still as a bridge of stars.
She lights in her watlod-up town--
Fights on and on in the endless wars,
Then silent, unseen���goes down.
O, ye with banners and battle Bitot,
And soldiers to shout and praise.
I teli you the telnglteat victories fought
Woro fought In these silent ways.
i), spotless woman in a world of sliaiii,-:
With splendid and silent scorn,
(in biu-k lo God as white us yon eaini-.
Tlie ItlngllOKt warrior born I
Bud-rot  ot   Interesting   Local   and
General News.
1). .1. McDonald, Dominion Homestead
Inspector for British Columbia spent u
feu* days in town this week on business
in connection witli his olliee.
��� Service will be held in the Presbyterian Ohurch on Sabbath morning and
evening as usual. The subject for the
evening will be ���' Behold the Lamb of
A eocial will be held in the Presbyterian Church to-morrow evening, commencing at 8 o'clock. A good literary
and musical programme lias been arranged and an enjoyable time is expected.
Admission 50 cents'
Mr. Percy Milward of Lakeside ranche
Upper Columbia Lake, left Golden on
Tuesday to spend a well earned holiday
in the Old Country. Mr. Milward lias
been in East Kootonay for nearly six
years and lie has one of tlie prettiest
ranches in tlie Upper Columbia Valley.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Plowright of
���(Iolden, who have spending tlieir honeymoon at Banff, returned on Wednesday's
No. 1. Tho nuptial knot wus tied in
Calgary on the 21st hist. Tlie newly
married pair will make their home iu
Golden. The Mixer wishes the eouple
much happiness and prosperity.
Miss Marietta La Dell, one of the
stars o( Toronto, was in town tliis week
and completed arrangements for one of
her concerts on Tuesday Nov, 0th. Miss
La Dell will be assisted by Miss Francos
World (also of Toronto), the Canadian
Nightingale. The people of this district
may expect a great musicnl treat, as both
these ladies have won golden opinions
wherever they havo performed und they
will no doubt secure similar opinions in
The Canadian Pacific Railway company have just hud an ambulance wagon
built for use ou tbe Crow's Xest road,
which is said by medical men to be tlie
best one for the purpose yet seen in tlie
west. It is hung on a low, three spring
gear, with easy springs, spring inattraes-
es with rollers on which to lift the
patient; also hair mattrasses, pillows.
There is a medlcino lwx in tlie seat and
the whole is covered with an extra
heavy canvas cover, painted. Tiie
thoughtfulness thus shown by the eom-
pany is commendable, and doubtless will
lie duly appreciated by the men on the
A Dakota dispatch says that unknown
parties tried to kill an editor Uie other
night. News must be getting pretty
scarce when such trilling incidents are
telegraphed far and wide. Tliis is a
trifle to what exists in Golden, East
Kootenay.    Known parties can throttle
progress was slow and night had fallen
ere Spillimacheen was reached. Before
reaching tiiere un accident occurred,
by which the stage wus upset und the
passengers were spilt. Fortunately the
injuries to tlie passengers were not great.
There is a sharp turn to tbe road and the
driver iu the dark mistook this turn and
drove into this mishap, The singe did
not get any further than Spillimacheen
thut night. Accidents witli tliis stage
ure now becoming too common. Tiiere
is something wrong somewhere,
Waggon-Road Wanted to the International and Bennison Groups.
These groups of mines have bad so
much development work done nn them
to such good purpose that tboy have now
censed to be developed prospects und
will very shortly be shipping mines. Hut
bow is the nre to In' shipped nut il tiiere
ure no proper menus of transportation?
Tin* present means nf transportation to
these valuable properties aro most Inadequate, bulb as regards distance and
route. The route is by a trail starting
from Carbonate, which is 17 miles from
(iolden on the C. P. It. The trail, which
crosses the summit of three chains of
mountains, is 38 miles long; so that
these mines, by this trail, are 55 miles
from a railway station. The trail might
be converted into a wagon-road, but at a
considerable expense and at twice or
three time the expense that it would
take to construct a good wagon-road from
Bear creek station on the C. P. K. Tliis
station is not more than 25 miles from
these claims. Tiiere would be no difficulty in constructing a substantial
wagon-road up the Beaver creek to itB
headwaters, which are only about 1,400
feet above the level of the station. From
Bear creek station tiiere already runs a
trail to tlie miueral claims on Prairie
mountain, and tlie wagon-road would
follow this trail for one mile and a-hnlf.
Tlie road would have an easy grade all
tlie way up, and it would act as a means
of transportation for no less than thirty
mineral claims, which would be ill or
near its immediate vicinity.
Tlie wagon-road would terminate at
the head of Beaver creek, which would
be within 3)-_ miles of tlie International
and Bennison mines. This is u road tlie
construction of which the provincial
government should undertake, as it is
opening up a source of revenue for it.
It is tlie intention of the owners of the
mines, whether a wagon-road or trail is
constructed or not, to build early next
year a tramway line from tlieir mines to
tlie headwaters of the Beaver, so as to
have an easier outlet and inlet to the
mines. Whan this tramway is being
built The Miner trusts tbe ('(instruction
of tlie wagon-road will proceed at the
same time. Tiiere is no reason why it
should not if tiie government docs its
*������*��-*-<**���. im,
Engll3h Company Planning to Offer
Farm Lands and Build Towns.
T. G. Proctor is back from Eust Kootenay, where, as manager of the East
Kootenay Valley Company, he spent a
month planning, with Mr. K. H. Ven-
ables Kyrke. the secretary, who is out
from Wales, to place that company's
magnificent body of farm landB on the
market. The company has some 30;000
acres of first choice land extending over
a stretch of 150 miles up und down the
East Kootenay and Elk rivers. It is
nearly all fine meadow, nnd will be put
on the market ut once at figures ranging
from 12.50 to $30 iter acre. They also
have some fine townsites, two of which,
at Elk River Crossing nnd Crow's NeBt
Landing, are to be platted and placed on
the market soon.   At Elk River there is
magistrates, assault constables, nnd  a | *" exceptionally fine prospect for a town
sympathising jury liberates them on the '"
ground of great provocation.    We hope
the  foreman of the jury will soon be
made an editor or magistrate, and that
the rest of the jury will be sworn iu as
constables.   The Editor promises that if
any " tough " is charged with homicide
for killing such editor or magistrate or
any of such Bpccial constables, he will
use his utmost endeavors to get a verdict
of justifiable homicide returned.
Evoryliody looks alter tho printer.   If
a newspaper man goes into a store, he
buys bis goods like others-    When he
wants a new shirt he does not go from
store to store and tako bids.    If he gets
a doctor or a lawyer he pays their bills.
He never thinks of asking the grocer to
put in another pound of sugar for a dollar.     When he gets shaved out goes 25
cents.    If he buys a cord of weod or a
bushel of potatoes he knows ho ought to
pay a little more than the market price.
When a couple gets married or there iB
a church festival he cheerfully gives a
couple of dollars worth ol notices free;
but when there is a 50 cent job of printing, the printer is asked to bid.    After
going the rounds and getting tlie price
down below living rates, he gets the job,
providing  he  donates  ten  per    cent.
These are  facts, and  there is nothing
remarkable  about  it only    that    tbe
printers are such blooming fools as to
allow it.
Seneral 9Iferchant
Our stock is now complete in all lines, including
a fine range of
Dress Goods,
Tweed Suitings,
Pare Wool
Men, Women & Children,
Blarney   Knitting Wools in
All Shades.
S.  &  yqC<Dermot,
Aooldent to the Fort Steele Stage.
An accident occurred to the Fort Steele
stage, which left Golden on Tuesday
morning. This stage was was well
loaded with passengers and mail,  The
It is on tlie railroad, about 13 miles from
the coal fields and is beautifully situated
among farming lands at tlie edge of the
mountains. Within a very few miles
tiiere is also some very promising mineral showings. One of tlie features of
the new town fs a magnificent water
power. Already a number of buildings
have been started.
Mr. Kyrke nnd Mr. Proctor were at
Kaslo last Monday. Mr. Kyrke returns
at once to bis homo, but will bo out
again next spring���Kaslo Kootenaian.
Wealthy Police Foroe.
Dawson City has the wenltniest police
force iu the world. When the strike
was made on the Bonanza last fall, Capt.
C. C. Constantine of the mounted polico
allowed each of his men to file locations.
Mr. R. Gowler. owns one-half of 53 above
Bonanza, besides interests on El Dorado
and Hunker Crocks, L. Jenkins, staked
out 3!) above Bonanza, and ownB one-
half of a claim below Discovery. John
Murray owns one-half of claims 34 on El
Dorado, 53 above on Bonanza and 11
below on Hunker. A. Ward, owns 88
above on Bonanza and nn interest on 50
above. Fred Webster owns 51 above
and an interest in 34 below. A. Pinker-
ton and B. Sinclair own good claims
below Discovery, for which they have
refused $20,000. J. Brothers owns 37
above. A. P. Zellar staked out on Bonanza, but sold last winter. J. Thornton, ownB n claim on Adams creek,
besides an intereBt on Bonanza. Theso
men are all worth from $20,000 to
$1,000,000 each. Wo challenge the
world to equal the showing.���Klondike
���   *   *   ��   *
Don't Forget These Facts:
MGDEHMOT is showig the finest Mining Boot on earth.
pelJitliOTif^liilS BlCYCItES g*j��$
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
/���ftphpftmAT has just received a large consignment of the
u2L)JEl\UiUl Kickapoo Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man or woman (right up to date).
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is tho best for preserving
Preserve Jars���all sizes nt   EflSTEljjl    PRICES.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
itwf^SKfip;^ House F^isbings
stock. We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
General Dealer.
���:In Golden, is:���
Tlie Best Store
Ira. East ZEZooteneu^
FOR     ^^\
Miners & Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock,
WARREN'S other lino of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
necessary to become a constant customer. WARREN'S STORE is the foremost in tho district.
The, G-old-erx c& Fort Steele
Limited Liability.
Authorized Qapital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury fitorlr     uii
5oo,ooo   SHARES.
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for tho
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British Columbia.
The management of the Company is in the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.: Thos. McNaitoht, Esq., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-Presidet: M. Carlin, Manager Golden Lumber Co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company, Calgary.
Secretary: Geo. S. McCarter, Golden.
S. Barber.        Alex.- Allan.        H. G. Parson.
There are no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until the Company earns dividends.
The Company posesses interests in two of tfi<J"most
promising "mining properties in East Kootenay: The
" Tinbasket Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and tho Mercier Group at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in the Golden Mining Division. Tho
Company has these properties under development and on
the latter property have several tons of high grade ore
ready for shipment.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors. -.,
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares has been sold.
A second block ofoO.OOOwill shortly bo issued at 60centS
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
The Beit Beer In Canada In made by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturer* of Beer, Ale and 8otI�� Water
In.sint on getting Calgary Beer every time, They
all havo ft. Tho Company'!* agent for Kast
Kootenay la
H. O. PARSON, Golden, B. C.
We can-
M 1ml
��  ��  ��
Our motto is:   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
��  ��  ��
$. C Tjom,
Merchant Tailor,


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