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East Kootenay Miner 1897-10-07

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JnAV.  tUXs
Devoted to the Joining Interests and Development of the District of EAST ^OOTEflflY.
Vol. 1, No. 11.
Golden,   B.   C,   Thursday  October 7th,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year
Ai>i>ukss:-I!OX 40 GOLDEN, B.C.
Alexander Block,
Golden, B.C.
Fire, Life, Run] Extate, House Agents,
Auotlonoera aud customs Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Ticket Ofllee.
The Sun Life Insiiranee Company.
The Ontario Aucidoift Insurance Co'y.
The Hirbuck Investment and Loan Co.
W. Hamilton Blerritt,
Associate Royal School of Mines.
Member iron i& Steel Institute, Kiiff.
Memhur American Inst. Min. Engineers,
Mining Englnoer and Metallurgist!
40 Toronto Street, TORONTO.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Foet Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent,  Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post ofllee address :
Assay Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
- (Established 1800.)
For several years with Vivian & Bona, Swansea, and local representative Ior them.
For 5 years manager for the assayors to the
itio Tiuto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cause! (Iold
���Extracting Co. L'til, Glasgow (Cyanide process.)
N.H.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    Xo pupils,, re
-:    Mude  By    i-
Bott & Embree
Fees in Advance.
(inlil uiul SIIvit .
I.i'iul anil Silver	
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
Other Fecson Application. mi
... 1 ���
... a w
... l su
... i ii)
... nun
|     & Embalming
T Telegraph orders receive prompt attention \
Ii. H. Beli;
Wedding flings
il Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
The tibove reward will be paid by THE
miition that will load to tho detection,
apprehension and conviction of tlio party
or parties who started the recent fire in
Copper Creek, McMurdo District in
Golden Mining Division of East Kootenay.
Goldon.B.C, 1st Soptcrabor, 1807.
Prospectors and Miners having claims or Interests In chilms for mile, could not do littler
tliaucomiiiunicate with
Mining Broker and Financial Agent.
Ooluks and Fort Mteelk.
Mr. John Ilullman, Winiield Park, Thundcrhill
will handle freight between Adela, Mini laiku
and Fort Steele ami return, (inoils warehoused at both ends.   For rates apply to
Jas. Henderson,
Flans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
H. K. Walton,
<v_Go!den, B.C.
Price List ox Application.
The Golden
Fresh and Suit Meats.
Fish and Qaine lu season.
Dealers In Cattle, sheep and Horses,
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
lioots, Shoes and Harness
ltcpulri-il iM-oiuptl.v.
C. P. HUD0N,
Livery and
Feed Stables
Clooil Saddle Horses and Rigs of All Klndu for
Hire nt Reasonable Rules.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton ami Skclton,
Golden, B. C.
Ice Cream
���Call on���
UT All Kinds of Fruit lu Season
W. Alexanders
C.P..R.Wateh Inspector
Will call every week at
Mt-DKHMOT'S    Store -^
Any watches left there will be
Promptly and Properly
repaired at fair prices.
No Botched  Work.
The Columbia House
The Central Hotel of East Kootonay, midway
between (Iolden nnd Kort 8teele.
flood Outside. Choice. Liquors A (load Stabling.
E. H. Small, Proprietor.
Budget of Interesting Mining News
From  All   Parts  of the
It in reported Hint the Le Hoi is to be
sold to English buyers for !f;j,auo,000
The Sullivan Mining Co. of Spokane,
owning tbe Sullivun group, neur Fort
Steele, will let u contract for 100 feet of
sbuft work nnd as soon ns tbe
Crow's Nest I'nes railway is constructed
will work the property continuously.
A month or so'ago ft report became
current to tbe effect thut the property in
Perry creek under bond to the Hammond
syndicate, and which had a stamp mill
erected upon it tliis summer, was not
turning out satisfactorily, and many
people began to argue that there was no
such thing on Perry creek as free-milling
gold in any considerable quantity. Now
however the news comes to band that
some change having recently beon made
in the machinery in use good resultB are
being obtained and that the bond on tbe
property, which is for a large amount,
will be taken up. If it is ever established beyond doubt that Perry creek
properties carry free-milling gold, tbere
will be a rush into that district such as
has never occurred in any other part of
British Columbia, as there are large
ledges of rich looking quartz reaching
from lute end of tbe creek to the other,
and hundreds of claims havo already
been staked on the creek.
Latest market reports show lead lo lie
still advancing in price. It was quoted
a couple of days ago in New York at
���4.50.. This will be good news to owners
of properties carrying high percentages
of lead formerly regarded as low grade.
Silver has declined somewhat, being
quoted at 53>-(.
Messrs Mitcholl-Innes are engaged in
shipping supplies to their claim on Horse
Thief creek, where they intend establishing a winter camp, and will carry on
development work all winter. Assays
from tbe surface of this claim gave
returns of $S0.13 in gold, silver and
copper, chiefly Ihe latter, and the claim
is said to be in every way a most promising ono.
The Centaur claim being developed by
the Channe Mining Co. is reported to be
showing up well. Work is still lieing
vigorously pushed, notwithstanding the
cold weather that has been experienced
of late in the mountains.
Mr. Watelet bus closed down his camp
on this group on the north fork of
Bugaboo creek for the winter and his
men came down yesterday. Mr. Watelet has gono to Paris for tho winter.
Prior to making his trial shipment of
ore, he had a new trail constructed from
the old ford up the north fork of Bugaboo
to bis claims, which considerably shortened the distance to the properties.
There is a large amount of ore on the
dump and nil that is required is a wagon
or sleigh road from tbe Columbia river
to put the Bugaboo group in a position
to ship steadily.
The Fort Steele Prospector says: " Mr.
Grace, the boss of this ofllee, is reported
at Spokane still wearing bis coat."
Mr. A. E. Hague, un eminent mining
engineer from the old country, is now in
Alberta with a view to looking into its
mining resources. He represents the
Universal Corporation, Limited, and the
Discoverers' Finance Corporation, Ltd.,
with a capital of jCHOO.OOO. Mr. Hague
visited Edmonton and examined the
black sand Industry there, lie is also
gathering information regarding the
possibilities for capital in connection
with the opening up of the Territories'
northern gold fields.
Thero is quite a number of mining
men who object to the law as it now
stands, having the mineral claims square
instead of following the leads only, ns
was previously the rule. Under the old
law a man had just what be found mill
no more. Frequently people have found
mineral on claims belonging to others,
which tho owner would probably not
have taken the trouble to look for. The
law ns it now Btands may prevent litiga
tion in some Instances, bill in olbers it
has bclped out the concession business
to tbe disadvantage of Ihe prospector,���
The decision of the supreme court in
the case of It. T. Daniel vs. the directors
of the Gold Hill Mining company is an
Important one. The Hold Hill Mining
company was organized in a foreign
country, and ono of the points on which
the case bung was whether the operations and transactions of thu company
wore governed by the laws of British
Columbia or tbe foreign country in
which tho company was formed. Tbe
supreme court holds that the laws of
British Columbia governed it and all
other foreign corporations operating in
this country.
Mr. DainArd came in on Monday from
Copper creek, where he was examining
the work done for the Alberta & Kootenay Co. by " Tip " Johnson, Ue brought
in some samples taken from the open
surface cuts nnd bad them assayed. The
return was about $211 tn tho ton in gold
and silver. These samples were taken
at a deptli of only four feet and carried
some copper and lead as well as the
silver and gold.
The tunnel is now in about fifty feet
and will be driven another fifty feet
When this is done a depth of almost 100
feet will have been reached at a point
beneath the place where the open cuts
are made, and it is fully expected that a
rich ore body will be exposed ut that
point. The work done up to date has
given encouraging results and from all
appearances tho Mabel group will ere
long develop into a mine, and a big one.
Mr. Hugh Sutherland, ex-.M.P., has
acquired an interest in the Coronado
group, on Hull river. Tbe North Star
people recently acquired an interest in
the snnie group. Messrs Fletcher and
McMillan, who were in Golden early in
the Bummer, were the lucky finders of
the property.
Mr. AV. 11. Lindsay left on Tuesday for
Ottertail with some men to do development work on the Sunday claim, lately
bonded by him- This claim is close to
the U. P. K. track und if any considerable ore body can be located it should be
a property worth a lot of money.
Sir Charles Tuppor, Sir Mackenzie
Bowcll and Mr. Askworth visited Sloean
City last week and inspected the
Exchange group, of which Sir Charles is
the principal owner.
Telcsphore Mercier came down on yesterday's boat from Bugaboo creek with
bis men, having completed development
work on tbe group of claims owned by
him anil the Golden & Fort Steele Development Co. Several open cuts have
been made and n tunnel has been driven
22 feet on tbe big galena lead. A large
quartz and copper ledge has also been
opened up and Mr. Mercier reports that
be now has fully 150 tons of ore on the
dump and that with ���! men and proper
appliance) for furnishing timber, be
would undertake to take out per day
20 tons of ore that could be handled at a
profit. He brought down witli him snnie
splendid sum pics also some 10001 bs. of
ore in sacks. This ore will be shipped
shortly for the purpose of having a
smelter test made. Mr. Mercier says
that there is on this property to-day the
biggest shewing of mineral iu northern
East Kootenay. Tho properties are
situated on the divide between East and
West Kootenay and within comparatively easy reach of the Duncan river which
is soon to be opened to navigation and
thu ore after concentration nt the mine
can be cheaply transported to the Duncan rivor and thence to the smelters in
West Kootenay.
National Park Items.
Tbe Dominion Government nre Bending three bead of buffalo to the National
Park ut Banff. A large area north of the
C.P.R. track is being mude ready for
llcv. E. Michonor, pastor of tbe
Methodist Church has returned from
bis eastern trip accompanied by bis
bride whose maiden name was Miss M,
E. Bolnnd, of St. Catherines.
Liberal Convention.
Ou the 8th inst. a Liberal convention
will he held at New Westminster and it
is expected that delegates will attend
from all parts of tbe Province. At a
meeting of the Golden Liberals Mr. ,7. C.
Greene was appointed delegate.
The Fort Steele delegate is Air. F. P.
Norburv, President of the Liberal Aeso*
elation there.
Report of Last Year'3 Play.���Flnan-
clal Standing���Officers Elected
for the Coming Season.
Tho semi-annual meeting oi the Golden Curling Club was held in tbe Columbia House ou Tuesday evening, Pros.
Warren in the chair. After the meeting
had been culled to order by tho chairman
tbe secretary presented bis report for
last year which included a summary of
competitions, us followB:
Bryan & Lee Trophy and 4 boxes of
cigars, won by II. G. Parson's rink.
Mooro & Mowat Trophy���4 pairs of
pants, won by G. Woodley's rink.
Upper Columbia Co.'s Trophy���4 trips
to Fort Steele and return, won by AV.
AIcNeisb's rink.
The District Medal was won by AV.
The 13 point competition, 1 pair of
curling stones, presented by AV. C,
Wells of Palliser, won by J. Rue..
In addition to the foregoing competitions tliore were somo very exciting
matches between tho bachelors and
benedicts of the club whioh added lo
the enjoyment of the season.
Three rinks attended the Calgary bon-
spiel and were very successful in tlieir
games, II. G. Parson's rink winning the
A'isitors' Trophy, aud P. K. White's
rink winning 2nd place in the Consolation event.
During tbe season two rinks from Calgary visited Golden und a most enjoyable series *��f games was played.
The financial standing of the club is
not as good as it might be, owing chiefly
to the fact that the club were under
greatexpense last season in repairing the
The election of officers was then proceeded witli resulting as follows :
Hon. President.���11. Bostock, M.P.
President.���C. A. Warren.
Vice-President.���AV. McXeish.
See.-Trcusuror.���1>. M. Hue.
Umpire.���II. G. Parson.
Representatives to tin.' Manitoba
Branch.���Win. Georgeson and Thos.
The officers of the club were appointed
a managing committee
The following were then elected
skips:���AV. McNeish, H. G. Parson, C.
A. AVarren, D. M. Rae, G. Woodlcy, ,1.
Tho subscription fee was fixed at $10
and members who have not paid their
dues on or before Dec. 15th will not be
allowed to curl until they have done so.
It was resolved that in case a skip is
one man short he is at liberty to choose
any other player to fill his rink, but he
must play the borrowed man lirst. A
skip is also at liberty to borrow two men
if necessary, but he must play them
lirat and second. In case a skip is absent
his third player must take his place and
play the game according to the rules.
In no case must a skip play less than
four men.
In the 13 point competition it was decided in order to give new players a
better chance to win the competition, to
divide the players into two classes as
follows: The first and second players
in each rink to be known ns " Class A,"
and the third and fourth players to be
known as ''Class 11." The winner in
each class will then play the final.
The buttons presented by the Ogllvlo
Milling Co. are to held by the winners
for one year, nt tlie end of which time
they nre to be returned to the club.
It was resolved that a caretaker be
appointed to look after the rink and the
managing committee were authorized lo
procure such a person nn the best terms
President Warren in a few remarks
Btated that the prize list this year was
away ahead of all previous years and iI
was the duty of each member to do bin
best to increase tlio membership of the
club, as tlio more curlers there were Ihe
keener the competitions would lie. 1 ie
also reminded them of the Importance of
keeping the Visitors' Trophy which was
won by the Golden curlers in Calgary
last winter, for another year.
Tbe meeting then adjourned after
pussifig a vote of thanks to .Mr. McNeish
for the use of his room.
A mini nnmod Frank Egnn, an Inmate
of tlie Golden hospital, attempted to cut
hiS throat with a knife yesterday morning and almost succeeded in doing it
before another of the patients wus able
to give (lie alarm. Dr. Taylor was in
tbe hospital at tlie time and was immediately summoned, lie found a huge
gush in the man's neck, several arteries
bavins beer, severed, and the man had
almosl Bticceuded in cutting Ihe jugular
vein, lie ciiine from I'nilisei a few days
ago nnd says he is n prospector, He
claims that his home is in Brighton, Out.
He has been acting strangely for somo
days past, lie wild admitted Io the
hospital a iew days ago Buffering from
heart disease, lie said he tried to do
iiwny witli himself because he wus
" broke " and might better be deed than
Captain Miller says the Rlvor Is
Capt. Chartes Miller, well known iu
Steamboat circles on Kootenay lake, was
in Kuslo recently on an important mission, one which may mean much to
Kaslo and the mine and daiin owners of
the Duncan river country and some portions of East Kootenay.
Capt. Minor's project is the building
of a Hut-bottomed river boat for the
navigation of the Duncan river lo the
head of navigation, 10 miles below Hall
Recently E. N. Murphy visited East
Kootonay, where Capt. .Miller and bis
father, also a well known steamboat
man, are engaged in river boating, Me
induced them fo look into the Duncan
river scheme with the result that the
captain went to Kaslo last week for thu
purpose, of examining the river, which
lie did, under tbe guidance of Dan Ah -
Phail. He ia satisfied with the river;
siiys it is not nearly so had as the Kootenay. and sees no reason why it cannot
be navigated during a good portion of
the year.
The boat which (lie .Alillers propose to
build, provided other things are satisfactory, will be a light draught stern
wheeler, 100 feet overall,20 foot beam,
and 100 ton burden. Tlie machinery is
on band nnd two months would sulfice
to build and place the boat iu operation.
The question of tonnage is now being
discussed between Captain ALiler and a
number uf Duncan river property owners. Of course he requires n guarantee,
which will no doubt be given as tho
Baiinockbtirii and the Wagner group
alone could tax the boat's capacity, wero
a wagon road put in from the highest
point which the boat can luuqh to the
mouth of Hail creek, a distance of 111
miles. A strong effort is to be made at
unco to secure the building of this road.
Dozens of smaller properties, which cannot now he opened up, would at once bo
put under course ot developments that
it seems tiiere is enough business in
sight to warrant dipt. Miller in bis enterprise.���Kootenuiun.
The successful navigation of the Duncan will assist materially in tlio development of many very rich properties on
or near the divide between Easf and
West Kootenay. Theso properties under present conditions are so far from
transportation that notwithstanding
their apparent richness they cannot bo
profitably worked. It is to be hoped
that the Government will give proper
assistance to tiie scheme of nunigating
the Duncan by making a liberal graut
for the improvement of the river and
thus enabling the steamboat people to
get their boats as far north us possible.
The Roglna Standard Springs a
In a lending editorial in the lust issue
of tho Hcgilia Standard Unit paper gives
some sensational information regarding
what is going on iu political circles iu
the North-west.
It is said that Ihe relations between
Governor Macintosh and tlie executive
headed by Mr. Uaultaln have been
somewhat strained for some time past
and now thai the Governor under the
amended constitution has the power to
cull on any member of thb assembly to
form a government, be proposes lo
exercise such powers as are left with
bim and will havo a premier of Ids own
choosing. Tho Standard says its renders
need not he surprised to learn that the
Governor's choice will fall upon Dr.
Brett ol Banff. Ths Standard Bays it
lenrds on good authority that Dr. Brett
would command a working majority in
the house.
ThkMixkk does not pretond to know
what truth tiiere may lie iu tlie report
ns to the Governor's action in asking
Dr. Brett to form a government, but
Tin: MINER is of opinion Unit Dr. Brett
is just now too busy making money at
Banff and Halcyon Hot Springs to bother
his head aliout the government of the
North-west Territories. The Doctor is
too wiso a man to waste his time pulling
wires for any job that could be
him ai l.egiuu.
W ���     I e
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i>m as a Bimrrtnlcoof good faith.
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that has appeared In another p.ip*'r nmsl Ural
he offered lu that papur for puollcatlon before
;ii run apjiuar in "THK"
Address nil communications
aoMeu, It. 0.
In tlie year 1886 Mr, It. G. McConnell,
fit tlie Geological Survey department,
made uu oxaminatlpri itf the Itocky
-mountain rango comprise^ within the
belt of country following the Hue ot the
(Canadian Pacific railway along the Bow
and Kicking Horse valleys from Banff
westward lo Golden, the same district
.having previously in 1858 lieen partly
oxamlncd by _Dri Hector, In his notes
.upon tlie economic minerals ui the
^distriot In question, Mr. McConnell
remarket that the section of the mountains in the vicinity of the railway
contains a variety nf mineral deposits
.and has every indication of becoming an
-important mining region.
The cretaceous beds of tho Cascade
trough hold a number of seams of
(excellent oouj, while farther west the
.cambrian and rambru-f-iluriun limestones
and schists which cover most of the
.country between Silver City and the
���Columbia are almst everywhere metalliferous, aud few mountains have been
prospected in this district which have
not yielded ore of some kind.
Prospecting in this district has been
actively and successfully engaged in,
and a number of valuable discoveries
have been made. Up the Ottertail
.creek, where Jt is joined from the south
by the Wet Feet creek, is found one of
heat ore scums in the country. The ore
in this locality is an argentiferous galena
associated with some copper, zinc and
gold, and occurs in small calcitc veins
running parallel, or nearly so, to the
strike of the schists, shales and limestones which form tlie country rock of
tlie district. The seams are small, seldom exceeding eighteen inches, but tlie
ore contains a high percentage of silver.
On the Ottertail tlie Anglo-Canadian
Mining Co. of Toronto have a number of
.claims, on some of which development
work 1ms been done. Thomas Ilehson
jilsn has a most promising property some
twelve miles up the creek, upon which
lie has from year to year dune consider-
(tlblo work with most gratifying results.
Xear tiie C. P. It. track is another claim
known as tho "Sunday" claim, now
under bond to Mr. \V. K. Undsay of
London, upon which development work
has been resumed during the past few
days and from which some very flue
nam pies of galona and copper have been
Near Held thora has been opened up
the Monarch and Cornucopia claims on
Mount Stephen and tlio former presents
it favorable appearance, showing over
klx feet of solid galena. Tlie line is
deposited iu what miners call a
" blanket lode." [t has been traced
along the face of the mountain for
several bundled yards and further
exploration has resulted in the
discovery of a nine-foot deposit. Tlie
galena is low grade in silver, containing
from four to eleven ounces silver to the
ton, but possesses compensating advantages in tbe extent of tjio deposit, tho
easy and comparatively inexpensive
manner in which it can be worked and
tn its proximity to tlie railway, being
situated on a cliff almost overhanging
the railway, just east of the station at
1'ield. The ore averages about sixty per
cent, in lead and occurs in irregular
chambers, pockets and other deposits in
the limeatone. The mine was discovered
in 18S4 and lias shipped several hundred
tons of ore. A considerable amount of
work has been done on the outside, con-
eistiug of a tramway galleried out of the
face of the mountain leading to the ore
Dins and a gravity from thence to the
ore bins on the railroad.
The oris found in the vicinity "f Field
have been very pure galena, low grade
iu silver and containing occasionally a
.small percentage of zinc. It is understood that it is the intention of the owners to orcct a concentrator near the
railway and utilize the waters of the
Kicking Horse river for operating tbe
concentrator and othor mining machinery.
About two miles west of Field several
locations have been made during the
present summer, the later finds being
leads of copper carrying high values,
though the leads are not large. Messrs
J. I). Carlin and Yuel Carryer of Field
.have" made their locations there quite
' In the Vermillion pass,which ifl southeast of Field and which cuts tlie divide
about opposite Castle mountain, there
have lieen several locations made by T,
13. Wilson, 11. E, Campbell, Dr. Lindsay
and others. On these claims nre two
large leads carrying gold, silver, lead
ami copper in paying quantities, tlie
assays averaging about $06 to the ton.
There is a magnificent water-power in
the vicinity and there is every facility
for concentrating the ore close to tlie
Tlie most extensive development work
undertaken this year in the section of
northern Kast Kootenay now
dealt witli is that being done by the
Channe .Mining Co. of Vancouver on a
group of claims situate about six miles
trom the mouth of Ice river, which flows
into the Kicking Morse river at a point
near Leanchoil station on the C. P. It.,
ulx>ut 17 miles east of Golden, Here are
live claims, located this year hy T. K.
Wilson, IS. W. Peyto, Major Walker, ]).
McDougatl and Hon. Joseph Martin.
The Channe Co. are developing the
liookrest and (iolden Hope claims, being
those located by Wilson and Peyto. As
stated in our last issue, a force of men-
eight in number���are now sinking shafts
on these two claims and will continue
the work during the winter months,
unless prevented by severe weather.
The distance to these claims in a direct
Hue from the railway does not exceed
live miles, while the distance by the
present pack-trail is about sixteen miles
by way of the Uoavorfoot and Ice rivers.
Although the claims aro qulto high they
arc easy of access, and by altering the
course of the present trail %\m distance
to the railway by trail can lie considerably shortened. The ore is remarkably
rich in gold, silver and copper, nnd in
character is a white quartz intermingled
with grey copper. Tlio company
expect to make a trial shipment this fall.
The portion of the district in question
lying north of the railway has not been
prospected to any great extent, but it is
believed that rich discoveries will yet bo
made in all the belt of country following
tlie Kicking Horse river from the summit of the Rockies to the Columbia
river. Several prospectors have been
over tlie country tributary to the headwaters of the Upper Kootenay river,
which rises close to the headwaters of
the Beaverfoot river, and also the country tributary to the headwaters of Elk
river, which rises near the head of
Kananaskis river, and they report these
districts as very rich in gold, silver and
copper, but owing to their inaccessibility at the pYesent timo no locations have
been made there. There are on tho
Upper Kootenay and Elk rivcra Immense
tracts of timber lands which will become
valuable when the southern portion of
Kast Kootenay lias become more thickly
settled, as it is sure to become within
the next two yours. Oh the lieaverfoot
river there aro also extensive timber
limits, one of which is owned by Mr. W.
C. Wells, of Palliser mills.
��� ��� im njB����^i
Iii tho year 181)0 tlio director of Cann-
iln's Geological Survey -mid a visit of
Inspection to the cnnl fields of the Crow's
Nest I'ass between Marten creek and
Michel creek. On the ridges between
these creeks a wonderful series of coal
scams is disclosed, one above the other
from near the level of the trail to the
summit of the highest ridge. The outcrops which can nil be seen on the
ground are in 21) seams showing a total
thickness of 182 feet of coal, three of the
Reams being 15, L'O and 110 feet in widtli
Fourteen of these seams aro eaiinid
coal. He estimated that between the
eastern summit and tho valley of Elk
liiver there is an area of  not less than
1*1*1 Bquttro miles that is destined lo be
one of Ihe most valuable and most pro-
dui'live eoa! Iields in Canada. A'rough
calculation would give about 49,1152,000
tons per square mile. If one half of tliis
is available thero are in each square
mile 2*1,1170,000 tons. The average elevation of the coal field is between 4000
ond 5000 feet. The eastern entrance to
the puss is I1S00 feet above sea level and
where it comes out on tlie Elk river is
8S00 feet above sea level, the highest Intervening summit being 6,500 feet. Tlie
distnnco through the pass from Lee's
Lake, Alberta, to Elk river is 37 miles.
Aliout 4 miles above the mouth of Conl
creek at the entrance to a steep, rocky
gully is found a Hue seam of conl 7 feet
thick and a close search along the mountain side between here and the watershed ut the head of Coal creek would
almost certainly disclose the outcrop of
many more of the Marten creek seams.
About seven miles further down the
Elk river on the top of n broken down
cliff of massive sandstone about 50 feet
thick is encountered a s.iam 25 to 110 feet
thick while still higher up there is nn-
other Beam 111) feet thick and yet above
this are four other seams of
a width of 4, 7,15 and 30 feet respectively.
Above these seams again nre 0 others
of a total width of 34 feet and distant
client 100 feet from each other. This
gives a totnl thickness here of 148 feet
and 132 feet on Marten creek. Many of
the scams arc lirst class coking coals and
others arc good gas coals but none of
them are anthracites.
This information simply relates to the
conl deposits in tlie Crow's XcBt I'ass,
In other portions of south-east Kootenay there are most extensive deposits of
coal which nre now being prospected
and which will have a remarkable
value when the construction of the railway is completed to West Kootenay.
Last week reference was made in these
columns to the necessity of this trail
being put in a fair condition tor travel
and several important reasons were
urged for having it done. During the
past week nn additional reason has made
itself apparent. The C.I'.U. Co. have
very stringent rules as to the shipment
of dynamite over their road and a permit
bus to be secured in nil cases liefore tho
agent can accept it for Shipment. This
often involves considerable delay. Then
it is said the rates charged upon n small
shipment nre nbout the same ns would
lie chnrged upon a shipment four times
as large. A case occurred last week in
which parties beginning work on claims
east of Golden were delayed two or three
days iu getting tlieir supply of dynamite
delivered where desired owing to the
absence of nny means of carrying it
other than by railway. It is high time
for this trail to be put into condition tit
for travol.
AND VEIN  MINING.    '     -
The transition from placer-mining to
quartz-mining is an easy one. The
richer and more easily reached pincers
nre, ns n rule, soon worked over, nnd it
then becomes natural to enquire ns to
tbe sources of tliCBO old concentrations.
The consequent change of the centre of
interest has already occurred in most
parts of California and in Australia, hut
British Columbia is still in the transition stage in respect to gold mining.
Save in n few exceptional cases, the
occurrences of "course" or "heavy"
gold in the old channels, may safely lie
accepted as proving that the original
source of the gold is not fnr off. The
distnnco to which " coarso " gold travels
ia, as n rule, very inconsiderable, even
in the beds of rapid streams. Additional
evidence to tho same effect is generally
afforded by tho varying assay vuluo of
the gold found on different creeks or
even on different parts of the same creek,
and this often emphasized hy the rough
unworn character of the gold nnd the
circumstance that it not (infrequently
still holds imbedded fragments of quarts.
It is from this point ofview in particular
that it is most important to note and
preserve a record of the observations
mude by the placer-miners in tho course
of their work, even whore the deposits
do not any longer continue to be remunerative.
Speaking of broad nren j in California
nnd Australia, where work of both kinds
is in progress, it may be affirmed that
the rich placer-districts coincide with
the rich quart'* districts throughout.
Innumerable sjsecial cases might he
cited, ifitwere necessary,to show that the
exceptionally rich local deposits of
placer-gold depend on the occurrence of
notably rich quartz-veins in immediate
and clear relation to them, and in the
fact that extremely rich localized pincers
have been found in many parts of Britisli
Columbia, and particularly in the Cariboo district, we find justification for the
belief In the future of quartz-mining. It
is true that in some instances the natural
concentration of the gold derived from
the wearing away of a great mass of
comparatively poor rock may give rise to
rich placer deposits, or that the veinB
from whloh the gold has been derived
may be too Irregular in richness, or too
much broken, to bo profitably worked
themselves; but those exceptions cannot,
be regarded ns negativing tho general
rule. Tbe fact remains Unit, a large
proportion of the mines of precious
metals in California and in Australia
have been discovered by tracing tlie
placer deposits of gold to their sources.
Placer deposits derived from the Coin-
stock lode were worked for ten years
before tho lode itself was discovered, and
when found and opened, it proved to he
essentially a great silver mine in which
gold occurred in relatively small quantity. In the snnie way the working of
placer deposits preceded the discovery of
the now celebrated Treadwell mine in
Alaska, and the prospector is justilicd in
following up this clue wherever he can
find it.
Back From The Klondike.
II your waking, call mo enrly; cull nici'iirly,
unit Iter dear,
For tlieru aro linnilrods out ol work, anil Job
nre scarce, I hoar;
To-morrow I must hustle round nnd try and get
a sit.
Any old place will do mother, so I can capture
I don't want nny snnp, mother; no sinecure'1
From morn till nlgllt I'll Kindly toll for only
I've hnd my dream of riches and I've seen It
Like llio morning mists In suinmor-llme before
thu bright sun's ray.
I thought to comehomcrlch.mothcr; Ithnttght
I'd make a strike
When I left home a yonr ngo and journeyed to
In dreams I muv myself, mother, with bags and
bags of gold���
Instead, I've got a hard luck tale���the hardest
, over told.
My clothes are all worn out, mother; they're
little else than rags,
From a sartorial point oi view 1 would bo class-
ed with vags;
I need a hair cut and shampoo, I'm dying for a
And, oh, lo have a bath once more and lave and
lave and hive
I'm glad to bo back home, mother; I'm glad to
bo alive;
I wonder now, as back I look, bow ever I survived.
This digging gold Is hades; I've had enough of
Any old job will do me now, soli's a steadv
���Now Denver Ledge.
Notice of Eemoval.
I'm just RnliiR nitrons tho river,
Only n tow yards away,
To pri'iHlnuM more convenient,
Where I Intend toHtuy.
I must thank the people' of Golden
For their jmtroiiuge in tho old story,
And assure them thut In the future,
I shall try ami merit It more.
My samples for fall ami winter,
Are all of the newest class,
And are sure to give satisfaction,
Heeause sold at LOW PRICES for CASH.
Suits to Measure from $15 Up.
Inspect my patterns ami compnre priced
before placing your orders elsewhere.
Cleaning:, Ucpairinjc unci Altering  Done.
J.   F.   PUGH,  TAILOR,
East Kootenay Mining Stock List.
Name oi- Coy. I Cai'Itai.. j Par Valve I Hkll 1'
T"Cc.A im";! j two") |     turn  ~\~~m~
T(��1k���S? \K���W> I~����������������     I   ��'   '
6SS^r|"w���� I .��"   I-'*������-
^""r"l*ff'y  | 'VMM |     H'M " |
Thos.   McNmight,
Mining broker,
Fort Steele.
Dry Goods
�� �� ��
Value 1.4 one tiling
Siitlufnitlon is -mother
You get bolh by buying your DRV 0001)8
Price Lists and Samples forwarded uu application.
��     ��     ��
Mail Orders Eeceive
Prompt Attention.
"���a-AT THE-***
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Manufacturers of and Dealers In .an
DougitiH Fir,   Spruce and Cedar Lumber,  Siding and Flooring,
Dimension Timber,   Cedar Shingles,   Fence Posts,
"Telegraph,  Telephone  and   TJlectrie
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors tothe C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
Kootenay # House.
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,     -    -    -    B. C.
Flrst-riasH in every pnrllinlar.   Convenient to Hallway Depot and Steamboat Landing.
Hntfs Reasonable.   Free Maniple Rooms.
Thu Tram Our leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer for Kort Steele every
Monday and ITrlday after arrival of train from the went.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Homo Comforts       e
Modern Conveniences   e
Best Cuisine in tlie West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia jffouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
<^The Golden Sash and Door Factory
and Machine Shop.^**-
Manufacturers of:
SnBli, Doom, Mouldings, Turned Iiiiliistcm, Newel I'ostB, Hand Railit & Ilrnckete.
The Machine nnd Blacksmith Shop are propnrod to do nil kinds of repairing.
All sines of pipo-litting nnd brims goods on luuid.
All sizes ol glass in stock.
Wagon repairs, poles, Bhatts, axles, spokes and felloes.   Hickory ond Maple plank.
z^-^Golden, B.C.
"-vIIcadquarterH For--*--*,
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
Kates $1.00 Per \*Oo,-ym
Boakd & Lodging $5 Per Wekk.    Fihst Class Bab.
A. Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention.
A LOAN OF $3,500.00
To be secured by mortgage over one of
the finest farmi in Kast Hootcmty. It
contains 320 acers, is Crown Granted,
and the greater portion is  under crops.
It lias two ochards, both fruit bearing,
The dwelling house is a substantial
ono and hns.only lieen recently built,
For full particulars apply to
Notary Public, Golden.
Gold . . .
Mines . .
Development Co.
New Yorlt,  Chicago,
Spokane, Wusli.
CAPITAL 8TOCK  810,000,000.00.
Buy nnd Sell Mining Properties.
FiirniHh Money lor Development
JP-^lxo ZFresih. ZDr-ag^s at   ID- M��� C-A-LIDBK    <3s Co'��-, O-plAea, B.C. MINING   DIVISION
Return of the Piospaotlnn; Party-
Development and Mining Now
Going on at the Coal Fields.
Uist week tlio prospecting parly which
left Fort Btoolo in the first week of
Sopteniber for the ('row's Xest pass coal
fields ill South East Kootonay returned
to l'ort Steele. The parly had been out
for nearly three weeks. The outfit which
left Fort Steele consisted of 32 animals*���
14 riding horses and IS pack animals. It
was under charge of two of the directors
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., JIcsBrB
William Femio, Fort. Steele, and Robert
Jaffniy, president of the Toronto Globe
Publishing Co.,Toronto. The engineers
who were with the party were Messrs
William Blakemoro, Glace. Hay, Cape
Breton, and G. S. Itamsay, Denver Col.
There were ten attendants. Six miners
and workmen accompanied tlie party.
The party proceeded light through the
Crow's Xest pass us far as Lethbridge, in
Alberta, in order to ascertain what progress the railway was making in its
construction, so that an idea might be
formed how soon transportation accommodation could be given for the haulage
of the coal when tbe mining operations
Between three and four thousand men
were working along the line of construction ; there wero also five hundred teams
employed. The force of men is to be
increased to lour thousand men and
the number of teams augmented te seven
hundred. Work is to bo continued all
winter at all points where the weather
will permit.
By the middle of November there will
he railway communication within thirty
miles of where the miningoperations will
he carried on. The starting point of the
railway is at Lethbridge, and from there
to the Crow's Xest lake���a distance of 75
miles���the railway will he completed by
that time. From this point all supplies
will be obtained and packed in over a
good wagon road.
The prospecting party, after obtaining
tlio information as to tlie progress of
construction, returned through the pass.
Various coal seams in Martin creek,
Michael creek and Conl creek were
examined, nnd it was finally decided to
commence operations ou Coal creek.
Martin creek lies to the cast and Michael
creek th the north of Coal creek j but
Coal creek, after a thorough examination, was considered the must suitable
plnco to commence operations.
The creek is a tributary of tlie Elk
river and tbe seam upon which work is
now proceeding is right down in the
creek and runs upwards. It is seven
feet thick and contains coking coal. A
tunnel on the side of the mountain is
lieing run in. About twenty men will
lie employed during the whole of the
winter Isith iu mining out the coal and
developing tlie mine. The mine is 20
miles from the west end of the pass and
about five miles from tlie main lino of
railway. A branch will be run in and
will be constructed at the same time as
the main line. By the time the spur
reaches the mine early in spring, there
will be several thousand tons uf coal on
the dump ready to he hauled away. The
whole of the mining operations nt the
present time will be under the charge of
Mr. William pernio, Fort Steele.
Tlio patty brought into Fort Steclo
some very fine specimens of tho coal,
which liuve lieen forwarded for exhibit
at the Spokane fair.
The Printer's Courtship.
The printer told of the " galley " loved,
Te u friend both tried and true.
Yes, '���Ed," it 11my seem "comnia"-ciil,
But I'll givo the "ease" to you.
Her oyes lire "Diamond,'' tooth of "Pearl"
She's just my "type" of bounty;
I'd lie a "Minion," worse Hum slnvo,
If I didn't do my duly.
She's hardly ever "out of sorts."
In fact she's good ns "pi";
She's got "A-gate" that cuts a "dash"���
My praise she'll "justify."
Site's a woman of the "period,"
And her "figure" is "lie Vin'nk',"
She'll quite "compose" my feelings
On the day that she is mine.
You ought to "semi-colon" her,
1 "set-up" with her ut nights.
Her "forme"   "locked" in   my   fond
She calls that woman's rights.
I've got her "solid," and you hot
I'll "stick," she's got the "quoin" i
I'm "going to press" my "chase" until
Both heart and bund we join,
C. L,\itK.
Wardner is fust going ahead and will
he the busiest town in South East
Kootenay this winter. It will be the
chief distributing point lor the whole of
that vast area. A good waggon road is
now lieing constructed down jho Flk
river from the Crow's Nest puss to
Wurdner and will lie completed by the
middle of next month. Hy that time the
railway from Lethbridge will have
reached the summit of tlie pass. The
railway company will not only bring in
tlieir own goods and supplies by rail to
this point, but will also deliver goods
and merchandise there for parties in
South East Kootenay. Freight will then
he driven along the wagon road, which
will be a down-grade hind to Wardner as
the main centre.
The grading of the wugon road from
Wardner to Moyie, which is only fifteen
miles distant, is now going on. The road
leaves the present rotul ou the west side
of tlio Kootenay river leading to West
Port, about seven miles from Wardner.
There is a pass through the hills there
and the grade is an easy one all the way.
The truffle that will take place will he
considerable, us all the railway snpplies
will como in by this road. The trallle
front (Iolden up tlie Columbia valley to
South East Kootenay will be inconsiderable, as the distance is now too great.
The piers and abutments of the bridge
over the Kootenay river at Wardner will
be built this winter and will be ready
for the girders in the spring, which will
be brought over tho new railway.
Grading will soon be proceeding east
and weBt of Wardner, east and west of
Cranbrook and east and west of Moyie,
as the company has determined to havo
tho line not only constructed but in
working operation as far us Kootenay
lake by the month of July, 1808.
Wurdner has now both a school house
ond post olllee. The school house has
been erected and the schoolmistress bus
been iustnlled. The first school trustees
ure Messrs Thomas Cralian, (1. A. Jennings and T. J. Martin, who nets as
secretary .The schoolmistress is Miss Warren from Victoria, who came in from the
south by Knlispel. The first postmaster
is Mr. Frank McCaho, who is busy
erecting suitable premises on Daly uve.
There aro more houses, more people,
more business activity in AVardner than
there were iu Fort Steele twelve mouths
ago. It now possesses the first brick
building in East Kootenay. It is bound
to he one of the big cities of East Kootenay. It is a city of godly people: No
working ou Sundays; nil stores closed
uo saw-mill whirring; no sounds of
business. Sunday is utilized as a day of
The new boats will soon be running on
tbe river. They are about fifty feet long
and will carry between twenty and thirty
tons of freight. The town agent received
intimation that thu first boat would
arrive at the beginning of the month.
Mr. H. Bostock, M.l'., was very much
impressed with his visit to Wurdner.
He drove to there from Cranbrook and
joined tho regular stage from Wardner
to Knlispel,
Cost ot the Big Coal Strike.
The coal miners' strike wus ordered in
June by officers of the United Mine
Workers. In accordance with this order
112,000 miners quit work on July 8. The
number of men on strike increased dully,
and on September 1st 960,000 men were
reported out.
Purpose of the strike: To increase
wages to a basis of 00 cents a ton for
work in the " thin vein" district of
western Pennsylvania.  On July 3rd the
lute of wages was 54 cents to 50 cents.
Loss by the strike to the miners���
about 115,750,(100 in wages.
Loss to the owners of the mines���about
(1,000,000 in profits.
Loss to tlie railroadsinfreights���aliout
Loss to stores of coal companies during
the two mouths that the striking miners
have made no purchases���about $18,000,-
Loss to the public: Increase of 25
cents per ton on two months' consumption of coal, ,12,000,000 tons, $8,000,000.
Out of the Ordinary.
In riding through a busy thoroughfare
in a certain Scottish town r, cyclist had
the misfortune to get one of the tires
of his machine bndly punctured,
with the result that the outer cover was
displaced and the inner tube protruded
Ironi beneath it, presenting n rather
sorry spectacle���from a whcelemau's
point of view, at least.
As it was impossible even to push the
machine without lirst replacing tlie tire
on tlie rim, the rider set about doing
tliis, and the usual crowd of small hoys
[itliered round to witness the operation.
One Utile urchin in particular seemed to
enjoy the fun immensely, and sang out
to all and sundry to "Come an' see the
The dismounted wheelman, in no very
amiable mood, demanded if he had
never see a bicycle before.
"Ay," replied tlie youngster, grinning
ill over his face, "inony a time, hut no'
llio like that."
Hospitable Lairds.
Tho old generation of Galloway lairds
wore a primitive and hospitable nice,
hut their conviviality sometimes led to
awkward ocouvences, In former days,
when roads were hud and wheeled
vehicles almost unknown, un old laird
was returning from a supper party witli
his lady mounted behind him on horseback, (In crossing the Urr river nt a
ford at u point where it joins Hie sea, Ihe
old luily dropped off, hut wus not missed
until her husbund reached his door,
when, of course, there wus uu immediate
search mode. The party who were
despatched in quest of her arrived just
in time to find her reiiionstt'iiting with the
advancing tide, which trickled into her
mouth, in these words: " No neither
drap, neither bet nor ciiuld."���Elgin
Con rant.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Pout Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Puck Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
I, Tliomns, Financial Ajreni.Knrt
Steele, hereby givo uotiee thut sixty d.ivs after
date ii is my Intention i<> apply in apply to ihe
Chief Commissioner of LaiiUH .t Works for permission tu purchase six hifndrod aud forty
tu'iTs of nnsurveyed, unoccupied and unreserved Crown lands In this neighborhood where
this notlee Is posted, being on the west side of
Movie I.ako and about four miles from lis upper
end. The boundaries aro as marked out from
my north-west cornerwhlch is In close proximity to this notice namely,running south80
chains, ami to the caul so chains, iheucti north
80 chains, thenco west to the starting point 80
huliis, cuntalulug Ml) acros unoccupied land.
Tho starting point running due west from
Moyie Lake inkiuu in u little of both tho Little
i.iimii aud the Hig Lamb creeks. Loeatedlat
<iiiy uf September, l-wor.
Fort Steele, 20tli September, 1897.       9m.
Minister o[ Mines mid  Provincial Seeretarv���
lion. Col. James linker.
Provincial Mineralogist���\V. A, Carlylu.
Public Assayer���II, Carmleliaei,
For the Province���W, S. (lore Victoria
South District comprising Fort Steele and To-
burn. Plains   Mining   DlvlslOUS-J,   P, Arm-
stronj,' Cranbrook
North [tltitrict comprising Donald, tIolden and
Winder in cru Mining Divisions -J, K. (Irlfflths
MINIMI it mo am: un
F. ('.'Lang	
('. M. Kdwurds..
M. Phillips	
 Fort Steele
..Tobacco Pliilus
The most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
Choice Wines, Liquors A cigars.
Pack Horses for Sale or Hire.
Kvery attention paid to Guests.
FUAXK DEACON, Proprietor.
Canadian Pacific Ry
Direct roil route to
Montreal & Toronto
and all Eastern Points.
Lake Route lo the Kast���Saltings from
Fort William.
Alberta. Kvery Tuesday tn Windsor.
Athabasca....Kvery Thursday to Owen Sound.
Manitoba Kvery Sunday to Owen Sound.
Connecting tains from tiolden al li��:W every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Dolly and direct service to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
aud all points In the far fumed Kootenay
and Silvery SloCRlt. s
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Em prods India '2nd August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Mlowero Stli August
Apply for Particulars to
0. K. WELLS, Agent, (iolden,
Trallle Manager, Winnipeg.
Deputy clerk of Ihe Peace lor North Kast Kootenay Joshill Stirrett Donald
Deputy clerk of thu Puacti for South East Kouteuay���Charles Massey Edwards,,..Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully tlie
Value anil Necessity of a " Free
Miners" Certificate-No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 1H years of age, may bo
come a tree miner by paying |6 to any gold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtaining a certilieate good for one year.
A free miner may obtain o nuw certificate for
one lost on paying fl.
A free miner's certificate is not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held an real estate without license, may
he lined ?2.'i. Mines become real estate after
crown grant lias been issued.
Should co-owner lull to pay up his free miner's
certificate his interest goes io his co-owners pro
rata according to their former interests.
JJA share holder In a joint stock company need
not bo a free miner.
A free miner may claim KWxlfJOO feet. Bui
all'aiiKlcH must be riglit nugkBaud nil ineiisiir-
me'iil must be horizontally.
A free miller may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill game for his own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain five acre millsite upon erown lauds In tiie form of a square.
A claim may bu held from year to year by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Ld0cs discovered in tunnel may be held If re
corded in h)days.
A free miner may on payment of (500, in lieu of
expenditure 011 claim, obtain a'erowu grant.
Anv miner mov, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer oi any mineral claim or interest
siinll be enforceable unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall sufTer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on tlie part of the
government omclala.
No claim shall be open to location during
last illnesss of holder, nor within VJ mouths
uftcr his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within 15
days after locution, if within 11) miles of ofllee
of mining recorder. One additional day is allowed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim to the value of
(100 must be done eaull year from date of re
cord of mineral claim. Affidavit made by tin
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
statement of tbe work done must be Hied with
tin- gold coinmlssionsr or mining recorder, ond
a certilieate of work obtained, And recorded before i lie expiration of oaeh year from tbe date
nf reeord of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of lii'** Intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to entitle
him to a certificate nf work for each claim. The
sume provision applies tn two or mure free miners holding adjoining claims in partnership.
In lien of above work the miliar must pay $1W)
and get receipt and record the same.
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay-
i** <"��<">**>������
$75 to $150 Eaeli according to
Oiic-tlilril down, balance in three and six
months, without interest.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches,
Our Specialties :
Kale lli'iuls
mil lli'iuls
iihihi mils
culling I'snls
Hiislnvss (lards
I.uiv Uriels
l.uinl-er Hooks
llnnk Work
i'r-iliilsnry Notes
Heeeljit Farms
Assny Forms
Druggist* Ubcls
No Job too
No Job too
East Koote nay Pub. Co
Golden, B. C.
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
Navigation & Uramway
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting witli tho 0. P. R. at Golden, B.  C. and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, -Montana.
W 48 Hours to Fort Steele,
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of Kast bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fort Steele and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Eort Steele, B. C.
Choice Winks, Liquohs and Ckiaks.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor.
The  Steele  House.
First Class Brands of Liquors aud Cigars o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Best Cuisine in the West,     o o o
Modern Conveniences o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
POET    STEELE,    B.   C.
���^    in    "THE       E-^-ST      KZOOTE3iT*^."3r     l^E^TEB." 'i-l Parson of Golden
u notary public tor
gudsst  of   Interesting   Local  and ;
Coneral News.
U. (}.. Parson wont oast to Culjrttry on
{business yesterday.
Mr. Tlioinna MeXmight returns frum
Fort Stwle tliis week.
Mr, Truemi'.n photographed tho school
-Children In a group on Monthly.
The Birkbeck Investment & Loan Co. ;
liaye ostiiblirfbod a branch at Revultftoko.!
Mr. Prank Wells, cf Canning, Ont., isj
(lltown on a visit to his sister, Mt.B.Geo, i
Mr. riiarh's Her!
has been gazetted
Eos! KiH.'tenay.
An improved species nf mooae is said I
to have been shot in the Uppor Columbia
yalley Inst week.
Mr. W.J.Goopel, Infltpootpr of offices,
inspected the mining recorder's office at
���gulden ou the 2nd inst.
Malcolm Melnnin went to l^ort Stoelo
last week with Mrs. Mclnnis and family,
where they will in future reside.
A meeting of tho oxooutivo committee
of the Upper Canada llihle society will
lie held iu the vestry ol'St. Paul's church
tlm- evening at s o'clock.
The sidewalk on Railway street is now
being completed. \\ hen it \B fm.b-hed it
will give an unbroken walk from the
iGovornmcnt.offices to the contre of the
Mr. Norhury cfKort Steelo, the delegate from that place to the Liberal
���converitfon at New Westminster, was in
(Iolden this week on his way to the
A. 11. Clark, a C. V. R. brakeman,
fiustaincd some slight injuries hy falling
off the work train lit Alliert Canyon last
Thursday. He waa removed to Ids home
ut iDonald,
Mr. II, (I. Parson has been busy all
���Week making up tho largo and varied
jBtock of fall and winter dry goods just
received. J)o not fail to inspect the best
assortment over seen in (iolden.
Mr. Ifurcourt will conduct divine service in the Presbyterian church Sunday
next, in the morning at 11 o'clock and in
the evening at 7.30. The title of the
subject for the evening is 1; Come! "
The Calgary Ooperatic society expects
(to begin practicing early next month on
the new opera " The (leishu," with the
-conducting and stage management in the
hands of Messrs Crispin Smith and M. C.
Mr. 11. J. Townsend, who has spent
pevend 111 on ths past iu (iolden superin-
tewtyng the work on the International
mine, iu the McMurdo district, returned
(Cast on Saturday. Before finally starting
for Toronto, Mr. Townsend will spend a
jfew days shooting in the vicinity of
Mooae Jaw.
Tim follow1 ng mineral claims have
lieen recorded during the past week:
���" Harvest," J. W. Connor, on middle
���fork of Spilliinaehene; "(iold Leaf," J.
(iiften, middle fork nf Spilliinaehene;
" Klondyko," A, J. Muldenhauer, on
McMurdo creek; "Nutshell," E. (.'.
Bronson, on McMurdo creek; "Ruth,"
V. P. Armstrong, on Vermont creek;
" Charlotte," F. II. Bacon, on Veimont
-creek; "Minnie," M. Carlin, Vermont
.creek; "Klondyko," C. Hatch, Bobbie
Burns Basin,
Accidents never come alone. Following the one at Notch Hill comes another
.nt North Bend, which occurred lust
Thursday. The boiler of C. P, It. engine
No. 354, hauling a special freight, exploded from causes unknown, Brakeman
Geo. Elson was thrown overthecmbank-
ment and received such injuries that lie
.���died shortly afterwards. The engineer
and fireman were scalded and tlie loco-
motive was badly wrecked. Elson is a
son of old Win. Elson, recently of
1 Jiderhy, but now of Vernon.
A prominent Kaslo firm of mine operators has just received advice from
London clients of the formation there of
several gigantic companies who will
operate on a large scale in British
Columbia. The scope of operation will
include mines, Umber, ugriolutural lands,
transportation lines, town buildings, etc.
One of tho companies lias a capitalization
of JKWO.000. The aggregate capital of
three companies is $60,000,000, One of
them, tho largest, will extend its operations to the Yukon. In mines thoy
prefer gold and copper, but high-grade
stiver will also altraet their attention.
Public School Report.
The following is the public sohool report for the month of September:
Fifth Class���i Walter Houston.
- Laura Kenny.
Fourth Class���1 Mary Conner.
- .Malie Anderson.
Third Class���1 KniHy Kenny,
li Maggie Archer.
Second Class���1 Arthur -Invites.
2 Lyla Love".
II. Primer.���1 Katie Kenny.
1.' Adelaide Loveque.
I. Primer.���1 Katie Kenny.
li Thomas Conner.
Average attendance 32.
Anohtar New Tov/nsite Surveyed
Near Moylo Lake.
Mr. M. ./. Ittinyan some months ago
purchased from the government 680 acres
pi land near the northern etui of .Moyie
Lake, and has recently had a portion of
mo same surveyed by Mr. McVittle,
P.L.S., and sjib-divided into town lots
which will shortly be offered for sale,
The townsite is well situated on the
shore of Movie lake and lit close proximity to tt number of the most promising
mining claims in the .Moyie lake district
and tbere are many of them. The Crow's
Neat Pass Railway has been surveyed
through a portion of the townsite and
there will be a railway station erected
there. Some Vancouver gentlemen are
it is understood, associated with Mr.
Bunyan in his operations and the town
is also understood''to havo received the
11 blessing " of the C.P.B. which speaks
well for its future progress.
Mr. Bunyan went* south on Saturday
last being aecampanied by a Vancouver
family whom he is taking to Swansea to
take charge of tbe hotel there, now in
course of completion,
The Nelson Economist in a recent issue
has this to say regarding the advantages
to bo derived from an sampling
"Speaking of Ihe value of ores, tlie
subject is one which, under existing
eireiimstances, it is often diillcult to
satisfactorily determine. The evory-duy
prospector or mine operator is too prone
to select the very liest sample he can lay
his hands on���perhaps a piece weighing
a few ounces, which may be selected
from a ton of rock. This is submitted to
an analyst and invariably a high assay is
obtained. But this is not by uny means
a fair assay, Inasmuch as the --sample is
not an average sample. Men who adopt
such tactics deceive themselves and
deceive tlie public, and newspapers
publishing theso exaggerations off-hand
do the country more harm than good.
It would, perhaps, be interfering with
tho rights of individuals to make it
compulsory on the part of assavers to aet
forth in their reports the quantity of ore
submitted to them in each instance, and
whether they applied the quartering
system in making their test. However,
it would he source of satisfaction if such
a rule wuvu adopted,
" And while on tliis subject we might
say that a very general feeling prevails
thut the time lias arrived when there
ought to be official sampling works established in this province. The advantages
to be derived from such works would be
incalculable, while at the same lime
they could be made self-supporting, if
not indeed a source of revenue to the
country. At present tbere iB a suspicion,
unfounded it may be, that the assayer
who gives the highest percentage is tbe
one who does tbe biggest business. "We
have known of ca^es in which samples
of ore knocked off the sumo piece were
submitted to different ussayers and in no
two instances were tlie returns alike. It
is, of course, quite possible that in each
instance tho figures given were absolutely
correct, but nevertheless tho tendency ia
to raise a doubt in the mind of the party
submitting the samples for analysis.
" With government sampling works
operating the case would be different.
The ollicials employed in such establishments would be men of undoubted
ability���thoroughly disinterested. They
would see to It that fair-shied samples
were submitted and that a thorough
analysis be made. Such a report would
be accepted as official nnd would save a
great deal of trouble and expense which
under present circumstances are incurred. A fair charge would be made
in each case���such a charge as would be
sufficient to cover expenses. In Australia
such a system as here suggested has
been in operation for years and baa
proved to be a great success."
On Tuesday ns Xo. 1 was Hearing Anthracite, pulled by engine 486, a cylinder
bead blew out and the train had to return to Can more where engine 465 was
secured. Tiie accident delayed the
train about 3 hours. As engine 405 waa
returning the same evening with No. 2
she met with a similar fate on the Ottertail hill aud a new engine had to be sent
from Field to bring in tlie train.
The men who wore so badly burned
(as noted iu the Can more News last
week) are progressing favorably though
one of them, in opposition to the doctors
orders tried u few cigarettes with tbe
result that he nearly died from their
effect on his heart. He was pulled
through, however, and nnw is a
Another Pioneer Gone.
At tho "Windsor Hotel in Calgary on
Monday last there occurred the death of
Sam Livingstone, well known all
through Ihe west where he spent nearly
all bis life. He was about t>7 years old
and leaves a wife and some Ifi children.
In late years be busied himself in
farming and ranching a few miles south
uf Calgary, hut some years ago was engaged iu plaoer mining and hunting. He
was familiar witli most of tlie western
country from Mexhfo to Ala&kfl and was
a typical specimen of thu old time
Latest reports from tbe scenes of the
prairie and bush lires show the destruction to bo something appalling. Many
stories of narrow escapes witli lives are
told and many families are now destitute.
Job Printing an art at Tub MlNmt
Seneral 9$erchant
Here are some of tlio good tilings we have in Harness, etc.:
Heavy Double Harness $35.00
Light       " " '       33.00
Light Single Harness    13.00
,     Cart Harness   25.00    K
jSl     Collars      3.00    fit
jS(    Sweat Pads 50   g&
q$    Pair of lines for single harness    2.00    &���?>
$        '  double     " 3.00    W
'     Martingales or Pole Straps '15    '
Riding la-idles       1.75
Pack Baddies     5.50
Riding Saddle....$17.50, $22.00, $32,00
We also have a good range of Cooking & Heating Stoves.
Air Tight Heaters $6.75 & 7.50
Folding Camp Stove 3.50
First class Washing Machines at $5 & 7.50.
Phoenix of London <# othBr fire insurance C 's
Confedaration Life Rssociation, Toronto,
Canadian Railway Rccident Insurance Co,
ReliancB Loan. ���# Savings Company,
���:In Golden, is:���
Tlie, Eesst Store
. Ia East 2Toote2ia3r
FOR  ^^c-\
Miners k Prospectors Outfits.
A specialty is made of this line of business. A
complete list of goods always in stock.
WARREN'S other line of goods is unrivalled.
Provisions,   Hardware,   Hosiery,   Etc.
Every department is replete. A trial is only
necessary to become a constant customer. WARREN'S STORE is the foremost in the district,
S.  & 9Ife*Dermoir
��  ��   ��   ��   ��
Don't Forget These Facts:
MgDERMOT is shoe's tho finest Mining Boot on earth.
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
��   ��   ��   ��   ��
flVtlFOflVIT 'uls Just received a liirge consignment of the
iuol/��2I\U/U 1 Kickapoo Remedies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase a bottle of Sagwa. It will make you a
new man or woman (right up to date),
Redpath's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve Jars-all sizes at   EflSTElj{i    PAIGES.
New Jams and Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   " Direct Import."
If you intend buying any
it will pay you to inspect our
stock.   We can quote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer.
House Furnishings
General Dealer.
The fact that crops linvo b( en hirjj*e nil
over this continent and that the price of
wheat and other Inrin products ure high
him put many millions of dollars into
circulation anil into hands that liuve not
been itched by fold for several years.
One authority, Beerbohm, estimates that
it will take between 200,000,000 and
1100,000,000 bushels of wheut to supply
the shortage in Europe alone. In many
parts of America the crops have been
harvested and sold at high prices and
the money has gone into every avenue
of trade and commerce, and the result is
that wc nre in that condition in which
money is plentiful nnd investments of
nil kinds are beginning to be made.
There is a better time at hand lor
Kootenay than has over before been
experienced. The great resources of this
district are sure to get their share of the
large surplus that is looking for investment.���-Rossland Miner.
Providence, If.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are ns follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $150.00.
Bear $ 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to $  0.00.
Martin $ 2.00 to $   9.00.
Beaver (per pound)... j 3.00 to $   3.50.
Wolf $ 1.00 to $   2.00.
Red Fox $ 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink $   .76 to $   2.C0.
Skunk  $   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox f   .60 to $     .75.
Rat $   .20 to $    .25.
Trice list on all other furs and Bkins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
ireatmont, nnd immodinte remittance on
all consignments.
The G-old-en & Fort Steele
Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stock -*s&.
Tliis is a purely local Mining Company, formed for tlie
purpose of acquiring and developing properties in East
Kootenay, the richest part in British olumbia.
Tlie management of the Company is in the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of the Company the best properties
Pres.iTuos. McNaught, Esov., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.
Vice-Presidet: M. Carlin, Manager Golden Lumber Co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQijEicN-vEaq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company, Calgary.
Secretary: Geo. S. AIcCarter, Barrister Golden.
S. Bakheii.        Alex. Allan.        H. G. Parson.
There aro no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until tho Company earns dividends.
Tlio Company posessos interests in two of the most
promising mining properties in East Kootenay: Tho
" Tinbasket Claims" on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and the Mercier Group at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in tho Golden Mining Division. Tho
Company has these properties under development and on
tho latter property have several tons of high grade oro
ready for shipment.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
The first block of 50,000 Treasury Shares has lieen sold.
A second block of 50,000 will shortly bo issued at 50 cents
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of tho directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
Tho Dcni Boor In Canada Ih mink' by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Mann fact u re rn of Beer, Ale nml Kortu Wutcr
Iiislat oupcttlntr Cnl^ftry Boor every time. They
nil huvc It. Tlio Company's uyont ior Eu��l
Koutoimy In
II. G. PABSON, Golden, O. V.
We can
k\\ Tea?
�� �� ��
Our motto is ;   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Stylo
Reasonable Price.
��  ��   ��
y. c.Vo
Merchant Tailor,


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