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East Kootenay Miner 1898-07-22

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Devoted to the pning Interests and Development of tbe District of EAST KOOTEflfiY.
Vol. 1, No. 53.
Golden, B. C,  Friday  July 22nd 1898.
$2.00 Per Year
A. j?. PATRICE, P.L.S.
Addbbssi-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
(I. S. McClHTKB,
JA8. A. HAllVEV.
Harvey & McCarter,
Fire, Life. Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneer.*' and Customs Brokers
Fire AgeneioH:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Bteatuship Ticket Office.
Tho Hun Life Insurance romp-any.
Tiie Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Hit-beck Investment and Loan Co.
L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financlnl Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Fost office address :
Assay Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1890.)
For several years with Vivian A Sons, Swan-
Ken, and lOJftl representative for them.
For fi years mithagOV for the assuyers to thc
UloTlntoCo,, London.
Canudlan representative of thc Ciissel Ciold
Extracting Co. L'td, Uiasgow (CyailUlO process.)
N.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils .re
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime Ior sale.
The Golden
Fresh and Rait Meats.
Fish mid (lame ln neuson.
Dealers In Cuttle, Sheep uiul Horses,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
(Iood Saddle norma mul Hlgn ol All Kinds tor
Hire nt Reasonable Rule**.
TcuniltigoIAU KUmIm ����iieelally.
Golden, 11. C.
Good Time
By every mnn who Ima n watoli.
C.r.lt. Wttoll Ttwimctor will lm
Wmlm-mlny to Friday ^>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work con lie left ut
k H. l|l
Wedding i(ings
A Specialty.
Calgary,   -   Alberta.
Newly Refitted k Refurnished.
The best of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, .Prop.
& Embalming     %
\ Telegraph orders receive prompt attention Y
J. SMART,     t
��� CALGARY, Alia.  X
The Providence Far Go
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, senccii, etc. Prices for next sixty
days uro as follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to if-150.00.
Bear % 5.00 to % 25.00.
Otter % 4.00 to $   11.00.
Martin % 2.00 to %   11.00.
Heaver (per pound)..,% 3.00 to %   3.50.
Wolf If 1.00 to $   2.00.
Red-Fox ��� 1.00 to %   2.00.
Mink If   .75 to If   2.00.
Skunk  If   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox $   .50 to if    .75.
Rat If   .20 to If     .25.
Price list on all other furs anil skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
trcatmont, and Immediate remittance on
all consignments.
GEO. GEARY,-^**-
Livery, peed &.
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of nil kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
The most comfortablo hotel in South
East Kootenuy. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Wong See,
vA-r\       Jeweller,
Optician nnd
Orders  left with   YEE I.EE willlie
promptly attended to.
Wong Seo, Fort Steelo.
Tom Lee.
has the best restaurant iu Golden. It is open at a!' hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season, A good selection of
Cliincso Lily flower roots apply
at once for tlie Choicest ere they
go to
(D Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Pay and Night.
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Situate in Ilie Golden Mining Division of
East Kootenuv District. Where located���On S|ui!en-_!cheen Mountain.
Tako notice that I, John McRae, Free
Miner's Certilieate No. 80930, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certilieate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tlieissuunce of Biich certilieate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1898.
John' McRak,
By his agent Geo. S. McCarter.
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
1st Vice-Pros.���W. G. Mitchell-Innes.
Snd Vice-1'res.���W. G. Neilson, J.P.
3rd Vice-Pres.��� E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer���E. A. Haggen.
The regular meetings of the Association
are held on the first. Tuesday of each
mouth at the Columbia House, Golden.
All persons having claims against Mr. A. G.
M. SprttKgo, imiTiHti-r, late of Ruvelstoke, nnd
Formerly ofDonald and Golden, are requested
to send particiiIiirs of Mudr claims to tlie under-
tdgliud iu rare of Molsons Hank, Revolstoke
ytution, H.c.
Solicitor for Mrs Sprngge.
A QenorAl moetlng of tllO fiolden Hospital
Soutety for the election of Trustees for the on*
siting year will lie hold at the ofAues of tho
Upper Coliitiiliin Navigation Company, Gulden,
IM1., oil TiH'siluy, August ���Jlld, 1S!)H, ut (j o'clock
lu the i-rt'iiiiif-.
Similar meotlncH will also ho hcM nt Donald,
nottvor, i'Mlli-tT, Field, Thunder Hill, Wash,
Fort BteolQ and Wlndeautere ut thu same date
and hour.
Monday, the 20th day ol Juue, 1898.
HIS EXCELLENCY, In virtue el th*; provision
ul SL-.-tInn ill ol tin. ll..i:iiniim Lands Act,
unit by unci Willi the advice ol tue Queen's
1'rlvv Council lor Canada, is pleased to order
nnilillrci.t that Lots IllimbersStolS, both inclusive, in Rl.iek Mu. 17, nnil the whole of liloel*
No. 18, In lhe To'vusilo ol lloldeii, In the Province ot' llritisli t'oluinhiii, us shown {-pontile
pluli of sitld lands, lierefo unnexod.shall in* uud
the samearc hereby Hot Apart uud appropriated
hs a Ire. grunt for hospital purposes to the
Uolden Hospital Soi.Iety ot OolUcll, llritisli
Columbia, lhe Soutety having already erected a
blllidlllg upon a portion of these toil ll lots for
use us a pulillc hospital,
Clerk ul lhe Privy Council.
To the Yukon Is Up the Columbia
Valley and Alone tho Western
Side of the Rockies���It Is the
Nearest-and Best Route.
All the routos to tho Yukon through
Canadian territory, except the one along
the western side of the Rockies, havo
been condemned by parties who have
boon induced to travel aiong them.
Jinny have become disheartened and
disspirited by the difficulties they encountered. The Edmonton route is too
long and is only available for a very
short season of the year. The Teslin
lake route is only useful to a few coast
towns and there arc great natural dilli-
cullies to contend with, Tlie water
route by the Stickine ia only open for n
few weeks, and to make even a good
waggon road the expense would be great
owing to tlio natural difficulties to be
overcome. The Ashcroft and Kamloops
routes load from nowhere except these
two provincial towns and ultimately
both concentrate into nnd join the All-
World route. Nature has specially
created a great natural valley or series
of them all opening into ono another
along tho western side of the Rockies,
along which could be constructed without encountering any great engineering
difficulties a magnificent highway which
could take in all the world's traffic to
the Yukon.
From tho south, starting from Jcn-
ning's Lnndingor Bonner's Ferry, whore
it would connect with the American
lines, it would go north up the Kootenay
valley and up tho Columbia valley, intersecting tho Crow's N'est Pass railway at
Cranbrook, the main line of the C. P. R.
nt Goldeii and the other projected
trans-Atlantic railway at Tete Jeune
Cache where it enters the Yellowhead
Pass, thus securing all the trallle from
tho south, from the east and from the
west and taking direct north, bosldos
opening up the wholo of Uritish Colum-*
bin from the south to the north and
passing tin ough districts that are rich in
great resources and wliich can not be
otherwise properly opened up without
the construction of this great highway.
As it is, this route is becoming better
known and is fast becoming the favorite
route of trappers and prospectors. There
are now roads and trails from the international boundary riglit up to Yellow-
head Puss, all going along tho west side
of the Rockies, nnd beyond that the
country is open and full ol feed for both
man and horse. Last week a parly of
three, John Thornton, Pete Meiklcson
and Jack Turner, all trappers and prospectors with twelve horses and taking
supplies to lust for a year, started in' for
the headwaters of the Peace river. Tliis
is tlie fourth party that bus taken this
route within tho last few weeks. Curiously enough, they started from Lethbridge, in Southern Alberta, and canic
through the Crow's Nest Pass to Fort
Steelo and then by the trunk rond there
to Golden, where they outfitted and
obtained tlieir supplies. They proceeded
by the Moberley trail to the Unit Encampment nt the mouth of tho Canoe
liver and will follow the trail tip this
river to its headwaters. This trail bus
just been recently constructed and
shortens the route considerably. What
makes trappers and prospectors love this
route the best is the abundance of game,
plenty of feed, not a difficult country to
get through and tho comparative open
open winters that exist in tliis great
natural biiBin, where tho snow-fall is
never heavy, except in mountains or
Several of the trappers and prospectors who have gone in have promised to
supply Tin*: Miner with full notes ns to
tho country thoy traverse, and these as
they aro received will be published from
time to timo so as to give the outside
world some information about this part
of the Province, whero it is only n
matter of time it will contain the great
highway of travel from the south to the
north, as threo charters have already
been applied for to construct a road from
the international boundary tothe Yukon,
Mr. J. W. B. Young, M.E., formerly
manager of the Invicta Placer Mining
Co., Wild Ilnrso Creek, Fort Steele Mining Division, after an absence of some
months in the Old Country, Iiiih returnd
to the Wild Horse creek to undertake
extensive hydraulic operations on the
old gravel beds there under the newly-
formed company, the East Kouteuay
Consols, which absorbs the old Invicta
company and extends its objects to
include several quartz claims which it
will open up and develop under Mr,
Y'oung's supervision. This Wild Horse
creek is again attracting considerable
attention from the rich quart*-, claims
that have recently been discovered ill its
vicinity and it mny again witness a
similar activity to what occurred in the
earlier sixties, when it atrracteil a big
population from the richness of its placer
C. II. Baker returned to Kaslo last
week from a trip to Wild Horse creek in
Fort Steele district, wliere in company
with Adams Bros, of Spokano he is
interested in a group of six claims. The
property is free-milling gold and is
developed by a 50-foot tunnel. Assays
run from foil to $501) per ton, and the
owners, while not claiming to have a
mine as yet, think they have one or two
of the best prospects iu the district nnd
will push development work on it the
remainder of the season.���Kootenaian.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer has been fully
occupied for some time back in making
several surveys of different mining properties in Windermere and Golden Mining Divisions for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants.
Mr. J. II. Adams, M.E.,ofVancouver,
returned from Ottertail this week where
lie was examining some copper proper-
tics iu the neighborhood of Leanchoil for
a syndicate in Vancouver. Mr, Adams
lias gone to the const, but he returns hi
the courso of ten days to complete Ills
investigations iniu.other properties situated up the Columbia valley iu the
neighborhood of the Spillimacheen basin.
The Bennison Mine.
Major Clohecy came in this week from
the Bennison mine after a live weeks'
residence there. Considerable progress
had been made with the development
work. When the Major left the tunnel
on the Boston claim was in 178 feet and
wns riglit up to tlio- edge of the main
vein. Several stringers or feeders were
encountered while running in on the
vein, all containing line showings of ore.
More work was also done on the main
body of ore whicli had been developed
last year from the hanging wall side.
Twelve feet of an open cut was made
when tlio foot wall was reached, then
the same was drifted along for twelve
feet with the result that the expectations
were more than realized in thejbig showing of ore which was no less than 35 feet
wide with a face 20 feet high.
The Major goes out next week with a
pack train, taking abundance of supplies.
The new trail by way of Reaver is not
yet finished, so he goes in by the old
way, going by the main trunk road up
the Columbia valley to Carbonate, then
up the middle fork of the Spillimiu-heen.
The new trail by way of Beaver will not
only lessen the distance by ten miles,
but is a gentle ascent all the way up tl c
Beaver valley, opening out a new country and obviating tin. necessity of having
to cross three mountain ranges by lhe
old route,
The Major came out by the new route
and reports that the trail will be completed by next month and that it is
tieing constructed iu a most efficient
manner. While out nt tho mini, he saw
lots of game and the larder was well
supplied with fresh meat, principally
Cariboo and goat. There is good fishing
���beautiful mountain trout- and the
signs of hear weru plentiful,
Church   Services.
ClllUtCIl Of KNlll.AXIl.
Tlio services at St. Peter's church,
Donald, on Sunday next, July 24th, will
be as follows:
At 8 a.m.���Celebration nf the Holy
It 11 a.in.���Morning Prayer and Sermon.
At. 7.30 p.m.���Evening Prayer nnd
Rev. II. B. Turner, Pastor.
5ii*.TiioiiisT ouuncii.
Service will he held iu connection with
the Methodist church on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at 11 a.m.; Golden,
ut 7.30 p.m. Everybody is welcome at
these services.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
nti-isuYTi-MUAN  cnuacil,
Sunday Services���11 a.m.
Sunday school .t Bible class at 2:80 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice s p.m.
Friday���Prayer mooting 8 p.m.
'    Rev. W, S, Wright, Pastor.
Tho Crow's Nest,Pnsi, Atrocitl. s,
Tho report of theso atrocities has
reached the Old Country and warnings
are being issued discouraging immigration to Canada on these grounds. Hero
is one of them reproduced from Tho
People's Journal, one of lhe most inllii-
ontinl, widely rend and largest circulated
newspapers in Scotland:
Sin,���In case young men may lie induced to emigrate U> Canada on thu
prospect of better wages, let me warn
them that in Canada wages for unskilled
labour are no higher than al home, 1,11,1
the cost of living is double what it Is at
home. On the Crow's Nest Pass Railway men are being treated worse than
brutes, so bad, indeed, that the government at Ottawa have appointed a commission to inquire into the murder of
two men and the inhuman treatment of
alwut 3U0 mure poor ful.yws up thi'fu.
Kindly insert this as a warning.���1 am,
Robert Duncan,
Lato of Ploughmen's Union,
Mr. Haney is still at large and Canadian justice continues to slumber. Seine
person is responsible fur these atrocities
and the sooner that some person is
placed in tho criminal dock and brought
to trial the sooner will the public conscience be appeased. The present government cuts a sorry and eotitouiptlble
figure .owing to its procrastination and
its policy of wait and do nothing. Royal
Commissions wilPnot shelve tbv question and n day of retribution will come
when this cold blooded indifference of
tlio Grit government to these misdeeds
will he remembered by the electorate
whose inomories of cruel wrongs tu rtjulr
kith and kin never grows weak by thu
lapse of time.
Developing Prospects.
Notwithstanding the fact that the sale
of mineral claims all over the country is
a little inclined to be slow, uu immense
amount of dcvelupuionl work is going on
just the same.
Throughout East Kootenay a great
amount of work is going on iu a quiet
way, and as a result a large number uf
what might only be tonucd prospects
are being developed into promising
The lime is past evhen all the prospector lnul to do was tu cut a few stakes,
secure a nlco sample (many times from
another properly) and go out and sell
his "mine" to some sucker. In order to
coinuuiiijitteiitiou mm* a mineral property must have enough diivelpiiiont
work done to demonstrate something uf
its permanent nature, or the owners
must be will tu allow would-be investors
to put all or nearly all liist payments
into the property instead of Ihe pockets)
of the holders.
Tho sooner locators and Sinai, owners
realize that the mining Industry has
passed the froth nnd bubble period and
get to wurk with steel and dyiiiuuliq
instead of wind and specimens, tho,
sooner thoy will lie iu a position locum-,
maud capital. Mining operators are im
longer speculating in surface showings;
they must have developed properties.���.
Moyie City Louder.
Tho Croat Wost That 11 To Ba,
llritisli Columbia will be the Ontario
of the west when the energy and hardihood of Inn* present and future population have developed tho Imniuiiso
resources ol her forest, field nnd mine.
If Hoi-ace Greeley lived in Toronto,
to-day his advice to young men would
still be " go west 1 go west! " There aro.
harvests to be raised, minerals to bo
quarried, timber to begot out, fisheries
to he operated, nil kinds of wealth to Ima
produced, and all kinds of cotnmoditina
to be distributed. Nature has provid*,*,!
the opportunities in abundance, and all
that is required is the Intelligent application of capital and labor.
As a general rule large Influx of labor
unaccompanied uy capital is not a benefit to any community. But any young
man of intelligence who can command a
modorato sum of money shuuld be able
to readily find opportunities for investment in British Columbia such as would
never occur hi a lifetime in tho mora
densely populated east.���The Tuiyiitc,
Telegram, ,
3TW nratTMrec SI: T * T,
���.TT-KWprrrTia ^ ���.'.I**.'** l-at??: "WW-."- rt r .****.*n-r.i * i *��� *���' nmi-*���*3r-x��*r-��-***'
I ., I . !
j' S..- �� tU AT   0
-*  AC30CI
!3 The Leading' Hotel in East Kootenay is the
,-isl   K.'oleniiy I ;i-
 - ,-i.i. nil ii'.iiii-.
��� V..��l
Al!,::-,-., nil
Til!; EAS
, any mailer
Goldon, B.C.
Kouteuay, which compro-
leolo Mining Division and
Hilda For
Includes Fort Steelo, has not ilisgraccd
Use!! in rejecting l'oi'aonal_*.Proijoun
Willium Uaillie nml electing llio Hon.
Coloni I .Tanies Baker of Crunbroolf!" be
im rcprcsontntlvo in the Provincial
Parliament.'" \VoTlo not" tvl sii'ir.-'tli:
Govcrnmenl lias been defeated, as it was
higlO'imo forji i-liac:;:' in.llio administration of Iho affairs of_lhe Province;
hut wo should have folt son-.- for the
i-l.-i-tor." of^Kouth Eust r.i.ulcnay, and
to lui
i- resident In tho town
id they license ungrate-
���i ji-cu-.l Colonel Baker
mill c. lected the carpet-bagger, .William
[!iii!lio, whoso parliamentary qualifications woro only! (.known to_J.himst'lf.
During tho lung period that Col. Raker
lias li ���'���" 'representative, h" has done
more to open up and develop the
resources of East Kootonay than nny
otlior representative Dial has preceded
him. Unlike some others whom wo
know, ho has not concentrated all his
energies on'liia own aggrandizement or
lhe selfish advancement of his own
interests, but has labored devoted!}* for
ihe interests of tho whole district. If
liny en.- placo lias been favored more
'than another it has boon the town of
Fort Steelo, and sinus have been voted
(or and spent hy the Government in that
town which, we do not hesitate to say,
should not have been dune, as there was
uu absolute necessity for that until it
was ascertained "whoro the big centre
was to bo; it is not going lo he Fort
Steele. The expenditure lias been lor
buildings which should not have been in
thut town but in noma other town which
would be mora central for all tho Interests of Squill Kast Kootenay. Wo would
not have been surprised, knowing what
we do, if one of tho main reasons for
rejecting Colonel Baker had not been
put forward: '.'the unwise expenditure
of money in Fort Steele and the attempt
to boom it at the oxponSti of other towns,
which from thoir position and situation
wero nnil* ititlod to have the Govorn-
Hiont ullices located there than at Fort
Steele, l'ort Steele, if it had any gratitude in its composition, shnuld have
Blood hy C'oloiiol Biikor, even If the
whole ni tho other portions of South
East Kootenay had been arrayed against
him. Uvlduntly, having got all it could
get, and well knowing moro than ii was
entitled to, it had no longer uny um* for
Colonel Bilker, who was inclined to
make it disgorge what it should never
have possessed���the lioadquiirlors of the
Gold Commissioner���It turned upon him
uud sought a more serviceable member
ill the form of the egotistical personal
pronoun who has been justly rejected,
whereby it niigh retain Its Ill-gotten
gains. It again haB made the sumo.sad
mistake 111 fancying that Lot Xo. 02 is
lhe whole of South Fast Kootenay.
Ingratitude is the basest of all crimes;
its sting Is sharper than the serpent's
iuoth. All that Fort Steele has accomplished is that, in seeking to injure Col.
linker it lias injured itself. Col. Baker
can afford to be magnanimous and forgive,
s.is the latest British Columbian
! company that has been placed on tho
,   British market and has been formed to
\ \ acquiro '..'li mining properties which are
cnumei'atod in a schedule and some of
' | which are already pai'tittllydovolopcd.Its
.  head   offices   are  in   Northumberland
,. \ avenue, London, and its capital is half a
:, ��� million pounds sterling in a half million
shares of one pound each. Two hundred
thousand shares are to be given in part
payment uf  tho   properties  and  tun
hundred and live thousand shares arc
offered lo the public for sale.   Of this
sum only  twenty   thousand   is  to  be
| devoted to working capital; the balance
!(.f ���one hundred and goventy-iivo llioil-
, ���',,'. sand���la to be devoted to cash payments
for the properties,  which  havo  been
purchased for ��375,000, payable ns detailed in shares and cash.   It would be
interesting Iosco the allocations of those
sums and the proportions given to the
various properties.   Among the 1)0 properties is the notorious Robert E. Burns,
which is described as in the Cariboo
basin of Kast Kootenay, close to the
famous Bennison group.   This property
has evidently migrated and changed its
position since it was first located.   The
width of lead, according to the prospectus, is from 2 to *! feet and it is stated
that  negotiations  are  in  progress for
adjoining claims.    This property is des
cribed as in such a forward and promising condition and the reports are nn
exceedingly good that it will probably
bo the pioneer of subsidiary companies
and will be launched immediately.  The
reports arc by W, 1'ellew Harvey and J.
:'���. Townsend, who, if not tho proprietor,
bus tho largest interest in the claim.
Tin. reports are as fullows:
" W. Pellow Harvey reports, July 21,
189(1: 'At various points along the main
ledgo are many promising outcroppinge
oi gold-hearing veins. I took eight
samples, which assayed from li dwts. to
4 ounces 0 dwts.' ilr. J. S. Townsend
reports, March 5, 1807: 'Thoro has
been creeled a live-stamp mill and water-
wheel, nil in first-rule condition, also
olliccs and men's quarters. 1 was
strongly impressed with the stability
and extent of the mine. I have read Unreport of Mr. Harvey, and am satisfied
thai the property will fully come up to
Por for;.
lie I1UVI
, Injured ilotli oolong;
,., ttueili the ivrong,
Although he may forgive, the people of
the District of Kast Kootenny will not
readily forgot the base ingratitude nf
tort Steele.
It is only natural that a person who is
deeply intcicstod in a mine should be
strongly Impressed with its stability and
extent, because tlie assays are placed at
from $13.04 to JS'J per ton.
It is already projected to float the
Robert K. Rni,ns,._und��olhor mines of
those 110 properties by subsidiary companies. Tho capital of each subsidiary
company is to be ��75,000, mid the purchase prico to the parent company is to
he ��30,000, half in cash and half iu
shares. The value of Robert E, Burns
s thus placed at $253,000.
Besides mining and forming subsidiary
companies, it is intended to engage in
trading in machinery, tools, food- etc.,
and very satisfactory results aic to be
anticipated, We are told the lluard in
London is a representative one and composed of well known men, and that the
Advisory Board in Uritish Columbia is
n able and reputable one. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is a person
named Dei Yocttx, an ex-Governor of
Newfoundland, who evidently believes
more in the mineral wealth of British
Columbia, where he has never resided,
Ihnn in the ii inornl wealth if Newfound-
laud, which is a province reported to be
rich in niineinl_Jio30iirces. The Vice-
President is the Duke of Manchester,
and then there nre six other Directors,
including an Karl. The Advisory Board
are tiii-oe iu number, of whom Mr. T. P.
Ilaidiinan, Vancouver, is one, while Mr.
W. 1'ellew Harvey is the consulting
mining engineer.
We do not know who is responsible for
tic prcpn-ation of some of tlie documents which accompany the. prospectus,
but in oneoftlioin which we have perused
the liohcrt E. Burin is moved down to
Fort Steele Mining Division and placed
close to thu Crow's Nest Pass railway.
We suppose this has been done for the
purpose of misleading and inducing interested investors lo imagine Unit the
property Is in a more accessahle place
than it in reality is, being far removed
irom the dram, of transportation and
difficult of access.
II the British public will swallow this
company and its (Hi properties by fully
subscribing its shares, all we can say is,
Its capacity must bogroat, We fancy .however, the undertaking is too great to be
accomplished. Tiiere is nt) doubt the
proposed company holds somo good
properties, but it would have been a
wiser course If the Directors had concentrated their energies on fewer properties. Thore would have been greater
olemoiitt of success.    '
7. 9!fS$eish, Prop.
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
W*��<l>-i*V��*��-s4t>��>v>* -
Strictly First Class in overy respect.
Best Sumplo Rooms West of Winnipeg.
Tourists, Commercial
and Mining Men.
HAS located permanently opposite tlio Columbia House,
Golden, where lip will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it ho Tailok-Made or Ready-Made
Clothing. A call,for inspection will he appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and lie has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
$75 to $^50 Each according to
tl ill)*!!
i, witlio
rFf^T"TYm\ Cii "   0l"**-tliir.l <lo*n, balance in three and six
���**. ���=-.���. m.m.m.ss .      months, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
ww     OOXTItACTOK.H   TO   THK   C.P.It.    ___��.
Cf-old.erL arcLd. BeaTrer, 33-C*.
# "'
Ullo-jk & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN      -    -    ��   B.  C.
I'l Hi-riiiss in uvry jmrtidilflr.   Convenient to Hallway 1101101 aud Steamboat I-niitlUig.
Hilton UiMsoimMi.'.  Km- Bamjilo Kooiiih.
Tin- T1-11111 Car IcflVCH Knotunny House, connect tug witli Slimmer for Fori sti-tK* ovcijr
Monday nnd Friday iifttr arrival uf train from thu went,
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
Windermere Hotel,
*~,.      J. A. Stoddart, Prop,
Choice Wines, Liquors and Clgare.   First class accommodation.
East Kootenay
Mining Stock List.
Namu or Company,
The ("old 11 ilia C.&D.Co	
Kootenny, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Gpldoil k l'ort Steele I). Co	
Alberta k Kootenny D. Co	
East Kootenny nml Elk Kiver Development k Expliiiiiliini Co	
% "50,000
%  500,000
*.    7o,000
Is that of tlio
Navigation h Tramway jCo.Ld.
International Timnspoptation Go
Connecting with the O.P.B. at*,Golden, B.C., ami
Great JCoi-thern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Oolden Tuesday and Friday at 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Fort Steele and Wardner.   J
Consignors will be charged with ull nny freight between Golden ami Windermere at which point a Company's agent win bo stationed.
liiiggngc allowance on Steniner loOlbs. 'per ndnlt; allowance on Stago 2511m.
por ndnlt. If desired extra baggage can be forwarded by express team ut express
rates (10 ccnls.per pound).
Address all express care of Upper Columbia Company, Golden.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
General Merchants
Minors Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for tlio California Giant Powder Compay.
Satgardne * Helel
Fort Steele, 35. CL
Choice Wixes, Liquors and Cigaiis.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
The Finest Health Resort on tho Continent.
I'rivnto Hospital under medical anpcrinteu-
denco  with  a Trained  Staff of   Kni-sea.
Complete System ol llathft, of every kind
and description. N
Medical Director���DR. 11. O. BRETT, Bam,*-*..
Resident Physician & Snrgeon-DE. SPANKIK.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." iiiii ���TiirTi-T-nTTn i-imntif T-Tftrr irrrrri-'ir-n -rnr TntflnTTTi-f-iT-yniiriiht"iii m    ���I imvr ���   j
��*^��t***.'-.vAi-ju:a .-a-.,..-i-t*-ijrr*j'UTV:".
Its Rapid  Devotopmant of Mineral
The East Kootenuy ?,Iining District,
comprising a large tract of country
beginning ut the international lino nnd
running north some 250 miles, is cut
nearly in tlie centre by the Kootenay
river, on tlie east side of wliich is the
main range of the Rocky mountains and
the west spurs of tho snnie, the northern
ending of which iB the Selkirks. Although much lias been known of this
district for tlie past thirty yours, tlint
knowledge was long confined to u few
people, a class of old-time prospectors,
who went into tlie country iu the curly
'ii0s from Virginia City, Nov., i.odie,
Cub, nnd tbe various camps in Utuli.
But as Montana, Idaho ami Washington
iu later years began to develop, a few of
the more inquisitive and adventurous of
the even-roaming army of prospectors
made periodical trips and thus more und
more was known regarding tlie mineral
resources. Little attention, however,
wus paid lo this district until after the
wonderful strikes und subsequent developments in the West Kootenay districts.
Tlie overflow from the rush then began drifting toward East Kootenuy and
among the first rich discoveries made
w'as in tlie summit of the mountains at
the bend of SI. Mary's river, tlio first
parties going in by way of Pilot Bay.
But the means of transportation being
���lillieult nnd prospectors having to cut
(heir trails us thev went, only a few
made the trip, but the samples brought
out proved to by of good value in copper
and gold nnd encouraged those few who
had made locations in thut section to
keep up assessment work.
Lust year a Mr. Petty became interested and, encouraged by the building of
the Crow's Xest I'ass railway, as it is
generally spoken of (British Columbia
Southern is ihechurtcrcd name) through
the district and thu assurance that it
branch would be built from some point
near Fort Steelo to a point on thc St.
Mary's river near tlio North Star und
Sullivun group of mines, whicli are
almost due east some 25 or 30 iniles from
the summit section, he grubstaked or
otherwiso induced some 110 or 40 prospectors to thoroughly prospect the
country with the result of locating about
50 claims, which lie almost invariably
purchased from thom. This year he is
doing n large amount of development
work und this section bids fair lo become
Olio of the important'camps of ihe district, it is too curly to say what values
can be placed ou tho ores or thc exttnt
and size of tho ledges, but it is understood that this gentleman is backed 1
English capital and that the intention is
lo make u thorough nnd business-like
campaign, which will not necessarily be
of one, two or even three year's duration. It is also too early to determine
the preponderant character of the product, although at this time it seems to
copper and gold.
Mining men and most of your readers
know or have heard of the celebrated
.North Star near Mark creek, some live
miles north of St. Mary's river uud 25
miles uortlicust of Fort. Steele. To givo
uu extended uccouut of tliis mine would
take uu urtielo by itself. It bus been
working and shipping for three years
nnd while no statements have been given
out it owners express themselves well
pleased witli results. .No great depth
has been obtained, tho ledgo being very
wide, sometimes ns much us -10 feet. The
ore is principally lend nnd silver, though
it curries some gold.
N'eiu* this is the Sullivun group, owned
by the principal stockholders of thc l.e
Hoi mine. Not much work has been
done, but recently u rich strike is reported of a 12-foot vein of almost solid lead
and silver oro.
There aro numerous other good prospects in this camp, which is known us
tho North Star section. Much assessment work is being done und'the year is
quite likely lo develop other mines, that
is, as distinguished between mines und
South from theso sections between the
Kootenay lake and Kootenny river to n
line drawn easl and west, which would
cross the lower end of Moyie lakes, sonic
800 locations wero mado last year and
the assays and analysis ef ores from
these various suctions havo shown such
values as to induce much assessment
work to be done, principally on l'erry,
Hell Roaring, l'ahuer's Bur and Nigger
creeks. It is too early lo say what the
results of tliis .work will be, as it has
only commenced, but it may give soma
surprises for mining men.
Ono nnd a quarter miles up the mountain on Lower Jloyie luko is the St,
Eugene', owned by John Finch und Jas,
Cronin nnd others. This is n lend nnd
silver proposition, the oro running 00 per
cent, lead and 60 ounces silver on nn
average. They liuve 800 to 1,000 foet of
tunnels and haven depth of aliout 850
feet. They have beyond a doubt proved
a strong and lusting vein of-mineral.
They ure pneparlng to build a concentrator, havo built a new bunk Iioubo witli
rooms for 200 men and other buildings
required for a largo mine. They have
about 5,000 tons of ore on the dump, i
iiiie-hulf oi which does not need concentration. This ledgo extends down to
Movie lake. There ure two other mines ,
on this lend, the Moyie and Lake Shore,
besides numerous prospects straight
ncrOSS tlie hike. The ledge has boon I
uncovered and locations iniidc ou it for|
one mile west, but no work1 lo speak of
South from .Movie to lhe intcriiiitioiial
line ure muny |ii*.jspei*ts, hut tip to this
. lime no mines.
1 huvc said nothing of the district
north of tin- North Star BCCtion and west
of the Kootenay river, as hut little is
known of il. Possibly it is a field for
prospectors���no ono can tell until it is
Beginning nt tbe iiitoriialior.nl line
east of the Kootenny river about the
first locution ef interest are on Klk river,
while good showings have lieen made in
values of ore nml si-'.e of ledges. No mine
has yet been developed.
Then comes Bull river. This section
is attracting attention from Colorado,
Montana and Utah parties, because of
Ihe higli grade .of copper which iccent
developments have shown. This section
oi country is close to the line of the
Crow's Nest Pass railway and without
doubt will become one of the most
important camps in the district.
Next comes t lie famous old Wild Horse,
where you will liml Honest Old Hob
Dore and Colonel Dohorty, two old-time
Forfy-ninors in California, later in Virginia City and afterward in all tho old
placer camps, who can tell you more
interesting tales of mining than I could
set down in a month. They nre the old
style genial, oiicn-hea-rtcd, manly mining
On Wild Horse much placer work is
being done by one English company and
one Chinese company hy use of hydraulics, Other individuals are working who
bill fair to have ns good ground us any
with a few months' more work.
. Near Wild Horse is thc Dibble group,
an old location and practically new mine.
It is now owned by an English company
uud being worked in a thoroughly mining way and will begin shipping when
the railroad reaches Wardner, sending
tho ore by wngon to Steele and thence
hy boat tii Wurdner.
Last year near Wild Horse the Coron-
ado was struck, undoubtedly u largo and
valuable ledge. Some work was done
lust full but litigation has tied it up so
fur this season. It. has, in the judgment
of mining men, the making of.n mine.
Between Wild llorso and T*ncy creek
still going north are Six-Mile and Grundy
creeks with many locutions and good
prospects and much assessment work
being done tliis year.
On Traccy creek is one mine, tlio Es-
tclla group. It is being worked regularly
nnd will be n shipping mine when the
railroad readies the rivor.' This section
shows up well in prospects, tlie ore
possessing good value nnd strong, well
defined ledges. Probably us much work
is being done here as in any camp iu the
Farther north is Lewis creek, whore
some rich strikes an-recently reported.
It is a promising section as is also Wasa
creek, a few miles still farther north.
The district extends about 100 miles
farther north and takes in the milling
country around Windermere and Golden
No large mines sn fur have been developed iu that section although there uro
good properties which I understand ure
in some instances paying thu owners
good returns on their investments.
Thus it will bo scon the district is a
large one. That it is a mineral country
in ull thut tlio inline implies lins been
demonstrated to the satisfaction of mining men. Its principal drawback lias
been luck of transportation of whicli
there was hone witli the exception of
the Canadian Pacific on thc north,
which is far removed from the most important sections, nnd the Kootenay rivet
running south to the .'Great Northern
ruilwny ut Jennings, Mont., nnd only
navigable for a few months iu the year.
Capital bus been shy of going in, but
with the completion of the Crow's Nest
Pass railway Kast Kootenay will take
its place us' a must important mining
The British Coldmhia Southern railway, known as the Crow's Nest Pass
railway by reason of its crossing the
ltocky mountains at a puss nf that name
starts from Lethbridge, Alberia, and
runs us near tluo cast as the topography
of the country permits, striking the
Kootenay river at Wardner where it
crosses und runs north to u point live
miles west of Fort Steele, then rims
round n mountain mid runs south tu
Moyie lake, follows tno Jloyie river from
there 2d miles und very nearly west to
the south end of tho Kootenuy hike.
On tho west sido of Crow's Nest Pass
the road passes through a coal section of
hundreds of thousands of acres in the
midst of which on the line of the road is
the town of Coal Creek, which promises
to become un important pluco.
The next town is Wurdner nt the
crossing of the Kootenay.
The most important town near the
line of rond is Fort Steele. 20 miles north
of Wurdner on the river uud live miles
from the present lino of the road, Here
nre located the goveriiinent olliccs for
this district.
Next on the lino of the road south is
Cranbrook, a growing place, and probably destined to bean important divisional point on tho road.
Next is Swansea, at tho head of Movie
lake, and next Moylo City, ut the foot of
the mountain on which is the St. Eugene
and other mines.
Next is Goat Kiver, half way between
Moyie and Kuskunook (head oi iho lake)
but In ull probability there wiil be ninny
others in Hue course of time.
Branches from this mini will nodouhi
bo btlllt as the country demands. It is
said teat it lias been fully determined to
build from Palmer's Bar lo the North
Star mine so soon us the main Hue is
completed und this would no doubt lie
extended from a point on the south side
of tlm st. Mary's to tho summit if Mr.
Petty aud his compuny succeed in developing mines iu thut section.
A line is also projected from (he near
est point to Fort Steele, crossing the
river at Unit point and running along the
base of the mountain passing Six Mile,
Grimily and Tracy creeks and (or the
present ending near tho mouth of Lewis
creek. It is not improbable this branch
will bo built this coming year if the development work in that section warrants
the expenditure.
In this letter I have not attempted to
go into formations or descriptions of properties hut to give a general idea of the
country ami what is being done in the
Thut thore nro mines in tho various
sections of the district is demonstrated
by the St. Kiigene, North Star. Dibble,
Kslclln und Coronudo. These nre from
30 to 40 miles, from ono unother. The
ores aro nioBtly coppor nnil gold,although
much loud und silver is found, Generally the country fornuition is slnte und
granite. Of coifrsu the geologist nml
mining expert will give you, 1 suppose,
a hundred different kinds of " iles" but
I leave that to them and Invito thom ull,
as well as mining investor!', to look the
country over and prove it fur thcmsolvoB,
You will find all Intelligent, thrifty people, who will give you a hearty welcome.
Moylo City, July 17th, 1808,
Tho chief town in East Kootenay, on tho main lino of tlio
C.P.K. and head of navigation of the Upper Columbia
River and Lakes.
Chief Distributing Centre for East   oote-
nay by Road, Rail and River.
declare it is tho best town to outfit in. Its goods are of
better quality, in greater variety, cheaper in price and
better packed, than in many other towns.
Commercial and
Railway Centre
Of South East Kootenay.
As a site for smoltors it lias especial advantages, being tlie
Divisional Piont on the
Main line of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway.
acific R^
East via the Lake Routes,
(ireallyreduced rales. Steamers leave Fort Williain:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba bvory Sunday.
Klondike Gold Fields
direct via C.P.lL steamers tn
Wrangel and Skagwny.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian.
Tlio largest steamers engaged
in tho Yukon trade, specially
lilted fur tho passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for June:
Athenian lime 2
Toes     "    :;
Islander     "    10
I'akshan    "   11
Tees     "    17
Islander     "    \>[
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrifo for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to tho
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic .Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
16  Loaves   $1
Sixteen l-jlb.   Loaves  for  One
Dollar Cash,
At Mack Joe's.
Wo wish to inform tbe
public that we are prepared
to tlo Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
SlIlC Il.-ml*.
Letter Iteaile,
Hill lli'ii-la
llllll.l Hills
i-iiiiinj* ennui
Lil, Uriels
_,_, 1 i.i, t l-..,.,k.s
���J Hunk Wurk
���K I'mmlwiry X..I,**.
J? i.-**ii|.. (Wiiii
*\ SlinK.lVritlh'iiU'a
��)_; ...iiiiwn.
No Job too
No Job too
ast Kootenay ub. Co.
Golden, K C.
Advertise in
*^THE MINfiS*. ****fB*fl*fag**BBlC BTCWMI
��� - ��� f- - -,",^**w>r*-.'-i- ;���.- jA-jgm.fLi ���**-���a i -ft-rrs-w*.- .*�����*-*. *BWM*aTM**a>*aTa1 fiin'IfOTT, r-nna
If the oxcenlyoly ablo journalists of
���Jht! Unfed HuU'.'ii know half us much
about war at1 they pretend to know, they
,ought to bo editing armies and not newspapers.
it is lion. Joseph Martin's destiny to
have a hand in tho smashing of Govern
mont 8. He had a hand i" the smashing
of the Torquay Government, the Tuppor
.(jovernmoiit, and now the Turner CJov-
prnment. What Oovornmout will Ifo
next smash?
Mr. George S. .McCarter, barrister,
^iolden, luia boon retained to defend \V.
Uimsdalo, formerly of Windermere, now
a prisoner in the gaol at Donald, accused
of indecent assault commuted on a little
girl at Windermero; and Georgo Han-
kins, better known as tlie Long Nosed
Kid, for assisting a prlsonor to escape.
'Die Kid ia also^au inuiatejjuf^the piisun
/fho S. H. Duchess in liev last round
trio up and down the river conveyed-IK
passengers. The majority being bound
for Windermero nnd other points southa
Among the passengers were several rain*
inu men, going to attend to interests on
Toby Creek, Horso Thief Creek, where
tiiere promises to lie some brisk mining
camps on these creeks. Both are in the
Windermere mining division.
/Through Coldenjast week there passed
quite a number of Kast Koo tenia ns
coming or going on business bound or
pleasure bent. The lion. Francis J
LaBCelles returned from .tho east and
went up the river by tho Duchess to hi:
pleasant retreat on the eastern shore of
tho Upper Columbia Lake near Canal
Flat. Mr. Percy Milward came down
from his ranch at Lakeside near Thun-
dorllill and has left on an extended visit
to the coast. -Mrs. Captain White-Froser
from Wardner passed through on a trip
to Kamloops.
Windermero'has become quite a tough
place of late, and an epidemic of crime
aud lawlessness has broken out. Proper
precautions have been taken to stamp
out fhe disease, and thejdrastic treat
mont that some of tho victims have received will prevent a recurrence of the
attacks. Wliujpr.mere]] has ."generally
been considered a very healthy locality
and the recent outbreak is quite abnormal. Commissioner Griffiths has been
ablo to cope witli the disease, and the
remedies given, have been most curative
jjl tlieir effects. The disease wil! decrease
with tlie increasing remedies.
Tho Canadian Itank of Commerce has
established a branch of its business in
Cranbrook, Kast Kootenay. The branch
is situated in linker St. and will be under the charge of Mr. A. Scott from the
Winnipeg branch. Tliis is tlie first
chartered bank that has opened business
in Kast Kootenay. The Imperial Hank
will soon follow with a branch at Wardner or some suitable centre, it having
already secured the ('row's Nest Coal Co
as customers. The Bank of Montreal is
to follow with another branch in one of
the busy centres. When these branclie
are established and opened, South Kast
Kootenay will bo fairly supplied with
banking facilities.
Among thc passengers who went up
by the Duchess on her last trip waa the
Uev. Archdeacon Pen treat h of Yancou
vor, bound for South East Kootenay,
.Air, Pentrcatb is the organizing Archdeacon of New Westminster diocese, in
which the kootenays arc situated, and
ho is now on tlio work of organization in
South Kast Kootenay where within the
last few months many big populous centres have sprung up. Ue will ho joined
there this week by His Grace tho Bishop
of Now Westminster, Rev. Mr. Dart,
who arrived in Golden this week from a
trip to Nova Scotia. Tiie Bishop goes
up tho river on the next trip of the
Duchess. lie may stay sometime at
Wi'idermero where his presence may be
beneficial in checking aud preventing
any increase in that epidemic of wickedness which has already brought some of
its victims within the clutches of thc
Cranbrook���Its Assured Prosperity
The Spokesman-Review in writing
about Cranbrook says it has two great
fources of prosperity���its mining and its
farming Wealth���its situation being well
selected. It lies about 80 mllos north
east of the Idaho line, about 66 miles
from Bonner's Kerry, in a most singularly beautiful prairie of about 20,000 acres
tn extent, surrounded by high mountains stored with gold, silver and coal of
the vory best eokinu' quality. It is a fine
farming country; altitude, about 2500
feet; mild climate winter and summer;
no mosquitos.
A rich strike was made on thc Dewey
last week by J. A. Donnelly, late of Massachusetts. The vein is located on Palmer Bar, near Nigger creek, about six
iniles west of Cranbrook, and runs $G0
in gold and 00 per cent copper. It
appears that Donnelly, who had been
prospecting the neighborhood off and on
fur three years, has opened up a lode of
ore in a place finally wliich promises to
become a real bonanza. At a depth of
30 feet a vein eight feet wide has lieen
encountered,IS inches of which is almost
Bolid mineral.
Tho steel is expected to be laid to
Pranbrook in about throe weeks on the
new Canadian Pacific railway now rapidly lieing built west.   This is a divisional
point, and round house, shops, material
yards, etc., are being built or contracted
lor. Cranbrook is all riglit and will be
the busy centre in South Kast Kootonay
and the scat of the Government department. Already inconvenience is being
felt in thc government ollices being in
l'ort Steele which is far from central.
Death of George Henry Woodley.
(iolden is poorer in its citizenship today through the decease of Georgo 1 lenry
Woodley, which occurred at his mother's
residence on Monday last. " Harry'
all his friends thus knew him and he
loved most to be called by that name,
had been in indifferent health for some
time owing to a malady which periodi
cally attacked him and from which ho
always recovered until this last attack
which proved fatal, but nn fatal results
were anticipated, lie was bright and
cheerful, joyous and hopeful aud looking
forward to speedy relief aud saying with
a cheery smile in answer to enquiries:
41 Oh, I will soon bo all right." On
Saturday last be was over at the Columbia House, whose boarding department
he had successfully run and on Monday
forenoon he was no more. His sudden
departure cast a gloom over Golden. Ue
was so highly esteemed and respected by
all and as a tribute of respect to bis
memory tho flags on all the public
buildings, hotels and stores floated at
half-mast. His remains went cast on
Thursday for interment in Port Hope,
Ontario, under tho charge of his widow
ami widowed mother. A funeral service
was conducted at his home by Rev. W.
S. Wright of the Presbyterian Church,
assisted by Mr. Cropp of the Methodist
Church. A largo concourse oi personal
friends and oHhe chief citizens of Golden were present aud accompanied thc
remains to the railway depot, which
were coffined in a rich oak casket with
the simple inscription thereon: " G.
H. Woodley.aged 32 years." " At Rest."
Tho pall bearers wero: W. McNeish j of
the Columbia House; II. G. Parson,
merchant; F. 0. Lang, mining recorder;
Capt. F. H. Bacon of the Upper Columbia Navigation Co.; G. Ii. McDormot,
merchant; G. II. Mitchell, clerk.
Mr. Woodley was born in Tavistock,
Devonshire, ^England, and came to tliis
country with his parents when a child.
His earlier �� yours wero spent in and
around Port Hope, from there ho went
to Toronto thence to Detroit. In tho fall
of '1)2 he came to Golden whore he
assisted his father (the late Geo. Wood-
ley) iu Hull Bros. & Co.'s store and left
that to take over,the boarding department of tho Columbia House. 'The
deceased was a,' member of the Ancient
Order of United Workmen, Detroit
Lodge, No. 0, Detroit, Mich.
Great sympathy is felt for tho widow
and   the   widowed   mother, and   many
hearts arc with thom in that long and
lonely journey with the remains of their
beloved, who, lostjo sight is in memory
"Oh fort lie touch of a van talicd hand.
Ana the Buumi ui u votvo that Is still."
An Old Timer Gone.
Death has been busy in onr midst this
last week and iu addition to having to
deplore the departure of Mr. Harry
Woodley we havo to mourn tho loss of a
familiar laud mark iu the Columbia
Valley in the death of John Conkrite,
who died in the hospital on Tuesday last
from pneumonia. John had attained
the ripe ago of 78 years and was only a
patient of tho hospital for a few days.
He was well known in the valley having
been among the first incomers. Ho was
Interred in the cemotery here on Thursday afternoon. Tho funeral service waa
conducted by liev. II. B. Turner,^Episcopalian Clergyman.
Cunningham & Harvey
(Irttu <>f Vancouver)
Assayei'M and Chemists,
All work dono In duplicate and guaranteed.
A portlou of cauh lainpjc is i---i Hilda foi
future roforaiioCi
The best stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valloy is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
(looil itci-niiiiii'iil'itinii k ModoNlto 'IVnim
Firm clues t'oad Stables.
The Best Unci* 111 Canada Is niiulc by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturer**! of liflor, Ale and Soda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Boor every timo. Thoy
nil havo it- Thu Company'! agont for Bait
Kootonay in
II.  G.  PARSON,  Gulden,  H.C.
Advertise in
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Dry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Clothing, Hardware,
Etc., Etc.. at
in price for Cash.     Tliis is a good opportunity to secure
some bona fido bargains.
Seneral 9fflerchant
Piarles i Warren,
General Merchant.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
A(*cnl for Giant Powder.
Agent lor l.niieiiNliire IiiNUrance Co. of Kngluml.
D&fTO   LET,���House Partly Furnished.JEU
G-old.eaa, B-C.
The Finest Scottish Whiskies
in this wide world arc
Auld Acquaintance
Highland Welcome
These whiskies are well flavored and of finest quality.
DUNCAN STEWART, Wholesale Liquor Merchant,
pibb's Entry, Edinburgh, Scotland.
The chief town in East Kootenay, on the main line of the
C.P.R. and head of navigation of the Upper Columbia
River and Lakes.
Chief Distributing Centre for East Kootenay by Road, Bail and River.
declare it is tho best town to outfit in. Its goods are of
better quality, in greater variety, cheaper in price and
better packed, than in many other towns.
Commercial and
Railway Centre
Of South East Kootenay.
As a site for smelters it has especial advantages, being the
Divisional Piont on the
Main line of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway.


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