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East Kootenay Miner 1898-04-29

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 Devoted to the Wining Interests and Development of tbe District of EAST ROOTEJflY.
Vol. 1. No. 40.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  April SOtii, 1390.
52.00 Per Year
���. I. MaOAara.. J.a. A. Hauvkt.
Earvey & McCarter,
nwrnm *-���"�����**' -���---*-����� mrm
Hrc, lite, ��m.I Estate, House Agenta,
i octior-ei'm und Customs Brokcra
Ts\ Agtacltyt:
QH4��a, Laocwhlre, Union, Hartford.
Bwepean Bteawabip Ticket Office.
Ths Sua Uf* Insurance Company.
Tii* Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
? he Blrbeek Inrestmeut and Loan Co.
L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And'Civil Enginenr.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
���Ktalu Srok*r. Financial Agent, Conveyancer
MSKuury Public.
P��C o-Hm addrecs :
Newly Refitted k Roturnlshcd,
Tlio best ol thc kind west of
Everything Oomplote.
All Modei'ii Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
_     & Embalming     |
T r
_ Telegraph order, receive prompt attention T
\ ��.S;.."'vS-'.y
* f:r'**'_*,'. _������ J**.
Xacaj Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Kr-abliuhed ISM.)
Tt tsr��ral ream with Vivian 4 Sons, Swansea, and lerir-,1 repreueutntive lo.- tneu.. .
Nr 6 yeura manager lor the iss&yori tu thc
Klo'fiuU* Co., Loudou.
C*n��'J!an repreecn'ulive of the Cassel Cold
XxtracUEg Co. L'td, ti tango w (Cyanide proci
r intended, C
NO    pllpilri
K.B.���All work personally super intended. Oul>
 uen  employed.    *'
Jas. Henderson,
Plaai Prepared.
Prempi attention given to orderi.
A supply of BuildiDg Lime for sale.
The Golden
frum amd Bait Kent*.
Pisa aad Game lu aeaton.
Dealers in Cattle, Cheep aud Koran,
Mail eiders receive prompt attention.
The Providence Far Go
Providence, It.I.
wants nil kinds of raw funs, skins, t'in-
seng, soneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days uro as lollowfl:
Silver Fosc V-��-00 to ?150.0D.
Bear $ fi.00 to If 25.00.
Beaver(per pound)..
Red i'ox	
Gray Foi	
f 4.00 to ff
.*. 2.00 to $
.-, G.OO to f,
,jl 1.00 to $
*. 1.00 to (,
*, .75 to *.
.j .25 to $
.$ .no to %
*> .20 to %
Price lint on all other furs and skin*
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, caroiul selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of  Kast
Kootonay  District.
KTOTICI 13 KKREBY (HVKN"in iiccerdonce
n with the Htftiutes thai Provincial Itevtmue
Tn.*-: nnd nil taxes levied under the Asscftsmeni
Act are now duo lor tin* year 1898.
All ol the abovo named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division nf Gsst Kootenay
District arc payiihle mi my uHLe, thu Court
House, Golden.
As-tcssed taxes are collectable p.t the fellowiuu
rales, viz.!
If paid on er before June 80th, 139$.
Three-fifths of on,e por cent, on ite-il Property.
Tho nml vtio-lmlf p-*r etiit. on fu-caseil value
o! wild bind.
Onc-hall of en* per emit, on Personal
Oa no much of tho Incomes of any person ns
oxeceds Oue rhousand Dollars tin: following
rates, namely; Upon such excess of Income
when tbe sum i- not more than Ten Thousand
Dollars, one per cent.! when sueh excess U
over Ten Thousand Dollars nnd n��t mora than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, oa-; and one-quartor
of on�� nsr cent.; whan sueb exceas i.*> over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, ous nnd ene-haii of
one pir cent.
If paid oa or after the lit Inly, 1808.
Four-fifths of ono per cent, ou Real Property.
Three per cnui. ou lit* iisfuwiud Villus ol wild
Three-fourths of one jiar cent, en Personal
inucnofthe incomes of anypsrsonas
oxcecdii One Thouuatid Dutlars the lollowinj
rales, nantsiy: Upon sii"ti oxuess \yhrn the
satnotB notniore tuan Tjii Thousand Dollars,
om; and one-quarler of one ].i r ceni.j when
such, excei,* is over Ten Tliouaond Dollars and
notmorethan Twenty Thousand Dollars, oni
and otie-half of ono per ceul; when such excess
In OTor Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and
tntree-querlers of one per (;ent.
Provincial Iteyenue Tax, $'-1.00 per capita.
Ui   1
. IV
dncEuay afternoon.   Nocauualtlcs
uro reported on the Amoricnn side, but
Within  an  hour  after  leaving Eey greRt damage ia known  to have been
West tho U. S, North Atlantic -squadron done to tho forts ami it \* believed tlmt
��� in;* !n the South.
V, (*. I.A NO,
* nu.1 Collector.
Qoldon, January loth, 1898.
Livery and
Feed Stables
OMd Saddle Horao. anl I'.lg. of All Kind, for
Sir. .1 r..a..n.l.la Kate
��aw*l*f wi 111 Kind, a B-.cchli*..
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By *rery man who has a watch.
��� W. flliEXfiW,��
C.f ,R. Watch Inspector will he
Wednwwtlg to Friday __^f>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can la) left at
k H. @8
Wedding ftngs
11 Specialty.
Calgary. - Alberta.
Itivepy, feed -5
Sale Stables,
Fout Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting oi all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
i-W,   ���<-.���'.. ^r.��
and o'.
\ol De-
un llio
ftOURTa O* A8SIZH nnd 5ini Prlus
Kj Oyer ind T"rr.;i:itir and OeneraH
livpry. win he holden ni tlm places am
dates follow inf-;, vja.:-���
Cttyol Nelson, on -Monday, the *0ili dayol
June, ISIS.
Town Of Donald, on Monday, thc27[fc dnv ot
June, 1306.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Serretnrv's Office,
8th March, 1898. lStntf
Wong See,
O[itioinn and
tVr.tdio*. elo'nned, .Towollccy inoiiutcil, GlMaen
nlendcd and Qua. repaired, firm ul..�� work
li\ every dopartitrent. A tri.ilsolicited,so i-.nn-.
Wong See, Goldon.
Tom Lee,  ��
has tho best restaurant In Golden. It i'h open nt all hours.
Every delicacy nnd fruit In its
Season. A pood selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere {hoy
tto to
@ Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
I'mlcr and by virtue of the power of
euIo contained in a coYtaiu mortgage
mado by John Gibson to Daniel Wei-ate
Marsh, dated tho 18th day of January
1ST?, ami duly registered, default liaviiij_
been minle In payment of the moneys
thoroby secured, thore is now offered for
side by tender, the following lands and
premises, namely;���All that pertlon of
the north half of tho north half of S-
lion 13, in Township L'7, Range 22, west
of the Fifth Meridian in the Province of
Bi-lti.n Columbia, which li��� to tin. cast
o( the right of way of the Canadian Pacific Railway as at present constructed
containing l-">7 in*i-t*s more or los's. /\l**o
all that portion of tlie north-cast quarter
of Section 14 in the said Township 27,
which lies to the. oast of the right of way
of the Canadian Pacific Railway us a"t
prcsont constructed,
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned at Golden, B.C., up lo 11! o'clock,
Noon, oa the "u<l May, I SOS,
for lhe purchase of sail lnn.lo and subject to a reservo bid and the conditions
oi Bale, the hlglioat tenderer shall be tbe
The property is close to Golden and is
well adapted to market gardeuliig,
Further partluuliii's and conditlotii of
sale may be obtain.*.-! on application to
ths mortgagoo's solicitor,
Dated tliis IHth April, 1883,
r,222 Mortgagee's S-.ili.-itor.
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, .John McRue, Free
Miner's Certificate No, 80080, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to tbo Mining 1-tocordor for a cortificnto
of inipi-oveinonts, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of tho above
claim located on Splllluincheen Mountain, situate In the (Iolden Mining
Division of East Kootenay District.
And further take notice that notion.
under section 87, nuts, be commonccd
before tlie issuance of sueh certilieate of
Dated tliis 13th day of January, 1S0S.
John McIUb,
Hy his agent Ceo. S. McCarter.
captured u Spanish froightshlp und u��k
tlieir pii:-n to port.
The Amorican Hying squadron bus
been ordered to give battle In the open
m\ to lhe, Spa.ii-.li fleet from the Cape
Verde islands.
Queen Victoria hn. Issued a proclama-
sion ordering all British subjects to
preserve the strictest neutrality.
All vessels captured hy L'. 8. warships
will b-' sold,und the prize money will be
divided up among tho officers aad crew.
Tho Amorican deet will open tiro on
A cable to Beech k Co., Winnipeg,
from Glasgow says: "The American
liner Paris 'mm sailed around Scotland
aud escaped tbe Spanish warships"
John Jacob Astor has presented his
yacht to tlie U. S. government, carrying
all soldiers free, und has equipped a
battery ofarlillery for Cuba at his own
expense. It is said that there will be
placed in the field at Culm tlie lull fore,
of tbo army and 125,000 volunteer.
Tho Canadian  branch of tbu British
ationul Society for aid to the lick and
wounded in war ban offered the Spanish
and American Red Cr.isa societies its
cordial co-opcrntioa in the work of mercy
during tlie war, They will aid the sick,
wounded and destitute, irrespective of
nationality or race.
An extra of tiie Canadian Caz.tte
declares Canada neutral, that no ships
of war .-an uso British waters ior warlike
purposes, and every vessel nitisf. put. to
there was serious less of lib'.
Mall ailvic.s in Franco from Madrid
?'j,y that tiie Spanish squadron sailed on
the27tb,and His rumored that it -.as
going to bombard the northern ports of
ture was not given.
Rocksllcto in tho Canyon.
Cranbrook Herald: Tho Mounted
Police, und.r Sergeant Macleod, piadei
an important arrest last Friday. While
stopping at a wayside place Constable T.
J R. Anger, himself a Frenchman, overheard a conversation in that language.
t|.e!'ni���*dsi:.t.s.   Th, port of d*par-r'5','"* 1,"<;lhl1n* but  t"j��l"Sit ,li;   ln
���    until  all  bad  been told, he  informed
the sergeant, and tho principal ta'ker,
I one Le Chasseur, was arrested and after
short search tha " .till" waa discover-
".     ' ed, with kettle, pipes, etc., quite corn-
On Monday evening last th* east end,,,,..,,, ���,    ��� .   ;,.- i - . ,.     ..
- plete, also a pailful or mash or malt,   It
of the second tunnel, about three mile* wus learned that about 40 gallons of a
up the canyon from (Iolden, loll away very vile product had been distilled and
from the main body of rock, piling itse
uieely at tiie entrance, so '.hut a passag
sold. I.e Chasseur wus taken to (juat
liiver landiag, placed on examination
and denied vcl.��int*iillv knowing anyway had to b. cleared to permit of the .,,*���,, ,,,������_ .,,��� bu,lnBM wben An'
transfer of passengers, etc., from tke one j wa8 ,,]_.,,.,, ,,��� tlie witn��as stand, and Lo
train to tlie other. The rock heaped I cbaBseur seeing he bad convicted him-
up about thirty feet high and spread ���,_ by tM]u��� t00 raUoh in the presenc.
along th* track for about, fitly feel,   The | ���, ���  Frenchman,  bs  broke  ,|llvv���  .md
company had about thirty men at work
promptly tocl.ar the wreekage. working
night an.l day, and hy Wednesday night
the canyon wa. clear again.
Football Notes.
A meeting of tlio football club will be
held at the Columbia House ou Monday
evening next al 3 o'clock. It is hoped
that as many members as possible will
be present ao important business will bs
transacted. Tlie proposed trip to Calgary  en the 2-lth of May will also l.t*
own a
��� may foil..
6*a24 hours aftor entranc*. No supplies discussed.    Tiie club sultB are expected
to arrive in a few days. Teams will l-e
chosen this evening fur a practice Ktrne
to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Says the Calgary Herald: One of the
bitr, attractions at the Fir. Brigade sports
on the 2-ith of May will be a football
tournameut (Association rules) open to
thi Tcnitori.s and British Columbia.
(iolden and Cantnore have already signi
fled tl.eir intention of entering teams.
Advertise in
will bo given except for tlie iiiiiut'i!ii(i��
qso of the crew; no conl will be lupplled
to tht* eatnc ship twice in lliree month8;
till irregular!tloa will be cabled to tlw
British government, and no British subjects will bo allowed to en Hit on either
siuo or build or despatch BliipH Intended
for wa:1.
Admiral Sir Qeot-go Elliott, K.C.B.,
late commander-in-chief at Portsmouth,
and one of the mont dlsHhguished of
living British admirals, bus the following
to say iu regard to tlit* probftbli naval
Btrntogy of -Spain: " I think tlie nav-il
Btrategy of Bpaln wiil ha to allow the
Doited Btates Meet to attack thc furls of
Havana, if they aro bo unwise, also to
land troops on tha south sido ot the
inland, trusting to "yellow fever to fight
them. _^Spain will then defend nor fortified placeaj but as Havana is, I undor-
b ami, flhort in provisions, a blockade-
would soon distress tho garrison. Thereupon the Spanish fleet would come to
relieve tho blockade and there the sea
light would be.   That i? my prophecy."
Tho U. S. war department will adopt
a system of identification of thoso who
may fail in battle ia Cuba. The experience of the late war shored that many
men who were killed wero subsequently
buried by men of other organizations,
and that the means of identification were
oftentimes lacking. This accounts for
the innumorablu unmarked graves in the
national comoteriefl. Tlie pad circumstance has suggested to tho military
authorities the necessity of establishing
a method by which llio mon of tlie
volunteer and regular force who are sent
to Culm may bo identified -iWr death.
The plan likely to be adopted i�� to Issue
nn aluminum tag to each nan, whicli
will bo Buspeuded about the nock under
tho clothing. Tnls tag will beat* the
numeral to which each uameon tlie rolls
will be assigned, aud will also bear tbo
company and regtmout to whicli the
wearer boloogs, In thin way identification ir) a Bim pie mat tor.
The V. S, cruiser Clnclnnat captured
Lieut. IVdro Fernandez, of tho Spanish
army, who wan returning to Ida family
on a small sloop.
Everything h: settling down to war in
Washington. Notices received thero
from every quarter of the world show
that the nations its a rulo are prepared
to assume an attitude of strict neutrality.
An identical note has bsen Bent out to
all the U. S. embassies and legations
Instructing them to inform tlie governments to which they were accredited
that war existed from the 21st hist.
Lieut. Rowan, of tho 19th U. S. infantry, las been landed on the Cuban coast.
'IIo in on his way to lite camp of General
Garcia, and will represent .that thu war
department is arranging for tho co-operation uf tbe Insurgents In thc invasion of
the east of Cuba by the forces of the
United States.
The Spanish fleet in looking for ynchta
belonging to American millionaires, ns
they consider they would bo worth cap-
tho Straits of Gibraltar, the Sue*/, canal
and tho En-Jlish channel in tho hope of
Increasing their wealth.
"i he forts of Matan^ds wore bombarded
Opposition! Msotlnj.
A meeting of local Oppositionists was
hold in the Quoen'a Hotel sample room
on Saturday evening when the following
officer! and committee were appointed
to look after tho Interests of the Opposition party in the approaching Provincial campaign : President, J. C. Grtone;
Vice-Prei., M. Dainard; Secretary, 0. E.
Hamilton; Committee, W.11. Harvey,
E. A. Haggen, J.vh. Henderson, J. Winn.
W. Glomes. The cominltteo wore empowered to adopt tim most Bpeody
means for the purpose ol nominating a
candidate to oppose the present Government, and that In doing so take thy best
means of getting an expression of the
public opinion. The committee in order
to do this have called another raeetlug of
tho Opposition oleotois for the purpose
of electing delegates to attend a convention to bo held in Golden on Monday,
May 9th to nominate) a candidate for
North Kast Kootenay.
A Canny Scot.
Who is thc most enterprising digger a*.
Klondike? Pretty nearly every nationality is represented in this region, but
the "Napoleon of finance, and, it is
: said, tbo richest man there, Is neither
an American nor a Gorman. Ho is a
Scotchman���Alexander Macdonald by
name, "Big Allele," as lie is called, is &
brawney fellow, with a wonderful nerve.
His "clean np" on hia first claim
brought him $90,000. Wfih such a fortune lie might well hav�� returned to h 3
native hills and heather. But "Big
Alick" saw further than most of Ida
fellow gold diggers. He invested all hia
money in claims, and borrowed mort,
for whicli he paid heavy InUrest. it
looked as though he would become bankrupt, for he owed $40,000 on ore claim
alone. But his speculations worked out
..'1 right) and ho is now interested in
mure timn twenty rich claims.
��� ��o>��*������*-	
���Free Mlnlnu Machlnory.
Mining mnchiuory u tbe value of
$128,780 was Imported into Canada duty
free during th* lis-al year ending Juno
30th, 1807. Of this total $0,200 cam��
from Great Britain whilo the United
States supplied Canada to the value of
$114,2iJ9. These figures only apply to
that machinery whith wan admitted
free, The total value of machinery
Imports amounted to a very consider-
able sum indeed. The greater portion
of this free machinerj came to Driilsh*
Gold Discoveries In Scotland.
Iii January last Jumes Corrie, a laborer
on Cairnhandy farm, part of lhe Ardwcll
estate ef sir Mack Stewart, M.I'., while
digging a trench in a newly-phm,;hecl
field, at a depth of cloven feet, Struck a
stratum ot brown ore in which he noticed
a large number of glittering yellow
specks. The possibility of a Scotch
Klondike at nt.ee dawned upon hiiu, and
he collected somo of the ore aud showed
It to the estate factor, who, on submitting to analysis, found it to bs almost
pure gold.
Thc news quickly Bpread, and ere lonj:
a number of curious visitors from Stranraer and neighboring towns assembled
to see the now gold field, which, according to one who has hail experience in
South Africa, ia almost identical in
appearance with the Transvaal mines.
Development is proceeding and tho
ground ia being examined by a mlulng
engineer, and great hopes are being
raised that the soil ib rich enough to
make systematic working prof ft able,
which U not improbable,considering tha
past history of gold mining in Scotland.
Tho gold Gelds of Lanarkshire wero at
one time so rich that tho district bore
the name of " God's troasura-house In
Scotland." Auld Beetia way yet become
On Sunday last Miss Hanna, sister of
Mr. W. Uaona of Golden,arrived in town
Mi:'9 Hanna is ono of tiie Victorian
Order of Nuraos, who are now on their
way to Klondike to establish a hospital
there. Thero are f'��ur in the party ami
they intend leaving Vancouuor in two
weeks time. Receptions were tendered
them al various places en route. Two
hundred troops will accompany them
ever the portion of road whicli they will
have to walk and every provision has
been made for their comfort. They aro
not positive as to where they shall bo
located but the probability is that it
will beat Tort Sid-irk
The mines of Gannda during tho last
half of th* past year are said to have
brought more money into the country
by about two and a quarter million dol-
] hire than did Its manufactories, notwithstanding the whole financial policy of
the country for twenty years lias been
directed towards fostering the bitter
Industry, while the former h.u been left
to take caro of itself. The fisheries have
been carefully guarded, yot th-ir exports
fell $520,000 behind those of the minus,
and the exports from the forests woro
but two ami a half times as much.
The Free Press cautions its readers
thus: Headers will he s-ifo in regarding
with very grave suspicion about uinc-
tenths of the dispatches that will
appear in print concerning this war over
Cuba. This will he especially true of
dispatch*:! erne na ting from Key West,
which Is thc centre of an army of
American correspondents who arj
trained liars."
Spanish cruisers will go about | '""'<"' knou;' T ^Mi "' *MlU'm
" the lund o' cakes."
U. G. McConnell lus upon farther con-
Bldernllon declined    the    position   of
Provincial Mlnoralogiat and will leave
. | for the Yukon next week.
There will bo service in tlio Methodist
Church on Sunday evening as usual at
7:30 o'clock.
. famous now Chatham wajon at
. Parson's.
Singer sntving machinss are the host*
11. 'j. Parson ba- them. '-���-*--.���������'��'-'-'-���
trntvty Atidn
���to Ji-*a.
I'ihI...- the nhnve head il I'htgin
* in: mid Mining .Inurnal '* bus tills lo
,-r-. Frl-lay  regarding lhe purchases and worlilnj
.-.-i.,.. ri.l
fritiii. ami, tlie British America I orporittioti:
Arnold '.'.Idle, iu Unrpor'a Weekly,,
lias tliis to say of (be men ibat defend I
the Umpire:' i
Ollicers wounded iu flu. Afrldi cam-!
paign tire beginning to appear in  London society, and oue hears from them i
]    "Tlie  British  America Corporation,I many tilings   of  deep interest  which
���*!Tr    .   ;)i!',' :  fy     ' *'''    ori i Limited, which was furuicd n tew months have not appeared in tlie newspapers, i
ago by Mv. Whitaker Wright, bus lieen Here Is one. .Much ha* been said latch*
i*'L*.JXli,ltATKK! Dianlayjwla.M.Mlier        ,*.,.,,,,, . , ,     , ,    ,    ,
.1. ii. ,*.'..��i v.-r laibima in.ii ffiiaii in*, gathering glory iu Lnglaud by annouiie-; against tbe type and character of the |
�����'iii.l*]w-'iTv^ "'"��� ���* "muringIprivate soldiers sent from Kngland to!
,���...., a.i iiii'.ii<.i  r-iawiluiH   reaiiinn; i|le piek of mining properties in Britisli India, it is true that before and evenI
T.YBI.U   OS*'   iJ:.*0'A.'.('i'.S.
GtiUlan to Fort Steele
(Iolden to Carbonate    17 miles
Hog Ranche    22
'*       Spilliinaeliene     12 "
"       Shorty's    SO "
''       McKay's    (iii "
"     Windurmere    84 "
'*       Brewer's    ',17 "
Canal Flat  120 "
"       Wasa (Hanson's).. 151, "
"      Fort Steele  IfiX "
o.tr ,loli liciiarli
���liitin,! nlllm. iu
| C'oltnnhiii.   The absurdity of tliis stato-
1   mont is patent to every mining man who
,-1 knows anything of tlutt province.   As
tlu* rumors about purchases spread by
j| Mr.   Mackintosh   and   others   of  Mr.
.i  Whitaker Wright's henchmen are es-
i.iai'l.  tremi'ly vague, elusive and misleading,
we consider the present a .suitable oppor-
iuring tbe campaignsomesligbt weeding
was necessary.   All oltlcov who himself  uu*.;kck  AUTHORISING AN   BXTHA PROVINCIAL  COMPANY 'I'd CARRY
was severely wounded by a Dumdum i
bullet tells the following story of 13
private soldiers, which deserves to go'
down in history. During one of tlie rcar-
guard it.-tions a small detachment of 12
men and a noii-commissionud otiicer was
MAS located permanently opposite tho Columbia House,
Golden, wliere he will attend to all requirements iii
his line, whether it be Tailor-Made or Ready-Made
Clotiiinc, A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is "no trouble to show goods," and hi' has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
1 jrruspms! tnnity for cnutuorating thu number and [cut off.   The ofllcer referred to was in
*���>! to tin- .general
..,.1,1 li leuui,:- ...
i ,,.i-,:s.-i-i|.i,   mu
bill .*..-.. v.i,.|-.- ,-
imi-u iu*.*..iii|,u,iv ii..*
rllv mr iiuljltuiUU.li
. lallh,
��� i*orre..tii'iu)en -,���
lll.ll Un- to.|..'I!','.!
|i.. lilt. , -1 Initial 1
.ill, r
n nun
UK   Ml
,-i---i- ���- o> any minor
her j) nor iiui'.t Ural
>r |. ..ll.'nlitin 1,1*1.,re
a l.lr.....*. all ran.
:nay cob. co.
Odlilcn, li. 0.
11,21), IXilS,
Mining Critic: Evidently this is be a
iiisy mining soitson in Kast Kootenuy.
s pre] -a rail ond for extensive develop-.
ment work are Iroing made at many
(...ioisin licit division of our province
inns! promising precious-metal opportunities revealing themselves moreover
a", ijtltlc new points in [last Kootenay, in
addition to such already noted producers
a* ll..- North Star and St. Eugene mines.
Mast Ko il.-i.iy in 1808 should
.1 mbk'i likely cnou;,h treble, its precious
metal, lead and copper production uf
t!(0r. Yet less than four yeur,.! ago there
\v>.ts bo little profitable mining or prospecting work being done in Kust Koote-
niy'"that almost ill tlie local miners
Bj.m e I���tl oigb still in a majority if
. as-s sing n- el i u ;li���qui 0 "dead
1.���.!;-." Now, however, all is eagerly
expectant animalfoti in Kast Kootenay,
and there won't this year, aa at the
period of the las*, provincial general
idecti in, be there found such a big array
*..i mon eagerly pleading for provincial
government work on tlio mads, if only
u-iit i.i i nature of these purchases.
'I "In the lirst place the purchases ill
ibo Ilosshind district include tho following claims: Lucky Queen, Surprise,
You Know, Number One, Uoeklnghnm,
West I.e ltoi, Tliekla, Poormait, Nickel
I late, Oreornogu, (iolden Chariot, Great
Western, (ioidon Dawn, Colunibla, Tip-
Top, Kootenay, Copper Jack and Black
I5ng)e, il is also announced ilellnitely
by tlie corporation thai tin. .losio bud
been bough I; lull only ,i controlling
interest lias been us yet obtained by tlie
purchase of shares in the local company,
Wo learn from well-informed sources
that theso purchases were made at lhe
rate of $200,000 for the whole property,
it may bu well to remember that the
vendors of tliis mine have worked it at
a loss and are in debt to a considerable
amount; and it is fair to presume Unit
they worked il at least as well as a new
company could.
" Among the properties named above
will he noticed the Columbia and Kootonay claims, ll is well known that Mr.
V. A. lionize hud a bond ou these claims,
and after working them for some months
threw up Ids bond and forfeited his
deposit, us the average of the ore did not
command of the party despatched next
morning to (ind tliom. On reaching tho
place where the mon hud iur.de .heir last
stand lie found I'l.lead bodies. All tlieir
rillcs were of course stolen by the Afl'idls.
Here conies tbe point of thu story.
After firing his last cartridge, each man
of the 18 removed tlio breech-holt of bis
rifle and threw it lis far us lie could, so
tlmt tho rifle, whicli ho knew would lie
used against his countrymen, might be
rendered useless. Kvery one of these 18
bolts was recovered hy tlie young officer
in command of the search party. The
last thought of these men before they
laid down their lives was not for themselves, but ior tlieir countrymen and
comrades; It is good to belong to tlie
race capable of such things.
11 is glorious!
 -A .-O .-a***-	
FlehtlnE Joe In Provincial Politics.
���n in, mi.i loev
ii  i.ml   turn   li*
PltOVISCR OP IlimiMl ('OI.VSlWA. t
No. 11/1)7.
mmhs is to C'EIITIFY tiiut tho "((olden nn
1 Uli Columbia, MiflituU," U authorised antl
liuenaed io carry on biwlnuss within tlie Province of BrltiHh l.'olnmbia, mul lu curry out or
eff.-et nil nr anv of the olivet*. hereinm'tci ->���!
foftli u�� whicli ih" legislative authority ol tlu*
Lujrlslatnro ul llritisli Columbia extend*.
The lieali ofllea of tin.' Company is ��itnateal
Xo, i), Queen Htreet 1'laee, City oi I.ou.ion, Kiiu-
Tiiu amotml of llio capital uf Um Company w
��11.01111; divided into six [hoilsHIUl shared or ��l
'The head ofllee of tho Compuny In this Pro-
viiicc \> Hituaie nt i.nMcii, mul William ttllliert
MlteiielMnnos, wboHd address In tlulrton, Um*
lull nolumbla, i* tlie Attorney ior the Compuny.
Tin' tibjccis mr whicli thu Compiuij1 Ima town
(��ut��bU��liL'U and so liounsiiii art '
(��.] To ].iiivlmsi-, ttike on i.-
ai'iiiiirc mluut*. mlnio.; riglit
ous Imui mul any iuicn-.-t |]
plorc. work, uxtmrtse, rtuvoli
account ihosiime: ,
lh] TocrtiHh, win, sot, quarry,smelt, calcine
rt-iiuc.ilri'ss, amalgamate, mauipulaicpurcbiw1
nml prepare for market, ore, metal, ami mluci
ul HiilMtatuiCH of nil kimis-uiiil to carry on
oitlmrnponor lu connection with the premise,
or eUewiicre. tho business of miners, niiih-rr.. \
smelters, mul workprsof mi>* i.roi-i'ssi-s hi the I
oroihictioii, l't'rtiii'lion ami iiiitkin-,' merchant-1
able, ui ���uiluerals.iiiL'iiils ami metallic prortueln,
HUppliesof water, merciiants, antl inunufactur-
crr-', uiul workers oi anv minerals, metals, art 1-
(���lesaurt thliiKs usert iii or in connection with
ininiiiR, milling, HmoltlUR, and other procusscb
aforeaaitl, or any of them:
[el To search for mines ami mineruls cither
on land known to contain such mines aurt minerals or otherwi.se, mul to liny and sell, lease
or lake up thoHghisol Bearchor other tnlners'
rights or claims under uny mining statutes ur
regulations ol anyplace where Ihe Company
carries on operations, and uny oilier rights re-
Kiiuctlng the same:
[iii To Bdiulre options,or cnler Into contracts
fur ihe purelmsu of any grants, concessions,
leases or setts, easements or iuiercsi.s in lumls,
witicrs, inillr-iies, townsitcs, mini's, minerals,
mid itiltcr bereollameiits, ami any plant
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
Lumber,   etc.
THK   fUMl. ^��,
G-olcLcm. arid. ZBesuTrer, E���C-
���   i eliiiii-rv. liiM.leineiils. (-..nvriiit-ui-L-s, i,i,ivi..ii.i
opposition party in |;,;;;, u'.iiias'iiiul anv other |iro|wrt>, real n
���aljli', for piir|.o.c. t
'I'Ih* Qiioou liegent regards the prospective slaughter of thousands of her
���subjects iu the coming war witli tlie
I'nit.'d Slates witli apparent iiidiffc,-
Vllce. There is n mighty fall iu store
< proud, headstrong nation, and if j
is not properly humbled within I
mouths  we shall be greatly stir-1
At a caucus of prominent citizens in
Vancouver  last Thursday night  Hon.
Jus, Martin, the ex-Attorney (ionenil of
Manitoba   wus  all    but   persuaded  to
declare liiniseli us leader of the opposition in provincial polities.     Tbo power
behind tlie persuasion is the ('. 1'. It.
satisfy him. The oilier claims are mostly I Martin committed himself lo tlie extent
prospects and some of them vory poor j that he stated that be would steer lhe
ones. destinies of a new opposition party in |all(* ,**,*llgl
"The corporation also announces that' 1!. ('. which would he entirely iudepen- ��� |;ofJJ'JJjli'i,J1'SJ|{S,���.,!'n,'vSSoi.j;*.-!"'"'unit is in negotiation for the Centre Star ' dent, of federal partv lines in the event' Coiiiimny, orrapnljlo ,.( Iicliig useil in .-..iiikt
und the  I.c  Hot. Tbe purchase of the of the present local legislature passing tion wl.,1, mctali.i!Ki,, i .,..,,,:���.,,..,.r ,���,,,���
the  Yukon railway   subsidy  hill.    In
this  event, if Cotton and Sen-din, thc
present  leaders  were  with  him, they
could fall i:i Hue, if not lie would rally
tion has acquired the Wlioop-up and I those around him with influence and in jijrtofjliei.
Tootsie claims, because they adjoin tlie accord witli his views aud Ignore these
Velvet, claim. In Christina Lake district i gentlemen altogether. As against this
iho Algonquin group of mines, consisting I movement prominent conservatives in
of 17 claims, has lieen acquired. De* Yuiicoiivor have held a caucus and find
pendablo men who sampled the ground j the feeling very strong for iho Turner
occupied by thoso claims last year cnild Government and constantly gaining
not get more than $8 in gold per ton, mu! | ground. They claim no desire for party
judged that tiie claims did not justify j lints lint say Hint liiey recognize lhe fact
thc expenditure of any work on them. ��� tiiut a strong liberal following is bucking
In tlie Salmon river country llio Argon- i up tin. designs of ambitious oppoBltlon-
tcuil, Hawkoye, Murphy, Catharden and i ists and also their entire lack of support
Mist Fraction claims liave lieen acquired. I from the conservative elements ill tlio
The corporation has also bought the province���-Kevelstoko Herald.
lloskius group on (be west side of Perry
Otetiaf #
Ullock & Barrie, Props,
latter is not al nil likely, but the promise
of it is of value in dazzling tbo eyes of
tin. 1,,'ltish investor.
" In tlie Sophia mountain the corpora
tor tun
eek, Kust Kootenay, thc Perry, Mnybe
Minma, fioittliern llirt, llozemnn, Hold
l'.ug and .Miinhatliiu claims. It is stated
tlie corporation  that four  distinct
by workmen or others employed by the I
patty, aud to work, transfer, let or sublet th6
ii*) To acquire unv invent Ions, h'ttt-rs pntonl
or licenses, cripahiu oi being used lor tlu* pur*
noscsol tue c.iiiipiinv, or any ol them, and lo
work, transfer, let. nrsuolei the sami-:
f. To aetiulre ami undertake tin' whole nr any
properly and liabilities, oi
i��ny carrying ou any bust*
liiVwiiich tills Coiii|itiiiy iMHUllioriscil io curry
on; midlouci-uiriMind hold any shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debenture^ Becurltles, nt*
gotlabloor otherwise, ol or other interests lu
any Eugllsii, colonial orolltorcompflnlcif, asso*
ciiiiiu'-isor uniiertakiiins callable in being managed or conducted mi as directly or Indirectly
to benellt the UuMnessoi the Company, Also
to advance money on any such shares. Blocks,
bourts, obligations, debentures, securities ol or
other interest iu sueh eompaui��a, uasoclaliouii
or undertakings, and to accept sueii sbanaor
stoelis, bonds, obligations, debentures or Bcuur-
tles us partiul or mil Hceurlty lor payments due
to the Company: .     . ,
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or Join with
otnurs in acquiring, constructing or hiring an)
. null-, canals, waterworks, machinery, roaos,
I bridges, tramwuvs, railways, engines, plant,
i Mocks, buildings, works, matters or things
Which mav be necessary or convenient ior tlie
purposes ot the Company, or any of ilium, ami
to tin; working of the same or any part thereof:
ii. To Improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, cuargo or deal
with, in anv maimer whatsoever, the under*
taking or any part or parts of the property oi
the Company, or any rignt.s, wuy-loaves nr
casements in or over uie same, ami in accept as
payment therefor either cash or i-limes, or
partly cash and partly shares, In auy other
company purchasing tin* same:
1     '<',-. i.vlnl.1U!l  Il1.il   llHllltlHill  I'
m.     B.   ' C.
Fl Ht-t'lto-s in every imriinilar.   Convenient to Railway iVpot and Hteaiiiboat Lamliajj,
Hates.Heationable.   Free .-*a:niile Itooms.
Tlie Tram Car leaves Kootonay House, eonncetlng with steamer for Fort S'.wdl& tsvnf
Monday ami Friday after arrivul of train from tlie west.
[eadqiiarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
' reefs have been opened varying irom 4.    Vn(lor llml ,,y virtue of the power of
-    ���..����.o���   ���- I ft. to 25 ft., assaying from i! oz. to 7 oz. I salu  contained  in a certain mortgage
vomment believes  that   the fold per ton.    Nobody else has obtained  made by John Gibson to Daniel Webster
silill results and local buvera of jttdg-l "Sr"'' i"*"   H'e 1Mb dav of , atitiary,
,, ,   ,        . is,,. and dulv registered, deiault having
nlont would not touch the claims. been made In pavmant of tho moneys       .    .
" Altogether the properties acquired  thereby HeeuroUhero is now offered for \ ^^iT^fX^^n eulei'lulo
by the llritisli America Corporation so I sale by tender, tin. following hinds and ���   ���������'
llritisli Columbia yotitli should bo educated, and io Hast Kootenuy itlouo will
expend   ifii.lUU,  us  against  f,'),USS last
year.     Tliis should t.i* gratifying to the  far, arc ou the whole, a very poor show,
people ���; Kootenay, as it shows a eon- J '��� '���' a pity that a company which has
sidertit-! disposition on the part of the
tlovei'iimciit toward tlie inciilcution of!'
the-r.-'-.ttest of all blessings to any cum
For Homo Comforts       e e
Modern Conveniences   u ��
I'cst Cuisine in (lie West *
Commodious Sample Rooms a
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Co to the     SS   �� �� *y>
Columbia Jtc
'.i J --;
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
ITeadquavters for iriniii}; Men.
i. To uatubilali una inaintain nRonctc. of ilu-
CemiHiny in any ueleny, dominion, [tirulgn
country or sum*, ami t.�� |irovtiru lliu t'omiiaiiy
u, I,,, rcglatoriat or lu��*oi"i>.,rut*.il i.i auy ailed
colony, iToialiiloa, ior.*i,;ii i*.iuuti*y ��,r Btate:
Toiiuiiil*,'.iiiiiiU* Willi any oilier .-..iniiany
I'rfivittco will .
training of the i
I over 4tS',06o,O00 ill easli should not lay its
money out to better purpose and get
] something worth working.
' Another point in connection wiiii tbe
Tlie future of thejdnines of tliis corporation is that tin- all that portion of tbo north-east quarter
upend laivolv upon the! claims and properties it acquires are not
ising generation,
; for itself alone!   It is working conjointly
[nirtiii-i-slii*., j.-liit u.lvi-i.liir..-, rt*c!|irocnl
premises, namely:���All tlmt portion of I ramlou ..r otliurwisu, with .my lomimny or
lie north h-ilf of' tlie mirth I111IV of See- i por.iiin or linn engaEi-.l or alaiul lu eiirfiiKc In :
lill. IIorili 11.111 01 1111 1101 ti liui! 01 ,*.(*,- . ;1|1V |,us|,���..s ���r uaiisaellon ivlilcli II.Is 1 'niu-1
turn li), in township '_',. Itnnge 22, west' *,uiiy 1.- loitluirljoii Ie engugc In, or cuf.al.lo��
of tlio Fifth lleridiuii iu the Province 111! ni'iiig 1 ou.liu-ti.l so ns iliie.-ily or Inilircolly 101
Uritisn Columbia, wbic.ii lies to tlio east I l,^"',l1i,'1 iJ;;,"!,'",';;1';"
the Canadian Pa-'
if tlie right of way of
ilie   Railway us at present, constructed
containing 167 acres more or less.    Also , ���s .ir*m.j,���,* ���r ������,.
..I ���r us uuenl.-. or Irustis-s [���i-i.tliers:
of Section 1*1 in the said Township 27,1 1* To make, pur-June, sell, accept or In.l.im*
u*l,i,,i, Una in il,,. p.i��t r,i" ilina*lnh, nl u'ti-I hll a of uxulmng. uud otli*.r Instrument., IICKO-
w1111 n ins to me cast 01 tiioTignt 01 way , ,,���,,,,. ���r ���,i���.r���i,,.,,���,���i ,��� i,���rr���i,- nu.-.u-y .-iiii.-i-
 , ,    ... , of   tlie  t nnadiaii   Pacific itallwav as at. v.nli >.r wliix.nl aocuriiy, uiul ollliorupon in--
with the London &CII0U0 I'liiauce Cor-] present conatruutcd. ��oiini,ie instruments or i*tlu*r\visi-, inciudlnaj
"*"*>**^ I poration, Uiul tod, another of Wllitttkor     Tenders will bo received by the under- #tf,i"i8��pwiW
It i. ntitliorllittlvely stated Hint nego-, Wri-lit's companies, and tiie iiroportleB Bigned at (iolden, B.C., up to 12 o'clock,; (uiuro), lueliullngItauniallattrapllBl:
.   .      ,       , . ,, ... 1      ",-,..,  , ,,,.., I   iu. Toiiromoteanil forfliother comiiftiuosfor
 "      ���'-'-'   ���'-���' '-'   '-'-��� '-1    Noon, OU tlio 2nd May, 1808,    Unyofil'm ubjuei. niontloinul In lhl�� Jlemor-
11. To lnvc.1 nml ilon! with ilu. moneys of ll;..
Company not liniuorila,lcly rc.it.lrotl upon nuuh
<^.llea(lqiiivrters For-*--*,
party  tvhlch the uompany i�� atitnoriaeti ioi-hhi ��p-�� . m      ���*�� _
ffiffaie.B,.��,.,��0c..a.si!,F3,afor0oSsii}r,sftiS;i Mmers,  Prospectors   and  Lumoennsa.
as prinelnal or ayent, nml either hy tho'agency A
'��of others, any pro*
which the Company i�� authorial '
Kates SSl-OO 2?ex ZO^-;p\
I'oAiti) & Loixiino ,|)") Per Week.    First Class Bah.
tiittions luivo been successfully concluded
by the Provincial (iuvernnient for the
i*.intpletiou of the wagon road from
Sticl-iue river to Teslin lake within
three months, and tlie immediaiu coti-
Structiotl of a railway between tlie sanie
points. i'.iigineers will be put iu tlie
field to examine the country between
tbe Stickine and tlie coast witli a view-
to vim coiistrucli..in of tbe raiWay at the | lent selection) lias his own way, he will
are lo be divided equally between the
n',1.1      11    1.1     i*,������.. ,.���i���i I for the purchase of said lands and sith-
The whole of the chums enumerated I j;,d |(, ^^ ]M um, ,hc, {.mmam
above have been lxitigiit for lhe corpora-, ���( ��,,!,,, the highest tenderer shall bu the
tion by Mr. Mackintosh, in n month or purchaser,
two tlie technical supervision of tlie
mining interests of the corporation will
bu in tlie hands of Mr. \V. A.G'arlyle,
who is resigning the position of provincial mineralogist in order to take up this
work.     If Mr. Carlylo (who is au excel-
earliest possible day.
An anxious would-be I'tovlncldl voter,
went to one of tlie collectors of voles, in
line of our coast cities, for the purpose
of registering us a voter, uud ou being
asked the usual questions, one of which
was, "Have you ever taken the oath of
allegiance to any foreign state?" He-
plied, iu a very Innocent manner, that
ho .was a member of tlie Presbyterian
, Church, but did not quite agree with all
tlicy did. Verily, tlie lilth century is
still'in the background with respect to
sonic, forms of education.
Tho editor of u neighboring exchange
siya that ho is 11 Christian, an adaman-
tilo pillar Of the church and delights in
sacred sougs on proper occasions, but
turn down nine nut of every ten claim*
acquired so far. l-'rom our knowledge of
his character we expect to see him
resign rather thllll write reports on
properties from dictation, a thing which
lie may bo asked pi do."
Girls Will Say Something.
Girls will talk, and no girl is quite so
good but she will occasionally drop au
uncomplimentary remark about one of
her own sex. Two of the most charming young ladies of tins town were
recently heard using tlie following
language: " 1 just think it shameful the
way that girl spits slang. Holy Saints,
If I twirled my talker aB she does, mv
blooming old dad wouldn't do a tiling
but tan my duds till the dust would he
thicker than y.-.ller jackets around the
biiiiglu.leoi a sorghum barrel in August.''
" You   belcher   brass,   and  servo  you
Tlu. property is close lo (iolden and is
well adapted to market gardening.
l-'iirther particulars and condition* of
sale may he obtained on application tu
tho mortgagee's solicitor.
Dated this IStli April, 1B08,
(Hit). S. McCARTER;
ii222 Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Tuke notice tlutt I, John Mt'Uae, Freo
Miner's Curtitintti! No, 8!>.i:,0, intend,
Sixty tlity*^ from tlie llfttti hereof, to tip-ply
to the Mining Recorder for it certilieate
of improve 11 ientSt for the pur-roso (if
obtaining tv Crown uratit of tlie nbove
claim locutod on SpllUniROheen .\loim-
tttin, felt 1 lilto in the Goldon Mining
Division of Kust Kootenuv DiHtriot,
Antl further take notice tlmt notion,
under section 87. inuat be comraencetl
leeiifltteaatul in sueh manner as irom timo tu \
time buitetirmlneii:
u. To distribute any ol iho proporty of thit
Coinii'iny among the tnenibern in upeelo;
li* To carry on liimitieiw lliaiiy part of tin*
wi.rhl nml tu tin ull Mtieli Uiin-^i as tire ItieltlUit*,
till oreundlielve o- tin: ntlaliuueni ol lie- UbOVti |
iliven under my llftiul ami ROat ol olllee nt .
Victoria, Ploviuce ol llritisli Colli III hla( tliin1
lOllltlayot Oetuber, out] tm.u-uii'I olglll hiin-:
nreil Kiid ninety-seven.
ncfiitrar of Joint Btook Companies,
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.C..    ^rr^\
(ii'dci'i'icH. Dry Goods & (Jcn'oral Merchandise;   Minturi'
Supj-ilii.'s a Specialty.
1IIS IIUNOUK Ilie I.l.-iil-'imlil-ll.iv.-riii.r tins
I *    boon  i.lcast.il   lo  iinike    Uie   f.ill.ovin-,'
3rd March, ISM,
.Iamks FR1IQV8SON AllMl.TltoNO, ol I'nrt Steele.
Kaqllire,H.M., te be a li.*].ul>* r.iruii.T (or Ilu*
Coltllty of Koiitcnay. ism"!
Windermere Hotel,
*-m, J. A. Stoddart, P��p.
Cholco Wines, Liquors antl Cigars,   l-'irst class accommodatiMt.
tint when a few nights after he hews a! right," roplied  the o'tlier young lady.
neighboring family that owes him for
three years' subscription singing:
" .Tosua i?aid it AU," he feels like going
over with a club *u.l giving them a
ftceipt in full.
' My old people aro sunflowers of the
same hue und if I should make such
raw crack* in iny speils, they'd thrash
tho ro*y cussednoss out of my angelic
anatomy qtnckertlian clioiu lightening.''
pl-IILIC XdtickIh hereby kK-ch IllltUppll.
I cation will b. iniiili* In III. fiti-lt-iim-nt ..I
Canada, al the next session thorcof, d.r tin An
i-liaiiKin*,' illu n-unc ol The Poialllloll llilllillag
,    ,. ,     . , ,! uutl U.an Assm-lnlloli lo Hint of Tin* Dominion
before thc issuance ot sueh certilieate of | pcrntanont I.<.nn Compaiiy.
lintel at Torouto, nils if 1 li iluy of Novi-mlii-r,
Hated this i:ltb day of January, 1898.
Jons McRai,
By Ids agent (loo. f**. .V.eCarter.
Advertise in
���^-^^THE  MINER
M.M'IIOXAI.II, lllll.ANIl ,t TlltlMI'SIIX,
'j Toronto Stract, Toronto,
..-.2.VJI Hulloltor. for Applicants,
East Kootenay>
Mining Stock List
The Oold Hills C. k 1). Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Ooldofl k l'ort Steele I). Co	
Albortn & Kootenay D, Co	
East Kootenay and Elk liiver Develop*
mont A Kxnlorntlon Co	
���Wit*. I'RICH.
f   750,000
(i 500,000
*    75,000
/���lOURTS 0? A9S1ZB and Sis! PrUw, and of
V uycr tn.) Terminer and tleneralHaol Pa*
livery! will be holden at thu iilacua ami on ihe
���Jaii'ii following, via.:��� ,    ,      ,
Citvuf Nelson, on Monday, the SOth day ot
June, 1898. .  ,
Town 01 IionnlJ, on Monday, the Inthuajr 01
June, 18'J-j.
By Commnnd.
Provincial HccrcUry.
Provincial SwTtHarv'* OITlee.
' Sib March, 18DS. ^nilt
VTOT1CK ii herebv (riven that on the 14th day
-> 0/ January, IBM, it wus ordered by thc
Honourable J. a. Forln, Judge of the County
Court, thut James I". Annsiriing, OlHeinl Ad-
ininistrater ot the Couuty <��f Kootenay, be
Ailmlnislrator uf all ami singular Ihe poods.
cuatieUandi-rniliiof Krneat Orpwcod of (iold-
en, labourer, deueased, intoalate,
Kvery ponton indebted to thesnld deceaiod,
li required to make pavmont forthwith :o tin
Kverv person having in jmw.-sslnii i-frtTt.'-
beunigiug |i)lhodecoaHed,lsrenitired lurtl.witl:
to notifv the uuderafgncd.
livery creditor or other person having any
���rtalni upon or intereKt iu the dintribtttion oi
the personal estate of the nahl deeuasod, In
required within thirty dav�� of this date, to
���jund by regi.steretl letter addressed lo tin
uudei'tiigneil, his nunic and address, and tin
full particular*1 of hin claim or interest, nml 8
Ntatemunt oi his RCOOUIU, utnt the n-ttun-nf tin
leeurity (ii any) liulil by him. 4fter the expiration of tin; -mid thirty ilays.theAdmiuUtratoi
will prceejil with the distribution of the estate,
having regard to 1 hose claims only of which hr
Khali have had notice.
t>atud at fori Steele, tItIrf 271 h day o( January.
Ofllclal Administrator.
pTIffc is hereby -riven Hint application will
lio made to tlm i^rialntlvs Assembly of-thf
I'roVlnceoi Briusli Columbia, at its next sen*
���Ion, for a I'rlvate Mill tn iiit'ortioriitu 11 Com-
fanv to build, equip, maintain mul operate a
[no'or lines ui railway from a point at nr near
Cnwbrook.in ivist Kootenay, thence by tht
must feasible route tu iho si. Mary's itlver;
thence in a westerly direction lo tht blind-
watyraof St.Mary'h Ulveriand also In ItH easterly and norther!.* direct ion from home point on
tlta aaltl lino a branch line tip tbe East Konio*
nay Valley lo the neighbourhood of How
Thief and No. 2 itouIch ami tho minesin tlmt
vicinity; wiiii potvor lo the said Company to
construct n lino from the Hull liiver llroupbi
Minos, in East Kootonay, to the must eon*
veni-'iit tuiiut ou the main Hue of tin
Crow's Ni'-t I'aai Itailwuy; and also
to ��nthiiri;:i' and empower thc Company, to
build, from time tn time, branch lines in
(froups of mines and coiiueiitratnri from any 01
the three above-mentioned linen ut tidlways
molt branch Muck not to exceed twenty (*J0)
miles In l"itglh; with power to build telegraph
and telephone Hues, and t���� equip and operate
the said railway and lis branches, ami to creel
aud maintain all necessary works fur tlie gen-
ttraiion nml transmission of electricity or
power within the area of the operations ol the
���aid Company! and power to build, maintain
and operate wharvi-N, (locks and steamboats,
naw-mill-*, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, llnmes, olc., for improving ami
Increasing tho water privileges, nnd to make
iraffle or other arrange lite it is witli railway
steamboat or other companies,and for all nt her
mtual and necessary powers, rights 01
( BDUffKU. HtVINfi A DUPr,
Solicitors fur ihe Applicants.
Victoria, It.C.-.'JMh October, I8H7.        -in lit
VTOTICK Ifl IIERRBVCiIVEN Unit application
** will bu made to the Parliament 01 Canada
and to the Legislative Assembly of the Province
01 British Columbia at their respective session*
lo Incorporate a Company tn construct a rail-
way to bc-opcrated by steam or electricity from
a point at or near Cralibroi.k.iii Kast Kootenay,
llritisli Columbia -the most northerly point on
the Crow's Nest Railway,���thence running In a
nortln rlv direction up tlie Kootenay Itlver tn
canal Plat] themv tu tho Columbia Lake ami
lu a northerly direction down tho Columbia
Itlver lo tin- Canoe Kiver; thence up tlie Canoe
Itlver and ncroni the t'tvtagu to ihe headwaters
ol the* Fntxer B1ve.r; thence down lhe Fraser
Itlver in Giseomo Portage*, thence across die
Portage to Parsnip Kiver;   thence down thc
Parsnip Itlver lo Kind lay Hiver, and up the
Findlay River and across the divide to Prances
Lake, and theme to the Yukon, with power to
divert Ihe route of Ihe line north of (tfscoinc
Portage cither bv wav of Dcaso Idtko or as 111 ay
lit* found ni us 1 suitable on further ��� explurntiuli,
with power tu build and operate branch lines
not, exceeding sixty miles in length and all
necessary bridges ami roads. Also, to construct
ami operate (olograph and telephone line* for
the transmission uf messages for the public; 10
build, acquire ami operate steam and oilier
vessels and all necessary ferries, wharves ami
do.iks; lo take and use water for generating
electricity, and tn transmit and dispose of thc
power (herefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to curry 011
the business of a general trading company, ol
an express company; also tu own, manage ami
lease .hi>lcU, 10 acquire, to acquire limber
limits and operate saw mills, for 1 he product Ion
and Kale n|lumber, and lo mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and to carry un a general
mining aud ore smelting hnslucHH, including
thc erection and operation of smellers and
�����  *     - SdllCltors tor Applicants,
Dated al Ottawa Si li Movent b��r, IBD7.     lln-St
Notice is hereby given Hint all persons
hnviiiK any olaim* against the ostute of
Ocorgo Woodioy, late of Golden, 11.0.,
deceased, who died at (iolden, 11.0., on
the 2nd February, 18U8, arc required to
give notice of their claims toU.il.
Woodley and D. M. Rne, the executors
appointed by tho will of the said Ucorgo
Wnodlev.'Oi! or beforo the Hrst dnv of
Mav, A'.l)., 181)8, and that after said last
mentioned tlate the said executors will
proceed to distribute such of. said estate
as shall have come to their hands, having regard onlv to such claims as thoy
shall then have received notice of a,
above required,
Hated this 23rd March, 1898.
* Solicitor for tho Executors.
AU persons indebted to me are requested to settle same with Mr, 0.11,
I'arson, who has authority to give
receipts for tire (timo.
...    ' -'��� S. ABLER.
Golden. February 15th, 1833.
..rrti.-.- ".i-jm-*,---....;.
.i^.-..v��.*a-��itJiAitt.-|-���.-��-��**i-^^,\. -.���-.i-ijij-".^*., I,.. -.' i .-�����.*��~-~-.i�� .',y
Is the best advertis
ing medium in East
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75.to $150 Each according to
���CO***)**** ��������*������������>�����
p*****-, ���^_���_~^. ��>, -.   Onc-thli'd down, balance it, three uud six
..ha V��*',. ii m*w��iL*--1-.|"
mKS ��.      inoiitlis, without interest.
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only   $2.00 per
year ;
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
trict ;
Upper Columbia   -���-=.
Navigation & uramway
Co, Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. H. at Golden, '!.  C.   and
Groat Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   aad   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of (J. C, Co'y, Golden,
mtsfmsesimfmst m ..""       m  mm^Bmmmimwmwwt* <mmmmm^mKmM*mimrmm*
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Cianl Poivtlor (.^oinp'ay.
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
Mgardtie * Betel
^ort Steele, 35. C.
Choice Wines, Ltquobs and Cioars,
R.  D.   MATHR, Proprietor
oi) jiot springs
\' mm&r 1
The   Kincfl   Health   Resort   on   tiie Continent.
Private Hoapitttl iindpi* medienl aiitierinti'ri-
dence   tvitit   a  Trained   Staff  of Nurnca.
Complete System of I'.ath^. nf every kind
and di'BcripIion.
Medical Director���PK. R. 6. ISRl'.TT, BascF.
R����id��nt PhyaicUn k Surjoon���DR, SPAXK1B,
Subscribe for �� THE MINER/' ���**��� <4 *i .���x"mnrir*7-*r *. v*rji-w-T-rt. wm "I'llWIWCia nsra
���.-. AJ-w.-'.iMJs-n.r-iK- v.ic | ���tz���MWfwXxsr.janmm
A   FCLL   rH'lU'I.Y   OF_
Drugs,  Chemicals
Patent  Medicines,   Toilet,,J
Articles and Stationery,
-, PDBCHASED   FOB  Till."1
you aro Cordially Invited to call and Inspect
our l4toc.lt.      Prescriptions  uud    Private
Recipes cur.'fiilh- compounded.
(I. !',. McDi'iinot haa been doing*big
business in bicycles thin week
��� United Btutos officers refused clearance papers to a shipladon with moles
lor Cubit and thus forced Spain to do its
own kicking.
(.'���npt-iin Bacon of the Uppor Columbia
Navigation Co. oxpoisti to leav i hia
lirst trip of  tlie season to Windermere
next Tuosday.
The regular monthly meeting ot the
North East Kootenay Miners Association will bo held in tlie Columbia House
on Tuesday evening next at 8 o'clock.
A man employed nt W. C. Wells'
lumber mill, Pnlllsor, was brought
down yesterday morning to the I iolden
Hospital  with  a severely bruised log,
J. A. Stoddart oi tlio Windormor*
Hotel, Windcriiicro, spent a few days In
town tliis woek, lie is now on a visit to
Calgary and will return homo in a few
Calgary Herald : The question of the
fountnlna for the C. P. B. gnrdons is
agitin being brought up and it is thought
tli*y will arrive at last, although thero
is u letter in Calgary stating that thoy
were shipped neatly four years ago.
The addition to tho Columbia
House is Hearing completion. Tlie plasterers will be through in a few days and
..he carpenters will then put on tbo
finishing touches in short order. Tho
ivliolc hottso is now being freshened tip
by tiie painters.
A special genornl mooting of the shareholders of tlie Alberta & Kootenuy Development Co. Ltd. Ly., will be held nt
the head office oi tho company, Alexander Block, Golden, B.C., on Saturday
May 14th, at 1 o'clock in tlie afternoon,
ior the purpose ol electing directors for
the ensuing year and transaction of
general business.
Tuesday last war the TDtb anniversary
of the Indepondont Order of Oddfellows.
Tlio local lodge of this Order have made
arrangements, forth* purposo ol appropriately commemorating this anniversary, to attend the Kngli.li Church in a
body on Sunday evening, May 8th, when
Itov. II. li. Tinner will preach a sermon
suitable to the occasion.
Thc Craw's Nest Coal company is
actively preparing to develop ils mines
nt Conl Creek. They have all th* machinery r-'n.ly to ship und have coking
ovens, etc., iu i-ourHo ol construction,
and are only waiting for the completion
of tbo railway to place their coal and
coke on the market. The coke lias been
tested and pronounced equal tu tlie
The British Pacific Cold Property
Company nf Victoria means to spend
$1,000 in developing the Wellington and
old Dominion claims on Toby creek this
season. The ore on tlie claims is galena
and copper enclosed by shale and granite walls. Tbo expenditure proposed,
although not largo is thought suliieient
hy tlie company to show up the ground
Messrs, Korfoot and Palmer, proprietors of the mail stag*, lino betweon
Golden and Fort Steele, hold nn inicsti*
gation ou Monday as to the cause uf llio
accident which occurred to the outward
bound stage near Bpllleniachono last
week. The testimony of the ptssengors
Completely exonerated tlie driver from
ail biamo in the matter and went to
show tlmt the accident was due to tin.
bad condition of lh* road.
Tho construction of tlm new- ('. P. U,
transcontinental copper -olograph line,
between Montreal and Vancouver, was
commenced at Montreal on the Hth
iust. When completed there will boa
length of aliout ti,!i(lij miles of wire, constituting probably thelongestdirect land
line circuit, for daily work, in the
world. To pass acrosH this immense
���distance, signals will only occupy about
one-tilth of a second.
On Monday afternoon a prospector
named Ed. White brought in word to
the police .here says the Revclstoke
Herald, that lie had found on the mountain back of tlie town and about a mile
Irom tlie Hotel Kcvelstuku tlie skeleton
of a man and dog. Tho skull was missing and the clothes covering the lionos
of the body were much decayed and the
bones clean, so that th* appearances are
the tragedy, by whicli tlio unfortunate
man met his Ittto, occurred sonic considerable time ago.
A   nbip.nnnt of' fresh   groccrios jitet
received by Ii. G. Parson.
A little knowledge is a dangorotis
thing, ospecielly for others. A Melbourne police magistrate knew that
people chewed tobacco; but there bis
knowlodge ended, for lie evidently
thought that tho process of mastication
oncled with tobacco as with viands, in y.
swallow. So, when a prisoner appeared
before him, chewing a very largo quid,
tbe magistrate ordered him to "swallow
it ut one.." After sonic hesitation, tin
prisoner obeyed! One swallow, they
say, does not make a summer, but that
swallow must havo made on* sick.
Mr. W.J. Ritchie of Calgary, arrived
on Tuesday to take a position in Mr, J.
F. Pngh's tailoring establishment, Mr.
Ritchie will bo a valuable addition to
musical circled here and there is now no
reason why the Golden brass band
should not become an accomplished fact.
By his arrival here one of the greatest
difficulties in tii�� way of successfully
forming a band, namely, the securing of
a competent leader, has been removed.
Previous to .Mr. Ritchie's departure
from Calgary lie was leader of the Fire
Brigade Ban*1.
The first meeting of the directors of
the Bald Mountain Cold Mining Co.,
since the shareholders animal meeting
in Golden in February last, was held i:i
Calgary on the IStli iust. Ti.o fallowing
o(Iie(*TS wore elected for the year: V.'.
II. l.ec, president*, John Kinney, vice
president; A. Allan, sccy.-trc.iauter, the
othor directers being ,1. A. McAllister,
Calgary; Win. McNeish aud CIS. Mc-
Dermot, Goldon. Tho directors intend
to carry on more development work as
soon as the snow is imilicienily off, and
arc making arrangements to have wurk
vigorously pushed. It is reported that
efforts arc being Hindi!by several eastern
capitalists to buy tho Bald Mountain
Wilkinson plows, No. 30, and Wilkin
son drill plow and potato digger at Ii
C. Parson's.
votick 18 nEREtlY GIVEN that application
*]   will bs made t<. tin- I'urll uncut tit Canada
ifl t
ot Iiii
ll bin ftt Hi
ii y to
l)'Ol lilt* I'.'i.'/ilHO
ivii'tni-.t p. rail-
to ii" operated l>> Dtoatn oroluurlelt) frum
a point at or near Cranbrook, In Kan I Kootenny,
Drftlnh C'liiiuuk* tii.' most northerl) point on
i he (Jrutt'a Neat Hallway.���thetiia runningfn ��
northerly direction up the Kootonay Hiver i<*
Caiml I'li.t; thonee to tlui Columbia Lake and
iu ft northerly dlro'.-tion down I tie Columbia
Kiver to llio Canoe River; thenco up Hid Canoe
Hivur niifi twron the Portage to the headwater*
of tno 1'raser Hiver; thence iioun the Km-vr
Kiver iu uiflcuuti) l'artatje; thence aurosti the
Portage i" Parsnip ttivorj thonue dovw tbu
Parsnip Kiver tu Findlay Uivcr, nnd tip the
l-'iifiliiy Hiver and aurow the divhie to Frances I
Luke, and ihence to thu Yukon, with power to i of li 1b inn-m
divert the route <���, the lino north olOlseooLe mining reeo;
Portage either by way uf Doaso l.-ifce ur mi iuhv micli claims,
be found moatsuh ibmou lurthi-r exploration, I 1)1 in to a ci rt
with power to build and operate "Branch linen i name i
Pacific Ry.
Mininterot Mines and Provlneial Secn-wry-
Hon. Col. James llaker.
Provlnt'lal MlnoralotrlHt���ff. A, Carlyle.
Public Asuuyer���II, Carmlchaal.
Kor the Province���W. S. Qore Victoria
South District coniprisinif Kort Steele nnd Ti
baeco Plaius Mining DivlalQns���.l. F, Arm
utrotiB Cranbrook
North Olstrlct coinprlalUK Pouald, Colilun
Windermere Mlnina Divisions���J. K. OrifBths
C. M. Edwards .
M. Phillips	
 Fori Steele
..Tobacco l'lains
Deputy Clorll Of thc Pence; Iur North East Koot*
una f JoHltth Stlrrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of tlie Peace Iur South Baal Koot
enay~*CharleH Maasey Edwards.... Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully tht1
Value and Necessity of t> ** Free
Miners" Certifies* fcc���2-To Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 13 yf.an of ago, may be
cornea free miiu r bj paying ft to Hiiy_:ol<I
commissioner ur mineral recorder and obtain-
lup a certificate good (or ono year.
A free miner may obtain u new certificate for
one lost on paying fi.
A free miner's certificate Is not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, hold as rt'.ii estate without fioenfle, ma
be lined *J23.   Mines bfeome real estate afti
erown grunt has been Issued,
Should co-owner full to pay up hhifrer miner
ocrtittente his interest goal to h(s co-owners pro
rata according to tlieir fo
a slwreholder in a joint stock company need
not be n free miner,
A free miner may claim lr-OOxlCCO feet, r.iit
i'!i angles must be right angles and all ineasur-
inc'nt must be horizontally,
A free miner may t ut timber on erown lands,
A free miner may kill game iur hia own tut!
si all seasons.
a free miner may obtain five ocreinUlsUeup
ou crown lands In the form of n square.
A claim may be held from year tu year bj
work boing done to tho value of oue Uundreu
Lodes discovered In tunnel nay be held 1/ re-
corded iu lidays.
A fn e miner may on paymont of fCOO, In lieu ol
es] ��� fadlture on claim, ontAlo a'erown uranc,
Any miner may, at the discretion of the gold
com ui las! oner, obtain necessary water righi
No transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall be enforceable unless in writing,(Signed
and recorded,
No miner shall BuHer from any actof olnfsalon
or commission, or oelays on tlie pun of tho
government officials,
No claim shall be upon to location during
last llluesss of holder, nor within u montus
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A miueral claim must bo recorded within 11
dayaafter location, if within 10 miles uf office
of mining recorder. One additional day i* ��v
oweil for every additional Hi mile** t-r irmiiuii
hi reof.
Work on eaoh mining claim to the value of
?1C0 must bo douu uach year from dato-of re
cord of mineral claim. Affidavit made by Ihe
holilvr, or his agent, setting out a dfitaUetl
statement of the work uonu must be filed with
the golil commisBlonsr or mining rocordorj	
a certificate of work obtained, end recorded before tho expiration of each vear from the date
ol record of said claim, A iiw miner lioldin
Inlng claims, may subject to Hlin
lh the gold commie
uo; i
lilt lr:i
uouer or
i' moreot
il the wurk required lo entitle
teats of work for each claim, The
i applies to vxo or morefreemtn
crate i
Hng sixty units in length end all  era holding adjoining rlalnts i:i partnership
ijrlilges and roads, Also, to construct j In lieu oi above work tho min*>r must pay sitnj
lugraph aud telephone Hues for and gu receipt aud record tho same.
1 - "-fur tho public ���
und <
 te steam ami other
vessels and all necessary ferries, wharves and
rto-jfcs: lo lake and use wuter (or generating
sle��trloity, nnd to trausmlttiud dispose of thu
power thtrefrui.i iur lighting, heating and
motive purposes j with power also tu carry on
the business of a general trading eouipanv, of
mi express company; also to own, manage'aud
lease lioteU, to acquire, to acquire limber
limits and operate saw mills, for thoprodtiolion
and sale of lumber, ami to mine, explore and
di velop mineral lands and lo carry on a general
mining and oro smelting business, Including
the iTi--ii.ui and operation of smelters ana
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa tohNovember, 1897.    Uu
KTOTICI li tier.liy olvnn tlinl r alir.ll applr for
^    ll I.|..-l i.i llllll,,-!- ii,-,-||( v lo   nil   Hull,it oil
ilu- ion ,nil,,. ilaKrlM lan.i. :  Coniiiionolnii
ill a poll (ill ...U.1,11.. |.*���r|; of   piuloy  IT | i,*)al
.llimto.l i..vj (.ol  io Hi,, lionli ol  llnnll.'a
Corral, s. K.; Iboiicoriiiitiiiiirl.iii.'luiliiHBoiitlu
Ill-Ill,'-; 711 .*!. Hi lo. West' ItlOllCU 1.ill ("lis ill*: n,,:ll,;
incaco 71. olinin. ua.1 o�� tlio po.1 ofooinaieiii---.
mi-ill iuontalnlng 1,000 acra. about.
M.   C.U'.l.l.V.
Sold.*. B. 0���  Ootober SOtli, 1307-
v'OTICK is hereby given Hint I shall apply
L1   for a special timoer licence to cut timber
on tbu following dfsiTibed lands :��� Cuitini-.-ne-
Ingata point on Flnley Creek, nt the head of
the canyon, north-east corner nosti running
w('si.'ji.welmhis;tnonei'jft.'|i-ifr.sBoiith ; thence
200 chains oast; thence to chains north to potnt
of commeucement ; containing about 1,000
J.   C.   DURICK.
Foil Siecle,October 21 ut, 1897.
All rjorgono indebted to me aro ro-
uiu'stcd to iwttlo Biinit. with Mr. 0. II.
Piiraon, who hag authority to give
rooolpts fur tlio Katno.
Goldon, February loth, itias.
Wo wish to inform the
public Unit wo are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Dato Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Mi tiiorantlum.
I..-1UT MlllllH
mil n.-...!s
11.111,1 mill
Calling Card.
uualnea, Card.
Law llrli-la
I lbor Hooka
Hunt Work
I'r.iiiilsory Notts
lt.*.*i'l|.t K..riiiH
Sin,rt- I'l-rlilinitua
Assay Forms
Druggists Ubol.
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. O.
Wrifo for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for April:
Cottage Citv April 10
Alki...  " 11
Islander  " 12
Thistle   " 14
Australian  " 15
Victorian  " 16
Pakshan  " 17
Danube  " 19
Queen  " 20
Ning Chow  " 23
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, J uneau and Sitka
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tito most comfortablo hotel in South
Eust Kootenny. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Tho ln;nt stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is ut
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Mqdorate Tonus
First class Food Stnblus.
The Bent Beer in Canada is made bv the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Mtinufncturors of Beer, Alf> And Soda Water
Insisi ongottinKCalKivry Boer overy time. They
nil havo it. The Company's agent Ior East
Kootenay in
II. a. PAKSOK, Golden, B.C.
Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes,
and Men's Clothing.
Call and See How
Cheaply you can
Seneral 91/erchant
While taking down stock for one week from dttt I
Will bcII at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Dry Goods, Gants Furnishings,
Shirts, NEcktiES, Boats �� Shoss,
& Fancy Gauds,
Olarles I Warren,
���3-old.em- S.C.
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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