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East Kootenay Miner 1898-11-18

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ilfltiiii; Mma*
Devoted to the Mining Interests and Development of the District of East Kootenay.
Vol. 2, No. 17.
Golden, B. C, Friday, November 18, 1898.
$2.00 Per Year.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
.      And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steelo,     ���     B. C.
0. 8. MCCiltTF.ll.
Jab. A. IUiivev
Harvey A McCarter,
Thos. McNaught,
mains Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
aud Notary Public.
, Jas. Henderson,
���S^NS/W**/* Prepared.
J-romut attention slven to order..
A lupiily ol Building Lime Iur sale.
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Port Steele, 8. E. Kootenny.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
TAKE NOTICE, natality days niter date 1
Intend to apply lo tlie l.'l.iel Commissioner
o/ Mnitaund Work.*. ��i Victoria. B.O.. for tier,
mlaalou to iiurchami 100 acres ol laud, described.
"Voiuiocn'rltic al a post one anil nnchalf mllei
Irom Columbia Itlver, llieuef east 40 nmm
uliiiiit I), P. K. surrey lins. ilu;n.*o iiuwi f
<h.l*a o Hum* Thiol iff* ihonce woit ��l
(.*BalnJ.tliiin*wKuth*ie-*al!i?I'i i*ost n( com-
,a'"i'.".n,-lll| containing in ..II MD-acrc*, more
or less.
I)at���d November :l,l, 1(515.
MOlltGACE sale uy tesdep.
Under snd by virtue ol lhe power of/ialo
iiinlainc.l (na certain innrt-tngc made by
J C. ilreclie to Mlcliai-1 crier anil Joseph Ijike,
and assigned lo the vendoriiiitl duly roiuwrH,
default ma e In payment ol tlio
moneys therehy Meurtiil. there In offered Iur
sale by tendur the pillowing lands ami prcnil*
'"'if'S'singular tlioso certain parcels or
tract�� ol laud aud promises, situate, Ivlng and
being in Iho Town ot Uolden, In llio Province
ol British Columbia, more particularly known
and dcsi-rlbed as lots numbers Ion, cloven and
twelve, In block numlHir live, as shown upon a
map or plan ol survey ol iho sul.l town, an.
I.roved and confirmed at Ottinva ifilh March,
lSSS, by Kdnuard llnvllle, Survcyor-tlenoriil ol
IMmlninn Lands, aud ol reeord lu the Depart-
mem ol the Interior.    .
Teuders will be reeelvod by Iho underslijnc.l,
at KevelHtoke, B. C, up to ll! o'eloek limm on
Thi'khiuy, Iho FmsT I1AV up DBIuniS, lSSS,
lor the pureliase nt lhe said binilsund promises.
The property will bi-sold In one pureel, and
subject to a prior mortgage, made to one .1. K.
Miller, and bv lilin assign,-.! to \\. C. \\ ells.
Tlio pronertv Ik* .|iiestlou la known as thu
"0 li's ll'ile'l," (lof.len, ll.C,
further particulars and voudltlolis ol sale
may bo obtained on application to the moil-
���agees'solicitor by teller addressed to bltu at
Kevolatoke, B. C.
piitod the Utli day ol November, ISM.
I7.3t Mortgagees' BnlleJtor.
OTICK ia horebv given that all application
. . will I* Ui Ilie Legislative Assembly
ol tho Provlnee ol llrlllsli Columbia at II" noxl
Hesslon lor an Act lo liicorpornte a Company,
with power to construct, ninlp, oporalo am
maintain a Railway (standard or narrow wage)
lot tha convoying ol passengers and froighl
Irom some point at or near cranbrook, tlieuoo
nSolooil, both In the Koo'euay District ol
llrlllsh Columbia, by lhe shortest and  most
"���".*."   *..      !   ���    .',,,.    HMIUa.    ,,.    ,.,i,,u,r,,,.,
iir.ictlc.ablo route, with power lo ciinstriioi
"iiiitp.opcratc and maintain Branch Lines anil
a 11 imssury Roads, Bridges, Ways, Ferries,
Wharves. Docks aud Coal Bunkers; also Scam
anil olbcr Vessels and llnals, and generally to
enrrv on the business o! transportation: will
rower to erect, operate and maintain Telegraph
ind Telephone Lines in connection Willi die
���aid tall way am! Branches!��� tho transmission
Water Rlghls. 1" "UPpVy wilier or wator power;
a.i,l to gcnernlc electricity lor supplying light,
heat an I power, us well lor llielr own use as to
���oil anil supply to tho publlol snd will, power
To rarryoua business ol a Mining, Smelting
and King Coinpailyi aud to cons r,,,.t
���uulp. ouoralc or to turn to accouil. to Wil or
olliervl** dispose ol mines smellers and re
U,"-s| to acitnirc. hold and. Isposeoliiilliiiig
lands,,,, lulug rights, coal lauds, Umber land..
Umbel-claims, surface right-., wator rights am
privileges, or other real or personal propurll.
and with power to expropriate lands lor tno
purposes ol tho propose. Uiiilway; nnd to a*.
quire land., bonuses, privileges or oilier nlils
irom anv Government or person.! or bodies cor-
rorotei and to mako truffle or other arrangements with Railways, Steamboats or other
Companies, with power to build wagon roads to
be used In tho construction ol sueh Railways or
auv advance ol the same; and Io levy and col-
loot tolls Irom all person, nslng, and til Ire gin
passing over, nny ot such roads; with ull other
rights, powers or privileges as may foe nccOBsn ry
or incidental or conducive lo thc attalmneutol
the above objeols or any ot ihora.
17-lt 1   . Sollelton tor the Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., S.'oveober 9th, 18.98,
Out by Crow's Nest Pass.
By Bash, G. Hamilton.
Twenty-two miles from the main line
there is a modest little log building at
the roadside, with outbuildings of the
same, and some enclosed land. It is a
farm owned by t, merchant in the town,
and bears the name of Hog Ranch. It
received this in the days of railway construction, when it served the purpose of
a placo for drinking for men employed in
tho building of the railway. Being
twenty-two miles away, it was barely
outside of the pale in which tho snle of
liquor is prohibited under the Public
Works Act, while a large undertaking
such as the building of a road iB
being carried on. Tho way it Becured
tho name illustrates in n manner the
extent to whicli it was patronized. It is
related that a man���a stranger in tlie
neighborhood- found it suited his con
venience to fltop nt thia humble-looking
log house lor the night. Coming in tlie
next day to Golden, he was asked wliere
lie hud passed the night. He described
the building*, said ho knew nothing of
its name, but that it might be called
Hog Ranch, for that a most tremendous
amount of grunting, groaning, with
peculiar noises, went on in the surround-
>ng bushes the night through. It has
'tuck to it ever since. It was then
connected to tho line with a pack trail
which ran from a point iu Montana on
thu south to Golden nt the north.
For the next lira miles to tho south,
after leaving the Hog Ranche, farms are
fairly thick along the way. Then succeeds a stretch ol ut least fifteen miles of
rolling country, whicli looks to he as
good as that passed, but in which thero
is not a settler. The ground is often
covered witli low scrub, though in places
ills high, open, with a fair growth of
scattered big trees. The spocius referred
to is the Douglas spruce (otherwise
palled Douglas pine, and commercially
Oregon pine), a well known tree. It is
straight (hough coarse grained, exceedingly tough, rigid, and bears great
transverse strain. For lumber of all
sizes and planks it is in greut demand.
Few woods equal it for framos, bridges,
ties and strong work generally, and for
shipbuilding its strength, straightness
and length especially lit it for masts and
flpnrs. The Britisli Columbia cedar also
grows in patches over the lower ground.
Frequently tho road runs in among the
foothills of the mountains. At other
parts the foothills break oil intp hogbacks and deep gullioB, extending clear
to the river. After fifteen miles is
passed farms are again met with. Forty-
two miles from Golden is one of tbe
farms of Mr. T. Jones, nn old prospector
and mining man of thu mountains, who
has turned his attention to farming.
For a long time there was a stopping-
house kept on it culled theSpillimiieheen
House, taking its name from a river of
considerable size that enters tlio Columbia at a point nearly opposite. For a
distance the settlement is comparatively
thick: tarin follows farm, all of them in
good shape. One ol the prettiest
amongst them is that of Mr. George
McMillan. It is pleasant to look upon,
having a gentle slope ol fields towards
tho river. Not fur from McMillan's
ranch thero has been erected a neat
little building of logs, which is used as a
church by the members ol tho Presbyterian body.
The broken country continues lor a
stretch of another eight miles, the distance boing fifty in all from Gulden. The
climate of the valley up to this point is
much like that which prevails in Northwestern Ontario, It is good and steady
in winter, with the thermometer often
going below zero, with splendid sleighing
from start to finish. In Bummer the
heat is never excessive, and tho nights
aro comparatively cool.
[To be Continued.]
Hospital Society.
At a meeting of tho directors of the
Golden Hospital Soeicty, held last Saturday, Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innes, president, iu tlio chair, thu resignation of J.
Kingston as caretaker was read and
accepted, and E. 11. I'ughe was appointed
to the position.
riuiis and specifications woro submitted by the secretary relative to tlie
matter ot an isolated ward, but it was
decided to take no action until sprjug.
Mr. Carlin, of Golden, Speaks ofthe
Present Conditions and
Future Prospects.
(Winnipeg Telegram.)
The well known lumber merchant,
Mr. M. Carlin, of Golden, B.C., arrived
in the city yesterday morning by the
Atlantic express and registered at tlie
Leland, He has resided in that country
for twelve years; previous to that time
he was a resident of Winnipeg.
Asked as to the present condition and
future prospects oi the country, ho replied : " Last year mining operations
subsided to quite nil extent, occasioned
in part, no doubt, by tho war between
tho United States nnd Spain. Tliis fall
however, there has been a great revival
in this line, nnd a large amount ol English capital has been invested in mining
properties within the last three mouths
" Largo quantities of ore aro now being
shipped over the C. P. It. via Revclstoke
to the smelters at Nelson and ltiissland,
and the great bulk of Canadian on; will
in thu luture be smelted by Canadian
furnaces, instead of being sent across
the border to the U. S. smelters.
"In AVcst Kootonay District mining
operations are in tt very flourishing condition. Gold, silver and lead uro being
lniucd in large quantities,
" Messrs. Mann, Foley Bros, and Law
son are pushing their line of railway
from Robson to tho Boundary Creek
country. It is a very difficult piece of
road to build, the rock cutting at certain
points being heavy.
" 1 may say," he added, " tho general
outlook for Britisli was never lietlei,
and while there is no boom, yet proper*
ties ot all description are steadily advancing in price and the country is being
developed In that businesslike manner
that plainly sIioi-h the people have great
confidence in its resources,"
Wtndorinere Mining Division.
T. G. Elgio hits just returned from an
extended stay in the Windermere District, Eust Kootenuy, and he spea 'S iu
terms of greut praise of the Swansea
mine. Tho Swansea is located within a
mile und a half of the town ol Windermere, which iu on the shore of Windermere l.ako, and from wliich steamers run
down tbo Columbia River to Golden,
whicli is on the main lino of the C. P. R.
The Swansea has been developed to a
considerable extent by both shafts and
t Illinois. All three shafts are in pay ore.
und tho tunnels aro being driven for
crosscuts. One of them has passed
through the vein, showing itllll feet wide.
At tlie point where the ledge is cut it is
about 30 feet from the surface. A shall
has lieen sunk in the tunnel, whicl.
shows four feet of green carbonate oi
eopper,iiitorspersed with motallio copper
This ore is being sacked as depth is
gained. The ore yields a handsome profit.
The assays ol this oro run from 20 to o>
per cent, copper. It is tho intention ol
tho owners of the Swansea to work the
mine during tlie winter, and make large
shipments in the spring to the smelter.
The entire country around ���Windermero is very rich both iu mineral and
agricultural resources.���Rossland Miner.
Rossland Mining Market.
The state of the Rossland mining market is us follows:
Old Ironsides, Knob Hill and Smuggler are still being picked up ut fair prices
The Athabasca mine has been well reported on ol late, and the shares havo advanced from 32 to 43 cents, and is a
scarce stock. Monto Cbristo and Deer
Park aro the most active shares at
the present, while Cariboo (Cfttnp Me-
Kinnoy) is also a brisk seller. Several
blocks ol Saluio havo been placed. The
position of thoso shires on the market is
gradually advancing nnd becoming firmer
from day to duy. It is advanced from
the 10th inst. to 20 cents.
Full particulars given ns to all stocks
upon application to Thomas McNaught,
Mining Broker, Goldon, B.C.
Grand Master Hendorson.
ThoNow Westminster Columbian says:
Grand Master Henderson, of the 1. 0. 0.
F., has returned to Victoria, after his
official visit to the Provincial mainland
lodges. LeavingWestminsteronOct 11th,
ho wont to Golden, and then to nil tho
towns in Kootenay where lodges of the
order have been established, returning
home by way of tho Great Northern.
He reports Beveral lodges in course ol
formation. Tho Oddfellows throughout
tho Province, he says, contributed $1,000
toward tho relief of the Buff ororo by the
Now Westminster fire,
Kootenay's Rapid Progress
in the Past Ten Years*
A Bright and Successful
Future Is Assured to It-
(Nelson Mining Standard.)
Kootenny is a great country and one
which has made rapid progress tinder
unusual ond peculiar difficulties. Ten
years ngo it was looked upon by a great
ninny people as a range ol inacccssablc
mountains and, therefore, a comparatively worthless tract of country. West*
em emigrants looked upon its seem nigh
uninviting hills nnd then gave them a
wide berth. But tho old pioneer pros
pectora, the trail blazers of the West
had well formed ideas as to the future
wealth of tho Kootenays, but they fully
rculixed that the expenditure of a great
amount of capital would be necessary in
order to bring about successful mining
operatious. Roads, trails and railways
would have to be constructed and various other improvements made before
the mines could be worked with profit.
In the meantime those early residents
of the country continued tlieir explorations in nil directions, and in many cases
their labors were highly remunerated
Placer ground was discovered in both
East and West Kootenay whicli yielded
good returns and acted us an impetus to
renew tlie search for gold with grculer
interest und activity. Attention was
turned from placer:*! to quartz with varying results, but. on a whole sufficiently
encouraging to mako it an industry in
which many were eager to engage.
About the first ore ol any consequence,
in the Kootenays, was discovered in
188(1, ill the Aim-worth district, from
which a sample shipment was mude by
miilo train to tbe wharf and from thence
by steamer and rail to the smelter.
Since then nearly 300 miles of railway
and 12 handsome passenger and freight
Bteumers have been built, besides as
many small tug and freight boats are
plying tlio lakes of llio Kootenay cotm-
try. Fourteen charter hanks have been
e-lablisbod and five incorporated cities
with almost every modern convenience,
each having a population of Irom 1000 to
6000 people having sprung into existence.
There arc also 12 smaller towns and
numerous camps, each ol which can
boast of ull the way from 100 to 500
The shipments of ore from the various
mines have doubled almost every year
until lust year tho output reached the
gigantic figuro of fO,!)29,*l1Jl). This ycor,
as our Inexhaustible treusure vaults continue to increase tlieir output, no doubt
this vast amount will bo Increased by
several million dollars. Notwithstanding the mad rush ol people from all
points of the compass tn the Klondike;
the war between the United States and
Spain, during the continuance of whicli
capital wus extremely timid, and the
unsettled condition of afluirB in European countries milking investors doubly
cautious, fuw mining districts on the
globe have made a better record in Ilie
same period ol lime than the Kontenays;
none can show a more substantial one.
These are diets whicli defy contradiction
and show that too much cannot la. said
iu praise of tho Kootuniiy mines, Thoy
to-day provide tlie Treusiiry Department
of llritisli Columbia with its greatest
source ol revenue.
It is frequently Baid that mining is a
game ol chance. While this may he
true in some localities, this rulu will not
apply to Iho Kootenay country, Fully
fifty per cent of our mines on wh'ch
sufficient development work has boon
done uro today paying dividends. What
other milling country is thero about
which the same statement can bs made
without departing from tho truth? The
Kootenays, however, havo suffered their
full quota from the evil influences of
wildcat speculators and mining stock
manipulators; but their day iB about
past. There is a bright and roseate
future in store for the Kootenays. Ol
tins we have every promise and assurance.
New Watchmaking Business.
Mr. William Alexander, watch inspector for the Western Division ofthe
C.P.R., has Inoved his headquarters from
Canniore tq Golden, and has opened up
a repair Bhop in Tom's tailor stand until
he can secure permanent quarters. This
isa popular "move," as a good reliable
watchmaker and jeweler has boon greatly
needed iu Golden tor some time past.
Oold    Commissioners'    Employees
Are Now Prohibited From
Acquiring Claims.
Hon. J. Fred. Hume, the Minister of
Mines, lias gazetted his latest order thut
gold commissioners and their employees
shall not acquire any new mining interests. This is a regulation that has been
required, because it waB scandalous as
to tho manner in wliich Government employees traded in mineral claims. If
tlieir salaries are not sufficient, then let
them quit ollice. Tlio summary ol the
order is as follows:
Gold commissioners, mining recorders
and clerks and employees under them,
connected with the administration ot
mineral claims, shall not he allowed
under any circumstances, to lake out free
iiiiners'certificutcs,or toncqulro,directly
or indirectly, in tlieir own name or in the
name of nny person for their benellt, any
mineral claims or any iutcrest iu any
mineral claims ol any kind whatsoever.
Tlmt forthwith every such person shall
make a Btateineiit to the Department of
Mines, showing what interest, if any, he
has in such mineral claim, and such person may, under directions, he allowed to
tako out a free miner's license, for the
purpose only of protecting such Interest
already acquired.
Under no circumstances shnll any gold
commissioner make any ruling or order
with regard to, or take any action in con
nection with, any miueral claim in whicl
he or any mining recorder, clerk or employee under him hue, to bis knowledge,
any interest; or with regard to any incorporated company in which such gold
commissioner, or any mining recorder,
clerk or nny employee under bim, has
any shares or stuck, All such matters
requiring any action shall bo forthwitli
reported to the Minister of Mines.
A Hockey Tournament.
The Banff Hockey Club has reorganized for the season, and have already
begun practicing on tlie How liiver.
The club is very anxious to arrange a
tournament iu whicli Golden and Cun-
inore clubs will tako part. The Golden
club is (ptite prepared to receive challenges, und as soon as skating commences
hero will bo ready for business.
For London and Parts.
It Is not too early to discuss the advisability of sending a first-class collection
of ores from this district to London next
summer to show at the Earl's Court Exhibition. It isalso important that siiino
good man should be sent witli them to
show them off to the best advantage. As
the Paris Exhibition is to be held during
the following your, tlie specimens could
bo sent there after they hail done duty
in London, It is expedient, therefore,
that every effort bo made to send something tiiut would attract attention from
tlio largo crowds thut will surely congregate at each of these grenl ex bi bit ions,
in 18IIU and 11HX1, respectively.
Provincial Appointments.
Mr. John Connor, (iolden, has been
apiHjinti'd one of tho quarantine officers'
ol ihe Hoard of Horticulture for East
Kootenny for the purpose of currying out
the provisions ol the act regarding the
inspect inn of fruit and nursery stock.
Alexander Qorron of Crow's Nest Puss,
and W.ll. l'earsu of Uevelsloku have also
been npiioiiited iur the same position ii,
their respective districts.
The appointment ol Willium Walter,
of 15 Sergeant's Inn, Fleot Street. Lon-
lon, to be Agent-General for the Province
of llrilish Columbia in London, vice
Forbes George Vernon, is gazetted.
Mr. Thomas Morgan, Nunaimo, has
been appointed ono of the Inspectors of
Coal .Mines, under tho provisions of the
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Fire at Dawson City.
Dawson City had a (530,000 firo on
October 14th, in wliich 40 .buildings were
destroyed. It was caused by Belle
Mitchell, a dance hall " lady " throwing
a lighted lamp at another " soubrctte "
during a mix-up in a saloon. Womanlike, tlio lady'did not striko what she
aimed ut, though she made a brilliant
hit. As this is the third time this erratic
young damsel has miscued in precisely
tho sumo manner, n tire resulting cnoil
timo, it would seom tho time had
arrived for her to begin practicing; or,
better still, ahe should use a stuffed club
In her little arguments with her festive
lady friends. Better rofulte would bo
assured then,
Reception and Dance���Dr.
.C*4-ss Removed to Rkvel-
STl) k E���Woo d Pam in e���A
Poet's Soliloquy���Notes.
(From our own Correspondent.)
A roccption aud dance has been
arranged for Friday evening by tho
Selkirk and Arrowhead sections in honor
of Mr. Williain Newman, who is leaving
ub Bhortly to take up the same positiou
as he holds hero. Mr. Newman, or
"Bill," as ho is known by his friends,,
is very popular amongst .his men, niid
tlie trackmen have shown their appreciation by presenting him with a solid 14k
Cresont St. watch, also n very liautlsoiue
gold chuin and locket, the latter having
imprinted upon it on the one side his
initials and upon the other the coinpm
and square. On the inside of the watch
has been engraved, " Presented to W. S..
Newman by the truckmen of the Selkirk
und Arrowhead sections." The watch
chain and locket wus purchased from
tho popular jeweller, .liioub Fleishman
of Vancouver, who di' the utmost in hi��
power to mako ��� attraotivi ntd.
Locomotive Foreman Simon Fraser ie
around looking for a sleigh. 1',',* are gled
to report mother and .laugh*.cr ar.* d. ing
well, and we extend to Simon our congratulations.
Ah Sam, upon the Information of Dr.
Tom, wus up before Stlpendiarj Magistrate Griffith on a charge of selling
liquor  without a  lice       Tie   caso
seemed to have been one ..' spite, as
there appeared to be grave doubts as to
whether the liquor aeized wus whiskey or
not. Several reliable men being unable
to decide, the magistrate laid the caso
over for further reference..
In spite of the nssurenco we received
to the contrary, it seems rather apparent
that Dr. Cross is not to bo allow,..I tu
remain hero the two days citch week, as
wo had said before. This is not fair to
the men, as the single men pay 50 cent*
ii month nnd Iho married men (1.00 fer
that privilege. Revelstoke now has four
or live doctors and surely tho C. P. K. one
could be allowed lo remain hero for the
two days a week as promised.
Our teniusterB aro complaining tlmt
they can getno men tocut wood lor them,
and there seems to he a likelihood ol u
wood famine, Here is a good cliunoe for
anyone who has nothing in sight for the
Winter, as tho wood is all handy, and
they can mako good money all wiiitor.
Christmas goods are beginning to arrive. Manuel nnd Kuttnii have already
received thoir first consignment of boh-
day goods, and ,1. 6. Pitts is expecting
his dally, while I'ntmore's store is begin-
ning to put on its gala attire for tlu*.
Xmus trade,
J. N. Tricksy arrived from tho Crow's
Nest Pass on Tussdtfy hist. He informs
us tlmt things lire very quiet up in that
vicinity.    He expects to return there
aguin ou Monday next.
.lust one year ago today (Thursday)
we hud 15*"*B inches of snow; to-duy wo
buvo only Ha inches.   Even the snow ie
giving us the go-bye, fer which, however,
w.. are thankful.
The following verso has been Compiled
by one ol Donalds old timer's, which,
under the circumstances, wu think i*i
most appropriate:
''Sit beside me, dear husband, ami tell
me, 1 pray,
"What makes yousodullanil despondim
to-day?'' *
"Tho matter, my dear? V.'hv, ourhonjes
built so fair,
Will booh disappear like smoke in the
Our village of Donuld, renowned far
and near���
"It's days aro numbered,and 'twill soon
" 'Twill bo Sjr Donuld Smith village de.
'And into a Goldsmith village it will be
'Out of tho Forrest it was carved, bo 'tis
'And like to tho Forrest 'twill soon lie
'The daya we can number with pleasuro
so line
'Will soon be forgotten, and all loft he.
'Peace be to those whom wo leave in
God's acre,
"We'll go forth again,- and trust in our-
Dosa|,d Ou> Timku,
Two drafts of artillerymen, with new
guns ofthe most destructive type, ure on
tho way out from Great Britain. Oue ul
tlie contingents is for I^ijuitnalt, KoO'M.XAY   MINES,   GOLDEN,   FRIDAY,   NOVEMBER   13,    1398;
^r* ******.'* ���****-���-��� fffmmtmimff
East Kootenay Winer.
A Weekly jnurml, publlshcit every Friday
;inKeiaier����toMl.e Halt (iooto".i*.>- District
�� nki.*-;nlo-m-iiconneciiuus nliballbruins ouU
mail routes.
BCBSCiUPTIOX MATED: By mall ��r carrier
IS.00 per j*e.r in adv.ucc.
AliVBRTISISa BATKS:Di��pl��rad��.|l.��oper
column Inch, *i'.00 per eiilumn inch w^eu In-
nerled on thu illl. p.*. ; leB��l ��ds. 10 eenls i*cr
"nonpareil line lor U.ret Insertion, t cent* per
Jlne lor eiieli additional lniicrtion | reading
polleon 15cent? per line Insertion.
Oliangos oiaili. wai t��'aollicenotlatorthan
SIMh, guurlege nnd death notices inserted
JOB DSPARTMENT: Onr Job Department
f, tae U'st eqniiined printing ofllee In East
kimieiiHy and Is prepared to do neat, artistic
printing ata reasoualileprlee. One price tuall.
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
.CORRKSI'ONDEIJTH: We invite ������nrrrapnn-
^ene. on any subject ol Interest lo tlie goners
public and dujlre a regular iorri.npoii.tent at
���rery point In ihe Pialrlct. In all case, tbe
��on�� Sde name ol writer must accompany thc
manuscript, not necoiuarlly lor publication
��jul as a guarantee ol good faith.
Corrc.pouilein-e with rclcrcnc. lo any matter
that has appeared In another paper must lirst
be ollcred to that p.per lor publication belore
il can appear In "Ths Mimbr."
Address all communication.
Oolden, It. C.
-iinst'int this is a fair wage- a wage sn indent to render the miner comfortable iu
his home, and to give his family, if he
hae one, a fair chance in the struggle for
life. It is to the interest of every man
who intends to make hia home in British
Columbia to Bee that the vrsgo of the
worker ia not lowered. It is only those
who seek to mine our minerals nnd carry
out of the country the wealth that these
minerals produce who can be said to
really profit by lotjf wages. With the
objects of these men the residents of this
district have naturally no sympathy.
During the past year several towns
have sprung up in the district, consequent upon the construction of the railway. They have made more or leas
progress, and during the next year it is
to be expected that this progress will be
greater. As these new communities
increase, bo will be measured the increase in the general prosperity. Thus
the people in this district may look into
the year 1809 with full confidence in the
advancement of trade aud tlio widening
and deepening of those channels of business which have now become so well
marked in this district. In other words,
people engaged in all sorts of business
have abundant warranty to clap on
more sail to make swifter headway into
the harbor of great and general prosperity, which lies directly over our
Winnipeg I-'rec Press.
The Province of Britisli Columbia is
one of great natural resources in timber,
fish nnd minerals, and the exports of
fliat Province should naturally cut a very
���respectable figure. The imports of the
Province are, of course, exceptionally
Jarge, because of the seaports of Victoria
and Van;ouver, and tho large amount of
food products required to feed the miners
Jn the Kootenay country. For thiB reason the imports credited to British Colombia in tl>e trade returns are as large
as those of Nova Scotia, where the population is live times as great. Per head of
-population, however, British Columbia
probably consumes more than the residents of any other Province in Canada.
Thc total imports and exports of the
Province for the last ten years are as
follows:   i'
Year Imports        Exports
1889 (.1,7(18,000    ( 4,834,000
J8H0 :.. 4,379,000       6,711-1,000
V801..  6,477,000       6,199,000
1892.     6,358,000        6,574,000
1893      .'. 4,918,000       6,641,000
1894"   6,269,000        8,I42,C00
1895']  4,379,000       9,121,000
18IW      5,686.000      10,570,000
1897       7,031,000      14,017,0110
1898  8,099.000      16,919,000
It will be seen that while the fmports
pf 1897 bad increased by one-fourth over
the preceding year, the increase this
yoar ie less than one-filth over 1897,
The Increase ln imports, which amount-
pi tq one-third in 1899, is sbout one-fifth
fn 1S98. Nevertheless, the increase for
the fiscal year ending June, 1898, ia very
���.atitactory, the total trade l��ing (4,600,-
000 more than in 1897. Tho record is
pno ol which British Columbia has
right to feel proud, and is one which the
-whole of Canada views with great satis,
��� **���*��������������*��-���	
Toronto Telegram.
Owing to painful lack of facilities for
forming an acquaintance with tlie innermost designs of her Majesty's Government, this journal is unable to lay the
(rue meaning of Great Britain's war preparations before readers of the present
Issue. John Bull is up to something, but
lust what ho is up to nobodv in Canada
knows st the hour of going tq press. Tlio
(rue intont and purpose of Britain's
activity will be made known in good
time, and until that timo somes everybody not in the secret wi|| have to keep
fight on grossing.
The belt guesses all seem to incline
(towards the suggestion ths); JJritain ia
preparing to settle the terms of its occupation gf Egypt once and for all. All the
activity, then, may be tending towards
peace and not war, for the powers may
)jo trsnquilisod by the preparations
which Indicate that pritajn wants her
pwn way In Egypt, and proposes Jp ask
for nothing that she is not prepared to
flght for.
���-������****<*-> Iff
Tlie Prospector.
In tlie rninlng camps of tl-.e country
especially should the pe.qp!/j who do flip
work of raising tlie mineral wealth of
the miues be assured of a fair d.str'bu-
f.ion ol It among themselves. Ths pre-
yalllng wage of a miner in this Province
ft (3,60 per day, nnd where his -yprk Is
(Rossland Miner.)
The silver-lead mines of Kootenay are
worthy of the attention of Eastern and
English investors. There are immense
fortunes to be made in this class of inin
ing in Kootenay, for the reasons that the I
ore is invariably of an exceptionally high
grade and the ground is easy to work.
The prospects ofthe silver-lead industry
have improved greatly of late. The price
of silver has risen above 60 cents, and it
is not unlikely that it will go higher,
while there is no reason to suppose that
it will fall. There is no longer any question as to the local supply of cheap fuol,
and there will soon be several large lead
smelters ready for operation in the district. Everything now favors the economical local amelting of silver-lead ores,
except the United States import duty on
lead bullion, and the chances are that
this will bo satisfactorily arranged before
the sitting of tho international commission at Washington comes to au end.
costing several hundred dollars, and his
travelling expenses were not less than
(260 or (300, mas ing a total for each of not
less   than (600, or a grand total of
" Two years ago," said tho editor,
"before we started in tho newspaper
business, all our wealth consisted of
a (10.00 bill, and now we are
trying to remember how that (10.00
noto looked."
An advertisement travels hundreds of
miles between sun-up and sun-down. It
is talking about the advertiser and his
goods on all the railroads, steamboats,
towns, villages and crossroads���north,
south, east, west,
Among every 1,000 bachelors tbere are
38 criminals; among married men the
ratio is only 18 per 1,000. If these figures
prove anything, it is that out of every
1,000 bachelors 20 would rather go to
jail than get married.
It ia to be hoped tlie Government ol
British Columbia will follow the practice
p.irsusd by the Ontario Bureau of Mines,
and publish a monthly statement showing the yield from the different mines
throughout the Province.
A Manilla native has appeared wearing a Yankee plug hat, a cigarette and an
air of new-born freedom. The costune
is certainly airy enough, but perhaps the
native anticipated another hot time in
the old town that night.
Fire and Life Insurance Agent*,
Situated on Perry Creek
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kotenay,
All men are good!  Gpod for something, or good for nothing.
There are said to bo fewer suicides
among miners than among any other
class ol workmen.
St. Louis is to have a football gam,.
"for the benefit" of a hospital.   No
doubt of it in the world,
Emperor William is going to visit
Spain witli two warships, but it will not
do Spain any good.    He will tako them
away with him whon he leaves.
An Elizabethan seal top silver spoon
weighing one ounce and a half was sold
in London recently for (100 an ounce.
Tliuj is a record price for old silver,
They have just locked up another
Chicago man for having too many wives.
Tills fellow's record is only ten, so he
must bo a mere amateur or very homely.
The Government of West Australia
intends introducing a hill compelling all
gold produced in the colony to pass
through tha mint, or else to pay ex.iort
An Ontario man attempted to show a
friend how a man conld be killed bv
drawing a gun towards himself, muusle
end first. The coroner said ho deemed
an inquest unnecessary.
The Conservatives are perfecting a
thorough organisation throughout tho
Province, and it looks as though they
will mako a determined attempt to
control the Legislature at  the  next
Thoro is a re. ort going the rounds of
the eastern press that D, McNichol,
general traffic manager of the C.P.R.,
estimates that 50,000 people have gone
to the Klondike this year, and that
20,000of tham will return to their homes
without having reached the gold fields.
Each man parried wjth him an qutfll
Our own Government is a Government
of retrenchment. McLean got (1,900 as
Deputy Attorney-General of Manitoba.
He immigrates to British Columbia nnd
for tho samo job gets (2.600. That is
retrenchment 1���Vancouver World.
It is all very well to say that the
Ottawa Ministers are starving on (8.000
a year. But we do not believe a word of
it. When Mr. Sifton can draw (8,000 a
year for two years and spend (42,000 out
of that in the purchase of a newspaper
organ, there must be a comfortable
balance to live on.
Most people will be surprised to hear
that the American flag is older than that
of any other of tho --rout powers. The
Stars and Stripes wore adopted in 1777,
while the red und yellow flag of Spain
only dates from 1385, the Trench tricolor from 1704, the English red flag
with tho Union Jack in the corner from
1801, tho Italian flag from 1848, that of
Austria-Hungary from the compromise
of 1867, that of the German Empire from
1871, and tbe present Russian tri-color
from almost the other day.
When Lord Aberdeen speaks of tbe
necessity of allowing merit, not politics,
to regulate appointments and promotions
in tlie civil aervice, he must feel much
compunction as to the manner in which
ho has been made to violate that principle by his present advisers. When he
considers all the orders-in-council he
has signed dismissing competent officials,
in order to make room for men whose
only merit is that they are relatives of
Ministers or Grit partisans, he can be
pardoned for feeling keenly the necessity
of  civil   aervice   reform. ��� Winnipeg
In the matter of distances tho gnat
Canadian and United States transcontinental railways, which now lead the van,
will have to give way to three immense
railway systems that will soon be built.
Within threo years a man will be able to
get into the train at Ostend, on the Bel-
glan coast, 70 miles from London, and
travel straight through to Port Arthur,
In five years a person will be able to
travel in a railway carriage|from the Cape
to Alexandria. The third great world
line will soon be built from Constantinople, via Palestine, Persia, India and
Burtnah, to Hong Kong.
The enterprise of the United States
daily newspapers in the recent war
with Spain was unprecedented in the
history of journalism. One paper had
ten sea-going craft in commission, at
an aggregate expense of ovor (16,000
per day for their use only, and as it
costs from 60 to 80 cents per word to
send press matter from St. Thomas or
Jamaica, and (1.46 to (1.80 per word for
press cables from Hong Kong, a correspondent had to use ranch discretion. Mr.
Harry Brown, of 11)0 New York Herald,
paid (0,400 in American gold to gel his
description of llio tight witli C'orvera to
his paper.
SEND TO     ���**�����.
Etc.,  Etc.,  Etc.
A full line of Humphrey's Specifics
kept ln stock.
$75 to $150 Each according to
���W ffTf f ~��� WW WW
n^QTTVl**! "   Ono'^Urd down, balance In tftree an* six
""��� *5'*A.**iiJ��SS -     months, without Interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
The Best Hotel in Riveutoki for Tourists and Commercial Men.
A. E. BROWN, Proprietor.
The Quickest & Most Comfortabe Eoute.
To South East Kootenay
Is that of tho
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Intend spending
the winter in a
Write or call for particulars of Rates, Routes, etc.
Hawaiian Islands,
Bermuda a*d
West India Islands,
Old Country.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Reduced Rate.
Excursion Tickets.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg. M��n,
Mgardne * HeteL
Fort Steele, B. C.
R. D. MATHER, PRorjuapit
Halcyon hot springs
The Finest Health Bsmvt on the CouMpmH.
Print. Hospital nndsr Medical supsrlrtsu-
dsnee with a Train**) SUB >f H.rsss.
Complete System of Baths,.( _*_____>
and dcecriptios.
Medieal Directer-DB. R. 6. BRETT, Burst.
Resident Physician A Serjeon���DR. SPABKJI,
If Tou Get "THE MINER,"
If You Do Not Get It,
���   ���-��� - THE   EAST   KOOTENAY   MINER,  GOLDEN,   FRIDAY,   NOVEMBER   18,   1893.
t ��� *
Ah, life looks very bright to me
Since I have heard her say,
With sweet, becoming modesty,
She'll marry me some day���
If I will give up smoking,
If I wiU go to church,
If I cut the club and leave
My best friends in the lurch,
If I will never stay out late,
But hasten home at nine,
If I will let her have her way,
She's promised to bo mine I
If I will move away from town,
And will never touch a card,
If I will buckle down to work,
And labor long and hard
To buy her stylish bonnets,
And gowns and lots of gloves,
Then I may be that happy man,
The lucky man she loves.
II I'll be always pleasant,
And never, never scold,
And never mako hor nurse me,
And not grow cross and old,
And always stay good looking���
She can't stand ugly men���
If I come un to her ideal,
Why, we'll be married then I
That's why I am so happy,
And why I often seem
Unconscious nnd abstracted���
I'm living in a dream I
Tbe is so sweet and pretty,
And so unselfish, too!
I wonder how I won her love���
I can't believe it's true!
Good Manners.
Good manners are a social obligation,
and a young man should never make
light of them nor pose them over
as unworthy of notice, says a writer in
the November Ladies' Home Journal.
The extreme manners of tho fop are
silly, but the way a well-bred mini
deports himself is always worth a young
man's closest study. Good manners
mean comforts for others, and the recognition of little social rights, which to
pass over is to degenerate. Etiquette
books cannot instill good manners.
One's deportment comes from within.
Few men aro born without an intuitive
knowledge of what is right or wrong
that develops the quality. To be good
mannered generally means to have consideration for women of every rank in
life, and that is a quality which young
men cannot possess too strongly.
A man never realises the superiority
of woman so much ns when he is sewing
on a button without a thimble, pushing
tlio needle against the wall to get it half
way through and pulling it through the
other half by hanging on to it with his
Children's Teeth.
An article in thc American Kitchen
Magazine gives as the opinion of a dentist that the poor teeth of children is due
to lack of exercise often. Much uf the
modern food given to children is in the
form of soups, purees and mush made
train cereals, and not enough work is
given to the teeth in mastication to draw
the blood in large quantities to them. It
does not, therefore, give up lis strengthening qualities in sufficient quantity to
make the teeth strong. The dentist recommended that things hard to chew be
given to the children. A wholesome and
sufficiently hearty breakfast for children
from five to twelve years of age is a dish
ot* well cooked oatmeal, into which, while
it ia hot, bananas are cut up, the whole
being served with cream and uo sugar.
Red, in the new shade which has a
very pinky tinge, is very much the
fashion. It is something between a
scarlet and a crimson, and cloth gowns
in this tint, with plain stitching for
trimming, are very swell.
Th* Care of Brooms.
Brooms that are choked with dust,
hair and threads can not do effective
service; they should be kept clean if you
wish them to sweep clean.
Keep a pailful of warm suds in tbe
sink every sweeping day, and as aften as
the broom becomes dusty take it to the
sink, dip it up and down In tbo pail,
shake well, and continue tho sweeping;
then, when all Is swept, wash it once
more beforo putting it away.
Mot only will the broom wear longer,
the sods toughening the splinters, but
the carpet will look brighter.
Many use a sprinkling of salt before
sweeping; while It brings out tbe color,
it gathers dampness.
Do not sweep Irom one side of the
broom alone; it will wear uneven and
shorten Its life.
Carpet sweepers should be freed from
dust and threads belore being put away,
and, as the brush wears ott, it should be
lowered a trifle. A very little oil will
Stop the sweaking ot the wheels.
A pretty hat witli a stiff round crown,
covored smoothly with a pale fawn-
colored velvet, showiug a group of tucks,
is trimmed with charming effect witli
red and purple asters ln crowded clusters.
Lst tha Children Laugh'
An eminent surgeon says; Enconrago
your children to bo merry and to laugh
aloud. A goad, hearty laugh oxrands tho
chest, and make", the blood hound mer
rily along. Commend me to a good
laugh, not to a little, sniggering laugh
but to one that will sound right through
the bouse. It will not only do your child
good, but will be a benefit toall who hear,
and be an important means of driving
the blueB away from a dwelling. Merri
ment is very catching, and spreads in a
remarkable manner, few being able to
resist the contagion. A hearty laugh is
delightful harmony; indeed, it is the
best of all music.
Mix a few drops of sweet oil with au
equal quantity of black ink and apply
the mixture to black kid gloves, where
the outer surface is rubbed off.
Color of the Eyes.
That the color of tbe eyes should affect
their strength may seem strange, yet that
such is the case need not now be proved,
and tbose whose eyes nre brown or dark
colored should be informed that they are
weaker and more suscoptible of injury
from various causes than gray or blue
eyes. Light bluo eyes are generally the
most powerful, and next to these are
gray. The lighter the pupil the greater
and longer continued is the degree of
tension which the eyes can sustain.
The Lakes Superior, Huron, Ontario,
Erie and Michigan have an aggregate
area of 94,760 square miles, which is
larger than the area of Great Britain.
Fur and Hair.
Tho difference between fur and hair
lies in the fact that hair lies flat on the
skin and fur docs not. Few know this
Burrowing animals are always covered
with fur, for it does not so easily become
soiled by the earth as hair.
The Runawap Boy.
"Aro there any marks upon him by
which he can be identified?" asked the
chief of police, preparing to telegraph to
other towns. "No," said the father of
the twelve-year-old boy who had started
West to fight Indians; "but there will
be when I get hold of bim again."
Splendid soft gindeibread is made
with a cup of good molasses, one-half
cup of water, one-half cup of butter, one-
hall teaspoonful of ginger, ono half tea-
spoonful of soda or snleratus, two cups
of flour, two eggs and a pinch of salt.
Bake in square tins and cut in squares.
Cut the squares ojien and put in bits of
preserved ginger aud cover each square
with frosting.
Somo Difference.
Eager Inquirer���"Aro (here any good
milling locutions still open up there?"
Returned Kloudiker���"I should say so.
You can go there and take your pick."
Eager inquirer���"Great Scott!   If lean
go and take my choice "   Returned
Kloudiker���"I didn't say that. 1 said
you could take your pick; but you'll
have to use it on your own diggings."
The woman who wishes her blouse
waist to lie smoothly across the shoulder
puts a bit oi stiffening down the shoulder
seam. Some of the manufactured so-
called "bones" are excellent for this
purpose. They are Arm, but pliable.
No matter how well a garment is cut, if
it is not tight-fitting ar with a tight-
fitting lining it is not possible to make
that shoulder seam lie straight without
some  assistance,  and   this  tha  soft
bone" gives.
Por tha Weaker Sex.
A wife rarely keeps a husband poor
that would have beeu rich any other
Women live for admiration, but men
die without it.
When a woman's in love, she thinks
there's no other man in the world;
when a man's in love, he thinks the
same thing.
The bachelor has one great advantage
over a married man���he can still get
A woman may havo less logic than a
man, but what little she does havo is
generally more so.
Never trust a woman with a secret.
The curiosity of her husband is sure to
get it out of her.
Just when a man's surest that a woman
never hits anything she aims at, along
comes a blushing young thing and marries him.
Educate a boy and you get an intelligent man. Educate a girl and you get an
intelligent family.
They were in the shadow grey,
On the stair���
They were all alone, but tboy
Didn't care.
"Now, dare you, sir," said she,   ,
"Eat a philopone with mo? "
'If you'd mako the stake a kiss," he
replied, "I would dare.
And they ate one, then and there,
On the stair.
Now ths gas was burning low,
Ou the stair.
Thought the rascal i Tbere is no
Time to spare!
Not a soul was to be seen,
So lie murmtred: "Philopenc 1"
And ho won it, and he lost it, and he
paid it, full and fair,
1 know, for I was thero]
I   On the stair.
Great Bargains
The Leading Hotel in East Kootenay is ths
^mm*~mmm_^mm,/m 11 ^_0im^^_^f_0mm,m_ftmm^_0^^fmmm^��mm^_^m^_^mmt^_fm^f^m0m^a^^'*^r4*^mm,m **J   '"-** '  "
Suits Made to Order
$ 18.00 up.
Ready-made Suits
$3.00 up.
J-  CL   TOM,
Lgffljte 6).,
Colombia House,
W. 9??c9?eish, Prop.
Strictly First Class in every respect.
Best Sample Rooms West of Winnipeg,
Tourists, Commercial
and Mining Men.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
���^ COXTItAC'TOHS   TO  THE  C.P.R. ^
Chold-eri and. Beavei,
Golden & Beaver.
Good Bread Essential to Health.
Nothing helps a grocer moro than a reputation
for good flour. We have never deviated a hairs
breadth in six years, always sticking to but one
The Best
and one brand
Blue Brand
Miners, prospectors and housekeepers bear in
mind that we always fill your orders with Ogil-
vie's Patent Hungarian. We won't send you
some other brand with the excuse���" Just^as
Our flour trade has increased 100 per cent on
account of always handling this brand of flour.
Seo. !P. 9Nc-Vermots
General Merchant,
a-old-em, 33.C.
Kootenay # Hera,
Ulloek & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN     -    -    .   B. C
Ff M*Claia lu every particular.  Convenient to Hallway D^iot and-Steamboat Undine.
KateH ReaHonabli'.   Free Sample llonms.
The Train Car leaven Kouteuay House, -omiectinff with Steamer forFort Steele every
Mouday and Friday alter arrival of train from tbe went.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
Windermere Hotel,
jmm, J. A. Stoddart, Propu
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   First class accommodation.
I have just opened a first-class Tailoring Establishment and repair shop at the South end of the Kick-
inghorse bridge
I am here to stay, aud if first-class workmanship,
perfect fit, and reasonable prico is of interest to
you we solicit your patronage.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
East Kootenay
Mining Stock List
Kami op Company.
Tho Gold Hills C. 4 D. Co	
Koote: ay, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Golden 4 Kort Steele D. Co	
Alberta 4 Kootenay I). Co	
East Kootenay and Elk River Develop-
 ment 4 Lxplnration Co,	
t 760,000
( 500,000
$ 75,000
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." %
18,   1898.
llritisli Columbia is importing bananas
from Fiji now*.
Wednesday, tho 30th instant, will be
St. Andrew's Day.
Mr. Georgo Manuel, of Donald, spent
;i couplo of days in Golden this week,
Tho C. P. 11. will open n dining hall at
tlio Qrau-brook station at an early date.
L. C. Fultnor, who had been in Banff
for a few days, has returned to Golden.
Mr. Hurry P. Ilowdcn, ot New York
Ci,ty, ih a guest nt Un* Columbia House.
About 5,500,000 salmon eggs have lieen
^collected and placed in the Fraser liiver
hold consumption unloaded, from babies
to bucksaws. Moro aro on the way.���
Hevelstroke Herald
As there is a probability of the American oyster beds becoming depleted,
attention is being drawn to tlio cultivation of tbe beds on tho British Columbia
It is rumored that Assistnnt Superintendent of Construction Turnbull will
bo made divisional superintondentof the
Crow's Xest branch, with headquarters
at Cranbrook.
Thirty members_of the Mounted Police
left Vancouver for tbe Yukon country on
Rossland's rink will allow the skaters
iiyi.l hockey players an unbroken sheet of
ice 105x11-1 feet.
Kaslo lias at hist reached tho five-cent
beor mark in her prugrc-Bs toward metropolitan conditions.
Victoria defeated Vancouver *.)-0 in a
Rugby football match at the former
place on .Saturday.
Ou Wednesday W. G. ifollsbn,Sl.P.P.,
returned to (.Iolden from a business trip
to the Coast cities.
Sneak thieves are said to be prowling
about New Westminster and several petty
larcenies aro reported.
The Crow's Nest Coal Company arc
trying to secure .Ilk) miners for t-iicii- ux-
tensire mines at Fernlo.
Art goods to the value oi f 1,000 will be
given away absolutely free to cash purchasers at Mcllormot's.
Vancouver business men have pledged
their support to the proposed new
Canadian coasliug line.
An effort ie being made to start a public Jibrary in Nejson, and is receiving tlie
encouragement it deserves.
Mayor Owens, of New Westminster,
lias intimated he will be a candidate Ior
lhe position again next year.
Vancouverites a**o ut present considering a scheme to build a railway from
that city to the Yukon country.
Tho C.I'.U. have awarded a contract
Ior several compound locomotives to the
Kingston, Out., Locomotive Works.
Tbo Rossland Miner wants increased
Representation for the Kootenays in the
Provincial and Dominion Parliaments.
Messrs. C. A. Brown and F. Nattross
havo returned to town after spending a
couple of months in the Big Bond country.
Victoria City Council has a surplus of
$32,223 at its disposal, $12,000 of which
will be used lor waterworks improvements.
Skaters in Golden enjoyed their first
slide of tin. season on Sunday, Hince which
time thc Slough has been n very popular
An attempt is being mado to start a
bucket simp in Vancouver, and the
mayor proposes lo prevents its doing
All tho business bouses but two in
Itossland have agreed to close at 7 p.m.,
except on Saturdays and the dayB preceding holidays.
Britisli Columbia is becoming musically Inclined, for last week a Toronto
firm shipped 46 pianos to different points
in this Province.
Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innis and James
A.Scott left for England on this afternoon's No, 2 train, sailing from Montreal on tiie 23d inst.
Captain Cox nnd Captain Taylor, tho
valuator for Canada of thu sealing fleet,
leave Victoria at once to attend the
conference at Washington.
Mr. Archibald Langlands, formerly of
the Columbia House, Golden, has gone
fo the Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow Lake,
to conduct lhe saloon there.
An explosion occurred in the Now
Vancouver Coal Company's mine at
Nanaimo lost week, in which ciglu men
���ffero more or less injured.
Ross Thompson bus been requested to
Stand as a candidate for the mayoralty of
llosslimd. Hon. ('. 11. Mackintosh is
also mentioned for the position.
Tho Bombard Walther concert in the
Columbia Hall on Wednesday evening
did not draw a very large crowd, but the
entertainment was very good indeed
As an indication of the traffic on tbo
C. P. 11. lines in the West at present, it
is stated that there were ordors in for
800 cars one day this week from stations
west of Winnipeg.
A Chinaman surprised everyone, including himself, in Vancouver last week,
by "decorating" a white man with
black eyes and blue bruises in n regular,
old-fiiBhioncd, stand-up scrap.
As will be Been by our advertising
columns, Messrs. Tupper, Peters k Potts,
solicitors, of Victoria, will apply to the
next Legislature for a charter for a railway from Golden to Cranbrook.
A serious outbreak of typhoid fever in
Vancouver has been traced to a foul
dairy, and proper precautious are being
taken to prevent its spread beyond the
comparatively small district affected.
A meeting of the creditors of J. C.
Tom, tailor, Golden, will be held on Monday next, November 21st, to consider
tenders for the purchase of tbo business
and to make necessary arrangements.
Wc have received from Mr. I,. A.
Hamilton, C. P. 11. Land Commissioner,
Winnipeg, a very handsomely illustrated
booklet of Cascade City, the new town
on tho Columbia and Western Railway.
Several parties in Golden have received
invitations requesting the pleasure of
their company nt tho Bachelors' Ball to
bo held at the Pavilion, Banff, on the
23rd inst., which promises to bo n grand
Mack Joe was charged before Magistrate Griffith on Wednesday afternoon
with attempted assault on (���'. McKay
and fined 1(10.00 and costs and bound
over in $100.00 to keep the peace for six
At n meeting of tho curlers of tho
Northwest at Winnipeg last week it was
decided to bold the annual bonspiel in
that city, commencing Monday, February 13th. The Goldon club was represented by Mr. Wm. Goorgeson.
We have received from Ottawa this
week the Reports of the Department of
Trade and Commerce for September, International Commission ut Quebec,
Superintendent of Insurance, and several
Topographical Maps of Yukon District.
On Wednesday night, while crossing
from the Kootenay House to the sample
rooms, Mr. Doran, who is in town representing Skelton Bros. & Co., of Montreal,
bad tho misfortune to Blip on the icy
sidewalk, falling on his right band and
breaking his thumb.
On Sunday's No. 2 train Captain Bacon
left Golden to spend tho winter nt his
former home in Ottawa j nnd Messrs. I.
B. Koyser and J. O, H. Jolliffe, at tbe
sumo time, departed for London, Kng.,
for the winter. A large number of friends
woro at tbo depot to bid them au revoir
and wish thorn bon voyage.
At Victoria, on Friday last, the first
Provincial election trial resulted iu Mr,
Biggins' election for Ksquimalt over Mr.
Bullen. This gives the Govern ment a
majority of two, which insures the pass-
ago of a redistribution bill at least,
though tho new party will hardly be
able to transact general business.
Tbo directors of the New Westminster
Exhibition, having forwarded a box of
the prize fruit to Sir William Van Ilnrno,
have received u suitable acknowledgment
from him, in tlio course of which ho
mnkcfl a suggestion that the Province
send exhibits of fruit to the cities in the
Northwest and the Eastern Provinces.
that the boundary line of llritisli Columbia ran through tlio middle of Lake Ben
nett. Thoy also show that nearly the
whole of Lake Atlin is in the Provinco of
British Columbia.
Dawson City minora are asking for
two representatives in tho Dominion
Parliament, " one of the whom should
bean American," The Y'ukon country
certainly is entitled to representation iu
the Ottawa House, but just exactly how
they propose to mako a "Canadian'1
member of Parliament out of a " foreigner "is not stated.
The directors of the Halcyon Hot
SpringB Sanitarium Company, Limited,
have appointed one of their number, Mr.
Thomas McNaught, financial agent, Golden, and secretary of tho compauy, to be
interim manager. His brother, J. Y*.
McNaught, Golden, lias beon nppointcd
manager of tbo Hotel at the Springs.
Since the change lins beon mado tho hotel
has boon well patronized.
The Now Denver Ledgo makes the following correction in its issue of this week:
"In our last issuo appeared nn item
stating that Flcischmann, aJowpeddler,
had been arrested in Sandon, The
Jacob Fleishmann, who is regarded
ovcryworo in this Province as a good
citizen and a square business man, has
been much annoyed by this item, and
it affords us much pleasure to say that
he was not tho man. Old timers sny
that Jake is ono of the squnrest men in
the country.
Tlie Minister of Mines has given t
wholesome interpretation of tho provi*
sions of the Mineral Act, which permits
a freo miner or company of freo miners
who holds more than one claim to do the
whole assessment work necessary to have
a certificate granted for each claim upon
any claim or claims selected by tlio owners; that the claim so selected shall not
be Crown granted. Therefore, any work
done on a Crown granted mineral claim
will not be recognized as necessary assessment work to be done on an adjoining
mineral claim.
A Court ot Revision and Appeal for
Northeast Kootenay, under, the Assess*
ment act of 1888*, will bo held at theCourt
House, Goldon, on Thursday, Dec. 1st.
The Cranbrook Herald apologises for
the stalencss of its gnncral news lust
week, ns its "patent inside" did not arrive.   Moral: Use your own "insides."
Mr. M. Uobb, of Calgary, stopped off
at Golden on Wednesday on his return
from the Big Bend country, lie reports
a (food Bummer's business in that district.
Mr. R. Waydc Harrison, who has been
editor and manager of Tins Mines (or
the past throe months, left for the West
on Tuesday to engage in newspaper work.
Thero will be brisk times in East Kootonay next year. Our ndvico to the outside world is to keep itH eye on Windermere. Thero will bo n big camp there
next year and rising towns, and thore will
bo more than one. Now is the time to
get in ou tho ground lloor.
Vancouver is at present enjoying n
good deal of lumber trado diverted from
l'ugot Sound, owing to tho inability of
the mills there to supply foreign ports
with the kind of lumber required. For
over two months tho mills there and at
New Westminster havo lieen kept exceptionally busy.
Professors A. Augado and L. Orr, of
Calgary, who camo to Golden from
Calgary to supply music lor tho complimentary ball last Friday, returned home
on Monday afternoon, taking with them
the best wishes of our townspeople, ub
tboy are both favorites here.
Tho time for assessors to completo thoir
assessment rolls tins beon extended from
November 1st to December 31 st, 1898, by
which date all rolls must be prepared.
All tbo Courts of Revision and Appeal
must be held beforo January loth, 18oi),
by which date the rolls must bo finally
revised and completed.
Tbo Department of tbo Interior has
issued a scries of ten Yukon maps, which
are Bold for 25 cents each. Tboy show
that practically tlio whole of Lake Ben-
Mont real authorities are making a fight
against lotteries.
The Calgary Herald says that there are
many cases of typhoid fever in that city.
A new range of mountains several hundred miles long havo been discovered in
Thelnterchangeof postalmonoyordors
has been arranged between Canada,
Japan and Corea.
The U. S, standing army is to be increased to 100,000 men. A year ago it
numbered 25,000 mon.
Hamilton,.Out., is now supplied with
electric energy of 2,000 horsepower from
Drew's Falls, 32 miles distant.
Tho first steamer of tho new Canadian
Hue will leave Liverpool on December 3d,
and will afford a fortnightly service.
It is stated that Russia will now pay
tho claims of the owners of thc four Victoria scaling schooners seized in 1802.
Tho U. S. Navy havo 65 vessels under
construction, a larger number than was
ever before undertukeu in that country.
It is said tbo remaining eight Dominion bye-elections will all be held on the
sumu day, some time belore Christmas.
Spain will try to dispose of tier remaining colonies to Germany, after tho treaty
of peace with the U. S. has been settled.
Penny postage between the colonies
and Great Britain will come into operation on Christmas Day. India will also
be included.
Snowstorms did considerable damage
throughout Ontario on Saturday lust,
Trains were delayed and telegraph wires
blown down.
Official reports show that tho Omaha
exposition paid all expenses and left a
surpliisof Md'J.OOO tobo divided among
tho stock-holders.
It is expected that the Dominion Parliament at its next session will introduce
a redistribution, or, in other words, a
jerrymander, bill.
Largo works nre to be established in
Cape Breton to devolop her great iron
oro deposits. Smelters and shipbuilding
plants are proposed.
In a recount of the N. W. T. elections
on Saturday, CrosB was elected in Kast.
Calgary by 63, Bennett in West Calgnry
by 80, and Sifton in Banff by 20.
Tho G. N. R. oxprcss train wns robbed
of *.,30,000 at Foagus FallB, N. Dak., on
Friday night. Six men have boon arrested, charged with the robbery.
The Earl of Minto, Canada's new Governor-General, arrived at Quebec on Saturday, nnd was sworn in there. Tho
party reached Ottawa on Tuesday.
Another rate war may soon commence.
The G.N.R. has mado u 25 per cent, reduction in passenger rates, which will
probably bo met by theC.P.K;   Then��� ?
trailer of Customs, is representing Canadian manufacturers at these sessions.
A Scotchman named Alexander, while
on his way to Teeswater, Ont., to claim
an estate, was robbed of $420 by a policeman in Flnnnery's saloon in Now York
on Friday last.
A collision between two passenger
trains on the Lehigh R.R., near Wilkes-
birre, Fa., on Friday last, resulted in
tie death of three persons and tho injury
ol half a dozen otheis.
A misplaced switch on tlie G. T. R.,
near Trenton, Out., caused a terrible accident on Tuesday, when a passenger
tiain crashed into a freight, killing twelve
persons aud injuring eleven.
The London, Ont., street car strike
ended on Friday last, after two weeks'
duration, in a practical victory for tlie
employees, who had resorted to no
violence and had public feeling with them.
The mayor of Portsmouth, England,
has announced to tho corporation of that
city that an American squadron will visit
Spitheadnexteummerand that elaborate
prepartations are being devised for its
It is stated that should war break out
between England and Franco, tho Gulf
of St. Lawrence would witness a decisive
battle; that France has 30,000 sailors
available, with St, Pierre Island, which
is strongly fortified, as headqartcrs.
Seneral Tlferchant
A Large Shipment
The Golden
Fresh and Salt Meat*-;.
Kisli and (Jaine in suason.
Dealers iu Cattle, Sheep and Horses.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
& Embalming
Telegraph orders receive prompt attention \
��� CALQARY, Alta.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and KIgs of AU Kinds for
Hire nt Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of AU Kinds a specialty.
Golden, B. C.
New  Groceries . . .
Cvaported bruits.   .    .
Otarles I Warren,
General Merchant
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder.
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co. of England.
Subscriptions taken for all  Newspapers,   Foreign   PeriodltaU,
Magazines, Etc.
To Buy Good
Such as
Seeleys,   Millots,
Roger & Gallets.
Golden, B. C.
"Ml Orders Receive Prompt Attention
JtaoA �� �� ��
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden. B. C.
Wo wish to inform tho
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
llllllil JUllR
Calling Cards
Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Books
Jlank Work
frorainory Notes
Receipt Forms
Share Certificates
Assay Forms
lmiKfjiM.i Labels
Next to a healthy bat   account the most essential
thing to a business man is to have his writing sta-
tionery, business cards, etc., of good quality and	
* Printed in Business Style.
Some men are as careless about their stationery as
Tlio flret consignment of the   Donald
* immigration arrived  last night. . There
b'jjjfmcitiy evo'rjithirfBuo'Bdcd'Wr house- nett la in the Yukon.  It was ahjiposed' Christians. N. Clarke IV'aUaceTeVcempJ
London England, ia greatly excited at
tlio rumors current that thoro ia a proba-
hility of resumption of hostilitioe between
Spain and tho United States of America.
The joint commissioners aro now hard
at work ut Washington, and the conference   will   probably   conclude beforo
about their business���don't care how it is printed
so long as it is cheap..
* To    These    We     Want     to     Talk
We can do your Job printing as cheap as tho cheap-
91 ���       -������ ... i   ��� i _____
nmiTT-iniTTH ,tbh��.
24 Pages I Weekly I Iikulratcd.
MINING ��i Scientific PRE:
est, and the quality of the work and the stock is
unsurpassed.   Samples of stock and work open to
your inspection	
" Sta 6aa\lteoteR��k\i. Jfcii^C*.
The best equipped printing office in East Kootenay.


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