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East Kootenay Miner 1898-02-17

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Ml m,
i I ll I r i
Demoted to the Pining Interests and Development of the DisMet of EAST HOGIEpAY,
mwiK'TiT aTHWm twrrwit r
TT ���fTEW^flF-^flC-Ttt' "����� J* WWTTTTTT>*ir*
w-rn-Mr-r-c ."������ wx "-v-iiw Trvwirt.- n im
r-ior-c*' ��*Ka *t>r��m
Vol. 1, No. 30.
Golden, B. C,   Thursday  February I7tli,   1898.
ftp on Pav Vast
la, in.��� ��� i.���.   .nil iiii   li.   il 11 iiii i      i iii ii
!(��T��IY,   ETU.
lvaii��B Blocx, Goldex, B.C.
Mr., Ufa, Saal E.tal**, Houso A-rent8,
Auctlouuer. aod Cuatuu.. Broker.
Ttf* Ifeariaa :'
Oaa.u, Lanca.blr-*, Union, HartfoM.
-*������*,���- ataliallllr TJilltet Offliie.
Aa lua Lit. Iti.yrdiicv* C'owp-my.  .
Th. Ontario Accl-lanl Insurance Co'y.
Tht Virbc.k Iilvcalniciil autl Loan 'Jo.
H. L. Cumminc, F.L.S.,
Aa*) CIt'.I Kagiu6**r.
��m Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
HJalaf Broker. Floaniilll Aa*e**t,  (.'onvt-yanccr
a-a4>'oury Fiavttlte.
1-aat etUa aiMraai:.
Newly Refitted & Refurnished.
The best of the kind west of
Everything OoniJplotc.
AU Modern Oonveuicneus.
rrtKOiir. ViWU i RMW! MDWW-fl
Entertain Thoir Gentleman Friends
Rljyht Royally In tho Alexander
Hati-A Groat Event.
Atmj ��ffloos and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Ia(aUUIlBlI 1699.)
far Hraral year, fit" Vivian ,t Smis, Swan-
aa*. aad local rapre.aiitalivt. for th-tra,
Far i yaara ma'j.g...* Ior th.* aiia-iyera to the
'BI* Tlata Ca., Ujl.loo.
tfan-ullaa ivpr-.��ematiTe of tbe CaHBOluotu
���aiia-Mlaf Ca l.'lJ, G.-a^ow (Cyanide procewl.)
a.a^-Alt work,,- luperlntcnded. Only
(Nwa-twat wan auployed.    it* pupils  ru
Jas. Henderson,
CO��Ttt.*.CT03 ftii.1 II13LDEK.
nana rnvnt.
r-Maa^t aiftatioo iWen to ord.rt.
A aaaaly al li-u1*1*.*- J.iai. r*��i- *,*.:..
The Golden
SVaes .0-1 Salt Mri.tii.
yi.a au.1 Game Iti a.*.....*,.
D.alar. In Cattle, Bliee*. a:i.l Ucraea,
Mali ������������l.r, raeeiva prompt attantlofi,
Livery and
Feed Stables
���aa* aaiJIa Bono, and *\$. of All Eluda for
��u*. a. aeas-ananla Rate..
Tnatlaf al All Kim'., a Bpe'clalty,
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By s.sry saa who has a watch.       I
oV. flliEXflfiDEl], ��
CP.R. Watch Inspector will tw
Wednesday to Pr'flny __^g-
each week, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can lie left at
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
���f* TT"*7*7***r"*-',i*."^n rgi at ���ff-r-B-r-.-T**.* "f"
t     & Embalming
d. SMART,     t
f CALGARY, Alta.  *
f rovi<lHUc<'., IM.
wi'.nt;. nil 'limit, of
raw furs, I'ltins, trin-
Fen*!, peneca; etc.
Priceti fur next t'ixly
days arc an follCrwe
Silver Fox	
. .'.$15.00 lo tlGO.OO.
...',���. B.OO lo (' 25.00.
...? 4.03 to |i   0.00.
...$ 2.00 to t   8.00,
leaver (per iwund)
..,$ 3.00 to ?   8.50.
...(.1.00 to i;   2.00.
Ked Fox 	
...? !.U0 lo $   2.00.
...?   .75 to f   2.00.
...f   .25 to *   1.00.
Gray I'oi	
.:.$   .oO to $     .75.
Uat ...'...
.. if   .20 to $     .25.
Prke lint on ill hither furs nnd ;fik.nn
furnished ujioti anplictttion* Full prices
Kt:&r.*u:u-.:d, etireiut select inn ( pourteous
trtttttnen!, \nd iiniiH-iliatertuiivtuiicT OU
all coufllgiiaiients.
Seldom do suoh evonls tako place anywhere in the west, but when the ladies
of Goldon undertake the task ol doing
honor to their admirers or othonvlao,
no pains aro spared to mako tlie affair u
'thing to he proud of, and wo must say
theso events are bound to bo a success,
Such is the verdict arrived at by everybody present in the Alexander hall on
the occasion of the complimonlary ball
given by tho ladles of Goldon to their
j gentleman friends on Thursdny ^voningj
the 1 Till i:i3;., when about Jorty couples
participated. This event wus handicapped, na has been the rule 0:1 account
of the trains failing to mako connnetion,
In not being able to secure the desired
music; nevertheless, tho dance wus none
the lest? acceptable on thia score, for
Madame lUpreicr wus quickly on the
speno to assist in making tho ikuwu the
greatest social success ol the day. Sho
was ably assisted by M s, G. II. Fai'don
and Mr. G. H, Mitchell.
A programme was hung at both ends
of t!:o hall for the convenience ofthe
guests, and each number was promptly
dealt with, whiU everything went on
nicely till the hour arrived for the inner
man lo do justice to the many delicacies
handed round under iho direction of
Miss Brownrigg and Miss Macdonald,
] both of whom were instrumental in
bringing iho event to such a marked
I close.   The supper was a bounteous one, |
and if anybody went without they only 1
I bat] themselves lo blame; but wo hardly j
credit the fact that such! was the
The b'ppor Columbia Competition has
been in progress this week, and some
el6so and exciting games have been witnessed, the last stone iu man) cases
deciding the victory* MoNeUuYs rink,
winners of tho Bryan & Lee trophy,
seem to have lost their grip, having lost
every gtime in the competition su far.
At the present standing Parson's rink
havo a good show for lirst place having
won four and IohL one. The following is
the standjng of the rinks iu this competition:
... :-;
... 1
... 0
... 1
The following
are the
of the
Wedding {jin��s
A Specialty.
'      ���*��v��S��*'��*
Calgary, - Alberta.
fiiwy, Feed &
Lflillt   AJUii.-"--'-';
F.OBT Stf.i:t.k, S. E. Kootexay.
Pack Trains for itiines nupplled,
|J__5Frolghtin(. of all kinds undertaken,
aro very interesting. Send
us a post card nnd we will
mail one to you.
Hudson's   Bay
Stores,   ,
OALGARY,    ���     ALTA.
Wong See,
&| Olitleiiui aud
M Ht-elirtiile.
Watrhcseleitnotl, Jdwellooy pinnntcil, tjlaasen
iii.-ii.;.-.!andUouaropalru-l. r'i.-. cla��. w.iri:
lu ov.'ry tlQiiartmsnt,  .'. trial aollultuu,su uonta
Wong Soo, Gtolden.
games f.lnyoi.1 (his week:
MeXeish 10 vs. Rne 11.
Parson   1*! " Warren 4.
Parson   1*1 " itn- 12.
McXeish li '*  IleiiiK.i-5.iii 11.
line-        18 "  Hohston 8.
Parson   10 " MoNeish 11.
Warren 14 "  Houston 8.
Warren 10 " McXeish I),
i at ton  15 " Henderson 18,
Hue       1-1 " HenderDon 11.
T!..*  points  competition    this  week
roi��'.lti-.| as follows:    T. Todd gold button; II. M. Kiiesilver button: V.'. Alexander  bronze  button;   ii.  li.   Parson
lonther button.
The I igtlviu Milling Co. have presented
tho club with another silver button in
lieu of the bronze button which was of
inferior .-unlit*,-.
Tii - ilulgury consolation and tiie Columbia liiver l.timhci' Co.'s llnals will be
played off ne>:t week.
Tho mooting of Iho club which should
hnvilinkeu plaeo on Tliui-.'iday ni-^ht had
; to h�� postponed on aceountof the dance,
for there was uo scarcity of the very best | will take placq on next Thursday cven-
of eatables, under which tho table fairly' '"8 al the rink.     A largo nttendanci is
��� i ....        .    .
groaned a:;.l begged to he. relieved of its
burden.    The best of tee, coffee and
lemonade constituted tho heveragea sup-
piled,  whilo  fresh  milk  waa  also  in
Promptly un finishing supper the
I th'tu'ers again resumed the iloor and it
was :1 a.m. on Friday before Iho end of
the progrttmo wus reached, when the
Hon. F. \V. Aylmer came forward on
behalf of the guwils and thanked the
indies for lhe right royal manner ill
which they had entertained their friends
oh this occasion, lie paid he was glad
to 1)3 able to say that he had found the
iaiiics were not quite so iiclllsh in even's
this kind as the gentlemen, am! expressed the hope that the hitter would
near the fact In mind when they thought
of entertaining themselves, lie closed
bi-i remarks by moving a vote of thanks
lo the ladies, one and all; for their ball,
after which the company formed a circle
and sang "Auhl ban
Tom Lee,  ��
has tho best restaurant in Golden. It is Open at all bourn.
Kvery delicacy and fruit iu itn
Peason. A food selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
ut once for tlie Choicest ere they
L'o to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
McoZ* Dfty ft'.i^ Night.
j requested as important business will he
transacted. Among oilier- things lo be
discussed is the building of a new rink.
A couple on ice
Attempted to kiss,
hi less than a jiff
On tho Threshold of a Golden  Era.
National Anthem, which brought a most
enjoyable evening lo a pleasant close.
A Very Dlspouraglng Lottor.
The following letter was received tho
other day by Mr. Wm. MuKeieh, of the
Columbia House, from a well known
prospector, Mr. Sam Johnson, lately of
Goldon. Tho letter speaks for it st If:
Skagway,ian. 23, '93.
Friend Billy,���Am in RUagway now.
not doing anylhiug at present.     I don't
Tiie City Lender: From Montreal we j
learn, under date January 4th, that
contldence in the immediate outlook fori
trade in Canada has been checked by
the occurrence of .several large failures.
The Trade Bulletin, however, does not
see in these dioaslsrs any serious reason
for not behoving that the country is on
the threshold of a "golden ora." The
"almost illimitable resources" of Canada, we aro told by that authority, are just beginning to bo recognized by
\!;o world's great capitalists, and during
. the next few years " their development
and the (...j;} no (lo,jl(t,)(? aj*jmuilUe.i ,��� ail extent
I unparalleled in the history of Canada."
j At Wast,, everything points iu tlmt
j direction, aud unless tho gathering signs
nf the times ure strangely deceptive,
"there will be such an awakening of
commercial life during tho coming
Fpring as will surprise the most pangulno
believers in good times ahead." Home
timo tigo it was stated by the Bulletin
that the banks were nursing a number
of weak concerns in their ondoavor to
lido them over to better limes, and now
that an Improvement lias set In, the
banks may be expected "to allow those
that are hopelessly involved to eo to the
wall, ns thev can bolter afford t
A Presentation at Donald. Walked all the Way.
On Saturday List tho many friend* Tlie Winnipeg Sor' Wester uf Fob. 10,
and acquaintances of Dr I'roctor, who has thu foliowinu hard luck sf.;��r;.
for tlio past fifteen months has been | "Last night at about 10:80 four
practising in Donald, showed theii' high French Canadians arrived in tlio city
appreciation ofhls services by meeting! from the Crow's Xest Pass, having
lu tho Oddfellows hull nnd spending a walked the entire distance to this city,
sociable evening with the Or. beforo he I They were in a pitiable state of destitu-
left for Kamloops. The hall was beaut!- j lion, suffering from hungor and colli,
fully decorated, and made as homelike ''Their names are A. Sovora, Josef
as possible, with tables hero and there |.Taubort, Simon le Botmf, and Kupoleuu
covefed with fruits, nuts and candies. Ai j Provost, They were hired, ihey hay, o.i
8 o'clock Kov. Sir. King took the chair, Oct. 7, iu Montreal. On arrival at
and an excellent programme was given.' Mann's camp ihey found that they were
The first was a piano solo hy Mr. Hum- lo be charged -?5 per week for board, in-
phries, who30 reputations as a skilled stead of H as stipulated for. Tim food
musician is well known in this district; supplied, ou tho whole, was not bad,
this was followed by a duet, by Messrs. but they say tho sloepiug quarters, in
Barron and MV. Milton; "The Stow-1 addition to being frightfully overcrowded
away" which waa well rendered; the wore nearly always sodden wet, and
next was a souk by Mrs. Frase.r who haa \ every one of tin- four Buffered badly Irom
a lovely voice; then came a violin solo I rheumatism, ln tlio two months they
by Mr. Barron, who has good control of worked they earned :.���") net, the redi
tlie bow ; tho school children then sang j Ulng bwallowed tip for railway fare,oui-
a eougontitled, "I love my mouiitairi; ni. pull las and other charges,
home," which met with a hearty ap- ',,)" Christmas eve last they decided
plause; after tliis was another son^byMrs to leave, considering thai any fate won! 1
frasor and a violin solo by Mr, iJarron. be preferublo to their lot in the camp,
which was rendered in their usual good j They have boon travelling cunlimiousiy
style; the children then sang tho Dr.'s since leaving tho camp, covering ail
favorite, "The Land of the Maple Leaf" much as &0 miles a day when the rail-
this part ui the entertainment was way tracks were not covered too deeply
brought, to ariose by Dr. Thorn fringing \ with pnow. They are all lightly clad i:i
a Chinese song. spring overcoats, and their ears have no
Then cawo the event of the protection uhatever. Severa saya bu
evening the presentation to Dr. Proctor eould not tell how often his cars bad
of an eulogistic add reps accompanied hy' been frozen on the journey, hut the lobe
a gold watch and chain, in tho case of of his left oar appears to have been
whicli was inscri bed the follow ing: eaten  away  1 y  constant exp wire tu
' 'Presented to Dr. Proctor by the citl-1 hitler weather. They begged food froi i
aens of Donald and the C. P. ii. om; the section men aud farmers en route,
ployees on the Selkirk Division." j after working for a couplo of dnya tu get
The Dr, felt his potdlio'ii very keenly sulHcient food to Last, for a daya journey,
as he had received no intimation that They alept In empty box c:fB, unused
anything of the kind was going un but water tauks and In fact any place they
replied iu a bu!table way thanking the [could lind. Ofton, for want of a place
people not only for the bottuiifnl prcFentj to sleep, tney were forced to coutiuye
but also for their kindness to him during . walking all night, fyr fear of freezing to
ht.a short and pleasant sojourn among-' death.
Ihem. " As seen this morning they appear t ���
Mr. William Burns P. A., Fnspectorof: bo broken up completely, but maintain
schools, was called upon to speak and t! at they wiil ptu4i nn tw Montreal, even
referred in a plcasnt manner lo his for- if they havo to walk every foot of tlie
mor acquaintance with the Dr. and told way. Forlunuivly their fwet are well
how he had beon present on a similar shod with heavy rubbers uud thick
occasion when he was leaving a school wollen stocking*. For these they had
in Albomi. to  pay  just  $7 at the catriji they were
Sherrif Redgrave in his usual good working in. Thu same dtitflt could bo
stylo referred to his plettsautassnciations \ boughi in this c\\y for >'..'.-',0. All four
with the Dr. and voiced tlie uenti men:; men say they would cheerfully undergo
of all present when he gave biin his good . even nioro suffering before ihey would
wishes for the future. ; return to the camps.   The men say thoy
After partaking of a sumptuous repast wore getting *l per day in Montreal
provided by the ladies, a motion of before thay wero onticed away by tho
thanks was tendered to the chair, to the ; alluring stories ol the C.I'.K. labor
ladies and to all who had helped to carry \ agent.!'
tlie affair to a successful issue. Thegath- i  ��� ,*ft,.- **-   	
ering broke up by Hinging the National
Anthem, followed by " Fur lie's a Jolly |
Good Fellow.'*    Donald's loss is Kan:-j    The funeral of   the lata Mr. Gcor��o
loops' gain; and the good wishes of hisUvoodley,  of  Uoldeiij  B.C., wtio di.-i
many friends follow him to   his new  there n week ago yesterday, and whose
held of hil or. | bodv was brought to Port Hope for bitei-
lir. i!;u-s;.i  y..i5.i:.j.- !..,- been *P" nient, tiMik i.|��co thisafiwnooB Cpow iho
I Sons of  England lodge room.     Rervh'H
-���w.��i>��-��- j wnfi Cnluiuctoci }��� tj,0 lo-.lgti room 1 y the
nnual Mooting. | oillcers of the society, unci the ttuv. \V.
| U.  Young,   pastor  of   tho  Methodist
I Church.   The following gentlemen acti.d
pall bearer's!    J.   il.  White. J. 11.
pointed in his place.
Thursday  night  being  tbe time up- j
pointed for   the holding of the annut
meeting of tho British and Foreign Bible
Uosevear, N. GUI, John   Mitchell, A\t,
society a number met in tho Prcsln terinn i sklu.h ;1I!ll Thll8t, ian,,tt      Mr> {U.,,rv
church to transact the butonow,   Aiter I \viut�� wna innsier of ceramoiiieii. About
the   devotional   Mr.   ('.   Ii.
a hundred members of the sociotv we
know whether I will golusldelhis spring [n geod times* than i;i had timev."   1..
or wait until (ul!. sides, a  period is  now being entered | and portions havo been sold. On motion |
This town is lively just now-shooting \ when ^nxa  trouble are generally
,     .* *      , in   :ilt,:'1' ftfo than At other limes of the venr.
Parsons, vico president in the-abseuw, prraenl(0 pftV lheir last tribute of re.?,
of the prosobont, Mr. J. K. il itrcourt, j,,,.,. .,, ��� j ,pHr..t(,n brother. Mr, Harrv
was called t: the ehtitr to take charge of Kvoodleyof Golden, a son, was the chief
themeeting. Mr.J. Maiillhm acting mmirm!r, A lame number of (rionds of
secrotary waa called upon lo glvu U.u aecwified nttondeil tho funeral in rige lo
annual report, which showod thai the L,10 ,..,,, ot iatormei;t.-Purt liopu
socioty had llourlahod iilnco Its n.-.:ii .;,.;.;,,
ir.u'.ion in Soptembtir. Titers liiw lioolll
collected in the nelg!iborho*.i.l ol *.���"' Iur |
the fi,i'i..'tv nnil 4."i bibiea uud teattimeiHK, |
Redistribution In Kootonay.
tho report wna received mul udopted
I    1 i*:nrei> olrtiiinccl Irnn  Hi. lno*-. n>-
iicrupea every lew daya und aomo hold
lips going on, aa well us lota o( ���' suro
iliinj;" guinea in night.
tnun at at.n'i* im
eaa of tlio wcelt
The bualneaa oi tno ween im.*. shown up
favorably,  the volume ,<i triinatictiona
liciiiji larger than ut ihi- time l.i**t year,
1'1,'iitv of people hero, but most all of I ""d v-vnUies as a rule lmd eontl'niied
���    ..,*,,���      , , ,    .   i atoudy.   l'i*��!l*,.-, nltliough  sninll, woro
thorn aro broke and too early for bettor than thoy used to lie, liiuamiiuh
uiueli work to bo going on���in fact, u as" culling" was not being -.'nn-ii'il .iu
poor town for a working man to come to. 1" "s gi'oilt an oxtont un formorly, Money
I wouldn't advlcoanyono to corns hero w-u" s;���!*v nt'l>B per cent, ou call, nnd
,       ,,      , , iliscount runged from B to 7 per tommer-
unlesa thoy havo money to work, na ,.-a\ ^
thoro lire loo many bore now trying to]
got a Yukon stake bv hurd work, [have
been over to Dyea and llnd it about tlio  '
.-���uiiio there na it ia here. ;    Dr.  I.angls, of  Vancouvo
Aflor trying in get u pasBago from I Meroloi1, of Goldon, havo !
nnd   T
nded tin
Then came tho ulcotlun of  off
the coining year and tho following wi
,    centiy compiled directory bhow that the
(! white population of British Columbia m
i 117,350, of which 78.500 arc credited lo
.1.1 ',!���-
tho Mainland, ::.*;,.'*o.) i , Vuntouver
fjoatllo, whom the faro was $50, I went Bugaboo group, nt the head of tlio north
nvor Li Victoria, wlioro I got a tlckot to fork ul Bugaboo creek, to a company
this place fir (115 and arrived lierc on  I'oprcsonfod inVttncoiiviirbyMr.Meilitu-
tho 20lh of this month,   It Is scarcely   "'"> '_..,,":"' ",'; f f Oa.000.   Tliocom-
, . .,  ,       .,   , ,    *   puny will in lhe curly spring contliuiu
worth your whilo to writo to mo, us 1 inn .levslopmeiit work .... tho claims which
not settled yot nnd may move over to | during the oust year were bdlng devel-
thu lukos 111 u few 1 would ii,*i ���")l"-*l,un<U'i*i,nisii';.ci-iii[i.n,|..-iii'c. ui Mr.
get your letter.    Freight from lioro to|1 ��� Watolut.
tho lakes ia 3octs. per pound, but siip-| -��������������-.*!>���������  -
lilies can bo bought just us cheap here     McClary'a furnaces hiid stoves am tlio
nc on tlioSsound. Sam .Ioii.vb.ix.   ' lost. II. u. Parson handloa these goods,'
elected. Uev. Mr.Tui'iierjVri'
U. E, Smith, Tlce-l'm;iJem:      -.,-,-
, ... ,,      lliilind.  Lhls 13 nil i:ic-.."i*.*. i,i 100 nci*
dorson, Treasurer and Mr. J. Mc.dilluu .   , ,   ���    ,
���,.    . ,, cent in four years.  It is, however, very
iccictiin-. Tin- follow im- ccecutivo was .      ,,".   ,     .     .    .     ,        ,    '
. '��� .  i  *,,     i,     ���      *,    .   ,     questionable ll duo juslicu has beendouo
also appointed. Mrs. Harrison M.'.i.Liko | ,(1 ,,���, Mnil,|lUld| ,..;,,,-;,j|v Kl u���(,.,May.
Mrs. II. Wno.llcy Mr. ('. II. Parson Mr. ; We do not hosituiu tn nM'o'rt thut '"i 110,-
\V. Miller and Mr. ('. A. Warr-in. After cent of ihe liiiiiili'vdt uf prospectors wli,.
this addresses wero given by Uev. Mr, wero ��xi;loriiig thu hills wliun llio ilildi
���, , .,,    ,. ,. ,,  ..,*     ,.       oftho directory was obtslncd n-tvc r.
Turner and Mr. (,. 1',. Smith, It wnsUivcd uoinoinJon in this coi.noctio.-.
decided that tho oxecutivu should meet Ncvortholei's, the li^iires are not witli
in the vestry of tlio English Church nc.1' .."it Value, Thoy aro excellent support
Thursday evening Fob. 21th ut 8 o'eb-tk ,u ;" contunlion ol Thu Miner snd
��� ,,    , lniinv other newspapers, Unit arddlstbu-
to transact ousinesa, Uou of Provincial electoral .list,*i,'ts Is
A vote ..f thanks wus tendered t.> Mr. i *���-,, ally needed. Tho Islands, witli nboul
J. 11. Harcourt I'm* the eii'.eient manner only o'tn-iuui'ih lhe  population uf
In which ho bus dire,,.,: U.e affairs d llio Province, havo fourteen rapresenta-
,    .     ... ,   ���.      ���,,     tivoi hi the I'.'-isl.i'ive afsL-i-.ililc,  which
the socle.y during bis term of office. Hio bn a total men.hcrshlp of 83. This ills-
meeting wns broui:!,i i-. n clime bv tho proportion is so grs'at thai no further
tin^hi-: .*,( tho dpifchyy and the pronoun-! cuuimcnlla nsceisary,���Uosslond Minor.
clug oi the bonedlctlon.  -.. .,-j��~s����.	
 -��������<��.�������     ��� |    (i.-cut   ���(.in|lB   olfurltlg   in   furniture,
Saluda Too���Something crtra good.lerooktfryand glnasware, Ac, ut 11. O.
II. (I. Parson hse it. Parson's uto.-e. v itrtt warr-c**.* .���*������-
UAe 9//iner,
A Weekly Journal, publlrhed every Thursday :
in the IntorcKfol: tin' Kast Kootenay District
makius close-it connections with all trains und i
mail route*.
SUBSCRIPTION KATK1',: Ky mall or carrtor,
$2.1)0 11. r year in advaneif.
ADVKRTIHlHfl KATE*}: Display ails. $1.60 per
column iii.-h, |2.t�� V"'-" column im-ii when Inner ted on the title pane ; le_*al mis. 10 cents per
(nonpareil) Hue tor llr-it Insertion, Q eenispcr
tin.- fur each additional Insertion; reading
notice* 13 uunts per Hue each lUKurltou.
toe  lr:in��]ip.i'enlly Ijojjus Klondiko com-'
pany promoter, but the great investing
; public is practically untouched, notwith*:
standing tho BuccesH of the ono sound
enterpriso-The British America (torpor- j NotiCO tO TaXpayBrS
atiun���iii whose nrOKrummu  Klondike'
programme  Klon
Henct there i
u In office uot later th
Change* oi nil*, uium i
Birth, marriage and death noticed Inserted I
JOH DKPARTMKNTi Our Jul' Department
Is the best equipped printing ofllee in BiwV
Kootenay and in prepared to do neat, artistic
iirlntlttg hi a reasonable price. One i��� r 1 ce tuall* ,
M��.ii orders receive prompt attention.
C0RRESPONDKNT8; We invite corrcapon-l
dunce on p.iiy subject of lntor*e����t i-j the General
public ond ili-iirc f regular eorresponucnt at
every point Intho filet nut. lu all canes tbu
bona fide name ot writer must accompany the
naniiHcript, not necessarily for publication
bui mi a guarantee ol good faith.
Correspondence with reference to any matter
that has appeared lu another paper must first
be offered to that mipor for publication before
It can appear In "Tub Mixta,"
Address all communications
Golden, B.C.
formed a feature.
reason tu bollevo thut when the strong
mon of finance come upon the scene
with their Invitations for capital, couched in moderate and truth conveying
htnjjtmgo, thoy will be met with a ready
response.  And this should he ho too, for
there is no getting away  from the fact I Tax and *aii taxes levied under trie AnnutiicBt
I Aet nre now tine for ihe year 1808.
that gold in   enormous quantities does     All of lhe above named taxes collectable
wttlilu the Norlheru Division of bust Kootenay
exist on this far-off fringe of the British ! Dtstrtel nre payable at my office* the Court
\ House, Golden.
Kinnire.   It maybe that large tracts are,   Asso-saod taxes are collectable a the following
rates, vis.:
ali'Dttdy pegged out, but it U not to be |   h paltl on or before June '.Wth, 1808.
North in   Division   ot*  East
Koot nay   District.
-^   with the Statutes that Provincial R.-veiu
THURSDAY, FEB. 17,  1898.
There are two classes of men from
Great Britain to deal with In mining
transact ion a-7-thoso who intend to develop what they buy, and the professional promoter who cares not what he offers
to the public. The latter should be discouraged. It is bettor to have a chance
of something, and a chance in all thoae
pooplc can oiler, than nothing, but if n
claim has a proapoct of future value it is
prudence to wait until a bargain can bo
made with those who intend to mine,
not sell shares. This district bus already
suffered from the professional promoter;
let that error tie again avoided. If we
want. British capital���and the cost of
developing a mineral claim in Kast
Kootenay in too great to he undertaken
without it���lat lhe owners stand firm
either for a cash sale or such payment
with a stipulation as to time in doing
development work as will bind the purchaser to reasonable activity in carrying
out his part of the. agrement.
The history of the fraudl in mining
companies that have been portetrated
on,thu British public, shows that these
have, in nine cases out of ten, been
carried through by their own popple, not
by the claim owners. If llritisli investors upend their money In developing ��
claim to a mine of value they are entitled to profits for the vis!; they take,
hut for the good of the district aud of
themselves every obstacle should be put
iu the way of the company promoter of
whom tiiere aro as unscrupulous,a lot in
London as anywhere else in tho world.
Thoir frauds should not be aided and
abetted by giving them for a nominal
consideration the handling of mining
property upon such terms that they may
.lceco the public without expending
mon* than the cost of incorporation anil
u little advertising.
forvntlan tlmt thero aro remaininir unor-     Three-llfthaofoneperccut.ouKoairrQpi
loigotiou iiini i.H.n ure lemainiuguuui i   two mid ono-half per cent, ou assessed-v
niuiiK districts which are absolutely UU-1 "'one\uU?tloI
explored. p-a-j.*
;.|lftha of one per cent, ou Ileal Property.
���*   nine
per rent,  on   Personal
'much of the incomes <;f any person as
tii.ii.t-fi.nti.    niiu   nttwHlt   nmlthilrlail in I OXCOOllfi OllO TlimiSUWl   DolUrSttHI   following
Apart troin an\  wealth einuQttneu in  rjlM) namely!  I'pon sneb excess of income
thnnnnffy rnrkii nf f'hnn* (HfltrletH thm-P  when the sum Is not more than Ton Thousand
tin quart*, intks oi inose tusuius, uu it   t)0nftPfli 0nu per cent.; when sueh excess U
over Ten Tiiouwnd 0(.>ikiv, mk1 not morn than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-quarter
of nn"' per cent.! when sueh excess i* over
Taonty Tlumsautf Dollars, one and one-hall of
one percent.
If paid ou nr after the tit Inly, \m.
Four-fifths of one per cent, ou ileal Property,
Three per cent, ou :he auatised value ui wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On na titueli of tht* Incm.iiM of anv permi.* u,--
exeeee.s one Thmisnmi Ui-llars tbu k'limviiij;
rates, namely: Upon sueh excess when the
Btinelinnt wnrt) ilian Ten TLiou*iintl Muli^'s.
one Kini one-ipiarter ol one per cent.; when
such excess is over Ton Thousand Dollars and
noi more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
and one-half of one per rent; when such exa-fis
in over Twenty Thousand Dollars, one ami
tbreootpiertcrs ol one pur cunt.
Provincial Revenue Tax, J3.G0 per capita.
V. c. LANG,
Assessor and Collector.
are hundreds of streams rushing down
their golden sands. Tiiere can bo no
doubt that this northern territory is one
vast goldileld. Hitherto it has not paid
to work, or even to explore tho Held
properly, tho risks of starvation, the
perils of the Artie winter have been too
great. But all Ibis is about being altered.
Kight through the Sorth-West prospecting parties are encamped, waiting until
th�� melting of tho snow to continue
their exploration of this wild north land.
Letters which we have received show
that the stories of starved-out Dawson
city, of huge parties flying in a suave
qua peut mass from tt famine-stricken
land, are the veriest balderdash. Our
correspondent tells us that the day
before the date of bis letter two Dawson-
ians had como through. Work, thoy
reported, was still plentiful, and the
only famine to be feared one of candles���
a want which would very materially
retard winter operations In tho mines.
But such difficulties are only to be
expected. Bo tbe new territory the
frozen Northwest of Canada or the torrid
centre of Africa, until civilization stamps
its mark upon the new  found land the
flolden, January 10th, 1398.
*. SPECIAL MEETING of the shareholders of
*�� the Uoldeh Lumber Company, Limited
Liability, will be held at the office
of the Company t.i f.ouW'u, lirimii
Columbia, on FRIDAY, 81st JANUARY, ISflfl, at
10 o'clock a.m., tor the purpose ol sanctioning
st sitlc of property oi the Company.
Golden, B.C., Dee. .JO'.h, I��97. d80J6*>ltVSO
\-iitu-k ii. iinrcliy gl.en that 1 .hall apply '-*:
J-'   aapuulaltimberlluenuuto i-nt ihi.i.i-r on
tUc l���l'.���\\ in-; <t*-!.*:ri!i'*<i Im,,Is :��Uomrut'lii-lug
pioneer Ikis such dillleiilties toeoutciid ata-post on lllrtille Fork ol Finlay '.'r.*'-k.i��,*-,i
siunil,:-] IJiCO f,*.-t u. tin* north of Hiir.iii-K
Corral, N, K.l Ihon-.-a runnlii-'lGOrhulli-isoiilli;
tlionco 70 ciialiH W..-HI*, thence lUOoli&lna north;
tlifiu**; 70 ehains coal t.. tin* po^t of commenco-
The City Leader, Loudon, England,
savH: Somo people have modo up thoir
niind that there will ho a Klondike
bourn, and there ifl no reason lo believe
that tlio city will he disappointed lor the
public is ready and waiting. It ie true
that tin unscrupulous company-monger
has done Ida best to queer tho pitch In
his usual manner, but this is a contingency which lias to be faced with every
new adventure. In the present Instance
less liiirni bus been done than might at
Hrst appear probable. There bus been
���in lact continues to be���such a mysterious glamour cast around this Kl
Dorado of tho wild North-West as to
inspire a feeling akin to doubt ill tha
mind of the more level-headed investor.
And this douli'.ful feeling has bean intensified by tho Huron Muncluuisoii-llkc
dories ol tho liuaueial adventurer.
Wild stories of " Wealth beyond the
dreams of avarice " appeal to the greedy
und are enticing to all in the pages of a
Dumas, but thoy aro what tho cautious
investor does not too readily believe
unless they lie very carefully told. In
tho Klondike promotions we have already had served up to us no caution
haa been exercised. The gilt has been
put on with a trowel, and he who runs
has been able to read that it was tlie
riches of tho home investor rather than
tbe hidden wealth of tha Yukon valley
���whieh the companies were formed to
exploit. It iB, of course, that some f��\v
urn-ill cftpilllUt) i"**.v ���"���vc Mll��t��l the
with. So far as Klondike is concerned,
there are thousands of tons of stuff in
thi*. country waiting for the opening of
the season, nnd the same story comes
from tho other Bide���1898 will ho "the
Klondiko year," not only to the miner
aud to the Invcftor, but to the merchant
and manufacturer, to llio railway com.
piuiios and the shipping companies, All
will have cause to remember lhe day in
1806 when George Chrmack went a-lish-
ing and Instead of il salmon st.uck "pay
dirt." Tlie correspondent, to whose
letter we have already referred, has
something to sny about tho mother lode,
the discovery of whioh was falsely
reported a few days ago. Our correspondent tells us tlmt li party of
Vancouver prospectors bad at the lime
of writing claimed t.i have solved the
problem. Whether tliey have in reality
struck the mother lode or not they have
undoubtedly come across something rich.
About-10 miles irom Teslin lake, on the
northern boundary of British Columbia,
thoy have staked out claims through
whicli runs from north-west to south-
oust a ledge of (roe-milling (pi.irt*; some
1,000 feet in width.    Assays which have
ii>,'*.lt ;-.*���*mainiHg 1.LOU acres nt-ont.
G.ildcn. B. C,  October Kith, 1��97-
for a special timber licence to cut Umber
en the faliowlnttdeserlbedlands : -roimnei.c-
lug at a point on Flnley Crunk, at the head of
the canyon, n-s-rth-ftRKt corner post! running
westUW i-lihiiKH ;lht*ner 10 chat un Mjnth ; thence
200 chains east; thence 40 chains north to point
ui uommeuueinent ; containing about 1,000
.1.  C.   DURICK.
Fort Bteolc,~OctobtT2Ut, 1807.
VOT1C1! 18 HEREBY GIVEN that application
L* will nr made i<j the Parliament ot Canada
and io i he UglslatlTe Assembly of the Province
ol Kvltisb Columbia at their respective BrsMmih
to Incorporate a Compauy to construct a rail-
wav ui ueuperuuM by steam or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, hi Eat-*. Kootenay,
Uriiish Ci.liiniliiii���tl.e most northerly point ou
the Crow's Nest Railway,���thence running lua
northerly direction up the Kotitenay River *.o
Canal Flat! thence lo the Columbia Lake and
in k inu-tlierlv dirt-ciion down tli-e Columbia
River to the Canoe River; thence up the Canoe
Kiver and across the Portage to the headwater*
of ihe y.'HS'-r Kiver; tlioneo clown tlio FrflBer
River io OUeoine Portago; thence across tbe
l'ortn.;e to Parsnip Kiver; thence down the
i'lf-.iip River to Fimtluv River, and up tlu-
Kiiidlr.v Kiver and m'tow ihe divide to Fn,nt:es
Luke, and thence to the Yukon, with power to
livurt tlie route of the line north of Outcome
ru-ccivsnrj- brittle.* and roads. Alho, to ronslruei
and operate telegraph and telephone lines for
th* tranimlssion of raewiageefor the public; io
build, Rtqii're and operate steam and other
vessels and all necessary ferries, wharves nnd
doaksi to take ami use water for generating
oleotrfi Uy.and to transmit and dlapoae o[ th*
power t lerefrom for llghtlngi heating and
motive purposes; with power also lo carry on
the business of a general trading company, of
hii express compel, j; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate shw mills, for the production
and sale of lumber, and to mlno, explore, and
develop mineral lamte and to carry on a general
miiitiig and ore smelting business, Including
the erection ami operation of snelters and
Solicitors lor Applicants.
Pa ted at Ott* we tth Kevenb-tr, :w.     iln-9t
Portage either by way of Dease Lake or as ma;
. ,      .   , __.��       ,i-ii he found most suitable on'further exploration,
boon made ot stuff from this leugo run with power to build and operate branch lines
from M0 to ��100 por ton.   With inch' m,t rlt ^ -'/.--; ''t,!-:"?"!.'!."!1.-'!'
rosultSRQ these it w but natural that
they should build  the  hijjheBt hopes
upon thoir find, aud whether it he the
mother lode or r.ot which  they  have
come acroBB it in ovldont enough tlmt
they liuve etntck Bomothing rich.   I��ut
then important, dlacovorlefl throughout
this n.'*-'ui Northwest have been Uie rule,
and those amply verified :i*.*e sufficiently
important to prove conclusively that fur
well-thought out and carefully conducted
enterprise,  this  far-off  corner of  the
Dominion is, indeed, an El Dorado.
The Southern Mines.
Tho North Star company has lately
Increased largely itn force of miners, and
a big shipmont of ore will take place
this season. There are several hundred
tons at tlio river landing. Moan while
new machinery is being placed iu tlie
The tunnel on the ��t. Eugene in now
in 700 feet, the face showing solid galena.
There, are at present 15,000 tons of ore
un the dump. Preparations are being
made for a 300-ton concentrator and n
tramway, and both will be built shortly.
The Sullivan Mining company will begin work on their pig properties in the
Tort Steele district ROOllt the 1st March,
with the aid of the best machinery ami
a lttvgft body of men. The Tort Steele
district will be an exceptionally busy
mining region the coming Reason.
"i'ojjimnik.*. Act, 1W7,"
Canada: j
So. 11/97.
mMUs is TO CKRTIFY that tbe "Colden nn
t ish Columbia, Limited," is miihiM-ised mul
licensed to carry on business within thu l'rov-
Incc of British Columbia, and to carry ontor
effect all or atiy of the. objects hereinafter set
Earth to whieh the le-ishuive authority ol Un-
l.rtfinliUure ol Iliilihli Columbia txuniis.
The head offlea.of the Company la situate at
Nn. B, Queen Street Place, City of London, ling-
The amount of tbe rupilul of the ('otnpiiny is
��B,0Uij divided into six thousand shares of ��l
The head office of tho Company ln this Pro-
vluec is situate tit Golden, nnd William Gilbert
MitchcU-lunea, whoso i d Ires* Is Golden, British Columbia, is tiie At.or ley lor the t'ompany.
The objects for which lue Company hits been
established ami so licensed are:���
[a. To purclnisi', take on, or otherwise
aeqiiiro, mlnea. wining rlghw, and niclalltfer-
ottfl land and any interest therein, and to explore, work, exercise, develoj. und luru to
account theaainc:
[hi Toorush, win, get, quarry, suiolt- calcine,
re (Ine, dress, anialgainate,inauiiiittate,purchase
ami prepare for market, ore, metal, ami mineral substancoH of all kind:-,and to emiy on,
either upon or in connection with thepremleed
or elsowlicre, the business of minora, mlUura,
smolturB, and worlicraol any pruettises In the
production, reduction and making merchantable, ol in!uerali,niutalH and meuilfic producta,
stipplivaul wator, morebauis, ami manulai liners, uiul workers ol iui\- minerals, ntetals, articles anil tbinc-s used lu or In connection with
ii'.tniii.:, nhlliiig, smelting, and uiiit-r proc-vtwes
aforesaid, or nny *j{ them;
[a] To search (or mines and minerals either
ou land known to contain such mines and uUn- or otherwise, and lo buy. umUiill, lease
or take up i^e rights ol search or other miners'
rights-or elaiuis. under any mining sUitntes or
rcgulntlonaol anyplace where the Company
carries on operations, and any other rights respecting tliesnuie:
[it] To acquire options, or enter into contracts
lor tlie purchase ci nny [)v:u;t>:, cuucenslous,
leases or setts, cuscmcula or interests iu lands,
water*', mlllhilefl, towuslles, mines, minerals, |
and oilier hercuttaiuenis, and any plant,machinery, implements, conveniences, provisions
and thltigji, and uny other property, real or
perm:;tiI, -or inimovt-able, Ior purpofcCS
lui-idcntul thereto or to any other objettaoi the
Company, or capable oi boingused In connection with inetallurglcul operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, aud to work, transier, let or sublet the
[ci To acquire auy tuventlona, letters patcul
or licenses, ntpnhie til being used for the pur-
poses of the Company, or any of them, and to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the scrac:
I. To acquire and undertake the whole or any
part o! tbe business, property and liabilities, of
any person or company carrying ou any bust-
nesa which this Company is authorised to carry
on | and to acquire and hold any shores, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, ne-
gotlableor otherwise, of or other Interests in
unv Kn^lisli, coloninl or c.her coinpiuiics, fisiiO-
chaunifior uuitcrliikinns eupubleol bein.; miui-
ageil or conducted so us dfreetly or imilroutiy
to bonetlt the business of tbe Company. Also
to advance money on any sm-h shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, dcbemuroB, sei-uritiesot or
other Interest in such companies, associations.
or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures or seour-
tics ins partial ur full security tor payments due
to the Company:
)z. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
onie:'.-; iu aro.uirh.g.oonfitruethiji or hiring any
mills, canals, wulvrworns, machinery, loads,
bn-.tycH, iniuiwayu, nutways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, mutters or things
which niaj be necessary or eonvenicut ior ihe
purposea of the Company, or any of them, and
lu tne ivorklug oi the same or any part thereof:
lu To improve, manage, develop, tot UUUerlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal
with,in anv luanncr whatsoever, ihe undertaking or any part orpurtsof tlie property of
the Company, or any rights, way-leiivea or
easements In or over thu same, and to accept -x\
payment therclor either cash or shares, or
partly cash and partly shares,in nny other
eomjiauy purchasing the same:
L Tu establish auU maintain agencies of the
Company in auy colony, dominion- foreign
tnuntry or state, and to procure the Company
lo be reentered or incorporated in any sacn
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objeets altogether or in part similar to
iiiu objects of this Compauy, unii to enter into
pnriuei'ship, joint itdvcuturc, reciprocal eon-
cession or otherwise, with any compauy or
person or linn engaged or about to vngii^e in
anv business or transaction which tbis Company u authorized to engage lu, or capable ol
DClug couductcd so hs ulrectly or indirectly lo
hentlit thisCompany:
k. T.i hold, in ihe* names of others, any pro-
perty which the Company is authorised to
acquire, uud to carry on or do any of the
businesses and acts and things aforesaid, either
as principal or.agcut, ��.nu eituer oy tbe agency
oi or us agents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
hill.- ol exelmuge Mid oilier instruments, UCgO-
'liable or otlierwlse,and to burrow money eitber
wiiiior without security, uud either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise, Including
Uie issue ol debentures charged upon all or auy
of the Compauj's properly (both present and
intUre), Including its uncalled capital:
ni. To promote and form other companies for
any ot 11,4 objects meuiloned lu ibis Memorandum;
li, Tu Invest .".'.id deal with the moneys of tht
Company not immediately required upon such
securities aud in such uttLliaerus lruui time to
time bedeir't'tuiued:
o. To lii.stribttte any of the property of the
Company among the members in specie:
p. To carry on business in any pari of the
world and lo do ait such ibhigs as ere incidental or conducive to the attainment of lb�� above
Given under my hand and seal of olllee at
Victoria, Provinco of British Columbia, this
i'.ith any of October, one thousand eight hundred aud ninety-seven,
[l.r.1 ' B. Y. WOOTTON,
n2Mt      Rcglstrnrol Joint Bloc): Companies.
Merchant  Tailor.
Scotch,  English,  Irish and Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
Cr-old-en,        ,.        .        IB. C-
Uilock Sc Barrie, Props.
B��  G
Pi st-Clasa in ev��ry particular.  Convenient to Railway Ji��f\ and Ste*Bbt*t l#a*tlaf.
Rales Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, eoniecting with Steamer fer Vert Steele every
Uondav and Friday after arrival of train from the wat.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts      ��� ��� ���
Modern Conveniences   ��� ��� ���
Best Cuisine in the West ��� ���
Commodious Sample Rooms ��� ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors ��nd Cigars ���
Co to the
Columbia jffouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
jssssm* Golden, B.C.
HEALY   AND   SKELTON,   fropa.
-^.Ileia-lquartcri For-%.
Miners, Prospectors   and  Lumbermen.
Elates $1.00 3Pex ID-a^T-
Boasd a Lodoixo" $5 Pbk Wbik.    Fiest ClassJBab.
A, Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders "Receive Prompt Attention.
vrOTtCRIs hereby given that I shall apply for
*^ a special timber licence to cut limber ou
the following described lands : -Commencing
at a post on the North Pork of Flnley ('reek, a*
cross the creek from the heed of Hrady's Ditch,
north-easi post ; tlicnce running south WO
chains; fltgice west 70 chains ; thence north
100 chains! Wfenco east tu attains to post of com*
Kort Steele, 0ctobcr^0th,18W.
Golden to Fort Steele.
Cioldon to Carbonate  17
HogBancho  22
"     Spilllinachene  42
"     Bnorty's  60
"      McKay's  ��6
"     Windermere  84
"      Brewer's  97
"      CutmlFlat  120
"      WttBft (llflnonn's).. Ififi
Fort Bteek  l��a
VICTORIA, bv the (irace of Ood .otthe United
Ki!i;;(ioiu oi tiretvt Hritnin and Ireland Queen
Defender of the raith ,Ae., Ac,, Ac
To our faithful the Members elected to serve In
the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of
Britwh Columbia at our City of Victoria���
A. 0. SMITH, (UrllKRKAH   WE
Deputy Attorney-flcneral. | TT are desirous
and resolved, tu soon as may he,to meet Our
people of Our Province of British Columbia,
an-i to havo their advice in Our Legislature:
Now know YE, that for divers causes and
considerations, ana taking Into consideration
lhe case and convenience ot our loyiug subjects, We have thought fit by and with ihe ad-
vice of Our Executive Council of thu I'tovinrc
of British Columbia, do hereby convolte.and by
tiiere presents enjoin you, aud each of you,that
on Thursday, the Tenth day of th* month of
February, one thousand eight hundred and
ninety-eight, you meet Us iu Our tald legislature or Parliament of Our said Province at
Our city of Victoria, FOR THE DKBl'ATi'H OF
BUSINESS, to treat; do, act and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature oi the
Province of British Columbta, by  the Common council of Our said Province saay, by the
favour ol God, be ordained.
In TMTIH0MY  WHBRBOVi   >Vb  have caused
thesu Our Letlern to be made Patent, and
the meat Seal of the said Province  to be
hereunto affixed:   Witness, tht Honourable Thomas R. McI.snkh, Ueutenaut-tiov-
eruor of Our said Province of British Columbia, Our City of Victoria In Our said
Province , this thirtieth day of December
in the year of Our Lord   one    thousand
eight hundred and ninety-seven and in
the slxty-ilrat year of Our Reign.
By Command.
O>30 Provincial Becratary
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.C..    mmfSZ
Groceries, Dry Goods & Gensral MerchtndiM.   Mint!*'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
a���      James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choic* Wiaat, Liquora and Clgari,   Firat clan'M.
East Kootenay^^^^
Mining Stock List.
Nim�� or Company.
The (loHl Hills C. & D. Co	
Kootenny, Cariboo M. ft I. Go	
t  760,000
$  500,000
t    75,000
Alberta k Kootenay I). Co	
Mast Kootenay and Elk Bivcr Development k Exploration Co.-	
V1MNG riTKHI. f( U FXi n.c. viGeaamx-jennt-nruHt
IFourth Session of th* Sevonth Par-
llamentopened under Brilliant Auspices.
'The speaker took the chair promptly
at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, Fob. 10,
but it was some tiiua before the Lieut.-
Governor, accompanied by bis A.D.C.,
Sergt.-Major Duncan, and his private
secretary, T. K, E. Mclnnes, entered,
pre'ceded by the officers uf tho navy,
regular army and militia. The. baud
-.truck up the national anthem, which
was afterwards sung by tha Arion club.
His Honor road a congratulatory telegram from the Governor-General and
l.ady Aberdeen, after which lm read the
���peach. Bishop l'errin offered prayer,
tbe Arion club sang an anthem and the
l.ieut.-Oovernor gave way to the speakei
and the formal business, including the
introduction of the new member for
(')iilliwaek, Mr. A. 8. Yedder, waa proceeded with.
A second telegram was received from
the Governor-General expressing his
regret at being unable (o attend. " Rule
Britannia" by the Arion Club followed,
and after prayers by Bishop Crldge tho
house adjourned until Monday.
Tho speech from the throne was as
follows :���
Mr. Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly:
It is a source of much pleasure to me
to meet you iu this the first year of my
office as Lieutenant-Governor, and to
congratulate you on the. completion ot
these stately government buildings, su
worthy cf the Province, so admirably
adapted for the purposes for which they
were designed, and in which you are
now assembled for the Hrst time.
1 am gratified to find that the revenue
of the country is expanding to such
dimensions as to indicate the rapid development of our undoubted resources
in minerals and other natural products.
The vast discoveries of gold iu lhe
Yukon region will give a great stimulus
to commercial enterprise throughout the
province, and, in view of the urgent
necessity of securing au all-Canadian
route to the Yukon, a measure will be
laid beforo you for furthering that olijeet
as expeditiously as possible.
The widespread discoveries of mineral
wealth in the province indicates the importance of affording increased transportation facilities for their development,
and I commend for your careful consideration certain measures which will be
introduced tondingto that desirable end.
I have ranch pleasure in informing
you the efforts you made on former
occasions to assist the Crow's Nest
Railway have���ia with aid
from the Dominion government���result
eil in the active construction of that
railway, and there is every prospect of
its completion as far as Xelson during
the present year. By this means the
extensive coal iields iu Uie Crow's Nest
I'ass will lie lii'tata) available, and the
importance to the mining industry of a
good and cheap fuel cannot be eiagger-
I winter on'account of the weather."Were
it not that it is only the News-
lhe news that after shipping thu vast
bulk of 1011 tons of ore.there is still
''some left at lhe initio" would he
alarming indeed for tlie Wavorlcy's
stockholders. The point worth noting
iu our contemporary's news item is, ot j
course, that nothing good is to be expected from tlie Wavorley for somo months
to come, despite tiie Grant-Govan assurances of thosands of pounds sterling uf
profits weekly, all plainly in tight. The
time is surely come fur someone frum
the mine to call in on the Revclstoke
papers, and after there inspiring a nice
little puff ns tu the mine prospects, send
the item home fur Gel. Anatey or sume
other director tu quote���quite innocently
���as au evidence of local confidence in
tbe Wavorley and ils workers.
Raised Him a Ton.
The highest grade uf negro is the private car porter. It was such a ncgru,
young and with many fine mannerisms
and some money, who decided to take a
trip to Europe In London he made the
acquaintance of several English-bred
negroes. By these he was shown the
sights and introduced into society,
Ono evening lie wae invited to "ait in"
a little poker game, lie, was well acquainted with the game as played at
home, and did not hesitate to play. His
limited acquaintance with English
money cost him several good pots. At
last he got four aces and knew exactly
where he was, for four aces have their
value the world over. His opponent
"skinned" his band carefully after
cards had been "doled" and said*.
'Ah'11 jus' bet yo' a pound, Mistah
' Well," said the American, " I dun'
rightly know how much a pound ia, but
Ah'll raise yo' a ton."
 -������������.. -,**��� ��� .*���������-	
Gold on the Bosphorous.
According to advices from Constantinople, a discovery of a gold mine of sume
Importance has been made in a atone
quarry near Canlindju, un the Asiatic
side of the Bosphorous. The quarry in
question, which is said to have belonged
to a widow, who abandoned it some time
agu, was once more being worked, when
some quart's rich in the precious metal
was laid hare. Turkish finances are now
in a condition which would render a
great lind of gold within its territories
peculiarly acceptable.
Good Prospacts for B. C.
There is no doubt that this year will
see a great interest taken in British
Columbia, not alone in speculation, hut iu legitimate mining���a branch
of industry which has gradually come In
to be regarded as among the safest
investments tbe country has got now
Many large financial groups are on tlio
lookout for good gold or copper properties, and some of the best people are
going into them. East Kootenay should
come well lo the front this year.���Money.
I am happy ta latorra you that negotiations are is progress for insuring the
early construction of the Victoria, Vancouver nnd Eastern Railway, whicli will
open up the rich raining camps and
agricultural land* along the route.
A measure will he introduced to you,
having for its object redistribution in
connection witli tlu electoral districts.
It is satisfactory to learn that the
abundant harvest of last year has relieved the depression which formerly exist
cd in our agricultural Industry.
In view of tho adaptability of our
l'rovtaua for dairy farming, steps will he
taken tar promoting its development.
Out fisheries havo maintained their
high reputation ami offer a wide range
for further expansiuu.
The fun her industry has shown marked
improvement during the past year.
The revision of tho statutes has been
completed, anil legislation will he introduced to give effect to the work of the
The estimates of revenue und expenditure for the ensuing year will shortly be
laid before you.
With every confidence that your labors
will be directed to the honor and advantage of the province, und to tbe proper
development of ils resources, I now
leave you to your deliberations, trusting
that Divine Providence will guide and
assist your efforts.
The Waverley.
B. C. Mining Review: Bad accounts
eome from Albert canyon as to the progress, or rather want of progress, at this
Illeciliwoet mine. Many men have lieen
discharged as it seems, after practically
doing little or nothing for some time and
as for the rawhiding of the promised
firtt shipment of 1,000 tons of ore, that
also is postpone-.' Radical ranges in
mine management at this much-boomed
mine in embryo are scemiugly needed,
in substitution for grossly misleading reports at company meetine: in England.
Meanwhile it is interesting to note, on
the authority of tho Vancouver News-
Advertiser ,that "thsre aro now about
100 tonB more of Wnverley ore at Albert
canyon ,and ' though there is some left Golden, B.C.,
at the mine,'it will not be got out this       .Inn. lt'lh, lffB
An Illinois railway mail clerk has been
doing a little figuring on his twenty-four
years' service and ho finds that ho has
travelled 803,78*1 miles and has handled
57,0111,144 pieces of mail matter.
Joaquin Miller says that Alaska used
to be a tropical country. That's it! Why
couldn't some man have told us of the
Klondike in the day when ferns instead
of ice packs gringed the edge ui the
Yukon river? But fate seemed lo have
to have ordered that the man who wants
money should always be a little too late.
Banker, Merchant&Maiiufueturei'.
People will put money into eutonslve
outfits, give up good positions, and sacrifice years iu a frozen wilderness for
the hope oi getting gold out of the Klon* i
dike country. The same people would
look upon stock speculation hy the mar
gin process ns akin to gambling. Yet
both enterprises are speculative nnd the
latter has the advantage of the comforts
of civilized life while it is going forward
at any rate. But then as Borne philosopher baa noticed, it iu speculating just
to be alive.���Banker, Merchant k Mann*
An Interesting experiment is to be
made near Vernon by Messrs l.ips.u
and Robinson, of the British and
American Gold Mining company. They
are the owners of a group of claims
situated back of Camp Hewitt, about
fourteen miles from Okanagan lake, and
the company has secured BllHlcient land
to form a townsite, called Glen Robinson,
Here Messrs Lipsott and Robinson say
with the development of their mining
claims a thriving little town is hound to
spring up, It is their Intention to mako
it a model place. The co-operative
system will be introduced wherever
possible, and the Gothenburg method of
regulating the liquor traffic will he tried,
They intend to push ahead as rapidly as
The Golden Lumber Company, LtM.,
Ly., having transferred their business to
the Columbia Rivor Lumber Co., request
ahat all parties having accounts against
them send the etimo in nt once, nnd nil
tccounts due the Golden Lumber Co.,
l.t'd. Ly,, must he settled on or before
1st Eebrunrv, 181)8.
Is tlie best advertis*
ing medium in East
ated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Contains tlie latest
news of the di
$75 to $150 Each according to
P**p^���**Y*��y��. e~> -   Ono-thlrd, down, balance lu thr��e and six
.4, -s?j.a.���j.*o .     mono,,, withou< intomt.
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only   $2,00 per
p.e-1 V,
Has the best equip.
Upper Columbia-
ped   Job   Printin
/*��� ���
:e m
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. It, tt Golden, B.  C. and
Great Northern Railway 8t Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express rare of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Comply.
Balprdne ��
ing  at   reas
IToxt Steelo, B- C-
Chotck Wink*, Liquors amu Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proph'.eto*
Tbe  FinMt   Health   Restrt �����   tha Ceatiseel.
Private HoApiUl ���
*r m-Mii'al
O01.ce  with  *  T
���ni   BUS
Complete PTitem
BfttM, ftt
���veri l*i��t
ami iloacriptiea.
Medical Ilireetor���PK. K. (i. BRKTT, faarr.
Resident Physician A 8u;*{t��ii���BK. (PATtKlC.
��� rwj-xaas&a. ifft ���s.vmamrMQvxt* :-> ������*��������� n
p^vr r��Mv*r-***aN-w---r**"****.'tv��>ir*a*��^
G u n d ay   f-I e w - p ?.:; a r 3,
PTT-fi-HT'S r^ti^rSiaTi
A  .J v.j. .LiL O ������'���...jitJAU-'ULf.fU U
Mr. Charlton is again prat-sing hi-i su
Mr. IT. G.rarsonisbusystiOcl:-trJtinEl**.��!1*-'11  Stibbatli Observance   Hill, one
this week.                                                ' >''���*������'���"''-' ul whicli in to prohibit the publication   ��>i's-pnpt'is   on    i*i:!:<i:;-.
'l'hoproposalto exclude theJapanei��3|Theil,  .,,,,  ,������   .im:(,  ������_*, .mpo|.., _;...
from the Vuk�� has been defeated in  n)0         d ,*-������_ ������ ������,,.���.,,  UolumbiBl
the Senate. | ���.,,,���, , ,._ , ,���.  Sundllv m0..���;u*.
which ar.> issue.
but not on Monday, a minimum of Bun-
Jay work bein: s .cured by this arrange-,
mont.   li Mr. Chariton   hat  his  way,
1 however,  the newspaper  employees of
i thu l'lieillce Const cities will, like those
] 1.'. Eastcyi Canada, liuve t-. do tbe oi'tlin-!
! \ -y d.ty'a work on Simih-.v to produce the
I Monday morning paper, instead oi having the day of rest to themselves 113 al
present.   The  last  time  tbe  Bill who
The Marquis of Salisbury had a narrow escape from death or injury voile
driving on Ttto&day liiat.
Mr. C. II. Parson has moved Hie
customs oQlces from iho Alexander
block to the Ij- C, N. .V 'I'. Co.'s office.
Ex-Mayor On* of Calgary .lied ou
W'ednesdjiy night at the Cnlgnry general
hospital when1 ho hud been a patient
for several mouths, before the  house ot Commons It mad
Tlie pnssongoro on :!������ stage irom Furl  J"..,! ;, -ogress towards passage,
Flocla  !! ii we.*'.*, aro rera-lt-fl wmivo ���     �������������.-.��--     ���
walked from Windermere tu McKay's. iho Bonnlsjn Mino.
The road wan nothing but mutt, ,     \ .,      , . \
Mr. M. Dninai'tl has relume! from b b
A special iiddiWB for chilli-en wiil be I io to t.ho Bonnliioii mine to exomiiKii
I-veo in ihe Presbyterian Church ncxti Iho work In pro-jress Ihere. lie- reports
hubbath evening. All children are ^r^rt?��s'X,^^3iiS
moat cordially iiiviU'il tu attend, j we\\    y.- f.uhmrU reports seven ft '������ ui '���
Mr.  Ogilvie',  book   on tbe Yukon i- j ^t^X^. "'otultu^
(ml.    lie estimates that tell million tons | ,*,.���,,, t|l(l ni*|in |)(, lm,* _������__; Mnulersrui I
of Ijol.l will be la'-en out  oi  the Canadian North West.   We hope he ia right
Work r-n tlio addition to the Columbia I vein <v
House ie piocoeding rapidly unde.'the
direction t.i Mr. James Henderson, four
oiirponlors  arrived   from  Calgary this
w.-.-k 10 Assist in the building,
\'he nea* pfoprii'torB of the Kootonay
House, Messrs. Ullocli and iia.-i-i- ar.i
having the premises renovated and made
more convenientjand comforlahle. These
cenllomon will undoubtedly ait their
f-dl share of Ihe hold business in Golden and make a Rucccsss o! it.
The United States ha tl.iahip Maine
lying in Havana harbor, was deat'royed
by an explosion  o.i Tuesday evon'u
wliieh  occurred,il ia thought, in tut-]    ,*,   ]>\\;y   GRANDE   NKWCOMIV
powder maganiiie.     It is believed that j PIANO fur sale,  l-tnsewood cits.', in per*
the  disaster was tho result oi  nn oitei
dent.    Tiie  total  dead    number   2b:
Mr. V. Hyde Daker passed thr.ittjl
Golden thia week on Iii) way Irom tho
coast In Cranbrook, Mr. F. J. Ii.iz.*n j
came up fiom (h'tinbroi 1. to meet him. i
Mr. Hazeii states that in hi* opinion
there will be a large number of good
buildings erected at Crndbrook early in
the Bjii'ing.
Owing to the requirements of tlie
Yukon, the Mounted Pollco are being
withdrawn from service on tiie construction "f tho Crow's Nest railway,
end the lino will be left without protection.    The  press and  the  public are j
  :..   .1.   :-   .11   ..c   .1.1.
's <;r,<>i>
j ;:���im-.-l .*.. mratii cml ol
S U���.*KU,j Home !,.���:.I-*-.-.
S "*"            5
( My Motto Im       ,>
/ GOOD QUALITY,       /
iff     I <w    if * i\ ��
��� m !
General merchant
���W> GOOD
I     C      Dllf! Ul      T h 11  O E3
K nnfli k'P
Write I.M' pamphlet descriptive of the routes
to the Vukon country
Una     date
rates, etc.
on !
is wa> lo his claims ou tho middle
, wbere ho ia working all whiter,
ng already out Ihinugh a two foot
!ncfl -W.B. fiore,.^. ...
i i 1VI
eiti'ryh'.g gockl vttluea in gold anil
" Vrin-Jorni'
fu Mliiinu DtvlhlohH���J.
>::s:;.bj RKCOllDSRS
S. Stlrrot. .
1 pei'pons indebted lo me are i'-.--
le.l  lo settle ea  with Mr. C. il.
������s  ;,;���;;
���Wi Htw-l..
in,   wlio   haa   authority   io   give
ptij for tbe n.iiiic.
bleu, February 15th, 18U8,
Deputy Clor
ouuy-- CfiH
; of llif I't'i.c-t; for Sos'Ax
'n islirrolt	
[��f tlio I'-inre for South
rlcsMaasey B-Swtirds ..
Enal Knot-
Port Btaelt
Piano For Bale.
, Exposition.
lirst prize at llio Chi
Price lj.liU.0D GASH
A I'i
Extracts From Britisli Colnmlila
Siaiuii"! K.vjilrtlnlTi',' Fully toe
V.iltic and Necva-aity "fa " J''re<1
IHiiiers " C(!3't.UlcatO"-Jlo I'!*;-
.',;".!   filiould   Attempt   Bliuing'
' Wltoout One,
Any i*-.raj-> over lit yea-.*, ol F-a1, mut V
'.-..,..-.11r.... miat-r !,.. oaylug },', to anyj*oI*l
oiaa.i ,i...iir or mtnurai record*-!' had o.arti:.-
:*.;: a '-.-il'l.-'-n..* goo.! f.-i-ouii
A free ait.a.:- in*.*,* .*.i.!hiu a ritftv i.rilBcata for
A In
,,   , clu 111,   llllil IU
i lluiM
on to tlmtof Tn
. thV-'lTchilftvi-f
u Toronto Street. Toronto.
!i23-9t Sollulturs tor A) vllconta.
uimniuioiis in t!u,:.r disapproval of iiii*
rnurfle which must undottbtcdly lend to j
Mr. Wm. McNeish 1ms thia day been
pleased in orJer that his second player,
Mr. C'-1) Korsmytho, better known as
" Smithy," shall reccivo no food ut the
hands of auy person after the 2'lrd day
of the presaiit month for three days
thflrettfter. A npccial penalty will bo
imposed Iur any infringement of this act.
Tho first issue of tho Mineral City
Kcw.s, a monthly eight-page paper, published in  Uosrjland, entirely devoted to
the interests of thoso concerned in tho
development of Cariboo crock properties  t !���*��� litrvc ^ijfivr-mcnmou-lil i\v.-
aud others on Arrow lake, is just out j mi)��:ii i��ttl"iifttu; i^iiiv^o^vea^lf^s
Tho publisher* claim tlmt it will Ir ������  f"����'.^
Mii'.iitblt' addition to nowspapordom, and  mul mDtnuiin iiii ticiioHHitrywor'
vOi'TCit ;��� hproby riven Mist apr-licdlloii will
-��� !,._��� mtiilc toilioU'vii.ti'UvtfASjieiaLlTofijio
Provlm.'uof Brklaii ColumMn, At ltd next session, tor ti Private Hill io ini'orporfttuattom-
prtiiy to builtl, wptlp, imilntoln and opwulaa
iiiita or IliiL',''. ��i rnilwtiy Irom �� point nt or hum*
Crantrook, in Eiiat Kootenny, ilimico ny tii*.'
Moat (toslolu nmtii to thu st. Mary's Ktveri
tlit'iu'f iu a ui^'i-rh- etlreetton to tho head-
ivntorsof Hti^l tr*.'.. Itivor: uiul also i.i iih C(Uitur-
ly uud t.ortliefli utfi :llun Irom HOMe pnltit oil
the sitid Hue ji iiriiuiih lino dp tlio Khs! tvool'.1-
iihv Viilley tu tlu- iieliflibourhooit of Uoho
Vnloffluri No. 'J i-roeks uiul tiie mimwin thst
vlclnf yj\fith [.or/or tu tho snid tloiniuiij to
.���'Hisirm 111 line from the JJnll itivur (iroupot
Minim, in E.tfi Koutonnyi to tho inont'tot.-
venffiii ji-ii.t t.ii iho main lino cf tin-
Crov.'-i    Ktst   Pass    KntlA-tij;     und     ui*o
I did, from  tliiiu to time, liraitch   lim'-H lu
I t
lot trainvrornltls.
���Uiik a. iiiiiitiii
/.li li.-l>IIH''.   r-iiv
phis free miner'i.
,ls eo-otrncrs pro
; company need
A frott minor may cluhn IrOOxloOO feet, r.m
nil aiigt m must be rtkhi uitglua and nil mcasur*
m. i-.t must be horlzoutally,
A in.--' intuur laity uut timber on croivn landa.
A Ireo ntlovr.iuay kUlgamo lor Ms own usa
t'.; r.ll Hoaiiona,
A Iron mini r miy obtain (tvo acre m'Uilte upon crown Lands In ii;*-' lorm ui r. sipiare.
A elalm m��> be hold year o. year by
work ubhijidtmo lo tn�� valuii of ono hundred
Loiies di.UQverei1 in tunnel muy Lo held if rc-
���\ irfDiulnvr may on payment ot JSOfi, in Hat of
expt'iidltu'roun claim, obtain a uruwii itrant.
Any iiiimriiii'.;;, ut the ���ilssrctton ct the (iold
commlfihluniir, ol talu ii'ieeiwary ivutcr riuhis*,
No tr.iitsn-7i,i am mineral cmlm ur Internal
shall bo cnfurcedljle unk-i-s in Hrltiut*, ��ifr:*'0'J.
tun! i'..'11-ibl- '
Cheap Sates to  California and to tho
Gtuickest routs to the
East and to the Old
k'in   St.   John, Porlhud   o;
New York.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
ii] roller Irom any act ol oir.k* Ion    !'<__ OO ECU tl V
, or ilula'a on Ilia j-uri 01 Hit -*v**^ *""-^'-*'1;
cr coi i
N*i,,*l���,i,i :.,iali   I,,., open la lik-iit'.on flnrlnc
ta*,t illii..*��d ol im'.,:,-;-. nor wltliiii I'i moiiitis
alter lii-i ilcain, ur.lcBJ 1; pcniitsslou of **i.i.l
A i,u:,-. rut i-lalin mllHl !-.' rocnrilotl v. llhln If, |
,1,1V-. i-.t.-i-l,i,.-n:i���a. ii within lit iai],-a ol c /:i-***
i.: inl.iliu'rii-.,ri.'.-. Omi aililltlonul Uaj la al-
UMi'-i ,i>r oviry iivlailioaai la uiil-.:*i ,..- i:-:-.L-ila::
AKNVAl. I.A30a.
Work on eacluninltiff elalm to the vdue *if
FlCOnn'rti bo clutiu eiuth yeir from datd of r<--j
...i-.'.', mint n.l   Aftlduvit Jiwdu by thu       Tllf   mo
- 'Is .iigsnt, tutting out a_deta.led
, i,
hope it uill prow fniiliful to its claims.
Mr, rr;;nk Miclicner mIki lias bct-ii in
clulrie  of  M-.--i.ira.  Hull  Urns, it Co.'s I
.'..-it!y (.11)   ll0_,
i,t u-lii-rriipli! M,ii.-ii,,*iii,,| i���
,iii,i���l���-,..i,.| tiiefcaMomni
i ii.i *
    omtortable hotel '.*.-. Soutli
-ut a dcma-nl
ic liiusi bu niiid with 11'agt Kootonay.    Good Table
r lli-i ton.
Ity or
of ll.-J
1.111111').- i-
llllrt to 11
aiinil. l-n:
.-is hoMl
ton wlih tho ��
r,,.-r purlorm ol work l
itiljoinluft clr.'.ni,
.ind i>ov...-i* lo hilll.1, timlnlaili
i,l onoriito ��. hurvi'K, Jtloi.l;*, Rn.l HtcinilioiitM,
v,*-nnlis. an-1 iii'qliira vralor privileges tooon-
.*.!,*: ilaiiie, i!'.ii.u'.,.ui<-...l'.r Improving nn.l
k'n'lisill.-,' 1)10 WllU'r  ).l-ivilci-l'S,  l.ll'l  to lllili.,1
j ir-illii- oi* oilier �����i-.-i'ii,.-,.'ii.i-:iiii -.villi rftllnay.i,
C&tabli8liiiient for 111-* past few montlm, .itcmnr-cit or otlicr oonipcuioH, for (ill oitwt
lenvvs sliortly fur Banff to take o|iur__e of "^L,!!";'   >mmfy   l**'����i   *lfr<*   ���"'
the'shop there,    Frank ivill bo(trcatly BODWBLMRViSij'ivDWP,
missed among the bova nn lit-v,-n.-i " n
jolly good lOHfflw" and had hosts of Koilcltomfocthoyippllcaiiia.
frleiida.    TimMi.vbr wishesI'Vanksue- Victoria,B.C.,55tlipclobor, 1837.        -in*.   \Jf^
cess in his new Held .of labor.    Mr, Mc-    	
Bwoenyof Calgary has biicn appointed NOTICE.                      .            _ ..   . ,,
to the Golden branch. I Ji.   JL AJlft W
t.iii.i*.., ami r-i.-or.ieil Le-1 \v in !n.      Good   Attondunce,
ml, yeur from tlio .ii-.le I
A iree iiiin,;* hol-ii.n* i .N'oil--;rate.
-    llliiij! uolleo
I *0I)(1
r L'uriorni on anv uuu or i.joiv ot i \ \ �� r^      i       ��� r~*
; fho work required tu cnii.i,   W PH.      ESChVVlg,     PrOO.
mil pay ?ltw
and jot receipt ami vc.ow; tha same.
Wa r d n e r_^Ba-ir.*.
T. Transfer Co'.
\-v*.*.*.>'-;>i:-Vi 1**, - si~>,'*i.��;,**ib sv-^Xx''*-Tta^-��%' f ''>'*
'i!*** 'l*,V^V1!:/.''r^---i'^\>-*;nN*^\'^\**^'li: i'?- I fl V '
Hkcfi.^   '<UjL2m  \J    Vila.      Ooi*.
RBliancE Loan nnd Savings Dnniyanu,
Pti'mhix Firs Insurahps Co, ci London,
f~! n n fiz
onfEdsratipn Uie Association, Toronto,
Canadian Raiiu/an Rooidant InsuranoB Co,
i he t olumbia lUver r.umlwr Co. mvo !
hit, upon  ji  gooil flchemo for improving \+*   nspeel.
��� i.
tlio Hlcightng between their ii-.-; campB 1V,1;,V,' i',n!.'
tv.--l tho railway. They have :i large
Utile on .slfi/.iH fr uu which water in
Bprinkled In the ulcigh trucks and each
night'B frost tinprovei i\m sleighing very
considerably. Largo quantities ol ties
fti*o bolng huuteii in daily ami work is
being vigorously pushed in order !;> fill
cbntracts hofor'o the biiow goen.
Free miners' certiAcates are now lieing
iflRUOcI to ull parties who intend prospecting in t!;i* Yukon or Peaco river districts. This entitles the person who in
going north gold hunting, on paymnnt
tlmt I Bhall.ftpply for \
ri' .-.i Und a r���Common :tnn ;
orth Fori; ul Vltiiey ''r.-lc u-
i-ri''-�� ino erees rroin the heail nf Mri-uy'H Idielt.
norih-QAht uohi ; thenco rumuna uoutn ico
I'lmlnn ;  theneo v*taL7ti ���huiiih ; ttieii��n north
H. li, UILUOA.V.
Kort Steele, Oclohor 2Q(ii,18U7.
vjOTIM If IIIRCBV 01VKN llialoppll "���'���'������i
-^   will be made to tii*] Parliament oi i'uiiuda
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
Wewisli to infora the!,1VBEY _ mu aTiBL1Wi
public that wo are prepared
to do   Neat,   Artistic,! p^'k tbahb semap.
Up To Date printing
nnd io Lhe Uffiai Ulve Asae'iiljly ui the Prr��viuc
ol Itrltish CoIiidiMa >u their reniieidlv-Bsertioiia , .
tolnrorporntpaCornTianj to Lonatnu;! �� riiil-lT^f;
tray to bo operated :... tui unorcloetrl llyfror
of o certain tee, to the right, and privl-! fiS!Sfe��'|H^
leges for one year from date to fish and  northerly direction t***, tin Kootenay.Klvor iu
Hhoiit in Dominion waters nnd on Dominion  lands, to cut  timber for the
exclusive lino of the miner hlmsolt, to
build boats and houses with Dominion   i-orfaaa to I'nranl.
timber  for general   mining  purposos,  n-Si'lay RlvV"ni��l'ai*roi.a i
iii all its branches
Our Specialties:
*���..,->/*���. V/V,,.-*,-;*
Bubjui't to tho provisions of the nolo of
the  provinces or districts now in use.
Wm. Blakemore, chief manager of Iho
Crow's Rest I'ass Company haa just
returned from Montreal and is a pucst
at the Albortl) to-day. Mr. Blakemore
has visited the lending mining centres in
Canada and tho United Statos, and with
the result that tho most improvod i'Iim-
(rio eoal cutting machinery will be
Harted in tlm I'lis.i mines. Mnchinory
to the value of ?100,000 haa already been
ordered, and 50 beehive coking ovens
will Iib erected nr Coal creek for the pup.
pose of supplying the article to tlie proposed smelter at Robson, B.C.���Cnlgnrv
net 1*1,1
���;,l ii ntirl
Itlver lot
ol the Fri
thence io'il:., Coiiuulilu ],Hke ami
erly direction doivu tlie Columbia
,. ('-tune liiver; thenco il[. Uie r.r.ine
icrola tlie l*i>rto;;-s to the lloadwnlera
.-r Uiv.-r; thenea aowli tiie Praa*-.r
���i.iii. rortage: thence a.
(   \     I Mini,1.1- II.I..1--J
��� town lh*
ill up t!..
I,nke, inni tlte-m
illverl ihe route or the Ituanurtaoruiacome
I'ortHpc cipher hy way oi Vcma Uke or nu may
i.i- found moat aultnblo on further exploration,
with powftr to build ami operate hranoli lines
not exceeding sixty inilea in length mul all
necessary briages and road*. Also, fo ennatruct
aud operate telegraph and telephone Uuoa i'ur
th* truuaioi!wlon ol messagca for tlie publlut i"
build, acqniro and operate ateam and other
reastjlsand all neecitury ferries, wharves and
(loata; to take and use water for generating
elecirtcity, and lo transmit and dispose o( iim
power therefrom Iur ll^Utin-r, beating and
motive purposes; with power t-i-'o io carry on
the business nf a^eneral trading company, of
an exprcascompany; nK�� to own, pianagB uud
leasQ liotela, to ucqulre, to ac(|U|ro timber
limits and operate huw mills, for tho production
nnd sale onumbor, and t<> mine, explore and
dovelop mineral lands and to carry 6n a general
mintn|| nnd oro sm-bltliiK bUBinesSi-tiieiuiItng
the erection and operauon of BifloUera and
[���Solicitors for Applicants.
DiXti at Oitawtt fith a'-'ovemfcer, WW.     llu-Dt
nii< Hcniu ^-"\ ^itan r.-rt llcate;
Hand Biili \4 ) As*!" '-..rtiirt
Callinp ' ards ^ ���< lint-ui.- Uhels
....... ..   . , -,v^Sp(-N^-
The lif'-t ftopping plnco for frelghtora in
Columbia Valley la nt,
Tom Martin's Hotel
Cood aceonimodittlon k Moderate Terms
Firat class l-V.-d Stables.
is O
STo J.
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B, C.
Tiie Best Ilcer In Canntiii is r.ia-lo hr the
algary Brewing &
Malt  :i {   c, I'd
Mnnufactarers of Beer, Ale ami Soda Water
rmdsi oiigeitinaCuittary lleor every time. They
nil have P.   The company's agent for Eastj-
Kootonoy is
H. G.  PARSON, Golden,  B.C.
ury uooas.
Boots & Shoes,
Fancy Goods,
,u ^ 3 mm*
Tinsmitliing & General Jobbing,
G-olcLen,, ��� 1S..O-


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