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East Kootenay Miner 1898-06-24

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m 4 i '% 4; % ^-Hy^
i^^^w-^*' <$
Devoted to the pining Interests and Dei/elopment of tiie District of EAST KOOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 48.
Goldon, B. C,   Friday  June 24th 189S.
$3.00 Por Teai
', a*.-xs."��'((r**MW K
Addrbbs:-BOX 41) GOLDEN, B.C.
li. 8. ..McCahtfh. Jas. A. II.UWEY.
Harvey & McCarter,
DAttltlBTERS,    ETC.
Firo, Life, Real Estate, House A Rents,
Auctioneers and Customs Brokers
Firo Agencies :
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Ticket Oflleo.
The Sun Life Insurance Company,
The Ontario Accidont Insurance Co'y.
Thu Blrbeub Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer,
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
ami Notary Public.
Post ofllee address :
Assay Ofliecs and
CHem teal Laboratory,
(Established 1800.)
For several years with Vivian A Sons, Swan*
sea, and local representative (or them.
For fi years manager fur the assayors to the
RIoTlntoCo., London.
CiiiiAdiiin representative of the (*tinsel (inM
Extraoting Co. l.'td, Ulasgow iCyanide process.)
N.B.������All work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Preparod;
Prompt iittcntioi! given to orders.
A supply of Building Lime tor sale.
The Golden
Fresh and Bait Me-u-*.
Fish and tlamo in season.
Healers in Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Ilovscs and Rigs of All Kinds foi
Hire nt IteasnnshL. Kates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
(iolden, Ii. C.
Good Time
lly ovor*/ man who has n watch.
��W. AIiEXflflDER, ��
C.I'.K. Wntoli Inspector will bo
ut TI IK .MINEll OI'l'lCK Irom
W.-iliH'Hiliiy t." Prl<l��y __<��������
enoli week. Satisfaction Gunr-
tvnteutl. Work can be left ut
Wedding Rings
11 Specialty.
Calgary,   -   Alberta.
Newly Refitted k Refurnlshotl,
The beat of the kind west of
Everything' Complete.
All Modern ConvcnicncCR.
J.  Lamontagne, .Prop.
|     & Embalming     |
* Telegraph orders receive prompt at tent I
t J. SMART,     |
$ CALGARY, Alta. 0
%<Xy**<X>**<>0$***4*4** ���&*>*.�������*
The Providence Ffl-f Co
Providence, R.I.
wnnta ull kinds of raw furs, fiklns, pin-
seng, soneen, etc. Prieos for next sixty
.lavs aro as follows:
. $15.00 to $150.00.
."j B.OO to $ 26.00,
Silver Fox	
Otter $ 4.00 to $ .0.00.
Martin 1} 2.00 to $ 11.00.
Heaver (per pound)...-.*) 11.00 to ? 3.50.
Wolf $ 1.00 to f? 2.00.
Red Fox if 1.00 to *. 2.00.
Mink $   .75 tn $ 2.00.
Skunk  if   .25 to If 1.00.
Grey-Fox *���   .50 to If .75.
Hat ��   .20 to * .25.
rrieo lint on all other furs anil skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful Heleetion, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments,
Wvepy, peed &
Sale Stables,
FoitT Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
rack Trains for mines euppUod.
Freighting of till kinds mutertukon.
��������*����� v*w*��-��*����**<*v��iw.��**>*>*>*'��-*<
isons  May
CALGARY,     ���    ALTA.
Wong See,.
Optician xwvX
Watches cleaned,. Tewelleey monntod, CIlnasOH
mended ami Omit) repaired. First claan wurk
in every depart meat. A trial solicited,so come
Wong See, Golden.
Lee,  d)
has the best restaurant In Uolden. It is open at all hours,
livery delicacy nnd fruit in its-
Season. A good selection of
Chinese l.ilyllowor roots apply
lit once for tlio Choicest ere thoy
go to
�� Tom Loe, Bakory, ��
MeaUl Day nnd Night.
Under the auspices of tlio Golden
Football Club.
Admission 50c
Reserved Seats
���"yc" *��
jiildren   35c.
��.-J��0��**'->*>****0*C'->��'0<>*��'*5-***-* *�����������>
Sixteen 1; _.!!>.   Loaves  l'or  One
Dollar Cash,
At Mack Joe's.
Cunningham & Harvey
(tale of Vancouver)
AoHoyero and Chemists,
All work done in duplicate nnd guanintcod.
A portion of each sumplu In put aside fur
future reference.
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
Presldont���Hon. F. IV. Aylmer.
1st, Yice-I'res.���W. (1. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vice-1'res.���V.'. (1. Neilson, ,1.1'.
3rd Vice-Fres.��� E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer*���15, A. Haggon.
Tbe regular meetings of the Association
are held on the first Tuesday of each
month at the Columbia House, (iolden.
Mill Mav, 1808.
His HONOUR tho r.lcutonant'.oovornor 1ms
boon pluuHtnl to appoint liio underiinm.
tlonoil persons it. be roiu-ctiti-s of Vote., iiiifl.-r
Hi.* provisions of miction 1(1 ..[tlio " Kectlbtrlbu.
tli.ti Act, Mis," namely:
Josmh BrtRBSTT, of Donald, f..r tlio North
Hi.ilu**, t!asl KooteiiRj* Klertoml District.
ciiAiM.i-s M. Edwahds, i.i i-'.irt Steele, for tlio
South Hiding, East Kootonay Electoral District.
And Hi.. Honour tlio Licntohaht.novcnior lias
iii-i-ii pleased iii iiiipiiint ilu* ttndormonttonod
poreon ii. 1..-H nisirii.mifii; Collector, under um
|,r,.vi,;ii.*.*.:, of Boctloti I'i nt iho said Act, namely:
In llio former Electoral Distriot of Kasi Kootonay, .Tames r. AitMsruowo, o! Fort Steele,
The Invicta Placer Company, an old
company properly, and which operates
on Wild llorso creek, In the l'ort Steele
mining division, has been reconstructed.
Tiie now company that talcs its place is
tlie Kast Kootenay Consolidated, Ltd.
The capital is JCl.W.OlX) sterling. The
operations will at once commence on a
large scale on the arrival of Mr. Young,
the manager and engineer, who is expected daily.
There is and will be some considerable
mining activity in South East Kootenay
tliis summer and many new ventures
will be organized in tko Old Country to
operate in this district. The l'ort Steele
Development Syndicate, Limited, has
been registered. Tiie capital is iio.OOO in
.��100 shares. Objects: To acquire, develop, turn to account and deal with any
gold mining and timber properties in
Uritish Columbia or elsewhere.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
Ferine (so named after one of its directors, Mr. William Fornio), will soon bo in
:i position, as soon as the railway is open
for traffic, to supply the American aud
Canadian smelters in Montana, Idaho,
Washington and British Columbia, which
are at present using the Welsh coal,
costing them from $lti to $18 per ton.
The co'y will be abb to furnish better
coke to tho two Canadian plants at Trail
aud Nelson for Sf7 per ton. It will be
higher delivered iu tlie States. The
Crow's Nest coke contains 05 per cent.
Used carbon and only -1 per cent. ash.
liy thi. reduction in the price of fuel the
smelters will be able to save $1.50 per
ton in the cost of treating ore. The
present consumption of coke at tlie
smelters which the company can supply
is as follows: Northport, 40 tons per
day; Trail. CO tons; Hall Mines. -10 tons;
Evorot, CO tons j Tucoiua, 40 tons; Great
i Falls, 150 tons; Helena, 50 tons; Unite
and Anaconda, 400 ions. At the outset
the company will require to furnish .**'40
tons a day.
The Hon. C. 11. Mackintosh, of the
Uritish America Corporal ion, lias bought
some stock in Halcyon Hot Springs and
secured an option on tho greater part of
the balance. A larsie addition is to be
built to the present buildings. A
bottling works will lie operated as soon
as a plant can be brought from Minneapolis. The water will be aerated, and
when bottled will be Bold ail over the
continent. Mr. Mackintosh was at the
Springs this week completing arrangements and taking up some oi the options
that he hail secured.
James Lewis k Son, Liverpool, iu their
monthly report for June, 1808, on ores
and metals give lhe following quotations:
Gold���77s. i').jd. per ounce Standard;
silver fell from 20 3-lCd. to 25J���il on the
(ith nit., but lias since advanced to -li?���d.
per ounce Standard in consequence of an
active demand for Spain for coinage purposes. The forward value is;
quicksilver���from second hands is quoted at ��~ 12a. per bottle; sulphate of
copper iH very dull at Xlti to JCK1 5s. per
ton, less o per cent.; lead is steady at
��1012s. Cd, per ton jor English, Soft
Spanish ��18 10b. to ��1812s. 0d., rich In
silver .��13 10s., ore. of 70 per cent, about i
ill! per ton and line silver value; untim-1
ony���linn at .��20 per ton; nickel quulc.l
nt Is. Id. to Is. 2d. per lb. net; tin has
advanced to ��6" 12s. (id. per ton.
(treat activity still continues in the
Windermere mining camp. We hear of
several properties lieing bonded on Toby
creek. Prospectors are continuing to!
come over the trail from West Kootenay, i
and several investors have conic in from ;
thu south, from fort Siecle direction,;
and there is every indication that there!
will be a brisk mining camp at Winder-!
mere. One of the boys showed Thu
Haw a chunk of gray quart*', weighing I
about ten pounds, whicli made tho eyes
glisten and'tho voiccquivor with " wliere
did you got that?" "1 cannot tell,"
was the laconic reply; "but. what do
you think of it?" " Think of it? Why,
there is $20 oi gold in sight 1 " There is
no mistake as to tho richness of the
specimen. " Hut are these not pyrites? "
" No pyrites tiiere of either iron or copper." The prospector regarded it as a
good specimen oi whitish quartz, which
iB generally found in the form of capping with a considerable amount of
pyrites in it. Tlie assay should go as
high as *���!��! per ton. The quar)?. was
not found on Ottertail.
Hen Abel has bonded his mineral
claims, including the Mineral King on
Toby creek, Windermere division, to a
Butte syndicate for $15,000. The lirst.
payment is due ou the 10th of July.
By a new Inventive Discovery.���Cyanide, Amalgamation and other
Processes will soon Become Obsolete.���A Description or the
A new process iu the treatment of ores
.ciiiin which,con {easily be made whera
lima and sulphur nre available The
coppor is usually procipittited by wrought
I iron. Antimony mav be Ion in solulio.i
and both it andjtrsenic can I... precipitated separately,tho formorasn sul-.hid,*.
and the latter as a v hit,* orsonic. Thorn
will always he a'grca; deal of iron i:, tho
solution, and this can be extracted by
the use of llmo. If after all this il -
solution"*bo ovaporatcd, it will he found
has just been found out, which promises j that tie., bulk of tlu salt left is chlori.i i
to create a perfect revolution in metallurgy, This new process is the Zymean
process, so called as it is a fermenting or
eating up process. Under this process
the ores are pulverized, then by chemical action dissolved into a solution and
from this solution the metals aro taken
out in a metallic state. Under
this process all metal can be extracted
from mineral without any substance oi
the mineral being lost or wasted.
Tut: Mi.viat recently witnessed some
interesting experiments by the new process conducted by Mr. Cordon dimming
Keith, M.E., (iolden. The new process
may thus be shortly described:
Tor experimental purposes take 1,80-1
troy grains equal 4 assay Ions of any ore
containing sulphur and metals (or if
without sulphur a sulphurous ore may
be mixed with it) crush fine. Now take
a flask A which is *-,, filled with water
saturated with salt. Introduce the ore
through a funnel into the flask, put from
SO to 40 cubic centimetres of dlcbloridc
of sulphur aud tt table-spoonful oi nitrate
of soda. Heat tho water hut don't boil
or allow to get beyond 21*1 degrees F.
If it does there might ben tendency to
boil over throwing oft' suddenly a quantity of nitrous acid gas. In such a ease
as boiling over which never occurs twice
with the same charge, it is well to have
a cffomlBt'fl glove* on the right band, for
three strong acids are being dealt with
though in a diluted state. From the
first heating sulphurous nitres and hydrochloric acid gases will be passing off.
tiie latter persistently, to the end of the
operation. The two lormernre collected
in a flask 1��, contning water, and are
there partially condensed. The flasks
A and 11 to be connected by tube, vulcanised preferred. Tlie connection to be
made immediately tlie introduction of
the dicliluride of su|phur as its dissociation into chlorine and sulphurous acid
begins ns it enters the water. Tliis is in
fact the key whicli unlocks the whole of
the subsequent reactions. Tests are to
bo made during the boiling by taking
out a small quantity of the solution with
a pipette and testing it for the different
metals suppofed tojie contained. If for
copper add ammonia in a test tube, heat
up once ot* twico nnd aot aside to settle,
In about 20 minutes the blue color will
show by its intensity the amount, of copper taken out. If this docs not increase
between any two tests the whole of the I ^Jj'���r Ul|
copper in the ore has gone into solution.
All othor metals much quicker. Filter
off for sulphur through a cane sieve
which will take out the large pieces of
sulphur. Tht' residue on the filter ought
to be free of all metal, but with long
heating the sulphur may contain some,
lloth should be assayed. On the purification of the sulpliurbysublimation any
metal it may contain may bo recovered.
If iu the residue on the filter any metal
is contained it is because the process lias
not beon continued long enough or it
may he some-times, hut rarely, that tho
gold in the ore is in the stato of skey���a
combination of sulphur and gold and
hard to separate���where there is an external coating of sulphur, hut even then
a little more dichlorido of sulphur
would probably remove it at less cost
tin."i igniting (not roasting) the ore before boiling which can be done. If the
operation has been properly conducted
all the metals will now be in a solution
and only lead will prccipiate itself largely, hut not completely, if the solution be
allowed   to  cool   down.     But  this   ii
of sodium and no, sulphate of aodn, as
might have been expected. Thi,. fact
makes the process largely a recuperative
on,- and therefore the more valuabl
but is a great punxje lo those chemist i
who wiil not recur to Sir i|. Haw's
assertion about chloride of sodium ti.-t
being muriate of soda. It is I,,,- ih-. ]���;,-.
poses ol this process an ore of sodium
and sodium is chlori.iized as easily as
any other metal. The dichloride of
sulphur is easily made on the spot from
the sulphur recovered from tiie ore plus
chlorine also recovered from hydrochloric
acid given off daring the boiling by electric decomposition. Nitrate of soda can
also be similarly made. Thus the wholo
process becomes self-supporting with il o
exception of probably 1 per cent, of salt
lost mainly by efflorescence nr leakng ,
about one-fourth of what is now lo... in
roasting the ore with salt on Iho largo
scale. In this process wooden vats are
employed for boiling and precipitation.
Theso can be made at very little cost.
The waste steam of Iho crushing machinery is all that is used to boil the ore.
Earthenware vats are preferable but.
cannot always be obtained. The charges
may ho any number of tons which the
boiling vat will hold at one time and the
quantity treated per day of 24 bourse ban
no practical limit other than what can
he produced irom the mine.
As hydrochloride acid and diluted sulphuric acid are a result of the process,
these may bo recovered and used 11
hasten the work ii desired, parti-ularl..'
the former if lime is present as a constituent, ol the ore.
Such was tho brief description given
Tut: JhxKi: of this process while Mr.
Gordon Cummings Keith was conducting the experiments in the presence of
several mining men belonging to Kast
Kootenay, showing how the ores after
being pulverized are dissolved into a
solution and then the various metals*
extracted in a metallic form. Mr. Keith
has acquired a concession for th.. now
process and ii is tlio intention to erect
works at Golden, Vancouver and llos -
land for the teaching of tiie process. It
is estimated that thu cut of works
capable of treating 800 tons per day wil
amount to about $20,000. single ton
charges aro best (tlvo chargoB In ail) of
one ton each, so that if any one of them
was to go out of order theie would he i. .
stoppage of the works until repairs wee
executed. Works on a smaller scale can
easily be erected, and tiiere is no reason
why every shipping mine with a lege
output should not have ils own Works,
for the treatment oi its ores. It Is
estimated that lhe cost, of extracting ore
hy this new process will not exceed u .1
Mr. Keith leaves this week for the i'] 1
Country ami will be absent for threo
months perfecting and completing his
arrangements, a,a! on his return the
teaching of the new process will at once
he proceeded witli.
Homicide,   Starvation,   Falsehood,
Fraud and Wilful Imposition.
The Toronto Telegram is commenting
on the bland utterances of th-.. vice-
president of the 0, P. "��� as to lixing
responsibility for the above outrages
speaks of the "Edict of yiiaughiiessy I,"
and then goes on to say :
" How kind and good is Vice-President
Shuughncssy when iu referring to the
Crow's  Nest  Pass   outrages  he nobly .
declares that the C,  P.  11. proposes la
place the responsibility ' for the same.1
" ' Placing the responsibility ' would
rather seem to be the business of the
neither   necessarv   n.u* advisahle.   Tlio ! K**veniment of Canada, but Mr.Shangl.-
precipilatlon should at once begin. ,;rjUii"''**f J'probably , that, since tho
lirst,   if  any, even  a  trace, has   been
0, P.
It. is discharging so many ol the
found in th,-���:.������<.���.��� previous a-s.iv. This  """Jr   functions   of government,  tha;
���^reut corporation might just us well tako
over tlie Rihnintstratiun oi criminal justice.
mny bo done bv any of the well understood methods provided they do not
materially derango the character of tho
���solution which lias to be used over a^-Vm
for another charge after precipitating
the metala outof itcompletoly. l'or tlio
laboratory boiling with a small quantity
" Tho corporation presided over by
Vlco-President Hhaughtu'ssy could not
be much moro apathetic in Its work of'
placing tho responsibility than the Di>
of wood, charcoal, or filtering the boIu- pnrtment of Justice  presided ovor by
tions through charcoal mny be resorted ' ���!n;i- 1);lvil' Mills has been >-u far."
to for gold.    Tho silver in afterwards     How  much less call the V. L\. ft.
often procijtUn.tcd with sulphide of eal-' Om.-juI have done'.1.
v ���wwwr
;rt.% <�� ���*.5*.*-A'r��\,sv*.Trtri��"~-���'
-t-**-***-**..*-*-*-***----.---^**--***-*-?--**-^'**.-*^ -ra********r:l****tt.
A Weekly Ji.c.r.ii.i. pti
'.u il.,- im,*.-.:;: ..i ilu* J'-.i
hiiiklu--'clow-it eounectlg
Wil routei'.
fl.Uj per J-onr ln ���������Ivniu.e.
ADVKRTtsiffU Baths
c.tOliiin lll.'ll, fi.UO 1,1*1* *.-.
'aer'..- , on tti>. title pUKC :
'I :io:i;,iu*,*it) line .or trrst
Tint- (or ad.litli.iml
. must lie in
verv Frldii
iftlcu apt Inter tl
!l!|li    l'.,*li:il    llUli'*'
Kt-oictmy uu..
...clilli ll.T '-t M ���*���
M -,:.*.*., r,-.
:  Our Jo:, Department
prlmiug ofllee in  Kust
'propiireil m no lient, artistic
,���iial,l.*t,ri.*.;.   line price i.'.ill.
ve prompt attention.
(JOHHESPONDENTS: We Invite correspondence ounuv subject 0T Interest tn tlie eeiiernl
buiillii on-l I'lmlre n regular corrcsponuelit in
���even* point In the lllstriet. tn all esses tie
bona Inle nauie of writer must accompany flic
maliuserlpt, not necessarily lor publication
but as a BUsriuiteii nl good (iiltli,
Correspondence with roforcn ���<- lo miy matter
tlmt luu appeured 111 nuetlier piper must nru"
beoffon ilini paper lor pin "
.it can appear in --Tin: Mount.
. nil .:
Golden, 8. 0.
The lumber industry of North Eas:
Kootenay is by no means the least itn
portant of its ninny industries. Tlie
lumber from its superior quality and
manufacture commands a ready market
and is utilized for many purposes, from
railway ties up to the most highly decorated furnishings. The Government
Cabinet at Victoria is to bo reconstructed
or renovated and certain districts in the
Province have been invited to send certain quantities oi lumber for this purpose. Tho Cabinet may lie beyond
repair owing to aye anil decay in which
case it will require to be entirely reconstructed. Atoll events its condition is
sueh that it needs renovation. The
electors iu each district have the right to
select the lumber, and those in East
Kootenny as well as those in other districts Ibid that owing to the superior
competitive merits of their lumber the
task is by no means an easy one. In
most districts as in North Kust Kootenay
the selection has boon narrowed down to
a choice between two. The electors in
North Easl Kouteuay are divided on lhe
Pallisor and Beaver lumber. One sot of
electors wisli the lumber to be selected
from the Palliser mills. Another sot of
electors desire the lumber to be sent
from the Heaver mil!.. Unless their
choice becomes unanimous a vote will
require to bo taken, ns the lumber cannot be sent from both mills. Both sets
claim the superiority of the lumber they
favor. Each according to an Irishman's
version is better than the other. It is
all quality and no fault. It is the finest
grained wood that ever was grown and
takes on a most beautiful polish. There
is no immaturity nor greenness about it.
It is well seasoned. There nre no knots
nor guarls nor twists in it and it is
impervious to the wet. It does not like
some lumber exude pitch so that there
is no chance of doilloment with contact
Nor does it give off nny oily secretions
which might adhere to the palm of the
hand. Another merit it has is ils adaptability and pliancy lo suit all seasons
and all climes. How the selection will
be made from such moritorius lumber
time will determine on the Oth oi July
but the electors have a difficult task to
an.I denouncing those who criticize it a:
" sniffing " anil " yelping jackals."
That certain coast papers have Increased tlieir circulation enormously within
this Insl month. That then' is great
journalistic enterprise among certain
sections of the press who are now issuing
daily editions. That this is owing to
the great development in the Province
of au Industry Which, unfortunately ior
journalists, is evanescent, via., political
The Wardner International thus describes the free, independent, liberal,
candidate for South East Kootonay as
' Egotistical in the extreme, disgustingly
boastful in his tail;, swelling with pride
at the applause of a few of his followers,
he gazes with vanity antl self gratification upon his audience, and calmly
announces, 'li 1 mistake not the district is solidly (or me.'" The name of
this candidate is William Unillie, who is
a kind oi Hall o' lhe Wyn.l, lighting for
his own hand, anil his ears are too bi;
That Billie Neilson will lick AVells all
to siiiithei-hie.**.
That Wells will have a clean walkover and that Neilson will he nowhere.
That Tumor and Pooley may get their
guns in order to go duck shooting for the
next four years.
That a new explosive has lieen discovered in Victoria and somo powerful
four-column thoughts of Yankee importation introduced for the exclusive use
of Hie Colonist newspaper are going to
be used (or blasting political reputations.
That Neilson and Wells are going to
square the electors, play a game oi
poker; that the winner is to retire, and
that the beaten candidate is to defeat
the victorious winner.
That both Wells and Neilson declare
that the rumor is an idle canard, that
neither of them ever played a game of
poker in thoir life.
That the economy practiced in speaking Ihe truth concerning the present
provincial elections is ono of the great
political virtues that the provinco puss-
esses. The Lord only knows that it docs
not possess many.
HAS located permanently opposite tho Columbia House,
Golden, where he will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it be Taii.oh-Made or Ready-Made
Clothing, A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is " no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
There will be ten polling places in the
North Hiding of East Kootenay ,11111!
these will be situated at lingers' Pass,
Heaver, Donald, (Iolden, Palliser, Field,
Windermere, (lalena, Columbia Valley
Canal Flat.
Thero will be nine polling places iu
the South Hiding of East Kootenay and
these will be situated at Wasa, Fort
Steele, No th Star Mine, Wardner, Fernie, Crow's Nest Landing, Cranbrook:
Jloyie City, Coal Creok.
Electors do not forget that the polling
day is Saturday the Oth day of July nnd
that it is the duty of every elector to
cast his vote.
The Morning Telegram (Winnipeg)
declares that tho Hon. Mr. Sifton, the
Minister of the Interior at Hie public
expense, buys copies of the Toronto
lllobo by the ten thousand and distributes them as immigration literature.
And the kind Globo reciprocates by
lauding Mr- Sifton's Immigration policy
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
^    CONTRACTORS    TO   THK   C.P.R.    _a
Situated on Ferry Creek,
IB Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
G-old-eaa. and 33eaTrer, 23..C.
A Now lllumlnant that Is Cornlne
Into Genoral Use���Tho Columbia
House, Colclon, to put It In.
Acetylene, the new illuminating gas
which has caused so much interest oi
late, is now entiling rapidly into use,
and many hotels, places of business and
public institutions arc lit up with it.
The is one of the whitest lights
ever produced, and even an Incandescent
light becomes yellow when placed beside
an acetylene burner. It ia claimed for
the acetylene llaine that it is a3 white as
sunlight itself, and that colors retain
their true tone when shewn by it. As
ior the heat produced, it ia about one-
third cooler than the ordinary coal gas
The appmatus used in producing the
gas is a small sheet iron tank in whicli
the fluid is generated, and another in
which it is stored. Ordinary piping is
used in conducting it, and the burner if
different only in that tho tip is supplied
with two small holes instead of one.
The gas is made by immersing calcium
carbide i:i water. The carbide is a gray
mineral made of lime and coal dust
heated together in au electric furnace.
It cosls aliout seven cents per pound,
and one pound wiil make live and one-
half feet of gas. It is estimated that the
average cost of tho light will bo two-
thirds ol a cent por hour for each burner
of 25 candle power, The apparatus for
the production of tho gas ranges in eosl
from f*50 upwards. The Niagara Falls
Acetylene (las Company manufacture
thc apparatus used in the production of
this gas.
The enterprising proprietor of the
Columbia House, (Iolden, Mr. William
McNolsh, will shortly introduce this gas
into his hotel, which has been recently
reconstructed and enlarged, and is being
finished and furnished in a style that
will make it one of the best up-to-date
hotels to be found in llritisli Columbia.
Spain once had a fleet.
Where in that licet to-day?
Ask of the whales who sit on their tails
Hoop down in Manila Hay.
Ullock & Barrie, Props.
**** " m        JJ.      C.
Fi st-f'liiss In every particular,  Convcnteiit lo Uailwny yiepot aud Steamboat I^-aiUug.
l.Htos KciiHonablo.  Kroe .-*n 1111j I u ltuoms.
The Truni ('nr loaves Kootenay House, connecting witli -Steamer tor Tori Stcyle tvac-f
Monday und Friday niter arrival ot train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
antl Mining Men.
The papers all over the continent are
comparing Joseph Loiter oi Chicago with
the other Joseph who made such a line
deal in wheat in thc timo of the Pharaohs. That was a famous corner of
wheat whicli the enterprising Bon of
Israel put up in Egypt. He had the
shorts in tho hole if ever n man had.
A farmer went into a store the other
day to sell a lot of fine potatoes. He
was offered 40 cents a bushel. A travelling man who was standing by remarked
to the (.inner: " If you hud those potatoes in Toronto you could get SO cunts a
bushel for them," " Ya-ns," answered
the farmer, " and if 1 had a pail of water
in hell I reckon I could get 57 cents a
glass for il, loo." And tho drummer
col lapsed,
For Home Comforts       e
Modern Conveniences   o
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Booms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jifouse^
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
$75 to $150 Each according to
r'^A-vt-pY**, ***< ���   One-third down, Imlauce lu throe and six
J_. feSJ. J.-.iiS> .      niontbii, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Eoute
To South East Kootenay
Is that of tho
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation Go
Connecting with the C.I'.K. at.'dolden, Il.C, and
Great Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday and Friday nt 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Fort Steelo and Wardaer.  J
Consignors will be charged with all wav freight between Gulden and Windermere at which point a Company's agent tirifl he stationed.
1 luggage allowance on Steamer ISOlbs.' per adult; allowance on Stage 251bs.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can be forwarded by express team at express
rates (10 cents.per pound).
Adilr��Hs,:nlI express care of Upper Columbia C'oiiipuuy^Golden.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
General Merchants
.��- FORT STEELE, B. 0.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Comply.
Headquarters for Milling Men.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry Goods ct General Merchandise.   Miners'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
^ J. A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   First class accommodation.
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.
Namk or Company.
Tho Gold Hills 0. & D. Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
(Iolden iSc Fort Steele 1). Co	
Alberta k Kootenay H. Co	
East Kootenay and Klk Hiver Development A Exploration Co	
CAPITA',, pa II VALUE.   SEI.I,. I'mcH.
*. 750,1X19
$  5OJ.U00
If    75,000
Balgardne * Hetel
3Tort Steele, 23. C.
Choice Wines, Liquors aud Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
The Finest Health Resort on the Continent.
Private Hospital under medical
deuce with a Trained Staff el Norm.
Complete System of Hatha, of every kind
and description.
Medical Director��� DR. K. G. BRBTT, Baswt.
Resident Physician k Surgeon���DR. SFANKIS.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." lmr> **IMI i *tfillir**B**ri
Tho Polltic-al   Candidates In South
East Kootanuy Contrasted.
The Sun, Now Westminster, in commenting on tho political contest in the
South Hiding of East Kootenay, thus
contrasts tho tivo candidates:
The Hon. Col. Ilaker is a gentleman,
who has occupied a prominent place in
the Legislature of this country since
18811. For the last six years he has discharged the duties of Provincial Secretary, Minister of Education and Minister
of Mines, in a manner which has proved
to bo acceptable to everyone. Besides
he is a gontleniau in every respect���a
man who has served his Queen and
country���and has a largo stake in this
Province, and especially so in tho constituency which he is certain to again
represent. On the other hand, his
opponent, Mr. William Uaillie, who is
presently connected with the Fort, Steele
Prospector, although he has been a resident in the country for some years, is
still without any stake or interest therein. It goes without saying that the
electors oi that section of the Province
will give him the cold shoulder. Mr.
llaillie i3 no stranger to this section of
the country ho having been a resident in
Vancouver and Now Westminster for
some time, and likewise for a short
period in Kamloops. For a few mouths
past he has beon connected with the
Prospector, at Fort Steele. In point o(
ability or in any other respect he is not
to bo compared to tlio gallant Colonel.
It is likewise reported that thero were
other, and more eligible candidates, in
the Opposition interests, than Mr. Bail-
lie, for the latter of whom many pronounced Oppositionists, we understand,
will not vote. Mr. Baillie and a few of
his friends so manipulated the convention that tho choice of that body fell
upon bim, and if our information is
correct, and it has been gleaned from all
sections of the riding, uu ignominious
defeat awaits him. Ho is regarded by a
large number of the people thero as a
mere adventurer, concerning whom the
vast majority of tlie people express
themselves as being in thorough hostility. If the Opposition party in South
East Kootenay desired to give Colonel
Baker a *��� brush " for tho coveted position, surely they had bettrr men within
the ranks than the person wc are referring to, who is, to say the least, a comparative stranger without any stake or
interest in that riding. The voters cannot possibly make a mistake in marking
their ballots for Col. Baker, who has
proved himself to be not only tho sincere
friend of Kootenny, but likewise of all
sections of the Province. The manner
in which ho has discharged the duties of
his ollice litis demonstrated him to be an
able, as well as a conscientious administrator of tlie affairs of the Provincial
Secretary's ollice, tho Department of
Education, and the Minister of Mines,
all of which demand prompt attention
mid great executive ability, which Col.
Baker possesses to an eminent degree.
"I Was On The Merrlmac"-
" I was on the Mcrrimac "���" So more,"
the listener died;
"The  best  is nono too good for you;
come on, just step inside;
Now cat your Illl at my expense, and
name your brand of wino;
For heroes  such  ns you, my boy, the
best is none too fine I"
" I was on tho Mcrrimac " " I know,"
the listener cried;
" You  rushed   into that seething hell,
nnd death itself defied;
And now from Spanish dungeons you iu
some heroic style
Have slipped away and fooled thorn, I
can sec it in your smile I"
" I was on tlio  Mcrrimac " " Yes,
yes," the listener said,
" The laurel wreath is waiting to adorn
your gallant head;
And Fame is sitting smiling just as happy as can lie,
All ready now to hand your namo to
" I was ou the Mcrrimac" "Alial"
tho listener sighed;
" To think tiiut you should get away ami
stem tho roaring tide I
To think that 1 should see the day I'd
grasp a hero's hand,
Especially a hero such ns formed young
Ilobsoii's band.
" I was on (he .Mcrrimac, no interruptions, please;
llecause some explanation now will set
UB at out onse;
I was on the Morriinac a day or two before
Tho Govornmont took chnrgo of her,
down there in Baltimore!"
-Baltimore News.
" Seemed to be some trouble at the
Bugle ollico this morning." " There
was. They tried to speak of Battle's
wife as ' well known in polite circles,'
tnd the printer made it' police circles.'"
A woman with one eye applied nt the
State department the other day (or a
passport. The diplomatic clerk who
tilled out the paper, discretely inserted
the following description in the blank
opposite: "Eyes, dark, soft, full of
expression, ono of them being absent."
A man in Musknka, who had some
horses to sell, wrote to a friend iu
Ottawa, asking if they could bo sold in
that city. Tho friend replied ; " The
people of Ottawa ride bicycles, tlie
wagons are pulled by mules,'the Htreet
cars arc run hy olectricity, and tlie government is run by jackasses, so there is
po demand for horses here."
Bein? Run From Montreal to Vancouver.
The Western Telegraph Company is
running through a new telegraph wire
betweon Vancouver and Montreal. The
wire is entirely constructed of copper.
Linesmen are busily employed in putting it through. The work is being done
in throe sections, ihe first of which
extends from Vancouver to Donald, the
second from Donald to Fort William and
tho third from Fort William to Montreal,
The length of wire is about 2,1100 miles.
The wire is manufactured by the Dominion wire Manufacturing Company and is
thoroughly tested to see that tlie contract for the manufacture is lieing complied witli. It must be .1117 of an inch
in diameter; one one-thousandth of an
incli only of a variation being allowed
above or below this gauge. It must be
perfectly cylindrical and must weigh 300
pounds to the mile; four pounds of a
variation being allowed in this distance.
Frequent, electrical tests are made upon
pieces one one-hundredth of a mile in
length, to determine the purity of copper
used, which must be 117 per cent. Each
bundle of wire weighs 170 pounds, and
ttic wire must bo in one continuous
length, without joint or break. Each
six indies of wire must be capable of
being twisted thirty times at a uniform
speed of one twist a second. The tests
show that it will stand forty to fifty
twists before breaking. It must stand
six close turns around another wire ol
equal diameter and bo unwound without
breaking. It must also stand nn average
breaking strata of 1175 pounds, and before breaking it. must have stretched at
least one per cent.
This wire is being placed on porcelain
insulators. A great deal of trouble has
been experienced by telegraphic companies, through wires coming in contact
with each other, through the breaking
of the glass insulators hy which the
wires are attached to the poles. A test
wus therefore made with a view to
ascertaining the comparative resistance
of glass and porcelain insulators,.with
the result that it was found that porcelain resisted much heavier and a greater
number of blows than glass. Teats were
also made with a thirty-two calibre
revolver from a distance of eight feet.
The glass Hew to pieces nt nearly every
shot, while the porcelain frequently
showed no mark, save the lead from the
bullet, and when they did break it was
in such a way that, had they been
attached to the polo, tho wires would
not have been affected. The new wire
will follow tho line of the C. P. R. the
whole way irom coast to coast.
Through Canadian Territory Is by
the Valley Whloh Dame Nature
Has Formed Alone the Western
Side ofthe Rocky Mountains,
It is only a matter of timo when this
route must be adopted as the All-World
route through Canadian territory to the
Yukon. It would open up Canada irom
south to north ami divert the whole
tralHc now going to the Yukon, so that
tho whole of it would puss through
Canadian territory ns lhe most expeditious route to Alaska, Yukon and Mackenzie. All other routes have been
condemned, and because this route was
the easiest and most feasible it was
overlooked, ns it did not present
any difficulties but what could
be readily overcome; so that not much
money would be required to bo expended
compared with other routes. There
would be no chance of granting big
subsidies as illustrating tlie feasibility of
this route.
Tub Mixkr in the course of many
conversations with prospectors, hunters
and trappers familiar with tho region
extending from the Arctic circle along
tho base of tho western Rockies right
down into Idaho and Montana, in the
United States, has ascertained that it is
quite possible to travel Irom Bonnur's
Ferry on thc Kootenay rivor, Idaho, to
Grout Slave Iaike, in the Arctic regions.
The natural valley or depression which
extends along tho west side of the
Rockies is moro than 1,000 miles in
length. Starting from Joining's Landing in a canoe, tho Kootenuy river would
lie followed upwards to near the bridge
ot Canal Flat. Hero this rivor would bo
left antl there would Ira a portago of
about a mile to the Upper Columbia
lake, then down the lakes anil down the
Columbia river until the great bond'is
reached. There would bo two small
portages to avoid rapids and currents.
From the groat bend tho Canoe river,
which empties into the Columbia hero,
would bo followed to near its sourrc,
where there is a portogo of about half a
mile to Cranberry lake, which empties
into Swift river, a tribtitaryof the Eraser
river, which would bo followed until the
Gascoino Porterage Hero a crossing
would ho made to tho Parsnip river
which empties into tho Great Slave
A journey that can bo made thus
shews that there are no natural dillicul
ties to overcome in forming a great
highway of travel.
VICTORIA, by (lu1 Graeo nf Qo(\, ot Hip United
Kinj-il'iin ul Great Hritaiu mul Ireland,
Qcjebx, Dofeuder oi tho Faith, Ac, Ac, Aa,
To Our faithful the HemberH el-acted to nerve in
tin; Legislative tif Our Province of
]lri!i.sli Coltimbiii, anil tu nil whom It muy
Ii. M. L'niCHTs, j u/iiiiltEAS We have
Attorni'y*Oomtml. 1 ,v tluiujrlit fit, by und
witli thc advice anil consent ot uur I'xecutive
Council ot our Province of llritisli coliuiihin,
tn dissolve tht* pruA'itt L?Rislntive Asiicmblv 01
our said Province, winch stands prorogued
until (summoned toe dispatch of business,
NOW KNOW YK that We do, for this ond.
publish Ibis our iNival Proclamation, ami do
hereby dissolve the Legillatlvo Assembly accordingly and the members (hereof are discharged from further attendance on same.
Is Testimony WitBitEOf Wo have caused
theso Our Letters to ho nmdo Patent, and
thc Groat Seal of Uritish Columbia to he
hereunto affixed: Witness, tho Honourable Tmis. It. MolNStfs Lientcmini-liover-
nor of Our flatii Province of llritisli
Columbia, in Our city of Victoria, in Our
said Province, this seventh day of tlunc,
in the year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and niiu'ty-uijrlit, ami in
tho sixty-first yeur of Our Reign.
By Command.
Registrar of the Supremo Court,
VICTORIA, by thc Oraeoof God, of tlio United
Kingdom of Omit Britain nnd Ireland,
Qubex, Defender of tho Faith, Ac., Ac., Aa,
To all to whom these presents slntll conic,���
a proclamation!
D, M. EOBtlTS, | urllBItXAB We aredostr-
Attornoy-General, j ** ous and resolved, ua
soon hs may be, to meet Our people of Our Province of British Columbia, aud to havo their
advice in our Legislature, Wo do make known
Our Royal Will ami Pleasure io call a new Legislative Assembly of Our said Proylneoi and uo
further declare that by the adviccof Our Executive Council of British Columbia, We have
this day given orders for Issuing Our Writs in
form, for culling a new Legislative Assembly
for Our said Province, which Writs nre to bear
dato on the .seventh day of June, Instant, and
to bo returnable on or before the. thirty-first
lay of August next.
In Tram-MONY Whereof Wo hove caused
these our Letters to be made Patent, and
the Public Real of the said Province to be
hereunto affixed:   Witness, tho Honour*
abb* Tuns. K. McInnks, Lieutenant-Governor Of Our snbl Province of Uritish
Columbia, in our city of Victoria,in our
said Province, this seventh day of June,
In tlm year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-eight, und iu
sixty-first year of Our Itelgn.
By Command,
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of tho United
Kingdom, of Great Itrituiu aud Ireland,
queen, Defender ol the Faith. Ac, Ac., ifce.
'?o the Returning Officer of the North Riding
of East Kootenay Electoral District:
W'HKREAS His Honour the LlOUtenont>GOT-
cruor of British Cnlutnhht has, by a Proclamation bearing date the Tth day of June, 1898,
been pleased to dissolve thu Legislative Assent*
bly ol the said Province: and whereas it Is
necessary to bob) Elections throughout thc said
Province to Illl the vacancies caused by such
dissolution. We command you tlmt, notice of
the time and place of Election being duly
given, you do cause Election to be made,according tola*, of One Member to serve iu :be
Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Colombia for the North Riding of East Koote- District, and that you do cause
the nomination of Candidates at sueh Election
to be held on tliu'J.Otli day of June, 1H98, and do
eouse the name uf such Member, when so elected, whether be be present or abs'Mit, to be
certified to Our Supreme Court,at the City of
Victoria, ou or before the Hist day Of August
next, the Election so made, distinctly and
openly under Our Seal duly indorsed upon this
Our Writ.
In Testimony Whereof, Wc have these Our
Letters to be made Patent under the
i (rent Seal of Our said Province of British
Columbia: WITNESS, Or* Honourable
THOMAS R. MClNNES, at Our Government
House, at Victoria, this seventh day of
June, in tbe year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight.
By Command.
Registrar of tiie Supreme Court.
VICTORIA, by tho Grnoo of God, of tho United
Kingdom of Great Britain aud Ireland,
QuEENf Defender of the Faith, Ac., Ac., Ac.
To all to whom these Presents shall come.���
a proclamation.
D. M. Ebbrtb. < WHEREAS it Is advisable
Attorney-General, j " to establish the follow-
iug polling places in the several and respective
Electoral Districts hereinafter named.
Now know YK that, by virtue of the authority contained iu the "Provincial Elections
Act," the Lieutenant-Governor In Council
declares that the following polling places shall
be, and Ihey are hereby, established for the
several Electoral Districts, the names of which
are Hut opposite such polling places, respectively, ihut Is to say;���
Electoral District.
East Kootonay*-
North Riding.
IN TwmsfONY Whereof Wo have caused these
Our Letters to be made Patent and the
Great Seal of Brtllsh Columbia to be hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honourable
Titos. R. NolNNEs, Lieutenant-Governor of
Our said Province, this fifteenth day of
June, in tiie year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-eight, and in the
sixty-li.*st year of Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
VCES.            E
'olumbia V
All persons having claims against Mr, A. CI.
M.Bpragge, barrister,late of Revclstoke, and
iorincrly mDonald ami Goldon, are requested
to send particulars ol their claims to tho undor-
signed   in {'are  of   Molsons Ihink, Revelstokfl
Station, Il.C.
Solicitor for Mrs Sprag'ge,
A special general meeting of tho shareholders
of the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, Limited, will be held ut the
Company's office at (iolden, B.C., on Thursday
the -Mb "dar of June, A,B., 18B8, at one o'clock
ill the afternoon, for tlie election of Directors,
authorising the payment of a portion of the
Mortgage Rends of the Compuny, and'for the
ordering of iho affairs of tiie Company generally.
By order of tha board.
Golden, B.C., June Tth, 1808.
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McBao, Free
Miner's Certilieate No. SlillSO, Intend,
sixty days (roni the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Kocorder for a certilieate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining n Crown grant of tho above
claim located on Spillinincheen Mountain, situate in the Uolden Mining
Division of Kust Kootenay District.
And further take notice that action,
undo*' section 37, must be commenced
jicfoje theissiianco of such certilieate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1898.
Jonx McRah,
By his agent Geo. S. McCarter.
We wish to inform the
public that wo aro prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Provincial Secretary's Office,
8th June, 1808.
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased to appoint STEPHEN Hr:r>-
attAVE, Esquire, to be Returning Officer for the
North Biding of Bast Kootenay Electorul District; and
His Honour tlie Lieutenant-Governor bus been
pleased to appoint and declare the Court House,
Donald, to be the place for the nomination of
candidates for election to tbe Legislative Assembly In the North Riding of East Kootenay
Klectortri District.
i   COURT will be bohlen nt the Court House,
���*��    Donald,   on   Wednesday   thu 211th day Ol
June, 1898, at io o'clock in the forenoon, for tho
purpose ol hearing aud deciding all objections
Hied with moulder authority ol Bttb-aoetlou il
of section ifcl oftho Redistribution Act, 1698.
Collector of Votes,
North Riding East Kootenay District.
Donald, June 10tb, \m.
Note Heads
Utter Heads
Rill Heads
Hand Hills
Calling Cards
business Cards
Law Brlcfo
Lumber IhmkH
Bunk Work
Promisor? Nous
Receipt Forms
Bhato Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Coition, R. 0,
Advertise in
Supplementary List
Of Persons   Entitled   to   Vot3
North Biding
Of  East  Kootenay   District.
Armstrong, Uobort
llertran.l, William
Bigger, Ernest Hit-murk
llillett, Tom William
ltrowii, Amos William
Drown, George
Carey, Thomas
Carlin, Joseph David
Clarke, William
Foseacocca, C'hristnnm
Fulmar, Leonard Crane
Fynbali, Christian
Glynn, Andy
Ilaygarth, William
Jackson, John Thomas Heaver
Lamoy, David Donald
Liddell, Sydney Albert Heaver
Mackintosh, James Rosa Bcavor
McCrtnimon, Donald "
Meek, Charles "
Menard, Alexander "
Phillips, John Wellington
���Froo mi tier
llc-illy, Isaac Hubert
Ottertail Lan
il**?.- manufacturer   f
Ileilly, William Samuel
Shaugnessy, l'atrick
Skene. James
Stalker, George Fred
Trover, Christian
Vincent, Nagereo
Warren, Henry
Wells, James Douglas
Wixon, Arthur
The chief town in East Kootenay, on tlie main lino of the
C.P.R. and head of navigation of tlie Upper Columbia
River and Lakes.
Chief Distributing Center for East Kootenay by Road, Rail and River.
declare it is the best town to outfit in. Its goods are of
better quality, in greater variety, cheaper in price and
better packed, than in many other towns.
GOLDEN # v -*w oat ttr&m "=r��rz*t-^-'
I"s.-':":-.l 1.1-" IS ll r roil, WC
pay for riion iitrtli.
quite It 1111,111.
Iv i
. It, binds:)
io',wtis out on tho
s, wnsobli-jed to i
tain medical aid.
ilden  011.
*, ol London
lllueivate    proper-
,mo in to Golden to
Tho b'oiswro was a
Sir,  l.liidmiv has now
i there.
���il from tho attack.
A Kent,
of vyhisk;
ii ni toes.
rky paper says that 10 drinks
a day will keep gwuy inos-
In linsl Kootenay there is
l.v that wo will warrant that
inks a day to bring on other
ik'IIm  and   croonlll-t  things
after ig drinks n
i,.-.-,-..-;. reptiles
moro terrible to ontluro.
e, came clown |
of the
Din boss, and lifter a few days in Goldon
lh -v nroceedjto.tlieoonsl furh proli
visit.   Thoy expect to return  to
Steele in the autumn.
Durick and family,
mother, Mis. Ilu.'!.'
1,,' he:
Irom l'ort Steolo on the last trip
.*-; -i-l.., who left  ior  tho w
.. ,     loops on a  visit  to some f
'i Mrs. MacKay irrini Ihe celebrated Sinclair ranch, who will spend a few days
In Golden, ami Sir, .1. C. Humphries
from Woflf Creek, near Fort Steelo, who
left for Montreal on a prolonged visit.
Tho weather has boon very uncertain
in Fast Kootonay for tlie last tun days.
There have boon thunder storms, heavy
showers oi rain, fresh fulls of snow in the
mountains. The rivers, streams and
creeks are very high, many of them in
Hood. This season has been a mosi
backward one for mining operations,
Vory few old timers remember such a
Int.; season. Ti.*.. prospectors were out
in ll.c mountains by tin' lirst week oi
April last year. Mow the prospectors
report difficulties in many places in gut*
tin-' throti ,-h on account of tiie snow.
"Si* 4
the 6
at 11 o
ol  meeting
uh a trustee
n.-i.-y caused
Lovo, whoso
hold   i:i   thu   school   hous
'clock, at wl.
Will  l,;..--;--r.l*,l to Illl lhe VII
by tin- retiremout oi i
te.rm.uf ollice has expired.
The Imperial Hank of Canada will
r!i..i*tlv';o;..-ii ajjjbranch oi its hank in
rkiiith liust Kootenay. It will bo located
eithor al Wardner or Fort Steelo. Already it has sc'inc.I n numbor ol ue*
counts including tlu- Crow's Must Coal
Company's account.
Charles K, Wobdsof the Crow's Nest
Pass Dail way construction passed through
Goldun this woek on his way lo the Easl
lie came down by stage to Windermere
whore lie joined lliostoumor. Hois
taking ivith liiin plans of |iowvsurveys ol
certain spar brunches which are contuip-
platcd lo be afterwards built.
A football match will take plnco tomorrow evening between teams composed of playors from tlio mill and the
town. 'Un* mill team uro contldent ol
winning und an Interesting game is
expuctcd. Tin. boys havo boon putting
in sum* faithful practice lately, in preparation for tho tournament ut Donald
u.i Dominion Day.
In the last round trip tin- sto-uncr
Duchess made between Golden and Win-
iloj-more sire carried thirty-throe pnsson-
gers and a considornblo quantity of
freight, In her downward passage of HO
miles from Windermere she made a
record trip. She luft Windermere at a
quarter past one in tlie afternoon and
arrived in Golden thu same evening a!
10 o'clock. This included nine stoppages
to embark passengers and load goods.
Mr. I'. (I. Hicks of the Manitoba Pro-
dtico&Ci iils8lon.Compiuiy, Winnipeg,
was in (ioi.len this week on his way to
the coast. .Mr. flicks is on his annual
tour of inspection, visiting the various
wholesale establishments of the Company at tin* ilifioront points in llritisli
I'oliiinhia. His enquiries were directed
as to whether Golden would be a good
shipping}iciiiri'.fur.'-li'.i Company's gi.uds
going south.
ThoColonist reports that Mr. W. G.
Koilson, tlie government candidate for
the northorn riding of Fast Kootenay, it
a guest at thoJDriard. His prospects oi
uloction he considers very good, he having received every encouragement during
11 personal canvass oi the district, while
lire reports irom his agents aro very
ho'...fill. Mr, Neilson is manager of a
largo lumber concern al Heaver and has
extensive Interests in tin* district. His
opponent, Ml*. Wells, is likewise ill (lie
lumber business.
Tin' sports at Donald on Friday next
���should he lhe means of attracting ii
large number ol visitors to that town on
said day. Tlie sports really commence
on Thursday evening when a baseball
match wiil lake place between teams
from Donald and Bevelstoko. On Friday
atlilotic sports, bioyclo races a football
tournament and a gun club shoot for
handsome prizes will lake place. The
colobrntloil will wind up with 11 grand
ball iii Ihe evening. A large numbor of
Goldonites will participate in tho festivities.
At iheOnvltntlon of Mr. Bates, Mr,
Kuysor wont down to tlio school house
on Wednesday last and put somo of the
scholars through an informal sort of
examination. The result was that Miss
Laura Keiiiiy';.woit_the prize that was
offered, her answers were well considered and shewed Intelligence above the
ordinary. Mr. Keyset- stated afterwards
that ho wan very much struck by the
excellent manner of all the pupils and
the attention which they paid to his
short Instructions. We may add that
Mr. Keyser boon, for a great many
years, connected, v/i'.h.cilticalion in tlie
Did Country.
Dutch Creek briilgu near thu lower end
of the Upper Columbia Lake has boon
Washed out. Great dilliculty was experienced in transterrlng passengers
travelling by stage to and from South
Fast Kootenay. Transfer had to be
made by means of au aerial rope tram
and basket. Then, was not however
much.Interruptionof traffic. A large
gang under the superintendence of ihe
Gold Commissioner was soon busy in
restoring tlie bridge and repairing the
roadway. Iho whole work has been
complo'tod in a much more substantial
manner Hian previous to lire washout.
wiiii pel
i fl    'H *"! C! f ��� "5 "O Tl
W. C. Wells' Address to
tho Electors of this
�����'ti- 3
East via the Lake Routes.
Greatly reduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca excry Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
Concort, Como-Jy and Drama,
Mi*. William Mackenzie and Miss
Jessie Glover who havo Inula phenomenally successful tour siuee tlieir arrival
from Australasia, will give (ho residents
of Golden oue of their delightful evenings of Concort, Comedy and Diama.
It may readily bo anticipated that such
arlists will receive liberal ptttroilllgo.
The prices aro .10 cents; reserved seats
73 cents.
 -..a-��-*3 *-4*n����� ���
The Lash-Hamilton Concerts.
Sir. F. Wnvorly Shipmnn, advance
agent and manager of the Lash-Hamilton
Concerts was in town this week and
mado arrangements for the appcaranoe
of his talented company here on tl
evening of .Inly "I'i under the ni'.spict
of the Golden Football Club. The company is composed of Sliss Carrie Lash, a
talented contralto singer; .Miss Dentrix
Hamilton, elocutionist; Miss Lois Win-
low, "Canada's Wonderful Girl 'Cellist"
ami a lady pianist. Tire footlmll boys
know a good thing when they see it and
llrey promise the public a most enjoyable evening. The entertainment will
take place in McNeish's Hall. Admission 150 cents; reserved seats 7.1 cents.
Further particulars will bo given next
week as to plan of hall. Don't forget
tiiu dato���July Tth.
Political Notos.
Tho candidates for the North Riding
nf East Kootenuy have been like the
weaver's shuttle Hying lo and fro and up
and down_Jvarious portions of the constituency but as yet neither of thom has
succeeded ia exciting much enthusiasm
among lhe electors, Neilson has now
been over the whole of the constituency
and Wells has covered most of tho
ground and each professes to bu highly
pleased with the results of their canvass.
.Meetings have been addressed at Donald,, Field and various
other centres but Goldun has as yet
been luft alone. It has been reserved
for the grand final effort, Both caudl-
,bites have established committee rooms
in Golden where the chief light will he.
Mr. Wells has opened out at the sloro at
the south end of the Kicking Horse
briilgu and Mr. Neilson has established
his committee rooms nt. the Columbia
House. Doth candidates havo strong
committees. -Mr. Wells' committee has
already boon publisod. Mr. Neilson's
committeo are Messrs. W. McNeish, G.
Ii. SIcDavmot, James Soniplo, Wesley
Miller, Captain 1'. II. Bacon, ,1.Dolmage,
S. ,1. Itobbins, W. Avery, II. Bookout,
and M. Carlin. Mr. McXeish chairman,
and Mr. Scmpln secretary. Mr. Neil-
son's address will he in the hands of
electors in tho course of the next two
days. There will he many Influential
speakers stumping tho constituency on
behalf oi the candidates. Gn bohalf of
Mr. Noilsou thoro will bu Sir. Eberts,
lhe former Attorney-General in the Government aud probably Sir. Turner hini-
self. llutb Mr. Wells nnd Sir. Neilson
have now organized their committees all
through the various centers of tlio Hiding. Mr. Neilson wiil hold his first
great public meeting In Golden, It is
difficult to prognosticate with whom thu
victory will lie, each candidate claiming
to he dead sure of winning. The contest
promises lo lie a stiff one.
������*�����. o > *".,.	
rucsuvTiauAN cnuncu.
Finnday Services���11 a.m. and 7:110 p.m.
Sunday school & Bible class nt 2 :S0 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice 8 p.m.
Friday���Prayer meeting 8 p.m.
Itov. W. II. Wright, 1'aslor.
Situate in the Golden Milling Division of
Fast. Kootenay District.    Whore located���On Splllcmacheen Mountain,
Take notice that I, John McRao, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 86080, intend,
sixty days irom the dato hereof, to apply
to tho Mining Rocorder for a cortiflcatd
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that ac.ion,
under section ,17, must lie commenced
before theissuaneo of such certilieate of
Dated this Kith day of January, 1898
John Mil!.*.::,
lly his agent Geo. S. McCarter..
My nomination as an Opposition Cnn-
lldato in tlu* approaching General Election for our Legislature, calls on mu to
-tatu to you briefly, the course, which in
mv opinion, 1 should take if elected us
your Representative.
So far as 1 have been able to measure
the fueling of this Constituency, it is
one of disappointment in tho administration oi our Provincial affairs, ln the
present contest 1 am glad to say, we are
not so divided on parly lines, as lo dobar
us from taking our choice of men
IhiouglKiiit tho Provinco for thu ensuing
parliamentary term,and itisto lie hoped
that nn independent effort will be made
in this direction. Holding the opinion,
us I do, that the record of the present
Government, iu the disposal ot public
lands, and their administration of the
Provincial finances, not having been
such as to command my support, it is
my plain duty, for the present, to claim
your suffrages ns un Opposition Canili-
dnto. Tllfs does not necessarily mean
that I must place myself in such ante
gonisui to any administration, as to
defeat what should be my primary object
as a Representative, namely, the interest of my own Constituency.
Nor does it mean that I am in full
alliance with the Opposition party as it
has stood before the Legislature ilurin-;
thu past four years. For this reason, if
no other, I would ask at the hands oi my
constituents, if eluded, a froo indulgence
of my own judgment as lo the course 1
should adopt in this particular respect.
I look for at least a reconstruction as the
result of thc general election, and that
we may have au administration fully
meeting tho demands of our rising
Tlio large appropriation ot $5,000,000
under the recent Public Works Loan
Amendment Act, while indicating a
generous tendency in the disposal of
public funds, cannot meet the approval
f interior constituencies. Vi'enroin-
erestcd in something more than build-
ng np our terminal cities, and..the
xehisive welfare of districts immediately
tributary to thom. It will therefore, be
Hrst contention that substantial
justice should he given to the eastern
portion of this Province, as compensation for the enormous appropriation
made directly, 1 consider, iu the interest
oi Coast constituencies, for which wu too
have to bear oui* share of tho burthen.
In this connection, 1 may say that the
terms subsidising lhe Teslin Lake Railway have my approval us a legitimate
business transaction, apart from other
considerations, and whicli are: First,
whether thoro is an urgent necessity to
build, at present, tbo southern portion
of this line; and secondly, whether we
havo not been ton precipitate in snatching from tlie Dominion Government, a
responsibility which rightly belongs to it,
in the interest of eastern provinces, moie
than to Uritish Columbia. We have,
within ourselves, sufficiently attractive
features in our vast mineral resources, to
fully warrant tho Investment of capital
and the influx of population, or in other
words, we have ourown affairs, to whioh
it might he butter, at present, that we
give oar undivided consideration. 1
mean hy Ibis that, being so wholly do-
pendent as we are upon the opening up
und ouergetic development of our mines,
the further construction of roads, and
increasud facilities of interior transportation, becomes an imperative necessity.
To this I will urge lhe consideration of
tho Government, and trust that in jus-
tlco to this, the extreme eastern constituency of the Province, further appropriation will be now made, and thut we
may have, at least, what fairly belongs
to us.
My election at your hands, I would
accept as a mark of confidence and
trust, sufficient to determine me in
guarding fnlthfully'tho position in which
you shall have placed mo as your Representative. In my appreciation oi this
trust, and an earnest endeavour to serve
your interests, I sincerely hope Unit it
will not bu expected tiiat I am to defeat,
or risk the opportunity given me, by
such a thankless allegiance to party
measures as might thwart what I consider my imperative duty towards developing lire material resources uf the
North Riding nf Fast Kootenay.
Anticipating and thanking you for
your support,
I am at your service,
W. C. WELL.-.
Klondike GoMFielcls
direct via C.I'.K. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagway,
S. P. Tarter ct Athenian.
The largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for tbe passenger traffic
bavin;,' superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for June:
Uhcnian June '2
Tees     "     3
Islander     "    10
I'akshan    "    11
Tees     "    17
Islander    "   24
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes^ to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kast Kootonay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Dry Goods* Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
] am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
othing, Hardware,
jzLxCa-i jlllc. ax
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secure
some bona fide bargains.
eneral n/ercAant
The best slopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good ttccommodntion & Modovftte Terms
First cliu.:s Kml istulilcs.
The Beat Beer In Canada in mado l>y tlio
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd,
M-inufiichirers nf Beer, Ale and Soda Water
insist onguttlntrCalgAry Bour evory ttmo. Thoy
nil liavo it. Tlm Company's agent for East
Kootonay is
II. G. PAKSOX, Goldon,  B.C,
While taking down'stock for ono woek from date I
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Cry Goads, Gents Furnishings,
Shirts, Neckties, Boots *# Shoes,
& Fancy Gouds,
es I. Warren,
Q-olclei-i, B.C.
�����, r,3.-es2a- Drags
C. W. Field, Golden.


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