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East Kootenay Miner 1897-12-23

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Devoted to the pining Interests and Development of the District ol EAST KOOTEflftY.
Vol. 1, No. 23.
Golden,  B.  C,  Thursday  December 23rd,  1897.
$3.00 Per Year
Aikxakock Block,
Golden, B.C
KIrp, Life, Real Estate, Hntuc Agents,
Auriioneury Bud Cuatouis Brokers
hire Agencies:
Queen, Laucaiihlrc, Union, Hartford.
Mifopean Meaiuijhip Ticket Office.
The Bun Life Insurance Compunj'.
Tbft Onturio Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Bfrbock Investment and l.oun Co.
H. La Cummins, P.L.S.,
Aud Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and notary Public.
r��at tffletaddreu:
iM!i,T Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
.(Uatabliibed lSflQ.)
Tor mural -yetre with Vivian A Rons, Swau-
IM, and lacal wpreittutniive for them.
F*r a years manager for the unsay era lo the
Kit* Tlnto Co., London.
Canadian reprvicntatire of tbe Caiwel Gold
Extracting Co. L'tri, filuspow (Cyanide process.)
K.H.���All work peraonally ��u perl Mended. Only
eumpetent men tmploycU.    No pupils   re
Jas. Henderson,
riana Prepared.
Prompt attuniiun given to order*.
A supply of Building Llm�� for sale.
The Golden
Krwh and Halt Meats.
Kiah and (iimo In aeanon.
healers in Cattle, Sheep and Horn1*.
Hall erders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
ijeod Badlta Horses and Ri{**�� ��f A U Kind* for
Itiraat Reasonable -Raton.
Teaming of All Kindk a Specialty.
Hamilton and Skelton,
Golden, B.C.
Good Time
By every m��B who bus s watcb.
��� HI. ALEXANDER, <��>
Newly befitted & ltelurnislicd.
The beat oi the kiml west ol
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
& Embalming
Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
The Providence par Go
Providence, K.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, gin-
eeng, senoca, etc. Prices for next sixty
(lava are as follows:
Silver Fox	
..$15.00 to $150.00
. .$ 6,00 to ��� 2">.00
$ 4.00 to f   9.00
..��� 2.00 to tf   0.00
Beaver(per pound).
. if 3.00 to $   3.60
. .? 1.00 to t   2.00
Red Fox	
..If 1.00 to $   2.00
. .%   .75 to $   2.00
..?   .25 to $   1.00
Grar Fox	
..$   .50 to $     .75
. (1   .20 to $     ,26
Price lint on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
C.I'.K. Watch Inspector will be
Wednesday to Friday __>��
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can be left at
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of nil kinds undertaken.
li. H. Bell
Wedding Rings
A Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
are very interesting. Send
us a post card and we will
mail one to you.
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
(jy Watchmaker,
f ri        Jeweller,
Optician anil
i Mechanic.
Watoheji cltanod. Jewellecy mounted, Gtftsses
mended and Uuoh repaired, Mrat elans work
In every department. A trial nolto! come
to   , -,
Wong See, Golden.
| Tom Lee,
lias the best restaurant in Golden. It is open at nil limns.
Every delicacy and fruit In its
Season. A good ^election of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere they
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Mcftls I>ay nnd Night.
A commissioner from Washington has
arrived at Ottawa to arrange witli tlie
Dominion government to send ill relief
supplies for ihe starving American population in Yukon.
Mr. George Kydd formerly manager oi
the bank of British .North America at
Sandon lias been appointed official liqtil-
dntor of the Noble Vive Consolidated
Mining and Milling Company at Cody.
A mining exhibit company desires
Dominion charter to show samples ol
Canadian minerals in Montreal and elsewhere. What nest in the way of
charters',' The charter to the company
will not boot much use without a subsidy.
Reindeer arc being imported Irom
Lapland for service in the Yukon, and
other60 dogs have been sent up for tbe use
of the police. Tiie number of dogs that
the police will now have is 130. It is
rumored that the Canadian custom
bouse on tho Uvea lotite is to be closed
The most remarkable gold beetles in
the world are found in Central America
The head and wing eases are brilliantly
polished with a lustre as of gold itself.
To sight aud touch they have all the
appeaance of metal. The. gold and silver beetles aro worth from ��5 to JCI0 a-
piece. We have no valuable beetles it.
East Kootenay, but wc have some valuable bugs,
Tbe Perth Syndicate, Limited, has
been incorporated ill the Old Country
with a capital of $10,000 and will operate
in South East Kootenay. Its head office
is at Wild Horse creek. It lias already
secured somo quartz claims on that
creek. The company's attorney in South
East Kootenay is Mr. Young, manager
of the Invicta Placer Mining Co.
Major Walsh has had rather a seriotiE
time of it in getting into tho Yukon.
Ho has had to encounter some great
difficulties, and has lost a considerable
portion oi his provisions. Additional
police have to bo sent into the Yukon
and tho force augmented 10 25010611.
Tbe additional men will be taken Irom
the Regina division. In order to meet
this large draw upon the mounted police
It is intended to introduce the militia
system into the Territories.
In the mineral empiro every successful investor is a king. Generous nature
has made him a monarch in a html
where the sceptre of sovereignty is held
out to all. The mighty Cascades and
the towering Selkirks contain thrones
that will sooon be peopled with an
expectant and deserving throng upon
whom will be placed the golden crowns.
Wealth is honestly earned when taken
from Natur's great treasury. It is
moistened with no one's tears; neither
iB it stained witli the blood of oppression.
Its laurels can be proudly worn, for the
conscience of the mining king is not u
reed of broken hopes and crushed
ambitions. We will, welcome into East
Kootenay the future monarchs of a
realm where peace, plenty and justice
must always prevail.
The prospectus of tho long talked of
British-American Corporation has lieen
issued. The capital iu ��1,500,000. One
million pounds of shares is now offered
at par, the issue lieing limited to the
shareholders of tho London aud Globe
Finance Corporation. The directors are
the Marquis of Dufforin nnd Ava, Lord
Loch, Hon. ('bus. II. Mackintosh,Lieut.-
Governor of the Northwest Territories;
Mr. Edward A. lloare, one of tho
directors of (he bank of British North
America; tmd Mr. Whltakor Wright, a
well-known London financier. Tbe corporation Ins already ecru red the Le
Hoi and .losie mines, near Rossland, aud
valuable mining properties near Nelson.
It also secures as a going concern the
Alaska Commercial Co., with the town-
site at Dawson City, and claims on tlie
Bonanza, Eldorado, Bear and other
Klondske creeks. This is a good, Bolid
company, and the majority ot tho
directors are sterling men and of
undonbted probity. We cast no reflections on the minority, as we either kyow
loo little or far too much. The company
has also secured sound, substantial
properties, It is te be hoped it will be
conducted on better lines than either tlio
Horne-I'avne or Grant-Govan outlits.
Travel Over th�� Crow's Neat.
One who'travels in Pullman cars and
has nil the comforts furnished in them
and the dining cars should take a trip
over the line of construction of a mountain railroad such as this to know what I come.
oinforts nre.    1 left Macleod Rtation, or     Tho Cassinr railway grants are biit'an
or as it is known here, " llaneyville," in  illustration, perhaps, ot the most strik-
a blinding blizzard on a construction
train and came as far through as tbe end
of the track, about two miles from
I'incher Creek station grounds and two
and a half iniles from the Hrst camp of
the contractors, who have tin. freighting
Contract for the railway. This camp is
quite a canvass town, there being Accommodation here for about 100 teams,
which load every day for the west.
Taking passage with one of the freight
teams, 1 proceeded west to The Pass.
Noon coming, we had dinner in the
open (pork, bread and tea). It was 25
degrees below zero, and such a wind.
This is a change from a nrst-ehu-s hotel.
After the teams had sufficient time to
ciu nnd rest, wc proceeded again and
about 5 o'clock "struck" the headquarters' camp, " Police Flats." This
is tlie ideal of camps and camping
grounds, being situated in a "pocket"
and fairly protected from the winds. It
is not a canvass camp, hut has good log
buildings, cilice, store, cooking place,
dining room, blacksmith shop and stabling for 150 teams. Here mv genial
friend " holds tho fort," and well be
knows how to entertain visitors in tliis
wilderness of rock and snow. A jolly
evening was spent in his company after
satisfying the inner man witli the good
things set up by the chef and his lengthy
assistant, *' Slim.''
Breakfasting next morning at 0 o'clock
we proceeded west past othor camps,
and about *1 o'clock reached Crow's Nest
lake and wero again entertained in a
camp. This camp (?) is a typical western railway town, and the less said about
the inhabitants in general the better, as
the class is none of the best. The railway company are moving their warehouses to Bull Head prairie, come seven
miles further west. This is the beginning of the cud of *' Crow's Nest Lake
City." Ditu.MMBB.
W. J. Marry KllloU by Whlto Damp
at Rossland.
A sad and unfortunate accident occurred in the Iron Colt mine near Rossland
last week whereby Mr. W. .1. Merry,
formerly of Toronto Inst his life, while
heroically attempting to rescue a partner
Mr. George Cattanach, who had been
overcome with white damp. Merry was
killed while engaged in this noble, mission, but his friend escaped.
The accident happened about half-past
10 on Monday evening. Merry and his
partner, George Cattanach, were working a big steam drill alternately in two
drifts in tbe mine. They fired a
round of holes in the main drift at 5
o'clock, and while the air ihero was
clearing they Bet up their drill and commenced work in the adjoining drift.
About half-past 10 Cattanach decided
to take a look at face of the adjoining
drift, to discover what change bad been
disclosed by tho last blast, lie realized
that thero was danger from the gas, but
bis curiosity overcame bim and he made
the trip. He reached the face without
Inconvenience, but half way back the
deathly white damp overcame him and
be sank to the ground unconscious. As
befell he cried faintly for help,and Marry
hearing the call, rushed to his assistance
lie bad hardly reached the point where
his unconscious partner lay, when, overcome by gas, he fell prostrate upon the
body of bis friend.
It was three-quarters ef an hour before
one of tho miners, noticing the drill
which tbe two should have been working
was unattended, commenced a search
and found them uncotiHcious in tlie
adjoining drift. With tbe aid of the
other miners, the two unfortunates wore
carried lo the Bin-face and llr. Howes and
Dr. Anderson wero summoned. By the
time the time the physicians reached
the spot Cattanach bad recovered consciousness, but Morry was dead.���Ross-
laud Miner,
The decensed was a brother of Mrs. O.
.1. Macdonald of Golden, and a brother-
in-law ot William McKenxie, tho Toronto street ear magnate. Tbe remains
wore taken east to Kirklicld, Ont., for
The province of British Columbia has
suffered from a most unfortunate provincial regime. It is to be hoped that the
electors will see tbe advantage of making
a change when the opportunity arrives.
The ministry seems to have been
afflicted with a violent desire to give
away on every pretext the mineral and
forest wealth whicli serve the- purpose's
of  public  revenue   lor  generations  to
ing ministerial disregard for the public, de, madame'.'" before be started on Chid
interests. By it Mr. Herschcl Cohen, lay, came and eat down noar me, resting
from England*, will be in a position to j meanwhile bis pack, which did not look
levy a royalty on the output of a large
section of mining land.
But there aro charges more serious, in
one sense, than incompetence against
tbe ministry. The lion. Mr. Turner,
the prelnier, and tho lion. Mr. Pooley,
Ihe president of the council, figure as the
leading men in a company that has
issued a prospectus, seeking to sell its
shares in London, lu the prospectus it
was set forth that tbere will be advantages for the stockholders in the " uniqe
connection" between the company and
the provincial ministry.���Toronto Globe.
An American Opinion of C. P. R.
From the " Spokane C'hroi.iile " " The
Union" learns that tbe Canadian Pacillc
Railroad company has refused free transport, over its line, supplies which Ihe
citizens of Spokane have generously
donated to send as relief to tlio suffering
people in the Alaska and Klondike gold
regions. Tlie excuse given is one which
is well calculated to shock the feelings ol
the humane everywhere. His " that it
would be a bad precedent to establish."
It is lame, pitiable and impotent to an
extreme and unworthy of a great corporation whicli has reeceived so many j
gratuitous benefits from tliis country. It I
is another striking evidence that tlie j
Canadians bold no good will to the |
American people, that does not put
profit into the pockets ol its people. It
is to be hoped that this government will
no longer submit to be wheedled into
granting special favors to the. Canadian
railways, to the detriment of our own
transportation lines. Such miserly
greediness and exhibition of inhuman
stinginess on the part of a great corporation should not be forgotten when
appeals arc made to congress Iur special
favors.- Walla Walla Union.
For the Sake of Gold.
a slight one. against a sloping rock* Wo
got into conversation as people do on the
trail, and ho told lue how deceived he
had been by the false reports circulated
hack cant uncut the excellence of this
particular trail, and be reminisced of tho
happy days be had spent behind bis
counter. My nppearanco evidently inspired this child with confidence, for ho
thrust his hand into Ida hip poclcet nnd
produced a piece of crumpled paper
which lie hurriedly opened and thru**;
under my nose to my no Rn-.aH mfprlse,
and in a breathless voice exclaimed:
" What Is it'.'" 1 looked; u yellow substance had been wrapped in the'paper
and I said: "Where did you find it'-"'
He said: " Never l.-iiud, what is if." I
said: " Tell me where you found it and
I will inform you." By this time the
pack on ahead had been adjusted.
Snatching the paper und its contents
from me, with a malignant glare, the
guileless child rushed on ahead.   It wus
The other little incident happened on
tho summit one night in August lust. 1
had found shelter in a tent belonging to
some men I knew, and bad spread mv
blankets under its hospitable roof. Mo.-t
of the party were tenderfeet, but a certain old tinier was curled up in his
blankets, smoking gently in a corner
near the stove. The conversation got,
upon the advantages of concentrated
food,and one of the party was describing
how ho hail bought evaporated apples,
potatoes, apricots, prunes and peaches;
he said that he had also tried to get
evaporated eggs, hut that the store he
went tu did not keep them, unfortunately. The old timer raised his head
and remarked kindly: "I say, young
man, you have forgotten to got a most
necessary article of outfit,aud 1 am Borry
for you." "What is it?'.1 asked tie
youth. " Why, evaporated blankets. '
replied  the old  tinier,   " you ran buy
for a dollar at any store. They are
Hardships, privations, starvation, and ! about as big as a pocket handkerchief,
the risk of life itself, are not sufficient to and you can easily carry a couple in your
deter a great portion of adventurous pockets, When night comes on you just
humanity from rushing into tho frozen dip thorn in water, and they swell ami
gold fields of the far north in tho worst swell nnd stretch out to theordiur. y
possible     season     of     the   year,    if I size of a blanket.     You lay tlidln dow,.
'and wrap yourself up iu them and have
a fine old sleep.    Then   next   mbrning
I when yon get up you just bang thorn in
front ot the fire and they shrink back to
! tbe pocket handkerchief size, nnd you
there is the least possibility oi getting
through.     In this  prosaic   nineteenth
century it  seems almost impossible to
believe that such scenes  as are being |
enacted in the mad rush to reach Ihe
golden Eldorado on the Klondyke can he ; pouch them aud go on your way."
true.   Many who have arrived almost |    Thero was silence fur a hi;.   Thin tho
within sight of the treasure ground have | youth   asked:-   "Could  you   till  inc.
been swept to instant death in the ie; 1 please, where I could   get  some from?"
Hood;  mouths of misery and possible The only answer was a snore from the
starvation will probably be the lot of old timer, nnd the youth has not been
many who  have reached   thero; while i able to find   the  shop yet, 1 believe, as
the privations and hardships endured on | the old tinier had left before the youth
the route will undermine many a strong I awakened   Irom   his slumbers the next
constitution, so that the gathering in ol i morning.
tlie golden nuggets will boa miserable  _��...��-��.��.----��-   ���-*���
recompense for wrecked health and tu.-1 What .��� Llfa w*thout a Newspaper?
ure pain, if not a shortened life.     But;    (mc0 ., ,.������. .. ,cl.;_*���, ���,;l��� ,,,,
gold Is the greatest poweronearth today., mai,,,_ U|0 Mm ���m| ���t       , his
\\ hat ,s life without it but a miserable j T]i<1 m,s( (,     ,,.. wW ,|ia ,,<pm ^ ., am
existence of emit a and contrivances tot
keep body and aoul to;:et)ici?   itetter
risk that body und life, Um, in tlie effort i
,.   _��� . .   . not read
to get gold than to contmuo tu grind out: arre3te ]
a life of toil for ��t mere BubaUtfince. Who | J..,^.^ (U)d paU, ^-, fl,��� B bl ... UiV^{
notes that had been udv^rtiaed for two
. weeks and the public had been warned
called "gold fever" is at. epidemic which [ no, t0 negotiat0 them. lie then hired
hae attacked the whole civilized world ^irishman, wUh a f00t lilft U forge
ever Hinee its history begun. But the hMnmW( to kiuk him all tha woy to tlw
god Moioeh extracts ft tribute from those LeWBpapor omce, wheru lie paid four
who seek his treaanre vaults. The gold H in a(lviuV0i ttI1(1 hwl th(M
ifi only for the fearless and vouturesorae
can find fault with men for thinking
thus?    The delirium which has bean
below tho market prices.   Then his property Was Hold for taxes, because he did
of tin' pale.    Soon niter he was
and  lined  $8  for hunting on
oars in, and liatl the iiiuor
sign an agreement to knock him down
ami rob him if he over stopped his paper
again. Such is life without a itows*
ami in the eager quest for the precious
yellow metal life Is often counted aH
naught. The Klondike boom will cost
many lives, ami tbe future of muny of
those who are spared will  bo made I
wretched  by  disease  and illness, the! Another Tariff Jufffflo.
seods of which are now being planted in Another tariff juggle is threatened,
healthy constitutions by present priva- this time in the post olllee.
tions, incessant toil in ice-cold water and ltliaa beo�� 1,,ltlJ<1 that when arrang-
lucli of proper food. Those who will tug tho customs tariff last summer, the
itriko it rich in tho Klondike region Liberal government made a.stralghtcut
deserve it.���Rossland Times. on certain Unas of goods brought from
j the United States, whilo increasing the
rates  ou  certain   lines   imported from
| Britain. Then to even matters the Brl
The inexperienced "(iold Fever Child" j tiah goods were cut to the amount of the
(another term for tenderfoot miner) is increase of. rate, and^thus Britain obtain-
often "greener" than ho Is generally Ud ft " preference!'*
pictured, writes a correspondent from The present threatened juggle lies in
Skagway, but the crass ignorance of the reducing the postage on letters, and
average young adventurer is almost in- clapping it on to the newspaper^.
Tho Tenderfoot In Yukon.
credible.     Tho following yarns ure per- j
fectly true:
1 was fitting down on the trail about
fifteen miles from the sea cpaet. A pack |
had slipped off   one of   the animals be-
This seems Use taxing the many for
tiie benefit of the few,
H   tho  revenue   can stand it, let th?
postal letter rate be reduced from He. to
2o. all over the Dominion, as it is in the
longing to a party of tenderfoet on abend I United States.    But what is the use oi
und the trail was consequently blocked,  taking a rate off the letter and putting
...... ��� ,    it on the newspaper, unless it is a plan
A very dirty, but nice young man, who , tQ g0t m.iro  mo'nft'y   Undo|,   .>rttsnM 0(
evidently had been ncutfatoined to ask j gottlug  lens.     It Is an expedient of tin*,
once upon time, " What's the next arti- r.'u/.y Muloeh's.���Loudjn ri-ee Prose. me n/tner.
A Weekly Jourusti pohlUhed every Thursday
lu the lutoreatol the Kust Kootenay Dlatrlet
jtiattlux eltnuut conuecUona with all trains and
Liuil reulLM.
HL'lilriCHnTKIN RATES : lly mail or currier,
ii.w per year iu advance.
AOVBRTJaiXfl KATKS: Display ads. $1.50 per
column titeh. 1*2.1*10 pot column ln��h when In-
ilurtudon the title pagoi legal ads. Weuutsper
i nonpareil) Hue ior firm iuaertlou, t'. uunMuer
lino iur eaun additional Insertion; reading
nottees luuenle per 1 ix��o caeli lubortJ,ou.
hum eeli) ofllee t)ot later than
Changes of ads.
iiinii, marriage and death noUoes Inserted
.IOR DEPARTMENT: our Job Dapartm-snl
\t the beHl e��iulpped prUitinft iifllye in East
Kuotuuay and is prepared iu do neat, Hi'tintlu
jii'tutinif 'ii a reaROiiatiluprlte. One price toall.
Jlall order.* receive prompt attontiou.
COttHESl'ONPKSTrf: We Invite eorrenpon-
denue on nny subjoin ol Interval to the mineral
public and doiiire a regular corresponuenl nt
vvtiry point l-.i the Dlstrh t. In nil eases the
ttuoif ii-ii; ii it me i>i v. rlter must accompany thu
ii.i!iiu.vrl|ii, iwit neOessiirlly ior publication
but u.u Kiiaruntue uf goud faith.
(Jorrotfpondonee with rofereneo io any maltor
Duo iiiisai'ptfured Ijianother piper mum li.-u
ii-ioffiired to that p'.per ior publleatluu beiorc
li fun appear in "THK MiKKa."
Address all egmiuunluatloiiH
r. imii**ir*f mos*
are shown, by statistics ox tending ovor
ti long period of yearn, to pay better and
more constant dividends, than those of
uny other class of investments, and there
is no better invest men t than in development mining stocks, in honest and legitimate mining concerns*; where the
money derived from the sale of shares
goes into tins ground to open up the
GoWeiii It. 0;
THURSDAY, DEC, 23,1807.
Shipping Minos of East Kootonay.
There are but comparatively (aw shipping mines in Kust Kootenuy, but there
��* already a desire among foreign capitalists to purobust) developed property.
The Inquiries will continue und mining
men from a distance have already come
in person to inspect our mines, as the
repeated reports of rich striken go out.
Several large transfers have already
taken place, It is not difficult to secure
g.jod mining properties where there ure
large coppor, isold and silver mines, even
when it lair,round sum is paid. Investors may complain of the large prices
and the dl llcnlty of obtaining good
mines. All this is not on account of tlie
lack of such mines, for there are plenty
of them ; but all mines are not for sale
except, us in the case of other things,
���alien the owners may get their price.
It is contended that tho high prices
as led prevent the investment of capital
in mining enterprises. (iold and copper
mining have the call just now as an investment! It is paying better than any
of tlie industrials. The mon who own
good paying mines are not anxious to
sell a?- whet) there we e other profitable
places to invest tlieir money. Xfttutallj
then, they hold their mines at respectable figures of profit to themselves.
The time was, und not so very long a^o,
when it was difficult to sell a mine at
any price, no matter what its development or promises of the future. It is
different now and tlie men who held on
and kept working during periods of depression expert to reap their reward. It
shows the faith of the owner in the
mine. Most of these investors decline to
lake hold uf prospects and make them
into mines by work and money. They
want only going mines, well developed,
equipped and producing, l-'or this clani-
of properties they must pay a corresponding priee, for the other man has
*goue through all the expensive preliminaries of making the mine, and he expects
to be paid for it, aud must be paid for it.
}le has taken his chances of failure; but
having made a success he can scarcely be
blamed for recognizing tlie fact that he
lias a good thing.
Gold as tha Anciants Mined It.
Gold was probably the first metal observed nnd collected because of its intrinsic value. About it superstitions giew,
religious and ceremonious rites and
strange crimes were committed for its
pocsaeslon in tbe days when it was believed that it wus of sueh stuff that the
sun itself was made aud the hulls cf
Valhalla paved.
Houk paintings and carvings of Egyptian tombs earlier than tbe days of
Joseph Indicate tbe operations of washing auriferous sand and a subsequent
melting in furnaces hy thu aid of blowpipes. Leas than 20 years ago the old
mines of Nubia, so graphically described
by Diodorous, were rediscovered ou tlie
shores of tho Ued sea, together with a
line of ancient wells across the dusert;
the underground workings where oro
veins had been followed with the pick,
the rude cupelling furnaces for assaying,
picks, oil lumps, mills, mortars,
and pestles", incline warming tables of
stone, crucibles and retorting furnaces
of burned tile, by which the entire pro
cess could be traced, Here slaves and
hapless prisoners of war exchanged their
life blood for glittering dust to till tbe
treasures of their cup tors.
In India and Asia Minor tho powdered
ore wus washed down over smooth, sloping rocks, and gold caught in the fleeces
iif sheep skins sunk in the stream, Ii
was literally a golden fleece that Jason
brought hack from the Caucasus, Further north and following the foothills oi
Mount Ararat to the southern slope
the Ural mountains in Russian Siberia,
where lest year millions were taken out
of the old mines, the ancient Scythians
broke Up rock und gravel with coppei
implements, scraped out the glittering
dust, and nuggets with the tusks of wild
boars und carried their gains away in
bags of leather. All through this region miners of to-day know that ono of
tbe chief dangers to be avoided uro the
Scythian pitB, 00 feet deep in the gravel,
and shaped like it well. Tlie remains ol
thousands of small furnaces of burned
clay testify to the long period over which
the workings of the mines extend.
Ireland of prehistoric times was the
gold country of Europe. In no other
country, ut any rate, litis so much manufactured gold of early ages been found
not less than 41*0 specimens of Irhdi gold
unti pies being contained in the museum
of tho ttoyal Irish academy alone, while
Ihe British museum gold antiques, illustrative of British history are entirely
Irish. Trinity college, Dublin, has many
fine samples, and thero ure large private
collections* Native gold occurs in seven
localities in Ireland, und the ancient
miners may havo had sources of supplj
that are now worked out or lost.
Devious Definitions.
���A place hi a river or on shore
where wuter iii scarce.
Lawyer���The only man who ever gets
satisfaction by going to law.
Hope���The untiring effort of u woman
to find u burglar under the bed.
Auctioneer���A man who cries because
i he has to make un honest living.
M!nln*-An Industrial Enterprise.        Spinster-A   woman  who    wouldn't
The investigating public ia gradually marV>'���* she could und couldn't if she
becoming   better   informed  us  to  the;V0M *'
business of mining und the old popular Purity���The acme of perfection found
idea that mining is in itself mure risky I in thosoap and baking powder advertise
and  speculative  than  other   Hues of ments.
business isa rapidly passing fallacy. The j Intuition-- What some people claim to
risk should lie confined to the natural, i have when they succeed in making a
legitimate and   unavoidable hazard, in-  good guess.
cidental  to mining as iu every other mum a-- -
business. Tlie farmer takes greater |
chances than tho minor nn every crop he
plants. If tho season he too dry or too
wet, or the grasshoppers too numerous,
lie gets no return. If the weather be
propitious���it is equally so all over tlie
country���the extra crops make low
prices und thus his profits go. The legitimate mining man takes but one risk
���thut of proving his  mine.     Ho does
farms, once worth $100 an acre, because
adjacent to a living town, decline in
value until they are worth only *f;H) or
^���;0 un acre, because no living town and
market are near. The owner of the big
mill or factory, which wasbonused years
ago, will now hearken to the offers he
gets to locate in other places, and tho
town, having now no future, no prospect
of better shipping facilities, Um factory
will pack up nnd go away. In short,tbe
town will have no excuse for existing.
Tho surrounding country does not need
it; it doesn't need itsolt; its people
might ns well move away and get into
the city to which they really belong.
Logically, this is the outcome���a whole
province with no industry or trade in it
but places for tinkering und repairing in
a small way; a whole province in whicli
only rich cities and rich men can thrive
at all, all retailing passing into tlie hands
of millionaire men und companies strong
enough to practise uny trick ur to resort
to any tyranny, and none being strong
enough to resist thorn."
Talk It Ovor.
We have learned some things In the
course of a long bu&lneBH life und still
have a greut many others to learn, liut
the chief thing we have learned can be
condensed into one nugget ot wisdom in
three words���Talk It Over.
If thy business enemy offend thee,
don't smite him on the check, Take bim
by tbe buttonhole in a friendly manner,
and, talk it over.
Someone tells you that Smith, down
the street, has said or done something
to your detriment. Perhaps he has and
perhaps he has not. If he has, your best
policy ih to prevent his repeating his
remark or deed in the future. If he has
not, yon don't want to do htm an
injustice, even in your own mind.
Put on your hat, leave your temper at
home, go down and make u friendly call.
Ho neighborly, frank, open. Tell bim
the truth and ask him for equal frankness. Nine hundred and ninety-times
out of u thousand the whole mutter will
be explained and straightened out in five
minutes, und you will part us personal
friends rather than ns personal and
business enemies. You will both feel
better, you will live side by side in
harmony; the earth will be brighter, the
sunshine dearer, your own heart lighter,
and mankind take on a more friendly
aspect. Don't get mud and rush to your
desk and send a scorching letter; be a
man and a Christian aud go yourself.
Talk It Over.
The best stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation A Moderate Terms
I-'irnt claws Feed Stables.
/"\\VN'BRKof Placer Claim.)are Invited to wv.i
*-' a few imnefth of the black or grey sand, obtained in WAHblUK the gravel Ior gold, to " The
1'roriiL'kl Mineralogist, Hnrean oi Mines, V.-i-
inrtu," uniting tho name of the creek (row
,*.-hi'.Mi tlm v.inl is taken, nnd in iocalltr.
ll Ik believed thut PLATINUM, ind perhftpt,
iKll'll'M, nre frequently panned over and lout
ny tho pruf.pur'.or, un they have much the an*
pearuitce of iron in the mind. These mineral*
nre ns valuable aa gidd, the Intu-r more so, and
If ilie placer eUtm owners will send ir bluek
or i;rii. muni uu aforesaid it will be a- ived uiul
the results given to the owner.   ������'
iMt Minister of Mlnca.
Your   Purchases   Elsewhere
And tho Thing Is Done.
A very pointed aud practical article
on the above subject appears in a late
number of an eastern contemporary,
which we reproduce here:
" Let us assume that a town which
not take into account the weather, for I lacks local pride and spirit, and whose
the crop is metal aud metal iti money.
Mining has been brought into disrepute,
but now the cause may bo placed to
dishonest methods espoused by promo-
tors, also to tlio fact that the management has been in incompetent hands.
.Mining as it is carried on now requires
special skill, adaptability and experience)
on thu part of those in charge. The
general public not being informed as to
how mining should lie enrried on, gives
unusual opportunity to the unscrupulous
for levying tribute on the unsuspecting
public. The day of" salted mines " has
virtually passed away and just so will
the existence of the perfidious operator
Cease. The profession of mining engineering is rapidly being occupied by men of
knowledge, ability and probity, and the
crook and the man who used pretended
knowledge of science to foist his claims
of knowing somothiug about mining und
tho treatment of ores ou an innocent
public, cannot hist much longer in the
face of the fact that the ignorance of the
business public relating to mining is
rapidly being dispelled. Given ths same
cautious investigation and careful scrutiny before   investing,���raining  stocks
Inhabitants send much of their cash te
departmental stores, curries the thing
to its logical conclusion, and buys ovory*
thing away from homo, nnd what follows? The merchants put up their
shutters and quit. The main street lias
gone out of business. The post office
and express office are the local branches
of the departmental store, aud arc busy
sending off orders and handling parcels.
The merchants, with their families, and
their clerks, scatter to the four corners
of the earth. There are, perhaps, two
bunks in the town, and one closes at
once, but the other waits to see how
business will be. The editor of the local
paper looks over his field and peers into
tbe future, and then removes his plant
to some place far from an overshadowing
city. Those who owned property along
the main street find it almost valueless.
One of tho local lawyers moves away.
One nf the doctors sells out to the other,
The farmers of the surrounding country
riso at 3 a.m., and drive on through tho
village to the cttytosoll their produce
and make their purchases. They con-
mtltacity doctor, or lawyer, or dentist,
if they need advice or treatment.    The
\ COURT of Revision and Appeal under the
*��- " Assessment Act, 188K," aim aintmdnieutt
wlll bt held at Uie Court lions-, at liolden, UU
M.jimttv, tin- tiiiiil day ul -Uminry, IHtfh.anUat
Domiltf on Tuesday, the fourth iUy oi January,
1888, bt/tii ni id-even o'clock in tlu- forenoon.
Juilge ol the Court of Revision and Appeal.
Golden, 7tli Due, WW. dlfl-M
rpIUB IS TO CERTIFY thut the "Oolden Itri-
1 isdi Columbia; Merited," i-i authorised and
licensed to carry un business within, the Prov
lace of British Columbia, und to carry onto
effect all or any of the ohlucts hereinafter se
forth to which tfie U'jdshmvc mitlmriiy oi tin
LealKlature ol Rritlsh Columbia extends.
The heart iiim-e of the Company Is situate at
No. ii, ijueen Street Place, City ot Loucoii, England.
The amount of the capital of the Company ii
��0,000 j divided into nix thousand shares ui ��1
Tho head office of the Company in this I
vlnce in situate ut Golden, und William Gilbert
MltchclMunos. whose address is Golden, I'-rit-
inli Columbia, is the Attorney for the Company.
Th�� object* for wlileU the Company bus been
established and so Ueensud are: -
[a.] To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise
aouuirOj mines, mining rights, unit metalliferous land and any Interest tin-rein, and io cx-
[iloru, work, uxercisu, develop and turn to
account the same;
[ni To crush, win, got, quarry! smuU, calcine,
rell ue, dress, ainal|��amutO|iniinii-uliiti\i>m"chuse
and prepare for market, ore, motiil, ami mineral substances of ull Muds, and to curry on,
cither upon or in connection with tlio premise.-*
or ulaowiiurc, tho business of miners, mllluts,
smelters, and workers of nny proouSHesln the
production, reduetiou and ni(VKtiiK moruhnut-
,ihlo, of minora!*, metals and metal In1 products,
supplies of water, merchants, and manufacturers, and workers of unv uiiiiutals, inclsls, articles and things usod in una connection wltti
miuini;, niiiliii;;, siii'-Iiitii:, and oilier [irdco*s.lea
aluresafd, or any oi tliuiui
[c] To search lor initios and mlnoruls cither
on land known tocontiiiiisiicli iiilliOHHUd mill-
era Is or otherwise, aud to buy and null, lousi
or take up thu rights ol seureu or other minor*'
rluhls"or claims under any mining statutes or
regulations oi any plueo where tho compi.ii>
uarvlos on opci-minm-, and any other rights respecting tiie same:
[il) To acquire options, ur enter Into contracts
for the purchase ol any grams, coiiccsjiIous,
leases or setts, oascmouw or tiilcreslsln laudi
waters, tutllsttcs, tuwnsites, mines, mineral-,
and other ItcrtttlHuiuoiits, and any plant, ins
ehinery, implements, conveniences, provisions
und things, and uny oilier property, real or
personal, movable or Immovable, ior purposes
Incidental thereto or to anj othernbjoctsoi the
Company, or Ottpublo of heluguscd lit connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, aud to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[e) To acquire any Inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable ol being used lor the purposes o I tlie Company, or any of them, ami to
work, transfer, let, or sublet tlio samel
f. To acquire ana undertake ihe whole or auy
part of t he business, properly and liabilities, oi
unv person or company carrying on any business which this Company is authorised to carry
on; ami to acquire nnd hold any shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, iu-
goilaoleor otherwise, of or oiher Intercuts in
nity English, colonial i��r other companies, bmo-
ehitlulls ur timlcrtakliiKS capable ui being mm.*
agt>d or conducted so as directly or ludtrcetlj
to benefit the bindufss oi the Company.   Ai��.u
to advance money uu auy such sliures, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities ol or
other interest la such companies, associations
or undertakings, and iu accept such sb*ren or
btoeks, bonds, obligations, debentures or tiecur-
ties us partial or lull security for puymeui.i Juo
to tbe Company;
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others in acquiring, constructing or luring any
mills, canals, walfrworku, machinery, roads,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plain,
stocks, builuings, works, mat tin or tilings
which muy be necessary or convenient Ior the
purposes of the Company, or any ol them, ami
io tue working of Uicsamcoruiiy pari thereof:
b. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or soil, or otherwise a it, pose of, charge or deal
with, in any manner whatsoever, the under-
hiking or auy part or parts of the property ol
the company, or any rights, way-leaves or
easements in or over tlie same, and to accept inpayment therefor either cash or shares, or
partly cash and parity shares, in any other
company purchasing tiie mime:
i. To establish anil nuJutain agencies of the
Company in any colony, nonunion, foreign
country or state, and to procure tue Company
to be registered or incorporated III auy sue a
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
j. To amalgamate witn any other cuuipany
buying objects altogether or in part similar iu
the objects of this Company, ami n, outer into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal con-
cession or otherwise, with any company ur
person or tirm euguged or about tocu(<agi
uny business or transaction which this O
imiiv is authorized to engage in, or capable oi
un ing conducted so as uireciiy or indirectly lo
ueuelit thisCompiiny:
k. To hold, lu the names of others, any property whim the Company is auiiiorlst-U to
acquire, and to carry on or do any of the
businesses and tctnuml things aforesaid, either
as principal or agent, and either oy the agency
ui or as agents or trustees for others:
1, To umkr, purchase, soil, accept or indorsi
bills ot exchange and other lustruments, negotiable or otherwise,and to borrow money either
with or without security* ana cither upon ue-
gotiubk i'.isii-uiHcuu or otherwise, im-luuihg
the H-idc of debentures charged upou all ur any
ol the Company's property (both present ana
uiur.'), lilt noting lis uncalled cspital:
tn. Io promote and form other companies for
any of llio eeject/ mentioned ill this Memorandum:
li. To invest und deal with the moneys of the
Company not immediately required upon siu-b
umimic*. and iu such manner u�� irom lime to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of the property of the
"ouipany among tbe members in ���peuioi
p. To carry on budineM In any part of the
world und to do all such things as are Incidental or conducive lo the attalUMUUt oi the above
oiven nndvr my bend and seal of office at
Victoria, Province ol Urilish Columbia, this
l!)th day ot iii-iube:. one lliounaud eight him-
a red uii-.i alui'ty-soyou,
[Li,] a. Y. W00TTOX,
uiv-n      Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
iamber Co.,
VOTH'K IS HE RE 11Y GIVEN ihalappllcniion
*> it ill be in.'.ue to the I'm liuuunt ul Canada
and io ibn Legislative Assembly of the Province
oi Urltlsli Columbia at their respective sessions
tu incorporate a Company to construct a railway to be operated by Kt<-��m or electricity from
a point ut or near Cranbrook, It) Enid Kootenay,
Untl-di Columbia - the most noriberlv point ou
Hie Crow's Nest Railway, -thunc* running in a
northerly direction Up the Kootenay River to
Canal l-'lii; thence Iu tlie Columbia Lake and
tu a northerly direction iluwn the Columbia
River to tlm Crtltoa River; thence up tha Canoe
River and across tin* Portage to the headwaters
of tint Eraser River; thence down tlio Eraser
River ui (ili-irmil* Portage) thence across the
Portage to Parsnip River; thence down ihe
Parsnip River (n ITndlsv River, and up the
Klndhi -��� River and across the divide to Prances
I/'.kf, und I belief lo the Yukon, with power to
divert the route of the line north ufGlscomo
Portage either by wav of Pease Lake or as may
be found most suitable ou furl her exploration,
with power lo build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and all
necessary bridges and roans. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone Hues for
the transmission of messages for the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam and other
vessels ami all necessary ferries, wharves and
docks: to take and use water for generating
clnctricitv, nnd to transmit aud dispose of the
power I herefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to carry on
the business of a general trndlng enmpniiy, of
an vxpresscompany; also to own, manage nnd
lease hotels, lo acquire, to acquire timber
limits nnd operate saw milts, for the production
and sale of lumber, and to mine, explore and
develop mineral hinds and to carry on a general
mining and ore smelting business, including
the erection and uperatiuu of smelters aud
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa 5th November, 1807.     Hn-9t
yoTlCK is hereby given that application will
���" be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of Rritlsh Columbia, al Its nt'xt Bes-
���ion, for a Private Rill to incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
line or lines of railway from u point nt or near
Cranbrook, in Kast Kooteuav, thence bv the
most least hie rente to the St. Mary's River;
thence in a westerly direction to the head-
waters of St. Mary's River: and also tn an easterly and northerly direction from sonic point on
uie said line n branch line up tiie Rant Koote.
nav Valley to the neighbourhood of Hnrte
Thief and No. 2 creeks and the ininesfu that
vicinity; With power to ibe said Company to
construct a line from the Uull River Group of
Mines, in Ka*i Kootenay, to the most convenient point on the main line of the
crow's Nest Pass Railway; and uUo
to authorize and empower the Company, to
build, irom time to lime, branch lines to
groups of mines nnd concentrators from any ol
the three above-mentioned lines nf railwavs,
such branch lines not to exceed twenty (20)
miles In l-'ilgth; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and tu equip aud operate
the said railway und lis branches, and to erect
and niuintiiin all necessary works for the generation aud transmission of electricity or
power within the area ofthe operations of ihe
said Company; and power lo build, maintain
and operate whurves, docks and steam).nuts,
KHW-uulls, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, Humes, etc., lor Improving and
Increasing the water privileges, and to make
trallle or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or ot her companies, and for nil other
usuul and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for (he Applicants.
Victoria, R.C., 25th October, 1807. 4n Ct
pORMC NOTICE la hereby given that applb
���I cation Will be made to the Parliament of
Canada, at the next session thereof, for nit Act
changing the name of The Dominion Building
and Loan Association to that of The Dominion
Permanent Lonn Company.
Dated nt Toronto, this 17th day of November,
A.D., 1897. .
2 Toronto Street, Toronto,
n&V9t Solicitors lor Applicants.
Manufacturers of and D���ilnn In i���
Douglu:*; Fir,   Spruce und Cedar Lumber,   Siding mid Flooring*
Dimension Timber,   Odnr Shln&lrs,   Fence Posts,
Telegraph,   Telephone   nnd   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Ete.
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,    -    -    -   B. C.
Ftrst'Claia tn every particular.   Convenient lo Railway Depot and gtaambMt Laidlig.
Rates Reasonable.  Free .Sample Rooms.
The Tram car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with -Steamer for Fort Steele every
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the w**t.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts       ���              ��� ���
Modern Conveniences   a              ��� ���
Best Cuisine in the West               ��� ���
Commodious Sample Rooms         �� ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigar* ���
Go to the
Columbia Jfeouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
./asa^^Golden, B.C.
.^Headquarters For****.
Miners,  Prospectors  and Lumbermen.
ISates $1.00 I?ex IDesy.
Board & Lodging $5 Per Week.    First Class Bab.
A, Man & Go.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Eeceive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMEKE, 'B.C.-   ^m^\
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandise.   Miner.'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
���.���James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Ti'inen, Liquor, and Cigars.   Pint clui McomnuxUtioB.
East Kootenay>
Mining Stock List.
Nam. or Company,
Tho Gold Hilla 0. A I). Co	
Kootenay, ('arilioo M. A I. Co	
Golden k Fort Steele D; Co	
Alberta k Kootenny 1). Co	
Kast Kootenay and Elk Kiver Development A Exploration Co	
% 760,000
$ 500,000
$ 75,000
P*u.q:e  Z~x��gD~,  XDr-u.^��   at   3D.   -Ml..   Q����6-Xj3DE1SS    ds   Go's..,  G-��lcL��:a,, EAST   KOOTENAY
The Sinclair creek hot springs are
most romantically situated iu a deep
ravine closo to the base of the
Uocky mountains and the mouth of the
Sinclair pass. These springs are best
reached from McKay's ranche, in the
Columbia valley, which lies between
Vermillion and Sinclair creeks, being
about three miles distant from tbe latter
creek. A good trail from this ranche
leads the whole way to them. The
springs are on the south side of the
creek. The trail ieadt up to the creek
on Its north side, descends to the rivine,
crosses the creek hy a bridge, and right
down thu creok, close to the bridge, are
the springs. Thoy aro three in number
���two large springs and one small one.
The waters of the springs are very hot
and the chief mineral ingredient appears
to be magnesia. The waters aro suiter
than those of Fairmont springs and of a
higher temperature.
Dno of the springs I**- right at thv
bridge and close to the creek. When
the waters in the creek are high the
spring is covered. This is the smiriC-st
nf the three and the temperature of its
water is reported to be 118 degrees. Ten
yards further down tha ravine is tbe
second spring and a few yurds further
on is the third. The temperature of the
second spring is a few degrees higher
than that of the lirst. The third spring
has the most equitable temperature, is
the coolest, and the one principally used
for bathing purposes. A small ridge
separates tho two lower springs. Number two spring empties into number
three, the waters running over the ridge.
The wators of this spring come up from
the bottom from crevices in the ruck
which are very deep, some of them having been sounded twelve feet without
bottom being reached. The watera of
number three spring gusli out oi big
cracks in the face of the rock which
rises up the side of the creek. The
waters do not come up from the bottom
but simply well out of these cracks,
which are closo at tho bottom of the
pool. This rock here which forms part
of the mountains is about 100 feet high.
The bathing place is ten yards long,
Ave yards wide and about two feet deep.
It has been artificially formed nnd has a
line gravelly bottom. There docs not
appear to be much lime���il' any���as uo
sediment is formed. A groeu moss,
however, forms over the waters.
These springs, unlike some others, arc
-well kept aud maintained in good order.
There is a well built house of cedar logs
for the convenience of those using the
springs, us well as a good cooking place.
It is a great camping place, as these
spriugs have a great reputation and are
well patioimed���as many as thirty
people have been camped there at once.
There is some splendid hunting ground
in close proximity, sheep nnd deer being
abundant. Health and sport can be
McKay's ranche is a splendid stopping
place for those who wish to freipient the
springs but do not desire to tent it or
live in the log cabin. This ranche has a
well earned reputation of being one ol
the best stopping places iu the Columbia
valley, and it is. Tho path that leads to
the springs ie easy of access.
The Indians���Sliuswaps and Kootenays���from the two Indian reservations
near Windrmere frequent these springs
whenever they have any ailment, whatever may be its nature, mental or
physical, even if it is only a stubbed toe.
Perhaps the surroundings may have had
something to do with this.
The surroundings aro awe-inspiring
down in the deep ravine, with the gray
rock rising up on cither side, right at the
mouth of the pass which cuts into the
mountains whose rock in blood-red iu
hue. The Indians may hare fancied in
their pagan superstition that some great
healing spirit dwelt there who would
minister not only to minds diseased, but
euro every diseaso Incident to humanity.
Good Progress on tha Crow's Nest.
The construction of the Crow't Nest
line is proceeding apace and it is quite
possible that tho .180 miles of line will lie
llnislied in the shortest time on record.
It is not quite kuuwn where it will strike
Kootenay lake nor when it will reach
Nelson, as the work along the west shore
of the lake is said to bo extremely heavy;
but communication between its terminus
on the lake and Nelson will be made by
means of huge barges, carrying whole
Aid. Jas. Clandenning, of Vancouver,
and his partner, Mr. \V. II. Armstrong,
have received the contract for the whole
of the grading aud rock cutting on the
Crow's Nest railway from tho head of
Moyie lake to the north of Goat rivor, on
Kootenay lake.   This is   a  pretty  big
establish ,i barracks at tho now townsite
! of the East Kootonay Valley company
! ut the crossing oi Elk river.   It iH to ho
I tlio headquarters of the police during the
construction of the Crow's Nest railway.
A piece of extra heavy work has to be
done on the road near that point, und il
j will probably be commouced tbif** winter.
There are several hundred men working
in the vicinity, and this number will bu
increased to about iv thousand when the
heavy work referred to is begun.
Th. Largest Marble Deposits In the
The marble quarries, whicli are 400 or
500 in number, are situated far above
the town, in the midst of the grandest
and most savage scenery. Tha soft aerial
hues which distance lends to the mountains disappear on nearer approach. The
great peaks stand up against the sky in
fanlastie forms. No troes or verdure
clothe their flowers grow,
no wuter Hows tu fertilize that soil. Tho
0,000 quarryinen who are busy hero appear as ants crawling on tho vast hillsides. The marble is quarried by dynamite. Every moment explosions rend
the air, and huge irnginents fly up as if
expelled from a volcano. Often the
mine has to he placed in the perpendicular face of a precipice. Then tho
workman is lowered by a rope and hangs
suspended " like the samphire-gatherer
'twixt earth aud heaven. A dreadful
About 100,000 tons of marble aro nn-
nuallv exported, of which most goes tu
America. The quantity is inexhaustible
Tlie entire mass of the Monte Sagro,
5,(100 feet high, which dominates Carrara, is solid marble. One of the most
famous quarries is in the valley of the
Folraccio. From this were extracted in
Homnn times the 1,700 tons of marble
that served for the construction of Trojan's column at Home. Here Donatello
got the block which ho carved into his
" St. Georgo," end Michael Augelo the
ono for his " Moses," From here also
came the huge block mentioned in tho
memoirs of lleuvenuto Cellini, which
served for the colossal Noptune of Am-
mannti in the middle of the fountain of
the l'iasza della Signoria at Florence.
Unlike tho minor, who burrows underground, he works in a blinding glaro of
light. The fierce heat of the Italian sun
heats upon him iu summer. The cold
blast of the irainontaua, rushing from
the gorges of the Apenines, chills him in
winter. Constantly exposed to danger,
seeing his companions killed and wounded by his sido, trained to rapid action,
and with every faculty of mind and body
on the alert, accustomed to dominate
the rude forces of nature���he has developed into an independent aud powerful
type of man.���Ex.
���I.***.*���.��� I ������Ml lUl I���I. .Il.llll*. *.ll*.l    .Illl..
,     Our Opinion as to Lies.
j    li you must lie, do it artistically.
j    A business lie may be ft pretty thing
; to look ut, but unsafe tu bundle.
|    U a business lie ever justifiably?    We
! would   lil*:e to hear from some ul the
' experts; wo know a lot of them.
[    It' you lie to a customer and the clerk
knows it, lias the clerk a warrant 1'ur
falsifying to you?
We know a youngster who said: "Dad
licks me when 1 tell a lie.   I want to
grow up, so I will have a right tu toll
lies���same as he does."
Cau a man he a good deacon in a
church and at the same time a good
Where does the lie come ill between
business diplomacy and outright falsehood?
A great deal may be said about tho
advantages of always telling thu truth.
Can anything be said on the other side?
Regulations of Wardner Townslto
Thomas Cralian, agent for the. town-
site company nt Wardner, has established a new set of ollice rules, which
aro strictly enforced. The rules cover
the Held of business pretty thoroughly
and aro as follows:
hkh mix sue
2    0
Th. E. K. V. Co.'s Townslto at Crow's
Nest Landing.
The townsite survey of tho Crow's
Nest landing has been completed and
lots aro selling well. There is also considerable Bale for the farm lands near
the town. The property is owned hy the
East Kootenny Valley company and is at
a point on the Kootenay river near the
great coal fields and un the line of travel
from Tobacco Plains and Bonner's Forry.
Tho new town already has a customs
contract, about seventy miles. The firm | house, an hotel, twu stores, a school
will probably have from 1,000 to 1,500 house and a "school marin." The
men employed. Aid. Clandenning, whon I company owns about 20,000 acres of land
last heard from, was ut Swansea, await-1 in llio Kootenay valley, which is being
ing the arrival of several tminluads of'placed on the market. The mounted
camp supplies, steel, powder, etc. I police nre to have  their  headquarters
A dispatch from Nelson Bays that it is here and a temporary barracks will be
tinderftood that tbe N, W. M. Police will' erected (or them.
Friendly calls    u
Friendly calls, with good
ciirar accompaniment...   0   15     0
Friendly call, when busy..    0     10
Life ii. liirauce agents.....   0    5     0
Call to discuss silver question     1   30    0
Frinds with a great scheme   0    0    2
Saiuo, willing to let us in
on ground Hour    0    0     1
Friends who help themselves to our desk furnishings    o
Females with subscription
lists    0
Good-looking females with
subscription lists     1
Males with subscription
lisls    0
Friends who want us to go
-   fishing    0
Friends who want us to
take a drink    0
Friends who want us to go
to lunch     l
Friends who want to borrow
(5     0
Friends who want to borrow
(10    0
Friends who want to liorrow
over (IU    0
Friends or others who want
to discuss the merits of
East Knotenav A Wardner, B.O    1
Bures, female    U
Bores, male..     0
Friends with an axe to
grind (if plausible)    0
Frinds who want to give us
advice    0
Purchasers for Wardner real
estate  12
Customers iu general     1
Loafers    0
People who spit on the
floor    0    0    0
The most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
J.   F.   PUGH,  TAILOR,
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootonay.
Pacific Ry.
Whether tlie route to Klondike lie via St. Michaels and
the Yukon, or via Dyea or
Skaguay and tlie Qhilcnt,
Ghilooot or White Passes or
via tlie Stickeen Kiver rout.',
which is the most likely, o;'
via tlie Edmonton, Ashcroft
and the different routes, the
Canadian Pacific Hailv.ay
will he tlie the host if not the
only route to travel hy.
Full information will soon
be in tlie hands of all agents
of the Canadian Pacific Kail-
way company, the company
aro now making enquiries to
ascertain hoforo advising the
public which will be the best
route to go in by. From information in its possession a
too early start does not necessarily mean lirst arrival at
the Klondike. Ample time
will he allowed for all necessary arrangements.
if you arc going Hast or to
the Old country this Fall,
write for a list of the rates to
be in effect.
If you  are looktng for a
Slaco   to spend  the winter,
apan & The Hawaiian
Islands arc reached as easy
as other points and the expense is less than at other
Kor full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Minister nt MlnPH nnil I'rovir.cti*.! Kerr-Mary
Hon. Col. James Rttki-r.
Provincial Mtnerslogt.1���W. A, Carlyle,
Public AHsarer���U, C-irmlcluol.
,'old coMsissioxaas.
For tho Province���W. 8, (lore Victoria
South IH-urii't ''omiiristni* Korl HU't-lc .nd To-
buei'o I'luins Mining Divisions���J, t. Armstrong Cranbrook
North lilHtrlci romprUIng lionald, Golden ami
Wiiulerincra Mining Divisions���J. K. urlfuth.
111X1X0. nKCOI'.DEKS
J. mirret Donald
F.C, L��Hg Hol.len
o. Ooldle Windermere
(". M. Kdwur.lH Fort Steel**
M. Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy rlerk ol the Peace for North East Kootenai* Jo.iah rttirre! t Donald
Pt'THily Clerk ol ths Pence for South East Kootenay���Churie. .Masscy Edward. Kort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes  Explaining Fully th
Value und NocoMsity of a ** Fre
Miners"  ���C-tirtWh'ttte���Xo   Per-
son   Should   Attempt   Mining
Without Ono.
Any person over III yenrs ot a��fe, may be
font1 a true miner by mylti* ?3 lo any gold
roininlruUnniror minural recorder and obtaining a certlHeate good (op one year.
A free miner nicy obtain a new certificate for
out; lo.-t on paving SI.
A fret! miner's certificate In not transferable.
Any pemou or eotnpnuy working a mineral
claim. lieid ns real estate without lb-en*", muy
bo liuoii ?~>. Mines become real estate after
crown grant has been Issued.
Hhotild co-owner tail to pay up his free miner'*
certificate his Interest goes to his co-owners pro
rata according to their former interests.
A Hharehobier in a joint Htock company need
not be a free miner.
A tree miner may claim 1500xLr<00 feet, llni
allunplcs nuist be right ungles and all tueisur-
iiient must he horizontally.
A tree miner may cut Umber on erown lands.
A free miner may kill (jame Ior his own tine
at all seasons,
A free miner may obtain five acre mlllsite upon crown lands tn the torm of a square.
A claim may he held from yeur to yeur by
work being dotto to tbe value id out) hundred
IxhIcs (Uncovered ia tunnel may he held if re-
rorde-1 in lidays.
A Iree miner muy on payment oi $-'j0O, iu lieu of
expenditure on claim- obtain alcrown pnuil.
Any miner may, tit the discretion of the gold
commissioner, oijiuin necessary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral clalni or imeresl
kbnll be enforceable unless iu writing, signed
mu] recorded.
No minor shall tiuffer from nny aet of omission
or commission, or delays on  tlie part of the
government ofllcinls.
No claim shall be open to locution during
last ill neurit of holder, nor withiu iu mon thu
after hi* death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must bo recorded within 16
days after location, if witbiu 10 miles id office
of mining recorder. Old) additional ilnV Is al-
owed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
ANKL'AI. i.ABon.
Work on each mining claim to iho Tain* of
$HHl must be done each yeur from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
utiitemenl of the work Unne must he filed with
the gold cotaniis-jlonsr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, unit recorded before tho expiration of cueh year from the date
of record of stilt) claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to filing notice
of his intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to entitle
bim to*certificate of work for each olaim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims in partnership.
1 "eu of above work the miliar must pay I'-W
F'id'gt', <*eccfpt *nd record the same.
Wc wish tn inform the
public that wc arc prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its brnnchos.
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
$75 to $150 Each according to
rpi^-ys-Y-y". **���*���*. -   One-thin! down, hnlHllCfl in threo and mix
"������ ��*.'"""""to -      months, without Intercut.
Tempest & Co.,
\. JL ���
Upper Columbia ���*-*--
Navigation dc uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the  C. P. 11. nt (Iolden, R.  C,  and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of V. ('. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant I'owder Coinpay.
Mgardne ��� E
E^ort Steele, IB. C.
Cuoick Wines, Liquors asd Cigars,
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Our Specialties :
Note Heads
Letter Heads
11(11 lli'iuls
Hand llllls
Calling Cards
HusinesB Curds
Law Briefs
Lumber Hooks
Hunk Work
I'romli-orv Notes
Iteeeipt Forms
Share Orllllciitea
Assny Forms
Prnpglsts Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
Tho Finest Health Report on the Continent.
Private Hospital under medical Rtiperintpn-
dfrnco with a Trained Stuff of Nurses.
Complete By-item of Hnthn, of every kind
and description.
Medical Director��� PR. R. O. BRETT, BiKrr.
Resident Physician & Surgeon���PR. SPASKIE.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER."
.A.d.Treztise   In    "TSE     BAST      KOOTB2iT^."S"     IMX&TEK." imnmmmmtm
'f'mhmwmen *��<���..** *�������� i
���jrKw-jf-TT' i.i 1'j.m warn <
Mildred rends the " ^larriages"���
Ilur interest in tliam nevor failt> ;
1'atlier reads tlie " Politics"
Ami mother reads the " Bargain Sales.''
Arthur reads tlie " Bporling News'-���
Hi*. special hobhy is baseball;
Save the man who reads the proof*,
No one living rends it. ull.
Bridget rendu the "small ad. page,"
Looking for a Letter place;
Agnes rends the murders anil the
Tales of men in deep disgrace.
I'.lhul roads the list ot guests
At the big Van Astor ball;
Save the man who reads the proofs,
No one living reads it all.
Forty pages every week���
l-.ight lung columns to the paj-e;
To read everything would add
A full twelvemonth to your age.
Ho each reads his special part,
Then he lets the paper fall.
Pity lor him who rea-is the proofs,
J'or he lias to read it all.
do and well entertained, as Sherifl Har- Semi-Annual School Examination, iciazy Mulock's Advertising Dodge.
grave is one of the most genial hosti The following are the returns of the' The revenue of Canada must lie in a
throughout British Columbia. The, Golden public school semi-annual exam* j very bad state and very dillieult to raise
greatest punishment would be to dis-1 iuution which took place last week: ! judging from the many curious expedients that have been lately devised to add
to its increase. Oi all the dubious ex
pedienta the most crazy ia the post card
advertising.     Advertising on post cards
Laura Kenny  (176
Promoted   from  4th   to  .luiiiur  5th.
Total marks 1090; to puss 5*10:
Ciertio Fields  8-10
Vromotcd from Junior 3rd to Senior
3rd.   Total marks 700; to pass 350:
Ida Boukhont  408
' charge them and east them adrift, on the
pitiless world of B.C. On tho other hand,
I if they are detained as guests fur three
months, the sheriff's hospitality may be
taxed byoud its uttermost limits,because
there will be a terrible exodus of dagos
from South Kast Kootenay so that
'��� thore will du no room at the inn."
Promoted  from Junior 5th to Senior
jtli.   Total marks 1100; to pass WJ0:
Annie Kenny  (I0!l
Gladys Houston  813
Judge Forin will hold a county court
al I'oiuild on the 0th of January.
.Miss Jennie Wells arrived from T��-
coma  on   Saturday, on   her Christinas
ularmeeting of the I.O.K.
held on Friday evening.
The next ret
lodge will he
Dec. 31st,
Mr. Hewitt Bostock, M.P., passed
through Goldon from Toronto last Wednesday by No. 1.
Mr. Joe Lalto, manager of the Kast
Kootonay Supply Store, Windermere, is
down for Christmas.
Tbe children's annual Christina*- treat
has I,iien definitely I'oced for Thursday
evening next, Dec. 30th.
Mr. Valentine Hyde Baker, of Cranbrook, arrived in Golden by Monday's
stage aud left on Tuesday's No. 1 for Ihe
N. E. K. Minin-j Association.
A meeting of the North East Kootenay
Mining association was held at the
Columbia bouse. Golden, ou Wednesday
evening last, at which about twenty
members were present. The Hon. Ml*.
Aylmer, president of the association.
occupied the chair.
The committee's report on the by-laws
was submitted, and on tfie motion of Mr. ]
lluinard, seconded by Mt*. Mercier, these
by-laws were adopted, Tbe secretary-!
treasurer repurlcil that 28 im'tubcrs bad
paid their subscription. Some cori'OS*
poildence wus read between tbe secretary
and government agent as to the opening !
up of the distrlui by tho construction of
a trunk road from Carbonate lauding to.
the middle fork of Spllllmncheon and1 Total marks 350; to pass 200;
assisting in constructing roads up the!       Minnie Sutherland  312
Bugaboo and Beaver creeks. !        Kiiimi Leveipie ���., 280
Mr. T. Mercier was elected a menicr of |        Adelaide Levoque  2011
Ihe permanent committee, j Promoted conditionally:���Addle Antoya.
A discussion took place as to seeming Fannie Connor, Jack Parsons, Blanche
n suitable room (or the association where j Love, May MacdouaUl, llittie P.uther-
tbo members could meet and where a  ford.
collection of mineral exhibits could be      plomotai *rom L ,,,.*������_,. t0 ���. P,.*|ner
ui:,.!.* and kepi, mid  ultimately it was | without examinationi-Katio Kenny.
Average attendance���31).
Maggie Archer	
Willie Houston	
Omra Good	
Willie Pugho	
Ella May Love	
Emily Kenny  35
Promoted   from   2nd  to  Junior
Total marks 450; to pass 200:
Arthur .laynes	
.   Violet Pugbe	
Lottie Woodley	
Joseylilne Levique..
(leorge Love	
l.vla Love	
Promoted from II. Primer to 2nd Class
submitted to tin- committo to consider
the subject and report to another mooting,
It was agreed to memorialize the
government lo puss an order iu council |
for an extension of time in Kast Kootenay to allow assessment work lo be done
on certain claims beyond the period,
where those claims were not easy oi
access on account u.' deep snow.
It was also agreed that Mr. Carlylo,
provincial mineralogist be invited to
visit the district of North Kast Kootonay
and report upon the same.
A discussion took place on tbe relocation and restaking o( claims, as to
whether these claims should ho allowed
to bo relocated without some work
being done on thorn and as to the entire
forfeiture of tbe prior owner's interest.
After several members bad expressed
different views, it was arranged to postpone the consideration of this subject
until a future meeting.
.1. A. Baths, Teacher.
and usurping the functions of newspapers is a scheme worthy of tho eccentricity thfct manages the postal arrangements of the Dominion. Post cards or
any other cards ia not the proper place
to advertise. The proper place to ail-
vertiso is in tlie newspapers, and not on
tlie face of postal cards. To permit the
use of postal cards as a medium of ordinary commercial advertising ia unbecoming the dignity of tbe post office department, and unbecoming the service it
was established to perform. If the Post
master general's colleagues would remind him of this fact they would be
doing him a kindness, or if they want
increased taxes why not tax matches, or
bachelors, or some similar commodity of
light and single blessedness.
The Columbia and Western and East
, Kootenay  railways will ask  Dominion
incorporation this session, as works for
the general advantage of Canada,
Mr. P. A. E. Irving, of Victoria, lias
been appointed to tho bench of the
supreme court of Britisli Columbia, iu
the place of Judge McCreight, resigned.
Tbe gold commissioner and stipendiary Curllana.
magistrate arrived from Windermere on      .       .,     *   .* .���       .,,    ,. ,,
.,    , . ,       ,     , ""���"-'"     An cntlivslastic meeting of the Golden
hunilav evening,   where be   had   been ,,   ,,     ,., , ,,,,.,/-, ,     , *
,  ,,. *        ,.       . ,     . Curling Club was held in the Columbia
homing  a  licensing  court.      A I  the .,        ,   . n    ,,    .,,.
,.        b ��� House last evening, President Warren in
licenses wero renewed. ,,     ,   .       ���..    ,7   ,      ,        .,    .
the chair.     Ihe first matter of business
Mr. R. Marpole, general siiperinlen- discussed was the question of protecting
dent of tho Pacific division of the C.P.R.. the rink from further flooding by high
uvd Mr. Duchesney, chief engineer, water. (In obtaining the opinion of tlie
arrived in Donald from llevelstoke in meeting Mr. Houston was instructed to
special car on Tuesday evening. j run a 12-inch board all round the inside
It it more blessed to give than to "'"""I"1- ���""1 <�� take any other step,
receive. Prove tbe trull, oi this precept: he t,,0U-*'M ���"���<��������>��������������>������
hyosample and do not forget to con- " was decided (o piny tho first match
tribute gifts for tho voting folks of i of the season-President vs. \ ic-Presi-
Gol.lcn, and be rewarded bv their bright ���,,e"t_r';1 n*ria"*'*"* *"���>'- ���"*�� �� ur--w
smiles and merry laughter. j was m"ll(' as '"""'*':
'     l'lti:.snu*\"T. VtCB-PRBHlDRNT.
Mr. W. I!. Ross, barrister. Fort Steel.*,'.,,   ,   ,,. ... ���_.-.,,
, ,        ,, , ' , C. A. Warren v.. ��. McNeish
arrived from the coast last week and  ,,.  ,   ,, ,, ,.   ���
,    , , ,   . \\. L. Houston        '* II. (i. Parson
leu    on     lucsdav's    stage    for    the1., ���   ��� ,. ,   ,, , ,     ���
,. .*, ,     ,?      ��� , iD. M.liae '* J. Henderson
south, accompanied by Mrs,   toss and  .      . .        ,
,     .,       i    ,   ,      ,    , ,       ....    . If the ice in the rink is not in good
fitnilv, who bin arrived from Winnipeg       ,-.-      ., .,-,,,      ,     a
. ., ' ,_,   .    , ,  ' "condition the match will be played on
ut tbe same tunc,    their   future   borne ',,
*,, ,-,..,  .,      .- ' the river,
will be iu South Last Kootenay. , .    . , ,      ,,
A communication was road from the
Political   fence   jumping   has    com- Calgary Curling Club extending a hearty
uienceil,   and   Mr.   ,1.   M.   Kellie,   M.  invitation to the Golden club to attend
P.P. for North Kootenay, has led the; the 4th annual  bonspiel  of Hint club to
way witli conspicuous agility. The
doctors of North Kootenay must admire this nimble dexterity in vaulting
oyer tho political fence, He is now on
the other side; but is be in a safe
Cranbrook is going ahead rapidly.    It
be held on Jan. 25th to 23th, Inclusive,
It was unanimously resolved that the
invitation be accepted, and a meeting
of the club will be held on January 4th
at which rinks will be chosen to represent the Golden curling club it the Calgary  bonspiel.    Member; of the dub
has now two hotels, general business I wll�� i"to1"1 Boiu8 "rc r*!t|uested to band
places and a bigger population than Kort j ",' _'���' m\Mt lo ,!,u "-.-retary not later
Steele bad two years ago; and yet it took
l'ort Steelo mora than thirty years to
attain that position, and Cranbrook as a
towmdte is not many months old. Cran-
b-ook will be one of the biggest bustling
centres iu South East knotenav.
Au exhibition of scholastic ability was
held last Friday in tlio school house,
There were present many paroilhL/'am)
friends of tlie pupils, TiieVuff******,,*
classes acquitted themBelvca/fveH, Tlie
exhibition was closed by' readings and
recitations from 0|* ,������, pUpn8|
which were tlieir_o-*,.��� selection. These
readings and r--c-ution_ wc,.c a peasant
feature Mf��_\ the visitors enjoyed the
exhibition. At the close Rev. .Mr. Smith
. JMfOtr. Thos. McNaught, of Tut: Mixta,
addressed the pupils and expressed on
behalf of tlio visitors their delight at
being present, and congratulated tbe
teaehor and pupils on the proficiency
displayed and wished them an enjoyablo
recess during the Christmas holidays.
was also read from
mg  club slating that
Two dagos from the C. N. P. railway
are presently in clover and having a good
time at Donald. They worked three
months on the railway and when tboy
left the employment they were that
number of dollars in debt, besides having to sacrifice their outfit, so they say.
They begged, borrowed anil stole their
���way down to Golden, While engaged in
the last method of earning a living they
were run in and are now having a high
time in Donald jail until tbe judgo
arrives who will try them. They are
xcll led, well sheltered, got nothing to
than that date.
A communication
the  Saudon  cur]'
their patron, Jj'r. Hewitt Bostock, M.I
had presented a bandsomo silver cup lo
the elujj on n**. following conditions:
I*  .The competition to be open to all
���lie curling clubs in Kootenay.
���/ 2.   That it is to be competed for iu
Sandon only.
The communication also contained a
cordial invitation to tbe Golden curling
club to visit Sandon and compete for the
It was resolved Ihat the invitation be
accepted and if proper arrangements can
be made, every effort will be made by
the Golden curlers to semi a good, strong
rink to Saudon to compete for tho Bostock trophy.
A beorty vote of thanks was pasaod to
tbe Calgary Brewing .Ie Malting Co., for
a very handsome pair of curling stones
presented by them to the club for com-
potion. The stones are well finished
and bear the inscription:���" Presented
lo the Golden Curling (Tub by the Calgary Brewing & Malting Co." The stones
are on exhibition at Mr. II. G. Parson's
store, and the competition for them will
doubtlesB be keen.
The meeting closed with a hearty vote
of thanks to the genial proprietor of the | ,*,re paved witli gold.'
The New Divisional Points.
It has now been definitely settled by
tho C.P.R. ollicials that the two new
divisional points are to be Revelstoke
and Laggan or Field. The workshops
will be moved from Donald to Revclstoke
but no change will b-3 made until next
year. Tlio removal of the workshops
from Donald will not help its prosperity
I Tbe removal however will be gradual
and ere it is accomplished a new era of
prosperity may dawn on Donald. It has
many valuable mining interests close to
it and the development work temls to
shew that some of these may very speedily become shipping mines, "if that be
so and there is every assurance that it is
sothen Donald will commence anew era of
prosperity. The people of Donald have
sufficient energy to make tlieir town a
real live place. It is a much better
starting point for the Klondike than
either Kamloops or Asbcroft. It only
requires to have a big, big drum and
know bow to beat it and Kamloops
would be nowhere as tbe starting place
for tbe Klondike or anywhere else.
Golden will not benefit much by tbe
change. It will have additional sidings,
increased accommodation and some
*' pushers" for the climb through
the Kicking Horse Pass.
A Gold Seeker'-* Lament.
Five thousand of us caught and crammed
in this here one-horBQ town,
Five ti-,.in* of us crazy men, a-stam-
pin' up an' down;
Kr coweriu' on frozen logs, an' cryin',
while our tears
Freeze Btillly in our hollow cheeks, to
shame us���but who keers?
We're all in the same boat, boys; thore
ain't no use in lyin"
A-cussin'  an'  a-eryiu',  a-starrin', au'
God! but we're hungry an' we're cold '���
l   was   tbinkiu'  as I s"*. t.*-'\!/,ut an'
watched the (Jijnln* stars���
The only tilings that's clean around this
trampled town of ours���
Was thlnkin', s'pose we do pull through,
an' strike a Klondike claim.
Will't pay us fer the time we've had
down here���fer all the shame
O' enssin' an' o' cryin', o' starvin' an' o'
God ! belli' hungry, bcin' cold!
I   was   thinkin'  as I dropped my head
atwecii my ahiverin' bans',
The woman,  over  home  there, do ye
s'pose she understands?
D'ye s pose she knows bow bard I've tried
d'ye s'pose she names ine " fake,"
Whilst 1 am here iu Dyea, a-waitiu'���fer
her sake���-
An' cussin', an' cryin', an' starvin',most
God'. but I'm shamed, un' I'm cold!
Propoaod Railway Legislation.
It seems that tho British Columbia
Legislative Assembly will he confronted
by a plethora of railway legislation at
tho very opening of tho coming session.
Twenty companies have already given
notice of their intention toapply for acta
of Incorporation, and the number is increasing al the rate of four or live each
week. The bulk of the proposed legislation seeks to cover northern territory,
but the south is not neglected by the
ambitious charter seekers. Two companies, at least, are far reaching iu
tlieir intentions. The one seeks incorporation for the purpose of constructing
a railway from Golden, iu the East
Kootenay district, to the northern bonn-
dary of the province, whilst tlie other
would make its southern terminus at
Cranbrook, on the line of the Crow's
Nest Pass to Yukon. Promoters and
tlieir attorneys, will have a lively time
of it during the session, and tlie labors
of the railway committee will be correspondingly arduous, in hearing and deciding upon the merits or demerits of
the rival scheme.���The Kootenaniun.
The martial fever appears to have
caught on to East Kootenay and many
breasts are aglow with patriotism, and
soon companies and squadrons will be
at drill. Tbe population of East Kootenay may not be great, but it is increasing
rapidly. It is sulliclently numerous to
have companies of infantry at Donald
and Golden, a battery of artillery at
Windermere and mounted squadrons of
infantry at Cranbrook. Wardner and
Movie City. A naval flotilla will form
part of the defences and the licet of
steamers on the I'pper Columbia river
can he utilized for the purpose. The
Pert can be easily transformed into a
torpedo catcher, the Hyatt into a gunboat, while the Duchess can be formed
into a cruiser. When all these facts aie
accomplished, East Kootenay will be one
ol the best defended portions of Canada.
Commodore Bacon, who will command
this fleet in the event of hostilities, has
already passed his examination in naval
tactics and steam evolution.
To All
If your happiness is not quite
complete, please call around
and get those few things you
have been wishing for so much.
An' do ye s'pose that girl o' ours, that
Kilty girl o' mine-
That pretty black-eyed niiscbief'11 keop
straight with Bill Devine.
It makes me shako Irom bead to foot to
think���while dad's away,
My Kitty girl! my beauty���if sbo should
go astray!
While I'm a-cussin', cryin', starvin', too,
near dyin'���
God1, but I'm fearful, an' I'm cold!
Wc hail enough at home, there, wo had
enough to cat,
A cozy  home, a warm  home, a home
'twas good an sweet!
Until the rotten Klondike craze 1 never
ached fer gold���
An'  here  1 am in Dyea, walked ovor,
dead beat, sold!
A-CUSSin',    a-cryin',     a-starvin'���wish
'twas dyin'���
God 1 but it's lonely���an' it's cold!
1 The Bible savs the streets of Heaven
House  for  the  use  of bis
Dolls for the babies,
Perfumes for the ladies,
And presents for everyone,
At V nrren's store.
' Yes.'
I "Then why don't people struggle to
get there as they do to get to the
" Because it is nioro difficult to get
I thero,"
We can.
Sail Yea?
* ��  ��
Our motto is:   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
* ��  ��
y. C. ffomj
Merchant Ta'. oi.
Seneral 9/ferchant
Tbe Best P.fc-r in Canuria in uimlu by tht
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of B��r, Ale and Soila Water
Insist onxftttinKOnluary Beer every time. They
nil huvc it. iiii; t'oinpany'i agent for Kast
Kootonay is
U, B.  PARSON,  Golden, B.C.
Suitable for young and old. Ladies and Gentlemen's articles of toilet, beautiful Albums,
handsome Bijou Cases, magnificent Silver
Plate, choicest Perfumery.
Dolls, Toys and Picture Books in every form
and variety.
Do you wish to Obtain Silverware Free
then try Warren's Coupon System. Every cash
purchaser obtains a coupon, value 10 per cent,
of the cash purchase, and these coupons Will be
exchanged for Silverware of the full value of
the coupons.       .
Come, See and Buy at
Charles A. Warren's
G-old.en, B-C.
We have just received a large consignment of superior
stationery and are prepared to do all kinds of first
class job printing at living prices. Call and get our
prices before ordering your supplies for 18SJ8. We
guarantee satisfaction. Mail orders receive prompt
East Kootenay Publishing Go.,
Gr��ld.e3D.,   33-C .-.


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