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East Kootenay Miner 1898-06-03

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 j*> : k
/ I ' ���
&/��k ���
Devoted to the Joining Interests and Development of tbe District of EAST KOOTEJAY.
Vol. 1, Ho. 45.
Golden, E. 0,   Friday  June 3rd 1898.
A. ��. PATEICK, P.L.S,
Address:-BOX 40 GOLDEN, B.C.
li. S, McCUtTJUl,
Jan. A. ILhivky.
Harvey & McOarter,
Tire, Life, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneers and Cus;oin*J Brokers
Fire Agencies:
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Tlukot Ofllee.
The Run Life Insurance Compauy.
Thc Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Iti check Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S,,
And Civil Engineer.
Four Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Minfnp Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary i'ublle.
Post olllee address:
Aasay Ofltocs and
Chemical Laboratory,
1 VANCOl'VKIt-  B.C,
(Established It-90.)
For several y��iirs with Vivian A Hons, Hivan-
sea, and loeiil rcpft-'aoutotlvo for them.
For -3 vuiUH manager lor the as-mycrs to the
ItioTiiilfCo., London.
Canadian representative of the CassolGold
Extracting Oy, L'td, (iliis���'o*.v (Cyanide pfQtJoaa.)
K.B.���All wftrk personally superintended. Only
eoinpetent men   employed.     No   pupil*   re
Jas. Henderson,
Plana Proparoil.
Prompt attention given n> onli.���.
A aujjytly of Dull-llug Lime Ior salo.
The Golden
Fttflh and Salt Minna. ���
Fish and (tomo in season.
Dealers In Cattle, Sheep and Hoes'1!.,
Mull orders receive prompt atu-iitlon.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and Itlgs of All Kinds for
Hire M IteoEonablu Kates.
Teaming of Ail Kinds a Specialty.
Goldon, IL 0.
Good Ti
By ovory man who has a watch.
��.W. AhEXJtfDEll, ��
O.P.It. Wnlcli Inspector will bo
Woflucmlay to Frldrty
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can be left at
(^Golden (5)
TOflSOfllflb PflitftOljS
Newly Kclittcil k Refurnished.
The bent of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Conveniences.
J.  Larnontagne, Prop.
����� >*> *>��*3 <*��� t-* ��*���������� >t>**��*��*0**9*O^���������������*
��� t,
|     & Embalming     |
Y Telegraph orders receive prompt attention T
I J. SMART,     I
* CALGARY, Alta.  *>
k H. Bell
Wedding Rings
fl Specialty.
The Providence pw Co
Providence, K.I.
wants nil kinds of raw furs, skins, gin-
song, Hon.eca, otc. Prices for next sixty
days aro as follows:
Calgary, - Alberta.
Sliver Fox	
...iflo.OO to fl.-iO.OO.
..*. 5.00 lo If 2I5.0U.
..If 4.00 to *   0.00.
..*, 2.00 to *   0.00.
llenver (per pound)
..�� 3.00 to ff   3.60.
..��1.00 to f   2.00.
Rod Fox	
...*, 1.00 I.i *.   2.00.
...I|i   .75 to $   2.00.
...$   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox	
. ..*.   .50 to $     .75.
.. *.   .20 to %     ,25,
Price list ou ull oil uu* furs and sWns
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance ot
ull consignments.
Mvery, feed &
Fokt Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of ull-kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician uiul
Watches cli''ali..'il, Jowollooy mouiitt'.I, Glasses
montle'i ami onus repair*.*.!, l-'irsi class work
In ovory ilepiiruiiunt. A iriiilKoMi.ite.l.socoiii-;
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee, ��
lias the best restaurant In Golden. It is open nt nil home,
Evory delimu'y nml fruit in its
Sermon. A good select ion of
Chinese Lily llmver roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere they
BO to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Bloals Day and Night.
Ki another column we publish the
address of Sir. IV, C. Wells of Palliser
to the electors of the Northern division
of Kast Kootenay.
Koine tew weeks ago Mr. Wells received tlie nomination of a representative
convention called for tho purpose of
selecting a Candida le in opposition to the
present government of Ibis Province and
he has accepted this nomination lu tho
terms sot out in his address published
Mr. Wells is known throughout the
whole of the western country us one of
tho ablest and shrewdest business men
in the west and by careful management
and attention lo his own business affairs
has built up a largo and successful industry at Palliser. lie is also well
versed in and has at all times taken an
active interest iu matters political in the
Province and is a candidate into whose
keeping tho affairs of the Province and
this constituency in .particular might
safely be entrusted.
It is understood that n candidate will
be placed ill the field to suppoot the present government and a mooting is to lie
held at Donald ou Monday next to select
such a candidate.
The name of Mr. AV. G. NeiUon of the
Columbia P.iver Lumber Co. is mentioned as that of the candidate likely to be
chosen ut that mooting and it is reported
tlmt Mr. Neilsort is prepared to accept
such nomliuttion and that ho has in fact
already organized his committee at Donald and has declared himself in the Held
an Independent supporter of the
Thi3 comes as somewhat of u surprise
to some of Mr. Noilsou's friends in (iolden who have all along been led to believe
that be was an out and out supporter of
Mr. Wells. Mr. Neilson may havo some
explanation to offer for his present attitude towards Mr; Wells' candidature and
this explanation 13 earnestly looked for
by somo of his friends in Goldon.
Mr. Neilson left for Windermere this
morning in compauy with Col. Uaker
and rumor has it that a meeting is lo he
lield at Windermere iu Mr. Neilson's
interests to-morrow night.
���**���*����� JL'V**'*.
'>./-��� %
SOth May, 1308.
CTN HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has
**��� been pleased tu appoint Ihe undermentioned peruana to lie Collectors ot Votes, under
tin' iiroT.?ions of st't'iion io ol the "Redistribution Act, Ib'.tf," namely;
JoaUH Stirkktt, of DonaM, for the North
Riding, Bast Kootenay Kiecto.-nl DiHtrict.
ClIABLSS M. EDWAHD6|Of Fort Steele, for the
South Riding, Kast Kootenuy Kl'.'ctonil District,
Aud His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor fans
hci-n jiUi'Hi'ii to appoint tiie undermentioned
person to be a Distributing Collector, under the
provisions ol section nof Uie sold Act, namely:
in the formerRlectpral District ef East Koote*
nay, JAMES K. ABHSTAOXG, of Fort f-Jtecio.
v niKK t-i norpuy irivell
*���*  amfnatlou of einuulatc
mini ill cation to tench In the I'liMi.'Hi'iiou-iscf
tlm Province will be held ns follows, com.
tiit-ui-hiK ouj^umday, July ith, 1898, atB',46
Victoria....In South Park Bohool Dtilldinff.
Vancouver In IIIbIiSchool llulmjng.
Ku:illoi>]iA In I'.iMn' :-i'ii'>.il Hull,lint:.
Bitch applicant must forward a notice, thirty
days beforo tin: I'xtuiifiiiuinii, iuhiIhk the class
mul grade of certificate (or w uwu ho *��vi11 bv a
candidate, tito oiitioimi Ntiiijeota .-���.���k*i*i-'.i, iui-i
at which oi tho above-named places ho will
Kvery notice of intention to bo An applicant
must Im ii'-LMi'ipiinii'd with -.nuMiictury testimonial of mora) churactur.
t'tindiitatefl aro mKitiuil thut all of [lie above
requirements niiiHt be fulfiliud before thoir
u].|iiiiTiii'ns enn Im tllod.
All candidates /or First Class, Grade A, Cortl*
floates, im-hiilfn*,' (ir.niiiiifi'b, must attond In
victoria to take thosubjoots prescribed lor July
liitii and 1 tth i'Kitiini**, ami to undergo reqiilrud
oral ex.imlnutior..
Superintendent of Kduc-atlon.
Education OOlco,
Victoria, May 4th, ItiiW. mlM
Cunningham & Harvey
{Kite of Vancouver)
Assayors tiiiil OliomlstS)
SMELTER,    -    (J OLDEN.
All work done in iinpiicuto und guaranteed.
a portion of oaoh sample in put asldo foi
future reforenoe.
Advertise in
�����-��-��:���* t**s **-*r*-3^-.i t--i7t v3t- ***n-av*����r*r ��c r*M-vtoiarrvzir*x,-/���yjrvHn,vr
In referring to tha funeral of Mr,
Glitdstono, Gilford, in hia London letter
to tlie New York Tribune, saya: '" It waa
a great state function, ending with all
the simplicity of a vlltago churchyard
funeral; Slowly the group was thinned
out, Whon Mrs. Gladstone wont away
with her two sons the two housea retired
with stately dignity, and the abby was
gradually emptied. England and Parliament had paid their Inst homage to their
greatest citizen,both in spirit ami society
and truth, Precedents were closely
followed in tiie ceremonial ami only ono
new one wan created, this waa the archbishop's prayers and benediction, It
has been tlio traditional custom that
tho dean shall read the entire burial
service in tho abbey without assistance,
Otherwise Gladstone was buried in conformity witli tho oldest customs and
closely in accordance with the usage
followed at the funerals of Pitt and
l'almerston. Even the weird cry of tho
darter King proclaiming the style ami
quality of thu dead and rehearsing the
tho public offices which ho had held,
was not omitted. Strangely enough,
tho last word heard over Gladstone's
gravo^was his connection with tho coni-
mlsslpn to tho Ionian islands, which
attested his sympathy with oppressed
and stHiggling nations, A reference to
precedents in a spirit of conversation
imparted an oM-timu dignity tu tho
unique sorvicc, which was lacking in the
ordinary splendors of a stato ceremony.
What was hotter than all else was the
warmth aud heartiness of the service
and its sympathetic touch with Gladstone's life and character, Spectators
mi every side were deeply moved ami
found relief for their emotions by joining
with one accord in singing the familiar
hymns. Tlie entire assemblage rose
When Mrs. Gladstone took her seat
under tho lantern, Strong men wept
when she knelt beside the grave, and
wi*ile tho Prince of Wales, with courtly
grace, biased her hand as though she
had beon tiie wife of a kine, Gladstone's
unique personality seemed opened and
softened to all hearts. Much of this
sensibility was due to the music, which
was simply glorious. Tlio choir had
been recruited from six churches, and
there was a full orchestra accompaniment
for tho organ, It was music conspicuous
for delicacy, for ila shady and sympathetic quality, and it filled in with everyone's thoughts about Gladstone. The
whole service tended to magnify the
spiritual significance of his life and
death, aud this haa been the marked
tendency throughout England during
tho Inst ten days. England may have
lo wail until another genoraUon before
thero is .i true Ben so of historical pflr-
peotive for estimating aright his public
services and real character, Already
there is a mystical Ghidstono, with
which men's imaginations are conjuring,
hut his faith was no myth, and it is
certain that his death has had much of
tho potency of a national religious
Cabling to tho New York Times on
tlio same subject, Mr, Harold Frederick
says: "Stately and imposing as was
tho funeral of Mr. Gladstone at Westminster abbey, with all its show of
prince.*"', nobles and ambassadors, it was
not such a Spectacle as was that of the
untiring stream of thousands who pourod
through Westminster hall at tho lying in
state mi Thursday and Friday. Such a
gontlino popular tribute of respect, veneration, love and grief, I have never seen
linked to such absolute simplicity of
expression. Men came from alt parts of
England, Ireland ami Scotland, and,
indeed, from different parts of Europe,
to say farewell, and when with simple
reverence they had passed lhe black
platform on which the casket was raised,
their loosened tongues spoke iu all the
dialects of theso Islands. Perhaps thc
most solemn function of all, witnessed
by none hut the Gladstone family and
tho ollicials, was when the casket was
opened shortly after midnight on Thursday to allow the Karl Marshal to verify
with his eyes that it really contained
tho remains of tho dead statesman. I
am told that tho old man's face, seen for
tho last time bv the Duke of Norfolk,
who is responsible to England for this
sacred charge, was more peaceful and
younger looking than it had seemed for
years. At the very last moment a small
gold Armenian cross, a memento of that
nation for which tho great statesman
worked so zealously, was placed by hia
sido. Then all was done. It was a
curious  si'jiit, that  of   an   hour after
stories and historical atmosphere of
poetry and fame. On tbe dingy platform
were tho Karl Marsha] of England and
four heralds in simple modern mourning
dress, there to receive from the hands
of the dead man's sons those remains,
which the Queen and the country had
decreed to honor. There was no Stately
ceremonial such as was suggested by the
old historic names of " Karl Marshals"
and " Heralds "���only an obscure underground railway station ami a few Blraple
clad men peering into the misty dnrk-
ness of n tunnel, nothing of outward
show, apparently nothing of outward
chivalry and romance, thus appeared
the outward eyes, but one of the simply
clad men was tho premier Duke of
England, a pupil and friend of tlutt
oilier Oxford man, Cardinal Newman,
with whom Gladstone's higher life had
been for years so intimately woven, and
who so very heartily drew in more
souses than one to himself."
$2.01) Por Year
lio addition to tho school houuo will
I probably !.-��� umdo to its limgth.   Tho
addition nnd repair* will i*.. nitula during
lib.. Iiollduyu.    Anothur   Improvement  ���
whi-.'h it: much needed la thai of tiniii.-l:-
in-- the school with new Ion is. A uuni-
| bet* of i-i.-iiiH will have to be purchus-.il
in nny untie when  llio school is onlai-gcd.
Those  nt  present in the school are lit
only for fire wood,
i been reel'
olden Fool
To the Editor of The .Minmh:
Dear Sir,���Tin. letter of "Sport" in
your last issue is rather unfair
to the senior members of the Donald
Football Cltih, Inasmuch as tho reference
seems to bo that they are afraid lo play
a {riiine unless sure of winning.
Don't let any sueh idea run away with
"Sport." The members of the 1'onaM
team, like their brother players of
Golden, are in it for the love of the
Arrnngomonts aro on foot for a grand
football tournament and sports mooting
on Dominion day here, when all-comers
will bo gladly welcomed, ami an endeavor made to give all visitors a good (inio.
Wo In.po to see a large representation
from Golden with us on that day.
1'aiii 1'i.av.
Donald, B.C., June 3rd, 1808.
Monthly Solicio; Raport.
The lollowing is lhe standing ol tho
pupils Ior the month of May:
Sth Class, Jr.-lst, Ciertio U. Fields;
-nd, Ralph Kenny.
���Ith Clues���1st, Mnlio Anderson ; 2nd,
Minnie Woodley; 3rd, Krnest Sutherland.
3rd Class, Sr.--l8t, Willie Houston;
2nd, Ida Bookhout; 3rd, Maggie Archer.
,3rd Class, Jr.���1st, Arthur Jayncs;
2nd, Bort Hanna; 3rd, Ix.ttio Woodley.
2nd Class���1st, Minnie Sutherland;
2nd, Adelaide Lovcque; 3rd, Addle
Antoya and Kmiiia Leveque, equal.
2nd Primer���1st, Hoy Hanna; 2nd,
Katie Kenny; 3rd, Percy Lake.
1st Primer���1st, Harold Tom; 2nd
Beverley N'attross; 8rd, Joe.Sutherland.
Average attendance���-12.
Movement Towards an Alliance.
The Washington correspondent oi the
Loudon Daily Telegraph says:
" I have just learned from a high
authority in the state department that
most Important preliminary steps towards an Anglo-American alliance have
already been taken. How far these
negotiations, if thoy can yet be called
that, have proceeded, it is not easy to
asecriaiu ; ior naturally strict secrecy is
maintained, hut my information is that
the preliminary suggestions have been
made, and that the subject of such an
alliance is practically before the two
governments In some shape,
"The recent visit* paid by Sir Julian
Paunccfoto to tho state department have
not, it seems, had reference altogether
to tho consideration of negotiations,
According to my authority, the features
nf the proposed alliance now being considered are these: Great Britain is to
recognize the Monroe doctrine, to attempt no increase ol her telrilorial
possessions in the western hemisphere,
and to endorse the American construction of that doctrine. The United States
is to build the Nicaragua canal; Great
Britain is to have Iho use of it in lime of
war. The United State* is to have nil
the territory taken from Spain In thc |
present war, and Great Britain is to
protect thc United States iu the possession of it should it be threatened. The
United Slates is to stand by England in
her policy in China and the Kast; and
nil the. British ports in the East t.i be
opened to the United Stated under the
most favored nation clause."
The following letter hn
hy the secretary of the .
Club and speaks for itself:
Donald, "..('., Muy 30, '08.
Dear r-'ir,���Iv is tlm intention of tho
Donald Football Club to hold a football
tournament on the Donnld grounds on
July 1st, 'The presence of your club as a
competitor nill Ire heartily welcomed,
A gold medal will be presented to each
member of the winning team.
Imitations have been sent lo Vernon,
Kamloops, Enderbv, Kcvelatoke, Beaver,
Cam,n.rc, Calgary Fire Brigade, Calgary
City, High Kiver Industrial School a,.d
Bow liiver Industrial School.
HeijtiesLinjj the favor of an early reply,
I am, Dear Sir,
Yours truly,
G. U.*i.;..*i-;:,
Hon. Sec. Donald Football Club.
In accordance with the above com-
! munication a meeting will beheld at tho
('olumbia House on Tuesday evening
i next, the Tth ir.st.. '.vlien every member
| uf the local club is particularly requested
| to he present, so that in the event of
j Golden send:',');.* a team to take part in
j the tournament ns strong n combination
j as possible may bo gathered together to
give another good iiccont of themselves.
Says the Calgary corrcspondut of the
Winnipeg Xor'-Westorliisptmkingofthe
game between Golden and Calgary on
tho'Queen's Birthday: " * ������ * ln
tlie afternoon a Calgary toam was
defeated by one from Golden���3 to 0.
As till exhibition! nf kicking, thu game
was fair, tho object of the plityers seem-
ing to be lo kick the bull before it
bounced twice, but not a bit of decent
dribbling was dom during the match."
This is Ignorance In the extreme. The
correspondent uiust have been visiting
during this game, probnhly the Calgary
brewery, two miles distant. As a
matter of fact he is one iu OuO to express
such ignorance, for there were fully that
many peoplo ou the grounds, and every
one nf them admired tlio pretty pa.*s
work and dribbling, particularly on the
Golden team. Heforrlng to tho next
game, that between Golden aud High
Hiver, lie says in part: "Tho High
River boys defeated Golden 1 to 0. As
usual there was a protest. W'lij a team
cannot take a licking like luunnoonu
knows, bill in Calgary the referee has
little to say in ti.e game." For thu
further enlightenment ol ihai ignorant
oorresnonilent, who apparently knows
as much sbout *.i football game as a mud
turtle knows about knee-breed.is, nn
| might say that lhe Golden team wus nut
beaten by the High Rivor hnys, but by
tho referee, who had "littlo to say in
the game." We would advise Ibat
correspondent to quit the newspaper
business imiuediatelv, introduce liimself
to the roferee, present htm with a rub
book, which will till him how ranch he
really ought to snv, and then take a
course in some optical institution.
Church   Ssrvlcas.
During his stay here Col. Baker visited
th* school, when the absolute necessity
of having the school house enlarged was
impressed upon him. Tliis he promised
midnight on Thursday morning, in the: should be dene. The school will also he
underground railway Station hard by the | improved ny the laying of a new floor,
palace ui Westminster with all its old and the addition of a few blackboards,
i'nK-.uvTKKi vv cnuncu,
Sunday���Service at lla.ui. only.
Sunday school k Bible class al L':;..l p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice -* p.m.
Friday���Prayer meeting 8 p.m.
Uev. V,'. S. Wright, Pastor.
CHURCH OP K.v.il.AVli.
Sunday���Service at Gulden, Mornin-;
8 o'clock Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 o'clock. .Morning Prayer un.l
senium. Evening, 7:30 o'clock, evening
prayer and sermon.
The offertooies at both services will lie
given to tho Society for the propagation
of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. A society which renders much assistance lo
St. Paul's Church.
Choir practice al 8 p.m. Saturday.
Kev. II. B. Turner, Pastor.
Jiiiliceof the incorporation of "Tie
(���olden Kink Company, Limited," a;-
pciu-! In last week's Gntetlo. 'lhe cap -
tal of the company in (15,000, in J.iO
shares of (10 each, The objects of Ibis
company are too well known lo requtiu
repetition here. Plans have already
been prepared and approved for the ne -,-
rink, nnd the building will be co u-
inencod as soon nsthestock is* subscribe I
Although not finally doul led u site for
the rink bus been practically agreed
I upon, close to the centre of the u,..,,*
ai.J convenient to ail. ~-**T*.....-.'...HMl
Ar      .9
r R #'; -'���>
v .-������> ��* *.' : r
f/fin ej
If Russia dasires tu secure
a firm ami powerful ally
iu way more effective!)'
portion of our growing
mi. Lying may be
liuropo, but it is not
'HSi'lUI'TION' KATES!   By m*
���&UI i-
I .III....
Birth, ar
Lion ;
uu I n ofllee not la
ik-.uli uotieua Insert*!,
JOD PKl'AUfMENT: Our Job Department
���Is tlie oral i.iitillil.*iil |.!*iiiiiiii.* titli.**-* In K.iat
Kuoleimy amf la preiiarwl lu .1.. neat, artistli.
ji.-liitlncttta riasollabl*] price. One price l.iull.
'Hi,ul ,.i lera i-c-.iv.* |irolupt attention.
,li*ll.'-* on nil. Mil.ji-il,.:
ptlbll * .in i (tiwlru ii n
Wc hi
iil.tr .-.
I fuiili.
r.-i-ri--.--..!*.-!. n.-.- ivitli reference to nny matter
lu, ���, --'.i|,| .-,,!���.-.! Iii another piper mint Ural
,uiiffcrel tu ilii.tpaper tur |ii.ullcatlcu beluru
i can appear la "Tun MlSEli."
A.t.l.-, ia all cumiminleatloiM
Goltlen, 1$. C.
P.IDAY, .ll'Nl*: 3, 18I1E
Prcsnnl owners of co,*por mines, producing or giving premise of profitable
.de.c-l.ipinent,  can   view   the  war  and
industrial sltutitlon with complacency.
>,',*���;'. t" reliable war news nothing is
more active in present demand  than
copper.   As with gold and other motels
this wefl I.ali ef America is of prime
importance to lhe nation iu this regard.
A >'ow York broker says:   During the
past three years nn share uf any kind of
enterprise have shown the remarkable
end si.-inly increase in values that  the
copper shares have.   During the past
year ami a  half eight  of the lending
,e.i;.per st.-ck.- have  increased in value
ovor fifty million dollars and they havo
Increased  over  twenty million dollars
-during tho past six months.   Tlie total
par value of their capitalbtalion is only
$111,000,000,   The Rothschilds and other
big capitalists oi Europe havo  agents
��� ploling the entire western continent
!���:��� copper properties, and a largo number of English bankers   nnd operators
I.ave their Amorican operators looking
up copper mines or large blocks oi stocks
in such properties for Investment purposes.      The   ownership   of   all   the
American copper mines is in tlie hands
nf a very few people, and less than 100
Amorican cupper mine owners control
the  vtoild's  market  lor coppor.   The
demand fur the metal is greater than
lhe supply, tbo totul visible supply on
hand was never so  low us now, and
would lie exliausted cntiiely ill two or
Unci months if tho supply was slopped
tiny way."   Ae things are at present, it
looks ns though thu world need copper
more  than gold.   It is prodlctod that
copper will sell for 18c: before January
1st,  1809, it being produced   alii total
cost hss_lhau one-half of that figure.
A letter in the Ottawa Free Press from
Wrnnjjft! contains news nf interest from
thero. It says Wrungoi ought to be
called Tangle, for a more jumbled up,
tan. led place you could not imagine, ll
ii situated ou an island facing Ktoline
Bay or Harbor, in tiie form of three
parts of a circle with tin town in one
long string all round the bay. The harbor is I'm only good thing about the
town, it is about eight miles tothe
mouth "f the Stickeen. Betweon there
nnd Uu' Stickeen liuve liver boats run,
and a number of stem-wheel boats arc
going lo run up tn Glenora, where there
is going to bo Another town. Wrangel
nt present is a vory dirty placo. On the
water Bide of lhe tront street the shops
are ail biiill oil piles about 10 feet above
lhe land in front and 16 foot behind,
The houses and, shops on the other side
ol thc street are biiill on the land, and
tho lions.is rise in terraces .me above
another, China puzzle style. When you
pass any person, unless you lean lo tho
port side, you are liable to get nn upset
either into the dirtiest moss you ever
saw or smelt, or into the foulest water,
whore dead cats find dogs nnd other
refuse are dumped. When tlie tide is in
thero are ten feet of water on the front
street in places. Whon the tide is out
tlie stench is awful. There aro about 20
eases of typhoid .and measles thore now.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press talks riglit
out: "The series of unblushing falsehoods uud broken promises whereby
Count Jluravloff tricked Lord Salisbury
in the Port Arthur and Tai-lieii-wan
negotiations raises snnie suspicions as lo
the worth oi Russia's promises to give
all nations,
for England
she can do so in
than to shut oft r
trado   with   Ch
'diplomacy'   ill
the American  kind, and the American
peeple are not likely lo submit quietly
ti. being stripped nf their rights by such
methods."   Tiiere is a strong, healthy
tone to this view of the situation,
A letter tn the Toronto Globe from
Dyea, Alaska, speaks of a " dead boom "
there. The bottom seems to have fallen
nut of the land speculation that grew
out uf last year's gold craze, whicli in
Itself very much modified, At Dyea a
tract of land is offering for ?S0 that iu
June last was bought by two Swedes for
$700, nnd sold by them fur iJSjl).
It may sound a little startling, says an
exchange, but it is said to be true, that
inure young men are learning trades in
pcnitenliarics than nut ui them, because
parents are trying to make clerks, doctors, lawyers and even preachers out of
mate-rial intended for blacksmiths, carpenters and other trades fur mechanics,
The London Daily -Mail says: " Lord
Aberdeen's early retirement front the
Governor-Generalship of Canada opens
up n great opportunity to the Imperial
Government. The Dominion, after n
slumber of centuries, is awaking lo its
magnificent possibilities, and one cannot
be a week in Canada now without feeling
that lhe whole country is palpitating,
likc'.'-iature iu the springtime, with tiie
coming development. And Canada is
keenly sensitive ou the subject uf a
worthy representative of tlio Crown at
Ottawa. Lord Aberdeen's successor
must be a man of tbo very Hrst rank
Saving, pel haps, India, there is noA'iec*
royally in the Empire whoso importance
can be measured against the Governor-
Generalship of Canada. Why not
choose Lord Jeffrey? He is a first-class
man, and he is no stranger to the Dominion."
A Mountain of Gold.
Monkcya as Gold Finders.
Oaptain E. Moss, of the TrnnsvfUiI,
tells tlio following story of the monkeys
who wurk fur him in tlio mines;���
"I have twenty-four monkeys," said
ho, "omployed about my mmua. They
ilu tho work of soven tiljlo-builiod men.
In muny instances thoylontl valuable ait!
where n man Isuscless. Tlicy gnfchor up
tin; email pieces of quartz tlmt would bo
passed unnntiocil by tho "working men,
[ind pile them up in littlo hoaps that can
easily lie gathered up in a shovel and
thrown into a mill. Thoy work just as
they please, soiuotimcfl going down into
tlu; mint's when thoy have cleared up all
tlm ilolirif) on thooutstdo. They live and
work logother without quarrelling any
moro than men do. They arc quite
hiothoilieal in their habits, and goto
work and Ihii-jh up in the same manner
a:* human boings would do under similar
eircumsinuccs. It is very interesting to
watch them at their labour, and see how
carefully thoy look aftoi' every detail of
the work thoy attempt. They clean n?
about lhe mines, follow tho whoelbur-
rows und carts used in mining, and pick
up everything that falls off on the way."
The most famous ami most puzzling of
all gold mines in Mount Morgan. It is
supposed to bo tho product oi a hot-water
spring, and il is Blmply a mountain of
gold, but of gold that has already been
treated by Nature. In somo far-off aye
tiie iiiii h,is boon a hugo natural crucible
and all tlm gold it contains lias been
already mined, ehemieuHy dissolved,ami
precipitated by Nature herself. All tin*
gold ever discovered in tho mountain
exists iu a sort of golden Hour dissolved
through Ironstone.���Exchange,
Best Wishes From John Bull.
You've loosed the dogs of war, lad,
And sworn the end shall be
Of bondage on your borders,
And that Cuba shall lie free.
And though I'm "standing by,"
My heart's a-bonting high,
Ti! see my kith and kin
To battle marching in.
1 like yoar noble pluck,
And I wish you best of luck,
Hero's your health, lad���tako a pull,
With best wishes from John Hull!
And though I'm standing neutral,
Witli no cause to join tlm fray,
I'll back you witli good wishes,
And I'll see you got fair play.
I must keep to neutral laws,
Hut I'll give yon my applause,
And should bad hick bolides,
Maybe something mure beside.
For who've bettor right to bo
Cheek by jowl than you add?
Hero's your health, lad���take a pull,
With best wishes from John Bull!
Your ancestors ami mine, lad,
Throe hundred years ago,
Did battle for Old ISngland,
When she fought the Spanish foe,
And King Phiflp'B great Armada
(.'.uno looming to invade iicr,
Witli thumbscrews stowed aboard,
Fop the glory of the Lord.
Six score and ten of sail
Thoy came, but came to fail.
1 lory's your health, lad���take a pull,
With best wishes from John Bull!
Why we should no; be friends, lad,
I could never understand,
It's evil tongues, believe me,
That estrange you from my laud.
From the Pilgrim Father's sprung,
Your speech is England's tongue,
And though proud in power and pelf,
You've sut up foe yoursel,
1 never can forget
You're a blood relation yet.
Here's your health, lad���take a pull,
With best wishes from John Dull!
It's tho stranger in your borders,
The alien in your parts,
That stieks to spoil our friendship
And lo separate our hearts.
For they know, lad, do you see?
That i: comrades, you nnd me,
All the nations of*thoJearth,
Lei 'em try for all they're worth,
Could never victors he,
If comrades, you ami me!
Here's your ileal th, lad���tako a pull,
With best wishes from John Bull!
ir***- r-*7-n -rtxtv*-.- **ff*'.-.-mV.**-yv,r*:'ji**'.r ���liff.r
irrnrn r*rf*r-��~*T*
Gulden to Fort Stoolc.
Golden to Carbonate     17 miles
"      Hog Hancho    ''-    "
"       Kpillimachcne     -12
Canal Flat	
Wasa (Hanson's)
Fort Steele	
"CoupaniK4 Act, 1S97,"
Canada: (
I'iiovinck op Hhitibh Columbia.!
No. 11/97.
mms is To CERTIFY tlmt tiie "Uoldon Rrl
i isti Columbia, Limited," ia authorised mu!
licensed m carry mi business within tin- Province of Uriilsh Uolumbio, mid lo carry out or
effect nil nr tmyot tins objects hereinafter sel
fin'th m which tin*1 legislative authority ol tin;
Legislature of Uritish Columbia extends.
Tlu- lu'ini offlco of the Company iB altuatoal
No. 0, Qauou Blreut Place, City of London, England.
Tho amount oftho capital of tho Company if
cti.iHHj; diudt'd into *���** thousaud shares oi ��1
, pro
S located permanently opposite tlie Columbia House,
Golden, where he will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it he Tailor-Made or Rkady-Made
Ci.oTinxti. A call for inspection will be appreciated,'
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
I the
cy T, Ingram.
GeorgiaJC-comcs to the front with a
woman who has 186 living children.
grandehrildron and great great- grandchildren. Her name is Sully Shiver.
Notwithstanding the fact that she is
iu her ninetieth year, she enjoys good
health and spirits and visits each of
her dcfjcendouts every two years.
An Inoxhaustlble Cold Mine.
Al liist n t'oU mi"*- Im** l>'*on dlscovar
oil which is iirnctimlly Inexhaustible,
nml out ot wlii.'li it would bu possible to Inshion the Alps in solid gold
und yet leave enough to p*'v the nallonul
dobta ot the world u-iiiny thousands of
times over.
Work Iiiih been commenced on a small
bill encouraging scale on IMr wonderful
mine by a company bearing tho modest
find mislondlng- namo ol the "Electrolytic Marine Salts Company, of Boston."
This wonderful mine i.-i none other
titan tbe sea, which contains one grain
of pure gold in every ton of ils salt
waters; and the company lias been
formed to rob the noil ol iis myriads ol
grains of gold.
The lirst experiments are being tried
at North l.ubce, in Maine. A sail-water
lagoon, four acres in area, and 9ft. in
depth, has been made to imprison sea
water at the rist of every tide. When
the tide recedes the imprisoned water is
allowed to follow it through a sluice-way
in which 114 accumulators have been
erected, As the watoi Hows through
these accumulators it is acted on by
electricity and chemicals, which liberates
the gold and retains it, while allowing
the water to escape. Thus each tide
brings ils burden of gold and deposits it
for use in the world's markets.
As each accumulator, which works
automatically, costs less than Is. a day,
while it yields in gold at the rale of 5s,,
it is clear that there is an immense margin fur profit, amounting to about .C7,000
a year on lhe 11*1 accumulators. As the
supply of water is unlimited, there is no
reason why the sea should not be robbed
ol Its gold to tho time of �� 100,000.000 a
SOlh May, 1S9S.
His HONOUR ilu* [.loutoriaiU-OoVornar liai
litum |.i->,i*n.ii li. ii|.|.uint tin. iiii.u-rmaii-
lluueil ]ir,-..,ii*i lo 1.2 Colli", lyi".*-. of Voles, nli-l*;.'
[III! [,|-.\-i-.mis ofa.*ltlotl 111 in t.io "KclUl'ILu-
lion Act, IS'.M," iiiiiualy:
Jo-IIAII Si'i!:u**T-r, of Donald, for lhe Nortli
Ilium*-, 12,-sl ICooioiiay Kle-ittiralUlatrlot,
ciiA.".i.Ks M. fjiiii'-uiiis, ol Kort Steele, for tin.*
St.iuh I'i.lin-:, L..si Kootonay Electoral District.
Anil His Honour the ].l-.iin.)iout-fiovariior lias
been pleam-il to iippoiin Hi*, ntitlcruieiuioiicil
iRTsiiti io lie Dlatrftiutlng Collet-tur, under ilia
provisions ol BOCllol! IV of Hie said Act, uaincly:
Iii Hie former Electoral District ol Knst Koote-
im.*, Jamus i\ Aniisriiii.su, oi Fori sk-cle.
equal trading privileges in .Manchuria to yetir through ull the coming eenlnrics
Tho hood offlco ������>( tho Cotnimnj- lntli
���.���iiii't- issituuU'iit Uoldell it Willliu i imUTi
Mltchell-lnnes, whose address i* tlolilon. Brit*
is)i Columbia, i.** lhe Attorney for the Company.
Tin- objects lor whicli tin: I'uinjittlty litis im i>
established and so licensed are:*-
[:!.] To purohase, tube on lease, or otherwise
aeutiire, mines. mlnliiB rights, and tuotailifer*
ous laud aud any interest therein, and to ox-
[doro, work, cxevelse, cU-wio*,-. mul turn to
Mii.omit thosamu: ,      , ,
[b] To crush, win, get, quarry, sinou. calcine,
and nropuroior market,ore, metal,and mineral BUbstaneeri of all Kinds, mid to carry on,
citliLT njinii or in eoniu'ctioii v.itb tin.* i>ivi iisc>
or elaowhere, tho buslnoks ot minors, millors,
snicltirs, and workc^uf nny priMrchSc.'. iu tbu
production, rcduetioii aud mahtne morclmnt-
nblc, oi' mlnerals.uietnls and metallic products,
Mii-i'iicstii water, merchants, und manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, metals, articles und things used in or iu couui'clioii witli
mining, lullling, smelling, and other procj-���*���'*
aforeUald,or aurol thoin:
[el To seuroh for mines and mtnor^ls olthcr
on luad known lo oontalu such mines aud minerals or oihiTwi.-ie, and lo buy and soil, lease
or tako mi tho rights ol search or otherjuiJiera'
rights in* t'laiiiis under any iiiningKtiiUUe*-n>*
pogtilatlonsof anyplace where tbo Company
carries on operations, and any oilier rights respecting the suine:
[ill To acquire options, or enter into contracts
f.>r the purchase ol nay grant.-'. iouccsr-iim.s,
leases or setts, easement*, or Interests in lands,
waters, mlllsites, townsiles, mines, mineral*--,
aud other hereditaments, and any plant, machinery, Implements, conveniences, provisions
mi.I things, and any eiiier pioi-cny, real oi
personal, movable or immovable, lor ptir*i	
incidental theretoortoanyotherobjeutr
Company, or t-anable ol being used Ineuunce-
ilou wiib metanurgfeai operation.*! or ivipiiicd
nv workmen or others employed by the Com*
initiy, ami t<i work, translcr, lut or sublet the
te) To acquire unv Inventions letters patent
or licenses, capable ot being used lor the pttr-
oosesof tbe t'uiupuny, or any of them, aud to
work, transfer, let, or sub! il tbe same:
f. To acquire and undertake the whole or any
part ol tlie business, property and liabilities, of
finy person or coiupauy currying ouanybusl-
hcks wbU'htbisfonip'iny is authorised to curry
ou; audio acquire and hold nny sbuies, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, seem* I tie.",
gotlableor otherwise, ol or other interesi:
unv Knglish, eolonlul or other companies, ai
eiutions or undertakings capable oi being man-
uged o'r eouductcd ho as directly or Indirectly
tu benellt tho business of the Company. Also
io advance money on uny such shares, slocks,
liondH, obi Pinions, debentures, securities of or
oilier interest in such companies, association.*!
or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
slocks, Ponds, obligations, debentures or secur*
ties us partial or full security (or payments due
to tho company:
j'. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others In acquiring, constructing or luting any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, matters or things
which mav be necessary or convenient lor tin.
purposes of lhe Company, or any oi them, und
uitue working of the same or any pun tnereol:
ll. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge ���-���t deal
with, iu anv manner whatsoever, tho undertaking or uny pun or pans of the property of
the Company, or nny rights, way-loaves or
UUMUltUUtS in or over t iie same, ami lo accept us
payment therefor either cash or shares, or
partly  cash   ami   partly  shares, in   any other
company purchasing tho Baino: ���
i. To establish nml maintain agencies of tbe
Compuny in any colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, and to procure the Compuny
tote registered or Incorporated iu uny mien
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
. Touniuigtimuto with any other company
having objects altogether or iu part simuur to
the objects of this Company, aud to enter into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with nny company or
person or linn engaged or about to engage in
any business or transaction which this Company Is authorized to engage iu, or capable of
ncliig conducted ho us directly oi indirectly to
benellt this Company:
1:. To hold, in the miines of others, any property v/i.L-h thu Compauy Ik authorised to
acquire, and to carry on or do any of tlie
Uc'inc-.sefl and nclsuud tliingsaforesaiii, either
it.- principal or,agont, ami either by tiie agency
uf or us agents or trustees ior others:
1. 'fo mako, purchase, sell, accept or Indorse
bills of exchange aud other instruments, negotiable or other wise,and io borrow money either
with or without security, uud either upon no-
L-uihihlc instrument:'' or otlurwlsj, including
tlte issue of uel-iMittiri'S char-fed upon nil or any
Of the Company's property (both present and
future), Including nn uncalled capitali
in. To promote aud form other companies for
anv of the objects mentioned in tins Memorandum:
n. To invest and deal with the moneys of tiie
Company not Immediately required upon such
securities aud in such maimer us Irom time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of the pi-opeity of the
Compauy among the members iu specie:
n. To carry on business In any part of the
world and to do all such things us are Incidental or conducive to tlio attainment of the above
Olven under my hand nnd seal of offlco al
Victoria, Province ol Uritish Columbia, Ibis
tOth day of October, olio thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
Q-old.en and Sea^rer, 23-.C
Ullock & Barrie, Props.
IN     *    -    *   B.  C.
FI st-Cinss in every particular.   Convenient to lUihvuy Depot uud Steamboat LaatUug.
Kates Kcasonablo, Free Sample Kooras.
Tlie Train Car leaves Kootenny House, connecting witli Steamer for Fort SMule wrmnj
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the Wflst.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Homo Comforts      ��
Modern Conveniences   ���
Boat Cuisine in tho West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia J^ouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
vnTff'K Is horoby glvon that the annual ox*
-^ amlnaiioti of candidates for certificates ol
buallllcatloii to teach in the PublicSchooliof
ihe I'rovinco will be Iteltl as follows, coin-
moncliig ou Monday, July Kb, 1808, ut 81*13
Victoria. ...In ftotitli ParkBdidol Building.
Vancouver In lliu'h Hcliool Itulldiiig.
Kamloops In Public Bohoo) Ilimalng.
Knch Applicant railSt forward it noiicc tliirly
days before the e.\umiii*tiou,sttitiug tiieciusit
unll grade ot certiticate for wliieh he will lie a
Q{tn<ndate, the optional subjects solooted, and
i>i wlilcb of the ubovu-liamed places he will
Kveiy notice of Inteiftloh to be an applicant
must be lucjiupanieii with satisfactory lesti-
moiilal of morul rliui'iti-ter.
Candidates are notified that all of the above
requirements must be fulfilled before their
upplicutinus nn: be tiled.
Ai! candidates for First class, crude A, Certificates, Including Graduates, must attend In
Victoria id take tlie subjects prescribed for July
1'tth and III li Instants, und io undergo required
oral examination.
* B, I). I'OPE,
Superintendent of Education.
Education Ofllee,
Victoria, May 1th, 1898. 111134
Registrar of Joint .Stock Companies,
Cunningham & Karvey
(lata of Vanoouvor}
Assiiyi-rs and Chemists,
All work done in duplicate nnd guaranteed.
A portion of eaplt sample is put aside for
future reference.
A-ivartise in
VOTICE IH HtfUKin'CIVES* that application
1' win be made 10 iia- Parliament 01 Canada
nml to the legislative Assembly of I lio I'rovlm 0
of British Columbia at their respective sessions
to incorporate a Company to construct a railway to bo operated by steam or electricity from
n point at or tioarCranbrook,In Has; Kootenay,
Uritish Columbia���-the most miriherl> point on
the Crow's Nest Railway,--thence running in a
northerly direction up the Kootenny River to
Canal Kbit; thence to the Columbia Lake mid
In a northerly direction down the Columbia
River to the Canoe River; thence up the Cauoe
River und across the Portage lo lhe bead waters
ofthe Fraser River; thenco down tlio Fraser
River to Giscome Portage j thenco across the
Portage to Parsnip River; thence down the
Parsnip River to Findlay River, and up tlm
Findlav River and across the divide to Frances
Lake, and thence to the Vukon, with power to
illveit tbe route of the lino north of Giscome
Portage either by wny of Dense Luke or ns may
be found most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build und operate brunch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and nil
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone lines for
thc transmission of messages ior the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam and other
vessels aud all necessary ferries, wharves and
do-iks; to take nnd use water for generating
electricity, und to transmit und dit>-posc uf the
power therefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes! with power also to curry on
the business of a general trading company, of
an express company 1 also to own, manage and
lease hotels, lo acquire, to acquire limber
limits and operate saw mills, for tho production
and sale of lumber, and to mine, explore ami
develop mineral lands and to carry on a general
mining und ore smelting business, Including
the erection and operation ef smelters and
Solicitors for Applicants,   j
Dated at Ottawa CtHNoveinbor, 1897.     llu-Ot
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandise.   Minm'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
Mmi J. A. Stoddart, Prop.
Clioirc Wlues, Liquors nnd Cigars.   First class nccommoditiMt,
East Koote na
Mining Stock List.
Nams ok Company.
The Gold Hills 0. &D. Co.,.	
Kootenay, Cariboo SI, & I. Co	
Golden k Fort Stock' D. Co	
Alberta & Kootenuy Di Co	
East Kootenay and Elk Pivor Dovolopment & Exploration Co.,, .,
*. 750,000
$  500,000
t.    75,000
MIXING BROKER, GOLDEN, B,0. wmmvammam mtm wmmmWmsmaittwmmimmmv * ���*��� ��_���*������ ���**��*���" ***i
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern  Division   of  East
Kootenuy District.
VOTfCE IS HER KB Y GIVEN'  in  accordance
��* with the Statutes that Provincial Revenue
Tax and nil taxes levied under tho Assessment
Act are now due for lhe year 1808.
All of thc above named luxe-; eoileemblr
within the Northern Dlvlulon of Kust Kooleuay
District nre payable at my Offlco, tho Court
House, (Iolden, , , ���    ,
Assossed taxes are afllectuble at tbe following
rates, viz.:
If paid on or before June 80th, 1R!>8.
Three-fifths of one per cent, on Ileal Property.
Two nnd ono-half per cent, on assessed value
of wild hind.
One-half of one per cent, on Personal
On no much of the incomes of nny person an
exceeds Ono Thousand Dollars the following
rates, namely: Uprri sueh excess of Income
when Iho sum i�� not more than Toil Tlioiis-Ano
Dollars, one per cent.; whon such excess is
over Ten Thousand Dollars and not mora than
Twenty Tliooflttiid Dollars, one nnd onc*tiuartcr
of one per cent.; when such excess is over
Twonty Thousand Dollars, one and one-half of
oue percent.
If paid on or after lhe 1st July, 18W.
Four-fifths of one per cent, on Real Property.
Three per cent, on the assessed vnluc oi wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On so much of thc incomes of any person as
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
rates, namely: Upon suoh excess when the
same Is not more than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one antl one-quarter of one per cent.; when
lUCh excess is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not mere tlinil Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
and one-half of one percent; when suoh excess
is ovt-r Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and
thrcc-nucrters of one percent.
Provincial Revenue Tu:;, $.1)0 per capita.
Asaeflfidr and Collector.
Golden, Janunry IOth.lSiW.
f-iOURTfl OF A88IZE antl Nisi pritw. and of
v Over and Terminer and (laneralOaol Delivery, will be holden at tbe places nnd oil thu
dates following, viz.:���
City of Nelson, on Monday, thc 20th day of
June, 18M. ,  ,
Town of Donald, on Monday, thc 27th day ol
June, 1898.
Hy Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provinrhil Secretary's Ofllee.
3th March, 1858. ISmtf
TSJOTICB Is hereby given that on tho 14th day
���I** of Januory, 18%. it won ordered by the
Honourable J. A. Forin, Judge of Ihe county
���JSourt, that Jsmes F. Armstrong, official Ai-
miiiittrater of the County of Kootenny, be
Administrator of all and singular the goods,
ahattets and credit of Ernest Orpwood of Gold-
���i, labourer,dccensi-d, intestate.
Evory person Indebted to the sold decerned,
Ii required to make pavment forthwith :o the
Xvorv person having in possession effects
belonging to the deceased, is rvi.uirod forth with
U notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any
eUira upon or Interest in lhe distribution of
the personal estate of the said deceased, is
required within thirty days nf this date, to
send by registered letter addressed to tho
und��rsignod, his name and address, and the
full particulars of hiB claim or interest, nnd n
statement of his account, aud tho nature of the
sscuritv (if any) held by him. After ibe expiration o'f tbo said thirtv -lavs, the Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of the estate,
having regard to jhose claims oi��ly of which ho
shall have had notiae.
Dated st Fort Steele, this 27th day of January,
Official Administrator.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven thnt application will
be made tothe Legislative Assembly of thc
Province of British Columbia, at its next session, for a Private Bill to Incorporate a Com-
fany to .build,equip, maintain and operates
tae or lines of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, iu KflBt Kootenny, thence by the
most feasible route to tho at. Mary's Kiver;
thence In a westerly direction to the head*
waters of St.Mary's Hirer: and also in nn easterly and northerly direction from some point on
the said line a branch lineup the Bast Kootenay Valloy to tho neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. 2 creeks and the minesdn that
vicinity; with power to the said Company to
eonsiructa lino from the Hull River Group of
Winos, tn Hunt Kootenay, to tho most convenient point on the main line of the
Craw's Nest Pass Railway; and also
to authorize and empower the Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
(roups of mines and concentrators from any of
the threo above-mentioned lines of railway*,
such branch lines not to exceed twenty (:'())
miles in length) with power to build (olograph
and telephone linos, and to equip and operate
the said railway nnd Us branches, nnd to erect
and maintain all necessary works for the generation and transmission of electricity or
power within the area of the operations of tho
said Company; and power to build, maintain
sud opeihte wharves, docks and steam boats,
saw-mills, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for improving and
increasing tlie water prlvlteguo, and to make
traffic or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other compauies-and for all other
usual and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Victoria, D.C., 26th October, 18t��7. in fit
Application   for Certificate of Improvement*.
Tnko notice Hint I, John MoRae, Free
Miner's Certificate So. 801)30, intend,
sixty days Irom the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown Brant of the above
claim located on Spillimuehccn Mountain, situate in tlie Uoldon Mining
Division uf Must Kootenay District.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, miiBt be commenced
before the issuance of sucli certificate of
Dated t!iiBl3th day of January, 1898.
John McRab,
Py his agent Geo. S. McCarter,
Is the best advertis*
ing medium in East
Contains the latest
news ofthe district:
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
�����������������*(��� *H*-��*****'H>
One-third down, balance In Uir-jx*- and six
mouthe, witiioul interest;
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only   $2.00 per
year ;
Has the best equip-
ped Job Printing
Office  in  the dis��
Ths Quickest & Most Comfortable Eonto
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
UPPER COLUMBIA   ._...-*--
Navigation & Train way CoXd.
International Transportation Go.
Connecting with tho O.P.B. atftolden. B.C., nnd
Great Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday a��d Friday at 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Fori Steele and Wardner.' ?
Consignors will bo chargod with all way freight between Golden and Windermere nt whioh point :i Company's agent wifl be stationed.
Baggage allowance on Steamer I501bs.5por adult; allowance on Stage 251ns.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can be forwarded by exprtea team ut express
rates (lOcents^per pound),
Addrcss'all cxpress;caro of Upper Columbia *Con>jmuy,'',GoI<lcn,
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Minors Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
m no
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
GOLDEN, **��� B.C.
:Tort Steele, S. C.
Choicic Winks, Lmuons axd Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Tho Hnegt Health Beggrj nn Hip Continent,
Private Hospital tinder medical superintendence with a Trained Staff of Nwrggg.
Complete System of Baths, nf every kind
and description.
Medical Director���DR, R. C. BRITT, Bawv,
Resident Physician & 8urgo��ii���DR.  SPAKKIK.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." .-.*. ���to********.���*���*���
...tu. I ���������..���
A   P
Paicn.-!;  Medicines,   T<
and Stationery,
STonavo Cordially Invited to call anil Inspect
our stick. Prescriptions unci Prlvlite
Recipes carefully compounded.
if? F tj
W. C. Wells' Address to
tho Electors of this
*1'0TilM ELECT!
lillilXil   OF
RS 01* mi: NORTH
My nomination aa an Opposition Can-
.li.Into in tlio approaching General F.lcc-
li.ui (or our Legislature, rails mi mo tn
state to you briefly, tlio course, wlilch in
my opinion, 1 should take il elected as
your Representative.
So fur as 1 have lieen able to measure
tlie feeling of this Constituency, it is
one of disappointment in the administration of our Provincial affairs. In tiie
present contest I am glad to say, we are
not so divided on party lines, as to debar
us from tailing our choice of men
throughout the Province for the ensuing
parliamentary term, anil il is to he hoped
that an Independent effort will be made
in this direction. Holding tiie opinion,
as I do, that t'.ic reeoid.of the present
Government, in the disposal of public
lauds, and tlieir administration of tlio
Provincial finances, not having been
such as to command my support, it is
my plain duty, for the present, to claim
your suffrages as an Opposition Candidate. Tin's docs not necessarily mean
that I must place myself in such anta
g'liiisin to any administration, as to
defeat what slioukl be my primary object
as a Representative, namely, the inter*
cut of my own Constituency.
.Nor does it mean that I am in full
alliance witli tbo Opposition party as it
has stood before the Legislature during
tlie past four years, For this reason, if
no other, I would ask at the hands of my
constituents, if elected, a free indulgence
of my own judgment as to the course I
should adopt in this particular respect.
I look for at least a reconstruction as the
result of the general election, and that
wo may have an administration fully
meeting the demands of our rising
Tbe large appropriation of f*-5,O3O,000
under the recent Public Work* Loan
Amendment Act, while indicating a
generous tendency in the disposal of
public funds, cannot meet the approval
of interior constituencies. We are interested in something more than build-
in;: up our terminal cltios, and the
exclusive welfare of districts Immediately
tributary to them. It will therefore, he
my first contention that substantial
justico should bo given to the eastern
portion of this Province, as compensation for the enormous appropriation
made directly, 1 consider, in the interest
of Coast constituencies, for which we too
have lo bear our share of the burthen,
In this connection, 1 may say that the
terms subsidising tbe Teslin Lake Kail-
way have my approval as a legitimate
business train-action, apart (rum other
considerations, and which are: First,
Whether there is an urgent necessity to
build, at present, the southern portion
of this line; and secondly, whether wu
have not been too precipitate in snatching from tho Dominion Government, a
responsibility whicli rightly belongs to it,
in the interest of eastern provinces, moie
than to Uritish Columbia, We have,
within ourselves, sufficiently attractive
features in our vast mineral resources, to
fully warrant tbe Investment of capital
and tlie Influx of population, or in oilier
words, we have ourown affairs, to whicli
it might be better, nt present, that we
give our undivided consideration, I
incin by this that, being so wholly dependent as wo are upon the opening up
and energetic development of our mines,
the further construction of roads, and
increased facilities of interior transportation, become.*! an imperative necessity.
To this I will urge the consideration of
tho Government, and trust that in justice to this, the extreme eastern constituency of the Province, further appropriation will bo now made, aud that we
may have, at least, what fairly belongs
to u.;.
.My election at your hands, I would
accept as a mark of confidence and
trust, sufficient to detormine me in
guarding faithfully the position in which
you shall have placed me us your Representative. In my appreciation of this
trust, and an earnest, endeavour to serve
your interests, I sincerely hope that it
will not bo expected that I am to defeat,
or risk tho opportunity given me, by
such a thankless allegiance to party
measures ns might thwart what 1 consider my imperative duty towards developing the material resources of the
North Hiding of Kast Kootenay.
Anticipating and thanking you for
your support,
I am at your service,
W. 0. WELLS.
Minister of Miii'*,: nn.l Provincial Bocretary���
Hun. I'ni. James Baker,
provincial MtilBrntocUt��� W. A', Oirlylc.
Public Assayer*���H. larinichnel.
for Hi" Province���TV. s. Goro VTotorla
South District comprising Fori steel*.' ,,nii To*
In*.***.. Plains Mlutug Divisions���J. F. Armstrong  Cranbrook
Ninth District comprising Doniil.l, Uol.len mul
ll-l..,I.  Ml.,   .... I,;..!..!...,_      I    1.-   ,..<       -
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. K.
minimi itscoiu.*:*:.'
The dyking at tho rear of tlie Kooto-
nay House is being improved.
A heavy snow storm is reported from
Windermere on Monday last.
Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innes, loeni manager of the Golden British Columbia Co.
Limited, arrived from England to-day.
The Provincial Government are extending tho side walk from Mr. M.
Dalnurd's residence in front of tlie
Queen's and Kootenuy House up towards
the Queen's.
Mr. Ii. G. Parson left on Wednesday
on n business trip to tlie coast. During
Ills stay nt tho const lie will attend the
Grand Lodge meeting of thc I.O.O.F.,
which takes place at Now Westminster
on June 8th, !Hli and 10th, 113 representative oi the local lodge.
Hon. Col. Bilker spent a few days here
this week, on route for tbo upper country to open tho campaign. Ho was
accompanied by Mr. W. 1*'. Robertson,
the newly appointed Provincial Miner-
alogist. Mr. Robertson goes on a tour
of Inspection of the Kort Steele Mining
District. On his return ho will spend
some timo inspecting this division.
Some of tho worst atrocities of the war
thus fur have been perpetrated by our
English cousins, who aro supposed to be
neutral, says tbo Buffalo Commercial.
For example, one of the win* correspondents of it London paper, writing from
Key West, has cabled Ihis to his paper:
Cubes, or not Cltbool
That's the Key H'csiian.
Xo Amorican  in this crisis, of course,
could bu guilty of such flippancy.
" Tlie (iolden Fire Engine Association
Limited," capital f-fi.OOO, divided into
5,000 shares of $l oacb, has boon incorporated. .The main object of the company is the purchase oi it steam fire
engine for lire protection of the property
>1 the members of tlie company and
other residents ot (Iolden. The engine
lias been ordered and is expected to
arrive about the middle of this month.
The association will endeavor to have
a lire hall erected for tho engine by the
time of its arrival. Where the firo hull
will be built lias not yet been decided,
hut it will be in the centre of tlie town.
Rev. G. E, Smith of Ihe Methodist
Church preached his farewell sermon
on .Sunday evening to a crowded I10U6O.
The congregation felt, sad on his leaving,
lie has won tho respects and good wishes
of all classes and creeds. The people of
Donald gave him a farewell supper and
a well filled purse. Thc ladies of tlie
congregation in Golden also presented
bim with a purse of money. Mr. Smith
was also the recipient of many presents
from private friends. He left on Tlltirs-
day for the const, from there he will
go by the (.rent .Northern to nis home in
Hamilton. The Uev. Mr. Cropp, who
has been appointed in Mr. Smith's place
arrived from the west to-day.
.1. Stlrrct Pom
I-'. (.'..I.iui-* Golden
li.Goldio Wlndcrmeri
l*. M. Edwards ' Fun si.-eh
M. Phillips Tobacco Plalui
Deputy Clork of Mu- Peace lor North East Kootenay Joslali Stlrrotl Donald
Ii..;,my oiork of the Peaco [br South iCusi Knot
cnuy���Charles Massey Edwards Fun Steele
Extracts From Britisli Ooluuiliia
Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value nnd Necessity of a " Free
Miners " Cortlnoatc���No Person should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person ovor is years uf ago, maylio
comoairou iiiliu-r by paylug f. lo any gold
 unlssloner or mineral recorder nml obtaining a tvniiicii!.- ii'.ini for ono your,
A fri'i.. miner may obtain a new certificate fur
on,* lost un paying si.
A (reo miner's certificate Is not transfcrablo.
Any person ur company working a mineral
Claim, liel.l as reel .-suite ."illuiul license, mav
le line.! fii. Mines bocomo real estate after
crown pram lius beon Issued.
si.nui.i co-owner fail to pay up his free miner',
certilieate his Interest goes io hi*, eo-nw-ncrs pro
rata according ui tlieir former Interests.
a shareholder iu a joint stuck company need
not In. a free miner.
A free miner may claim ratals,*-: feet.    Hut
,...l angles must be ri;;i:t angles nml all mcasur-
mont must t,e horinonlally,
A free minor may cut tlmbor un orown lands,
.\ free minor may kill game fur bis own use
in nil seasons.
A ir,-..- ie liter may obtain five acre miUslte upon erown bin.Is in the form of a Btiuaru,
A claim may be held from yeur lu year by
work being done to the value nf nun I'c.ui.ire.l
Lodes dis-nvered in f.inncl mav be hold if recorded lino days.
A i're.i miner may uu payment nf *JJ0O, ill lieu ul
expenditure on claim, obtain a crown uruui.
Any miner may, st tie disurotion uf ihe gold
Commissioner, obtain neeess-irv water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim ur interest
shall bs enfur-.'iibie unless in writing, signad
and recorded.
>:.. miner shall suffer from any act of omission
or commission, nr delays mi the part nf the
[���nv.rii incut utlicinls.
No claim shall be opon tn location during
Inst Ulncsss ot holder, nor within 12 months
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must ho recorded within 15
days after location, If within lu mties ol ..ill,-.
of mining recorder. One additional day is at
owed for overy additional!!) miles ur fraction
Work on each mining claim i*�� the value nf
floo must be done each year from date of r
cord of mineral claim. Aflldavitinade bv the
lt.il.ici-, or bis agent, setting ..ut a detailed
statement of tbe work done mui-i he tiled with
Uie ..'..bi commliislonsr oi milling recorder, and
.; certificate of wurk obtalnod, and racordod before tho expiration of caeh year from the .lute
of record ot said claim. A free miner hui.iin"
a.!j;.it)iii-,*cb.iins, iniiy subject tu llliii-- nuii.e
ui lug inanition with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on anv ono or moronf
such claims, al] lhe work i-.'.]uire.l to entitle
him :.. i. certificate ..1 wurk for oaoli claim. The
sum ' nrnvisinu applies iu two or more tree mln.
er. iinl.lin-.- adjoining claims in partnership.
In lieu iii above work Un- miliar must pay fine
antl get receipt ond record the sume.
Pacific Ry.
East via tlie Lake Routes
Greatly reduced rates, yteam-
ers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
direct via C.P.R. steamers
Wrangel and Skagway.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Moat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
x..:.' Heads
toller Heads
Hill Heads
ii i bids
Calling (ants
I..UV Hrlefs
Lumber Hunks
Hank Work
Promisors* Nua-s
Receipt Forms
Shore CortlUcates
Asssy Forms
Druggists babels
S. S.  Tarter ct Athenian.
The largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for the passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for May:
Danube May 21
Tartar     "   ��J
Ning Chow     "   27
Islander     "   27
Pakshan    "   29
Athenian June 2
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Having decided to dovoto special attention to my
Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of mv stocks of
Boots & Shoes.
llXCi., iltC��.  clt
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kast Kootenay. Good Table. Hood
Wines. Oood Attendance. Term?
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
No   lob too
No Job too
fc-vl   J
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden,!!. ('.
PUBLIC notice Is horobjr given thotoppll.
x eniiunwlll be made lu the Parliament of
Canada, s.i ihe next Ktsalou thereof, fur ��n Ad
chancing tbu naineuf Tin. Dominion Huihlhit-
and lseiil Assiiciiiticu In Hint uf Tile lluminn.ii
I'ertnt'tieiit f,uiin Company,
lialeil at Toronto, this 17th (lav ol November.
A.ll., 1807,
- Toronto* Siroot, Toronto
ui'fU Solicitors lor Applicants.
Wardner _^���a
Transfer Co?.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secure
some bona fide bargains. ���
The best stooping place for freighters in
Columbia \ alley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Hood accommodation k .Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables..
'P****1 B"*"*!
Mad Mmml
\totii:i; la hcroby given that I shall apply f.,r
** a special timber lloonco to em timber nn
ths following described bonis i-Commonottig
nt n post un Mtadl ��� I-'urit of Pintail Creok.post
situated 1,800 feel m tbe north of Hardle's
Corral, N. B.| thenceruunlngieochalnssoutli,
thOlICO 70 chains west; I belli e 100 chains -mirth,
Tu .
. till
mem {containing 1,000 acres about.
M.   I'AHI.IN.
o..*i leu. ii. 0��� October 80tb, 18��7*
The Host Beer in Cantula Is made bv the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers nf Beer, Ale nn.l Su.la Winer
Insist on getting Calgary Beer overy time, Tlley
all have ii. Thu Company's agent fur East
Kootonay la
II. O. PAKSON,  Golden, B.C.
While taking down stock for one week from date I
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Dry Goods, Gents Furnishings,
Shirts, Necklias, Boots & Shoes,
& Fancy Gauds,
c3-olc2.ozi, 33-.C
Tinsniitliing & General Jobbing,
O-old-en, - S.O-


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