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East Kootenay Miner 1898-02-24

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Devoted to the {Siting Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEJtBY.
Vol. 1, Ko. 31.
Golden, B. C,  Thursday  February 24th,   1898.
$2.00 Por Year
iiatUII     BOX 4*�� GOLDEN, B.C.
ft. 8 McCASTEE,
iMtiOT Xm��,
Goldjk, B.C
���aa, Lata, teallautt, Houee KeaU,
Auctioneer, aud Custom* Broker.
Mas Aftnelu:
Cjneu, Lancaaair., Union, Hartford.
*JaH|lll nHeenualp Ticket Otice.
fan* ana UU laaurence Coa-ptay.
ffbe Oattrlo Accident In.uraoce Co'y.
t*at llrne-tk InvettBtcat aad Loan Co.
to Wmit PflHiiOHs
Hcwly Refitted & Refurnished.
The best of ths kind west of
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences.
Mra. Karsaley Croosaa by the Aerial
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
AM Cl.U KailnMr.
Fast Steelk, B.C.
& Embalming
_ TelejTapliordcrireeeivtprampiiVtt-cntlon *
d. SMART,     |
CALGARY, Alt*. ���
Thos. McNaught,
MMaf Brak.r, rllaa.lal Ar.nt, Canvejancer
���aillauxr "����lla.
Mas ���At* edarae.:
JUmr ������������ an*
Chemical Laboratory,
(Salabllahad 1S��0.)
after aa-rattl year, wttb Vi.laa A Bona, Swan-
���**, aad local repreeenlailve for ttiam.
IV I -raara manager lor ue aaaaycra to the
Bit Tint* Ca., London.
fea-adlaa ranraeentetive el tbe CaeaelGol.1
���Mraaalat C*. L'ld, Claagow (Cyanide proce...)
%.%.���All vara garaenallv aaoerlntended. Only
���SStaaUal a>ea aiaalay.d.    ��e pnpli.   ra
The Providence pur Go
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows *.
Silver Fox H5.00 to *.150.00.
Bear $ 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to t   9.00.
Martin (2.00 to t   9.00.
Beaver (per pound).. .$ 3.00 to $   3.50.
Wolf % 1.00 to t   2.00.
RedFox , 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink $   .75 to ,   2.00.
Skunk  $   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox C -.50 to (     .75.
Uat.... ,   ,20to|    .25.
Jas. Henderson,
laawflr ft -Mil-lias "�������� _3���*--���
Th* Golden
���*�����>�����������������> .
flaS aad "flame in aeaaaa.
������alar, la Caula, Sheep and Horaei,
Mail ardara ratal., pron.,,1 attention.
Price list oa all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Livery and
Feed Stables
���Mad Saddle Banes aad Sip el All Ztata far
���art M l*a**a*M* lata..
���Mela* X All Klnda a Spaatalty.
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
���j emy at* whe has a watch.
��.t.%. Watch Inspector will b��
Wedaeeday to Friday __^
���Mb wesk. Satisfaction Guarantee*. Work can be left at
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    ���    ALTA.
Wong See,
Optician and
Watches cleaned, Jewellecy tnountcd, OlaRaea
mended and Ouna repaired.    Firat clans work
In every department.  A triataolle.ltcd,.o come
Wong See, Golden.
Wedding Hinjs
A Specialty.
���*'   "*��*&*���
Cal��eiry, - Alberto.
Tom Lee,
has the best restaurant in Golden, It is open nt nil hours.
Kvery delicacy nnd fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily llowcr roots apply
at once tor the Choicest ere they
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Maalt Par and Night.
The following letter hat been received
from Lake Liuderunn at Portland, Me.
It is pormarked Dyea, Feb. 1, and is
from Mrs. Martha A. Kertley, of Dorchester, Mass.:
Lake Llndenitn, Jan. 31.
My Dear KH/.a,���Hurtj I am on tha
borders of the land of hope. But, oh!
what an experience I have passed
through in coming over Chilkoot pass.
I was wrung in midair from point to
point over rocky chasms and almost
toEsed from peak to peak.
For you ��ee 1 was the first woman to
be carried over the new aerial tramway
that was completed only two dayB ago.
At first I thought it would be to nice
when tbe kind-hearted managers of the
line proposed to carry me over tho pass
instead of having to walk over it with
my husband and tha other men of the
party. It would only take an hour ar
two lu this way instead of one or two
dayt ot the hardest kind of climbing.
So they tucked me into a little box, only
two feet wide and three feet long and
about two feet deep. It was only made
for carrying freight, they said, so they
tied and strapped and bound me in as
they would a load of groceries, and I
wondered why they were bo careful
about it. for I told them 1 wouldn't
jump out.
But they just laughed, and told ma to
gaud on and not be afraid. Then they
hoisted me up on to something like an
overhead trolley wire. The cables
attached to the box 1 was in started with
a creaking, grinding sound. Straight up
tbe mountain-side and into tha dark
canyon I went as if I were a bird.
Higher and higher up from the grsuud
the cables carried aae, and I was afraid
to look down, so kept ray eyes fixed on
tht height* above and beyond,
All at once, directly in front ot ra*,
loomed a great black cliff, and 1 was
[ .Imbed straight at It. I closed my eyes
and shrieked as I never did In my life
before, when lo 1 the cliff wat gone���1
had be-sn whirled jttt around its ��dge,
and then I felt the awfulcst sensation;
for I was tusp*uded over a great chasm,
hundredt of feet above a glacial torrent,
and it appeared to be a mile from one
side of tlat canyon to uuolher, where the
tpider-like cable line* were suspended
from towers. It seemed to me I hung
for hours over the yawning chasm, but
they told me afterward 1 could not have
been more than a minute and a half, for
the span as they call it, at that point is
only 1,600 feet. But mathematics don't
count in such a situation���you ju6t have
a horrible, sickening fear of tuch terrible
hoights and distances in midair.
The rest of tlie way was straight over
never-melting glacial ice. The air up the
rocky pass covered with snow wan
bitterly cold as it cane in a perfect gale
down between the mountain walls, and
it seemed as if the North Pol* mutt be
right ahead of m*.
Then came the intense relief as the
summit of the pass was reached, the
threatening walls of rock flattened out
into a hilly plain, and the car slowed up.
It was th* end of the line, and a group
of rough but kind-hearted men cheered
mo a* the car waa lowered to the ground
and I was unstrapped and taken out.
They told me how brave I was to take
the first trip of any woman. In fact,
they said that no man before this hud
btcn over the whole line at one time. 1
had crossed the dreadful Chilkoot pass
in an hour and a half, whilo the poor
miners struggle for days ami weeks
along its awful course. I tremble to
think of Frank, my dear husband, and
hie companions, who are at this moment
iiimcwher* in that mane of frowning
rock walls and mow gorge*, But I pray
Heaven they may arrive Per* at the
summit safely to-morrow. The miners
here are making me at comfortable as
possible in a log hcuse near the saw mill
on Lak* Lindcman till my husband and
his party arrive.
All our snpplies will be brought over
on the tramway. When everything has
been brought to this point wo shall toke
dog sleds and go down over the frozen
lakes and rivers to Dawson City.
I am sanding thit letter back in the
way I came, ia a package over the tramway, and thoy say it will bo one of the
quickest letters ever sent out of this
far-off, lonesome country. Give my lov*
to all tho friends at home, and believe
mt, ns ever, your affectionate
Mrs. Martha .V. KerBloy, of Dorchester,
a suburb ot Boston, tho "frtter ot the
above letter, is a member of a party of
seven which left Boston on Jan. 2nd for
Alaska. Mrs. KerBloy was th* only
woman in the party. She insisted upon
accompanying her husband, Mr. Frank
Kersley, a mining man ef much experience in many parts of the wubI. The
two member, of the party were young
men from Boston and vicinity, who put
themselves under Mr. Kersley't guidance. Mrs. Kersley Is a vivacious,
intelligent woman of 30.
A Comparlaon.
The following statement thows bow
the Teslin Lake railway tenders received
by the government compare:
The P.othschild's tender was: (0,000 a
mile cash and various lots of land of
1,500aerct each: refused to tender for
for land grant only.
Th* Allison tender for Dye* route
railway was: 30,764 acr*s p*r raile in
solid block* of 576 square miles; no cash.
The Mackenzie contract: 25,000 acres
per mile of railway to be chosen under
certain restrictions and in blocks of a
minimum size of 144 square miles,
divided into blocks, of whioh the government retains alternate section*; no cash.
All other promoters itopped when it
was announced that there would be no
cash subsidy.���Free Press.
British America Corporation.
We look forward with a considerable
amount of interest to the circular to th*
shareholders promised by the Marquess
of Duffcrin at tlie statutory meeting of
th* British American corporation, sayt
th* Financial Bulletin.  It is a matter
of public interest to know  what thit
corporation, witli a capital of ��1,000,000,
is or it not to acquire.   W* w*re led by
th*   prospectus  to   suppose   that   th*
Alaska Commercial company was to be
one of iti chief asaett, in exchange tor
tho cash subscribed by the shareholders,
and that next iu value came tbe Le Roi
mine. The chairman has told th* shareholders (hat the Alaska venture hat been
abandoned; but what about the Lc Roi ?
Has this also lieen put on one side?   If
so, it seems to ue that the subscribers to
the issue  have  been  deceived by Mr.
Whitaker Wright ami the Globe Finance
corporation.      Th*  pro.pi.etus  of  th*
British American corporation doult principally with the larg* profit! that would
accru* from th*ae  two  concerns,  and
many  of  the  subscribers to the Issue
were influenced accordingly,   It seem*
entirely wrong that option   properties
should figure on propectuses, and then,
after allotment, be quietly abandoned.
Th* British American corporation ie not
the only company  to blame  in this
respect.   We remember  another company promoted by Mr. Catton,  who is
now on hi* way t* British Columbia,
which made  a  great point in its prospectus ol Wabigoon townsites in Wabi-
goon, a station on th* Canadian Pacific
railway.   We would ask Mr. Catton or
the directors of the Rainy Riv*r and
Ontario Exploration company whether
this option has not been abandoned. We
have reason to believe it ha*; and this
being so, we unhesitatingly assert that
what capital was tubscribod���small as it
was���was mainly on the option referred
to.   Having as we have the interests ot
Canndaat heart, we feel bound to protest
against stylo of promotion.   When an
option on a property is inado a leading
feature on a prospectus, in tlio event of
the  necessary funds being subscribed,
that option ought to become aa out-and-
out purchase, otherwise an oppoitunity
ia given for a system of fraud which will
stem  the  flow  of  Britisli   capital  to
essential to developing tho vast wealth
of the mining district* of th* Dominion
of Canada, now being brought to the
notice of investors in this tountry.   As
regards th* British American corporation, there can be no doubt but what thiB
company,   with   proper   management,
under the chairmanship of Lord Duffcrin
and the financial support of the Whitaker
Wright group, ought to achieve great
things in Canada.     We lielicve we are
correct in stating that there ar* 3,000
shareholders, and that the  capital  of
��1,000,01X1 was over-tubicribcd  to the
extent of 25 per cent.
The Upper Columbia Navigation k
Tramway Co.'s com petition wad finished
this week, II. G. Parson's rink being
victoriouB. Tlio following Hlinws ihe
standing of the rinks in the competition.
WOM    LOST    TO l'l.AY
Parson  4 1 0
Kae .3 2 0
Warren  3 2 0
Henderson  3 2 0
McNeish  0 4 1
Houston  1 3 1
Tlie final for the Columbia liiver Lumber Co.'b trophy was played on Tuesday
night between Houston's Buckshots and
Brock't Orphans. It was a hard fight
from start to linish, the score being a tie
at the conclusion of the last end, necessitating the playing of another end,
when Houston won with the last shot.
The Calgary Consolation was fought
out thiB week also. On Wednesday
night McNeish met and defeated Parson
to the tune of 18 to 8, and on Thursday
night ho met Neilson's Colts, who, even
with the able assistance of Capt. Bacon,
proved about as easy a mark as Parson,
the acor* being 19 to 4 in McNelah's
favor. The first prize in the competition
is a banquet lamp and four boxes of
cigars. McNeish's rink think so much
of their skip, lie's such a jolly good
fellow, and recognizing that hiB able i
generalship guided them to victory,
have presented him with the lamp. It
is needless to say that " Wullie " waa
tickled over the presentation.
Kennedy k Douglas, merchant tailors,
Toronto, have presented the club with a
curler's v��st, for competition. The following draw has been made*.
Houston        I
McNeish        \
Henderson 9 (���_, )
Ra* 11 JR" \
Warren    )
The first gamo in this competition was
played on Friday night when Kae defeated Henderson 11 to 9.
The competition f'ir the Bostock
trophy will tuko . place at Sandon on
Friday and Saturday ol nest week. The
Golden club havo received an invitation
to attend. It Is unlikely however that
Golden will be able to send a rink.
The Colts scored twic* in tlieir Consolation game and they evidently think
that that entitla* them to second place.
Perhaps it is because they can take more
"consolation" ott of the Bocond prizo.
Tho Pacific Cable*.
Tho Vancouver board ol trade recently passed the following risolution:
" Whereas the hiyiligof a Pacific cable
from Bri'.ie'.i Columbia lo Australia to
complete the circle of Imperial telegraphic communication and afford an
alternate direct service between tlio
mother country and her greatest dependencies of Canada, India and Australia,
tho highest strategical and commercial importance i and whereas, in this
connection the home government would
appear to be now awaiting more deflnita
action ou the part ol the colonies, and
whereas, further, all measures tending
to facilitate more ready intercourse with
Australia are of the lirst importance to
" Be it renolved that, in the opinion of
the Vancouver board of trade, the question of the earlieBt pos&lble completion
ol a Pacific cable from British Columbia
to Australia iB one which demands ihe
careful and urgent attention ul tlie
Dominion government;
"Be it also resolved that as a further
incentive to prompt action, tlie board
would suggest that the consummation
of an all-British clruuinterrane&n telegraphic service might be a tilting event
with which to inaugurate the first year
of the twentieth century."
fire at Canmore.
Fire broke out in the Pullman Hotel
on Tuesday night about hall paBt eleven.
A hi*_h raft wind caused the fire to
spread to Mrs. Burncy's hoarding house,
Irom thence to Alexander's jewellery
store and dwolling house, Holmes and
Carnies' buildinrs were gutted. Nearly
all the buildings on the north side of tho
track and west of the Pullman hotel
have been destroyed,
Clara Chrlsteusen, th* ten year-old
daughter ol Claue Chriyteusen, proprietor of tho Pullman hotel, received
injuries by burning which have since
proved fatal. Much sympathy is expressed for Mr. and Mrs. Cbriatensoii,
The little girl was a universal favorite.
Kootenay Curling Association.
Representatives of the Nelson, Sandon
and Kaslo curling clubs huvc organized
the Kooteuay Curling association. J. B.
McAi .bur wat elected temporary president, A. W. Strickland, temporary
secretary and Messrs, Peters, Gremmctt
and Buchanan vice-presidents. An
���xecutiv* committee was appointed,
consisting of J. E. Main, Jas. Warcaitla,
Sandon; W. 11. Grant, N��lsou; J. S. C.
Eraser, Rosiland ; C. A, Warren and ll..
M. Rae, Golden, Mestrs. McArthur and!
l'tttrt were appointed as a committee to
draft th* constitution ol tho association.
A Letter from Her Cousin.
A young lady of  Deep Creek, received
the following affectionate letter from her
cousin, living in Palouse county:
Dkaii Khz: We is all well, and
mother'! got the hisTcrrix. Cruttieu
Tom it got the 1 lupin Koff and Bister
Any has got a bailee, and I hope these
lew lines will find you the same. Rite
Your aphectioxate Kussen,
The Rotslander:    Though it may be
true that the centres of population are j
apt to vary in British Columbia there is
DO reason   tor  making   tlio   proposed,
redistribution   of   seats   a   temporary
measure a* it Baid to be all that thu
government   will   do at   this   teaton.
Kootenay is now bo well established that
the   shipping   mines  alone will retain
until th* n*xt Dominion census is taken
a larger population than it bus   now.
Th* output of  its mines is likely to
increase rathor than diminish and its
relative importance ni a   part  of   the
province will be greater rath*r than lets.
It ia now paying upwards ol on*-tliird ol
the taxen ot the province, yet is represented by but two members in a house
���f  33.   It   it  time that  som*  ef   the
district*   whos*  glory   is  departed  or
whose  advance has  not  come  up   to
expectation b* consolidated for election
purposes or else the number of members
increased to correspond with population
and wculth more closely than now ender
tb* present division of constituencies, A
radical redistribution of electoral ridingi*
will have to be uitnlu some time, and tlie
government should have the courage to
tak* that step now.
Yankeo* aro Mad.
A Washington despatch to tho New
York Sun says:   The Btatc department
upon the recoinmuudation of the secretary  of  the   treasury, Mr.   Gage,   has
decided   to employ strong measures of
retaliation   against  Canada unless the
Ottawa  government  shall   consent  lo
modify   its   regulations    affecting  tlie
issue of miners'licenses in Yukon.     It
Is expected that a communication on tho
subject  will ho sent to th* Canadian
i cabinet by the department.   Many complaints have been made to the treasury
.department   hy   United   States ottlsons
! going to the Klondike region becauso
! th* Canadian  government   refuses  to
| issue miners'  licenses  at    convenient
! points, such as Chilcoot, above Dyer,
but requires applicants to go either P*
Victoria or Vancouver in the south, or
lo  Dawson,   to  the   north.   Secretary
Gage  says   that   the   new   sub-ports of
Dyou and Skuguay were established last
year lor the purpose of extending better
accommodation  to   foreign    shipping,
especially British.     United States whip
owners did not need these sub-ports,
since United States vessels engaged in
in the coasting trade do not need to use
a  particular   port  at   which   to enter
tlieir cargoes.    In view ol ibis courtesy,
extended mainly Ior the benefit ol Can -
dians,   Secretary Gage regards Canada's
regulations affecting inlntrB1 licenses as
ungenerous   mid    unreasonable.     Tho
state  department, it is expscted, will
represent to the Canadian governmeul
that  Unless  the   negotiations   shall he
ratified the sub-ports of Dyea and Ska
guay will be abolished by tiie treasury
The latest Klondike reports are die* |
couraging to newcomers. It is said that'
all the available claimB of any value
have already been taken up, It must be
added that tho motive for these hltott (
pessimistic advice* is open to suspicion.'
One effect of the largo amount of
interest taken in the Klondike goldtiehla
will be to anticipate and considerably
hasten the c.umuenccmcnt of spring
business in Canada. A very large number of people are expected to urrivo in
ths Dominion durln'g the early months
ol the year, and although many ot theui
��� perhaps the majority,���wjll only be
birds of passage en routo for the Yukon
fields, their arrival and the supply ui
their many necessities must almost of
necessity expodite the commencement
oi the Canadian spring trade and give it
a general stimulus. It is a sign of tho
times that some Canadian houses will
now make contracts only al prices sub*
ject to an advance which may o.-cu,,
and not nt the ruling quotation*. the 5p
men ��,
r.ki of tha  [^avsilopiiTon1; of
UroaL Dominion.
a Wuekly Journal, pulilb
d. Ui-- InterestDf the Kami
making closest connections
xmil route**,
ictl every Thursda;
Koui.-iiu,- bi-itrlt!
with ull i mil... iiii'
PCUSCIUPTIGN KATES:   By 1:11*1! or c
}i iti per year in uitvaucu.
-     While.
t'l   UttBlltl   t!.'.'    I
British parliament, .Mr. John  Lovl
M.P. for llngoerston, [.omlon,\v��a lot
wnyhomolroniAiiatralla  MOtl08 tO   TaXBaVerS
present   Hessimt nt   I Ik* , *     v
vrOTtCK IS flHItEl
-^    vjth the Statute
arrlage anu dei
JOB UlCl'AUTMEXT: Our Joh Departmcni
i- tin- lit-si equipped j.riniiiiK utllcu in Hast
Kootenay ami la prepared tu do uuat, urtUtle
i.riutlugatu rcatsonahlu price. Ono price tuall.
Mall uruers receive prompt attention.
dunce u.i any subject u
public ami uc-iirc
uvery point hi tin
b'Jim liilf iianu- t..i
I'.i.ttuib .:ri|.t,   Hot
Iiii as a guarante
tfo Invite eorre
Inturi'Hi iu tlni gu
��� Olstr:
In   all
fur j 1
���il 1
��� witli reference lo an
I ill HlllJlillT  paper   III
al p-ipcr iur ptiblk'atiu
viewed by :i -Xnr'-'WeRtor representative,
1 in t!u- course ul' which bu Raid Uo lnul
ADVEUTISINO IUTE8: Display aflB.��.50per .
.'Ofiuhli liiiih, fttaiu pur column inch when In- been 111 Australia lor somo tune lulvocat*
sltu'I on the title page ; legal aus. 10 cents pur ��� ,1 nni|..vof i..,. rmv.i��rliil fwWntinii
(nonpareil) linifhirtl.M Insertion, 0 uontajjer inS(-u l'ou ) 01_cm nnpunii ipuetnuuii,
lino for each additional liiwrtluii; reading bt-ltoviu-i thai onlv this noUev will
notices 16 cents pur lint' each lusurilun. -.-',.      .   ����'���* ���  ��� *      ��� 1
maintain   Ureal  Britain a  commercial
 wtuetnomcBnoiUtcrtUau Bupronm(,yi    fhls movemiuk is gaining
I ground in Australia, although it will bo j tax ai'idaii
i somo thno before it cau be consummated. \
Briefly stated. th�� object Is to Inaugurate  witMi. i'-- n-mi
free  tratio  between   Britain  und   her hi-
colonies with protection against the rest | n,
of the world.
Speaking of Canntlu and the prospects
i  for  ilie  development  of   tho  western
;  portion of it, Mr.  Lowlcs was of the
1- opinion that tho present exclteniuiit will
I tin for Camilla just what, years ago, Uie
;' [ goldliolds oi Australia did towards open-
��� 1 ing up that country.   Uu was convinced
i from u cloae .study of exist hitf conditions
in Australia, and especially tho western
portion of it, that  tha  gold   fever  had
been of inestimable advantage in attracting capital tiiero and in developing tho
resources of thu country Manitoba and
tlie Territories will dorivo immense profit
from being tho base of tlie food supply
for tho mining centres of Britisli Columbia and the Yukon country should they
bucomo as Important as present indications would indicate. There was a danger
however, of allowing tho A met leans to
stop in and  exploit Canadian  resotices
without giving anything in return for so
i of merchant venturers bound to (ll)jnc. Tll0 pooplu 0* Tttenmn and Seattle
havo displayed great activity in booming
those, cities as points foi outfitting und
obtaining food supplies, ar.drun far, Ihey I
ItHVd  done   tho  larger  paction of tlie!
Yukon trade.   A considerable portion of |
Northern  Division   of East
Kootnay   District*
bu uti
II eai
Address all
Golden, 13. 0.
���mem j j _"gy��j 17 .-p WTWW-WTO ' W^*Wt BE MS **"���" *"" BE * """J*1*!'
THURSDAY.3FKD. 2-J,  1808.
Ths Klondike Rush.
Ac sording to The City Leader tho rush
t" tho frtwen I'd Dorado appears to have
82t in, for we are daily receiving news of
Iho arrival on the Pacific coast of .small
the new gold fields. A New York cable,
under date of February 1st, slates that
I-eattlo advices art- to the oTeofc that the
daily arrivals there of gold hunters on
lheii'*\vay through number;],000 or so.
whilst as to New York itself, twel e
steamers which recently left tlmt po.t
V GIVEN in aneorttfliice
it:.nt provincial Revenue
it'd under tiie Assessment
tie yu&rlSM.
mmt'd tuxos cnllectable
Division <>:' Kant Kootenay
'ubla at my olllee, tbe Court
are collectable at tbu following
K paid ou or before Jiina llOOi, 1S08,
Tliree-fl/tht n( onv nvv cent, nn Hual Property.
Two mul ono-hall per ceut. on aEsesscd value
One-It sit of one per cent. u:i Personal
uu bo nuieli of the Incnmesot any person as
exceeds Ona Tlmusaiul lloltaM tbu followlntt
rates, namely: I'f.uu sucb oxcrad o( Income
when tUe sum i.i not more than Tun Thotisand
hullrtrs, one per cent.: when such exoesi i-^
over Ten Thuusanil Dullurs und nut mora than
Twialy Thoiidiiiifi Dollara, one uud one*iiuarter
uf one nor cent.: when such excess in over
Twenty Thnuitin.l Dollars, unu and one-hall ol
one per cent.
If paid on or afler the 1st Inly, UW.
Four-lift lis of ono per cent, on Ileal Property.
Tli.Vt; ijit rent, uu On' u^-Mtul VttUlO OI Wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On somite*)) of the Incomes ni any person as
exceeds One Tiir-imaml Dollars the following
ritiL'.s. namely! t'jiuii sneli excess when Ihu
aamu is not more t nan Ten Tlioitsaml IlnlUrs,
one and onc-ouurtor of ono lior eent.l wheu
such excess Is ovjr Ten Thousinnl Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, ono
ii ml one-half of one per cunt; when such excess
Is ovor Twenty Thousand Dollars, one aud
three-quortersof one percent.
Provincial Revenue Tax, -J.1.00 pvr capita.
K. I'. I.AN'0,
Assessor and Collector,
n, January Wtli, 1808. J13-
���^OTlCKIa li.rchv iriv.-ti tjlftt I alinll ..'.-.Ir f..r
so I'oniiii*; to the Yukon from dial-int | ,    ����K''.l��i iimi��;r ili-euenio-u; iliiiuer-iia
f tlie lu!l..v,iii*i ii,-s,-ril���-,l Iriii-is : ���, oininoiieliiji
countries will, if yultuhlo itiauciimetitu I at t\ pont on ihe N'ortli Forltof Ilnley (.'reek, *,-
for Ahslm convoyeil some 7,00a>issen-1 i,-, offered, roiniiiii hero.   Tho jiold ills- j Khi��r��^
A Mitisfuotory diet nliont  these | covei'ieu   in   IVesturn    Australia   J.:i. 1;',"il;V.';^,:.j.bI'.1'^'*,Vf*.:*,'..T"--.1!'."'?.'_.*.j,!,''?,-.V!">t'."f:,il
* thu statement that they "11
travellers is thu statement that they all I resulted In llio'sottliinj of lands that had
appear to ho well supplied with funds, boon considered barren and totally uiilil
whilut their level-headed, eoninion dense ;ur agricultural purposes. Lait year Mr.
i*. fnrtlii'i* shown li\-;'lln'ir tiililiiij with h,owlos acquired about (l.OOD uoros adja-
ilu-in a year's pHivisions. As In the cent to Ihejr.iuing districts in Western
objuctlvu point of these people Dawson Austruliu i this year's crop will, ho
City app'.-ars in no groat favor, an ospccts,'pay for nil expenses of fencing,
impression being hold that that placo is labor, etc. With^regiird to mining
overcrowded,   ln consequence of this, u industries in British J-Johunbiti, whore
.:,*-r *-*.i .*^.���.r.*.-:*��.i*J-v. :^T*ro��mv.*s*..T-:-<**.'Jo.i
SSI 7.   U'TliCHIBINa AS   tiTRA I'llO*
VLS   !.'.:.   I'OMl'A-XY  TO CaltftY
u:; iit'siSKSs.
H.lXADA: i
PROVIJICK 0? Ilhlll.sll 1 nl.l'.MIllA. '
So. 11/07.
'I'lllS IK TO CERTIFY tiiiit Uie "(inlilrn Bri
t isli Coluniliia, l,huii,*.i," Isantliorlsoil sin!
Ileeuscil to cam- on buaiiices within thu rrov-
ineeoi llritisli Columbia, and lo i-urry out or
i-Heut nil or unv i.i' Iho objects herulnaller sel
lorlh in M-tii.-li Iho leulsluuve aolhoflty ol lhe
Legislature ol Hritish Columbia extends.
Tim head office ol the Comiian-,* Is Hlttiateat
No. u. Ciueeii street Mace, Cily ol London, lis-*-
Tliu amount tit the i*ii*.lt-lli,f tlie t'i-iiii;,!lliy 11
��G,0UU1 divided int., six thousand shines ol V,
-*.-HK.��*'**a.*x. ,vjK,.-?ff..^-*.v~.\'r-K\n. *.*-ov.-iU'.*nM-LA-..-ur*-ia-.
Merchant  Tailor.
ibj ...
cst.tiii,>:ii*jd and su uccuacii arc;���
[0.] To purclmso, take on lmse, ur uth'Twis.'
awmlre, mines, mining rif*hia, and luetalluer*
ous land and anv luieruM therein, and to explore, wurk, cxerciiic, develop ami luru to
uctount tho same! , ,
[l>] To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, enli.lne,
 ' prepare tor market, ure, metal, and miuer*
nibsiuuces ol all kinds, nnil to carry ou,
.ertijiOii or in tonnoetlon with tho premises
ur elsewtiere. tho business of minors, millers,
smelters,aim \10rkerH0l any proce-finesiu the
proclmaion, reduction and maklusj merchant*
able, ol mlnerals.mctals and metallic products,
iuppllesol water, merohants, and lauuiiiuetiu*
r��*i and workers oi anv mluerals, metals, at-ti-
Scotch,  English,   Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
Z5. O.
i.suii.i fhliitta used i
mhiluir, iiiiiiini,', smu
rertaln proportion ol omigraiits arc going
to various Alaskan rivers, siuih as the
refractory ore is the rule, Mr. Lowles
thought mi,ro attention should bedirect-
felly, HoDtiilinquii und Slteeiia, ivlien e ,.d towards discovering cheaper methods
reports havo been received of good placer lot rothicing the ore; al present it costs
mining. Mentis of transport uro improv-' about ?1B lo reduce u ton, consequently
ing. Over tho Chilkoot puss there is i low grade ores ure useless, ln Australia
unlil to ho a horse and two aerial train-1 ores aro reduced ut a cost of nboui (-3 per
Maya, the rate for goods traffic being ton, uiul lately a process has been dis-
sUpencs par pound. On tho other hiuid, covered by which the cost will bo
we have also had reports. Capt. llav, reduced to about $1.25 pn toil. Asa
U.S.A., who lias been on a mission to rulo, the low gratis ores should pay
Klondike, strongly advisos his govern- bettor, besides possessing tho advantage
mont ti dissuade emigrants, lie says Uf being far more plentiful,
there arc no means of earning a living, j While in Australia Mr. Lowles saw
ami that the hanks oi the Yukon river copies of leaflets published by the Boards
aro thronged with people chanting the ol Tradu of Vancouver uud Victoria set-
old, old song.if "We've got no work to ting (orth tho advantages of those cities
do." But this is only to bo expected. Lj starting points for the Klondike. As
There was never il gold rush yet but that *, result, on the steamer Witrrimoo,
destitution was writ large over all tlio | which urriveil at Vsnciniver on the 20th
gold-producing district, however rich it
might he.   Hold mining is ono of two
l-ort Steele, Oelober>i!i
\jOTICK is hereby itlven that 1 Bhall apply fur
���t' aspeciiil timber llceuee tu eut tiniuer on
the fulliiwliiji iteserHied landi :���ComtauueluK
ut a post on Middle Pork ol L'intey CKok,po.*it
situated 1.300 feet m the north uf llardie's
Corral, N*. K.; Iheneie niiiniiitiiaichtiiiisMiiilh;
thenco70chains west; theucolfio chains north;
thence 70 chains cast to the post uf commence*
iiK'ii.ifuntiiiiiiti- l.C-JuitiTi-s about.
Golden. It. C,  October 20th, 1807*
TijOTiCK is hereby given that I shall apply
-11 for a special tlmuer lle��nce to cut timber
on the :"ul!isv-lni,'described lands :--Cummenc-
In.1* at a point on Flnley Creek, at tho head of
the canyon, nertli-eas, curnerpost; running
West a'-tJeiiititiH ; tiieuiv-itii'liiiins soitth ; thottCH
200 chains east; lhenee40ehalua north io point
oi cui::*nur.ctiiiicnt ; containing about l,eC0
J.  C.   DUK1CK.
Port Sleclc,Oetob��r list, 1937.
things--n busluesa cntorprise or a mad
gtupblc, ami tho Yukon gamcstor.s m��st
jus; put up with tlieir ltu'lc. Ono cannot,
ni conrao,  but  fool   sorry   for   tlioso
tilt., there were between thirtv and forty
,     _    ,. . ,     i    ,  ,' ���   ,i       rpIIK ASXllAL MEETING ol the shareholder!!
Australian minora who had been mllti-   i
enced t.i come by peeing tlioso leaflet.
Speaking of tlio light in which Canada
Is regarded ns a field for [Investments of
capital hy British inventors, Mr. Lowlei
disappointed fortune-hunters; hut what i s���j(i that there is a growing tendency to
wo have to consider is tlie Klondike-h00k lo the colonies for openings for
district from the more city point of view.' investments. The troubles in the Trans
vaal and the consequent depreciation in
value  of  British  interests  thero, had
I'roni that standpoint, then, tho outlook
is healthy enough, and the slny-at-honi"
investor, il he only keep Ills head cool,' strengthened this tendency
will put money in his pocket.  __^,��_���,_����_	
 -******a" ������ Morclor's Good Lock.
Already, tho economic conditions on j 	
whicli mining in the Yukon region is! Tbe Montreal correspondent of the
carried on havo undergone a groat Toronto Mall says; Joseph A. Morclor,
change from their primitive condition, brother of the late premier of Quebec,
snvs tlio Monatary Times. Mining there, ,       . ,*.*,���    .,
��� *    ,       , . has,   it seems,   stru.ik It  ri.li   in   Iho
it says, even on  tho pincers, bus to a
go latent censed to bo an occupation Klondike    lie has not even had to go
io on his out ami locate a claim, but by the assist-
I'imes, is anie  of Ins   frionds nt Ottawa he has
inndo plain by a published letter of tho ���_,,���..���,-  t]l0 iei*_00.  280 miles of the
liev. I'. Fluwclllng, of Dawson City, who ,_,    ,.,     .        ,       ,, ,    ,.
Klondike rivers for gold dredging pur-
l-*,*ier t'.il'iiiibhi N-,vi*.'*i;iim ami
Tramway Company I.t'.t., will i��e held at Ihe
Company's oltleo in tlolueu, B.C., on Momlay
ti.i; Meeonil n.iy in Mar, h, A.H., lsi's, lit two
o'elocS in tii,. nfternoon, foi the election of
litreetors, and tor the ordering of ihe affairs ol
th" eoinpany tcenorully,
Uy order oi lhe hoard.
*.l itl'OM,
in which a poor man can engi
own account,    This, adds the
nts the Canadian C.M.S. Clulins
having become dear, are procurable only
capitalists, tint! the workman who is
���ml also u capitalist, must seek employment from Bomoone who has both n
claim to operate on, and capital to sot
other labor than bis own 111 motion. |
And Mr. l-'lowelling adds that labor is
already In excoss of tho demand. The
slate of things thus described, though
true of the neighborhood of Dnvrson
(,'itv, doubtless, is not necessarily true
of other places,
poses,     Morclor  lias been working the
scliemo for somo timo.    The  rivers be
! bearing district some within n f*.w miles
C. I!. 1
Golden, B.C., Keb. 15th, ISM.
XJOT1CI W HIREBT OIVEH that application
i^ will he iiidd-i to Uie Parliament 01 Canada
and io the LoxijlBtiv-? Asse in lily ott he Province
ttt British fjolumhla at their respective sessions
to Incorporate a Compony io eoiiatrtiot a railway to tie operated by steam or cleotrlcfty irom
tt point 'ii or near Cranbrook, In Kust Kootenay,
Uriiish (''���)l.n:i!iit;--t'.i�� mort! northerly point on
ibu Crow'i Nest Uailway.���-thenca running in a
nor thirty dtrectlou up \m Kootenay River to
CaualFlati theue* to th* Columbia Lake and
in a uottberly direction down tht Columbia
itivur tu the Canoe Kiver; thence np tii** Canoe
River ami across tii*. Portage io tim headwatera
ofthe Prascr Kirer; (hence down the Frnser
Hirer to iii>.*u:u* Portage; thence across tho
Portage to Parsnip Kiver; thence down tbe
t'ariiiip Mlvi*r l�� I'hidUy Kiver, aud lip tbe
Ptndlaj Itlver nnd acro>s tii" iMfUI-j to l'raueea
Ijilte, and thence to the Vukon, with power to
divert tlie route ef the line north ofOtscome
Portage either by way of Doase I.nke cr ns may
t.e fu;!ini most suitable ou lurther explorutlou,
tth power iu build and operate branch llm
or in touuecliou wi.   .
 ...,;, antl uthor proc-swes |
iiiiiresal'd, oranyoithenu !
lc] To search iur mines and mluerala either
on laud known tu contain such minus and uiin-
crals ur otherwise, and lo buy aim soil, leas-i
or tako up tnu I'lyhisot tieareu or other miners'
rl*j;hts or claims under any mining slatutos or
reanlallonaoi auy placo wbero ibu Company
carrion ou operations, und anj ether rights re-
specllug thuHitme:
[dj To acquiru options, ur enter into contractu
for lhe purchasu t.i any v.r--m.s cunichsiun.s,
lean's or sells, caseiuunisor luteresw in lands,
waters, millHltes, towusltes, mines, minerals,
ami other hereditaments, ami any pluut, machinery, Implements, eti.ivtuieneta, |-ruv;Mons
anil tilings, imd ai.y other pi'u|.eriy, rcul or
perMtntil, iiiuvi:ii]'> nr iiniiiovuDh', ior ';ur|.o.s-s
incidental tueretu or tu any otlu'iunjocts ui uie
Company, ui'oupabto ol being twed In connection witn metallurgical nitration;; w reqimeu
by workmen or ulners employed by the Company, and to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[e) To acquire anv Inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable of being used ior the pur*
poscsof lhe Company,or any ol them, ami to
work, transfer, let. ur sublet tno same;
i. To acquiru and undertake tue whole ur any
part of the business, property ami liabilities, ol
niiv person or company carrying on any business which this Compauy Is authorised Lo carry
un; and to acquire and hold any shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, ol or oilier interests In
any Kngllsh, colonial or otner companies, associations ov undertakings capabluol being managed or conduetod so us directly or Inulrcetlj
to benefit tho bmrinessol thu Company.    Abo
slocks, bunds, uullsallons, ueuniures or suour-
tiuii as partial or fiui seett.'ity iur pay men tn one
tu iho Company!
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
otiiors iu Requiring, totmtrueting ur hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, muchlncry, roaos,
bridges, Iramways, runways, engines, plant,
stocks, bulldluifs, works, matlers or tilings
which may be necessary or convenient tor the
purposes ol the Company, or any ul Iheiu, ami
ti> i ue working ui the same or any part thereoi:
li. To Improve, manage, develop, let unaorlet
or Bell.or othorwiso dispuse of, eiutrgo or deal
with, in anv manner whatsotver, tlie undot-
taklng or unv pan or parts ui the property oi
thu Cuinpany, or any rights, way-leaves or
easements In or over tue same, aud io accept ns
payment tbereiui* cither cash or shares, ur
partly cash and partly shares, ln any other
cuniuanv pun-iiiisfiig inesame:
i. To cdiuIjHsIi unu niiiintaiii agencies ot tlie
Company iu any colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, and to procure the Company
tu ne registered or Incorporated iu any sucu
colony, uomlniou, foreign country oi* suite:
. Tu amalgamate with any other company
having oi-jetts altu^clhur or iu pari sii.-.ilar tu
the otijecta ol this Company, and to enter into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal eon-
cession or otherwise, with auy company or
person or itrm engaged or about to engage ln
Rny business or transaction which this Company is authorized to engage in, or capable of
tjciug comitu'.iod so as direc.ly ur iudirectiy to
benellt this Company:
k. To hold, in the nftmesof others, any property which ihe Company Is authurltteu to
-Acquire, antl to eanv uu or do any uf the
hiisiiii'Shes end acts anu thiugsaforesai-J, eitlmr
us principal ur agent, anu either by the agency
Of or as agents or trustees fer others:
1. To malte, purchase, sell, accept or ludorse
bills of exchange ami other iiiatr.imenis, ucgu-
tltible or othcrwise.aud to borrow money either
wiiii ui* without security, and either upon lie*
gotiable instruments or otherwise, incltiding
i,u< hisr.i'oi uebemurt'sehargeil upon all or any
ot the Compun>'s property (both present ami
future), including its nnctillud capital:
ni. To promote ami form other ootiipantes for
auy of lue object! meutlonod in this Aieiiiur-
li. To invest snd deal with thi moneys of the
Company uoi Immediately required upon inch
s.'cnriiit.s and in such maimer u* frum time lo
iime b* determined:
o. To distribute any of th* property ol the
Compauy among the members in specie:
p. Tu carry on business in auy part of tlie
world and to do all such tilings as are Incidental ur conducive io ihu t-.uaiu.nent oi the almc
Given under my hand and seal Of otuco at
Victoria, Province oi llrlttsh Columbia, this
null day oi October, ono limus-aid eight hundred aiid nluety-sevou.
UlIo��)k & Barrie, Props.
*    *    *   B.  C.
FI sl-riasiln every particular.  Convenient to Hallway nopot aad Steamboat l-aa-Jlag.
Jlates Keasonable.  Free rjample Rooms.
The Ttv.m Cur leaves Kouteuay House, eouuectlng with .-Ue&iner for Fort Steele every
Monday and Fl'lduy after arrival of train from the w����t.
[eadqiiarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Homo Comforts       ���
Modern Conveniences   ���
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
hits tihosen ivro in the heart oftho gold 11 ixoMillna sixty mil,-. In loimtli ami nil
Go to the    _/3    �� �� Y/*
��������� Lolumbia Jtouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
Reel.trar ol Joint atonk corapanies.
.i  Dawson City.    Following
���IkIiIs socttreil by Mr. Morclor I
lire   tbe
nii.l u|,-nil.* lelugrupll iiii.l ti'lepi-on-,. li'ie:. for
ilia triuiMi.i-.-ii,u ..I meiiaagofl fur tha t.iiL.lir; to
build, aoqulra antl oporatt steam and oiii.r
rcaiefs and nil nvcaasary forrlta, wlmrrcH and
, (to.iks*. tu tulia mi.I i,*.n ivnter for gcnaratlllg
liliqils river, 30 miles; tnuinn river, 80 elurirlclty, nnd to transmit nnd dispose of tlit
:i ,.   mm   .... nt���i. ,m ,���;i,���,. <.;..*,. *u;t,   |->i��er thorefrom  lor  littlitliii,*, 1,. Alinu* iui.1
miles j rhol'li Dlolt, -".l null's; Sistty-Jlile  mollve ,,ur|,0,_,: ��nu power nl�� to carry on
orook, 80 niih's;    MiieMillnil  river,   801 th�� l.un ss ol aitoneraltrndlni}company,of
river, 80 miles; Little i-
The annual report of the Provincial
registrar of births, deaths ami marrtngos
for the year ended 81st Decombor, 1800,
nbows that there woae 1,0-11  births
miles; St.'iritrt
Salmon rlvor, 10 miles; Big Salmon
river, 80 miles; Polly river, 20 miles;
Hunker or Gold Bottom creok5 miles;
Gold ereek, 5 miles. Total 280 miles.
Mercier has no Idea of doing uny dredging himself. Ho bus got the lease and
that is all he requires. Ali'nady t-niiitnl-
ists  ure bidding for portions of his big
1,020 deaths, and 080 marriages.   Of tlio | catclt ami it Is understood that Amerl-
births, RIU wero hoys ond 772 were girls.; cttn eupitulists will got the lion's lliaro
The inereaae in births over the previous j ���( *b0 dredging privileges.   Mercier will
year  was  886.     Of the 030 inuriiiiges,   probably make enough out ot the deal
only 17 of the contracting parties went' tfl kee;i hiin in   comfort for tho balance
on record as having no religious belief.  ���( |,|_ ]j[e,
Tho Episcopalian church Rliil leads in
the  number of   marriages  among  its
Adherents,   with   a total  of 04 for the
year; tlio Presbyterian being close up
with 01; and the others following in tlio
order  named:    Methodist80;  Roman
Catholic, 40; Lutheran, 19; Baptist, 15;
other denominations, 18.    The deaths
included  071   males  and  349 females,
inclusive of Indians and Chinese.
,\il persons indebted to me are re-
miofltou to Buttlo Mtno with Mr. O. H.
i'arHutt, who has authority to give
receipts for the same.
Golden, February l&th, 1893.
omjinny; also to otvu, laaiiage And
.   .._��. tu acquire, to Acquire timber
Inilu m icrata uaw mills, for ihuproduoilon
in | nali oMu  ���. ... i to tiilnt1   ��� ���>; ���   �� ��� nd
;.., -,,,;,.,..-,, ��� .��� '-.im!- ��� ,.; ��� ���-��� , you ������ nenoral
nlnlnu und nro BmeMnc bupinva, Inelndlna
lie erection and operation ol awelteru aud
Solleltora for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa Mb Novomtjer, 13W.    Hn-M
z^sa^Golden, B.C.
EEALY  AND   SEELTON,   i��rops.
-q^Heudiiaarters For-^.
Miners,  Prospectors   and  Lumbermen.
ESates $1.00 ^er ZO&,-ym
Board & Lodgiho $5 Tbe Week.    Fikbt Clasi^Bai.
Ian & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders: Receive Prompt Attention.
Golden to Fort Steelo.
Goldon to Carbonate    17 milos
Hon Ranche    22 "
���^   "     Spllllmaohone    42 "
"      Shorty's    50 "
"      McKay's    6u "
"      Windermere    84 "
"     Brctvor'fl    1)7 "
"      CttiuilFlat  1^0 "
"      Wasa (HatiHon's).. 15ft "
Fort Steele  168 "
VICTORIA, Iit the Oraco of God .olthe 1'nited
Kingdom oi OrOAt l>:itaiuand Indinul tjueen
IKit-ndcr o[ the ^aitli ,Ae., A:,, 40
Tu our faithful the Mom hern elected to eorvo iu
tlio Uglslatlvu Ameinhly uf our Province ol
IiritHii  Columbia at Our City ol VU-torla-
,\. u. smith, IlirllRRIAS   >VK|
Deputy Altorney*()eneral. i *�� are ueslrona i
auu resolved, a> noon im may be,to moet our
people ol our I'rovlnce ol nriiiih Columbia,I
and t" have their advice lu Our Lej{l8laturot
Now KNOW VE,thai for tltveneausea and;
eoniililcrations, and lukin^ Into coneltierallon |
theeaauaud Lonveuieitee ol Our loving hub*
lectii We Iiavh Ihoughl fit i��'-* and tvitli tbe ad*
Vj,��ol Otu Ksccutlve Cunni il ol the I'rovinee
of Brlllih Columbia, d" hereby eouvoke.and by
tl ������! | '.���������mu .:> ���. you,and 'aehol you U a]
. n rnttwdav, the Ti uth day ol Iho m mtii of
L'cbruarr, one thoiunutl alRht hundred and
nlnely-elKht. you vacel tin In Our ��Hiii t.cglnla*
lure or (���urllament ol our said I'rovtnca at
Our city ol Victoria, POHTItK DK8PATCI1 OF
I1USISH88, tu treat, do, act and concliule upou
tlioso thtngB whioh in Our Legislature ol thf
Province ot liriiinii Columblai by tho Oom-
mon council of Our said Province may, by the
favour oi (itiil, lie ordained.
IS    TBHTIMONY    V- IlKllKII*/,     WC    llllV*1   Ctl'.l!l-?tl
these o.tr Letters to bi made Patenti and
the Great Seal ot tht Haiti Provinco tu he
hereunto affixed: Witnww, the Honourable Thohah tt. MeisNKM, Lieutenant-Governor oi our sahi Province of UriiiMh cot-
umbta, Our City ol Victoria In our auld
Province, this thirtieth day of Doeemuor
in the year df Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and nlnoty-Huven and In
the sixty-first year ol Our lteij.n.
Uy Command,
deno Provincial Seoratnry
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.C..      r���tfS
Grooerios, Dry Goods & General Merchatadisi.   Mimtra'
Supplioa a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
-a*-������James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Chotco T.'*i:'.tra, Llquom -t-..d Cib'i.r.*i.   /i; ,u clan* ac*.u.motil-.vi*ii.
East Kootenay*.
Mining Stock List.
Namu or Company.
The Gold Hills 0. & D. Co	
Kootenuy, Cariboo M. A I. Co	
tliililen & Fort Steele I). Co	
Alberto k Kootenay D, Co	
Eust Kootenay nnd Elk River Development kExploration Co,,,,	
) 750,000
�� 600,000
( 75,000
mmMI tnwsw,,. aw*aaww
-, .-an.-Jl*DW-*J****��'.*
*-******-*****-^, maa******-**i*l*>a iiu*****
am uu .p
The mining Industry is the backbone
of the nation's wealth-producing power,
hiivr tbe Mining und Metallurgical Journal, as all other industries ure dependent
uu it for the means by which each sepur-
ute branch of trade and commerce is
carried on. Without the largo and
diversified mineral resources of tlie United States our agricultural land and products would not have hali.the value ihey
pussi'BS under present conditions, us tlie
home market would b* small and the
mineral and manufactured imports
would ifreatly exceed tlio imports of
cereals and farm products. It is not
only in tho base metals, as iron, copper,
lead, line, etc., and the hydro-carbons,
solid and fluid, ot the enstern nnd middle atates, to which we owe our national
pre-eminence us & milling country, hut
also to the largo part of the world's
annual yield of gold, amounting to
(61,347,232, and silver of (80,245,901 per
annum, produced in our western states,
which ha*, never been equaled in amount
by any country. As a field lor the
remunerative investment Of capital, our
mining enterprises command tlie capital
of Europe. As a political factor capital
is loyal to itself in the interests of its
own increase. There are several causes
for thie preforencs to American mining
investments, among which may be mentioned : A home market for the mineral* produced. Our* mining laws are
liberal and in the interests of mining
development. The social and political
conditions of our country are safe and
ktiible. The investment of foreign capital in our mines is not such a blessing ns
as it would seem, us tho profits are a
drain on our gold production to pay
dividends and interest on capital which
has to bo exported to Europe. I
which cas* our country only receives
half the benefit, of tho minerals produced
Under our liberal mining laws and the
conditions in some branches of mining,
which encourage monopoly by controlling a district, a great incentive ifl given
to the investment of large amounts of
capital. In England us well as in the
United States the Anglo-Saxon race has
made mining the chief source of national
wealth. Enterprise and the intelligent
us* of capital have achieved this end in
both countries. Tlie recent silver tidal
wave which nwept over tlie troubled
surface of the uncertain and ever changing ocean of American politics, and
came so nearly wrecking tlie monopoly
of cheap silver of the bunking Interests
of Europe, and shows thu Influence
. American silver can have us u factor iu
the trad* between Europe uud Asia, if
the United States controlled its own
silver market witli the cast und Orient.
At present our political neglect of silver
causes a loss to tho United Status of
about (83,000,030 a year, which profit
goes to the Bunk of England in its trade
with tlio east and Asia. So essential is
the industry of mining to nil the slates
of the union, both as economic, minerals used in the arts und manufactures,
as well as our production of gold and
silver us mediums of money and es*
change, that its national wealth-producing power warrants that a reconstruction
of tho federal cabinet ollices he undertaken,with a view of giving this Import
ant branch uf trade the place in our
government cabinet representation
which its Importance demands.
A Klondike Dirt Thawor.
Mr. .1. W. St, John, who, in connection
with Mr. Ormlstoii,ls thoitiventorofthe|
Klondike earth thtiwer, will loave ur,
Friday noxt tor Dawson City, tolling
with him tt number of the miichllica,
The thawor is said by all who huvc had
any experience in lhe north and have
seen the machines to he a splendid contrivance. An American which passed
through the city a few days ngo purchased one und took it with them. The
inventors sold a fraction of their interests r-oiiie lime ago fur (3,000. It is
expected tout the machine will revolutionize mining in frozen soil. It passed
a very successful test on frozen earth
here, a substance practically unaffected
by a fire built upon it bring thawed only
an inch at most. The tluiwer, while
concentrating lhe heat, very greatly
reduces the amount of fuul used. It can
be used for drifting or sinking with equal
effect. Mr. St. John will be accompanied
by Hurry Robinson, of this city, and 11.
liiilchart, ot Itossoi'.���Wpg. Free Press.
Largest Mlno in ths World.
It is not generally known in Canada
that th* largest gold mine iu tlio world
i* in Australia. It is called the Meriub-
Morgan mine. At lirst Uu. ground on
which it is situated was a dairyman's
cattle-run and when lhe gold excitement
was at fever bent in Australia, a geologist informed the owner that there wus
a gold bearing vein of quartz running
through his property, lie did not put
much faith in tlie assertion and sold the
mineral rights of the land for (05. Three
brother* of the name of Morgan were the
purchasers and they each invested (2,600
in developing the property. To-day
thoso brothers aro living in England and
are deriving a revenue of $115,000 per
year apieco from their original investment of (2,500. The mine lias an linn mil
output ol nearly (4,000,000 and pays a
dividend of nearly 38 per cent on tho
stock of the company which now operates it. The ore is reduced ut a cost of
about (3 per ton, and the directors of
the company have just decided to put in
a new plant, at a cost, of $150,OOt), by
which the cost of reduction will be
reduced to five shillings per ton. ln
addition to paying large dividends, largo
sum* are laid by annually lor the acq lieing of new mining properties. The
main shaft is sunk to a distance of 1,300
leet, and the ore does not, on the aver ige
yield more than (26 por ton, oi which
about 0*1 per cent is recovered.
Dean Stanloy'o Handwriting!.
Edward Everett Hale showed us, tho
other day, a letter that ho once received
from Dean Stanley, uud that had never
been able to rend. The illegihlo penmanship of this great man is touched
upon by Dean Farrar in a recent publication.
In Dean Stanley's "Sinai and Palestine," the first proofs informed the
render that from the Monastery oi Sinai
wus visible " the horn of the burning
beast" 1���a fearfully apocalyptic night-
marc of tho printer's devil, for the
horizon of tlie burning bush "; and thut
on turning the shoulder of Mount Olivet
iu the walk from Bethany, " there suddenly burst upon the spectator a magnificent view of���Jones! " the dean having
written his abbreviation of " Jerus." for
"Jerusalem." When he answered an
invitation to dinner, his hostess has been
known to write back and inquire
whether his note was an acceptance or u
refusal; and when ho most kindly replied
to the question of some workingman, the
recipient of his letter thanked him, but
ventured to request that the tenor of the
answer might be written by someone
else, "us ho was not familiar with the
handwriting of tlie aristocracy."���Ex.
A Modern Joseph.
A Scotch paper tells of a dream and its
interpretation whicli in truthfulness will
rank with Joseph's famous explanations:
A laborer of the Dundee harbor lately
told his wife, on awakening, a curious
dream whicli he had during tho night.
Me dreamed that he saw coming toward
him, in order, four ruts. The lirst one
was vary f-.it, and was followed hy two
lean rals, the rear tat being blind, The
dreamer wus greatly perplexed us to
what might follow, in it ind been understood to dream of rats denotes coming
calamity. He appealed to his wife
concerning tliis, but sho, poor woman,
could not help him. His son, a sharp
lad, who heard his father tell the story,
volunteered to be the Interpreter, "The
fat rat," he said, " ie tlie man wha keeps
the public hooje that ye gang till sao
often, and the twit lean anes are me and
my mither, and the Win'ano is yersel',
Who could give a better answer?
Story of a Wedding Cake.
It is told thut a Rossland young lady
not long ago received a rich and beautifully ornamented cake from eastern
frieiids who had heard that she wus
about to be married. However, the
wedding did not take place, and, as the
story goes, the cake wus sent down town
in a tin iiox box to be hermetically sealed
up, so that it might be preserved nntil
such time as the happy event would
become a reality. Hut there will probably he some consternation when the
box la opened, as it iu said that some
practical jokers among the young lady's
friends thought it wus too had that such
n toothsome delicacy as a wedding cake
should be consigned lo tlio obscurity ol
a soalcd tin box, even if only for a few
mouth , uud to save it from such a fate
thuy decided to dedicate it to the purpose for which it was intended. In other
words, they lite it, und substituted n
common loaf bread as the inmate of tho
box,���Rossland Times.
He opened the door cautiously, and
poking his head iu, in it suggestive Bort
of way, us if there were more to follow.
Inquired, " Is this tlio editorial rink-
"The what, my friend?"
"Is this the rlnkttim,Binktuni, sanctum, or some such place, where the
editors live?''
"This is the editorial room, yes, sir.
Come in."
"Xo; 1 guess I won't come in. I
Wo li tod to see what a rinktum wus like,
that's all, Looks like our garret, only
wtiss.  Good-day."
-,-�� r *C**^*M*
Minneapolis Times i A Tennessee editor informs his subscribers that .he is
millions -ii' miles from Heaven and only
in 1-clv
Is the best advertis*
medium in East
Situated on Perry Creek,
Miles From Fort Steele?
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Eaeli according to
Contains the latest
ivo***** n
Oiie-tlilrd down, balance iu three and alx
months, without in teres t.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only   $���:
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Print-*
ing   at   reasonable
Upper Columbia �����=--.
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C, 1'. It. nt (iolden, B. C. and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings. Montana.
Tho   Only   Q-uick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, C-iolden.
ii,   , i i.-.M-fv-ina'**-*.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for tlie California Giant Powder Compay,
gardnojs Hete
ITort Steele, IB. C
Choice Winbs, Liquors and Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
that fellow would say something llbsloua
.in a thoughtless uiomoiit.
The Finest TIeallh Reaarl ou the Continent.
Frivute Hospital tinder medical superinten.-
dc.iee with a Trained Stuff of Nurses��
Complete System of Baths, of every kind
and deseriptiou.
Medical Director���DK. R. G. BRETT, Bax-t.
Resident Physician 4 Surgeon���DR. SPANKII.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER.'
>r t: attsttl -crjJX-Trvn
Arrenjements nre being made for u
soeijl to be held in the Presbyterian
Church on M-irch 11th,
Tho geological survey department
estimates that $2,500,000 in gold wus
tulten out of Yukon last year,
Feb. 23rd being Ash Wednesday Rer-
vieo wan held in tho evening in the
EnglishChureh by the Kev. Mr. Turner.
Mr. (1. Rrlckson, of Field, lost his
clothes, n sum nf money und a tJ'iilU golfl
ivatcb, in tho firo at Canmore Tuesday
An order in council bus been passed
providing thut to prospect for coal in
Dominion lands n fee of $!0 will have to
be paid.
It iH now announced that the time 'or
successful tenderers declining loasoBc!
Yukon rivers 1ms been extended to
March 1.
Lady Aberdeen is negotiating to send
f-��nr nurscB ol the Victoria Order ifl
Yukon to he available in e**e of accidents to minors,
It ii rumored that Mr. P. M. Carley,
proprietor of the Nelson Economist, is
about to slurt a high class weekly journal in Victoria culled Tbe Nation.
The greut bonspiel at Winnipeg is
over. It. 11. Dunbar, a printer, captured
tbe chief lienors. When iL comes lo the
pinch the " art preservative " is generally on top.���McGregor Herald.
An ordor in council has been passod
providing that permits to sail intoxicants in the Yukon shall be Increased
from the rate of 25 cents por gallon to
t ie rate of |2 per gallon under prof.
ihe international boundary
Canada and Aluslctf Into th
district, nor shall any sv.il iu money or
land be granted toany other contractors.
Othor privilege* are also given.���Til*
City Leader, London.
Speaking at a meeting of the Hank of
British Columbia held recently Sir Robt.
Gllleeple said: "They had no doubt
that tho extraordinary development of
th* mineral wealth iu British Columbia,
and the nor. discoveries in Yukou, must
result in a bin** influx of peopla Into th*
country, aud a greatly increased and
successful business in those districts.
The preparations being read* in British
Columbia in all branches of trade for tbe
reception and equipment of explorers
and minergvrcre uupreccileuWd In extent, uud must !*���;*..'< to a very great aud
lucrative extension ot the trade of tbe
country. lie was sanguine that this
improvement would permeate the whole
coram unity,"
Wm. Fernie, of tho Crow'* Nest Pass
Coal Co., euid the other day: We have
un inexhaustible supply ol eoal, and iv is
of the very best quality. As tbere Is no
Unfit to the supply we are desirous of
creating as great a market as possible
for our product. We will be able to sell
coal so that it will not be practicable te
nse wood for fuel, even if tbe wood can
lie secured for nothing. And what is
more, tlie second year we will be able to
reduce the price, as our facilities for
getting out tho coal will be greatly
increased. We have a hard coal that is
the best quality of gas coal, and we
expect to find a market for it as far
south as San Francisco, while we will be
able to put a superior quality of coke
into Montana for a lest price than they
are paying now for a quality far inferior
to that which we will be able to produce.
The company's new town of Coal Creek
e Yukon'-'
..aw.  ��� ���*.���.���...���
i.a.in.iai****Mi. g___ g-*g*a____i___a_g_____l____'_g____*____g
, , i ������ mmmm
The special address to children which
was to have been given in the Presby- �����";������' *�� lection of themamlin.
terian Church last Sunday evening was
postponed owing to tlio inclemency of
the weather, and will be given liest
Sunday evening,
J. A. Turner, son of the Premier of li,
C. is said to have won rlrst prize in an
Old Country piuzle contest. Iihe is good
at puzzles perhaps ho can tell us how
many vole*, his dad will get next turaiuar.
���New Denver Ledge.
Friday's express from lhe west which
loft hereon time ran into a snowslide in
the canyon, derailing the engine. Tlie
c rs were brought back to (.iolden and
held here until the road was clear aud
the engine on the track.
Mr. James Henderson, contractor, lias
fitted up an office for himself in th*
Upper Columbia Navigation k Tramway
C i.'�� building, opposite the depot. This
will he a great convenience both for Mr.
iienderson and his customers.
News has been received from the Hud-
ion's Bay Company'* factor at l'ort
Simpson, on the Mackenzie river, of a
rich find of placer gold on the Liard
r ,*er, near its junction with Mackenzie.
This shows that placer deposits exist on
the eastern aa well as well as western
���lopes of the Kocky Mountains.
Tho r.cvelsteke Herald say*: The
gold commissioner lias received word
from the Minister ef Mines that claims
cinnot be lumped together in advertising notices of application for certificate
ol improvement, but each claim must be
advertised separately both in the Gazette
nnd one local paper. The ruling sheds
quite a little gleam of sunlight on the
rocky path of tho poor printer.
The Financial Bulletin: The variety
ol routes to Klondike, iu existence and
projected, bids fail- in a short time to
e.-piul tbe vsrioty of reports upon the
placer capacity of the Upper Yukon
valley. Two all-Canadian rentes under
contemplation will have the advantages
of shortening the journey, offering at
least a prospect of keeping up communication during tho winter monthi, nnd
avoiding tho customs' difficulties raised
by that unfortunate fringe of Alaskan
territory skirting the Pacific of British
Wo notice in ono of our Itevelstoke
contemporaries that the lion. G. ft.
Martia has presented for competition, a
handsome silver cup, to th* football
clubs in British Columbia enst of the
Cascades. Our contemporary urges th*
football element of llevelstoke to enter a
team for the cup. We would suggest
that th* Golden boys do likewise. Tiiere
is just a* good material here a* anywhere
else for a football team. Now ia the
time to organize so that everything may
be in readiness fer a start as soon as the
snow disappears.
Uy September next the journey to
Dawson City will be made in a week,
according to the terms ot the contract
for the construction of the railway
which has been granted to Mr. Mann of
Toronto. The Anglo-American syndicate
which was bidding for the contract
through Mr. Muitl-md Kersey is dissa-
pointed. The all-Canadian route to the
Klondike goldfiolds is 600 miles long.
Th* voyage to the Stickeen river occupies 38 hours; the ascent of the Stickeen
is  150 miles.     Tho railway will then
NOTICE.    ,
rVTOTICl IS H1REBT OITEN tiat application
-" -will U miuli to tiie l-'arllau.aiit of Canada
ami to the Legislative Assembly ot the Province
of BriiUb Columbia at thtlr respective sessions
to incorporate a Company to construct a railway to be operated by steam or electricity Irom
a point at or near Cranbrook, in East Kootenay,
British Columbia���the most northerly point on
the Crow's Nest Hallway,���thence running io a
northerly direction up tho Kootenay River to
Canal Flat; thence to tho Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction dewa the Columbia
Elver to tho Canoe Hiver; thenco up the Canoe
Kiver and Across the Portage to tho headwaters
oftho Fraiier Hiver; thenco down tlio Krantr
River to (ilacorae FortaKe; thence across tho
Portage to Parnnip Hiver; thenco down the
Parsnip River to Findlay Hiver, and up tht
Findlay Hiver and across the divide te Fraaces
Lake, and thence to tho Yukon, with power to
divert tho route of the line north of Glseoois
Portage either hy way of Dense Lake or as may
be found mosteuitabie on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch' linee
not exceeding sixty miles in length and all
necessary bridges ami roadt. Also, to constrict
and operate telegraph and telephone lines for
the transmission of messages for tho public; to
build, Require and operate steam and other
vessels and all necessary ferries, wharves and
do.iks; to take and use water fer generating
electricity, and to transmit and dispose of the
proceed to Teslin I--ake, thence to Yukon'power therefrom for lighting, heating and
1    ,  . l    ~        _, n .   ., ,    ,,     ' motive purposes; with power also to carry on
and aOWn to DawFQn.     Details aa tothe thi business uf a general trading company, of
BtlMfBAmTAnlln    riiilwnv     ciintnrt   nw. au express company; also to own, manage and
atlcneen-lCBim   runway    contract   are leafae hatala, to acquire, to acquire timber
titilv   btlna   liiaUo  public  in  section!, limits and operate saw mills, f�� the production
*             ,       , ,   . ���    ..      -    . and ssle of lumber, and to mlpe, explore and
VhoreiH a monopoly clause to tho effect develop mineral lands and to carry on a general
that for five years from September 1st, | ��'��&*��* ,raY?p.r.^��4��� ^
1803, no railway shall be authorized by ��i-��iiiioii. ^
Parliament to be    constructed   from eolici'.ors!<*rApplicant*."
Hy-mu Canal, or any other point near   >*t>4at��mwa-ikK*vea**r,i*w.   Un**,
tnd the branch. The coal min��s will be
only lour and a half miles away, and the
workmen will live et Coal creek.
Piano For Salo.
PIANO for sale, Rosewood case, in perfect ordci. Took first prize at the Chi
caiw Exposition.    Price J350.00 CASH.
Arply to
Calgary, Alt*.
Kcmoveit to aouth and ot
Ktcltiug Uur.*; l*lld**��.
My Ittotto 1st
���pCM.IC NOTICK I. herelij riven that appll-
l cation will ba ;ua,ie to tue Parllamout ol
Canada, al Uie ni.it aestlou theme!, li.r uu Act
ctiantlillg tilt, ilium, ol Tbe Iiumiiiinll Hull-lin**
and Loan A-tHOf iation to that of The Pomlnion
Permanent i..��an Company.
Paled at Toronto, Ull. 17lti day ot Nu.cmb.i*.
S Toronto Street, Toronto.
nl5*9t Solicitor, lor Applicant*.
VOTICK ie hereby given that application will
-^ be made io the Ls-_;i��>lativs Abacuibly of tbe
Province ol British Columbia, at its noxt session, for �� Piivatc Hill to incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain unit operate a
lim.'or lines of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, lu Kast Kootenay, thence by tbe
most feasible route lo the St. Mary's River;
thenco in a westerly directum to the bead-
w tiers of St. Mury's Hiver: and also in an easier-
W aud northerly direction from some point on
linn said lino a branch line up the fcust Kootenay Valley to the neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. 2 creeks and the minesiu that
vieinitv; with power to the said Company to
construct a line from the Hull River Group of
Mines, lu Kast Kootenay, to the most convenient point on the ma'.u line of the
Crow's Nest fftSS Railway; and also
tu authorize and empower the Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
groups of mines and concentrators from any of
the three above-mentioned lines of railways,
such branch lines not to exceed twenty ('20)
miles in l*ugtli; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, ami to equip and operate
the said railway and ils branches, and tu erect
and maintain all necessary works (oi* the generation and transmission of eleutriclty or
power within thu area of the operations or tbe
said Company; and power lo build, malutain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saW-nillls, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, Humes, etc.. for improving aud
Increasing the water privileges, and to make
traffic or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other companies,and for all other
usual and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
Viltsiii, B.C., Kth Oetoier, MT. 4b It
Minister of Mlaes and Provincial -Secretory���
hou. Col-, James Baker.
Provincial MiueralogiHt���Vf. A. CarlyVo.
Public Assayer���U. Uarmiutuel.
For tie Province���W. 8. Guru ���Ictoria
&juth District comprising Fort Steele and Tobacco Plaita Mining oivluiono��� J. V. Armstrong   Cranbrook
North District comprising Donald, Golden and
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. J��- GriAtns
Minute ������COlMll
J. Stlrret Donald
F. C.tL-ang Colden
G. Goldle   Windermere
C. M. Edwards Fort Steele
ftt. Vhillip:. Tobacco Plains
Deputy Cleric of tie Peace for North last Kootenay Josiah fltirrett Donald
Deputv Clerk of the Peace for South jUsi Kootenay���Charles Massey Kdwarda.., .fort Steele
Jfrttracts From BritUk CelambU
atfttuUv Ex^JjviitiBf Fully tfc��
Value and Necewtity <��f % *' Free
Minen" CertlfieateV-2-fe Per-
Mm   fthoalcl  AtWiapi  lii&ijac
Witnottt Oa-a.
A nf Mrotf * over II years of e jo, ssay ho
.jmoafree vlner by paylag J*> te an* geld
comi��ii%tener or nlnerol recordor -nd obtain-
Pacific Ry.
como a free   miner by
comi��ir**toner or minera __
ing a certificate (tood lor on* year.
A free miner txay obtain-a now cettileata fee
one lost on paying $1.
A tree miner's cen*flcau is net tranti fer able.
Any pet-Jon or comnany working a mineral
claim, neld M real estate, without license, uay
be fined VS. Minos bocomo real eotato after
crown grant has boei iswuod.
HhouM co-owner fait to p��y b| his free inlner'i
certificate his interest goes to'.his co-owners pro
rata according to their fomor Intereets,
A shareholder in a joint stock company need
not be a tree miner.
A iree miner may claim lr-WxtSOl feet. But
all.anglcs must be right angles and all mtaeur
meut must he horlwutally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill gaao for his .own use
at all seasons. ��� >���
A freti minfrmay obtain flf0.acreiaitt��U��np-
on crown had* in th**) lurm of t. tio>sr*.   .,
A claim may ba held (rose, ys-icvlw year bv
work being d��u* to tUavaLue of one buntired
dollars. ���><       ,
l.u- lea discovered in tnnnel may bo held U recorded in 15 days.
A free miner may on payment of fiW, in lien of
expenditure on claim, obtain a crown grant.
Anv miner may, at tbe discretion of the gold
coin ii. issi oner, obtain nectssearv water rights.
No transfer ol anv mineral claim .or Interest
shall be eir.orceable unless in writing, signed
ami recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission
ur commission, or delays OB the part of. the
government oBlclals.
No claim shall be open to location dnrlng
last iUncsHs of holder, nor within 13 months
alter his death, uukes by permlsaton of gold
A miueral claim anst be recorded within IS
dnvs aiter location. If within 10 miles of office
of mining recorQor. One additional day is al-
owed ior wvery additional ID ulles or fraction
Work on each mining claim to tht value of
(1-00 must i.e duns each year from date of re-
curd ol iulucr.il claim. AiUdavit made by the
holder, or his agent, selling out a detailed
statement ol the work done must be filed with
ths gold eommissiousr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, aud recorded be-
fore the expiration of eactwyt'ar from the date
ol record oi said claim. A ires miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of his Intention with the gold commissioner or
mi nine recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, ali the work required to Entitle
bim to a certilieate of work for each claim. The
seme provision applies to two or more Iree miners holding adjoining claims in partnership.
In lieu oi above work the miner must pay |1M
and (et receipt and record the same.
Printing I
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Envelopes   .
Note Heads
Letter Heads
Hill Heads
Hand Bills
Calling Cards
���Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Boohs
Bank Work
Promisory Notes
Receipt Forms
Sharo Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
Eetst Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B.C.
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for February
and March:
Danube Feb 22.
Cottage City    "  24
Victoria    "  27
Queen    " 28.
Islander Mar.   1
Thistle   "     3
Danube  "     8
Islander  "   15
All agents can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The mo*, comfortable hotel In South
East Kootenay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Term*
Wm.   Eschwig,  Prop.
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.I. Kootonay,
rACK tiai-is sumjCD.
Th* best stopping place tor- freighter* ia
Columbia Valley ia at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation A Moderate Terms
Firatclaa* Feed Stables.
The Beat Bear I* Caaada li aaad* br IM
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Alt and Boda Water
Insist on Keltlntz Calgary Boer every time. They
all have It. The Company's agent lor Sast
Kootonay is
Seneral 9Iferchant
H. O, PARSON, Ooltten, B.C. '���S'OlCX��****-*^"--
REliancE Loan and Savings Coniiuanu,
Phmnix Fira Insurancs Co, oi London.
Confadaratian Life Mssooiation, Toronto.
Canadian Railway Rocidsnt InsuranaB Cu.
Stock Tatting Sale.
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Fancy Goods.
Oiarles I Warren,
G-old-en,, 33.0-
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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