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East Kootenay Miner 1898-04-15

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r'   v   I
Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the Distfiet of EAST flOOTEJlAY.
Vol. 1, No. 38.
Golden, B. C,  Friday  April 15th, 1898.
$2.00 Per Year
Ado��i����:-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
U. s. MoCaitu.
J.a. A. Uauvhy.
Harvey & McCarter,
Fire, Lile, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auetlouecrs and Customs Brokers
Are A stack*:
Queen, Lancashire, Union. Hartford.
European aieamship Ticket Ofllee.
Tho Bun Life Insurance Conipvny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Birbeek Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fout Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Iff ning Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
Mi* Votary Public.
Past office address:
Aasny OfflecH and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1890.)
For several years with Vivian A Sona, Swan-
sea, and local representative for them.
For 5 years manager for the -assayer* to the
Bio Tlnto Co., London.
Canadian representative of thc Cassol Gold
Extracting Co. L'td, GUsgOW (Cyanide process.)
M.B.���All work personally superintended. Only
competent men  employed.     No pupils   re
T0flS01(IflIi PAHliOHS
Newly Helittcd & Refurnislied.
The best of thu kind west of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Convenience!!.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
|     & Embalming
T Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
I J. SMART,     %
L CALGARY, Alta. |
Jas. Henderson,
Plana Prer-ara-l.
Prampt attention Riven t.. ordera.
A trapplyof Bull-tin* Umo for .ale.
The Golden
Fresh a��d Salt Mean.
Fiih aid tiame in season.
Dealers ln Cattle, Sheep aud Horses,
Mall orders reeeire prompt attention.
The Providence Far Go
Providence, B.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days aro as followB:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $150.00.
Bear $ 5.00 to * 25.00.
Otter $ 4.00 to $   0*00.
Martin $ 2.00 to $   0.00.
Beaver (per pound)...? 3.00 to $   3.60.
Wolf...*. * 1.00 to $   2.00.
Red Fox $ 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink $   .75 to $   2.00.
Skunk  $   .25 to *   1.00.
Gray Fox $   .50 to $    .75.
Uat $   .20 to $     .25.
Trice list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery and
Feed Stables
(load Saddla Horse, and RIb�� ol All Kln.ls Ior
��� tr. al RiH.nablo Kale*.
Twain* .1 All KimlJ a Specialty.
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By *T*ry man who has a watch.
��� ��. ��� AltEUQlDEtt, ���
C.P.B. Watch Inspector will l>o
TednoiidnT to    rldpiy ___<>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can he left at
k 8. Be
Wedding Rings
ft Speeialty.
Littery, feed &
Sal Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Its Guests Creditably--The Danoea
Pronounced Suocoss���Everyone
Enjoyed It���The Music Good and
the Supper Excellent.
Never in Goldeu's history was inch an
enjoyable evening spent as at the ball
given last night * by tho members of
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 31,1.O.O.F.,
when all the youth and beauty of the
town and vicinity .(of which Golden
possesses a large share) turned out at
the request of the local branch of this
grand old organization, which iB known
the world over as ono of the best fraternal societies ia existence. Everybody
came knowing well that a good Ijimu was
iu store, and disappointment was out of
the question, for the committee, as well
as the members individually, spared
neither pains nor expense to make this,
tha first ball given by the lodge, a
success. They worked hard, one and
all, and earned for themselves the credit
and gratitude due them from an appreciative public. They each performed
their duty to the point, watching faithfully and truly for any incident that
might tend to mar the proceeding of tlio
evening upon thia occasion. It is to th*
members of the local branch of this
order thut wc owe so much for the
success of every public amusement that
takes place, and on that account we
should not bo eparing in our efforts to
applaud the ambitions of a body which
has done so much for the advancement
of brotherhood and civilization.
On cntcrini
a troll-deserved applause from everyone
in the hall. There were several others
who took the lloor, but tho two young
ladies named had to take the lead and
they did it admirably.
It was well on into the morning before
the last number was reached and all
woro satified with both themselves and
the hop, whicli wound up eventually
with the gathering forming a circle and
singing " Auld Lang Sync " and " God
Save tlio Queen," after which everyone
wended their weary way home.
Messrs. McPherson and Woodhouse,
of Donald, supplied the music in a very
ablo manner, which, coupled with the
condition of thc floor, made it an easy
matter for tl'.edanccrs to accomplish each
engagement with ease and comfort.
There were not so many visitors as
were expected, but that can be easily
accounted for since it is ��o l��,to in the
season and everybody has employment
only awaiting the advent of spring. But
under the management of Mr. Charles
A. Warren, the floor manager, who
looked after everybody's comfort, the
whole affair was undoubtedly a pronounced success in every respect. We
are inclined to feel sorry such gatherings
as this one do not occur more frequently
during the winter months, and bespeak
the best wishes of a thankful public to
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 34.
A snowslide occurred in the Chilkoot
Pass curly on Sunday, April 3, whereby
a number of Klondikers lost there lives.
The slide descended at tho " cut of," a
short trail ttsetl in the return trip, about
two milcB above Sheep. Camp, along
tho ball-room one was whicli close to the side of a steep glacier
struck with tho decorations. At ono end hundreds of people wero camped.
British Columbia In England.
Revclstoke Herald: Mr. ,T. J. Young
ol tho Calgary Herald, who was III town
yesterday, said that during his recent
visit to England In. found a very ssiis-
fact'iry and favorable feeling towards
British Columbia existing. The Klondike excitement has proved a most
potent advertisement for thia part of the
world and the opinion in broking and
promoting circles Is that British Columbia is destined to l*>.:coine I lie next
fashionable craze among speculators. A
number* of syndicates have already been
formed to send experts out to this country to report on its mineral resources,
'and others are being formed. Developed
and proved properties will prove the
chief, and indued tbe only attraction
worth mentioning, to tlioso people.
There i* an Immense amount of capital
in the old country earning at present
only one and a half per cent., for which
more lucrative openings are continually
being sought, and some of which will no
doubt be diverted in the nonr future to
British Columbian channels.
Looks Llko War.
On Tuesday night in the United States
Senate the foreign affaire committee
passed tbe following resolution:
1. That the people of tlie Island of
Cuba are, and of right, aro and ought to
bu free and independent.
2. That the war Spain is waging
against Cubit is so destructive to tin.
commercial and property interests of
the United States does hereby demand,
that she at once withdraw her land ami
naval forces from Cuban waters and
3. That the President of theFni'el
States be and is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to use,if necessary,
the entire land and naval forces of the
United States to carry the resolution
into effect.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician and
Watches cleaned, Jewolleay mountpd, cilnsses
htontle-1 and Gun. repaired. First class work
ln every department. A trial sbuolted, so coins
Wong See, Golden.
Calgary, - Alberta,
Tom Lee, ��
has the best restaurant in Golden. It is open nt all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit iu its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at onco for the Choicest ero thoy
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
of the room the eye fell upon the emblem
of thc ordor, while the name of the lodge
formed a semi-circle beneath it, and on the
sides bunting and dra|>cry,which extended clean around the walls to the opposite
end, mingled with tho Union Jack and
British Ensign, and also a couple of goat
and deer heads standing out iu bold
relief over the other decorations. And
last, but not least, was a large portrait
of our well-beloved aud aged sovereign
lady, Queen Victoria, admirably framed
and decorated, and lent a beautiful hoad-
pieco to the bunting.
In due time the programme w��s pro*
ceeded with and at the call of first dance
on the programme about eight sets were
formed up and the dance was started in
earnest and each number was carried
through in a manner agreeablo to every
one, not a hitch taking place at any tim*
during the evening to spoil tho event.
The following is the programme:
1. I.AXClillS	
2. Waltz	
3. Two-Stkp	
4. Wai.iz-Qoai>iui.i,i*:	
5. Waltz	
6. SfllOTTISt'ltK	
7. Lascuiis	
8. Polka	
Twd-Stki' .
Lancbob ..
14. sciiottibi'ii".	
15. Lasceiib	
111. Polka ....'	
Half-time was called at 12 o'clock and.
everyone sat down to n sumptuous
spread, including several varieties of
frosh fruit, all of which was attended to
by Mr. H. J. Starfortb, and, needless to
sny, everything was all that could be
desired. The tea, coffee, cakes, etc.,
were refreshing, and livened everyone
for tho remainder of tho programme,
which was promptly proceeded with
after tho guests had done justice to the
numerous good things strewn around thc
tables. During Ibis part of the programme a request was made to the
musicians to render a Highland schot-
tieche, when Miss Gladys'llouslon and
Miss Gertie Fields promptly took the
floor and gave a splendid exhibition of
this popular dance, which brought forth
A heavy suow storm had been raging
all Saturdoy night and the huge weight
of snow towards morning caused the
first little slide*,. It was not until 10
o'clock on Sunday morning that anything serious happened. The mild
weather had honey-combed the snow
that was lying on the mountain sides
before the Saturday night storm, and
the fresh snow falling on top had proved
too great a weight, consequently the big
blankets oi snow slid off the steep mountain sides.
Suddenly with a roar a great macs ol
snow fell from the mountain and buried
three men. Hundreds of people were
passing up tho main pass and many were
also travelling downwards through the
cut off, for it is estimated that at least
4,000 people went over the pass daily.
There were many willing hands ready
to give assistance, and soon a score of
men were digging away to rescuo the
unfortunates. Not long afterwards a
hug.! body of snow extending along the
side of the mountain gave way and came
thundering down into the puss, burying men and tents and oxen and horses
and dogs. Where a few moments before
had stood a little camp with more than
a hundred tnoii was now a broken mass
of snow and ice. When tho people who
saw this recovered from tho momentary
panic they caught up shovols, picks and
even pails nnd pans with which to try
and dig out tho victims who were burled
under the mountain of snow und ice.
The work was rendered far more difficult
by tho fact that there was so much ico
mixed with tho suow that it was difficult
to handle. AVord was sent to Sheep
Camp two miles down the.trail, and in
a short time hundreds of men were
working for life and death to save the
victims of tho suow. Fifey-sevun people
were taken out alive, many of them
badly hurt, others benumbed with cold
and somo few quite uninjured. So loud
was the noise of tho great avalanche
that it was heard several miles away.
As fast as tho dead were takon out they
were carried to Sheep Camp, where the
living were cared for in the tents of the
campers on the main trail.
Tbe  merchant  swore   by  all the gods
neath the starry skies
Thai, though he lived a thousand years
he'd never advertise,
But  ere  a year, despite the  boast he
confidently flaunted,
He ran nn  ml beneath thc head of
"Situation Wanted."
Canadian   Fisheries.
Thc fisheries report for 1897 haa just
been issued. The administration of the
fisheries service cost $413,586. Tho sum
included $154,388 paid aa fishing bounties. The revenue received from fishery
licenses, lines, etc., is given at $100,460.
The fishing bounty o! $154,389 was paid
to tbs deep-sea fishermen of the maritime provinces during the year of 1806.1
Of this amount $57,014 wero divide.!
among Sl',2 vessels, manned by 6,6U5 men
aud $97,385 among 23,821 fishermen
using 14,100 boats. The total number of
claims paid for bounty was 14,975. The
value of the sen and inland fisheries In
1857 was estimated nt undor $1,000,000,
and in 18511 they wero valued at about
$1,000,600, but iu ISO" they had reached
$4,000,000; in 1877, $12,000,000; in 1587,
$18,33(1,000, and in 1897 $20,400,000. Of
the various kinds of lioh caught, salmon
amounted to $400,079; cod, $3,010,886;
herring, $2,900,744; lobsters, $2,205,702.
The balance is made up of fifteen other
kinds oi fish, ranging in value from
$773,345 to $132,942. Tho quantity of
Hsh used ns bait Is valued at $384,210, and
that offish at $224,633. Tho scal-sl;i:is
aru valued at $620,250.
���old deposits havo recently
boon discovered In Cope Breton I*-Ian.i,
and thore bus boon a rush to secure
ar. us. Within 11 COtiplo ot dues in thu
early part of Ibis month 3,000acres were
taken it]..
A pompous bishop was having his portrait painted, and after sitting an hour
in silence be thought be would break
the monotony, "llur,- are you getting;
along?" he inquired. To tho astonishment the artrst, absorbed in bis work,
replied, " Move your head a littlo to Ihu
right, am! shut your month." Not being
accustomed to such n form of address,
the bishop asked : " May 1 ask why you
address me iu Hint manner?" Thu
artist, still absorbed in his work, replied
"I want to take a little off your cheek.''
Considerable improvements are contemplated this year at tho Halcyon Hot
Spiiiurs. Tho accommodation, which is
now sufficient for about 110 guests, will
he greatly enlarged, consiiloritnle cleti -
iug will I... clone, and iiie ('. !'. R, wiil
build a wharf. I luring the Biiminor
there will be two steamers daily. Arrangements arc being made for tin.
ci-.-.-tion of bottling works for the excellent mineral water on ths property. Thu
water has been pronounced by an eminent chemist in Scotland us being tin.
strongest that has ever como from this
A workman in a mine who had played
baseball in his time once saved his lifo
by making a good catch. He was standing nt tho bottom of a shaft waiting for
a bucketful of dynamite sticks that wen.
being let down to him. Tbe bucket was
part way down, when he saw it strike
against some obstruction and turn partly
over. Gut fell ono of tho sticks. II,*
watched it fulling in a zig-zag course���a
messenger..)' instant death. Whan It
struck the hard bottom, there would bis
a tremendous explosion and a dead
miner. Hut it did not strike th... hard
hot!.un. Like a player on the bull-ii.-I',
the work-nun put up his hand.- an.I
caught tlie slick.
The Methodist Social.
On Thursday evoning last a very
successful entertainment and social was
held in the Methodist church. At 8
o'clock Mr. .1. A. Dittos took Iho chair
which ho lillt'd in a very efficient manner, and mude th* cnlcrtaiumeut pleasant by bis terse and graphic remarks.
The programme consisted of selections
from the quartette composed of Mrs.
Tom. MissB. Woodley, Mr. Mitchell and
Smith. A couple of duets were sung by
Misses Lottie Woodley and Ida Book-
bout, which wero well received. The
Bookbout brothers gave some good selections on tho harmonica, which were j
heartily encored. A dialogue given by
Bert and Allan Hanna was rendered in
good style. A recitation by Mr. J.
Collins was very interesting, giving the
young mon an idea or two on the art of
courting, which, wo think, was highly
appreciated. A duet by Mrs. Tom and
Miss B. Woodley brought forth a round
of applause. A reading from Mr. Smith
wound up Ibis part of the programme
Then cume the most desirable portion
of the programme���the coffee and cake,
which was partaken nt' by everyone
present, and the ladies deserve credit
for the excellent manner in which they
provided for their guests. Tho church
was filled to its utmost capacity and the
proceeds amounted to $40.
The Scottish Corporation of llritisli
Columbia, Limited, is the name of ;l
new company recently registered in London. The capital slock of this Company
Is ��100,000, in fit shares'. The corporation has been formed for the purpose of
carrying on a finance, mining, and ox-
| ploring business, and ior acquiring,
bonding, working,developing uiul otherwise dealing in gold and ..tlicr mining
properties, and other concorns in British
Columbia, lhe North-West Territory,
and elsav/hore. The Company has provisionally acquired nine gold-bearing
proporttes in this province,and proposes
to send out an expedition to the North-
West Goldfielda for the purpose of
locating and acquiring additional mining
claims for the company.
Some of tho richest purls of the earth
are rendered useless to man because oi
the mosquito. The blood-suckers thom-
Belvcs make no use oi' nature's gifts, and
prevont others from using them, Tho
wild-cut, sure-thing duad-b.atbusnlwnytf
been the worst enemy mining bus ever
had. One of these leeches is now confined in the Arapahoe county juil ut.
Denver, says the Mining and Industrial
Reporter, He cowardly Btruck from
behind un editor who hntl the coursgo
and honesty to expose this mining blood*
sticker and warn the public ngaiiiBt bim
und hi:' swindling schemes.   Adouble-
I riveted political pull has recently been
applied to the Colorado State Hoard of
Pardons to rolouse this representative oi
a large and dctostnblo class ol self-styled
mining men. The board properly refused to turn this inintug shark loose
upon the public before bis timo had
expired. Let more ol these g.ntl-nnoi.
who exploit mining swindles and wield
loaded cttues from behind be given what
they deserve and legitimate nlning will
rejoice. Stogner received a little of what
he and others ofhis class deserve. Jail
the ���' wild-catler."
A lady living iu a fashionable quarter
has it bit of statuary bearing thc Inscription, "Kismet.'' The housemaid wan
.lus'ing the room tbe other day, when
the mistress appeared.
" Shore, ma'am, what's tlie mania' of
the 'ritin' on tbe button! of this?" asked
tlu* maid, referring to tlie inscription on
tin- statue.
"Kismet moans 'fate,'" replied tho
Bridget was limping painfully when
out with her sweetheart not long afterward, and be asked:
" What's tin: matter, Bridget?"
"Faith," was lb* nnswir ' I have,
tbo most tirriblo corns on mo kismet."
' .���r----"t'I3���
�� ��
Ban t/t*w��
|**J.'IWT rT,*;F:,r:.'.iwi:i.****)
. work with vory heavy clearing und two in one instrument both n loud and Bscret
i l>ii.I.:i'*; in' UK) feot span each.    Elk riverj soundo.*.   -Should it be desired to ttiko a
iss, d hy three spnns of 153 feet awli! secret message the rounder is adjusted
:   |fti,   [nihil
,������ kin
���:,.-;,! rotlti
I every V-
.te.nay Uti*
,is witli ah trains
i iida. must beinoffi-jonot I
Tinge and dcalli  notleoti Inn
i   Ci.-.-jhii-.i::-it'll"
Uiil t' '��� ���:, ���������������
l*j nifjred to tlm
it c.i 'ijij.v.ir n:
.*-, IdrcHMiiileoi
'������-l I laitll.
�� lh *   ur 	
: i t- iin'lier j> i
M|'' 1    I''-     "       II
THK  Sll.lKH."
Somr Toc'ir-:
'-:,V   LINE.
litsas to Its Con
Tho Country through
i :!i3 L!nu runs.
ISO feet and n Hw-n-^ 3pan
with ;i doar opening of (10 feet. l��Vom
Wardner to Cranbrook, a distance of
2ti}_ miles the line pusses through a
nurk-like country, with the exception of
about five miles through what is knowii
:h Eatdore'a cauyon, wliere there is u
considerable amount of rock excavation,
from Cranbrook to the head of Moyie
h\ko, a distanco oi 12.7 miles, is moderately heavy. The line follows the east
shore ot Moyie hike for a distance of
about S miles and tlio work is heavy,
rted being almost entirely roek witli one tunnel 500 foot'ln length.    After crowing
nenj I tho Moyie river, one mile boloW the lake
the line follows t!io west side of the
valley fot 21 miles, then turning to the
westward and following up the valley a
small stream for three miles it reaches
the summit between the Moyieand Goat,
rivor watersheds, in doing whicli the
work is heavy. From the last mentioned
place to tho head of Kootomtv Lake, a
dlHtnuotiof .15 miles, the work is heavy
with a considerable amount of rock
excavation and trostlo bridging.
Tlio maximum grade used in either
direction Is 1 per cent., or 52.8 foot per
mile, and the sharpest curvature is 12
degrees (478 feet radius), but curves as
sharp as this have only been uaed in a
lew places and compensation for the
.same is allowed in the grade.
The grading was commenced July 14,
1897j ami has lieen completed from Leth-
bridgQ to the summit. The bringing is
well advanced, and track was lieing laid
un 03 miles.   The grading from the snra-
, CO.
, E!. ti
Tho Knginoohi
Un- mont intoroat
eon truetion is i!i
��,;' tho Canadian
n lb
the liranel
Uu: Colm
could Ik:
tlio prinei
is with Pp
fi! by tho
ews savs: Ono of
railways now under
ow's Xest Puss lino
fie I tail way t which
is being built to open up communication
with tlie rich mineral regions ot the
Kootenay district i.i th*' southern part of
Jlritirjli Columbia. The Company has
for somo time owr.ed eovoralshort isolit-
i-ii;ig steamboat
i tlmt by leaving
!stoke and taking
bi Arrowhead and then down
iiii:'. ir;.-.' to tyikusp, access
md hy rail, boat and trail to
ul parts of the district. The
;t railway connection, however,
lokane, Wash., widch ii ivacii-
��� Xel3au and Kort Shoppard
ltnilway, so that the bulk of the su;ip!i-;s
into and ore shipped out of tlie district
has been carried to and from tho United
States. When the rich gold deposits
were dis.'overed in Iho, Kootenay district
ji few year.) ago, tbe Canadian Pacific
Uaiiway made investigations as tothe
practicability of getting a line in from
the oast, crossing the main range ot the
Rocky Mountains at lhe Crow's Nest
Pass, which was at one line proposed
fur tlie main line, hut was then abandoned for the Kicking Horse Pass route
further north. The investigation showed
that a li;;<* could be built and that the
t ullic would warrant its cotistruetion,
ii id up-iii a su' s 'y being granted by the
Dominion (iovornment iho Compaiy
started upon this extension. The lint-
commences at Lethbridge, the termini s
of a bran h from the Canadian Pacltiu
Uaiiway main line, originally built by
the Alberta uud Ci a! Company. It then
extends westward to the pass, then
down tiie Klk river,* aeross the casi
branch of the Kootenay river, and on to
the head oi* Kootonay, on thewcstsida
oi which it will terminate, at Kelson
330 miles Irom Lethbridge, by a junction
with.nn existing lino which has connections with the famous mining centres of
KossUnd, Trail Creek and Slocan. An
'extension from Slocan city northward to
Sakusp and Arrowhead would afford a
connectlou with the main line again, but
'whether this will be built, or whether
tlie line Will be extended westward to
the Okanagan district and the Fraser
Kiver remains to lie seen.
from tho outside by means of the shift'
referred to, which is graded so that the
operator may regulate tho volume of
sound to suit his own ear. This may be
from the faintest click to the full volume
of the loudest sounder. Tho instrument
is then worn on tho bend. Tbe case and
head-hand being made of liard rubber
insures tlie operator from shock from
abnormal currents passing through the
rteUra to Port Steele.
Golden to Carbonate '.   17 miles
Hon Ranche    2t!    "
Spillimncheno    -12    "
Sbortv's    50    "
McKav's    (IU    "
Windermere    84    "
Brcwor's    07    "
Cnniil Flat,...*..... 120    "
Wasa (Hanson's).. 15(1    "
Fort Steele  108    "
Has .Much to Learn.
An Amusing exhibition of tho tenderfoot going to Klondike was seen the
other titty at Ashcroft. A party of sis
young Englishmen; going by the overland route, bud bought shoir enytiscs
and were preparing to mount and start.
One ol' them, dressed iu a buckskin coat,
clutparcjoi, and wearing a pair of spurs
as big as a saucer, attempted to get into
the saddle from the wrong side of the
horso. I'laciiig I.is left foot in tho stirrup
be tried to climb over tho horso's bead
into the saddle, eventually getting there
face towards the tail. Tbe big spurs got
entangled in the animal's hide, and
naturally, objecting, ho quickly shot his
hold rider lo tlie ground. Some of the
bystanders, taking compassion on his
misfortune, picked him up and
helped him into the saddle in the right
position and he soon rejoined Ids com
puniono, who wero waiting for him sume
distance down lhe road. Thero will bo
many tribulations in store for that poor
tenderfoot beforo his jouruoy is over.
mil is now being proceeded with rapidly,
and the entire work will very soon he
covered hy the contractors. Station
buildings and water tanks are being
creeled at average distances of about 18
miles. These vary in design accordin;
to tlio requirements of the locality. The
truck is being laid with 60-lb. steel rails,
though 72-11), rails will be used on a
large portion of the Uiilisli Columbia
A very large proportion of the lino
from the summit of the llocky Mountains westward posses through a densely
wooded country, on a portion of which
fire has destroyed a largo amount of
what would have been valuable timber,
hut there are still considerable tracts of
hind on or iu the vicinity oi the line
where excellent fir, spruce, birch and
cedar can be procured. Valuable coal
deposits ure found close to the line in
many places for 85 miles on cither side
of the summit, ami rich veins of galena
and silver aro lieing opened up in the
vicinity of .Moyie Lake.
lu the province of Alberta lhe line
passes through an excellent grazing
country, and ranching on both large and
small scales has been successfully carried
on for a number of years. Tbere arc
also considerable Irncts where laud suitable for mixed farming can be met with,
especially in the vicinity of 1'inchor
creek, and in the valleys of the Old Man
; ltd Belly rivers an.l their tributaries,
a. tl these could be greatly increased by
irrigation. West of the summit, considerable tractsof land suitable for either
grazing or farming aro met with iu the
valleys of the Elk Kootenay. Jloyie and
(lout .rivers, nnd between tbe Klk and
Moylo rivers tlie country passed through
consists of bench binds with glades of
timber and occasional sloughs, which
make it especially suitable for stock
 �����-.<*>. *������
Noiseless Telegraphy.
Tho introduction of typewriter machines in telegraph offices, on which
operators take down the messages received, has necessitated increasing the
volume of sound emanating from thc
sounders in order to uuike their clicks
clearly distinguishable above tbe click of
tho typewriter miiebine.   The result has
Alleged Wit.
The man who tells you he is no fool
may be only mistaken.
The barber is the only man who does
handwork with his bands.
The mercury never gets warm in its
efforts to lower the record.
It was originally intended to have
sheet music sung by the choir.
Some men act like hogs and there are
others who do not need to act.
The horseless carriage Is a novelty, but
the cowless milk wagon is a chestnut,
$3 ��
HAS located permanently opposite tho Columbia House,
Golden, wliere he will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it he Tatxoh-Made or Ready-Made
Clothing, A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and "
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth
te has a good
The greatest Klondike outrage was
that perpetrated hy an English paper
whicli headed a reference to the rioting
and murder tit Skagwuy: "Alaskan such
things bo."
it was doeidod to buiil the Crow's ll,uulltl,Iltlhum"!'0 ���'��� telograph offices
Xest i'ass line by small contracts under I ���������������- '-��� ������������l".v J-***- Increased to such an
the direct supervision of tho Hallway extent as to bu a serious menace to the
Company, and  Mr.  M.  .1. Haney was heullh of the operators.
made manager ol construction, the work
ol course, being under the general direction ol Mr. P. A, Petersen, chief cnglnoor
Wonro indebted to Mr. T. ii. Sbatigli-
nessy, Vice-president of the Canadian
1'aciiic Hallway Company, fur a copy of
a report from the engineer of lhe. line,
from which we tako Iho following description:
Tlio line is now located from the cast-
cm terminus at Lethbridge lo tho crossing of the Kootenay river, at the upper
end of Kootenny lake, a distance of, Bay,
���1287 miles, and preliminary surveys have
beon mude, at Nelson.
For the first t'O miles the line passes
'over what is called a prairie country,
but very heavy grading is encountered,
as well as the heaviest bridge work on
the lino. This is owing to the. necessity
of crossing St. .Mary's river, ilt-lly river,
Pinehor creok and the south fork of tho
Old Man river, as well us the many
coulees met with, in order lo reach these
crossings. Soiiie 21 bridges will be
erected, ranging in length from ll'O to
2,750 feet, and from 20 to ISO feet high.
From mile 80 to 10-3.7 miles, whore the
line readies the summit of the llocky
Mountains, lhe work is heavy with a
���considerable amount of rock excavation.
From the summit westward for 111 miles
the work is heavy and involves the uso
'of two tunnels and sonic six bridges from
60 to 200 feet in length each.
The next 117 miles, following down (he
Valley of the fill: river to the crossing of
���that  stream, consist of  t'.trth aid rock
In order to reduce this noise nnd to
make lhe received message entirely
secret, a special sounder bus been
invented. The sounder, which ifl inclosed in a hard rubber case, is very
light���the whole thing, with conducting
cord complete, weighing but four ounces.
It can be used not only without the
slightest Inconvenience to the operator,
but much to his comfort and advantage,
relieving him of all necessary nerve aud
physical strain. It ciin be attached
directly to the main lino, whore it acts
as n combined relay and sounder, giving
all the servico of both, without uny of
the disadvantage* and annoyances of a
main line sounder.
The mechanism of this little instrument is vory simple, consisting of a set
of electro-magnets of from 2 to 150 ohms
resistance (according to requirements).
An ingenious arrangement of tho armature and lever brings the former in
actual contact with the poles of tbe magnets in sucli n manner as to double tho
working force of tlio armature. The
armature lever is provided with hammers, which, in action, strike upou n
resonating plate; a shifter or switch nt
the side of tho case draws tho hammers
from the plate aud reduces the sound to
a minimum.
Owing to the loudness of the sound
when the hammer strikes .upon the
resonating plate messages may ,bc received with the sounder placed on lhe
table or desk, nnd in this way it may
also bo r.sc.l tor a call, thus .combining
Sweet Girl���Pa, the house next door
was robbed last night.
Pa���Mercy!   Next door?
Sweet Girl���Yes, and tho burglars
have been in two or three houses on this
block within a week.
Pa��� 1 know it. I know it. It's terrible!
But what can we,do'.'
Sweet Girl���I was thinking it might he
a good plan for Mr. Klcefollo and me to
sit up a few nights and watch for bim.
Yes, said the politician, I said I was
the working man's friend.
Hut you don't do nny work, suggested
the man with calloused hand*.
Xo���not at present.
And you never did any work.
That's true. You see, what the working man most needs is work, and I am
too much the working man's friend tu
run any risk taking work away from him.
All persona indebted to me are requested to settle same with Mr. C. II.
i'araon, who haa authority to give
receipts for tiie same.
Golden, February 15th, 18'J8.   ,
MOT-ICE IS IIKRKim.IVEN'that application
���*���' will be made to the t'arliauieiit oi Canada
ami to tlm Legislative AHSombly of the Provinco
ot llritisli ('niuin bin ni tliuir respecUwseftilow
in lucorporatu a Compfiny to uunHtnit't u mil*
Tiiiv to bi; opLTiiicd hy Bteani or electricity from
h point at in- near Cranbrook, In KhhI Kootenay,
Tli*itlsli Colu'mlitu���tho moMt northerly point on
the Crow's Ne��l Itnllwtiy,���-tUenee running In a
northerly itireellou up thu Kootenay Kiver to
Canal Pint; theme to the Columbia Luke ami
In a northerly direction down the Columbia
Hiver to the Canoe Itlwr; thence up the Canoe
Hiver nml acrosH the Portage to tbe head water*
ofthe Fratier Hiver; thenco down the Fra��er
Hiver to (ii*icomo Portage; thenco across thu
1'ortage to l'arrttitit Hiver; thence down tbu
I'timiilp Hiver to Vlmllay Hiver, ami up tbe
Fhulliiy Kiver ami aero-ss the divide to Km tiers
Lake, and theticu to thu Yukon, with power to
divert the route of the Hue norlh of (llscome
I'tirtagc either hy way of Dense I^ike or a* may
be found most suitable ou further exploration,
with power to build and. operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length aud all
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone tinea for
the transmission of tm-smigcN for the public; to
build, acquire ami operate steam and other
vessels and all necessary ferries, wharves and
do.iks; to take and unu water for generating
electricity, und to transmit uud dispose of tbe
power therefrom for lighting, bcuting and
motive purposes; with power also to carry on
tlie business of a general trading company, of
an expresMcompany; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to aopliru timber
limits and operate saw mills, for tbe production
ami sale of lumber, uud to mine-., explore and
develop mf ueral lands ami to carry ou a general
mining und ore smelling business, including
thc erection aud operation sf smelters ana
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa 5thNovember, WW.     llu-Ot
Canada: I
PnoYiKcn of mtm.su Columbia. \
Xo. U/07.
rpHW IS TO -CERTIFY that tho "(iolden Hrl
' ish Columbia, Limited," is authorised ami
lleeiiH-jil to currv on business wltliln the Pro'
Incu of Britisli Columbia, and to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects hereinafter set
forth to which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head ofllee of the Company is situate r.t
No. is, Queen Btruet Place, city of London, ling*
The amount of the capital of tho Company w
SB.OOOj divided into six thousand shares of ��1
The bead ofllee of tho Company in this Province is situate ut (iolden, and William Gilbert
Mitchell-Innes, who.*tu address is UoldOU, Britisli CoUimbia, Is the Attornev for the Company.
The objects for which thu Company bus been
established and so licensed ure :--
[u.j To purchase, tako on leu.se, or otherwise,
acquire, mines, mining rights, und metalliferous hind and any interest therein, und to explore, work, exercise, develop and turn to
account the same:
[b] To crush, wlu, get, quarry, sniult, calcine,
retine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate,pure lu.se
und prepare for market, ore, metal, ami mineral substances of all kinds, and to carry on,
eitber upon or in connection with tlie premises
or elsewhere, the business of minors, millers,
smelters, and workers of any processes in the
production, reduction and making merchantable, of minerals,moUls and metallic products,
supplies of wator, merchants, ami manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, metals, articles and things used lu or in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, und other processes
aforesaid, or any of them: ....
[c] To search for mines and minerals cither
on land known io contain such mines and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rights of seureh or other miners'
rights or claims under any mining statutes or
regulations of any place where tlio Company
carries on operations, and any other rights respecting the same:
fill To acquire options, or enter into contracts
for tho purchase of any grants, concessions,
leases or setts, easements or interests iu lands,
waters, millsites, townsltes, mines, minerals,
and other hereditaments, and auy plant, machinery, implements, conveniences, provisions
and tilings, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or immovable, for purposes
Incidental thereto or to any other objects of the
Compauv, orcapublo of being used in connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, and to work, transfer, let or sublet tlie
fo) To acquire any Inventions, letters patent
or licenses,' capable of being used for the purposes of the Company, or uny of them, aud to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same:
f. To acquire and undertake tbe whole or any
part of thc business, property and liabilities, of
any person or company carrying on uny business which this Company is authorised to carry
on; und to acquire aud hold any shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, of or other interests in
anv English, coloulul or other companies, asso-
clatious or undertakings capable ot being managed dr conducted so as directly or indirectly
to benefit the business of the Company. Also
to advance money on any sueh shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of or
other interest in such companies, associations
or undertakings, jind to accept suoh shares or
stocks, bonds,'obligations, debentures or secur-
ties as partial or full security for payments due
to tbe Company:
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others In acquiring, constructing or liiriug any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, matters or things
which may be necessary or convenient for the
purposes of the Compuny, or any of them, and
to the working of tbu same or any part thereof:
li. To Improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dlsjaise of, charge or deal
with, ln any manner whatsoever, the undertaking or any part or parts of the property ol
thu Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
easements in ur over tho same, and to accept un
pavnient therefor eitber cash or shares, or
partly cash und partly shares, In any other
cump'any purchasing tbe same:
i. To establish anil maintain agencies of the
Company in uny colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, und to procure the Company
to he registered or incorporated in any sucu
colony, dominion, foreign country or state
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objects altogether or In part similar to
the objects of this Company, una to cuter into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or
person or tirm engaged or about to engage iu
.r.iv business or transaction which this Company is authorised to engage in, or capable m
ocing conducted so as directly or indirectly Ur
beiietit this Company;
k. To hold, In the namesof others, any property which thu Company Is authorised to
acquire, ami to carry ou or do uny of the
businesses and acts and thing? aforesaid, either
as principal or agent, uud either by the agency
of or as agents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange uud other instruments, negotiable or otherwiso.ttiid to borrow money either
wither without security, aud either upon negotiable Instruments or otherwise, including
tiie issue of debentures charged upou all or any
of tlie Company'.-i property (both present and
future), including its uncalled capital:
in. 'l'o promote and form other companies for
auy ol tiie objects mentioned in this Memorandum :
n, To Invest nnd deal with tho moneys of the
Company not Immediately required upon such
securities and in such manner as from time to
time be determined:
o, To distribute any of tho property of the
Compiinv among thu members In specie:
p. To carry on business in any part of tlie
world and tu do all such things us aru incidental or couduclvu to the attainment of tlie above
(liven uuder my hand and seal of ofllee at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
19th day of October, ouv thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven. ,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
>.     CONTItAOTORS    TO   THE   C.P.R.     a.
Maa^PCPaLOluiW.i^Jj.   ^^J*J*dOL>    Mu.w���u   V   ^kVUmm ���'-   --* ���*-*���*-*,���
v^OTICK Is hereby given, that "shall apply for
*^ a special Umber licence to cut timber ou
th.i following described binds : -Comnieiicine;
at i post on .diddle Pork of Finlev Creek.no-it
bminted 1,600 feet  to the   north of   Hurdle's
Corral, N. E.| thehcofu'nnfnglwVhalnsSoiith)
thenco 70 chains west; thence nut chains north;
tiiciice "?u chitiuscnst to thonoBtc-t.commencfl*
montjeo,.tabling t-flooacres about.*
M. cauun. .
Golden, B, C,   October201 h", 1807-
Registrar of Joint Btock Companies.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thatappli-
1 cation will bs made to the Parliament ol
Canada, at the next seasion thereof, for an Act
changing the name of The Dominion Building
and Mian Association to that of The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company.
Dated at Toronto, this 17th day of November,
A.D., WW.
2 Toronto Street, Toronto. ���
!i2.V9l Solicitors for Applicant!.
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased   to make   the   following
-    > 3rd March, wm.
, James Fbbouskos ARMstroho, of Fort Steele,
Ksi|tiire,S.M., to be a Deputy Coroner for thc
County of Kootenay. I8m2
Advertise in
Ullock 6% Same, Props.
8.  C.
Fi st-Class In every particular. Convenient lo Railway Depot and Steamboat Landiftg-
Katep Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms. .   ..
The Trum Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with -Steamer for Fort Steele -awry
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts       o e
Modern Conveniences   e o
Best Cuisine in tlio West ��
Commodious Sample Rooms o
First-Class Brands of Liquors antl Cigars
Go to the
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
/^^. Golden, B.C.
���^.Hciulqiiiirtcra For*******.
Miners,  Prospectors   and  Lumbermen.
_Rates $1.00 3Per 30��,3T.
Board & Loixuxo $5 Per Week.    Fikst Class Baii.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WIUDERMEEE,   B.C.���assS^
Groceries, Dry Goods ct General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
-����- James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors anil Cigars.'   First c).**.:.*i ncconnnoclution.
East Kootenay
'Mining Stock List.
Nam* ok Company.
Tho Gol.l Hills C. & 11. Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo 51. & 1. Co	
Golden k Fort Stci-lu I). Co	
Alberta k Kootenay I). Co	
East Kootenay nnil Elk Hiver Development k Kxl'loral ion Co	
f "50,000
t  500,000
If    75,000
���rr.oo i
��� 1.00
��� 1.00
(IBM,, piticn.
15c. *
nrmamBi.vmmj��av>mm*^f ww*
t-w-jwtw ���*���*���*�������--<'����� ���
m   i
over and Terminer ami General ttaol be
livery; will be hidden at the places and on thu
dale**- following, viz.:--
t'itv of Xelsun, on Monday,'the 20th day of
June; 1808,
Town of Dwiald, on Monday, thc 27tU day of
June, ItilW.
By Command.
' Provincial Bocrotary.
Provincial Secretary's Oflluo,
8th March, 1803, Wmtf
NOTICE in hereby given that on tlm 14th day
of January, 1B98- it WHit ordered by tin*
Honourable J. A. ���Fovlii, Judge of the County
Court, that James F. Armstrong, om.-ini Administrator of the County nf kootenay, be
Administrator of all and singular tho goods.
chattel* and credit of Ernest Orpwoodof Gold
on. labourer*, deceased) Intestate.
Every person Indebted to the said deceased,
is required tn make pavmeut Inriliwitli :o tlie
Every person having in possession effects
belonging to the deceased, is required forth wi tii
to notify theuuderslguL-d.
Every creditor or other person having any
claim upon or interest in the distribution of
thc personal estnte of (he said decoasud, Is
required within thirty days of this date, to
KOUd by registered letter addressed io the
undersigned, his name and address, and the
full particulars of his claim or Interest, and a
statement of his account, and the nature of I In
security (if any) held by him. After tho oxplr
at ion of the snid thin v dttj'8, tlio AdniinUlrutor
will Itrrcesd with the ifistiUjtitiniiof tlie estate,
having regard to jhosu claims only of whicli he
shall have had notice.
Dated at Fort Steele, this 27th day of January
Official Administrates-.'
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of  East
Kootenny  District.
witli thc Statutes that Provincial Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment
Act ore now due for tlie year 1898.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East K out run v
District arc payable at my olllee, the Court
House, (iolden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the following
rates, viz.: '���
If paid on or before June "01 li, 1808.
Three-fifth* of one per con). on Real Property.
Two and ono-half per cent, on assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent, on Personal
On so much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
rales, namely: t'puu such oxeetu or Income
when thc sum Is not more than Ten Thousand
Dollars, one per cent.: when such excess is
over Ten Thoiuaiid Dollars and not mora than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, oue und one-quarter
of one per cent.; when such excoss Is over
Twenty Thousaud Dollars, one and one-half of
one pcrceut.
If paid en or after the 1st July, 1808.
Four-fifths of oneper ucht. on Real Property.
Three per cent, on thcaiis.-ssed value in wild
Three-fourths of one per conl. on Personal
On so much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds Ono Thousand Dollars the following
rules, namely: ruin such excess when the
Maine Is not mors than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per cent.; when
Mich excess Is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thoitsaud I>ollar*>, one
and one-half of one per cent; when such excess
is over Twenty Thousand Dollar:., otic and
thrtf-quertersof one per cunt.
Provincial Revenue Tax, y.-GO per capita.
F. 0. LA NO,
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 10th, 1H9S. )lMm
VOTId-C is hereby jrivon that application will
��� bo made to the Legislative Assembly of tho
Province of British Columbia, at its nuxtseu-
hlon, for a Private Hill to incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
lino or Hues ot ruilwny from a point ut or near
Cranbrook, In East Kootemiy, thence hy the
most feasible route to the Si. Mary's River;
thence lu a westerly diroction lo the headwaters of HI.Mary's River :*Itud also in an easterly and northerly direction from some point on
the said line a branch line up tlie Jvist Koolc-
nuv Vallev lo the neighbourhood of |[or.*e
Thief and No. 2 creeks aud thu mluesin that
vicinity; with power to the said Company to
ciMisirnel a Hue from tliu bull River Croup of
Mines, in East Kootenay, tn the most convenient point on thu main line ol the
Crow's Neat Pass Ruilwny; and also
to authorize and empower tiie Company, Io
build, from time to lime, branch lines io
groups o( mines ami concentrators from any of
the three alaivc-mciitloiied line*, of railways,
such brunch lines not io exceed twenty (urn
miles lu I'-ngtli; witli power lo laiild telegraph
and telephone lilies, and lo equip and operate
the said railway and its hr-iucfit-s, cud lo cruet
and maintain all m*"css:iry works for the generation and   transmission of   electricity or
power within the aren ofthe operations Ol  the
itaid Company; and power to huild, maintain
and operate wharves, doctts and HtoamboatH-
saw-mills, and ucquirc water privileges to construct dams, Humes, etc., (or improvim; and
Increasing the waler privilege*- nnd io make
trallle or other arrangements with railways,
Mm in limit or oilier companies,and Ior all other
usual and necessary powers, right* or
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Vlclirin, B.C., Mth October, IM17. -in tit
Application   for Certificate of Im-
Take notice that 1, John McKno, I'rcc
Miner's Certificate No, 80080, Intend,
sixty Java from the iluU' hereof, to lipplj
to the Milling ltocofdoi' for a bdrtlnciite
nt int|)rovenient.s, tor the purpose of
obtaining a Crown irrnnl ol tlio above
vlni in locateil on Bpllllmaohoon Monn-
ttiix, sitnato In tho li.il.li.-n Mining
Division of Kast Kootenny District.
Ami further tako nut [co Unit action,
under miction 37; Must Uo colinncnccil
beforo the issuance of Btioh cortlHcate of
Dated this lSth day of .Iniinary, 180S.
J.nis MiU.u:,
By h's ngonl tleo: H.'.M..Carter.
Situated on Ferry Greek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Is the best advertis
ing medium in East
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
year ;
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
$75 to $150 Each according to
P*p^���s-yyy* ����������� -   One-third down, balance iu three and six
���" **Sa*L*L***L.-**UR�� -      uioutljsi, without Interest.
Tempest & Co,9
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Oramway
Co, Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the  C. P. It. at (.olden, P>.  C.   aad
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for tlie California Giant Powder Corr.pay.
Fort Steele, 3B. C
Choice Winks, Liquoks and Cioaiis.
The  Finest  Health  Resort  nn  tlio Continent.
Private Hospital under moriim! mi peri n ten*
dence witli a Traj nod Sin ft of N u wr .
Complete Ryttem of Maths, nf pvery kird
nml description.
Medical Dlrectof���DB, It. Q, BUETT, Bum,
Resident Physician tfc Bui'goou���DR. SI'AXKlK.
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A   FLU.   Siri'I.Y   OF  ,
Pruga,  Chemicals, Patent   Medicines,   Toilet
Articles and Stationery,
you arc Cordially Invited to call and inspect
our Stuck. Prescriptions aud Private
Recipes carefully compounded.
Removed to south oml ol
Kleklll*- Horau b*i,!**L'.
My Motto Is:
OopliorB, bicyclists un.l weather
prophots ure out again as iiauul.
School Inspector Iliirns U'as here In
his official capacity thin week.
A plot, having Iur its ohjool the assassination ul I.i Hung Chang, has just beon
discovered at fekln.
C. F. l'etersoii is busily engaged putting in un acetylene gas machine for
Mr. II. (1. Parson nt the Uig Store.
Hubert llarrn, the Canadian novelist,
bat) succeeded iu his action lor libel
against the Sun newspaper of New
It is reported from Banff that the
Harry Lindloy Comedy Company have
mude arrangements to play there during
the summer months,
The ice on the Columbia and Kicking
Horse rivers has broken up this week.
The Upper Columbia Co. expect navigation to coiumcnco in a few days.
Geographically tho Chinese queue is
located in tlie same direction as the
llritisli Lion's tail, but the powers take
cure to handle it in a different way.
11. E. Foster, formerly of Kamloops,
intones making his future home at the
Gordon ranche at Windermere, and is
having the premises considerably enlarged antl improved.
Canadian butter from the creameries
of the Northwest Territories has b.en
exported to Japan, and met with a good
market. The Canadians arc pushing out
in every possiblo direction with great
energy.���The Capitalist, London, F.ng.
Charles Vest, of Portland, packed and
froze 17411 dozen eggs last full anil took
them to the Yukon. At liig Salmon lie
met Major Walsh and sold the -'0111111"
ut $3 per dozen, realizing tlie. handsome
sum of $5'_'2U by the speculation.
It is learned from an Indian paper
that Mr. and Mrs. Tlianibyiiayagiimpillai
uro now on a visit to Kovllkiidyirruppu
Mr. Thambynnyagainplllai is the son of
Judge U.S. Arlanayagampillai and son-
in-law of Mr. A. Jauibulingamniudelliar.
The Minister of Justice has decided
that the law must take its course in the
case of John Doyle, alias Sullivan of
Nelson, who has been convicted at Nel-
sou of the murder of Dennis Connors,
Doyle will therefore be hanged on April
The Calgary Herald Bays: The City
Fire Brigade wisli to announce that as
usual they intend holding an all round
athletic tournament ou Queen's Birthday. A football match with (iolden will
likely bo one of the most interesting
The British Kast Kootenay Syndicate,
Ltd., iiientieni.il last week, has a capital
of ��10,000 in ��10 shares. The objects of
the company are lo acquire, own, and
work any gold mines, mining rights,
-.   patents, inventions, lic*.'ii-,us,concessions,
It     '
!Ncst The  Great   Northern   will, it iflsnid,
tho ilc for it charter to build an extension
Cofti lie system up into East Kootonay this
,p year to Kort Steulo anil probably as far
nort.li uu Golden.     Tlio Hosslund Time."
Bays:    It remains tu be seen whether
tlie Canadian Pacific will offer the same
retfistiuifc to llio now comer afl it has to
tlio Corbln charter,
Tin* "Canadian Trado" section of tlm
Loudon Chamber of Commerco discussed
at tlie last mooting tho supply of mining
machinery to Canada, und tho special
attention of the engineering trado section was called thereto. It ia remark-
able that with ho yooil a market open to
our manufacturers little or nothing has
yet boon done by our largo engineering
tirmfl to obtain a share of the trade.���li.
C, ilevjew.
OwiiiR to tlie growth of the mining
business in this district, a recorder^
otlice will lie established at "Wardner
this season for thc accommodation ui the
large number of prospectors who will bu
at work on the mineral lands lying
about this city. There is an extensive
territory south, east and west of Wurdner, aud it works a great hardship on
the prospector to compel him to go an
extra forly miles to record his properties.
, in British Columbia, United States
An enthusiastic meeting of the football club was hold in tho Columbia
House on Tuesday evening. U. 1U.
Wilson was elected captain of the club,
After Buiiie discussion it was decided
that the club colors be black and white.
A practice game has been arranged for
Saturday afternoon and it is hoped as
many uf the boys as paw tblo will bo on
hand, The game will start at *i o'clock
on tho ground above thu old printing
It is said that the Provincial Government will undertake to assay gold dust
at Victoria. Tho dust will be moulded
into bars and a certigcato of its value
given. It is also stated that tho various
banks in the province have agreed to
advance money on these gold bars, provided they are accompanied by the eerti-
cute and bear the government stamp.
This will be of great convenience to
Canadian prospectors and miningcom<
panics in the Klondike, as it will obviate
lhe necessity of Rending their gold dust
to San Francisco.
All persons indebted to me are requested to settle same with Mr, C. II,
Parson, who has authority to give
receipts for the same.
Golden, February 15th, 1898.
yOTiric is hekkby UIVEN tlmt application
1,1 will Uu lamlu to tho Parliament m Canadu
mi.11<�� thu Leglslotlve Assembly ot the Provlncu
of llritisli Columbia at their rcspeetlve sessions
to Incorporate a Company to construct a ruilwny lo he operated hy steam or electricity from
n point at or near Cranbrook, In Kast Kootenay,
Hvitish Columbia-*-the must northerly point on
tlie Crow's Nest Hallway,���-thence running in a
northerly direction up tlte Kootenny Hiver to
Canal Flat; thenco to tho Columbia Lake and
in ii northerly direction down the Columbia
hiver Iti theCnnoe liiver; thence up tlie Canoe
hiver und across the Portage to thu headwaters
oi the Fraser hiver; thence down the Frttset
itlver to Gfscome Portage) thenec across the
Portage to Parsnip hiver; thence down tlie
Parsnip Hiver to Findlay Hiver, and up tlie
Findlay Hiver and across the divide to Francos
Luke, and, thence to tha Vukon, with power to
divert the route of the Hue north of Olscomo
Portage either by way of Dense Luke or as may
be found most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty iniles in length and all
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
antl operate telegraph and telephone lines for
ttie transmission of messnges for the public) to
build, acquire and nporalo steam nnd other
vessels und nil necessary ferries, wharves und
dojks: to take und use water for ^uncrating
electricity, and to transmit nnd dispose of the
ppwer thereirom for lighting) heating nnd
motive purposes; with power iubo to carry on
the business of a general trading company, of
uu express colnpanyj also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limit* nnd operato saw mills, for the production
and sale of lumbori and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lauds and to curry ou a general
mining and ore smelting business, Including
tho erection   und operation  nf smellers uud
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa OlliXovombor, ifcf-7.    iln-Ot
VOTIl C I., hereby given Hint I <alinll applj* tor
*���' aspoclultlmborlluuinioto cut timber oil
tbo fullmvln-* cle-s.-ril.-j.t lands :��� Cnminui.--.il';
nt a post on Middle Furl* ni l-'inlev .-r,-,;!t.���..,..[
shunted Lfioo'foot to the north ol liar.lk-'s
Corral, N. J!.; tliencorunnliiginocnalnaaotu*-.-
tiieneo 70chains wiiflt, tliojicu KMIuliBtna north)
thtmc. 70 chain, nam to trie pout ot comniDutiu.
infill ii-initiiiiiiii** l.ixi-liu-re-i ubo.it.
Sohl.n. II, C,   October 20th, 1887-
IJUW.IC NOTICK 1.1 hereby |*lvcn Hint appll.
L i.atlnn will l,i- iiiu.lc in the I'lirliiiineul of
Canaan, nt tlm nuxl avHsloii thereof, ior nn Act
oliniiglng tin* name ol Tin. Dominion Blinding
un.l Loan Aaaoclntloii in tiiut nf The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company,
Dlllod otToronlo, this lilb ilnv of November,
A .11., 1807,
2 Toronto Rtroot, Toronto
nJH-Ot Solicitor, for Applicant.,
.Minister nf Minos and Provincial Secretary
lion. Col, .'nines Baker.
Provincial Mineralogist���W. A. Carlylc.
Public Assayer���II. Carmtchaol.
(M'l.Ii liOHMl.SfllOSKKS.
For the Province���\V. 8, (lore Victoria
South District comiirislng Fort Steele and Tobacco Plains  Mining Divisions���J. F. Arm-
Hiroiig Oranbrook
North District comprising Donald, (iolden and
Windermere Mining Divisions--J. K. (iriflliiis
.1. Slirret Donald
F. C.IUiig (Iolden
t!. Qoldle Windermere
c. M. Kd wards Fort Bteele
M. Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy Cleric of the Peace for North East Kootonay Jnsii.il ritlrrett Donald
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for South East Kont-
enay���Charles Massey Edwards....Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully thc
Value and Necessity of a '* Free
Miners " Certificate���No1 Person Should Attempt Mining
Without Oue.
Any person over 18 years of age, may be
comettirco miner by paying ft to any gold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtaining a certilieate good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate for
one lost on paying ?1.
A free miner's certilieate Is not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held as real estate without license, may
be fined $25. Mines become real estate after
crown grant bus been issued.
Should co-owner fall to pay i!p his free miner',
certificate his interest goes to his co-owners pro
rata according to tlieir former interests.
A shareholder in n joint stock company need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim ISOOxlfiM feet. But
all angles must be right angle.} and all measur*
nient must be horizontally.
A free miner may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill game for his ovfu use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain five acre mills!Ie upon erown lands In the lorn: of a square.
A claim may be held from year to yeur by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held If recorded in Iii days.
A iree miner may on payment of $600, in. lieu of
expenditure on claim, obtain a'erown grant.
Any miner may, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner) obtain lieciuwary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall be enforceable unless in u riling, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on the part of the
govern incut officials,
No claim shall be open to location during
last IllnesHS of holder, nor within 12 months
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within 1")
daysaftor location, if within 10 miles of ofllee
of mining recorder. One additional day Is til-
owed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim to lhe value of
fllHi must be done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by tbe
holder, or Ids agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done must be Mori with
the gold commissions!* or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, and recorded before tho expiration of each year from the date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claimB, may mibjcet to tiling notice
of his Intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on anv one or moreof
such claims, all the work required lo entitle
him to a certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or more free mhi-
crs holding adjoining claims in partnership.
In Hon of above work tho minor must pay fiuo
and get receipt and record the same.
VOTICEla hereby given that I shall apply
-^    for A >pecial timber licence to cut timber
on the following aeiorlbod lands:��� Commencing at a point on Fl ii Lev Creek, nt the head of
tbu canyon, north-east corner post] running
west200 chains ;.thenco40chnU.s south | thenco
200 chains east; thence 40 chains north to point
of commcuceincut i containing aliout 1,1)1)0
J.   C.   DUKICK
Fert Bteele,October 2lst, 18!*7.
Notice is hereby given that nll'persons
having any claims against tho estate of
tiuorge 1\ oodley, late of Golilen, B.C.,
deceased, who died ntUolden.B.C, on
tho 2nd February, 1808, are required to
give notice ol their claim* to G. H.
woodley and D. M, Rao, the executors
appointed by the will of thc said George
Woodley, on or beftiro the first day of
May, A. I)., 1808, and that after said last
mentioned date the said executors will
proceed to distribute such o'f said estalc
as shall have come to thoir hands, hav-
lngregard only to such claims as thoy
shall then havo received notice of as
above required.
Dated this 23rd March, 1808.
.Solicitor for the Executors,
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Dato Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Pacific Ry.
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of tho routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
Sailings for April:
Cottage City April 10
Alki  " 11
Islander  " 12
Thistle  " 14
Australian  " 15
Victorian  " 16
Pakshan  " 17
Danube  " 19
Queen...'.  " 20
Ning Chow  " 23
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
All   agents
can ticket
through which will include
meals and berths.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenny. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop,
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Nutt* H-'aiiH
Loiter ItcKils
lllll lli-aila
Hanil llllll
rulllnu llarila
��� ,i   Hii..|iii..mCard*
_0_��   Ijuv Brief*
"--   Lumber Book.
Hunk Wurk
i'rimil'.ory Notca
ltotiotpt l'orma
Share (liTtllleatca
Anna** Form.
I)ruj--,��ist.*i Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
The best stopping place lor freighters In
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderato Terms
First class Feed Stables.
Tho Best Beer in Canada is mn-sle by thc
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale nnd Hoda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every time. They
all have it. The Company's agent for Kast
Kouteuay Is
Golden, B.C.    '#. a. PARSON, Golden, li.c.
in prices of surplus
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Furniture
and   Glassware.
oom must be made for
New Spring Stock.
Seneral 9/?erchant
Whilo taking down stock for ono week from date I
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Dry Goods, GEnts Furnishings,
Shirts, Nscktiss, Boots ���> ShoEs,
& Fancy Gauds, ���
Oiarles I Warren,
S-olcLe-a., B.O.
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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