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East Kootenay Miner 1898-12-16

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 mm*, wm
Devoted to the Mining Interests and Development of the District of East Kootenay.
Vol. a, No. 21.
Golden, B. 0��� Friday, December 16, 1898.
I 3BB ..... .1.. .....L
$2.00 Per Year.
Prom Golden to the Boundary, Via Foiit Steele, and
Out uy Crow's Nest Pass.
By Basil G. IIashltox.
Not much further along a branch trail
leading to the placer mines of the famous
Wild Horse Creok is raeched. Its fame
rests principally upon the results ol the
past. Within the limited area of its
narrow valley was once a great mining
town named Fisherville, a' place of
.several thousand inhabitants, from all
parts of the earth. A few of them still
remain, and some new miners have been
���added to their number. The creek flows
into the Kootenay River, on the south
aide of Fort Steele; about four iniles up
is the place of the early placer diggings.
Mining of this nature in all its different
.stages, from the rude cradle or rocker to
the powerful hydraulic monitor, is still
being prosecuted on the banks. Well
up tbe creek is the stand of the Kip and
Tuck HydraulioCompanyiOf Vancouver,
who have met with success. Next to
.them is a Chinese company engaged in
work; another organization of men of
the same nationality is also operating
On the opposite side of the river from
this work is tho location of the Invicta
��� Company, who are possibly engaged in
more hydraulic operations than any of
Uie others. Still one more is working,
called tho International, with a claim
on Brewery Creek���a tributary of Wild
Horse. Work first commenced in their
, vicinity in 1S03, and tlie rush to the
-diggings was a wild ono. Up to the
.present time* tlie almost fabulous
sum of 118,000,000 has been removed
Irom the gravel bed of tho creek, not
more than two miles in length.
When the excitement commenced and
the race for wealth started, there was
no railway to th* north nor any in the
south, save through tiie United States
It being necessary for supplies being
brought in, it woe natural thut tlie
easiest way of accomplishing this and
entering oneself should bo chosen; in
addition to this, tho men who first made
thcdiscoveries.or those following closoly
after them, were " Forty-Niuers " from
California who had prospected tlieir way
from there up; for tliis reason all trawl
came from the south for a time. One
���obstacle in the way wae the crossing of
tho Kootenay River, (or the trails led up
on its opposite bank. In tlie year 1804,
in order to overcome the difficulty, Mr.
John Galbraith, together with two partners, started a ferry here, established a
trading post and took up land. By
degrees a small settlement formed about
them, and the place became known as
Galbraltli's Ferry. This continued until
1887, when, a disturbance occurring
amongst the Indians, it wss deemed
expedient to send in a detachment of
North West Mounted Police. Accordingly a post Was established under the
command of Major Steole. Mall communication was opened up, and with the
changes the village commenced to thrive.
In honor of the commander its name
was changed to Fort Steele. Fort Steele
is pleasantly situated on a piece of
elevated table land, at the Junction of
the Wild Horse Creek with tlie Kootenay
itfVur. At its back lie the Rocky Mountains; before it is comparatively open
ground, with the St. Mary's River running through. As the district opened up
Fort Steele grew in importance. It now
bos a population verging close on to 800
persons, with accompanying stores, a
club, churches and other public buildings. Unfortunately for it, the now line
of railway does not as yet touch It;
many towns are springing up around it
and dividing the trade which was once its
By far tho great-est competitor for the
trade of Fort Steele is Cranbrook
("Beautiful Crnnbrook"), from which
it is twelve miles distant northeast.
Cranbrook is thirty miles north of the
International boundary lino, near to tho
Dewdney Trail (the great line of traffic to
Southern British Columbia in early days),
and not for distant from tho one which
leads to Walla Walla. When travelers
���were few nud tbo population of the
country scanty, Cranbrook first liocame
�� placo of importance; this it derived
from tbe fact that the Customs houso
and necessary buildings were established
tiiere. Around tbo town aro situated
swue vory lino farming "-amis, adapted
either for pastoral or agricultural uses;
near by is a supply of timber that will
Lust lor years.   Tlio principal mines of
this part, including the North Star, St,
Eugene and Sullivan groups, all making
large outputs, will be in close communication with tho town, and will have a
down hall for thoir ores all the way.
Coal fields, from the product of which
coke will be made, are sixty miles distant, at Fernie. In the treatment of
ores by smelter it requires on an average
twelve tons of coke to treat 83 tons of
ore. These two substances must be
brought together at a point where smel
tors may lie located; here, is the place
required: plenty of room and central,
with easy grades for tbe hauling. In
addition to this, there is the further and
greater advantage that in and near
Cranbrook there is not only limestone,
but a variety of good ores suitable lor
fluxing; if it were not for this, the good
ores could not be treated without bringing fluxes a considerable distance. The
townsite has three creeks running
through it, which yield 700 gallons per
minute; two springs of water which
never freeze. They are so situated that
there will be no difficulty and little
expense in forming from them a supply
for an admirable system of waterworks.
(To be Continued.]
Farewell "Stag" to Mr. Mitchell.
Mr. George II. Mitchell, who for the
past year has been a salesman in the
employ of Mr. It. ti. Parson, Golden, left
for Calgary on Tuesday afternoon. On
Monday night several of Mr. Mitchell's
friends tendered bim a complimentary
"stag" party at tlie "Solid Comfort Cottage," among those present being Messrs.
J. C. Tom, Harry Munsou, F. W.Grant,
It. P, Howden, G*. C. Knowlton, K. II.
Wilson, Joe Lamontugno, Alex. Smith
aud Harry Gale. After au address had
been presented to the' guest, expressing
sorrow at his departure from Golden and
hopes for his success iu his future home,
the evening wns Very pleasantly spent by
everyone' present contributing his sharo
of music, song or speech for the entertainment of the party. Slipper was served
at 12.30, ami a couple of hours later tho
gathering dispersed' witli tho appropriate
toast and sting, "For He'i a Jolly Good
Fellow," fullowod by "Auld Lang Sync"
and "God Save the Queen."
C. P. R.'a New Time Table.
The change iu the C.P.R.'slime tabic,
as a result of the resumption of traffic
over the short line from Toronto to North
Bay, came into effect on Monday last;
and sn far as Gulden is concerned, puts
matters in practically the same shape
they were in previous to the CP.lt. and
G.T.R. rate war. Xo. 1 from tlie East
arrives at 11.15 a.m., half an hour earlier
than previously; and No. 2 from tho
West at 4.15 p.m., one hour later than
the former time. The trains will cross
at Calgary at 1.30 a.m. Trains arrive at
Vancouver at 12.30 p.m., nnd leave at
2 p.m. Tlie running time between Toronto and AVinnipeg has been reduced
from 64 hours to 47 hours. Further reductions in tlie running time will be mado
in the spring.
Church   Services.
The services at St. Paul's Church,
Gulden, on Sunday next will bo as follows:
At 11 a.m.���Morning Prayer, Litany
and Sermon.
At 7.30 p.m.���Evening Prayer and
The services on Christmas Day will bo
as follows:
At St. Peter's Church. Donald:
11 a.m.���Morning Prayer aud Celebration of Holy Communion.
At. St. Paul's Church, Golden:
7.30 p.m.���Evening Prayer and Sermon.
HSTUonrsr cmiucit.
Service will be held in connection with
tho Methodist chur-jh on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at 11 a.m.; Golden,
at 7.30 p.m. Everybody is welcome at
these services.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Services will be held the lirst. third
and fourth Sundays of each month during the winter at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at
2.30 p.m.
Christmas Paroels.
Tlio public is given timely warning, in
view of the early approach of tho Christmas season, that no parcel can In sent
from Canada to any other country by
parcel post, unless accompanied by a
Customs declaration setting forth the
nature and value of the contents, as the
acceptance of a parcel without such a
Customs declaration will mean its consignment to tho Dead Letter Office. The
qjjvlce ie given to postmasters to accept
no such parcels, and the public should j
govern llieniuelves accordingly.
Word Received From C. P. It.,
Re Settlement of Claims���A
Presentation to Mr. lloblm���
Christmas Tree���Ball���Notes.
(Prom our own Corrciprmdcnt.)
Mr. Thomas Forrest, chairman of the
Citizens' Committee, has beeu in communication with thc C.P.R. management
endeavoring to ascertain il anything had
been done yet witli regard to tho compensation to householders, whicli Sir
William Van Ilorne led the citizens to
understand would be done when the final
change came. A reply has been received
from Mr. Whyte, informing the committee that tho executive bud not yet decided
to what extent thoy would help thoso
who have lots and built houscsat Donald,
outside the employees of the company;
but the matter could not be acceded to
until the meeting of tho executive in the
second woek in January, when the prepared statement showing tlie value of
all buildings in Donald, how used, etc.,
would be laid before the management in
Order that they might intelligently decide the matter, and ho had no doubt
that fair consideration will be given to
all those who have invested.
Mr. Whitney and family loft for Revelstoke on Thursday's train, and will tako
up their residence there.
Mrs. Jordan, who has been down at
Banff for some time, returned to Donald
on Friday last.
AV. Caldwell has been reflooring and
fixing up his saloon and getting things in
good shape for next summei's business.
Miss Millard and Mr. Barron are very
busy arranging the Christmas tree entertainment, which promises to be more
attractive than ever. Sword drills, fancy
dances, tambourine dances, club swinging, recitations, posing, songs and character sketches are among the attractions.
AVork in the shops is still progressing,
and moving looks about as far away as
ever, although report says that the shops
will be moved on January 1st���but we
have heard tiiat before.
The Old-Timers' Ball is actually materialising, and we expect shortly to report that matters are in good shape for
one of those times for which Donald is
The examination ot wipers, etc, etc.,
took placo on Weduesday last, with the
result that two mon were let out on account of shortsightedness, both having
served for ovor six months. It seems a
pity that the company would not examine these men in tlie first place, and
decide if they aro fit. Tho job is no summer picnic nt the best of times, and it
seems too bad that mon should go all
through the worst of it, and whon getting
on "easy street" to bo fired; but these
corporations have no soul anyway.
Our merchants report Christmas trade
good, and almost all have their stocks
in. The stores are fixed up to tempt.the
most niggardly.
AA'e have noticed in several of your
local contemporaries articles on that apparently popular (7) Arm, Eaton k Co.
We have been wondering if Eaton really
pays Union wages. If he does, it is a
practical impossibil ty to sell goods at the
prices ho quotes. AVo have railroad men
in onr town who are always quoting
"Union, Union," but theso same men
will Bend to sweat shops and monopolies
for their goods, although they keep their
Brotherhood fees fully paid up. But such
is human nature���strain at a gnat and
swallow a camel. II these men could
only manage to look a little further than
their own individual self, up-to-date
socialism would bo a successful venture
and the world generally would have a
far brighter aspect.
Tim. Dunne, a Donald old-timer, well
known in theatricals, is now in the Clara
Mntlies Company, Vancouvor, having
temporarily disconnected with Uie Harry
Llndley Compuny.
J. N. Trickoy, one of Donald's well
known old-timers, left for Kingston,
Ont., lust week.
A presentation is being prepared for
Locomotive Foreman Uohbs, lute of the
Donald shops, now of Vancouvor, whicli
is expected to take place next week,
when Mr. Hobbs is expected to be " wid
us agin." T. K. has been in this country
for a long time and has earned the
respect, and friendship of the men and
outsiders, being a man always ready lor
tho public good, doing the best he could
to uesist 111 things generally,
President and Vice-President
Curling Matches To-Night���
Hockey Club Meeting���Six-
Day Bicycle Race���Notes.
Tho Vancouver Football Club is to give
a minstrel show at an early date,
Efforts are being nliulo to form a
Hockey League in AVest Kootenay, composed of teams from Rossland, Nelson,
Kaslo and Saudon.
The Ladies' Hockey Club, of Vancouver, will play tho Victoria Ladies' Club
at tlio latter placo on Monday, December
19th, for the championship of British
There will be a meeting of the Hockey
Club at tbe Columbia Houso at 7.30 tonight, sharp, to discuss matters in connection with the cbango in arrangements
of playing hockey in the rink.
From private letters received in Goldon
from Revelstoke it is learned that there
will be quite a party of enthusiasts accompany the Hockey Club on its visit
here on Monday, December 26th.
The Quebec Hockey L'uion recoin
mends the adoption of nuts for goals, as
in lacrosse, which would prevent qucs*
tionable gamos scored and would do
away with goal umpires. The Manitoba
League will probably adopt it.
Tlie skating rink opened for the season
on Monday evening, and during the week
has boon well patronised. The sale of
tickets up to the present time has been
quite satisfactory to the management,
25 curling 30 and skating Benson tickets
having been disposed of already.
T. A. Howard, captain of tho Victoria
Hockey Club, of AVinnipeg, reputed to
be the best goal shot in the world, will
piny with the Sow York Athletic Club's
team this your. This club holds the
championship of the United States, and
every uiomber of tho team is a Canadian.
Golden lias a hockey club, and is anxious to play Kamloops. There ought to
bu enthusiasts onough in town to get up
a club. Perhaps our ladies' club will
prove equal to the occasion.���Kamloops
Standard. If the ladies promise not to
play rough the local crowd would be
pleased to meet thom.
Tlio six-day bicycle race in Now York
last week was won by Miller, of Chicago,
who pedalled 2,007 miles, or 24 miles
better than tho previous world's record,
which ho had mado a year ago at the
same place. His winnings for the week's
work amount to about $2,500. Waller,
of Boston, was second, with 1,085 miles,
and Pierce, the only Canadian entered,
was third, with 1,906 iniles. Of the 32
original starters only 12 finished.
Kosslnnd's Winter Carnival will bo held
on January 24th to 28th, and promises to
bu tho biggest affair ot its kind ever held
in the West. Tho leading features will
be ski and suowshoe races, speed uud
fancy skating, coasting, tobogganing,
hockey matches and a grand curling
bonspiel. Most of thu events will carry
with them the championship of the
Province, and (2,500 are to bo offered in
the shape of medals, trophies, etc. It is
hardly likely Golden will be represented.
Curling has started iu earnest, although tha draw has not yet been made
for uny of tho prize competitions. Tbe
draw ln the President vs. Vice-President
games, however, took place last night,
nnd the following is the rosult: To-night
���AVarrenvs. Ullock; McNeish vs. Kae.
Saturday-Neilson ve. Parson; Henderson vs. Greene. Theso games will be
interesting to all our curlers, for evory
one of them is keen to get nt it. The ice
is in excellent condition, and the skips
are all on tho alert, each confident of his
own rinks' ability.
A meeting of tho Hockey ("tub wns
held at the Columbia House on Monday
evening. An agreement witli the rink
management was reached, whereby the
club ia to have exclusive use of the rink
each AVednesdny afternoon, Thursday
evening, nnd Tuesday and Saturday
evenings after 10 p.m. Revelstoke team
asked for a game here at 9.30 ou Monday
morning, December 20th, in order that
they may return home the same day. It
was decided to piny the gaino at the lime
requested. The socrotar} was instructed
to solid a challenge to Banff, (or a game
hereon Monday, JunvlnrV'Sd.   As there
is a possibility of Donald placing n team
iu the field, efforts were made to arrange
a game with that team. The uniform of
the local club will be black anil whito,
[Since the above wob in type, matters
between the rink management nnd the
Hockey Club have become changed, with
the result that tho game will not be
played in the rink this season. The club,
therefore, have decided to clear a rink
on the river for themselves. Stakes have
been driven, and a space 150x60 foot already laid out and cleared, where it is
expected the local team will meet the
Revelstoke team on December 26th, and
Banff team on January 2d. Other games
will be arranged for later in the seasoli
The New Imperial Postage Stamp,
Postmaster AA'arren has received a
supply of tho new Imperial two-cent
stamps. These are now on sale, and
may be used at their face value for domestic or foreign purposes, but of course
will not become available for their particular and original use until Christmas
Day, the timo prescribed by law. Thc
stamp is in two colors, und of unique design. The various divisions of the British
Empire appear iu re J on an outline map
of tbe world iu black, a crown surmounting tho picture, with maple and oak
leaves, symbolizing the uuity of Canada
and .the mother country. Underneath
tho map are the nurds, "Xmas, 1393,"
and along the bottom appears, "We Hold
a Vaster Empire Than Has Been," a
quotation from one of our patriotic poets.
At each lower corner is the figure "2c."
A. Silver-Lead Region That
Will Eventually Rival
Any in British Columlia���
Marvelously Rich Ores.
Rossland Mining Market.
Thu transfer of the LcRoi to the B.A.C.
and settlement of the litigation must
eventually have agood effect on the
lAindon market, Investors will &<t well
to watch B.A.C. shares, Loudon k B.C.
Goldiiclds and New Uoldficlds. The
last is operating the velvet, which is now
a good productive mine. Tlie market
remains dull. A bear raid on Deer Pork
has been the feature of the week. It lias
been founded ou baseline rumors and
some operators aro likely to be caught
short and the stock to advance sharply.
Coxey, Gertrude aud Novelty are all
in demand. The southwest slope of
Red Mountain is becoming justly popular.
A deal is rumored wliich will send
Giant booming again. Victory-Triumph
has been dull, but reports from
Sophie Mountain are most encouraging.
There has been a very largo turnover
in Golden Gate stock. Thu market is
active, and investors who buy now are
likely to make money. Dealings in
Boundary stocks have been more
restricted, but prices are well maintained.
Lower prices ull round aro the
characteristics  of the Republic market.
Full information given us to all stocks
upon application to Thomas McNaught,
Mining linker, Golden, li. C.
I. O. F. Election of Officers,
At the regular meeting of Court Kicking Horse No. 3713, I. O. F., held last
night in the Odd Fellows Hall, tho
following officers were elected for thu
coming year:
C.R.-Bro. AV. Rutherford.
V.C.K.-Bro. A. F. Smith.
R.S.���Bro. J. A. Bates.
F. S.���Bro. J. 11. Sample.
Treoa.-Bro. C. W. Field.
Chap.���Bro. J. 11. AA'ooils.
S.J.C.���Bro. J. Henderson.
S.W.���Bro. J. Lnniontugnc.
J.AV.-Bro. A. II. McMillan.
B.R.-Bro. A. Wixou.
J.B.-Bro. W. Smith.
Trustees���Bros. G. B. McDormot and
R. Hughes.
Finance Committoe���BroB. AV. Rutherford aud A. F. Smith.
British Columbia Press Association
Tho Rossland Record makes a good
suggestion that the editors und publishers of British Columbia form a Press
Association, and this winter would be a
good time to do it. Thu Legislature will
convene on January 5th, and most of
tho newspapers oi the Province will have
a representative at Victoria. That will
be au excellent time for forming such an
organisation. Thoro are many things
that could he discussed and arranged for
the mutual benefit of the craft. Tho
transportation companies would doubtlessly bo glad to escort the editors about
tho Provinco, which would result in all
becoming better acquainted with each
other mid the different sections of tbo
country. Then they could make a long,
strong pull (or the good of British
Little has ever been known of a district
that promises to equal, and perhaps exceed, the most sanguine expectations of
any silver-lead mining enmp in Britisli
Columbia, both in quantity and quality
of its ores, says a writer in tbe Spokane
Spokesman-Review last week. This vast
territory lies about midway between
Golden on the north and Fort Steele on
the south, and fa known ns the Windermere Mining District. Its resources havo
been known to a few old time prospectors for a number ofj-ears, but its real
merits did not become apparent until tho
summer of this year.
The mineral of the country consists of
gold, silver, copper and lead, nnd so far
shows an excess of galena. The leads
aro generally large and promise to ho
strong, and, liko the Slocan, tho oro is
clean and rich at the grass roots, ninny
assays running $400 to the ton.
��� Considerable development has been
done on properties during the past two
months, both by companies and original
owners, nnd great activity is expected
next season.
An English syndicatejias-j?ondcd and
is working the Pretty Girl group of eight
claims, and besides sinking a testing
shaft havo driven a crosscut tunnel to
tap the lead at a depth of about 200 feet.
The Hot Punch group has been bunded
by a Montana syndicate and a shaft sunk
65 feet, opening up a fine body of solid
galeua carrying a good percentage of gruy
copper. Tho values run from 40 to BOO
ounces silver ond (2 to $18 in gold. Tbo
company will ship next spring.
Messrs. Starko and Kimpton own the
Dclphlne group. This iB an excellent
property, the values ranging from 100 tu
600 ouncos in silver, with a largo per
cent, of lead and copper. They havo
been working with a good force of inep
and are now packing ore with 40 horses
to the Columbia River.
A Nelson company has bonded tbe
Bnthose group and is pushing dcvol.ip.-
mont work.
The De Los property shows a flue body
of mineral, and 20 horses sro packing
ore to the river.
The Sitting Bull group, consisting of
four claims, has been bonded to a Nelson
corporation, and they nre now working.
This is a valuable property of high grade
copper carbonates. The lead is three
feet wido nnd runs 742 ounces silver,
besides a big percentage of copper.
On the west of the Sitting Bull group
lies the Alps group, ono of the most
promising discoveries iu tlie country.
There are four claims with two ricli and
well defined ledges running through
them. One of the lends is solid galena
from three to four and a half feet wide,
carrying 75 to 800 ounces in silver and 50
to 75 por cent. lead. Tho other is carbonates aud galena seven feet wide. Tho
holders of this property will commence
vigorous operations in tho spring.
Seven feet of solid galeua orp has been
uncovered on tho Dividend group, tho
values ranging from 46 to ISO ounces in
silver nnd 75 per ceut. lead. It is
rumored that a Montana syndicate has
secured n bond ou this prop..fly.
A Rossland company has secured a
bond on the Swansea group nnd haa
been working n large force of men all
last summer.
Besides tlio above-mentioned proper?
ties there are quite a numlier that tho
writer did not lnvostlgnto, for want off
tjme, but was told that they contained
good values and great promise.
' One of the best features qfthis,country
is the easy means of shipping. -The
nearest railway is 75 miles north, nt
Goldon, but the pro can bo hauled by
wagon iron) the mines to tho river, a
distar.ee of 20 miles, there loaded orj
steamboats and barges, and floated to
the railroad. As yet there aro no wagon
roads excepting tlio stnga ruit.l frum
Roldon tn Fort Steele, but good ones eim
be built to the mines for $1,000, not
exceeding $2,500.
Tbe Studio is now complete nnd  tin
Public can drop ill for u Sitting
ut any time. *v   Tl
KAST   KOOTHXAY    MlNIiH,   UOLDIIN,   IS. ('.,    1'KID A V. .OKI 'K.'.IBI'HJ    1��,   J'WW.
n ���krMiijrMM
Jlast Kootenay fflinei*\
A Woslcly Journal, published every Friday
iln the tnturcst ol the Kup; Kootonay nistrlct
in.ikinn olosest conneutlona with nil iniins and
'   in.'.il routes,
SUIlHCUIl'TION RATBSl llj* mull or carrier
T'J.lXl |,��T year iu advance,
-column Incli, l-MXl per column inrli whon la-
sortod on Uib title page ; le-oil ads. 10 ocnta per
nonpareil line Ior lirst Insertion, 6 cents per
lino lor oooh additional Insertion*, reading
���uutlees Ifi cents por lino each Insertion.
Changes ol ads. must be In office not laturtlian
Iilrth, marriage anil death notices Inserted
JOI1 DEPARTMENT: 'Our Job llopartmcnt
:1m the best equipped printing oQloe ln Must
'Koolenay and is prepared to do neat, arllwlie
-printing At a reasonable prlco, One price tuftll.
Mail orders recolvo prompt attention.
CORRESPONDENTS! We Invite correspon
���deuce on any subjoin of interest lo tho genera
.publicand desire a-regular correspondent at
���every point In the District. In nil eases the
.bona tide name ol writer must accompany the
miuiilHcrlpt, not necessarily Ior publication
but as a guarantee of good faith.
Correspondence with reference to any matter
that lia.ni|)p..ftn..l in another paper must lirst
bl oflcro.1 to Hull paper for publication belore
it can appear ln "The Misku."
Address all communications
Golden, 15. 0.
Poor Mr. Scmlin, after weakly leading
tlio Opposition for a number of years, is
allowed no reward when bis party gets
���into power, says the Kamloops Standard.
Tbe domineering personality of Mr. Joe
Martin completely absorbs the meek pro-
teence of the Premier, Even in bis own
'department he has no say. An inquiry
was Bent to him asking what wore the
special conditions under which timber
licenses were to bo obtained, and instead
��� of answering "the favorablo consideration by Mr. Joe Martin," he Bays:
"In consequence of the decision of the
Government not to sell or dispose of any
landsor timber, notice of which was published in the British Columbia Gazette,
I regret to say I am unable to favorably
consider your application."
In othor words, having no discretion,
lie is unable to use his discretionary
���powers. The mills of tbe Kootenay may
bo closed down, timber may bo exported
.and men thrown out of work, but so long
as our natural resources aro still in their
natural state, the country must be all
right. It would have been bettor, though,
if the Gazette had not said anything
about "special conditions," but lind announced that one of the industries of tlio
country was to be cloEed down.
undersell American potatoes, and so on
through a long list of commodities, It
ought to bo evident, though it is not so,
that what those people ou both sides are
ndeavoring to bring about is the physical ami economic unattainable, that is, a
country���lie it Canada or tho United
States���wliere everything will be produced under conditions that do not admit
of foreign competition.
In nil reason, why should thero be any
trade barrier between Canada nnd the
United States more than there is between
New York and A'ermont, or between AVis-
consin and Minnesota? Each community complements and supplements thc
other. Certain commodities can bo obtained in Canada that are better and
cheaper than the corresponding commodities that are the products of the United
States. On the other band, certain commodities obtained in tbo United States
are so far superior, both in price and
quality, to similar commodities produced
in Canada, that if the customB barriers
did not stand in the way, thoso wbohove
them for sale would have practical possession of the Canadian market.
On the logic of the argument usually
used, there is no reason why a barrier
should not bo raised between Minnesota
and the State of Wisconsin or the Dnkotas
for tin* purpose of having a duty imposed
upon, say, every bushel of wheat which
comes into Minnesota, and overy
pound of Hour sent across tho line into
those States from Minnesota. If the
border line was the Canadian boundary
line, such a fair and equitable'exchange
of products would bedenounccdaswrong,
ami ns causing an immense loss to one
side or the other, whichever happened to
do the denouncing.
The Times leaves it to the reason and
the good common sense of the people of
tbo United States to say whether or not
it will be better for all the people on the
American continent for the Governments
on both sides of the harbor to effect some
arrangement which will make it possible
for the trade between the Dominion and
the States to flow back and forth as freely
as it does between tho States.
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The following article from tho Minneapolis Times treats tho subject of reciprocity between Canada and the United
States in arathor fair and straightforward
manner, nnd.unlike most blatant American newspapers, has the honesty to say
there aro many Canadian commodities which are superior to corresponding
commodities of Amorican origin:
There does not appear to be much
prospect of tho United States and Canada
getting together upon any tariff schedule
that will be mutually satisfactory. The
statements mado by the farmers, traders
and manufacturers upon one side of the
line neutralize those made upon tho other
side. Upon the Canadian side it is
claimed that the customs taxes at the
present time in force are, as a rule, as
low as they should be, and, indeed, too
low to give Canadian industries the
measure of protection to which they nre
rightfully entitled. It is claimed that
the Canadian producer, whether in
tho fields or In the workshops, finds
opposed to bim and at all times encroaching upon bis market, tho active,
persistent. American. If it wero not for
the protection tax, the Canadians say,
they would be wearing Amerlcan-mndo
clothing, Ijuotsaiid shoes, would eat from
American crocaory, eat bread made from
American Hour, would use American-
made furniture, eat canned meats and
fruits put up in America, would read
American books, and employ in their
trades American-made tools of oil kinds
Tho American farmor protests that a
removal of tho tariff upon agricultural
products would lead to the inundation of
tho Canadian market by tho products of
America:! agriculture. The same com
plaint comes from the manufacturers ii
practically all lines of business, from tinware to tombstones. Thus the American
producer is the bogey ol the Canadian
producer, just us tho English manufacturer aud his alleged "paupor labor,"
"pauper-paid" employees, are converted
into a popular bogey by the American
On this side of tho lino we have a large
number of American farmers and manufacturers insisting that they must bo protected against the Canadian producers:
that if American fleur undersells Canadian flour, Canadian potatoes ure apt to
During tho thirteen years from 1885 to
1898 there were 108 persons condemned
to death for murder in Canada. Of these
60 were executed, and <1S sentences were
The Christmas greeting that the Imperial Government will give to her widely
spread colonies will take the form of an
invitation to write home oftener, and the
charge for the letter postage will be ono
Mr. AVilliam T. Stead, tho eccentric
editor of the London Review of Reviews,
says he finds no sympathy with the
United States in Europe outside of England. Well, England is a pretty husky
old friend to have.
The Chicago Tribune keeps a careful
record of the lynchings that take place
in the Republic, and finds that during
the eleven months of 1898 there have
been 113, of wliich 7 occurred in the
North, and 100 in the South. It would
be interesting to know how many innocent persons wero among the victims
Lynching is tho crying disgrace of American civilization,
The increased attention that, is being
given to British Columbia by the Eastern
newspapers is a source of much gratification to the people of this Province. At
ono time it was the exception rather than
the rule to find anything in an' Eastern
newspaper about British Columbia. All
the big Eastern dailies print columns
about the wonderful resources of the
Pacific Province and its people.
During tlie Spanish-American War The Thrice-a-Week
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the American people.
It prints the news from all
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[Coxcmidkd FnoM Last Wsras:.)
THE day before, being sent to the
stockroom with an order, the
manager had followed her, and,
turning in a narrow passago, met her
where she could not retreat. With a leer
on his unhandsome, sensual face, he had
caught her in his arms and held her
close while he kissed her full upon the
lips. She shivered as she recalled the
vile contact. Without a thought or a
care for the consequences, acting on her
maidenly instinct of eolf-protection, she
had promptly and vigorously slapped his
face. ilo had released her with n
muttered "D���n you! You shall pay
for this, my lady! " and his black looks
had followed her all day.
" Seems as if it is hotter than over this
morning!" gasped Annie, as the girls
hurried to catch a down-town car. Then
she added, half to herself, " Oh, if I had
money enough to take me homo, I'd cut
the whole thing this minute."
"Oh, brace up. 'Twon't be like this
always. But you're in luck to havo a
home you can go to. I wonder why on
earth yon left it."
" I wanted to see something besides
The girl laughed mirthfully. " Do
you see so much at the store? What
chance do wo got to seo anything else?
We've neither time nor money, and
Sunday's we're so dead iired we're glad
to sleep half the day and mend our
clothes the rest. I don't call it a very
exciting existence. If I had a home,
you bet I'd leave it quick enough."
For a moment a vision of a moonlit
May night Hashed before Annie's eves.
At the store everything went wrong
that morning. The ar was caught nt a
jam and they were lute, which meant a
line and so much less in -the weekly
envelope, although it was no fault of
theirs. Tho heat and foul air in the
store made Annie sick and dizzy, and
twice she sent in an incorrect statement.
Tiiere was trouble about im approval
check wliich had been mislaid. Her
-r-hauge came hack wrong and had to be
sent iu again while sn impatient customer complained audibly, and after
pulling down the whole stock in the
endeavor to satisfy a woman who was
���shopping to kill time and hadn't the
.east intention of buying anything, she
saw her prospective customer rise and
walk off saying: " Well, if it's too much
trouble to show goods here I can go
where it isn't!" and received a stinging
reprimand from the watchful malinger,
in the terms of u threat.
At half-past six, when the tired and
hungry girls aero filing out of the back
door of the store, the department
manager, reviewing them as a command*
ing general surveyed the rank aud file,
called, sulkily:
"Number 428!"
Annie stopned. The man stepped up
to her, turned her round, picked from
her block skirt a brilliant silken raveling
and following It slipped his hand into
her pocket and broughtout several yards
of Roman striped ribbon.
" So our little prude is a thief too, is
sho?" he said sneeringly, raising his
voice that the girls might hear the conclusion of the sentence. " We've had a
little too much of this lately and we'll
havo to moke you an example, I guess.
Just send in a call for a patrol wagon,
will you I" turning to tlio watchman.
" Really it seems more necessary to keep
an eye on these Sunday school girls than
on tho others!"
Poor Annio, thunder-stricken at the
accusation, could hardly realise what it
" I did not take it. I never saw it
before. I don't know how it camo in
my pocket, but I didn't put it there."
Tho manager sneered. " You can tell
that to tho court," ho said.
The long hot day, tho fatigue.and now
this overwhelming charge was too much
for Annie, and she fainted. An indignant murmur from the crowd of girls
was silenced by the eye of tho accuser.
He held their positions and tlieir salaries
in tlie hollow of )iis hand.
Annio had hardly revived before the
patrol wagon came dashing up, und
despite her entreaties and' protestations
she was sent to the Btation and spent the
night in a cell. . .
Her room-mate, herself in tears, bo-
took herself to tlieir boarding-house and
uaulc n confidant oi a middle-aged
Woman who had been kind to the two
forlorn girla.
" It's nil a put up job. Miss Macey is
as honest as a minister. She's rcnl, true
fasnest.  The manager hates her liccnuso
she wouldn't go witli him. and he never
meant her nny good by inviting her. He
knows a good deal more about how that
ribbon came there than she (Ioob. But
I don't know what to do. Think of his
Bending her to the station in the police
wagon I   The menu, cowardly puppy!"
Out of the consultations of Annie's
two friends was born action toward her
relief. A telegram was dispatched to
Maurice Gordon, whose name and address were found in a lately received
letter in Annie's trunk.
" Better the man than her mother,"
laid the elder woman. " A man can do
something; women generally cry when
things go wrong."
So, when Annie appeared to anBwer
her she found friends in court. Mr.
Manager was thore, smooth as oil. Ho
explained how the firm hail been missing
various articles, and that ho had personally taken tho incriminating ribbon
from Numbe.i 428's pocket. The judgo
" What is the prisoner's name? Tho
court does not recognise numbers."
Mr. Manager recoiled a little at the
judge's tone.
Were any of tho missing articles,
except tho ribbon, found in the prisoner's
No, your honor," answered the
policeman addressed.
The judge looked nt the palo, tromb-
lipg girl and liis practiced eye read her
innocence. This was no guilty wretch,
dreading punishment. " Tell me," he
said kindly, "how did that ribbon como
in your possession?"
Indeeil sir, I do not know. I only
know I never took it. Never! Indeed, I
am not a thief."
PienBo sir," piped up a childish
treble. "I know how it came in 428's
pocket.   I seed who put it there! "
His honor raised his spectacles and
beamed benignly one little giilin a long
bine gingham apron that seemed to
eclipse her.
Ah, really 1 Well, what do you know
about it? "
Please sir, 428 was a-waiting on n
customer an' Mr. Manager then carao
along behind her an' I seen him slip
sumphin in her clothes, an' pull out that
there rod ravelin' so's 'twould show. 1
seen him do it. Y'es I did," continued
little " Cash," pointing a loan forefinger
nt tho manager, who was turning sevoral
colors alternately in his rage and chagrin.
The judge transfixed the man with his
eagle eye.
"The prisoner is honorably discharged. Tiiere is no case. If the prisoner's
friends wish to institute suit for defamation of character, I think they have
sufficient evidence."
Annio, tiiumpliantlvexonernted.ahud-
dered at tho mention of tlio store. She
never went back, but Maurice had an
interview with the proprietors whicli
resulted in the dischnrgo of the manager,
and a public statement by Mr,. Sellein
before tho girla in the department whore
Annie had worked as to her iiinocciico of
tho charge and the malice of the manager
in it.
" I am not mistaken in thinking you
hnvo n���ah���something more than n
friendly Interest in the young lady, am
I, Mr. Gordon?" nsked Mr. Hellem, ns
Maurice was nbo 't leauing him.
The young man blushed furiously, but
responded promptly.
" It is the dearest hope I have that I
may some day persuade Miss Macey to
become my wife."
" The firm would like to do something
for tlie injustice sho lins suffered through
our representative." Seating himself at
the desk he filled out a check for one
hundred dollars. " Ask her to accept
this toward her trousseau."
Just a year from that May evening on
which they parted, Annie and Maurice
stood together under the lilacs, looking
upon the twinkling lake. Annie's city
experience had resulted in a long illness
from which b!ic had mado a tardy recovery. Not until Bpring was well established had she been ablo to be about,
No one had been so kind and untiring as
Maurice, but ho had held himself so
sternly in check that ho had seemed
merely a friend; kind and good ns a
brother, only a friend. Rumor had
coupled his name with that of n young
lady visiting at hie father's houso, and
the rumor had reached Annie. Sho had
smiled and hoped so, sho was sure
Maurice deserved a good wife, and Mini
Rising was certainly a lovely girl. But
her heart was Bad and sore. As thoy
lingered under tho lilacs memories ol
the past came back to both, and a significant silence fell upon them. It was
broken by a Bhrill young voice calling
from the porch:
"Annio, Annie, Mam' Ruth says come
right in, 'cause it's too damp and' dewy
an' you'll catch cold. Come right away
quick," "Yes, 'Cash'dear, I'm coming."
called Annie and she turned towards the
"Just aniinnte, Annio," Baid Maurice,
laying a detaining hand on her arm
" You'vo never answered the question I
asked a year ego to-night." Through the
silence trembled the note of the
"I love you, Annie. I want you formy
wife. Have you seen enough of the city
and its life to make you content to lie a
poor mail's wife on a farm in tho country? "
Oh, Maurice! Don't I"
But her face was burled iu his breast
and little "Cash" had to call again beforo
two pairs oi lips met In the betrothal kiss.
[the is.m]
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T'lr,   I'1ST   KOOT13JCAV   MtNEIt,   fiOl.DES,   IJ. C,   FRIIJAY, . 1>ECEJIBKR .1.0, ."MtflS.
Tlie fire losses at Victoria wero only
$225 during November. . ���
l,ocnl thermometers registered 17 degrees below zero on Monday morning.
The Silverton Silvertonian is making a
strong fight against tho Chinese in that
- * The rush of goldscekcrs to tho Atlin
Lake fields commenced from Vancouver
last week.
Sksgway has a complete fire-fighting
apparatus nnd a well organized volunteer
1 Mr. J. A. Bates, Goldon's popular
schoolmaster, will Bpend his Christmas
at the Coast.
��� The Texada miners are now on strike
for a working day of eight hours, instead
> of ten as at present.
Mr. W. B. Robertson returned to Calgary on Sunday, alter spending a week
with friends iu Golden.
��� Mr. J. Fallis, of Revclstoke, has just
taken a position as salesman In the store
of H. G. Parson, Goldon.
Thomas McNaught, manager of tho
Halcyon Hot Springs, was iu town tliis
week.���Revelstoke Herald.
Next year in East Kootenay is expected to be the most prosperous iu its
history.���Calgary Herald.
��� Extensive improvements are to be
made st the Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
Loko, early noxt summer.
Nurse Fogarty, who has been attending
Mr. H. G. Parson during his sevcio attack of typhoid fever, left for Vancouver
on Wednesday.
The election in Alborni took place on
Wednesday with overy possible chance
of Mr. Ward, tho Opposition candidate
being returned.
It is statod that the C.P.E. Company
will build four large smelters in British
Columbia during the coming year at a
cost of $1,000,000.
Crow's Nest coal shares, will'.,,,,..'
quoted recently nt (16 por share,'.
now reached f 19, and none are offe
ior sale at that price. '
The land forces at Ksquinialtam! Halifax aro to be increased, and 500 additional men left Portsmouth on Saturday
{or these two stations.
The public schools throughout the
Prpvinco close to-day for tho Christmas
holidays. The Golden school will bo
closed for three weeks.
. A proclamation will appear in the next
issuo of the Canada Gazette declaaing
Monday, December 26th, a holiday, as
Christmas comes on Sunday.
Mr. H. G. Tarson has fully recovered
from his attack of typhoid fever, and was
able to come outdoors on Wednesday for
the first time since his sickness,
i Tapping's new Opera House at Revelstoke was formally opened last week by
tho Harry l/uidloy Company. The house
will cost (10,000 when completed.
Tho announcement is now mado that
tho British America Corporation has
been successful in floating the Le Roi
mine in London, on a basis of ��1,000,000
Tho Canadian Pacific Railway Company's traffic earnings for the week
ending December 7th were (591,000; for
the same week of last year they were
A by-law has lieen introduced In Nelson
with the idea of keeping children off the
streets at night. A No. 6 slipper, energetically applied, would cover the ground
more effectively.
. Canners are not-making big purchases
for next season, says the Vancouver
Province. This season having bean an
utter failure, they have big stocks of
material on hand.
. It is understood that Sir Wilfrid
Luurier will visit the West next summer
and will go as fur as the Pacific Coast.
En routo the Premier will deliver addresses at principal points.
* Wo have received from Hull Brothers,
cattle dealers, of Calgary, through their
Golden branch, a handsome calendar,
witli a Sock of sheop grazing on tho hillside as the central figure.
If you have any gifts to buy, begin to
purchase them now. Don't put off your
Christmas snapping till ths 24th, and
then want to kick yourself into noxt year
for the fool things you bought.
���' In the recent municipal elections in
New Westminster Mayor Ovens was reelected, with a majority of 37, over W.
31. Geary. In Calgary James Reilly was
chosen as mayor, with a majority of 18.
' According to the Times, there are
300 fallen women, in Victoria. This is
really nothing to boast of, as Rossland,
which is not half as old ns Victoria,
claims to have nearly that number
already. ,,.,..,
Tho Gold Commissioners of the Province have* boe.n instructed to prepare reports on tlie general mining coudltious
In their respective districts for the Minister of Mines, which reports wero to bo
in on the 15th inst,.
' The Csnmore mail robbery tarns out
to be a fizzle. The Investigation shows
that, owing to a hoi. in., the bottom of
the mail b��g. th? letters, (ell through
from the Canniore hag into the Vancouver
bag, wylch hung below, and where.
They wero ultimately found at the.
Terminal.   City. ��� "
Tlie licensed victuallers of Roesland
have decided to advance the price of
beer from 5 to 10 cents per class. The
Miner is under the belief that in consequence of thiB, many will drop their
libations of this liquid.
It is reported that the Province of
British Columbia will shortly be divided
into two postal divisions, and that Revelstoke will be the end of the mail clerks'
run from Calgrry and Vancouver. This
is a step in the right direction.
The annual convention of the Mainland Teachers' Institute will be held in
New Westminster on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 3rd and 4th, 1899. Tho
Hon. Joseph Martin and Sir Hlbbert
Tupper will deliver addresses.
As was stated In these columns three
weeks ago, Goldon is to have a photographer. It will be Been by advertisement In another column that Mr. 11. P.
Howden has opened up a business two
doors west of the Columbia House, and
is now prepared to receive sitters.
The shipments from the mines of the
Rossland camp for tho week ending
December 10 were as follows: Le Roi
1,820, War Eagle 1,000, Iron Mask 40;
total 2,460. Shipments for the same
week last year, 637 tons; total shipments
since January 1st, 1898,121,431 tons,
A new freight tariff went Into effect
with both tho G. T. R. and C. P. R. on
Monday last, by which the rate on nearly
all classes of goods from points in Ontario
to Kootenay points have decreased from
three to ten cents per 100 pounds. Tho
Canadian Pacific is quoting through
rates to Manila, Philippine Islands.
Poker playing is a favorite pastime in
Rossland. A couple of sharpers arrived
there the early part of this week, and in
one of the gambling dens in that city, on
Tuesday night, made a cleanup of (2,800.
They were driven to the boundary line
atdaylightthefollowing morning, managing to escape with their ill-gotten gains.
AV. P. Robinson, who for several years
' -ast has acted ns deputy to Sheriff Red-
4.898 t,.,ei of Donald __,���_, had notice of his
'sptfointment as sheriff for tho electoral
divisions of Nelson, Slocan, Rossland
and South East Kootenay. Heretofore
Sheriff Robinson, as deputy, has covered
the work in Nelson territory and divided
the fees with the sheriff at Donald.���
Vancouver World.
Tho railway instruction car which has
been in Winnipeg for the past two weeks
left there on Friday ovening for the West.
The car will stop at all C.P.R. divisional
points in the West, and instruction will
be given principally in mechanical engineering and locomotive running. Donald
will be reached on Christmas Day, and
tho car will reach Winnipeg on its return
probably about January 20th.
Manager Whyte has issued a circular
calling tho attention of dispatchers,
agents and operators to the necessity of
giving accurate information to the public
with regard to delayed trains. Of course,
as Mr. Whyte says, the agents and operators are not always to blame, as they
must of necessity rely on the information furnished them by the dispatchers
He says further that incivility will be
regarded as an unpardonable offence and
wherever detected will be followed by
summary punishment.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
Lord Minto paid his first visit to Toronto Wednesday;
The Cuban General Garcia died last
week of pneumonia.        '"���'
Sir Charles Tupper will return to
Ottawa about Jaunary 15th.
A movement is on foot for establishing
a sanitarium for consumptives in Toronto.
Queen Victoria has given (1,000 to the
Gordon Memorial College at Khartoum.
It is feared that the Paris Exposition,
wliich has been arranged for 1900 will be
The British naval authorities have invited the Newfoundland fishermen to
join the naval reserve.
Editorials in the London papers express great satisfaction over the signing
of the Spanish-Amoarican treaty.
Sir William Vernon-Harconrt has resigned the leadership of the Liberals in
the British House of Commons.
A gas tank containing 8,000,000gallons
of water collapsed in New York on Tuesday, killing and injuring many persons,
A ton of young Eastern oysters has
been placed in Puget Sound, and efforts
will be made to propagate them in these
President McKinley is now on a visit
to the Southern States, and was most
enthusiastically received by 150,000 per*
sons at Atlanta, Ga.
Lord Strathcona sailed from New York
on Tuesday returning to the duties of his
mportant post as the respresentive of
the Canadian Government in London.
Toronto has had a cold snap, the ther
mometer registering 8 below zero, and
tbe bay being frozen over to tbe depth of
three Inches, which is the earliest in
many years.
In a poll of the U. S. Democratic Senators, the majority declared for Bryan and
the free silver platform for the next
Presidential election. British Columbia
is also in favor of these things.
U.'S. Senator Davis, in an Interview
with a Paris newspaper correspondent,
advocates a triple alliance of Great Britain, United States and Japan, which
could control the whole world.
It is expected that formal opening of
the new Victoria Jubilee bridge will take
place on May 24 next. The bridge is
now rapidly approaching completion,
nearly all of the old tubular spans having
been demolished.
In the Dominion bye-elections on
Wednesday tho following were the successful candidates: McCarthy, Independent, in North Simcoo; Douglas, Liberal,
East Northumberland; Johnson, Liber*,!
West Lambton; Martimear, Liberal.
Montmangny; Marcil, Liberal, Bi
Bell, Literal, East Prince.
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele,    -    B.
Harvey & McCarter,
Methodist 8. S. Christmas Tree.
At the Christmas treo entertainment
to be givon in the Golden Methodist
Sunday School on Friday evening, Dec
ember 23d, the programme will include
recitations, dialogues, vocal and instrumental'music, etc. Prizes will also be
awarded for the past year's work. Par
ents and friends wishing to put presents
on the tree for particular children are
welcome to do so, and are requested to
send these presents as early as possible
to any of the officers of the school.
Railways to b. Built.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Com*
pany intend making application at the
forthcoming session of Parliament, says
the Vancouver World, for a charter
empowering thom to build a lino of railroad from a point at or near Cranbrook
or Fort Steele, ou the line of tbe Crow's
Nest Pass Railway, northerly along tbe
Kootenay and Columbia Rivers, to a
point at or near Golden, on the com
pany'smain line; likewise with power
to operate branch linea of railway extending from the proposed new line a distance
of not more than 30 miles, It hss been
known for some time that the management of the C. P. R. realised the importance of what is known as tbe tipper
Columbia and the Kootenay River val
lays, passing through sueh important
places as Grohman, Canal Flats, Fairmont Springs, Windermere, Galena and
the Spillimacheen River, in which there
aro known to be very promising mines,
as woll as large areas of good agricultural
land, all of which require but a line of
railroad, or* other transportation facilities, to make them of great value, not
only to thoir owners, but to the whole
Province, With this lino in operation,
East Kootenay will bo thoroughly well
served with railways. It will have tho
main line of tho C. P. B, in the north, a
road extending southward from Golden
to Cranbrook, and the Crow's Nest Pass
Railway extending from east to west.
So that in the matter of transportation
every facility will bo afforded for the
rapid development of that section of tbe
Thos. IMcNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary l'ublle.
Poet office address:
Jas. Henderson,
Seneral 7/ferchant
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to order..
A supply ol Building Lime Ior sale.
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
To Buy Good
Srtch as
Seeleys,   Millots,
Roger & Gailets.
Oolden, B. C.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
The Golden
Freib and Bait Monti.
Fish and Game in Hca-ton,
Pealers In Cattle, Sheep and Hanoi,
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
& Embalming     |
| Tolcgrapb orders receive prompt attention T
J. 8MART,    !
CALGARY, Alt*. ���
'WW fff ?Tf f f f???f TTWffff fV
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
1st Vice-Pres.r-W. G. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vico-Pres.-W. G. Neilson, J.P.
3rd Vice-Pres.���E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer���E. A. Haggen.
The regular meetings of the Association
arc held on the first Tuesday of every
month at tbs Columbia House, Golden.
Livery and
Feed Stables
A Large Shipment
New  Groceries
Good Saddle Horses and Bigs ol All Kinds lor
Hire at Reasonable Bates. ^
Teaming ol All Kinds a Specialty. *
Golden, B. C.
Fire *nd Life Insurance Agents.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an application
���will be mado to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province ol British Columbia at lu next
Session for an Act to Incorporate a Company,
with power to construct, equip, operate and
maintain a Railway ("standard or narrow gnage)
for the conveying of passengers and freight
from some point at or near Cranbrook, thence
to Uolden, both In tho Kootenay District of
British Columbia, by tbe shortest and most
practicable route, with power to construct,
anlp.opvrate and maintain Branch Lines and
, necessary Roads, Bridges, Ways. Ferries,
Wharves, Docks and Coal Bankers; also Steam
snd other Vessels and Boats, and generally to
earry on the business of transportation; with
power to erect, operate and maintain Telegraph
and Telephone Lines ln connection with the
said Railway and Branches for the transmission
of messages for the public; and to acquire
Water Rights, to supply water or water power;
and to generate electricity for supplying light,
heat and power, as well for their own use as to
sell and supply to the public; and with power
to carry on a business of a Mining, Smelting
and Refining Company; and to construct,
equip, operate or to turn to account, to sell or
otherwise dispose of mines, smelters and refineries; to acquire, bold and dispose of mining
lands, mining rights, coal lands, timber lands,
timber claims, surface rights, water rights and
privileges, or other rc-%1 or personal property;
and with power to expropriate lands for the
purposes of the proposed Railway; and to ac
quit* lands, bonuses, privileges or other aldi
Irom any Government or persons or bodies corporate; and to make traffic or other arrange*
ments with Railways, steamboats or other
Companies, with power to build wagon roads to
be used in the construction of such Rail ways or
Cvaported bruits.   .
fetes i Warren,
General Merchant.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder.
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co. of England.
Subscriptions taken' for all Newspapers,  Foreign  Periodicals
Magazines, Etc.
GrbldLeXmm, S.O.
any advance of thc sauie; and to levy aud col*
lect tolls from all persons using, aud ol (r *'
passing over, any of such roads; with all
rights, powers or privileges as may be necessary
or Incidental or conducive to the attainment o!
the above objects or any of them.
1T-M Solicitors lor the Applicants.
TleloHa, B.C., KOTOmbcr sth, 1991,
Meets the
First and
of each
month in
Golden, BO.
G.B.McDsruot.C.R.    J.A.Bates.R.S.
TEIlTT-^tl*TB Tt����.
24 Pages I Weekly i Illustrated.
ei.iu run i-.impli corr.
MINC����Scteiitiflc PRESS
-wiuimiT*, roi runcitsco, c-u.
��      ��      ��
MZOX    ��    ��    �� A
rWI Printing  ***
* 4
4     _    ��
Next to a healthy ban   account the most essential
thing to a business man is to have his writing sta
tionery, business cards, etc., of good quality and .
Printed in Business Style.
Some men are as careless about their stationery ns
about their business���don't care how it is printed
so long as it is cheap..
*To    These   We     Want     to     Talk
We can do your -Job printing as cheap as the cheap- *
est, and the quality of the work and the stock is
unsurpassed.   Samples of stock and work open to #
* your inspection ;.".'	
m " 3a\<�� &ftS\&G0teft0.\i J-Wuv-W *
The best equipped printing office in East Kootenay.


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